800 (2023) Movie Script

Day 2 has been washed out.
We told you many times.
We still have three more days, right?
Eight wickets in three days!
Against this batting line up?
Do you think it's possible?
Spare a thought for the fans that had
turned up to see you play.
You could've played
all three test matches.
To be honest, I think he's got a lot
of cheap wickets over the years.
What 800 wickets? He
has only 792 run outs!
Don't bother what others say.
You are a champion bowler.
This team will always
be there to back you.
Will rain stop Murali from
creating a world record?
Uncle, did the editor talk to you?
Editor's planning to write a cover
story on Muralidaran's career.
He said, you know a lot of unknown facts
about Murali.
Didn't the editor tell
you anything at all?
He has made this a habit!
Can I use your phone please?
He did call me.
I will have to dig it out.
Come after a week.
He said he wants it on his
table before this match is over.
-No chance.
-Then you tell him that directly.
Will rain stop Murali from
creating a world record?
I wonder why a sports page
news is printed on the front page?
Climb that ladder.
Only then your hands
can reach the top shelf.
If you can't climb, then
go and tell your editor...
to send someone who is useful.
Take all of it.
looks like you are a hardcore fan
of Murali's.
I'm a cricket fan!
I have watched Murali play, back when he
used to play for St. Anthony's school.
I was there when he played
his first test match.
I am not your uncle.
TULF demands for
a separate Tamil Eelam province
We don't prefer violence;
so don't provoke us!
Of course Murali has taken
many wickets...
but there are many controversies
surrounding him, isn't it?
Are you an editor or a commentator?
I don't care about cricketers.
In the end, he's the one who
will be holding all the records...
and earn in millions!
We are going to be
struggling here, as usual.
How will we benefit from
Murali taking 800 wickets?
Who knows how cricket began?
Around 400 years ago,
It is said that the French monks,
after writing several copies of bible,
when they got bored, invented
this game to kill their time
Some say that the English shepherds...
invented this game by accident.
But somehow...
this strange sport caught on
with the English
and soon it spread
everywhere in Britain.
Near stately palaces, village
greens and even battlefields.
The competition between bat and ball,
with time, started to enhance.
The bat shifted shape.
The ball got harder.
And the wickets were added.
But the object of the
game stayed the same.
That is,
to hit the ball with the bat.
And score more than the opponent.
The game of cricket did not have rules.
It had laws.
And those kept changing.
And causing arguments.
"How many balls per over?
How should a ball be bowled?"
"How must a bat be made?"
Armed with their laws, their balls
and their clubs,
the English spread cricket to the lands
they had seized.
First to Australia, South Africa
and the West Indies.
Then to India and New Zealand.
Finally, when they arrived in Ceylon,
along with administration,
trades and cricket pitches...
they planted conflicts too.
Immersed in this
interesting game...
the Englishmen played it
round the clock.
The game went on for so long
the players needed lunch breaks
and tea breaks.
To make tea,
tea leaves were required.
And to pluck the tea leaves,
workers were required.
Thousands of workers from south India
were brought down to pluck leaves.
Among them were the young couple,
Chinnaswamy and Angammal.
The English gentlemen
played cricket...
while the locals watched.
Though that was about to change.
Where is he?
-Did you see my son?
-I didn't. Search over there.
-What is it?
-Did you see my son?
-He is going over there.
Mani, did you see Muthiah?
I don't know where the hell he is.
-I searched for him all over.
-Why are you panicking?
He'll come home when he gets hungry.
Today is his first day at school.
To school?
You are a single mom
and you've three children.
Get him a job in the estate and he'll
at least earn some money for the family.
Hey, Muthiah! I was
looking for you all over.
What are you doing here? Come!
Mom, I want to watch the game.
What's the use in watching that game?
I also want to play like them.
This is rich Englishmen's game.
Never desire for things you can't have.
It's time for school. Come.
Other day you were
telling brother that...
we can achieve anything
if we work hard?
For that, you must go to
school and get educated.
32 Years later.
Yes, mother?
The boys aren't letting Murali play.
Can't you ask them?
Mother, I've lot of work.
You do it.
To hell with you!
Who dared to refuse my grandson
from playing?
Who do you think you are? English lords?
Oh, granny! He is too young
to play with us.
He is a kid.
So what? Is it a rule that
only you guys can play?
If you do not let him play,
I will break all of your bats
and use them as firewood.
Fine, we will let him play with us.
If they chase you out, come and tell me.
My darling!
Go and play, dear.
We are seven a side.
In which team do we take him?
I shall field for
both the teams, brother.
Is it okay if he only does fielding?
Throw! Throw the ball!
What are you doing here?
Go to your fielding position.
Brother, my arm hurts
from all the throwing I did.
I shall keep the wickets.
Take a hike, brother!
Brother, see the gap?
Bowl here.
Bowl on this side.
'The clashes in Jaffna...'
'has escalated into a riot
against the Tamils,'
'there is tensed situation all over'
'As this issue can spread
through out the country,'
'people are advised
to stay indoors'
Are you here to bowl?
You said you'd only field.
Brother, I shall bowl
for both the teams.
-What do you say?
-Fine, let him.
Why are you guys rushing?
Don't know where they came from.
They are coming in buses,
saying the will kill the Tamils.
There are so many Sinhalese working
in our factory. How can they kill us?
Brother, they are drunk
and with weapons.
They are not in their senses.
I'll call the OSC.
Let's get police protection
for the factory.
All the police stations
have been shut.
The president have sent them on leave
after election duty.
Raja, take all the women and children
safely to the church.
Shut the factory and send
the workers home.
Hey, all of you go home.
Come, let's go home.
What is the problem, brother?
Don't ask me anything.
Come fast!
Everyone, go to your home! Quick!
Brother, I just got the chance to bowl.
Let me just bowl an over.
No more playing today.
Wait till tomorrow.
Come on!
We won't let you split our country!
Let's destroy them! Come on!
We won't let you split our country!
Come this way! There
are Tamils in that house!
Come! This way!
God! Please leave us!
We shall leave and never come back.
Come on. Make it fast!
We could've stayed in the church.
Poor thing, she has a baby in her hand.
Where are you taking us?
The rioters are madly hunting
for the Tamil people.
Even the church is not safe.
Come, you will be safe in my house.
-Come, dear. Careful.
-Walk fast.
-Come on.
-Sit down.
Quick, go!
Let's go, uncle.
Are you Tamil?
We are Muslims.
There is no issue between us.
You better leave!
What is your name?
Why are you scaring the kid?
Shall I inform to Ahamed brother?
We are Sinhalese and we
are not scared of Ahameds.
He is also from Mawanella and I know
you are from there.
Shall I tell him that you're
troubling the Muslims?
those Tamils at the biscuit
factory attacked us.
How dare they?
Let's burn down the factory!
Come on!
We won't let you split our country!
Open the gates!
I said, open!
We are all Sinhalese here.
We know the factory is owned by Tamils.
-Send them out!
-What is it with you?
Come on!
Destroy everything!
Blood, sweat and hard work of our
family is burning down to ashes.
Why are they attacking us?
We are different from them, dear.
Why are we different, grandma?
They speak Sinhala.
And we speak Tamil.
Jaffna riots:
300 killed and 1000s flee the country
The people here...
have forgotten the riots of '77.
That riots turned the lives
of the Tamil people upside down.
Many of them left the country.
Do you know all that history?
UN decides to probe in to
Sri Lankan war crimes.
Team's victory is more important
than individual record.
No, I don't know that.
But I know what happened
in '83, '89, '95, 2007...
In fact, even the last year.
Were you in Jaffna
when the war ended?
Except for this year, I was
in the north the whole time.
It is said that the riots of
'77 started in Jaffna.
Not just in the north,
every Tamil in this country
was affected.
Are you from Kandy?
That's Muthiah Muralidaran's
home town too.
Let go of me! Leave me!
-Leave me!
-Close that door.
We are lucky to be alive, father.
Our factory was burnt down.
We are scared to go back home.
We have lost everything.
I'm leaving Murali in hostel,
hoping he'll be safe.
The situation is indeed very bad.
In God's will, everything will change.
You've been crying for long now.
At least drink this milk so
that you get some energy.
I don't want milk! I want my mommy!
He threw away the milk I offered him.
I also gave him biscuits and
cake, but he didn't eat at all.
What do I do now?
His father runs a biscuit company.
He won't fall for biscuits
and chocolates.
Try giving him some toys to play.
Fine, it's okay.
If you don't like that...
I don't want this one either!
Look at this.
I don't want this one either!
If you like throwing toys, then
here, throw this ball!
Murali, there's also a bat,
if you wish to play cricket.
Wait. The milk you
spilled is still on the floor.
Clean it up first and
then you may play. Okay?
How is he now, Father?
Well, he's very friendly.
You stole my pencil!
I won't spare you!
How about his studies?
He is very interested in math.
Is his English good, Father?
Mom, you... cake... bring?
Murali, you should
concentrate in English. Okay?
Murali, won't you stop fighting?
Father, I took his wicket but
he claims that he's not out.
I wasn't out Father.
The sound was from my grip.
I didn't touch the ball.
-Don't you lie!
-Dare you call him a liar!
-Get lost!
-You get lost!
-Come, let's face off and see!
-Come on, bring it on!
Stop it boys!
Sinhala medium boys, raise your hands.
Tamil medium boys, raise your hands.
Who asked you to play
Tamils vs Sinhalese?
Just for fun, Father.
To see who is better.
You, come this side.
You come this side.
You there, and you this side.
Go to that team.
I said, go! You come to this team.
-You in this team.
You heard me!
-Now, you.
I said, move.
you will play as Team A and Team B.
The winning team will get
a special gift from me.
Father, you promised me that you'll
make him concentrate in studies.
But his grades are getting
lower year by year.
Father, is he still wasting time
in Gully cricket?
No! No! He's getting trained by
Sunil Fernando and is playing properly.
What can we do, Mrs. Muthiah.
He is better at cricket than studies.
Go away.
Why are you here?
Do you see any other parents here?
Don't get angry. Have some juice.
Juice? Duh!
You took four wickets in this match.
Don't I know that?
Don't come for the match again.
Next match is at Trinity college, right?
Coach already told me.
I'll meet you there.
Okay, boys. First match of the season
will always be tough.
But you boys really played well.
Kalpage, you batted well.
Murali got four wickets!
Give him an applause.
It's a shame, coach!
Nobody played here to win!
They didn't get out to good deliveries.
They just threw away their wickets!
Now, we have lost the match.
And you want them to clap?
'It is the Indian skipper, Kapil Dev,
who will start of the attack here'
'The Indians have a
solid bowling line up'
You wait here. I'll be back.
'Kapil runs into the left hander'
'Oh! He's got him!'
Hey idiot! How many times
do I've to tell you?
-Go to the pitch of the ball and play.
I've brought a boy from the junior's
team. You must watch him play.
Who is that?
It's him.
Sunil? Are you kidding me?
Coach, I've seen many talented
players but they lacked passion.
Where as I had passion but I didn't have
the talent to make it big.
This boy has both, coach.
I fear that his intensity might fade out
if he plays in junior's team.
Do you even have a point, Sunil?
Do you want him to play here
and get injured?
No, coach. He is an excellent bowler.
Please make him bowl
and watch it once. Please.
Murali, come.
Come and bowl. Come on.
wait for four more years.
Bring him after that and we'll see.
Murali, give me the ball.
-I said, give it.
Coach, shall I take a long run up
and bowl pace?
If you have a run up till Jaffna,
he'll still hit you.
Coach, he ripped my bowling apart.
I must somehow get him out.
Please, coach.
Try spin bowling.
He won't be intimidated
by spin bowling, coach.
Sport a terrifying face and the batsman
will get intimidated.
Come here.
Hold the ball across the seam.
You bowl good cutters.
Take a short run up and bowl.
Can't you keep up?
The bag is slowing me down.
Ruwan, Piyal and Ranjith are not playing
the Cola tournament.
They have exam on the match day.
Luck is in your favour!
Your long wait is over.
This is what you struggled for.
Rock it, buddy!
Hey, watchout! Watchout!
Can't you practice away from the nets!
The ball missed me by a whisker!
Father doesn't want the team to play
without senior players.
He feels our college's reputation
will be lost if we lose.
Great news!
Don't let Murali know about this.
Why are you pulling his leg?
Murali, hope you heard the news.
It's a great opportunity. Practice well!
Until the match day, keep
bowling in the nets.
Here, start right away.
Why are you bowling loose deliveries?
Make it tighter!
If you give room outside the off stump,
it will go for six.
Stop! Stop!
Come here.
Bowl from around the wickets.
Over the wicket
are easy to hit.
Don't make it easy to hit six.
Bowl from around the wicket.
Murali, it's easy to hit you.
leave the ball. Come, let's go.
The principal already decided
not to play this tournament.
He's roasting you on purpose!
And you fell for it!
Come, let's go.
What the hell are you doing?
You've been bowling in the nets
for four years.
You keep doing this in spite of
not being selected in the team.
I can't bear this bullying
even for a month.
How are you so patient?
Hear me out.
Until Ruwan and Piyal are in the team,
we are not getting a chance!
No use bowling at the nets everyday.
My dad tells me that if I do
type writing course,
it would be useful
for my future.
He's got a point.
Nobody will offer you a job...
because you trained
day and night in the nets.
I won't go for any job.
Have you decided to work
in your father's biscuit factory?
Then what?
I will play cricket.
Ruwan is not playing today's match.
He hasn't recovered yet.
So, the coach and captain are discussing
about taking you in today's playing XI.
So be prepared.
Read out the final team list.
Damien Natarajan, Nathan,
Sumeet, Priyanth,
Guyan, Piyal,
Boys, stop looking there.
Come on, get inside.
Go! Come on.
Who are the Tamil players here?
Who are you guys?
Get the hell out!
Who let you in?
Get out!
The team list!
Do you think we can't find out?
Natarajan, Sumeet,
Nadhan, Priyanth,
Kumaran, Guyan,
Piyal, Ranjith, Kandharan,
So many people are dead here...
and you're smiling?
Just get lost!
-Did I plant the bomb?
-You Tamils did!
So many Tamils are killed in the riots!
What was their fault?
Will you take responsibility for them?
Shut up and leave!
Look at that!
This is our country!
Who allowed you here?
Get out of here. Out!
Are you all sportsmen or rowdies?
Do not step out of this room
until I tell you!
It may be another three days before
you can go home.
Let me make arrangements
to inform your parents.
Till then, please stay clam.
Please stay calm.
Why is he scolding us?
-What did we do?
-Just leave it.
Is this not my country?
If we are second class citizens...
we will always be living in fear.
For someone who hailed from
a group of immigrant labourers,
getting recognized as citizen
in itself is very tough.
Today, he has grown to stature where
the entire nation looks up at in awe.
I watched Murali play,
for the first time...
in this match.
Who's batting at #7 today?
Why do you ask?
Shall we let Murali
play in that position?
Murali? As a batsman?
Murali has been waiting for so long now.
You'll be playing today.
Thank you.
But as a batsman.
As a batsman?
Score 50 runs and I shall let you bowl.
Sounds good?
Well bowled! Well bowled, senior.
You come.
-You go to the Point.
-Senior... senior...
Anyway we are batting second.
Please give me at least
one over to bowl.
One over. That's all you got.
If you take a wicket,
I'll give another over.
-Okay, senior.
Get a wicket.
Come on, boys! Come on!
You go to mid off.
Are they all out?
Caught and bowled by Murali.
Bowled by Murali.
Again, bowled by Murali.
Stumped of Murali's bowling.
LBW by Murali.
He took all the 10 wickets!
'An interesting match between Trinity
and St. Anthony's college is underway'
'It is expected that Muralidaran
will take his 100th wicket today'
'It can been seen that fans are
eagerly waiting to witness it'
Brother, let's go to Asgiriya.
Got a pass?
-Do I really need a pass?
-Oh, sir! It's you! Welcome.
Why are these two getting so hyper?
They are Murali's younger brothers
They belong to the rival college.
Come on, boy! Come on!
Come on. Come on, boy!
He is good.
'Murali get his 100th wicket'
'An achievement that will
go down in history'
'What a great achievement!'
'What a magical bowling!
He has made his team and college proud'
Hey kiddo.
Yes, sir?
-You play for St. Anthony's team, right?
-Yes, sir.
Can you pass a message to Muralidaran?
Murali! Hey!
I just met Arjuna Ranatunga!
He said he will call you one day.
Oh really?
I met Donald Bradman while
having tea in the canteen.
He said that your batting is...
-Hello, good morning.
-Hello, sir.
Good morning boys.
Please ensure everything
is fine as per the list.
Ensure all the arrangements
for the tour is fine.
-Hello, sir.
Why are you both hesitant?
I'm so proud of Murali.
He's selected to play for Sri Lankan
team that too at a young age of 19.
We had a huge discussion during
selection and finally chose him.
We have lots of expectation
from your son.
We are sending our son Murali
abroad for the first time.
He studied in Tamil medium.
Don't worry. I speak three languages.
I can even speak French.
He's just a kid. He'll learn everything
in course.
We cannot make it big
by just knowing Tamil.
Has any Tamil played
for our country before?
Why not? Many of them have played.
Sathasivam, Shanmugam...
In fact, even I've played
for our country.
You being the team manager
puts our mind at peace.
Please take good care of Murali.
Don't worry. I treat all my players
Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslims, Burghers...
I don't discriminate in anybody's name.
Your son is flying abroad
to play for our country.
Please come and enjoy the function.
Okay boys!
Go and relax, all of you.
We'll have the net session
tomorrow morning.
Get used to this weather. Okay?
It will only get colder.
Hey, why is the door open?
Brother, close the door at once.
It's so cold!
Murali, what are you doing?
It is so cold, brother.
No matter what you do...
it will be even more cold
once you step in to the ground.
Your hands will shiver and turn numb.
You won't be able to spin the ball.
If you bowl loose balls,
they will rip you apart.
This ain't your school cricket, brother.
Be careful with him.
He's the senior spinner
and you're a school boy hero.
There's politics everywhere.
Aravinda, look what Murali is doing.
Murali, what are you doing here
all by yourself?
It's so cold here.
Only if I get used to the open,
the body will adapt to the conditions.
Even the England players
can't bear this cold.
But I like your style.
This tour will be very tough.
We need bowlers who can take wickets.
If you perform well in
today's practice match...
then you might get a chance
to play the Oval test.
Who is this guy?
Well, you should ask my father.
Come on, Murali.
It's okay Murali. Come on.
Boys, take their kit bags.
It's just been three days. During our
next match, you'll get your story.
-Thank you. I look forward to it.
-Thank you. Sure.
Cheer up, boys.
It's a new place and it'd be tough to
adapt to new conditions.
You will do better
in next practice match.
Don't think too much about
this game and relax.
Are you guys up for the city tour?
Our hotel laundry is more expensive.
We have found a better place to do it.
You guys take these clothes
for laundry...
then have some fun sightseeing.
I left home saying that
I'm off to England to play cricket.
Same here.
Come on.
I messed it up.
Hi guys. Is it possible
to help us, over there?
I've my laundry inside the machine
and I cannot get it out.
So yeah?
Come on, ma'am. We don't work here.
-Do you know anybody who can help me?
Buddy, I am from Moratuwa
and you're from Kandy.
We never went to schools where
privileged kids studied.
No, I didn't pla... please go.
I didn't play well.
-I am only to blame.
-Not at all.
Forget it, buddy.
You are Murali, right?
You're a bowler who can change a game.
Trust me. I played club cricket
with Abdul Qadir.
Don't give up, Murali.
Thank you.
Your friend?
Sorry, but you are?
Glucka Wijesuriya. Call me Wije.
I'm Ramesh Schaffter,
your team manager's son.
Cheer up, guys! Lets get us some drinks.
I know a great pub.
Cheer up.
Hey Murali, come this way!
Get out of the way!
Oy! Get out!
Is it so hot here? Why do they
keep asking for water?
Get out of the way!
Sorry... sorry...
So, you're not good enough
to get in this shit team?
My grandma can bowl better
than you a lot!
What did you say?
My grandma can bowl better
than you a lot!
Dare you talk about grandma!
-Get out of here!
-If my grandma here,
she'll break your hand and leg,
and put in the stove!
-Piss off!
-Your grandma is back home! Come now!
Sri Lanka are 253 for 9 in second innings
England need 1 wicket to win the Test.
Why are you all so down?
Cheer up, boys!
The match was in our grasp
till the last moment.
You let them dominate us
on the last day.
We will bounce back even stronger.
No worries.
All of you come here. Quick!
Murali sir, come here.
This is your first tour
with the Sri Lankan team.
So, I'd like to give you a souvenir.
-What do you say boys?
You came all the way from Sri Lanka
and took zero wickets.
At least take this wicket back home.
Take it, Murali!
Your count is not zero.
How many catches did you drop?
Was it four or three?
Here, take it.
He was just kidding.
Don't take it seriously.
It is very tough to perform
in the international stage.
It's not easy for everyone.
Don't worry that you couldn't perform
at an international level.
You made it so far and that
by itself is a great achievement.
Excuse me, sir.
You missed this wicket
inside the aircraft.
We are happy to hand over it safely.
Now, keep walking.
-Hey school boy.
Your mom is here. Go.
Welcome, Murali. Welcome.
He has become so lean
within a span of a month.
Let's eat in a good hotel,
on our way back home.
-I'll get the car. See you both outside.
Come on, mom.
Did any other player's parents
come to receive them?
Why did you both come?
We came expecting to see your smiling
face after a month's time.
Why are you so grumpy?
Come, let's go.
Now come!
How was London?
Was it as cold as Nuwara Eliya?
Nuwara Eliya's climate is nothing
compared to London.
You have no idea how proud
you have made us.
Yes, you're the talk of the town.
I was only selected in the team.
I didn't even play a single match.
Getting selected in the team
is itself a great deal.
I was only selected in the squad.
I couldn't even take a single wicket.
The team lost and bit dust!
Do you get it?
Why are you getting all riled up?
Victory and loss are part of the game.
There is more to life than a game.
Let's go.
So, Murali didn't play even
a single match in that tour?
Murali was left out of the squad
after this tour.
nobody believed Murali would be
picked up in the team again.
He looks lost after his return
from England.
First, let's get him married.
Get him married? He is just 19!
Let him finish his studies
and find a job.
He's been starving since morning.
Give him something to eat.
He says it's only 8 am in England
and he's not hungry.
He is still not changed to our time.
Then go change the time in his watch.
Hey, come and eat your food.
Why are you lying alone like Devadas?
Who told you that I'm alone?
I do have a friend with me.
Murali! Snake!
It's a plastic snake, mom.
Come on, mom!
I don't want to see your face!
I won't talk to you!
-Get lost!
-Look here mom...
-Mom wait...
-Hey Murali...
-Come here.
-Just a minute, brother.
Dad wants to meet you at once.
This machine breaks down every week.
What can we do?
Every time the mechanic says it's fixed
but it breaks again.
We are no experts to understand
why it breaks down often.
We don't have a choice.
Call him again.
-Will do it once evening shift is over.
-Please do.
-Yes, dad?
This factory is solely built
on our family's hard work.
We have a lot of competition now.
Our turnover has gone down.
Years of our hard work
must not go to waste.
We'll have to keep up with the time.
None in our family has studied
Food production.
So, if you study Food Production,
then we can revive our factory.
Will you do that for us?
Sure, dad.
Happy to hear that, dear.
Where will I study?
You are going abroad.
The application is ready.
I'll get it now.
You'll have a blast studying abroad.
Aren't you Murali?
I'm a teacher at Trinity College.
Hello, madam.
I saw you taking your 100th wicket
in the big match.
Though you're from my rival college,
that moment was great!
Thank you, madam.
Are you applying for
the sports application?
Yes, madam.
One day you will definitely play
for Sri Lanka.
And I will be in the stadium
cheering you on.
All the best!
Thank you, madam.
Don't worry that you couldn't perform
at an international level.
You made it so far and that
by itself is a great achievement.
You took zero wickets.
At least take this wicket back home.
I've got admission
in Technical Institute.
I have to join on Monday, dad.
Colombo Technical Institute?
I can even learn about factories
in Technical institute, right?
That's why.
What do they teach about Food Production
in a Technical Institute?
It's not about Food Production,
it's all about playing Club cricket.
Which is impossible if he goes abroad.
Are you nuts?
Don't go behind cricket like a fool
and ruin your future.
Listen, even if you get
another chance to play,
you can't even earn a penny
by playing cricket.
It'll take another 30 years
for Sri Lanka to defeat other teams.
And especially during this war times,
the situation will get worse.
Won't you consult us before applying?
Just leave it.
We also made decisions
without consulting.
Now he has made his own decisions.
Murali, did you choose an institute
in Colombo to play cricket?
No, dad. I will play only when
I have time between studies.
More than us, you know
what's good for you.
So do what your heart says.
Do you think he'll
concentrate on studies?
He's not going there to study.
His aim is to play for the country.
He wasn't allowed to play in England
only because he is Tamil.
Do you think they will allow him now?
You shouldn't agree to all his demands.
I know you really wish to play
for our country.
But looks like they don't pick Tamils
in the team.
I don't see myself as a Tamil.
Then? Are you Sinhala?
A cricketer!
If we could decide our own identity,
then half of the problems in this world
would vanish.
Be yourself, Murali.
That's the best we can do.
Murali leaves for Colombo with dream of
getting back into the National Cricket team.
Tamil Union Cricket Club, Colombo
That's our coach and that is Jeevan sir.
Meet Murali, sir.
-Hello, sir.
-Hi Murali. Good luck.
-Thank you, sir.
-Murali, welcome to Tamil Union.
Go and practice. I'll catch you later.
Okay, sir.
Yes, you!
Go and fetch the ball.
Is this "our" club?
No, Channeya is not
part of our current team.
Since he's our senior,
he comes here often to practice.
He just ragged you since
you are new.
Just don't mind it.
Well, I can't let go of it so easy.
Hey kid.
Tie my shoe lace.
-Where are you from?
This is Colombo city.
Not your Kandy.
So watchout.
Boy, do sit ups. Five times. Relax.
Who is he?
He was a part of the national team
that toured England.
Well bowled! Well bowled!
You guys wouldn't have visited
a club like this before.
Stop showing off!
No shoes; not allowed.
-But why?
-You call them shoes?
Doesn't it look like shoes
with the socks?
Hey Kandy boys!
Here to party?
Can't allow him without shoes, sir.
He's not wearing shoes?
How could you turn up at a club
without shoes?
What do we do?
Take off your sandals.
I am going home anyway.
Wear it.
Let me tell you,
this guy...
is one of the best bowler
I have ever faced in my life.
Though he dresses up like a school kid...
My socks are getting ruined.
Pass me your sandals.
Hey kid, ragging you was just for fun.
Well, you got back at me.
That's alright.
Let me tell you something.
If you want to make it
to the Sri Lankan team...
If you want to be
an International cricketer,
then you will have to face
many people like me.
Do you get it?
Don't overthink about the rest.
Those shoes are costly. Be careful!
Senior, the sandals.
Have fun Kandy boys.
See you at the ground tomorrow.
Let's go. Drive.
Where are we headed?
To your house or mine?
'India are 252 for the loss of
five wickets'
Tamil Union started to win
many tournaments.
Murali became
the talk of the town.
So, it was the Tamils
who identified Murali first.
'Dhoni is out! Dhoni goes for 33'
'Bowled by Muthiah Muralidaran!'
'The ball went in between his bat
and pads, and rattled the wickets'
Hey! Stop!
-Hey! Stop!
-Wait! Come here!
Step forward!
Where are you headed?
Sir, I'm going for cricket practice.
-I'm going for my cricket practice.
-Where is your citizen ID?
Yes, I've my ID sir.
Hey! Hey! Leave the bag and step back.
Step back!
-Colonel Ramesh!
-Yes, sir.
Check the bag.
I didn't find the ID in his bag.
Looks suspicious.
-Sir, no...
-Where is your ID?
Sir, I must have forgot it at home.
Oh! So you forgot it?
Yes, sir.
-Sir, I'm sorry.
-I'll show you the ID tomorrow, sir.
-I said, kneel!
Kneel down so that
you will learn your lesson!
Only then next time
you won't forget your ID.
Forgot his identity card, my foot!
He deserves it.
Next batsman, sit up.
Well done. Keep playing
the same way. Got it?
Hey, give me the ball.
Keep maintaining
the same line and length.
-Hey, give me the ball.
-Come here.
Why are you sneaking in
like a rat into the kitchen?
Where is your discipline?
Almost one hour delay!
Out of my nets!
-Sorry, sir.
-Boys, stop!
If you stand in front of me, I'll cancel
the whole net practice session today!
Roll and flatten the pitch
in the center for tomorrow.
We'll take care of the match later.
Sir, he has been waiting for a while
to meet you.
I'll talk to him. You carry on.
Do you think I won't find out about you
and your friends partying at the club?
Of late, your interest in cricket
is going down.
You think few wickets in club matches
will suffice?
Why couldn't you get even a
single wicket in London?
Well sir...
A catch was dropped,
and a close LBW was given Not out.
Did you only bowl two deliveries
in the whole match?
Murali, you are a very talented boy.
And that's your problem too.
So stop giving lame excuses...
and try to identify your mistakes.
Until then you can never become
a great bowler.
Next week, the Australian team
is arriving in Sri Lanka.
There are lots of practice matches.
This is your best chance
to get back in the national team.
Got it, man?
Come for the practice tomorrow.
Thank you, coach.
What do you reckon, coach?
Fella's turning it 90 degrees there.
I have never seen a wrist spinner
offie before.
His action is very unorthodox.
What the hell is he bowling?
He is an off spinner but the turn
he's getting is crazy.
No, mate. I reckon he's a leg spinner
bowling googly.
Watch his wrist.
No! No, mate. He is a wrist spinning
off spinner.
What's his name?
They call him Murali.
He's good.
Well done, boys. Well played!
It was a very good match.
Roshan, good batting.
And Veerakodi, Dulip...
-Very good spell.
-Thank you, sir.
And Murali!
What a bowling!
You made great batsmen like
Border and Waugh struggle.
Well done! Wonderful spell.
Thank you, sir.
And boys, final team selection list will
be announced in Monday's newspaper.
If your name appears in it,
then report to the cricket board
on Monday.
Relax boys.
shall I spend two days at my home
in Kandy and return on Monday?
No issues, Murali.
Anyway squad will be announced
only on Monday.
Relax this weekend
and return on Monday.
I'll see you on Monday.
'Sri Lankan captain, Arjuna Ranatunga
won the toss...'
'and he had no hesitation
to send Australia into bat'
'Rain has delayed the start of this
first test match by eight minutes'
'We will have to wait and watch to see ...'
'if these light showers
will help the seam bowlers'
Why grandma?
What's the point?
Tamil Union won many trophies;
thanks to you.
Sri Lanka lost in England
because they didn't let you play.
They will lose again now.
Why should I waste my time
watching this?
Fine. Come on, wait grandma.
-Hello, Murali.
It's me, Ranjith speaking.
Hello, senior.
What's up? Are you watching the match?
Looks like a good match.
They are scoring well.
All the batsmen are scoring well, right?
So Murali, please make it for
the old boys match tomorrow.
I'm in Kandy.
How can I make it?
Don't give reasons and come to Colombo.
Help us save our school's pride.
I can't make it, senior.
You should have told me a bit earlier.
Fine, leave it. I'll hang up now.
Okay, senior.
Why are you looking sad?
Why are you looking so ugly?
If everybody plays well
and if Sri Lanka keeps winning,
then you will never get a chance!
Tell me the truth.
Aren't you wishing
for Sri Lanka to lose?
Am I right?
Very good.
-I knew it.
-So smart...
So you think you're smart?
You think so?
Mom! Raja brother!
Mom, there goes Murali again.
-Acting oversmart with me?
-Stop it! I said, stop it!
Stop fighting with kids all the time.
'An outside edge. What a catch
by Kaluwitharana'
'Mark Waugh dismissed for 56'
Why do you look so sad?
-Hello, senior.
-Tell me Murali.
-St. Benedicts ground, right?
-Yes. Are you coming?
What time should I be there?
The vehicle is here.
Come fast. Come on now!
Murali, wake up! Welcome to Lords!
Is the Toss over?
If you win, choose batting.
-Just come.
-Come on, man!
What happened?
Their spinners took seven wickets.
Seven wickets!
What did our spinners do?
Well bowled, Murali.
That was a good spell.
-Thank you, senior.
Hey, Ruwan! What are you doing here?
-Did Sri Lanka win the match?
No. They were 150 for 7 when I left.
Seven wickets down?
-They were 120 for 2 earlier.
-Yes. Forget that.
Murali, Arjuna sir asked for you,
at once!
The Sri Lankan team captain
has called you!
And you're asking why? Just go!
-Go! Now!
-All the best, buddy.
'What a memorable match
it has been for Australia!'
'Sri Lanka have lost the match
by just 16 runs,'
'after having a mammoth lead of 291 runs
in the first innings'
'The bowling for Australia has been
quite impressive in the second innings'
'Shane Warne! Look at his figures'
'He has just taken one wicket
before this match'
'Playing in his third game, he has taken
three wickets in just 6.1 overs'
'Splendid leg spin bowling'
'Sri Lankan batsmen... have to say
that they crumbled under pressure'
'Sri Lanka were two for 127 at one point,
requiring just 54 runs to win the match.
Please switch off that TV.
What the hell are we doing, boys?
They will certainly say that our
batsmen can't handle pressure.
We must have not let Australians
score 471 runs in the first place!
We had the match in our control
for the last four and a half days.
I'm sick!
I just cannot accept such a bad defeat!
Hope you saw Shane's spell.
We need a spinner...
who can turn the test match
in one session.
Who do we have?
Arjuna brother...
did you call me?
Kid, this is the main gate.
Public are not allowed through this.
I am not here to watch the match.
Are you here to play?
What's your name?
Muthiah Muralidaran.
Come back victorious!
Lord Muruga, my grandson has
already bowled three overs.
Yet he hasn't got a wicket.
Lord Muruga, Murali has been playing
since yesterday.
At least today, show some mercy on him.
According to his horoscope,
it's a challenging day for him.
Challenges are what makes a game.
-The horoscope is right.
-he has started bowling.
-Come on.
all the noise and this crowd...
Forget it all.
Imagine this as your school match.
Don't take pressure.
You can do this.
Prepare the sales report on time.
Hereafter, the company
will not be lenient.
Now, moving on to DLC model.
Okay, sir. Thank you, sir.
Hey Murali, stop.
Where are you going?
Sir, it's 4 'O clock. Cricket practice.
Everything is delayed because of you.
No problem, sir. I give in the morning.
Thank you, sir.
They pay salary to such cricketers,
who don't work at all.
How will I ever get the work done?
To hell with such company policies!
Sir, after practice...
I work full night.
Confirm. Immediately I give...
Tomorrow morning.
-Thank you, sir.
where are you going?
To practice.
-No practice session today.
India tour is confirmed.
Starting tomorrow, we'll have
full day practice.
Go and get permission from
your office manager.
Grandma... grandma...
-Welcome my child.
Big things are about to happen
and you're busy grinding?
What is it?
I am going to play against your country.
I'm off to India next week
for a tournament.
Whom will you pray for?
Me or India?
Get lost!
Sri Lanka vs India,
Ahmedabad Test
Dev was on the verge of breaking
Richard Hadlee's world record.
Hi, sir.
Congratulations on your record.
Don't call me sir. I'm not an umpire.
Please sit down.
Thank you, sir.
You like India?
Sir... you have some advice?
Tell your seniors to stop fighting.
No, sir. I was asking about my bowling.
Why should I coach you?
You're asking me...
so you can beat us
in the One Day matches?
Sorry, sir.
Hey! Wait.
Come on, man.
You Lankans are very serious.
You just enjoy your game.
Okay, sir.
You're already good.
And I'm not a spinner.
Sir, you have more wickets
than anyone else.
You get a lot of spin.
But that's not enough.
Look at our man Kumble.
A spinner who doesn't turn much
but every ball he bowls is different.
He varies the speed, the angle
and the bounce.
No more runs, wicket will come.
You understand?
Yes, sir.
I will try against India in ODIs, sir.
Check this bottom alignment.
After returning from that tour of India,
there was a huge difference
in Murali's performance.
What is it?
The media is here to spy on Murali.
It is better to keep him away
from the media.
Don't bowl in the nets.
You are our trump card.
The people from media
are here to spy on you.
No ball.
No ball.
'And he is no balling again'
'I hope he is going over the front line
of the return crease'
'This is causing him a problem'
No ball.
No. You threw.
What's the problem?
He is chucking.
He has got 50 international
test wickets.
Nobody has had a problem
with his action before.
That's exactly what
the problem is, mate.
I do!
You bowl from the other end. Okay?
'This certainly won't be the
last time we hear of this issue'
'Could this be the end of the road...
for Murali?'
Oi Chucker!
Over bowled.
Skipper. Captain...
if you keep bowling him,
I will call 'No ball'
from the square leg.
Don't bowl in this match.
I think it'll only create
unnecessary issues.
Oi chucker!
'Murali called for chucking.
Controversy hit the boxing day test'
Hello Murali. This is Mark.
I'm from The Australian Times.
I just have few questions.
I am sleeping.
Then, who am I talking to?
I read in the newspaper
that you are cheating.
I have no idea about cricket.
But is there any fault of yours, Murali?
there is no fault of mine at all.
They say my elbow is not straight
while bowling.
But I keep it straight when I bowl.
You can't straighten your elbows.
For you, it's naturally bent
since your birth.
What's your fault in this?
Dear, I hope they will let
you continue to play, right?
-Tell me, dad.
They will let you play, right?
If they stop me from bowling off spin,
I'll bowl leg spin, dad.
Very good, dear.
Your legs are straight.
No issues.
So you bowl with legs.
This is Murali's arm. Yeah?
Look, Murali's arm is naturally bent.
We know he's not chucking
but can we prove it?
You're looking at a three dimensional
movement on a 2D screen.
When he bowls,
looks like his arm is straightened.
I'll do one more. Look.
This is an optical illusion.
This is my point.
Can we test his actions scientifically
and prove it?
Yes, of course!
You can do the test
in Western Australia.
We should do it and get ICC
to end to this issue.
Okay, let's do it immediately.
It is here they have a problem, right?
Then we must do it here, right?
They even called out your leg spin too.
Was that too an optical illusion?
What if they fail you in the test here?
Let's not do it here.
Can we do this in England?
I understand your concerns.
But not all Australians
are against Murali.
I think we should do it here.
Do you have any idea
on what's going on here?
Your future is in the hands
of these experts.
I think you took a huge risk.
The angle of inflection recorded
is less that five degrees.
That is pretty much in control.
I believe it's well within
the ICC standard rules...
Sir... sir...
Pass or fail?
Is that a positive result?
Yes! Yes!
Well done!
Thank you so much.
Brother, why hasn't Murali
turned up for practice?
When did Murali come to Kandy?
Today morning, uncle.
Why have you taken
Murali's name out of it?
Are you willing to take risk in this
world cup with Murali in the team?
They don't want to take a risk
by playing me in the world cup.
If an umpire calls him again,
it'll affect the whole team!
If our cricket board rejects me...
then it's the end of the road for me.
The ICC has cleared his action.
Remember, there will be Australian
umpires in the world cup.
Okay, let's take a vote on it.
You are the only Tamil in the team.
And you're a star player.
That's enough for half of them
to hate you.
Forget it.
Yes, dad?
Go to bank and fill up this
withdrawal slip. I'll come.
'Arjuna Ranatunga, Marvan Atapattu,
Aravinda De Silva,'
'Romesh Kaluwitharna, Asanka Gurusinha,'
'Hashan Tillakaratne,
Sanath Jayasuriya, Roshan Mahanama'
'Muthiah Muralidaran,'
'Ravindra Pushpakumara, Chaminda Vaas,'
'Pramodya Wickramasinghe,
Upul Chandana...'
'and Kumara Dharmasena.'
'On to today's weather report.'
Diwakar is the highest wicket
taker in school.
One day you and Murali will play
together for the national team.
So you were there?
Do you think only you have suffered?
So, in this tournament,
picking Murali in the squad
was a smart decision.
Since the board retained
Whatmore and Kountouri...
our team appeared to be
a professional outfit to the world.
opening the batting
with Kalu and Sanath...
Again it's Australia who gave us
Whatmore and Kountouri.
More than Kalu and Sanath winning it
for the team,
the matches they won by forfeit,
that had more impact.
Because of bomb blast, Sri Lanka got
four points without breaking a sweat.
The bomb was planted to target
the Sri Lankan government.
And at that time the only Tamil player
in Sri Lankan team was...
Still the Tamils, Sinhalese,
Muslims, Burghers;
the whole nation stood by him.
You believe in your story
and I will believe in mine.
Come on!
This is just the beginning, kid!
Murali was only a small part
in the team's win.
He never proved himself
to be a champion.
Every experts will say...
Test cricket is the real test.
we are the world champions...
yet the England board has offered
us only a single test match.
As champions, this is a great insult.
The only way to win their respect...
We have to win this Test match!
Remember boys, this is bigger
than the world cup.
Let's go, boys.
a Test match cannot be won
by scoring 1000 runs.
It can be won only
by taking 20 wickets.
So bowl an attacking spell.
If you fear that batsmen
will take your for runs,
you won't get your wickets.
I won't fear anything hereafter.
In one word it was - Magic!
Every ball came out of his hand
like a whip.
The English batsmen were lost.
Muthiah Muralidaran took 16 wickets in this match
to register Sri Lanka's first test victory in England
Thank you.
But that wasn't Murali's best
What do you mean?
Is there any other spell of his
that could better 9 for 65?
Why am I here?
We want you to officiate
in the Sri Lankan series.
So, you're aware I'm on sick leave?
We know.
But you have set some high standards
in certain areas of the game...
that we'd like to uphold in this series.
Yeah! Well those high standards
got me a lot of flak last time.
Sometimes it takes a brave umpire to
protect the spirit of the game.
Look... err.. I don't mind
doing my job...
But I don't want to be the fall guy
if this thing goes south!
We've got your back.
The umpire's word is law!
I do remember that...
and Sri Lankan people too.
'No ball called from square leg'
'What is going to happen now?'
'I am sorry but I think
this is pathetic'
'Talk about the Winjin' Poms;
these are the Winjin' Aussies'
So you're saying he's throwing
after he's been cleared by the ICC?
He threw the ball, so I made the call.
So you're saying you know better
than the ICC?
Is that what you're saying?
You played what? Club cricket?
You played club cricket, right?
So you're saying you know better than
Holding, Dev and Walcott.
This is so unfair! Sorry, I'm going to
call the ICC right now.
The decision stands.
You need to inform the captain first,
before you call!
Please don't point your finger at me.
-This is unfair!
-I made the call and it stands.
I'm sorry. We'll have to walk out.
We'll have to walk out of the match.
Okay? I'm sorry.
Sorry guys. We are going to walk out.
'I think they have had enough.
I don't blame Arjuna'
'Umpire Emerson thinks he knows more
than every other player in the world'
Why was the umpire changed
suddenly before the match?
I can't overrule the umpire's decision.
His call is final in the field.
Who gave the rights
to this umpire to call Murali...
after he's been cleared by the ICC?
We'll talk about this after the match.
-Please... go back on the field.
Listen, just get on with the game.
We'll deal this after the match.
-So you want us to get on with the game?
Murali is going to continue
to bowl in this match.
He is going to bowl leg spin.
-And you better not call him!
-Why'd I call him on a leg spin?
I don't have a problem
with his leg spin.
You called his leg spin last time.
Go, look at the video!
Come boys.
bowl leg spin throughout this match.
We will deal the issue after the match.
What's the issue again?
You took 16 wickets in Test match
and won the game for us, right?
That's the issue.
-Come boys.
-Come on!
This was decent spell considering
you bowled leg spin.
Also, this is a batting track.
Indeed it's a batting track...
but if I had practiced leg spin,
I'd have bowled even better.
Sri Lanka needs 5 runs to win
with 2 wickets remaining.
The umpire called you out because
they don't want us to win this match.
This match is in your hands now.
Just be brave, brother!
Come on, Murali!
'Out walks Murali'
'Can he do this with the bat?'
'Sri Lanka need two runs of four balls
with one wicket remaining.
Murali holds the world record for highest
number of Ducks in International Cricket.
Yes! Yes!
Even with so many issues, he bounced
back by hitting that winning run...
and had that smile on his face.
Tell me the truth.
It seems like you are a cricket expert.
Did Murali chuck or not?
Take that bunch.
They targeted Murali.
After that,
ICC declared that, umpires cannot
call out players during a match.
In the next four years...
Murali made big not only
in international cricket,
but he also dominated
in England county cricket.
Sir, one autograph. Please, sir.
Thank you, sir.
So you are on a tour from Sri Lanka?
All Sri Lankans here are not tourists,
there are refugees too.
Do you know Tamil or you don't want
to speak the language.
If we could decide our own identity,
then half of the problems in this world
would vanish.
Be yourself, Murali.
'Today a ceasefire agreement
enters into force...'
between Sri Lankan
government and LTTE...'
Yes. I too saw it.
This is what we had been waiting
for so long.
I think now we can take forward
the UN Food program to the north.
MOMALLY CHECKPOINSir, let me see that.
Sir! Hi, sir.
Let me get it stamped, sir.
I have been to many countries,
-but this the first time here in North.
-Hi, sir. How are you?
It's okay. You're here with
lot of gifts to offer.
-Sir, Murali sir...
It gives us immense pleasure
that you're here in our place.
We have arranged a feast for you.
Please join us.
Let's go.
We must reach Jaffna before sunset.
That will be safe.
It's just 1 'O clock.
We shall leave by 2.
Time is actually 1:30. They are
still following the old time zone.
Why did you stop?
You have nothing to worry.
Eelam is always safe for the Tamils
and their friends.
Please come. Please.
Eat to your heart's content.
Thank you.
It's getting late.
He is our master.
So happy to see successful Tamil people
like you helping out our people.
I heard that you're appointed as
UN's food ambassador.
I feel it's our duty to ensure a healthy
childhood for each and every child.
I want the children in this part
also to be benefited too.
This not a part.
Meet Selvi. She is a part of the UN.
She will be supervising this program.
If you could give us logistical support,
it'll be a great help.
We will definitely support you.
We are all fighting for
the welfare of Tamils.
And it's peace time.
If it's always peace time,
nobody has to suffer.
We don't wish to fight forever.
All we want is peace.
may I ask you directly?
Go ahead. Ask.
Why are you on your feet?
There's no hurry.
According to our local time,
you have half an hour.
You say that you want peace,
but you conduct arm strikes.
Do you think that's justified?
Only because we took up arms,
today we are invited for peace talks.
Or else, we'd have been crushed.
A lot has happened till now.
From now on I wish our youngsters
to drop these weapons...
and become doctors, engineers
and sportsmen.
I believe you will agree with me.
Our brother is asking,
why are you carrying a gun
when you must be studying?
Answer him.
When our parents are killed
while fighting for our rights,
and our sisters are getting raped;
what do you expect us to do?
Play cricket?
We all supported Dev and Gavaskar.
That was until a player named
Muralidaran came into the scene.
Now many of our Tamil people
watch cricket just for you.
Since you're the flag bearer of peace,
let me ask you this.
What is your position on this movement?
Kandy is where I was born.
Sri Lanka is my country.
Millions of Tamils like me, had to
fight extreme hardships...
to receive our citizenship and
most of us are still struggling.
Even if a separate country is allotted,
around a million Tamils like me,
have a home in Sri Lanka.
Anyone who is forced to leave
this country is a refugee.
We have finally overcome being tagged
as illegal immigrants.
We are not fighting for just ourselves.
We are fighting for
all the Tamil people.
I also wish to help our people.
That's why I am here.
It doesn't matter who is
on the right side,
it's always the innocent people
who suffer in times of war.
Tell this to the oppressor
who is breaking us down.
Not to the ones who are fighting back.
-Sir, autograph please.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
The way Murali spoke inside, I was
scared they wouldn't let us go.
Murali you were too frank.
This isn't your cricket game.
This is politics!
Murali sir...
the people here love you so much,
but it seems that you're not supporting
them enough.
If I support the Tamils,
the Sinhalese will hate me.
If I support the Sinhalese,
the Tamils will hate me.
If I take wickets,
I'll be tagged as 'Chucker'.
If I don't take wickets,
I'll be tagged as 'Overrated'.
I am...
sick to prove myself all the time
to everyone.
During Sri Lanka - Australia series,
Murali's Doosra was reported for suspected action...
when he was on the verge of achieving
500 wicket mark in Test cricket
How do you find reaching 500 wickets
before Murali?
There's a lot of hype about
this contest.
Were able to keep the milestone and
the record off your mind and just bowl?
I didn't think I was going to get the
seven needed to break the world record.
But... obviously it was on my mind.
Do you think Murali will beat you
to the record?
He'll probably get a 1000 wickets
before he retires.
I mean... they are about to play...
is it Zimbabwe next?
Are you suggesting he gets a
lot of the softer wickets?
You're saying that, mate.
Not me.
But I mean... at the end of the day...
We are both trying to win matches
for our team.
That's my focus and I'm sure
that's his as well.
Hi Shane. Roy here from 'The Wicket'.
What about the allegations that
his 'Doosra' might be illegal.
Will that slow down his wicket taking.
Okay, thanks guys. That's all from me.
-Murali, come! Come on!
-This is unnecessary.
If not now then when?
So gentlemen...
Highest wicket taker in the history
of Test cricket!
Our own Muthiah Muralidaran! Yay!
Hey! No! No!
Speak of the devil! Guess who it is?
Congrats, mate!
I'm celebrating your record
with all of London.
Truth be told,
I can't be happy about achieving
this world record.
What happened? What's the problem?
Now even the Zimbabweans are sledging me
that I got all my wickets by chucking.
I need your help to make an appeal
to the ICC.
I'll do it.
MURALI ARM BRACE TESThis is way too heavy.
This could damage your shoulder.
I don't care.
Even if I never bowl again;
I don't care.
Just want to prove to everyone
that I'm not a cheater.
This has to end.
Let's go, try.
Okay, Murali! Come on!
Never mind.
No worries. It looked alright.
Keep trying. Okay?
Don't worry. Try again.
If he's bowling like this for days...
then a shoulder injury is a certainty.
Murali has made up his mind.
I don't think we can change
his decision.
Amazing! Yes!
I've seen the footage
and I watched him bowl.
Murali is a lovely bloke but...
he can't turn it like that legally.
Just keep an open mind,
that's all I ask.
I have been umpiring for 20 long years.
I can tell when someone's chucking.
That's why I wanted you here, Barry.
Are you sure about this Murali?
It's all live. These are all
high speed cameras.
We can't edit afterwards.
Thank you. See Mark...
there's nothing to hide.
I am okay.
That cast must be flexible.
It has stainless steel rods
running through it.
It has zero flex.
Can I see it?
Have it.
How did you manage to bowl
with this thing?
Can I see?
The weight of this could've
dislocated your shoulder.
You pushed him too hard!
I can tell when someone is chucking.
For the first time in my life,
I'm eating humble pie.
I'm sorry, Murali.
It's okay.
You're an honest man.
You'll get a good result from the ICC.
Thank you.
That's how it is. Don't bother
straightening it.
Get me the Betadine.
I would not be worried if Murali
had injured himself while playing.
But he got hurt in the pursuit
to prove that he is honest.
But the truth is,
my boy will never cheat anyone.
Was it worth the risk
of not bowling again?
Did the ICC accept your appeal?
Not yet.
So you've become a cricket expert now?
Muthiah Muralidaran, 547 test wickets,
362 ODI scalps,
average 22.72, economy rate 2.9
Looks like you're a better expert
than my grandma.
Does she know cricket?
She knows everything about everything.
So, ICC allows 10% flex
for fast bowlers...
and 5% for spinners.
Well, why the discrimination?
It doesn't make sense?
I think I must have hired you
instead of Wije.
Is it for the same reason
your 'Doosra' was also banned?
My life is like a...
rough sea.
It's never been a smooth sailing.
Obstacles keep coming.
I'll keep moving past it and you
must be prepared for that.
Rough sea or storm;
I'm always with you.
Hello, Murali sir.
-Hello, ma'am.
-Hey! No... no... Let's go.
Who will you support when Sri Lanka
and India play each other?
Hey! Come on, let's go.
Excuse me, guys! We have press meet
in the evening. Sorry.
Sorry... sorry.
One question. Only one question...
Sorry, guys. I'm sorry.
Not now. Bye.
Sir... Murali sir...
Murali, where's Madhi?
I don't know.
Let me check.
You seemed to be lost in thought.
That reporter's question
is running in my mind.
Is it still bothering you?
Everyone's talking about
the India - Sri Lanka match.
If I support India,
Bad wife.
And if I support Sri Lanka,
A traitor.
Welcome to my world.
One day, I asked the same question
to my grandma.
What did she say?
She said nothing.
You can support Australia
and even that won't bother me.
Now, let's go.
3rd MARCH,
Good morning.
Our boys are tired after
two days of fielding.
So they'd be 30 minutes late.
No problem. We'll leave now.
-Our team needs a quick warm up.
-Right. Okay.
Boys, make it fast.
We need to leave now.
They have been resting from yesterday
Then why do they need
extra 30 minutes of rest?
Three of you thrashed their bowling
for two straight days.
Do you think a day's rest would suffice?
Murali, we batted well for two days.
Don't let us toil in the field
for the remaining three days.
This wicket is dead.
Forfeit the game if you want.
It's so annoying when I think of
bowling in such a flat track.
Better if some bomb goes off somewhere
and they cancel the match.
It'd be awesome, right?
'Helicopters were forced to
airlift the Sri Lankan cricket team...'
'from the stadium in Eastern Pakistan,'
'following an attack of the tour bus'
Did you talk to Prakash?
Did he say something?
Prakash informed me after watching
the news in TV.
I don't know what to do.
I'm getting so scared.
Don't worry. Everything will be alright.
Sister-in-law, please come here.
They are showing Murali on TV.
'...near the main sports stadium
in the city of Lahore'
'It triggered a 15 minute gun battle
between the assailants and the police'
He is safe, right?
Please control yourself.
Well, they are lucky.
Their lives are valued more than ours.
I just don't understand why.
Who said so?
If Murali, Kumara, Mahela were shot dead,
the whole country would've been stunned!
Our people were dying here!
When my parents were killed,
nobody spoke a word!
They never touched a weapon,
why do they have to be killed?
At least one cricketer should have
been killed in that attack.
Then they would've understood our pain.
Shall we leave?
Is my father boring you
with his cricket stories?
Dad told me that you are from Jaffna.
How's Colombo?
Well, it's different.
Let's start in 15 minutes.
Let's take a three wheeler to the fort.
From there we'll catch a bus.
I'll call a rickshaw.
My son. Diwakar.
He was a leg spinner.
He wished to play for Sri Lanka,
just like Murali.
Quite a talented boy.
whom do I blame?
Where do I seek justice?
This is our sacrifice
for the revolution.
My son's legs...
and his dream.
We don't live in a fair world.
We have to fight to live in peace.
Whether it's a famous cricketer...
or a simple worker like me.
Didn't you ask "How will we be benefited
from Murali taking 800 wickets?"
Before the struggle ends
and normalcy returns,
the victory of a player like Murali...
will give us a hope of victory
in this unfair world.
After Murali's struggle for years, ICC finally met
to make a final decision on the legality of his action.
Look, we have been hearing
this optical illusion malarkey...
since the dawn of time.
Even my 10 year old grandson can tell
what a chuck looks like.
I'd like all of us to leave our emotions
at the door...
and look at numbers and facts.
What is five degrees?
What is 10?
That's 90 .
That's 45.
That's 20.
And there's five,
the legal amount for a spinner.
There's 10,
the legal amount for a pace bowler
If your 10 year old can spot that
during a bowling action...
He's Superman!
This is the work of Dr. Paul Hirion,
Mark Potters and Dr. Elliot here.
These gentlemen filmed every player...
who bowled in the recent
ICC Champions trophy.
And the results are eye opening
to say the least.
This is gathered from the data
based on the ICC Champions trophy.
Glenn McGrath - average flex 12.6
Allan Donald - average flex 12.1
Zaheer Khan - average flex 10.9
James Anderson...
average flex 13.6!
If we have to ban the bowlers
and humiliate them in the press,
then we need better reasons
than your 10 year old thinks he can see.
Murali is scrutinized only because
he is different...
and not because he is bending his elbows
more than the others.
It's not his elbow that is getting
him wickets.
It's his skill! His hard work!
His determination!
His courage under pressure!
You guys have thrown everything at him.
Your umpires, your fans, your press...
Even your prime minister!
But you can't take down a guy this good!
I thought we are leaving emotions
out of this.
Okay, so let's stick with science.
15% is when a throw becomes visible
to the human eye.
Let's set the rules consistently
come down hard on those who breaks them.
But don't use arbitrary sticks...
to beat those who don't confirm
to your coaching manuals.
You make a good point.
This funny game doesn't rely
on rules but on laws.
So, let's have a debate!
And let's make all the right decisions.
This is going on far too long.
you gave hope to all the other bowlers.
Well done, mate.
-You're going to take a 1000 wickets.
Bowl your heart out.
It's been a while since
I watched a cricket match.
How does it feel?
When Naren was born you didn't turn up
because the team was important.
Then why did you plan for this holiday
when your team is playing in Sharjah?
I've spent my whole life proving
to everyone.
That I'm innocent and
I was not chucking.
That I'm Tamil as well as
a Sri Lankan.
That's all I've been doing all along.
I have had enough.
I realized one thing.
When somebody decides not to trust you,
then no point trying to prove yourself.
There are many deserving youngsters.
I can't believe it.
So is it over, Murali?
What about taking 1000 wickets?
So aren't you going to play anymore?
Murali, are you sure about it?
Now you're playing at your peak!
See, if I want I can play
for another five years.
For what?
I just want to play one last match.
Oh, come on Murali!
Nobody retires in middle of a series.
Play all the three matches.
You need 8 wickets to reach 800.
those Indians play spin really well.
One match may not be enough.
Why don't you announce this
as your 'Farewell series'?
No bowler in this world has
achieved the feat of taking 800 wickets.
And it's going to be very difficult.
So, don't miss this opportunity.
Eight wickets in three matches;
it's boring!
At least, let my last match
be an exciting one.
What do you think?
The news paper print is ready.
Follow it up.
-Editor is very happy.
He'll will break the record before
we reach the ground. Make it fast.
-Going to watch the match?
-Do you want to join?
-But tickets must be sold out.
I have got a pass.
Come, let's go.
Sport journalist Diwakar.
India are 246 for 7 with 3 wickets remaining.
Murali is still on 799.
'India loses its eighth wicket'
'Murali is still on 799'
Don't worry, Murali. Still two
more wickets are left for you.
I don't care, dude!
Hey, good throw.
Good one.
still one more wicket is left for you.
Like I care! Just go!
Boys, back to position.
'Murali is stranded on 799'
'Sri Lanka needs just one wicket
for victory'
'Will Malinga help Murali by not taking
a wicket?'
The astrologer predicted that...
he'll get the wicket
before 3 'O clock.
But he hasn't got it yet.
Quiet please. I am already
so tensed here.
We have a shipment arriving
at the factory tonight.
It's getting late here.
Is your factory more important
than our son's wicket?
Didn't your son already take
799 wickets?
Isn't that enough? What's the big deal
with this one wicket?
We should not give the wicket.
-Anyway you're losing.
Give your wicket.
Go! Get your wicket.
Murali is exhausted, dad.
Doesn't look like it's going to happen.
Forget the record.
This is last time we'll be watching
Murali in a Test match.
We must enjoy this moment.
Come on Murali! Come on!
Lord Muruga, not just a 100 but
my grandson should take 1000 wickets.
Nobody can take 1000 wickets, grandma.
Don't confuse the God himself!