8 Winds (2021) Movie Script

Marina del Rey.
I was stuck.
It didn't matter where I
was, I was stuck but good.
The cinema is a brutal mistress.
She seduces and tantalizes
your imagination
with great movements of
spectacle and human fury.
And then when you embrace
her, she abandons you
to the gossamer embers
of the seduction
and the possibilities to come.
But they never do come.
Oh, I chased her with
all I could ever muster,
always climbing to
the promised land
where your shit doesn't stink.
You get your money for nothing.
Then I figured it out.
Even if I got there,
it wouldn't fulfill me.
An ethereal illusion with
certain disappointment.
In the end, it just
left me with dread.
Unspecific, smoldering,
ever-present and unknown.
There are rumors, they are true.
Board members and
minority shareholders
see it in their best
interest to sell to us,
but only if he is
not in the way.
It's a lot of fuss over water.
Control the
water, control the economy.
You understand?
Control everything.
But we need your expertise.
For a price.
That goes without saying.
He's not an easy man to find.
No, but it must be soon.
Things are in motion that
would frustrate our plans.
I am sure you will find a way.
There will be many rewards.
Perhaps maybe their
decision-making process
was not the best
choice at the time,
but I have nothing to add
other than what's in the film.
It was perverse.
There I was being celebrated,
when with a few hiccups,
I could be penniless
and homeless.
What will happen to me?
The march of time has
exacted a perverse
and stiff ransom.
And now, I am passed
over and ignored.
Tossed aside like
an empty beer can
on the side of a highway.
Look for the signs and wonders.
That's the best I
could come up with.
Look for the signs.
I try man, I try.
The more gray hairs I get,
the less the phone rings.
I have to fight to keep my edge,
try new things, challenge
myself to learn new skills.
The smallest act brings
the greatest treasure.
The readiness is all.
Dare the dread.
Fight for justice.
Take action, always take action.
Tell me about your
favorite food.
Great, I like them too.
Where's your favorite
place to get them?
Why there?
When was the last
time you were there?
Are you afraid to go out now?
Why don't you feel safe anymore?
Who attacked you?
Who else?
You said you had been attacked?
Is it okay if I clip this mic?
Hey, could you say something,
so I can get a level?
Tell me about your
favorite food.
Oh, that's a good one.
They're my favorite too.
Where do you go to get 'em?
What's your favorite place?
Yeah, yeah, that's me every day.
Well, I'm kinda booked up today.
What's this about?
You're not gonna tell
me till I get there.
Well, hold on, let
me check my calendar.
Yeah, I can move
some stuff around.
Okay, great.
You're gonna send a car for me.
All righty.
And hey, what's your
name by the way?
Well, it's nice to
meet you Natalie.
I'll see you in a little while.
Christ, they sent a trumpet.
Are you Charlie?
That's me every day.
- How are you doing today?
- I'm good.
Good, that's actually terrific.
Would you like a water?
If that water is so wise,
what's it doing
inside the bottle?
You look kinda familiar.
Are you an actor?
Oh yeah?
What have I seen you in?
Well, unless you
were an insomniac
in the former Soviet republic,
you probably haven't
seen any of my films.
Oh, okay, so Russia.
They're cool.
They're actually
our best allies, so.
Oh yeah, who told you that?
Well, the president said so.
What about their support
of the dictator Assad,
their expansion
into the Ukraine?
Where did you hear that from?
It's all over the news.
Must be fake news.
Oh yeah, that's what it must be.
And California farmers
may get some drought relief
from an unexpected source.
There are rumors that
reclusive billionaire,
John t. Conover,
who built his empire
on the wise water
brand, may allow farmers
across the state to use
his newly discovered
vast underground reservoir
in the central valley
to water their crops.
This comes as a surprise
since many observers
expected the shrewd dealmaker
to sell his water rights to
the aquavelt corporation,
a Russian conglomerate whose
shareholders are not known
to the public, at
very high premium.
I was
going to meet Boris levashov.
Not much was known
about his background.
He appeared on the
Hollywood scene
out of the blue
with a lot of juice.
He was Russian, maybe Ukrainian.
He could've been
from long island.
Some called him a fixer,
most just called him.
Girls, guns, gambling,
cars, politics.
They said if he entered a
revolving door behind you,
he would come out
in front of you.
Why he was calling
me I didn't know,
but he was calling me.
It couldn't hurt to meet
and see what he was cooking.
All right, okay,
well, we're here.
Let's make america
great again, am I right?
If you meet the Buddha
on the road, kill him.
Mr. Nabis, hi, I'm Natalie,
Mr. Levashov's assistant.
Oh, nice to meet you.
Can I get you a beverage?
Ah, no thanks, I'm good.
I was born that way actually.
Mr. Nabis, I really enjoyed
your film "the next message."
It just really kept me guessing.
I'll be back with Mr. Levashov.
I'll be here, I promise.
Charlie nabis, you are here.
- Boris.
- Sit, sit.
Nice to meet you.
Charlie, I saw
your film on YouTube,
"I accuse."
It's very powerful stuff.
You have a wonderful
touch for humanity.
It's in all of your films.
These are troubling times,
and I thought I had
to do something.
Yes, yes, these
are very bad times.
But it give me an idea.
What do you have in mind?
What do you know
about John t. Conover?
- The reclusive billionaire?
- Yes, him.
Hasn't been seen for a
decade, not even privately.
He's a ghost, a myth.
Yes, exactly.
Would you like to interview him?
How much?
Oh, a man of commerce.
Just like you, Boris.
If you don't pay me,
you'll never respect me.
Very true statement.
Let's say that my associates,
they're very interested
in bringing his
story to the screen.
And you would have to go
find him all by yourself.
A documentary?
Would 50,000 be acceptable?
What are my time constraints?
Immediacy is very important.
So you want me to find a guy
that doesn't wanna be found,
get him to agree to be
filmed for an interview
when he hasn't let anyone
take his picture in a decade,
just like that?
I see your point.
The money will be pay
or play, guaranteed.
A 100 grand
in escrow and I have final cut.
I'll do you one better.
I'll give you half
within 24 hours,
the other half to be released
when you deliver the interview.
Just the interview
and not the whole film?
That's odd, Boris.
Well I'm a bit of an odd guy.
Do we have a deal?
If the money's there
tomorrow in certified funds
with a signed escrow agreement?
Yeah, I'll play.
I will have Natalie
bring your car around.
Very nice doing business
with you, Charlie nabis.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
It's pretty.
It sure is.
Some advice?
If you write a powerful letter
about why you want
to interview him,
we can get it to someone.
Who knows?
Sounds like a scheme.
Your car is here.
You look familiar.
You make movies?
You direct?
I have been known to direct
traffic from time to time.
Wise water?
No thanks.
Are you a trump fan?
He's fantastic.
The guy's basically running
the country, you know?
Sometimes in D.C.,
sometimes he's in Florida.
What the
hell did I just say yes to?
What can I say?
Money talks.
I could live off
of that for a year.
Another fucking year.
Trump's notifications
ready to go,
so that way any time he tweets,
I can always just
see what he's up to.
You know, I love his tweets...
From the three penny opera,
first feed the face, then
choose right or wrong.
Brecht, you are my absolver!
How do you find a man who
doesn't want to be found?
You don't.
You find a way to
be found by him.
Hey, it's Charlie nabis,
how you doing, man?
I'm doing this really
interesting project
about John conover.
I was thinking maybe you
could give me some ideas
on where I might look.
Hi, my name is Charlie nabis.
I'd like to speak to efraim,
but I'm making a movie
about John conover,
who used to work for him.
I was wondering if maybe
he could give me some ideas
on where I might find him.
But you used to represent him.
Any ideas?
Tell me about that.
All right, well that helps.
Someone told me he
used to go to that club
and hide out in the back.
So it's true.
You're in the
spotlight now, baby!
Be great immediately.
Thank you.
Hi, I'm Charlie nabis,
the sit down comic.
How you all doing tonight?
You know, sometimes
I practice law.
A lot of people ask me do I
practice entertainment law.
I tell them, some folks
actually find me entertaining.
People see me dressed like this,
and when I tell
'em I'm a lawyer,
they say, "are you
still practicing?"
And I say, "you know, one day"
"I'm get it perfect and retire."
You know, this is how
you get to carnegie hall.
Practice, practice, practice.
So I was at a party
the other night,
and the woman who was
the host says to me,
"you know, we really enjoyed
your company the other night."
And I said, "well,
how could you do that?"
"I haven't formed it yet."
There's a reason they call
me the sit down comic.
Because every time I
try and tell a joke,
people say, "sit
down, sit down."
You know, in addition
to entertainment law,
there's an area of law
called intellectual property,
copyrights, trademarks,
patents, trade secrets.
We call it ip.
And I'm at a party the
other night, a reception,
and I'm talking to
this woman lawyer,
and I say to her, "well, what
kind of law do you practice?"
And she said, "soft ip."
I said, "oh, oh, soft
ip, that's great."
"If you get hit in the head
with soft ip, you're okay."
Everyone stays away
from the hard ip.
Let me tell ya.
You get hit in the
head with hard ip,
the concussion
protocol is killer.
They take you out of
the game right away.
They sit you down in front
of judges and doctors,
and they make you answer
these funny questions.
And you're out of the game.
Sit down.
Bingo, we got a winner,
ladies and gentlemen.
Sir, can I interest you
in a run for congress?
No, no, you're not interested?
Keeping your options
open, are you?
Well, speaking of politics,
there've been a lot
of protests lately.
And a lot of people say
protesting doesn't work,
but you know, I
remember the days
when George Bush was president.
You all remember that, right?
Right, so there were a
lot of protests then too,
and I remember the chants.
No more bush!
No more bush!
No more bush!
No more bush!
And I gotta tell you,
I think it worked.
Have you seen the
Internet lately?
I can't find bush anywhere.
All right, folks.
Thank you.
I see my time's up.
You've been great.
I must know your name.
Because you're the
prettiest woman I've seen
in a really long time.
But the the march
of time begs the voice
and utterance of my tongue.
In this fleeting
grasp of a moment,
let me not forever ask, "what
if I had just asked her name?"
I'm america.
What were your parents
smoking when they named you?
They were very proud and
happy to be here in america.
Can I entice you for a beverage?
It's true, I will die, but
for the lack of thy love
by the heavens, no.
Shakespeare, really?
You're quoting Shakespeare?
Come, you're a muse of fire.
Let us ascend to the heavens.
Does this ever work?
I don't know, that was the
first time I've tried it.
How am I doing?
Sit down.
Well played, well played.
So let it be
written, so let it be done.
America, she was a surprise.
I made my move.
The game had begun.
Now the Dharma wheels turn.
Planets align.
Be patient, the dawn is coming.
Hey, it's Charlie,
the sit down comic.
How are you?
I'm better now.
Your film made me cry.
Well then, I guess I did my job.
I'm here, Charlie.
Oh, I thought I lost you.
No, you haven't lost me.
Charlie, I need you right now.
Do you want me to come over?
- Yes.
- Half an hour?
I'll text you the address.
See you soon.
I need to sit.
Are you okay?
I bet I can make
your face tingle
without ever touching you.
No, I'm serious.
Just relax.
Close your eyes.
Okay, but no funny stuff, okay.
- I'm serious.
- Okay, okay.
And no matter what
you hear, just relax.
How did you do that?
It's magic.
The moment my helmet
light hit you,
you slayed me with your smile.
You just wanted to get laid.
Come on.
I just wanted to be loved
and touched and desired.
And you're charming when the
light hits you just right.
And then there's
your magical fingers.
This will prove
to be a great time
in the lives of all Americans.
We will unite and we
will win, win, win!
This will prove to be a
great time in the lives
of all Americans.
We will unite and we
will win, win, win!
This will prove
to be a great time
in the lives of all Americans.
We will unite and we
will win, win, win!
This will prove
to be a great time
in the lives of all Americans.
We will unite and we
will win, win, win!
Dear Mr. Conover.
My name is Charlie
nabis, I am a filmmaker.
As a means of introduction you
might be interested to know
that I have been shot at twice,
have traveled to
mt. Fuji in Japan
on a Buddhist pilgrimage,
and when I was 14,
I was very sick.
I stood almost six feet tall
but weighed only 69 pounds.
I was given a few hours to live.
While this has some bearing
on the reason for this letter,
it also gives you a
window to my soul.
It's why I make movies.
I believe you have an
interesting story to tell.
I'd like to be the
one to tell it.
Can we meet?
Sincerely, Charlie.
Holy crap.
How'd I miss that?
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Mr. Conover?
Whoa, thanks for
agreeing to meet with me.
You are an interesting
man, Mr. Nabis.
I like to meet
interesting people.
Once upon a time, I
used to collect them.
No more?
Firing away from
the get-go I see.
Just curious.
Ah, that crazy little
thing that kills cats, huh?
Why'd you have me
come in the back way?
Privacy, security.
And of course, as a test.
Did I pass the test?
We're still talking, aren't we?
Any more tests headed my way?
Will they be open
book, multiple guess?
I mean, we're all
tested, aren't we?
How so?
Oh, come on now, Charlie.
I mean, I can call
you Charlie, yes?
Sure, can I call you John?
Jack if you wind up liking me.
You know the test that
every living being faces,
the struggle to survive,
to thrive, advance,
overcome, manage, pacify,
The stuff of your
movies and books.
You've seen my films?
You think it was
that cute little letter
from Boris that put
you in front of me?
That was part of it,
but the reason I wanted
to meet you was america.
I'm not sure I understand.
You don't understand?
No, what's my personal
life got to do with you?
America's wellbeing
is of concern to me.
I've taken it upon myself to
keep a watchful eye on her.
She's a grown woman.
Do you really think
the sugar daddy routine's
gonna work with her?
Now you're being insolent.
I am no one's fool, Mr. Nabis.
The proximity of your
tryst with america
and that sycophantic
joke of a letter you sent
is not lost on me.
You're just using her.
Well, my plan worked, didn't it?
I mean, here I am talking
to the ghost, the myth
that is John t. Conover,
the man gone 10 years without
a confirmed public sighting,
aren't I?
I didn't expect to
be thunderstruck.
She swept me off my feet.
I wouldn't hurt her.
Does she know this?
Look, she means something to me.
I don't know how it's gonna go.
But right now, she's
more important to me
than this gig.
So I tell you what.
Why don't we just pretend
this meeting never happened?
I'll tell Boris
it was all a ruse,
and that will be that.
You hear that?
That is the sound of money.
Relentless, unrepentant,
unfeeling, constant.
Oh, the march of time has
you thinking, doesn't it?
I have begun to question
the capitalist system
on some of the choices
that I've made.
The chimes at midnight.
You know, my film
would allow you
to protect the way the world
sees you and your legacy.
It would be in your own words.
Life is a dream, but
movies are forever.
I have nothing more
to say to you today.
Are we square, Jack?
Great, I'll see myself out.
It's closed.
Yeah, apparently.
It's not a big deal.
We can eat somewhere else.
It was a favorite of mine.
Their crab cakes.
It's okay, I'm not
really that hungry.
I could eat.
Let's just go for a walk, okay?
- Hi.
- Hi.
You met with conover?
Sorry, I should have told you.
It's no skin off my ass.
That man keeps trying to
insert himself in my life.
Still I should have told you.
Things happened pretty
quick for us, didn't they?
His guilt runs deep.
I used it for a while.
Then it got sticky.
So I moved on.
He has not.
Your uncle?
Quite the character you are.
Maybe it was too easy.
They say when you're in
Harmony with the universe,
your fortune chases you.
It was all going my way.
Come on, I gotcha, don't worry.
Surprise, tango anyone?
Are you kidding me?
Let's dance.
Whoa, america?
Come on baby, wake up, wake up.
Yeah, I have an emergency.
My girlfriend just fainted.
I'm at Washington and
Boise in culver city.
I don't know, she just fainted.
I need an ambulance.
Come on, baby.
Come on, wake up.
Wake up.
Come on, wake up baby, wake up.
Come on, the
ambulance is coming.
You can hear it now.
Ambulance is here.
Yeah, Dr.
Cole gets out at 11:00 A.M.
Mr. Nabis?
Hi, I'm Dr. Amira.
You brought her in?
Is she okay?
She's awake.
Her cognitive functions
don't seem to be impaired.
Well, what happened?
She was dehydrated
and had low blood sugar.
That's not uncommon for a person
with aggressive
non-hodgkin lymphoma.
You didn't know, oh.
I shouldn't have spoken.
Off the record?
Where she is now, the
chemo is not working.
She needs a bone
marrow transplant.
Well, I don't know
who her family is
or where they are.
We just started on our journey.
It doesn't matter.
As long as it's a match, it
could be anyone, even you.
You wanna get me tested?
She doesn't have much longer.
If you're a match,
that's greater love.
Well, can I see her?
Visiting hours are over.
So you won't have long with her.
But I'll make sure
you get in, okay?
Thanks, doc.
Hey, Amber waves.
I'm sorry.
Oh, come on now.
Love means never having
to say you're sorry.
You're horrible.
I know, but I couldn't resist.
That restaurant, that was
special for you, wasn't it?
I should have told you.
You just scared me, that's all.
I'm actually gonna
see if I'm a match.
Charlie, you don't have to.
Well, it's worth a shot.
I will soothe you and heal you,
I will bring you roses.
For I too have been
covered with thorns.
You are away from me.
There's a window open
from my heart to yours.
From this window, like the moon
I keep sending news secretly.
O' there is one kiss we want
with our whole lives, the touch
of the spirit on the body.
journey is the journey of love,
sense it to the depth
and say no more.
Because of love,
I have become the
giver of light.
You are so
sweet to meet me for drinks.
Well, your invitation
was a surprise to be sure.
What's it like to work
for Boris levashov?
Are you excited about
interviewing conover?
It hasn't happened yet.
It will.
Anyway, I like talking to you.
You didn't answer my question.
Which one was that?
What's it like to
work for Boris levashov?
I get to meet a
lot of famous people
and interesting people like you.
I'm guessing you
know where a lot
of bodies are buried then, huh?
Why Mr. Nabis,
whatever do you mean?
I shouldn't tell you this,
but I'm the one who put your
video in front of Boris.
Oh, well thank you for that.
Please, Boris, only
watches porn on his own.
The man has no taste.
Well, he doesn't
really need taste
for his line of work, does he?
Someday very soon,
I'm going to set
up my own PR firm.
- Good for you.
- Yeah.
I want you to be my client.
Hey Boris, this is Charlie.
Yeah, it's on today.
On a boat in the Marina.
One second, I'm
all tangled here.
Okay, how's that, all right?
- Yeah.
- Testing one, two.
Do you hear?
Let me know if this
light is too much.
Yeah, I guess that'll be fine.
Shall we?
John, you haven't
been seen in public
for almost 15 years.
Where have you been?
Out there.
Why all the mystery?
There's no mystery.
I just didn't wanna be
in public life anymore.
Was there a specific
event or incident
that caused that to happen?
Let me put it this way.
Every time I went anywhere,
people always had
their hand out.
foundations, charities,
meals, events.
They all wanted a piece of me.
And that just
wasn't fun anymore.
You were able to just walk away.
I succeeded beyond my wildest
dreams with wise water.
Did your time at sea
change your mind at all?
Let me try to
paint you a picture.
Imagine it's midnight.
There's a full moon with
only a few clouds in the sky.
And you're at the helm.
Your watch.
And you look out
into that darkness
that goes on forever.
On a night like this, you
can see the silver surface
of the ocean, the rock and roll
of the sea dances with you.
You look up at the sky
at the stars,
and they're brilliant
and pristine.
You feel like you're
one with the universe.
It's like a satori experience.
You are the world.
And then you realize
you're alone.
That if you got sick or hurt,
there was no one to call.
And you are humbled,
fearful, and exalted,
because you're in the presence
of guess what, Charlie?
Thou nature art my goddess.
Brother, that's a force
to be reckoned with.
Kind and gentle, and
then in an instant,
furious and vengeful.
Why would I wanna
be anywhere else?
Why indeed?
You know, there are some folks
that wanna be rich and famous.
I just want there to
be rich and anonymous.
Do you miss the game?
There are characters that,
there are characters around
that have more money
than they can ever spend,
and they wanna keep playing.
You know, raping and pillaging
is a way of life to them.
The thrill of winning big.
It's addictive to some.
Not to me.
They add nothing to humanity.
Is that important to you?
It wasn't when I was young.
See, to some extent, I just
wanted my piece of the pie.
Well, I look at the world now,
and there are problems
that can be solved.
And we have the
money to solve them.
And we can even get
wealthy solving them, see.
This thing called greed, this
driving force of capitalism
that sucks people in,
you see, they forget.
It kills any chance.
It's ugly out there.
And if we don't solve it,
it's gonna get even uglier.
What would that solve?
Everything, nothing.
Is that why you're
doing this interview?
In part.
What's the other part?
You tell me.
Come on, Jack.
You wasting my time?
That's not my
intent, believe me.
Tell me about Adam afrides.
What would you like to know?
How did he die?
I see we're going into
all corners of my life.
Yes, you knew
that when we started.
Did you set him up?
Excuse me?
The wall street journal reported
that you tried to buy him
out, you were partners.
We just started going in
different directions, that's all.
He fought you,
you wouldn't sell.
When that happened,
what did you do?
I'm not
understanding your question.
All of a sudden,
he's found unconscious,
naked, with an underage girl
in a cheap motel
room in calabasas.
He's arrested on
statutory rape charges.
That was a very
sad turn of events.
You had nothing to do with that?
What should you say?
He was gay.
I was as
shocked as anyone, okay.
He sold you his
shares then, didn't he?
We reached an agreement, yes.
Tell me about your son.
He was troubled.
He agreed to wear a wire.
The kern county
district attorney
was investigating the planning
commissioners for corruption.
You worked very closely
with Rex Hernandez,
the head commissioner.
I did.
In fact, you
donated over $250,000
in campaign contributions
to his and his associates.
Look, I don't know
the exact number,
but you have to protect
your interests, don't you?
Oh, I understand.
Rex Hernandez is in jail now.
And the district attorney,
he wanted you there as well.
But as you can see,
I am not in jail.
Your son was ratting on you.
Drugs put him in the
position of vulnerability.
Okay no, there was
no ratting out.
My son was sick.
He was troubled, as I said.
On November
6th, 2004, he took a shotgun
and committed suicide
at his Las Vegas home.
His funeral was the last
time you were seen in public.
Do you know why I'm having
the success that I am, Charlie?
Because even though I
wanted my piece of the pie,
I also knew that whatever I did
I had to be of
service to humanity.
My time in the peace
corps showed me that.
Politicians had us all believing
that we were the great
white American hope come
to teach the world's poor.
The truth was I learned more
from the people I
was trying to help
than they ever learned from me.
What about your
company's water rights,
the new find in
the central valley?
Now you're talking, Charlie.
Are you selling to the Russians?
Hell no.
Come on, that's a
lot of bullshit.
Then what will
happen to the water?
Okay, well you see,
there you go, Charlie.
It's the reason why I'm here.
And not out there.
Because I want,
what I'm trying to
do is I'm trying
to set up a trust to
hold the water rights,
so that the farmers can
use them when they need it.
The rights can never
be used privately
or for profit.
Isn't that where you
bottle your product?
We purchase water
rights over the years
and have plants
all over the world.
So not so much anymore.
What about your board,
your shareholders?
Since I'm the
majority shareholder,
I don't think it's
gonna be a problem.
That's very noble of you.
It looks that way, doesn't it?
I'm just here to give back.
That's what being
out there taught me.
You do understand this
is all very confidential?
But what about my film?
It'll all be worked out
and announced before
you're finished editing.
I don't really
have a choice, do I?
No, you don't.
What do you say we
adjourn for today?
I knew you were the
right man for the job.
Hey Boris, it's Charlie.
I just shot John t. Conover,
my first interview with him.
All right, we're
gonna do another one.
I'll let you know when.
No, you son of a bitch!
Yes, yes, I understand.
I thought you told me it
wouldn't be a big deal
to find a donor.
They can't find a donor for me.
Okay, okay.
Don't panic.
I'm gonna go get tested today,
see if I'm a match.
We'll find a way, Amber waves.
Can I get you anything?
Get me a donor match.
I don't know what to say.
I don't know.
I'm afraid.
Me too.
Let me get tested.
Stay positive, yes?
Go for Charlie.
Mr. Nabis, I
have Mr. Levashov for you.
Please hold.
Charlie, you motherfucker.
You said you would call
as soon as you were done.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
I left you a voicemail message.
Didn't you get it?
Do not curse at me.
Don't you call
me a motherfucker,
the first words
out of your mouth.
You work for me!
Listen Boris, I
don't have the time
for your shit right now.
My girlfriend's dying.
No joke, she's dying.
I have to get tested to
see if I'm a donor match.
I need to see the
footage that you shot.
Did you not hear
what I just said?
My girlfriend is
dying, you fuck.
Mr. Nabis, I
have Mr. Levashov for you.
- Please hold.
- Hello.
Look, I'm on my way to the
oncologist's office right now.
Are you gonna be civil?
Look, I am sorry to hear
about your girlfriend.
When you get time, I
need to see the footage
that you shot.
It's very important.
Okay, okay, I promise.
I'll get it to you
as soon as I can.
Stay tuned.
What the?
- Doc?
- It's important.
You're a match.
That is good news, but you
coulda just sent me an email
or called me.
Also, I want you to
know the risks involved
in being a donor.
There are risks?
What are they?
We'd start with a
series of injections
to boost your stem cell count.
There is a wrinkle and
a caution in your case.
What's that?
We'd have to use anesthesia.
With your elevated
blood pressure,
there's a possibility of
heart attack or stroke.
Oh, that's not so good.
I gotta think about this.
If your answer is yes,
it would be better to
start the prep right away.
Well, can I do the prep and
then cancel on the donation?
Yes, we're running out of time.
Okay, okay, let's do it.
But I gotta warn you, doc,
I really hate needles,
and sometimes I
get a bit clammy.
I don't feel so good.
I'm gonna sit down.
You'll be fine.
You want me to sit
with you for awhile?
I'll live, doc.
Don't worry.
Amber waves.
Charlie, are you okay?
Dr. Amira said you had
a reaction to the prep.
Yeah, yeah, I'm all right.
I'm gonna be fine, don't worry.
I'll live.
It's kinda funny that
I'm your only match.
I know.
How are you holding up?
Up and down.
I have better
moments than others.
Are you eating?
I could cook for you.
You can cook too.
When the moon is full and
the mist is on the moor,
who knows what dreams may come.
Come, cook for me.
Actually, I
have a surprise for you.
What's the surprise?
You know that restaurant
that was closed?
Well, I found the chef
and I had him make your
favorite crab cakes
just special for you.
What the hell is in there?
Oh yeah.
Can't have a dinner
without tomato.
Your phone is going crazy.
John conover is dead.
I'm sorry.
This means my interview with
him is really important.
Is it okay if I leave you?
Yes, of course.
Dr. Amira says you need
another injection today.
No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no!
Oh fuck.
And I just came
home and my camera
and my computers are gone.
I've been burglarized, yes.
It happened last night sometime.
I wasn't home.
All right.
Would it be quicker if I
just came down to the station
and made a report?
Yeah, I'll bring
my receipts, yes.
Let me speak to Boris.
No, no, just tell him,
"Charlie nabis called,"
"and it's important."
Not now, Dr. Amira, not now.
Yes, hello?
Yeah doc, I know I was
supposed to come in today
for another shot.
How late can I get there?
All right, I'll be
there, I promise.
Okay, bye-bye.
Hey doc.
America's in the
emergency room again.
So I just got here.
I need you to get here now.
Horses eat that, you know.
You've been hanging
around me too much.
Good, you're here.
We're gonna have to
move the procedure up
if we want the donation
to have any chance at all.
Are my numbers up?
Whatever they are, we
have to go with them.
I'm trying to
book the procedure,
but the fucking insurance
company is not approving it.
America's life is at risk.
Yeah, I'm working on it.
Do they understand that?
I'm gonna have
to twist some arms.
Are you telling me
the insurance company
is gonna kill america?
I'll have to let you
know when I can book an or.
Don't worry, we'll
get it sorted out.
Visiting hours are over.
They're gonna kick
me out of here.
I'll be back in the morning.
Google, what is
34.071 - 118.0451?
Google, where is
35.071 - 118.064?
What's with all the spycraft?
All right, the longitude
and latitude bit,
that was really clever.
It took me awhile
to figure it out.
Your second
installment for your services.
You could've mailed it to me.
There may not be
enough time for that.
Conover's dead.
What the hell is going on?
Would you hush?
I know about conover.
I mean, I've been
putting calls into Boris.
I thought he'd be furious.
So did I, but he's not.
He told me to give you
that and say thank you.
I'm done?
The job is complete.
That doesn't make any sense.
When the news broke,
Boris had a bunch of calls
on an encrypted sat phone,
all speaking in Russian.
What's with the spycraft?
It's what Boris told me to do.
Well, where the hell is he?
I need to speak to him.
I don't know.
He's been partying
like an oligarch,
just drugs, girls, clubs.
Vegas, Cyprus, I don't
know where he is.
Son of a bitch.
He used me to get to conover.
He also asked me
to give you this.
A photo of america's house.
That message is clear.
You should know,
he was very specific
about when and how I was
to give you that check
and that envelope.
Be careful.
When you're driving
home tonight,
if you think you're
being followed,
you make three left
turns in a row.
If the car follows you, you go
right to the police station.
I understand.
When I woke, you were gone.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I had to meet someone
about our mutual friend.
How are you feeling?
When you weren't
there I was worried.
I'm coming over in a little bit.
Do you want me to
bring you anything?
Just your sense of humor.
Roger that.
Well, they didn't waste
any time, did they?
Yeah, can I speak to Natalie?
Do you know when she'll be in?
When did this happen?
I said it more than once.
There's only three
types of critters
in this world, sharks,
vampires, and victims.
You always try to be the
shark, just eat what you need,
but sometimes, sometimes
you end up being all three
at the same time.
Even still, there's Karma.
In time the wheels will turn.
I wanted them to pay.
I wanted justice for
conover and Natalie,
but there was a sword
over my head, america.
Oh, thank god.
Hi, Charlie.
It's Dr. Amira.
The insurance approval
finally came in.
I booked an or for
tomorrow at 11:00 A.M.
I need you to call
and confirm asap.
No food or drink for
the next 12 hours.
That's very important.
Okay, let me know
that you got this.
And it's okay to take your
BP meds with a sip of water.
Tomorrow is your big day.
You okay?
Yeah, I just don't like needles.
That's all.
Thank you.
Holy shit, Boris!
What the fuck is he doing here?
All right, all right.
Where the hell are you?
Listen to me, I have a
narrow window of time here.
You get your ass here now!
I'll be there, I promise.
What the hell was I thinking
chasing Russians in the
middle of Los Angeles
when my love was
waiting for my aid?
I know what you're thinking.
You need to hear some kind
of plea for absolution
or an explanation
for my complicity.
Some zen saying like,
"if you understand,"
"the world is the way it is."
The truth.
The truth is
that I'm scared.
They're about to
put me to sleep,
and I'm not sure
I'm gonna wake up.
I did what I could
is what I would say.
Maybe I made a difference.
Oh america, I hope
I can save you.
Okay, Charlie.
Here we go.
Check for pulse.
Code blue, code blue,
code blue, code blue.
Beginning compressions.
- One, two, three, four, five.
- Code blue, code blue.
Six, seven,
eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.
- Code blue, code blue.
- 22, 23, 24.
- Applying defib pads.
- Code blue.
I'm clear, you're
clear, everyone's clear, clear?
Code blue.
Still in defib.
Have three milligrams of
epinephrine standing by.
- Code blue.
- Resuming compressions.
One, two, three, four, five.