9 Bullets (2022) Movie Script

[soft music]

[birds chirping]
[serene music]

I promise not
to fuck up this time.

[boy giggles]
[dog barks]
- Two suspects were caught
at the scene and one escaped
in what is reported
as a 1979...
[truck honks]
- Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon virgin
Mother and child
- This baby's looking good.
[phone rings]
Hi, Dad,
when are you coming home?
- Sam, listen to me.
Don't... don't be scared,
all right?
But that emergency
escape plan that
we've been practicing,
I need you to get the iPad,
and I need you to get
out of that house right now.
I'm gonna meet you
in our secret spot.
- Dad, what's happening?
- Sam!
Sam, just listen to me.
There's no time to talk.
I need you to go, all right?
Go, get out of the house now.
Everything is gonna be fine.
- Okay.
- We're okay.
- Okay.
- Sam is okay, we are okay.
- Go faster, Ralph,
go faster.
- We're gonna go,
we're gonna go.
Everything is gonna be okay.
- Okay.
- I'm sorry.
I'm so fucking sorry.
- Silent night
Holy night
Shepherds quake
At the sight
Glories stream
From heaven afar
Heavenly hosts
- Come on, Moses, come on!
[Moses barks]
- Alleluia
Christ, the Savior is born
Oh, yes
The Savior is born
- Ralph,
hurry up, please.
- Okay.
- Go faster, Ralph, go...
- Okay, he's gonna be fine,
he's gonna be fine, okay?
Everything is gonna be fine!
[engine starts]
[indistinct chatter
and cheering]
- Happy New Year!
[line ringing]
- Ralph?
- Gypsy,
don't say anything.
I might've fucked up.
- Ralph, hurry up.
- There could be
an accounting issue.
- What did you do now, huh?
What did you do?
- You fucked with Jack?
You're as dumb as you look.
- Can you call Jack
and just talk to him, please?
- I can't have
anything to do with Jack.
- Gypsy, please.
I need you to help me.
You're the only one
that he's gonna listen to.
- All right.
All right, all right,
I'll call him.
- Thank you... thank you, Gypsy,
thank you.
- You missed the road!
Turn around!
[tires screech]
- Ralph?
[sustained car horn]
[shotgun clicks]
- Oh, shit.
- [sobbing]
- Fuck, Jack's gonna
have our asses, man.
We need to find that iPad!
There's no fucking iPad.
I found a computer, let's go.
- Let's get the fuck
out of here, come on!
[tires squealing]
- [sobbing]
[mournful music]

- So when in the hell
is Tommy gonna get here
to clean up this mess?
[phone ringing]
- It's Jack, hold on.
Hey, Jack.
[door bangs shut]
- Shit.
[tense music]

[Moses whimpers]
[Sam whimpers]
- [sobbing]
[water splashes]
- Sam!
Look at me.
Just be quiet, okay?
Shh. Stay quiet, please.
[tense music]

- [sobbing]
- Kid, fucking sit down!
You're gonna get us
both killed, okay?
Sit there!
Jesus fucking Christ.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Come on.
Okay, come on.
[bags thudding]
- We've searched the house.
No kid, no iPad.
Shut the fuck up.
- If you find that boy,
you'll find the iPad.
- It's done.
We're looking for him
as we speak, Jack.
[phone beeps]
Motherfucker hung up on me.
- No shit.
Fuck him.
- Fuck him... fuck him.
- Let's go see if Gypsy's
seen the kid.
- Jesus Christ!
[banging on door]
- Hell yeah,
that's dog shit.
When did Gypsy get a dog?
Hell, yeah, that's dog shit.
When did Gypsy get a dog?
[Moses growls]
- Does he always do that?
- No.
- You're lucky.
This wasn't just to kill three,
they wanted four.
And they realized
they missed you.
They're gonna come
looking for you.
It's to set
an example for anyone
who tries to screw Jack.
- Is that what my dad did?
- Yeah...
- Which one is it?
- Your daddy was a good man.
Just go to sleep, okay?
[Moses whines]
[peaceful music]

Do you know how to pump gas?
[gas pump rattles]
Come here.
It's your job from now on.
Think of us
as a traveling kibbutz.
- What's a kibbutz?
- Well, it means we
each have a chore.
I'm gonna go get you
a phone for your bus ride.
- So you're not gonna drive me?
- I'm driving you
to the bus station.
I have a life
and a book to finish.
Do you have a phone?
- Are they gonna get away
with killing my family?
- For now, Sam, yeah.
They're professional killers.
There'll be no trace
that they killed your family.
Living is your win, okay?
Mine is to finish my book
and catch a cruise.
- How many cruises
have you been on?
- About 13.
Me and my dad
slept on the "Queen Mary."
Best sleep I ever had
on that big blue sea.
I'll never forget it.
- Which sea?
- San Pedro Sea.
- [sighs]
I'll never get to do that
with my dad.
- I understand.
- Did you lose your dad too?
- I've lost a lot,
let's leave it at that.
I got you a phone.
- Thanks.
- Get out your dad's iPad.
Let's find your uncle.
[phone rings]
- This is Rabbi Stein.
- Hi, Mr. Stein... I'm sorry.
I... I don't know
how to tell you this,
but your brother's been killed.
The whole family are dead
apart from Sam.
[somber music]

- How?
- I can't go
into that right now.
But I have your nephew.
I'm gonna send him to you.
- I, uh... I don't know that
I can take on another child.
I... I have children of my own.
- He loves kids.
[phone beeps]
Uh, can you just hold on
for one second?
Jenny, hi.
- The bosses think it's
gonna be a bestseller
so you've been pushed
two weeks for first quarter.
How is the rewrite going?
- Can I call you back?
- Gypsy, two weeks
for first quarter.
- Hey, Rabbi.
- Yes?
- Yeah, I'm putting him
on the next bus to Grand Forks.
I'll let you know
when he gets there.
- No, can you keep him
for a little while
to give me time
to figure out what to do?
- Yeah,
I'll make sure to call you
and tell you what bus he's on.
- Hmm... uh...
- He doesn't want me.
- Of course he does.
Look, I'm a retired
burlesque dancer, okay?
Not good for a kid.
I can't have a kid.
- Listen, I'm not saying
that I don't want the child.
I'm merely saying that
I need some time to prepare.
- You think he had time
to prepare when his family
was butchered
in front of his face?
I'll text you
what bus he's on... fuck!
[Moses barking]
Hey, kid! Wait... wait!
Wait, stop!
- Let go of me.
He doesn't want me.
No one wants me.
- Of course he wants you,
he's excited.
He just... he has to sit shiva
over your dad first.
And don't fucking run away.
Come on, heads up.
[birds chirping]
Here, take this.
[horn honks]
[dramatic music]
- Wait!
Stop, I can take care of myself
by myself.
Stop, let go of me.
You don't want me anyway.
- Hop in.
- No one's gonna find
those bodies now.
- [sighs]
Fuck this kid.

- I don't need a kid
and a fucking dog, okay?
- I promise I'll be good.
[Moses whines]
[light pop music]
[engine starts]
- You can't
seem to go away
- It's safer taking
the back road to your uncle.
[truck rumbles]
- Moses is his name.
- Oh, it's a...
it's a cool name, Sam.
That's unique, biblical.
- You know,
you really don't have to lie.
- [sighs]
I'm not good at
this kid thing, okay?
- [sighs]
- But you're gonna be okay,
I promise.
- How can you say that?
How can you lie to me?
All grown-ups ever do is lie.
And you won't take me,
my uncle doesn't even want me.
What, you just want me
to live in the wilderness?
- You'll land on your feet.
- How do you know that?
You never had a kid.
- Okay, Mr. Know-it-all.
God protects kids.
He protected you.

- Can I have one?
- Sure.
- Yes!
- Here you go.
My last one.
- Hell yeah.
- [chuckles]
Actually, it's a terrible idea.
- What was that for?
- You're a kid.
- Why are we stopping?
- Because I have to work.
- And what do I do?
- What little boys do.
Eat, swim,
watch TV with the sound down.
- Um...
- So I can write.
- I don't know how to swim.
[Moses barking]
- What kid
doesn't know how to swim?
- A kid who's grown up
on the desert.
[water splashes]
- Help, I can't swim!
Help, I can't swim!
[lighter clicks]
- How'd you know?
- Your mom.
Proudly showed me
all your swim trophies.
[water sloshing]
- I'm sorry.
I just didn't wanna be alone.
- Look, I'm sorry
for everything
that's happened to you.
Just know I know pain.
It doesn't go away,
but it gets better.
Let's make a pact,
you know what that is?
A deal, an agreement.
You don't want me to lie
to you, you don't lie to me.
[warm music]

Hey, I'm talking to you.
You answer me.
An angel just passed through
to heaven.
- Maybe it's Mom.
- Or Charlie.
- Who's Charlie?
- Someone I knew.

[door clicks]
Uh, you get the couch.
[keys clacking]
Is that a video game
or something?
- I'm trading Bitcoin currency.
- Bitcoin?
You mean the fake money
people talk about?
Can you hold it in your hand?
- No.
- Then it's bullshit.
- Last week, I made $22,000.
- Who are you?
[inhales deeply]
[Moses growls]
[door squeaks]
[Moses barks]
- My mom used to hold me
till I fell asleep.
- Okay, well,
you have to move up.
Oh, God.
Ow, fuck.
- You don't know much
about love, do you?
- And you're
an 11-year-old expert?
- You better let someone
love you before it's too late.
[tender music]
It was my
mom's favorite saying.

They're sure to kill you if
they find you with me, right?

- I'm a cat with nine lives.
I'll be fine.
- What does that mean?
- It takes nine bullets
to kill me.
[lively country music]
- I got a ping
on her credit card.
She's a mile from here.
- Okay, so we're here.
Your uncle is there.
I have five days to get here,
just enough time to drop you.
[truck rumbles]
- That's Gypsy.
- It sure is.
- Go, go!
Okay, get in, get down.
[Moses barks]
[tense music]

- Well, fancy seeing you
here today.
- Hmm,
nice to see you, Mike.
[Moses barking]
- Going on a trip?
- Maybe.
[Moses barks]
- Seen your neighbor lately?
- I don't see much, Eddie.
- Well, we didn't get them all.
Lost the kid.
- Maybe you should be
looking for the kid
instead of loitering.
Don't wanna piss Jack off.
[Moses growls]
- Right.
- Hey, get
your fucking hands off.
- You know,
we always get our man.
- Let's go, fellas.
[engine rumbles]
[Moses barks]

[horse neighs]
[horse snorts]
[phone ringing]
- Hi, Jack.
- You're the only woman
I ever loved.
- Still wondering
if I made a mistake.
- Yeah, well,
of course you did.
The boys said you looked
pretty as a peach.
- Well, boys lie.
- [chuckles]
The boys are too scared to lie.
- Did you have to do 'em all?
- [sighs]
And there it is.
Say we did.
You took the dog.
- I didn't take the dog,
they gave the dog to me.
- You hate dogs.
- Well, I slept with too many.
- [chuckles]
- What you doing now?
- Right now I'm looking
at the biggest set of balls
I've ever seen.
Hey, now take him.
Take him back.
- Okay.
- You know,
Lisa wants me to run for mayor.
- Come on, diplomacy's
never been your strong point.
- Well, when an employee
takes my fucking money,
I tend to believe
in capital punishment.
Where's the boy?
- What boy?
You killed the whole family.
- Okay, Gypsy,
when will you bring me the dog?
- If I say no, you'll kill me.
If I say yes,
you'll kill the dog.
- Hmm.
Why don't you bring him in out
of respect for what we've had?
I'll give you a 50/50 chance
that I won't kill him.
- 70.
- 70?
You're playing
hard to get, aren't you?
- Look, I...
I don't want a dog,
okay, but I love this dog.
This dog helped me
when I was at my lowest,
helped me write a book.
- A dog helped you
write a book?
- You know what I mean.
For old times' sake?
Come on, baby.
- His papa disrespected me
and took things
that weren't his.
Now, you keep that kid,
you're doing the same.
- 70% in favor of my dog.
- I'll let you know.
And wear something tight.
[phone beeps]
- [snickers]
- What?
- Isn't your skirt a little
too short for your age?
- Like your mouth's
too big for yours?
- Your jeans are way cooler.
- Thank you, Tom Ford.
Come on, Gypsy,
you can do this.
Don't leave the room, okay,
or open the door to anyone.
It might be a while.
- Why are you
putting perfume on?
- I always wear perfume.
- No, you don't.
- Come on, Moses,
let's go part the Red Sea.
[door clicks]
[Moses barks]
- You better bring my
dog back!
[classical music]

- Beauty and praise
Beauty and praise
Hang in the air
like chimes
Where she goes by
- You got an oral fixation,
you know that?
[bags thud]
- You never complained.
Look at that little fucker.
[Moses barks and growls]
Don't you make your mark.
- Did you
have to kill them all?
- You like
what I did to the place?
- You know what I think?
I think you have
too much furniture.
- Hmm.
Lacked a woman's touch.
- Mm-hmm.
- You care about that kid?


[footsteps approaching]
- I lit the fire.
[door clangs loudly]
- They're getting younger.
[soft guitar music]

- There is a house
In New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
It's been the ruin
Of many a poor boy
God, I know
I'm one

My mother was
A tailor
[both panting]
She sewed
My new blue jeans
My father was
A gambling man
- What are you doing?
- Something I should have done
years ago.
- Hmm?
- Leave you wanting more.
- Down in New Orleans
And the only time
He's satisfied
Is when he's on
A drunk

[ominous whooshing]
[birds chirping]
- You know you're the only
woman for me, right?
- Then why did you have
four other people
when we were together?
- 'Cause I was young.
'Cause you don't see
what you need
until it's
right in front of you.
I'm ready now.
- Well, Moses
is the only guy for me now.
- Yeah, he sure looks like
he shares the love.
Why'd you leave so fast?
- I got a book deal.
A chance to change my life.
- Come here.
- To cruise.
To finish my editor's notes.
Ask the club.
It's all been planned.
- You know, I... I always
thought that you'd come back.
- I was too dependent
on you, Jack.
Just trapped by what
other people saw in me.
Using one's mind is
a merit of freedom, right?
I had that when I was a kid.
I lost it.
- I gave you that.
I gave you freedom, didn't I?
- I got a second chance.
I can't let anything,
including a stupid kid,
get in the way of that.
[inhales deeply]
Now do I get to keep the dog?
[dramatic music]
- [sniffs]
Hey, you wanna see
something shiny?
Oh, his heart's beating
faster than mine.
[gun clicks]
[Moses whines]
- I'll see you
in the next life.
[gun clicks]

- Do you believe her, boss?
- [whispering indistinctly]
Just keep walking.
[Moses barks]
Hey, Moses, come on,
don't fuck around.
Fucking keys.
[keys jangle and engine starts]
[door clicks]
- How's your fake currency?
- Up $2,000 since yesterday.
- Well, we need real cash, Sam.
Not play coins.
- This is real.
- I really messed up
on that shirt.
[soft music]
I have to pee.
[door clicks]
[sighs deeply]
It's okay, it's okay.
- Okay, Moses, here I come.
[Moses barks]
[Moses barks and tires screech]
[loud bang]
- Sam!
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Sam!
- Oh, my God, I just...
- Are you okay?
- Oh, Jesus.
[Moses barks]
- He must smell something.
- Oh, God,
this is horrible.
Oh, my God,
I'm gonna call the insurance.
- Okay, you need to get your
stuff and get inside, okay?
Go! Don't question me.
- Gotta call the insurance.
Oh... oh, no, I'm gonna
take care of the damages.
- Fuck!
Here... good boy.
- I'm so sorry.
I just... how
do I use this thing?
- I fucking hate dogs.
- I'm so stressed.
Oh, my God, listen... wait,
the dog is in the car.
The window isn't down.
The window isn't down!
[engine rumbles]
- Get up, Sam.
[tense music]

[Moses whines]
- No kid. Just the dog.
- Shit.
She's gotta be checking out.
Ain't nobody gonna
leave no dog in a truck
with the windows rolled up.
- Fuck that dog.
It's the kid we're after.
- Grab your backpack.
They put a tracking device
on the car.
It's what Moses
was barking about.
- I have an idea.
[cart rattles]
- Fuck.
Hey, if you're up there,
I could use some fucking help.
- Need some help?
- So he doesn't believe me?
- That's real heavy.
- Come on, Eddie,
don't do this.
- You shouldn't lie.
- I like clothes.
- Open it.
- You fucking open it.
[suspenseful music]
- Oh, he's in there, ain't he?
- No, you moron.
Fuck you.
Fuck, no!
[silenced gunshot]
Fuck you. Fuck.
Get out of here, you two.
And tell Jack
I didn't fucking lie.
- Go fuck yourself.
[brakes screech]
[Moses whines]
- Fuck.
Come on up.
Come on, Sam, hurry up.
- I hate them.
- Just get in here, quick.
Put my computer
under your seat.
Here, hold your dog.
[engine starts]
- Oh, look at that.
I still can't believe
that woman left her dog
with the windows
rolled up in her car.
Can you imagine what
she'd do with her kid?
- Ooh, wait now.
That lady, she was with a kid?
- Yeah, she was with a kid
and a dog.
- Thank you.
[country rock music]

- One pill per person,
I'll never understand
I didn't know
what they were doing
[horn honks]
But they never gave a damn
- Whoo-hoo!
- Hey, can you drive?
- No.
- Just hold it straight, okay?
[tires squeal]
Straight, Sam.
Go straight,
go straight, go straight.
You got it?
- Yeah, I got it.
[horn honks]

Whoo, that was a killer
free throw.
- Talk to me, Eddie.
Where do I go?
- Hold on a second.
I lost the signal.
- Shit.
I'm just gonna take
the damn interstate.
- Just hold on
a second, it's...
- Oh, come on, come on.
That new techno shit,
driving me freakin' crazy.
- New world, baby.
You snooze, you lose.
Or you could retire.
- You know what,
why don't you retire?
[tracker beeps]
- Right here. I got it.
Got it, got it,
got it, right here.
Take a right up here.
- Are you sure
you don't want half?
- Hate peanut butter.
Hate jelly.
- Whoa, no one hates PBJs.
What if he doesn't want me?
- What grown-up
doesn't like kids?
- You.
- [clears throat]
- I bet most grown-ups
are like you.
If it's not their kid,
they don't want them.
- People adopt.
- But do they?
- [sighs]
Do you understand
how long I've tried
to be something other
than I am?
Do you get that every time
I try to do something I like,
I get interrupted by a jerk,
or a bill,
or an eviction notice,
and now you?
This, right here,
gets me a new life.
I want a new life.
- Just tell me what
the odds are he'll like me.
- I don't know.
Do I have
a crystal fucking ball?
I'm not a psychic.
- I want someone to love me.
- We all want someone
to love us, okay?
There's no guarantees in life.
I had someone once and...
I realized
I wasn't special, so...
People say the one
who leaves doesn't hurt,
but that's not true.
Then one day I woke up
and I was staring at
a Christmas tree all alone
and it didn't bring me any joy.
It just made me feel sad.
I have to write.
- Hey, Gypsy.
- [sighs]
- Gypsy.
- No one is gonna want
a kid that can't keep
their fucking trap shut.
- [sobbing]
- [sighs]
[keyboard clacks]
God damn it, Sam.
- [sobbing]
- Come here... come here.
Just get over here.
Oh, fuck.
Move over.
Come on, move over.
Move up.
I had stuff happen to me
too when I was younger.
Life-changing stuff.
- Like what?
- You wouldn't understand.
- I will.
[soft music]
- [inhales deeply]
When I was younger, I got
a scholarship to Princeton.
It's a fancy college
for smart people.
My dad was like, "Ha,
you'll never leave this town."
But the joke was on him,
right, 'cause I used my brain.
I had this professor that...
He was brilliant, so smart.
I would have done
anything for him.
Then one night, he...
he said he had something
specific for us to work on,
so I stayed behind.
And he did something bad to me.
I fought him, but...
I got pregnant.
[inhales sharply]
My dad said no smart Catholic
girl would ever get knocked up.
That I was just
a piece of meat.
So I dropped out of college
and moved in with my dad,
got a job at a bar,
and I drank.
And then one night, they called
me and said I left my phone.
So I... I thought
I'd take Charlie with me
'cause I never saw him,
and he was teething.
I thought it would soothe him.
[crickets chirping]
I had to swerve, otherwise...
The car would've hit us.
[steam hisses]
I hit a tree.
Charlie broke his neck. So...

I can't be around kids
'cause it makes me think
of the one I lost.
- You're crying.

- I'll get the check.
[tense music]

- That's pretty good.
- That's fucked up, boys.
That's your new technology
bullshit for you right there.
- Come on, let's go.
- Fuckin' move.
- Blaming it on you.
[engine starts]
- I knew we should have
killed that dog.
- My CHP friends
are running a search.
- Well, you best
find it fast, Eddie.
Pull up all you can
on Ralph Stein's relatives
and tough it up.
What's this?
Do I look like a rabbit?
- You look great, honey.
[pop music plays over stereo]
- I keep losing shiny days
'Cause we were fighting
for so long
- Hmm.
- I keep seeing
little glimmers
In the night
that say hold on
- Gypsy.
- Yeah.
- Let me drive.
- Sorry.
- Close your eyes.
- No, no, no. It's too... it's
too dangerous at night.
A deer could jump
on the highway.
- Five minutes?
- One minute.
- Fine.
- Okay.
You hold it straight, okay?
- I got it, I got it.
- Shiny days 'cause
we were fighting for so long
- Go to sleep.
- I keep seeing little
glimmers in the night
That say hold on
It's hard on our feet,
we'll walk anyway
[brakes squeal]
- Oof!
- Ah...
[soft music]

- Agh!
- [giggles]
You're working now?
- "The heights by great men
reached and kept
"were not attained
by sudden flight,
"but they,
while their companions slept,
were toiling onwards
through the night."
It means you work
while everyone else sleeps
if you wanna be great.
- When the road
gets hard to handle
Just might be
it's time to run
Trust your heart
and light up a candle
Helps to see you're
not the only one
So find your light,
it's always been bright
Even when it feels
like the darkest night
Take a chance and learn
what it's like
To let somebody love you
Let somebody in
Time to start over again

- Why are we stopping?
- Eating, peeing, car shopping.
- Uh, I don't see
any cars around here.
- Be open to miracles.
I'll stay here, you go
get me something to eat, okay?
- Thanks.
- Uh, get me turkey cheese
on wheat, toast the wheat.
I want mayo and pickles,
but sweet pickles, okay?
Not dill pickles, you got it?
[Moses whines]
- You hold Moses, okay?
- Okay, Moses,
stay with me.
Watch the cars, okay?
- Got it.
- There we go.
[bags thump loudly]
- Food.
Um, that's not our car.
- Well, it is now, so get in.
Come here... good boy.
Bye, old girl.

[Moses growls]
- We're going
to get in trouble now.
- We'll live longer.
- We broke the law.
- I did.
Just eat your sandwich.
It'll be great.
- You shouldn't have
taken this car.
- I shouldn't have done
a lot of things in my life.
I'm starting to think I
shouldn't have gotten involved
with the ungrateful brat
to my right.
- I'm not a brat.
- Stop acting like one.
You see what happened
to your family?
Same thing's gonna happen to us
if I can't think of anything.
[Moses barks]
- Ahh!
- Who the fuck are you people?
- Fuck! Fuck!
- Ahh!
[tires screech]
- Wait, who the fuck are you?
- Who the fuck am I?
Who the fuck are you?
- Apparently
I'm your new chauffeur.
- Chauffeur in my car?
This is my fucking car!
- Who sleeps in their car
with the keys in it?
- A hungover woman, man.
I need some coffee
and an aspirin.
- Get in the car
before we all get killed.
- Ah!
I can't believe this shit.
[car horn blares]
- Want half?
- [sighs]
I haven't had a PBJ
since I was, like, 16.
You two don't look like
normal car thieves.
You must be up shit's creek
with no paddle.
Kind of pisses me off that you
would take a brand-new Porsche.
- Well, it was ripe
for the taking.
- Do you know how long
it took me to save up
to get this puppy?
- No.
- Years and years of hard work.
Look at these fingers.
Do they look like
dishpan hands to you?
Do they?
Of course they do.
I don't work these
fingers to the bone
to pay my damn bills.
- What do you want me to do,
go back to my truck?
They probably found it by now.
- Who's they?
- The men who...
- My husband
was not good to the kid.
- So that's your son, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
- Yeah.
I could see the resemblance.
Who are you hiding from?
- Bad man, the kind who doesn't
give a shit how he finds me.
- Great, so now my ass
is in a twist, huh?
- Well, not as long
as we're stealing your car.
- Where are you heading?
- San Pedro.
- San Pedro?
- Yeah.
- You know you're going
the wrong direction, right?
Stealing cars and driving
in the wrong direction.
I thought my ass had troubles.
- Well, I promised
I'd drop him first.
- Oh, you're just
a regular Girl Scout.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, listen.
I'm headed to M-I-N-O-T.
Minot, North Dakota.
Home of the Minot
Air Force Base
and the Roosevelt Zoo.
- It's Minot, but okay.
Did you know
it's illegal to fall asleep
with your shoes on
in North Dakota?
Wear a hat to a dance, or eat
pretzels or beer together?
- Who asked you, kid?
- Can you drop us
at Grand Forks?
- Ha! You serious?
- Yeah.
- [laughs]
What do I look like,
a chauffeur?
I could take you two
as far as Minot...
- Minot.
- Then you have to find
another ride to steal.
- Oh, come on.
- Come on nothing.
This is my car,
my gas, and I'm the boss.
Now look,
I gotta get my beauty sleep.
You just keep on driving,
wake me up in a few.
It was nice meeting you both.
[Moses barks]
- Come on, dog,
get out the way.
[Moses growls]
- How long
does she do that for?
- Two to three hours.
- Does she sleep?
- Not much.
- You gotta give it to her,
she looks pretty serious.
What's the book about, anyway?
- It's about her work.
She's a dancer
somewhere in Santa Clarita.
- At The Jewel?
- Have you been there?
- Never heard of it.
Let's go watch TV in my room.
- Gypsy, I'm about to watch TV
with Tasmin.
- Bye.
- Okay.
[engine rumbles]
- Thank God for our friends
in uniform.
Positive ID on the truck.
- We gotta find this bitch.
- Slow and steady
wins the race.
I think it's time
to report a stolen kid.
- We gotta do something.
- Who's gonna break
the news to Jack?
- Hey, what's your Wi-Fi?
- Sweet dreams, all lowercase.
Listen, hon,
your card is declined.
- That's not possible.
- It was.
Tried it twice.
- Have you seen this kid?
[objects clatter]
Can you find who he was with?
- Sorry, I need some help.
Can you help me?
- Yeah, the door in the back.
[indistinct radio chatter]
- You stay here with this.
- 1218 in progress,
white female, 30s, brown hair.
- We gotta go.
- Make that the royal two,
I just got here.
- Uh, I don't think
you understand.
They have our photos.
My bank account's been frozen.
- So you don't have any money.
- Not on me but I can get some,
I need a ride.
- Do I look
like I have the words
"dumb-ass" tattooed
across my forehead?
- I will get you money,
but I need time... come on.
- I can do that
in under an hour.
- Yeah, I'm not talking
about that kind of money.
- What kind?
- Course you're not,
Ms. Intellectual,
I'm writing a book,
trying to pull rank
on a fellow pro.
- Are you guys bank robbers?
- No.
- From one gal to another,
I beg you,
please give us a ride,
I'll get you some money.
- How much?
- $500.
- $2,000 and you dedicate
your book to me.
- I don't even know you.
- You will know me
for saving your ass.
- You haven't saved it yet.
- I will.
- Okay, deal. You go pack.
Sam and I will wait in the car.
- Oh, you barking orders
at me now?
- Also, I left my bag
in the business center.
- Oh, the queen
has left her bag.
You want anything else?
Champagne and caviar?
- No.
But if they recognize me,
there'll be no book,
no dedication, and no money.
- I smell a rat, and when
I get back in this car,
you better tell me
what's going on.
- Goodbye.
I smell a rat too.
Fernando Santorini.
- She's Spanish?
- Well, she either
stole the car,
or she's a he, which she's not.
- Thank you, baby.
- Keep growing up,
oh, your foolish ways
Were they behind you now?
These eyes stay open wide
for sunny days
Up in the here and now
The ones you loved
you lost
So stay away from them,
they'll put you down
- All right,
put them in the car.
- Ain't got no tickin'
time for silly games
- Moses!
- Close it.
- 'Cause you're
a woman now
And that's where we are
- What is she doing?
- That's where we are
- Bye.
We are
And we're never going back
- All right, let's roll,
bi-atch, here.
- Na, na, na, na,
na, na, na, na, oh, yeah
[birds chirping]
- [sighs]
- [groans]
That better be one big
fucking dedication.
Tell me the truth.
Who are you two?
- From one rat to another,
who owns this car?
- I borrowed it.
- Like I borrowed it?
- Exactly.
Great minds think alike.
I'm just trying
to get home to my mama.
Tired of...
- Dancing?
- Yeah, my feet
and my mouth are tired.
- You talk a lot
when you dance?
[both chuckle]
- I've talked enough
for a lifetime.
When are we getting
to this money?
- In about six hours.
It's way before "Minot."
- Smart-ass.
- Minot.
- Hi, this is Lacey.
Leave a message
after the beep.
[phone beeps]
- Hey, Lacey,
that rainy day has come.
We'll be there in a few hours.
- You ever seen the movie
- Oh, come on.
- No.
- It's about these city guys.
They get lost in the woods
and then this toothless
mountain man grabs one of them
and says, "Scream like a pig."
And he gets behind him and...
- Okay, Fernando,
that's probably enough.
- But then he spanks him.
- Why does he spank him?
- For getting them lost.
- We're not lost.
- Yeah right.
- There's no mountain man,
there's a motel.
Come here.
Can you hold your dog?
- Get that dog off me.
[Moses growls]
- He's gonna spank you.
- [laughs]
- Lacey was a professor
of mine in college.
She's always
been there for me.
[somber music plays]

[door creaks open]
- Whoa, this is great.
- It's, um, clean.
If you need anything,
just call.
- [sighs]
Can't we just wait
'til the morning?
- We gotta keep going.
- I'll go.
- Hmm, no,
it's not safe for kids.
We're gonna go and get
the money, we'll be right back.
- And what if you don't
come back?
- Then you call your uncle.
I'm the girl
with nine lives, remember?
Hey, come on, Sleeping Beauty.
Tasmin, come on.
Seriously, come on.
- [groans]
- Wait!
Moses and I can make you happy,
and we can take care
of each other like a family.
You don't have to be alone
- It's not who I am, Sam.
[door creaks shut]
[tense music]
- Looks crazy.
- It's a graveyard.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- We're here
for my retirement fund.
- Who names a person
Ventures Gain?
- It's Jack's favorite horse.
- [gasps]
- Now you get to go home.
[both chuckle]
I get to disappear.
- Yeah, anytime, darling.
You had me duped,
and then I remembered
that we put this here.
[Tasmin whimpers]
Go get her.
Your hands are dirty,
let me... here.
[engine revving]
Where is he?
- He's just a fucking kid.
- He's the kid
whose daddy took my money,
and I need it back.
- "Fathers shall not be
put to death for the children,
"neither shall the children be
put to death for the fathers.
Every man shall be put
to death for his own sin,"
like Ralph Stein was.
- You're preachin' now, yeah?
It's God's law, ain't mine.
You're using that kid.
You're using him
to fill your void, right?
I know you 'cause I'm the guy
that pulled up from the gutter.
Who do you love more...
Me or some kid?
[dog barking in distance]
- The dog.
[Lulu the Giant's
"House of the Rising Sun"]

- Oh, fuck it.
[gun clicks]
- I've got one foot
on the platform
- You want me to do it?
- The other's on the train
- You know I will do it.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm goin' back
to New Orleans
To wear
that ball and chain
[gun clicks]

- [panting]
- Yeah, we, uh, we lost her.
- But not for long.
- Gypsy's the important one,
let's get after her.
Come on.
[suspenseful music]
- [panting]
[shoe thumps]
- Hey, Mama.
No I'm fine, Mama.
I'm almost there.
Okay, I gotta go, Ma.
Okay, bye.
[keys jingling]

- I hate the goddamn
cemetery, man.
- Okay, God,
forgive me, okay?
- Search that.

[gate rattles]
- I don't think
anyone's in there, boss.
- [sighs]
- Tommy, check it out.
- Son of a bitch.
Hey, yo, chief!
We got something!
[gate rattles]
- [gasping]
[owl hoots in distance]
[knock at door]
- Who is it?
- It's Lacey,
you have a call.
I was just about to make
some hot cocoa.
Why don't you come over
and have a cup with me
and we can have an adult
conversation, yeah?
- Yeah.
- You bring your dog.
- Come on, Moses.
[Moses barks]
- Fuck.
Just go to sleep, Gypsy.
It's nice and dark in here.
[breathing heavily]
[tense music]

[gate squeaks]
[light piano music]

Good morning, everyone.
- I'm one mile away, Mama.
I can't wait to see you.
All right, I'ma get you your
favorite breakfast
and we gonna celebrate.
Bye, Mama.
Fuck it.
One fucking dollar.
[engine revving]
- You know, the Navajo believed
that to truly curse a man,
just make him fall
in love with a woman.
- You want me
to go soft on her, boss?
- Just be gentle.
- Hey, Tommy.
- Yeah, where do I turn?
- If this thing's right,
we're gonna need to turn
left right here
at this restaurant.
- There? Gotcha.
- Well, Gypsy and I
made a plan a long time ago.
She'd go get the money
she needed to escape,
and if anything went wrong,
we'd meet on this road.
Let's hope she remembers.
- There she is!
[uplifting music]
- Hey!
I've never been happier
to see you.
- Our plan worked.
- And this will take us...
- Yes,
in the back, please.
[Moses whimpers]
- Why do we have to leave him?
- It's just best, Sam,
until you get settled.
- You know, Sam, it can get
pretty lonely out here.
And it will really help me
if I can have some company
for a week or two
just until you get settled.
- Mm-hmm.
[gentle music]

- Come on, kiddo.

- It's only a few weeks, Moses.
- Don't worry,
I'll take good care of him.
[engine rumbles]
The last thing my mother
ever said to me was,
"Be strong, don't quit."
- [chuckles]
Thanks, Lacey.

- You got some time?
- Do I know you?
- Not yet, you don't.
- This gentleman
speaks my language.
Step inside my office.
- I like to stand.
- Whatever you want.
[gun clicks]
- Answer the $500 question.
Where's the kid and the girl?
- What?
- Where's the kid and the girl?
Answer the fucking question!
- I don't know them!
- Where is the kid?
- I don't know them!
- And the girl?
- I just dropped them off
at Grizzly Cabins.
Please, mister, please.
I just wanna go see my mama.
I just want to go
see my mama.
- Okay.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Okay, please.
- Breathe, breathe... shh,
stop, stop, stop, stop.
- Okay, okay, okay.

- Where is she?
- They were at a cabin
20 miles from here.
- Don't be slippin'.
[loud banging]
[tense music]
- So you're ready
to come home now?
Come on.
- "Something cut inside
and I couldn't love anyone."
"I claim I'm free, but am I?
Sometimes I... "
- You read it, little shit!"
- "I'm broken and... "
- You read my book?
That's private.
- Everyone's gonna read it!
- Yeah, when I'm ready,
when I choose.
You're just like
all my customers,
you just want fucking more.
And I am broken.
I don't wanna love anyone,
not you, not me, no one.
- I hate you!
- Yeah. Well, I hate you.
Take your fucking backpack.
- Take this, you idiot.
- Asshole.
[somber music]
[tires screech]
[tires squeal]
[car door slams]
I'm bad.
I'm sorry.
- I don't care if you're bad.
I love you.
And if you're broken, Gypsy,
then I can fix you.
Just tell me where.
I fix my toys all the time.
- Hey.
You comin'?
- Huh, son of a bitch,
they're up in North Dakota.
- Fuck.
[door creaks]
- Can I help you?
- Well, you know what?
Actually, you probably can.
I'm looking for a kid
and his mom.
- Oh, they checked out earlier.
- Oh, yeah?
So you know where they went?
- Nope, I mind
my own business.
- [chuckles]
- Would you like a beer?
- You know, I think I would.
[Moses growling, barking]
[shotgun clicks]
[gunshot cracks]
- Mike.
- Yup.
- Mike!
- Mike, lying down on the job.
[tense music]

Oh, bitch, you are done.
[shotgun clicks]
- Not today.
[tires screech]
Not today.

[water trickling]
- Do you know what
you wanna do in life?
- Live by the beach,
play soccer.
Oh, and make money
for my family.
And probably have a wife
and two kids.
- [chuckles]
That many, huh?
Are you sure you're 14?
- I'm 11.
[both grunt]
[both giggle]
- Come on.
[both groan]
- Oh, wow.
I always knew you'd end up
liking PBJs.
- I hate them.
How's that fake money
of yours going?
- [blows raspberry]
It's good.
I figured out all Dad's codes.
- Mm-hmm.
- I found his iPad.
There's a lot in there.
I didn't know
we had that much money.
- How much, Sam?
- Well, between his account
and mine, a lot.
$6,330,000 for us.
- And I'm freaking Santa Claus.
- And $750,000
in Dad's account.
- We're in such shit.
Can any computer
access those accounts?
- No, just this one.
Unless they send a code
to Dad's phone,
and I don't know
where that phone is.
- This is why Jack's after us.
We gotta get this back to him.
- He killed my family.
- Your dad
took the money from Jack.
- He only took $750,000.
The rest I made off of that.
If we give the codes to him,
then he'll kill us both.
- Do you have all the codes?
- They're on there, but the one
in here makes all those work.
[serene music]

- Think you're over her
this time?
I'm younger, hotter,
and have a very powerful dad
who could help you win.
I could take you beyond mayor.
- Sir, it's Gypsy
on the phone.
- What?
[door squeaks]
- I have the iPad and the code.
Code will only work
with this particular iPad.
When I get the boy to safety...
- I wanna talk to the man
who killed my dad.
- I'll send you the final code,
do we have a deal?
- I'm gonna kill you.
I'm gonna get you for what
you did to my mom and dad.
You'll regret knowing me.
- Stop.
- I already do, kid.
- Let me talk to him.
Give me that...
- Stop!
- Phone!
- How do I
know I can trust you?
- Because there's
$7,830,000 reasons why.
- How many cents?
- 64.
- Do we have a deal?
- With him,
but not you, darling.
[mailbox clunks]
[tense music]

- Oh, I'll finish that bitch.
Yeah. Jack or no Jack,
she's done.
All right.
- Fucking Mike, man.
I fucking told
that motherfucker
he's gonna end up dead.
- Early retirement, man.
[map rustling]
North Dakota.
[phone buzzes]
What's up, Lisa?
- I'll give you a $50,000
bonus to take her out.
- What's that?
- Just get it done, Tommy.
- Copy.
- What did she say?
- Nothing.
[j solomon's "Hazy Eyes" plays]

- I fell off
a bridge into the abyss
All that was
waiting for me
Was I'm sorry with a kiss
- Do you think Tasmin
is with her mom now?
- Probably asleep in her bed.
- It's too bad she
didn't say goodbye.
- Well, sometimes people don't
have time to say goodbye.
- What's gonna happen
to you after you drop me off?
- I'm gonna catch a cruise...
Lay low until
my book comes out.
- Hmm, what about Jack?
-You're a real
chatterbox right now, huh?
When Jack gets the codes,
he'll, um, leave you alone.
Me too, hopefully.
- He said
the money only covers me.
- Well, I have
nine lives, remember?
I'm gonna be there front
row of your college
graduation waving at you.
- You promise you
wouldn't lie to me?
- Oh I think
the darkness won
And I finally realize
I finally realize I've
lost myself gazing
At your hazel eyes
Well, I'm still stuck
gazing at your hazel eyes
Well I'm still stuck
gazing at your hazel eyes
[geese honking]

- You have to send
the last code.
Go on, a deal is a deal.
[phone beeps]
Good boy, let's go.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- What?
- I don't wanna go.
- Well, you gotta go.
- No.
- What do you mean no?
You're gonna have a good
life here, a safe life.
All that fake money
I don't understand.
You're gonna be rich,
fall in love, live by the sea.
[tender music]

- It was my mom's.
This will always protect you.
It's a piece of me.
- Thanks you.
Okay, on three. One two, three.
- Emma said,
"Oh, God, why?
Why did I marry this man?"
She wondered what her
life might have been like
had she married
a different man.
This life of hers
was as cold
as an attic facing north.
I love this passage from Bovary
because it captures
her feeling
of unrepentant regret
like a tragic flaw that
kept her on this path
of decision that spiraled
finally out of control until it
became even more regrettable.

So what is repentance?
It means that the sinner has
abandoned his sin,
removed them from his thoughts
and resolved
never to let them repeat again.
Can you?
Can you change your life?
[uplifting music]

- Whoo!

[tense music]
- Atta girl.
[tablet beeps]
I taught you well.
- Gypsy, where are we going?
Where are you taking me?
[lighter snapping]
- Are you gonna leave me
with him?
Gypsy, what does this mean?
- Shh.
[engine rumbling]
[tires squeal]
- Ah!
- Get in the car!
[gunshot bangs]
[gate rumbles]
[gunshot cracks]
[gunshots bang]
- That boy's mine, Gypsy!
- [grunting]
[gunshots bang]
- God damn it.
Come on, Gyps,
I'll make it quick, I promise.
- Stay down.
- I'm gonna
kill that boy, Gypsy.
[gunshot bangs]
- [grunts]

[gunshot cracks]
- No!

- Hey!
[gunshot bangs]
Goodbye, Eddie.
[gun clicks]
- Bye-bye, Gypsy.
[gunshot cracks]
[Gypsy thumps]
- Can't send a man
to do a woman's job.
- Gypsy!
[somber music]
[distant sirens wail]
You have nine lives, remember?
You're a cat, remember?
[Jac Ross' "That River" plays]
- Oh, that river, oh,
that river, oh, that river
- I'll do everything it takes.
Please, take care of me.
Please, I need you.
- That river,
oh, that river
No, that river's not,
not gonna stop me
Not gonna stop me,
babe, not gonna stop me
Not gonna stop me
Oh, oh, oh
I will find my way
I will find my way
I'll crash
all the walls around me
I'll get to the other side
They can take
everything from me
They're not gonna
steal my pride
No one's
gonna silence my voice
No weight's
gonna weigh me down
They couldn't hold me
back then
And they're not
gonna do it now
Oh, that river,
oh, that river
Oh, that river
I'm gonna cross it
[sirens wailing]
That river,
oh, that river...
[police sirens wail]
[birds chirping]
- Is this heaven?
- Heaven will have to wait.
- I told you it takes
nine bullets to kill her.
- [chuckles]
Yes, you did.
You're a very lucky woman.
[uplifting music]
- I'll leave you with your son.
- Son?
- Is that okay?

- Come here.

- See?
You're not broken anymore.
Hey, you're crying.
- I don't cry.
- Yes, you do.
- Did you do
what I asked you to do?
- The last code I texted
had a virus with an encryption.
The money was transferred
to Save the
Children Foundation.
He killed my family
and now he's giving to a lot
of kids like me who
lost their parents.
- All of it?
- I saved a little for us.
- How little?
- Three little million.
- What?
Oh, my God.
You are trouble.
Wonderful, wonderful trouble.
Jack's never gonna let this go.
- He's gonna be pissed.
- [laughs]
He's gonna be pissed.
[warm music]
[The Snuts'
"Somebody Loves You" plays]

[engine rumbles]
[both giggling]
- It's a lovely day,
rain clears my feet again
[both howling]
The panic stations clear
out from the streets today.
- Whoa!
- Your friends,
your family
Somebody loves you, yeah
- So how do you like
your new car?
- I'll give you three guesses.
- And what about Jack?
- Well, we just have
to say one step ahead of him.
- After we get Moses,
of course.
- Of course.
- You know what?
- Hmm?
- I think you're gonna
have a best seller.
- Let's hope so.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Here, take the wheel.
Keep it straight.
- Whoa!
- Whoo-hoo!
- Never found the time
to tell you, girl
I love you
more than life itself
That's all right 'cause I
get wiser all the time, yeah
And never
overestimate your problems
Grab 'em by the horns,
I know you'll solve them
Someone loves you
And that someone is me
- Somebody loves,
somebody loves
Somebody loves,
somebody loves
- It's a lovely day
and I sure as hell don't
Feel that way
That everybody wants
to feel, but that's okay
And that's a symphony,
a revelry, run a dream
somebody loves me, yeah
And that's all I need
Somebody loves me, yeah
That's all I need
Somebody loves me, yeah
And that's all I need
Somebody loves me, yeah
That's all I need
Somebody loves me, yeah
And that's all I need
Never found the time
to tell you, girl
I love you
more than life itself
That's all right because I
get wiser all the time, yeah
Never overestimate
your problems
Grab 'em by the horns,
I know you'll solve them
Someone loves you
And that someone is me
Hold on tight
you're young and ready
Squeeze my heart
and turn it steady
Break my bed
and ride me heavy
Let me have our love,
young, crazy
Never found the time
to tell you, girl
I love you
more than life itself
That's all right 'cause I
get wiser all the time, yeah
Never overestimate
your problems
Grab 'em by the horns,
I know you'll solve them
Someone loves you
And that someone is me
- Somebody loves,
somebody loves
Somebody loves,
somebody loves
- And that someone is me
- Somebody loves,
somebody loves
Somebody loves,
somebody loves
- And that someone is me
- Somebody loves,
somebody loves
Somebody loves,
somebody loves

[Jac Ross' "That River" plays]
- Oh, that river,
oh, that river, oh
That river,
I'm gonna cross it
- That river
- I'm gonna cross it
- That river
- I'm gonna cross it
I'm gonna cross it
- That river
- Sometimes it all
seems so hard
But every day I'm proud of
every battle scar
Got something in my heart,
a fire in my soul
I carry it with me
wherever I go
I'll crash
all the walls around me
I'll get to the other side
They can take
everything from me
But they're not
gonna steal my pride
No one's
gonna silence my voice
No weight's
gonna weigh me down
They couldn't
hold me back then
And they're not
gonna do it now
Oh, that river,
oh, that river, oh
That river,
I'm gonna cross it
That river,
oh, that river, no
That river's not
Not gonna stop me
- Not gonna stop me
- Not gonna stop me
- Not gonna stop me
- Not gonna stop me
- Not gonna stop me
- Not gonna stop me
- Not gonna stop me
- I got some mountains
to move
But my arms are strong
and my faith is, too
I learned that I can
bend but I will never break
I'll get where I'm going
whatever it takes
But Lord,
sometimes I'm tired
I get weary to the bone
Sometimes I don't
know where I'll find
The strength
to carry this load
But I wasn't
born to give up
No, I wasn't made that way
Sometimes you
just got to fall down
To fight
through another day
Oh, that river, oh,
that river, oh
That river,
I'm gonna cross it
That river,
oh, that river, no
That river's not
Not gonna stop me
- Not gonna stop me
- Not gonna stop me
- Not gonna stop me
- Not gonna stop me
Not gonna stop me
Oh, oh, oh
I will find my way
I will find my way
I'll crash
The walls around me
- Not gonna take my pride
- Oh, no, no
Oh, they can't
Oh, they couldn't hold me
back then
Not gonna do it now
- Oh, that river
- River
- Oh, that river
- River
- Oh, that river, oh
- That river, yeah
- Not gonna stop me
- I'll be swimming to you
- That river, oh
- So stop now
- That river, oh
- I'm gonna go
- That river, oh
- No
- Not gonna stop me
- We got a river
- River
- We got a river
- River
- Grab my hand
- River
- I'll help you get back
- River