9-9-81 (2012) Movie Script

Dear Mom, I'm sorry...
To Mom
The Waiter
Directed By SUTAT PAVILAIRU Hey! Nan!
Hey! Pass it this way, Yoi
Yoi! Hey!
Haha, Yoi. You got game yo
Oh, You're the man
Hey, Nan
Isn't it one of those two?
You stole her panties from the laundry?
But was it from the thin one
or the chubby one?
The thin one of course!
What the hell am I going to do
with the chubby's?
Keep your voice down.
They're going to hear us.
Oh come on, you scared?
Yeah, the blue lace panty
I told you to give it to me. It's my turn now
Man, I gave it to Yoi long ago
Hasn't he given it to you yet?
What? Why the hell you look at me like that?
I don't have it
Then who has it?
Dammit, my blue lace panties
She's so pretty
Jerk off! She's much older than you
So what if she's older?
Whatever. Let's get back to the game
Here's your order
How much is it?
30 baht
Keep the change
The amount is not right
Come on, how can you be so mean to me?
I need to take a number two!
What the hell are you doing?
Come on, Auntie
I was taking a dump as well.
It is a sin to interrupt me!
I've waited for one hour already
I'd rather be a sinner than shitting my pants!
Just go! Say no more!
Oh, your highness has arrived.
Weren't you going to play a soccer all day?
I admire your ambition, my nephew
Or you'd rather have me taking drugs?
Wait 'till I get into the nation football team
In your dreams!
Just take this to Jae Toi's room
I'm so busy here
Okay, okay
Here, here!
Pass it this way!
Hey, how's it going?
Are you OK?
Are you missing your girlfriend?
Watch your mouth
It's lucky that I never got those panties
Or I'd be so scared
So, Nan has that panties?
He's in deep shit now
Gonna be haunted by a panty spirit
Hey? Where are you going?
Shit! Why the hell do you have to howl now?
I'll be leaving it here
Let me go! Let me go!
Institute of Cancer
Apartment for rent
Excuse me
Any vacancy?
Inside, please
4,000 per month.
No deposit. If you like it then just move in
You don't have to look anywhere else.
Trust me
Hey, bro
I need to ask for advance money. 50% of it
Hey, we talked about it
But... Okay, I'll stop beating about the bush
I really need this money
I'll be polite
I seriously wanna see your work first.
But seriously, seriously,
I think you better crawl back to
your parents and ask for this money
Your uncle is here to see you
Excuse me. Where's my uncle?
Probably went out to buy something?
Should be back soon
Would you like to wait over there a bit?
Did he say anything about who he is?
Let me know if he's back
No matter how I attempt to kill myself.
I failed
This world is filthy
The Friend
Oh, wait.
Almost forgot.
I appreciate you drove me to that place.
Here it is.
You're the first to know!
Well, I'm happy for you.
At last, you win.
Oh, come on.
Let's go.
Hey, Nong.
Come in.
Perfect timing. I wanna show you something.
Sit first.
What do you think?
But I'm thinking of adding some sequins
here, so it will be a bit shinier.
Wi, have you heard news about Kong?
Hmm, what about?
He took a vacation
and I haven't talked to him since.
I called him but he didn't pick it up.
My boss called.
He just talked to Kong's family.
Wi, he was in a car accident.
Wi, his mom wants to talk to you.
This is Kong's mother.
You have to accept it.
He's in a good place now.
You must stay strong.
Take this medicine first.
Damn it.
Hello. Kong.
Kong. Wi, she...
I told you not to call me again.
Hello? Kong?
Damn it!
I used to think that talk of sin
was just stories to scare children.
But now I realize that it's real.
Tonight, I ask for your forgiveness.
I don't want to feel like this anymore.
I am not a guy you thought I was.
Before all this happened,
I just wanted to have fun with my life.
On the rocks, please.
The first time I met you.
You changed my life.
Here you are.
I was trying to find you.
Weren't we having fun?
Let's get back to dance floor.
Huh? Nong?
You told me this place is awesome, right?
So, I brought a friend.
This is Wipavee. My friend from university.
Oh, I need another drink.
You two keep each other company for now.
Just a sec.
That's a beautiful ring.
Oh, it's my grandma's.
A wedding ring?
She prepared it for my wedding day.
So... you're...
Oh, I'm not married yet.
What's going on?
Come here.
I want you too.
But I wanna get married first.
I've never thought
you can be this old-fashioned.
Antipsychotic drugs
Medical psychology information for patient
I want you.
You know. I never thought of getting married.
Hey, have you seen the new intern?
She got here yesterday. So damn pretty.
Kong. Yes?
Your fiance called a minute ago.
She's been trying to call you.
Hey, Kong. I didn't know you have a fiance.
This has gone too far.
I'm glad you came.
Come in.
I knew you would love it.
Have you been taking medicine?
I don't need it.
I need to go.
It's too late now!
I want you to promise.
I promise.
I want you to promise!
I promise!
I want you to promise! You'll marry me!
You're really different from any other girls.
I want you.
Mental disorder
You promised to put
that wedding ring on my finger.
That's when I made a decision.
I asked Nong to lie to you.
I didn't know
you would kill yourself like that.
The bride jumped from the building.
I'm sorry.
Can you forgive me?
I have something for you.
I want you to promise.
I want you to promise.
The Maid
Directed By SEREE LACHONNABO Oh, Deuan.
I didn't know you were here.
I got here a while ago.
She's our maid.
Whatever you're gonna do, just hurry up.
(Ancient chanting)
You scared me!
Why the hell are you scared of me?
I thought you were the ghost.
What now?
I got you this.
The favorite meal of...
(Ancient chanting)
The jackpot number is...
How's the rich life treating you.
I told you,
the ash from the casket never miss.
Here's a little money for the offering.
Tomorrow, the winning lottery
numbers will be announced.
You got hooked, right?
Something like that.
Okay. I'll spare
some of the casket ashes for you.
But you need to be more careful this time.
It is newly mixed.
The power will be multiplied.
Even more?
What? Somebody moved in?
How could you let that happen?
How much did you get last time?
Have you ever thought about it?
I was hoping to get the jackpot again.
If I do I'll install air-cons all around.
It's so friggin' hot nowadays.
Whatever! No way we're giving up.
Tonight, we'll go in, no matter what!
Your uncle is here to see you.
Hey, you!
Aren't you coming?
Are you crazy?
I need to be on a lookout for you here.
Here's your favorite meal.
This time, give me the big jackpot number,
(Ancient Chanting)
Where's my uncle?
Probably went out to buy something?
Should be back soon.
Would you like to wait?
Please help me just this once.
I'll never bother you again.
I swear.
That guy is going back to his room right now!
How could you just let him go up like that?
Where's Deuan?
Here it comes again.
This is a powerful spirit.
Please don't scare me.
Please let me go.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Mom, I'm sorry for my decision.
But I just can't go on without Kong.
I love him so much.
So much that I can give him everything.
Now he's gone forever.
I can't see any other choices but this.
I hope you and dad can understand
me and forgive me eventually.
Love you mom and dad, always.
"Joined together in the wedding ceremony"
"Wipavee Sombutpragan
and Nattapol Worrachoteingkasuk"
Love you always, Mom and Dad
Hello. May I help you with anything?
I'd like to ask for Mr. Nattapol's address,
Oh, you want Kong. Please wait for a second.
Why didn't you tell me
you're going to get married?
Somebody is here to see you. That way.
Oh, you didn't want all of us
to be broken hearted, right?
Well... I had no idea that
Wi would react that way.
Is that all you have to say?
Tonight will be the last night of her funeral.
I hope you'll pay her a visit.
Thank you
You should go home earlier tonight.
I can keep you company.
Let me stay with her alone tonight.
Please don't hurt me.
What's next, 'Mam?
Let them be together.
Before this woman died,
she wanted to be married.
She's still here cause she want to do it.
So, we have to hold
the wedding ceremony for her.
Then, she will rest in peace.
It will make her feel
that someone will stay with her.
When the ceremony ends, we will pray for her.
Hey bros, don't take it too seriously.
I think this is weird.
Have you ever heard about the bride?
The one that jumped from the building.
When her boyfriend got into a car accident.
I know something different.
This story came from the police.
That the man faked his own death.
Because he wants to run away from her.
The woman couldn't handle it.
So, she committed the suicide.
Now, she's dead for nothing.
I guess you didn't read the newspaper.
I'm here and you must come.
Why are you scared right now?
Everything is ready.
You must be Toy, came to help in this event?
This model.
It's from my shop.
Is it heavy?
No, It's just plastic. You can lift it.
The groom-to-be didn't come?
Yeah, damn.
Can I help you with that?
What? You're not scared?
Now, it's done.
The groom must take the bride to the room.
It's over.
Do I have to go inside?
No, This is enough.
Tell everyone to go home.
I don't have to go inside?
No, you don't
Now, I am designing the bridal gown.
When I finish it, I will let you know.
I am happy for you.
you have to help me for the ceremony.
Promise me.
You forgot your meds today.
About the funeral today...
You don't need to prepare
a meal for her anymore.
What are you doing?
These are our daughter's things!
Don't be scared, my child.
I'll will protect you.
Excuse me, Mr. Udom.
Hi. Is Gim here as well?
I'd like to have a talk with both of you.
I'll go get her.
It's our fault.
It's our fault that we didn't protect her.
It's our fault.
Wi, my baby.
Don't leave me.
Sweet heart
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Why didn't you pick up the phone last night?
Getting drunk as always?
It's because of your behavior
you're getting nowhere.
That case of the car accident.
That fat chick.
Have you checked the surveillance camera?
They said that there's something
strange in the video.
Get your ass over here now.
Yes, sir.
Hi. May I help you?
Is Kong here?
Oh, he went out.
What business do you have with him?
Never mind.
No one is picking up the phone in room 3010.
Would you like to hold?
Mmm. When would he be back, normally?
He's usually home around this time.
He usually parks right in front.
Okay. Thank you.
Hello? Is this Gim, Wipavee's mother?
? Yes.
Well, I think that
This case.
How so?
It is taking a strange turn now.
Kong, her boyfriend
who died in the car accident.
He's still alive, actually.
Thank you for telling me.
Can you set it up?
I'd like to meet him.
Hello? Is this Gim, Wipavee's mother?
Where the hell are you? How's the case going?
I'm on it.
On it my ass!
Do you know that the fat chick
is the friend of that suicidal bride.
They died less than one hour apart.
Don't you think that's strange?
Go and talk to the parents again.
And do you know for sure,
which temple you have to go to?
Yes. Yes. Fucking yes as always.
Have you ever done anything?
Everybody is fed up with...
"Sorry, the number you are trying
to reach is unavailable."
Thank you.
This case is taking a strange turn now.
Thank you for telling me.
Can you set it up?
I want to meet him.
Can I take a look inside the casket?
We've been through so much already.
What else do you want from us?
Please don't create more pain for us.
What's up, Sir?
Hey! About the suicide bride case,
I just found out that
her boyfriend is still alive.
This case is getting complicated.
Drop everything and just find this Kong guy.
Find him.
I'd like to see if a loser like you...