8 Million Ways to Die (1986) Movie Script

You don't no where it's going to
come from any more.
Total strangers are killing each other.
Everybody's got a piece.
You know the murder rate used to be around
a thousand a year
3 a day in the whole country
and that was a high.
Now it's about 5 a day.
Higher in the summer
14 of them two Fridays ago.
We give the death penalty
six or seven times a day.
Only it's not for murderers
it's for ordinary citizens.
Yeah, there are 8 million
stories in the naked city.
Remember that old TV show?
Do you know what we got in this town'?
We got 8 million ways to die.
Alright, let's cut the crap and
do what we get paid for.
Griffin and I'll take the back door
the rest of you in the front.
I want you two guys at the corner just
in case alright? -Yeah -ok, let's hit it.
Watch for close lines. Just about had
my head ripped of here the last time.
Where's Sheldon?
There he is. For gettin the shotgun,
that's my man.
He likes that thing.
You've been making all the
vice on this guy Lopez?
Si -with dope? -Si.
Where did you get that'?
- Outside?
- Si.
Buenos dias, Hector.
Buenos dias, senora.
Hector, I am sorry but you are arrested
for selling...
Some very bad drugs.
I do not want to go back to jail
what can I do, I have the warrant.
- Can I finish my dinner? -Hector.
- I do not want to go back to jail.
You know, we can go out at the back.
Your neighbors won't us.
Ah, dios mio.
The bad news is that Matt
was involved in a shooting.
The good news is that he is up
the other guy is down.
Honey, he is fine.
He is a hell of a lot better than I am,
believe me.
Did the suspect fire his weapon first?
No, he didn't.
You did
that's right.
Did the suspect return your fire?
No he didn't.
Did the suspect have a gun?
Not that I know of, no.
You mean you fired on an unarmed man
in his kitchen in front of his family?
I didn't say that he was unarmed.
- Then he had a weapon.
- Yeah.
What was it'?
A louisville slugger.
A what?
A baseball bat, you son of a bitch!
Dumb shit!
Not necessarily, it could be anything.
He may be real calm.
He might try to jump you in the shower
and find out he's got nothing to do with it
but Linguini.
Get upset.
Some guys react real funny to
situations like this, and I just.
You know...
I didn't want you to worry.
They ask you if you've been drinking?
Uh huh.
What did you tell them?
Not nearly as much as I am gonna.
Wait! Tracy.
To whom it may concern.
I am detective sergeant Matthew j. Scudder.
Badge number 19583613.
Request a leave of absence.
For medical reasons.
I make the request not only for my sake
for the sake of the department and my family.
Did the suspect have a gun?
You mean you fired on an unarmed man
in his kitchen in front of his family?
I didn't say that he was unarmed.
Did they ask you if you've been drinking?
Not nearly as much as I am gonna.
Then he had a weapon?
I am a member of the...
Son of a bitch!
Put your lights on man!
Hey put your lights on!
Ok, anybody out here with 6 months
of continual sobriety?
Come on and get it.
- Congratulations. -Thanks.
- You've earned it.
So how does it feel?
Like I could use a drink.
Boy, oh boy.
- I wish...
- Who are you?
- I'm Matt, I am an alcoholic...
- Hi Matt.
This chip.
This chip is the only thing I know that you
got to earn and pay for at the same time.
And you pray to god you can hold it,
hold on to it every day of your life.
So far being a drunk
has cost me my job.
My home, my health.
I am not a cop.
I am not married
to Linda anymore
and my liver...
There must be a bunch of mice now living in
my Swiss cheese of liver, I tell you that.
But I do I have this
and you people...
That's a beginning.
I do have one other thing to hold on too,
that even the alcohol couldn't take away.
I will always be lauries' dad.
And all I want is for her to be as grateful
for that as I am. Thanks.
Best speech I heard, Matt.
Way to go, Matt.
Ok, anybody else out there who has
6 months of sobriety.
See you next week.
Can you bring me another one?
- Hi.
- Hi.
That was really very touching.
Oh thanks.
I wish my father could have
said something like that.
You ever get up there and talk?
I make it a point of fading into
the background whenever I can.
What are your plans?
I plan to get reinstated in
the sheriff's department.
No, I mean your immediate
plans, tonight.
Someone wants to meet you.
I think you'll want meet
them too.
A little vague.
- How's it going?
- Good.
Excuse me.
You got here.
Are you sunny?
You look so cute.
Come on.
Wait a minute... before this goes
any further.
I think I've got to tell you
that if we met sometime before
the last six months I don't
remember a fucking thing, I'm sorry
I'm glad you got my note.
Come on. I have some
friends I want you to meet.
Chance owns this place
Sarah... chance.
This is my friend Matt.
Chance? My ass, you are
Willie Walker, aren't you?
That was a long time ago man.
It seems like yesterday to me.
For me too, motherfucker.
How are you doing?
Wipe your mouth
Sarah this is Matt scudder.
The guy I told you about a long time ago
that busted me.
He's indirectly responsible
for me owning all this.
Rosi, tonight is my night baby.
Right, Sarah?
- How you doing, man?
- Baby.
- How are you feeling?
- Feeling no pain, man.
Hey, it's my favorite lady.
Angel this is my friend Matthew.
Hello Matthew.
Looks like a good boy
Lopez is up, join me, he's a friend of mine
excuse me.
Don't go away...
Come on, come on, come on.
Still the ladies man, huh?
What you gonna do?
What do you want man?
How'd do you know sunny
without me knowing about it?
Sunny? Forget that...
- How are you involved with him?
- The guy is a dope dealer.
Well you see, he's never been busted.
No, I didn't say he wasn't successful
but he's a scumbag.
He's my customer, man, I'm not his.
What's goin on, baby?
Who do you like baby, how much?
Who do I like? I like everybody
I'm talking about fighters
i know.
What odds do you give me'?
Vascos has a 5-2 over Lopez.
So who are the favorites?
There's 2 fighters up there, man. Pick one.
And anywhere you want to
go man you know I got you.
I'll be easy on you, $5,000.
- Great party.
- Thanks
How about a little sub-bet?
I don't think I can afford it.
It don't have to be money.
I don't bet on anything.
I don't enjoy it!
There is got to be something you enjoy.
Don't bet on it.
Just kidding.
Sir, what would you like to drink?
Sunny, how do you know this guy?
I don't know.
He is an old friend.
Really? Look at his shoes...
I don't think he can afford you.
Come on Sarah, he's cute.
He must be good.
Oh yeah, he is good... he is great.
Are you alright?
Yeah, fine, why?
Am I acting weird or something?
No but you seem a little...
Oh no, everything is fine, really
I'm sorry Sarah.
I'm gonna get another drink.
Come on baby!
He is just.
I don't like the look of this one, baby.
This guy related to you, basso?
I've never saw him in my life.
You never saw him?
Ok, ok. Here you go.
What are you laughing at?
You remind me of my ex-wife.
She wouldn't bet on a fixed fight either
Sarah, what do you think of my guy?
Ah hell, honey, it's not what I think
that counts, is it?
Let's give it to the man over here
who bet on Lopez.
Just protecting myself, man. It's ok.
You want to go for a ride?
Call me later.
Hey, slim.
Get out of here Matt,
we need the business.
You live around here, don't you?
About 50 feet out that back door.
Banana daiquiri please.
What are you doing in a bar
if you are trying not to drink?
Do you like making it hard on yourself?
Give me a coke.
Coming Matt.
Don't be nervous
I'm not nervous.
I guess I'm a little nervous.
I guess I want a drink.
And I want to hear you talk a little.
Before I do.
Are you ready to talk now?
We 90 up to your place?
- My place?
- Your place.
one more thing.
What's that?
Another banana daiquiri to go.
Where did you get my name?
God, you are so nosy.
This is it.
You are a cop, right?
Detective actually, sheriff's department.
And now you go around fixing things?
That's one way to put it.
No if it's a leaky faucet,
or requires a bail bondsman.
I'm real good at major felonies
including my own.
Well this is nothing like that.
I hear you have influence
with certain people.
And I want you to talk to them.
I'll pay you $5,000.
To talk?
To talk.
Do you know what I do?
Yeah, you are a hooker.
Yeah... you're right.
I got to go to the bathroom.
Hi, this is Matt...
Phone's ringing.
I am not at home right now.
Leave your name number and time you called
I'll get back to you...
I am here.
I'm here.
Daddy, what are you so mad about?
Oh, nothing honey, the phone.
It's a little late for you to be calling, isn't it'?
Give me a break, it's only 11:30 and
we don't have school tomorrow.
And what are you going to do?
Go riding with you.
- Oh geez. I won't, I mean I didn't...
- Matthew?
What time?
Could you come here a minute please?
How about 8 o'clock in the morning?
Matthew? How long has this been going on?
She sounds like a real wuss, daddy.
Yes, I know.
I mean...
- Honey, I'm gonna see you in the morning, alright?
- I love you.
Ok, I love you too...Bye bye.
What's the problem sunny?
Oh, no problem.
I want to show you something.
The street light makes my
pussy hair glow in the dark.
Cotton candy... the glow
I'll show you.
Not only you are a whore, you are a
dump whore. Here.
What in your experience
tells you a man is
more reliable because
he's going to fuck you?
Well that's just what I've always done...
Predictable is not reliable.
whether it's for money or not, getting
fucked is usually getting fucked.
This whole thing is making me
very fucking nervous sunny!
I want you to spit it out
or you are out the door.
You are out of here.
No, don't... please don't.
Please don't.
Level with me!
I promise, I'll tell you everything, ok?
I don't want to be a whore any more
and I am afraid to tell chance.
You have to talk to him for me.
He will listen to you.
You can tell him you love me
tell him you're crazy about me.
You can tell him that we
want to get married. Yes,
tell him we're going
to get married, please.
Come on, I'm gonna
call him on the phone.
No, you can't tell
him on the phone.
I'll go over there then,
come on, let's go.
No, I can't go over there,
I am scared of chance.
Please let me stay here.
It's safer for me, ok?
Let me get this straight,
are you giving me $2,500...?
So sunny doesn't have
to fuck for a living?
...have been known to do bad things to
girls who leave them, right?
Look man.
I pay all the girls around here a
base salary for showing up at my club.
I feed them.
I lease their cars.
I even have a trust fund set aside
in case something happens to one of them.
But all I paid them for is their
availability to my customers.
They pay me for absolutely nothing.
Now, sunny may be a high priced whore but..
...who, when and for how
much it's strictly her business.
Look, I'm sorry
Willie this is...
Hey, don't call me Willie
man, don't say you are sorry.
You don't have to be doing that.
Look man, I am not her pimp, I'm
nobody's pimp and if I was
a pimp I'd be the most
pussy-whipped pimp in this town.
No one pays me for the privilege
of being a whore. Anyone around
that wants to sell themselves
they do it strictly on their own.
It's alright man.
I hate money man.
If it's new, it cuts your
fingers, if it's old, it stinks.
- You heard that.
- Me and half the club.
- You got any maalox?
- No, you need compazine.
No, I want maalox, this
makes me too sleepy.
You stayed up late enough,
I'll handle things.
Mr scudder.
Look, she really said that
she was scared of me?
Yes, she indicated that.
Don't play with that, alright, put that
down, you know nothing about art.
Put it down.
It's expensive.
Well I guess what you do
to her, if she left I guess.
You know what she wanted me to tell you...
Forget it.
What? What, motherfucker
don't play with me.
She wanted me to tell you we were going
to get married.
You like that?
Thought you would.
I'll tell you what
I'll give you $2,500 to see you say that
with a straight face.
So, what do you want me to tell her?
Mr scudder, why don't you come with me
so Mr. Walker can have some rest now?
You are Pete rose around here, aren't you?
Who is Pete rose?
Baseball, he is a playing manager.
- I handle some of the business, yeah.
- Besides your own.
I need a hard 8.
Arrita, for good luck.
There it is. See you later?
- If you are lucky.
- I'm always lucky.
How are you doing?
You've had quite an education, haven't you?
Anyone who gets past the
age of 2 has an education.
Tram is here.
What is it with you?
What do you have against me?
It's been like this ever since we met.
I don't like cops
I'm an ex-cop.
Goodbye mr scudder.
Tell sunny she is no different
than the rest of us.
That was a long drive for nothing.
Don't you sleep?
Where did you get that'?
I found it in your the drawer as i
was looking for a shirt to put on.
He says you are free to go.
Can't you see through him? It's all an act.
He's gonna hurt me, I know it.
Well fuck you, I don't need you anyway
i can do this on my own.
Stay with me until I go on
the plane this afternoon.
Alright, I'll take you to the airport.
I got to pick up my daughter, take
her riding I'll be back at 12:00pm.
You got to take me with you.
Thanks a lot.
You keep your airline ticket
in a safe deposit box, eh?
Sure, that way no one knows where
I'm going until the last minute
what's the problem?
I just thought I recognised that guy.
Hey, this is your bank.
God, I'm so paranoid.
I'll be back in a sec, ok?
I'm going to the shop next door to buy my
daughter a birthday present.
Ok...L'll be right back.
Excuse me.
Do you got any English riding boots
for girls, size 6, in black'?
Let me check for you.
I'm in kind of a hurry.
You stupid son of a bitch.
You don't know what the fuck is going on?
He's gonna hurt me, I know it.
You do it right or you don't do it.
You are a cop or something?
I will pay you $5,000.
Help me.
Waking up is the hardest part.
Fuck you I don't need you anyway.
I can do this on my own.
How long have I been here?
I'm sorry, that's confidential information.
But I am the patient.
Those are the rules.
I don't even know how I got here.
Well, you didn't drive here,
that much I can tell you.
What's your name?
What is the last day you
remember Mr. scudder?
The day before my daughter's birthday.
You don't expect me to
remember that I suppose.
Her birthday is the 3rd.
Anyway, they brought you
here the night of 6th.
You've been here 2 days Mr.
I've gotta sign out.
I think you better shake it
out a bit more before you go.
L got to go-
one more drink and wherever
it is you're going
you are gonna be dead
before you get there.
I'm sure you are right
but I got to sign out.
You've come for your car.
You got my car?
Yes, I've parked it out back.
After you looked at your hooker friend.
I figured you wouldn't
be in a shape to drive.
Well you didn't prove me a liar.
You do remember what happened
to your hooker friend sunny?
I've saved you 96 bucks in impound fees.
I owe you.
Forget it.
Look just...
I'm a little pushed for time right now man...
What cha got goin'?
There's been a murder, remember?
You can't remember anything.
You fucking lush!
- You are working in sunny's case?
- That's right.
You aren't homicide.
I'm an investigating officer and the
boys from the homicide want to talk..
...to somebody around here who
knows everybody including you.
Me why?
Maybe because you know chance
and he'd been into drugs.
Maybe because you told them
sunny was leaving town
because she was terrified of chance.
- Joey, this doesn't make any sense man.
- Homicide.
All other investigations around here
take a dump.
Homicide comes in, takes a good look at you,
they got nothing good to say about us.
There is a dead body.
An ex-cop who's a friend of a pimp who
works an after hours club.
Geez, fellows, nothing looks too good
around here so we are eating shit.
See you Joey.
I just don't have time for you Matt.
Hi, can I speak to Laurie?
Laurie doesn't want to speak to you.
Ls she there?
You were supposed to see her
last weekend.
What are you talking about?
Poboys market, Jaime speaking.
Poboys market, Jaime speaking.
What the fuck are you doing
with those logs, pendejo?
Put them in the back by the leftovers of the
Christmas decorations.
You say you don't want them to be sold.
No, what I said is that there is no
fucking way I'm going to sell them.
In a neighborhood where
i can't make a profit.
So Jaime please take
them and stack them
over here where they will
be out of the way, ok?
I hear what you're saying man
but Mr. chance wants all the paper.
God damn, scudder man!
What the hell is wrong with you?
Put the gun away, I don't
want any mistakes.
Put it away.
Damn man, you look like shit.
I feel like shit.
Hey look, why don't you sit
down and talk, alright?
You are not going to
throw up, are you?
I might
Damn, man.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
This is my store.
This is your store?
This is my store.
What do you have to say for yourself?
- What do you mean?
- What do you mean what do I mean, man?
Whatever the fuck you
told homicide, man
had them jumpin up and out of my black ass
for five and a half fucking hours.
I was in samsonite luggage they
were making a living doing
what they do best, what do
you mean what do I mean?
I don't know what I told homicide.
Sunny got killed, I got drunk
i blacked out.
You blacked out.
So in other words, you could have
said anything about me, right?
Not anything, I am an
alcoholic, I'm not a liar.
You took sunny's money
man, what the fuck for?
Everybody who knows me knows better man.
That woman wasn't worried
about me for a second you
were going around making
smoke without a fire.
She was scared.
She wasn't scared of me, man.
Fuck me man.
Scudder god dammit man!
All I can tell you she told me
she was scared of you,
I told that the homicide and you
are a suspect motherfucker.
- The suspect, motherfucker.
- And so am I.
Now are we going to continue with
this adversarial relationship?
Or are you going to help me
find why she was scared?
Don't give me any
problems, will you.
What the fuck do you
want from me man?
I want you to tell me who
was closest to sunny
Sarah was.
And she knows who was.
I'll have Sarah call you
better yet, I'll call her for you, alright?
Do me a favor, get the fuck out of my car.
You got a lot of hispanics working here.
So what man? You work for immigration now?
Checking green cards'?
Let's go big man.
Get Sarah on the phone.
You are using this place as your laundry
or you are going legit?
What do you think?
I haven't got long.
- All you girls live here?
- I do.
What regular customers liked sunny?
They all did.
Any that...
Thank you very much Sarah.
Bye teach.
Any she liked?
Not a one.
Did she see any other customers
with regularity?
That's a different question.
Who did she see?
Mort silverstein,
Victor zern, art margota.
If you knew sunny at all,
you had to know she was
a natural born victim.
I mean, some guy would want to tie her
up hang her outside the window upside down
and toss marmalade on her bottom.
Somebody asked her to do that?
I'm giving an example
she'd come to me and say "gee, Sarah, do I have to?"
And I would toss the guy out.
You meaning you?
Me or whatever.
Chance doesn't bet with his ass or mine.
That's why we get along.
If even smells a problem with a customer
they are out of here.
What would you call a problem?
Cheating, drugs, violence.
Is that it?
Sarah, you know what happened to sunny...
...can happen to any of you girls.
- I really don't think so.
- You don't -no, I don't.
Why not?
Because none of the other girls
have you protecting them, mr scudder.
And by the way, I think you're fucking
freeloader, a lush and you got sunny killed.
What about angel maldonado
what about him?
Did she see him, was she seeing him?
No, angel's expressed interest seems
to be in me.
Look, sunny may have seen him, alright?
But that must have been a long time ago.
Why don't you ask angel'?
At ten
come on we need to buy April a new car.
Do you have money? Give it all.
Mundo bring me 25,000
stop eating man.
Two minutes guys
get some drinks here.
Hank, get some drinks at the table.
Come on, roll the dice or pass them.
What, are you out of money or something?
What's with you buddy?
Crazy or something?
Stop it!
Twate, rate.
Look who is here to protect me...
The queen of the casino.
Hey, what's the problem? - The old guy here
couldn't give me 2 minutes -what do you need?
All you have to get -5,000
- thanks, I take care of you later
I bet you will.
Sarah it's about sunny.
- Look, I don't wanna talk to you anymore.
- Excuse me, senora Sarah?
Who are you? How did you get in here?
I'm Carlos Gutierrez, I'm the bartender
sunny recommended.
Alright look man, I'm sorry, could you
just sort of vamp a minute?
Come on.
Not bad wine a little help from Sarah.
By the way where is she?
Went with that guy
keep the ticket.
Take it easy, no problem.
What the fuck are you doing?
Shut up!
Shut up!
Fuck you, you cocksucker!
You gonna shut up?
Now shut up!
Sarah, what's going on baby?
Before you open your mouth you're going
to be talking to sunny's killer.
- It was maldonado.
- What the fuck are you talking about.
He was afraid she was gonna talk.
Even if you don't believe me,
you've got to believe he is capable of doing it.
Now answer
go on, answer.
Give me a break angel,
I've been working all night
we'll be back in a while.
Want to play games?
We'll play games.
- Prick!
- Fucking cunt!
Fuck you.
Sunny was getting ready
to leave town.
She gotta a bunch of stuff out
of a safe deposit box.
- It's not funny.
- I didn't say a word, come on
I've got her book.
Now in the book there's a bunch of...
Give me your shoes. Give
me your other shoe.
Come on.
In the book was this necklace.
This emerald necklace with a missing stone
and that missing stone was in angel's ring.
You don't disappear
without these, don't you.
You liked that.
- Liked what'?
- Roughing me up.
Roughing up?
You think that was roughing you up'?
Would you like to see what roughing up is?
This is kidnapping you lush
I hope you are sober enough to realise...
Hey, come on, what we've been doing
trading accusations here?
For a half assed hooker you are an extremely
arrogant woman, you know that?
What you said before about sunny being a
hopeless victim makes me wanna...
Rough me up?
- Just answer me the question.
- What question?
About maldonado and Willy.
All I know is angel has been trying
to get chance to go into business
with him for as long as I know.
What do you mean, in what way?
I don't know exactly, to use
the club, to sell drugs.
Maldonado deals in keys, here, look at this.
Recognise any of those names?
The third from the bottom, Carlos,
that's your bartender.
I got this out of sunny's book.
Do you know those guys?
Where are we going'?
Boy, this better not be some
whacked out fantasy of yours.
- Did you do both locks?
- Yeah, you get the back door?
Thanks a lot slim
we'll be out of here in half hour.
Just hold the gunfire to a minimum.
Can I have a stolli straight up, please.
Stolli straight up for the lady.
Are you scared?
What are you having?
A coke, please slim.
A coke for the big spender.
Do you think he's dangerous?
Well yeah.
I mean imminently.
Like tonight?
- You weren't kidding where you?
- What about?
That stiff drink.
Stolli for the lady
go ahead, have another.
Care to join me?
No, thanks.
Shouldn't we go to the police?
With what? Three green rocks?
If we bring all that money sunny had
to the homicide
they're gonna think she ripped off chance.
If she ripped off anybody, it was maldonado.
I don't think she did it, though.
I know it's got something to do with coke.
What I got to do is I got to get to buy
into angel.
You make a deal
then we go to homicide.
Are you listening to me?
Do you give a shit?
What do you want from me?
Look, I'm really fucking nervous here,
So I'm drinking and I hate to drink alone.
I almost never do.
- What? Drink alone?
- Drink period.
Come on.
Break your diet tonight.
You have my permission.
Tender, huh?
Someone tried to throw my right nut
into the pacific ocean about an hour ago.
A little sensitive, yeah.
What a drag.
Ok, let's get serious.
I'm not drinking, sit down, will you?
Enough with this shit.
You made me lose my train of thought.
What are we going to tell chance?
What would you like like to tell chance?
You had it cleaned and pressed.
You really liked sunny, didn't you?
Yeah I did.
So did I.
What did you like about her most?
What do you like about anybody?
Is it that she was a good fuck
or do you just feel guilty?
Did you enjoy making love to her?
Oh, Christ.
I'm jealous.
Sarah, what the hell are you doing?
- I'm gonna fuck you so good.
- Sarah...
Just wait.
I bet you never had it like this.
Let's hit the bathroom.
I'm fucked.
Yeah, that is fucked up. Let's go.
You're not gonna feel a thing,
don't worry.
Oh, god!
Some water.
Oh, god.
What happened?
Oh god... at least you stayed sober.
You are not a mindless lush, after all.
Thank you
I guess I misjudged you.
You're not just an
opportunistic prick who would
fuck mud if it move a little
and not argue too much.
But that's ok you know,
you're no different from
most men in the situation,
don't get me wrong.
Lady nobody can get you wrong.
It's real simple, you threw up on me.
I threw you in the shower.
Baby, when you barf on me...
It's like putting salt on a birds tail.
Bird don't fly
i don't fuck.
House rule
i never touched you.
You are a son of a bitch.
That's better, I'm moving up in the world
a moment ago I was an opportunistic prick.
For your information.
For your information,
you move more like
concrete than you do mud.
How do you know
how I move in bed.
Maybe I misjudged you.
It's about as likely as you thinking you
misjudged me.
How about some coffee?
I'd love some, thank you.
- This is Matt scudder.
- Who?
Matt scudder.
What can you do for me, Matthew?
I want to talk to you.
I want to talk to you in person, at the east gate
of la coliseum in an hour and a half.
I don't know about that, baby.
- It's regarding sunny.
- Ah, that was my favorite lady!
Well, that's what I want
to talk to you about.
- Ok, my man. Anything for sunny.
- Good, then you be there at 1:45pm.
Ok, I'm looking forward, bye.
Thanks for cleaning up.
I really needed it.
I really feel lousy.
I bet you do.
You look different
I'm not wearing any make up.
I look terrible.
No, I like the way you look.
Why do women wear all that shit?
They think men like that or what?
Yes, most men do
al least the men I know.
I don't.
You're a rare breed.
You consider yourself
a happy person?
I was happy when I was dancing.
But I wasn't very good at it.
I couldn't make a living.
I came here from Minneapolis.
I met up with these people and...
I got into the life.
I made a lot of money.
Easy money.
Why give it up for free, right?
We all got our addictions.
Is that your daughter?
She is cute.
Yes, she is.
She is my best friend.
She looks like you.
Are you close with your dad?
No, he's dead.
He was an alcoholic.
You know what's the worst thing
about that disease?
Is that you...
...you lose that closeness with the
people you love the most.
It's hard to reach out for help.
Hard for me.
I'm a cry baby.
you didn't tell me you were gonna bring
the light of my life here today.
- Hi angel.
- How are you doing, baby?
You are not looking too good,
what's wrong'?
I'm not feeling too good.
What made you decide to
brighten up our little meeting?
She's my fuck for the day.
Show a little respect here, my man.
Angel, you can do better than that.
Believe me.
How about a little snow cone?
Real shaved ice.
Good looking car.
One flavor today, passion fruit.
What's this?
It's good for people when they're in love.
Won't you join me in the car, relax.
Snow cones
I'll be right back
Let's go baby, talk to me,
i ain't got all day.
Outrageous dude.
Talk to me straight, huh?
Come on.
I don't think we should bullshit
each other, alright angel?
No, I don't think so.
I know you did sunny, ok?
Personally I don't give
a fuck of what you did..
Wait a second, baby.
Wait a second, baby!
You are accusing me of doing something to
sunny? Ls that what you came here to do?
You don't have to accuse me.
I know you did it, you know you did it
let's not bullshit each other, ok?
This guy is accusing me of killing sunny.
We are talking code now? What is this?
Talk talk but talk about something that
interests me, ok?
Ok let's talk about making some money.
Do I look like I need to make money, baby?
Relax baby -compared to me?
Compared to me you are doing fantastic.
Compared to you, it ain't saying much.
- But...
- What?
I bet if you have 5 bucks, you want 10.
Am I right'?
So I got 250,000.
- I want equal weight of the white stuff.
- The what? -The white stuff.
- The white stuff?
- The white stuff.
- Isn't that a movie about astronauts?
- I know the game, I know you did sunny.
Hey man...
I told you, lay off that shit
I'm getting a little fucking tired of you accusing
me of something I didn't do, my man.
Either fucking talk to me
straight here or... hey, man,
either you talk to
me fucking straight, hey!
Fuck you! Fuck you! You hear what I say?
Fuck you!
You aren't going to survive this shit
if you hit me with this blackmail shit.
You'd better be aware, you
know what I'm saying?
Am I supposed to be intimidated by that'?
Take your best shot.
Listen, you don't want that to happen baby.
You don't want that to happen, believe me.
Ok, my fault, I'm sorry.
I didn't get laid today.
We all have our problems.
I got laid.
I didn't jump out of my skin.
That's because I held back, baby.
You held back?
You don't think so?
I don't think so.
Come over here
watch from back here.
Angel, we are getting into an
adversarial relationship...
No, you are getting.
There are some risks about blackmailing
a murderer, right?
- You don't think so?
- I don't think so.
I tell you what
why don't I just fuck you right from here.
Fuck me from there?
Right from here.
What are you rubber man?
Try me.
Try me.
You are a tough motherfucker, alright.
I don't want to talk to you any more.
But listen, man.
Move on from this shit
about blackmail and sunny
because the reality of the situation
is I didn't do it.
What can I say scudder,
you've got me wrong.
I don't think so.
No, you do.
And your time is up, I'm tired of this shit.
Ok, what about chance?
Moving that stuff. You need him.
What about chance?
He is a good friend of mine.
Good friend my ass, he
don't mean shit to you.
Keep smiling
a little more interesting now, huh?
Scudder isn't such a fucking dumb shit
I'll tell you what scudder. If you
are so smart, how about Sarah over there?
Don't forget her. Are you filling her head
with that stuff too?
That's not what I've been filling
her head with, no.
Why are you being so
disrespectful, scudder'?
Think about that.
Why would I ever do business with someone
who is so disrespectful?
No more talk babe
you time is up.
- Hey look...
- No more talk baby. Don't press it
Your friend here is a very rude boy
but I'm glad to see he takes such bad
care of you.
It gives us a little excuse
to do a little shopping
I'll get some nice things
for you and then we
go over my place and
make off some lost time.
Great baby.
Great baby.
Scudder, don't look so
sad, I tell you what.
You know there is something about
you scudder that I like, honestly.
So, I'll tell you what
I'm putting together this
snow cone franchise.
Now you're talking.
I may need some partners, so why don't
you go ask your friend chance for a little money
- 250,000, let me double your cash.
- Chance! -Chance, that's right.
- You know chance.
- I don't want to get chance involved...
Then go to a fucking bank man, I don't care
where you get it, ask your mother.
Reality is I need $500,000. You come up
with that cash and maybe we talk.
Ok? Maybe.
In the mean time I got a date
so call me, you got my number.
Hurts to see your baby go, eh scudder?
It's the price to pay for doing
business my man. You got my number.
Surprise! Surprise!
How would you like to get back
in the dope business?
Angel killed sunny.
How do you know that?
He told me.
That little lizard motherfucker.
I got to get $250,000 from you
to make a deal with him
$250,000 of my money? Bullshit.
He's got Sarah.
What do you mean he's got Sarah, man
are you out of your fucking mind?
I thought she was supposed
to be with you, man, huh?
You're out of your fucking mind?
Ah, you asshole!
You're gonna push one fucking time.
One fucking time, there it is.
There the fuck it is.
Oh, shit!
Keep coming, come on, come on asshole.
- You are big but you can still bleed.
- Put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
- We want no mistakes.
- Come on, let's take a walk.
Now I know you're pissed.
You got it right
I'm pissed, you out
of your fucking mind'?
Why did you get her involved in that shit?
Look I had no choice, asshole.
You tell me something man, why you coming
here with this shit now?
Why didn't you bring her
here in the first place?
I didn't trust you, alright?
As far as I know, you could have been with
maldonado man, how am I supposed to know?
Fuck you and fuck angel.
I got something for angel
nose guard.
Get the uzi, get the a-ks, get the whole box
of shit man.
Real smart.
You're gonna get her killed will.
Hold it.
- Just listen to my plan.
- Fuck you!
Just fucking cool it, will you man?
Look, if I make this
deal I'm gonna probably
get Sarah out of there
don't fuck this up man.
- You got any maalox? -No.
- Here is my last one.
- Good afternoon.
- Hey there.
Hey, look who's here...What's
going on scudder?
Hey, well I, ah...
I've got the money.
- You got the money? -Yeah.
- Interesting.
What do you think of my pad?
I just bought it.
- It's great.
- Great?
- It's unique.
- That's right baby, it's gaudi.
Do you know gaudi?
Check him out. Here, let me
show you around. Come on.
Here is a little passage on
the truth and his work.
Just as elegance and beauty where
inseparable for gaudi.
Beauty and truth were identical for him.
Beauty was the manifestation of truth.
Without truth there could be no beauty.
Dig that?
Far east.
Far east, far out man.
See this here.
He was interested in getting everything
kind of 45 degree angle.
So the sun light -you
dig that?- When it hits
at that angle it creates
the idea of conditions
to observe nature and the elements.
See that'?
Twelve rooms baby.
See this?
Right here I am gonna build a big
fucking gaudi palace for myself.
If you behave you might be invited.
You dig him?
I dig him, he's great.
Great, huh?
I'll tell you what. Gilberto bring me another
book. I'm gonna give you one of these.
I tell you, the guy had no apprentices and no successors
he's the best.
Look who came to visit.
She's great, right'?
Who's that? It's the tiger.
I'll talk to him.
Excuse me, sarita babe, can you pour
me one of those?
Take good care of her, I'll be right back.
You look like shit.
You having a nice time?
Depends on what you call nice.
So what's the guy got
to say for himself?
He wants to fuck me and kill you.
He actually said that?
More or less.
What are you going to do?
I'm gonna drink.
What are you going to do?
Not too close.
She looks great, eh'?
Babe, why don't you go powder your nose?
Save me some.
Thank you.
Maybe you can put on the other dress,
not the white one, the other one we liked.
Try it to see how that feels
i love you.
That's a piece of work, huh?
- So, I've got the money, man.
- You've got the money, I know.
Chance came through, huh?
Why'd you leave him circling the house?
Let's just do the deal.
Are you looking for a place here in
the neighborhood, next to little angel?
- You got the shit here or what?
- Come on scudder.
You know I can't deal with you baby.
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
"What do you mean?"
You know what I mean.
You take me for a fool?
You trying to bust me, man.
Angel come on.
Come on scudder, let's
not play the game. You
want to play the game?
I'll play the game.
My papers are ready, my franchise are ready,
my lawyer's out of town, call me next week.
I can play that game.
I just want to do a little
business with you man. Come on.
What are you talking about, man?
You think I'm a fool'?
That's rude, man.
You are being disrespectful and rude.
Rude, man.
You were rude all the way the fucking street
with sunny, weren't you?
Let me explain to you what
happened to sunny, man.
What happened to her is people think
that if you have
to kill somebody in the course
of doing business.
Sometimes it pays to advertise.
Make it messy, remind people that they
bleed when they die.
Might even prevent some more killings.
Understand where I'm coming from?
You are really a humanitarian, aren't you.
Ok, no more fucking bullshit man.
I know you dig Sarah.
I love herjust as much as you do,
you understand what I'm saying?
And I loved sunny just as much.
But it's in your hands, baby.
So don't make a fucking mistake.
Think about that man.
Tell me how you feel next week.
Mr. scudder here needs to go.
Come on, let's get out of here
head over to your market, man.
How do you work this thing?
Just dial the number.
Maybe I saw something in there
gave me an idea.
I got him if I'm right.
What did he say'?
He said he loves her too.
Detective sergeant Joe durkin please.
He loves her too? What the fuck does
that mean? What's that?
Sunny was working for maldonado.
Bullshit, no way.
- She wanted out, that's why he killed her.
- That's a bunch of shit.
You were right.
She wasn't afraid of you, she was afraid of him.
- So why did she lie about me'?
It's a hell of lot easier to get somebody
to protect you against a pimp
than a bunch of whacked out drug dealers
that hack you up.
He was trying to buy into your club, right?
I didn't want to do
business with that fuck.
Chance, you might not be in business
with him he's in business with you.
Oh, come on, man. How much
could he run through the club?
Not your club, the markets.
Your vans, your managers, the box boys.
That's how he was using sunny.
She was getting his guys
into your operation.
Yeah, I'm holding.
You gonna go the whole way in second?
Let's go, come on.
Run the fucking thing. Come on.
Has to be in here.
Check it out man.
I owe you one.
Let's go nose guard.
As soon as we figure out who is who
somebody'll be back to let you out.
So get close together, stay warm
think of the overtime.
Sit down.
Nose guard.
Wait, you can't, you're not going to
be able to see out the side view mirror.
Let's use my car.
Driving me crazy... what's going on today?
I've got some remedy.
Food of the gods, kind
of like being with you.
It's better than ever I thought it would be
I'm gonna make you so happy.
You just got to forget about everybody
what everybody says.
Forget about pressures, forget chance
and all the bullshit.
You don't have to work anymore.
You understand what I'm
saying? Anything you need
anything you ever
want you're gonna have.
I'm going to take care of you.
You're gonna be my queen.
You got to buy a different dress though.
You hanging around here my boys
will get excited put that up.
You picked it out.
I know, but we were there alone.
You didn't give me my little kiss today.
Can I get a kiss?
It's our first kiss.
You think I killed sunny'?
That's a no? A no-no or no-yes'?
scudder, wrong place wrong time baby.
Angel, I don't mean to be rude but...
We've just ripped off 150
of your logs man.
What? My what?
And your coke, you know what I mean?
If you want it back you meet me in
45 minutes.
Pier 20 in San Pedro
i want Sarah.
Oh, you want Sarah.
You heard me, San Pedro,
45 minutes, pier 20. Be there.
You know what your boyfriend says?
- He is not my boyfriend.
- Maybe not.
He's got all my coke, he says
he's got all my coke.
And I don't know how he found out.
I just.
He wants you.
He wants to exchange my coke for you.
He is not my friend.
Come on baby come on baby
I'm not lying to you baby.
- You're not lying to me?
- No, I'm not lying. -Ok.
It's ok, you know?
I'll tell you what.
I let go all my coke
I'll forget about it.
If you go away with me.
- I'll go away with you. -No, no...
- No baby, I want to go away with you.
It's bullshit, I see right
fucking through you, man, why...
I always wanted you.
I did.
Why are you doing this to me?
Ok, Ok.
I just wanted you.
I'm sorry.
Let's go, we have work to do.
Don't forget we were partners once.
- Matt saved my life.
- Good enough for me.
- What you say Matt.
- Hey Joe.
Brought you a flak-jacket
and the smoke grenades you wanted.
Thanks I've got my own.
This is art franser, we're gonna
be using his team.
- How you doing.
- Matt scudder.
- That's my man, buster.
- Nice to meet you. -Hi buster.
I got chance unloading the logs
over warehouse 154.
Here is a rough map of the place.
Here is the warehouse
the surrounding area.
I don't know your guys, I figure I'd let
you handle the tactics.
Sounds good.
- What do you think?
- What's in this warehouse'?
It's empty but.
We got a little office down here in the end.
- Empty?
It's going to be a tactical nightmare.
yes boss?
Why don't you come over and
take a look at this? Do you
know where this place is? I
know exactly where it is sir.
Why don't you grab the
guys, and head over there,
I'll meet you over there in about 5 minutes.
How you doing?
How do you feel?
I feel like I could use a drink Joey,
but doing ok.
Nice ride.
There's my man.
Where is Sarah?
Where is Sarah?
"Where is Sarah?"
I said only you inside angel.
Fuck you!
You're gonna blow it angel
i said only you inside.
Fuck you.
What's going on, only you inside.
You don't make the rules
here today baby.
Oh angel.
You're blowing it angel.
You're gonna blow the deal man.
Come on baby, mind your daddy.
- What's going on angel?
- What's going on?
I just want to show you here who's gonna
make the rules here today.
The rules are that you are gonna
cut her loose right now.
And send her out of here with chance in his car
those are the rules angel.
What am I supposed to swallow
that bullshit?
Who do you think you are talking to,
Fuck you motherfucker!
Hey look who's here.
The man that looks but doesn't see.
- You brought your boyfriend along, huh?
- Fuck you.
- Playing hero.
- I want you motherfucker.
Leave it alone chance, get back.
You playing hero to your lady? You're a
little late for that, don't you think, baby?
I fucking want you man.
Maldonado, cut her loose.
Or she's going to be the highest price
hooker in the history.
- Cause I'm gonna burn all this shit up.
- What?
While we're killing each other, I'm gonna
burn your shit man.
Bullshit man, I load up,
then I cut her loose.
Come on, passion fruit.
I load my logs, then I cut her
loose scudder.
It's the bottom line.
Angel, I got all the shit
rigged with gasoline man.
And I got this, these babies down here.
Molotov cocktails man.
I made them myself with soap and gasoline.
The shit is gonna stick like napalm.
You don't want to do that scudder.
And I got this, smoke grenade.
This is gonna set
off anything that happen
to miss so don't fuck up.
You don't want to do
that baby, I tell mundo
here to sneeze, you
understand what I'm saying?
I hope he loves you, baby.
You're gonna have Sarah stuck
up your ass.
Cut her the fuck loose.
Quiet baby.
You don't have it in you baby.
You wanna fucking try me?
I don't have a god damned
thing to lose angel.
You don't wanna do that man
hey! Relax.
I want that kilo, hey! Don't
touch my fucking coke!
Kiss the first key goodbye, daddio!
What the fuck... hey!
What the fuck are you doing?
Don't fucking do it, man!
I don't have a god damned thing to lose.
Put the fucking fire out!
Kiss it goodbye.
Don't fucking do it, man!
Put the fire out.
What the fuck are you doing?
Hey, mundo! Put the fire out!
Mundo, get the fuck over...
What the fuck are you doing?
Angel, I'm getting high off your
shit man.
Cut her loose motherfucker!
Put out the fire.
This is what happens
when you put a man in a
position he's not gonna
be able to win anyway.
Put out the fucking fire,
and I'll cut her loose.
Put out the fucking fire!
You cut her loose or I'm gonna
blow your fucking brains out.
Who the fuck are you going to shoot?
Shoot me motherfucker
I'll blow your brains out.
Don't shoot, get back.
Are you going to shoot her?
Put the fucking gun away.
Look at this guy,
put the fucking gun away.
- And you get the fuck over there!
- Fuck you!
Tell your boyfriend to get over there.
- Right there, who are you gonna shoot.
- The fucking gun is down, alright?
Hope he loves you.
Alright, cool it!
I'll out her loose! Fucking relax!
I'm gonna cut her loose god dammit!
I'm going after number two now.
Damn you
I'm gonna cut her loose,
hold down a second man
I'm gonna cut her loose.
You'd better fucking do it.
God damn you.
Ok! Ok!
Now cut her loose!
I'll cut her loose, hold on
god damn you.
Come on, this one's done man.
Damn you!
God damn you!
Put out the fucking fire and
I'll cut her loose!
Then quit your crying and
cut her loose!
Alright, let's calm down,
let's do the deal.
You cut her loose, you bring your
Van in here, we're gonna load
this shit up and then we're out of here
together, in separate vehicles.
That's the only way it's gonna be.
Cut her loose.
Cut her loose, man.
Let's get this straight
I'll go get my Van and we all leave
together after logs are loaded.
Then I cut her loose.
You cut her loose first, bring the Van
in here and we'll load the shit.
Don't make a fucking mistake man.
Mundo cut her loose
I'll cut you loose baby.
Where is he going'?
Where's he going?
He's gonna get the fucking Van, what are
we are going to, carry this shit out?
I want one man to bring
that Van in here.
Fuck you!
I cut her loose, what else do you want'?
Sarah come here baby.
Go Sarah, go to your fucking hero.
Go to your fucking hero.
Get the fuck over there!
Calm down.
Fuck you!
What the fuck you want me to do now, huh?
Stay here.
Hey hold on!
Sarah get down.
Joey he's gone!
He got away man!
Oh yeah, it's our fault,
fuck you!
He got out the east gate...
How was I supposed to know.
Where is franser'?
Matt, please.
Get the fuck away from me.
I'm sorry.
Don't do this.
It wasn't your fault.
I'm sorry.
Are you ok?
I'll take you home.
Keep your head down.
Keep your head down.
We got to get off this thing.
Keep your head down.
Get in that tree.
that's it, scudder. That's it scudder, hide!
Hide you fuck!
Come up and face me.
Let's do this!
Face me you fuck.
Stop hiding scudder.
Don't do it, man!
Fuck you!
I'm Matt scudder, I'm an alcoholic.
Hi Matt.
Feeling pretty good today.
When I first came to this program
about a year ago.
I didn't really believe this
stuff I didn't think any of it
would really work. I wanted
to believe it but I couldn't.
I live in a world I didn't make.
I know that now.
It took me a long time to
come to that realization.
I had to be really beaten
into that reasonableness.
When I first came here I was
too smart for this program.
I thought I had all the answers.
I had to keep coming back here time after...
I failed the program 3 times.
But I've been dry a month now
no, it isn't a month, no it is 5 weeks now.
This time I may do it for good.
I feel a new strength now.
This is really a gift
I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the
mouth I'm just gonna ride that sucker.
When I put my head on that
pillow at night, man.
When I fall asleep, I don't pass out.
When that sun comes up, I wake up.
I don't come to.
I am in love, what can I say.
It's a great feeling, man.