88 (2015) Movie Script

Aster, we have to go!
They're gonna kill us!
I hope you're hungry.
Excuse me?
That's a lot of food, honey.
Here you are, boys.
- I'll be right back with your coffee.
Thanks, sweetie.
Two honks.
Here you go.
This isn't mine.
She's got a gun!
Put down the weapon
and get down on the ground!
She ain't gonna shoot no one,
are you, sweetie?
Hands up! Drop it!
Put it down, put it down!
Come on!
Put it down!
Put it down, hands up!
Get out, get out!
Ma'am? Are you all right?
I am now.
What the heck are
you doin' way out here?
Waiting for you.
Thank you, Roy.
She's got a gun!
- Drop the gun!
- We have to go!
Get over here.
Are you ready to
tell Cyrus tonight?
Wait, wait, wait.
- Cyrus doesn't like it if I'm late.
- Mmm-hmm.
Don't want
him to be mad at me.
We're leaving, doesn't
matter what he thinks.
Tell me more.
Come here.
Once we're gone
it's gonna be perfect, Gwenny.
Just like we always wanted.
Oh, my God.
- Hey, you've reached Aster...
- And Gwen!
Leave a message
and we'll get back to you.
Aster, it's me. I hurt
somebody, I think real bad.
I don't know
where I am, exactly.
I found a key,
the Starlight Inn.
Room 88.
I'm gonna go there, I guess.
If you could just come there
as soon as you can.
You get any fuel?
It means gas,
did you get any gas?
Do you know where
the Starlight Inn is?
Oh, yeah, sure. My ma has
a friend that works there.
Her name is Mary-Rose, or...
A waitress
is in critical condition...
No. Rose-Marie...
...after being gunned down
in Ginette's Diner on Route 79.
While no official
charges have been laid,
this photo was taken
at the scene of the crime.
...she used to date this guy,
Ken, or whatever, I'm not sure.
Maybe his name was
Bobby or something?
- Anyway...
- Do you know where it is?
It's two miles down the road,
Exit 103.
Uh... I don't think
you can do that in here.
What's your name?
Well, Derrick,
it's your lucky day.
See, I'm gonna let
you keep this car.
Because I don't
need it anymore.
Starlight Inn. Room 88.
Just come there
as soon as you can.
Now get this right,
Winks, don't fuck it up.
It's not every day my girl
gets a 500 on the range.
I actually don't think
it's that big a deal.
Of course it is! You're
a natural with that thing.
Hold it up, hold it up!
Pretend you're tough.
Here, let me do it.
Come on,
Gwen, we have to get up.
Are you ready to
tell Cyrus tonight?
It's not
that easy, Aster.
I'll do it tonight.
I wanted to tell you that
Aster and I are
leaving town for a bit.
Sort of permanent, actually.
Just feel like I need a new
start, no more bartending.
Of course, I'm gonna
finish all my shifts here.
I hope you understand.
Nothing's ever
coming between us, Gwenny.
Gwenny's mine!
She always has been,
always will be!
With her and Aster skipping
town, there's a lot of loose ends.
- I'd say she's become expendable.
That prick Aster
has affected her mind.
We have to fix this!
Kill them both!
Gwenny and Aster have to die!
Aster, we have to go!
They're gonna kill us!
Gwenny's mine!
Winks? No.
Anything for you.
Such a charmer.
Now get this right,
Winks, don't fuck it up.
Cyrus killed Winks,
he's dead in the tub!
- And Aster!
- Sorry, Gwenny.
But you're outta control.
What the fuck
happened to you, Flamingo?
Everything's all fucked up!
What the fuck's wrong with you?
Who are you?
- Come on, we have to go.
- No, please.
That guy almost
fucking shot you!
We have to go because shit is really
fucked up in a royal fucking way.
- So come on, let's go.
- No, no.
What, did you have a
fucking stroke or something?
Get your shit together,
let's go!
- No, please!
- Let's go.
We'll talk
about it in the car.
It's your lucky day.
In sports,
the National Hockey League...
Name, miss?
- Just Flamingo?
- Yup.
And how will you be paying,
Miss Flamingo?
Smoking or non?
Just give me Room 88.
88's non-smoking.
Fucking A.
Who are you?
Let's go. We'll talk
about it in the car!
Jesus Christ, Flamingo.
Do you know how much heat we're
gonna have on our fucking asses now?
We went over
the plan a gazillion times.
So I don't know how it went
from being a simple fucking hit
to you shooting some fucking
waitress in the fucking face.
It's real simple, Flamingo. Two
honks. And you screwed it up.
Jesus Christ, you're a mess.
You're a fucking mess and
why are you fucking crying?
Since when do you fucking cry?
All right.
Look, we'll go, we'll grab some grub, we'll
find a place and we'll talk this through.
Let's go!
How's everything, hon?
That's a shitload of pancakes,
especially for a girl
who doesn't like pancakes.
Can I help you?
I know things got out of hand.
I'm here to make amends.
And you are?
And who are you?
Or should I say Flamingo?
I don't know what
your angle is here,
but your recent antics
ain't helping the situation.
We have a situation!
So, why don't you
and your new hairdo
finish your flapjacks so
we can go home and fix this?
We have to fix this!
sorry about Aster, Gwen.
Okay, whoever that is.
That's right.
That's all behind us now.
Time to move on,
Anyone in there?
Are you done?
You're coming with me
whether you like it or not.
Either of your own volition
or with a gun in your back.
in that case,
let's go.
Your coffee's shit.
Before you know it, Gwenny,
everything's going
to be back to normal.
Nobody fucking move.
You just crossed
one big line, Gwenny.
This don't make no sense.
You calling me Gwenny is what
don't make no sense, old man.
Next time you boys disturb me,
I'll cut off your dicks and
stuff them down your dead throats.
Let her go.
Shit is
seriously fucked up.
We'll find a place and
we'll talk this through.
All right. It'll be fine.
Yeah, yeah.
Just hold that. Hold that.
So, Flamingo.
You're telling me
that you have no idea
what happened to your hand?
And me?
- The plan?
- No.
Bowling alley? Sailing
across the ocean? Nothing?
But you do remember that Cyrus
killed your boyfriend, Aster, right?
You are a real
mind-bender, girly.
Must be why I like you so much.
Well, don't worry
about it because this time,
we're going to figure out an
even better plan to kill Cyrus.
This time?
- Yeah.
- We tried to kill Cyrus?
Yeah, Flamingo.
What do you think the plan is?
That's what we were trying to do when
you accidentally shot that waitress.
Okay. I don't know exactly what
our relationship was before,
but I'm not a killer.
I don't kill people.
You're joking, right?
I think you're on your own.
No. No, no, no.
We made a pact.
I'm not backing down
from what we set out to do.
Cyrus killed the love of
your life in cold blood
and now he's
coming to kill you, too.
And if I just leave you,
in your current condition,
you'll be dead by tomorrow.
- What about the police?
- You're a wanted felon,
So, I'm just
supposed to trust you.
Okay, Flamingo,
I know this is probably the last thing
in the world that you want to hear,
but I'm just going to say it, so
please, pay attention and look at me.
I am all you've got.
Why are you helping me?
We're helping each other.
You and me!
You know, it's a real shame you're rocking
this whole memory-lapse thing because
we had some pretty sweet team-building
experiences in the past little bit.
So, um...
Do we have a deal or what?
- Yeah.
- Yeah!
That's what I'm
talking about, Flamingo.
the band back together.
You and me, reunion tour,
and unicorn stallions.
I'm not killing anyone.
Oh, that's okay.
I'm an excellent killer.
I'll take care of that.
That's not a problem at all.
Okay, okay, okay.
First things first,
we need some guns and intel,
which, as newly appointed
leader, I will take care of.
Tomorrow, we are going to go
visit my good friend Lemmy.
you'd better get some sleep because
tomorrow is going to be fucking awesome.
You calling me Gwenny is what
don't make no sense, old man.
Let her go.
Name's Flamingo.
Give me Room 88.
Flamingo. Flamingo.
Who are you,
Mr. Cyrus Brenwin?
She owes me everything!
What the fuck
do you want with me?
"88 Wilmont Lane. "
I guess we'll just
have to find out.
We need some guns and intel.
As newly appointed leader, I
will totally take care of it.
Who did you say this was?
- Lemmy.
You are going to love her.
Conrad, Richard.
How are you doing, fellas?
Heya, Lemmy!
- Hey, Ty.
Get your sweet ass in here.
Ain't she pretty?
She likes you.
I have got something
I'm just dying to show you.
This here tortoise.
It took me 34 tries
to get him just right.
But look at his smile.
I mean, look at his grin.
Tortoises are just so cute. They're
stupid, but they live forever.
I'm just about leisured out.
Ty, what can I
do for you, baby?
Gotta restock.
Conrad, Richard?
Totally untraceable,
as per usual.
Lemmy, while I'm here,
have you, by chance, been keeping up
your business relationships with Cyrus?
You're kidding me, right, Ty?
I mean,
he's completely lost it.
Little birdy told me
that he severed ties
with Vinny the other day,
killing one of his boys in the process
and sewing the other boy's lips shut.
You know where we
can find Cyrus now?
I haven't
the slightest clue, honey.
I mean,
he's been hanging real low
ever since some crazies opened
up on him at the bowling alley
the other night.
You wouldn't happen to know anything
about that now, would you, Ty?
No, of course not.
I didn't think so.
Well, enough about that.
It's boring.
Shall we?
I have got this new toy
I'm just dying to show you.
Check this out.
Oh! It was blessed by a Tibetan
monk that I sell grenades to.
Ain't she sexy?
Police! Don't move!
Everybody down on the floor.
Oh, shit.
Oh, me, oh my.
Drop your weapon.
Well, that ain't fun.
Drop your weapon.
Shoot! Shoot!
God damn it.
Don't move!
Get her!
On my signal,
we make a run for it.
We've got an
officer down. Need backup now.
Don't worry.
This shield's been blessed
by the Pope, yeah?
Don't worry.
It's just a flesh wound.
I'll walk it off.
Get out of here, sexies.
12-10, we have two suspects.
Standing by.
All right.
Look at me. Look at me.
We gotta go, Flamingo, okay?
Lemmy just got
shot in the throat.
- On the count of three.
- No!
two, three! Go!
Go! Come on!
they're coming your way.
Ready your weapons.
Hang on tight, girly.
Don't move!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Come on!
- Stop right there!
- Flamingo!
Get down!
Get down!
I said stop.
You are under arrest.
Who are you,
Mr. Cyrus Brenwin?
"88 Wilmont Lane. "
This goes, I go.
We're gonna sail
across the ocean one day.
I don't even know how to sail.
We'll figure it out.
We probably
need a boat first.
Now get this right,
Winks, don't fuck it up.
You ready?
Hold it up, hold it up!
Pretend you're tough.
Aster has affected her mind.
I'm going to marry
you one day, Gwen.
Kill them both!
Aster, we have to go!
They're gonna kill us!
Gwenny's mine!
She always has been,
always will be!
this is my favorite song.
Oh, I'm so sick of that song.
This goes, I go.
I'm sorry, is that a threat?
Give me that.
You're just going
to use it against me.
Here we are...
- No!
...with Miss Gwen, successfully
surviving yet another birthday celebration.
Tell us,
Gwen, how do you feel?
Can you put that
down now, please?
Do you want to dance with me?
Happy birthday, Gwen.
Thank you.
We are rolling.
All right, Izzy, you got it?
Yep, I got it.
All right. Thanks, man.
All right. We're good.
- Where are we going?
- Come on, birthday girl.
What horrible thing are
you plotting? - And sit.
What did you get me?
- I love this!
- Yeah?
Yeah! Thank you.
Thank you!
Thank you, everybody.
Happy birthday.
That DVD was found
at the diner where
you shot the waitress,
whose name, by the way, was Mary, and
you better pray that she pulls through.
Now, Gwen,
you have a clean record, at
least you did up until yesterday,
and it's clear that your boyfriend,
Aster, meant a great deal to you,
so help me
understand how it is
that you end up sitting across
this table from me today.
I don't know.
Well, look, I ain't gonna
blow smoke up your ass.
You're in a shitload
of trouble.
You shot that waitress
in broad daylight.
Witnesses everywhere.
I don't even know
how I got to the diner.
I don't remember going there.
I found a gun in a bag,
and then it was in my hand,
and then,
I was scared.
There's a big
horrible mistake.
A mistake?
Was the Starlight a mistake?
The Starlight Inn?
'Cause that's where we found
Samuel Winston,
better known as Winks, dead,
along with this fellow who works for
Cyrus, who went by the name of Izzy,
also dead.
But I don't
know what happened.
that's how we found you.
The manager
at the Starlight Inn
tipped us off to
a young woman and a man
leaving the premises
in a cream-colored El Camino.
That young lady was
registered to Room 88
where we found
the bodies of Izzy and Winks.
Oh, and your prints?
They're all over
the crime scene.
The only thing
that doesn't fit
is the young lady in question was
registered under the name of Flamingo.
- But...
- No, no.
Let me finish.
This gets real interesting.
This morning, one of my men
spotted that cream-colored El
Camino heading down Route 17.
That's how we traced you
to that house where your friends
and you killed five of my people.
And your friend with the El
Camino, what was it he called you?
That's right.
So this brings me full circle,
right back to my original question,
how does someone like you, who
I have never heard of before,
just suddenly stand up and in cold
blood shoot a waitress in broad daylight,
become the primary suspect
in two other murders,
engage in a firefight with the
County Sheriff's Department,
and eventually end up the most
wanted felon this side of Tennessee?
All right.
All right.
When I saw you laying in
the dirt, beside that house,
you were scared shitless.
Now there's no way I'm going to
believe you're this stone cold killer.
But you gotta help me understand
what the hell is going on here.
'Cause some of this crap
just doesn't make sense.
She owes me everything!
Cyrus killed your boyfriend, Aster,
and you saw him do it, didn't you?
Gwenny's mine.
Aster, we have to go!
Kill them both!
I'm guessing out of
jealousy or spite.
Now he's setting you up, huh?
Isn't he?
He wants to kill me.
Yeah, I bet he does.
Nothing would cap off this
shit-stained career of mine
better than being able to put
that piece of trash away for good.
You know, if you were
to help me put him away,
I'm sure we could come to
some kind of an agreement.
I mean,
a young lady like yourself
doesn't want to spend the rest
of her life in jail. Does she?
But of course,
if you don't help me,
I'll personally see
that you rot in prison.
What the hell's going on?
What is that?
- Ty?
- Did you miss me?
- Are you insane?
- You're gonna wanna put that on.
Let's get out of here.
Shoot 'em for me!
Stop shooting people!
You're the boss.
Oh, was that spectacular
or what?
Nice to see you, Flamingo.
I said freeze!
Put it down!
Girly... Girly... Girly...
I got the intel
that we needed.
That's where Cyrus is.
- I'm not leaving you.
- There's no time.
There's no time,
you just gotta go.
We made a pact.
We do this together.
- My job... My job's done, girly.
- It's okay.
But seriously, Flamingo...
I really liked you.
Where are they?
Over here!
Get her. Get her!
Nothing's ever
coming between us.
Who the fuck are you?
And stop calling me Gwen.
It is you. I haven't seen you
in a while. I thought that...
Anything for you.
Where's Cyrus?
You know his spot.
Refresh my memory.
he's at Alley Cats, but...
- No, I shouldn't have told you that.
- What's your name?
Gwen, it's me, it's Winks.
- Remember?
- You got a number, Winks?
It hasn't changed since
the last time you called.
Write it down.
You know, if you ever need
to talk, about anything...
Her name is Dakota, she dances
here. Have you seen her lately?
- No.
- No?
Could you at least pretend
to look at the picture?
Didn't your mother ever tell you not
to pry in other people's business?
Well, my mother was her mother,
and she was a bitch, so, no.
We have a situation!
Give me some milk.
Suck my tits!
Get your own fucking milk!
Get me some milk.
Cheers, Cyrus!
Next one's for you.
That's karma.
We don't get many attractive
ladies like you in here.
Not with all
their teeth anyway.
I'll have five cheeseburgers
and a milk.
Cheeseburgers and milk
coming right up.
So, um, Cyrus,
I heard things got a little
sloppy for you a while back, huh?
Yeah, word is you got a little too
friendly with some curly haired dancer broad
and shit got real.
Hey, you know what
else is funny about that?
Vinny was dating some
curly haired bitch, wasn't he?
- I heard about her.
- Name is Dakota?
Ain't that a coincidence?
Something you wanna say, boys?
No, just making conversation.
You give us a second, doll.
Look, um, Cyrus,
just give us the cash
and we'll be on our way.
Sure, sure, sure.
But first, why don't you
take a look at this for me.
Does this look right to you?
Fuck, man!
- Now you see, Marv,
this is my kind
of conversation.
Jesus! Holy shit!
What the fuck, man?
What the fuck are you doing?
- Boys?
- What the fuck, dude? Get off me!
Get off me!
Listen, Cyrus, listen to me!
You can't fucking do this! You and
Vinny, you guys are fucking partners!
I can do
anything I want, Marvin.
Besides, Vinny's product is
fucking weak, like his women.
Our shit's grade A and you know
that! Get off me, motherfucker!
Stop talking, Marvin.
- Oh, fuck you!
Let me tell you what
happens now, Marvin.
Izzy's gonna hold you down.
While Jessop
sews your lips shut.
you're going back to Vinny
and give him this letter,
officially dissolving our
business partnership.
Hold still.
I wanna get this started.
There you go.
Don't worry about Dakota.
Oh, and, uh, tell Vinny
I appreciate the concern
you fellas have for my
relationship woes.
Have fun, boys.
Okay, stay still. Stay still!
Cheeseburgers and milk.
Hey, Cyrus.
Hey, lady,
I'll give you a ride.
I don't like
being followed.
Wow, wow!
That was fun. Lady, you
completely lost it in there.
I mean, not that I didn't like
it. I did, I fucking loved it.
That is the kind of fucking spunk
I'm looking for every single day.
It was amazing and
downright sexy, and...
You and I are
really gonna get along.
Are you ready
to tell Cyrus tonight?
Cyrus doesn't
like it if I'm late.
I'm going to marry
you one day, Gwen.
Jesus, Gwen, you gotta get
your head straight.
You can't lose the keys every time
we go out for a couple of drinks.
Damn, I'm good. Get in!
An unknown
accomplice and suspected killer
escaped from
downtown jail this afternoon
and is currently at large.
Sheriff Edward Knowles
sustained a bullet wound in the escape,
but is expected to fully recover.
Yes, I'm urging anyone who
knows the whereabouts of the killer
to please come forth
as soon as possible.
She's armed, dangerous,
and she must be stopped.
You realize
you were speeding, ma'am?
Oh, uh...
I haven't driven
this road before.
I didn't notice
the speed sign.
License and registration,
Oh, shoot! You know what?
I was in a really big hurry,
so I forgot my wallet,
everything, at home.
Just stay where you are.
Ma'am, I going to need you to
step back inside your vehicle.
Get back in the vehicle!
That's where Cyrus is.
And he's awake.
You have exactly seven seconds to
tell me who you are and what you want.
Whoa, first things first.
Did you knock me out in my own vehicle
when I was staring at your titties?
- Yes.
- Well, I saved your life.
- You fucked my operation.
- Oh, I did?
And how's that blown off pinky
treating you, hmm?
- Shut up!
- Okay.
Unless the next words out of your mouth
are gonna be why I shouldn't kill you.
Well, I saved your life, I hate Cyrus
too, and I will fuck you for free.
I'm interested
in the Cyrus part.
Okay, well,
it's a long story, girly.
Abbreviated version.
- Tick-tock.
- Right!
I have this sister,
her name's Dakota.
Total train wreck, druggie, nympho,
freak, shitty-ass piece of shit,
but she's my sister, so I have
a soft spot for her, and...
- Point of the story!
- Point of the story.
Dakota was
seeing this Vinny guy,
who was beating the shit out
of her. Surprise, surprise.
Anyway, one day she gets tired
of it and she runs to Cyrus,
who she knows because Cyrus
and Vinny do business together.
She also knows that Cyrus and
Vinny aren't on the best of terms.
So what she decides to do is go to
Cyrus, give him some sort of sob story,
sit on his cock a couple
times, and next thing you know
she's got a job dancing at
Flamingos under Cyrus' protection...
This is Dakota,
she's new to the family.
Nice to meet you.
Dakota goes AWOL
a little bit ago
and I just know
Cyrus did something.
I can...
I can fuckin' feel it.
- This her?
- You went through my stuff, huh?
Yes or no?
Then, yes, she's dead.
He's to blame.
What? What?
What? How... How...
How do you know that?
- We have a situation!
- I wasn't here!
I saw her body.
Oh, fuck!
Stupid bitch! She's such
a stupid fucking cunt
of a fucking
bitch of a sister.
But she's your sister, Ty,
so you gotta calm down.
You gotta be good about this
because she's a fucking bitch,
but she's still your fucking
sister and she's... Fuck!
I'm gonna kill Cyrus.
I'll be the one putting
a bullet through his head.
What did Cyrus do to you?
He killed the love of my life
all because I saw
your dead bitch sister.
This ain't what it looks like!
We have to fix this.
He needed to
fix the situation.
- You can be my sidekick.
- Sidekick?
- Or you can be dead.
- Sidekick.
Obviously, sidekick.
Now that I'm your sidekick,
I'm just gonna say
I think you should really work
on your social skills, lady,
because you're not exactly what
I would call socially agile.
I like to call it social dexterity because
without it you can't really do much.
My name is Ty.
You fuck me, you die.
You're talking figuratively,
not physically, right?
Anyway, I got some
first aid training
and I really think that
the first thing we need to do
is we need to fix your pinky
because if we don't,
you are definitely going to be
getting a visit from Captain Gangrene.
Hurry up.
I have a call to make.
That's where Cyrus is.
I've got a gun.
I surrender.
You just stay right there.
Well, that's the plan.
I'm extremely comfortable.
Drop the gun, Jessop.
Hold up. Everyone relax. Let's
have a little civility here.
Jessop, give us a minute.
Yes, I'm serious!
I'm always fucking serious!
Get the fuck out.
I still remember when
I first took you in.
Twelve years old.
In and out of
how many foster homes?
I saw something in you.
You were sharp!
You weren't
afraid of hard work.
And you were loyal.
You've always been loyal.
And very special to me.
You even waited till I was 16
to start screwing me.
That makes a girl
feel real special.
I've done a lot of
things I'm not proud of.
But you have to
believe I want to repent.
All the shit that went down
with Dakota was fucked.
She OD'd.
What can I say?
But everything else...
I was drunk.
I was high, I was strung out.
What we got goes
deeper than that, Gwenny.
I want to make amends.
You killed Aster.
Gwenny, honey.
I never liked Aster. In fact, I loathed
him trying to take you away from me.
But I never killed him.
After all this.
After all this shit,
you're just going to
sit there and keep lying
straight into my fucking face?
If you have one ounce of compassion
left in your in your fucking soul...
Twenty years, Jessop's
been my right-hand man.
But when push comes to shove,
I can still do that.
'Cause me and him don't have
what you and I got.
Loyalty, Gwenny.
That's our bond.
Be honest.
What kinda dope you on?
You know I don't
touch that shit.
Nobody acts the way you've been
acting without being on something.
Why did you run off after Aster?
I was looking right at you.
You're fucking lying!
I know you're lying!
You... You drugged me.
To set me up! So you could pin
all your fucking shit on me!
I know how you work, Cyrus. I have seen
you do it, like, a hundred times before!
You fuck.
You actually don't
remember what happened?
What do you remember?
Jessop! We have a situation!
The fucking bitch is dead.
Gwen! What are you doing here?
I came in early.
I wasn't here!
Gwenny! This ain't
what it looks like!
I remember
you just lost it.
I wanted to run.
I guess I thought
I needed to help you.
Just one more time.
Then I heard something.
We gotta deal
with this girl, boss.
Shut the fuck up, Charlie!
Gwenny's good, Cyrus.
We can trust her.
She's seen tons of shit
worse than this.
Yeah, Gwenny's tight.
I wouldn't be too sure, boss.
With her and Aster skipping
town, there's a lot of loose ends.
I'd say she's
become expendable.
She and that asshole
boyfriend of hers
will use this against me
and I'll lose her forever.
Gwenny's mine! She always
has been, always will be.
We have to fix this!
Kill them both!
Gwenny and Aster have to die!
Don't just stand there!
Gwen! Get her!
You're not ready
to let me leave.
Aster was going
to take me away.
You killed him.
Come out with your hands up.
We've got you surrounded.
we know you're in there.
Fuck me.
You got a number, Winks?
Hurry up.
I have a call to make.
Why do you need to
know where Cyrus is?
Are you gonna make things
go back to normal?
Something like that.
You're gonna hurt him,
aren't you?
Oh, Gwen,
your hand looks so bad.
Where is he?
Look, I can't just go
telling you all this stuff.
If Cyrus found out,
he'd kill me.
Not if I kill him first.
Cyrus is like family to you.
Who do you think
fucked up my hand?
Ginette's Diner, off Route 79.
Tomorrow, 9:00 a. m.
He's picking up
a shipment from the chef.
This is Cyrus' number one supplier,
so he always does a face to face.
It's a respect thing.
Everything goes down in the
shed, out back the kitchen.
You wouldn't be
lying to me, now?
Of course not.
You're my best friend.
Please don't kill him, Gwen.
It's not going to
change anything.
You're going to make everything
worse than it already is.
He killed Aster.
No, no, that's not right.
- Yes, it is.
- No, it ain't.
- Yes, it is.
- Enough is enough!
You're not right.
Fuck you.
You need a doctor.
I'll take you.
What's going on?
Oh, fuck, Flamingo!
He seemed like a good kid, you know,
and you said you were just going to talk.
- He was calling the cops.
- Jesus Christ.
- Well, what about the intel?
- Ginette's, 9:00 a. m.
Okay. Well,
he's clearly dead, Flamingo.
The last thing I want to be doing tonight
is digging this poor kid a shallow grave.
So put him in the tub.
Good idea.
It's the end of the road,
One of us has to answer for all that's
gone down since you went sideways.
But I ain't going to
jail for shit I never done.
Oh, you done plenty, Cyrus.
Think about it. What really
happened at your place?
Aster! Aster, we have to go!
They're gonna kill us!
Unfortunately, my survival
instincts outweigh my loyalty.
And the world only believes
the last man standing.
Don't worry, though, you'll
look great in the papers.
Just tell me you did it.
Tell me you killed Aster.
Just say it.
Probably didn't
even pull the trigger.
Just tell me who did.
I just need to know.
You did, honey.
No, no, don't die.
Would you have said yes?
Yes. Yes. I say yes,
I say yes, I say yes.
I say yes!
Gwen! Gwenny.
It was you.
But you can tell
them it was me.
I don't know. I was always thinking
that I'd go to Mexico or something,
you know, and start, like, selling
scooters, or something like that.
Or, oh, I could totally become a professional
poker player, those guys make crazy money.
- Do you play poker?
- That's not the point, Flamingo!
The point is, it's all about luck,
and I have a horseshoe up my ass.
I'm going to sail
across the ocean.
That's random.
Are you ready?
Oh. Of course I'm ready,
The intel we got
from your boy, Winks,
I mean, that's airtight,
and I'm sure as shit not going
to let that poor kid die in vain.
- The plan?
- Okay, the plan.
You hole up in the diner, I station
myself in the El Camino around back,
when Cyrus shows up, I'm gonna
honk twice, that's your cue.
You wait 10 seconds, you get
up, you walk through the kitchen,
you execute
the son of a bitch.
You keep on walking, you
hop in the El Camino with me,
we drive off into the sunset.
And Bob's your uncle.
Don't fuck up.
- You got a way with words, girly.
- Ty?
- Yeah?
- Nothing.
Sail across the ocean, huh?
Don't sound too shabby.
Maybe, um, I'll join
my lady friend.
- Who might that be?
- You.
Two honks.
Two honks!
Bless your soul.
Beautiful day, ain't it?
Sure is, old man.
Coffee, sweetie?
Milk, early bird
number two, pancakes.
Hiya, fellas. Y'all gonna
be having the usual, today?
You betcha, Mary.
So, three usuals
coming right up.
All right, and we're back.
Next up, we have
one of my favorite oldies.
Always takes me back to the
very first time I heard it.