7th Secret (2022) Movie Script

There are 10 secrets
that can destroy a marriage...
but it was the seventh secret
that caught my attention.
Failure to disclose
a kinky desire
or a fetish to your spouse
before marriage.
I got you something.
Tastes better than it looks,
but it's chocolate,
your favorite.
Oh, it's adorable.
It looks great.
Come here.
You wanna order Chinese tonight?
We could eat in bed,
watch "Mad Men" reruns.
Good morning, Kristopher.
Hi, Mom.
To what do I owe the honor?
Oh, just picking up
some last-minute things
for Kailee's baby shower,
and I thought I'd say hello
before your trial.
Did Brooke RSVP?
What do you think?
She'll be there.
Did you buy an appropriate
dress for the shower, Marissa?
Not yet, but I am looking.
What is that?
I made Kris a cupcake.
- He loves chocolate.
- Chocolate.
I know.
Ever since he was little,
the Belgian dark chocolate
cream-filled delicacies
from Cupcakes Gourmet
in Malvern.
I packed one in his lunch
every Tuesday and Friday
since kindergarten.
- Didn't I, Kristopher?
- Yeah, sure did, Mom.
Let's go, boss.
All right. Bye, girls.
So what's on your
busy agenda today, Marissa?
I'm actually working
on a new song-
Oh, Marissa.
- What?
- You are so beautiful.
Thank you.
I'm sure one day...
you'll do so much more.
Can I ask you a question,
It's a good one, I promise.
When are you going to take
a good, hard look at yourself?
I mean, a really deep look
and realize
who you are
and what you have to offer,
then stake your claim on life.
This is...
No, no, no, no.
You know how this works, Jimmy.
That is not my problem.
You have until Friday.
Hey, babe, it's me.
Um, I hope your trial
is going well.
I'm going to pick out
the Chinese food,
so you don't need
to worry about it.
I can't wait to see you later.
Love you. Bye.
Richie, you gotta pay
your child support, dawg,
for real, they will lock
your ass up.
Nah, I'm gonna give one of them
Jerry Springer test,
you know, make sure it's my kid.
Make sure it's your kid?
You both got faces
shaped like horses, dawg.
Whose kid could it be?
- Fuck you, Danny.
- Just kidding, dawg.
I'm just kidding.
Yo, pay your fucking
child support
for that horse teeth,
I just have a funny-shaped face.
I got to piss, bro.
Where are you going?
It's for you.
Thank you.
So you should join me
and my boy.
Yeah, we got drinks.
No, I... I can't.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey.
It's just one drink.
Play nice. Have some fun.
- I... I really can't.
- Come on.
But thank you.
You think you're better than me?
Take your hand off her.
Yo, everything good, man?
Everything good?
Depends on whether your boy here
takes his hand off
this lady's arm.
Come on, dawg.
Listen, he's... he's drunk, man.
He didn't know
you knew her, all right?
Just get him out of my face.
Come on. You heard him.
- Go.
- Go!
Get out of here.
You okay?
You should be careful
walking around this park alone,
young lady.
I'm sure there are...
better places for you
to watch your videos.
I was writing a song.
You're a songwriter?
Trying to be.
I'm sure you're very good.
Was that you in the video?
I asked you a question.
I didn't think so.
What's your name?
Marissa, what?
Kelly. Marissa Kelly.
Thank you so much for helping.
Stop by Club Corporal.
See me some time.
I have a feeling
that you might like it.
What's Club Corporal?
You should be
careful walking around
this park alone, young lady.
You know what happens
when you don't focus
on your songwriting, Marissa?
What are you doing?
I was the star of that dream.
Actually, Channing Tatum was,
but you had a nice cameo
in the beginning.
Oh, yeah?
Oh, God. Stop.
Oh, you're funny.
You're very funny.
You know, that wasn't very nice.
- You're obviously right.
- All right.
You're right.
That wasn't very nice, was it?
I didn't expect to hear
from you so soon,
- Marissa.
- Oh!
Who is that, Dad?
A friend. All right.
Winner picks
where we go to have lunch,
all right?
You're going down.
Is it going to be like that?
Well, in that case...
Right, so...
Oh, man, you're a beast.
Is it more some of the spinach
you're eating?
I hate spinach.
Well, then it's the Slade genes.
And you're a Slade.
What are Slades?
Slades are tough as shit.
Yeah, yeah! Uh-huh, uh-huh!
When are you gonna lock
the door?
My sister's a super cop.
Nobody would dare mess with me.
That's funny. Until you're dead.
Pass them out.
I can't just hand out fliers
about myself to people.
I put something on Facebook,
though, that should,
that should be enough.
Yeah, it's not enough.
You have to get out
from behind the computer
and go meet the people.
Liz, I'm not running for office.
- I'm singing at a coffeehouse.
- Right.
And that's all you're gonna do
unless you listen to me.
I got to go.
I'm doing
the Carmines Delaney case.
Oh, that mafia guy.
Yeah, we're close
to a RICO indictment.
Who's Rico?
Pass them out.
Stop by Club Corporal.
See me some time.
I have a feeling
that you might like it.
You're even hotter
when you sweat.
How's it going?
I'm a little distracted lately,
- Yeah...
- It's okay.
Or maybe it's time you focus
on something else.
Like what?
I've decided to run
for the top seat
when Riley's term is up.
And the party,
is it backing you?
Yeah, the money is backing me
and the party follows the money,
So I'm going to be the wife of
the youngest district attorney
in the history of Philadelphia.
Yes, you are.
And that's why it's time
to take this to the next level.
I want us to start a family.
I'm... I'm ready, Riss.
But I mean,
you want to have a baby,
don't you?
Yeah! Yeah.
I... I think so.
What do you mean, maybe?
I just have things,
I just have things
I wanna do right now.
But... I think that...
that you are talented as hell.
You know that. But...
But, what?
I mean, we can't
put our lives on hold
while you chase a dream.
Do you know what the odds
are of you becoming famous?
You know this is not
about becoming famous.
I'm sorry. What's it about then?
Forget it.
No. No, no, no, don't forget it.
- I want to talk about this.
- No, no.
You don't get it.
So tell me.
Babe, look,
I want to talk about this.
This is important, okay?
Look, I gotta go.
Later tonight?
Can I help you?
No, sorry, I actually...
I... I was just curious-
Curious about what?
Um, I actually just wanted to-
You're my 4:00, sweetie.
He's upstairs already, okay?
I'm going to be here
the whole time, he's safe.
Don't worry about it.
So, uh, did you expect to see
a freak show?
No. No, not at all.
Actually, um, someone...
Someone what?
Um, someone suggested I stop by.
Oh, who suggested you stop by?
Of course you did.
I'm glad you came.
Don't be nervous.
Come inside
and have a look around.
No, no, I, um...
I actually have to go.
You're with me. It's okay.
Valerie's inside, actually,
she's got a private session.
- It just-
- It's okay, Olivia.
- Come in.
- It's not okay.
I can't.
Then why did you, uh... come?
Hey, babe, I'm sorry,
things didn't come out right.
Can we talk about this calmly?
You there?
Yeah, yeah, I'm here.
Hold on, I have another call.
Why don't you pick up
the wine for Saturday?
I was just going to pick it up
tomorrow morning.
Why don't you pick up now?
Hang up the phone.
Come inside.
Jury is back with the verdict.
I have to go.
I would like to make a toast.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
To the next District Attorney
of Philadelphia.
Mm-mmm, mm-mmm.
No, I would like
to go on the record
and state that at this time,
I have no interest in running
for District Attorney.
Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.
Okay. All right.
Maybe I have
a little bit of interest.
Just a little bit.
- Fuck you, baby!
- You got it.
That's what I'm talking
about right there.
- Oh, yeah.
- Man, I love this.
I love this.
Guilty. Guilty.
See some Al Pacino.
Fuck you, motherfucker.
You wanna see it? Oh, fuck you.
Fuck you. Fuck this guy.
What do you think...
I'm scared to know that life
Can pass me by
Like a distant memory
I want to be strong and know
My place in this world
- Hey, big brother.
- Hey.
Oh! Thanks for coming, honey.
I wouldn't miss it.
Hi, bro.
Hey, you called Mom
about the baby shower?
God, relax, big brother,
I just got here.
You should call her tomorrow.
You are coming to your
sister's baby shower.
Shh, guys, come on.
Used to share a dream
Used to share a goal
There were a hundred miles
ahead of me
Always a hundred miles to go
We used to talk
about our dreams
Talk when we couldn't sleep
Now I watch you
close your eyes
To go somewhere to be free
I wanted to keep on talkin'
But they're already at peace
I didn't want to disturb you
I just left you there to be
When morning floods our room
Like the curtains
sprung a leak
I'll turn back down the road
You're always a hundred miles
from me
A hundred miles from me
A hundred miles from me
That was beautiful.
Thank you, babe.
I need to hit the restroom.
Then we gotta go,
I have an early flight.
Where are you going?
Pittsburgh campaign
fundraiser meeting.
Can't run without the fat cats.
You know, I know
this whole artist rebel thing
is part of your little persona,
but you can't tell me
you don't want a baby.
I know better.
I never
said I didn't want a baby.
I just don't want them now.
But how long do you think
you have?
Your biological clock
is ticking.
Your eggs are old. There.
I said it. Okay?
Your kid, at this rate,
is looking at a stray eye
at best.
- Lovely visual.
- Sad reality.
I'm only 29.
I'm hardly ready
for the nursing home.
Well, then what's the problem?
Then what,
is he slapping you around?
Oh, shit.
He's gay.
Runs in the family.
You know, I hope
this doesn't sound selfish,
but I'm...
I'm ready to be an aunt
and the godmother.
I said it.
I mean, I...
we can have the shower...
I got this. I got this one.
like Kristopher.
I don't know.
I'm talking to myself.
Am I talking to myself?
You have
a beautiful voice, young lady.
How did you know I was there?
I know you, Marissa.
Who are you?
One you're looking for.
I'm not looking for anyone,
I'm married.
I'm... I'm happily married.
Then why did you come
to Club Corporal?
Come see me at the club.
Come inside.
Don't be afraid, Marissa.
I'll protect you.
Hey, honey,
meetings are going great.
They want me to announce
my candidacy soon.
They're talking about putting
three million in TV ads alone.
Baby, I'm gonna win this thing.
Oh, anyway, uh, Mom called,
she wants to know
if you want to have dinner
with her tonight.
She's, you know,
worried that you're nervous
about being a first-time mom.
Should I tell her yes?
I love you. Bye.
You have
a beautiful voice, young lady.
I want us to start a family.
- I know you, Marissa.
- I'm ready to do this.
I'm the one you're looking for.
We can't put our lives
on hold while you chase a dream.
I know you.
I'll protect you.
I know you.
I'll protect you.
We were never formally
introduced the other day.
We sort of got off
to a weird start.
I'm Olivia Devine.
- Marissa Kelly.
- Lovely to meet you.
So, um, you're the owner?
I wish.
No, I'm the lucky lady
who gets to run
this amazing oasis.
I'm sorry.
This is my first time.
Never would have guessed.
Come on, I'll show you around.
Some people come out
just to socialize.
Others like to play in public.
Have you played much, Marissa?
Uh, play?
Uh, I'm...
I'm just here to observe.
I love Type As, so many secrets.
This is Donna.
Two kids at home and a husband
who has no interest
in this precious little corner
of her soul.
That is
the legendary Miss Vivian.
She provides real-life
discipline for naughty girls.
Only when they truly deserve it.
Isn't that right, Olivia?
What do you say
we grab a glass of wine
and talk a little?
So I'm assuming your husband
doesn't know you're here.
What makes you think
I'm married?
Keeping this thing
we do from your husband,
it's not going to be easy, babe.
I would love to sit here
and tell you
that you can be honest with him
and everything
will be just fine, but I can't.
I lost a husband
and a job to this.
The only thing
I miss is the job.
- That's insane.
- I'm sorry.
I don't mean to be
the prophet of doom.
It's just... this fantasy
is in your head,
and unless you're ready
to take it to the next level,
sometimes it's best
to just leave it there.
Even if you are lucky enough
to find that special someone
who scratches your kinky itch,
it won't last.
There's always another damsel
in distress waiting
in the wings.
If I were you,
I would drink that wine
and I'd walk straight out
that door
and I would think long
and hard about
what you really want.
So, how exactly
did you meet Slade?
Um, he kind of, kind of just,
found me.
Does he come here often?
He owns the place, babe.
What do you mean, found you?
He, uh, came to where I sang
and kind of just called me
and invited me here.
He showed up where you sing?
God, would you just smack
my fucking ass?
Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
There are many different lives
we lead
There are many
different pieces to the puzzle
Can follow every distraction
From the corner of my eye
From one blinding eye
to another
Can't just walk away
from a dream
The one that sings to me
at night
A song that teases my mind
And tugs at my heart
And you stand there like
a shadow
And it's like...
We dance in the sun at night
Like the wind
And our secrets
scattered like
The stars above
If everything we knew
Was different
I couldn't have guessed this
Is where we'd end up
Yeah. Yeah.
There are many little pieces
in the way
So many thresholds
we've been through
But these doors have swung
Just like the pendulum
The world won't stop
'cause we want it to
You should be careful
walking around this park alone,
young lady.
I asked you a question.
Don't be afraid, Marissa.
It gets easier, Marissa.
I promise.
Next Saturday
is schoolgirl night.
All the girls dress
in schoolgirl outfits.
My favorite.
I bet you are a naughty
schoolgirl, aren't you?
Thought so.
Do you know
what I would have done
if I was your teacher?
I would have made you report
to my office after school.
Still there?
This is part of you, Marissa.
This is never going to change.
Don't be ashamed of that.
You can be who you are with me.
Do you understand?
Don't deny yourself, Marissa.
Doors open at 7:00 on Saturday.
Don't be late, young lady.
Sleep tight.
Good night.
Oh, you look so good
in that Earth blue.
Oh, thank you.
I borrowed it from...
Oh, there you go.
So, Marissa,
I was telling Kailee
that you have absolutely
no experience
at all with children.
That can't be true.
You must have some experience.
Nieces, nephews,
younger siblings, stray orphans.
I have led a sheltered life.
Well, I guess
when Kristopher has a baby,
you'll need to be around a lot,
- What up, sis?
- Oh.
Happy shower.
Thank you.
What a surprise. Brooke is late.
Your favorite child
has arrived, Mother.
You may begin.
Um, let me guess.
This one's from Marissa.
Oh, yeah, I was right.
Mr. Amazon gave it four stars,
and it says it comes
with night vision.
I don't even know
what that means,
but I thought it was so cool.
So enjoy it.
Well, thank Mr. Amazon.
thank my brother for me.
Well, if this kid has lungs
like my Kristopher,
you'll have no use
for a monitor,
even along with night vision.
Uh-oh, this is wonderful.
You're breastfeeding.
Well, what responsible
mother wouldn't?
That's what they're there for.
It's not all they're there for.
I thought it would be really
difficult with your job and all.
It's about priorities, Marissa.
Kailee put in notice.
Wow, that must have been
a difficult decision for you.
No-brainer, if you ask me.
she didn't ask you, Mother.
She didn't ask anyone.
Actually, she just said
it must have been
a difficult decision.
It's a,
it's a personal decision.
But, um, you know,
I guess everybody just does
what's best for them.
It's what's best for the baby,
Right, right.
That's what I meant.
I just, um...
I just know that I wouldn't be
able to give up my career
like that.
Career, what?
I thought you said
she doesn't work, Mother.
Hmm. No, she doesn't.
Marissa is, um...
What are you again, dear?
She's a singer/songwriter,
Oh, right.
And a very talented one, too.
Oh, that's fantastic.
Anything on the radio
I would recognize?
God, I wish.
No, but I... I-
Do you have a website, at least?
- No.
- She will.
I'm sure.
How old are you again?
- Thirty.
- Twenty-nine.
And you don't want to take
a break
from your busy music career
to have a baby?
Not just yet.
Well, if I know my brother,
he wants a family now.
- Right, Mother?
- Yes, honey, he does.
My boy is ready.
Welcome to the Kelly family.
These are the annuals
that survived best
in the northeast region,
and I have 12 of these flowers
planted in various parts
of the property.
If you can find and identify
four of these flowers,
you get two seed packs
from my garden,
and then we can plant them
all at the same time.
And in the spring,
we can all compare.
And post photos on Instagram
and share tips and ideas
with anyone who has no clue
what they're doing.
I look forward to that part.
Now, for the exciting part,
the first one who finds
four of these flowers
wins a $50 gift certificate
to Williams-Sonoma.
When can we start?
Right now.
Good luck.
You're not a child.
Stop acting like one.
You just have to stop
this craziness.
It's not craziness,
it's who I am.
- It's not a problem.
- It's not what you are!
Look at this.
You think I wanna do this?
You think
I wanna put this shit on?
I'm doing this for...
Stand still any longer
and you'll grow a root, Marissa.
You just insist on being
a complete disappointment
and you do it on purpose.
I am done! Done!
Get out of my face.
I knew you'd come.
Tell me what you need, Marissa.
It's okay.
Now let's forget
everything else.
In this room, right here,
right now, you're mine.
You okay, Mommy?
Yeah, I'm okay, honey.
You sure?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Come. Come, give me a hug.
Aw, I love you.
Here it goes.
You go to bed, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Dad's picking you up
early in the morning, right?
Baby, where in the hell
were you last night?
I was texting
and calling all night.
Um, can we talk?
Okay, so talk.
I'm having a press conference
coming up next Monday.
I can't be dealing
with this shit.
This is what I've worked for,
my entire career.
We're going to be under
a microscope now, both of us.
Now look, I know
that something's going
on with you.
Maybe I'm not as understanding
as I should be,
but I've got a lot on my mind.
- I know -
- This means everything to me.
I know it does.
But I have to tell you something
about me right now.
So tell me.
I, um...
I just have
something in me that...
Okay, your music.
I get it, Riss.
And I'm gonna be
as supportive as possible
from now on, I promise.
Look, have I ever broken
a promise to you?
You wanna know
why I picked next Monday
to announce my candidacy?
It's because it's our
one-year anniversary,
and it's been the happiest year
of my life.
But I cannot have
any distractions right now,
do you understand?
Where were you last night?
Marissa, I'm dying here.
Where were you?
I was with Liz.
We just had like a late dinner.
Why didn't you return
any of my phone calls?
I'm sorry, we were just...
we were talking all night
and my phone died.
Kind of like... like baby stuff?
This is our chance.
The life we want,
it's there for us to take.
I can win the top seat.
I know.
Hey, buddy. You ready?
Sweetheart, I wanna talk
to your dad
about something real quick.
Give us a minute, okay?
What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
Go wait in the car,
I'll be right out.
The movie starts
in 20 minutes, Daddy.
It'll only be a minute. Promise.
What are you doing?
What do you mean,
what am I doing?
- You're different with her.
- With who?
Don't pretend you don't know
what I'm talking about.
You look at her differently
than the others.
No, I don't.
Yes, Michael, you do.
Look, Olivia...
You look at her the way
you used to look-
I don't have time for this.
I got to go.
She's married.
Do you know
who she's married to?
Because I do.
Do you know what that could do
to someone like you?
The trouble it could cause?
We had a deal, remember?
So you want me to lie for you?
I just need you to say
that we had dinner.
So you're not gonna tell me
where you were?
I can't, not right now.
I don't like this, Marissa.
because Kris is announcing
his candidacy on Monday,
and I can't have
there be any complications.
I'm not like you, Liz.
Well, that's no news flash.
I'm different.
Different, how?
I'm a freak.
I'm a freak, Liz.
You are just you.
You march to the beat of your
own drum, that's all.
You always have.
I mean, part of me is jealous.
Don't be.
Trust me because...
I'm married to the...
the nicest, sweetest,
non-freakin the world, so...
And I don't know what I'm doing.
I'm gonna ruin my marriage.
I'm gonna ruin everything
that's good in my life
and I'm...
I'm going to lose Kris.
Marissa, stop.
Stop, stop, stop.
do you think I would ever,
ever let that happen?
Look at me. Look at me.
I will never,
ever let that happen to you.
I have no idea
what we're talking about,
but whatever it is,
we will fix it.
We will fix it.
So you were with me last night.
Where did we have dinner?
I'd like to thank you
all for coming out today.
Now, before we start,
I just want to take a minute
to introduce my mom.
This is Jacqueline Kelly.
I just wanted
to congratulate her
because last night
she became a grandmother
for the first time.
Just one of my sisters,
Kailee, couldn't be here.
She had a beautiful
8.6-pound baby boy.
Philadelphia linebacker
in the making,
I swear to God. I love you, Mom.
Okay, okay.
Now for the reason
why we are here.
Now, this city is in trouble.
Murder rate is up.
Good people are afraid.
The fear is killing businesses
because people are afraid
to walk the streets to shop.
Now something needs to be done.
I have a plan to clean up
the city that I love.
My conviction rate
in murder cases is 100%
since moving
over to the Homicide Division.
Now Philadelphia politics
has a long
and sadly-tainted
history of corruption.
Many shameful hacks have given
this great city a bad name.
One thing you can be sure of,
I will work night and day
to make this city safe,
and I will never bring shame
to this office.
Now, a year ago today,
I married the love of my life.
This is the woman I'm gonna
spend the rest of my life with,
the women I'm gonna raise
children with.
But I will not raise our
children in an unsafe city.
Every parent deserves
the peace of mind,
knowing that when their kids
walk out the door,
they are safe,
and I am going to deliver
that peace of mind.
That is why today,
on my first wedding anniversary,
I am officially announcing
my candidacy for
the Office of District Attorney
of Philadelphia.
Today, I'm asking the people
of the city of Philadelphia
to put your faith in me.
Because I promise
to make you proud.
Thank you all
for coming out tonight.
Thank you.
It does.
It sounds pretty...
pretty interesting.
Thanks again.
I really appreciate
you guys being here, too.
- So...
- It is really nice.
- Nice meeting you.
- Nice meeting you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
All right.
Note to
the future District Attorney
of Philadelphia,
turn your cell phone off
during press conference.
I don't get it.
I mean, who would text me
during a press conference?
Who's Olivia?
Ask Marissa.
Do we know an Olivia?
Who's Olivia, Marissa?
Whoever she is,
she says she's an admirer of
Marissa and Kris has her vote.
All right, good.
Now we just need
about 100 million more.
We need family photos
for the press kit
and pictures of you by yourself.
Okay. Hey, thanks.
Oh, you're so beautiful.
- I'm so proud of you.
- Hmm.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I'll be right back, okay?
Hmm. Where are you going?
We got pictures.
You don't like my video?
I'm disappointed.
I thought you gave
an Oscar-worthy performance
over that bench.
What do you want, Olivia?
Of what?
You, Slade, District Attorney
Kristopher Kelly, my life.
Olivia, I don't know
what you think,
but that was a one-time thing
between me and Slade.
Oh, it's never
a one-time thing, honey.
See, you gave in, Marissa,
you tasted the forbidden fruit,
and now you're gonna need it
again and again and again.
How do you know what I need?
- Because I know you.
- You don't know me.
I know you
because I once was you.
And someday
you're going to be me.
Slade thinks you're special,
but you're not.
You're just new.
He'll tire of you eventually,
and when he does,
he'll come running back to me
because I have the one thing
that you can never give him.
What do you want from me,
It's simple.
I control your play,
relationship with Slade.
For starters,
you play at the club
and only at the club.
Olivia, I don't want this.
- I never wanted-
- It's not about what you want.
This is about what I want,
and what I want is for Slade
to get you out of his system.
You're crazy.
Maybe, but I'm also right.
Because when the TV lights
are no longer shining on you
and you retreat back
to your boring vanilla world,
that little mind of yours
is going to wander.
And you'll remember
how it felt when Slade
took control of you.
How it felt to surrender to him.
How he took you to a place
you'd only
ever fantasized about.
Then you and he will reconnect
again somehow and...
who knows what will happen then.
I'm not going to let
that happen.
I'm gonna give you the one thing
that will fill
that void inside you.
The one thing
that will make you feel
more alive than you've
ever felt before.
But I'm in control, Marissa.
Now I'm gonna count to three,
and if you don't come out
of that stall by the time I do,
I'm walking out and you can
explain to your husband
and his whole campaign staff
how you became
an overnight Internet
spanking video sensation
and the star
of the evening news.
- Three.
- Okay.
Good girl.
Now, will you please leave?
Come to Club Corporal
Saturday night.
Oh, doors open at 7:00.
Don't be late.
When I count to three,
everyone say elect Kris Kelly.
So many of us have them.
They're with us morning,
noon and night.
They remind us
that we're different.
Now, a couple with just
the future DA and First Lady.
And the dilemma
is always the same.
Do we keep our secrets
tucked away
in some dark corner of our soul?
Or do we just say fuck it
and act on them?
Either decision comes
with a heavy,
unexpected price.
I have never been more terrified
in my entire life.
And I've never felt more alive.
Holy shit.