81st Golden Globe Awards (2024) Movie Script

Live from the
Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills,
California, it's the 81st golden
The champagne is flowing as all
your favorite stars are
arriving, thriving, and bubbling
with excitement to see who will
walk away with tonight's biggest
t's a who's who of Hollywood as
we kick off the biggest live
party of the year, where
anything can happen.
See which a-listers will win,
let loose, and have a good
time... some of them, a really
good time.
Censors will be standing by.
As we honor the most
talked-about movies and shows of
the year, we'll also introduce
a new category for box office
hits that were seen by basically
the whole world, and an award
for the very best in stand-up
Who's going to win the first
t's all starting right now.
Please welcome your host,
here's Jo koy!
Welcome to the 81t annual
golden globes.
'm your host, Jo koy.
Look, I'm just taking this all
Let me look around, I'm taking
this all in.
'm so excited to be here.
This is a dream come true.
Not just for me, but for
everybody in here.
We all jumped of this moment.
And look at this, look at this
Look around.
Look, Kevin costner is here.
Kevin costner is never here!
Kevin is, like, in a mountain
with a cow or something, but
today he's here.
Don cheadle is here.
'm just looking around,
everybody is here.
This is a good night!
And I've got the best seat in
the house.
When I was a kid growing up, I
used to watch this show.
would stay up late with my
family just trying to guess who
would win, and every time, my
mom would say,
"it's Meryl Streep, stupid.
Who else is going to win?
She wins every time."
And she was right!
You do, you win all the time.
That's why, when the
golden globes called and asked
me if I wanted to host, I jumped
at the chance, and I said yes.
Then they asked me if I saw
every movie in every TV show,
and I said, yes!
only watched the "beef."
love you, l.
t's mandatory
, I'm Asian.
You killed it, l.
started to binge watch
watched everything.
While my family was out there
clanking champagne glasses,
bringing in the new year, I was
watching "Oppenheimer."
loved "Oppenheimer."
've just got one complaint.
t needed another hour.
felt like it needed some more
back story.
My new year's resolution for
2024 is to finish "Oppenheimer"
in 2025.
'm almost there!
love's "Oppenheimer."
Especially the first season.
That's so stupid.
"Oppenheimer" answered a
lifelong question that's been in
my mind for years.
Yes, scientists do get laid, as
long as they look like cillian
"Oppenheimer" and "Barbie" are
competing for cinematic office
box achievements.
"Oppenheimer" is based on a 720
one-page pulitzer prize winning
book about Manhattan project.
And "Barbie" is on a plastic
doll with big speesixteen.
watched "Barbie," I loved it.
really did love it.
don't want you guys to thik
and agreed, but it was weird
being attracted to a plastic
t's something about your eyes,
The whole show, just close your
eyes for me.
Margot, it's not always about
The key moment in "Barbie" is
when she goes from perfect
beauty to bad breath, cellulite,
and flat feet.
Or, what casting directors call
a character actor.
Semi wrote, some other people
Robert De Niro is here!
Yo, I got the gig ten days ago!
You want a perfect monologue?
Shut up!
You are kidding me, right?
Slow down.
wrote some of these and
they're the ones you're laughing
Robert De Niro is here!
Sorry, I'm a fan.
'm fanning out.
love you, Robert.
f it's awkward, I'm sorry.
had to do that in front of
know it sucks.
'm a bit awestruck.
Decade after decade, he kills
that every single time.
don't know how you do it, man.
swear to god.
Your last performance has got to
be your greatest performance
How did you get her pregnant at
s he looking?
s he looking?
You talking to me?
By the way, "killers of the
flower moon" is so great, seven
the cast is here.
Robert De Niro,
Leonardo DiCaprio,
Lily gladstone.
You guys crushed it!
The one thing I learned about
that movie is that white people
stole everything!
You guys stole everything!
Not, like, 97%.
You guys still 100% of
You took the land, you took the
oil... you took the premise for
the movie.
What, that was your premise?
That's hilarious, I don't care.
t's just that the room is
really white.
The room is like, "yeah, we did
take it.
I watched "saltburn."
You know what I loved about
Satanic families have feelings,
s Barry keoghan here?
Where is he seated?
Where is your penis seated, down
That was the real star of the
His penis.
f you haven't seen "saltburn,"
you probably have no idea what
I'm talking about, so watch it.
Then you understand what I was
talking about.
Then, right after that, watch
And then you're going to be
like, "something's missing."
Then, after that, watch
"maestro," and you're gonna be
like, "there it is... it's
on Bradley Cooper's face."
That's hilarious!
was watching "maestro," like,
that thing was dancing in
Danielle Brooks is here!
Fantasia is here!
Where is Ali?
Colman domingo!
All in "the color purple."
By the way, "the color purple"
is also what happens to your
butt when you take ozempic.
Half the remains cringing and
the other half is like, I've got
to get home and grabbed my
selfie stick.
And still be home after the
Man, he was lying.
t's more of a magenta.
love this year's nominated TV
shows, like "succession."
Coming to an end after four
beautiful seasons.
i loved everything about it.
The one thing this show taught
me is, if you are a billionaire,
pull out.
None of them are going to be
like you.
They're going to be a bad
version of you.
Just pull out.
There's billionaires in here.
Pull out.
Leave it in, whatever.
"Succession" has nine
nominations, and I just want
to... wow, I really?
That's it?
What, you got more?
"Nine, really?"
Just a great series about a
rich, white, dysfunctional
family, all scheming...
Wait, that's "the crown."
'm sorry.
How great was imelda staunton in
"the crown?"
Wasn't she amazing?
Her portrayal of the queen was
so good, prince Harry called her
and asked her for money.
Like I said, I didn't write all
of these.
That one is not mine.
Turns out prince Harry and
Meghan Markle will still get
paid millions of dollars for
doing absolutely nothing, and
that's just by Netflix.
have a deal, too.
You guys are acting like...
"Only murders in the building!"
Five nominations tonight.
On that show, you don't know
whose side to be on.
That's how I feel about Daryl
hall and John oates.
Which one is oates?
s it the one with the thick
mustache, or the hot blonde
Speaking of blondes,
Meryl Streep.
My mom's favorite right there.
Meryl Streep is nominated
for a golden globe tonight!
She's not coming to an awards
show unless you give her
She's got 34 nominations.
This woman, there's nothing she
can't do.
She's the greatest of all time,
that's the goat right there.
t doesn't matter what she
plays, she kills it.
My mom loves you, everybody
loves you.
My favorite line from you,
This one, I hold in my heart.
Every time, the way you said it,
it just stuck with me.
The way you said...
"Wakanda forever."
t's brilliant.
Do it again.
Cross come across
"wakanda forever."
That's it!
Speaking of "wakanda forever,"
here are some hints about our
first presenter.
give you some hints, you
Think all powerful, beloved by
the people she rules over, a
regal queen.
Oprah, it's not you.
t's a different queen.
t's Angela bassett.
Please welcome golden globe
winner and star of "9-1-1,"
Angela bassett, and a
golden globe winner who I like
to call "hot Jesus," Jared leto.
We are so excited to be here
to kick off the golden globes,
and I have to say that you
wouldn't believe how Jerry had
prepared for his presenting role
Thank you, Angela.
appreciate that.
Thank you for acknowledging
Angela bassett, everybody.
Angela bassett.
Everybody loves Angela bassett.
have been in presenter mode
for weeks now, I have to say.
don't know it's been so
've been doing research
developing my character,
incessantly reminding everyone
around me to please call me by
my character name, dammit.
You mean "Jared leto?"
've also learned the art of
holding an envelope.
Really, Jared?
The art of holding an envelope?
t's about the angle, the grip.
t's about the subtlety, the
meaningful connection between
presenter partner and paper.
t is a deeply...
t is a deeply emotional jour
had no idea!
just thought you read the
No, no, no.
No, no, no, Angela, it's so much
more than that!
This is embodying the spirit of
the golden globes.
Feeling each nominee's hopes and
dreams and your fingertips as
you hold their destiny and their
agent's bonuses/balls in your
Okay, well, I stand
Let's just put all that practice
into good use.
Here are the nominees for
female supporting actor,
motion picture.
Emily blunt,
Danielle Brooks,
"the color purple."
Jodie foster, "nyad."
Julianne Moore, "may December."
Rosamund pike, "saltburn."
Da'vine joy Randolph,
"the holdovers."
And the golden globe goes
Da'vine joy Randolph!
This is da'vine joy
Randolph's first nomination, her
very first win.
She wins her golden globe
tonight for her role of Mary
lamb in "the holdovers."
Can someone hold it, please?
Can someone hold it, please?
Sorry, sorry.
would like to thank the
Hollywood foreign press for this
Thank you to Brian Roberts, Mike
cavanagh, Donna Langley, cujo,
and the entire focus family for
their endless support throughout
this journey.
To Alexander Payne, thank you
for giving me the opportunity to
portray this beautiful and
flawed woman.
To my two burners in crime, Paul
and Dominic, you have been an
absolute dream to work with, and
I thank you for making me a
better artist because of it.
would like to give a special
thanks to...
Thank you to my family and
friends were holding me up, and
to the character, Mary.
You have changed my life, you
have made me feel seen in so
many ways I've never imagined,
and I hope I helped you all find
your inner Mary, because there's
a little bit of her in all of
We did it!
Here we are.
And now, here are the
nominees for best male
supporting actor in any motion
Willem dafoe,
"poor things."
Robert De Niro,
"killers of the flower moon."
Robert downey, Jr.,
Ryan gosling, "Barbie."
Charles melton, "may December."
Mark ruffalo, "poor things."
And the golden globe goes
Robert downey Jr.!
This is
Robert downey Jr.'s fifth
nomination answered win.
He wins his golden globe tonight
for his role of Louis Strauss in
Yeah, yeah.
took a beta blocker, so this
is going to be a breeze.
A sweeping story about the
ethical dilemma of nuclear
weapons grosses $1 billion.
Does that track?
Unless, and but, because,
universal went all in on
Christopher Nolan to direct
cillian Murphy, with Emma Thomas
producing, with Emily and
Florence and this cast and crew,
and helped them render a goddamn
See, that's not such a leap.
Dozens of folks have come up to
me since the summertime saying
that I was "an recognizably
subtle" as Lewis Strauss.
To my fellow nominees, let's not
pretend this is a compliment.
This is a first time, it's more
of a most improved player thing.
For my dueling career counsels,
they had the gall to say I
needed to restart my career.
t is self improving agents
Speaking of motivators, my
primary caregiver right there,
Susan downey, she has literally
made an art out of extracting me
from my comfort zones, that I
need to feel safe!
But she's easy on the eyes, so
Lastly, golden globes
journalists, thanks for changing
your game, therefore changing
your name.
Looks like
keri Russell is in party mode!
Coming up, more winners, more
trophies, and more speeches.
CBS's telecast of
the 81st golden globe awards is
sponsored by pfizer.
Welcome back.
As you know, we came on after a
football doubleheader.
The big difference between
the golden globes and the NFL...
On the golden globes, fewer
camera shots of Taylor swift.
swear, there's more to go to
Sorry about that.
Please welcome the star of the
upcoming film, "to the edge,"
Orlando bloom, and last year's
golden globe winner for
"the dropout," Amanda seyfried.
Limited series, anthology
for TV are not form all their
These are the performances
that we want to discuss with the
people around us, the
performances that warrant your
best friend to say to you,
"don't talk to you until you
shows hat you stay up all
night watching because you can't
wait to know what's going happen
Here are the nominees for
some of the top performances
this year.
Riley keough,
"Daisy Jones & the six."
Brie Larson,
"lessons in chemistry."
Elizabeth Olsen, "love & death."
Juno temple, "Fargo."
Rachel Weisz, "dead ringers."
Ali wong, "beef."
Rachel Weisz, "dead ringers."
Ali wong, "beef."
And the golden globe goes
Ali wong.
This is Ali
wong's first nomination, and she
gets her first win.
Ali wins her golden globe
tonight for her role of Amy.
My god!
really need to thank Sonny so
much for creating such a
beautiful show, and inviting me
to be part of it, and the
friendship that I made with you
and Steven and Jake and the rest
of the cast and crew will always
be the best thing that came out
of "beef."
really need to thank the
father of my children and my
best friend, Justin, for all
your love and support.
t's because of you that i'm
able to be a working mother.
Okay, thanks.
Please welcome,
the ballad of songbirds and
snakes," hunter Schafer, and
star of the series "tracker,"
Justin hartley.
These next nominees were in
some of my favorite things I
binged this year.
Yes, they were.
They gave us everything...
Drama, comedy, history,
revisionist history.
was into all of it.
The only bummer about any of
them is that I wish there was
even more to watch.
didn't want any of them to
That's very true.
Me, neither.
Well, think about it this way:
We're kind of getting a bonus
scene tonight from the winner.
'll take it.
Here are the nominees for male
actor in a limited series,
anthology series, or made for
television movie.
Matt bomer,
"fellow travelers."
Sam claflin,
"Daisy Jones & the six."
Jon hamm, "Fargo."
Woody Harrelson,
"white house plumbers."
David oyelowo,
bass Reeves."
Steven yeun, "beef."
And the golden globe goes
Steven yeun, "beef."
This is Steven
yeun's first nomination in first
win, as well.
He wins his golden globe tonight
for his role as Danny Cho in
Thank you so much for this.
Thank you to the golden globes.
t's so weird, the story I
usually tell of myself to myself
is one of isolation and, like,
separateness, then you come up
here and you have this moment
and you can only just think
about everyone else.
And that feels like the plot of
"frozen," I just noticed.
Shout out to my daughter, rut
Family movie night.
Yeah, I'm just so thankful.
'm just the recipient of a long
line of compassion and love, and
protection, and goodwill.
So I appreciate this.
Joanna, I love you.
You are my strength.
Thank you to Judy and ruthie.
Sunny, j, cast and crew, letter
a 24.
God bless you, thank you so mu
The gossip and the
accolades seem to be flowing
down there.
After the break, more "bests"
will walk away with a
golden globe.
Please welcome,
executive producer and star of
"the royal hotel," golden globe
winner Julia garner, and star of
"fellow travelers" and upcoming
movie, "wicked,"
Jonathan Bailey.
t's the first big Hollywood
party since the strikes, and i'm
so thrilled to be here!
You know, this is my first
golden globes.
So, Julia, what do I have to
Do not listen to
Jason Bateman.
Turn it down, turn it down.
Unless it's on a podcast.
Let's look at the nominees.
The nominees for best
Elizabeth debicki,
"the crown."
Abby Elliott, "the bear."
Christina ricci,
j. Smith-Cameron, "succession."
Meryl Streep,
"only murders in the building."
Hannah waddingham, "Ted lasso."
And the golden globe goes
Elizabeth debicki.
This is
Elizabeth debicki's second
nomination and first win.
She windsor golden globe tonight
for her role of Princess Diana
in "the crown."
have to take it.
have to take it.
Okay, thank you so much.
Thank you to the creative
creators of this show for
trusting me with this part, to
our cast and cr
crew, to my beautiful pretend
children who I just adore, to my
mom and my dad, and those who
are in Australia in their
pajamas, hopefully, watching
To my partner, Christian, who
said, "don't thank me so I'm not
on television," but I'm going to
thank you anyway.
Who else?
Maybe that's it.
This is just astonishing to me.
My agent, and my publicist, and
I just want to say thank you to
my beloved and dear godmother
who left us too quickly, too
This one's for you, baby.
Please welcome,
writer, director, and star of
the film "somewhere in queens,"
ray Romano, and nominated
tonight for "the diplomat,"
keri Russell.
Thank you.
Happy new year, everybody!
Yes, happy new year.
By the way, I don't know about
you, keri, my resolution is just
to be truthful.
t is so hard to hear the truth
know that's hard to do in this
town, but we are only here for a
short time.
Why not?
Why not the truth?
That's such a beautiful
'm gonna do the same.
Why not?
Here is my truth.
've been a fan of yours for a
long time, but when I saw you on
"the Americans," blown away.
How strong the performance was,
Just remarkable.
Thank you very much, ray.
And I loved...
Everything you just said.
We are here... hold on, hold on,
hold on.
That's it?
Sorry, just the whole thing
you said, the telling the truth
thing, I just got nervous,
get it.
The truth is not easy.
But nothing?
How about my movie?
Did you see
"somewhere in queens?"
You know what?
The truth is stupid.
We are in Hollywood.
Let's just do what we do.
Thank you.
Great, I agree.
saw your movie and I loved it.
Thank you.
And you are going to win.
You are to win tonight!
Let me tell you something, I've
seen... I'm almost up to date on
"the laundromat."
t's brilliant.
All right, let's go.
The nominees for best
performance by a male actor n a
supporting role on television
- are...
- Billy crudup,
"the morning show."
Matthew macfadyen, "succession."
James marsden, "jury duty."
Ebon moss-bachrach, "the bear."
Alan ruck, "succession."
Alexander skarsgard,
and the golden globe goes
Matthew macfadyen, "succession."
This is Matthew
macfadyen's first nomination and
first win.
Matthew wins his golden globe
tonight for the role of Tom in
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
just adored every second
playing the weird and wonderful
human grease stain that is Tom
Tom wambsgans, ceo, I should
God help us.
My love and thanks and
admiration to Jesse Armstrong,
as always.
And to all Eric's ordinary
'm too scared to name them all,
because I'll forget someone and
I want sleep.
To Adam McKay, francie
mazelike, hbo, wonderful
directors and producers, and
of course are gorgeous crew and
cast who I miss very much.
Thank you.
Ooh, looks like
some stars are mingling with the
Still to come... Spiderman,
president Barbie, and a brand
new category gets a winner
for the first time!
Welcome back.
This year the golden globes
wanted to honor my culture,
so, for the first time,
they served Sushi.
just want to say, i'm
We cook our fish.
Every year, the golden globe
foundation gives grants to
important organizations that
focus on the arts.
At Friday night's foundation
dinner, the golden globes
continued its generosity by
awarding $5 million.
This year, two aspiring
filmmakers have been selected to
be trophy presenters.
Please welcome golden globe
fellowship recipient
marenemiko elardo, and
golden globe scholar recipient,
Dakota Marshall.
And now, from the golden globe
nominated film
across the
Daniel kaluuya,
Hailee steinfeld, and
shameik Moore.
This year we were all
reminded of the critical
importance of writers to the
creative process.
To demonstrate the importance
of writers and writing, we asked
that this segment be written not
by writers, but by studio
What is up, shameik?
Not much, Daniel.
How are you, Hailee?
am relatable.
am enjoy the "golden globs."
Do you agree?
do agree.
As do I.
We are here with my fellow
actors for the awards show that
we are having together to
present the category of the
Screenplays are for writing
and to make actors say words for
the audience.
Here are these nominations
for movie writing for the
Greta gerwig,
Noah baumbach, "Barbie."
- We are girlfriend boyfriend.
- Tony McNamara,
"poor things."
The man over there blinked at
- polite, I would think.
- Christopher Nolan,
how about because this is the
most important thing to happen
in the history of the world?
Eric roth,
Martin scorsese,
"killers of the flower moon."
Celine song, "past lives."
Justine triet,
Arthur harari,
"anatomy of a fall."
Sometimes a couple...
And the golden globe goes
- Justine triet and Arthur harari.
- This is the
writing team's first nomination
and win.
Accepting the award is justine
Okay, sorry.
Wow, wow, wow.
Thank you so much.
Looking back to when I started
this project... sorry for my
We were in the chaos, and my
life partner and I spent our
days cowriting the screenplay of
"anatomy of a fall," stuck in
our apartment, and strangely,
nobody died.
remember we kept on saying,
okay, well, we are having a lot
of fun, but nobody is going see
this movie.
t is too along, they talk all
the time, there's no score.
A couple fighting, suicide, a
dog vomiting.
mean, come on.
But I want to make this film.
So I will make a film and
afterwards I will make a series.
So I don't know exactly how
things went, but thank you very
much for encouraging me to go on
exactly what I love.
Thank you so much.
Please welcome,
star of "Lopez vs. Lopez,"
George Lopez, and comedian and
actor Gabriel "fluffy" iglesias.
That's better.
They look good, man.
We are two guys who have been
in this industry for a long,
long time, so we know when
someone's got that special "it"
You know, like us.
And we've been asked to make
sure all the nominees in this
category also have "it" factor.
Starting with...
Bill hader?
Got "it."
Jason segel?
Jason sudeikis?
The jses?
Got it, and got it.
Jeremy Allen white?
Yeah, definitely.
He's definitely got it.
Steve Martin?
Martin short?
They've got it.
Pedro Pascal?
He's got it.
He got good parking, too.
They invented "it."
Let's check and see who wins.
Here are the nominees for
best performance by a male actor
in a television series, musical
or comedy.
Bill hader,
Steve Martin,
"only murders in the building."
Jason segel, "shrinking."
Martin short,
"only murders in the building."
Jason sudeikis, "Ted lasso."
Jeremy Allen white, "the bear."
And the winner is...
Jeremy Allen white!
This is
Jeremy Allen white's second
nomination and second win.
He is 2 for 2 and he wins his
golden globe tonight for his
role of Carmen "carmy" berzatto
in "the bear."
Wow, wow, wow, wow.
can't believe I'm in this room
with all these people I've loved
so much, admired so much, for so
t is unreal.
love this show.
need to thank everybody at fx.
need to thank...
And our lovely crew, and cast.
Ayo, ebon...
love you guys so much.
must have done something right
in this life to be in your
Thank you guys so much.
What else?
Thank you, man.
Max, Jillian, Justin.
Wrap it up, okay.
Ezra and Louis, you are my
feel so lucky I get to do
Thank you guys.
Please welcome,
actor and comedian from upcoming
Netflix film,
"unfrosted: The pop tart story,"
Jim gaffigan.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
You know, this is so exciting
for me.
The golden globes.
mean, I can't even believe i'm
in the entertainment industry.
t is so unlikely.
'm from a small town in
'm not a pedophile.
You know?
don't know if that's a new
category here, but I'm here to
present an all new category.
All right?
And all new category.
This is going to be the first
time stand-up comedians are
going to be acknowledged at a
major award show, okay?
And, in a way, it's like... the
golden globes, 80 years.
For 80 years, good-looking
people people through a
threw a party, andyou guys finao
invite the taleted people.
mean that.
Anyway, I am honored to present
this award.
Stand-up comedy is a brutal
And thanks to Netflix, people
get overpaid for it.
But the nominees for best
performance in stand-up comedy
on television are...
My last show dropped on
Netflix last year.
Big backlash, wasn't it?
Big backlash.
People going, "you can't say
You can.
'm enjoying america more now
than I ever, ever enjoyed it.
Every day.
don't even know what it is.
You know, I think you enjoy a
place differently when it might
be ending, you know?
There's like a different feeling
to it.
t's just like, what is
that taste?
The final season?
Beyonce is so fine, if she
worked at burger king, she could
still marry Jay-Z.
That's how fine she is.
Now, if Jay-Z worked at
burger king...
My husband is amazing.
He always turns the lights on
right before we have sex.
'm like, "shut 'em off," and he
puts them on.
Finally he's like, "are you so
love your body.
All your scars, you're
I was like, aww, you think I
don't want you to see made?"
have people in my life, my
sister is a rabbi.
sexted with a jesuit priest
for three years.
So hot.
And it is jesuit.
Because I said "jesuit."
'm not sure if the speech
My last special wasn't 2019.
t was called "not normal."
Since then we've had a pandemic,
and insurrection, roe v. Wade
got overturned.
should've called that special
"the good ol' days!"
All right.
And the golden globe goes
Ricky gervais.
You are not Ricky gervais'.
Ricky couldn't be here tonight.
will accept this award on his
Gimme it.
Thank you.
The room is
buzzing with excitement and fun.
Coming up, more stars serving
looks and golden globes.
And later, one word... Oprah!
Please welcome the
stars of "ghosts,"
utkarsh ambudkar and
Rose mciver.
We're here to hand out the
award for best motion picture,
non-English language.
These films featured all
kinds of languages, ranging from
everything such as French and
German, to Finnish and German,
to even Polish and German.
And, in some instances, the
non-English language, of...
Well, English.
Yep, there's a lot of
different kinds of white people,
and Greta Lee.
Okay, here are the nominees.
"Anatomy of a
fall," France.
t's not reality.
t's a part of it, maybe.
"Fallen leaves,"
"o capitano,"
"Past lives," usa.
"Society of the snow," Spain.
"Past lives," usa.
"Society of the snow," Spain.
"The zone of interest,"
united kingdom/usa.
And the golden globe goes
"Anatomy of a fall."
Coming to the
stage tonight and accepting the
golden globe for "anatomy of a
fall" is cowriter and director
justine triet.
Thank you so much.
Okay, this movie is about the
truth, the impossibility of
catching it.
wanted it to be the obsession
of a child.
This child is here tonight.
Thank you, Milo, for giving us
way more than your 13-year-old.
Thank you for never trying to
make this character a perfect
Thank you for creating a complex
woman who never apologizes for
saying what she thinks.
Antoine, thank you for being the
nastiest prosecutor of the year.
Swann, the sexiest lawyer of the
French alps, and snoopy for
being yourself, just a dog.
Thank you, my incredible
Thank you, where everything
And thank you to my daughters.
love you.
Please welcome,
golden globe winner and director
and star of
an American saga,"
Kevin costner, and golden globe
winner and star of the nominated
film, "Barbie," america ferrera.
Say, and such a fan of yours.
Like, "the bodyguard."
The scene when say
"goodbye, Rachel," and
she leaves, and you run to each
A chills!
Well, you know, you have a scene
that I really love.
think a lot of people really
love that scene.
Which scene is that?
The "Barbie" movie.
Where it's literally impossible
to be a woman.
You know that?
"You are so beautiful, you're so
smart, it kills me you don't
think you're good enough."
That was pretty good.
Did you, Kevin costner,
memorize my monologue about
womanhood from "Barbie?"
But it's an important
message, really.
And it always serves to remind
me of what's possible in film.
You know, it just remind me
that, when we take our time,
when we managed to get it right,
when film is working at its very
best, it can be about moments
you never, ever forget.
A look, a touch, a kiss.
The speech.
And you just had on one of those
And all the actors nominated
tonight, they know so well the
power of writing they've been
gifted, and a chance to live
So, you're not gonna do the rest
of the monologue, right now, on
national television?!
Maybe later.
Let's introduce the nominees.
Fair enough.
Here are the nominees for
female actor, television series,
- musical or comedy.
- Rachel brosnahan,
"the marvelous Mrs. Maisel."
Quinta brunson,
"abbott elementary."
Ayo edebiri, "the bear."
Elle fanning, "the great."
Selena Gomez,
"only murders in the building."
Natasha lyonne, "poker face."
And the golden globe goes
Ayo edebiri!
This is ayo
edebiri's first nomination on
first win.
She wins or golden globe tonight
for her role of Sydney in "the
Okay, hello.
'm so very grateful for this.
'm in a room full of so many
people who I admire, and whose
work has lifted me up.
'm an artist, and I'm very
lucky to be an artist, and I
know we all feel that way, so I
really want to acknowledge that.
'm so grateful to the Hollywood
foreign press, and to my family.
My family, my family, my family.
Everybody at "the bear."
That's my family.
love you so much.
t's an honor to work with you
and grow alongside you.
My gosh, the actors I was
nominated alongside, also.
And my real family, also.
love you guys, too.
And, yeah, this just really
means a lot.
There are so many people I
probably forgot to thank.
My god, all of my agents and
managers' assistance!
To the
people who answer my emails.
Y'all are real ones.
Thank you for answering my
crazy, crazy emails.
Yeah, I'm really, really
f I forgot to thank you, i'm
Unless you are mean or
Okay, bye, thank you.
And now, here are the
nominees for best performance by
a male actor in a television
series, drama.
Brian Cox,
Kieran culkin, "succession."
Gary oldman, "slow horses."
Pedro Pascal, "the last of us."
Jeremy strong, "succession."
Dominic west, "the crown."
And the golden globe goes
Kieran culkin.
This is Kieran
culkin's fifth nomination, but
his first win.
He wins his golden globe tonight
for his role of Roman Roy in
Sit down!
Boy, thank you.
Sorry, I'm burping
Didn't need to say that.
Otherwise, this is a nice moment
for me.
've blown it already.
You are right.
You said "just say thanks and
You are right.
was nominated for a
golden globe like 20 years ago,
and when that moment passed, I
still remember thinking, i'm
never going to be back in this
room again.
Which is fine, whatever.
But thanks to "succession" I've
been in here a couple times.
t's nice, but I excepted I
would never be on the stage, so
this is a nice moment.
Suck it, Pedro.
Really quickly, I'd like to
thank everybody on "succession."
Our writers, the amazing cast,
everybody that showed up that
believed in this thing and that
it was very cool.
This isn't mine, this is one for
the team.
know, wrap it up.
want to really quickly just
thank three amazing women in my
My manager, without whom I
wouldn't have a career, my wife,
jazz, for putting up with this
and all that comes with it, and
my wonderful mom.
Mom, thank you so much for doing
everything you did for us.
You are an amazing woman.
Okay, that's it.
Thank you.
Looks like
Martin scorsese can't sit still!
Probably because, coming up,
the golden globe for best
director will be handed out.
Welcome back, you guys.
There's 150 countries watching
right now, and you look
Every single one of you looks
just want to shout out my
t's velvet.
told my stylist I don't wear a
velvet, and he gave it to me,
and I'm like, my god, that
looks good.
'ma keep it.
The used to be a couch, now it's
a suit.
Please welcome, from the
nominated film "Oppenheimer,"
Florence pugh, and nominated
tonight for her role in
"may December," Natalie Portman.
There are definitely some
perks to working in animation.
Like wearing your pajamas to
Yeah, and you don't have to
spend 8 hours in a trailer
getting hair and makeup done.
But animation also opens up a
whole new world of
You don't have to play by the
rules of gravity, or any rules,
But, to be able to create a
whole new world from scratch and
tell a story in any genre takes
a brilliant skill.
Here are the nominees for
- best motion picture, animated.
- "The boy and the
Across the
"The super Mario bros. Movie."
This is fun!
And the golden globe goes to...
"The boy and the heron."
The producers of "the of "the
boy and the heron" could not be
here tonight.
We accept this award on their
Please welcome
golden globe winner Matt Damon,
and golden globe winner
Ben Affleck.
know I speak for both of us
when I say the directors
nominated tonight have paved the
way for future filmmakers
There is no algorithm on
earth that could have predicted
just how good these movies would
They were made with the hard
work and craftsmanship of
hundreds and hundreds of crew
And each had an extraordinary
visionary director at the helm.
Here are the nominees for
best director of the motion
Bradley Cooper,
Greta gerwig, "Barbie."
Yorgos lanthimos, "poor things."
Christopher Nolan,
Martin scorsese,
"killers of the flower moon."
Celine song, "past lives."
And the golden globe goes
Christopher Nolan.
This is
Christopher Nolan's sixth
nomination and first win.
Thank you.
Thank you, golden globes.
The only time I've ever been on
this stage before was accepting
one of these on behalf of our
dear friend, Heath ledger, and
that was complicated and
challenging for me.
And in the middle of speaking I
got all stuck, and
Robert downey Jr. caught my eye
and gave me a look of love and
support, the same look he's
giving me now.
The same love and support he's
shown so many people in our
community over so many years.
thought it would be simpler
accepting for myself.
But, as a director, I realize I
can only accept this on behalf
of people.
As directors, we bring people
together and we try to get them
to give their best.
Robert, cillian, that
partner in crime for 20 years,
Matt, wherever you went,
Florence, Emily, and the
incredible work of our amazing
So many to thank you.
Please wrap up, here we go.
Donna Langley, and universal,
for seeing potential in very
challenging material.
Chuck, for giving me the book
and urging me onward, and so
many other people to think.
But Emma Thomas, my partner in
life and an art.
love you.
Thank you very much.
Love seeing celebs
fanning out over other celebs?
There's plenty more of that with
Michelle yeoh and Naomi watts
taking the stage, coming up
Golden globe nominee
Naomi watts, and from the serie%
"the brothers sun," golden globe
winner Michelle yeoh.
know last year I threatened
to beat up the piano player if
they tried to play me off during
my acceptance speech...
But, you will be happy to know
that I'm very chill this year.
Chill, and very muscular.
So whoever's in charge of music,
you've been warned.
And while I won't do anything
if you cut me off this year,
I will kick your ass if you cut
off whoever's about to win this
award right now.
love a lady in her
So do I.
And here are the nominees for
best performance by a female
actor in a motion picture,
- musical or comedy.
- Fantasia barrino,
"the color purple."
Jennifer Lawrence,
"no hard feelings."
Natalie Portman, "may December."
Alma poysti, "fallen leaves."
Margot Robbie, "Barbie."
Emma stone, "poor things."
And the golden globe goes
Emma stone.
This is
Emma stone's eighth nomination
and her second win.
Emma wins her golden globe
tonight for her role of bela
Baxter in "poor things."
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Dave, I have to start with you
really quickly.
love you so much.
Thank you for everything.
Willem, Mark, ramy, he made
every day a joy and so did our
credible cast
my god, there's only 18
seconds left.
The crew, incredible.
Tony, this is our third time
working together.
Tony, our writer.
love getting to say this
dialogue, and I love getting to
horrify you with my Australian
You're the best, Tony.
'm working on it all the time.
Yorgos, I don't know what I
could say to you that I haven't
set already, that I will forever
be grateful that we met, fore
And playing Bella was
think this is a rom-com.
see this as a rom-com, but in
the sense that Bella falls in
love with life itself, rather
than a person, and she accepts
the good and the bad in equal
measure, and that really made me
look at life differently.
Not all of it counts, and all of
it is important.
She has stayed with me deeply.
So this means the world to me.
Thank you so much, and, okay,
Thank you.
And now, here are the
nominees for best performance by
a male actor in a motion
- picture, drama.
- Bradley Cooper,
Leonardo DiCaprio,
"killers of the flower moon."
Colman domingo, "rustin."
Barry keoghan, "saltburn."
Cillian Murphy, "Oppenheimer."
Andrew Scott,
"all of us strangers."
And the golden globe goes
Cillian Murphy.
This is cillian
Murphy's second nomination and
first win.
He wins his golden globe tonight
for his role of j. Robert
Oppenheimer in "Oppenheimer."
First question, do I have
lipstick all over my nose?
'm just going to leave it.
knew the first time I walked
on a Christopher Nolan set that
it was different.
could tell by the level of
rigor, the level of focus, the
level of dedication, the
complete lack of any seating
options for actors.
That I was in the hands of the
visionary director and master.
want to thank Chris and Emma
for having the faith in me for
20 years.
Thanks so much.
One of the most beautiful and
vulnerable things about being an
actor is that you can't do it on
your own, really.
We had the most incredible
ensemble cast in this movie.
t was magic and some of them
are here today.
Emily blunt, Robert downey Jr.,
Matt Damon, Gary oldman.
Thank you for carrying me and
holding me through this movie.
Thank you.
Thank you to Donna Langley and
everyone at universal for
believing in this movie from the
very beginning.
To all my fellow nominees.
f you're Irish or not, you are
all legends.
Stunning work.
salute you.
To all my reps, on my team,
thank you so much.
You are the best.
To my family, and the luckiest
man and I love you.
For the first time
ever, Mark Hamill will hand out
the golden globe for cinematic
and box office achievement, when
we return.
Welcome back, you guys.
Please welcome golden globe
winner andra day, and
Jon batiste.
We are over here?
think figured out why all
these awards shows run so long.
t's these category names.
My goodness, them thangs
be so long, bruh.
"Best performance by a
male actor in a television
series, musical or comedy."
Listen to this one...
"Best performance by a female
actor in a limited series,
anthology series, or a motion
I'm exhausted already.
Yeah, same.
Like, what are we doing here?
"Best original score."
Like, that's it?
Not "best performance by a
musical note prepared by a
musician to elicit feelings,
motion picture?"
don't know.
Maybe next year.
We have to save that one.
That's fire.
Until then, we'll keep it
short and sweet.
Here are the nominees for best
- original score, motion picture.
- "Poor things,"
jerskin fendrix.
"Oppenheimer," Ludwig goransson.
"The boy and the heron,"
Joe hisaishi.
"The zone of interest,"
mica Levi.
Across the
spider-verse," Daniel Pemberton.
"Killers of the flower moon,"
Robbie robertson.
And the golden globe goes
Ludwig goransson.
This is Ludwig
goransson's fourth nomination
first win.
His previous credits include
"black panther" and "tenet."
Thank you to the hfpa, and
Thank you to Chris Nolan and
Emma Thomas for inviting me on
this journey, and for creating
this masterpiece.
Working with Christopher Nolan
has been an incredible
experience and I think the way
you use music in your films and
your storytelling has inspired a
lot of people.
also want to thank
cillian Murphy.
've been watching your face
over and over and over again.
t's been an incredible
experience, and thank you for
inspiring me.
want to thank all the
musicians who played on this
they've made an incredible
And I also want to thank my
partner in life and partner in
music, Serena, for helping me
realize this music.
love you.
Look, it's the choreo.
Music can take you anywhere.
t took me from singing in a
Yes, malo, sorry.
Strip mall, to winning a grammy.
Go ahead, get your grammy!
Get it!
And it can inspire you from
anywhere, too.
grew up in the birthplace of
jazz, learning from legends, but
some of my earliest lessons came
from the Sonic the hedgehog
video game true story.
Mine was Mario bros.
You ever make it...
Yeah, that's fire!
like that one a lot.
As musicians, we would like
to argue that you cannot have
aa movie without music.
These are some of the best songs
on screen this year.
Here are the nominees for best
- original song, motion picture.
- From
"she came to me,"
"addicted to romance."
From "Barbie,"
"dance the night."
Watch me dance
dance the night away
From "Barbie," "I'm just Ken."
"The super Mario bros. Movie,"
from "rustin,"
"road to freedom."
From "Barbie,"
"what was I made for?"
Eve just got to live it up
all the way.
All the way.
And the golden globe goes to...
All right.
"What was I made for?"
From Barbie.
Music and lyrics by
Billie eilish O'Connell, Phineas
- O'Connell.
- This is the
second nomination and second win
for this writing team.
They win the golden globe
tonight for their music and
lyrics of "what was I made for?"
And "Barbie."
Accepting the award is
Billie eilish O'Connell.
Golden globes!
was not expecting this in this
Thank you to my brother,
You are the reason I am who I
want to thank Greta and Noah
for making this incredible film.
want to thank Margot for being
the Margot we know and love.
want to thank mattel, and
interscope, my label, and dark
room, and my incredible team, my
managers, and my mom.
My mom, and my dad, and my
brother again.
t was exactly a year ago almost
that we were shown the movie,
and I was very, very miserable
and depressed at the time, and
writing that song kind of saved
me a little bit.
A year later, here we are, and
it is really surreal.
feel incredibly lucky,
incredibly lucky and grateful.
And you guys scare the living
hell out of me, everyone in this
But thank you, this means so
Please welcome,
from the "star wars" franchise
and star of the nominated film
"the boy and the heron,"
Mark Hamill.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
t's great to be at the
golden globes.
The only awards show with an
open bar.
So, cheers.
All of us here know that getting
a movie actually made is a
But to make something that
connects with all different
types of people all around the
world, that gets you excited to
go to the movies... that's truly
worth celebrating.
These films were nominated not
just for their popularity, but
for the high caliber of their
So I'm very excited to bring
you, for the first time ever,
the nominees for cinematic and
- box office achievement.
- "Barbie."
Take my hands.
Close your eyes.
Now, steel.
'm not smart enough to be
'm not the president.
No one on the supreme court is
'm not good enough.
what was I made for
"Guardians of the
galaxy, vol. 3."
We were gone quite a while.
No matter what happens next, the
galaxy still needs its
Are you ready for one last ride?
want you all to know that
I'm grateful to fight beside my
'm done running.
'll kill anyone who gets in
our way!
Not kill anyone.
You are one stupid guy who
knows Dominic no one loves.
Now you're making it sad.
Chapter 4."
42 regular, wasn't it?
And so it begins.
Challenging to single combat.
f you win, you have your
The only way John weikel ever
have freedom and peace is in
Not really.
mpossible -
dead reckoning, part 1."
Ethan, this mission of yours
is going to cost you dearly.
t's been a long time,
His fate is written.
Shall we write yours, too?
There's no place I won't kill
this is a matter of life and
The world will remember this
would be go to the middle
of nowhere for who knows how
How about because this is the
most important thing to ever
happen in the history of the
You are the men who gave them
the power to destroy themselves,
and the world is not prepared.
Across the spider-verse."
My name is miles morales.
'm Brooklyn's one and only
Want to get out of here?
Wait a minute, there's an
elite crew with all the best
spider-people in it?
You can never be part of
Everyone keeps telling me how
my story is supposed to go.
- Nah, i'ma do my own thing.
- "The super mario%
bros. Movie."
We will destroy the mushroom
Bowser is coming.
'm not afraid.
'll do anything for my brother.
Together, we are going to
stop that monster.
Look at us.
We are adorable!
eras tour."
We are about to go on a
little adventure together, and
that's going to spend 17 years
of music.
How does that sound?
Welcome to the acoustic set!
People come up to me like, do a
show with all the albums in it.
was like, yeah, it's going to
be called the eras tour.
See you there.
And the golden globe goes
Coming to the
stage tonight for "Barbie" is
active and director
Margot Robbie
, and accepting the golden globe
is Margot Robbie.
Thank you.
We would like to dedicate this
to every single person on the
planet who dressed up and went
to the greatest place on earth,
the movie theaters.
Thank you, and thank you to
everybody, all the Barbies and
kens in front of and behind the
t was the greatest most joyful
show of craftsmanship and
passion I've ever seen.
And on behalf of Tom and
David and Robbie and I, we want
to thank the brave individuals
at Warner and mattel for taking
an extraordinary risk in
literally inventing numbers to
justify green lighting this, and
then standing by at every step
of the way.
Thank you to Noah baumbach
for showing his inner Barbie
Thank you to Ryan gosling for
going full beach.
And america ferrera for
showing her soul.
Last but not least, thank you
so much to the golden globes for
creating an award that
celebrates movie fans.
This is a movie about Barbie,
but it's also a movie about
We made it... it's about you.
We made it for you, and we made
it with love.
Thank you for loving it back.
Awards for the
best of TV, on TV?
What is this, the multiverse?
Nope, it's just the golden globe
for best TV series, musical or
comedy, when we return.
Please welcome,
from the nominated film
"Barbie," simu liu, and also
from "Barbie" and the nominated
film "American fiction,"
issa rae.
Good evening, everyone.
ssa and I recently had the
privilege of playing Barbie and
Ken in the "Barbie" movie, which
is pretty impactful for people
who look like us.
We may not have been what
first popped up in people's
minds when they thought of
Barbie or Ken, but that's
changed, and we're hoping to
continue to push the boundaries
of the roles we can play.
By that, of course, we mean
white people roles.
My god, I'd love to play
white people roles.
Me, too.
White people roles are the best.
An alcoholic, divorced, single
father fighting for custody...
An alcoholic housewife whose
husband's affair drives her
deeper into alcohol...
How about this?
An alcoholic schoolteacher
who must put their love of
alcohol aside to inspire
their class of inner-city
White people are awesome.
Anyway, here are the nominees
for best television limited
series, anthology series, or
motion picture made for
"All the light we cannot see."
"Daisy Jones & the six."
was just going to say I
- love the sound of your voice.
- "Fargo."
f you want to test it with
me, you better sleep with both
eyes open.
"Fellow travelers."
You're everything to me.
f I was everything, you
wouldn't be going where you're
- going.
- "Lessons in
you love me, and I love you.
And the golden globe goes
Coming to the
stage tonight for "beef" is
creator and executive producer,
Lee sung Jin, and Ali wong and
Steven yeun.
Accepting the golden globe is
Lee sung Jin.
Thank you to the globe's
journalists this amazing honor.
You know, our show is actually
based on a real road rage
incident that actually happened
to me, so I would be remiss not
to think that driver.
Sir, I hope you honk and yell
and inspire others for years to
More importantly, thanks to
Steven and Ali, our amazing
cast, our amazing crew, and
thank you to...
And everyone at Netflix.
Of course my mom, dad, sister,
and Katie, I love you.
Thank you so much.
think it's this... here we
Nominees for best television
series, musical or comedy.
We don't have enough kids for
a full class so now they go to
How many extra kids?
mean, great.
Are you okay?
'm really sorry.
didn't think it would end up
like this.
'm a good person.
That is who I am.
Has your life been, brezzato?
Opening a restaurant.
Got to go hard every day.
You are sure it says original
t's a printing mistake.
Collector's item.
You are now in the matter of
hilger versus Morris.
Jury of your peers, I think
that's accurate.
t's opening night, and a big
star dropped dead on stage?
My god, my leading man is
s this really happening?
love you guys so very much.
On three.
One, two, three.
love you also very much
And the golden globe goes
"The bear."
Golden globe for "the bear" is
actor Lionel boyce.
don't know why they chose
me to speak.
don't know if they believed we
would win.
But we are here now.
First off I want to thank the
creator of this incredible show,
alongside all of our great
Every single production person
in every department for not only
being able to do what you do,
but being people who don't suck.
Shout out at everyone at fx,
hulu, Disney...
Everybody, and I also just want
to say, most importantly,
thank you to the entire
restaurant community.
We play these characters for a
couple hours a day, for a couple
months out of the year, but this
is y'all's reality, the highs
and the lives, so thank you for
embracing us while we tell the
think that's all I've got.
t's a big night
in Hollywood, and an even bigger
night for the accountants at
Ernst & young, who tabulated the
This is why they got into
After tonight, it's just tax
Coming up, the stars of "suits."
Welcome back, everybody.
Quick announcement... you guys
are so selfish.
t's Nicolas cage's birthday
How dare you just think about
This is my gift to you.
invited everybody here for yo
you, Nicolas.
Please welcome a golden globe
nominee tonight,
dua lipa, and the director
of "cocaine bear,"
Elizabeth banks.
've got to say, being
appears kind of intimidating.
You are very young and tall and
Thank you.
And British!
have a real thing for the
You guys can make everything
sound so classy!
All of the brits...
Bella Ramsey, Helen mirren...
They are in this category.
would love to hear them say
Why "vitamins?"
mean, the American accent is
that's why.
Just so...
mean, Emma stone,
keri Russell... love you guys...
They have lovely voices, but
they are so...
don't know what that means
but it sounds unbelievable.
That's like the most beautiful
thing I've ever heard.
Australian is kind of the accent
everyone wants.
t's a whimsical mists of high
and low class.
All right, all right.
can't wait to hear which
accent accepts this award.
Literal music to my ears, you
Here are the nominees for female
actor, television series, drama.
Helen mirren,
Bella Ramsey, "the last of us."
Keri Russell, "the diplomat."
Sarah snook, "succession."
melda staunton, "the crown."
Emma stone, "the curse."
And the golden globe goes
Sarah snook!
This is Sarah
snook's second nomination and
second win.
She wins her golden globe
tonight for her role as shiv Roy
in "succession."
was kind of hoping I didn't
have to get up!
Kieran is usually better at the
Do you want to get up instead?
You take it instead.
Thanks to the golden globes.
This is really heavy.
Thank you, Jessie, for casting
in this, and Francine for
putting me in front of Jesse.
This show has changed my life.
And everybody in it was amazing.
The cast, the crew were
This was a team effort.
t was always a team and that's
what made the show amazing, I
think, to be part of.
Thank you to my husband for
holding my hand, and thank you
to George and my daughter for
also changing my life in
different ways.
Jenny, for always being there,
Billy, Scott, Liz and Heidi,
everyone at hbo.
t's a team effort all around.
This room is so intimidating!
Please welcome,
from the TV show "suits,"
Gabriel macht and Patrick Adams.
We are here to present best
TV series, drama.
And there is nothing more
dramatic and anxiety-inducing
than waiting all night to hear
that your category finally
t's hard to imagine waiting
that long for your show to get
What are you talking about?
Don't worry.
'll explain it later.
Hey, guys!
Don't forget about us!
Did you forget about us?
No, no, no.
Sorry, not sorry, to
do think they forgot about
the nominees.
Right, nominees, yes.
Let's go to the nominees.
The nominees for best television
- series, drama, are...
- "1923."
Tell the world what happens
when they cross me.
Greed will be the thing that
kills us all.
Come with me.
You are no good, Jacob dut
Men killed quick with a
bullet or a noose, but their
fight is with me, and I kill
much slower.
"The crown."
'm afraid, your majesty,
interest in the Princess's
private life is unlikely to die
down anytime soon.
What do people want from you?
For you to be mother to the
You've seen the images on the
Diana gave the people what they
All over the world, in their
They adored her for it.
This is going to be the
biggest thing that any of us has
ever seen.
"The diplomat."
Welcome to London.
My husband was an ambassador
for a long time.
This will be an adjustment.
You want my help?
You don't want my help.
On the smartest man you ever
can't we admit that I am not the
only problem?
t's the best tool we have to
de-escalate a situation that is
spinning out of control.
You don't work for the U.S.
This is new to me.
Both of you, at the same time.
could use less of it.
"The last of us."
Got any advice on the best
way west?
Go east.
You've come this far, then you
know what's out there.
You're not going to scare us.
Scared him.
Be careful who you put your
faith in.
- Do you trust me?
- "The morning
uba has become the target of
a cyber attack.
Certain things may come to
That you ever tell anybody?
Personal things that were not
meant to be shared.
They didn't protect me.
They didn't protect you, but
I did.
We are flirting with
financial disaster.
We need someone with more
money than god.
'm offering you a lifeline.
- Take the money.
- "Succession."
He's on the floor, Thomas.
Explained to me what he's
He moseying.
t's like if Santa claus was a
hit man.
need a fire breather.
We have been schooled by a
barbarian that goes by the name
of Logan Roy.
Something bigger, while the
want to kill the opposition,
cut their throats!
We are pirates!
And the golden globe goes
Coming to the
stage for "succession" is the
cast and creator,
executive producer, and writer,
Jesse Armstrong, plus executive
Accepting the golden globe is
Jesse Armstrong.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much indeed.
So, it's been said that it's a
team effort, this show, which is
one of the reasons it is so
lovely to do, and I would like
to accept this on behalf of the
whole "succession" writers room,
the directories led by Mark, my
fellow producers, the
extraordinary subtle cast.
And the crew who have worked so
dedicatedly and brilliantly on
four seasons of the show.
've been supported all the way
through by hbo.
So it has been such a wonderful
team to work with.
We decided this was the right
time to end the show, and that
was very bittersweet,
particularly for me, because I
finally bought some shoes that
are appropriate for awards, and
this might be the last time I
ever get to wear them, it seems.
t is bittersweet.
But things like this make it
rather sweeter, so thank you
very much, indeed.
Everyone in this
ballroom is getting loose as the
party keeps going.
Will ferrell and Kristen wiig
take the stage right after this.
Please welcome,
from the upcoming series
"palm royale," Kristen wiig, and
producer of golden globe nominee
"may December," will ferrell.
Good evening.
Everyone looks beautiful
And what a special night it is.
We are honored to be here and
recognize the fearless and
inspired performances by a male
actor in a motion picture,
musical or comedy.
t's truly amazing...
How much a laugh...
Not sure what that was.
Sorry about that.
Um, tonight we applaud the
outstanding nominees.
Legends like Nicolas cage,
Matt Damon...
Matt Damon...
Just keep going.
Keep going.
Jeffrey Wright,
Paul giamatti,
timothee chalamet.
And, of course, Joaquin...
What is going on?!
Okay, will, let's just be
honest with everyone.
Go ahead.
All right.
Guys, this song does something
to us.
As you can see.
And it always has.
For decades.
And whoever is putting on
this show tonight knows it!
They wanted us to come out
here, make a bunch of jokes, and
we said no.
We said no!
We wanna be serious tonight.
Because it's a serious night.
And they knew just what to do
to get what they wanted... play
our favorite song.
We look ridiculous.
Like a couple of j-holes.
'm embarrassed.
The golden globes have not
Here are the nominees.
Here are the nominees.
Nicolas cage,
"dream scenario."
Timothee chalamet, "wonka."
Matt Damon, "air."
Paul giamatti, "the holdovers."
Joaquin Phoenix,
"Beau is afraid."
Jeffrey Wright,
"American fiction."
Smells like hot Sushi in
Am I the only one?
t does.
t's like hot Sushi.
And the golden globe goes
Paul giamatti, "the holdovers!"
This is Paul
giamatti's sixth nomination and
his third win.
Paul wins his bye tonight for
his role as Paul hunham in "the
my gosh.
So many stairs.
My knees are shot, I'm telling
Up and down, all night, standing
up and sitting down all night.
'm never going to be in "John
"at this rate.
Surely this is the first time
this award has been given to an
actor who has played a man who
smells like fish.
Thank you, golden globes.
And thank you to Alexander
Alexander the great.
Who, for some mysterious reason,
continues to have enormous faith
in me.
And why?
don't know why.
And da'vine joy Randolph,
Dominic sessa, I love you very
David, focus features, the
entire cast and crew, and bos
Boston, beantown.
Fantastic people, one and all.
want to say I love my
beautiful girlfriend, Clara
Why you would bother with me, I
don't know.
And I guess I want to give a
shout out to my son, Samuel, who
recently graduated from college.
Thank you.
t's a movie about a teacher.
play a teacher in it.
My whole family, they are
All of them, going back
Teachers are good people.
We've got to respect them.
They do a good thing.
t's a tough job.
So this is for teachers, as we
Thanks, you guys.
Thank you.
Please welcome the
stars of the film "nyad," golden
globe winner Annette bening,
and past recipient of the
Cecil b. Demille award,
Jodie foster.
From the true story about an
athlete and an iconic shoe...
To a movie about a doll and
her power in this world.
The nominated films in this
next category portrayed
important and engaging stories,
while also making a huge
cultural impact.
t's our true honor to be a
part of giving one of these
films an award tonight.
couldn't agree more.
The nominees for best motion
picture, musical or comedy,
- are...
- "Air."
'm willing to bet my career
on one guy.
For a rookie?
Was never set foot on an NBA
That's the literal definition
- of rookie, yeah.
- "American
we believe he's written a
best seller.
The most lucrative joke
you've ever told.
They are offering $4 million for
- the movie rights.
- "Barbie."
Take my hands.
Now feel.
t's literally impossible to
be a woman, and it kills me that
you don't think you're good
"The holdovers."
Mr. Hunham, I heard he got
stuck with babysitting duty this
How do you manage that?
He's to be a student.
That's why he inflict maximum
pain on us.
"May December."
What would make a 36-year-old
woman have an affair with a
seventh grader?
People see me as a victim.
wanted it.
"Poor things."
'm Bella Baxter and there's
a world to enjoy,
Tell me, where do you come
Why keep it in my mouth if it
is revolting?
And the golden globe goes
"Poor things."
Coming to the
stage tonight for "poor things"
is director yorgos lanthimos,
producer and actor Emma stone,
and producers
accepting the golden globeis em.
We are fighting who is going
to speak.
just wanted to speak to
Bruce Springsteen the whole
We have the same birthday, the
23rd of September.
He's been my hero since I grew
Anyway, I'm wasting my time.
Thank you, everybody.
Everybody who worked on the
film, the people at searchlight,
film 4 element, that produced
the film and made it happen.
The actors, wonderful actors.
Bruce Springsteen, for making me
grow up the way I did.
And Emma, of course.
She won, you know it.
She's the best.
Thank you so much.
And yorgos.
s it really a
Hollywood party without Oprah?
Luckily she's handing out the
last award of the night, when
the golden globes return.
We're coming up to the final
Please welcome Kate beckinsale,
and Don cheadle.
Everyone has a story about
how they got a role.
found out I got my first big
break while I was still a
student at Oxford.
love that story.
Me, too.
get to remind everyone I went
to Oxford.
You got that in there, that's
wouldn't have gotten the
role of mouse in
"devil in a blue dress" had I
not dumped into the director at
a doctor's office.
Where I physically threatened
him into casting me as mouse in
"devil in a blue dress."
Lily gladstone was waiting to
hear about a job tracking giant
hornets, and then got a call
from Martin scorsese.
Did you say "giant hornets?"
For the first time in my
life, yes.
Greta Lee first heard about
"past lives" from an email
do you speak
Well, one of these actors is
about to have another very cool
story to tell.
Here are the nominees for best
performance by a female actor in
a motion picture, drama.
Annette bening,
Lily gladstone,
"killers of the flower moon."
Sandra huller,
"anatomy of a fall."
Greta Lee, "past lives."
Carey mulligan, "maestro."
Cailee spaeny, "Priscilla."
And the golden globe goes
Lily gladstone!
This is Lily gladstone's
First nomination and first win.
She wins or golden globe tonight
for her role of Mollie burkhart
and "killers of the flower
love everyone in this room
I don't have words.
just spoke a bit of blackfeet
language, a beautiful community
nation that raised me and
encouraged me to keep going,
keep doing this.
My mom, who, even though she's
not blackfeet, worked tirelessly
to get our language into our
classroom so I had a blackfeet
language teacher growing up.
This award belongs to... I hope
I don't get counted down too
fast, because this is an
historic one.
'm so grateful I can speak even
a little bit of my language,
which I'm not fluent in, up
Because, in this business,
native actors used to speak
their lines in English, and the
sound mixer is run them
backwards to accomplish native
languages on camera.
This is an historic win.
t doesn't belong to just me.
'm holding it right now.
'm holding with all of my
beautiful sisters in the film at
the table over here, and my
mother, standing on all of your
Thank you.
Thank you, Marty.
Thank you, Leo.
Thank you, Bob.
You are all changing things.
Thank you for being such allies.
Thank you, Eric.
Thank you, chief standing bear,
and to the osage nation.
'm at a loss for what else to
Thank you, apple.
Thank you my manager, my agent,
Joel and Sasha.
Thank you to all of you.
And this is for every little rez
kid come every little urban kid,
every little native kid out
there who has a dream and is
seeing themselves represented
and are stories told by
ourselves, in our own words, wih
tremendous allies and
tremendous trust from within,
from each other.
Thank you all so much.
Please welcome,
recipient of the golden globes'
Cecil b. Demille
award, and producer of "the
color purple," Oprah Winfrey.
Hi, everybody.
Movies have the ability to
transform how we see the world.
They can help us escape, or
make us feel like we belong,
and, at the end of the day,
entertain us.
While comedies make us laugh,
dramas can inspire us to make a
change, even if that change is
And that is why it is my honor
to present best motion picture,
- drama.
- "Anatomy of a
did not kill him.
That's not the point.
"Killers of the
flower moon."
How do I know if you love me
Of course I love you.
Then kill these men you
- killed my family.
- "Maestro."
f something doesn't sing and
you, then nothing seems new.
f nothing seems new, then you
can't make music.
this is a national emergency.
We are in a race against the
speefifteen and I know what it
- means if the Nazis have a bomb.
- "Past lives."
Childhood sweetheart to
reconnect 20 years later and
realize they are meant for each
- Shut up!
- "The zone of
[speaking in a global
And the golden globe goes
Coming to the
stage tonight for "Oppenheimer"
is a writer, producer, and
director, Christopher Nolan, and
producers Emma Thomas and
Charles roven.
Accepting the golden globe is
Emma Thomas.
This is crazy!
My god.
Okay, that's crazy.
From Oprah!
They weren't kidding, this is a
really intimidating room.
Thank you so much to the
golden globes.
Can you hear my heart beating?
Because it's going crazy!
This was just an incredible
experience making this film, and
this is just the smallest
portion of the many people that
made the film what it is.
have loved sitting here,
hearing everyone talk about
their work.
What is so clear is that what we
do is collaboration.
That's amazing and it's
exciting, and I find that to be
completely magical.
have to say, I am so pleased
that Chris has been
acknowledged, because I just
think that what he does is
unlike anything anyone else is
All of this talent, and these
amazing actors but also all of
our hods.
The p.A.S, camera assistants,
everybody did their best on this
Chris brings the best out and
people by being the very best
would love to thank Donna
Langley and everybody at
When I sort of look back on that
moment when we sat down with
you, I don't think it was a
no-brainer by any stretch of the
imagination to make a three hour
talky movie about... r-rated, by
the way, about one of the
darkest developments in our
'm really grateful that your
faith in us has been rewarded
That wraps our show,
hope everybody has a
good night.
Hollywood is back!
t's a beautiful celebration to
all 150 countries out there that
tuned in to watch.
We love you guys.
Good night.
The nomination
ballots are sent to all eligible
golden globes voters, who choose
nominees in each category.
On the final ballot, the same
voters vote for a winner in each
nformation concerning the final
results is known only to the
accounting firm of
Ernst & young, l.L.P., prior to
tonight's opening of the sealed