8 Days (2014) Movie Script

(female #1)
Darkness breeds darkness.
It hides monsters
in closets and under beds.
I used to think closing
my eyes and covering my ears
would make them go away.
I used to think..
...a lot of things.
[intense music]
(male #1)
'Come back here, BB!'
You no good piece of crap!
'Come back here!'
Before I call
them cops after you!
I used to think trafficking
didn't really exist..
...or only happened overseas
in faraway places.
I don't anymore.
In the land of the free
and the home of the brave
slavery was supposed
to be abolished
a hundred and fifty years ago..
...but it wasn't really.
It has simply taken
on another form.
Aren't you sweet?
- I think I'll call you Sugar.
- No! Mommy, no!
No! Mommy, no!
'Mommy, no! Mommy, no!'
'Stop! Why? Mommy!'
'Mommy! Why?'
Trading human beings.
Selling children
into sex slavery.
What happened to
all men are created equal?
Without these basic
human rights
our society, our humanity..
[intense music]
I know because I've seen it.
I know because I've lived what
no one wants to admit is true.
What no one wants
to talk about.
The only thing necessary
for evil to triumph
is for good men
to do nothing.
And we've done nothing.
I...did nothing.
(male #2)
'Fresh merch!'
'Let's go.'
- Shut up!
- 'Let's go.'
- Let's go!
- 'You!'
- Hey, let's go!
- No, please!
No! Please.
- No!
- Let's go.
- 'Come on.'
- No! No!
What's up, Sugar?
You remember me?
No! No, no!
Mommy! Let me go!
No! Let me go!
- Let me go!
- Don't cry.
- Nobody can save you.
- No, stop!
- Walk. Walk.
- What are you doing?
Let me go!
Where am I?
Right where you need to be.
Just walk.
Stop! Let me go!
Get in there.
'Now I don't want to hear
another word from any of you.'
[door closes]
No one ever wakes up
thinking they'll be kidnapped
or grows up wanting
to be a prostitute.
This shouldn't happen here..
...but it does..
...everyday and everywhere.
(male #3)
'...you know you're my girl,
Yes, daddy.
[instrumental music]
I just gotta make
sure that everybody knows.
BB! You come back here, BB!
Have you always
been this sweet?
[intense music]
That's why they call me Sugar.
[instrumental music]
Mommy, no!
Mommy, no!
Stop! Mommy! Mommy!
No! Mommy!
We're all human, aren't we?
Every life is worth saving.
Oh eight days
I can't close my eyes
or cover my ears anymore.
Sex trafficking was something
I didn't want to know about.
I wish I still didn't
but that doesn't make it
go away.
We miss you. Orleans
is so fun. You have no idea.
Oh, hey, Reid,
come say hi to Amber.
Guess who?
Oh, hey.
Yeah, um..
...sorry you guys
didn't work out.
Have fun with your mom.
[instrumental music]
(female #2)
'Guys, y'all need
to get dressed.'
why aren't you dressed yet?
Because it's spring break,
[Amber sighs]
'Mom, I just..'
I really wanted to go
on that class trip.
I saved and I planned.
- I know.
- Mom, Luke's hitting me.
- Emily started it.
- Take your toys and go, now.
Get dressed.
- 'Great job, Luke.'
- Amber, hands up!
I just.. You don't understand,
I just really wanted to go.
- I just..
- Are you..
I'm sorry..
I'm-I'm.. I didn't mean..
We have errands to run, okay?
Go get dressed.
Wait. Mom, please,
can I just stay home?
By yourself? No.
[Amber sighs]
I'm afraid to ask,
but mom knows Drew.
So...this should be okay.
[bell ringing]
[instrumental music]
Was that your girlfriend?
Aw. Oh, look at him.
He's blushing.
I mean,
we met his whole family.
Thank you for coming over.
- Oh, you're welcome.
- I appreciate it
It's important that we know
who Amber hangs out with.
- 'We understand.'
- We just..
Yeah, we just always want
to make sure that she's safe.
We understand that.
Well, she's safe with Drew.
So sorry.
(male #3)
'So, how long have
you guys been here?'
Five? Five years?
Five and a half?
- Five and a half.
- Hmm.
we've custom-built the home.
- It's awesome.
- Labor of love, yeah.
Great view out here.
Some tough times during that
time, but hey, it was great.
- 'Building's never easy.'
- 'I wouldn't suggest building.'
Just buy.
Oh, we enjoyed it.
Did you decorate yourself?
Oh, no. Color schemes.
Mm, decorator challenge.
(male #4)
'No, she's great,
she's great.'
She actually did
her own restaurant.
- Oh!
- Color schemes.
- You have a restaurant?
- Ah, don't.. Come on, you did.
I did not,
I do the Yellow Rose.
- 'Dude, quit it!'
- Hey, hey.
- 'It's not funny. Stop!'
- Hey. Stop it.
'Mom, can Drew and I
hang out with Jamie?'
- Hey, this is our room.
- No girls allowed.
- Hey, stop.
- Mom.
From class?
Drew from class?
'Yeah, it's his cousin from
South Africa, she just got in.'
- What is that? No.
- 'I think he just..'
- Mom, please. We can--
- Mom, no.
We can just stop by, say hi.
I'd really love to see her.
- No.
- Would that be so bad?
Are you joking?
If you wanna
hang out with him
it will be here
and only until 9:00.
- No.
- Ugh.
Help me clean up this room.
I am not kidding.
(female #2)
'Pick it up.'
[doorbell rings]
- Hi, Drew.
- Hey.
Where's Jamie?
Well, don't just stand there,
come on in.
Hey, Drew,
good to see you again.
- Thank you, sir.
- Call me Bart.
Amber does.
So, um, why don't we head
in the living room?
- This way?
- Yeah.
Go. Go.
Who are you talking to?
Uh...it's Jamie.
Someone's throwing
a party for her.
I...I should go.
You just got here.
But I really shouldn't
have come though.
Why did you then?
...I was hoping that
you could come with me.
I have an idea.
'No, no, no, no.
Smells good, doesn't it?'
You better believe it,
I'm a bad brownie cook.
Hey, hey.
You're in for a treat.
You are in
for the chef's special.
Hey, Bart, can we stop
by Drew's cousins?
She just got in
from South Africa.
It would mean so much to me
if I could see her again.
Amber, we talked about this.
[cell phone vibrates]
Come on, just for a minute?
Right, kiddo?
Okay, but come right back.
I have to close the restaurant,
so text me when you get home.
- 'Okay.'
- You are so sweet.
You are such a sweet woman.
Sweet women do not do dishes.
Go, go, go.
Thank you.
Go, go, go.
Before she changes her mind.
[instrumental music]
I just have
to make one stop first.
'Fine with me.'
[engine starts]
She'll love it.
Why are..
Why are we, um..
Oh, here they come.
Oh, my gosh.
Is that who you're waiting on?
I didn't even know
you were friends with them.
- Amber, right?
- 'Yeah.'
'I've seen you around.'
I'm Justin.
Look at her.
She is cute.
I'm Candace,
if you didn't know already.
Are you ready to come
have fun with us tonight?
Are you?
Whoop, sorry.
Guess I owe you a dance
at Jamie's party then.
Are we not taking your car?
We're all going
to the same place.
I might as well be
the responsible one and drive.
My bad!
This is Tyler.
He's gonna be our driver tonight
because friends
don't let friends drive..
What was it?
The word you're looking for
is exceptionally inebriated.
- Let's get going.
- No! No, it's drunk!
'Friends don't let friends
drive drunk.'
You coming?
Yeah, sounds fun.
[indistinct chatter]
It's nice to meet you.
Oh oh oh oh
Oh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh-oh-oh
I've been searching
for so long
Baby baby
And I've been looking so far
Praying for revelation
Baby baby
Gotta know who you are
I'm captive
in your crazy atmosphere
I can't take it no more
Oh, that's my favorite.
That is my favorite..
Oh! Excuse me.
You made it! Oh, my God!
Now the party can really start.
Yeah. Where are we?
What's going on?
You know, people wanted
to see me, I was in town.
It turned into like this..
Oh! I love these!
Thank you!
Oh, here!
'Nick, Nick..'
Fire, firemen, flowerman.
Gee, I don't know..
[music continues]
Here you go.
No, really I, I can't.
It's no harm in having
a little fun, huh?
I've been searching
for so long
Baby baby
And I've been looking so far
Waiting for revelation
Baby baby
I gotta know who you are
Baby baby..
I think I owe you a dance.
I can't take it no more
I can't take this no more
She's a day dreamer
I think I've seen you
pose on a magazine
My body's crying out
for my beauty queen
I'm searching searching
for who you are
I'm searching searching
She's a day dreamer
I think I've seen you
pose on a magazine
My body's crying out
for my beauty queen
I'm searching searching
for who you are
searching searching searching
[Matthew Schuler
singing "Invincible"]
Behind the enemy lines
In the middle of a war
You left my heart to die
just like you did before
Smoke is start
in the clear..
- So, um--
- How many cups have you had?
That is not a party question!
Stop that.
I swore I'd remember
not to fall for you
So hit me with
your best shot
'Cause I'm locked and loaded
I'm just another target
For your head and motives
Fire when ready
fire when ready
Fire when ready
You can't bring me
You won't bring me
You'll never bring me..
Just get a room.
You alright?
You'll never bring me
You good?
Yeah. Thanks.
Sucks to be you tonight.
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chatter]
That was fun, huh?
I-I have no idea where Drew is,
but he definitely left me.
[Amber grunts]
[door opens]
I'll take you home.
It's on my way.
- See ya.
- Yeah.
See ya.
Let's get that out of your face.
[dramatic music]
[indistinct chatter]
Hi, guys. Is everything alright?
Is everything going okay?
[indistinct chatter]
- Hi, guys.
- Hi.
Hello, nice to see you.
Hey, Tammy. Tammy, guys.
Hey, listen, I'm gonna need
one of you to stay late tonight.
Sarah can't come in, okay?
[cell phone vibrates]
Thank you.
Hey, Bart, Sarah's sick, so I..
What do you mean
she's not home yet?
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
That's my exit.
Where are we going?
[cell phone vibrates]
It's okay.
I got it.
[phone rings]
No, no, no, no.
[automated message]
'Hey, this is Amber's phone..'
- 'Hey, honey.'
- Bart.
I need you to call
Drew's parents now.
No! No!
- It's okay.
- 'No!'
Try to open it again.
Why are you doing this?
Where are you taking me?
'Where are you taking me?'
[breathing heavily]
'Please, don't..
You don't have to do this.'
- 'Please, no.'
- Yeah, alright.
- Shut up already.
- 'Please, please.'
Please stop.
Don't even think about it.
You try to get away..
...I will kill you
and your family.
I know where you live.
[intense music]
No! No!
Drew said he dropped
her off at the door.
Then where is she?
She's not here.
I-I've already been to Jamie's
house and nobody's there.
I cannot believe that
you let me let her go!
Amy, calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down.
Why haven't you
found her already?
Well, you know someone has
to watch our other kids too.
Look, look, I'm sure another
friend just picked her up.
No, they're on that stupid trip!
No, there's something wrong.
I need you to e-mail,
text, Facebook, I don't care
but find out
if anybody knows anything.
You don't think that's
a little premature?
Look, I'm sure she'll walk
through that door any moment.
Come on, honey.
I know my child.
After the e-mail's out,
I want you to call the police.
- Where are you going?
- Do this for me.
I'm going to find her.
Clean yourself up.
'Bathroom's that way.'
[keys clacking]
[instrumental music]
[keys clacking]
Hurry up in there.
We don't have all day.
[knock on door]
You hear me?
[music continues]
[water running]
[door rattling]
[music continues]
[instrumental music]
[keys clacking]
Go ahead.
You should really see this.
Please, you don't have to.
Hey, hey, do this
and you can go home.
And I won't have
to kill your family.
Especially that
pretty little sister.
[cell phone ringing]
Yeah, we're leaving now.
Oh, Angel's worth every penny.
You will do
everything he wants.
If you don't,
I will know.
Ma'am, kids run away
and come back every day.
I'm sure she's fine.
She has never done this before.
She wouldn't.
She wouldn't.
I've looked,
I've looked every where
that she could possibly go.
Drew is lying,
he is lying.
If she hasn't turned up
by tomorrow
we'll file the paperwork
and we'll start a search, okay?
Thank you.
[indistinct chatter]
[instrumental music]
So Big D's letting you in, huh?
Yeah. Thanks for the hook up.
It seems like
he can't resist fresh merch.
- The merchandise here?
- Yes.
- Intact?
- Yes.
Time to go.
[Amber groans]
Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
I'm gonna miss you.
Have fun with that.
[engine starts]
Sugar, she here.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey. Oh..
Welcome to the family.
Look. Here.
Here take this.
You ain't got nothin'
to worry about.
Daddy gonna take
real good care of you.
That's enough, Sugar.
Big D ain't gonna keep cleaning
up after your sorry self!
How did you get to be
bottom girl anyways, BB?
You better start recognizing
your place around here.
Your head hurt?
Come on.
Come on.
I want you to wait right here
because they gonna be
coming back real soon, okay?
Stop it.
You better act right.
You better act right.
You stupid girl!
Get away from her.
You mess up..
You mess up stuff all the time.
All the time, Sugar.
- I'm not messing up anything.
- Just messing up.
She's already
freaking messed up!
She's here because of your butt.
- 'Cause I'm--
- You're sloppy!
You're never together,
it's always that stuff!
Now how are you gonna
blame this on me?
No, because I..
Because look at you!
Look at this!
All the time!
All the time!
What you got to say now?
What you got to say now, Sugar?
I ain't got nothing to say, BB!
He gets on me because of you!
He gets on me because of you!
I'm tired of taking heat
for you, Sugar!
Look at this.
'Help! Get her shoes.'
It's, it's alright.
It's alright, Angel.
'You gonna do real good.
You gonna do real good.'
'We gotta hike this up
a little bit.'
'You screw up.
Come on, Sugar.'
Angel. Here.
[upbeat music]
Put this on.
'Got company soon.'
It's alright, Angel.
You're not getting dressed yet.
I, I want to scream.
I want to cry.
I want to fight.
Anything, but this.
But I can't.
If I do, I'm dead.
I'm as good as dead already.
My man Tyler
was right about you.
You gonna make me
a lot of money.
So why don't you dance for me?
Ha! You can do better than that.
'No. Stop!
Please don't hurt me!'
Hey! BB! BB!
- Hey, fix this girl.
- 'Alright.'
She got dates.
Can't have my Angel
looking a mess.
'Come on, Angel.'
'Come on.'
Shh. What the heck?
'Your roofie is just
knocking her out.'
'She ain't going to be good
to nobody like this.'
Come on.
'Get up.'
'Come on.'
Sit down.
Shh. Sit.
Dang mess.
Sit up straight.
'Sit up straight.'
Stop it!
- Angel.
- Hmm.
Look at me.
It's yours.
Hey, look..
...it's yours.
We gotta make sure
the new girl pretty.
Don't you dare
feel sorry for me.
Retarded dummy.
[breathes heavily]
She in charge of us.
[instrumental music]
So she have to be like that.
[music continues]
[Sugar sighs]
You know,
it is easier if you enjoy it.
'Here we go.'
Come on.
[music continues]
[music continues]
You enjoy it?
I didn't say that.
[Amber sobbing]
You know, I don't
have no choice neither.
And I never had.
I'm, I'm in so much pain.
I can't,
I can hardly stand.
Come on, please, please,
please, help me.
Please, help me!
We can go together.
We can go together.
To get out!
I have to get out!
[knocking on door]
Hey, uh...fix her hair
or something too.
She got company at 10:00.
[music continues]
Look, this life's real tough.
And you can't talk like that
if you wanna live.
Quit crying.
Both of you!
And get back to work.
You...get the heck up here now!
You do what I say.
Do you hear me?
Come on. Now.
[Amber crying]
Dang, Sugar, Angel.
Both of you.
- Come on, Sugar, hurry up!
- Okay, I'm sorry.
[Amber crying]
Shut the heck up!
'Shut up!'
'I'm trying to help you out.'
'Think I need this clip.'
'Angel, look.'
Look. Look!
Open your eyes.
- Open your eyes.
- No.
Open your eyes.
I'm helping you.
You a woman now.
You a woman.
Look. Look.
You gonna be a good girl.
Everybody gonna want you.
You gonna be a good girl.
Let go.
Let go!
[Amber crying]
Pick up that stuff.
Stop. Stop crying.
You're gonna mess up your face.
You gonna mess up your face.
We can't have nothing messing up
this pretty face.
Sugar, come here now.
Put these earrings on.
Put the earrings on!
'Come, help me.'
Yeah. You're a pretty girl.
Look. Look.
You need to learn
how to do this.
You ain't helping worth crap.
Yeah, go get me a drink.
See. See.
Look at that.
- BB, BB.
- What?
- BB, BB.
- Thank you.
- Look.
- Hmm.
See. Go on.
There you go.
'Stand up.'
'Dang girl, you gonna learn.'
I'm Heather Hays,
as you know
we've been following
the heartbreaking story
of missing teenager,
Amber Stevens.
'Austen Williams
is joining us..'
I don't even think
that they're working.
I don't think
they're even looking for her.
Honey, you know what?
Listen to me, listen,
listen to me.
Look at my eyes,
we are here for you
and we're gonna find her.
We're gonna find her.
'Let's pray.
Let's just pray.'
'Because it's all we can do.'
[door opens]
[instrumental music]
Darkness taking me tonight
Nice, nice, nice.
...terrorized inside
what I know will come
Brutalized by evil ones..
What you looking at?
Demons growl
and call my name..
You're stayin' right there.
Is torn to shame
I smell the breath
upon my skin
Filthy hands are reachin' in
Save me save me
Eight days I'm fading
Save me
Take me away
What the..
[Amber grunting]
Give...give me this.
Shoot! Shoot!
What the heck, man?
What's going on?
She jumped the freakin' phone.
I leave you in charge and this
is what you do? Are you serious?
Man, I took a second
to the restroom, dawg!
Man, I ain't got time
for this, man.
[no audio]
- We need to get out of here.
- Shut up, girl!
(male #5)
'She's right
because I can't deal with cops.'
I ain't got time for this man.
Put this on!
[Amber crying]
(Big D)
'Get up! Get up!'
- No!
- Get up!
- 'We're getting outta here.'
- No!
What's wrong with you?
[Amber screaming]
- No!
- 'Angel, shut up!'
- Keep your head down!
- 'Sugar, get her shoes!'
Grab everything!
'Go! Go!'
- 'No!'
- 'Hurry up!'
Come on, leave, leave.
- Who's that?
- Nobody.
Just a drunk text.
School's not even out yet.
I didn't know Amber
was such a partier.
Reid, you know she's been
missing for five days.
There's an investigation.
We have to go now!
Yo, I be needing a new room.
I gotcha, Red,
but...I wanna see BB again.
Shut up.
Let me know if you
need anything, alright?
[Amber panting]
[Amber groaning]
[intense music]
You live because I let you live.
BB's with the clerk.
Get her ready!
[music continues]
[Amber grunts]
'Uh, well...what did they say?'
They got nothing from the text.
[Amy crying]
'I can't lose her!'
We're not gonna stop
fighting for her.
We're not gonna stop.
I shouldn't have
let her go with Drew.
I shouldn't have let her go.
Why did you think it was okay?
You said it would be okay!
You said it would be okay!
[crying continues]
I'm sorry!
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
[both crying]
We'll get her back.
Well, hello, Mrs. Lawrence.
How's our favorite
politician's wife?
- What can we do for you?
- Need you to investigate this.
- And I need you to do it now.
- The runaway.
We haven't found anything.
Have you done an online trace?
I know this family
and I'm telling you right now
she's missing.
Something is wrong.
Can you just look
at the information.
That's all I'm asking you to do.
[instrumental music]
I'm here with Amber's family
and the lead investigator
on the case.
Thank you all for being with me.
Can you tell me, is there any
new information
that you can share about
where Amber might be?
Are we any closer
to finding her?
Unless someone else steps
forward with more information
the last known location of Amber
is right where we're standing,
We just want her found.
If anyone knows anything..
Please help us.
Um, I miss my daughter.
...wherever you are..
...we love you, we love you.
We love you.
Our thoughts and prayers go out
to 16-year-old Amber Stevens
who is still missing.
The line seems endless.
I can't see faces anymore.
I no longer have
the energy to cry
much less fight.
Fifty men..
At least 50 men
who have abused me.
Hey, you watchin' this flick?
See, you can learn something
if you ever gonna
make it in this life.
Hey, D, check this out.
It's local news.
Official missing persons.
[Big D laughs]
Yeah. Mm.
[cell phone vibrates]
This one is good.
You do this..
...and you won't need
a website no more.
(male #6)
I need your attention.'
This is the satellite feed
this is the overhead
of the hotel.
Our online search puts
Amber Stevens in room 117.
Room faces north.
We have a window
on the east side.
We'll be approaching
from the west.
Door hammer, team leader
officer two, three,
four and five.
Door goes down.
We're gonna push in.
Check the bathroom.
'I don't know how big
this wall is on the closet.'
Watch this wall.
Another entry point right here.
Anybody have any questions?
Guys, gather up!
Team, come together, let's go.
Okay, guys. Focus.
Be safe. Lock and load.
Let's go get Amber.
[instrumental music]
Listen to me.
- Better do what I say.
- No.
Angel, unloosen your fist.
Unloosen your fist.
Stop, girl! Shh.
He's coming in a minute,
and if you don't cooperate
Big D is gonna whoop your butt.
- Do you hear me?
- Why?
[Amber screaming]
Shut up!
Shut up!
You better cooperate.
[music continues]
Knock and announce.
(male #7)
'Police with a warrant.
Open the door.'
[muffled scream]
Breach, breach, breach.
[Amber grunting]
- Cops straight ahead!
- Police!
(female #3)
'Go right.'
- Go right.
- Police!
- On line.
- On line.
On me, move.
[music continues]
Start secondary.
Starting secondary.
It's clear.
(male #8)
'The bathroom's clear.'
Secondary complete.
Alright. We missed them.
- Call Forensics. Clear out.
- 'No.'
They gotta be close.
We gotta keep looking.
Clear out, officer!
She's not here.
On me, on me. Stack up.
Time's up.
[music continues]
Amber? Amber Stevens?
Amber. I got vic.
[music continues]
Where's Big D?
Where are they?
Alright, coming out.
We're almost there, okay?
We're gonna get you home.
We're gonna get you home, okay?
[sirens wailing]
I need support.
It's okay. We got you.
We got you.
We're gonna get you home, okay?
We're gonna get you home.
It's okay. You're safe.
You're safe.
[Amber crying]
[instrumental music]
Do we have EMTs coming?
You almost there, okay?
Just a few more steps.
Just a few more steps, okay?
Watch your step.
Watch your step.
Watch your step.
You're okay.
You can lean on us.
You can lean on us, okay?
You're okay.
It's okay.
We're almost there.
We're almost there.
Can you get in there? Okay.
'You're gonna be okay.'
[music continues]
It's okay.
I don't eve..
Is it..
Is it..
Oh, it is.
- Amber.
- We're here.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
- Okay.
- Come on.
- You're home. You're home.
- We're here.
I'm so sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- You're safe.
I got you. Come on.
It's okay. It's okay.
[instrumental music]
- Thank you.
- It's okay.
No, it's okay. I know.
It's okay. She's safe.
Ma'am, we're going to stay with
you through your whole case.
[music continues]
Let's get her in.
Thank you. Thank you.
[indistinct announcement on PA]
[no audio]
Hi, my name's Dr. Burton.
Amber, my name's Dr. Burton.
I know this is a really
tough time for your family
but we do need
to get started
'on your sexual assault
'just as soon as possible.'
It's going to be fine, we're
going to take care of her, okay?
(male #9)
'We'll be right outside.'
Thank you.
I'll kill you and your family.
(Bid D)
You live...
'cause I let you live.
I know where you live.
No. No, no, no.
[instrumental music]
Here you go, baby.
Thank you, officer.
Son of a..
He's gonna rot in prison.
[music continues]
Am-Amber, do you want
some apple juice?
[music continues]
I think your brothers made some,
uh, fr-fresh orange juice too.
'It's okay.'
'We can get that later.'
[music continues]
[music continues]
I love you.
[Amy sniffles]
[music continues]
It's going to be okay.
It's going to be okay.
[music continues]
I didn't know
what was gonna happen to her.
It was just quick cash.
- If I'd had known--
- You'd what? Quit your gang?
What about the others?
Like I said..
...it's not my problem.
Why'd you sell her out?
Do I look like I care
about some girl?
Tyler gave us drugs
and money..
...that's all I care about.
This isn't like selling
drugs, Justin.
You sold human beings.
Someone's daughter.
Someone's sister.
It's your last chance.
[indistinct chattering]
- Drew Matlock?
- Uh, yeah.
I'd like to ask you some
questions about Amber Steven's
from a few weeks ago.
It's my understanding
you were with her
the night she disappeared.
Um, yeah.
Did you make prior arrangements
with Amber and her family
to take her to that party?
No, I mean...she..
I thought she called
her parents or something.
Hmm, so you're not aware
that she lied to her parents
to get there that night?
You didn't have anything
to do with her going missing?
- Uh, no.
- Mm.
Well, I may have some
more questions for you.
We'll stay in touch.
I'm watching you.
Drew...that brought me
to Jamie's party..
...and left me with Tyler..
...he never
admitted to anything.
Uh, I hope you now know
what happens to a person
when they're treated
like a slave.
No better than an animal.
I wish to God I didn't..
...but he held a gun
to my head..
...and he,
he threatened my family.
'I c-I couldn't lose them.'
I don't know
what would've happened to me..
...if my mom didn't fight
for me.
If...she didn't have people..
'...that fought with her.'
They're saying
I'll have wounds..
...I may never
fully recover from.
Just eight days.
Eight days and so much happened.
So much that I wanna forget.
But God saved me,
so I know I'll get through this.
I can't undo
what you've done to me..
...but I can make sure that you
never hurt another girl.
From that point on
my mom and I realized
we could not be silent anymore.
[instrumental music]
Darkness taking me tonight
Afraid and terrorized inside
Dreading what I know
will come
Brutalized by evil ones..
I can't do this no more.
Save me save me
Eight days I'm fading
Save me..
This morning we are talking
about human sex trafficking.
It is a silent epidemic
in this country
affecting children of all ages,
both boys and girls
and we are joined this morning
by one of those victims.
'This is Amber
and her mother.'
And, Amber, we will get
to your story in a moment.
A miraculous rescue
about a year ago
but now you've become
a voice for the victims.
Yes, I have and what
people don't know is
this is happening
all around us
and we need to do
something about it.
We need to be that voice
for the victims
we need to raise awareness
and get people to make
a difference, make a change.
Mm. Mom what happened here?
Unfortunately, this is real.
My child was kidnapped
and trafficked
by friends that we knew
in our neighborhood.
It's a miracle..
...that she was found.
God heard my prayers
and he rescued my daughter.
I just want to say thank you
from the bottom of my heart
for you being here
and supporting this cause
to stop human trafficking.
Um, together
we can make a difference.
So thank you so much.
God Bless.
I'll rise like a rose
through the thorns
Let your beauty
shine through
All the pain
I'll rise..
This is happening
all around us
and we need to do
something about it.
Today, there are more
people trafficked
and treated like slaves than
ever before in human history.
This crime is no longer
just in red-light districts.
It's in our schools
and in our communities.
It's in-between our houses.
This is not
about class or race.
No child is immune
to trafficking
and conditions that shorten
life expectancy
to three to seven years.
This is wrong.
This is beyond unacceptable
and we have to do
something about it.
My life was saved.
But what about the others?
What about the other children..
...that have been
neglected and forgotten?
This is not okay.
Our fight will not be over
until every child is safe.
There is hope.
Agencies like
Homeland Security Investigation
are rescuing victims and
helping them become survivors
but we need more.
Lawmakers, officers, artists,
advocates, counselors.
Everyone should work together.
We need safe homes.
We can save lives.
Every person matters.
If we do or say nothing,
then the criminals win.
'We can't let that happen.'
And talking is good,
but talking is not enough.
We must do.
We must protect our children.
It's up to us
to fight this crime
of child sex trafficking.
Together we can
make a difference.
Together we can stop this crime.
That's right.
This ends now!
[crowd cheering]
[Of Rocks And Roots singing
"Fade Out"]
Finally walking in a fog
Haunted whispers follow me
Flashes of what I was
Blinding what I can be
I have survived this fight
I have survived this fight
Let me be
Let me be
I won't be tied by you
I won't be tied by you
Tied by you
Tied by you
Fade out like a
Fade out like a
Clouded memory
Clouded memory
To live is all I can do
To live is all I can do
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh ooh ooh
Oh oh ooh ooh
White heart tested by mine
Heeded the honor recognition
Golden glory
shining below
I have found my place
I have survived this fight
I have survived this fight
Let me be
Let me be
I won't be tied by you
I won't be tied by you
Tied by you
Tied by you
Fade out like a
Fade out like a
Clouded memory
Clouded memory
To live is all I can do
To live is all I can do
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh ooh ooh
Oh oh ooh ooh
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
Fade out
I have survived this fight
I have survived this fight
Let me be
Let me be
I won't be tied by you
I won't be tied by you
Tied by you
Tied by you
Fade out like a
Fade out like a
Clouded memory
Clouded memory
To live is all I can do
To live is all I can do
[instrumental music]
Save me save me
Eight days I'm fading
Save me
Take me away