90 minutter (2012) Movie Script

Yes, the paper gets delivered
at the same time every day.
No, the paper has never arrived
in poor condition.
No, I have never
used that card, and...
My subscription number?
Hang on two seconds.
This is Johan Edvartsen again.
The line just went dead.
No, I don't remember
who I was talking to.
I was calling
to cancel my subscription.
No, I am not going on vacation, and no
I don't want to participate in a survey.
I simply want to cancel my
subscription, and know how much I owe.
My subscription number?
Hang on.
How much do I owe?
517 kroner. Fine.
No, I don't need that credit.
Give it to a hospital or nursing home.
Don't mention it. My pleasure.
Thank you.
- How's it going?
- Fine, thank you.
Let me just have a look around.
- It's pretty messy in here.
- I haven't had time to wash.
You haven't cleaned at all.
How messy can it get in three weeks?
Have you booked a cleaning service?
- I thought you handled that.
- I don't rent short term.
You violated the contract,
and now you want me to clean?
I had no intention
of violating the contract, -
- but I can no longer afford this.
- Will you take everything with you?
- I hoped the cleaners could do that.
Maybe the new tenants want it?
More work for me.
Fine. Keep the deposit, pick up the
power bill, and then leave me alone.
Does that sound like
a decent proposal?
Feel free to answer.
That's OK.
Fine. Then that's settled.
Here you go.
Thank you. Take care.
It's always the same.
- What is?
- I spent thousands last week too.
I need that dress.
You have to come outside.
- Which dress?
- The green one with diamonds.
The green one.
You have to keep track
of your own dresses, OK?
- Come out and help me!
- How many dresses do you need?
- Can I have some water?
- I'll get it.
You can't wear them all at the
same time anyway. These are great.
But there are only four of them.
- Can I have some too?
- You too?
How many dresses do you need?
Look in your room, under your bed.
- Maybe they're there.
- Hi!
Well, I'm all done.
That old thing?
Didn't I buy a new saw?
I just found this, it worked fine.
- Thanks.
- See you later.
Now go out and play, honey.
Stay outside a little longer.
Dinner is almost ready.
It's cold out there.
I understand.
Just play outside a little longer.
She slept in those shoes
with flashing lights.
- Jenny?
- What?
Take your friend and go play outside.
And turn off the TV.
- Come on!
- Hi, Charlotte!
Are you ready for tomorrow?
No, he's golfing. He'll be home soon.
We'll be eight adults and six children.
- Are you all right?
- He fell!
I'm not going to bother
polishing the silver.
Sit down here. I'll get you
a band-aid. You'll be fine.
Hang on.
He should have left
his training wheels on.
No, it will turn into an adult party
later on. I have plenty of cava.
Here we go.
Let me have a look at you.
You'll be just fine.
No, don't worry. He'll be here soon.
Let me see.
There! You already have a little scar there.
Now you look cool.
Ready to try again?
OK, talk to you tomorrow.
Did you have training wheels?
I don't think so.
I don't think we did, either.
Or seat belts.
We lay in the back of the car.
A suitcase between us. On blankets.
- Remember I told you?
- When you got lost in the Alps?
Jenny, don't you hear me calling?
Yep, but you do that all the time.
Hey, come here. You have chores to do.
- Take the trash out.
- Not again!
You have to take the trash out.
That's your chore.
- Can't I do it later?
- No, do it now.
And take those empty bottles
in the hall, too.
If you return them, I'll let you...
Do as your mother says.
If you return them,
I'll let you keep the money.
Thank you!
I need a teaspoon.
Hi there!
Everything OK?
Yes, everything is fine here.
Can you make it to the wine store?
No, could you buy four bottles?
- When will you be home?
- Look at me.
Hang on...
What's that? Come here!
No, no.
I've taken care of that.
Don't worry.
No, not at all.
OK. I look forward to seeing you, too.
Hurry up to the 8th hole, all right?
Should we brew some more coffee?
That is why we are going to run
this Ridley Scott competition.
We have selected some scenes from
his films. Can you recognize them?
We have several fun prizes you can win.
Including a VHS
of the original Blade Runner.
See if you recognize this clip
from a Ridley Scott film.
Here it comes.
G.I. Jane.
"Suck my dick!"
- Not one of his best-known films.
- Yeah, we can say that.
- And also one of his weakest films.
- True. But let's continue.
This film was not only known
for some famous quotes, -
- but also for its use of music,
particularly in one scene.
Here is a clip
of some good old classical music.
We are now going to hear
"O mio babbino caro".
That was "O mio babbino caro", which
some of you might have recognized.
We have talked about
Scott's incredible visual touch.
Line up his movies next to
each other, and he has few equals.
His choice of music,
his dialogue, there's so much...
Shit, I need to work out more!
I thought I was
in better shape than this.
You haven't spoken today.
Haven't said a word.
Are you all right?
Do you have water?
Yes, you do.
That's good.
- What's his name?
- It's a she. Maribell.
- Maribell?
- Yes.
Do you like her?
She's pretty.
If you think she's pretty, Fiona,
then you should have her.
You can't just give away a bird.
It's my bird.
But why are you giving her away?
- I'm going on a holiday.
- For how long?
I'm not sure.
You have to know
how long you're going to be gone.
It will be a few weeks.
- I don't have any food.
- I do. In my apartment.
Mom says I shouldn't go
into strangers' apartments.
You just wait outside, then.
These are vitamins for her feathers.
And remember to change her sand
once a week.
Here you go.
Thank you so much.
Hi, Susanne.
No, it's fine.
I have a couple of minutes.
No problem.
I just came out of a meeting.
It's over now.
Is that so?
I see.
No, I won't have time for that.
No, honey, I don't have time between
work and cooking dinner and all that.
I think it would be better
if the kids came over later.
Hanna can't baby-sit because she...
She has other plans.
Then it's settled.
Listen, I'm afraid
I have another meeting now. Bye.
Hi, I'm in here!
How was your trip home?
Same as usual. Nothing new.
Isn't this weather strange?
First it pours,
and then it becomes perfectly calm -
- and the sun comes out,
and then it starts raining again.
I wonder what causes it.
Did you get wet?
I got completely soaked.
But we did have time to...
- I'll be in the kitchen.
- OK.
Above the clouds
it feels like summer all the time.
One of our first class passengers
got quite drunk and rude.
We had full control, but who wants
to get drunk before breakfast?
I'm so excited about this lamb roast!
Check the thermometer.
I've been thinking about this meal all day.
Why haven't we done this before?
When did you put it in the oven?
Cabernet sauvignon.
Would you rather have a drink?
Should I mix you a martini?
- Red wine is fine.
- Did you remember the rosemary?
- Rosemary?
- Don't tell me you forgot!
I bought some fresh from the Turk.
Sorry. I forgot.
Oh, well.
We'll just use it as garnish instead.
It needs pepper.
It isn't finished.
I'm adding a vinaigrette.
Everything will be ready
in a matter of minutes.
You still have time for a quick shower.
That sounds like a good idea.
An early dinner will be lovely.
We could vacation somewhere else,
if you want.
Back to the south of Spain,
for example?
Then you could show off
your Spanish skills.
Where's the bird? I thought
I noticed something different.
Maribell wasn't feeling well,
so I left her with the vet.
- Left her?
- Yes.
The vet needed time.
And I had to go to work and come
straight home. He'll call tomorrow.
I hope the bird gets well.
I'm sure... it will get well.
This gravy...
It's incredible!
I added some cognac.
This is the life!
Have you heard from Susanne today?
She called just before you came home.
She said that -
- she would come by on Wednesday.
I don't miss the rosemary at all.
This gravy...
It's incredible.
I added some cognac.
This wine has gone straight to my head.
Maybe I've been -
- working a little too much -
- lately.
Maybe too much -
- for an old lady like me, huh?
I've been working so hard.
Flying and...
It's exhausting.
I can feel it...
In my feet, mostly.
My blood pressure...
Wearing high heels all day,
those high heels...
I'm sorry, but we can't keep this.
No, don't shoot at me!
- You could have asked me first.
- Why?
We had an agreement.
Look how happy she is.
You know what I mean.
She isn't old enough.
Old enough?
Old enough for a bow and arrow?
We're in this together.
So what happened on the 8th hole?
- Drop it.
- Suddenly golf is interesting?
- I refuse to argue with you.
- You were never interested before.
You had never even touched a club,
and suddenly golf is a blast?
"Golf is so much fun.
Let's go on a golfing vacation!"
Christ, how pathetic!
I'm hungry!
Look what you dragged in here!
Bring that back outside.
- Is daddy eating here?
- Are you hungry?
No, dinner's almost ready.
- Is dad eating with us?
- No, he's leaving.
Don't shoot those in the yard.
- When is dinner?
- In an hour. Those are dangerous.
- Can I have a banana?
- No!
Share it with your sister.
- Anyone up for football?
- No, there will be no ball games.
- I can't afford new windows.
- How about "kick the can"?
Fine, if you play in the front yard.
How about tag?
- Tag is for babies.
- Is tag for babies?
When did you grow up, Miss Smartypants?
I'm coming to get you!
Don't be too rough!
Hey, I said not so rough!
- Huh?
- Don't be so rough.
- We're just playing.
- Take it easy.
- Let's take a break then.
- No!
- Yes!
- No!
Come here, you little rascal.
I'll squeeze you together!
- I'm tickling you.
- Me too.
Well, I guess I'll use the bathroom.
- Everything OK in there?
- Sure. No problem.
There, I think you should leave now.
I don't want a scene.
You're usually the one
who makes a scene.
- I have something to show you.
- I'm not leaving yet.
- We have a surprise for you.
- In a minute.
Go see what they want to show you.
And then leave.
I want some food first.
- Huh?
- Food.
- Food?
- Yes, food.
- You want me to make you something?
- Yes. That's the least you can do.
I gave you an entire damn house.
An entire house
even though you behaved like a hooker.
That language made it impossible
to stay with you.
This language is a consequence
of you acting like a hooker.
- I think you mean whore.
- Fine. Whore.
If you hadn't shared
your hairy cunt with...
We've made a play.
Come now.
Hi there.
- Long time, no see.
- How's it going?
All right.
- It's been a while.
- You excited?
You bet! Though I'm not sure
what they're up to.
Guess we ended up in the last row.
No, it's fine.
Welcome to our children's theater!
This is the dress rehearsal of
The Dog That Couldn't Bark.
- Hello, Klumplikum.
- Hello, Dimplydimp.
- How are you?
- Fine, and you?
- Trine, you ruined everything!
- You're mean, Jenny!
Better than last year.
What happened?
You're a dummy!
It was your fault!
Go away!
I just brought these in.
Little girls.
They always want their mommy.
Do you... want a beer?
No, I don't think so.
I have some boards that need sawing.
Your saw isn't going anywhere.
- Here.
- Thanks.
So, how's it going?
Catch any bad guys lately?
- No, I have a desk job now.
- OK, I thought...
I took a break from active duty.
I'm a paper pusher now.
Pretty much just typing.
- That must be nice.
- Sure, although not much happens.
A good change of pace.
How about you?
Are you still...
- In child care? Yes.
- Yeah, right.
But I'd like to try something else.
Although I don't want to go back
to teaching grade school.
What else do you do?
- Do you golf?
- No. Although I've tried.
- I found it boring. Do you play?
- No way. No.
- I got my hunting license.
- Really?
I'm going grouse hunting this winter.
I went hunting this fall.
It was great. Being out in nature.
- It sure beats golf.
- Oh, yeah!
I think you should leave now, Fred.
I'm serious.
Go. Now.
I'm having a beer here.
- OK, I think I'll be off.
- No, you don't have to go.
Yes, he does.
This game is over. And you are leaving.
You aren't welcome here.
- Jenny, please stay outside.
- No.
You can go clean up in the yard.
- I said no.
- Jenny!
Hey, no.
You really don't have to leave.
I'm having a beer with our neighbor.
There's no need to be rude, is there?
How clear do I have to be?
You don't live here.
No, I've figured that out.
I'm not stupid, either.
Talk to you later.
There. He's gone.
Now you can go too.
- Elin...
- Are you sick, or what?
What don't you understand?
You are no longer
a part of this family.
There. Fix this.
I'm going fucking crazy.
Are you thirsty?
I know breast-feeding
makes you thirsty.
This will hurt. Sit still.
It's all right.
Are you hot?
Or cold?
No, I'm fine.
- Some fresh air would be nice.
- Wouldn't it? It's fucking hot in here.
That's too easy.
He even says "Clarice".
It's from Hannibal. The second movie.
The one with Julianne Moore.
Do we have diapers?
I think we're all out.
Yeah, all out.
Could you take care of that?
What are you looking at?
- What are you looking at?
- Nothing.
- You're looking at something. What?
- Nothing.
Look at that.
See what you've done?
I told you not to wake up the baby!
Don't move!
Shut your mouth.
Some mother you are,
waking your kid up like that!
Hi, it's me.
Are you in the neighborhood?
No, I just...
You up for a beer?
I need a refill.
If you have anything lying around.
Same as last time.
All right, see you in a few minutes.
I'm going out for a beer.
Got any spare change?
- Got any spare change?
- Got any spare change?
- Sorry.
You must have something to spare.
Why sit here?
Why not go somewhere warm?
I have nowhere to go.
Got any change?
- You got a smoke?
- How about some beer?
Cool! Got any spare change?
Got any spare change?
What kind of beer?
Danish, American, English?
- Norwegian.
- Fine. Wait here.
Got any spare change?
Let me have two bags.
You only gave me one bag.
Got any spare change?
- I bought you a six-pack.
- Cool! Thank you.
- Norwegian. Enjoy.
- Thank you.
- Bye!
- Bye.
I'll have a Guinness.
Bottle or tap?
- You know who's playing?
- Some crap Norwegian team.
- Hi.
- Hi there.
- How's it going?
- Fine. Beer?
I'll have a pint.
So tell me, how's life as a dad?
- As expected.
- Lots of crying?
- Nothing but.
- My sister just had a kid.
- A boy, fortunately.
- So you're an uncle.
I still don't like kids,
but that might change.
- When I get my own.
- You still won't like other kids.
How about you?
Everything OK?
Sure, but I'm tired of work.
Carpentry can be so boring.
Are you coming tonight?
The Swede is back from Berlin.
He was at that,
what's it called, biennale?
I don't know.
Can't keep up with The Swede's stuff.
He told me about this installation
he saw down at the Tate Modern.
It was made of sunflower seeds.
The entire museum was filled with
an ocean of sunflower seeds.
And they look totally real.
But they're handmade,
the old-fashioned way.
That sounds totally pointless.
The point is...
Don't limit your mind.
The pointlessness is the entire point.
- How much?
- The same, plus what you owe.
Listen, the point is that every one of
those sunflower seeds is unique.
Yet you can't tell any
of the 100 million apart.
So an entire Chinese village
worked for ages -
- on something that can never
be used for anything.
They were just used
for that sculpture.
It's a commentary on consumption
and pointlessness. Get it?
I'll pay you at Jussi's on Saturday.
- I'm going skiing. Come with me.
- I can't.
- Won't your wife let you go?
- I have a lot going on.
- What? Are you broke?
- No way.
But, you know, shit and diapers and...
Everything I earn goes into that kid's mouth.
But I'm getting paid next week.
How about if I pay you on Friday?
- We can grab a beer and I'll pay you.
- I told you, I'm going skiing.
What's going on with you?
You seem out of it.
- Hey there.
- How's it going?
- So you'll pay me on Thursday?
- Is your kid still alive?
- Anne has some baby clothes for you.
- Thanks, we have all we need.
I thought you and Anne broke up?
No, we're still together, but not...
We haven't broken up, but...
I think I'll take off.
Talk to you later.
- And you'll have all my money?
- Give me a call sometime.
No, that buzzer doesn't work.
Are you here right now?
but this isn't really a good time.
Hang on.
I'll open the door.
- What are you doing?
- Shut up!
Where's Karianne and the kid?
At my mom's.
What are you doing?
- Let's take the TV.
- You stay down there!
Help me carry.
Forget about him.
OK, the remote.
- That TV is worth more than I owe.
- Learn to pay your debts.
- This is insane!
- Sorry, that's the way it goes.
Stop it.
What the hell?
What's your problem?
Don't look at me like that.
I said don't look at me like that.
Are you throwing glass at me?!
90 minutes
91 minutes