777 Charlie (2022) Movie Script

777 Charlie
Before Shani (trouble) comes into life...
Will definitely give a tip..
My name is Dharma...
Always get up before the alarm goes off
But the alarm goes off...
I hit it hard..
Mom always says something..
According to me I am right..
The way others look at me is wrong
Hello.. Goodbye sir,
I am speaking from Pentel 4G,
Our 4G SIM has an internet offer
I don't need them... I have the phone..
Cha..it broke right now..
Why Thirukumar sir..
Looks like there was a big fight at your
house last night..
When you have a house, a family, will
there be no quarrels, Raju?
If we want to live without any
responsibility, without anyone, we have to be isolated
Is it a problem for him that I am happy
Or is it his problem that he has a family?
I can't understand it...
Not without the ability to understand.
No time for that..
I don't usually get along with anyone.
There are people behind me.
He is great...
Uttam.....take it Mr.Dharma..
You train with him.
He is our best employee right,.. right...
Dharma, where does he start his training?
From coming to work on time...
Get used to being with Dharma..Good wishes
Sir.. then the bike broke down sir...
No one gave a lift...
One scoundrel...showed his hand and left
If she gets caught in my hands..
To him?
How do you learn to work?
why sir
Is it difficult?
Murali sir said..he is the best servant...
He said that he came to work throughout
the year without taking a single day off...
Best employee?
No family..Nobody
There is no one to tell him..
So without coming to the factory, where
else to go?
He would have known if he had a wife and
a child.
Best employees..Best employees...
Is there a problem with him, sir?
He... will not touch anyone here..
Prepared with it...
Krubacher was not promoted for three years
That's why... you are so confused..
I said..
There are people behind me..
There are...
just make fun of me
There comes Dharma,
Just wait grandpa he won't come.. he will
You don't know about him.
So far he has not done any work.
Let's go and talk today...
You are also in our colony...
Who is a fool...saying to distribute TV...
A cabin was built inside our colony...
While shouting from the colony wearing a
How do we teach music?
There will be a show in the evening...
Let's go and see...
I don't want to watch shows.
Watch the show, who talks to you with
betel nut..
Let's ask who gave permission for him to
hold a ceremony in our field
Come on let's go..
Let's grind its teeth and give it to the
I will not send it empty handed to anyone
asking for help...
I sent it as a shame.
I am happy alone without anyone's help..
I have enough..
is it?
Brother please come...let's go...
Hey..you go..I'm not coming...
Mom...my brother won't get up...
You know he won't come...
Get ready soon...
Ask..did you get everything?
yes i got it...
Ah Dharani..keep this in the car..my baby
Come quickly.. like it's raining...
This is coming...
Dharma..the food is left on the
table..take a quick shower and eat
ok mom...
Look, don't drink ice water like that.
Boiling water is poured into the glass
That's what you need to drink..right?
Hmm..okay mom,
How long will the week go on?
Don't forget to turn off the TV if
lightning strikes
come soon,
I'm coming to eat ice cream..I won't
bring it to you..
Look how these children have littered..
It can't be our children...
This must be the work of a wild dog...
I don't know what kind of wild dog
See how it has been stirred up.. Ranjith
brother, I am also coming
Look etc... Now if you don't eat, you
will be arrested by uncle Hitler..
Hello sir I am calling from Painter 4G
company....for our sims...
If you ask for something, you have to go
to God to get it...
I have nothing to go to find him and ask
for help
He took all the things he had....what
else can he give?
If your son calls, ask him to send a
phone from America
I am tired of making this coin box.
He doesn't even have time to call his
In that case, you only need to take the
phone and hand it over...
Don't listen to him son...
Did you make it... yes grandma....
Give me a pack of cigarettes.
What are they for, son?
Haven't you seen the photo in that packet?
I asked for cigarettes...not sermons
Give two Italians
Are you coming to the store to destroy
the business?
Shut up, give him what he asked for...
Why do you come here every day and fight
with my wife?
If you also get married,
Then you can fight with your wife...
Give me soon mom...
Wait son..I will heat it up...
Dharma sir...
Don't you go to Bajan at night?
There are two..
Good morning sir..
There are two..
Ah..right son..
These are my life..
I don't want anything else.
Go a little faster...
I don't know what Dharma is doing alone
at home..
Even this rain...
What's wrong with him?
Sitting and watching TV...
Is the ice cream tasty, daughter?.. Yes,
Mom..there are five ice creams...
One for you...one for my brother
Dad don't...
All three ice creams for me..right?
Promise.. Yes...
Say promise.. promise..
In the newspaper..
Come on now...Uncle Hitler burned the ball,
Hey Dharma..Grandma has prepared upma
hotly..Let's eat and go...
Do you know what's worse than not getting
food when you feel hungry?
He just said...
It's not a bigger deal than not getting
But an even bigger thing is coming behind
I don't understand why this dog is coming
behind me.
Even today, if you come inside the house,
you will not go back...
Oh my God..
Come quickly.. Oh Vicky..
The bike must be ridden with two wheels...
There are two wheels.
That means you have to ride on two wheels.
Without that, if the wheeling is done...
This is what happens...
Why are you blaming my son..it was all
because of that stray dog...
OK, let it go...what happened happened..
Shall we go to the hospital Vicky.. No
The troubles of these dogs are increasing
in our colony.
Our children play here...
If a dog bites like that, what will happen?
Murali to call the city council that a
dog is dead
Come and take...
Yes.. Where did our Kumar go?
He went to the field to play
Why are you taking it? If you call the
municipality, they will come and take it away
It's okay to go with Yadden
Father father..please father..let's take
the puppy to the hospital...
Please, father.. Hey, aren't you at a loss?
Come on..
Look ma'am..there are three doses.....
One in the morning..one in the
afternoon...one in the night...
This is a syrup...give it one serving
Then put this shampoo and wash well
These days, children are not looking at
the road, but driving.
You should have waited too...
When changing the road, you have to look
left and right.
sir.. yes...
This is him..
Is this him?
Say I'm not talking to it,
I don't talk to that.
Doctor is not talking to you... He is
What without?
Can't take care of such a beautiful
dog..Do they call dogs only for show?
This dog is not mine.. What?
Will you play with me?
I look at the dog's face and say who is
its owner..
Do you know how many years of experience
you have?
He doesn't really know about me?
To reduce the pain...I will give you an
injection for now
what is this..
Why are you so scared when you see the
Have you been vaccinated?
Don't you get it once you say it?
This is not my dog...
Nothing...nothing...that's all...
Aren't the photos beautiful?
I am the most...
what is it
just like you
If there is an injured animal on the
road...I don't care
I am taking medicine straight away
Where did I pick you up?
The boy is confused...
OK..you do this..
Give this three times a day.
Your dog will be fine in a week
just wait..
Don't you understand that dog is not mine?
Tell the representatives how much..I will
give it
Then the dog..
He needs to prepare something here...
How do you like here...
Can't take care of the dogs here...
If they find out that I am making another
dog, the owner will kill me
Please understand
I can't take care of these dogs...
Why..are you afraid of dogs?
Doctor...I think he is a hypochondriac..
Your brother
-law has the same problem, isn't it?.. Are you a doctor?
You... then shut up and stay lost...
OK, you do something
Take this dog for now...
I get a lot of calls from people looking
to adopt dogs...
Let's set him up for one of them...
Wait for 4 days...
There is a law saying that dogs cannot be
bred in my colony.
A little puppy...
Keep your house hidden for 4 days..no one
will find...
Can you do it yourself?
Keep it here..Sneaking to your owner...
It's very difficult sir...Owner will know
for sure....
The owner is...
Did you ask for stock?
Shouldn't you keep your mouth shut?
OK now what do you decide to do?
Put the dog back on the road?
If he hits another vehicle tomorrow,
think about it
The merit you saved is wasted..
Keep it for 4 days only
Give me your number..If anyone asks I
will tell you
Now this dog is like the merit of saving
this dog..
Keep both to yourself
Do I have to come every month...asking
for money,
Calm down bro..promotion will definitely
be given this time,
Oh my god...
I don't care about your promotions...I'll
give you my money first
I want my money.. I said, I will give it
If you want, I will give you 1000 more..
Why.. papi..
Papiwa was in the park..
Is that so?... Yes...
Is he still there?
Do not tell anyone that there is a dog here
Hey..what are you doing there?
nothing grandpa...
Uncle's house dog took Balle...
a dog
Say Dharma...
They said they would prepare someone in 4
days..it's been two weeks now
Find someone in God's name sir.. I can't
bear my words
I will take care of that...first give the
dog some good food
It looks like the dog is very weak...
If you don't look beautiful, who will
adopt you.. You tell me
ok sir..
Look here honey..here..here
Did you see how beautiful it is?
Now I will see who will not adopt him
Hey look...
Like a young man...
Be careful...
It is difficult to find someone to adopt
If you put the litter in that way, that's
Sir.. tell me sir..
After telling me..will it not work?
Afternoon.. hmm.. hmm...
At 4.00, he will come to your house
Ok sir..ok..put it in your whatsapp address
I will message you sir
Because it's morning..how did you leave
Watching our Dharma and learning...
Didn't take a single day off
There is no demand to go home even a day
Puli sir...
I'm going home a little early today..Bye
Madam..Madam..this dog is fast Madam
This is a trained dog.
Hey hey..do you want that dog..great dog
You want a dog..Father is at home..He is
Come on father..look at the son
crying..mam please
going inside
Mom, there is nothing wrong with that
dog..I said that it is a trained dog.
Mom please...
Who came to the house?
There is a law that you can't keep dogs
in the colony..don't you know?
Everyone else is told the rules
Laws are not just for us
The same applies to you...the same
applies to your dog
You have a lot of courage.
Did you think that no one would know when
you hide a cat in milk?
Did you think that when the dog was
hidden inside the house, we would not know?
This is what happens when you give a
house to someone who has no family
We don't know what else they are secretly
doing..Who knows?
Look..how can we roll?
No one here will be afraid that you have
Where children play..dogs are bred..dogs
This is good enough
It would be better if you put your face
Or we will throw you out of the colony
together with the dog
This is my house...
I'm right here
This is my dog
This one is also here
Let's see what is doing..
Come on...
I forgot to turn off the gas
I'm not going...
Come on..
Hello..coming and coming... run away
bro..run away
am i
If I see you wheeling on this road one
more time,
The pieces are given between the balls
Not on the bike...your...
Did you think I didn't work?
I am a vet..not a broker
I didn't say that, sir.
But...think about my situation
do the right thing
I will post on Facebook
Send the dog's license now
no license sir
Oops...no license?
First you get it
If the dog has the license, many people
come forward to adopt it
ok sir
Where to get it?
Come on...
Name.. Pammi...
What kind of food is served?
They give milk like Petgiri.. Fruits are
given at night
A trained person?
He said he gives milk... he is the one
who goes and fetches it every day
Well done
What happened?..Hungry?
Mummy..come soon...
I am very hungry...
What happened?
Not for you...not for you...don't be afraid
the name...
Ah..not yours...his
What are you talking about?
His name?
Is this also a name?
That's how I talk..write it down
What is the food?
what is
Do you give it to the dog?
Along with that, chutney is also served...
Look at this..there is a separate food
for dogs
You have to give them...
That means nutritious food is important
for us and for them too
So...here it is
Dog Grooming Guide...
It is clear how you should take care of
your dog
Read on... Hello...
I know how to train my dog...
Keep that book to yourself
Now I have come to finish the work..first
give the license
Hi..can you come in?
Can't come...
Hello Hello Dharma Sir,
My name is Devika...
Kemraj.. Jegathi..
From the animal welfare organization,
We received a complaint that you are not
taking good care of your dog
Who made the complaint?
Is he the one who filed the complaint?
Is it a game for you?
Did you file the complaint yourself and
come to the inspection yourself?
We have the power.
Can you come in now?
Cigarettes...not good for dogs...
Cigarettes are not dog's...
Smoking is bad for health
To everyone's health...
Come to the point..
Not for you...
your dog
where is?
Hey baby..
Not for you...
My dog...
not that
Why is there only one fish in the fish
There were three people there.
Now there is only one..
look at this
Torturing animals like this is a
punishable mistake
Recently, we caught one
He was sentenced to four years
four years,
Don't be afraid..I just wanted to know
what to do
Our job...
Needless to say...
Kemprajan.. Madam...
Check if you are healthy..
Ma'am...Ma'am..his health is very good
Sir..sir...catch it sir..or you will be
Sir..sir..sorry sir
Your dog is so cute.
His food packet is over,
Get a new one
Italian..eat yourself
Cigarettes..don't smoke near the dog
Then..we will go
Like always..
who is this
Yes Dharma..how?
Can you give me two days?
Someone finds someone in it
Or bring this dog and have it on your table
Why are you talking like this? Is this a
big deal for me?
What did you cut?
How many more days will you give?
Just don't make a mess,
You go in.. Hey there,
Today I need my money... No money
How do you say this?
What else can I say..that I am gambling?
He said he would give it after getting
I can't wait that long
If you have to wait, you can't give money.
I will not leave here until you give me
money today...
hey dog
Here from time to time...
What are you looking at?
Will you come or shall I come?
No..I will go myself
Do you threaten people?
I will bring the police..I am not a coward
No relatives?
Coming from behind..
Hey...Hey...Hey dog
Hey..coming here..
ECG is normal
It's just a shock
Do you have any problem with that?
OK... do you smoke cigarettes?
Hey..who let a dog in?
Sir, she came running after the
ambulance, sir
Good time you are home...
I don't answer your calls..how many times
should I call you?
Why is it like this?
Is this a house or a bar?
Why are you here sir?
What are you asking here? They called and
told them one by one?
That's why, I came with an answer to end
all your problems today.
Come on ma'am.. hey.. hurry up
Who are they sir?
Get adopted bro..what else are you coming
Come madam...sir come
Come in...Come in...
Ah...this is the dog..
Madam..this is it
Take him..go in a circle
Come madam, come me first...me first...
No, me first.
Please, children...don't do anything to
the dog
come here..hey cutie come..come
Don't be afraid, come..come..come
He is very cute.. isn't he?
Uncle..what is his name?
This is a new dog..give it a name when
you take it home
Mummy..I want a black dog
Hey, don't be black, my son
Isn't that why he has been toilet trained?
Without...not just going to the toilet,
Comes flushed,
Sir, I want to talk to you
That..the dog has been lovingly taken
care of like his own child for so long
He is sad to be separated,
Don't worry about it
The kids are already in love with him.
Are you happy now?
Madam..then...he will send you the
license and the documents
OK.. Come on ma'am let's go
Here son..
What happened son?
Why are you sad?
what are you doing
Don't you have a brain?
At a loss..don't bark
There is Italian, eat
Are you sleeping?
Ok ok..give this as soon as he gets
up...tell him that Adika drew it
Uncle, why aren't you smiling?
Okay..Okay..Uncle..I will come tomorrow bye
How long will it take you to transfer the
i will sir
When will he do it..he has to prepare the
First take those documents and sign
them..I can't answer
What's more... that lady has spoken...
the dog has not been flushed... it has not been flushed... I am worried
I will send you the address
In God's name...go away
Hey..coming out...
Coming here..
Mom..I want a black dog...
shut up
Have you adopted a dog, son?
very good
what's the name
What does uncle do?
Adi...don't be late..
Ok mom..come
Good morning great..
Good morning sir.. Sit down
Dharma sir...seems completely changed
ok sir
If you jump up in front of the TV, you
won't get ice cream
There is in the fridge
Ah..I stopped smoking
thank you sir
are you ready
Sit down...Charlie sit down
sit down...
Otherwise I will not give you this
Charlie..I told you how to say thank you,
didn't I?
I have to show it to uncle
I told Charlie how to say thank you
Oh..is that so?
Charlie...come here
Uncle..come too
Charlie..say thank you..
Charlie..say thank you..
Uncle said then..
Charlie...I told you to say thank you
earlier, didn't I?
Say it Charlie.
Promise...then said uncle,
Oh Charlie...say thank you Charlie.
Charlie looks tired now...he will say later
No..he then said uncle,
Charlie...oh Charlie.
Say thank you Charlie...
Okay...since Charlie didn't say thank you
now...we won't give him ice cream
Here..keep it to yourself
Do you know anything other than these?
Did you drive the baby?
Take the helmet and go yourself..
OK OK...
When the baby comes home tomorrow, I want
to show my thanks
I will come soon from the factory
In the evening you have a spree
What is this new habit?
Lay down and sleep
is it?
to you..
I will take you out in the evening
Dharma..this is the promotion list of
your department
Will you choose who is suitable?
ok sir...
I say load..right?
ok sir.. sir...
have you seen
Nothing is certain in this married world
Neither are our troubles, brother Krubaker.
Finally got the promotion..Congratulations
Charlie Chaplin said it right
I thought that this is what life is all
Charlie changed my life
Hasn't the anger subsided yet?
Footprints all over the walls...
It takes two days to paint.
Tomorrow I will start painting
Haven't you eaten since morning?
is it?
Sorry doc...that
By mistake, the ball was left at Charlie's
I'll make sure it doesn't happen again
This is not because of the ball
He has semenjal circumambulation...
No problem, right, doctor?
Give me medicine, I will take care of it
will give
But it won't heal.
Do you have to do something like surgery,
Dharma...he has cancer
There are small bumps on the skin.
I felt suspicious the moment I saw him.
That's why all CT scans and blood tests
were taken
Cancer is certain
But I took good care of him, doctor
How does cancer develop?
As you said..come on time and do it
You took good care of him Dharma...
It's not your fault.
When I see him, I think that this is a
genetic problem
Some people...take children from the same
mother...reproduce among themselves,
Because of that, there is a chance of
this happening
This is called inbreeding.
Some people do anything for money.
Dr. I met him on the street
I didn't buy it from any middleman.
It's not that you got it, I mean Dharma...
But it may have escaped from somewhere
and came to you
Or will you meet a labrador on the road?
I will prescribe medicine
Be a little careful
I understand your pain...
But we can't do anything
How much more time, doctor?
Not much time Dharma...
In the last stage...
Let's stop the gamus therapy,
Rather than live with the pain of it for
two more years,
I think it's better to let yourself be
happy while you're there....
All the pains are removed with happiness...
For the pain I had...
Charlie is my joy.
But the disease he has...
Where do I get happiness from?
Always looking at the TV and jumping up..
I thought it was because I love ice cream.
Uncle, when will you two come back?
As soon as possible.
OK, hurry up.
I feel very lonely without you.
Not that, don't let Charlie play with
water like that.
It catches the cold.
Uncle, for my school fancy dress
Bring Charlie back.
This time I am going to wear the guise of
Don't tell Charlie. Let's surprise.
Thank you very much, Charlie, Uncle.
Right now, right?
It's not like that, give it here.
Ah bamboo, what do you know?
I use it. I know.
Put that leg down very slowly.
Oh, son.. when did you come?
A new one. Taken from the town.
Ah.. (yeah)
Isn't it beautiful?
Come on, Charlie.
When I first brought Charlie to me, I
gave him an injection, remember?
Ah, yes.
Wait a minute, I am sending a video on
Check it out now.
Come on, Keaton.
Come on.
This is going to be fun.
Oh ho, were you scared?
Are you afraid of the sloth?
Previously, injections were given like
Pesky dogs!
Do you think you can escape me?
huh? No.... never.
Now watch what I do to you.
Now taste this cigarette.
I found his address.
I will file a complaint with the police.
But before that he approached and said hi,
Can you give me two?
who are you
what do you want
Is there a shovel?
A shell?
Hey, I'll talk. Be quiet.
Do you know him?
Sir, my work is done.
He is safe here.
Now go and file a complaint.
Every dog has a day.
Today is Charlie's day.
You didn't even say where you were going?
That girl is not someone who talks to us
like that.
you idiot!
Is the dog well taken care of?
A person who torments people.
Will a dog be well taken care of again?
Poor dog, how are you!
I was always skeptical.
yes ma'am Struggling is a pain...
That's it.. you give so much attention.
But there is a sign saying "Pets are not
is that
- Yes
- This is it, no more.
The rules have changed.
- Hmm.
I changed too.
We also need pet lovers.
We have many rescued dogs.
You must adopt one..Give me your number.
I will fix it ma'am..I will fix it next
The bike needs to be serviced.
Don't worry about that fool, ma'am.
Hello, ma'am.
Just came out.
is it?
send location,
I'll go now...
That place...
Giving up..
You don't know who I am?
You will have to pay compensation,...
Is the primary over, sir?
Giving up..
Hi, ma'am.
How many dogs are there?
115 ma'am.
How many cubs?
Did you take photos?
-Yes ma'am.
Where is he going?
Another criminal was found.
I follow him
You check the CCTV footage and let me know
That's it, ma'am.
Can't you tell in advance that the
battery is low?
I thought I would know when the charge is
Bamboo sent the location where the bike
Do whatever you want.
Got a room?
There is, sir. Single or double?
There is, sir. But..
Dogs are not allowed inside, sir.
But when the dog starts barking in the
room, it will be a problem for the other guests.
Come on, don't worry about that.
He never opened his mouth and shouted
You can trust us. We will
guide you on the right path.
sorry sir..
Sorry sir, can't come with animals.
He is like my eyes sir.
I can't go forward without him.
Sorry sir, hotel law.
Sir, think for yourself.
A blind man..
That too late at night..
Where to go?
No mom, the office has booked a good room.
Hotel Narayana.
Excuse me, did someone called Dharma come
in yesterday?
Yes ma'am, a blind man. Came with the dog.
A blind person?
Yes, a blind person..
Can you charge my phone?
Stay here, I'll be back soon.
Hey, Charlie.
Charlie.. stops.
Charlie.. Cha..
Charlie, don't run, stay.
Stay still.
Charlie.. wait.
I didn't even see any police.
It was also put inside.
Pow, a beast, sir.
They put in what they did without knowing
The owner must take responsibility for
what his dog did.
Ask to give 10,000.
OK, sir.
If you don't have money, you have to stay
OK look at this.
These are the two, sir.
From this you have to go till Himachal.
Himachal? You can't even get petrol from
That's all I have.
Eh, this won't matter to us.
Sir, I want to file a complaint.
That dog is mine.
- Um?
The dog inside is mine.
He has come to steal.
He has about Rs 2000.
It's okay guys.
Catch it, your owner is coming.
He pays.
Isn't it, daughter?
am i
why sir
your dog
The glass of our jeep is broken.
to that
Hey, leave him alone.
-Okay, sir.
If you want, I will give you those two.
Don't leave him alone, sir.
Take the money and give him shelter.
Is this a hostel?
Hey, take the autograph and send him.
OK, sir.
You pay, and you go with your dog.
Sir, you can't leave him.
I am an animal welfare officer.
I have evidence. This guy..
Madam, your dog.
Sir, this man is torturing that dog.
Not only that. Together with a criminal,
he also runs an illegal breeding center. (animal breeding)
As per IPC Sections 428, 429,
It is a crime to kill or harm any animal,
including stray dogs.
Similarly, this is his boss together,
Do you know that many helpless animals
are being tortured?
Everything he did was caught on CCTV. I
will hand over the evidence.
You can't free him for money.
Don't release him until my team arrives.
If you do that, I will have to take
strict action.
After paying, they will take your poor dog.
Hey, what's up?
going down
I will stay with this until my team
Going down with a good heart.
Did you think I didn't know what a
terrible person you are?
You know where you are going with him.
Now both go, put in?
Eh, don't bark. I came to save.
Working for 4 years.
When you changed your name to Charlie,
did you think you couldn't find out?
Even more acting like a blind man.
Is that bald man your boss?
How cute.
How did you come to torment him?
I have never seen an animal abuser like
you in my life.
Who said I was bothering me?
There is another scene to save the saved
-Hello, madam..
I checked the CCTV footage.
Wait a minute.
tell me now
Madam, it was Dharma who went like a hero
and beat that breeder, madam.
Did I not say that he is a good person?
You come again.
Just running everywhere..
Come on, Charlie.
If all the dogs were saved,
thank you
I will go again tomorrow.
He came here without telling his mother.
Just drop me off at the airport if
You go in and sleep.
Madam, the direct flight is only tomorrow
Should I book it?
Balance : Rs 2122.00
Everywhere you go, they follow you.
He is like that.
Strangers are not trusted at all.
I was about to go.
By bullet, that too is a solo trip.
So, how far are you planning to travel?
Eh, where are you going?
Excuse me sir..
- Yes sir..
Can you take my dog on a parachute?
a dog..? no no no
Who goes parachuting with balls?
hi sir
Yes, say ma'am.
He can. But someone has to be sent with
He has a team, let's send one of them.
He is called one of us. can you go
am i
I can't.
are you afraid
Not fear. No will, that's all.
can you go Pow, Charlie is happy too.
Charlie doesn't trust strangers.
you go. Nothing will happen.
Someone else was happy with Charlie.
can i tell you something
Dogs also evoke a lot of emotions in
their sleeping position.
Only when someone feels very close and
Sleep like this.
I trust you very much.
I am very happy to be a part of this.
see you soon
Starting tomorrow, the sidecars are
completely yours.
what happened
Wait, it's coming.
give up
Don't roll in the mud...
shall we go I have to be at the airport
by 7.
My God!
Is your head not good?
Can you take care of this too? get away
Did you know that a skin infection is
Why keep a dog if you can't take care of
Sorry Charlie. Seems very difficult.
Wait, I'll be right back.
Mom, I missed the flight.
I thought I would love to eat ice cream
every day.
Later I understood that it was for snow.
Before something bad happens,
He wanted to show the snow. that's all.
Hey, don't worry.
He will be fine.
Your love will keep him strong.
Come on Charlie, gotta go.
Hi Devika..
Hey, you look good. It's been a while
since I've seen you. how so?
i'm fine
Finally got to meet you.
This must be Charlie.
Hey, Charlie.
Hey, Dharma.
I am Karshan Roy. I work in travel diaries.
It is an international travel magazine.
Devika told everything about you.
I thought it was really interesting.
So, this time I am thinking of putting
your description in the cover story.
I mean, about your Charlie.
So, can you tell us about your trip?
Let's go. (let's begin)
Can't believe it.
I'm sure.. Charlie's every wish will come
I will pray for him and for you. (May
everything be well)
Also, many thanks for your valuable time.
OK then, shall we go?
you go i will come
Nice to meet you Dharma.. Bye Charlie.
ok then.. let's go..
He is my closest friend.
He studied with me in Bangalore. He is
When they found out that I came here for
work, they asked me to come home.
I thought it would be good for him to
meet you.
Not only that,
I have work to go too, I have to go.
This is truly an unforgettable journey.
Nothing happened to Charlie.
Everything will be fine.
If you need any help. I can talk anytime.
Bye Charlie.
shall we go
Don't worry Charlie.
We both started this journey.
Let's go together.
I think this is the luck of a dog.
Isn't it Charlie..?
Where are you from in Karnataka?
Sir, Mysore.
I am from Tamil Nadu.
Can you speak Tamil?
-Know a little.
- Ohhh
your name
I am Vamshi.. Vamshinathan
This is my son, Karuppa.
What is your son's name?
a daughter
That... Karuppa..
Hi Charlie, welcome to my home.
Put those things aside.
From there..
All these are medals won by my son from
Karuppa Dog Shows.
- Dharma eh?
- Yes
Do you eat right now or do you eat after
It's okay sir, take a bath...
That means..
Going to see the snow...
Sometimes, sometimes..
And when those closest to us leave us,
Very sad.
Isn't it black?
- Sir, is it your wife?
- Uh..
I didn't tell about him, did I?
Her name is Rani.
of our..
A love at first sight.
Parents didn't like it.
That and I ran away and settled here.
He got a good job in a bank near here.
We are happy now.
beautiful life.
We don't have children though.
Seen many doctors.
They said we will not have children.
No mistake..
The mistake is mine.
After that, Dharma also got a little
And then my wife...
Gave me a dead, dead gift.
Do you know what?
Oh, my son, it's Karuppa.
After he came, life changed, Dharma.
But one day,
My Rani, gave another Lokuu surprise.
A letter on the table, I did not open it.
Our brother Veluchami is there..
He said, who is with a colleague..
Hey, that's that.
Someone with a partner, just ran away,
give up
It's a sin too. how is this
Two dogs are being treated..!
ran away
Hey, will you leave me too? Ah..
If you want to leave, you will be killed.
Hey, let's dance.. bye.. bye.. bye..
Hey, Charlie.
Hey, Dharma.. Morning..!
Morning sir..
- How?
Did you sleep well?
-Yes sir.
Slept well.
Fresh catches have arrived. Come prepared.
Let's make a difference. What?
Veluchami, bro.!
Come on, hey Karuppa..
It's broken. Go out there and play.
I'll fix it later. eh?
Virji.. it will be 20,000.
Yes, sir.
Did you really forget our horse trading
Yes Virgie. Guess that deal was sealed.
15000 maximum.
come and go
Ok Virgie, I'll be back
Come on, Charlie, Karuppa is here..
Yes, it's like they were made for each
What's up, feelings?
Our Karuppa is sad that you are leaving...
So, are you going?
Thank you very much.
Dharma, our situation may be different.
But drinking water is the same race.
No formalities between us, right? (formal
Ah, Dharma. I have something to give you.
The pass for the National Dog Show in
Ludhiana next week.
I will not go this time.
Anyway, if you have time, go check it out.
It's a dog's world.
You and Charlie will have the best
trust me
Dharma, when you're done with that trip,
you'll definitely want to see us both, right?
There is a little pain.
Alright Karuppa, let's go fishing.
Nobel Laureate Conrad Lawrence once said..
Welcome to the 2020 National Agility Dog
All those who are united to this moment
are welcome.
Let's make this big then.
sorry sir
Today we are together at the "Fields of
Dreams" stadium in Ludhiana.
Sir, please..
We are overwhelmed by the response to
this event.
Sir, from this side..
The best people and their best dogs from
all over India...
As we said, we have the best participants
and their best dogs from all over the world.
Relax and have fun.
Greetings sir
Fun for the dogs..and the participants too.
And I hope everyone who is waiting for
this will have fun.
Without wasting your time, let's get
Our panel of judges is warmly welcomed to
this year's program.
His animals not only saved people from
It stood as a nation in war crises.
Sincerely, Mr. Pradham Singh, from
Welcome to the panel, sir.
And from Kolkata, we have dog
psychologist Namrita Banerjee.
Founder of Animal Care Foundation and
Adoption Center, Mr. Vivaan Sharma, from Delhi.
Also, the animal welfare officer who has
won many awards, Ms. Devika Aaradhya, from Karnataka.
Hello, hi..
Today we have a very respectable panel of
judges. What else can we expect?
So let's turn this over to our first
participant. Mr. Ashok Rathore and Sarama.
Come on Ashok..
They seem to be in good faith.
Let's see if they can win the trophy this
A brisk start, wickets without a lot of
Speeding along the tunnel.
Speeding across the dog track.
An easy jump from the ring.
Passing the wave pool is still a
difficult task.
It seems that he is very familiar with
High penalty for injury..
From you again..
A ride from the See
Moving towards the A
-frame. And the final leap.
Sarana's show of incredible talent. Even
though he is a two and a half year old Belglane.
So now let's give a big round of applause
to our second contestant. Mr. who came from Lucknow. To Kashi.
With their two
-old Doberman, winner of the 24th NADC.
What's up here?
best wishes!
Made the first jump from the hurdle.
A memorable leap. Coming through the
A person who has a good handle on slopes.
And a quick jump through the ring.
Did a good job with the wavepool.
It's great to see them performing together.
Ladies and gentlemen. That is the most
difficult jump any dog will ever take.
And that is the last leap to jump.
They finished it.
So let's welcome our next contestant,
Dharma and Charlie.
A one and a half year old Labrador.
Look at Charlie's energy and activity.
Looks like he wants to finish this
quickly and take the cup home.
Oh shit.
That's a bit of a false start for this
What's going on there?
Probably because of the food.
Well, looks like he entertains the
audience and the judges in a different way.
Hello, listen..
What the hell is going on?
You can't take care of your dog.
Not only that, our time is also wasted.
Sir, we really came here..
-Oh, really?
Do you even understand why you are
standing here?
Are you joking?
That's what they think.
What was the name?
A good harmony.
In my 13 years of experience,
I have never seen anything like this.
After ruining the show.
Oh, you seem to understand it more than
you do.
Shut up!
Eats, circles, sleeps.
Don't you know any other work apart from
these three?
Never show your face again.
Stay with me..
This is a moment called
I am to you as a
I will stay with
Wherever you go, I will
follow you..
Until now said..
Tell stories..
You are my life
You are my greatest
Holding my hands..
Take care of me
My friend..
The chirping of baby
Be like a flame..
My Life Story
You are the guided
peacock feather..
Come to me, how to make a
paper boat and play..
I will teach for
I will come with you and
compose a story..
I will offer it to
But don't let the world
The appearance of that
heart uncle..
No use..
When I was near
There are no words to
describe your smile and happiness..
Getting to spend days
surrounded by those things..
The greatest privilege I
have received..
Come with you..
I will join you..
I will sing for
But that's only for
You are my life
You are my greatest
Holding my hands..
Take care of me
My friend..
Camera 3.. focus on the dog.
OK, fix.
Do you think he can do it?
Can't do it.
Ladies and gentlemen, that is truly
At this moment, history is being written
again with this talent, at the 25th NADC.
I mean, look at the audience around us.
They all stood up from their seats and
Look at this real bond.
Love you Charlie!
Anyway, we have a lot of Charlies around.
My mother called to say that they all
remembered me.
So, I'm going.
The first time you come to your house,
Charlie's tracker turns up.
As soon as he remembers Charlie, he comes
right away.
From someone who lived life in prison,
I was blessed with a very happy life.
Every moment of life is colored by new
A wish that this journey never ends..
The heart feels
Haven't I worked continuously before,
without even taking a vacation..?
No, I can't, sir.
How can you stop the salary sir?
What should I report sir?
Not working? Do I ask for the salary
without working?
No sir. How to get my salary...
Namaste Sir, I am from Maysuru.
I ran out of money.
My dog hasn't eaten anything since
Take this phone,
Give me something to eat.
Hey Chotu...
Who made this call?
No one speaks.
Come on Charlie, let's go.
It's not ours anymore, Charlie. come
let's go
Charlie, oh!
Can't say anything now. How long will you
have to stay here?
She was pregnant... but not all of her
babies survived.
Who should be responsible
for these?
Who commits these
I curse..I curse this
terrible fate of mine..
What sin have I
Time played a double
Eyes got moist.. Heart
was shaken..
Every step is filled with
Show us the way and save
us from this terrible pain..!
Show me! Show me! Your
mercy to us..
Show me..! It shows.. My
work is an end to life..
Show me! Show me! Your
mercy to us..
Show me..! It
How much do you love me Charlie?
I love you too, Charlie.
do not touch.
Stop, stop..
Dharma, looks like Charlie doesn't have
much longer with this situation.
Do something for him as soon as possible.
There has been a landslide in front. The
road is closed.
Time is running out to pave the way.
Requesting you all, please support us.
Do not allow any vehicle to pass.
Rescue teams will be here shortly. I want
a whole list of rescuers.
Sir, what happened?
There is a landslide ahead.
When can you go forward?
Hey, you said you can't go forward.
The road is closed. The landslide has
gone. Go to the car and sit down.
Can't do that sir. I can't go back.
I came very fast sir..I want to go there
before it's too late
Don't you understand when you say it once?
What did I tell you?
There is a landslide in front. People
died too.
I don't care, sir. I come from a long way.
I also have a dog, sir.
What are you reading? Go with him.
Sir, please sir.. sir sir..
Sir understand what I am saying.
Sir, please sir...
-Bakshi, what is going on here?
Sir, this devil's brain is rotten.
It has been understood for some time that
the road in front is closed and closed.
But he is not ready to accept it.
Sir, he won't let go, sir. Sir, in the
name of God, sir.
Take it as my last wish, please..
Sir, my dog is not well. He needs to
show him the snow before it's too late.
If you can't show it today, you will
never show it, sir.
Sir, in the name of God, joining hands,
oh sir..
Sir, in the name of God, in the name of
God, sir..
So how is Charlie now?
he is fine
When I heard your story,
I remembered my military dogs.
Either they leave us,
Or we leave.
Whoever is left among them will suffer
the pain of the piercing.
Listen, Dharma, I know how important this
trip is to you and Charlie.
You know, there has been a landslide. And
the situation is very bad.
Also, I can't say when this will be
fixed. (road opening)
But our security team will go to Kashmir
But there will be snow. I will prepare it.
You can stay here tonight.
How do you know about me and Charlie??
You are famous my friend.
where is it
This is it.
A Tale Of Dharmaraj in Kaliyug
The whole world knows your story.
Greetings, my friend.
The temperature drops here at night.
Be careful..
If we go to Kashmir tomorrow, we will see
But there is no time for that.
Charlie's every breath,
Reminding that there is not much time.
Have you seen snow anywhere before?
Me too, seeing it for the first time in
I can't anymore, Charlie. you play
Yes sir you should have seen...
You could see how happy he was when he
saw the snow
where did you go
- I was near here.
I miss you, Charlie.
Adirika, he didn't even say "thanks".
Is that so Charlie?
Didn't you say thank you?
Dharma, as you said, you should come and
see me and my Karuppa and leave.
Wow! What are you doing now?
Oh, we should meet as soon as you come.
Good night!
Good night, Devika!
Are you happy, Charlie?
i know
You will never forget today.
Same for me.
Let's go home on the flight.
Everyone is waiting for you there.
Good night, Charlie!
Sir, have you seen Charlie?
- No, I didn't see it.
Have you seen Charlie?
No, no, I didn't see it.
what happened
Sir, did you see Charlie, sir?
i didn't see
What happened to that?
Have you left me, Charlie?
Do you know where I looked?
Everyone I love leaves me...
I thought you wouldn't let me get away
from you, Charlie...
I'm in so much pain, Charlie.
I don't even know what to do.
I did everything I could.
Doctors, Wishes..
But I couldn't save you, Charlie.
Charlie...he folded his hands and thanked
me, didn't he?
Show it to Uncle Charlie...
How much do you love me, Charlie?
Charlie, have you seen snow anywhere
I am also seeing it for the first time in
my life.
Sir, the ambulance came running right
After he came, life changed.
Uncle, why aren't you smiling?
This is my dog.
come on
I quit smoking.
Dharma sir has changed since then.
Do you love Charlie?
Even in the way dogs sleep, they show
their emotions.
I trust you a lot.
A Tale of Dharmaraj in Kaliug
I can't stand...
Charlie knew,
I can't live without him.
That's why
He gave me a little Charlie.
Like I said before,
If you're lucky,
You will be a Charlie for life.
Only if you're lucky.
After a few months..
The past always hurts.
Future perfect.
I understood that.
In the name of Charlie who taught me to
An animal rescue center was started.
For homeless people like Charlie,
Many people are waiting for a house.
You too can be a former Dharmaraj of Kaliu.
If you accept it.
Come quickly to Sanjay Factory,
do not be late..
You are also second to your mother...