8 femmes (8 Women) (2002) Movie Script

I'm going in, mam.
Suzon! My granddaughter.
Were you sleeping?|-No, just resting.
I'm happy to see you at Christmas.|-So am I.
How are your legs?|-Every day it's different.
Being old is horrible.
The pain is not the worst thing.|It's being dependent on others,
being a nuisance.
Don't say that.|You know we love you.
As a family you care for each other.
Dear Suzon!
Chanel!|-You are here.
Fat Chanel!|-As fat as ever.
The weather is awful.|-How nice to see Suzon again!
Isn't she looking nice?
Fit for marriage.|-I think so too.
The sooner the better!|-Your father will be happy to see you.
Does he know already?|-He didn't want anyone to wake him.
What? Daddy is still sleeping?
He has been working in|his room all night.
I'm so happy to be home.|This wonderful house.
Your old house!
All that snow makes me|think we are in Siberia.
It's terribly annoying.
Luckily we have a telephone|and a car.
Meet Louise, our new chambermaid.
Hello, Louise.|-Hello, miss.
Had a nice journey?|-Yes, thank you. Except for that snow.
Shall I wake your husband?
No not for while...|-Can I?
No, better leave him.|He didn't want anyone to wake him.
Will there be anything else?
No, thank you, Louise.
Where is that girl from?
From around here, I believe.
She's great! I'm very lucky to have found her.
And she's willing to stay here for the|entire winter. We were lucky.
Aunt Augustine!|You look tired. How are you?
Same as ever.|This taricardia is killing me.
It's tachycardia, aunt...|-Oh well...
It's freezing with all this snow.|Are you back already?
You were kicked out of school?
No, I've come home for Christmas.|I'm getting good grades.
Yes, your mother showed them.|But grades can be forged.
That wasn't very nice.
Can't I ask my niece if she |is trying her best?
Of course you can.|Everything is going fine.
At least someone is happy.|-Are you talking about me?
I'm merely saying my daughter is happy.|-Is that all?
Girls girls, quit it!|Augustine, you are exagerating.
We have nothing to complain.|Gaby has always cared for us.
Not the same as our own home,|but it's thanks to her...
No it's not!|It's thanks to your father, Suzon.
He respected your old and,|sick grandmother...
and a woman of virtue, just like me.
Thanks to Marcel...|-Thanks to both of us, of course.
Don't be so bitter.
You know we love you.|You're not being nice.
Members of a family support each other|regardless of all their imperfections.
Coffee's here.
Ah! Warm brioches!|And I always get toast.
Everyone does, juffrouw Augustine.
Those brioches are my welcome present|for Suzon.
Take one.|-Thanks. I love them.
I have some chocolate in my room.|Tastes even better together.
We must indulge her.|Augustine is like a child.
Nice of your mother|to tolerate her moods.
You call that 'moods'.|I call it rudeness.
But Marcel tolerates her...
Daddy is admirable,|and tolerance is a rare virtue.
Very true. And he's always|in a good mood.
Even now business is not going so well.|-Oh, really?
You know more about|his worries than me.
I stay out of it,|and I like to keep it that way.
I have my problems and|he has his.
A while ago I asked some advice about|selling some of my shares and he said...
You sold your shares?|-No.
He advised me to wait.
Yes, keep them. You never know.
Guess who?|-Catherine!
Little Catherine!
Watch out for my legs.|-Sorry, Mamy.
She's so full of energy.
You rather have her|become like aunt Augustine?
You got a present for me?
English chocolates.|-How original.
Don't 16-year-olds love those?|-I'm almost 17.
You'll always be my little sister.
You're looking good.|-So are you.
You seem to have gained some weight.|-Really?
No, or...|Maybe from eating too much muffins...
Where is daddy?|-He's still sleeping.
He's so lazy.|Shall we teach him a lesson?
A little respect please|He's your father.
I do respect him.|In my own way.
And I admire him,|even if he is a bit old fashioned.
When I was a little girl you told me
Ill-gotten goods never prosper
In the course of my existence
That didn't always hold true
Daddy, you are so out of date
Daddy, you are so out of date
You said: my child on this earth
You get rewarded for helping someone
Now you have supported all your women
And got nothing back back but deceit
Daddy, you are so out of date
What you have to do
Is pretend you're sleeping in
And wait for someone to come and get you We'll stage your murder and I'll weep
O Daddy, you can trust me
They will profess their love and loyalty
But listen to it around the clock
Their lies will set you free
Daddy, you are so out of date
Daddy, you are so out of date
You said: this plan is no good
I don't reckon anyone can abuse me
But eventually truth will be uncovered
That will surely blow your brains out
Daddy, you are so out of date
Daddy, you are so out of date
Daddy, you are so out of date
Daddy, you are so out of date.
Are you finished with that racket?
There you are!|-I'm furious with you.
What now, baroness?|-You had your light on all night.
I haven't slept at all.
Been reading those despicable books again no doubt.|-What despicable books?
Aunty thinks they are despicable:|detective, spy, adventure novels...
You're too young for those.|-Reading is harmless.
But going to the bathrooms 5 times,|wakes us all.
So what? That was me yes.
Where you feeling sick, darling?
I couldn't sleep thanks to|little miss perfect.
I wanted something to drink.|I was thirsty. Sorry.
As long as it's water...
He doesn't answer.
You can go in then, Louise.|-Alright, Madam.
How can he sleep|with all that noise.
She's so clumsy.|Where has she been trained...
If I wouldn't be tied to this chair...
Madam!|-What is wrong?
But what is it?|-Monsieur... It's terrible.
What's wrong with him?
He's lying dead on his bed...|with a knife stuck in his back.
You're mad! What are you saying?
He's dead. Blood everywhere.|It's horrible.
oh baby, sweetheart...
Must be horrible to see for such a |confused child. And she's so nervous already!
Watch her for a moment will you.
Watch her.
Are you sure?
I have to go.|I have to see for myself.
The door is locked!|Catherine, did you lock it?
I'm giving it to the police.
No one can go in before|the police gets here.
The police!
She's right. It's always in the|newspaper. Fingerprints!
But my poor Marcel...|-Here. Go ahead.
Do you think you're up to it?|-yes.
We must see.|-Come!
Careful! Maybe the killer|is still there.
She's right! Close the door. Quick!
Suzon... Suzon...|-Mama.
Business was going poorly.|He killed himself.
No, the knife was in his back.|I saw it with my own eyes.
Well, in that case...
A dagger with a handle of bone.
Monsieur asked for it last night,|to cut some cardboard.
Cardboard? That is weird...|What did he want with cardboard?
We have to call the police.|-Right away?
We have already waited too long.
The line is dead.
Look. The telephone cord has been cut.
But by whom?
By someone!
It's just the wind, and your imagination.
What now? If we can't call the police?|-They will come. I'm going to get them.
You're in no condition to drive.
Louise, my coat.
Madam, the dogs!|-The dogs?
They didn't bark last night.|-And?
Vicious as they are, they would have barked if...|-If what?
If a stranger entered the house?|-Precisely.
But if no came from|the outside, then...
Who made the last phone call?
Who made the last phone call?
I'm telling. This morning around seven thirty,|I called the butcher.
But he couldn't deliver anything|because of the snow.
So at seven thirty|the killer was still here.
Then he cut the cord.
Tell us about daddy's business.
You know how he was.
A real businessman, always working.
Very intelligent,|but not very talkative.
He was always working|on several things...
but he never told me |he was having trouble.
And Mr. Farnoux was a big support.|-Mr. Farnoux?
His new partner at the factory.|-Oh, yes.
Has he been here?|-No. Well yes, once or twice.
We never saw each other.|I mean, very little.
But every time Mr. Farnoux came,|the dogs started barking.
They smelled he had a dog himself.
So it's unlikely that...|-Absolutely. Very unlikely.
Mom, who inherits daddy's fortune?
I mean, we...
In this case the factory get's sold,|and the money goes to the wife and children.
His wife gets half and...
Notaries know everything about that.
Catherine, can you get me a handkerchief please.|-Yes, mom.
We must warn daddy's sister.
His sister? Rubbish.|That woman!
Yes, mama. You wrote me|she moved to this town.
Do you know why?
Surely to get in touch|again with Marcel.
After her decadent life in Paris,
she thought she could come|back to her rich brother.
Thank god she never set foot in our house.
How awful.
I come home after a year,|and daddy is dead.
Everything is looking different now.
Incredible how faces can change|in a year.
Do I look older then?
No, mama.
You're still as beautiful as ever.
Despite the passing of the years...
But that will probably change soon|after this disaster.
My sweet Marcel.|We understood each other.
We had it so good together.
But with separate bedrooms.
Marcel came home late.|He often worked at night.
He asked me to temporarily move.|Anything else?
This is not the time.|-Girls, quiet now.
We must get help.|Gaby, take the car. Hurry!
What if the killer is still here?|-Don't worry.
He probably isn't waiting for us.|He's long gone.
He went out the same way he came in:|through the door.
The killer is smarter|than we think. And nearer.
Is there a man prowling around?|-A man? Why a man?
What else?|-Well...
A woman!
Shame on yourself! You're accusing us.
If you have a clear conscience...
You have one then?|-More than you.
You think I did it because you hate me?
I don't care about you.|-Can you hear that?
Augustine, darling, calm down.
Of course, take sides with Gaby.|She's rich now.
She can kick us out!|Save your own neck.
Nobody ever contradicts her.
But I have a lot to|tell the police.
That's slander, you can't do that!|-Let her talk, darling.
She despises me. She's jealous.|Of course. I'm beautiful and rich.
She's ugly and poor.
Next time it will be right |between your eyes.
Such a nice vase, darling!
Do you want something to drink?|-I hate drinks between meals.
Didn't you get up 5 times tonight?
That's something else.|I'm very sick. Heart problems.
Take your pills then.
Fine, I'll take them all,|then you'll be rid of me.
Augustine, baby.|-Leave me alone!
Your legs! What happened?
I feel better. It's either the snow|or a Christmas miracle.
And we had to buy a wheelchair.
Louise, my coat.|I already asked you 2 times.
Yes, Madam
Did Mamy and Augustine|get along with daddy?
I should hope so.|He took good care of them.
They had some fights now and then,|but never serious.
Fights? About what?|-Oh small things.
Mamy was hanging on to her shares.
I tried to convince her to|give them to Marcel.
Out of gratitude for our hospitality.
Part of Mamy's money belongs|to you doesn't it?
Yes, but I gave it to Marcel,|when I finally got my hands on it.
Augustine found out and |started interfering.
Augustine and Mamy are being torn apart|by gratitude and avarice.
What do you want?|They didn't have a rich husband, as you.
That's my fault?
I had to beg Marcel to|let them live here.
He couldn't stand them.
Your father always loved youth.
Madam, your coat.
Tell me Louise,|when did you started working here.
Why do you ask?|-She's with us since October.
I worked for the wife of a notary|before. Do you care to check that?
That's not my job.
are you sure the dogs|were quiet?
Certainly. I couldn't sleep.|I had a bad feeling.
Monsieur wasn't looking all that well|when I brought him some herbal tea.
Monsieur asked for herbal tea?
Around midnight.
But he never drinks herbal tea!
He was working...|Maybe his stomach was bothering him.
He called. I brought his tea.
Did you stay long?
I left immediately.
Why didn't I see the serving tray|in his room then?
Leave me alone!
Gaby, I need you.
Your sister wants to take all her pills.
She's only pretending! You still believe her?
Can I go now, miss?
Tell me, Louise,
when you were making tea,|was Chanel still around.
No, she just left.
She sleeps in the hunting lodge in the park.|It gives her a sense of freedom.
We can do what we want after work,|can't we?
And playing cards is innocent.
Does Chanel play cards?|-Didn't you know?
Then I said something foolish!
Of course I knew.|And who's she playing with now?
I'm not a snitch.
We won't tell anyone.
Alright then. With miss Pierrette,|your father's sister.
Yes.|-And how did you know?
Mamy saw them.|She told me when she was drunk.
She always has a bottle in her room.
So Mamy is drinking again?
What's she like, aunt Pierrette?
An ex stripper, they say.
A talented artist, pure as|an angel, says Chanel.
What does it matter.
She does know how to take advantage|of her feminine charms.
Can't blame her...
But how does she get to Chanel?
She hitchhikes her way to the freeway|Then she street walks.
She's always been very good at that.|-Where is miss Augustine?
Bring these to her.
Now, Louise. Hurry!
Yes, miss.
What time did you leave last night?
Around midnight...
Did you go for a walk?|-Are you kidding, in this weather?
Had any visitors?|-Visitors?
I haven't had any visitors in the last 10 years.|-Are you sure?
This is enough!
I've ironed your pants.|You're going to get nicely dressed now.
I'm going already.
But I think you're hiding something.
Your sister doesn't have any manners.|She's not like you.
We are rather different.|And she's still so young.
If only your mother was more strict...
Tell me, Chanel.|Is Louise good at her work?
Let me tell you something,
she's a little slut that tries|to seduce the man of the house.
About the others...|-Yes?
I'm going back to the kitchen.
I want to tell you a secret.
You're the only one I can trust.|-I'm coming, Mamy.
Your father didn't have any more money.|-That's interesting. Go on.
Out of gratitude for|his hospitality...
I wanted to give him the shares|your grandfather left me.
He refused them.
He said, "Keep your money,|I'm going bankrupt anyway."
So I kept my shares.
But not for long.
They were stolen 2 days ago.|-Stolen?
They put something in my drink.
A little glass after dinner|helps fight the pain.
They've been in my room |and I've been robbed.
They knew where I was hiding them.
Under your pillow?|-How do you know?
Mamy, everyone knows.|-Everyone?
What a bunch of crooks!
Stop the thief! Murder!
Stop the thief!
Good heavens! What's the matter?|Why are you shouting like that?
They stole her shares.|-Her shares!
She's lying! She sold them.|And mine too!
I want my share! Now!
I swear they have been stolen!|-But you never leave your room.
That's not true!|I hear her floor creaking every night.
Don't you ever sleep?|-Never.
I listen. All night long.
If the girls weren't here,|I would tell you what I hear.
My poor Augustine...
I know! Gaby, you stole them,
to give them to who knows who.|Give them back!
Give them back now!
Madam, don't get carried away like that...
You stay out of this!
You dare to spit at madam?
She deserves it! I spit on |her lies!
My poor sister,|I'll get you for this!
Stop it! You act like a bunch of children.|Daddy is dead.
You're right, Suzon.|This is enough. Everyone stays here.
I'm taking the car.
Madam, your bag, your keys...
You should be ashamed of yourself, aunt Augustine.
On the other side of the line
There is your voice
There are words I will never say
Words that hurt|if they can't make you laugh
Words we see all to often|in movies, songs and books
Words I want to say to you
And words I want to live|Words I cannot say
I want to
But I can't
I'm so alone I'd rather die
And I know where you are
I'm coming, wait for me|We're learning to know each other
Give me some time|I'll give you mine
I want to come to you
But I'm staying
I hate myself
I'm not coming to you
I want to, but I can't
I want to talk to you
I want to be with you
Or try to sleep
I'm afraid you are deaf
I'm afraid you are a coward
Afraid I'm being too pushy
I can't tell you
That I love you: maybe
But if you ever think |that you love me
Don't be afraid for|your memories
Dare to run until|you are out of breath
Then come back to me again
If you ever love me
And have trouble
Finding the right road
Then come back to me again
If you had enough of your life
If every day seem the same
Then think of me
Think of me
But if you:
You think I hate you.|But I love you.
No one understands my love.|They think it's hatred.
Good wine also turns into vinegar sometimes.|-Don't be so mean to your aunt.
She's spoiled by her mother.|Reading all night so I can't catch any sleep.
But I will spare your sister.|-Why?
Because it's none of my business!|I won't tell you that...
she was constantly begging Marcel for money.
And that she wasted it on|God knows who!
But it's none of my business.|You won't hear a word out of me.
Bad news, ladies.|The car won't start.
The engine has been tampered with.
And who did that?|-What do you mean?
Madam, I was only asking.
I'll have to tell the police|you often go out at night,
which everyone knows.
I'll tell the police you|often go out at night,
which no one knows.|-There are laws against perjury.
And there are inheritance laws!|-Meaning?
You know exactly what it means.
Who has a motive?|-You've lost me.
The heir did it.|That's in all detective novels.
Go study your geography!
Suddenly interested in her studies?|-You want me to slap you too?
That's enough.|We'll have to walk.
I'm going.|-I'm going with you.
This isolation is unbearable.
Look! There is someone in the garden.
The killer is back!
I don't feel so good...|-Shut up.
I'm sorry, ladies.
I would never visit my brother uninvited,|especially in this weather,
but this morning someone called me.
A bad joke no doubt.
My brother is supposedly murdered.
Then they hung up. I called |here but the line was dead.
It's stupid, but I got scared.
The baker dropped me off...
Why are you staring at me like that?
It's a joke, right?
Answer me!
Why is his door locked?
How do you know it's his door?|You've never been here.
Marcel, let me in!
Marcel, it's me, Pierrette!|What's going on?
Don't yell like that.|Marcel is dead.
Dead?|I don't believe it.
Murdered.|A knife in his back.
We must ask you a few questions.
Leave me alone, please.
Who called you?|-I don't know.
A man?|-No, it was a woman.
I don't believe you.
Why would I make this up?|-As an excuse to come here.
Even though you've already been here before.|-Never!
Why didn't the dogs bark then?|-How should I know?
Why is the door locked?|-So no one can touch anything.
I want to see Marcel.|Give me the key.
So you can destroy evidence?
Give me the key|or I'll kick down the door!
It's on the piano.
This key doesn't fit.
What?|-See for yourself!
It's another key...
Someone is working against us.
I beg you, stop it.|My nerves are killing me.
We have no other choice.|The key was here.
Anyone of us could have|switched it.
Even Pierrette,|when she went up the stairs.
I'm a free girl
Who changes day and night
Love is a game
I like to play
But one fine day
I like to be tamed
And stop playing
And share everything
What good does it do to be free
If you have no one
to love
I have casual pleasures
And something special now and then
But when push comes to shove
Someone has to pay
And you're even more foolish then me
You teach to wait
And to shiver in prospect
That you'll be mine
What good does it do to be free
If you have no one
Who loves you
Now that your song is over,|when did you last see my husband?
You know we weren't the closest of friends.
Don't tell me you never saw him.
I ran in to him a few times,|in the city.
He loved me very much.
The fact that you didn't allow me|coming here made him suffer.
Well, you're here now.|-Yes.
The telephone call brought us together.
But my brother is dead.
And I've decided to suspect all|of you, out of principle.
Where are our manners?|I'm Marcel's mother-in-law.
This is my other daughter,|Augustine.
My son-in-law allowed us to stay here.|Your brother that is.
So you are Augustine?
We are members of the same reading club.
You're with a reading club?|I thought you hated to read?
Did I say something wrong?
Not at all. Not at all!
I might be a member,|but I never borrow any books.
Oh, really?
But the loose-tongued secretary told|me you borrow 5 love stories a week.
You must be mistaken.|-Maybe.
But last week you were reading|'Gondola of Love'. Weren't you?
'Gondola of Love'?
I didn't think so.|-I read it right after you.
By coincidence.|And I was happily surprised.
Between the pages,|I found someone belonging to you.
Give it back then.
What did you find in that book?|-A letter to my brother, a draft.
To Marcel?
But you saw him every day!
This woman is making things up!
Unfortunately,|I save everything.
An old habit.
"Dear Marcel,
Don't hold anything against me...
for shouting at my mother about|the shares in your presence.
I had to claim my share,|so she wouldn't suspect anything...
about my feelings for you.
I'd love for you to have them.
I would do anything|to get you out of trouble,
but don't mock me again|together with Gaby.
I'll put this under your door.|Love, Augustine."
Lies! I despised Marcel.|He was a womaniser.
I mean, he had women everywhere!
He would have given my shares|to his mistresses.
She has the same kind of arrogant smile.|I'll get you for this!
Is that a threat?
A motive for murder and a threat|is too much for a single person.
I couldn't have killed him,|I was in my room all the time!
You went to the bathroom 5 times,|so you had 5 possible occasions.
The bathroom? Which bathroom?
Calm down, Augustine...
Don't touch me!
Bravo, aunt Pierrette, focussing|all attention on Augustine.
Well done. But I have to|ask you a few questions.
I'm listening.
You said you've never been here?|-yes.
You're lying and I can prove it.
I swear I haven't told them anything,|Pierrette.
What's this?|-Yes, mama.
They know each other and keep|in touch regularly.
They both like to play cards.|-Play cards?
What's this about, Chanel?
I might as well tell you.
Sometimes Pierrette comes to my|room and stays the night.
My God!
I admit. I came to talk to |my brother once.
Couldn't Chanel pass a |message?
I bet she came for money.|-I've never asked for money.
He spend it on himself then?|-He knew I was having difficulties.
He helped me a few times.|-I can't believe this!
Mommy, daddy could do as he please.|So what.
I can react can't I.
It was my money!|It belonged to me.
Your greed will kill you sooner or later.
Do hear that?|How dare she...
This woman is terrible.
To be perfectly clear|we must know exactly...
what everyone has been doing tonight.
Mother, where were you?|-I already told you: in my room.
Did you leave it?|-No. Well yes... once.
To see how Catherine was.|I thought I heard her door.
She was reading.|So I went back to bed.
Catherine, did you get up?|-I went to the bathroom.
That's what mommy heard. I didn't see anything.|-Didn't you hear anything?
I was too absorbed in my book.|I didn't pay any attention.
Aunt asked me if I wanted to turn the lights off.|-You called me all sorts of names.
Stupid kid!|-I'll get you.
Suzon, I forgot something.
I heard a strange sound.
I looked through Augustine's keyhole,|and I saw her...
standing in front of the mirror|holding something shiny.
I didn't think about it at first,|but now I'm sure...
she was sharpening a knife!
You nutcase!|That was my comb.
I was cleaning it.|-At 3 am.
Combs never sleep!|I can go get it.
No, Augustine. We believe you.
And you went to the bathroom 5 times?|Did you see anyone?
No one.|-You said you heard mother get out of bed.
That's right.
Mamy, seeing as you can|walk again:
Did you get up?|-No.
Wait, yes...|Around 1 am,
I went to the living room|to get my knitting.
I thought I heard a scream|in Marcel's room.
I didn't recognize the voice,|but I didn't worry myself.
I thought it was you, Gaby.
You hear someone scream and you|automatically think it's me. Thanks.
Louise, do you know anything about this?
No. When I took his tea,|he was all alone.
Did you see anyone?
Yes. Miss Augustine.
I thought you said you didn't see anyone?
I forgot. I went to get a drink.|-But you were sneaking around Marcel's room.
What happened?
You could have known if|you slept together.
Being judged by my |own children!
That's why I never had any.
A man never asked you,|say it like it is.
Chanel, when did you leave?
Around midnight.
Before or after the tea?|-Shortly after.
How shortly?|-I don't know.
Five minutes later.|I did some cleaning up.
Louise wanted to bring the tea herself.
Why did you wanted to that yourself?
Monsieur asked me.|That's why.
It's all becoming clear now, young lady.
I'd rather be accused of sin|than of murder.
Those two go hand in hand.|But I don't have to tell you that.
What are you insinuating?
And where were you tonight, Pierrette?
I was doing a personal visit|that is none of your business...
and that has nothing to do|with this murder.
Are you sure you didn't|see Marcel?
Yes, I'm sure.
So you are the last one that |saw my husband alive, Louise.
Is that serious?
I can be accused of murder?|-No doubt!
Than I rather tell.|Sorry, miss Pierrette.
I could have known.
When I brought him his tea,|his sister was there.
So, Pierrette. You've been lying.|Why were you with my husband.
I came to talk to my brother.|I was sad.
Why did you talk so loud?|You had a fight?
No. We even laughed.|-And mother thought it was me.
Excellent witness!
So you were following our conversation?
No, I left immediately,|and I took the serving tray.
Pierrette, what did you do after that?
We talked some more,|then I left.
I can confirm that. I saw her|through the kitchen window.
Did she say anything else?
I'll tell you if you'll|leave me alone.
She asked me to keep quiet|and she gave me 10.000 francs.
Which I regret, little bimbo.|-What?
You sleep with everyone don't you.|-You don't? Even with the same ones.
And why did you give me the money?|I heard her telling Monsieur:
Give me the money or I'll kill you.
No, I said:|I'll kill myself.
No, I'll kill you.|-My poor Louise!
You have nothing to say.|You are merely a maid.
And you do? You are just a hooker.|-But I like it!
Stop it. You look like mad.
I've had enough of this!|I'm going to stop a car.
There is no longer any doubt.|The murderer is one of us.
It's one of the seven of you.
Hey, inspector Suzon,|you forgot to question someone.
You now know what we've been|doing tonight,
but you didn't tell us|what you've been doing.
Nonsense.|She arrived this morning.
No she didn't, dear mother.|I saw Suzon here last night.
When?|-Around 4 am.
I opened my door and|I saw you entering our father's bedroom.
I didn't kill my father.|I swear.
Well try to explain anyway!|This is shocking news.
I took the train a day earlier.
Tonight I sneaked into the house.
I went up to daddy.|I had important news I only...
wanted him to know.
Without his approval,|I would have never returned.
He was great.
Poor daddy...
He would help me, and told me to go back|to the station to arrive according to plan.
I obeyed. That's all.
What was so important?
Tell me, dear!
I'm having a baby.
Madam! Madam!
What now? Weren't you going for help?
The gate is locked. We can't |get out. We're stuck here!
I shouldn't have told|you were already here.
That's ok. Mom had to know.
So you are having a baby?|-Yes.
What does your fiance look like?|Does he resemble daddy?
He's tall and blond,|and has green eyes.
You are my love, my friend|All I dream about is you
You, my love: You, my friend|I only sing for you
My love, my friend|I can't live without you
My love, my friend|And I don't know why
I've never known any other boys|except you
And if I did|I'll forgot about them
Comparing them makes|no sense anyway
But my heart believes it
And it carries your name
You are my love, my friend|I only dream about you
You, my love: You, my friend|I only sing for you
My love, my friend|I can't live without you
My love, my friend|And I know very well why
You never know|what happens with love
And I always thought|I wouldn't leave you
I left you |Even though I didn't want to
And sometimes I still sing|for you
But love fades
You are my love, my friend|I only dream about you
You, my love: You, my love|I only sing for you
My love, my friend|I can't live without you
My love, my friend|And I don't know why?
Is he handsome?|-Yes.
I'm crazy about him.|-Lucky girl. What does he do?
He works in a bank.
His own bank?|-No.
Does he have a car?|-No.
What? Is he broke?
You still thinks|money makes people happy?
Does he have a brother?|-No.
Too bad.
You are much too young|for a boyfriend.
Too young...|Always the same!
I'm not a baby anymore!|I'm sick of it.
"Don't read. Don't throw stones.|Don't smoke!
Don't, don't, don't!"
And you dare lecture me?|After what happened to you?
I don't want you to make the same mistakes.|I want to protect you.
Me? Don't you worry about me.
What is it?|More shocking news?
No, that was all.
A slut!
A slut, that's what you are.
Those things happen.
In your circles yes.|In ours people get married first.
"Circles" no longer exist.|That's progress.
Should I congratulate her then?|-You could be a bit more forgiving.
We can do without your advice.
I just want to help.
If I remember well,
your belly was getting bigger too,|when you married my brother.
Shut up, you snake!
Thank god Marcel was around.
In detective novels it goes like this:
One of us is lying.|That's the killer.
What helps her is other people|lying, but for other reasons.
To find the murderer,|we must all tell the truth.
I have something to say...
Augustine! It's her heart.
Chanel, boil some water.|Suzon, get her medicine.
Where are they?|-In her night drawer.
She needs an injection!
Louise, get the medicine cabinet.|-Me?
I'm not a nurse.|I'm the maid.
But only you can do it!|Refusal is a crime.
As a maid I only do the housekeeping,|laundry and meals.
You can go to jail|if you refuse.
Everyone must know his place.
What if judges become doctors,|or grocers ministers.
Save us your wisdom.|I order you to inject her.
I have no business dealing with|your kind or your grocer...
So madam knows about my kind...?
But because you |ask so nicely,
I'll grant madam|her wishes.
I can't find anything!
She always moves things around.|I'm coming.
Aunt Augustine is looking so pale.
Isn't she faking?|-She's gaining conscience.
Her medicine are gone.
Someone is trying to kill her.
Baby, how are you feeling?
Terrible. My heart has stopped.
It will start beating again.|-I'm dying.
I need my injection. I'm dying!|-You are not dying.
You faint 2 times a day.
Why is everyone just standing there?
We want to help, but your|medicine is missing.
Missing?|-We were afraid to tell you.
I get it! You want me to die.
Like a mutt in the streets.|So I'm not getting an injection.
That's how it is, isn't it?
Fine! I'll die.
I'm going like I came:|without any help!
With my sick heart.|All alone.
Poor Marcel, only he was pure...|He's dead because of your corruption.
"Gondola of Love", chapter eight.
I've found the medicine.|-Hurry! Quick!
Careful. Watch it.
Where did you find them, Suzon?|-Under someone's bed.
Which bed?|-Your bed, mommy.
Mine? But that's impossible.
Someone is trying to accuse me.|-No doubt.
Whoever is doing this do us|must be our enemy.
There is no other explanation.|-Thinking of me again?
Not in particular.
But you know you are in|Marcel's will.
He told me he left you|2 million.
So, Marcel thought about me?|-Don't act so innocent.
You knew he went to his|notary,
and when you were sure|about your inheritance...
I have a different version to tell.
He wanted to include me|in his will,
so you interfered|for your own benefit.
Repulsing!|-Is there a will or isn't there?
If there is, it's not|looking good for me.
But if there isn't,|you are in trouble.
I know the answer.
There is none.
I was talking to daddy|about it yesterday
He said,
"I'm glad you know.|I'll be seeing my notary tomorrow.
I won't forgot you."
A clever way of saying,
"I'm innocent, daddy was going|to put me in his will."
What a despicable insinuation!|You are a monster, Suzon.
I'm not accusing you.|I'm telling you like it is.
You dare to lecture me?
Look at your mother!|And repeat what you just said.
How can you be so bitter when you|went through the same thing?
I'll never get over this.
Excellent acting!|-Shut up you!
Why don't you tell us where you where last night.
I'll save that for the police.
Surely with a man?
I'm dying. Hurry up!
You aren't dying, dearest.|Here's your shot.
I saw something else under your bed.|-What?
Your bags. Packed...|Ready to leave.
Did you have any plans?
None of your business.
Tell me one thing.
Was daddy my real father?
I don't want to talk about that.
I have a right to know.|You were pregnant when you married daddy.
Tell me!
It doesn't matter anymore.
It's all in that past.
Marcel raised you like|his own daughter.
Who is my father?
A man I loved.
You have his eyes.
His cheek bones.
His face.
It often touches me when you smile.
I look at you, but I see him.|In you.
Where is he now?
He died before you were born.
In a car accident.
I think about him every day.
Seeing you...
Having him so near me...
makes me happy and sad.
Louise not wanting to help!
That isn't normal.
Leave that girl alone.|Why would she kill him?
Because personnel nowadays|isn't what it used to be.
By the way, Chanel,|I don't understand something.
You said you left the house|around midnight.
But I saw you coat and scarf
around 1.30 am,
when I went to get my knitting|in the living room...
You aren't so quiet usually.|Answer me!
Yes, answer.
I came back after 1 am.
Why didn't you say so?
Because I thought you would find|the murderer immediately.
Why did you come back?
I was looking for Pierrette.
And did you find her with daddy|around 1 am? -Yes.
Why where you looking for Pierrette at that hour?
I cannot say...
We decided to tell the truth.
I love Pierrette|and I wanted to protect her.
She likes the wrong kind.
I can't believe it.
Chanel, you love women?|-Is there a law against it?
Do you have something to complain about?|-But...
You must... You are ill.
Chanel's personal life is none|of our business.
Sinners understand each other!
Mamy, stop being so prejudiced!
Where were we?
You wanted to protect Pierrette.|But from what?
I was jealous of her love for Marcel.
It's getting better and better!
Marcel and I were brother and sister,|nothing more.
Maybe as kids...|-It depends on the family!
Forgive me, Pierrette.
Chanel, I trusted you completely!
You raised my children!|-I did nothing wrong, madam.
Without me, your daughters would|have had nothing.
I won't stand and listen to this.
Especially to someone of your... nature!
If the police arrives,|I won't spare you.
As you wish, madam.|I have nothing more to hide.
Not to be alone
We get a dog
Surround us with roses
Or worship a cross
Not to be alone
We believe in fairy tales
Are fond of memories
A shadow, anything will do
Not to be alone
We long for spring
And when it's over
We long for the next
Not be alone
I love and wait
It makes me believe
That I'm not alone
Not to be alone
Not to be alone
Girls like girls
And boys
Like other boys
Not to be alone
Some children have
Children who are alone
Just like other children
Not to be alone
We build cathedrals
Where all lonely souls
Hold on to a star
Not to be alone
I love and wait
It makes me believe
That I'm not alone:
If you ladies are interested in the whole truth,|I have some more...
interesting information to add.|-What is it now?
Marcel and your new maid|have known each other for 5 years.
5 Years of hotels|and secret weekends.
This winter you were looking for a girl,|so Louise had herself hired.
Now that's what I call "taking care of house".
You have enough problems|of your own.
Did you already knew Monsieur?
So you thought of this plan|to come work here?
Yes. We were attracted to each other.
That surprises me.|You are so ordinary.
Maybe it was time for an |ordinary woman.
He probably paid you.
Madam is always thinking about money.
But if you rather believe that...
I'm not believing anything, I want to know.
With a little imagination...
I gave Marcel orgasms|like he had never experienced before.
In a way you didn't want to find out.|-Keep those obscenities to yourself!
Is it bad to give yourself|completely to someone?
That's the most beautiful thing|you can do in your life.
You missed your calling,|you should have become a non.
I'm talking about love and you laugh.
But madam didn't like it I was |so dedicated to my job...
and relieved her of all her|marital duties.
We shared the same bed.
Stop it. My daughters are here.
Didn't you want to know the truth.
Monsieur's death doesn't change anything.|I'd like to keep working for you.
It keeps getting better.|Nice state of affairs!
Poor Marcel!|I feel sorry for him.
You'd loved to comforted him.|-Is it my turn now?
So you got wind of Louise and|Marcel's affair...
and at night you took revenge!|-How dare you? The girls!
The girls? Catherine is mean and lazy,|ruined by those books,
and Suzon is knocked up.
Yet she's questioning us|as if she were Lady Justice herself!
Girls used to have some self-respect!
Now they go out, smoke, wear pants,|camp and get pregnant.
How sad!
What do expect with such a mother.|Nice example you are.
Why don't you have any children then?|-Because I'm respected!
Is aunt still a virgin?|-Of course! Who would want her?
Gaby, please! Don't torment your sister|any further. She almost died!
Stop protecting her.|And lecturing me.
An alcoholic witch, pretending|to be a cripple widow!
You are a liar. And a hypocrite too,|consumed by your own greed.
I should have let you suffer.
You ungrateful child!
How dare you?|Your husband is murdered.
Daddy too!|-What do you mean?
You poisoned him.|Literally and figuratively speaking.
My heart!
My heart is going to stop beating...
Now I know for sure.
Or almost...|-Spill it!
One piece of evidence is missing.|Everyone stay here!
I have to go check something outside.
Give me 2 minutes,|and I'll explain this murder.
Do you believe her?|-She know's something.
No one was allowed to leave|and you let her go.
She'll get away, it's a trick!|-So she did it?
I figured she did.|Now's she's trying to get away.
There she is again!|Let's hide.
Just as I expected...
Where are they?
Why are they gone?|Where are you?
My God.
Is she dead?|-Because she knew...
Now we know for sure.|-What then?
She's not the murderer.
Say something.
You know something. I know you do.
She won't tell us anything.
You scared me.
Is Chanel ok?|-Yes, the bullet didn't hit her.
But she's not saying anything.
The murderer didn't want to kill her.
Or he's half blind.|She's hard to miss.
Maybe he wasn't wearing his glasses.
If you ask me,|he wanted to scare her.
In any case, I'm exhausted.
Not surprising considering your "dedication".|-Could be.
Since you spy, did you also hear|him moaning with pleasure?
Yes, I mean... I don't know.
Now that we are talking about it,|I would like to...
I would like to ask you something,|Louise.
No, never mind.
Go ahead, ask me.
I just wanted to ask how...
How to seduce a man...
You are asking me, the maid, |how I seduced Marcel?
Yes, please.
You know, miss...
Femininity, charm...
and the art of seducing can't|be learned.
You either have it or you don't.
You can try a little.|Hairstyle...
Don't bother|Looking behind
The school board is empty|The chalk has faded
There is no longer a trace
And I live my life, head or tails
Al my feelings, head or tails
For ever and ever, head or tails
It doesn't matter to me|Sometimes I make it
Sometimes I don't
I want to live, head or tails
My love is head or tails
Everything blurred, head or tails
I try everything|Sometimes I get lost
Sometimes I shine
Everyday in front of my mirror
I see dreams appear
And dreams disappear
And time is flying by
But I live my life, head or tails
Al my feeling, head or tails
Every sensation, head or tails
Without hesitation|Sometimes I make it
Sometimes I don't
And I live my life, head or tails
Al my feelings, head or tails
For ever and ever, head or tails
It doesn't matter to me|Sometimes I make it
Sometimes I don't
I can't.
I just can't.
Our dear Augustine!
You always wanted daddy too.|Too bad he went for the maid.
Bitch! Just as mean as your mother.
As long as I'm no longer a|virgin at your age.
I've had it.|We must get out of here.
I don't want to be humiliated any longer.
Mommy, can you hear me? Say something!
What did the knife in |Marcel's back look like?
Louise says it was a dagger,|but she may be lying.
If you couldn't see the blade,
then how could she know?
Stop tormenting yourself.
It's no longer our problem.|Let's go pack.
What if the handle was not made of|bone but something else?
It couldn't be a fishing knife...
You are confused|by what Gaby said.
What did Gaby say?|-That you killed father.
What's so funny?
It's a despicable lie...
It's not a lie, dear.
It's the truth.
Have you lost your mind?
Why would you have killed father?
There are different kinds of |women, Augustine.
And different times,|different generations.
Your father...
Your father gave me a good life,|without worries.
He gave me everything|I wanted...
He just started his career.
His goal was to make a fortune.
You can't even imagine.
He was brilliant.
He treated me with sensitivity|and respect.
A real gentleman.
But I couldn't stand him!
Can you imagine a life |with a man you don't love?
And who you have nothing|to blame.
Knowing you're stuck with him.
Divorce was out of the question|in those days.
So it's true.
I robbed you of a father...|and of his money.
That's what made me suffer the most.
That's what made you suffer?
You suffered? You?
How dare you say that, when I never|got over my father's death.
Forgive me, dear.
I'll kill you...|-No!
I'll kill you!|-Yes, kill me.
I'll kill you!|-Go ahead!
With my bare hands!|-Do it, quickly!
I'll kill you!|-Hurry up!
Stop it, Augustine!|What are you doing?
She killed daddy.|-I know, but it's too late now.
Kill me please.|-Stop it.
She's mad.|I've been living with a lunatic.
I took care of her, cuddled and|kissed her! And she's insane!
Stop it, both of you!|-A lunatic!
Kill me!|-That's enough!
Mamy? Mamy?
Is she dead?|-Only unconscious. Open the closet.
Really?|-She'll calm down in there.
I'm sick of this.
Really sick.
What's the matter? Are you upset?
Why didn't you ever tell me?
I wanted to protect you.
I ruined my life.
I ruined my life.
No, you are exhausted.
Lie down a bit, Titine.
What a day.
In one day|I've grown 10 years older.
So did I.
It feels good.|-Oh really?
Yes, I feel like a woman now...
instead of a child that no one|takes serious.
Now they listen to me.|They are even afraid of what I have to say.
I'm glad Chanel is unharmed.
Al those awful things|we've heard...
Strange that she's not talking though.
Either she can't, or she won't.|She's protecting someone.
I doubt it.
Tell me...
Do you believe Mamy|poisoned Papy?
I don't know, I hope not.
They hate each other so much,|they lie to hurt each other.
I hope we won't turn out like that.
How does it feel to sleep |with a boy?
Don't you know?|-Of course. But how does it feel?
You liked it?
Well... it depends.
Never mind. Tell me about school.|How is your English?
You are afraid to answer.
Stop all those questions.|Looks like an obsession.
Pardon me.
Never suspected you were so... frigid.
'Frigid'? Is that a new word?
It means your heart is made of ice.|Too cold to feel pleasure.
Stop it.
I'm warning you!
You can't beat me anymore.|I've grown to old for that.
Hit me again and I'll tell |your boyfriend you are frigid.
So what?|You're not even my real sister.
Mom says dad|is not my real father.
That's not true!
Thank god he's not.
How can you say that?
You have to swear you won't tell anyone.
I swear.
The baby I'm having?
It's Marcel's.
Louise? My coat, please.
Just put it there.
No, better put it here.
What are you doing?
Playing lady of the house?|-Yes.
I'm tired of being your maid.
You call this clean? Give me that|piece of cloth. I want it shining.
You are mad!|Where do you think you are?
In a badly managed household.
The lady of the house is incompetent|and doesn't reflect any authority.
How dare you judge me?|You are my servant.
Me working here, was not for myself,|nor for Monsieur...
but for you madam.
Unfortunately you disappointed me today|because of your weakness and mediocrity.
Who is this woman?
Your former employer?
Yes, madam.
And you respected her?
Yes... I loved her.
Darlings, I don't know|where this is going...
Chanel won't speak,|Augustine won't stop crying,
Mamy is making things up|and Louise is getting arrogant.
Where is Pierrette?|-I don't know.
Me neither.
I hope she's not gone.|-Gone?
In the dark, with all this snow?|-That woman is dangerous.
She didn't answer a single question|honestly.
Coffee, madam?|-Yes please.
Louise!|-Yes, miss?
Did you know Pierrette was gone?
She can't be far.
The gate is locked. I don't see|her climbing over the wall.
Are her things still here?|-Her bag is still there.
So who was right?
I didn't suspect either of you.|-How is that possible?
Pierrette and Marcel were having|a fight last night.
Then she spent the night|with Chanel.
This morning she came back|and she killed him.
In stead of going home,|like she said, she waited and came back,
and used the mysterious |phone call as an excuse.
You think so?|-I'm sure of it.
She wanted to get rid of her friend Chanel|or intimidate her.
Madam, look!
Augustine, what happened to you?
Nothing. I just wanted to be pretty for a change.
Can't I be?
Of course you can.
Is that one of my old dresses?|-I borrowed it for a moment.
You don't mind, I hope?|-Not at all.
You look beautiful, aunt.|Nice to see you like this.
Incredible...|A total change.
Get used to it.
What was that?|-It came from upstairs.
Pierrette is coming to kill us.
What shall we do?|-Nothing.
We'll hide this gun and find|out what she's up to. Come on.
Where were you, Pierrette?|-In the bathroom.
Did Chanel tell you anything?|-No, don't worry.
What were you doing in the bathroom?|-Nothing.
Augustine, you look like one |those heroines from your novels.
'The Lady with the Camelias'.|-Don't you like flowers?
Sure I do. Especially camelias.|A flower with no scent.
Why are you staring at me like that?
Well, because of this.
It was in your purse.|-Someone put it there, I swear.
Of course.
Easy to prove. The police won't|find my fingerprints, while...
you did touch it.|-I didn't think of that.
Now listen.
The killer has made sure that|we couldn't call the police.
We must get out of here, it's a matter|of life and death.
The gate is closed.
We'll try climbing over it|using a ladder.
I'm going with you.|-Let's go.
Mom, keep an eye on Pierrette.
Why are you smiling?
You may thank me for keeping|my mouth shut.
About what?
You have a lover.
A lover? Is that your latest discovery?|-No, my first.
I've known for a while...
And that's why I killed my husband?|-I didn't say that.
It's too obvious.
If all unfaithful women did that,|there would be no more men.
Or lovers.|They usually are both.
They want to buy me cars
Jewels and fur coats
You never!
They promise me a fortune
And also the moon
You never:
And every time they call
They tell me I'm beautiful
You never:
They prey to me and worship me
Yet I ignore them
You know
Man, you're a man like any man
I know
And because you're my man, I forgive you
You never
They make up stories
And I pretend to believe them
You never
They promise to be faithful forever
You never
And when they tell me they love me
They need too many words
You never
I don't care for their fortune
Let them send that to the moon
Without regret!
Man, you're a man like any man
I know
And because you're my man
I forgive you
You never
I don't understand how a man|can love you.
You probably think you're more attractive?
The desire of a man is an |incompleteness, which we encourage.
Is that how you caught|Chanel in your web?
And seduced her?
Chanel didn't need|me for that.
I'm so disappointed in men,|that I often prefer women.
Believe me,
love between women is|not shocking at all.
It's even so nice you should try it|to forget about all the men.
Did men make you suffer so much?|-Yes.
Even Marcel?|-Especially Marcel.
I got even|with those other men.
My brother was my only family.
When I came here, he was a coward.
He rejected me and locked me out.
I can't forget that.
So I made sure he...
gave me money.|Louise heard it correctly:
"Give me the money or I'll kill you."
If you don't help a sister in need,|you have to pay.
Now you are accusing yourself.
No. You don't kill your benefactor.|Neither of us would.
You think I'm innocent?
I'm sure of it.
I want to thank you for your discretion.
Concerning my daughters.
amongst women.
I have to tell you something.
I should have been long gone.
I wanted to leave my husband.|My bags were packed.
But he was murdered the night|I wanted to leave.
Poor Marcel.
And what's to become of me?
I could give you the money|Marcel refused to give.
That's not necessary. I lied.|He did give it to me.
Why didn't you say so?
I don't have it anymore.|I gave it away.
To a man I love.
Even I sometimes pay.
He needed the money for|a trip to Mexico.
To Mexico?
How much did you give him?|-500.000 francs.
In an envelope?|-Yes, a big blue envelope.
What's the matter?
Don't tell me you...|Who's your lover?
You know. My husband's partner,|Jacques Farnoux.
Jacques is your lover?
That is my envelope...|-You can have it back.
It's empty!
The money is gone.|Someone knew about it.
You took Jacques from me,|just like my brother.
With your neat and tidy looks!
I failed as a citizen, but you|as a whore. I could strangle you.
That's enough!
Stand up! Or I'll shoot.|-Go on.
Shoot! Have the guts.
Do it, you're experienced.
Mom, what are you doing?
We were just talking.
We can see that.|-It's not what you think.
We don't think. We see.
Any success with the ladder?
The wall is too high and there is too|much snow. We would fall on the road.
I could have been killed.|-But that's my coat!
Everyone is stealing from me.
First my sister, now my maid.
It kind of suits me.|-I bet it does. Take it of!
Get Mamy out of the closet.
Mamy is in the closet?|-Yes, she's taking a siesta
Mamy, is everything fine?|Answer me!
Where am I? What's happening?
I don't remember anything.|-Some things are better to be forgotten.
I had this strange dream...|Marcel was dead.
Still no police.
Why did you get up, Chanel?
This nonsense has been going on far to long.|I have to tell.
She knows everything.|She's playing a game with us.
The revenge of the servants!|-You are wrong.
It's a sad case of family affairs.|-Well? We are listening.
It's a bizarre story.
Catherine, get over here.
Do you know everything, Chanel?
Come one, Catherine. Tell us.
Listen. I'm going to tell you|a nice Christmas carol.
There once was a good man|with 8 women vexing him.
He fought and fought,|but they always won.
Last night, that poor man went to bed|more betrayed and broken than ever.
His 8 women continued as usual.
Fortunately his daughter Catherine, |who was hiding, heard and saw everything.
10 pm. Act 1.
His mother-in-law refused to|give him her shares.
My sweet Marcel,|I know you are bankrupt.
I wanted to give you my shares,|but someone stole them.
The old lady could have saved him,|but her greed made her lie.
Act 2. 10.30 pm.
Augustine, residential serpent,
comes flirting and|spouting the latest gossip.
I really love my sister.|She's...
We're simply very different.
Aunt didn't kill dad.
She just made him more sick.|But that's no crime.
Around 11 pm.: next attack.
His wife, my mother,|tells him she's going to leave him.
For the man who caused his|bankruptcy,
his partner, Jacques Farnoux!
At 11.30 pm.,|Louise comes in dressed as a vamp.
She's a vicious maid|but also perverted.
Her special talents include|the misfortune of the man of the house.
Shortly thereafter, Pierrette comes in,|daddy's sister.
She milks her cow:|500.000 francs. Not bad!
In the mean time, Chanel is |enchanted by the ex stripper,
a pathetic jealous scene.
Now come to the hunting lodge.
And to tip it all of...
Suzon, his daughter, comes
straight from London, to tell him|she's pregnant.
And then, good night!
Who saw daddy after that?
Are you still listening?|You're all ears now.
Only I remain.|-My little girl.
Poor daddy.
I found him this morning around 6.|He was crying.
A father crying is terrible.|Did you ever see that?
There was a big tear on the tip of his nose.
He said: "You're a sweet daughter.
A bookworm with dirty hands|but you're everything I got."
I swore to make him happy, |no matter what.
But he kept crying.
He said: "It seems wonderful|to be dead."
I felt sorry for him.
Then I decided to free him from his misery.
You're not saying you...|-Murdered daddy?
Daddy was never dead!
Daddy was never dead!
He's alive! Behind that door!
I conceived this macabre scheme|to test you all.
I phoned Pierrette.|Sabotaged the phone and the car,
hid the medicine, stole the |gun and mom's money...
and hid daddy's key,|so he could have some peace and quiet.
It was all part of my plan|and you fell for it.
You were afraid.|Only Chanel got suspicious.
You saw daddy at the window?|-Yes.
Sorry about the gunshot,|but you couldn't say anything...
to discover the truth|and expose everyone.
Daddy is alive and well behind|this door.
He watched everything.
Daddy, freed from you,
awaits his little Catherine|to leave here. Far away.
I'm the only one|who truly loves him.
Heard enough, daddy?
I'm coming.
No one will hurt you anymore.
I'll protect you.|I'll give you everything.
I was only joking...
Now you've really killed him!
Nothing a man owns,|really belongs to him
Nor his power, nor his|weakness, nor his heart
And if he opens his arms
His shadow forms a cross
When he has found happiness,|he ruins it
His life is a strange|and bitter divorce
There's no such thing as happy love
His life is like|those soldiers without weapons
destined to pursue|another goal in life
Why would we get|up in the morning
when the night finds them unarmed|and unsure
Say these word|and hold your tears
There's no such thing as happy love
My beautiful love, my dear|love, my torn heart
I carry you like a |wounded bird
And they, ignorant,|watch us pass
And repeat my words
that die instantly in|your big eyes
There's no such thing as happy love
The moment we learn how to|live it's too late
Our hearts cry|together in the night
It takes much regret to|atone for a sensation
It takes much grief|for the most simple songs
Lot's of tears for|a melody played on guitar
There's no such thing as happy love