730 (2015) Movie Script

(people chattering)
(dog barking)
(pool balls clashing)
(ominous music)
(people chattering)
(police sirens)
(fire burning and popping)
(siren alarm clock and vibration)
- Come on boy, get up.
Get up boy, come on.
Time for school.
- Dad, I'm tired.
- I'm tired too.
We gotta go do what we
gotta do all right, come on.
(smooth jazz music)
- So dad,
it's this new game that
came out for the PS3,
and I want it so bad.
Can you get it for me?
- I just got you a game two
weeks ago you wanted so bad,
what happened to that game?
- I know dad, but I want
this one really really bad.
- You want every game really really bad.
I don't know, we'll see though.
(school bell rings)
How you doin' up in here, you good?
- Yeah I'm good.
- All right, hurry up and
get to class, you late.
Go straight to class all right,
I'll see you later all right?
(traffic bustling)
(tools banging)
(car lift machine buzzing)
(drill shooting)
- What happened to you last night,
you was supposed to meet me in the club?
- I ain't fuckin' with no strip club OG.
I ain't got no money to be givin' no hoes.
I don't know why you always
up in there for anyway,
it ain't like you fuckin' them bitches.
- You don't know what you talkin' about,
you don't know what I
be doin' with them hoes
'cause I do be fuckin' them hoes.
- Stop lyin' OG,
you don't be fuckin' them hoes man.
All you be doin' is
payin' for them bitches
to get your dick hard, man.
- Oh you don't know
nothin' you talkin' about,
you need to go ahead with that,
you sound like a hater.
- Yeah whatever nigga,
truth hurt huh?
- Hater.
- Yeah, all right nigga.
(silverware clanging against plates)
How was school today boy?
- It was good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You got homework today?
- Yeah.
- You did it all?
- Yeah I finished it.
- You know ima check it, right?
- You finished?
(dishes being thrown into sink)
- Hey yo, what the hell is wrong with you?
- You know the damn landlord
came over here today
bangin' on the door like he's the police.
- For what?
- For what?
What do you think for what Tru,
the rent ain't been paid in two months.
- When I get my check this
week imma take care of him,
don't worry, ima handle it.
- Your check ain't payin'
all the money we owe him.
In about two more weeks
it's gonna be three months.
What you gon' do then?
- I said when I get my check this week
ima give him my whole check,
ima try to work somethin' out with him.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever,
that's what you always say,
and ain't nothin' around
here bein' taken care of.
I'm sick of this shit,
and I'm sick of you.
This bullshit.
- Get ready for bed all right,
go to bed all right?
- [Kim] Said he gon' pay the fuckin' rent.
He ain't gon' pay one lick.
Fuckin' three months
behind on the fuckin' rent.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Calm the hell down all right?
I said ima take care of it all right?
- I'm not calming shit down,
we about to be put out
on the damn streets.
He said he's gonna file
the papers in court
to have our asses put out.
I'm not puttin' my son
out on the street Tru.
- Listen, I'm not gon' let
that happen to us all right?
Just trust me, you hear me?
- Trust you?
Yeah, all right.
We'll see.
(deep, slow music)
(Hispanic music)
- Hay, dios mio, Tru!
Let's go, you moving too slow.
I need those tires stacked up over there.
We have a big shipment coming in today,
and the truck will be here soon.
Come on, move it!
- I can't go no damn
faster all right Pedro?
I'm going as fast as I can.
You want this shit to be done faster,
you let one of your customers cove over
and help me man, shit.
(Pedro grunts)
And you know what?
I gotta leave early too,
'cause I gotta go see my P.O.
- Again?
- Yeah again man, twice
a month, you know that.
- Estupido, loco.
- Yeah whatever.
Fuck outta here, man.
- Yo Tru,
yo this motherfucker
always be on some bullshit,
he don't never be on
them Mexicans like how
he be on us man.
Look at him laughing and dancing.
I'm tellin' you one of these days,
imma knock Pedro the fuck out.
We ain't slaves man.
- Nah, I feel you,
I wanna fuck Pedro up too,
but you know what I can't
do shit to him right now,
this P.O. motherfucker on my dick hard.
Every time I go see him he
be prayin' I ain't workin'
so he can violate me.
That's the only reason why
I put us with this racist
bastard's shit, feel me?
- Yeah you can't mess up with that P.O.,
I'm tellin' you that's
all they wanna do is lock
our asses up,
that's what they live for.
- Nah you right, you right--
- Hey!
Are you guys working today or no?
And Tru, don't you have to leave early?
Come on, let's go!
- So you wanna tell me
why every time I stop by
your house you're never there?
- What you talkin' 'bout, I do be there.
- Oh, I do be there.
- Yeah if you tell me what time you comin'
I'll make sure I'm home.
- Well I'm not supposed
to tell you what time
I'm stopping by,
that is the whole point.
If you weren't on the streets
doing your illegal bullshit,
you may be home at a decent time.
- I'm not in the street doin'
no illegal bullshit man,
don't start that shit today man, please.
- You know what,
I'm gonna start whatever
I Goddamn well want to.
You wanna be a smart ass I tell you what,
next time I stop by your
house and you're not there,
I'm gonna lock your ass up.
- Lock me up for what?
- For lying about your home address,
because if you're not there
every time that I stop by
that mean you do not live there,
because I know you're on the streets
still sellin' that shit.
You can't change, none of you niggers can.
- You just call me a nigger, man?
- Yeah, nigger.
Isn't that what you and your
homeboys call each other?
Let me explain something to you,
I've been sittin' in this
office for over 15 years
watching street punks like you
walk in and out of that door.
Do you actually think that
you're gonna be the one
to pull the wool over my eyes?
- What're you talkin' about man,
I'm not tryin' to pull the
wool over no-one eyes, man.
You know you a racist man too, right?
- Yeah that's a great story.
Tire shop, you're still working there?
- [Tru] Yeah I still
work at the tire shop.
- All right, pay stubs,
last month, I need 'em.
- I don't even have my
pay stub from last month,
my son mother made a
mistake and threw 'em out--
- You know what just shut up, okay?
Just shut your Goddamn mouth,
because every time you
walk in this office,
you have a Goddamn excuse to go with it.
I got somethin' for your ass.
Piss test.
Fill it up.
Get the hell outta my office.
(train rolling)
(chitter chatter)
- This our block now boy.
- Man this my motherfucking block nigga.
Look at all the fuckin' money I'm gettin'
out here nigga.
- Yo man, you always fuckin'
showin' your money nigga,
you ain't the only real nigga around here
gettin' it nigga.
Fuck are you talkin' 'bout nigga,
I'm gettin' it too nigga.
You fuckin' with ones that
put your little ass on.
- Where yo motherfuckin' money at son?
- Both of y'all niggas shut the fuck up,
both of y'all niggas work for me nigga.
- All right nigga,
but we all work for P nigga.
- Fuck you talkin' 'bout.
- Fuck you talkin' 'bout?
- This our motherfuckin' block then man.
- Damn son, my nigga,
put your money away son.
That's more like it (talking fades).
- Yeah I seen them donut
niggas earlier man.
- [Jus] Tru, what up my nigga?
- What up son?
- Fuck is up with you?
- Shit, what's good with you?
- Shit man.
- Everything good?
- Yeah.
- Tired son,
just got home from work man,
you know what I mean?
- Oh word?
- 'Bout it, yeah.
- Hey yo,
who them little niggas down the block,
I don't know them niggas man.
Niggas sellin' on the block?
- I don't know who them
little niggas is man.
Seen a lot of new niggas
around here since I been home.
Money on the dash
Puff, puff, pass
But it's soft interior
We live like fast
I got 'em upset
I got 'em upset
(chitter chatter)
They mad I got swag
They mad I got cash
They mad I wipe my ass with some shit
I got 'em upset
- What's happenin'?
What y'all niggas doin'?
- What up, what up man.
- You good?
What's up?
- Oh, that's that nigga P.
He must got them lil'
niggas workin' for him.
Yo I don't like that nigga man.
- Why, what happened?
- When we was up North,
me and nigga was gonna get it poppin' man,
but your man Ice
saved that nigga man.
Put that nigga right in the fuckin' dirt
where he supposed to be.
- What's good man?
- What's good man, you already know son.
- Let me see that paper man.
- Check that shit out nigga.
- It's short, lookin'
like you light nigga.
- I'm never short nigga, I'm never short.
Nigga I'm done with my pack nigga.
- Yeah?
I need more of this man.
- That shit was fire man,
it's hot out here nigga.
- What's happenin' though man?
- Nigga we ready for
the big leagues, nigga.
- Y'all slow down man,
y'all movin' too fast man.
- Yeah man, fuck that nigga though man,
what's up with you?
When you gonna come get this
money with me again man?
I got these niggas around
me I don't trust man,
I need you bruh,
tryin' out the team back together,
you been home long
enough man, let's get it.
- This shit a game Jus man?
Man I ain't fuckin' with
that shit no more Jus, man.
This shit is over with for me.
- Hey yo, over with nigga?
How the fuck you not gonna wanna get no
fuckin' money man?
That tire shop shit ain't
payin' you no fuckin'
bread like that.
Yo what happened to you
when you went up North man,
you sound like a little
bitch right now, man.
- Yo Jus, watch your
fuckin' mouth all right?
You know I ain't got a bitch
bone in this body, nigga.
All right?
Watch your fuckin' mouth, yo.
I just ain't tryin' to touch
that shit right now son,
I'm not tryin' to deal with that shit.
- Fuck is up with these niggas man?
- I'm sayin' though man,
you the one nigga who put me in the game,
got my head all fucked
up in this shit, man,
now you talkin' 'bout some
over with shit for you,
man I'm tryin' to put the
team back together, man.
Yo, you gotta get your shit together man,
on some real shit man,
I'm out man.
- All right, man.
(low menacing music)
- Man, fuck that nigga
man, he don't want it.
Yeah man, he gon' get touched though.
- We gon' tie his ass up tonight.
- Yo that nigga mad or somethin' 'cause we
took the block over man.
- Yo what's up with the broad man?
Fuck, man.
What's up?
What's poppin' Kim?
- What's good P?
How you?
- What's happenin'?
- You lookin' food.
- I appreciate that.
What's happenin', when we
gon' get somethin' poppin'?
- Oh you wanna get somethin' poppin'?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
You sure you can handle all off this?
- Oh man, in front of my boys, really?
- I'm just sayin' it is what it is.
- Make it happen then ma.
- Yeah I'll see what I can do.
- Yeah, all right.
- I'll talk to you later, all right?
- You still gon' deal with
that shit right there?
- [Kim] It is what it is.
- [Man] She got a phat ass, damn.
- You wastin' your time with that shit.
Better come get some of this paper.
(police sirens)
- What was that shit all about?
- What?
- What?
You smile and shit when niggas drivin' by?
- I was not smiling with
no niggas drivin' by.
- So I ain't see you right?
My eyes don't fuckin' work, right?
- Yo, don't start your
bullshit with me all right Tru,
I just walked in the damn house.
- I don't give a fuck about
you just walkin' in no house.
You fuckin' stupid, you know that?
- Really, really Tru with
your bullshit, really?
- Oh yeah?
It's bullshit?
- Whatever.
- You a stupid ass.
Yeah all right.
- What the fuck is wrong with the lights?
I know they did not cut the damn ligh...
Tru, the damn lights are out.
You said you went and paid that bill.
- I did go pay the bill.
I went and gave them all the money I had,
they said they would
give us some more time
for the rest.
- You never have more
money to pay these bills.
Yo I'm so sick and tired
of always havin' to go
ask my mother, my mother for
money to pay these bills,
you the man, aren't you not?
- Yeah I'm the man.
- I shoulda did what she
said and left your ass
when you was in jail.
But no,
I'm thinkin' that you
gonna come back out here
and do your thing,
but what you do?
Come back out here and work
in a fuckin' tire shop?
Nigga, please.
- Yeah?
You know what, you a stupid bitch.
Fuck you and your crack head ass mom.
When I was hustlin' gettin' that money,
that bitch wanted to suck my dick right,
when I pay her mortgage,
but now I ain't shit
'cause I ain't sellin'
drugs no more?
But you know what, ima tell you what,
I ain't goin' back to jail for you
or for nobody fuckin' else,
you can bet that shit.
- Yeah nigga, all right,
all that shit sound good,
but I'll tell you this,
I can do bad all by my damn self.
Ima find me a nigga that's
gonna take care of me and mine.
Believe that shit boo boo.
- Yeah?
That's what you wanna do?
You wanna go out here and
fuck niggas for money?
You know what go ahead, go do that shit,
'cause I'm done with
your stupid ass anyway.
Ima get my son and ima get
the fuck up outta here.
- Nah nigga, you not takin' Troy nowhere,
that's my son,
I've got custody of him.
But you can beast the fuck out.
See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya,
with yo broke ass.
- Bitch, the only reason
why you got custody of him
'cause I got locked the fuck up,
that's the only reason why
you got custody of him.
But who take care of him?
I get him up for school
and make sure he good
in the mornin' right?
I do that.
Bitch you ain't even
wanna have him, remember?
Remember that?
- Yo you a petty motherfucker.
Nigga you take care of him?
That bullshit ass tire shop job
don't support no-one over here.
You can't even pay a
fuckin' rent motherfucker,
oh but you takin' care of Troy?
Yeah right, yeah right,
you a fuckin' joke Tru.
- Bitch you gon' make me
slap the shit outta you,
I'm tellin' you.
- Tru, get out my face.
- you gon' get your fuckin'
head slapped off.
- All right, play with me, all right.
- All right what?
- Nigga fuck with me if you want to,
I'll call the cops and
your motherfuckin' P.O.,
and your ass will be locked
up before the sun come up.
Play with me if you want to.
- Oh yeah?
You wanna play police games?
- Go ahead and play with me.
Play yourself if you want to.
- That's what you wanna do?
You wanna play fuckin' police games?
- Get out my house Tru.
Get the fuck out my face
and get out my house.
- You know what?
- Get out my house.
- Ima get my son,
- Get out my house Tru.
- I'll be back for my son, I bet you that.
- You ain't comin' back for
no motherfuckin' body nigga,
get out!
- You a stupid bitch.
- I'm not a s--
- I'll be back for my fuckin' son.
- You still here nigga, get out my house.
- Okay.
- Fuckin' up bullshit, yo.
- Hey yo, shit gettin' crazy out here man,
y'all ain't gettin' this money man,
we need to hurry up and get
this motherfuckin' money today,
you understand what I'm sayin' to you?
I need a new pair of these, man.
- Yes, daddy.
- [Kev] You understand
what I'm sayin' to you?
- Yes daddy, but daddy I
told you plenty of times
it's time for us to go outta
town and go somewhere--
- [Kev] Hey yo listen man,
we gettin' outta town bitch,
- New York don't got no money.
you relax man,
don't even worry about that
type of shit you heard?
- All right, so when we go to Miami?
- I'm done.
- You understand
what I'm sayin?
I need a new pair of
these right here, man.
- You could have a
million pairs of 'em if we
just jump on a plane and get outta here,
there's no money in New York.
- These shits is for show, man,
y'all bitches for dough, man.
- What's up?
- Yeah daddy, yeah daddy.
- Let's get outta here.
- [Kev] All right, we gone.
- Yo is you ready?
- I'm ready bitch,
you already know.
- I'm ready to go like,
you already know,
- I'll stomp the yard
for my daddy.
- all day.
- Yeah, definitely man.
- You know that's where the money's at.
- Yeah, you are ready.
- I been tellin'
y'all that much.
Miami with some white
niggas that down, waaaay.
- These black niggas out here
ain't got no money like--
- Yo Tru, what up man?
Ain't shit nigga,
we out here gettin' this
motherfuckin' chicken, you heard?
Yeah, what's up though nigga?
I see you comin' from work and shit nigga,
I see--
- [Prostitute] He look like a trick.
- Nigga today's payday ain't it?
- Nah.
- I know today payday nigga.
- I wish nigga,
what's goin' on?
- Ain't shit nigga,
you know I'm out here sellin' shit nigga.
- Word.
- Good shit.
- What you sellin'?
- This type of shit right here, man.
Come here bitches.
Turn around let my nigga
see what's goin' on
with these shits, man.
Understand what I'm sayin' to you?
- [Prostitute] What's up?
I know you got paid today.
- Fake ass pimpin' nigga, man.
- Ain't no pimpin' freak out here nigga,
you know I go from city to city,
titty to titty, you dig?
I fucks around, nigga.
- I ain't got no money for this shit, man,
this what you doin' out here man?
- Yeah nigga, it's all day nigga.
- Yeah?
- Yeah this how I eat, nigga.
- I ain't fuckin' with you, man.
You know what I'm sayin, I'll
see you later though man.
- [Prostitute] He ain't
about that life, daddy.
- Stop that fake ass pimpin' shit, man.
- Ain't nothin' fake
about this shit nigga,
see what's goin' on out here nigga.
- I'll holla at you later.
- [Kev] Yeah you better do that.
- What you doin' in there ma,
I thought you was cookin'?
- Oh I'm just washin' these dishes out.
- Oh okay, you need me
to help you in there?
- No I'm good.
- What's up y'all?
- What's up big head?
- What's up?
What's up?
Gettin' that head done, huh.
- Hey son.
- What's up ma?
- How you doin'?
- What's goin' on with y'all?
- Oh ain't nothin'.
- Yeah?
- Nothin', you know that
damn P.O. came over here
the other day,
got me so upset.
- What happened?
- You know, I'm sick and
tired of him comin' up
in my house askin' me a million questions
like I'm the one on parole.
You know, every time I
tell him you ain't here,
he act like I'm lyin' to him or somethin'?
- Yeah?
- You know, I'm tellin' you Tru,
that man is out to get you,
you better watch yourself.
- She ain't lyin' Tru,
that man act like the damn devil.
- Yeah I know, I know.
- Why don't you just tell
that man that you don't
live here no more and you
live with yo baby mama?
- I ain't even gon' do that ma,
'cause I ain't stayin' over
there like that no more.
- [Tru's Mom] Why son, what happened now?
- I ain't gettin' money
like how I used to.
- [Tru's Mom] Oh son, you know what?
Nowadays, these young girls
only want you when you
can take care of them,
and when you're rollin' big,
but when you're down and out,
they ain't around.
The good thing is you now
know who you're dealin' with,
so when you get back on your feet,
you know what's up with her.
You gon' be all right son,
just don't go get yourself
in no more trouble
over that girl,
and for God sakes,
please don't go back on the
street sellin' that stuff.
You know I love you, right son?
- Yeah I know.
- All right?
You know I'm gettin'
too old to come see you
up in some jail.
- Yeah, I ain't sellin' drugs no more ma,
that's it for me.
- Okay son.
- [Tru] Don't worry about that.
- All right now.
- Tru, you need to really
get over this bitch,
'cause she ain't nothin'
but a slut anyway.
You been takin' care of
her for all these years,
and now she's gon' front on you?
A damn fool.
- It's all good Tasha,
it's all good though.
- Really, well guess what,
I don't even like the bitch
anyway, you know that,
second of all, she ain't
nothin' but a bird Tru.
If it wasn't for little Troy,
I would've been beat that bitch ass.
- All right you know what,
you just calm yourself down,
and watch your mouth.
- Sorry mom.
- You know, ain't no sense
in you gettin' yourself
in no trouble over that girl.
Tru knows who he's dealin' with.
All he has to do is take
care of that little boy,
leave Kim alone,
and get on with his life.
- Ma, I understand everything
that you're sayin',
but this girl always wants
somebody to take care of her.
Why she can't go out there and sell drugs
if that's what she needed to do?
Come on ma,
I'm tellin you, not this time.
He's not goin' out there
sellin' drugs no more.
- I ain't messin' with
that girl no more Tasha.
All I care about is my son and that's it,
that's all I'm worried about.
- That's right son,
that's right.
- Really?
Well guess what,
when you ready for me
to run up on that bitch,
you let your little sister know,
because I'll be more than happy
to tap her ass, you know I don't like her.
- What is wrong with you?
- 'Cause ma.
- You are always ready
to fight somebody, Jesus.
- Thank you for givin'
me the money to turn
my lights back on.
- Oh that's nothin',
what you thought I was gon'
leave your sexy ass in the dark?
I been tryna holla at
you since last Summer,
but you be frontin' on me.
- No I wasn't,
I was just tryna work shit
out with my son father.
That nigga ain't cuttin'
it for me no more.
- That nigga washed up baby,
he done, he a has-been.
I remember your baby father
when he was gettin' it,
but I'm the nigga now.
All right?
You need a nigga like me to hold shit down
and make shit happen.
- [Kim] Yeah you right.
- So what's up, we gon'
get it poppin' or what?
- Yeah I guess we can do the damn thing.
Listen, why don't you come back and see me
later on tonight when my son's asleep.
- All right baby, we could do that.
- You could do that?
- Yeah.
- All right baby,
I'll see you later, okay?
- All right.
That phat ass.
Where we at with it?
- 40 bags.
- Count it again, that aint right.
- [Man] I counted it, it's 40 bags,
I don't know what to tell you.
- Nigga it's supposed to be
50 bags there man, we short.
You sure it ain't 50 bags right there?
- I'm dead serious.
Nigga, I counted it three times.
- Man tell me your moms
ain't still smokin'
that shit again, man.
- That's your aunt, nigga.
- That's your motherfuckin' mother, nigga.
- I be stashin' it away,
I don't know my nigga, she be findin' it.
- Where the fuck is you stashin' it at?
- Different places, she be findin' it.
- Right in fuckin' front
of her nose, nigga.
That's your moms, man.
Yo what the fuck man, I
gotta find a new spot man.
Gotta put this shit somewhere else, man.
We $1,500 in the hole, nigga.
This ain't gon' work, man.
- I don't know what to tell you man.
- You don't know what to tell me.
- What's up baby?
- [P] What's up?
How are you?
I'm good.
- Come on in.
Lookin' good.
- Dang.
- So what's good baby, how was your day?
- You know me, just grindin'.
- Yeah?
- Can I smoke in here?
- Oh for sure baby, here.
Do ya thing, my son sleep.
Damn man, you lookin' good.
- And what you got up under there?
- You wanna see what I got up under here?
- Yeah, yeah.
- All right.
(r&b music)
- Yeah, that's crazy.
- Yeah?
You like?
- Yeah, I like.
Show me what you got up in here.
- Come find out.
- That's what I'm about to do.
What big daddy got for me?
I can't hold it much longer
Its gettin' stronger and stronger
When I get that feelin'
I want sexual healing
Oh baby
Make me feel so fine
(Kim moaning)
My mind
Healing baby
It's good for me
Healing, it's something
That's good for me
- You got something for me?
You gon' give me some of that good dick?
Got somethin' for you.
- Oh shit.
- Give me that good dick baby.
- Oh yeah, ima get this.
- Yeah baby.
(Kim moaning)
Oh, shit.
(Kim moaning and screaming)
Oh shit!
Let's make love tonight
(both moaning)
(Kim moaning loudly)
(moaning slowly)
When I get that feeling
I want sexual healing
It's good for me
Makes me feel so fine
- You late.
You no call me and you no tell me nothing.
- Yo listen, I had a
problem at my house Pedro,
I had to stay across town,
that's why I'm late today.
- I don't care where you have to stay,
you have work here to do.
That's all I care about.
I turn away two people
'cause you no here today.
- Why you ain't let Julio
and Fernando do it then?
- Do you see them here?
I give them both 10 hours a days off,
and that mean you and
your partner over there
will close this shop tonight.
- I can't close the shop tonight,
I got somethin' to do,
you shoulda told me
yesterday you wanted me
to close the shop today.
Tru, I'm tellin' you,
you no close this shop tonight,
you no work here no more.
This is your last day,
I'm sick of this.
You want to come late and leave early.
No more, no mas.
- Whatever, man.
Yo son, I'm tellin' you
today might be the day
Pedro get fucked up in his shop.
- Why, what happen?
- This motherfucker
gon' talk about we gotta
close the shop tonight.
- We who?
- Me and you motherfucker,
what you mean we who?
- Yeah all right,
Pedro get over that feeling,
Pedro can kiss my ass.
I ain't closin' nothin'.
- I'm tellin' you son,
I ain't in the mood for
that nigga's shit today son,
this motherfucker give
them Mexicans a day off,
he don't give us the days off.
- Bruh, that's how them Mexicans are, man.
- I'm tellin' you son,
I ain't in the mood for that
nigga bullshit today son,
word to mother man.
This motherfucker lookin' over here son.
- Yeah all right.
- Ima go change my clothes
before this asshole
come over here, yo.
(car horn honking)
- What's up baby?
- What's good?
- Nothin' much, how you doin'?
- Ain't shit, just grindin'.
- I hear that.
- Yeah.
- Yo, you know I had a good
time with you last night right?
Yo, you had me feelin' mad good yo.
- That's what I'm supposed to do.
(Kim laughs)
Nah for real, you got
that good pussy though.
(Kim laughs)
- Shut up.
- But for real, I been thinkin',
I know you havin' a hard
time right now with them
bills and shit,
so why don't you let
me handle that for you?
- You will do that for me?
- Yeah, yeah.
I could do that for you.
But you gotta do somethin' for me too.
- Oh yeah?
And what's that?
- Why don't you let me
stash my work in your crib,
and I'll pay your rent, your light,
your gas and whatever else you need.
- I don't know P, I
got my son up in there.
What if the police try
to come up in there?
- Don't worry about that,
ain't no police gon' run up in your house.
I'm not sellin' drugs out your house,
I'm just stashin' the work there,
and it's only gonna be
for a minute anyway.
- All right P, all right.
But only for a little while, all right?
- All right cool,
I'm bring some shit
through later on all right?
- All right boy, I got you.
- All right.
- Later.
- Yo I'm 'bout to be out my nigga
right after I'm done with this last car,
what you gettin' into tonight young blood?
- What you talkin' 'bout old head,
you supposed to be closing
the shop with me tonight.
- Yo I ain't closin' no damn shop man,
I got a bitch with a phat
'ole ass waitin' on me,
fuck Pedro and this shop, man.
- That's messed up yo.
Now I gotta be workin' in here by myself
'cause Pedro done gave
his cousins a day off,
and you goin' to chased
some ass that you ain't
even gon' get.
- Yo fuck you youngsta,
yo, but is them niggas Pedro's
cousins for real though?
- Shit, they might as well be,
way he be treatin' 'em.
He prob ably fuckin' them lil' niggas too.
- Yo you crazy, you know that nigga?
You really crazy.
But hey man,
how your moms doin', I ain't
seen her in a while man.
- Why you always askin'
me 'bout my moms old head?
What you tryin' to get
with her or somethin'?
- Listen here youngsta,
me and your moms go way back.
She looked out for me and my family when
they foreclosed on our house.
She was the only one that
lend us a helping hand
and out a paper for us
to get a new apartment,
so that's why I always have
a lot of love for that lady,
watch your mouth man.
- Yeah, whatever man.
Stay away from my mom man,
ain't tryin' to hear all that shit.
- Man listen, I'm done
with you and this shop
for tonight man, so you
have a good time man,
I'm outta here man, you heard?
- Yeah all right.
Some bullshit man.
- Oh shit, that's where
this motherfucker works?
- Who that?
- That's that bitch Kim baby father.
- Oh word?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- Put that shit out man.
- This nigga in the
motherfuckin' tire shop.
- Can I get some fuckin' help?
Yo, can I get some motherfuckin'
help over here please?
- Yo we closed man.
- You fuckin' lyin' man.
- Man nigga, you wide the fuck open man.
- We closed yo, we closed man.
- Yo what a nigga gotta
do to get some fuckin'
help around here man?
- Tru what's goin' on out here?
- Papi, time is money man.
Flat tire, I need it fixed.
- He'll be right with you sir, sorry.
Tru, fix that man tire.
- Yo listen man,
let them go down the
block or somethin' man,
I ain't fixin' they tire today man.
- I'm sick and tired of your bullshit Tru,
and yes you gonna fix that man tire,
or you can find work somewhere else.
I not take your shit no more.
- [Man] He called him stupid.
This nigga better fix my
man fuckin' tire, though.
- Yo what tire man, what tire?
- Nigga you fuckin' blind?
- This the fuckin' tire
right here tire boy.
- Yo who the fuck you
callin' a tire boy man?
- Yo what up son, who you
talkin' to like that man?
- Chill.
- You nigga.
- This your motherfuckin' tire shop right?
Better watch how you talk
to your customers man,
before you have to go
in there and get your
motherfucking bossman get you fired nigga.
- Oh yeah?
Niggas wanna flash dance
up up in this motherfucker?
- Yo hold me son,
niggas not even flash dancing man.
- Yeah all right.
- Fix that tire man.
- Yo fuck this nigga.
- All right, watch out man.
(phone ringing)
- So like I was sayin' man--
- Oh shit, speakin' of the devil.
- Yeah what's up baby?
Yeah I was just seein' if you
was gonna come back over here
to see me later.
- Yeah I'll be over
there to put that big 'ol
phat ass in the air.
All right, cool.
- Bye.
- Yo this bitch here,
her motherfuckin' head game is crazy.
- Oh word?
- Sucked the shit outta
my dick and balls and all.
Shaped like the back of this Porsche.
- What bitch is that though boy?
Nigga you don't remember
the bitch I told you about?
I paid her motherfuckin' light bill,
that bitch.
- Oh shit, that's who just called you?
Oh wow man, you a funny ass nigga.
That's the same bitch I wanted to fuck yo.
Her ass was crazy son.
I woulda paid that bitch
light bill too my nigga.
- Nigga, you blew it.
You slow your blow,
that's my bitch now.
(guys laughing)
This nigga, man.
Fuck is you lookin' at nigga?
(guys laughing in slow motion)
- This bitch changed the fuckin' lock?
(banging on door)
Kim, open the door Kim.
- Oh my God.
(banging on door)
- Kim.
- What you want Tru?
- [Tru] Open the door.
- No nigga, what you want?
- Ima kick this fuckin' door in,
open the door now.
(door opens)
- What do you want?
- What's wrong with you?
Don't play with me man.
- Yo, calm that shit down
before you wake Troy up.
- You fuckin' with that nigga P now?
- What, what're you talkin' about?
- Don't play fuckin' stupid with me.
You know what I'm talkin' about.
- No I don't know what you talkin' about,
and who told you that?
- Who paid for the lights to get cut on?
- Not you nigga,
don't worry about who paid for the lights.
You left us in the fuckin' dark,
so don't come up in here questioning me.
- You nothin' but a hoe
ass bitch, you know that?
- Nigga please, yo mother is
a hoe ass bitch motherfucker.
Tru, get out my house yo,
I don't even have time for your shit yo.
- I'm done with your stupid ass.
- Nigga I'm done with yo ass,
your sorry broke ass.
- Ima tell you what though,
you better not have that
nigga around my fuckin' son.
I'm tellin' you now.
- Nigga you ain't tellin' me shit,
that's my son, I take care of him.
I can have whoever the fuck
I wanna have around him.
Get out my house Tru.
- You ain't the only one
that take care of him,
I take care of him too.
- Barely and rarely motherfucker.
I'll tell you again,
that tire shop shit don't
support no-one over here.
Let me break this down to you.
You a broke ass lame
nigga who ain't got shit
goin' on but some fuckin' tired ass job.
Troy need a daddy who got money
and whose holdin' shit down
like P.
What, yeah nigga, I said it.
Ima make P his new daddy nigga,
'cause you ain't shit.
Oh nigga, watch what the
fuck gon' happen to you now.
- You fuckin' fuck with me,
I'll kill you in this motherfuckin' house
if you ever have that
nigga around my son again.
Don't fuckin' play with me.
- Nigga you ain't gon' do shit to me,
and you wanna hit me and threaten me?
Watch what the fuck
gon' happen to you now,
ima make sure I follow order
protection out on your ass.
- Bitch, I'm tellin' you,
you have a nigga around my son again
and watch what the fuck I do to you.
- You ain't tellin' me shit.
- Let me catch you.
- What you gon' do, you ain't do nothin'.
- [Tru] Fuckin' let me catch you.
- Get out my house Tru.
Get out my house!
With yo bullshit, get
the fuck out my house.
Can't believe this nigga
just fuckin' hit me yo.
Watch what the fuck
gon' happen to his ass,
just watch what's gon' happen to him yo.
(police sirens)
- Yo, yo Jus where you at son?
Come get me right quick,
I'm at Kim's crib.
All right, all right.
- Tru, what's good my nigga?
- What up yo?
- Shit.
Me and this bitch Kim
just got in some shit, yo.
(Jus laughs)
- Oh word, what happened?
- My paper ain't right man.
She ain't do shit yo.
Bills is pilin' up.
This bitch keep talkin' shit man.
I feel like I'm 'bout to go crazy yo.
- I told you man,
you gotta get back to gettin'
this paper with me man.
I mean that's the only way
this shit gon' go smooth.
I mean, remember when we
was gettin' this money?
You ain't have no problems outta Kim.
I mean, Kim is fly,
shit she probably even the
fliest bitch in the hood.
You woulda told her jump
in front of a Mac truck,
or jump off a roof she woulda did it
with no questions asked.
I mean bottom line,
you gotta get back to
gettin' this money man.
- I just did five years Jus,
five years, man,
I missed most my son life,
everything I hustled for is gone, man.
My house, my cars, my money,
they took all that from me man.
I'm sleepin' on my moms couch Jus,
my mother couch, man.
Everybody just want me to just jump back
and get back in the game, man.
You know what's gon' happen
if them crackers catch me
around that shit again man?
My life is over, man.
- Yo check it man, you got the connect.
I got these young boys out
here bustin' moves for me
24 hours a day, sun up, sun down,
you don't gotta touch shit.
That's what I been tryin' tell you.
- I wasn't touchin' shit
when I last got knocked Jus.
All right?
They charged me with
conspiracy to sell drugs man,
you know what that mean?
That mean they couldn't
catch me with shit,
so they said he planned on
sellin' a nigga a few keys,
so they arrested me for that shit,
what I planned on doin'.
You got these young boys
runnin' around here for you,
what's gon' happen when these
big cock diesel white boys
run up on them man?
Ima tell you what's gon' happen.
They gon' tell on me, you,
and anybody else fuckin'
name they can remember man,
that's what's gon' happen man.
- Shit man, it's a part of the game.
I mean, let's be 100,
ain't no nine to five out here gonna have
you and your family good,
you need to have a hustle, a grind,
somewhere gettin' some paper.
Other than that what you gon' do?
- I don't know man,
I don't know yet.
Yo do me a favor man,
drop me off to my moms crib yo.
- All right.
(knocking on door)
- Oh fuck!
- [Jus] What, what happened?
Yo who the fuck is that
cracker at your door?
- See this is what the
fuck I'm talkin' 'bout man.
That's my P.O. right there.
- [Jus] Word?
- Shit man.
- I'm sayin', you good?
- Yeah yeah, I'm good, I'm good,
ima holla at you later you heard?
- [Jus] All right.
- That is a really nice car.
- What you doin' here man,
I just came and seen you earlier.
- Yeah, that's why I'm here.
You gave me dirty urine today,
and you're up for your random.
- I didn't give you no dirty
urine, that's impossible.
- Inside the house,
you wanna do it the
easy way, the hard way,
it's up to you.
- Man why you always be sweatin' me man?
- Because it's my job to sweat you.
Now against the wall.
Do I stutter, against the wall.
Both hands.
Spread your legs open wide.
So you don't wanna tell me what kinda job
you're comin' from drivin' in
a hundred thousand dollar car?
- Man wha--
- Don't bullshit me okay,
because I know what kinda
job you're comin' from.
Just know one thing,
I'm gonna be the one to catch you.
- What are you talkin' 'bout?
My friend was just givin'
me a ride home from work.
- Yeah yeah, no I heard it all before,
everybody's innocent and
didn't do a damn thing.
Everybody in jail's not guilty, no,
I know what it is,
it's the poor black man
being held back by whitey.
Understand something,
I do not give a shit.
Your room,
which one is yours, I need to do a search.
- [Tru] You in my room.
This my room right here,
I sleep on the couch.
- The living room is your bedroom?
- [Tru] The living room is my bedroom.
- Then who sleeps down
the hall over there?
- [Tru] That's my sister room, man.
- Yeah well, it doesn't matter,
because I signed you
up for a drug program.
As on Monday morning, 8 a.m. sharp,
you'll be reporting there.
- Why would you sign me
up for a drug program?
I didn't give you no dirty urine.
- Just like I told you before,
none of you niggers ever change.
8 a.m. sharp,
or I'm going to
lock your ass back up.
Get outta my way.
(slams door)
- I hate that motherfucker, man.
- Check this out baby, this
how I want everything to go.
- All right.
- This right here,
this is two bricks.
- All right.
- That's two keys.
If I need 'em,
I'll come get 'em myself
or I'll send someone else,
but don't give no-one my
shit unless I tell you to.
Don't let nothin' happen to my shit, Kim.
- I hear you baby,
ain't nothin' gon' happen, I got you.
- All right, cool.
Ima pay your rent, your light,
your gas and whatever else,
and give you some paper for your pocket.
Okay, we good?
- Yeah baby, we're real good,
real good.
- Put this up,
somewhere safe and I'll
- all right baby.
- Be back later on.
- Got you.
- Paper for your pocket,
go buy yourself somethin' nice.
- All right, baby.
- Take this.
- Thank you baby.
- All right, be back later.
- Later boo.
- All right.
- Hell yeah!
That's my baby, yo.
(traffic bustling)
- You Tru Williams?
- Yeah man.
- You've been served.
- Fuck is this, yo?
This bitch got a fuckin'
order of protection on me?
Bitch is a stupid ass fuckin' bitch, yo.
Bitch is fuck--
- Yo what's up, you all right man?
Who was the white dude?
- This bitch out a order
of protection on me
for her and my son,
that mean I can't even go
see my fuckin' son now man.
This bitch gon' make me
hurt her one day son,
I'm tellin' you man,
she really gon' make me
fuck her up one day yo,
you feel me?
- That's messed up,
your baby moms did that to you son?
Yo that's fucked up,
but yo, you gotta be easy my dude,
you can't let your baby
moms get you into no shit.
When you get locked up again,
you won't ever see your son.
I'm tellin' you the same
shit happened to me man,
this shit is like it's a set-up.
She know what she doin',
don't get caught up in that.
- Yeah man, I'm just sick
of all this shit man.
I'm sick of her,
I'm sick of this job man, this P.O.,
all of this shit, I'm
sick of all this shit,
one day I'm really gon'
flip the fuck out man.
I'm tellin' you, I'm gon'
flip the fuck out one day man.
- Yo you gon' be all right young blood,
you just goin' through it right now man.
You gotta be easy man,
you gotta let it pass.
I never seen you like this before man,
you gotta hold your head,
you gotta hold your
motherfuckin' head my nigga,
you can't let this
bullshit get to you man,
get you caught up man.
You a G right?
You gotta act like one.
But hear this,
if you need me for anything,
I'm ridin' with you.
- Thtd what's up, that's what's up,
that's why I fuck with you man.
- That's why I fucks with you.
- That's what's up, that's what's up.
- Okay my friend,
lunch over, back to work.
- Fuckin' motherfucker man,
ima knock your man out, man.
- This nigga's a dickhead, son.
- Fuckin' ass.
(phone ringing)
- Yeah?
- Yo Tru, what's good?
- Just chillin', what's good?
- Yo meet me at Habana.
- Why, everything all right?
- Nah everything good,
I wanna holla at you about somethin'.
Meet me in there like a half.
- All right, all right.
I'll come through there.
All right, bye.
(salsa music)
- Tru, what's good with you my boy?
- What up son, man?
- Just chillin' man, what's up with you?
- Got me in here waitin'
for you and shit man,
what's good yo?
- My bad man, shit.
Nah I just wanna chop it up with you man,
have a drink man, live a lil' bit.
- Nah, nah, everything good though?
- Yeah man.
- Yo, you remember the other day and shit
when you dropped me off at the
crib and my P.O. was there?
- [Jus] Yeah man.
- Yo, that nigga swear we
just came back from doin'
some big ass drug deal or some shit, yo.
- Oh word?
Fuck outta here.
- Yo that nigga was
buggin' the fuck out man,
for real, yo.
- [Jus] Word?
- Yo, that bitch Kim man,
I think she fuckin' with that nigga P too.
- P, P, what P?
- P man, the nigga you was
tellin' me you ain't like.
- Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
Don't worry about that man,
we take care of that soon man.
I'm sayin' man, you fucked
everybody bitch man.
I mean shit, you know you
fucked a few of mines, man.
We gettin' this paper though man,
you run the streets man,
I ain't gotta tell you that man,
I mean you put me in the game.
- Yeah, yeah I ain't
trippin' over that bitch man,
you know what I'm sayin'?
I don't care about that bitch.
All I care about is my son and that's it.
- Word though, that's the most important.
But yo man,
I wanted to holla at you
about a few things man.
You know I got these
dudes from outta town man,
they want like 30 birds man.
I need you to put me with
your old connect man,
so I can get them shits for like 10, 5,
like I used to get man, you with me?
- I ain't goin' around
them niggas like that man.
Them niggas could be hot,
anything goin' on with them niggas man.
I'm not goin' around them
niggas and I told you man
these crackers catch me
around that shit son,
it's a wrap for me man,
it's over for me man.
You might as well put a
fuckin' bullet in my head
yourself, yo.
- Man you fuckin' dead already man.
I mean your bitch out here
fuckin' another nigga,
you can't even put fuckin'
food on your son table.
Man you already dead.
Yo look man,
all I'm sayin' is,
put me with your connect man,
let me put some paper in your pocket,
matter of fact,
take that man,
holla at me man,
let me put this work in man.
Yo I gotta go man,
I'm out with one.
(Hispanic music)
- Yo, it's this good shit yo
right here.
- So what happened with you and Tru?
- This nigga came back
home on some next shit.
Yo I think that jail shit like
really fucked his head up.
'Cause now this nigga ain't
tryin' to make no money,
he thinkin' that that
stupid-ass bullshit-ass
tire shop job was gon' hold us down,
and everything kept
gettin' cut the fuck off.
So, I cut his ass off.
Shit, that's why I gotta new boo,
my baby P.
- You know that's fucked up, right?
You aint even give that nigga
a chance to do somethin'.
- [Kim] Yes the hell I did,
it's been nine months since
that nigga's been home,
and you only talkin' that
bullshit because that nigga
helped you out that time
you couldn't pay your rent.
- You fuckin' right.
I love that nigga for that,
ima always hold him down.
- [Kim] Lisa don't even talk,
'cause what you know about niggas?
All you do is fucks with losers.
Don't none of them niggas
you be fuckin' with
got no money.
- [Lisa] Yeah whatever.
- Please, should be a fuckin'
crime against the niggas
you be fuckin' with.
- [Lisa] You do got a point though.
I do be fuckin' with some bug ass niggas.
- Yeah I know I got a point.
Shit yo, can these niggas
even afford to take you
somewhere decent?
At least fuckin'
Red Lobster?
Fuckin' Applebees?
Fuckin' Wendy's, bitch?
(knocking on door)
Somebody at my door.
Yo, you straight cheatin' your pussy.
I already told you shit
ain't for free, all right?
Learn from your girl.
- [P] What's up?
- Nothin' much, I'm chillin'
with my homegirl Lisa.
We upstairs kickin' it,
having a few drinks.
What up with you?
- Ain't shit, just makin' a few runs.
This right here's two bricks, put this up.
I'll be back later on,
I gotta run to BK to handle somethin'.
- [Kim] All right baby, I got you.
Listen, when you done with that,
I want you to hurry back to me,
'cause I wanna put this thing on you,
all right?
- Yeah, all right.
I'll see you later on.
- All right baby.
- Yo Kim,
why won't you get that other
bottle out the kitchen?
- Damn bitch you killed
that shit that quick?
Fuckin' greedy hoe.
- What's that?
- Ain't got nothin' in there,
mind your business.
- Mind my business?
I'm sayin' you was in
here takin' hella long.
- You not sayin' nothin'
when it some to shit
in my house Lisa, worry about that.
- Whatever.
So why won't you tell me
about you and this nigga P?
- Yo this nigga paid my rent,
paid all my bills,
and is putting money in
my pocket yo, I'm good.
The other night,
this nigga was hittin'
it from the back lovely,
I mean makin' that ass clap.
- Yo, you a hoe.
- Yeah I'm that hoe gettin' that money.
You the one that's givin' away your pussy
but what you gettin'?
- Yeah but at least I'm not a hoe.
- Anyway,
yo this nigga got some good ass dick yo.
- Ma, do you know where
my new transformer is?
I wanna show Mikey.
- Troy get out and close my door,
didn't you take it to school with you?
Go look in your book bag or somethin'.
- Uh, okay.
- Close my damn door.
Always comin' in here
without fuckin' knockin'.
- Yo you gon' get your ass beat.
- By who?
- By Tru.
- Man fuck outta here yo,
that nigga know what it is.
Shit if anything, I get
P to fuck his ass up.
Nigga don't want it.
- What bag is this?
What is this?
- Ooh, let me see.
- No.
- Just let me see.
- Wait!
(boys laughing)
Look what you did! (laughing)
- Shut up.
- You shut up.
- Shut up.
(boys laughing)
- Yo you hear them?
These lil' niggas is
always into somethin'.
- Shut up.
- Yeah I hear they ass.
Let me go see what the hell they doin'.
Bitch can't even fuckin'
relax in my own damn house.
- Your mom is coming.
- Oh my God Troy, what
the hell are you doin?
- Mikey what's wrong with you?
- Oh God, y'all don't
even know what the hell
y'all playin' with.
Boy what the hell is wrong with you?
- Mikey threw it on me first.
- No I didn't, you're lying.
- I'm not lying.
- Kim,
- All over the fuckin' floor.
- I know that ain't what
the fuck I think it is.
- Yo yes the hell it is,
your son mess up P's shit.
Yo what the fuck am I
gonna tell this nigga
about his shit?
- Bitch what the fuck are
you doin' with all this shit
in your house?
- Just don't worry about
that dumb shit all right,
what you need to be worried about,
how the fuck you gon' help
me pay this nigga back
for the shit your son just fucked up, yo.
- My son?
Both these niggas is
playin' with shit they don't
have no fuckin' business playin' with,
and you gon' blame my son?
That's fucked up.
- Bitch I'm not tryin'
to hear that though.
Yo, you and your lil' bastard ass son
get the fuck out my house, yo.
- You know what,
fuck you bitch, you triflin'.
Fuck you!
- Get the fuck out my house bitch!
Fuck you, you fuckin' bitch,
fuck you!
- Yo, you get your ass
in the bathroom now.
Fuck no.
What I'm gon' tell this
nigga about his shit?
(water running)
Fuck, yo.
What I'm gon' tell this
nigga about his shit?
Kim, think, think, think,
think, think, think.
Hello P?
Yo, can you come over here?
Nah, not really yo, I need to see you.
I can't get into it over the
phone, I need to see you.
All right.
(knocking on door)
(deep, menacing music)
- What's up babe?
What's up?
- P baby I'm sorry,
but the kids found the bag
you gave me in the closet.
They went in it, started
throwin' the coke at each other,
they didn't know what it was
and they fucked everything up.
- Kim what the fuck is you talkin' about?
You let some fuckin' kids fuck up my work?
Do you know how much money that is?
Do you?
(Kim screams)
- Yes baby, I'm sorry,
the kids didn't know what it was.
I put the bag in the closet
and went in the room with Lisa
and the kids must have found it,
and went in it and,
I don't know, started
throwin' it at each other.
- Throwin' it at each other?
(Kim screaming)
(speech drowned out by screaming)
Who the fuck are you,
get up, get up.
Go get my shit.
Get my shit.
(Kim crying)
- This is all it is.
- What the fuck is this?
Where's the rest of the shit?
- I'm sorry P, I'm sorry.
- What the fuck?
- I'm sorry.
- You tryin' to fuckin' play me?
You know how much fuckin' money that was?
- I'm sorry.
- Go get your son.
- He's not f--
- I wanna know what happened
to my shit, go get your son.
- He's not feeling well, P.
- Go get him, get him the fuck up.
- Troy.
- Troy!
- Troy get up here.
- Get the fuck over here, yo.
Get over here, shut up.
- Please!
- Yes ma?
- [Kim] Tell P what you
and little Mikey was doin'.
- Me and Mikey were looking
for my transformer toy
and Mikey went in the bag and--
- Oh my God!
- Fuck that, I said bitch,
keep fuckin' with me.
Fuck you.
(Kim screaming)
Try play with my shit.
(slap, screaming)
Fuck is wrong with you?
Fuckin' dummy.
Fuckin' bitch.
Fuckin' shit,
you heard me you fuckin' bitch.
(Kim crying)
(deep, menacing music)
Oh God,
oh my God!
Troy, Troy, look at mommy,
look at m,
oh my God.
Oh my God, Oh my God!
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Oh my God,
look at mommy.
Troy, look at mommy.
Oh my God!
(deep, menacing music)
(phone ringing and vibrating)
The fuck is callin'?
What this bitch want?
- Tru,
little Troy's in the hospital.
- What happened?
- Just come.
- What hospital he at?
- We in Jamaica.
- I'm on my way yo.
- All right.
- Yo, you all right?
- My son in the hospital,
tell Pedro I'll be back.
- You good?
- [Tru] Yeah I'll be back, I'll be back.
- All right.
- Excuse me miss,
I'm lookin' for my son Troy Williams.
- He's in emergency, room 137.
- Thank you.
Troy, wake up boy.
What happened to you Troy?
Wake up.
Troy what happened?
- Dad, I'm hurt dad.
Mommy's boyfriend P hit me.
He hit me so hard.
- That nigga P did this to you Troy?
He put his hands on you?
- Yeah dad,
don't let me go back over there.
- Don't worry son, you not
gon' go back over there,
you gon' come live with me now all right?
Don't worry about it.
- Thanks dad.
- Shit.
What hurt on you?
He hit you in the eye?
- Yeah.
- Fuck.
Ima take care of this for you, okay?
I love you, you hear me?
You hear me?
- Yeah.
- Wait, what do you mean
you takin' my son from me,
you can't take my son
from me, are you crazy?
You not takin' my son nowhere.
- I'll be back.
- You tryin' to tell me you about to take
my child from me?
My child is all I got in this world.
- Miss, I'm just--
- Don't touch me!
- Listen I'm just doing my job,
okay, I got called down
here because your son
whose seven years old
got coke in his system.
Obviously somethin' ain't right.
- Look, it was an accident all right,
I would not put my
child in danger.
- An accident?
Tell me how a seven year old boy
with coke in his system is an accident.
Make me understand--
- You out your damn mind if you think ima
let you walk away with my child.
- Obviously something's not right.
I am sorry, I have to take your son,
I have a court order to take your son.
- It was an accident all right,
I would not put my son in danger.
- An accident?
Explain to me how a seven year old boy
has coke in his system
and that's an accident?
Make me understand that,
'cause I am not understanding.
- Please, you cannot take my son from me,
that is my son.
- There is nothing you can do about it,
it is a done deal, okay?
And I'm done with this.
- Please.
- You are a unfit mother.
- Bitch you don't know me,
don't you dare tell me I'm a unfit mother!
- Nu better back up outta my face.
- You are not taking my son.
- This is a done deal,
there's nothing that you--
- I'm not gonna let you
take my son from me!
- There's nothing you can do about it.
- Kim, what's goin' on Kim?
- Tru do somethin',
this bitch is tryin' to take Troy.
- [Mrs. Davis] And who may you be?
- I'm Troy father, who are you?
- I'm Mrs Davis and I'm from
the Social Services Department,
and I got called down here
because your son Troy Williams,
he's been beaten badly,
and he got drugs in his system,
something that a seven year old--
- Drugs in his system?
- It was an accident,
I just told you that.
- Unfortunately, I am
taking Troy into custody
until further notice.
- Listen miss, I'm Troy father all right?
He gon' come live with me now,
ima take custody of him.
- I am sorry sir,
that is not an option,
and I'm done here.
- Miss, hold up, miss.
- Get your hands off of me.
- Listen, listen man.
- [Mrs. Davis] I'm done.
- Bro, get off of me man,
what's wrong with you?
This bitch tryin' to take my fuckin' son.
Get off of me man.
- Don't make it worse than it is.
- It is already worse,
how much worse can it get?
- You makin' it a whole lot worse.
- Get the hell off me man.
Stupid man.
You's a stupid ass bitch, yo.
Kim, you better tell me what happened
to lil' Troy, Kim.
What happened?
- The kids was in the house playin',
little Mikey and Troy.
They found a bag P left there
with four keys of coke in it.
They went in it,
started throwin' the shit at each other,
I don't know like fucked everything up.
- Bitch you let that nigga
put his hands on my son?
- Nigga look at my face,
do it look like I let him
put his hands on Troy?
Why would I just let
him put his hands on--
- Bitch, fuck your face you stupid bitch,
I should fuck you up man.
Why the fuck you have that nigga leavin'
all that shit in the house with my son?
- I didn't know what else to do yo,
we needed the money.
He was payin' me to stash his
work for him in the house.
I didn't know that all of
this was gonna go down Tru,
I'm sorry, I didn't know what else to do.
- Bitch you shoulda went
and got a fuckin' job,
that's what your stupid
ass shoulda went and did,
went and got a fuckin' job.
- Whoa whoa whoa whoa calm down,
what's goin' on what,
the fuck is wrong with you bitch?
- Don't put your fuckin' hands on me.
- Yo what the fuck is goin' on Tru?
- Social service took lil'
Troy from Kim's stupid ass.
- What?
I knew you was nothin'
but a little fuckin'
triflin' ass hoe.
How you gonna let them take Troy from you?
- Man fuck you bitch,
that's my motherfuckin' son,
I got custody of him.
- Oh now you's a good fuckin' mother huh?
Now that's your fuckin' son?
You're nothing but a triflin' ass--
- Fuck off you bitch.
- Stop fuckin' talkin',
ain't playin' with you.
Fuckin' keep disrespectin' me bitch,
keep fuckin' disrespect,
(thuds to the head)
- [Tru] Get off.
You stupid ass.
- Fuckin' bitch!
Fuck, (screams)
I told you you fuckin' bitch,
I'll fuckin' kill your ass,
and this fuckin' ass bitch.
- Whoa!
Hell no,
what the hell is goin'
on in my house right now?
Tasha what the hell is
goin' on in my house?
- [Tru] Yo ma said chill.
- [Tru's Mom] Tasha what
the hell is goin' on,
you better stop that shit.
- [Tru] Ma's here.
- [Tru's Mom] Tru what
the hell is goin' on
up in here?
- [Tru] Social Services
took Troy from Kim.
- [Tru's Mom] Kim, is that true?
They took lil' Troy?
- [Tasha] Tell 'em you stupid bitch.
- Shut the fuck up bitch!
- [Tru] Get out.
- Fuckin' bitch.
Fuck you up.
- What did I said,
stupid ass out, get out.
Social Services got Troy, ma.
- Oh Lord.
- You all right?
- Yeah I'm good.
What you gonna do Tru?
What you gonna do?
- I don't know, I don't know.
- You gotta figure this shit out.
You gotta figure this shit out Tru.
- Ma, where your key at?
I gotta go do somethin'.
- [Tru's Mom] The key's over there,
where you goin' at?
- I gotta go do somethin' ma,
I'll be back, all right?
- Oh, lord.
- where you goin' Tru?
- [Tru] I'll be back.
- Oh God Tasha, what is goin' on?
They took little Troy away?
- Hey yo boy, you done with your pack boy?
- Hell yeah.
This week the lil' nigga
got the money right.
- My shit right, boy.
- Yo, let's hurry up
and get outta here son,
'cause you know it be
fuckin' hot out here man.
- What's up now motherfuckers?
(gun shots)
- [Boy] Oh shit!
Aah, damn son!
- Where the fuck that nigga
P at?
- [Boy] I don't know man, fuck.
- You know where the fuck he at.
- [Boy] Oh shit damn,
I don't know where,
aah, damn,
- you know where he at.
- No I don't man.
- Where the fuck he at
- I don't know man, damn.
- It's not like I'm a thug,
I'm a killer, you hear me?
- Yeah you got it,
- you hear me?
- you got it.
- Fuck up.
- [Boy] I don't got nothin'
to do with that, man.
I don't got nothin' to do with that man.
- Shut up, you got
somethin' to do with it.
- Fuck man.
- [Tru] Shut the fuck up.
- [Boy] Man just take the money man,
just take the money
- Shut the fuck up,
- Man just take the money man,
don't kill me man, chill.
Fuck, man.
Yo, yo,
where this nigga P at man?
Oh shit.
Yo man,
we gon' kill this nigga, yo.
- Beat that.
(chitter chatter)
- You low?
Set it off, nigga.
- He on fire.
(phone ringing)
- What's up?
What happened?
He good?
Yo where you at man?
Yo, I'm on my way man, where you at?
All right man.
This nigga, man.
Go ahead and keep rollin' man.
Yo nigga,
you see the nigga act crazy like he out
his fuckin' mind, man.
- Who?
- Tru.
- Where he at?
- Fuck outta here, man.
(traffic bustling)
(car speeds off loudly)
- [Man] I just told you that,
so what are you talkin'
'bout, what you said?
I'm good.
- Yo son, what up?
- What's poppin'?
- Where the nigga Jus at?
- He in there in the crib.
- All right.
What up, what up?
Strap no car feet
Respirator flat, no heartbeat
Ya bossman is pussy,
where ya captain at
- What up my nigga?
- My nigga Jus in here?
- Yeah.
Man out bluffin
Man down son son, man down son son
Lay it down son son,
lay it down son son
- [Tru] Hey son, what up yo?
- Tru, what's poppin'?
- [Tru] Yo, shit is crazy son,
I had to pop one of P lil' mans, yo.
- [Jus] Fuck outta here, for what?
- Yo that nigga P put his
hands on lil' Troy yo.
- Get the fuck outta here--
- [Tru] Lil' Troy in the
fuckin' hospital right now.
- Yo he put his hands on my lil' nigga?
That motherfucker dead, man.
Ain't nothin' to talk about man, what up?
- Yo niggas don't know
where that nigga P live at,
where he be at, what's up?
- [Jus] Nah man, I don't
know where that motherfucker
live man, but I know a
few spots he be at man.
We can take care of that shit tonight.
- Son I want that nigga tonight son,
tonight, you hear what I'm tellin' you?
- [Jus] All right yo, check it out man.
Hey I got 10 racks on this
pussy ass nigga P head,
nigga out his hands on my lil' nigga,
green-light him,
when y'all see him nigga, put him down,
I got 10 racks on this nigga head, man.
- Say no more yo, you know what it is.
- Yo son man, I want that
nigga tonight son, you heard?
- [Man] Say no more man.
- Tonight my nigga.
- Yo you hear me,
it's nothin' man, you
don't have to say it man,
ain't nothin' to talk about man,
put his hands on my
little fuckin' nigga man,
hey yo man.
- Yo but listen man,
niggas find that nigga,
but I wanna do the nigga myself though,
you feel me?
- Say no more man, you hear me?
Hey yo, y'all niggas get the fuck out man,
let's go put this fuckin' work in man.
Lay it down, son son
- Fuck man, this nigga, man.
Yo, what's up.
- Yo where the fuck is Young Boy at man?
- Yo son, somebody called the cops man,
the block is flooded
right now with cops man.
Yo son, ya boy is dead son,
the nigga got handed his head and died
right in front of me man.
- So what the fuck happened?
- Yo son, the nigga just
walked up on us started
shootin' son,
the nigga almost hit me,
I had to run for my fuckin' life man.
- Who the fuck was shootin' man?
- Yo son that bitch ass nigga Tru man,
that nigga that work in
the fuckin' tire shop son,
ima kill that nigga son.
- Yo you know where the nigga live at man?
- Yeah I know where that nigga live.
- [Boy] My nigga dead, man.
- You sure you know where the nigga live?
- I'm dead serious I know
where that nigga live.
- We gon' ride on this motherfucker man.
- Let's do it.
- Look, I already told
you Tru is not here.
You know his son just got in an accident?
He might be at the hospital
seein' him right now.
- Jesus Christ, every
single time I come here
there's a Goddamn song
and dance to go with it.
You realize I'm a federal law
officer and I can lock you up
just for lying.
- First of all you're a parole officer
and you're not even a real officer,
and second, I'm tired of your bullshit.
You know, I'm not the one whose on parole
or whatever you want to call it,
so if you think I'm lyin' to you,
then don't ask me no more damn questions.
Now once again, Tru is not here.
Now get the hell up on outta my house!
- You're a dumb black bitch.
- Excuse me?
What did you call me?
I called you
a dumb
- Oh yeah, and you the white devil,
now get the hell up outta my house.
- Yo man what the fuck is wrong with you?
- Are you outta your fucking mind huh?
You outta your fuckin'
mind puttin' your hands
on me huh street king?
- [Tru] Yo get off of me.
- You think this is a fucking game?
- You don't speak to my
mother like that man,
get off of me man.
- That's right,
you get the hell up outta my house.
- You shut your fucking mouth.
- You shut the hell up!
- [P.O.] I'll fucking blow your stupid
fucking nigger head off,
you fucking understand me?
- Relax, relax man.
- You think I fucking give a shit?
- You're better than that.
- Fuck is wrong with you man?
You don't come in my house
speakin' to my mother like that.
- You're better than that look,
he's not worth it, all right?
He's not worth it at all.
Calm down.
- Okay, I'm good, I'm good,
I'm good, you know what?
You know what, tomorrow morning,
you have your black ass in my office
nice, bright, and early
'cause I'm sendin' your ass
back to jail.
- You think I give a fuck
about goin' back to jail man?
- You better fucking care
about going back to jail,
because next time your boy sees you,
he might not know your fucking name.
Do me a favor, put a leash on that bitch.
- [Tru's Mom] Get the hell outta here!
- Fuck you man!
This motherfucker's crazy ma.
- Oh my God you know,
I going downtown first
thing in the mornin'.
You know, I'm gonna speak to his boss,
he can't be comin' up in people house
speakin' to them like that.
- [Tru] You all right ma?
- I'm okay.
- This guy's fuckin' nuts man.
- [Tru's Mom] Oh God.
- I'll be back ma.
- [Tru's Mom] Where you goin' at now?
- I'll be back.
(deep, menacing music)
(phone ringing)
- Yeah, Tony.
No, I told you I'm fine,
I understand that.
No, yeah, I woulda killed
the nigger if you didn't
stop me, I understand that.
Look, I'll see you back at the office.
(deep, intense menacing music)
- Punk motherfucker.
(gun shots)
(car speeding off)
- Yeah, this it man.
- [P] You sure this the fuckin' crib?
- [Boy] Nigga I'm positive
that's it through the door.
(banging on door)
- They in the back.
- Yeah?
How can I help you?
- Is Tru here?
- And who's lookin' for him?
- [P] I'm fuckin' lookin' for him.
- And who the hell are you?
- [P] This is who the fuck I am.
You tell that nigga Tru ima put a fuckin'
bullet in his head.
- My son is not here,
and you ain't doin' not a
goddamn thing to him anyway,
now get that damn gun outta my face.
- Shut the fuck up,
I'll blow your fuckin' head off.
Tell him he a dead man.
- Look, you're gonna be a
dead man if you don't get that
damn gun outta my f--
(police sirens)
- Shit.
- Yo what the fuck's wrong.
- [Boy] Give me that thing,
come on.
(deep menacing music)
(car screeches)
- Ma!
Oh no!
(Tasha crying)
Wake up,
wake up!
Wake up!
Mom, mom, wake up!
Wake up ma.
- Yo what happened son?
- P shot his mom son,
let's get the fuck outta here man.
- Fuck.
Got to get the fuck up outta here man.
Go get my mother and get
the fuck up outta town.
That's what the fuck ima do.
- Why don't both of you niggas
just shut the fuck up man?
Just drive, my nigga.
- Fuck.
Damn, man.
- Better have my fuckin' money.
He don't want no fuckin' games.
(intense, heart throbbing music)
Yo what up son?
Where pedro at?
- What up young blood, what
you doin' here so late?
How your son doin'?
- Not good, and to good, where Pedro?
- The office.
- All right.
Fuck this nigga Pedro at, man?
- You think you can do
what you want to do here?
You walk off the job
and not tell me nothing?
You know what?
You no work here no more,
no more!
Go! Go!
- I ain't come here for
that shit, all right Pedro?
Give me the money you owe me,
ima get the fuck up outta here then.
- What money?
I no have no money for you.
I don't have to give you no money.
You have to wait 'till the end of the week
just like everybody else.
- I got a fuckin' emergency
goin' on, all right Pedro?
I need the money you owe me now.
- Sorry, no money.
- No money?
- No.
- You don't got no money?
- No.
- You got some money now motherfucker?
Get your stupid ass in that office
and open that safe.
- [Old Head] Yo, what's up, young blood?
- Hold the fucking door.
- [Pedro] Don't hurt me.
- [Tru] Get your ass up from that office.
Office that fuckin' safe, nigga.
You think I'm playin' with you?
Open that fuckin' safe.
Open that safe.
Open that fuckin' safe man.
Open up the fuckin' safe!
- Take it whatever you want.
- [Tru] Open that safe.
- Okay.
- [Tru] Open that safe.
- Here it is, oh fuck!
- [Tru] Clear the safe out!
- [Pedro] Don't hurt me.
- I got it.
- [Tru] Shut the fuck up,
get the duct tape and duct
tape this motherfucker.
Shut the fuck up.
Put your hand behind your back!
- [Pedro] Okay.
- [Tru] Duct tape that
motherfucker good man.
You hear me?
Put ut hands behind your,
put your hands behind your back man.
- [Pedro] Don't hurt me.
- [Tru] Shut up.
Shut the fuck up.
Come on you good,
come on, come on.
Should murder your stupid ass.
(Pedro groaning in pain)
- Yo what happened to you young buck?
You done lost your mind?
- Man what the fuck you talkin' 'bout man?
I needed my money.
- It ain't like you
couldn't wait 'till payday.
- [Tru] Nigga payday's today!
Fuck you talkin' 'bout, today payday.
- Yo, meet me at the Blue Room,
I need a fuckin' drink man.
(car horn honks)
- But you know what?
That's how you ask for
your motherfuckin' money,
that's how.
- You know you a funny
ass nigga, you know that?
Count that fuckin' money man.
What we got there?
- We've counted three stacks so far,
fuck Pedro, look at all this fresh money
he got in the safe.
- Count that money up man.
- You motherfuckin' right, fuck Pedro.
All the pretty bitches fuck wit 'em
Wack bitches never
got no luck with him
He be stuntin' 'cause
that's in his blood
Catch him poppin' mollies,
know he twistin' bud
You can tell that he a Queens nigga
Grew up out in Bay
'round that bream, nigga
Had a hundred worth of
jewels when he was 18
First fresh resident you
rollies for the whole team
- Let me get a drink ma.
You already know who the future is
I'm just statin' facts
And I know these hoes only want me
'cause my money up
You 10 steps ahead of them niggas
Well guess what, I'm 20 up
These bitches wanna fall in love
I just want my daddy back
We was just in the crib
watchin' Caddy Shack
Now the nigga gone and
I ain't havin' that
Nah I ain't havin' that
- Y'all niggas chill the fuck out man,
none of y'all niggas got no money man.
Hole in the pocket, nigga.
Hole in the pocket.
- You a dumb ass nigga too man.
Yo P, why you shot that nigga moms son?
- Man fuck that nigga moms.
I shoulda shot his son
for fuckin' up that work.
That nigga shot our man Ty.
You forgot about that?
- Nah you right.
You right.
- Fuck you worried about
the nigga moms for man?
You be trippin' man.
- Yo who you got man?
- Man fuck that table man,
y'all niggas be trippin'.
You broke niggas need
to get your money up
I'm just a young nigga
gettin' it, money up
They say I'm misunderstood
so I stand out
When you got money
everybody got they hands out
- Yo, ain't that the nigga P right there?
- Yeah, that's that
motherfucker right there man.
- We got his ass.
My jewewlry be froze
I ain't mad
Aint mad at you hoes
- Yo, what the fuck we gon' do now man?
Tell me.
- What we gon' do?
Fuck you think we gon' do nigga?
We gon' get the fuck up outta town.
You all right man?
- Yeah I'm all right, I'm with you right?
- You lookin' kinda fuckin' nervous yo.
- [Old Head] I'm with you.
- You good, you sure?
- Yeah I'm good man.
I'm all in, I'm all in.
- All right nigga.
(police sirens)
- Where's your brother at?
Where is he at?
Come on.
- My mother's in there
dead and you questioning me
about my brother?
- He was involved in a shooting tonight,
I wanna know where is he?
Come on.
- Get outta my face askin'
me about my brother!
You worry about my mother!
God dammit.
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
- Mom got shot.
- Tasha, what the fuck
is you talkin' 'bout?
- She's dead.
- How ma get shot?
- What?
- I don't know, we was in the room,
and the doorbell ring,
so mom went to go answer the door,
and a minute later a shot went off.
- [Old Head] What happened?
- I came and saw her in the door.
She was dead, Tru.
- I'm on my way over there yo.
- [Old Head] Yo, what happened man?
- Where Kev at, put Kev on the phone.
- He saw everything that happened.
- Hey yo Tru, what up man?
I saw the whole thing.
Yeah it was that nigga P man.
I know where he rest at too.
Yeah, all right.
All right.
- Fuck man!
- Yo what happened man?
- This nigga P shot my
mom man, come on man.
- Word?
- Come on man!
- Fuck, man.
(car speeding off)
(fast, dramatic music)
- Hey yo, this the nigga
crib right here man.
This nigga brother, his baby mother,
they all live in here.
- That's the crib right here?
- Yeah.
- All right, come on son.
Yo yo, you wait in the car man.
- What?
- I be back, wait in the car.
(upbeat, suspenseful music)
Yo listen,
I hit the back of this
motherfucker with fire yo.
Anybody that come through this door,
hit they ass up, you hear me?
- I got you.
- Let's go.
- Yo, you know it was
somethin' I had to tell you.
- What's funny?
- Girl this bitch Sabrina
really tryna fuck my baby father P.
(upbeat, suspenseful music)
The bitch always smilin' in my face.
- But didn't I tell you
that bitch was phony though?
(glass shatters)
(girl screaming)
- Oh God, help me!
Put this shit out!
This shit burns!
Get it out!
(smoke detector going off)
- Yo the house is on fire.
- What the fuck?
Yo, grab Nas,
get out the back door, I'm comin'.
(fire burning and crackling)
- Get up.
You gotta get up, I'm holdin' you.
Come on girl.
(fire alarm going off)
(upbeat, suspenseful music)
- Oh shit.
What the fuck?
(police sirens)
- You good man?
- I ain't good,
my fuckin' moms is dead.
How the fuck I'm gon' be good man?
Matter fact go to your crib son,
I'm droppin' you off.
- All right man.
(fast, dramatic music)
- Fuck!
That fat motherfucker wasn't
even in the house man.
- Look, calm down man.
We gon' get him.
Best that, we gon' get him.
Your moms,
yo man she was my heart man.
- Ima kill every fuckin'
body in that nigga family.
I want every fuckin' body son,
I'm tellin' you son.
(phone ringing)
Fuck, man.
(phone ringing)
- Yo Tru, that nigga P in the Blue Room,
I'm on my way over there right now.
- That nigga where?
I'm on my way,
come on son, come on.
(car speeds off)
- You want one slice?
- Nah, I'm good.
- So how's the wife and kids?
- Man the wife and two
daughters, how you think?
Man I'm surprised they
ain't got gray hairs by now.
- Shit, I take the wife,
the two daughters, and the gray hair.
I'm tired of chasin' these hoes,
hoes cost money.
- Man I tell you what,
I remember when I was single.
You better stay single as long as you can.
- You see that?
Them dudes goin' up in there
with guns in they hands.
- Motherfuckers.
Unit one to base, unit one to base,
I got two armed black
males entering the address
of 140 Mill Road.
Requesting backup, I repeat,
requesting immediate backup.
- [Police Scanner] 559, roger.
- Motherfuckers.
You niggas talkin' 'bout dirty money
Talk dirty money, I'm filthy
I done seen it all
Done done it all
From drop toppin' and yack shoppin'
Back to the block where
them cops watchin'
Them cops watchin' my block poppin'
Them feigns coppin'
Bodies droppin'
(slowed down music)
(crowd panicking)
- [Cops] Put your hands up,
put the motherfucking gun down!
It's been a minute though
Pain is music
Here come the pain
Hello, I went from ashy
to classy to nasty ghetto
I got that strap on my waist
I call it heavy metal
These weak ass souls think
your boy had to settle
These niggas in la-la
land like Carmello
These lames tryna front
But they do forget
Like I won't shoot this
motherfucker up like Juliet
When gravy come through,
I'm the shit man
Watch my hat lean like it's
comin' with a kickstand
I'm Brooklyn finest,
like that boy Biggie
Brooklyn sky hoodie on, fuck with me
Oh my God, this ain't a new religion
Gotta keep the feds off my
ass like some True Religions
But I'm still 730 like TruVisions
I see it's no room,
they tryna box me out
They wanna see the fight
like Mayweather and Pacquiao
They tryna holla at me
for a verse 100 thou
I'm not the past of the
mace or the preacher
I'm the feature that
really don't need a feature
Oh they must've forgot
Yeah they got amnesia
'Cause a nigga like me
do this on my leisure
You couldn't walk in my
shoes if you had Adidas
I'm swipin' them zeros
with a fuckin' Visa
So nigga please, I'm for that cheese
So put some extra mozzarella
on that fuckin' pizza
So what up
What's good