80's Buildup (2023) Movie Script

He is Kathir...
She is Manjakilli.
Both of them are siblings
without a mother.
They are not very good
at displaying their affection.
But when it comes to challenges, they
can even surpass Goddess Saraswati.
If they lose, they impose
petty punishments,
constantly argue, and issue challenges.
I asked Lord Brahma if they will
become better as they grow up.
He said, 'No chance.'
You must be wondering who I am, right?
I'm Vichithra Guptan...
I will arrive a bit late at this house.
Wise individuals, intellectuals,
and people like me
The wrestling competition organized
by the Kamal Fans Association,
Sum of 3000 Rupees which is donated by,
Bujan Lal Sait,
Also, the chief guest of this event,
The owner of Devi Theater, Brother Velai.
I hereby welcome everyone
and inaugurate the competition.
Dear fans, the rules of this
competition are as follows,
Both fighters must follow the
wrestling rules and show respect.
The winner should hold the loser's
hand and write their name on the ground...
The one who writes the
name is declared the winner...
The loser should obtain Silk
Smitha's half saree from Sait and wear it.
I sincerely request
these conditions hereby.
Summon everyone here.
(crowd cheering)
Now, come!
What's your name?
Drape the half saree on him!
Let's go somewhere else, Mani!
Come, come.
Clear them up.
Cheating! Cheating!
Cheating. Full time cheating.
Hey, stop.
Your script is really good,
Your discover your own sport,
Giving free alcohol to needy drunkards,
they can't even stand, look at them...
and then showcasing your talents
to them, claiming to be the winner!
You think you are Mike Tyson?
Aren't you ashamed?
Dear, this is a place where young lions
and raging bulls confront each other.
Here, there is no room
for fluttering butterflies.
Please move away from here.
A lion should compete with a
lion; only then is it a true lion...
Winning over these worthless individuals,
is a disgrace.
Bring me a lion from the
forest, and I will fight and defeat it.
Since you're my sister, I'll
spare you, else I'll break your face.
- Hey, get lost.
- Hey, Manjakilli...
shall we have
a one-on-one competition?
- If you lose, you should wear half saree.
- Stop.
Hey, Sait, these guys are acting
senselessly. Where did your sense go?
Will men wear half sarees or women?
Hello sister, your brother Kathir,
...conducting this competition,
risking his life, just for you.
No way.
The winner will receive ten
half sarees from Sait as an award.
Is he a fool?
Dear, please stop.
They said more people
would come to the competition...
which would promote your shop,
and they received 3000
Rupees for telling me this.
Oh my God!
Hey buddy, let's ditch the money
from the guy with the funny mouth...
He is disrespecting us.
He's wearing his sister's salwar
and pretending to be Sait himself.
What we're doing is not as
disgraceful as what he does.
Listen, there's no one in this
entire town as courageous as Kathir.
If you wish, you can bring
someone from another town.
I will give you three minutes time.
No need to go anywhere.
Here we have the theater owner's
son, Velai brother, right?
He is more than enough for him.
Why did she say Velai?
I don't want Velai.
Are you scared?
- Me?
- Yes.
If he loses and wears a half saree,
given his height, and walks around,
All the street dogs will get
hoarse from barking at him.
- Hey, hey!
- Calm down brother!
Velai brother, you better come.
- Hello there, please listen.
- Guy, do something to stop this.
- Kathir is so bad.
- This is cheating.
- Dear, ignore them.
- Brother, you come here.
They are just having fun...
don't take them serious.
Go girl. go.
Brother, you please get into action.
[crowd cheering]
Velai brother, kick him.
Kathir, keep doing the same
thing. He will get exhausted.
Kathir, no one is clapping for you.
All the cheers is for Velai.
Yes, we are cheering up
Brother Velai and not you.
Hey, hold on.
- Let me seek blessings from Mother Earth.
- What are you doing?
You are going to get beaten up nicely.
This is why I said I wouldn't
compete with clowns like him.
- Hey, hold on.
- Kathir, brother, what are you up to?
- I'm very thirsty, is the water there?
- There?
What's going on? He keeps on escaping.
Kathir, if we fall in the puddle,
we can wash with soap.
But what if the soap
itself falls in the puddle?
Hey, with lousy jokes like this,
please remove this crowd from here...
Only then will no one
witness us getting beaten.
I'll disperse the crowd;
can you escape during that?
Come quickly.
Why are you so eager to
be draped in a half saree?
Wait, I'll come.
Hey, let's see who is
wearing the half saree.
Hey, you go there now.
- I said, go.
- Wait, I'll go.
Come on! Come on!
Enough of your posing.
Hey, hold on, hold on.
What is he looking at?
"Crane is flying, chicken is flying"
- Lather is flying.
- Now, see who is gonna fly.
You are done.
Come on! Break his bones!
Don't spare him, brother.
Your father is injured and has
been taken to the town hospital.
What happened? Can't you
take care of him properly?
Despite warnings, he
climbed up and fell down.
How many times do I need
to say not to go anywhere?
Where did he get injured? I left
him with you because I trusted you.
His head is injured. Please come.
I'll come and what are you doing here?
Hey, Kathir has won!
Velai, you lost the fight.
Hey, how did you guys win?
What did you say, did I lose?
You just crossed the boundary!
Where did I? I'm within the boundary.
Hey, why couldn't you wait until he
crossed the boundary completely?
These guys are playing like
kids. What's wrong with you?
- Please go and check on your father.
- Be happy that I'm letting you stay alive
- Hey, Vela...
- Go now.
Nicely scripted,
paying the old man and
planning your own escape, right?
stay within your limits.
OK, go ahead. It's so
evident that you got scared.
Come, let's get this done.
- Here comes Brother.
- What's wrong with you guys?
Enough with your play. Go
and take care of your father.
- What about the competition?
- Let's keep it on Saturday.
On Saturday, his aunt got injured...
Or his granny slipped. He'll
come up with such excuses.
You thought we are jobless?
Even if there is a death in my family on
Saturday, I'm ready for the competition.
You come, let's get this done.
Likewise, I'm also prepared even if
there's a death in my family on Saturday.
Leave now, and don't
come within my sight in town.
I will shave your beard.
Kathir, escaped... No...
Kathir won the competition.
How can he be the winner
when he's digging in the mud?
Little did he fight.
Lift me up, Let me keep
my feet on his ugly face.
You'd better run to Orissa.
I shouldn't see you here.
What's this Manjakilli?
This is unexpected.
Ladies and gentlemen,
esteemed fans of cinema!
The moment you've all been waiting for...
starting today at Devi Theater,
with four daily shows,
featuring Kamal Haasan's
outstanding performance...
alongside the dazzling Silk,
with music composed by Ilayaraja,
and produced by AVM Productions.
Starring your favorite actress, Ambika.
Come and enjoy this
cinematic experience!
(humming a song)
You were out partying until midnight...
thinking no one would question you?
That's why you're here, right?
A guy with nothing to do!
You're only questioning me?
Until 3 am., her room light was still on.
Was she working on the
script for her stage play?
I'm not like you, putting up posters
and banners and wandering around town...
I got a notebook from Parimalam,
and I've been jotting down my notes in it.
Record note book, is it?
- Let's use it for my favorite hero!
- Hey, buffalo!
Posting posters and roaming around town,
how will it reflect on
our family's reputation?
For your favorite hero's movie release,
when you used the film
poster as a dhoti...
did our family reputation
take a vacation to Goa?
The cow devoured those posters,
and some people had to bring
your dad home in just his underwear!
Hey, Granny! Is that curry masala?
Today is your Bangalore
Manohar uncle's birthday!
He called and said he's on
his way here from Bangalore.
Psst, Granny! If you serve him
old rice, he'll stay here for ten days.
You're cooking non-veg food,
even if chased by goons,
he won't move from here.
It's my favorite hero's movie release!
Why are you all giving me
unnecessary tension? God!
Hey, why are you scolding my son?
Granny, just wait and see!
He won't watch that movie.
Why so?
(hysteric laughter)
Grand pa!
Here, so much of dust!
You are going out right?
Then throw it in the dust bin.
You look like a dustbin,
can I throw it in your mouth?
It's already time, please
give me the money
What for?
What's it for? My favorite
hero's movie release, that's why!
You want money for your
favorite hero's movie release?
If my heartthrob
Rajnikanth's movie releases,
I'll buy tickets for the entire town.
You should give me
my share of the property,
not just for this town, I'll buy
tickets for the entire district.
What do you say?
How dare you suggest
splitting the property?
In our zameen family, no heir has ever
asked for a share of the property...
But you, just for some
actor named Kamal Haasan,
asking to split the family's will, huh?
What is he?
Is he a universal star?
- Or is he a God?
- No, don't say that!
You should be...
Hey, first learn to show
respect to your elders.
You need to show respect
to your elders, right?
I have shown respect, is it enough?
For giving birth to such a reckless son,
I bow my head to you, my dad.
For giving birth to
you, I bow my head first.
Enough of you guys bowing
your heads at each other!
It's time for the show. Give me the money.
Why should we give you the money?
Jobless guy!
- What?
- Hey, Kathir!
Do you know what your dad
was doing in the pump set?
- It was nothing!
- Tell me!
Wait, wait, wait!
What's with that motor room?
"Last night,
it was a blast, so much fun,"
What happened in the motor room?
I went to fix the motor, my dear.
If you went to fix the motor,
you should have grease stains.
- But why is there a sticker bindi?
- That's not a sticker bindi; it's my mole.
Get the money and leave soon.
If my father didn't give you,
don't bother.
I'm your father, and I will give you.
Here, take it and enjoy the movie!
Hey, Kathir, bring the milk, it
was meant for your grandpa.
I will bring it if there's any left over!
Hey! How dare he talks like that?
You have such a shameful grandson.
Hey, good-for-nothing folks!
On a auspicious Saturday, why
are you cooking a non-veg dish?
How will this family prosper?
Come, my dear!
I will fry the liver for you.
Go take a shower and come.
You are the best mother.
If it's Saturday, we're not
supposed to eat non-veg,
but we can have the liver.
Get lost, you drunkard!
(struggling to maintain balance)
- What's up, doctor?
- Yes,
Started plucking herbs in the morning?
I've told you not to drink;
won't you listen at all?
I've asked you not to send women
from your family to the motor room,
did you even listen?
You always make me
out to be the bad person.
Dear Manjakilli,
Bring some buttermilk for me, dear.
Granny, why did he name me 'Manjakilli'?
When I asked, everyone said you'd
tell me the reason once I grew up, right?
It's been two years since I
attained puberty; now tell me.
Your grandfather...
in his young age...
He was in love with a
girl from a washerman's family.
That girl's name was 'Manjakilli.'
Your grandfather wrote something
in English and gave it to her.
That girl's father grabbed
that letter from her...
He removed the foreigner's blanket...
and asked
her to read what was written on it.
That's when her husband returned home.
He saw his wife standing
naked with the letter in hand.
He shot her.
The foreigner beat Manjakilli's father
to a pulp...
and sent them out of town.
I thought of naming you Arukkani.
No, it's okay.
Manjakilli sounds better than this.
Stop it. Stop it!
What happened?
- Why do you want to stop here?
- I said stop it.
With a diamond in hand,
Bhai told us to come straight to
his house without stopping anywhere.
How dare you?
Shut your mouth and stay still.
- Paramu!
- Yes.
This is Anagaputhu Zameen's palace.
Here, there is an antique ancestral knife.
If we get hold of that knife,
then in this whole area,
we will be millionaires!
How can you become a
millionaire with that knife?
Some hundred years ago,
people of this Zameen,
fearing the British,
in order to protect their properties...
buried their diamonds, cat's
eye gemstone, and gold jewels in a place.
They hid the map in that knife.
(triumphant laughter)
How do you know all this?
It's my grandfather's grandfather...
...who kept that map in that knife.
Oh, no man!
If your grandfather was really brilliant,
he would have taken a copy of this map!
Hello, sir, is the king there?
Who are you guys?
Beloved king, we are
coming from Madras Museum.
Are you coming from music?
We are from the museum! Museum! Museum!
In our museum,
There is an antique exhibition happening.
Seems like you have
an antique knife, right?
If you lend that to us,
we will keep that on display for four
days, and we will return it back safely,
we will compensate for that if needed.
Yes, King!
Not sure which knife they are asking!
That's my ancestral property.
To take that out, some
rituals have to be done.
Now, tell me what else
you know about the knife?
During the time of your
grandfather's grandfather,
Nadamuni Markandeya
Sami, that knife was crafted.
Betha Samy Nadamuni.
Vasu Deva Nadamuni.
The whole family used it,
during the last stages, they
kept it in this palace and safeguarded it.
Your grandfather, Bethanath Nadamuni,
one day, while handling
the knife, he got cut!
Oh no, man!
Then how were we born?
Sir, I mean,
he accidentally cut his thigh!
Hey, you illiterate donkeys!
Where did you keep that knife and go?
(triumphant laughter)
You're telling everything correctly,
- Move aside.
- Yes.
Tell me, which actor am I a fan of?
Buddy, he's so old.
He must be a fan of MGR or Sivaji.
You tell him he's a fan of MGR.I
will tell him he's a fan of Sivaji.
I will only tell him he's an MGR fan.
That's what even I'm telling you.
You tell MGR, and I will tell Sivaji.
Sir, you are a fan of Sivaji!
How can you tell a
Rajini fan as a Sivaji fan?
Am I that old?
Rajini's name itself is Sivaji Rao, sir.
One night, Balachandar gave
him a new name as Rajini.
Oh, his real name is Sivaji Rao?
Yes, sir. Let me tell you
what you can do now.
If you give us that knife, we
will keep it in the exhibition.
OK, brother!
If I have to give you
that priceless knife,
in return, you have to show
me something priceless, right?
- Yes, you do make sense!
- What sense? Non-sense!
Shall we show him our car,
and grab the knife and go back in reverse?
We don't have anything with us!
All this is unnecessary!
We got the payment from Bhai.
If we don't deliver the
diamond on time, he will kill us.
Go and show this to him,
pretend as if you're giving it to
him, and grab the knife and get away.
Antony, what if he cheats
you by grabbing the diamond?
Basha, he is a Rajini fan,
he won't desire for diamonds and all.
These guys will never get some sense!
Sir, we've brought the
priceless item you asked for.
You show us the knife,
and we will show our item.
- Show me!
- Yes, show him, buddy.
24 carat diamond!
Carrot or diamond?
Oh no, it's diamond sir!
Put it in your hand and show him!
Give me!
Give it to me or you can walk out.
OK, give him.
Hey, start the vehicle!
Start the vehicle!
See how my lion cubs
are walking with pride!
Lion cubs?
Guys, come soon!
- You start the vehicle.
- Hey, turn off the vehicle.
Wait, here, take your
blood pressure tablet.
That Bhai is your friend, right?
Why do we need to be in
connection with that demon anymore?
What I'm trying to tell you is,
If you plead and fall at his
feet, he will let you go, right?
Hey, why should I
plead and fall at his feet?
Is the knife safe, and do
you have the diamonds?
Whom are you fooling by giving
sugar crystals as diamonds?
- Oh no!
- How is it?
Why is my dad shouting?
What did you guys do to him?
Oh no!
Oh my God! My diamonds are gone!
Hey! What happened?
- Check the blood pressure. is it boosted?
- Grandpa.
Did brother leave from Bangalore?
Yeah, he left this morning.
- What?
- He passed away!
Hey, wake up, minor!
- Grandpa, please wake up!
- He fell down?
He has passed away, it seems.
No, he won't pass away like this.
Hey! wake up...
- Double-check and say it!
- Everyone, please, stop.
Please, stop crying.
If we perform post-mortem in
the hospital, everything will be fine.
- Give him to me, I'll take him.
- Who are you, first?
How will taking him to
the post office save him?
What did you think this to be?
Dead body! Dead body!
Do you think this
is a footstool to kick?
He is my father!
First, take your leg.
How can he tell he'll save him
by taking him to the post office?
I am your family doctor, right?
Hey, hey, please stop.
There's an old knife in this house,
If we provide it to him, he will survive.
- Yes sir!
- Hey, baldy!
Hey, do you think he's
here due to seizures?
To save him by giving knife!
It is a dead body!
- Hey, leave it. It's my father's head.
You're treating it like a chicken's
head, it's my father, you fool.
Don't worry, this
is not a falsehood,
Merely a bag filled with air.
Spread the word to the whole city.
By the way, who are you all?
We are his distant relatives.
Distant relative? I
have no idea who they are.
They have suspected
us. Come on, let's go.
Hey, then the diamond?
We meant 'He is as strong as a diamond!'
- Oh fine!
- You people!
I already told you right,
wait, I'll come with bhai.
Hey... Baasha! Baasha!
Darn, I'm not sure what to do now.
Leader! Leader! Leader!
Our leader!
Leader... Leader... Leader!
Leader... Leader... Leader!
- Leader!
- Move aside, move aside!
Hey Mr. Non-Sync!
Why are you here?
Your grandpa got
the ticket (deceased)
The show is sold out. he got
the ticket on the black market?
Did you see the power of my leader?
He brought my grandpa to
watch the film against his will.
Bring him too! Let's party!
Aye stop! stop!
[distant voices]
Kathir, your grandpa got
a ticket to the upper level.
This theater has no balcony, So
how did he get an upper-level ticket?
He'll even watch the movie from the roof.
We don't need his stories; let's party!
Aye stop! Stop! Kathir!
Your grandpa passed away
due to an electric shock.
Shall I pour the milk?
How could you control this Kathir?
Hey, Kathir...
Bring the left over milk, we need
to keep it for your grand father.
I will come and pour
if there is any left over
Don't tell anyone that you saw me here.
- Kathir?
- Take this Five rupees.
Go and smoke a 'ganja beedi'!
The man who passed
away is your grandpa, Kathir.
He gave you 5 rupees, right? Have 5 puffs.
Aye shut up... Kathir!
The deceased individual is...
is your grandpa.
Don't do this in front of him.
It is not good at all.
Your acting is terrible.
He is your grandfather!
He is not my grand father!
He didn't want me to watch my
leader's film, so he plotted a suicide.
However, the rituals
will take some time.
In the meantime, I'll watch
the film and come, you take care!
- Let's party!
- Are you a human?
[an important announcement]
The morning show is canceled!
The film reel hasn't arrived! The
next show is at 3 in the afternoon.
The film reel hasn't arrived?
The crowd is growing.
[women lamenting]
Hey! Why are you weeping in my home?
I'm asking you.
Hey, why is everyone crying?
Why is everyone crying?
No one will hear, no
matter how loudly you yell.
Who are you?
Entering into my area and
speaking disrespectfully to me.
Hey, why are you spreading cow dung here?
Remove your legs.
How dare you lay a hand
on our Yema Dharmaraja.
- Who are you?
- I'm Chitra Gupta.
If you're Chitra Gupta, is he Yeman?
So, what am I? A woman?
Did you expect me to resemble
Yemadharma Raja as portrayed in movies?
I'm the real one.
I will dress according
to the specific region.
Did you die in America? Why
would you expect me to wear a suit?
Okay, give me your hand.
Happy death day!
- Let's go?
- Did I die then?
What's going on? Why does he keep
repeating himself? Take him, Kaala.
- We can't take him fast, man.
- Why?
Because he passed away during
prime time, on a Saturday at 7:30.
And it is on Ekadasi day.
So, we can only take him with
us after fulfilling his five wishes.
Tell your wishes one by one, quickly.
Tell, we're running out of time.
Ahh! Return my life.
Oh... Haha...
We can't return your life; we
only have the authority to take it.
Any other wish?
Share your wish; we have
numerous pending works.
If you ask this out of
the blue, how can I tell?
- Two hours once, I'll express my wish.
- Oh!
Alright, the first one is accomplished.
Hey, I've just mentioned the guidelines.
Each guideline is a desire. Next?
Only after seeing my ex, Manjakilli...
- You should take me from here!
- Sir?
Alright, let it happen as he mentioned.
I'm telling you, he won't watch that film.
You will never find peace in your rest.
You said you would
bring milk for grandpa,
Did you bring it?
Are you planning to cook
payasam to celebrate his passing?
Hey, he's teasing me, my dear.
I'm already annoyed. Please, be quiet.
Quickly roll the dice.
Did you?
- Give it to me; I'll roll.
- That's why it occurred this way.
Kathir! Why are you unnecessarily worried?
Your grandpa might be
wandering as a spirit here.
If he's wandering as
a spirit, I'll capture him,
Put him in a pot, and
cook him into a gravy.
Kathir, why are you getting angry?
If we complete the rituals by 2 pm,
we can make it to the movie by 3 pm.
- Hmm?
- Kathir
Let's discuss with your dad
to finish the rituals earlier.
What's in it for me in return?
I'll complete your rituals.
The thing which he has...
Will you give me the position of assistant
leader in the Kamal fans association?
- I'll give it to you.
- Then we can finish the rituals earlier!
- Ah?
- Yeah.
Move aside!
Are you playing a game?
- Why are you interrupting the game?
- No, no.
That is!
It's been a while since his passing,
and he was unwell too.
We'll finish the ritual by 1 pm
and prepare lunch by 2 pm.
He drank a ginger coffee
like a lion in the morning,
and you're calling him unwell? You fool.
- My father is as precious as a diamond.
- No, a stale bread!
Yeah, 24 carat!
Hey diamond or a carrot? Say properly.
- Diamond... Diamond...
- Did you hear!
Hmm! Like father, like son.
I thought about completing the
rituals before the evening show!
It's been less than an hour
since my father's passing.
My brother hasn't arrived yet, and
you're proposing to take him away.
I'll cremate you along
with my father's body.
- Go! I'm already annoyed.
- Why can't you understand?
- I'll take a bit of this.
- Hey, put down the alcohol.
Kathir! Why are you dressed like
a buffoon from the morning?
Go change it.
Have some buttermilk to sober up.
Go, go!
Hey, don't change your outfit.
Wait, we'll go to the movie.
Only if that 'Manjakilli'
arrives, his spirit will find peace.
Who is Manjakilli?
No one has seen that 'Manjakilli'
except for the deceased Natha Mani.
What are you saying?
Back then, she loved him,
but she settled in Madras.
He used travel to Madras
often to check on her.
- You were just a child at that time.
- What?
[horse neighing]
[horse neighing]
How can I keep my promise now?
- What was the promise?
- How will I tell you?
To maintain this relationship,
I assured him that my
daughter will marry his grandson.
You don't have to worry.
Promises made to my father
have never been left unfulfilled.
That is his legacy.
Give this to your daughter.
Come here!
Have it.
Father, I have been disrespectful to you.
It's okay, you proceed.
Even now, I used swear words
towards you, Father. Please forgive me.
No need for that. God bless.
Carry on!
I'm very happy!
You kept my promise.
Swap the garlands!
Give them an applause!
Put the garland on him, dear!
What's next, now that they're together,
they can go and watch
the movie as a couple.
According to our tradition!
He's the most respected person
in town; let's seek his blessings
- Bless you!
- Hey Kathir!
Why are you touching everyone's
feet? Are you day dreaming?
- No, noon dreams!
- Did I even touch his feet?
Yeah, but it's been ages
since he washed his feet!
Is she crossing me just now?
Who is she?
She made me float in
dreams at the very sight!
If I love someone...
It's going to be her, I'm being serious.
Not even in dreams!
You thought she'd be like our local girls,
following you if you approached her.
[in unison] Yeah, right.
She is from Madras!
What Madras!
If he decides, he can even
make a foreign girl fall for him.
If he thinks he will say 'I
love you' in 10 minutes.
Hey... Hey!
There is no limit to the
way you build yourself up
Saying 'I love you' to a girl you've
just met in 10 minutes is not a big deal.
Making the girl come and say
'I love you'...
- That is always superior.
- Then this and all?
Inferior? Just wait and see, within a
year, he'll make her fall for him!
One year?
- Within 6 months!
- It doesn't work like that!
6 months, huh? Aren't you
embarrassed to say that?
- In a month!
- You won't!
One single day!
it will take one day to find her name.
Kathir, who are we?
We are devoted fans of
the 'King of love' Kamal Haasan.
If you're a genuine Kamal fan,
take on this challenge.
Before the floor dries
up after the rituals,
If the girl says 'I love
you' to you before all of us
I'll agree! Challenge?
I take on this one!
Before the floor dries up
in this mourning residence,
I'll make the girl come and say
'I love you' in your presence.
This is my bet!
In one day it seems!
What will you do if you
lose in this challenge?
Tell us.
Will you all shave your heads
and roam around this town?
Hey! What's your brother
proposing? That we shave our heads!
We can bet on trusting them.
We won't be able to look their
faces if they shave their heads.
What happens if you all lose?
If we lose...
You guys won't need to shave your head!
we will forgive you!
Is this even a challenge?
It's just a lame excuse!
Then we shall shave our heads!
It's common for boys to shave their heads.
- Tell something else.
- I'll say...
Everyone should buy a half saree
from my shop and put it on.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5. They should
purchase five skirts and put them on.
And they should proudly mention it was
bought from our store, promoting our shop.
Is it fine?
Brilliant! You are right.
Calling him a
'sait' itself an error,
and you're saying
his idea is correct?
Hey, just stop it.
It will take three months for us to grow
our hair if we clean shave our heads.
Similarly, you should spend
three months wearing a skirt as well.
Alright, it's going to be tough for
me to see your faces with bald heads.
Hey, hey! That's enough
of your laughter, guys.
[music mutes voices]
Yema Dharma, did you see how they've made
this sad place into a lovey-dovey spot?
Hey, can I tell you how many relationships
you've initiated at a funeral?
Hey, cut it out man!
Frying, roasting, sweeping, slitting, I'm
tired of witnessing these things in hell.
This seems to be interesting!
Let's who wins this one!
Hey! Stop it!
First, put an end to your challenges.
First, find out how
that girl is related to you.
[girls in unison] Yeah, right?
You're right. Let's go and get that done!
Regardless of our relationship, we
should be the ones to ask about it first.
Hey, move aside.
Aunty, the girl from Madras...
how is she related to me?
Your grand father...
and her grand father
are related in 'that' way!
I know but I won't tell.
You need not tell.
she itself will tell now.
Your mother and her mother
are related in 'this' way.
By calculating the connections,
that girl to you is...
Will you tell me soon, or
should I take you along with him?
She is like a sister to you.
(crowd laughing)
Why do you seem so down?
What's happening, sir?
All the excitement vanished suddenly?
- Hey you senseless?
- What happened?
Her mother is like a
elder sister to him right?
Then that girl is suitable
for him to marry, you dummy!
Is that so?
Did you see the twist coming, sir?
Hey, give him extra two years.
Yes, sure, sir.
- You've started doing this too?
- Yes, we've just begun.
I meant extending his lifespan, sir.
Dear God,
- Is she eligible to marry me?
- yes, dear.
Oh my God!
I will gift you a ring for my wedding!
The way she looked at you, I guessed
she must be your prospective fiance.
"Dream girl..."
"Dream girl..."
"Please don't hurt me, dream girl"
Our brother Kathir will even regard
his prospective fiance as his sister.
"Dream girl..."
"Dream girl..."
"Please don't hurt me, dream girl"
"Save me, you, my flying parrot"
"We should hold
hands and walk together"
"Melting because of you,
"I'm getting tanned all on my own"
"Is your saree meant for playing?"
"Dream girl, dream girl"
"Please don't hurt me, dream girl"
"Oh no, Oh no!"
"Don't tease and leave me"
Hey! Did you see Kathir?
Eh? Who is Kathir?
Look, there he is, Kathir.
What happened?
Kathir... Kathir... Kathir.
Why is it always Kathir who
has to manage everything here?
You must understand, my
dear, if Kathir weren't here,
this death wouldn't have occurred.
I have been asked
to tell this and I did.
"The moment I saw you, I lost myself"
"I'm dumbstruck"
"You blossomed and trembled, my love"
"Why do you even hide?"
"Everyone's eyes are on you..."
"My eyes might drop
out from seeing you..."
"Mischievous, in your laughter..."
"I forget my mother tongue"
"My love, my darling, my sweetheart"
"You mesmerize me
with your sidelong glance"
"Melting because of you,
"I'm getting tanned all on my own"
"Is your saree meant for playing?"
"Dream girl, dream girl"
"Please don't hurt me, dream girl"
"Dream girl, dream girl"
"Don't tease and leave me."
This coffee idea will surely work,
Trust my intuition.
Ahh... Coff...
Thank you.
Oh no, it's ruined.
Get lost!
don't ever come back.
Kathir is a good man.
He doesn't drink tea or coffee.
Yes, I won't have them.
Another one... Psst!
- Sir!
- Mm.
The train is about to arrive.
Shall I go and pick your elder brother?
- Mm, okay go.
- Okay.
- Hey!
- Sir.
Today is my brother's birthday.
Oh no, on his birthday,
your father passed away.
On the way to our town,
He usually buy sweets and
savories from Kalpana Sweets.
You can tell him the news once
he's finished with the purchase.
If you tell him before that, he
will come rushing over here.
Did you get it? Because...
I'm here without side dish, so
please understand my struggle!
- I just sneezed, sir. I won't forget.
- Come soon.
Great, side dishes are on
the way, no problem now.
Roll the dice! Roll one!
- Such a cheap family!
- Kali... Kali
- I'm struck with them and suffering.
- Kali stop!
Hey, stop right there!
-What man?
I'm just starting to pave
the way for my love.
Please don't spoil it with
your horse-drawn carriage.
- Help me, Kali.
- For that!
Why are you shouting like a scapegoat?
You're going to fetch
my uncle now, right?
Have him wander around town until 6 pm,
Then bring him back
after they light the lamp,
So they can only take the body tomorrow.
By the time I would have
found closure to my love.
If you do this for me,
I'll get you gloves for your
hands that collect horse dung.
- No need.
- Then collect them with bare hands.
Do you and your father not have a heart?
Do you know who brought me that cart?
- Bayilwan's wife, right?
- No, his grandpa!
Do you know who brought me that horse?
- Military man's wife?
- No, his uncle.
- Do you know who named the horse?
- Ration officer's wife, right?
No, his uncle.
How can you ask me
to betray this family?
- Hey!
- Tell.
You betrayed the entire
husbands in this town,
And acting like a innocent here.
Don't speak loudly,
the horse might hear!
I'll tell everything to the horse!
Help me properly!
- WHen I was...
- Kali, brother...
- Move aside, sister is calling!
- you haven't gone to pick up uncle yet?
I'm receiving money
for the diesel expense!
You'll only win this, you will win.
I'll bring him and we will take the body.
Is he the most grateful in the country?
Country and thanks?
This rhyming won't even
bring a smile on anyone.
Spit it on his face guys!
[woman sobbing]
- All good?
- Yea, all good.
- Uncle?
- Hey!
You've traveled a long distance
to be here for my grandpa's funeral.
Thank you uncle!
Even if I skip a significant ceremony...
To maintain the relationship, I'd attend
a funeral no matter how far away it is.
Uncle, you've been
wearing pants for a long time.
You might get uncomfortable.
Can I get you a lungi?
Oh no, I was in a rush...
And I forgot to put on my underwear.
You came all the way from
Madras without wearing underwear?
Ugh, Kathir! Kathir!
It is not necessary to cry
at funeral. Speak normally!
Kathir, what's the result of
your favorite actor's film?
Why are you irritating me?
Grandpa's passing has spoiled everything.
I was not here for the last three days,
While untying my shoes at home,
the cat in the house ran away.
That cat had a very unpleasant odor.
First put on your shoe!
People might think my
grandpa's body is decomposing,
and they will take him
out for the funeral.
How can I go with the
shoe and place the garland!
If you go without shoes,
three people may perish inside.
He will put the garland for you!
Always asleep, go and put the garland.
And Kathir...
An important matter!
I have to tell you...
Please don't touch me;
your fingers smell bad.
You should be very careful from now on.
There's a thief who speaks English.
He is overjoyed when
he comes across a funeral.
Because it's a mourning residence,
and assuming no one will notice...
He grabs woman's necklace...
and steals the utensils and
belongings in the funeral home.
Not just that,
He will steal the underwear of kids too.
He is extremely bad!
He has a scar on his cheek.
He used to wear a cap!
He'll have a scared
thread tied to his hands.
He used to wear a
striped T-shirt and lungi.
He speaks English very fluently.
- Don't get deceived by it.
- Excuse me sir!
- Please have a cup of coffee.
- No thanks
- I have an issue in eye!
- Okay, sir?
- No thanks.
- Welcome.
I'll go home to get some rest
and I'll come back in the evening.
If you find him,
please notify our station.
Okay fine, leave.
Instead of granting him retirement,
his position is going to waste.
Uncle please give my underwear,
I'm feeling embarrassed.
Shut up your mouth, go to
your father. Non-sense child.
Hello, Mr. English stealer.
I think he found out.
It is my childhood habit!
- Wait I'm coming!
- Hey, mister...
if you don't like my service, let
me know, and I'll leave this place.
Hey, don't get upset, you foreign invader.
- Can you help me?
- Yeah tell me!
Can you see the girl over there.
- You want to snatch her chain?
- No.
- Ear ring?
- No.
- Ring!
- No.
- Bangle!
- No.
- Anklet?
- No.
Can I steal her heart? Boss!
Do you think you're the 'King of Love'
Kamal Haasan, stealing women's hearts?
Steal the diary she's
holding and hand it over.
Its a small task boss.
Finish this first, and I'll assign
all the funeral tasks to you.
Kathir, one of my ear ring is missing!
Did you see them?
Boss, it was brass!
I don't steal gold!
Gold doesn't stay with us!
- It will be gone for mortgage.
- Alright, be careful with the diary.
[indistinct chatter]
What's wrong with this pen?
Damn it!
Hello, what's this?
- Do you see this?
- Sorry! sorry!
Again and again!
Very sorry uncle.
My pen was not writing...
You used my face to
make a rangoli? Get lost.
I said sorry, right?
Buddy, help me with an
idea to get her to talk to me.
Give me two days, and I'll
come up with a great plan.
I can't wait that long; my sister
will give us a blouse and skirt!
What should we plan?
Excuse me, Kathir.
Can you call me one more time?
Please, Please, just one more time...
Kathir, why? What happened?
Until now, many jobless
guys have called my name,
but no one has said it so sweetly.
But how do you know my name?
Yeah, I know very well!
Everyone has been mentioning
your name since I arrived here.
- We also said it.
- You're doing all the work voluntarily.
At the same time,
you were also observed glancing at me.
Oh no, I didn't look at
you with any ill intentions.
Hey, I didn't mean anything bad.
I just said that you
were noticed looking at me,
Hey, I forgot what I came here to ask.
Kathir, can I get a pen?
Our education only extended
to the time of chalk, didn't it?
You don't have?
It's there, inside.
I received it as a prize in
a poetry recital competition.
Wait, let me get that for you.
What type of poems does he write?
Poems are nothing, compared to how
well he mixes glue for posting posters.
Indeed, that is an art in itself!
You would not have pasted posters, right?
Wait and see, he will
come here looking for a pen.
- Did you hide it?
- Yes!
Boss, should I give my peacock feather?
Without ink, your feather is of no use!
Without these two
guys, hell is going crazy!
What are they doing here?
Hey, I've been searching for
you guys everywhere!
Why are you yelling?
Who is he? Looks so weird.
He is Vichithra Guptan.
If you're done, shouldn't you have left?
Why are you fooling around with him?
I'm watching everything from above.
OK! OK! Fine.
Alright, but why are
you dressed up like that?
They were frying a cop in oil in hell,
he removed his uniform to
avoid oil stains. I just took it.
If you had just used his shirt
alone, it would have fit you perfectly.
- How dare you tease me?
- I meant the height, my dear.
-Come here,
-He is calling me. You move aside.
As per our list, we need
to take another person.
Here, I have...
Here you go.
Hey, look there!
Do you write poems and such?
Yeah, the college students in this town,
come to me to get
poems for wooing the girls.
Your brother is trying to impress
that girl by giving her a pen.
And one important thing...
My sister, if she sees any object,
will claim it as belonging to her.
So, you better hide this
pen in your bag and write.
Hey, go and tell her that it's your pen.
Hey! psst!
He should not get caught
for some petty things.
Wait and see...
Here she is,
What's up Devi? That's a beautiful pen!
How did you get it?
It doesn't belong to him.
It's not mine.
It's hers.
You just said it was your prize
from a poetry writing competition.
Yeah, I said like that right?
Poetry? Him?
Don't you know that he write poems?
I've come to know through you
that this donkey writes poems
Let me hear your poems, come on.
If you ask all of a sudden, how...
My grand father is lying there dead,
My throat feels stuck in a pit of despair,
Why do you need to recite
a poem about grandpa?
You can compose one upon
seeing her, especially on her beauty.
Yeah, Go ahead.
Hey, is he capable of writing poems?
No way. He doesn't even
known how to write an address.
Come on Poet, Go ahead.
"She is a Sunday, in a week..."
Hey, you better go away.
Let him be here to listen to the poems.
(singing a Tamil song)
Yeah, go ahead with film songs.
So, you lied to me, Kathir?
I don't like liars.
Hey, she doesn't like liars, it seems!
"Thinking about you, I forgot myself.
Forgetting me, I was thinking about you"
"In your eyes, I saw the
calmness of the ocean"
"Standing on the shore, I'll
sleep, thinking about your beauty"
"Your eyelashes can never hold onto dust"
"The curves of your
eyebrows are like birds in flight"
"Your lips are so artistic, and they
hold an abundance of sweetness"
"The tip of your nose, where
anger's thorns may rise"
"In your dimple, all my
thoughts fall like a pit's surprise"
"The sound that graced your ears!"
"It transforms into delightful music"
"In the smile of your beautiful teeth, the
strength of my thoughts lost its power"
"I bent beneath the curve of your face"
"Thinking about you, I forgot myself.
Forgetting me, I was thinking about you"
There's no way she can
resist falling in love with him.
You can even subtract one
from the count of my wishes!
But I want my grand daughter to win.
What if he outwits fate
and emerges victorious?
My grandson doesn't
have any brains at all!
He is your grandson, right?
Then he will be like that only!
He is your creation as well, right?
Such a beautiful poem, I've
never come across one like it.
Thanks, Kathir.
That poem may be his but that pen is mine.
Didn't I tell you already?
I'm completely impressed.
What's mean by 'Imposed'?
Not 'imposed'.
I said 'Impressed'.
What does it mean?
It means...
I meant you really attracted me.
Attracted means...
In my heart...
Yes, come on, say it.
Devi, come here please.
My dad is calling me. I'll be right back.
The guy without underwear
is irritating me.
We still can't believe it.
How did you recite such
a poem breathlessly?
Where did you steal it from?
If I had stolen it, it would
have come from my brain.
The thing I felt came from the heart.
For my Devi, if I don't say this
poem, what's the point of my love?
Where did you steal this from?
I can't believe it.
How did he recite a poem?
- That too like he memorized it?
- Yeah!
I went through all the books,
Hey, no use in going through the books.
He doesn't even know how to read.
I'm sure it's not even
from any of the songs.
But the poem was really good.
It's not that good as you guys say,
Both the poem and that
Devi are just average, really.
You're telling her she's
just an average-looking girl.
If I shave my head,
Imagine how I would look,
like a genie perhaps.
What's wrong with her?
Keep quiet!
- Oh my God. Tea got spilled.
- What the hell!
Sorry, Uncle. It was a mistake.
Are you calling me an uncle?
In your town...
if you accidentally spill something,
you would say something like this, right?
You utensil-mouthed guy!
A body worth the essence
of rosewater and Jawad.
How dare you pour your sipped tea on her?
Leave him, he might have
done it while being busy.
He doesn't even know how to spell 'busy'.
He has had 8 cups of tea since he arrived.
He wantedly...
Utilize the situation.
It's considered very inauspicious
to spill tea in a mourning residence
Even more inauspicious is...
spilling it on a young girl.
Please tell it, you whale-fish guy!
You have to take her to the room.
Oh! Oh!
He is the most respected
gentleman in the town.
He is always right.
You come with me,
I'll help you clean your dress.
Yeah. Please come.
I planned for revenge; I
might have been bashed.
Lucky me!
Please come.
All my sister's dress are here.
Oh my God!
Bloody grandfather,
If I ask for underwear, you scold
me until your mouth goes sideways.
But you have brought so many varieties
of dresses for your granddaughter!
So many dresses?
I have only one sister,
Isn't it my responsibility to
buy whatever she asks for?
You brought all these dresses for her?
No, I got them from outsiders
and kept them in our wardrobe.
All these are for my sister,
purchased by me from different countries
That one is from Singapore
and this one is from Malaysia.
This is from Delhi.
And that one,
That's from our town Seemati stores.
I think the color yellow
will complement you perfectly.
Here you go, wear this chudidar!
This is half saree!
I provided her with the fabric,
but she stitched it as a half saree!
A half saree will suit you perfectly.
Your choice is truly excellent.
I need to change...
Yes, go ahead.
I meant...
Oh, sorry. I forgot.
No, you...
You need to go out.
Only then I can change.
I should step out while you change, right?
I'll watch from outside.
He can't hear anyways.
That's why I called.
-Yema Dharma,
I accidentally left my keys inside.
Can I go and bring it?
In a few minutes, your
funeral will take place.
Why do you need the keys?
Let's go and give the buffalo a bath.
[music mutes voices]
Hey, are they present?
They are not here.
Where did they go?
Oh no, the monkeys are here.
Hey, come here.
It's your sister, right?
I too have a similar dress like this.
No way.
Because this is yours.
To be honest,
Your brother's selection is really good.
- His selection?
- Yes.
Did you buy this dress for me?
Yes, I did take... from the wardrobe.
My grand father brought me this.
I personally brought it and
gave it to my grandfather,
From the shop.
What's this, dear? You
haven't understood your brother.
You're very lucky to have such a brother.
I truly feel sad that I
don't have such a brother.
He is so sweet.
-Then do one thing,
You can call him as your brother, right?
Yeah, why not?
What's this? It's better not to
speak like this on an auspicious Saturday.
You are a potential fiance material. You
shouldn't refer to me as your brother.
Come with me downstairs,
and I will show you my poems.
They have a bad influence.
You should finish your meal
like a good child. Here, eat!
Eat in smaller portions.
What's wrong with you?
You're not even producing
milk, nor are you eating your food.
This buffalo isn't eating properly;
maybe it has stomach issues?
Don't call it 'emy', call as 'erumai'
Looks like the climate is not suiting her.
Emi, go and bang him.
Why are you hitting my vehicle?
Let him come up.
What is this sir? I don't
see any buffalo here.
You can't.It's visible only for us.
You got high so soon?
- Roll the dice.
- Brother looks so worried.
I'm feeling very troubled.
In those days, when
elderly people passed away,
the place would be vibrant
with dance and music.
Does this look like a funeral home?
It appears to be a place of mourning.
Damn it!
There should be some
kind of enjoyment right?
Let's roll the dice for '1'
I got my 'One'.
Is she Manjakilli?
[indistinct chatter]
"Manjakilli!" (crowd shouting)
Oh my dear!
Manjakilli has arrived!
Manjakilli has arrived?
Manjakilli! (crowd shouting)
I'm unable to enter.
Everyone, come with me and see the uncle.
- My dear...
- Who is this?
Looks like a demon dressed as a woman.
Oh no!
Oh my dear!
If you had said just one
word, I would have rushed here.
You went without saying a word.
Is she Manjakilli?
Move aside!
I shouldn't be seeing
you in such a situation.
You could have sent me a letter,
I would have rushed here to see you.
What is your father doing?
Let's sit and cry, Killi.
Please be seated.
Make some space on your
lap. How big is your lap?
Looks like she is his distant relative,
That's why he's on her lap, crying.
-Mr.Yema Dharma raja,
This is not my Manjakilli.
- Her's will not be this big.
- Which one?
I meant the face.
Oh my God. Such a big face.
Our father has left us alone, Killi.
Hey who is he?
He is one among the zameen, dear.
Are you his son, dear?
Yes, Killi.
How can you die after giving
birth to such a beautiful son?
You also look beautiful, Killi.
Who could she be?
If I tell you that, one of your
wishes will be reduced. Is that okay?
No, let her be anything.
Killi, If I had known
you will be so beautiful,
I would have had you with me.
What are you saying?
I meant as a care taker for my father.
Manjakilli, make
some space on your lap.
Please clear him away,
he might pull off my saree.
Sir, Please come.
Let your Chithi cry alone.
Let's go and roll the dice.
Killi, look at him, calling me
to play games in a funeral home.
Hey dad, Get up.
Please get up. You're
stuck like a baby kangaroo.
Get up.
Look at Chithi crying.
She isn't pleasant to look at herself,
how can I bear to see her crying?
Aren't you ashamed to be
on her lap? Get up and leave.
Go inside, man. Go.
Thank you for the reminder.
Manjakilli, don't go, I'll be right back.
A wig with unfinished stitching,
and that too in a mourning residence.
Who are you guys?
Dear, she is the sister, he
is the younger brother.
- I'm your uncle. He is your uncle.
- Yes.
We are your relatives from Bengal.
I haven't seen such a
combination even in cartoons.
Doing comedy in a mourning
home, do you even have a heart?
You talk too much. Are
you two brother and sister?
With a face like a tortoise's egg, how
dare you ask if we are brother and sister?
We are related in a different way.
Do you need this shame? Do you?
Look at them. They look like
Kamal Haasan and Sri Devi.
They look like a great couple,
maybe they're getting married.
Hey, look at that dotted garden lizard.
With just one line, he got us united!
You guys haven't done anything until now!
Look at them. All three of
them have 300 discrepancies.
I highly suspect them.
I don't have time to suspect them.
Look at her, just hearing the
word 'Sri Devi" made her feel happy!
You look like Sri Devi' only.
Come let's go out and talk.
Sir, who is he? He looks like
a woman dressed as a man.
He's the one who has taken
the lives of many people.
Slitting the dead body and extracting
the diamonds is not an easy task.
Before the doctor arrives, I will
have to slit 4 to 5 dead bodies.
Come to a conclusion soon.
Nothing for you and nothing for me,
I will give you 5000 rupees. Have it.
5000 rupees? Am I going to
slaughter the goat and take its liver out?
We are going to cut open the
dead body and extract the diamonds.
I also need to mourn.
Okay, then take extra
thousand rupees and come.
Ask her to go and sit
somewhere else, please.
Tell her not to be by my side.
Has the drunkard left?
Yes, he has left.
You carry on with your work.
Why are you pinching me there?
Do you guys come for this only?
I need an extra two thousand rupees.
Guys, let's go and carry on with our work.
did he eat anything in the morning?
He had 4 country chicken
eggs with Poori masala.
Why do you ask all this? Slit and extract.
If he had eaten anything, the
diamonds will be in the food pouch.
Otherwise, they will be
in the small intestines.
Only then I can slit at the exact point.
Now, I have to go to the other side.
Watch how I do it.
Hey, move aside.
You lived your life with good
wealth, move to the right side.
I came in the middle,
I move to the left side.
That's comfortable for
me to hug and mourn.
What is lacking in me,
you ungrateful person?
Hey, my competitor!
Oh no, granny!
Are you mad?
How hard she pushed me, demon!
Sister, after dying, did he eat anything?
Get me the coconut, I will break his head.
Wait, wait, save that for chutney.
I was about to ask if you have any
plans for the ritual of pouring the milk.
Hell with you!
Did he poop?
Argh! He went out two times.
Is that before his
death or after his death?
- Hey! Hey!
- Wait...
Don't get angry!
You better be on the right side since
you had lived with the right wealth.
This place is not comfortable for me.
I better go to the left side.
Come here, sister.
I don't bother even if you scold me.
He doesn't know which is left and right?
Without any compassion,
they're having a challenge
at their grandpa's funeral.
It's time for me to show my gratitude.
Let's conclude this
funeral as soon as possible.
Babe, we can extract the
diamonds from the dead body, right?
That can be...
I've noticed from the beginning that
you've been addressing me as a woman.
Not like that...
Call me as 'Gopal', else
I will walk right away.
No, No, No...
You really look good in the saree.
Kindly adjust.
I feel sympathy for the
women who wear this.
That's okay dear. Let's talk about
that later. We shall leave now.
-Here he is,
Where were you Killi?
They are my distant relatives.
I went with them to use the rest room.
Distant relatives should
be kept at a distance.
If you keep them by your side,
they will take advantage of you.
If you can come there,
I can tell you a secret.
I'm still mourning your father's death.
I still have many tears left. Let
me cry for a little while longer.
-Oh, my dear,
-Killi, don't leave me.
If I'm not getting the
diamonds, I will slit his stomach.
(crackers bursting)
Oh, my God.
It's the thunder!
Killi, I'm really scared.
- Are you scared?
- Yes.
That's not the thunder,
it's the fireworks.
Oh no, It's him.
Let's go and hide somewhere.
Hey Vela,
Did you see how beautiful
my Manjakilli is?
If you put such a big garland, how
will I take the things from inside?
Velan is here. Now watch my game.
Velan brother,
Before my brother sees you,
run through the back entrance.
If he sees you, he will
challenge you to a fight.
That day, when he was attacking
you, the entire town witnessed it.
Are you going to get
beaten up today as well?
What are you saying?
Did I get beaten up?
Speak softly, he might overhear you.
- What is she blabbering about?
- Hey Manjakilli, did Kathir beat him up?
Hmm, yes.
He might look macho,
but my brother beat him up last week.
What is she saying?
Hello, did you forget what
happened the other day?
You seem to have forgotten.
That day, during the competition,
Didn't you leave in the middle,
claiming that your father was ill?
Hey, why do you keep
talking about random things?
Brother, keep your anger under control.
Don't catch his attention. Be cautious.
Climb the compound wall at
the back and make your escape.
Be safe when you jump.
Also there might
be a well. Don't fall into it
These vampires are planning
my funeral while I'm alive.
During my younger years,
she made me wear a skirt for 3 days
after losing to her in a challenge.
I guess this time she will
make us wear skirt for 3 months.
I've noticed since I arrived
here that you all talk a lot.
You're all going to get
beaten up as a group.
You display your strength only to women.
If you really have the courage,
show it to our Brother Kathir.
Didn't your brother tell you last week,
that even if there's a funeral on a
Saturday, he's up for the challenge?
- It's Saturday. Ask him to come.
- He will come and settle your grudge.
Buddy, if you lose to him, all the
buildup you've created will vanish.
She isn't exceptionally beautiful.
She looks like a stage artist.
Listen to me, don't
take risks for her and all.
Kathir, let's back off.
We can't wear skirt.
Remember that.
Rather than falling at his feet,
it's better to fall at those girls' feet.
She is a very average looking girl.
- Is it?
- Yes.
Are you all here to ruin my happiness?
Did you know what Majnu replied when
he was told that Laila is average looking?
What did he say?
Look at her through my eyes; only
then can you see how beautiful she is.
If you get beaten up by him, you
won't be able to see your own eyes!
Listen to me.
I'm telling for your good.
If you lose to him, you'll
be compelled to wear a skirt.
Sister, do you have a skirt?
Mind your words.
Call him right away. I'll confront
him, and I'll make him wear a skirt.
Hey, remember where you are and to
whom you're suggesting wearing a skirt?
He belongs to the Nadamuni Zameen family.
If you want, you can use my Killi's saree.
- Yes.
- Get lost.
Oh my God.
You're teaming up as a
family and mocking me?
Call your son who is hiding.
I will bash him and
make him wear the skirt.
I'm ready for the challenge. Ask
your son if he is ready.
They are grabbing the saree
that you gave me with love.
- Instead of just watching, please get up.
- Hey, Kathir.
Come out to save our family reputation.
- Let us show them what we are.
- Seriously?
- Come out.
- Come out.
Where are you?
I'm telling you, he will come here.
- Let's see who wins.
- Manjakilli...
You don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid of him.
It's you I'm scared of.
Come out, Kathir.
Here he comes.
Come brother, come and deal with him.
(crowd cheering)
- Manjakilli, shall we begin?
- Yes, I will begin now.
Hey, let the competition begin.
Go, Kathir, Go...
- I'll smash your face.
- Hey, hold on.
Let me offer my prayers
to my grand father.
Where are you going?
I'm going to get the
blessings from Grandpa.
- Come, come.
- That's the customs.
- Will he come back?
- Yes, he will, wait.
- What happened kathir?
- Grandpa...
Grandpa, they say that when a storm
comes, a single tree won't be uprooted.
Likewise, please don't take me with you.
- Killi, please bless him.
- God bless you my dear.
- Grandpa...
- Hey, Kathir, It's time. Please come.
Save our family's reputation.
- Come on.
- Hey, hold on!
What now?
I need to drink water.
No monkey business.
Just go ahead and fight.
- Hey, come on!
- Hey, hold on!
- What are you going to tell now?
- Let me think
-Come on,
-Come here for a second.
- What?
- Let me talk to my sister.
There's been a death in the
house, and you're sending...
your brother into a fight.
Are you even my sister?
You were flirting with a girl at a
funeral home. Are you even a brother?
Kathir, what happened?
All the best.
Finish it and come back soon.
(crowd cheering)
You all want Kathir to win in this
fight, right? Kathir, show him my tricks.
- Give a tough fight.
- Shut up your mouth.
- I will shut my...
- Come on...
- Hey, hold on.
- Come on.
- Kathir!
- Oh no!
They said Kathir will give a tough fight!
- Come and see your son getting beaten up.
- I will not come. I will not come.
- Go!
- Come.
I will not leave Killi and come.
- Kathir, get up.
- You said he belongs to the Zameen family!
Yes, he is...
He is getting beaten up...
My grand son should
not be going through this.
You can even reduce one of my wishes,
Let me go into his body
and fight the opponent.
Go ahead!
Hey, Super! super!
That's my boy.
Everybody clap. Come on everyone clap.
Kathir, no one can beat
up up. You are the best.
[crowd cheering]
- Hey!
- Hey!
I will hurt you.
That's so stylish!
Kathir is a multi talented guy.
[crowd cheering]
That's the perfect punch!
Write his name, Kathir!
How is it?
[crowd cheering]
His name is Velai, isn't it?
He was born during the intermission
of MGR's movie 'Padakotti'.
Hence his father named
him 'Idaivelai' (Interval)
You saw it, didn't you?
Kathir, Kathir!
- My son has won.
- Hey you!
Laying hands on inappropriate places
[grunts in agony]
First, I'll rip you into pieces.
Relax my dear,
My sweet Manjakilli!
Where is that human species?
He went missing!
Where is Kathir?
Hey, where is he? He's missing.
What? Is he missing?
The scent of silk is
emanating from somewhere.
Our dream girl "SILK SMITHA"
[crowd cheers]
What a performance! Our queen!
Sir, did you see what he's
doing after entering the body?
- Hey move aside!
- How dare you lay hands on my boss?
You're a Rajini fan, right? But
you're dancing to a Kamal song?
- I'm an ardent fan of Silk too!
- Sir, look at his dance moves!
Did you see where our sir is looking?
It looks like he's bored
with Ramba and Urvashi's dance,
...and wants to
see Silk's dance as well.
Go wake him up! Go!
Sir, why are you looking at that her?
She is not a human you
fool, she is an angel!
Let her be anything.
Shall we sit and watch?
We can lie down
and watch as well!
If this continues, he'll make
him watch the next show as well.
Shall we take her along with him?
We will take her
later, let us take him first.
Come on man!
Kathir is here!
Hey, why are you lifting me
up? Did I win?
Did I win?
Okay fine!
[train honking]
[horse neighing]
[crowd murmurs]
Kabali, how are you? How is my father?
Father...? What can I say...?
Alright, don't worry. I've bought
a chain for father from Kasi.
Okay boss!
If he wears it while
sleeping, he'll never wake up.
Even now, he's still asleep,
boss. He won't even wake up.
What can I say!
Why are you rubbing
your eyes, is there dust?
No, I haven't seen you in a
while, so these are tears of joy.
- Shall we go?
- My sweetheart has gone to the washroom.
We'll leave after she returns.
Who is it, boss?
Your new sister-in-law.
- Sister-in-law?
- Yeah my second wife!
Hey, why are you staring at the train?
The engine is beautiful,
so I was admiring it
Due to the engine's noise, I
couldn't sleep the entire night.
At least my sweetheart was
peacefully sleeping on the TTR's lap.
That fool, didn't even do his duty!
Why talk about that fool?
Come, let's go. I'm very tired.
Because of the road
construction in our town...
They are constructing walls and a factory,
so we have to detour around the town.
Hey, I'm talking to you, and
you keep staring at the train.
No, I haven't seen such a
beautiful engine in town before.
What's so special about this? There's
a double-tucker engine in Bangalore.
- Oh nice!
- You'll get stunned!
I'll take you there to show
you. Now, let's go home.
Yes, Sure.
- You go first, and I'll follow.
- Why are you going this way?
The horse might see
me, so I'm going this way.
See how difficult he had
it, but I climbed easily.
I was happily watching Silk's
movie. Why did you bring me here?
Do you want Silk Smitha...
or Manjakilli?
I want my Manjakilli.
Is she really that beautiful?
- More than 'Beautiful'.
- Ohh.
You all are going to see her, aren't you?
Hey, why is everyone
trying to impress Silk?
- Sorry boss!
- She is my girl! I have booked her!
How did you strike that
Velai, you're incredible.
We were impressed!
I don't know what came over
me, and I hit him very hard.
Then it felt like I was listening
to a song in the theater...
I don't understand anything, I'm confused.
Buddy, love can transform a coward
into a brave person, and vice versa.
It can even transform
someone mad, so quiet!
Still, You could have fought
him like our favorite 'Kamal'.
You fought like Rajinikanth.
- Did I?
- Then what, did your grandpa hit him?
Is it my grandpa's spirit?
- I don't get it.
- Kathir!
- Kathir are you here?
- Yeah tell me.
Great job, Kathir, but I
couldn't quite understand you.
You were reciting beautiful
poetry this morning.
Now, you stroked him with style.
What other skills do you
have? You're multi-talented.
He cooks really well!
- He cooks?
- Yeah!
Wow, Kathir do you cook?
Yeah, even in the morning,
I made Non-veg curry.
- Please come!
- No I'll have some other day!
What about us?
Don't let the Manjakilli inside!
Please, have a seat.
Please sit.
Isn't it wrong to have a
meat curry at a funeral house?
No, it's perfectly fine
to have it in our house.
Chopping a tasty young goat...
Applying some butter to it!
Applying some sacred
ash, saffron powder, sandal...
Wait a minute...
sacred ash, saffron powder, sandal?
What kind of recipe is this?
Those were applied to the vessel.
Then adding gram dal and toor dal...
Gram dal and Toor dal?
What are you saying!
This is meat curry right?
- Did I say like that?
- Yeah.
I haven't blended them, but I
prepared it in our traditional style...
You'll truly savor its
flavor only when you taste it.
Yummy! It's awesome.
Some odor is mixing!
Where is it from?
Did the deceased person burp?
It's from the kitchen!
Psst! He is spoiling the odor!
My grandma told in the morning...
Who is the fortunate girl who gets
to savor the food you've prepared?
Unfortunately she passed away!
Your grandpa is the one who passed away.
Yeah right, I forgot to give
you an egg, I got confused in it.
Please eat.
Yema Dharma, seems like he'll
win her over with his charming words.
I'm telling you again, my
granddaughter must be the winner.
I mean it
It is your wish right? It
will be fulfilled don't worry!
Ugh! [cries]
Who is she with bad breath! Tobacco smell!
Go that side!
- It's not the bone you're sucking on now.
- Eh?
I mean, it's not just a
bone, it's a narrow bone, you have it.
Please come. You can hold my hand.
Please watch over him. I
need to use the restroom.
How can I manage my hunger?
"Landlord's delicious food!"
"The slender bone is amazing."
"This is enough for me."
What the heck!
Oh no,
the dry chili-faced lady spotted me!
After having the meal...
While he visits my house on Sundays...
The aroma of my wife's curry will
waft through every corner of the town...
He had a habit of complimenting
you and harming me.
If I go on an empty stomach,
you'll be to blame for the sin.
So, I came to have a meal!
Did he really say...
Even after preparing a delicious dishes,
He used to remain
stern as if he ate a frog!
He could have at least complimented
it to my face,
Is your face worthy of
receiving a compliment?
Can I eat?
Yeah! please. Have everything!
Don't feel shy!
Eat slowly, don't get pricked.
How is the food?
- Give me glass of water and leave!
- Yes.
It is delicious right?
I'm very fortunate to get you as a sister!
You go cry, I'll be back.
- Yeah I'll be crying, come.
- Thank you. Go now.
She's preventing me from eating,
but she has cooked really well.
Do your sister cooks well?
No, she doesn't even
know how to handle a ladle.
Kathir, just like your way of
speech, the curry was excellent!
You are not a 'normal' Kathir,
you are a 'multi talented Kathir!'
Thank you!
Kathir, show me your hands!
Oh no!
She is about to kiss him.
You have my grandma's talent!
Thank God, that was not a kiss!
Even your granny cooks like this?
- Yeah, shall we?
- Yes.
You gave buildup that she is a
modern girl from Madras...
Girls from our town are
much better than her.
She still needs to hug and
propose to him; that's all that's left.
Ahh! Will she dare to? let
me see how she is doing it,
Hey, stop arguing!
My boyfriend loves me
because of my hair,
And if I shave it, he might
just leave me and break up.
Hey, a family is coming for marriage
talks next week. Do something!
Can I share an idea!
Why don't we compromise
and join brother Kathir's team?
Beat her up! is that even an idea?
Just get lost. I won't spare you!
[exclaims in joy]
Why are you wriggling like a
snake? Are you hungry again?
I'm having trouble
digesting what I just ate.
- You need it to digest that's all?
- Yeah.
If you take a digestive
beat! it will be fine!
- Digestive beat?
- Hmm.
Hey! Antony!
Play a digestive beat!
Done boss!
(traditional folk beat)
(beat continues)
Oh no!
What is this?
No, mother, Kath...
It was kathir, who wanted to dance!
Sister, I'm Super
Subara... No, Puliyur Saroja's assistant!
I was teaching her dance!
Is it a mistake?
Hey, it's a mistake!
Making funeral moves at a funeral house?
- Not funeral moves, just digestive moves!
- Just stop it.
Why do you keep talking?
Did you see how my
grand daughter lodged a complaint?
Did you think I'd stay silent
no matter what you say?
I just saw how well you danced!
I'm your mother. Have you ever danced in
front of me?
What a dance!
- Is this a family?
- Wow!
It would have been great if
you had danced at our home.
Your father and I would have
enjoyed and appreciated it
Sorry, Mom. From now
on, I'll dance at home.
They danced well, right?
She made a lot of moves!
What happened to your face?
It looks like a parrot drenched in rain
Shame, go away.
Leave her!
- Kathir!
- Sister!
When I arrived, you guys made
a move, and it was beautiful.
Could you repeat it for my sake?
Holding the skirt like
this and [starts to hum]
- Are getting some air?
- Yeah.
Killi, I'm fine with your beatings.
Shall we accept our defeat?
I just broke my
leg while dancing!
Even if we accept it, he won't leave us.
When I was in the 4th standard,
I kept a peacock feather...
We challenged whether
it would give birth or not.
It didn't replicate,
For that, he completely
chopped off my hair.
- How can a feather give birth?
- Rubbish!
Then I didn't know, now I knew!
But it gave birth to me!
Hey shut up!
How did it happen?
Where is that Mayil?
- Hey, why are you cursing?
- No, I'm asking about that Mayil.
- I meant Mayil!
- Oh.
Oh, that flirtatious one. Why
are you asking about her?
Ask her to come! I'll tell you!
Sister... Sister... Hey move aside!
From now on, how will
I be able to see you?
How will I see you without flowers!
When did I used flower! You fool!
Uncle left us all alone!
Hey! What?
The chief doctor has
called for you urgently.
- Please arrange a notepad and pen.
- Wait I'll bring.
- Where will I go for it?
- Brother! Coffee?
Brother, do you have notepad and pen?
- Nope, I have a comb! You need?
- Aunty, coffee?
Uncle coffee?
Aunt! coffee?
Brother! Do you need tea?
Snake's leg, snake knows!
A thief can recognize
another thief, do you need tea?
No need snake!
- This is painful.
- Bring that lady!
He used to steal old bandages
and scissors from the hospital.
I have no idea what he's
planning to steal from here.
- [humming]
- Where is the notebook?
Yes, one second.
One second,
What's this?
It's my Granny's blouse
Are you truly a thief, or did your
appearance lead you to become one?
- I found the one who slapped me.
- It was me who slapped you.
I meant I found the
who stole the notebook.
- Who is that?
- It could be that baldy!
They went near the
bathroom. Go and check it out.
Listen carefully, that guy has
eaten all the eggs and potatoes...
with respect to that,
Diamonds might be hidden here,
passing through the small intestine.
Whatever it is, you will
extract the diamonds, right?
Hey, baldy...
- why did you throw that outside?
- It's a waste paper...
someone might decode it.
- Hey, Pick that up!
- Hey!
Hey there, weird-looking brothers!
What are you all doing inside as a group?
[in unison] We are peeing.
I can hear your sister's
voice from inside.
Sister needed to use the restroom too.
Why accompany her in the restroom when
you can do so when she's leaving town?
She is scared of darkness, that's
why we accompanied her.
Do you want to come along too?
Boss! If you can send the dead body
inside for two minutes...
We'll return it after shedding
some peaceful tears for a while.
They are requesting the dead body
as if they were asking for a pen cap.
You please stay quiet.
Why did you take the notebook?
What if the water supply is stopped?
Give me the notebook,
or I'll throw a burning tire in.
- Hey, throw the notebook outside.
- Do it.
They are throwing it angrily!
I told you that very day,
I asked you to be suspicious of them.
There's no time for that.
Let me read what she has written!
They have left.
Thank God.
They have left.
Buddy, this is not a diary,
It's her heart.
Women often write down
their feelings in diaries.
If you read her diary,
you can easily find out
if she likes you or not.
Read it, buddy.
What is this?
Buddy, we are doomed.
I can't understand what's written here.
It's okay if you don't know English,
but you don't even know
if this is English.
Did you pull the note
from me just for this?
Look, 'English Thief' is going there!
Hey, you come here.
What's up boss?
I've completed your
task, so now let me do mine.
You're only going to take a
bathroom bucket, not rob a bank.
I will give by myself, now read me this.
Give me.
'Death was happen at
the time morning 7.30'
- Yes, go ahead.
- That's all.
What does it mean?
I'm sorry. I can only read
but I don't know the meaning.
Give it here.
Give that as well,
it belongs to us, right?
Is he needed anymore?
[in unison] He wasn't
needed at all even before.
Send him out of town by
beating him with a slipper.
Get out.
Where is it?
Kathir, did you see my diary?
- Diary?
- Yes.
Oh my God! Thank you.
What's so special that
you've written there?
All my ambitions are written in this.
So if this is lost, will
you forget everything?
Thank you so much!
[music mutes voices]
Kathir, It's like I got back my life.
She simply pinched his
cheeks and kissed him.
It's confirmed, we have to shave our head.
Go away. You idiot.
Hey, Kali, are we there yet?
Please speed up.
I already told you, due to the road
work, I have to take the longer route.
Please do not disturb
the rhythm of the vehicle.
If you disturb it,
the horse will get agitated.
Ok then, go slowly.
- Come.
- Hi, Devi.
She is our Mayil.
Ask her who she is...
Who is she?
She is the one,
my brother going to get married to.
Though she looks like this...
Brother is very adamant
about marrying her.
Really? You are so lucky.
Kathir is such a talented person.
- You are a perfect match.
- What?
Is she saying that
Kathir is selling coconuts?
Yes, he is selling coconuts, mango, etc.,
She is saying that you are so fortunate.
- Does she also know astrology?
- Hey, cut the crap!
Sait is calling you. Go.
- I just went yesterday, why again?
- Just go!
What's going on? She didn't react and
is now writing something in her notebook.
Looks like it's us who misunderstood her.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
do you have any interest in love marriage?
Why do I need love?
I need to study further.
No idea of getting into a relationship.
[both sighs in relief]
Because you are educated, will you
marry someone who is also educated?
- Yes.
- [together in choruse]: Yes.
You are right.
Why do we need this love and all of this?
Ok, girls, let's leave.
Thanks to her for saving our heads
It looks like our hair is saved!
Hello! Here is our town's special soda.
It's so special that even if
you eat a rock, you can digest it.
Looks like you are ready to get married.
- Marriage?
- Your sisters told me.
The girl is so beautiful.
Her name is Mayil, right?
Manjakili, seems like Sait didn't call me!
So what if Sait didn't call you?
Your guy is calling you, look!
Oh, my dear!
[all laughs]
Go away, else I will
pour soda on all of you!
Go away. Get lost! Go.
[music mutes voices]
Move away, please.
- Tell him.
- What is this?
It's getting late already.
Will his son come from Bangalore or not?
Let's get the funeral done.
We got works to do.
What's that important work you have?
Sitting at your house entrance
and pelting stones at street dogs,
Is that even a job?
I won't allow them to take the
dead body until my uncle arrives.
- [indistinct chatter]
- What is this Kathir?
It will start to
decompose if he arrives late.
That is right!
To avoid that, I have already
ordered ten bottles of rose water.
I will not allow anyone
to take the dead body.
My uncle will come today
or tomorrow or even day.
Until then I will not let
anyone take the dead body.
[laughs] That's my boy.
My son is right.
The dead body should not be taken
from here until my brother arrives.
You come with me,
my dad will take care of it.
- Your brother is arriving?
- Yes, Kili.
If my brother sees you...
Come with me to the garden.
Hey, leave her and get lost.
These guys are planning something
and they are calling me inside!
It looks like my funeral
will happen along with yours.
- Tell me.
- Hey!
What is happening here?
Kili, look...
My Kili is so beautiful.
It was you who cooked meat on a Saturday,
and that's the reason for his death,
- and she is asking if it tastes good.
- What is this?
does anyone eat non-veg on a Saturday?
Hey... Hey!
You should go outside and vomit it.
Vomit it?
Manjakili, come, let's go.
- I will help you.
- To vomit?
- No way. You will end up vomiting.
- Damn!
What is this?
Looks like your funeral will be
done before I extract the diamonds.
Shall I switch it off?
Go fast.
We got the signal. You can switch it off.
Someone please light the lamp, soon.
Hey, Thangam!
Go and check the main board.
Oh no. He is here.
What is this Manjakili?
Who switched off the main power supply?
[electric crackles]
[shouts in pain]
Oh no! Oh no!
- What happened?
- It's bleeding.
- What happened?
- Centipede has bitten him.
- Centipede?
- Show?
it doesn't look like a centipede bite,
looks like someone
scratched with the blade.
- Looks like he found out.
- Blade?
Are you doubting my sister?
- What are yoiu saying?
- I didn't mention it was your sister.
Hey baldy, keep quiet.
- Oh no!
- Please hold on for some time...
- I will do first aid.
- Oh no!
You bloody!
All my blood is getting wasted!
So what, should someone collect it
in a jug and pour it into your mouth?
Guys, check who has the blade.
- Check everyone, including ladies.
- Why are you checking me?
Will they even check on me?
- Catch your hand.
- Manjakili...
Chithi gets nervous when she sees blood,
let me go get some fresh air.
Oh no!
Hey, you get up.
Your shorts are visible.
Is it visible to you too?
So she is not Kili?
Hey, why is your taste so bad?
I've been telling you since I arrived.
All the hype is just for this?
Damn! I should get rid of
this dress immediately.
Everyone, except my sister
and the dead body can move out.
- Go now!
- Everyone please move...
From the beginning, you guys keep
asking to hand over the dead body.
Are you going to conduct a post-mortem?
Each one is reacting
differently and I can't suspect anyone.
We shouldn't stay in this
house when they suspect us.
- Let's take her out and leave.
- Let's go.
- Hey!
- Come.
You can't even lift a Brassiere, how
will you lift such a heavy person?
- Call them here.
- Hey, guys, come here!
Let's lift her up.
[indistinct chatter]
It's not good for us to be
here. They are suspecting us.
Let's go to Bengal immediately.
This is why I told you to suspect them.
I slipped up when they
mentioned Kamal and Sridevi.
You come with me.
You should have stuck
to your plan of extraction.
Why did you do this?
Hey, Gopal, why did you
touch that fan unnecessarily?
That fan had already
taken Grandfather's life.
I got nervous seeing the blood.
You claim to slit dead bodies, so why
do you get nervous when you see blood?
Dead bodies won't shout, unlike this one.
Instead of slitting the dead
body, you have cut his hand.
Are you even a woman?
- Come here...
- Tell me?
Oh god!
Stop addressing me as a
woman or I'll place you in,
the mortuary and make
incisions in unusual locations.
If you want diamonds, bring the dead
body to the hospital. I will extract them.
I'll take this vehicle and
you guys can get down.
OK, fine. Let's go.
[people cheering in joy
for their favorite actor]
[indistinct shouting]
Hey, you are blocking his view.
Look at my superstar.
It's my dad's funeral.
Everybody enjoy and have a good time.
Hail him!
Thalaiva (Leader)
He is a great human being.
In a few minutes, he is going to be taken.
- Taken?
- Yes.
- Then I'll burn myself right now.
- Hey!
Watch your mouth!
You're going to be roasted
like tandoori in the fire.
Are you planning to set yourself on fire?
Don't worry;
he has a reserved seat in heaven.
I forgot to ask you...
Is it hell or heaven for me?
You know it but still, you are asking?
It is heaven, right?
Even after he told
you, you are still asking?
Mega frying pot is waiting for
you, can't wait to get you fried.
How dare you lay hands on MGR?
Hey Nambiar,
- I will break your head.
- Hey, wait!
What are you doing?
Hey you sit down.
- This has become a habit for him.
- Sit down!
Come on, hit him!
Hit him back!
I can't see MGR getting beaten up.
Hey, he will start hitting back
after getting beaten three times.
[film playing]
[crowd cheering]
Why are you here on the bullet
without watching the movie?
I've been longing to
ride a Bullet, that's why.
Do you know how to ride?
If I have been taught, I will ride.
Oh my goodness! Get down!
Get on the bike.
"I'm coming with you,
like I'm stuck on you"
"Don't you go away from me"
"Like a cattle"
"I'll come behind you"
"Like a wild wind"
"You made me fall"
"With your vision at me"
"You increased my desires"
"Like a flowing water"
"You are running away"
"Searching for you"
"I'm exhausted"
"I'm coming with you,
like I'm stuck on you"
"Don't you go away from me"
"Like a cattle"
"I'll come behind you"
"You mesmerize me with your laughter"
"When u stare at me, I'm going blank"
"You are planting dreams in my mind"
"You are born for me"
"In my heart, like a queen,"
"I envision you"
"With your sweet talks"
"You are ruling me"
"For that one word"
"I'm on my knees, waiting to hear it."
"Like a small child.
You are taking sweet revenge"
"When you will join me?
My life span increases"
"The queen ruling me the
sweet honey, it's you!"
"Like a flowing water"
"You are running away"
"Searching for you"
"I'm exhausted"
"I'm coming with you,
like I'm stuck on you."
"Don't you go away from me"
"Like a cattle, I come behind you"
"Like a wild wind. You made me fall"
"With your vision at me,
you increased my desires"
"Like a flowing water.
You are running away"
"Searching for you... I'm exhausted"
"I'm coming with you,
like I'm stuck on you."
"Don't you go away from me"
"Like a cattle,
I'll come behind you"
- Devi...
- Hmm!
- I need to ask you something.
- Yes, please.
You were seen at
home, writing in a diary...
Oh, that's for my final year exams,
I'm writing an article on Tamil
Nadu's culture and traditions.
I was taking notes at my friend's wedding.
There was one person
who kept glancing at me.
I was wondering who he could be,
then he smiled at me,
I smiled back at him, and that was it.
He then offered me some
juice and turned on the fan.
He applied turmeric to his
sister, and served food for me.
He was following me everywhere
like a cat that had just given birth.
All that is fine,
when I was about to leave,
he came towards me,
he proposed to me while nervously
scratching the ground with his toes.
Huh! Oh no!
What would I have replied?
What did you reply?
I took him aside and gave
him a tight slap on the ears.
If I had done the same, I would
have also got the same slap.
How could one fall in love at first sight?
Half saree is confirmed!
His name was...
Did you see this, Kathir? Your name
got registered with me, but not his.
What's the use if only
my name gets registered?
What were you about to ask me?
- Devi...
- Yeah?
Can you do me a favor?
Yes, tell me, Kathir.
- Before my sister...
- Yes...
[in distant] Kathir!
Grandfather's body is missing...
Everyone is searching for it, please come.
- Grandfather's body is missing?
- Yes.
- Thank God.
- Come soon!
Since the dead body is missing,
the funeral will be delayed
and we have some more time.
- We can relax and talk for some more time.
- Hey! What's this?
They are saying your grandpa's
body is missing. Let's go there.
- Yes, let's go.
- Where have I gone?
Oh no! Oh no...
Oh no, where is my body?
Why are you shouting?
I took your life myself!
You took my life but my body is missing.
Do you have a habit of
wearing a body (brassiere)?
- I meant my dead body.
- Oh you meant your dead body!
Hey! Hey! Get away!
- Hey, I told you not to eat the dead ones.
- Come here, come this way.
Can you please find my dead body?
- Come please.
- Come, let's go and search.
- Hey dumbo!
- Hey, bring that buffalo along!
Come, come...
I will get you Horlicks.
[indistinct voices]
[indistinct voices]
The crowd approaching us!
The town people's voices
are audible; let's hurry.
It's too heavy
How long should we be carrying this?
For now, let's conceal the
body, and we'll retrieve it later.
Hey, look over there, someone is walking.
Let's dump the dead body
here in these bushes. Run!
They are nearing us. Let's go.
Guys, you go to this side and search.
Hey, you guys, go that side and search.
Two of you go up and search!
If I'm not getting my cousin's dead body,
I will not let anyone live in this town.
I already mentioned earlier,
if someone passes away,
dispose the body within an hour
and serve the meal,
did anyone even listen?
Who knows where the
body is getting decomposed?
- Who knows which dog is urinating on it?
- Sir, sir...
Sir, look here,
he consumed alcohol with my funds
and now he's urinating on me.
Who is that?
No one is here?
- Oh my God, something just kicked me.
- Sir, can you please take my body?
No, no, no,
we don't deal with dead bodies.
We deal only with the living things!
In such case, please grant me
permission to take my own body.
- OK, go ahead.
- Take quickly!
Looks like all my wishes
will get reduced just like that.
Hey, your son is going there!
My dear son, your father is right here.
Your father is right here.
Stop the vehicle.
Hey sinner!
Why did you consume the
diamonds and take my life away?
You will never prosper.
What is this, sir? He
is lamenting for himself!
- You are gone too soon.
- After watching an MGR film,
you are waving your hands just like him!
Hey, no loose talk.
First, remove your legs from here.
Shall I tell you the truth?
Tell me.
You look much better after your demise!
Me? Really?
[indistinct chatter]
Why do I have to keep repeating
myself? Are you fixated on that garland?
Come here.
Don't you dare eat the dead
body along with the garland!
[indistinct chatter]
Grandfather is here!
Hey, granny, without
looking inside properly,
you disturbed the
people watching the movie.
When I came here to drink
water, body wasn't here.
[imitating granny]
She must have been
searching while she was asleep.
Get lost!
What happened? My father is here, right?
Why create a scene
that he has gone missing?
That's what I was saying!
Oh no, my high has worn off!
Come, let's watch the
movie from the beginning.
Grandpa's body is missing and
you're asking us to watch a movie?
He is right here and why
did you create such a scene?
[gun fire]
- Oh no, everybody hands up!
- Alright.
We can take anyone if we
want to, put your hands down.
[indistinct chatter]
If anyone makes a
noise, I will blow her head.
- Hey, keep quiet!
- Don't shout, he may shoot!
Stay quiet,
else I will blow your brains off.
Hey, take the dead body!
Dad, please save me.
Who is he?
let go of my hand!
How dare you?
- Kathir, kick him!
- Hey!
You let go of her hand
My diamonds! My diamonds!
He is not worth kidnapping at
gunpoint. Who are you guys?
Hey, come and kick him.
Hey, let him go, we shall take
after the dead body is buried.
I can't get beaten up for
the small amount you pay me.
I can even take his
beating but he is spitting on me.
They look so dangerous, they may harm you.
Why didn't you get hold of them?
You keep on impressing me.
What's meant by 'improse'?
Please tell that in front of everyone.
It's not 'improse'.
I said you impressed me.
Can you tell me what it
means in front of everyone?
It's wonderful to see my daughter
and Kathir conversing with each other!
Isn't it?
Sister, when are you leaving from here?
We will leave once the funeral is done.
Why is my funeral not done yet?
Kathir, that's my father!
- It's me Nadamuni!
- Stop! Listen!
I hate this Kali Yuga!
Bury me before the sunrise.
How can we do the procedures
without your elder son?
Don't ever call him.
- Oh no!
- Why?
I got an electric shock
from the fan he gave me.
-He will never come,
-Maybe a strong shock.
- He went in the wrong direction.
- Stop!
I have only one son and that is you.
You may not be a good person,
but you are still my only son.
You are my only son.
Bury me before the sun rises.
Guys, do it as he says!
Do it!
Hold her, hold her!
- Lift her.
- My father himself has requested,
we no longer adhere to
customs and traditions.
- Prepare for the funeral.
- Get up, dear.
Dad, let us wait for Uncle,
when will he arrive?
Even when your mother passed away,
he arrived only after the funeral.
Ignore him.
Kathir, don't be playful.
The smell of the dead body...
has already started
You stepped on something, and
now you're blaming my grandfather?
Dad, please don't get emotional.
-Oh no,
-I'm a sinner.
He got emotional and
he can't be controlled now!
What is this? He's talking
about irrelevant things.
Until now, I have never
truly listened to my dad.
If I don't listen to him
even after his demise...
...I'm not his son at all.
I'm not his son at all.
I won't shave my head
to perform the rituals.
Let my brother itself shave his head.
Come on everyone, let's take the body.
[commotion within the crowd]
They are taking my body
without my 'Manjakili'.
Will my 'Manjakili' come?
Don't worry, without your 'Manjakili'
coming, your funeral will not take place.
Grandpa, bye!
"Hey, my dear, departed
soul, you've left us,"
"In the shadows of sorrow,
we bid you adieu"
Kathir, nothing can save us.
It's a challenge,
before the floor of this
mourning house dries,
I will make that girl propose
to me in front of all of you,
it's my challenge.
He couldn't bear to
see his grandpa burning,
look at how he's running.
This is called true love.
This is how a son should be.
Don't worry unnecessarily.
If you want, we can take it back home
"Hey, my dear,
departed soul, you've left us"
"In the shadows of
sorrow, we bid you adieu"
"In the hush of goodbye,
your spirit takes flight,"
"Rest in peace, dear
soul, bathed in eternal light"
"Hey, my dear, departed
soul, you've left us"
Guys, get the food ready!
I'm completely burned
will my Manjakili ever come?
I suspect that you all are cheating me
I have arrived.
My Manjakili has arrived.
Did he reject Silk Smitha just for her?
Give him a knock on the head
At least drink this
porridge and then do your work!
Nadamuni! I will get my daughter
married to an undertaker but not to you.
You, bloody! I thought you were
just saying it out of anger,
but you really got her married!
- He's jumping way beyond.
- Give me the stick; I'll handle him.
What is on your mind?
Manjakili is going to bash him
Come on, good, do it!
[indistinct voices]
Manjakili, that's me!
Don't hit me.
- Yema Dharma.
- Yes, your honor!
I can't bear to see my 'Manjakili'
hitting me.
- So, what?
- Come, let's go.
As you say!
Poor you!
You lost it!
Here you go, take a shower and wear this.
Need to go to market with Mayilu.
Get ready soon.
Hey, what is this?
You still haven't taken a bath
after returning from the cemetery.
Go, take a bath!
- Grandma!
- Huh?
Can you please switch on that fan?
Lazy fellow! Just like his grandfather!
- [groans]
- Granny!
Oh, my granny!
[crowd lamenting]
Oh my dear, you too left us!
Hey, Baldy! Filter it properly.
- Did the diamonds melt?
- Filter it!
Nothing is here.
Hey, what are you guys doing there?
[together]: We are taking the ashes!
- Is that Nadamuni's ash?
- [together]: Yes.
I have given it already
sealed in a container!
Oh my God!
Let's go back to that house again.
We couldn't steal the knife,
we even lost the diamonds!
Hands up!
You better give me
whatever is in your hand.
Else I will slit your throat.
I will give you whatever you ask for,
can you give me that knife?
First, you give me yours,
let me check if it's really worth it.
- Come on!
- Give it to him, guys!
- Here, take it.
- Come.
- Take this too.
- Very good.
- Quick!
- Open it quickly!
Quick, quick!
Nothing is there!
Hey, Kali, have we still not reached?
I already told you, due to roadwork,
I have to take the longer route.