7:20 Once a Week (2018) Movie Script

Do you work tomorrow?
Yes, very early.
And you?
Me too.
I used to be able
to go out on a Thursday,
drink a lot, then go to work
the next day like nothing happened.
I haven't done that in a while,
I just fall asleep.
The same thing happens to me
a disaster.
Why do you travel so much?
Do you work in tourism or at a hotel?
I'm a tourist.
A great job, I want it.
I work in a travel agency,
from 9 to 6.
And you?
I'm a physical therapist for all
kinds of people, specially third age.
also do sports rehabilitation.
So, if I injure myself running
or at the gym...
I rehabilitate you.
Will I see you again?
I don't think so.
but thank you.
I felt very comfortable.
Well, bye.
7:20 Once a Week
The day we met,
was with my cousin
She was the redhead.
A while back
she was having routine exams
and suddenly
something came back positive.
She went through chemo,
and got cured, finally.
Every year I go with her to get her tests done
and once a year we have that fear.
They said she was clear,
that everything was good.
We both wanted to celebrate
have a good time
and I ended up here
with you.
So that night you
were celebrating life?
I'm glad,
for your cousin and myself.
I like the way you laugh.
I like that about you.
When I was a kid I didn't laugh at all;
I was very serious.
I was super structured,
you should've seen my notebooks
from school, all organized...
I never ripped a page,
and had perfect handwriting.
And I never smiled.
I can't imagine you
being like that.
Yeah, I had a boyfriend
that hated it.
He said I couldn't tell jokes.
Once, I rehearsed one.
First I had to pick one. I searched everywhere
for "The best joke in the world."
And memorized it.
One night in the middle of dinner
with his group of friends
I told the joke.
No one laughed.
I'm not saying that they barely laughed.
No one laughed.
- What was the joke?
- What?
The joke, what was it?
I know almost all of them.
Don't make fun of me.
Two hunters go to the woods,
One of them passes out
and isn't breathing.
The other calls
the emergency number and asks:
"I think my friend is dead.
What should I do?"
Keep calm sir. First, make sure
your friend is truly dead".
There's silence.
A gunshot is heard.
The hunter returns to the phone
and says "Okay, what do I do now?"
That's a very bad joke.

- Come in.
What are you thinking about?
That I'm lucky,
and that you are perfect.
That's because you
don't know me.
Humiliating and gross thing
always happen to me.
At first I was a little
disgusted by oral sex.
One day I'm with a guy,
going at it,
and suddenly the guy
doesn't give me a heads up...
...And boom!
With a full mouth I try to be sexy,
and I approach him so he can see me
but I couldn't take it,
and I threw up on his face.
And what happened to the guy?
- I don't know...
He was taking a shower, and I ran out,
and I never saw him again.
Every year in my job
they have a costume party
it's the week of the clinic,
there are teams,
the different units compete
against one another.
It's important to participate.
And I dressed up as Batman.
- Batman is sexy.
It was a good costume.
The thing is that is was a
little small for me, too tight.
Well, I got to the place, and
my costume was just the best.
I was a finalist,
and I had to get on stage
and something terrible happened
For an unknown reason
I started thinking...
I can't have an erection", "There's no reason
for me to get an erection."
A stupid thought because,
why would I have an erection, on a stage,
dressed up as Batman, and wearing tights?
Apparently thinking about it too
much caused the opposite effect
because I started having porn thoughts
And I had one.
The costume got so tight that
I couldn't even move.
Then of course I win,
they give me a trophy,
and I try to cover myself with
it but they ask me to raise it...
And I did. And then it
was out in the open...
There was a big silence,
and everyone was looking at me
and suddenly a nurse shouts,
"Watch out, he has a weapon!"
I don't know much,
all I know is that they
couldn't stop laughing...
Stop, stop.
No, no.
- Here.
- What?
The waves have become
giants, while I drown
My feet are not the same,
after all
The clouds have become bigger,
as I go away
My eyes don't see
like they used to
I've become older
I've become bigger
The clouds have become bigger,
as I go away
My eyes don't see
like they used to
I've become older
I've become bigger
I've become wiser,
but more of a coward
More of a coward.
More of a coward.
You never mentioned your wife.
- What does she do?
- She's a teacher...
To children between
five and six years old.
One day I picked
her up at work and
saw how much she cared
about those kids
and one approached her
so she would tie his laces.
She walked him slowly through the steps.
A sequence he will repeat his whole life.
That won me over. I told myself
I would love her forever.
I guess that
doesn't make me very consistent.
What are you thinking about?
That I don't know you.
It's little time to know someone.
Time has nothing to do with it.
There's people married for 15 years
and don't know if their spouse
likes broccoli or cats.
Basic stuff about the other person,
what they like in bed or what they hate.
Time has nothing to do with it.
They say it lasts three months.
So you are saying, this.
Will end.
Should end.
Where's your friend?
Are you going to tell her?
I love bed picnics,
isn't it the perfect concept?
A friend told me: never sleep
with someone you can't eat in bed with.
Eating is very intimate.
Grabbing things to put in
your mouth, it's very sexual.
They say a man fucks like he eats:
if he is clean, he will be clean.
And if he spills
or slurps when he eats?
He's very passionate.
Japanese have this technique of
eating sushi over a woman's body.
Don't think about it.
I brought you something.
What's this?
- For you.
For me?
- Yes.
With my name.
A notebook?
Don't be fooled,
it's a paper computer.
Look, here are the applications,
contacts, calendars,
notes, reminders,
here are the projects
you are working on,
and the files.
No batteries, you don't have
to turn it on or update it,
always available.
I have a friend that has a stationary store.
We're going to make more to sell.
You made this?
- Yes.
I have my own shop at home,
and I'm always doing
something with paper.
What about the travel agency
and your 9-6 job?
I thought that
if I told you that
I'm a woman that does "nothing"
and has a rich husband,
you would've thought
'Here's the typical bored woman
that wants and adventure'."
I don't think anything
I'm just here.
That's it.
Which one is your friend?
That one.
Does she travel a lot?
- Yeah...
She imports clothes, that's
why she travels all the time.
Who are they?
That's... her sister, her nephew
and her sister's husband.
They seem like good people.
They are, a beautiful family.
They love each other.
We should make a trip.
I don't know. Go far away.
To what city?
A city we can walk,
with history,
not very crowded,
rather secluded.
It would be the first time
we would be out on the street.
Be with you amongst people
without looking everywhere.
Is that complicated?
What I'm saying is that we've
never done what normal couples do.
We've never walked
holding hands in a park.
We've never
gone to the beach.
We've never grabbed a coffee
and done nothing but just being.
When you are here, what do you tell her?
Where are you supposed to be?
That I'm taking a class on
sports injuries. Every Thursday.
And you?
Movies with friends.
And he never asks
what movie you watched?
He trusts me.
What's wrong?
Every day I think about you.
If something funny happens,
who do I want to tell?
If something wrong
happens I want to call you.
I want to be with you
all the time.
Locked up, here.
There's a kid.
Well, he's 16. Jonas.
He goes to the clinic
every Wednesday.
The mother travels two hours to
take him and waits while I work on him.
At the end, she asks me if
I see him getting better and I tell her I do,
that he's progressing.
It's not true...
He doesn't move a muscle.
He has a degenerative condition.
But I tell her that he's
doing great and she smiles.
Can he get better?
The other day, I thought I saw him smiling.
He can't, but that's what I thought.
I tell him stories,
I tell him about an assistant of ours,
a very pretty girl, Rosita.
I say she's in love with him
and will declare her love.
I tell him "Look, there's your
girlfriend." And he looks at me.
What is going on in that mind?
I'm not sure. All I know is
that he's in love with Rosita.
I need to stop doing that.
The other day she was making out
with one of the ER nurses.
And I thought, my patient can't
see that, that would break his heart.
I want to be with you.
Have a life with you.
Last night I had a dream.
I was by a river,
more like a stream.
There was a tree trunk, and I
didn't know if I should cross.
Then you showed up,
we had two girls,
they were twins.
You have kids?
I can't have kids.
I'm sorry.
I don't know if you're sorry.
I don't know.
My husband wanted kids
a lot of kids.
He's from a big family and
dreamt of a bunch of kids running around.
But that wasn't the case.
We're a family of two.
Have you thought
about adopting?
I don't want to.
I might seem selfish,
and maybe I am.
But I got so used to the fact
that I'm not going to be a mom,
that I don't think about it.
My sister once took me
to an adoption agency,
but we didn't go in.
We didn't even leave the car.
We stayed there, talking.
I was scared.
I just couldn't
get out of that car.
I have a son.
His name is Nicolas.
How old is he?
- Nine.
He has special needs.
He laughs, plays, loves me
but doesn't show it.
What's going to happen to him
when he's older,
and I'm not there
to take care of him?
How is he going to go
through life? The basics?
Is he going to be happy?
Will he be bullied?
Will he survive the
damn teenage years?
Will he avoid getting into a car
with one of his drunk friends?
And all the dangerous things we did,
but don't want our kids to do...
but they will anyways.
Sounds awful.
It is,
but it's worth it.
Sounds common,
but that kind of love is real.
The rest is just..
No, not lies.
They're different.
That's it, you can't compare them.
- Come in.
- Sure.
Last Thursday while I
waited for you, I wrote.
My handwriting is horrible,
I'm more used to using the computer,
but I wrote the things I want
and don't want to do with you.
It's incredible the things
I came up with in two hours.
Or was it three?
Things to do with Julia.
Be with her in bed
in a cold place,
under the covers,
covered up to our noses,
whispering while it rains
hug her,
watch her sleep,
feel her breathing,
eat chocolate
make love,
have sex, fuck.
Talk, dance, argue,
theorize, antagonize,
whisper, listen to music,
all under the covers.
Leave a surprise in her purse
bite her,
undress her slowly,
undress her with haste
shower, get dirty, and daub
our bodies, drive her crazy,
make her scream, watch her look
through the window in the darkness,
have a daughter
or theorize about it,
read the books she reads
grow old with her...
And at the same time
forget her,
have her forget me
walk away,
have her walk away,
lose her without pain
have her lose me
without pain, softly,
be at peace,
have her be at peace,
may time never pass
and may it pass...
Did you like it?
I'd never written anything but
prescriptions and treatments.
Three hours.
I waited outside
for three hours.
I couldn't make it.
- You could've told me.
- My battery died.
- You could've borrowed a charger.
- I couldn't.
Where were you?
Were you fucking
your husband?
Or planned to end this
and forgot to tell me?
I know you.
I know something happened.
Why didn't you
make it on Thursday?
Look at me.
I wanted to rip you out.
I didn't want to feel this.
So I called some friends
and went dancing somewhere.
But at the same time, I couldn't
stop thinking you were here waiting for me.
And I knew it would've taken
very little for me
to take a taxi
and be here with you.
And there was a guy at the bar
looking at me,
tall, blond, with a beard.
And I thought,
I want to feel
that beard in my mouth,
I want to feel
that beard down here.
So I kissed him.
And while we were walking
in the parking lot, he stopped me,
and stuck his hand
between my legs.
As soon as we got into his car
we were fucking like animals.
From behind and everywhere
like dogs in heat.
Do you want anything?
- No, thank you.
You've been okay?
Yes, well.
These weeks
have been quiet.
It feels like
so long ago, right?
And your friend?
I told her about you, finally.
What did you tell her?
That you were cute.
What did she say?
She told me
not to let you go.
Can you tell her
something from me?
Tell her that her music sucks.
Don't ask me to leave you
You're not going
to achieve it
The love I have inside
The love I have inside
Will accompany me to the end
Don't want me
to not look at you
If your eyes are my light
Two bright stars
that light up
In the night,
the reason of the blue sea
Because I keep your love...
What are you going to do
when we meet again?
When we meet again?
- Yes.
Five years from now,
at a supermarket.
I will say hello like
a normal person.
Hi Julia... it's Manuel.
I don't know if you remember me.
Of course,
nice to see you.
How are you?
- I'm good.
How long has it been?
Eight? Ten years?
Ten, ten years.
How's it going
with the paper computers?
I've done well.
And you?
I finally got divorced,
and left kinesiology.
Opened a record store.
Vinyl, only classics.
Are you still married?
No, I got divorced. He has a
girlfriend ten years younger and three kids.
Do you think
about me sometimes?
A lot.
And you?
I remember you, a lot.
The portrait of my dreams
has your face painted
Don't ask me to throw it away
Don't ask me to throw it away
Or my soul will die
Because I keep your love...
in my bedside table
It goes on like a brooch
in the middle of the heart.
I keep your love in
my bedside table
It goes on like a brooch
I keep it, oh, I keep it
keep your love in
my bedside table
Two bright stars that light up
my way through the night
I keep your love in
my bedside table
I have your love...
I brought
you something.
Thank you.
It was my mother's...
The only thing of hers I kept.
I want you to have it.
You shouldn't have.
It's broken anyways,
It doesn't tell time anymore.
I tried to fix it, but I think
is better like that, anyway.
Always at 7:20.
Thank you.
Let's go for a walk.
A few blocks amongst people,
like normal people.
Even if it's just this once.
I never told you
about my husband.
Last Tuesday he returned
from a quick trip,
a business trip.
I never go to pick him up,
but that day I went to
the airport as a surprise.
It was spontaneous,
I wanted to do it.
People started
leaving the gate and.
I saw him
holding a little boy,
three or four years old.
I was surprised
and I didn't know what to think.
Then I saw that he was helping a
passenger that had a mess with her bags,
and he was holding her son
as a kind gesture.
When he returned the boy,
for a second my husband caressed
his head and kissed his forehead.
And at a distance.
That gesture...
A gesture so simple
and irrelevant,
made me see how much
he wanted a child,
and how much he loves me,
without telling me, despite not having one.
And I knew
that was my place,
that I wanted to be with him.
Not because I'm giving up
or used to it,
but because what we have,
and what we don't have...
is true love.
Maybe in another time.