9 Full Moons (2013) Movie Script

You like to
get one of them, right?
Wait 'till we get
to the mansion boy.
'Heff' makes Dionysus look
like a fucking altar boy.
Primo pussy.
They got tits, vagina.
Not like where
you guys are from.
Their teeth are white.
Ah yeah, I've been
waiting here for hours.
Alright I'll be on call.
Where are
you from in Scotland?
I'm not from Scotland.
Oh shit, I know
you're from Scotland,
but you're not from Scotland.
Where are you from?
That doesn't matter.
You want to go to a party?
Where at?
you wanna share that?
I don't bite, unless I have to,
but you can find that
out later if you like.
I gotta get going.
That's a shame.
You'll see me later.
You gonna be okay?
Absolutely top tips.
Alright you
take care of yourself.
You take
yourself some.. care.
Do you remember
that one party
at Ashley's, I sketched
you, you remember that?
It's stupid but it kind
of really inspired me.
I'm going to have
a show I think.
First show, but nobody's
seen the kind of
centerpiece one,
cause I thought maybe
you should see it first.
No, no!
No, I don't want to!
No, stop!
Yeah the wallet with the
driver's license and everything.
Yeah DMV tomorrow morning.
So, can you get
somebody else to cover?
Alright, to me, to me.
To you. Cheers.
Where is yours,
what are you doing?
To random hospitality!
You can come in.
I just have to grab your wallet.
Just wait, wait a second.
You wanna
smoke some weed?
How'd your night end
up the other night?
What about you?
I got raped.
You just made a funny face.
Fuck you, what
are you talking about?
Is that a joke? That's a
No, it's just, no I just..
it's very true.
What do you mean, you...
No, after I
saw you, I got raped.
It's really, I'm really fine.
I was just a little
sore afterwards,
but I'm usually a little sore
after a big night you know,
so not any different
than many nights...
Well who was it?
I know him,
it's really weird.
I guess it's not weird,
I guess it happens
that way a lot, but
really I didn't realize
I was getting raped
until like later when
I thought about it,
I was kind of
disappointed I just
kind of gave up halfway through.
Have you ever raped anyone?
Want some of that?
Here you are, breakfast in bed.
I didn't have any
milk, I only have
one serving of cereal,
so I split it in two,
and I didn't have
coffee so you got water,
so I poured it with heart so..
Thank you.
That's good.
I'm Frankie.
as in Franchesca.
My mom apparently was going
for a queenliness theme.
I'm Lev.
After Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy.
You know the War and Peace guy.
I know who Tolstoy is.
My father, an avid reader
he was one of his heroes.
I guess our
parents made their mark, eh?
I guess so.
Lev, sir.
How are you?
Thanks for grabbing me.
Do you have
your papers in tact?
I got the hook up
with the DMV guy.
is all taken care of.
What is this
shit we're listening to?
This is fun, no don't
touch that, turn it up.
No, no, no, that's just..
This is stuff I've
been playing with,
and still a work in progress.
Goddamn it, stop with
that mantra already, bro.
Fuck man, you got mad skills,
and I'm sick of
talking about it.
I'm going to meet Charlie
Nash's manager in New York.
a, Charlie King Nash, man.
He's got a new album, I'm trying
to get him to produce
it here in L.A.
I love Charlie
Nash, the guy is genuine.
His last album
was a piece of shit,
he needs a fresh
approach, so you know
I'm thinking electronic
fusion, maybe?
Why don't you drop
off a master of this
and some of your other
beats and let me see
if I can get you on
the album with Charlie.
Don't be insane, man.
Bro, I wanna
help you, alright?
And I think your shit and
fucking Charlie's shit
put together would probably
be the fucking shit.
Whoa, you really
made the effort, huh?
Oh that's my friend
does A&R for a record label.
Thank you.
I drive this
client on the...
when they're in town.
You're not a dream.
You're real.
You're real.
My head hurts so bad.
How bad was I last night?
You were...
Epic, oh jeez.
Did we have sex?
I don't remember.
I'm sorry.
Come on.
It must not
have been very good.
I'm just kidding.
No, no, you heal me.
Don't roll away from me.
What's that from?
Battle wounds?
My upbringing wasn't
all hugs and kisses.
Ok we don't
have to talk about it,
I'm going to detour from
that subject, alright?
What do you want to do today?
We can do anything you want.
Let's get up and...
let's change the world.
First, I need aspirin, then
we can change the world.
I can be like a traveling store
and I can sell
things on the road,
so if I wanna go to
Oklahoma tomorrow,
I can go to Oklahoma tomorrow
and sell all these things that I
collect from around the world.
The more money I make the more
expensive things I could buy
and the more money I can make.
You wanna be a gypsy?
I wanna be a gypsy.
I am kind of a gypsy.
What are you doing?
I'm just trying to
get to know you better.
You don't
know me at all,
we just fucked a couple of times
and you just cleaned my kitchen?
Yeah what, I
didn't ask you to do that.
Come on...
It was inhuman in there.
I don't need you
to come into my house and
judge me, I actually don't
need you to come here at all.
I'm not
judging you Frankie.
Look, I don't normally do
things like this, alright?
But you gotta admit
it's pretty curious that
the rest of the whole
house is a fucking mess
and this room is like a shrine.
So now I'm
crazy and I'm a mess?
You got a
perfectly good bed here,
you sleep in the living room.
This is non of
your business, by the way.
Just get out!
Get out of my fucking house!
Oh, alright.
You got some damage.
a cool bike, huh?
It doesn't work.
Well I
can fix it for you.
Does your mom have 15 bucks?
on, let's go Shane.
I've been talking
to his manager about you,
I even played her
some of your stuff.
You played the old stuff?
Or did you play the new...
I wanted you to play...
I know, I
know, but the manager
she loved it alright she
gets where I'm coming from.
She says Charlie is
ready for a change.
I mean the next step is we
need to get you two together.
In Vino Veritas.
Come to
make my day, huh?
A woman works up a mean
thirst yard-selling don't you?
Easy there Sparkie,
have a heart.
Nah... no.
Oh don't freeze me out.
I'm not
freezing you out,
I'm just not in the mood.
I'm wearing my
lucky astrology mood-tickler
to diddle your skittle darling.
Oh, those
lines don't work on me.
You're about as much fun as
watching paint dry aren't you?
It's like old times, huh?
I missed you.
We have a guest.
Do you want a glass
of wine or something?
This is Lev.
Come sit down.
Cat got your tongue?
Come sit down.
This guy
is creeping me out.
You creeping me out there chief.
You alright with this guy?
What are you doing?
Sit down.
I think I'm a...
third-wheeling on out of here.
No don't go.
Yeah... yeah.
Alright darlin'.
I'm gonna catch the
next bar out of here.
Good night to you man.
Right, be careful of her heart.
Don't blow it.
Frankie, I just
want to talk to you.
Frankie, I just came
here to talk you.
Come on and open the door, okay?
What are you doing
in there, Frankie?
What are you doing
in there, Frankie?
Open the fucking
door, open the door.
Open this fucking door!
Just wanna talk to you.
Get out!
Get the fuck out of my life!
Calm down.
You calm down.
Hey Frankie I
gotta get that van back.
Is this going?
What are we doing
with this thing here?
I'm sorry I'm just...
We took vows and shit it's
Suppose to be forever and ever
and ever, and that's bullshit.
You look happy.
Why don't you keep it?
Get a new frame for it.
This going, this one?
Can we
try it over there?
But don't block the window.
I don't think it
looks right anywhere.
It would look right in
my uncle's mechanic shop.
Are you just going to sit
here and tell me what to do?
That's nice.
Like this?
Yeah the
look just like that.
Ok and then just
lower a little bit.
Kind of just
like casual like that?
Good smile!
Let's bring the rifle in.
You got one
that's not came like that?
Just kind of a
ruger normal style?
I don't know
Billie, what do you think?
I kind of prefer like this, this
is an old Dobro work of art.
Yeah let's nix the
rifle just keep the guitar, ok?
It's like what if
there is a school shooting,
you know, and picture
me standing there with
a goddamn gun in my
hand, is that alright?
Yeah that's fine.
That went well.
Sure did, and we're
gonna make the airport in time.
Hey Sonnie!
It's kind of painless.
Alright, so the limo
is waiting for you upfront.
I booked that
house that you like
that you stayed in last time.
Oh that's
a good one yeah.
Please Charlie...
Stay sober, huh?
I will, I will.
Did you check out
that music I sent you?
I'll get
around to it I promise.
It's an
important one, baby.
So sorry I'm late,
the traffic was crazy.
I'm so ready to go out,
the toilet overflowed
today, I was up to
my elbows in your
shit and my shit.
It was fucking disgusting!
I can't wait to get out of here.
Let's go.
I just thought
you would wear a dress.
Are you serious?
Fuck off!
Charlie, it's Ronnie,
Ronnie Mullen, Pure records.
Oh, the label guy.
Good to
see you again, hi.
This is Lev, he's
gonna spend a little
time with you in the studio.
So what's
your instrument?
I give them all equal love.
So you're
like a Marxist, huh?
I like firearms myself,
you know just line 'em up,
take 'em out one by one.
It's the American way.
Yeah, that's it.
What's this?
You got a camera
crew following you?
they're doing some
you know diddly bob on me.
Terry directing Charlie
King Nash's come back.
Oh, excellent
nice to meet you, yeah.
Is that Kitty?
Hi how are you?
Sorry, these are
friends of Kitty too.
Good to be back.
Hey Frankie.
Fuck off.
Nice to meet you.
You shouldn't
have brought me here.
What happened
with that guy?
That's the guy.
Lev, Fuck!
And also a Nazi yes,
however he is the
messiah at the same time.
Do you want
to fucking die?!
Try to fuck me
now, you piece of shit!
I should slit your
fucking balls off!
Try to fuck me now!
Get the fuck off
me, fucking asshole!
You fucking piece of shit!
Get the fuck
out of here man!
Damn, man.
Not ten minutes ago I would
not have said that was
gonna happen here, you
know what I'm saying, shit.
Whoa whoa, fuckin'
a, you guys alright?
What the hell just happened
in there, what was that?
Bitch, slut whore!
I should fucking slit your
fucking throat you piece of shit!
Alright, alright,
alright he's gone.
I'm fine,
get the fuck off.
I hope it doesn't blow
the deal off with Charlie.
Fuck that.
You alright?
That was crazy.
Man I've seen some
bar brawls, but that
was some Rambo-Tarzan shit.
Make sure you're
alright for the studio.
Bring some of that fire, huh?
Catch you later man.
Here, you dropped that.
Well that's good.
I'm going from
the top again Lev, ok?
Alright, just try
to hear that click track.
Maybe just bring it down a
bit, it's just so in my head.
Do you know what I mean?
Understood, understood.
Just try to listen to it.
Charlie, Charlie stop.
Alright man, shit.
Why don't we just slow
it down a little bit Charlie
It should,
the tempo should be...
Ok, ok I got
it, yeah I got it.
I'm a bit of a
study in contradictions.
I fought for peace, I was
an atheist, I found God,
if you can drink it,
snort it, fuck it,
whatever, I've
been hooked on it.
I have kids everywhere,
three ex-wives,
but you know, so on my
ranch, I can breathe
and I can think, but here
is where my heart is.
My spirit, you know,
cause I'm doing my thing.
Making magic.
That you've certainly
done today, my friend.
Thank you, hey...
Lev, so what did you think?
Good, getting some ideas.
Just need some
time to experiment.
You got the
studio for months,
you got a lot of time to
work voodoo shit, huh?
Make my lyrics
shine, make 'em pop.
Yeah, are you going to
rewrite any of the lyrics?
fucking with me man.
Ha ha ha oh shit, son of a bitch.
Man, you're dry baby
I can't read you.
I don't know you
good enough yet.
Good, you got
me, you got me.
Hi babe.
I'm making Indian food for us.
I'll be home
soon I promise.
Hurry up, alright?
Hey champ.
I love you, bye.
Pretty glamorous, huh?
Yeah, can't get
enough of the paparazzi.
Be careful
what you wish for.
Here you are, hi
Lev, Stadler, Waldorf.
Charlie wants to
hang out, by the way.
So we gotta get to The Standard
because he's gonna
get us free drinks.
I gotta go home.
Oh come on,
dude, wrong approach.
One drink.
Alright one
drink, one drink.
One drink!
I'm not even
gonna feel sorry for you.
Fair enough.
There's food on the
stove, I already had some.
I'll make you a plate.
You know this
reminds me of my parents.
My mother she always cooked.
She didn't know how to do it,
but it was always made
with love, you know?
How come you don't
talk to your parents anymore?
You're looking at
me like I'm a ghost.
Charlie please, please
just stop just start What?!
You're coming in
a little bit too fast,
right at the top of
the verse there, ok?
So why don't you bring it
back, we'll do it again.
Alright, you ready?
give me a second.
One, two...
Alright here we go.
Cut, Charlie...
doing the same thing every time.
You're just not getting
it right, I mean
the song is hard
enough to listen to.
Is that on
your end or my end,
man, 'cause it felt fine.
You're coming in too fast.
Right at the top of
the verse there, ok?
So why don't you just bring
it back we'll do it again.
So what's it like to be working
with a living legend, man?
Excuse me?
Can you do me a favor?
Don't film me.
What's your
problem, motherfucker?
You want the sound
to stand out, right?
You have to do it right.
Listen dude,
I've been playing music
since before you
were fucking born.
Hell I was singing
country western before
I was even fucking
born, when I was in
my mama's belly my daddy
was playing the guitar
to sooth her country, rockabilly,
rock n roll, folk, gospel,
man I fuckin' played it all and
I fuckin' played with everyone!
So you sit there you
little fucking snot nose
California fucking
hippie, and tell me
Charlie King Nash how to
play my fucking guitar
and how to hit my notes right!
You know what... I'm...
I'm hungry, are you hungry?
He's righteous.
I'm gonna piss.
I'm gonna join you.
Oh man, you alright?
God, whoo!
Damn I have not been this
drunk since 1994, man.
Fucking Johnny Cash, right?
The king, man.
I've never played with him.
I met the man once, backstage
in 'Austin City Limits'
before my show, right, and we're
talking about this and that,
right before I went on
stage Johnny says to me,
he says something that
really stuck with me,
he said, "Charlie,
build on your failures,
"you use them as
stepping stones,
"you shut the door on the past,
"you don't forget your mistakes,
"but you don't dwell on them,
"you don't give 'em time,
"you don't give 'em space,
"you don't give 'em energy. "
And you were
motherfuckin' right, Lev.
My lyrics are shit, there
may have been some truth
to them 10, fucking
25 years ago, but
man I've been in that
frame of mind way too long.
I just let it
consume me, you know,
just feeling sorry for myself.
I grew up loving
your music man.
Thanks brother.
You did me a service
taking me here tonight.
That was truth in
there man thank you!
I have not felt this
alive in years!
Holy shit it's
Charlie King Nash.
Hey Charlie! Charlie!
Rock and roll Charlie!
Are you alright?
What the fuck, man?
No, it's cool man.
Take your friend
go fucking down the street.
It's alright
man, it's alright.
You're lucky we
don't sue your fucking ass.
Hey, sleep on this, bitch!
Right there, fucking sit on it
and sleep on it motherfucker.
In all seriousness
everybody has a drink?
I want to propose a toast
to this young prodigy
who I like to call
the California kid.
Who has retaught this
old dog that it's always
important to just be real,
be honest, be truthful.
To Lev!
To Lev!
Real talent.
I wanna hear some
of the stuff already.
Yeah well we gonna
hold back on that for a second.
She's got spunk,
I really like her.
I bet you do.
What's with the cynicism?
Your friend's really
happy with her.
He's a nervous
wreck and she's a fucking
train wreck waiting to
happen, look at her.
Just pull up till
you see this car right here.
Why are we gonna stop?
'Cause I want...
it's just takes two minutes.
Just pull in.
Park right here,
yeah right here.
I think we
should just go home.
Look, you
stay in the car,
and you keep your
eye out for cops,
because they're always
in this parking lot,
and they always try
and fuck with me.
Oh babe look at this
lamp, this is amazing.
This will be great in your home
studio that we build, right?
Yeah, does it work?
I don't know
if it works, that's why
we take it home
and we plug it in,
we put a light bulb in
and if you don't like it
then I would just sell it.
Oh my god, who would give
a chair like this away?
Babe look at that chair.
Babe look at this chair.
Why do you need all
this garbage in your life?
It's not
garbage, and I can fix it.
This gives me something to
do when I'm feeling lonely.
Oh you're lonely.
I'm right here.
See that
took two minutes.
And it made me happy.
I love you.
Baby, I'm so mad
at you right now.
Let's get a drink.
No, I, no, no.
Bye everyone!
Let's go somewhere today.
Let's just get in
the car and drive.
Hi babe.
How was your day?
Good, really good.
Where are the smokes?
There was a whole
pack of cigarettes.
I threw them away.
Frankie, I'm having
a really hard day.
Ok, I.. Ronnie and
Charlie are just...
I'm just not in the mood
for pranks, alright?
So where are the cigarettes.
I'm not,
it's not a prank.
They're in the garbage can.
Why did you do that?
Oh, what?
What did you do with
all this alcohol?
I drained it.
You drunk?
You just been
drinking all day?
No, fuck you!
No I put it down
the kitchen sink.
There was a whole bottle of sixty
year old single malt in there.
Yeah I know that.
I'm pregnant.
We're pregnant.
You know what, it's
weird for me too, ok?
Hold on, hang on.
Tell me that again,
just say it, say it.
Start over, start over.
Start over?
You heard me I said
I was pregnant.
Oh god.
You know what you're
being really insensitive.
We're having a baby?
We're having a baby?!
We're having a baby?
We're having
a fucking baby!
You see I told
you that the husbands come.
We should invite
Ronnie and Sadie over
and I'll cook us dinner
one of these days.
He's your
best friend, right?
You see, see, see?
There's the shape
of it right there.
Still a little too tiny to
actually make out all the organs.
Ok, everything looks terrific.
Make sure you don't forget
to take your prenatals.
See you in six weeks.
But you like miss
drinking like wine or anything?
I mean you can't
have wine right?
No, I'm
third trimester.
You really can?
Just one
Yeah, but it's probably
not going to do anything so...
Game was fucking close,
I was just sweating
bullets just staring
at the fucking
faggot in the corner.
If the Lakers were gonna lose I
was gonna fucking beat his ass.
The hormones
do do things to you.
Well your
couscous is amazing.
It makes me
look like a genius,
it's really easy.
Will you write it
down for me, I'll make it.
Wait a minute,
you're gonna write it down?
You've never cooked a
goddamn thing in your life.
You're done?
Thanks babe.
Yeah I'm done.
You sure?
I'm going to go and
see if he needs some help.
Thank you.
from Pittsburgh too?
No, I'm born and
raised in the west coast.
Oh, I thought you
guys met in Pittsburgh.
No I met Lev when
we were 10, middle school.
I didn't know that
he had moved here, actually.
You don't really
know much about Lev do you?
No it just, we
don't really talk about it.
I understand why
Lev would talk about it
he's just not a chatty guy
but you seem pretty open.
What's that
supposed to mean?
I don't know, you should
know what's in your closet.
You enjoying your wine?
Yes I am, you
enjoying your water?
I am.
Very good.
Hey, I can put this out.
No no no just blow in
the other direction that's fine.
I could totally use a cigarette
and a stiff drink right now.
Don't worry about it,
you and Lev are gonna
pull through this,
and have an amazing
looking baby.
So, I ran
into Bobby Levine
yesterday morning
at the coffee shop.
Remember Bobby?
Mandy's little brother.
She's married now,
did you know that?
Life moves on, huh?
keeps changing.
That's pretty big news.
Why are you bringing
that up right now?
Well you know
Mandy scarred you.
Mandy is a different
story man, I mean...
I'm just looking
out for your interests.
That's it.
Oh my interest?
Look man, me and Frankie
are having a baby.
I'm gonna be a father.
Do you have any idea
what that means?
Alright let's
get the fuck out of here,
I gotta take a dump.
Thank you Lev.
Bye Ronnie.
Yeah, right let's split.
He was drunk, obviously.
You never told
me that you grew up here.
That's because we agreed
to keep it in the present.
Yeah well,
things are changing.
Nice strong heartbeat.
Is that the heart?
Yeah, see?
Everything looks terrific.
Are you and what was
his name, Lev, right?
Are you doing Lamaze?
No, he
hasn't had time to.
You know
what a lot of couples
have their problems but
you could consider maybe
doing it with a relative
or a really good friend,
people find it very helpful.
I will see you in
four weeks, alright?
I kind of had a
similar one here but it really
made no sense at the end,
"Let me taste the blood
"of broken hearts
and busted lips,
"Let me sweep the floor, clean
the glasses, count the tips. "
Kind of like closing out
at the end of the line.
That's not bad, that's...
More what you
were talking about, right?
It's pretty good.
Well it's
getting there.
Hey Billie.
Charlie is that you?
It's me, yeah.
What time is
it, how you doing?
Hey did you get
that email I sent you?
I stuck some song in there,
I attached one of
them mp3 files.
So what did you think?
I'm thinking that
we have a release date
next week, and I'm thinking
that you're about to lose
the ranch if you don't make
your mortgage payments.
It's great out
here I'm writing real good,
you know I feel really free.
I feel real good, I feel I
don't know maybe it's just like
I'm not so lonely
anymore you know?
Are you
drinking Charlie?
Oh hey, Lev, I
wanted you to meet Eugene.
What's going on, Lev?
That's the kid
that's been tinkering
with the music and
screwing it up?
Five months I have
worked on that fucking shit
to make it, to make it right.
And now what?
I fucked up?
No, you didn't fuck
up, I like what you did.
Oh you liked it.
You fucking set there
like a cheerleader
bobbing your head, man.
Look, Charlie
has creative control.
It's out of my hands,
there's nothing I
can do about it, man.
Fucking bullshit man,
that's such fucking bullshit
Look you're still
getting paid the same
and I think you guys
can work together.
Fuck you!
No don't go there man...
No fuck you man, you
have no fucking morals!
I don't have
fucking morals, yeah ok,
alright, so fucking push
me, why don't you punch me
cause that's how you
deal with things,
'cause you have daddy issues!
Go ahead!
Man, I don't know how
to fucking help you man.
Talk to me.
Fuck you Charlie.
Are you sure you don't want
to go to the record release?
Sadie called and invited
us, I'll go with you.
So sad.
I'm gonna sit the fat lady
over here, to cheer you up.
Don't worry babe, I'm
gonna find something else.
I know.
Maybe I can get a part time job.
We'll be okay.
Kim Rose?
This way.
Excuse me ma'am.
I have an appointment with my
girlfriend, at 1 What's her name?
It's Frankie.
Oh she's already inside,
you can go in through
the door, 501.
Thank you.
Hey, what's going on?
You're going to
need to make an appointment
as soon as possible
for this procedure.
You have to have it removed.
Yeah, I need to
make an appointment.
Hi sweetie, I want you
to count back starting from 5.
No, no, don't.
You want something?
Want some green tea?
Maybe a glass of wine?
I wanna have a party.
It's been a long day.
Yeah, I want to sit
here for just a little bit.
Very good.
Ok I see you have
driver's license,
I see you have experience,
very good, that's very good.
I need to know, do
you have any issues,
second job, family
issues, kids, something?
Just put me behind
the wheel and I drive.
Sorry, but
I smell cigarettes.
Can I have one, do you mind?
Hey, babe.
Hey these vamps got
us pure m.d.m.a.
You got to try this.
Yo beat beat would you?
Come on Annie.
Get out!
Frances why the long face?
You gotta try this, woman.
The hairy eyeball
doesn't become you woman.
This is pure m.d.m.a.
Well you just got evil
to the core didn't you?
You got evil vibes just oozing
out of you, don't you woman?
Hey, there's something
sinister about you.
Come on Frances, what is it?
Just say one
word that actually
means something, try it.
You're a man of words, try it.
Oh, but you're a lover
and a fighter, aren't you?
You're a beautiful
loser like me.
You're a meliorist.
Do you know what a meliorist is?
It's a compliment.
It's a...
You're a glass half full.
You know.
You're an upstart you know?
You got moxie kid.
Unlike me who's just a...
I'm just a cover act you know.
I'm just a bottom feeder.
Just a...
Just a fucking phony.
You know, I was
never there for you.
I'm not there for you now.
Never been there for you.
I don't give two
shits about you.
I do, but I don't you know?
It's just the next
piece of tail you know?
You can't sleep here.
Is that okay?
Oh, no, no.
You definitely can't
smoke in the house.
I know that's funny.
But do you wanna go again?
Baby hi, hi, shh
I put sugar in it!
I can't taste it!
Please, calm
down, the doctor said...
I make the
decisions in this house Anna.
Put in more sugar
and add more cream.
I'll get you another cup.
I'm Frankie
and I'm an alcoholic.
Hi Frankie.
Yeah I...
The past four weeks have been
the hardest time in my life.
I really had to face myself and
realized I have a long way to go.
I grew up in Seattle
and my mom left.
And my dad's hobby was getting
married in between drinks.
I tried for awhile
to get his attention.
At fifteen I just realized
that it was probably
better if I just drifted away.
And I was partying a lot.
The void requires an infinite
amount of hard liquor.
The whole time I was drifting,
I kept thinking that...
One day I would...
Show up at the grocery
store and buy a milk carton,
and my picture would
be right on there,
or walk by a grocery
store and my picture
will be taped up on there you
know like those missing kids.
I kept thinking that
somebody was maybe
looking for me, but
they weren't, and...
I guess parents don't
have it as figured out
as we think they do,
they're just people,
and you can't blame them,
but it's my choice
to change so...
This next
song is about dealing with
personal demons, and I
always like putting it on
the road because I always
think kind of you know
the road inside you and the
road within and without.
Well I'll let the
song do the talking.
And we
certainly will Charlie.
Here is 'Old Trucker' Charlie
King Nash's first single
from his new album
here on KCRX radio.
Why you don't have a suit?
I quit.
Eight g's man, eight g's.
I thought we
said eight and half?
Oh man, you know, this
gear's kind of old,
I need to update it,
audio software and all
kinds of crazy stuff,
you know what I'm saying?
Man I love the place man.
I tried to get an
apartment here man.
When I came here it was crazy,
Some lady jumped
out of this window,
I'm pretty sure
it's this apartment.
Are you tight with
the landlord man?
Maybe he'll give me your spot?
Just give me a call.
Woah, wait hold
this for a second.
Woah man, what's up
with that bike man?
What's up with this bike?
You wanna sell this bike?
I can't, I can't sell
the bike man, no.
Come on man, 150, 150.
I'll go to the atm right now.
It's not for sale,
here, here you go.
Alright man.
This is me.
Just staying with some
friends for a little bit.
You should take the bike.
No... no... I...
I don't know if I can
keep it with them so...
I'm leaving for awhile.
Where are you going?
I don't know.
like a good plan.
I think you
should come with me.
I got to work tomorrow.
I'll be around.
I'll see you.