8 Stories (2015) Movie Script

In a city full of people
we can never feel alone,
or so I've heard.
Millions of people living in one
talking together,
laughing, crying together,
rushing down streets powdered
with snow.
We're fascinated with
the stories and songs
that help us see into each
other's lives.
So why is it that we
can't talk to each other?
What makes us so cold?
Thinking back to Christmas
from my childhood
I remember going into the
icy wind to sing carols.
We'd give cards with messages of
and plates of warm cookies.
We took care of each other.
Her doors were always open.
Somehow that all changed.
We keep our doors closed now.
We sit in our homes and do our
own things.
The people I live with are
faces lost in the crowd,
I only know them by the
footsteps on my ceiling
and the voices down the hall.
They push the same buttons
to reach the same floors,
we share the same space.
I'd never knew they were my
I had forgotten what a neighbor
Out, I'm mopping.
If your father knew what you
were doing...
Do do do do da do do
Do do do da do
The evergreens
They only come out through the
The bells ringing
Our hearts warm at the sight
Of children laugh and play
Because hope is here to stay
It's a snow dance
Beneath the sparkling lights
It's a snow romance
The season is so bright
And hang up memories
At home with family
But by the fire at night
And holidays delight
Do do do do da do do
Do do do da do
Hey baby what's up?
You've got a Christmas party
Ugh, why doesn't anyone
ever tell me these things?
Yeah, no worries.
No I'll be there.
Yeah, I'm leaving right now.
Mmhm, yep.
If he can't produce,
we'll have to let him go.
We got bigger fish to fry.
I don't care what he sayS,
figure it out.
Christmas already?
Fine, we'll do it after
Nobody wants to play Scrooge.
I don't have time to meet the
three ghosts of Christmas.
We've got work to do.
Here you go little buddy.
It's dinner.
Here you go Winston.
Here you go.
Silver and gold
A tin of flakes and sad
When it's cold outside
But I'm warm with the friends
I've met
And children laugh and play
Because hope is here to stay
It's a snow dance
Beneath the sparkling lights
It's a snow romance
The season is so bright
And hang up memories
At home with family
But by the fire at night
Holidays delight
Do do do da do do da do da
Let me in!
Just a second.
There are other people
in this house Scarlett!
I need you to come home right
away today.
We need you to babysit.
I have to work tonight.
But there's a game tonight.
Who cares?
It's not like you have any
friends anyway Scarlett!
What do you know really?
Stop it!
Right home, got that?
Your dad wants you here.
It's a snow dance
Beneath the sparkling lights
It's a snow romance
The season is so bright
Hang up memories
At home with family
But by the fire at night
Holidays delight
Do do da do
Where's mine?
Uh uh, you took too long.
You gonna skin some bears
Are you kidding?
They'll kill us.
Don't worry, I'll make you look
You'd better, Becka's watching
the game.
Like some stupid cheerleader's
gonna pay any attention
to the game.
She'll be all over me no matter
what I do.
Your mom likes me.
Shut up man.
No, no, I'd love to get ice
cream with you afterwards.
Yeah, mmhm, oh yeah,
rocky road, as always.
Mmhm, oh you're gonna love this.
I'm really excited.
Mmhm, oh yeah, absolutely.
Yeah, I'm gone.
I'm in the cab now.
I should be there in about two
Love ya.
No, love you more.
Love you more.
I gotta go, bye.
Got it.
How's your morning?
Yeah, good.
You can't depend on them.
They're dead weight.
I don't care if we like him.
We need somebody who works.
Yeah, I'll be there in like 20.
Pick me one up too.
Make sure it isn't watered down.
Today's gonna be a long day.
Yes, we're losing money.
Money, okay?
Cha-ching, jing-a-ling.
Alright, money's time.
We're wasting it.
I'm serious.
Are you serious?
Oh, hey tell Ariel I
miss her beautiful face.
Sounds like a date.
Uh huh.
It's been too long.
How about that?
I'd have to look at my
I'm really busy.
I've been on a lot of dates.
Oh you haven't heard?
Yes I'm having an incredible
I'm free.
Now you really wanna hang out?
Oh yes you are.
Hey, Scary!
Excuse me.
It's okay now Otto.
Hey, oh my body...
Excuse me.
Floor please.
Muffin, no!
Stop it!
We are taking the stairs
for your punishment.
Stupid dog.
Hey man, I gotta go
back to my apartment.
I forgot something.
What was it, your homework?
Dude, forget it.
Just take the zero.
You don't know Miss
Pennywinkle, she'll kill me.
Oh Pennywinkle, death by
You've got to be kidding me.
No, no, no, no, no.
I can't be here right now.
This can't be happening.
Dude, this guy smells like
Alka Seltzer and baked beans.
Stop smelling him.
I'm sure it's fine, it's just
I'm stuck on the elevator with
and his gang of merry elves.
Help me out here.
Oh shoot...
I don't care if half of
New York's in a blackout.
Yeah we have to get out of
Quit stuffing your face with
and get us out of here!
You just made sure we're the
last people they're helping.
Thanks a lot.
So what's the deal?
You guys coming to let us out or
Can you hear us?
Can you hear us?
Get out of there.
You are
sorry to hear about that.
That's hilarious.
Who are you talking to?
That better be the electrician.
We're stuck in the elevator
with scary,
the Glee club hobbit
It could be worse.
We could be in here with B.O.
Shut up Tristan.
Just give us a couple minutes.
This place will stink like a
dead man.
We're stuck in an
elevator with eight people.
How hard is this to fix?
Okay okay, so what does
your manager have to say?
Don't push that.
Every time you push a
button, somebody dies.
Sorry, I didn't know.
I should of took the stairs.
I cannot, this is too much!
This is really too much
and I have a deadline.
The stairs?
You don't think I can take the
I didn't mean it...
I got a bullet in my
side in Vietnam, alright?
I think I can handle some
Sir, I didn't say you
couldn't, sir.
Well you had a tone.
It was in your eyes.
And stop looking at me
like you feel sorry for me.
Oh I don't feel sorry for you.
I feel sorry for me.
Stupid kid.
You too!
Okay okay.
We've got an old guy in here.
That should give us some
kind of priority, right?
He could keel over at any
Are you crazy?
Don't say that.
Half of New York's in a
Does anyone have anything
that would get us
to the top of the priority list?
I've got somewhere to be.
I'm sorry.
I've got an interview in, 30
Oh, did you lose your job?
I'm hiring.
Come on people, get us to
the top of the rescue list.
Someone's got to have something.
I had a pancreatectomy.
They took out half my pancreas.
Good, that's good stuff.
Oh yeah, I'm on my last
but it should last me
about 10 hours in here.
Man if we were stuck
in here for 10 hours
I'd do something I'd regret
hooking up with you
and free falling down the
elevator shaft.
Can you get someone down here
what's your name?
What's your name?
Still having a good day?
I spy with my little eye
a kid who's trying to
hard to play it cool.
We're stuck in here!
We're with some real winners.
You know what I mean?
Okay, somebody
really smells in here
and I'm not even gonna be
able to deal with that.
You better stop.
I am not gonna survive this.
How are you on the phone right
I spy with my little eye
a girl who's pretending to hate
Okay, okay.
I spy with my little eye
someone who wants to die early.
Extra points if you figure
out how we can do him in.
Do you even know who
you're dealing with?
We're all very important people
with important things to do.
I will show
you how to kiss a girl.
Well, some of us.
One of us.
They're gonna try to get us out
of here as fast as they can.
How hard is it to push a couple
of buttons
and get us out of here anyway?
I can't be stuck in here.
I have a deadline.
Good thing your job's a joke.
I decide to leave the house
for the first time this week
and this is what happens.
What are you missing out on,
Hey Chase, no school!
Oh come on.
What are you doing with this?
Soccer's in the fall.
We've got year round now
or they lose us to the academy.
Go St. Magnus Stars.
St. Magnus Brats.
That's all I need.
Oh and just throwing this out
if you're not wearing
deodorant, get on it.
Go tigers!
This better not mean
we're missing the game.
Nope, we're getting out of
It'll be half an hour tops.
Don't worry guys.
One hour later...
Shut up Tristan.
Seriously, a gold eye ring?
Here we are.
Didn't find it?
So the things are good right?
You do not know how much hair
and lint, and dead skin is on
the ground.
This floor is filthy.
You're doing homework now?
Hey, back off.
What are you working on?
Anybody home?
Why do you call her scary?
It's Scarlett.
Tristan just has a nickname for
Yeah, what's yours?
I don't have one.
Some friend.
Stay in, stay
in, stay in, stay in.
Hey um, honey, could you
spare a scrap of paper.
I'll pay you back.
What's the street value
of that, like two cents?
I've gotta write my
article for Whimsy by 3:00.
Editors don't take excuses,
even if I am trapped with the
Oh hey, yeah I'm gonna be a
I'm stuck in traffic.
Yeah Ariel, I've been meaning to
tell you
how much you mean to me.
How supportive you are.
I was wondering if I could
thank you over dinner.
Hey babe!
Could you do me a favor?
Could you take my pictures
from the Statin Island trip
and burn them?
They just bring up really
bad memories, you know?
You're my hero Ryan.
Love ya.
What was that?
Let me think.
What have I been holding
for the last half hour,
and makes a clinking sound when
it falls?
It's a riddle.
I've got it.
It's a collection of Matlock
A squad of cheerleaders?
Oh, maybe?
No, it's a rescue squad,
come to save me from insanity.
How about drugs?
You're familiar with these,
Yeah, we dope up everyday.
You sit around in your room
playing video games everyday.
Yep we're real busy
hacking government secrets.
Okay, okay.
Alright everybody, we're
gonna make use of this space
a little bit more efficiently,
So just shift over.
Yeah you.
Yeah you soccer brat.
Kid with the hair.
Let's just move it on over.
Shift it over.
Shift it over.
C'mon just scoot over man.
Let's you know, I'm sick
of breathing your air.
Yeah, now everyone gets their
We're all gonna get through this
Just everyone is gonna be okay.
You can't talk to her or you
In my day, a man went courting.
I'm sorry, we don't
really know what girls are.
We can't afford a girl to nerf
our XP.
We're only six quests from
getting capped in Battle Realm.
Spoiled too.
Do your parents let you
talk to them that way?
I don't know, we don't talk.
Oh, you're a poor
little rich boy, are you?
You're mad that they didn't
come to your baseball games,
never mind that they
paid thousands for them?
Soccer, I play soccer.
Judgmental shadows,
whining about how you
did everything wrong,
and mad at you for being human.
You know, I was lucky to
get food on the table,
and it wasn't easy!
Yeah I yelled, and I made
mistakes but,
at least now they're grown
and adjusted you know?
Now that we don't talk anymore.
They'll understand what I did
for them
when their kids grow up, when
I'm dead.
Can't take the time to let
anyone in?
Every morning we ride
the elevator together.
We smile, avoid eyes.
Nobody takes the time to get to
the people we live with.
Nobody bothers to say hello.
That'll get you murdered.
Even worse, a date.
I'm being punished.
No one else has a name in this
big old box besides Scary?
Is this your box?
Really, again?
Are you serious?
Wake me when this is over.
I'm Maggie.
What kind of name is Maggie?
You should be Margaret.
I knew a Maggie once.
She embezzled thousand's from
a women's and orphan's fund
and gained 400 pounds in prison.
Was that you?
I'm Ethan, she's Grace.
You know my name?
You told me way back, when...
Wait, you don't remember?
Oh boy.
Just a great stalker I guess...
Ethan, I thought your name was
What, why?
Well you're always talking
about playing a Sammy,
I just figured you were
talking about yourself
in third person.
Sam's my twin.
A twin?
That makes so much sense.
I just always thought
we had the same schedule
but when we met up twice in one
you came from a different
I just thought it was too
much of a coincidence.
I thought you were following
No, no, no, I'm sorry.
Sam's a girl.
My twin is a sister.
Oh, so it is a coincidence
I see you all the time.
Oh, okay.
Who are you texting?
Is it a girl?
You are such a loser.
Is it Andrea?
She thinks you're a jerk.
Hi, I'm Chase. I like girls!
Leave me alone Tristan.
So do you talk?
Do you ever stop?
Don't talk to Tristan.
He'll just insult you.
Aw, I didn't hurt your
girlfriend's feelings,
did I Scary?
Scary, do you have Lyme disease?
Kid, you talk anymore and
I'm gonna rip off my shoe.
I'm not kidding around here.
You like Star Trek, don't you?
I hear you, the theme music.
You live right below me.
Oh no, no.
It's actually great to dance to.
Yeah, I can hear that too.
Don't worry, it's great to paint
You're an artist?
You talk about yourself in third
Wait no, your twin.
You pull Sammy's and all
You have bad hair days.
You like Star Trek,
and you get up on the roof
and you wear Fierce cologne.
I can stalk too.
Sorry I doubted you.
Why do you get up on the roof?
Just pulling a Sammy.
You know, you can join me
whenever you feel like it.
Oh holy...
You're taking off your face!
You're such a child.
As you discovered, I'm ancient.
I'm not about to wear
what I was born with.
Think my hair's really
this long little boy?
Is there anything real about
Yes, she's as mean as she
Do you have a cell phone
I could call someone to let
them know that you're here,
or you could use mine.
Why are you bothering?
Who's she gonna call, her
They probably don't even own a
At least they care about me.
You're a complete jerk.
No one likes you, not your
friends, not your mom!
Your dad won't see your games.
I was beginning to wonder
if you were all there.
Still am wondering if you are,
You have nothing to do
but bother the neighbors?
If you're bored I'll let
you pluck my nostril hairs,
okay kid?
They should've come for you us
by now.
Maybe they're all dead.
Think about it.
Mysterious blackout, elevator's
and no help for hours?
We get desperate enough
we shimmy up this elevator shaft
and find the place overrun by
I'm kidding.
I need a restroom.
Yeah, I had a quart of
green smoothie for breakfast.
Chase had a dozen donuts
and a quart of orange juice.
I'm stiff.
Are we almost to Grandma's
house yet?
I am surrounded by insane
Hey, look what I brought, art!
We can all transcend the
physical world
and forget that we're all
stuck in an elevator together.
What is this modern art crap?
Go ahead, guess what you're
looking at.
It's supposed to reveal
something about your psyche.
Oh great, your a new ageist.
A what?
A hippie.
This one's called Darkness
Sounds like a bad breakup.
Sounds like zombies.
I knew it was a zombie
day the moment I woke up.
It was quiet, the apartment was
to think I almost
escaped New York in time.
You almost escaped?
Is it a bear?
What are you blind?
It's upside down.
It's a mass murder.
Look at all the blood.
That's stupid.
Someday we're gonna read
about how some crazed rich kid
did away with his entire
apartment complex.
Hah, you're right.
Whatever that is, is dead.
What was it?
Nothing, I just spilled some
I didn't expect it to work so
Let me show you a real one.
I didn't inspire that, did I?
You do get a little loud
That makes me your muse.
You just use me for my body.
Whoa, Tristan,
what if he wakes up?
This is great.
Dude, look at this.
You do that one more time,
I'll kick you down the shaft.
Oh no, Tristan.
Tickle his feet with it too.
Give it to me.
What are you looking at?
I know I should've taken the
I could've been asleep in my
lazy boy
in front of better shows than
Three hours later.
Shut up!
Up, you can't end your
sentences with a preposition.
My dad would have a fit.
Shut up, your mouths.
That's it!
This is not how I wanted
to spend my morning.
And this is how
I wanted to spend mine?
please leave a message...
An answering machine.
Hi, we want to get out of the
Right everyone?
The children are hungry, and
I'm hungry.
The old man needs to use the
The cake and the green
smoothie isn't tying you over?
I had some grapes,
and Chase didn't even
share one donut with me.
The kid is living off
grapes as his only sustenance.
Tell them I have a deadline.
Why haven't they come yet?
Please sir, for the sake of
the children
and the dying kid and the
It is crucial I meet my
My editor is not gonna believe
I got stuck in an elevator.
That should do it.
Why didn't you tell
them I had a deadline?
Hello, can you see me?
I'm here.
You know you're kind of a jerk
Great, great, just fantastic.
I have food.
Oh yes!
That's a good idea.
Does anyone else have food?
Let's put it all together.
Take what you like.
Okay, there should
be enough for everybody.
Nobody has to starve.
Rumbly in my tumbly.
Cannibalism is off the table.
What, you want some?
It's for the pain.
You know, we got a lot more in
than you like to think kid.
Why because you think he pops
He's not that much of a loser.
You know, they drug test
us on the soccer team.
Oh and you know everything
about your friend, huh?
Food, it's food, it's cool.
Give me that.
What do you got?
Oh yes!
It's just the corner.
Open it now, open it now!
I have some water
bottles and granola bars.
Only granola
bars, that's fine though.
I have gum.
Oh good, that's helpful.
Scarlett, do you have anything
to eat?
No Chase, she gets one of
those free
welfare lunches that we pay for
through our hard earned taxes.
I'm fine!
Hey, pork wagon!
Dude, you do not know how long
we are going to be in here.
Stand-up guy.
Wait, is that Fuji?
I'll give you $100 for that.
That's a little excessive.
Don't even think about it.
Come on, it's $100.
Give her the granola bar
Dude, you're hardcore.
You make me look sensitive.
Psst, $100.
Got anymore water?
Take it easy,
because the more you take in,
the more pain you'll be in
with no bathroom.
Save your smart comments
until after we've eaten.
How would that be helpful?
Where'd you get that?
Oh this little thing?
The kid understands business.
And you don't.
I like granola bars.
Burn man, she gave away your
Oh, it's okay.
Don't be sad.
Hi, Monica!
I know, I've run into a bit of
I know, I know, the blackout.
Yeah, at least we have a
You're just gonna drink?
You should eat something.
No, I'm...
I had a really big breakfast.
He's lying.
He's just sad because
Scary broke his heart.
I'd reassure
you everything is fine
if I could just be there.
Hey Scary,
this is a gift from Chase.
It's to replace the old one.
Why can't you just leave her
Why can't you just leave her
It's a love letter.
Do you wanna know what it says.
I'll read it because you can't
Do you love Chase?
Circle yes, or circle no.
Stop it right now!
Get off of him!
It's a confined space!
What is with you?
Do something!
Let him go!
Break it up.
Would you keep it down?
Hurry up and kill each other.
I'm on the phone.
Okay let them
knock each other out.
You call yourself a friend?
I hate you!
What do you keep me around for?
To laugh at your jokes?
Beat me down
when there's no one left
to be your punching bag?
I'm in an elevator!
Keep your enemies close.
Is that why you do it?
Ethan, stop them.
I can't breath with you
Him, grab him!
I got it, I got it!
Let him go.
Let him go.
Those punks just cost me
If that bothers you,
don't become a parent.
You sit there.
You sit there.
Don't move.
Oh goodie.
Stupid kids.
Yeah weird, they make you look
Excuse me?
I can't believe we
have to put up with this.
So what, you're cursed with
coolness, huh?
No one can make a move
without you giving the okay,
is that it?
It's common enough with tweens.
Can't let anybody else be happy.
Poor little rich boy!
Oh you're annoying me now, old
Oh your parents must be
real proud of you, huh?
This is what they brought into
the world,
a self-centered bully!
This is what they leave
behind of themselves?
Well it hurts, doesn't it?
Everything they give out, I'm
gonna give it back harder.
Don't give me the cats
and the cradle crap.
Oh I'm sorry, was that
an old person's reference?
Alright, you're doing this
to get back at your old man.
Fine, I get that.
You're gonna go skydiving
without a parachute,
and set yourself on fire.
But don't come complaining to me
when you turn out to be just
like him,
or worse, him!
He's just gonna turn into me,
and at the end,
you're gonna blame your
old man for everything.
You're gonna cry, wah,
wah, wah, all the way home.
And suck him of all his
money and hospital bills
and psychiatric fees,
while you write him letters
about how much he let you down.
But when he's dead and gone,
you won't have anyone
to blame but yourself.
Are we through yet?
As far as you're
concerned, yeah.
I'm through with you.
I'll take that.
Boys are dumb, remember that.
That was interesting.
Look, I'm only gonna
use this for a second.
Alrighty, little boy?
Only for a second.
You've got internet.
3G huh?
I love you.
I'm gonna type this up
and send it to Deborah,
and it'll be like none
of this ever happened.
One bad, bad dream.
You're moving, aren't you?
Well whose gonna keep me awake
all night
with their dancing?
I mean, are you sure about this?
Don't worry, someone else will
move in.
Yeah but, I was used to you.
You'll be happy, they
probably won't be dancers.
I like dancers.
I mean, were you ever gonna tell
So what was it?
The cockroaches?
Crazy stalkers?
Elevator keeps getting stuck?
I'm giving up on the dream.
I'm leaving New York.
I'm sorry, I actually
don't wanna talk about it.
Are you sure you wanna do
That's the girl's side.
Scarlett I'm sorry.
You're sorry?
Look, Tristan's a jerk.
Why do you hang out with him?
Because I'm a jerk too,
and we have a lot of fun but,
you're right, yeah, you're
We take it too far.
You're in my cooking class,
You never talk to me.
Oh my gosh.
I like your ring.
It's really big.
And your shoes too.
You know, you look like
one of those skater chicks.
Do you long board?
Oh, me neither.
I mean, I'm not that great.
Oh man...
He sucks.
He sucks at talking to girls.
That's why he didn't talk to
Round two...
Look, one time he waited an
entire year to talk to a girl,
in Kindergarten, and when he
finally did,
he spilled red paint all over
It was a disaster.
He didn't talk to you in
cooking class
because he...
Well, you're scary.
Wow, thanks Tristan, you can
stop now.
Chase talks to a lot
of girl in cooking class.
Yeah exactly, Scary.
That's how Scary you are.
Okay look, sorry.
Are you serious?
Excuse me?
Look, I'm sorry I
make fun of you so much,
but you just make it so easy and
And it wasn't a love letter.
See look, it's us in an
A little family photo.
Isn't it sweet?
You drew a picture of everyone
in here?
You're terrible.
Yeah but it's not bad
for stick figures, right?
You're really messed up.
And look, you're not the
only one with a nickname.
So you can't take it personally.
You didn't!
What do you have on me, kid?
What, you can't make fun
of me because I'm old?
Are you kidding?
You'll beat me up.
"Grumpy Old Man."
He got you alright.
Well this is a fun game.
Let's come up with a
nickname for you Tristy.
How about the Baby?
Our own little embryo.
Yeah, I'm reserving
something real special for you.
I vote man-child.
He hasn't grown up yet,
but he's wearing a cute
little suit for playtime.
What about Miss Playboy Bunny
over here,
Overdoes Her Makeup?
How about
you put her down as...
It's too late.
She's already down as
My Cougar Girlfriend.
That's not much better.
And Jumpy Leg and New Ageist.
Jumpy Leg?
Let's go fight some crime.
Why am I so scary Tristan?
Well you're scary because...
Because you're cute, and
you have a good voice.
I mean, we've heard you sing.
So, I think I'm done.
Chase you can take it from here.
Thanks Tristan, you're really
good at talking to girls.
I mean, man,
why don't I have a nickname?
The embryo's little shadow.
I thought I was the
What are you working on?
My article on stupid men.
Yep, and I have plenty to say.
Ah yes, you are going to
have a great future with cats.
I'm not the crazy cat lover
around here.
Oh why am I not surprised?
Oh get out, you two dated?
That's tough luck man.
Yeah, isn't that great?
Now I'm the inspiration for
all the man hating articles
she writes for a lame magazine.
I'm what pays the bills.
You don't read my articles.
I never thought I'd be so
I don't write about you!
Just because you do the
same stupid little things
every stupid guy does,
doesn't make you special.
So every guy loves the Red Sox
even though he lives in New York
and watches Smallville
reruns in his boxers?
So, where are you moving?
Back to Wisconsin.
To a much smaller town.
A place where I can talk to
people and I won't get killed.
Seriously, mass murders have
small talk in the streets.
Wouldn't it be nice to just
meet someone up at a corner
and strike up a conversation?
Yeah but they're called
hookers, so...
Seriously the population
here is in the millions
and I can't even talk to just
one person.
What do you think we're doing?
Yeah, we're stuck in an
How often does that happen?
I'm on the subway and I see this
and he smiles at me, and he
gets off on the next stop
and I get off on another,
and I think, was that the one?
Was that the one I was supposed
to meet?
And I couldn't even meet eyes
with him
because I was afraid he was a
Well if love were as easy
as finding it on the subway
we'd find it everyday.
And lose it every day.
Then you think to yourself,
what if I just said hi?
What if I just broke the bounds
of society
and went over and talked to her?
How do you talk to
someone you don't know?
Pretend to know them.
Aren't you my sister's
cousin's husband's roommate?
Yeah, it's pretty bad.
You never did that with me.
Not pretty enough for you?
Tristan you're such an idiot,
you're the worst teacher ever.
Yeah you're right,
if I heard that from a complete
I'd think he was crazy.
No wonder
coach won't let you goalie.
That's all you can do.
You're all spineless!
I met my wife in Central Park.
She was the daughter
of a political big wig.
I was a nobody.
We were from different worlds.
The odds of us even having
a conversation were nil,
but you know what I did?
I asked her where she bought her
Like I care about a scarf?
The worse she could've done was
slap me.
So Cougar,
that's quite a long second
Are you ever going to
give me back my laptop?
Yeah here, you can play with my
Don't get into too much trouble.
Seriously, how old do you
think I am?
I don't really care.
That's my cougar.
Go for it kid.
Not even you could handle her.
Hey over here.
I always wanted to know what was
in this.
Don't get too excited.
There's nothing incriminating.
My murder weapons are in my
other bag.
What's this?
Give it here!
It's poetry.
Sitting in my tree house
breathing in the putrid air
in the city of sand paper.
You can stop reading that now!
I didn't know you wrote
There's a lot you don't know
about me.
So how long did you guys
date before you broke up?
Too long, and the
breakup was even worse.
Learn from me, don't date
a girl close to home.
So let me get this straight,
you don't want a smoking hot
that works for a famous
and makes tons of money?
You'll understand when you're
Maybe when I'm senile and
It's one of those
ironies of life I guess.
You're too young to keep a woman
and I'm too old for a woman
like that to keep me happy.
You're all selfish
little brats in diapers.
You're not willing to work at
You don't know what love is!
Well I've never had it.
Well I have, it's great.
You should try it sometime.
You know what?
I don't wanna hear about
your past girlfriends.
We're not going out anymore.
And I don't wanna hear
about your romantic ideals.
What, did you fall asleep
to Sleepless in Seattle last
Or was it Pride and Prejudice?
Let me guess, you've just
discovered Bollywood romances?
Oh man...
Such a cheesy romantic.
Oh, she broke up with you
didn't she?
Okay now that we're
done insulting each other.
A children's story?
Where'd you get that?
I always keep children's
books in my bag.
Listen up children
and I'm going to tell you a
There aren't any words.
We'll just have to make some up
Are you paying for that?
Man you have some
heavy artillery in here.
I don't even know what
half of this stuff is.
Give me your face Scary.
Don't do you dare call me
What am I supposed to call
Scarlett, maybe.
It seems obvious.
No, don't.
Uh, Scarlett looks pretty
without it.
Check this.
I found your color, Scarlett.
Make over.
Relax this is gonna hurt you a
lot more
than it's gonna hurt me...
You're doing it wrong.
Give it to me.
Your fingers are too fat.
No, I got it!
Chase, you can't...
I got it.
I really hope that
it happens just like you say.
But the dragon started to fly
Keep it to light colors.
It's in the middle of the day.
So why don't you ever come to
The games?
My dad, he doesn't like me
He doesn't want me to go alone.
Why would you go alone?
I'll be there.
Yeah, you're playing idiot.
My parents usually need a
babysitter Friday nights anyway.
But they have to let you out
I mean, your dad can't be
that protective, right?
I don't know, I've seen him.
He's huge.
I mean, didn't he kill somebody
one time?
Well, that was in self
and besides, bar fights don't
Why, why don't they count?
Yeah but he still did jail
time for that, didn't he?
Yeah but, now he's too
smart to get caught, you know?
You jerk!
Scarlett, how could you help
Ew gross, you're grounded from
my purse!
Do you have this in black?
Creepy kid.
Why the nice act all of a sudden
The puppy was really strong...
You want something don't you?
I can hear your thoughts
almost as loudly as my own
Oh you're still breathing?
I thought you were so old you
were dead.
How's that for nice?
Well it's a start.
So is this makeup gonna do
it for the next few years or...
Are we going for surgery?
You can never be too careful.
I mean, 10 years you could be
looking like
Grumpy Old Man over there.
I may be old but I'm not deaf.
Anybody else brings up how old I
I'm gonna fake a heart attack
right here.
You look better without it.
You've never seen me without
When we first met
at the U2 concert in the park.
We got caught in the rainstorm.
You ran through this fountain.
All this water rushing down your
You didn't care what you looked
No one could see me.
I did.
Gold and, make up...
Make up?
Make up?
You're crazy.
So then the dragon went to
his cave and took with him
his favorite...
I thought you said he was a
So why is he blowing smoke?
Because it is the ice
age and a volcano got him.
So, the dragon invited
the dainty little dinosaur
into his cave and...
Then she didn't have to move
and they lived happily ever
The end.
Where'd you get that?
Just made it up.
No, I meant the book.
Oh it's um...
It is a present.
Is it me or are children's
books getting weirder?
No, it's just that one.
I mean, I illustrated it,
but it's kind of just a small
No you didn't!
I'm so sorry.
No it pays the bills.
I actually prefer drawing
people, caricatures.
I think it tells a better story.
Oh no.
I had one of those one time.
This guy in the park,
he stretched out my neck like a
He took my worst feature
and he attacked it.
Who says that's your worst
There's something worse than
my neck?
There is nothing I can
say to make that sound good!
But that's what I love about
Finds the details that
nobody else notices.
I saw them
on the subway.
Who are they?
I don't know them.
Sometimes it's better that way,
you know?
Nobody can disappoint you.
Something about them...
The happiness in their
eyes, the way they talked.
You know, it's what I love best
about art
is capturing a moment in time
that you can't bring with you.
Life is full of goodbyes
but here on the page, nothing
Affection in the eyes dulls to
but here is a memory
from when we were happy.
People live their own lives,
they grow up, they go
their own ways, but here
they can always be a part of
So do you draw out of
happiness or loneliness?
Both, there's no other way to
So this is how you let people
Capture a moment to say goodbye?
It's never gonna be real.
It's as real as it's gonna
As real as it's gonna get
You're hired.
I want you to sing at my
Don't talk about dying.
This isn't working.
This is exactly like my June
article, How to Spot a Player.
Oh June, good month.
That's when we broke up, wasn't
Maybe I should take you on a
and you can clear your writer's
Why don't you just write about
your adventures in the elevator?
Oh because everyone
wants to read about that?
It would be better than
what you dig up on me.
You can write about how the
floor is covered in lint
and dead skin, and fingernails,
and how we're all stuck in
here with our best friends,
our worst enemies, and
the strangest of strangers
and how we all won't get out of
until we learn some kind of
Come on cougar.
Everyone's got a story to tell.
Trust me, we'll make
Breakfast Club in an elevator.
Old person reference.
You wouldn't understand.
I know.
Write about the one thing
that really scares you.
I think the old man hit it
right on.
Don't worry, you'll
never be the man I am.
How about it kid?
What scares you the most
about being stuck in this
Yeah bad idea.
Let's not talk about that.
Or maybe we can a do a
day in the life of story?
Anyone famous in here?
Any important jobs?
No Cam sorry, you don't have
Good, great.
You can write about someone else
for once.
How about a real love story?
She was the grumpy one.
I was the cheerful one.
We fought, we loved, we did our
own thing.
She had her friends.
I went to work.
But the kids hung on her every
We had it all you know?
And then after she died.
Well I, I lost some money.
The house, you know?
I had to move from the
house to the apartment.
The kids drifted away.
You can't really blame them you
There's nothing to hold them
No money, no mother, just...
A dark shadow hanging over the
I can't even hold a decent
conversation anymore.
You know, the funny thing is
I inherited her friends.
There are worse things than
They're just gonna come to my
My kids, if I keep them in the
It won't be long now.
That's your love story?
That sucks.
You're not dead yet,
so stop acting like it.
You ever call your kids?
I didn't think so.
My dad's already planning his
He's got his coffin picked out.
A PowerPoint put together
with these pictures
and a bunch of cheesy songs on
Says he's gonna make us all cry.
Like it's some sort of joke.
You are not dead yet.
There are people here that need
No big deal, people die every
But not your dad.
I'm sorry.
I don't even talk to him
Before I left this morning
I sat outside of his room
for like five minutes
and didn't even say goodbye,
I mean, what if he died today?
So I guess I'm not too broken up
about it.
People died
on my operating table.
Hold on, you're a doctor?
What, just because I'm old and
I can't be useful for anything?
I'm messing with you.
Yeah, I'm a doctor.
There's nothing wrong with
death, okay?
It's the ones that are left
Telling families that their
loved ones didn't make it,
that's worse than death.
That's why the idiot
interns always get the job,
but when it's unexpected,
well, we all live with regrets
you know?
We never get the time to make
our peace
or to apologize.
Or just let them know.
Most people would give anything
to be able to talk to the dead.
So take your chance and do it,
Your dad wouldn't want
you to die with him.
What about your wife?
Isn't that what you did.
I'm old.
I would die with her a million
I'd look in on your family
and make sure they're alright,
if you left for college.
Thanks Scarlett.
But you don't write
about death, do you Mags?
No you write about how stupid
men are.
Oh I talk about death.
Love is dead.
Where are the gentlemen
who stick with you and don't get
What happened to the
men in the fairy tales
who protected you?
You've watched too many chick
Just have low expectations,
That way you're never
Yeah, movies messed this girl
Remember the go after your
dreams movies of the 80s?
Never give up, be the best?
You can do anything if
you try hard enough?
I shouldn't have listened.
Being the best never made me
It just pushed everyone away.
The stars have it bad.
Marilyn Monroe,
very successful, very unhappy.
Very hot.
Go after your dreams,
but what if your dreams hurt
Sometimes I wish I just
got in a car accident
and broken my leg
and then none of this would have
Then you'd be normal.
What is normal?
Having a family, kids,
reading a book on a cool
day and going to the beach?
Yeah, I want that.
Why can't you?
You're an artist Ethan.
Didn't you make sacrifices
to get where you're at?
I wish I knew my neighbors
Grow up!
You give up too fast.
Life is full of sacrifices
to get what you want.
That's what my parents told me
when we had to move out here.
We left our family, and our
and our house just so my
dad could get a job here.
Now we never see him.
Mom wants a divorce,
and everyone hates me at school,
even the girls.
Well of course they hate you.
You're prettier than all of
They're jealous.
Sorry, that was something
I heard my mom say to my sister
You're not looking too good
there kid.
Is there something you're not
telling us?
Mags, you're the writer here.
Do what you do.
Give it all meaning.
I can't.
Get that deep?
I can't write with you sitting
when all I can think about
is how mad I am at you!
You're mad?
Alright Maggie, let's have it
What will it be?
This, your pen?
I know, let's talk about why we
broke up.
Whoa, right now?
I mean, nobody wants to hear
Who's Ariel?
The one you were
talking to on the phone?
The girl who's beautiful face
you miss?
No one.
Don't bother talking
if you're gonna lie.
You wanna know?
No, don't tell me.
Tell me!
I wasn't planning on it.
Oh please.
You never wanted to be with
me, ever.
Admit it.
Who was Ryan?
The guy that you told to throw
out all our old pictures?
Yeah, I loved our trip to
Statin Island by the way.
You can't just throw that stuff
Is my answering machine.
I wasn't talking to anyone
on the phone, happy?
Ariel's my niece.
Well what was it then?
Was I too smart, too stupid, too
Well I tried to be nice
and then you dumped me.
I dumped you?
You broke up with me!
Yes you did, you said you wanted
to talk!
I did wanna talk.
Well we sure did that.
We talked alright.
I never wanna talk again.
You said you can't be happy.
You blame me because you
don't wanna blame yourself.
You know, you hide under all
this sarcasm,
but take away the heels
and the power jacket,
and you're just a lost little
You're just a bully
who wants to shove me in the
Why do you care?
I'm just a stupid guy.
I can't hurt you.
I can't possibly mean that much
to you!
Give me that.
Get us out of here.
We're going to drill a hole
through the elevator floor
if you don't do something about
I really need a bathroom.
Me too.
Well quit drinking so much.
I'm thirsty.
You hear that?
Get to us before you have to
mop up an even bigger mess.
Why aren't they coming?
I don't know.
All of New York has a problem.
Maybe it's a setup and
they're trying to kill us.
Well maybe the last guy you
talked to
had a heart attack and died.
Maybe the last
guy I talked to was a Nazi.
Maybe everybody out there's a
Zombies again.
Is that camera busted?
You'd think they'd at least see
Hey kid, if you're gonna make
your move
you better make it snappy.
You're about to lose anything
close to a romantic mood.
Give me your number.
You want people in your life
but you're afraid to go and talk
to them.
Well we're stuck in this big
so let's do it already.
Get to know me.
Would you rather
get in a bath filled with razor
or have a million paper
cuts all over your body?
Sorry, a little dark.
Is there lemon juice involved?
Paper cuts.
Would you rather
chew two bags of pink
bubble gum in one hour
or stuff 13 giant
marshmallows in your mouth
and have them disintegrate
down your throat
for the next half an hour?
Two packs of bubble
gum, if I had some tums.
No tums.
That is still my final answer.
Would you rather go home
to boring old Wisconsin
or stay in the big bad city with
Is there dancing involved?
Everywhere you go there's
Or are you afraid we're
gonna be them in two years?
I give it six months.
How, if you're not here?
Stay away from my neck.
I will try.
What's the matter boy?
Don't they take you to the gym?
Don't they let you out
of the office here boy?
I am so sorry.
Back when dinosaurs roamed the
it was a man that asked for
the commitment, not the woman.
Get off it Bill.
Just because you're old
doesn't mean you can say what
you want.
Yes it does.
Man I'd love to set
you loose on my dad Bill.
If he had half your guts.
Finally figured out he's
human, huh?
Yeah, kids never forgive
their parents for that.
See, guts.
The battery died!
It didn't warn!
Tristan fix your computer!
Let me see.
Take a deep breath.
This can't be happening.
If I don't get this into
my editor, I'm fired!
Can we text it to your
editor's email?
Text this whole thing?
Give it here.
We'll text it.
There's no possible way you can
do that.
Actually, we kind of can.
It's what we do.
Wait, Scarlett do you have a
Of course she has a phone.
I was being a jerk.
Come on cougar, hand it over.
Let's see those notes.
Ignore the cross outs.
Don't save my editor's number
in your phone or you're dead.
What is this, a foreign
language or something?
What, is it code?
Give it to me.
I can read her handwriting.
You can?
Sitting on the elevator floor
gives me a new perspective.
First you see a nail,
some lint, some dead skin.
The nail is chipped, pink nail
Maybe it belonged to a chronic
nail biter.
Maybe she stood nervously
next to a guy she couldn't talk
We pushed the same buttons
to reach the same floors.
We shared the same space,
but I could never pick
them up from a line up.
Huh, weird.
I never knew that they were my
I don't think I knew
what a neighbor meant.
I'll get it.
Sorry I can't help.
If you need it.
You too?
You gonna text a whole
I can't even get my TV to work.
Don't get soft on me now Bill.
You don't wanna disappoint me do
Can't even wish the kids a
good morning
without them getting suspicious.
My wife though, she's the
only thing I did right.
The kids hung onto every word.
Maybe I shouldn't have
been so hard on them.
Why, because they don't visit?
They're losers.
I'd visit you.
I was wrong about you.
I think...
You wanna make a bet?
As soon as they finish
texting that article
we're getting out of here.
Well it's a zombie day so
as soon as we get out of here,
we're dead.
A goodbye present.
My hair's not pulled back
and I'm not wearing that shirt.
That was the first time
that I met the girl behind the
It was the end of a long day.
You were going up 22 stories.
You had that smile that you
with the lip curling up.
Your ballet shoes were tucked in
your bag
and I knew that you were
the girl dancing above me.
Grace, don't dance for them.
Do it for yourself.
It's the only way you're gonna
be happy.
You've captured the girl with
the shoes.
You stole her soul.
Now that you have this, you
won't need her anymore will you?
Go ahead.
I'll just wait right here.
Hey baby...
No, I didn't forget your party.
I'm sorry but I love you.
Oh um hey, actually...
There are a bunch of good people
who would like to wish you
a merry Christmas, uh huh.
Yeah, hold on.
Can you guys sing We Wish You
A Merry Christmas to Sarah?
I missed her Christmas party.
Would you mind?
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry
Christmas and a happy new year
Good tidings we bring
To you and your kin
We wish you...
We wish you...
A merry Christmas
Hey, yeah.
Planning on running a
Your leg.
Yeah, so who's there?
Make it easy for him.
Let him down gently.
Oh he'll run.
That's what you're planning
on doing, isn't it?
Giving up again?
Love you too.
See you soon.
Yeah, bye.
Who's Sarah?
She's my daughter...
The drawings are for her.
It's kind of her thing,
because even if her mom
isn't in my life anymore,
we still wanna be able to find a
way to...
I look happy.
Well if you can find
happiness in an elevator
you can find it anywhere, right?
I know why I was happy.
I was with you.
Take it with you
when you go to Wisconsin.
No, I don't want it.
I want people Ethan.
I want you,
to take it to your daughter.
Give it to her.
So what's in this box anyways?
That would be two pages
of bad handwriting.
I got it now.
We would have been done
two minutes ago if Chase
wasn't on drugs.
Hear that Chase,
if you weren't on drugs...
Are you okay?
Bill, help him out, Bill!
Chase what's going on?
Look man, I'm sorry.
Bill, what is going on?
Do you know anything about
Are you okay?
What is it, drugs?
What are you taking Chase?
I didn't forget my homework
I forgot an extra pen.
I didn't take my Lantus last
and those donuts...
I'm diabetic.
No, you said pen...
He tried to take his novolog.
The thing clicked four times,
it's empty.
Why didn't you say something?
I didn't think we'd be
stuck here for 10 hours okay?
Kid, what's your BG level?
He should be in the hospital.
He has DKA.
If we don't do something,
he's gonna slip into a coma.
You knew all along?
Why didn't you say something?
And how would that have helped
Look, if he'd wanted you to
he would've told you.
This is really stupid man.
If I would've told you,
you would've called me Sugar
Bill, what do we do here?
He needs insulin.
Oh well let me check my
Pick up, pick up, come on...
- Hello?
- Hello?
Am I talking to a real person?
What, were you having
a tea party up there?
We were supposed to be
out here 10 hours ago.
What were you morons thinking?
We're not getting out of
here until we help each other.
We have an emergency.
Get my glucometer bag.
It's in the inside pocket of my
We need to
get him out of here now.
Chase, do you need food?
Yes, yes, get over here.
I have a candy bar.
Why do you still have food?
I didn't know long we
were gonna be stuck in here.
I mean we could've
started eating each other!
And you were gonna use that
to bargain for your life?
Look man, just take it.
Come on.
Hey, we are gonna get
you out of this, okay?
You're gonna be okay.
They said 20 minutes to get us
They said they didn't see us.
The idiot switched shifts
and he didn't tell
anyone we were down here.
Do they even look at the
They've gotta get an ambulance
down here.
Are you okay Bill?
He doesn't have that long...
I thought I would be the one
they carried out of here on a
Never leave home without it.
Kid, what's your insulin
sensitivity, 50?
Well, that might not be enough.
Wait, you're taking all of it?
Bill, are you sure about this?
You don't look so good.
Can you last 20 minutes?
You're giving him the
rest of your insulin?
How long did you know about
You didn't turn off your
pump for him, did you?
Well, I knew one of us would
need it.
You did that for us?
No, no you don't do that!
Never would have thought
it of me, would ya?
Because it's reckless,
and selfless, and stupid.
I knew as soon as I put it
What are the odds?
Both of us trapped in here.
Same medication?
Nah, it's too much of a
God has given me a
chance to leave this life
without being a complete jerk.
But you don't need it, right?
You don't need it!
Ow, don't...
Alright you're gonna feel
like you've been hit by a cement
for the next few hours kid.
I think he'll be okay.
You're not leaving us yet.
So this is it?
You just give your life for him?
Why would you do that?
Why would you help some
stupid kids like us?
We mean nothing to you,
we're just strangers.
None of you are strangers.
You're a liar!
You're supposed to be some
grumpy old man.
What a fake!
So is that my new nickname
kid, huh?
Grumpy, fake?
Well, why don't you come
speak at my funeral,
and you and my kids can
trade I hate Bill stories!
Hey, if you can get them to
I'll even put you in the will.
You just love this, don't you?
You get everything you want.
You die like a hero and you
leave the rest of us here!
I knew I hated you.
Relax kid.
I'm not dead yet.
Stop making light of this.
I'm not your dad!
People die.
You've gotta decide how
you treat the living.
No regrets.
Don't do it like I did.
Stay with us Bill.
I see you, mean little girl.
What was it that made you feel
So afraid, you're gonna fade
into nothing,
and then what?
Bill don't...
You can't show anybody the
real you
except what's on the outside.
You can't let anyone in.
So why'd you take a chance on
this guy?
You knew better.
You're smarter than that.
I know, love hurts.
I can't stop loving her either.
There's no fear in love.
I can't believe you.
Giving your last words like
you think it means something.
Bill listen to me!
You wake up in the morning
and think you're all alone
in a building full of strangers
who are all just like you,
and pride,
and ambition.
Friends and enemies, all a part
of you.
You think you're in here for
To help us?
This isn't some stupid
Christmas TV miracle story.
Tristan, he's dying...
I don't care!
That doesn't give him the right.
You hear me Bill, you are so
full of it.
Just because you don't wanna
doesn't mean you can
ask us to do it for you!
I won't, none of us will.
Baby girl.
You sing your songs.
Don't wait for the world
to give you permission,
because nobody will.
Shut up!
And you.
So what?
You gonna let me have it now?
You're the worst of all of us.
You remind me of me.
I figure a smart kid like you
would do something about that.
What does God get out of this?
We have to watch you die now?
I sit and watch my dad dying
and I'm not gonna do it again!
You fight through this.
You stupid coward!
I knew I liked you.
What if we were here to help
What about that?
Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon virgin
Mother and child
Holy infant
So tender and so mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in
Sleep in
Oh Sleep in heavenly
oh my gosh, Bill?
Chase, wake up.
Chase, come on.
Oh man...
Hey, you coming to my game?
I don't think you
are going to your game.
I'm not watching anybody else.
I'll give this back
when you come and visit me.
Her dad's gonna murder you.
Just saying, Sugar Rush.
I really hate you.
I'm sorry sir,
nobody is allowed through here.
You're kidding me.
We have tickets to the theater
and we need to go right now.
Sir, I'm sorry,
there's nothing we can do.
Won't you come this way please?
This is unacceptable.
I'm really sorry ma'am.
This is just a minor
Everything will be
cleared up in just a bit.
But how long?
We need to go.
We have theater tickets.
You won't miss your show.
We need to get out of here.
Paul, please go get Jones.
I should catch the last bus
You wanna share a taxi or...
I've got it.
Yeah, me too.
I mean, I've already
missed my daughter's party.
I should probably just
go back to my apartment.
If you miss your bus...
It was really nice to meet
I need to answer this.
Hey, yeah, yeah I know.
He was old.
Sometimes these things happen.
Bad news?
My editor, she got the
She hates it.
It was in poor taste to text
and she doesn't know what
she's gonna do with it anyway.
She thinks it's sentimental
So she wants more of the
same old crap then, huh?
You know, I could help you out
with that.
I could pick you up around
You've always been the
Never have Maggie, but if
you want me to, I'll try.
Cameron, if you said
that four months ago
you could've said anything
and I would've come back to you,
but I'm strong now.
So, what would you do if I
kissed you?
I'd pretend to be mad.
Maybe write an article about it.
That's my girl.
Come here.
Hey kid, got off the
lawn or I'll shoot you.
A message from the old man.
I know the guy.
Come on, I'll give you
a ride to the hospital.
He cleared you for it.
Grumpy old man.
If he tries to die on me,
so help me there's something
I need to say at his funeral.
Right to his kids.
Come on O'Hara, Bill's a
We've got more fighting to do.
Oh hey, Jumpy Leg,
there's some New Ageist waiting
in the back there for you.
Don't you guys gotta go
fight some crime together?
You know, I'm totally
cool with being friends.
Oh it's gonna be a lot harder
to get me back than that.
Good, that'll be fun.
But you are going to love your
Mmhm, yeah, I'll bring it by
Okay, love you bye.
Hey buddy, this one's broken.
It's not gonna take you
You look familiar.
Have I seen you before?
Maybe at the supermarket.
Do you shop at Macy's?
No, I think it was somewhere
Don't you live on floor 22?
Yeah but it might take us a
to get there in this elevator.
Hey people, this one's broken!
You're gonna have to use the one
at the other end of the
Look Ethan, I'm not gonna be
your muse.
I get mad sometimes
and I laugh really loud, but...
You don't have to remember me,
or the way I stand or smile
I'm not going anywhere.
Here that box looks heavy.
Let me grab that for you.
Oh, sorry!
Are you sorry you missed
that Christmas party?
Nah, we can just have one of
our own.
Getting high
On the love you supplied
Spoon me full of sugar
and fill me to the top
Heat me on the stove
and don't you ever stop
Getting high
On the love you supplied
Cover me in kisses and butter
me up
Melt me with your sweetness
Until I've had enough
Getting high
On just one cupcake from you
I've denied my sweet
tooth many times before
Holding out forever for
something more
But you tempt me so sweetly
Getting high
On the love you supplied
Spoon me full of sugar
and fill me to the top
Heat me on the stove
and don't you ever stop
Getting high
On the love you supply
Cover me in kisses and butter
me up
Melt me with your sweetness
until I've had enough
Getting high
On just one cupcake from you
From you