72 Hours: Martyr Who Never Died (2019) Movie Script

This film is based on war.
So, few seens might disturb you.
We request you to understand the situation.
Year 1962,
One more year was added
in the history of INDIA.
It was just 15 years we got freedom.
At that time only our
neighbour country china...
Attacked on us.
We were not interested in war.
But China...
Was not willing to stop without war.
China thought
we won't be able to fight against them.
But they did not knew that..
That mother land of india..
Has always given birth to warriors
20th October 1962, India and China.
Started the war in between.
In which many Indian soldiers martyred.
And we saw many heart
shaking brave stories.
And there was one more
brave story written..
By a brave warrior.
There was a worries of this country.
Who fought for..
This country.
But nobody saw him fighting.
He was the bravest.
He kept on fighting..
Bullets were tearing him..
But he was fighting..
Today I will tell you his story..
His story of courage.
Which was neither written nor told..
He was a brave solider..
He never thought about himself.
He was a son of poor father.
He saw poverty.
In the sweat of his father.
In torn cloths of his mother.
He even forgot his mother.
He never came back to his family.
But we don't know about that warrior.
Who gave each breath..
He lost every breath.
And he met death without saying any thing.
I think he was strange.
Mom! I came..
Jasu! What are you doing here ..
Come from that side ..
Ok Mom!
Carefully my son..
Pranaam Maa!
Ohh! My Son.
It's been long without seeing you.
It was a long journey,
I hope you are not tired.
And.. Where is your father?
Did you not find him at Station.
I got him.
Then, where is he now?
He is in the shop, buying goods.
He is coming soon.
How did you find about house.
My friend told me.
He is my friend THAPA.
Today only I meet him.
I met him on the way.
Well done!
I was finding him there.
Could not find him any where.
Then Chandi bhai told me, he went home
with some kid.
Yes! He came with his friend.
Mom! Let's go to kitchen.
Mom! I am hungry.
Mom, Lets go Mom.
Ok Ok ..
Mom! My friend Thapa will also eat with me.
Yes! Thapa.
That's Okey!
Lets Go! Thapa.
Did you get some thing from shop?
How can I?
We have to pay his last dues.
He caught me on the way,
so I had to pay him.
Okey! Let me do something.
You come in.
Sit down.
You also!
Ahh! What should I make.
Okey! I will make some chutney, nice one.
This is your spicy "Chutney".
Thapa, my mom cooks very well.
Mom! How much time will it take..
Just some time, It's almost ready.
Take it my son.
How it is?
Very Nice!
My Mom really cooks well. Yes mom?
Jasu! You should really study hard.
If you will study hard.
Than only you will become a big man.
Yes Mom!
See my son! We don't have any thing.
You are the elder son of family.
And your younger brother
will always follow you.
Do every thing best son.
Well done!
Yes Mom. Don't worry, I will study hard.
Now Mom! I am getting late.
My friend is calling me.
Okey! Okey! Take it easy..
Comming Thapa..
My Jasu!
One into two and half is
equal to "two and half".
Two into two and half is "five".
Three into two and half
is "seven and half".
Four into two and half is "Ten".
Five into two and half
is "Twelve and Half".
Six into two and half is "fifteen".
Sir, May I come in please?
Sir, Please come in "Please".
And, How is teaching going on?
Good Good!
Whoever! Wants to participate in Scouting.
They can give their names.
So who all decided?
Me sir, Me sir ..
Ohh wow! It's a good number.
Very Good.
So, today in interval..
You all can give your name in staff room.
It's all right?
Yes Sir..
All right sir, you please carry on!
Thank you!
Seven into two and half
is "Seventeen and half".
Eight into two and half is "Twenty".
Ohh my Babu! You came ..
Come! Come!
Keep your bag way!
Mom do you Know in my school?
I have participated in scouting..
And tomorrow is my first day in scouting.
What is this scouting?
It's as like Army.
Similarly there one training in the school.
Yes mom! It's like soilders.
Yes mom! I will also become soilder.
One to One!
One to One!
Teacher has asked for scouting dress.
Bring it for me dady please.
I will bring for you.
Give me few days.
No Dady..
Do you know tomorrow at 5 O'clock
teacher has called us with uniform.
Please bring it for me ..
I told you just now.
Go tomorrow without uniform.
Later I will bring you.
Mom, why don't you say something.
Jasu! Go and change.
I will serve you food.
How will you get the uniform.
We don't have money at all.
You would have bring
cycle if you had money.
You move all the way with
those heavy milk cans.
Don't worry! I will bring cycle.
What's there for me?
Now I am habitual of it.
Whatever for you and me ..
Will pass one day..
But kid is insisting.
I will bring him somehow.
But how will you bring for him.
There is one of my senior.
His son is also of same age as jasu.
He was also in Scouting.
He would have his old uniform.
I will asked him.
He will give me..
He is a god man.
I will bring you cycle.
How will you bring cycle?
I will bring you cycle.
I will bring it, Dady.
After this incident
his childhood changed completely.
Where rest of the kids
were busy in playing.
There Jaswant was writing..
The future of his family.
And perhaps the destiny
for his nation also.
Parade will move forward!
Move forward.
Sir, this guy..
Jaswant ..
Is very promising boy.
He is different from ordinary.
When I hear his voice..
Parade voice during class.
I feel amaze.
I get goosebumps.
You are right, I do feel same.
Which is far away from
our thoughts and words.
It looks like..
This boy will certainly
do some thing in future.
You are right..
I have got seventeen rupees.
I got out of my piggy bank.
Then you give me that.
Mom! Listen to me.
There is auction of
bycicle happening in IMA.
It's only 60 rupess for a bycycle.
You need bicycle?
I don't need for my self.
See! How long father has to walk.
It will be so good if
we buy bycycle for dady.
You have really grown up!
Mom! What I mean to say ..
If, Dady can give me 30 or 40 rupees..
Rest I can do.
And I go to tuition officer's kids..
I will get eight rupees from there..
You talk to dady, Please.
You talk to him.
How can I mom!
You talk to him, he will be happy.
Go! Go! Talk to him.
Mom! Try to understand.
Ohh! First you talk to him..
Then I will talk.
Go! Go! Take it..Go..
What I was trying to say that..
Dady! In IMA ..
There is auction happening for bycyles.
Dady So!
Dady I have seventeen rupees..
I was saying, if you..
If you "Dady" could give me.
30 -35 means 40 rupees so.
I can bring the bicycle Dady.
Could have happen better.
Yes Dady!
Yes Dady!
What were you saying?
How much money you need for bycycle.
Dady! I have seventeen rupees..
If I will get 35 more..
Then I can get bycycle.
35 .. Humm.
Yes! Seven rupees dady.
Now how much!
Ten! Ten dady.
Now this!
It's 35 done!
Now! You will get bicycle.
Yes dady!
You wait here dady,
I will be back with bycycle.
Wait, I will also go with you..
You stay! Dady I will be back in a while.
Mom! Don't let him go.
Brother! Why did you stop bicycle here?
There is different route for IMA.
You will get your bicucle here only.
Just get Down.
Here only brother.
Yes! Yes! Get down.
Ok Ok!
Bro! Where will I get bicycle here?
Ohh! You will get it here only. See there..
Brother-In-Law "Pranaam".
I told you that my
brother-in-law works in IMA.
He will get you bicycle.
Yes Bro! Yes Yes!
He is the one.
Okey! Brother-in-law "Pranaam".
So! You had money with you.
Yes! I had all the money.
Complete sixty rupees.
Then give it to him.
Just now brother?
Weather you give it here or there..
What does it matter.
Just give the money.
Brother! We are going there anyway..
Then I will give it there.
I am telling you give the money.
Brother! I will not give the money.
I am telling you something.
Just give that money.
Please don't do that. Please.
Leave my hand.
Brother! You promised me to get bicycle.
Please don't do that. Please.
You have such strong capacity?
Your are holding my hand.
Let me go Leela, I am late.
Just wait a while Jassu
must be coming with bicycle.
Ohh! No he must have gone with friends.
To see new bicycle.
He will straight come here. You wait.
My money brother? Tirlok bhai my money.
Please give my money, Tirlok brother..
Oye listen! Take this bicycle also.
Tirlok brother take the money.
Not the bicycle.
We will die repaying this. Tirlok brother.
Please understand Tirlok brother.
Hey! Lets go..
Tirlok Brother!
Tirlok Brother!
He is following..
Tirlok Brother!
Let's Run..
Tirlok Brother!
Tirlok Brother! Why did you do this ..
A poor man will curse you.
Tirlok brother.
I trusted you.
I trusted you.
I am with empty hands.
And with few lines in hand.
Tell me who has written destinies..
I am away from my self.
I have a lost way.
I am miles away.
From my dreams.
Why it's burning in my eyes..
Like my dream..
And flowing from my eyes as drops.
Sir, I want my transfer certificate.
Sir, please give my TC.
It's just a matter of money?
I will pay your fee.
Yes Sir! It's money.
Son! You are a bright student of school.
Don't leave.
No Sir!
It's over in life now..
Now! I want to study something els in life.
What will he do without study?
He will have to be milk
distributor like me.
It was a mistake just happened.
I am not saying anything.
This will happen to us,
if written in our destiny.
It's our destiny.
There is noise in science also..
Every moment was crying.
I was dying while living..
Silently day and night..
I am away from my self.
I have a lost way.
I am miles away.
From my dreams.
Why it's burning in my eyes..
Like my dream..
And flowing from my eyes as drops.
I am away from my self.
I have a lost way.
I am miles away.
From my dreams.
Why it's burning in my eyes..
Like my dream..
And flowing from my eyes as drops.
Whatever is alive in me is..
Just few hopes..
Just hold my hand ..
Take me away...
My soul says to me..
Let this pain happen.
And let the drop come out of eyes.
Just go on! And be strong.
Come out of dark.
You have to go far..
So better you start.
You start...
you start.
Ohh! Leela!
Your son "Army Man" has come.
Come fast.
My Jassu..
Maa! Maa!
How are you?
How are you jassu?
You are so week now.
Don't they give you to eat in army.
Yes Mom! They gave food.
But it was not the food
cooked by your hand.
Are you ok Maa?
How can I be without you?
How was your training?
Dady "Pranaam".
Training was good dady.
So, you are here for how many day on leave?
I am on 28 days leave dady.
Then straight I have to go company.
Hope you did not have any trouble?
Why will not be trouble?
What are you saying?
Army has such tuff training, you know that.
See how is he now.
How stupid you talk.
Was he alone there.
There were many others as well in training.
Now he is here.
Let's go inside.
No dady, I will take it.
Let's go! Let's go.
Lets go mom..
Come dady.
I brought something for you..
What did you bring for me.
It's made of cotton.
Is it good?
It's very good.
Like you.
See! It's very nice.
This is what I dislike most about your mom.
She just starts crying.
If we discuss anything about you.
She will start crying.
Just be happy.
Your son got a saree for you.
That to be be of cotton.
For you... Jacket.
Try this..
That's ok.. It's good.
Wear it.
This is what I don't like about you.
You are never agree at once.
I will wear it, latter I will do.
Why latter?
He got it with so much of love.
Then show it now..
It has wormth.
That's what I was saying.
But you never listen to me.
I wore it now.
Mom! Don't cry now.
Why are you crying now.
Your son is home.
Go and cook something for him.
He must be hungry.
I will bring something for you.
Mom! Now you will not cry.
Not at all..
I am not crying.
There was happiness after
years in that house.
There was no tears in the house.
Only a sound of happiness was all around.
Now all wories of mom, was a tight sleep.
Her wait was over.
All the burdens of farther..
Were on strong soulders of son.
Their son was capable now.
A war againest poverty was over now.
But happness is not permanent.
And his 28 days leaves got
over in the blink of eyes.
And that day came...
When he was suppose to go back.
To serve his country.
Perhaps he was made for..
His father was with wet eyes..
But how can he cry as a father of solider.
There were many emotions...
But there was no time to show.
A iron man Jaswant was made
of the fire of poverty.
Was first posted in Charaideo Asaam.
On another side..
There was news of china
intrusion in boarder.
Due to less army in Tawang.
They demanded more Indian Army.
In Charaideo Indian
soilders were just reached.
And fourth Garhwal Rifles..
Was ordered to go there.
Where they were suppose to make defence.
That was the first time.
When the soldiers of
fourth Garhwal Rifles..
Touched that land.
Where they were suppose to
write the great history.
Now we have started.
No one can stop us.
We will win every battle together.
Our courage is in our fist.
We will not look back now.
The way we started.
We will find our destination.
Even we have to lose our lives.
We will win the sky riding on clouds.
Now we have started.
No one can stop us.
We will win every battle together.
Our courage is in our fist.
We will not look back now.
The way we started.
If you will hit with courage.
And if you are desperate to win.
Does't matter how much trouble you face.
Your enemies will be defeated.
Now we have started.
No one can stop us.
We will win every battle together.
There are three colours flowing in you.
If these comes out of your body..
Then wear it on you..
Now does not matter if I
die or my breath stops.
We will win every battle together.
Sir! We have made our defence.
But will Chinese Army come this way?
This mountain is huge.
And chinese Army can come from any where.
Jaswant! If Col.
Has said to make defence here.
It means something.
But sir, all of sudden this war?
What China wants from us?
It's a old and long story Jaswant.
I want to listen to it sir.
China always wanted to win over Tibet.
Or they think that's their part of country.
Let it be Sir! What's the issue with us.
I told you..
It is a old and long story.
After winning over Tibbet..
The land we are standing..
They think it's a south part of Tibet.
Sir, I want to know one thing..
Is this our land or of China.
It is ours.
Sir, We won't let
them take even a inch.
Whatever we have to do for that.
What happened then Sir?
Tobet's revolt.
Because of that..
Their spiritual teacher has to leave.
Dalai Lama.
And India helped him.
And china got offended.
Yes sir?
How did you know this?
I read this Sir.
I was found of study.
What is the order for next action?
We have to do patrolling.
These Chinese as MONPA ..
May be hidden in any village anywhere.
Oho! So this is Jimi tang Gali.
This is Jimi Tang Gali.
It's beautiful humm?
Yes! Very beautiful.
And this is the place from where..
Enemy can reach us easily.
And I feel we are somewhere..
In between Chine and Bhutan.
Is it not our country?
It is our country only.
This our land only.
Just we have different countries both side.
Ok! Means?
If you will escape from
one side other will shoot..
If you will escape from that side
other will shoot from this side..
Who will shoot...?
Nobody will shoot.
Ram Singh shoot happens here.
Not at all shoot happens..
There is nobody, even far away..
Isshh! There is moment behind the tree..
Take your positions.
Gopal Bro! Let me speak to her.
Hay! Girl..
What are you doing here.
We have not done any thing..
We were looking for our Yalk.
Please forgive us.
You were looking for Yalk.
She was shot dead a while
ago, do you know...?
This is front area.
Go straight down..
Go straight down..
Let's go!
Go straight down..
And never come here.
Don't stop any where.
Chinese army is near by
Namka Chu Valley this time.
They might take 7 or 8 days to reach us.
Even we don't know, how many are they?
Only we know..
They have better weapons.
The way they might use to reach us is..
Jimi Tang.
Which is the largest river over here.
Rute via Kojo Ki.
Nagula to Tawang.
And Tawang to here.
Sela Pass.
Which is the third pass.
They will reach us via Sela Pass.
Don't worry about that sir.
Our every soilder is equal to ten of them.
Whatever the way they want to come..
Let them come.
You have "PAHADI" Army.
And this maths of mountains..
Every Pahadi understands..
We are also waiting..
Let them come Sir.
Does't matter if we have
less weapons and arms.
But the courage of our soilders..
Is not lesser than any one.
Well done my boys.
I have faith in my soilders.
Now we are waiting for the moment.
To face them.
And fourth Garwal Rifles..
Will write a new history.
We will write Sir.
Hey! See that Yalk has
gone to another field.
Got this bang, Now Stop..
I am sorry, it's my mistake.
Are you hurt?
What are you saying?
Your are hurt because of me.
What happened?
What happened?
He got hurt.
Cinema Started.
You also came.
Let's Go!
I really got hurt badly.
Let's go!
Oye! What is this...?
Why were you following us?
Are you spy?
What is you name?
You were hurt?
I asked your name?
What is your name?
Do you have such a long Name?
Noora Respo. Noora Noora...
Never follow me again.
What did you say?
What's this box all about?
Doesn't work.
Can't find any news in it.
You are listening to Akashwani,
news from the war zone.
The relation between India and
China are turning into a war.
Prime minister Jawahar lal
Nehru stated in his message.
If situations remained the same then
soon we would have to face a war.
Prime minister has appealed to
citizens of country to maintain peace.
Now news from sports
Indian hockey team
has come back from 20
days of international tour.
Jessu's father!
I'm really worried
our Jassu's troop is also there..
Don't know how's my son?
Don't you worry Leela.
Nothing will happen to our son.
Oh god, oh god please take care of my son.
I don't know how he will be there?
What Darbaan brother?
Why do you keep polishing
your gun all the time.
It's shining good, what more do you want?
Yes Bhola!
A soldier's jewellery is his weapon.
That's why I keep my gun as my girlfriend.
Aye!! Hayee! Hahahaha!
You are saying right my brother,
your gun is shining just like a jewell...
Aye! If this is good,
we are good, country is good.
Saying right!
He also said! Hahahahah.
If this is upset then all
of our lives will be upset.
Correct brother Darbaan!
Greetings Darbaan brother!
Greeting brothers!
Who's upset Trilok?
Our Darbaan brother was telling
us about his girlfriend.
Darbaan brother are married or not?
I will get married as I go
back after from this war.
Don't keep polishing your gun at that time.
Then she will polish me
that to be day and night!
Sir! Are we going to the base camp now?
Petroling of khojogang is still left.
Where is it sir?
Jeetu I'm feeling thirsty!
Just you had water what
more will you drink now?
You keep going, I will join you.
Is someone there?
Can I get some water to drink?
Jaswant is thirsty, keep moving let's go!
Is there someone in the house?
Please give me some water.
Stop! Stop!
I have, I have, I have the water.
Thank you!
You have fallen like rain drop.
And like my soul.
You have fallen like rain drop.
And like my soul.
I am unable to think any
thing at this moment..
I am just loving your eyes.
Is this True?
Or dream?
Tell me please..
Your are precious.
I want to wrap you around me.
Like a worm cloth.
I want to melt in your
arms like never before.
Air is flowing awesome..
And world is quite.
I desire not to be nothing between us.
I have different feelings
which I can not control.
Is this True?
Or dream?
Tell me please..
Tell me please..
You are precious.
Yesterday, a patrolling troop
went around Naamkachu valley..
We saw a lot of Chinese
soldiers over there.
The enemy is sitting behind the mountain.
Tonight few of my soldiers
are going for a mission
and I want the guard
of our enemies "alive"!
Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat!
Yes sir!
Rifleman Gopal Singh Gosai.
Yes sir!
Rifleman Tejpal Singh yes sir!
Nayak lali chaman.
Nayak Sher Singh.
You will lead this interrogation.
Yes sir!
In the name of Badri Vishal! Jay! Jay! Jay!
Brother Sher Singh,
this is the chines post and
behind that is base camp
tell us what to do?
Listen ok.
Jassu, Jeet and I will
go to capture the chinese
Unless you feel any danger..
No one will react but
everyone will stay alert
As you see danger everybody
will move to their forward position
ok ok
everyone understood?
Got it! Got it!
Jessu move!
Jeetu stay alert!
Jaswant you do one thing.
Go behind him..
Grab and pull his legs.
That time me and Jeetu will jump over him.
Commandor has asked us to catch him alive.
Hope we can you do it?
Yes.. We will capture him alive, ok
go go go!!
Ok I'm going..
Bring him down, bring him down
grab him, grab him
put a clothe in his mouth
pull him!
He is shaking too much!!
Commander said we have to capture him alive
tell me what to do?
Let's kill him.
Hey! Chinese do you understand hindi?
Lali brother! Everyone
understands the language of death.
Don't wast the time,
tell me what should I do with him?
Kill him!
He is dead
Let's do one thing Jassu..
Let's remove his jacket
and show it our commander.
Take it out fast!
Brother Sher Singh do it fast!
Removed! Come on let's go!
Lali brother let's go!!
That Chinese guard was suppose to die.
If we could have captured alive
we would have some
information on enemy movement.
It was my mistake Sir,
I was wanting him to capture alive.
Sher Singh
Sometimes situation is not in our favour.
And taking a right decision at
that time is called a true soldier.
Whatever decisions you
took, was right Sher Singh!
Jatan Singh and
Pratap Singh yes sir!
You will take different patrolling parties,
and inspect in different
villages yes sir
now we have to be more careful because chines
soldiers will be more restless to take revenge
yes sir!
Soldiers of fourth gadwaal rifle inspected
all areas of those mountains
but there was no evidence of our enemy.
The gaurd who was captured in
Naamkachoo valley was also taken off
even after days of inspecting in
those hilly areas, we couldn't find
any sign of when chines
were going to attack us
because the news of chinese interference
and their plan to capture our land
were continuously delivered to us for a
long time but we couldn't find any evidence
day by day this went on.
And we believed, maybe this war between
India and China will get over soon.
Pardon me!
Your city must be very far from here right?
Yes very far.
You have seen my city, can see your's?
Situations are bad Noora!
Why did you say that?
You know Noora there's going to be
a big war between India and China
My father was saying that china
is bringing a big army here.
Yeah, we are here to stop that army.
If they don't stop then
there will be a war.
Shooting! From there side
and from our side too.
And who knows Noora one of my bullet is made
for them or one of their bullet is made for me
what did you say?
I won't let you get hurt,
I will come with you.
Where? On the war.
you will also stop those chines?
Yeah I will also stop them
look at that, where has your yak gone.
First stop them.
Stop the chines later
ok I'm gonna leave now!
Any movement?
No sir
can't find anyone so far. Relax sir
who's gonna come to die in such cold.
Hahah... no Lali we can't trust
these chinese keep an eye!
Sir I can see some
movement there what?
You son of bitches...
sir what are these Monpa doing here?
Monpa?? Let me see ..
Lali! These are not Monpa,
these are bloody chinese!!!!
Take your positions yes sir!!!
Lali keep an eye,
I'll inform Colonel sir, Colonel sir!!!
Colonel sir!!
Sir! Sir! Chinese came in sir!
From where?
From left front
what's the position in left front?
Boys have taken the position.
Sir! They are also coming from this side
boys take your position
enemy is on the door!!
This is the time for which you
all have been waiting for!!
The sound of our gun shots,
should reach till Peeki!!
Chandra Mohan let them come, and tell them
4th Gadwal rifle is not afraid of anything!!
In the name of Badri Vishal Laal!!! Jay!!
Soldiers!!! Tell the chinese, the turban of
death which we tied on our head is for them!
Yes brother!
My brother you will fire the first shot.
Load your gun!
Leela! My brother will you handle it now
very good!
Just remember this why we came here!
To stop these Chines!
Keep firing my brother
wait a minute!
Why did these chines stop firing?
Yes sir
take my position, I will go and inform
Colonel sir... Fast! Stay alert soldiers..
I'll be back ok.
did you see what happed?
Yes they are going back
but we won't go back
we are made for this place
sir! These chinese went back.
Chandra Mohan these chinese are very clever, they
were here to know our positions and our soldiers.
Chandra Mohan sir!
Get your boys ready
and you give the orders to fire!!!!
Yes sir.
Jeetu! What will you do
if the bullets get over?
You know it Jassu, I don't have a family..
I will take the bayonet and go forward
but won't let anyone get in.
Don't you worry, I will meet you there
sure brother.
Today there will be only one of us
yes sir.
Jaswant yes sir.
A war is never won with guns or grenade,
it is won by having soldiers like you
prove your being in this war
yes sir.
Soldiers!!! Don't even waste one bullet because
we don't have bullets or breath to waste.
Oye Ratan Singh
you know why does war happen?
No Lali brother
so that we soldiers don't get rusted
not even a single chines
should be left alive
they are bastards!
Kill those bastards one by one.
Govind! Govind!
Jassu I'm going to get ammunition box
get it fast!! Carefully.
Jeetu! I got the ammunition box
throw the grenade on them
don't leave them!
Kill those chinese one by one. Understand!
Very good!
Lali brother! Jeetu manage here!
Lali brother! Lali brother! Laliii!
Darbaan brother go hold your post!
What happened here?
Nothing happened here!
Lali was here.
Lali is somewhere
else move move move.
Darbaan brother stop! Darbaan brother!
Lali is here! Get up Lali, Lali!!
Lali!! I'm saying get up
it's really painfull.
I got shot, you idiot
even today I will give you order
I won't follow, I won't follow your orders
follow it my brother.
Don't forget me!
Now we both will go to fight, we both will fight
together, we win together and go home together
get up! Get up!
Lali! Lali! Lali get up!
He is gone Darbaan brother, he is gone.
Lali I won't let your sacrifice go waste,
I will take revenge of each and every
breadth of your's from these chinese
we will meet soon Lali brother
will meet soon.
To save their country,
they even forgot their ownself
it was like the colour of their blood
and spark of their bullets were saying
that today is Holi and
today is the Dipawali
it was the night of Martyrdom
every soldier devoted their
feelings with their bullets.
The smoke of genade took all of them in it
they couldn't see blood
or their breaking breadth
that smoke was very important
how could nature witness
whatever happened that night.
Chandra Mohan said it right, a war is won
by the soldiers not the guns or grenade
who really proved their being
we didn't lose hope
we will fight till our last breadth.
I know Jaswant
as long as we have brave like you, I will
do everything possible for my country.
Take all the bodies of our martyrs to camp
no brave soldier's dead body
should lie on the ground
sir! Jai Hind Sir!
Jai Hind Sir.
What's the position Colonel?
Sir, our position is very very critical.
I know Colonel.
Sir we are loosing ammunition
sir, sir I need backup! Now!
It's really difficult Colonel
try to understand sir
I won't be able to send
any help from here now.
Sir! Please try to understand
sir, this is very very critical
I'm loosing soldiers,
I'm loosing ammunition here.
Listen to me, situations here are not good, it
will take a lot of time to send help from here.
Sir do something sir please!
Leave the post and go to Sella Pass Momdena,
you might get some back up from there.
Ok sir!
You are in the front Colonel,
you better do what is right
yeah I will sir, I will.
Jai Hind sir.
Jai Hind Colonel.
I got order from our senior that.
That we have to leave this post
but I don't want this to happen
but our situation
looking at that I feel like
we should go back to Pomteda,
where the 11th regiment is located.
And with them we can take
revenge from our enemy.
Post Commander of your alpha company.
Is leaving this decision on you
we will go with your order sir
whatever you have decided
sir, must have decided correct.
Let's go back sir
we will kill these chinese there.
I won't leave the post sir.
I won't leave the post sir
you won't leave the post?
Then what you want to do?
You want to die here?
I will die Sher Singh brother,
I will die here but I won't leave the post!
You can leave if you want to leave
but change your name after that.
What did you say? What did you say?
I would have pulled out the tung, If someone
else would have said this to Sher Singh.
Go away Sher Singh brother go away, I don't want
the bullet of my gun to go through your heart.
Before it hits our enemy, just go away!!
What did you say? You will shoot me?
You will shoot me?
Take this, shoot me, shoot me
hold the gun, shoot me, kill me
not just me, kill him,
him, him and kill everyone
they should have given
us some clothes at least.
For whom are we fighting? Enemy or cold?
They have sent us to die here in
this sweater and a shoe of clothe
come here
he is Pratap right? Just look at him.
Pratap brother.
Pratap brother
now tell me who's gonna fight here?
Who's gonna fight?
Come here, you gonna fight Ram Singh, if you
want to fight then why arn't you saying. Huh?
Come here
look at this, you want to see the reality??
Look at this, this this this
is how we are going to fight?
Sher Singh
who's gonna fight? You gonna fight?
Who's gonna fight? Maya Ram you? Or Tej Pal
Singh you? You? You? You? Who's gonna fight?
Sir, let him say, let him die,
you just give the order sir
we will go back now.
Yes sir we all are
going to fight here
yes sir let's go!!!
Sher Singh brother this war should get over quickly,
my family has written so many letters to me.
We will go Mantu!
But first let's do their death ceremony
then we all will go back together
you right Sher Singh brother, after that it's
a different happiness to meet our family.
Mantu! Mantu!
Take my position!
I don't think ill see my family anymore
no Mantu no no Mantu!!! Everything
is going to be alright, be brave!
Take him from here! Take him away now!!!
Soldiers! There is a heavy MMG firing
coming up from the left side by the chines
which we have to destroy!
And for that I need three volunteers
sir! Sir! Sir!
In the name of Badri Vishal Lal! Jay!!
Come on now move! Move! Soldiers be brave
leave me Sher Singh brother!!
Tejpal! Tejpal!
My brother, I'm coming, Tejpal!!
There must fifteen to
twenty soldiers up there?
Yeah! There will be huh!
Yeah there will be.
Gopal brother you go from there.
I will go from here and Trilok give us the
cover fire! In the name of Badri Vishal.
Gopal brother!
Take the MMG, let's go!! Fast!!
Do it fast Gopal brother!
Move fast
you take the MMG and leave, I will
give you the cover fire! You just go!!!
You come with me!
Just go Gopal brother!!
It was really difficult
to stop chines soldiers
but neither the soldiers
of 4th Gadwal Rifle stopped
nor the bullets from their gun
there was a way in Sella pass from
where the chines could move forward.
All the soldiers with a brave heart,
moved towards Sella pass...
with a thought that they
will stop chines army
but until the end they all
had to sacrifice their life
but how can this happen?
Their was brave who took
a vow that until his alive
he won't let them take an inch of his land.
I guess this is why destiny kept him alive
he was the only one on the battle field
who promised that he won't to stop
but there was someone else too, who promised
that she will stop the chinese with him
even I will fight with them
how long could the rituals stop
her to complete her promise
at last she moved
to help him
why did you come here?
We both don't have a future
I came here to die
why did you come here to die?
I won't be able to give anything Noora,
nothing! Just go back and never return
remember that day I told you, I will
fight with you, I will stop them with you.
I won't leave you alone
you have your parents Noora,
you have little brother and sister
I left everyone for you
you are so young Noora you
have to see so much in life.
I saw it in you,
now I don't wanna see anything else
you love me?
then live for me.
And tell the world that
we loved each other, tell them our story
we won't have to Jaswant,
there will be a day when they get to know
on their own about us
don't ask me to go back Jaswant.
I won't be able to do this,
don't ask me to go back
and she didn't go,
she stayed with him on that war ground
I don't whether there was a Noora or not
but sometimes people do
talk about their love story
which was never given
a place in the history
listen Noora this is the gun
sit down
this is the gun, pull this cok
and it's gonna load, ok? Now see
understood right?? Pull it and this will load,
pull the trigger and fire, you got it? Hold this
fire Noora
this the rifle,
this is left and this is right ok?
There's no visibility, maybe
they are coming from that side
can you handle it?
Can you handle it Noora. Ok? Ill be back.
Noora you can do it right?
How do you do all this?
Who gives you this strength?
Where do you get this will power from?
Jaswant I've met very few people in my life
except my father, mother, brother, sister and few
people in my village. I havn't seen anything
there are also people like you Jaswant?
If all the humans are like you in this
world, then there won't be any war.
I realise now that I made a
right decision to be with you
or else I would have lost so much
what are you made of?
when the wind blows I feel like
it is coming from my village.
I feel the air of my village in that wind
don't you remember your home?
Don't you feel lonely??
I do remember Noora
a lot.
I do feel lonely
but when I see these mountains standing alone
quietly I feel like I'm seeing my self
so I feel like supporting them
and then I don't feel lonely Noora
then I don't remember anyone
not even my mother.
I only see my country.
I see my flag
you won't even remember after you are gone?
I don't know Noora
and you?
I don't know.
I want to sleep
come here
words got over but feelings remained
the night was silent just
like them and he slept
but she was awake
what was hidden in the future?
That's what she trying to figure out
the leftover seconds that was with them
and just by counting those
seconds even she slept
come on Noora move fast.
Run Noora run faster.
Run Noora
get low and run
all the chines are dead,
they won't come for a while.
Noora sit here, sit here
promise me if I die!
You will go back home... promise me Noora
I will die before you
I won't let you
you won't be able to stop me
you won't be able to Noora
that's why I will die before you and
it doesn't matter, we will meet again
in this valley where only you and
me are gonna stay and the snow.
You wait here ill get some water for you.
Jaswant you wait here ok?
Ill get some help from the village
don't go Noora!
Ill be back, they won't come for a while
don't go Noora ill be
back just wait here
wait here ok?
Don't go Noora.
So many days,
so many nights have gone and..
It's winter now, your mother is still
waiting and making sweater for you
measuring the length of sweater many times
and wondering that you might
have grown a little bigger...
come back soon my son, come back soon
mother I'm the ball of sweater
which is out of your hands now!
The more you pull the more
it resolves but it won't come in your hand
im your mother ill tie them again and make
it a ball when you come back.
I won't come back mother,
your son has taken a different direction
whenever they call out my name,
keep your head held high and
don't shed your tears because
world will see me in your smile.
Jassu you are the elder
son of this house right?
Your younger brother will
walk on the same path that you show
make everything right for us ok?
Everything will happen
according to our luck
are you fine mother?
How can I be fine without you
who knows Noora one of their
bullet is made for me or mine for them
I won't let you get hurt,
I will come with you
you remember Jaswant I told you, I will
fight with you, I won't let you go alone
you have your parents Noora,
little brother and sister
I left everything and came, just for you
sir! Won't let them take even an inch,
no matter what we have to go through
tell them what are 4th
Gadwal rifles are made of!!!
And this is how our soldier sacrificed his
life but is this the end of such a warrior?
That brave came back to this life again
there was a brave in this
country who once fought for us
we saw him fighting, taking
bullets, showering bullets
he is no more an unknown for us
that's why narrate his story with others
and tell them,
for our future he sacrificed his present.
Without asking for it!
He is still on mountains.
Every bit of this place knows him.
Rifle Man Jaswant Singh Rawat was a
brave Solider of 4th Garhwal rifles.
He was Martyred at the age
of 21 in 1962 war between India and China
and this is the believe even today that
he is still guarding the indian border.
This is been recorded by Indian army
many times and he is still on Army post
and this is the respect indian army
gives that Army promotes him as well.
He was rewarded
"MAHAVIR CHAKRA" He was the pride of INDIA