7:19 (2016) Movie Script

[upbeat music playing]
[male presenter]
With Guillermo Ochoa,
Lourdes Guerrero.
SEPTEMBER 19, 1985
[female news reporter]
Seven in the morning,
six minutes and 45 seconds,
local Mexico City time.
Last night,
the governing board
of the Autonomous
University of Mexico
failed yet again
to come to an agreement
regarding who will be
appointed chancellor
for the 1985-1989 term.
The second work meeting
started at 4:00 p.m.
and ended at 8:40 p.m.
Even though the meetings
are confidential,
it emerged
that the 15 members
of the governing board
Mr. Jaime Martuscelli,
the university's scientific
research coordinator,
and Mr. Daniel Resendiz,
secretary of
the National Board
of Science and Technology,
and former director of
the Engineering Institute...
There he is.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
How are you doing?
Good morning.
Good morning, Martin.
Morning, Mr. Martin.
I know what it feels like,
getting to the office
this early!
Why aren't you training?
They called us
very early today,
you know.
Oh, but you've got
to train.
With some training,
you can be
like Juan Paredes
or even Carlos Zarate.
You are raving mad, Martin!
I'd rather be
like Zaragoza or Pintor.
All of them bantam weights.
No, bantam
and super weights.
It's not the same thing!
A good bantam weight
will succeed anywhere
and an idiot
will lose everywhere.
And a dirty old man
is a dirty old man
everywhere, too!
See you later, Mr. Martin.
What's up, Mr. Martin?
Good morning.
Goodbye, sir!
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Good morning, sir.
-Good morning.
Take these folders to
Mr. Landa Silva's office.
Tell Lia, his secretary,
that I sent them, okay?
But sir...
The thing is, Mr. Esquinca
asked me to take
these documents to the main
administrative office
before he arrived
to the secretariat.
Don't worry, I'll tell him
you had to take
Mr. Landa Silva's
documents first.
You'll do Esquinca's...
Mr. Esquinca's
errands later.
-Yes, sir.
-Do it now!
Yes, sir.
I'm on my way back.
They gave me
your rattle back,
it's hopeless.
I can't believe it.
Good morning, Martin.
Good morning, sir.
Why are you still here?
Well, you see,
on the one day
everyone is early,
the other guy
hasn't arrived.
That's not right.
Don't you have
an envelope for me?
Let me check.
How's your arm?
No, it's my leg.
Oh, by the way...
If you sign a form for me,
I can get treatment
at a public hospital.
Of course.
Fidel, please remind me
to tell my secretary
to write a letter
for Mr. Martin.
Yes, sir.
Go to the car
and get me the paperwork
for the chief secretary.
It's a medium-sized
it must be
in the glove box.
Yes, sir.
-Oh, honey!
-Is she all right?
Yes, thank you.
Why do you wear
those heels?
Didn't you say
we had to look smart?
Monica, please.
Look, I've known your mother
my entire life, okay?
Yes, I know.
And you inherited her place.
She gave it to you
because she loves you.
Because it's one
of her assets.
I know.
And that's a lot,
mind you.
Having a position here
is a big thing,
it lasts for a lifetime.
You'll never have
to go looking.
I'm not looking
for anything.
You think I can't tell?
Can't you see how
everybody looks at you?
Those who look at you
when you dress like that
are not good for you.
Hey, you're very young.
Have some self-respect,
girl. What?
You wanna have kids
already? Come on.
Come on.
Allow me.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Mr. Martin!
Good morning, Ruth!
-Here you are.
-Thank you.
How's your leg?
Well, it gets stiff
when I sit for long hours.
And who's the young lady?
I'm Monica Toledo,
I work on the fourth floor.
Oh, really?
The fourth floor?
Who do you work for,
Miss Toledo?
Um, well...
She's helping me
with the files.
She's actually
Mr. Compean's new secretary.
Wow! Another
big boss, right?
No way, sir.
He manages the archives.
You are the big boss!
-We're going to work.
-A pleasure.
A pleasure, good morning.
Oh, dear!
It's an earthquake.
Don't be afraid,
it will pass.
[female reporter]
Don't be afraid,
we're staying with you.
Now, the time...
It's seven in the morning,
19 minutes...
[Martin] You'd better leave
the building, sir.
Seven in the morning, 19
[man] Slut!
There are still
a few tremors...
Calm down, it will pass.
[screaming and crashing]
[ominous crashing sounds]
[distant screaming
and crying]
[woman wailing]
[man] Help me!
[distant screaming
[moans softly]
[gasps loudly]
This can't be happening
to me.
[indistinct female voice]
[breathing heavily]
[man] Help me!
[indistinct voices]
[woman shrieking]
[man] Help me!
[shrieking in pain]
[people screaming]
[yelling in frustration]
[panting and whimpering]
[weeping continues]
[man] I'm trapped!
[woman] No way!
[woman] Help me!
[man] Help me!
[metal frame clanging]
[man calling indistinctly]
[man shouting]
[man continues calling]
[metal frame creaking]
[torch clicks]
[metal clanking]
Martin, Martin...
I'm Doctor Pellicer.
I'm trapped.
A beam fell on my legs.
It hurts.
Can you move, Martin?
[Martin moans]
Does it hurt when you breathe?
Yes, yes.
Doctor Fernando Pellicer.
The lawyer?
Yes, that's right.
I'm a doctor.
Are you in pain, Martin?
Can you move?
[voice shaking]
I can move
my head a little.
Oh, I can move my arms, too.
I can't even get up.
I'm here, with my desk.
Can't you get out
of there?
Can't you come closer?
You've got
my flashlight there?
[distant yelling]
Did you hear?
Did you hear something?
People have been screaming.
[Martin sobbing]
Help me.
I'm here!
-Hang on, Martin.
-Help me!
[Martin crying]
Please, help me!
Please, help me!
Is there somebody
out there? I'm stuck!
Calm down.
Calm down, Martin.
Calm down!
There's nobody!
[Martin continues sobbing]
[doctor] Shhh...
Listen! Can you hear?
It's the others.
They're trapped here.
They'll come soon.
It won't take long.
We're underground.
[metal clanking]
This is an accident.
This is an accident.
[man whimpering]
[man] Help! Help!
Is there somebody there?
It's Juan.
-Mr. Martin?
It's me, Juan!
Can you hear me?
Ah, I'm stupid.
Of course, he can hear me!
Where are you?
I don't know.
I was on my way out
of the elevator.
I can't see anything.
I tried to run,
but something fell on me.
I think the roof fell
on us, Juan.
at the elevator door.
There were two more people
with me.
See if you can
break free, Juan.
No, don't move!
Why not?
[Juan yelling]
Oh, God!
[Juan groaning]
[Juan yelling in pain]
Are you okay?
[Juan whimpering]
Something went through me.
I hadn't noticed.
[Martin] Don't move!
Stay still, calm down.
Take deep breaths,
that you can do!
Remember, don't move.
That will ease the pain.
[Juan screaming]
[Juan groaning]
[doctor groaning]
Can somebody hear me?
Who is this?
I'm Nadia Ramirez.
I'm a cleaner.
Say again?
She's one of the cleaners.
Are you okay?
I'm a doctor!
Can you move?
Can you see anything
around you?
I can't see anything.
Everything's dark.
Where is my sister, Irma?
She's a receptionist.
Irmita, of course.
She's not here, ma'am!
Are you sure, sir?
[weeping] Irma!
I have a flashlight,
she's not here.
Please, look more carefully.
[doctor coughing]
Calm down, Nadia.
Calm down.
Did you see the light?
But where is she?
[crying] Irma!
I saw her, sir!
I saw her.
Do you see her there?
I saw her, sir!
If she doesn't answer,
she probably fainted.
We are stuck here,
we can't see any further.
Maybe, she isn't even here.
Several people
managed to leave.
I'm sure she did.
I'm sure they're trying
to figure out
a way to get us
out of here now.
[Nadia] Irma!
Answer, please! Irma!
[weeping] Irma!
Are you there?
Can you hear me?
There's nobody
here either!
Who is it?
Carlos Diaz.
Irma and I work
on the same floor.
You often say hello to me.
I think I know you, too.
I'm Martin Soriano,
the guard. Carlos...
Were you...
near the entrance
a while ago?
I was one
of the first people
to arrive.
I was on the fourth floor,
I work here, I'm telling you.
All the way to the fourth?
Yeah, why?
We're on the ground floor.
You fell down four floors.
I've hurt myself real bad!
Martin, he fell
from the fourth floor.
Everything fell down,
the whole building
fell on us.
Seven floors crushed us.
It was a very strong
Worse than the one
we had in 1957,
when the angel statue
fell down.
You probably experienced
that one, too.
Didn't you, doctor?
What's wrong?
[laughing maniacally]
What's happening?
The whole building
fell down!
[Martin] Calm down!
On top of me!
The fucking building
fell on top of me!
Calm the fuck down, doctor!
Don't get upset.
You're the big boss,
we need you.
We've got to get out.
How the fuck are we going
to get out?
We have to hold on
until they get us out,
it's the same thing.
Yes, they've got
to get us out of here.
Hey, I think it's true.
We fell down.
You sound so close!
I'd heard more people
a little while ago!
[doctor gasping]
They must have fainted,
I don't know.
Or maybe, they died.
Shut up!
Don't say that, ma'am!
Did the others die?
Maybe, I don't know.
They can't hear us.
They fainted or something.
[Juan] Help!
Shut up, Juan.
[Juan weeping]
-Shut up.
-I don't wanna die.
Shut up!
Shut up!
-Don't you get it, boy?
-I won't shut up!
Calm down, you lot!
We are alive!
[Juan weeping]
Some people might be dead,
maybe others just fainted.
Maybe they are being
rescued, maybe...
we will be rescued soon, too.
We must hold on!
Right, doctor?
It will take them a while
to finish digging.
We must be deep down below.
[rumbling overhead]
Everything must have
fallen down.
There's a massive amount
of debris,
They have to move
that first,
before they find us.
[Nadia sobbing]
The whole building
fell down on us.
[Juan weeping]
[Martin] Let's see.
[Juan keeps weeping]
I don't wanna die here.
[rumbling overhead]
Mr. Martin,
do you have a flashlight?
Can we borrow it?
We can't see anything.
I'm too far.
It fell near
the doctor's hand,
we wouldn't be able to
see anything either.
Besides, we are
covered in debris,
there is no way we can
bring it to you.
[Carlos] Well...
If we can't move.
Hey, Carlos!
[Martin groaning]
What are you doing,
Juan? Nadia! Carlos!
Has any of you
got anything?
Some tool, anything.
[Carlos] Not me.
What am I supposed to have?
I had my mop,
but God knows
where it is now.
I have a radio!
Yes, a small one.
It's small enough
to fit in my pocket
so that nobody steals it.
It's in my blazer.
I couldn't even take
my blazer off.
Just don't get mad at me,
Huh? What?
You told me off
the other day
'cause I was
listening to it.
What do you mean?
Did I tell you off?
And now you don't remember!
Is it within
your reach, Carlos?
Can you take it out?
My hand is on...
Let me see...
[Carlos fidgeting]
I've got it!
It's in my hand now.
Turn it on, Carlos.
[faint voices from radio]
What? Is it on now?
Yes, it's been on
for a while.
We can't hear anything here.
We must be way down.
I've turned up
the volume to the max!
But it's a tiny radio.
Let me see if I can find
a station.
It's hard,
I can't see anything.
[faint male voice on radio]
You hear it?
It's Jacobo on the news!
Jacobo Zabludovsky?
It sounds like
it was pretty bad.
Some buildings fell down.
Others are damaged
or have broken windows.
My God!
But some places
fell down indeed.
What do you mean "places"?
Several buildings?
So, it wasn't
just this building?
This one was stronger.
Stronger than the other one
you mentioned.
They say another one
is collapsing down
on La Fragua street!
Right now?
They say it's a lot worse
than they had anticipated.
People are trapped
in places
that caught fire.
Oh, my God!
The Continental Hotel!
But what do you
mean places?
How many? Which ones?
They haven't specified,
they are looking
around the city.
And the rest
of the country?
[Martin] It can't be.
Of course not,
it's not Armageddon.
No earthquake
can be this strong.
Well, it was strong
and lasted a long time.
No, but...
The radio station,
for instance,
it's still working.
No, it didn't fall down,
[Carlos] Listen,
they were saying
there are no
emergency services.
Some people are doing
what they can, but...
The police,
the ambulance service
and the fire brigade
are not helping.
They're not making it.
What do you mean
they're not?
I don't know!
Are you sure he said that?
It's on the radio.
I'm sure they said that,
I mean...
Some people
are helping out, but...
Maybe many buildings
collapsed down indeed!
[radio playing faintly]
I'm going to turn it off
for a bit.
To save some battery.
[radio turns off]
We can turn it
back on later.
[Carlos weeping]
Me too!
[weeping continues]
[weeping continues]
[Martin gasping]
What are you doing?
7:19 in the morning.
That's when the earthquake
At 7:19.
How do you know?
That was the time.
Don't cry, doctor.
I'm not crying.
I didn't say goodbye
this morning.
I didn't say goodbye
to my daughter.
Don't worry.
She must be all right.
I didn't want
to wake her up.
She was on her way
to school when
that happened, surely.
How old is she?
Does she go
to school already?
Well, it's a kindergarten.
I'm sure they
are looking after her
at school.
I don't know
her teacher's name.
You'll see her soon.
I didn't say goodbye.
Don't cry, doctor.
I said I'm not crying!
[male reporter]
Briefly summarizing
what I've seen
in Mexico City,
the number
of injured people
is very high.
We don't know
how many people
have died.
This is the worst tragedy
that the city has suffered
in this century
and perhaps,
in its entire history...
[Carlos] Hey!
The number
of fallen buildings...
This seems to be
the worst earthquake
we've had.
People are trying
to help, but
we've yet to hear
anything from the police
or the fire brigade.
The Regis fell down.
And that building
where we used
to have breakfast.
[Martin] The Supermilk?
Yes, that one.
[loud thud]
[metal clanking]
They haven't mentioned
this building yet?
[sighs wearily]
Hail Mary, full of grace.
Our Lord is with thee.
Blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners.
Now and at the hour
of our death, Amen.
[Nadia] Here...
Here is...
[woman speaking
Doctor, can you hear that?
I fell asleep.
[Martin] What's up?
There's someone outside.
What's that?
-There's somebody.
-What do you hear?
-I hear voices.
-Do you hear them?
Mr. Martin...
[woman groaning]
[woman] Here, yes...
Who is it?
Many thanks.
Mr. Martin.
I'm thirsty.
I'm in a lot of pain.
Hey, lady!
[woman groans]
What's happening?
Thank you.
What's happening?
Wait, Juan!
What do you see?
What? Lady!
Are you being rescued?
Is Carlos with you?
No, he's not here.
I think he...
He must be near Mrs. Nadia.
I fell and hurt myself.
It's... I don't know.
Did I faint?
I think you...
I think you fainted.
I thought we'd already
heard everyone
who was still alive.
What's your name?
I'm Dr. Pellicer!
Els... Elsa Delfin,
from the second floor.
No! There is no Elsa
on the second floor!
The one on the second
is Eloisa.
Is that you, Elsita?
Is that you?
It's Eloisa,
from the second floor!
No, there's
no Eloisa either!
Yes, it's Elsa Delfin
from the second floor.
What's your name, ma'am?
Say where you are.
Do you hear me, ma'am?
[Elsita mumbling weakly]
They're coming.
They're coming?
-Who's coming?
-Who is it?
Do you see anything?
No, nothing!
Is there anybody there?
I'm here!
Ma... ma'am!
you must be above us.
-It's near a...
Tell us what's
going on, ma'am!
Is there anybody...
Her name is Eloisa!
There is no Elsita,
her name is Eloisa.
She receives my paperwork.
It's Elsa!
-I know her.
-Don't be stubborn, Juan.
There is no Elsa!
I take the paperwork to her
It's me, Juan.
Who are you
talking to, Eloisa?
-I'd thought...
-Tell us!
...you wouldn't hear me.
Turn the radio on, Carlos.
Let's see
if there's anything...
They've come to rescue us!
[women groaning]
We're here! We're here!
-Further down!
-There is nobody!
-Shut up, Juan.
We can't hear anything.
-Is there anybody there?
Look carefully.
Nadia, look carefully.
She's alone.
Here, please.
There must be somebody!
There's nothing
in the news
about this place.
I don't know who...
Who else...
There is nobody!
Nobody's coming
to rescue us!
Elsita, can't you hear...
Is that you? Elsita!
There is no Elsa,
for God's sake!
Ma'am, do you see light?
Do you see the light?
Do you see
the light, Elsita?
Can you hear us?
Do you see the light?
Who is it?
There is nobody.
No one's coming.
Light? Do you see light?
Yes, I can see the light.
They're calling us!
Can you see anything, Juan?
No, I see nothing!
And you, Mrs. Nadia?
Me neither.
No one is coming to get us!
-Yes, there is light.
Tell them we're down here.
We're down here!
We're deep down!
Shut up, will you?
...the angels...
What did they say?
Did they say anything?
What? Ma...
Ma'am, Juan, Carlos,
did they say anything?
Do you see them?
[Elsita] Dad?
Oh, no.
-What's happening?
No, no, no, she's...
She's delirious.
I'm sure
it's a concussion or...
Or she's just waking up,
but she's delirious.
[Carlos] I told you!
I told you.
I don't know.
Nobody's coming.
What if she's
not delirious?
What if she's being rescued?
No, no...
It's not that, it's...
She must have had
a concussion.
I don't remember the song.
There's no one with her.
Nobody's gone that far down.
But what if?
I don't remember
The Angels' song.
Which one?
Which song is that?
[Elsita] Why?
Are you not gonna
let me through
if I don't know the song?
Is that permanent?
Something similar
happened to my gran,
she had for a year.
Oh, Juan!
Well, I'll sing another one.
It's just that...
Sing another one, Elsita!
I've got a rock on my head.
Sing another one
and it'll be fine.
Just try to remember.
I remember one.
Mary, mother Mary
What are you doing, doctor?
[Elsita continues
to sing softly]
[singing indistinctly]
[singing stops abruptly]
[Juan] Elsita?
Hey, is her name Elsita?
That was her name.
[Nadia] Carlos!
You'd better...
turn the radio on, Carlos.
[Juan] Elsita!
I'm gonna put
new batteries in, doctor.
Before the ones
it's got die out.
The light has gone dim.
How are you gonna give
them to me?
If I don't put them in now,
I'll never be able to.
If they fall far from you,
you will at least see
where they are.
[metal clanks]
Fuck! I've got it.
Can you hear me, Elsita?
Fuck, you threw them
way too far.
She died, didn't she?
I can barely move.
You shouldn't have thrown
them at me.
-I threw them good!
-No, you didn't.
We're all gonna die.
Thank God I threw them
at you because I could
have kept them.
You should have kept them,
at least they wouldn't
be wasted.
[Juan sobbing]
We're gonna die
of hunger or thirst!
Please, give me some light!
Shut up, Juan.
Shut up, Juan,
for fuck's sake!
Now the battery
is lost in the rubble
and we'll run out of light,
thanks to you!
How can you say
shit like that?
Hey, what's wrong
with you?
[Juan weeping]
I'm scared, I'm in pain!
I never wanted this fucking
messenger job!
Don't fuck with me, Juan!
You know what?
I never wanted
this fucking job either!
Forty years!
Thirty-five years before
the doctor was transferred
from the old building.
Forty years!
Being treated like dirt,
earning peanuts.
And two weeks
before my retirement,
two weeks before
I took my TV home,
so that I would never
come back here...
You have no idea.
You have no idea...
what it feels like.
Besides, I'm worse off
than you.
You'll get better
as soon as you come out.
We all wanna get out.
We're all trapped.
Just like you.
We're all hungry
and thirsty,
and we're all scared.
Screaming is of no use.
What do I do, then?
Why are you still
asking me?
Hang in there!
We must hang in there.
There's nothing else to do.
You're alive,
we're alive, too.
Get some rest.
Close your eyes.
And say something,
so that you
don't fall asleep.
Tell us some story.
I don't want to speak.
Well, you've gotta say
you don't want to speak.
We can't see you,
so we're not sure
whether you're throwing
a tantrum or not.
[mumbling feebly]
All right, then.
I didn't know you worked
at the other building.
Yes, the one
on Bucareli Street.
Then you knew my brother?
Yes, I knew him.
I don't know why we moved
to a different building.
The other one was closer
to home and the arena.
I do like coming here.
To the new building?
To work,
I like coming to work.
There's no one home.
I'm always on my own.
Everybody knows me here.
At least there's people
to talk to.
And your family?
They left a long time ago.
Where to?
At least you've got
your daughter.
I've only got
my boxing matches
and my TV.
I don't want
to retire, doctor.
Let me see what I can do.
Thank you, doctor.
[Juan] See, Mr. Martin?
You do like your job.
And I hate being here.
Is there somebody there?
Can anybody hear me?
Is there anybody there?
Speak out, please!
-[Juan] Do you hear that?
-Can anybody hear me?
Yes, Juan.
Can you hear that?
Juan, what do you hear?
Get us out of here!
-Hey! We're down here!
[Nadia] Doctor?
Are you okay?
What's going on?
We'll get you out!
We're here!
Martin, Martin...
Martin, they're here!
[man] Calm down, sir.
Don't worry.
[loud thudding]
They're coming
to help us, Carlos!
They're coming!
[sobbing] Martin.
We're down here!
Help us!
We're getting out.
[thudding and breaking]
They came
to rescue us, Martin.
-We're down here!
There's five of us alive.
We're five!
Down here!
We're five!
Down here!
We're down here!
We're here!
Please, get us out!
We're five!
We're alive here!
We're down here!
Help, please!
[loud banging]
Down here!
[ambulance sirens blaring]
Tell them, daddy,
tell them!
[screaming in pain]
Doctor, are you all right?
Did he die?
No, he's not dead.
What happened to him?
He lost the flashlight.
I didn't lose anything.
It rolled down,
I didn't do anything.
You lost the flashlight
and left it on.
Is your flashlight
still working?
Well, yes.
But since the doctor
lost the flashlight
and left it on,
we'll soon be left
in the dark.
You know batteries run out,
don't you?
I didn't lose anything,
it just rolled down!
How can it just roll down?
You lost it. End of story.
If we're left in the dark,
it is all your fault.
Well, we're even then.
-Even, you say?
You lost the batteries,
I lost the flashlight.
Don't talk crap, doctor!
What's wrong with you?
You don't know
who you're talking to!
I'm talking to the moron
who left us in the dark!
What? What's wrong
with you?
I'm still your boss,
even if we're down here!
Hey! Stop fighting!
Well, he is the doctor
who left us in the dark.
Don't complain, Mr. Martin.
We've been
in the dark since
the earthquake started.
You never gave us
any light.
What, Juan?
I'm very thirsty.
Hang in there, Juan.
They can't take
much longer.
They've said that digging
has started.
When did they say that?
A little while ago.
I tried to tell you,
but no one listened to me.
Look, see if there's
anything near you.
Anything within reach
that may be used
as a container.
What for?
Try to find one.
There are glasses nearby.
They're all broken,
but one of them is fine.
I can see some more bits
and pieces.
There's an ashtray here.
But it's flat,
is it any good?
I don't know, maybe.
We can drink our own urine,
in order to survive.
-You should try that.
No fucking way.
A sergeant said
the same thing
when I was in the army.
You can do that
to survive,
if there is no water.
It's disgusting.
Particularly when it's
all foamy and...
[Nadia] Yuck!
Hey. Listen.
Listen, please.
I don't have anything
I can use
to drink my own urine,
but those who can
should give it a shot.
You'll live
for a longer time.
It's easier
to die of thirst
than to die of hunger.
[Nadia] Oh, no...
No, I won't drink anything.
[Martin urinating]
Believe it or not,
Mr. Martin,
I'm jealous of you.
I'm gonna throw up.
How horrible.
Well done, Mrs. Nadia.
I'm jealous of you, too.
Remember how I threw
the batteries at you?
You mean, how you lost them?
Oh, give me a break!
I can lend you my cup.
Get ready and I'll do it.
Very well, Mr. Martin.
You can throw after all.
Hey, you didn't
clean it up.
What could I
clean it with?
Me, your servant?
Thank you.
Watch out for the boa,
you'll be traumatized.
You have to give
it back, okay?
[doctor urinating]
What? Did you drink it?
What does it
taste like, doctor?
[sighs deeply]
[loud rumbling]
It's coming again!
[clashing and clattering]
[all screaming]
[all yelling]
[rumbling subsides]
[Martin] Nadia?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Juan? Carlos?
[sobbing] Answer me!
I'm here!
Carlos? Juan?
Juan, are you okay?
[Juan] I'm here!
[Nadia] Carlos!
[wailing loudly]
Calm down, doctor!
-Are you there?
[Nadia sobbing]
[weeping] Oh, no!
[doctor coughing]
Do you see the light?
[chuckling weakly]
They're rifts.
They're the rifts.
Huh? Juan!
Nadia! There's a light!
There's light!
[Juan] Light?
Did you say light,
Mr. Martin?
You mean lamps, Mr. Martin?
No, it's light.
Filtering through
the rubble, it's light!
They're coming
to get us out.
It's all my fault.
It's all my fucking fault.
What are you saying,
Nobody would have come
at seven in the morning
two days ago.
But I summoned everybody.
I did because...
the chief secretary said
he'd make a surprise visit.
I'm responsible.
It's all my fault.
It's all my fucking fault
and here I am.
Stuck underground.
[Martin] Hey.
At least 200 people
must be dead now.
I wonder how many people
are trapped here
and we can't hear them.
Calm down.
Calm down, doctor.
There's light,
they're coming.
No one could possibly
have known.
I mean, how was this
supposed to happen?
It's the worst earthquake
we've had in this country.
If instead of having it
three days ago,
we'd had it any other day,
five or six people
would have died.
How were you to know?
I should have known,
fuck it!
Of course not.
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with me?
Well, I'm here trapped
under God knows
how many tons of rubble,
in a building from which
I unlawfully made
millions of pesos.
It was built by
my father-in-law's
building company
and I helped him
get all the permits.
I approved the budget.
I got my share
of the money
that motherfucker stole
by using cheap,
third-grade materials.
The architects told him
it would hold,
that it was okay.
I'm not an architect,
I don't know how
you assess that.
And I couldn't care less.
How could I know
that one day we'd have
this earthquake?
[Juan] Right,
because we never have
earthquakes in Mexico City!
How could you possibly
envision that?
Are you happy now?
Don't screw with me,
You don't understand!
And what do you
expect us to understand?
It's not like
you don't have
enough money already!
Pack of thieves!
What do you care?
It's public money!
[Juan] Don't be
a shameless bastard!
I wasn't aware
you'd done that.
I mean, there's a lot
of other things...
Everybody knows who you are!
Well, everybody knew!
'Cause now,
most of them are dead.
And it's your fault!
[yells] Hey,
what's wrong with you?
Why do you always do that?
Why do you always
steal everything?
Didn't you hear?
I feel responsible.
It's of no use to me!
It's of no use to Mr. Soriano,
who was about to retire.
It's of no use to the dead.
Cunt, slave-monger, thief!
Much more comfortable
to sit down
all your life
until you retire, right?
Waiting for us
to hand feed you.
in your stinky desk.
Your fucking
father's stinky!
And so is the
whose ass you kiss!
It's better than working
your ass off!
I can aspire
to better things
and won't spend
my life depending
on a filthy pittance.
Fuck off!
You fuck off,
When they get us
out of here,
I'm going to bust
your fucking ass!
[sarcastically] Aww.
When they get us
out of here,
he'll heal well
at a U.S. hospital.
As if nothing
had ever happened.
That's the way it is,
that's the way
it's always been.
Perhaps, he'll even
get a promotion!
Maybe the chief secretary died
in one of these buildings.
and needs to be replaced
by someone else.
I want my cup back,
motherfucking thief!
Look for it, it may be
near the batteries!
Useless piece of shit.
[clears throat]
I'm not the worst of them.
There are officials
above me
who are way worse!
Do you guys watch
soap operas?
I do, Mr. Martin! Why?
Many politicians
in Mexico City.
Legislators, secretaries,
I like Jose Jose.
I like listening to The Bukis.
My father-in-law
is the worst of them all.
He's a motherfucking
corrupted bastard,
but won't die!
Get out of town! [laughs]
You don't believe me,
do you?
That cunt did
the same thing
in at least three
more buildings.
[Nadia singing]
My loneliness
[Martin singing]
There are so many
Misfortunes killing me
They run
Over each other
And, as they try
To kill me
They pile
Upon each other
And that's why
They can't kill me
[all singing]
Oh, loneliness
Happiness, where is it,
I wanna find it
I like this younger singer.
Yes, Emmanuel!
I love to see him.
No, I hate that one.
[Nadia] Yes, I like
that song of his,
the one that goes...
[Nadia laughing]
[doctor continues humming]
Calm down, Nadia!
[Nadia laughing]
I've just remembered.
My favorite song of his
is the one that goes:
"Everything collapsed..."
[doctor humming]
[soft rumbling]
What are you doing?
Don't be childish.
Are you giving me
the silent treatment
like a schoolboy?
Talk to me,
what are you doing?
Do you like cigarettes?
Do you smoke?
Not regularly, but...
I do treat myself
on occasion. Why?
Do you like
the occasional big cigar?
Is that a double entendre?
Not at all.
I like Cuban cigars.
The originals from Havana.
And where do you
get those?
Are they illegal imports?
Of course not,
I can get them
directly from Cuba.
I only smoke local cigars.
It's what one can afford.
Boy, do I remember
when they went up
from 70 cents to $1.50.
What a mess!
What are you doing?
What are you looking for?
Look, I'm talking to you
because I can't
kick you out.
We have to coexist.
You should have thought
about that
before making this
cheap-ass building!
I had a lighter,
but God knows
where it's gone.
But if I had it,
I'd be smoking
my cigarettes.
And now what?
I'm eating them.
[male voice on megaphone]
We're looking
for any survivors.
If there's anyone alive,
please make noise!
If there's anyone alive,
make noise!
We're looking
for survivors.
All volunteers,
please be quiet.
We need to be quiet.
What is he saying?
[Juan] Silence!
Silence, let me listen.
[male voice on megaphone]
He told us to shut up.
No music by The Bukis,
none of their boleros.
Juan, for fuck's sake!
We don't wanna shut up,
we wanna hear
what he says.
That's what he says,
Mr. Martin.
Any survivors,
please make noise.
Make noise so that
we can hear you.
Please, all survivors,
please make noise.
Yes, yes, Martin.
Make noise, Mr. Martin!
[metal clanging]
Help! Help!
[Nadia shouting]
[Nadia] We're here!
[doctor yelling]
Down here!
Rescue us!
[Martin slurring]
What? What's up, Nadia?
There's somebody up there!
Here, up here!
Can't you hear them?
He's not answering.
It's been a while.
[rumbling overhead]
No, no, fucking Juanito!
[voices overhead]
[rubble shifting]
And I used to tell him off
all the time!
What's that?
Feeling guilty is terrible,
isn't it?
Do you understand now?
[shifting sounds overhead]
[Nadia] I'm scared.
[engine rumbling]
What's going on?
Did they come back?
[rumbling grows louder]
A machine.
[Nadia] Oh, no!
One of them says
it's not safe!
[clanging and crashing]
What isn't safe?
They are saying they
shouldn't move anything.
And now they're afraid of
everything collapsing down.
They're all dead!
[man] She's alive!
This lady's alive!
Out of the way,
the firemen are coming.
Lift her up carefully.
A stretcher, please.
What's your name, ma'am?
What's your name?
[sobbing] Nadia.
Nadia Ramirez.
I'm a cleaner.
[woman screaming]
[digging continues]
[people speaking
[indistinct female voice
on radio]
[indistinct shouts]
A stretcher!
[male reporter 1]
Mexico City,
one of the world's largest,
is tonight devastated
after a massive earthquake
which has claimed
at least 3,000 lives.
I haven't seen
much of the city yet,
but I'm afraid the impact
of the earthquake
may have been
a lot more devastating
than what we had
initially foreseen,
with a certain
degree of optimism.
[male reporter 2]
is now in operation.
It is coordinated
by the commission...
[male reporter 3]
We're getting
from the Tlatelolco unit,
where several buildings
and the ones that didn't...
[male reporter 4]
...of the Health Office,
located between
Cuauhtemoc Avenue
and Dr. Jimenez Avenue,
this building collapsed...
My business was here,
it was the
Supermilk restaurant.
My mom lived,
or used to live,
on the second floor.
[female reporter 1]
A building fell down
between Baja, California,
and Cuauhtemoc Avenue.
We need bandages,
saline solution...
[male reporter 5]
Several buildings
on Juarez Avenue,
the Regis Hotel,
the Versailles Hotel
and the Principado Hotel...
We need things,
we brought water,
we rescued
several children,
we brought shovels,
[female reporter 2]
People are wondering
what Mexico City
will be like tonight.
It will be a dark night,
there is no water
or electricity...
A clothing factory
between the streets
Paraguay and Ecuador,
there are about 150 people
so we need...
[male reporter 6]
The public junior
high schools 43, 18
and three collapsed
and also number 30...
[male reporter 7]
They said Mexico City
is entirely destroyed,
we want to tell you
it's not true.
[male reporter 8]
And further South,
on San Juan de Letran
the scene is devastating.
It's as if a bomb
had exploded.
[male reporter 9]
The earthquake
that took place at 7:19
in the morning,
measured 7.3
on the Richter scale...
[male reporter 10]
The Red Cross
has not received
reports of people trapped
in the metro lines,
there isn't any news on.
[male reporter 11]
I'm approaching the blazing
fire in the collapsed building,
between Victoria
and San Juan de Letran.
[female reporter 3]
Manuel, go ahead.
A Route 100 bus...
They've just rescued...
...by the Revolution
...emerged without
a scratch.
...the Red Cross,
the Army...
They were damaged...
Carlos is also
informing us...
The Labor Commission...
Two buildings on Tlatelolco
also collapsed.
We are very shocked,
we're trying to rescue
as many...
Among them,
the Victoria and
Roma quarters...
LOCATEL is in operation,
and it will coordinate
the joint efforts
of all emergency services
in Mexico City.
Massive collapses
along Juarez Avenue.
Many buildings fell down
in the Condesa quarter.
And on the street...
Giving their all,
many of them, risking
their lives in order
to rescue...
They require food,
Police force uniforms
are now brown.
The main problem is
that they cannot remove...
The armed forces have
assigned 1,300 soldiers.
According to
the Director of the
Forensics Department,
there are 20 bodies at
their premises right now,
which remain unidentified.
...ropes, ropes
are urgently needed,
strong ropes,
they need picks...
We are sorry to inform
that 10 people died,
according to
the Red Cross...
A 9-year-old was rescued...
At every second, the calls
from the dwellers of this
great city...
All of the
ambulance services...
Several units
of the Blue Cross...
...with water tanks
and fire extinguishers...
There are people inside,
they've been asking
for help for hours,
but apparently
it hasn't been possible
to help them
because they are trapped.
The elevator
and the stairs...
Ladies and gentlemen,
these scenes had not been
witnessed before
and I don't wish
to ever see them again.
After this event,
this city will be
scarred forever.
This morning's earthquake,
today's earthquake
has stung us
the deepest way,
it's a wound that has been
bleeding nonstop
for the past four hours.