90ML (2019) Movie Script

[thunders rumbling]
June 26, 1993
Exactly 40 years after the
release of the movie Devadas.
[Tollywood song playing]
[Tollywood song continues playing]
How many times have I asked you
not to watch old movies, Sai Ram?
Why don't you ever listen?
-I want a baby like Devadas.
-That is exactly what I fear.
People wish for a child who writes
like Kalidas, or sings like Yesudas
-but an alcoholic like Devadas?
One can achieve anything in this
world using either brawn or brain.
And that can be due to one's upbringing
or can be cultivated individually.
But... to have a heart that is as
pure as Devadas's and to be able to
captivate others' heart is
something one can only be born with.
I wish to give birth to a boy
who is as great a lover as Devadas.
Ah! Ah!
Oh goodness! Not a peep from him.
What would have happened to him?
There isn't even a doctor at hand.
I wonder who is going
to rescue this baby now.
Seenu... Seenu...
The baby boy born in ward number 9
isn't breathing and has no pulse.
-Sir, sir...
-One minute... wait...
-isn't the baby delivered yet?
-Just stay put.
What is this smell?
look like Tendulkar's strong cricket bat.
-What are you doing?
-Hey, get up!
You have to get up now and should hit 4.
Get up.
You have to get up and hit a 6.
[infant crying]
He is not out.
Call him.
Come on, dear.
Come on, dear.
What's that Vanitha,
The boy seems to be dull.
You should have seen him
when he was born grandma.
I have been seeing him since his birth.
He is as dim as the
bed light in the bedroom.
Hey, what did you name the
boy? And what did you put here?
Put what you are supposed to.
What else am I supposed to put?
He will come now.
Hey, wait. Nothing will happen...
It's alright, leave it!
[glass bottle breaks]
Sairam, careful.
Come on, Devadas.
-Come on, dear.
Health problems have
been coming since birth
[cicadas chirping]
-Let's get to the big doctor?
Okay, let's take tomorrow morning
[clock ticks]
Dear, where is the boy?
As per these reports,
your son has 'Fetal Alcoholic Syndrome'.
And it is in the final stage.
-What does that mean, sir?
If the woman consumes too much
alcohol while she is pregnant,
it is likely that children
are born with this disorder.
-Nothing like that...
My wife drinking alcohol?
No one from our family has this habit.
Well, it is impossible
to hold one particular...
...reason as the root
cause of the disease.
But the symptoms of your boy,
are most certainly those
of Fetal Alcohol Disorder.
Children with this
disorder eventually lose sight
and their mental
function slows down as well.
Eventually, the nervous system
becomes weak and the pulse rate weakens.
That is the reason why they
appear to be in an aberrated state.
How do you treat it?
There is no treatment for
Fetal Alcoholic Disorder.
But you are in luck.
Your boy's body responds to alcohol.
So, the only medication
for your son is alcohol.
Put 2 drops of alcohol in 2 ml of
water and feed it to him thrice a day.
And with the increase in
age, increase the dosage.
How can we feed the boy alcohol when he
is a baby who is supposed to be fed milk?
Listen, some people like to drink
alcohol. For some, it is a habit.
And yet for some
others, it's an addiction.
But for your son, it is a necessity.
If he misses out on even one
dosage, it could be fatal to him.
I am going to give him a doctor's
certificate as an authorized drinker.
Darling, this is yours.
Only you have to drink it.
When the alarm goes
off, you must consume it.
-Is that clear?
-You've already told me numerous times.
I know what to do.
Sit down. Sit down. Sit down. Hey...
The District Educational Officer
(DEO) is coming here for an inspection.
I will be able to hold on to my
post only if you guys answer correctly.
-What is 15 times 3?
-45, sir.
W-hat is 45 times 2?
-90, sir.
-2 times of 90?
-Quarter (180 ml), sir.
Oh goodness!
I beg you please sit over there.
-Good morning, sir.
-Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
Sit down. Sit down.
Boy, you there, stand up.
Let's not go with the A for Apple, B for
Boy patterns, let's try something else.
-A for...
-[voice muted] sir.
-B for...
-[voice muted] sir.
-M for...
-[voice muted] sir.
That's your brand sir.
-Sir... please...Sir...
-What ?
-Let's talk inside, sir.
-What is your nuisance?
Sir, the thing is my son
drinks alcohol and it's time...
Do you have any sense?
10th Class Exam is going on here...
-Leave! Get out!
-Sir, please...
He want to give alcohol to his son.
[metal gate creaks]
Enough, enough...
Additional paper sir....
Additional paper sir....
-complete sir
-There is still time...
-You can still write down.
-My exam is over, sir
-Hey, bash him guys!
[indistinctive voices]
Babu.. Babu..! Anyone there...
Please save my son... Help!
Oh god!
Oh my god!
[glass bottle clinks]
Hey! You are on our side.
Why are you hitting our people?
Our side, our county, our division,
our district, discotheques in Delhi.
I don't know any of those.
When I hear the word 'Help', I forgot
all boundaries and proceed forward,
thrashing the other side.
I don't harbour any
feelings of kinship or region.
Do you even know why we are thrashing him?
Whatever may be the reason.
It's wrong to gang up on a single
person like that. It's very wrong.
We asked him on the day of the
engagement if he had any bad habits?
He said no.
But he began drinking at his bachelor's
party at 3 pm yesterday afternoon.
He stopped drinking just a few
minutes before the wedding ceremony.
He is a heavy drinker.
-Well then, he deserves thrashing.
-That is why we were thrashing him.
-Bash him guys.
-But on one condition.
If there is anyone amongst you who
hasn't ever touched a drop of alcohol,
only that person can hit him.
What happened to the
city? Why is no one talking?
Hey, Roll Reddy...
what's in the menu at the evening party?
50 bottles of Alcohol and
100 cases of beer, buddy.
So, you mean to say all the people
who come for the wedding can drink
except the bridegroom?
What kind of rules are those?
You go and tie the
sacred matrimonial thread.
Thank you, brother.
That's good.
There is a limit for everything.
If you consume liquor within your limit,
your body will function like
an engine on full throttle.
So, be in limits.
Tell me that limit?
"Score 90 marks,
you are called a first ranker"
"Reach the age 90,
you are called the best. "
"Speeding at 90, they say it's thrilling"
"the best things in life seems to
revolve around the number 90. "
"Score 90 runs in a match,
you are called a great batsman. "
"Heart beating 90 times per minute,
is considered safe. "
"90 ml of alcohol is
considered good for health"
"The best things in life seem
to revolve around the number 90"
"90, 90, 90ml"
"Come on now, drink up that 90 ml. "
"90, 90, 90ml"
"Come on now, drink up that 90 ml. "
"-Even if it's a rich one in America, "
"-(90) "
"-Even if it's a poor one in Ameerpet"
"-Even if it's a rich man, "
"-Even if it's a tired servant"
"A person whose belly is full.
A person in the pangs of hunger"
"A person who casts a
vote in the elections"
"A person who distributes cash for votes,"
"A person who takes it easy in life.
A person who has his life in ruins"
"A person who is in love.
A person who has had a love failure"
"A childless married unhappy man"
"A happy man looking
forward to his nuptials,"
"a person in an unhappy marriage,"
"90, 90, 90ml"
"Come on now, drink up that 90 ml"
"Come on now, drink up that 90 ml."
"90, 90..."
"90 means security.
90 years means maturity"
"90 signifies integrity"
"The best things in life seem to
revolve around the number 90"
"90 means guarantee.
90 doesn't need warranty"
"If you don't have 90, you don't
have an entry pass into the group"
"The best things in life seem
to revolve around the number 90"
"90, 90, 90ml"
"Come on now, drink up that 90 ml"
"90, 90, 90 ml"
"Come on now, drink up that 90 ml"
"90, 90, 90 ml"
"Come on now, drink up that 90 ml"
"90, 90, 90 ml"
"Come on now, drink up that 90 ml"
Stop the Vehicle! Blow it.
He is one lucky bugger.
He has a certificate to drink.
Wow. You have scored 90% at all stages.
MBA Gold medalist.
-Mr. Devadas, you are appointed.
-Thank you, sir.
What is this smell?
Didn't you see the last certificate?
Authorized drinker certificate?
What is this?
-Sir, I take 3 pegs of alcohol every day.
-3 pegs?
Yes, sir. 90 ml each in the
morning, evening and night.
Sorry, Mr. Devdas.
Sorry, Mr. Devdas.
Sorry, Mr. Devdas.
Sorry, We can't.
[indistinctive voices]
-Be careful, buddy.
Be careful, buddy.
Be careful, buddy.
A young man named Devadas rescued a
four-year-old boy who had taken his life
The video is now viral on social media
I thought it was just a traffic
jam. Now, there is power cut as well.
At this rate,
I doubt if we would reach home.
It looks like an angel has descended
from heaven and is clearing the traffic.
Hi, Mr. Devadas.
Hi, Mr. Devadas.
How are you?
How do you know me?
You saved that little boy,
right. You are awesome... Superb.
You are really great, sir.
Why are you clearing the traffic here?
It's just a part of service
concern towards the society.
-Then you are quite awesome yourself.
-Thank you.
Hello... oh, green signal there, go...
Oh, the traffic is jammed. Go on.
-Bye, Mr. Devadas.
-Wait we are going.
Stop staring, move!
-Very Nice meeting you, bye.
Go, please go.
Move.. Move.. go!
Hey buddy, you are looking up at the
stars and smiling to yourself like that.
Have you stepped on some voodoo stuff?
-Tell me, buddy.
Ever since I saw that
girl at the traffic signal...
My heart and my lips seem to
be in conflict with each other.
Buddy... Buddy...
Anyways, why don't you give me some
advice on how to approach that girl?
Since that girl praised
you for saving that boy.
I am sure she must have
shared that video on Facebook.
Roll Reddy. You have a brain too.
Wait a minute. Let's check for it.
Devadas, who saved a boy.
Buddy, she posted that video.
Is that so?
So that means...
that was our first meeting.
The girl's name is 'Suvasana'.
What smell?
Hey, she is a physiotherapist.
Oh, you mean a doctor for the bones.
Idiot. Physiotherapist does not
mean a doctor for the bones.
Oh, is it?
Hey, she also uploaded another video.
Because of the chemical waste
released from this Janvik factory,
the people around here are being
subject to severe health problems.
Her beauty is very captivating and she
has a heart that wishes everyone well.
What more do I need to love her?
Make her a friend request. Come on.
Yeah. Where is my phone?
Hey... she has already
sent me a friend request.
Accept it. Accept her friend request.
Buddy... these days, compared to boys,
girls are the ones to make the first move.
What are you waiting for? Proceed.
-What are you doing?
-Nothing, no job.
Don't Worry you get a job very soon.
Don't you have the sense
to give me some privacy?
Hey! Why don't you give her
your number and take her's as well?
You can speak to each other directly.
May be its too soon to ask for her number.
Well, let me tell you.
I solemnly swear on the alcohol
that is favoured by millions of people.
If you give her your number
she will give you her number.
What is this? As soon as I sent
her my number she went offline.
May be because it's night. Perhaps she
will give you her number in the morning.
Useless fellow! How could you
advise me to text her my number?
-How could you joke around like that?
-Don't hit me!
[cuckoo coos]
[cuckoo coos]
Unnecessarily sent her the number...
-Oh my god!
-Useless fellow!
-You ruined everything giving stupid idea!
-You, idiot!
Did you step on a horse this
morning? Why did you kick me?
Hello brother. My name is Raja Reddy.
The child you rescued yesterday
was mine. I am in your debt.
It's not a big deal. Please sit down.
Here, have it dear.
I have seen mothers who make
tea or coffee for their children,
his is the first time that I am seeing
a mother who fixes her son a drink.
[bell rings]
He must have done something
really great in his previous life.
May be that is why he is
born with this kind of luck.
Sairam... Sairam...
-Listen, brother.
Your father told me all about
you. Will you work for me?
You get job very soon...
I most certainly will, sir.
I have a huge wine
shop near the city centre.
If you are ok with it, I will
employee you as it's manager.
My son will certainly take it up. He will.
What do you mean he will take it up?
My son is an MBA gold medallist.
Why would he work in a wine shop?
Dignity of labour.
It doesn't matter what job it is.
I must have been blessed by an angel I
got a job without having to ask for it.
Who knows if it's because of a blessing
or due to chatting on the messenger?
-This is my wine shop.
[indistinctive voices]
I'll be back in
sometime. Take care of the shop.
[indistinctive voices]
Excuse me, brother.
Give me 180ml of whisky.
I asked for whisky.
I asked for 180ml.
You seem to have
trouble focusing on your job.
Be careful.
As if you are buying
me a drink! Move aside.
Oh no! Why I disturbed like this...
Here is the stock.
That person is Seshu.
He is the one who supplies alcohol.
This is Devadas.
He has come here to work in our shop.
What is this? Why are you tuck
your shirt like a professional?
Are you here to work at a wine
shop or at a software company?
Remove your tuck.
Come on, do it.
Do your business.
Hey... unload it.
What is with this haste
as if you are dying to pee?
-Be careful with the stock.
-Okay, brother.
-Sir, this alcohol is adulterated.
Shut your mouth, public is here.
Sir, this is alcohol is adulterated.
How can you tell?
Sir, you know about me.
I can tell you the percentage of alcohol
in the product just by smelling it.
This is a hundred percent
NSA. Non-Rectified Spirit.
The stock is completely adulterated.
Seshu, I have told you numerous times.
I don't sell
adulterated alcohol in my shop.
I am asking you to load
your stuff back up and leave.
I never take back the
stock that has left my gates.
I am the one who supplies
liquor to the entire city.
No one has ever complained.
Why do you have a problem?
I will not tolerate the
sale of adulterated liquor.
Do what you want to.
You must have seen a vehicle
that runs on petrol or even diesel.
But I run on alcohol.
If I dash you, you will not exist.
[glass bottle breaks]
[glass shatters]
Hey! Ah!
Till now I hit everyone...
but you are the one who hit me.
Today is yours.
I'll see your end...
Not just today. Any day for that matter,
I will be the one throwing the last punch.
Why is she not coming
online from yesterday?
What's with you? Why do you keep
looking at your phone so often?
What's in your phone?
You are the one who made a mess
and you ask me, 'what's wrong?!'
You seem to have it easy.
If your love story is a
hit, friends are called gods.
And if your love story goes to
flop, friends will be blamed.
Stop your drama.
You are the reason for all this mess.
All my friends are morons like you!
-Hello?-This is Suvasana speaking.
-What Vasana (smell)?
-Suvasana, sir.
Su... Su... Su... Suvasana.
Hello, Suvasana madam. Tell me.
Could you please come
to my house tomorrow?
To house it seems? For what?
I told my parents about you.
My father wishes to speak to you.
Okay, I will be there.
-Where is the address?
-I will share the location on WhatsApp.
-Alright. Thanks.
[phone rings]
Manikonda, Saraswati
Colony. Do we know anyone there?
One of my college
friend lives in that colony.
He is a very social guy..
who gets along with Housewives,
socially drinking husbands...
little kids in nurseries
and even college going girls.
He'll be in touch with
everyone. His name is 'Rapo Ravi.'
-Hi, uncle.
Where is aunty?
-She is in the house taking a shower.
-Is it?
Let me go wish her.
Hey! Hey! Hold on... Hold on...
You and your efforts to
build rapport. Get away.
I will come by when you are not around.
Hi buddy.
Rollu... how come you
remembered me after so long?
Not Motor and pestle. It's Rollu Reddy.
Alright, fine.
Anyways, this is my friend.
-He is a part of my soul.
He has fallen in love
with a girl from your colony.
Our colony?
I doubt if there is an
eligible girl in our colony.
-Her name is Suvasana.
That girl?
Why did you make that face?
If we were to discuss their
family, it would become a thesis
and can be made into a web series as well.
They were presented with the award
'Noble family with global thoughts.'
Hey! It's an award-winning family.
They are the epitome of
respect and social responsibility.
What do we generally call our mothers?
But they call their
mom as lady of the house.
Are they daughters or maid servants?
Everyone has the same confusion.
They are vegetarians and teetotallers.
Our guy here is a hardcore
non-veg and drinks three times a day.
That is the one thing that
that family cannot tolerate.
That is an anti-alcoholic family.
In order to avoid the smell
when their neighbours booze...
he planted flowering
plants all around their house.
And even that fragrance was not
enough to stop the smell of booze...
so, that idealistic person named
his daughter Suvasana (fragrance).
Before you enter their house, the
smell of alcohol in you reaches them...
...and your love story
ends even before it begins.
Gates wouldn't open.
-Buddy, what do we do?
-You can only enter after he leaves.
Stop the vehicle.
Brother, where is this girl's house?
This looks like a feisty
group. If we go along with them,
the chances of our alcohol
breath getting caught will be slim.
-Do you know the address or not?
-I'll show you.
Hey, this is her house.
Wow! Such a nice house.
[birds chirping]
This is the house.
Even before you enter their house, the
smell of alcohol on you reaches them...
...and your love story
ends even before it begins.
-What happened?
Something stinks.
Yes, Rao sir.
This is also called as alcohol smell.
Thank you, brother.
-Okay brother.
-See you.
You told me that we
would go along with them.
Whoever arrives first will become the
culprit. We are going to be safe then.
Why did you tie those
things around your faces?
Do you know John Wick?
Did you hear about him?
Your daughter has uploaded a
post on Facebook claiming...
...that Brother John Wick's
chemical factory needs to be closed.
We are here to warn her in person.
If you repeat this ever again...
[fingers snapping]
I am going to demolish your
house and post that in Facebook.
Let's go guys.
Meet you soon brother.
[Singing random Telugu song]
Hey, Tulasi leaves... just a pause.
Now no one can smell it.
Hi, Devasadu sir.
Please come. Please come in.
Please come. Please come in.
-Hi uncle...
-Let's have some breakfast.
That's alright, sir. I already had mine.
Come on now.
Hi, Devasadu sir.
Hi, I came a while back,
but saw some patients of
Suvasana's coming in and waited outside.
They are not patients.
They are Goons.
They have come here to deliver a warning.
Goons are came to our
house to threaten us?
Why did you let them go?
You should have thrashed them.
What can they do?
My mom and dad worked in RSS.
If my mom had a stick in her hand,
she would have thrashed
the hell out of 25 people.
Is that true?
There were only 5 or 6 of them.
If that's the case,
my mom is not required.
My little sister is
enough to finish the job.
What can she do?
My little sister is a
master in martial arts.
If she gives her famous flying kick
five of them would have severe injuries.
My youngest daughter is Aveshita.
Young man, you saved that young child.
I am very impressed.
Thank you, sir.
This is the minimum social responsibility
people of this days and age need to have.
You helped an unknown person.
We can only imagine how well you
take care of your near and dear ones.
By the way, where do you work?
-Wine shop.
-All: In a wine shop!
Not a wine shop. In Vines App.
Wine shop... Vines App.
What do these things mean?
Couldn't you have looked for a proper job?
I am going to change jobs soon, uncle.
Oh God! Oh no, I can't stand with them!
Miss. Suvasana,
you need to figure out an auspicious day
and enter our house with your right foot.
What I meant was,
my mom has sprained her back
you need to come down
and give her a session.
Oh... back pain.
Why only the right foot?
She needs to use both of her feet.
Really? Let's do that.
Why look for an auspicious
day? Let's go right now.
This is my house.
Hello aunty.
-Mom, this is Suvasana.
-She is our...
-Where is the pain aunty?
Oh no!
You have sprained your back, haven't
you? She is a physiotherapist.
Dr. Suvasana. She has
come here to treat you.
Why does your house stink?
There is a new spray called
'Mansion House'. We've been using it.
It doesn't smell nice.
What is this, son?
[shouting in pain]
Wow, what a performance.
Mr. Devadas, don't you think
there is a mismatch between...
...your mom's reactions and the
areas my sister is focusing on?
Even you guys could figure that
out. Don't you think she would know?
Your mom seems to think she is
doing a fabulous job. So, let her.
-Oh no! What happened?
-Back pain.
-Since when?
Call the doctor.
she is not in great pain.
Don't worry, it will reduce.
What is this?
Why is this room filled with bottles?
[steel glass clinks]
We have decorate the
room with all those bottles?
It will look quite good.
Isn't looking good?
It's quite nice, uncle.
I knew it. I knew it. That is
why we decorated it this way.
This girl looks really cute.
It's not a girl. It's a boy.
My son. My darling.
He looks really cute.
He used to drink milk... But now...
He is drinking decoction. Decoction...
Hey, can't you control my mouth!
"You just have to look
at me once, it's enough"
"You just have to smile
at me once, it's enough"
"You just have to take a
step with me, it's enough"
"reply just once, it's enough"
"Put a smiley in the
message once, it's enough"
"Just give me a missed
call once, it's enough"
"You just have to be with me"
"I will not wish for any other blessings"
"You just have to be with me, it's enough"
"I will not wish for any other blessings"
"It's enough, enough, enough"
"I want just this
much, that's enough for me"
"It's enough, enough, enough"
"I want just this
much, that's enough for me"
"You just have to look
at me once, it's enough"
"You just have to smile
at me once, it's enough"
"You just have to take a
step with me, it's enough"
"reply just once, it's enough"
"Put a smiley in the
message once, it's enough"
"Just give me a missed call once,
it's enough"
-What is that?
-It's a guava leaf.
Why do you always chew that?
It has calcium, magnesium,
phosphorous The doctor told me so.
Alright, fine. Let's go.
"Every morning,
you start my day by changing your DP,"
"and that's enough"
"It's doesn't matter even if the
sunlight and the moonlight come and go,"
"I am always in the love light"
"It's just enough if you
come to the coffee shop"
"It's enough if you
come to the movie theatre"
"If you come if I call you, that's enough"
"If you come to the place I
called you, that's enough"
"It's enough, enough, enough"
"I want just this
much, that's enough for me"
"It's enough, enough, enough"
"I want just this
much, that's enough for me"
"I don't want sorrys "
"Nor do I want thank you"
"I just want you to speak the
language of your lovely gaze"
"It doesn't matter the distance.
Nor does the destination matter to me"
"I will accompany you like life"
"Let's meld our hearts together"
"And enjoy our time
together wholeheartedly"
"Let's meld our souls together"
"And live together as soul mates"
"It's enough, enough, enough"
"I want just this much,
that's enough for me."
"It's enough, enough, enough"
"I want just this much,
that's enough for me"
Did you not see the way he spoke?
Get down.
Buddy, Vasana is coming.
-No, I don't think so.
-Idiot, I meant Suvasana.
I am going to a village for treatment.
If you are free, why don't you join me?
How can I not accompany
you when you ask me to?
-Which village?
-That is an ideal village.
-That is an ideal village.
Not a single person
in that village drinks.
There isn't a single wine
shop in or around that village.
I need to make some
preparations before I join you.
No, it's not necessary.
It's just 15 kilometres.
We will be back before evening.
I don't think he will be able
to survive until the evening.
I didn't do it wantedly.
It was sudden...
-Because of sudden break...
-Can we have coconut water?
Hey you! Stop right there... stop.
If you want money, I will give it to you.
-Please stop and give me back the bag.
-Excuse me! Excuse me!
-What's in that bag?
-There is Sprite.
Stop it. I will buy it for you.
I want only that Sprite.
-Hey, move man! Move fast...
-Mr. Devadas...
-Please stop.
-Move! Move!
You look like you'll run 30 kilometres
for something that costs 30 rupees.
Get on.
-The thing is....
-Get on.
-Buddy, tell me.
Rollu buddy, just buy a bottle
of alcohol and start immediately.
I will share the location.
What happened?
I don't have the time nor the patience
to explain the entire story to you.
Just shut up,
buy the bottle and come here.
Alright. I am coming. I am coming.
Mr. Devadas?
[siren wailing]
[tires screeching]
[life support machine beeps]
This patient seems to have
irregular heartbeat and pulse.
The liver seems to be on
vacation and the kidneys are protesting.
All the organs of his body are
setting aside their basic functions
and are keeping
themselves busy with other things.
So, this person needs to be operated upon
urgently. If not, I doubt he will survive.
-Operation, yes.
Dear, tell the doctor not to do
anything. We are starting right now.
-Sairam. Let's go.
-Okay, move.
Doctor, his parents are asking
you to hold off until they arrive.
Of course, I will wait.
But can the patient hold on?
What if he dies in the mean time?
Perform the operation.
-Suvasana... Dear Suvasana!
-What happened?
-His parents are here.
-Oh no... Aunty
-It's ok, no problem.
It's ok, dear.
-As per the reports...
-Just be quiet.
Dear, just go and get
this medicine immediately.
Hello... Hello...
I was the one who tested him.
Yeah right, you only tested him.
But we are the ones taking
care of him for the past 25 years.
Dear... go.
What's in this?
Headache balm and Crocin tablets?
Do you know what's wrong with him?
You are what's wrong with him.
-Dear, you go on. Go.
-Go dear.
Give it! Give it!
Shut up!
"90, 90, 90 ml..."
"90, 90, 90 ml... "
Hail Lord Venkateshwara.
Hail Lord Mallikarjuna.
Hail the mountain Lord Narasimha!
He woke up.
I am in the same situation as the doctor.
Why did you use
headache balm as a talisman?
And why did you mark
him with Crocin tablets?
And how did Devadas
recover after your prayed?
Ever since he was a child,
Devedas has had fainting spells.
So, whenever he faint we
were advised by Amruta...
-Amrutanjana Swamy.
-Amrutanjana Swamy to do this.
Well, it doesn't matter what it is.
I am glad that Mr. Devadas is alive.
That's enough.
Anyways, you guys managed very well.
-We just got lucky.
-Stop... stop...
-Breath out.
-Hello, uncle. Are you new here?
-I am new and so is my sir.
-Who is he?
Look. He is there.
Buddy, your uncle is a Sub-Inspector?
-It's better to pay.
-Even I got to know now.
Hello Devdas sir.
-Hai sir.
-Hold this.
Just like the crows on the electric line,
how did we end up in front of him?
-Hello Dasu sir.
Are you coming from the office?
What are you doing here?
Very recently,
I have been transferred to this area.
Does he look like an alcoholic?
-Tell him to leave.
-ask him to blow on the breathalyzer sir.
He is very strict officer!
-Okay fine. Why deny you that pleasure?
Blow sir.
-What happen?
that fellow threw the machine,
when asked him to blow sir.
-Mr. Devadas, I'll come in a while.
-Okay, sir.
Blow dear.
-I am a minister's son.
-Blow dear.
Don't you understand?
I am a minister's son.
So, you drink and drive, is it?
Who are you trying to kill?
If he finds out about you,
instead of giving
his daughter to you,
He will hold your neck.
Mr. Devadas!
I am busy. You guys carry on.
We are saved dude.
Who is this? He looks like a hero.
This is nothing. There is a lot
more you will see in the future.
Stay quiet.
-Hey, John brother.
-Hey, Bojja.
How are you, man?
-Ha.. ha.
Brother from a different mother.
Jhon sir, greetings.
Oh goodness.
You look super stylish brother
Yeah, this is my new style.
Latest trend!
Yeah! Bojja.
How come you change the trend?
I'm just following you.
Bojja... Hey Bojja.
You know that right!
we were doing a venture in Shankarpalli?
Of course, I knew about it brother.
We are constructing
villas in 500 acres of land.
Yes. There is a 500 yards bit beside.
That 500 acres of land, Bojja.
Our partners are of the opinion
that if we can get hold of it,
The perfect vastu would set.
I offered to buy that
land from the owner...
for more than 10 % of the market cost.
But he refused my offer
He showed me his finger.
And even warned me Bojja.
He even challenged me Bojja.
Who is that fellow?
He has the balls to stand up to you?
I am going to kill him.
Bojja! Cool... Cool... Cool!
According to the book of Mathew...
Chapter five, 21st verse,
I practice non-violence.
You know that I don't like things
such as killings and murders, don't you?
He threatened me with his finger.
So, just remove that finger.
He threatened me by
tapping his thigh, Bojja.
So, cut that thigh away.
That's a non-violence man.
That not a big deal brother. We can do it.
Okay, boys. Let's move.
Bring our lads to the
pub in the evening.
We will have a grand party there.
Brother, our lads are a
bit of country bumpkins.
They are a rowdy bunch.
I don't think Pub is their scene.
It's ok. We will meet some other time.
Bye guys, see you.
What's up?
Why are you guys look silent?
What is this brother?
Why didn't you agree when he
said he would take us to a pub?
-He is a bit of a dangerous.
-You will say like this only.
When he is drunk, he isn't human at all.
I went once with him to the pub...
[disco music]
[crowd cheering]
Come on, Bojja. Come on.
This is 20-20 match.
What's this brother!
-It's like country alcohol.
-Let's start the Tequila shots.
Bojja, I am the winner.
-No one can defeat you brother.
-Let's rock.
I don't like the color of your shirt.
It is clashing with
the lights of this place.
Remove it Bojja.
Please brother! a lot
of girls are there here.
Bojja, then what now?
Take my clothes.
Fantastic brother.
-Sleep, brother. Sleep.
-No, brother.
You are my king.
What are you doing here?
Why are you here in my
bedroom on my bed and beside me?
Brother, you were the one who told
that you want to share bed with me.
I don't even break bread with anyone.
How could I share my bed with you?
How dare you wear my clothes and my
chains and were sleeping beside me?
[glass breaks]
Why are you laughing your ass off...
...when he used his
choicest words against me?
It's so funny.
By seeing his clothes,
we can say he is mad.
He is not mad.
He is a psycho.
He forgets everything if he drink.
Hey Amudam, she looks damn hot.
-Stop stop.
-What happend brother?
She is so sexy dude.
Brother, that girl?
Didn't you go to her
place and threaten her?
She is a physiotherapist. A doctor.
Ah, my back hurts.
I must have sprained my back.
Call her up and tell her
to come home. Tell her.
I'll call her, brother.
[phone rings]
-Hello doctor.
-My brother is in some serious pain.
-[panting in pain]
Can you come home and treat?
if you don't have a doctor's reference,
I will not come to
your place and treat you.
Oh! god.
-Stop acting.
She won't come home if
there is no doctor's reference.
-Don't she?
Call our doctor and inform him.
-[indistinctive voices]
[phone rings]
Hey, Suvasana?
Oh, Ms. Suvasana. Tell me.
Hi, Mr. Devedasu.
I am going to treat a
patient at their place.
If you are free, will you join me?
Really? Why makes you think I
won't join you if you asked me?
Where do you want me to come?
You tell me where you are.I will come to you.
Is it? I am at the office.
It's at Charminar, Madina Bazaar,
Turn to the left and there's my office.
I am right there.
Oh goodness,
I gave her the wine shop address.
Hi... where is your office?
This place stinks
because of the wine shop.
Let's get out of here.
Stop. Stop. Stop. This is the location.
She brought some one with her!
You are getting ready
to get on with that girl...
You are preparing lot...
And that girl arrived here with a boy.
Who is that fellow?
It's the same guy who helped us with
her address the other day at her place.
-He must be her boyfriend.
-Leave the guy behind
and get the girl upstairs.
-Namaste, doctor madam.
I am the one who called.
They are some two-bit
gangsters who came here to warn us.
Madam, the patient is upstairs.
Brother, you sit down here.
You there, get him some water and tea.
-Come on up, madam.
-Look, our brother is in so much pain.
-Oh no!
Can you shift here?
No, madam. I cannot move.
I am in pain.
-Oh lord.
How is it here?
What if I press here?
How about here?
My body seems to respond very weirdly
whenever you touch it, madam.
Press it madam.
Brother, sit down. I'll look into it.
Hey! Don't treat the girl who
came to your house like a toy.
Treat them as a sibling.
-I will skin you alive.
Brother, I thought you were
going to make the girl scream.
Why are you screaming
instead? Have the tables turned?
This doctor manhandled me.
Now, my back is sprained.
What did you do to him?
Don't shout. Don't shout.
Beg her. She will only treat that way.
When you don't lust for me
anymore, that day I will treat you.
Namaste sister.
-Call the doctor.
Mr. Devadas. Let's go.
I heard a lot of noise
coming from upstairs.
It's because of the
physiotherapy treatment.
Such kind of pain and noise is common.
Let's go.
Who does she think she is?
There are many good doctors in Hyderabad.
-I will take you to them. Let's go.
It doesn't look like a sprain. It looks
like you were purposefully broken.
Doctor Suvasana did this to me.
The person who broke you can
only be the one who can fix you.
I cannot do anything.
[Bhagavad Geeta playing]
What is that song! What is this vehicle?
I couldn't find a vehicle for your
size. So, I arranged this for you.
Ask him to go slow dude.
We reached the doctor's house.
Then what the hell are you doing!
-Go and call her.
-Yeah, I'm going.
You are the one, this did to you.
[metal gate creaks]
Brother, that doctor is not at home.
Where did she go?
-You are bleeding from your nose?
-For me?
A little girl, call your sister.
You ugly girl. Are you deaf?
Can't you understand while I talk?
Call your sister, you..
Oh no!
It's the summer, right?
I think it's because of
excessive heat in the body.
Brother, that doctor is coming.
-Call her.
-Madam... Madam...
My brother is in great pain.
Please treat him,
madam. Please come, madam.
Mr. Devadas. Please stay here.
Two minutes brother.
Come madam.
-Come madam. Take a look at my brother.
-Sorry madam,
I am a completely changed man.
Please madam.
I cannot take this pain anymore.
I can see nothing but lust in your eyes.
-Please madam.
-Don't act!
Get lost! Get lost!
Come on guys, start
the vechile. You idiot!
-Hey Aamu.
Do I have that lust in my eyes?
Brother, of course, yes.
You even look at me with lust.
[tires screeching]
Hey! What's going on?
The boyfriend of that doctor
has parked his bike in our way.
Ask him why he do that.
What's going on?
That doctor's boyfriend
is mixing 90 ml in sprite.
Tell him to do it by the side of the road.
What's the need for doing that across us!
You are just having 90ml
peg. Why are you showing off?
I have a full bottle. If I kick you once..
What are you staring!
-"90, 90!"
Kill him with a punch...
My back is cured.
-My back is cured.
-Oh god.
He has grown like an elephant
but has a brain the size of a rat.
Why are you hitting us?
Why are you hitting
us? Tell us the reason.
Big sister, take a look at this video.
Tell us why you are
hitting us and then hit us.
Why are you hitting us?
If the girl I am going to
marry gives you a warning,
I suspect that something
fishy must be going on.
He hit us based on a suspicion?
What if he knew the actual truth?
If I ever get to know that you guys have
behaved improperly in
Doctor Suvasana's case,
I will kill you on the spot.
I am Devadas from Parvati Nagar.
[phone rings]
Hi, Suvasana.
Why did you hit those goons up?
I felt that they were
at fault so, I hit them.
I love you.
Why? Because I hit those guys?
I love you.
"Listen to the song"
"Single's song."
"There is one boy, one girl"
"With one heart, one beat."
"Let's go."
"You are a single girl
and you are a charm."
"You are a single girl
and you are a charm."
"My golden girl,
why don't you mingle with me"
"why don't you mingle with me"
"You spin me around, you charming girl."
"You are a single guy, my fair boy"
"You are a single guy, my fair boy"
"Why don't you mingle with me,"
"my My weirdo,"
"you are the one who
makes me tingle all over"
"I have seen
mountains, mountains of stone"
"I have seen the heart
behind those rock-hard muscles."
"I melted right then
and have mixed with you."
"I have seen your beauty, your curves"
"I have seen the
personality behind that beauty"
"I have bowed down to it
and have succumbed to it"
"The two of us today
have become three today."
"What?Three? Who is the third?"
"The two of us today
have become three today."
"The third one is called love."
"Ishq... Kadal.."
"You are single, I am single."
"You are a single girl
and you are a charm"
"You are a single girl
and you are a charm"
"My golden girl,
why don't you mingle with me?"
"All this time, I were single."
"All this time, you were single"
"Now it's time for us to mingle."
"My single girl"
"The party says YES"
"My mind says YES"
"One single plus one single is a double."
"My single girl. My single girl"
"I have seen your cheeks
girl, your beautiful cheeks"
"I have also seen the
fire they inspire in me."
"I am turned to ashes because of them."
"I am completely hooked."
"I have seen your
moustache, that thick moustache."
"I have seen the
tricks its playing on me."
"I have begun to fantasize about them"
"Even if its three of us,
we are two and we have become one."
"Even if its three of us,
we are two and we have become one."
What it is? Say it again...
"Even if its three of us,
we are two and we have become one"
"And that one life of ours is going
to be colourful, beautiful, joyful"
"and completely full."
"You are single, I am single"
"Single, Mingle."
"Single, Mingle, double."
"You are a single girl
and you are a charm"
"You are a single girl
and you are a charm"
"My golden girl,
why don't you mingle with me?"
"Mingle with me.."
[disco music]
[crowd cheering]
I have been waiting
here for over an hour...
...because you were the
one who kept pushing...
...for a party for of
the success of my love.
He is leaving the country,
he is going to give us a party.
Hang up the phone!
[glass breaks]
Sorry, bro.
What do you mean, sorry?
He apologised right.
Why are you hitting him?
Hitting him?
You will not be spared either.
If you think you can getaway just because
you have the physique and
powerful people backing you,
and start picking on someone or the other,
you are in for a shock
when you meet people like me.
You will be left with only one hand
to fulfill all your bodily functions.
[glass shatters]
Wow. Whoa.
You hit the person who hit me, bro.
You are my friend, I love you.
No... No... No way.
We will have a big party.
This is a 20-20 match.
I am it's undefeated champion.
Come on, let's start.
Bro... Bro...
Wow! You are a winner.
What a stamina?
What is the secret of your stamina, bro?
Secret, right? I shouldn't divulge it.
Hey, bro.
Amazing. Amazing!
Okay. Let's go to my place.
We will have a grand party. Come.
Sir, it's alright. No.
-Come on friend.
-Sir, my friend.
-It's my party and it's my home.
-Sir, listen to me. Not like that.
-Namste sir..
-Kamal... Vimal.
-Hello. He is my friend.
Come inside, my friend.
Sir, it's better if you stay
out rather than come in.
My boss is a very big psycho.
Who is a psycho?
You take my money and
you talk shit about me?
-Come on, my friend.
Forget about all that nonsense.
Oh! god.
If he hit a ball out of the window,
We need to play hockey with that one.
some sounds are coming from upstair.
Come on, we will see.
Instead of ball, how come a bat here.
How is it that tomorrow's
match has already started?
-Yes, man.
-What would have happen?
-How dare you hit my boss?
-Hey! No. No...
He is my friend. Don't hit him.
Brother... Brother...
Take it, brother... Hit me...
-What? Should I hit!
-Hit me, brother.
Hit me. How ever much you want!
Hit me harder.
Hit me.
Hit me.
Hey, you are drunk,
that is why you are
getting away with these beatings.
If not, it would be
another matter altogether.
Devadas from Parvati Nagar.
Hey brother!
Hey, my vice president.
Will meet you soon.
Oh god! Hey, come... hop on!
When did I asked to come?
Buddy, this GPS isn't working.
I asked for one location and
it's showing me four locations.
It's not GPS, it's your G. Move!
Insurance has expired.
Hey, stop.
-Hey, stop.. stop.
-What buddy?
-Come on now, blow into this.
That person does not drink. Let him go.
-Okay, sir.
-Thank you, sir.
Ok, ok.
[machine beeps]
Just his breath is
hitting the reading 270.
If he blows into it, the readings
might go through the roof.
-Yeah, check it sir.
-Mr. Devadas, do you habit of drinking?
-No, sir.
Asking him about this is as useless
as asking Virat Kohli if he can bat?
Jan. 26th, Aug. 15th, Oct. 2nd,
none of these public
holidays matter to him.
He drinks 24/7, all the 365 days.
He was born to drink.
Why is this room filled with bottles?
The doctor said it had calcium,
magnesium, phosphorous and fiber.
Why didn't you tell me that you drink?
Suvasana, you got it
wrong. Let me explain.
The relationship between any
two people are based on trust.
When that trust is broken,
that relationship breaks too.
It's... It's over now.
Break up!
Suvasana... let me... Break up?
Break up!
[birds chirping]
[cuckoo coos]
Hey! Why did you come into the bedroom?
We didn't come into the bedroom.
You came into the lawn.
La... Lawn?
What happened to me?
You brought some guy last night and called
him your lovely friend and a lovely guest.
He bashed you badly.
He hit me?
He played PUBG with your body.
Who is he?
Just like they do in the TV shows,
you keep bringing a guest each night.
How will we know?
Bring me that CCTV footage fast.
What should we bring?
Weren't you the one who told us to
switch off those cameras at night fall...
so that your shenanigans wouldn't
give you an entry into police records?
He drinks my liquor and hits me?
Who is he?
Where can I find him?
I will not leave him!
You aren't even sober from last night's
drinking and here you're, with that 90 ml!
Sairam... Sairam.
What is your prescribed dosage? Only 90ml.
If the breath analyser hit 270 just with
a blow, how much would you have had?
You are drinking to stay healthy.
Not to spoil your health.
Let it go, dad.
This is the first and the last time.
Of course, we will let it go.
But what about that girl who let you go?
Son, even her father
came to know that you drink.
We don't have any faith at that he
would accept you as his son-in-law.
Let her go.
Mom, please stop nagging.
Buddy, she blocked your mobile
number, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
She blocked you completely.
-Just listen to your mom.
Not like that, son...
Son, I worry that you will truly become
an alcoholic if you don't let her go.
Dad and Mom...
I told you this before,
and I am telling you again now.
The girl who's going to marry me is not
just going to be your daughter-in-law,
She should be like you daughter.
And that girl is Suvasana.
-Tell me father.
There is an orthopaedic
surgeon called Dr. Ritesh.
He lives in US.
Apparently, the social cause posts that
you've put up on Facebook caught his eye.
His family is asking
for marriage alliance.
What do you say?
As you wish, father.
Okay. Okay.
Okay. Okay.
[phone rings]
Madam, Sun Blues Hospital
people have given your number.
My leg pain is acting up.
Send me your location on WhatsApp.
Alright, madam.
Sir, are you the one who called?
Yes, I am that one.
Which leg?
-Right leg.
-Hey, it's left leg.
What can I get you? Coffee or tea?
-I don't want anything, sir.
-Please don't say that.
You must have something.
Boy! Get some coffee.
Please sit down.
Excuse me, have some coffee, please.
-No, thanks.
-Ok, no problem.
Uncle, why are you no longer posting
videos of your cover songs on YouTube?
Have you been watching my cover songs?
Yes. Everyone in our
family is a fan of yours.
In that movie, 'Rangasthalam'...
-that song "Rangamma, Mangamma..."
-"...What a boy he is"
The way you and your wife danced
to that song is exceptionally good.
Did you subscribe to our channel?
Yeah. I even press the bell icon.
She even pressed the bell button it seems.
Choke him with those very
hands! That will solve everything.
Uncle, I want to see a live
performance of your dance.
Deny a fan? Never.
-Come on, play the song.
"Like the rainbow in clouds
and the rain drop in the mud"
"You hid like a thorn of love in my heart"
"My naughty wish is burning as
my beautiful hope is unfulfilled"
"Is it to raise the madness
of love in me or to kill me?"
"You're the girlfriend I wished
for, the damsel that left me."
"You're a merciless demon
and the craze in my heart"
"You're a fish-eyed
beauty and a strange sage"
"You're my moonlight in the
dark, come to me beloved girl"
"How do I live without
you? Come to me girl."
You danced really well, uncle.
-You told me that you had leg pain.
Well... that... It's gone.
Don't play these cheap tricks with me.
Good bye.
Suvasana, please listen to me.
Young man, my payment.
If you ask for your payment,
I am going to hurt you.
You danced as soon as that girl requested!
Go and ask her to pay you.
Whoa! Whoa!
Hey, move aside.
-What's your problem?
-You are my problem.
I only hid the truth that I drink alcohol.
I never lied that I don't drink alcohol.
What's the difference?
Truth is when you hide things
so that people don't get hurt
A lie is told when you
want to cheat people.
Suvasana, every day and every moment
that I was with you, I had alcohol in me.
But, did you ever get into any sort
of problem when I consumed alcohol?
Did I ever cross my limits
and misbehave with you?
Just point one mistake out from my end.
This drinking habit of mine is indeed bad.
But my character isn't.
Your character is indeed bad.
You know my personality.
You know the values of my family.
You know what kind of house ours is.
Despite knowing everything,
you had alcohol when you were with me
What kind of a character you are?
You are a cheater.
So, won't you even try to
get to know my problem?
Won't you listen to my side of the story?
No, I won't!
What would you say?
Drunkards will find hundreds
of reasons to justify themselves.
Do I have to listen to
your stupid justifications?
Even the biggest frauds of the world are
sincere with the women they love.
You don't have that quality.
Good bye!
"They don't listen to you.
They just don't"
"Women simply don't listen."
"Oh goodness... Oh goodness."
"Oh my! Oh dear!"
"They don't listen to you.
They just don't"
"Women simply don't listen.
No matter how much you tell them"
"They don't listen to you.
They just don't"
"Women simply don't listen.
No matter how much you tell them"
"They make you cry and they nag"
"They make the guys crazy"
"They say that the ears
are made for earrings"
"They say that the ears
are made for earrings"
"But, when you tell them golden words,"
"They simply say Bye-Bye."
"They bid us adieu."
"They don't listen to you.
They just don't"
"Women simply don't listen.
No matter how much you tell them"
"They don't listen to you.
They just don't"
"Women simply don't listen.
No matter how much you tell them"
Buddy, this is my story.
Brother, all the women in
the world are just the same.
This is every guy's story.
"You are the ones who
instigate guys to err"
"And you are the one who
ensure that we keep on making"
"those mistakes."
"You make a big deal of small things,"
"and distance yourselves from
us you cut ties and leave us"
"and distance yourselves from
us you cut ties and leave us"
"We beg and plead,"
"and you play hard to get."
"They don't listen to you.
They just don't"
"Women simply don't listen.
No matter how much you tell them"
Buddy, they say that a woman's
heart is like a mirror.
Yes, it is a mirror.
But it is blackened on one side.
they can see no one other than themselves.
Well said, buddy.
"They keep posting pictures
on TikTok and Instagram"
"They put on an act
for likes and comments"
"For some stranger,"
"they laugh and giggle."
"And display their beauty
on Facebook and share it."
"And display their beauty
on Facebook and share it."
"And for the guys who wants to
share their life with them,"
"They don't have any time to spare."
"No time to spare at all."
"Please listen. Please listen.
Please listen to the guys at least once."
"Please listen. Please listen.
Please listen to the guys at least once."
"At least one day... please listen to us."
[church bell rings]
My Lord...
I, Jojappa John Wick,
your innocent worshipper
was beaten up black and
blue by some stranger.
God, please help me in finding out
the address of the guy who beat me up.
Praise the lord.
My dear Children...
To make sure all your
problems are resolved,
god has come to you in my form.
Come and tell me your problems.
Tell me, son.
Your voice tells me something is wrong.
I was beaten up by
someone yesterday, father.
He drank my wine, beat me up and left.
Oh Jehovah! Why did he hit you?
If I know who hit me,
I would know why he hit me.
So, if you find out who hit you,
would you retaliate and become a sinner?
No, Father.
According to the book of
Mathew, Chapter 5 and Verse 21...
I am an advocate of non-violence.
I won't hit him. But I will
just find out why he hit me.
Please, father.
I want to know who he
is and why he hit me.
Meditation is the best
solution for many problems.
One of the best ways to
solve problems is meditation.
When you meditate, there's a strong chance
that you could figure out who hit you.
Father... Father!
Oh no!
I got the solution...
Thank you...
-The lord is your shepherd.
-Thank you Father!
God bless you, my child.
I love you.
[tires screeching]
-I told him I'd kick him... look...
-Greetings brother.
-John Brother...
-Greetings brother.
-Greetings Brother...
-Greetings John Wick bro...
What happened, brother?
-Why is your face all swollen up?
Oh no! Brother's face is all swollen up.
-What happened?
-Tell me, bro!
I was beaten up by someone yesterday.
The mosquito doesn't
have the guts to bit you.
How dare he beat you, brother?
Tell me, bro...
I am going to chop his
head off and display it.
If only I knew, Bojja.
If only I knew who he was...
How could you not know who hit you?
You know that I bring a
guest home every day, right?
He came as a guest and
thrashed me up and left.
Imagine the pain one would feel if
they didn't know who their father was.
The pain of not knowing who hit you...
...is quite similar to that.
That's true.
That is why, I went to the church and
met with the father for a solution.
He told me to meditate.
So, mediate brother.
Let's do it!
He is taking the
mediation quite seriously.
Do you think he will
figure out who that is?
Figuring out things with meditation is
not as easy as sucking on a chocolate.
Hey, Bojja!
So, have you figured who it is, brother?
Bojja, I saw Balayya
Babu, when I meditated.
Balayya Babu?
So, the person who hit me is Balayya Babu?
Oh brother, why would Balayya
babu hit useless people like you?
He only hits his fans.
He hits with them with love.
He hits them with his charm.
To be hit by Balayya babu,
you need to have a lot of luck.
I don't think he would even ring the
doorbell of a useless person such as you.
How would he hit you?
You are crossing your limits.
why did I see him in my meditative state?
Brother, you are not doing a
good job with your meditation.
While meditating, you need to train
all your focus at your centre.
I saw Ramdev Baba saying it on TV.
Let's try that.
Certain things are to be
taken at their face value, dude!
Brother, this time around,
did you see Chiranjeevi? (actor)
-Would you like a small peg?
-No, make it large.
In the village,
people are binge drinking toddy.
Big bro, is there no way these
people will mend their ways?
The only way is to make a rule
that people who drink will be killed.
Very nice, dear.
He keeps drinking while saying that
people who drink ought to be killed.
And with your job of imposing
penalties on people who drink,
are enjoying watching it.
Very nice!
You had alcohol, right?
How did he find out? I thought we
managed the evidence pretty well.
Well, it's because you ate with your
right hand and washed your left hand.
Did you see that?
Even after he consumed alcohol, he
never was a nuisance to people around him.
Although he has a disgusting
habit, his character isn't disgusting.
That is Megastar!
'Maybe I have a bad habit But I
don't have a bad personality.'
Give me a Blenders Pride.
He works in a wine shop?
Let's make video call not a normal call.
Hey... Suvasana!
[phone rings]
Hello Miss Suvasana.
Why are there bottles behind you?
Bottles? They are not bottles.
That is a poster containing bottles.
'Lying again.'
'He is lying again and again.'
Where are you?
At the wine shop.
Are you in the wine shop or Vines app?
Not App... I am at the shop.
Just come out once.
Hey, surprise!
Get on the bike.
Where are we going?
Won't you get on unless I tell you to?
Of course, yes. I will even
climb an electric pole for you.
It would be better if you
stopped with this silliness.
Anyways, where are we going?
I am taking you so that I can rape you.
Why? Not interested?
You, naughty girl!
Really? Do you want to?
Shut up and sit.
Brother... that wine shop fellow.
Turn the vehicle around.
[tires screeching]
Drive... drive... drive...
Ram into him! Come on!
Slow! Slow!
[tires screeching]
You idiot! Rascal!
He escaped.
I won't leave him!
'New life, rehabilitation centre'?
What ever it may be...
I am coming.
-Hi Suvasana!
-Hi, sir.
-Is he the one you were talking about?
-Yes, sir.
-You go to your class.
-You go to your house.
-Okay sir,
Despite all that has happened, I got you
here with the intention to change you...
Please try and understand my love for you.
Pleasing a girl you love doesn't
mean you do the things she loves...
but rather stop doing
the things she hates.
For the sake of me, for
our love, for relationship,
I am of the belief that
you will give up this habit.
Suvasana, please listen to me
once. After that, you can talk.
Deva... we are just 25.
At this age, you can make the impossible
possible, if we put our minds to it.
I will be back in two days, okay?
-No Suva...
I spoke to you in Telugu
and told you to go inside.
Get inside...
Sir, what's your treatment process like?
All day long there will be lectures and
in the nights, we use harsher methods.
Harsher methods?
Does that mean you will hit him?
Of course, yes. Beat him to pulp.
No, sir. Please don't do that.
Mr. Devadas is very soft.
Doesn't matter if he is either
soft or hard It is the same treatment.
Okay? Don't worry.
Go. Go now...
"The virtues of drinking
alcohol, The taste of liquor"
"If one figures this
out, liquor is a blessing."
"It is the habit best
friends inculcate in you".
"If you forget it,
it is as good as forgetting your buddies"
"Don't quit drinking!"
[everyone cheering]
Hey silence... I said silence!
If you drown music and literature
in liquor, I will beat you to pulp.
Doctor. Nadaradinna here.
-What's your name?
Oh! You have been living up to your name.
-How much do you down daily?
-I drink 90 ml of liquor 3 times a day.
-Why not 180ml?
-Doctor advised me to consume only 90 ml.
Huh! A doctor told you
to? Who's that fellow?
[clears throat]
Basically, I am an authorized drinker.
An authorized drinker?
An Authorized Drinker Certificate!
I saw cast and income certificates.
I saw a birth certificate
and even a death certificate.
Where can I get this
Authorized Drinker certificate, brother?
-Brother! Tell me.
Even if costs over a lakh,
I don't mind, brother. I want it.
Big bro,
does this permit work only locally?
Or does it have national coverage?
Give them the address and phone
number they will get one too.
Sit down you...
-I will beat you to pulp.
-Hi sir!
-Hey, Ramesh! How are you?
-I am doing good, sir.
My dear alcohol folks, he is Mr. Ramesh.
He did a crash course here
and within a week quit alcohol,
He is an outstanding student.
Give him a big hand!
Thank you very much
-What are you doing?
-I am busy with work.
Stupid fellows.
Look, he is busy with work.
What is it that you do?
I am busy drinking day and night.
-Are you joking?
-Am I a joker?
I am a drinker! Drinker!
You told me that if you are
unsuccessful in making us quit alcohol,
you would return our money
back. Give me back my 50,000.
I don't have money to
drink. My pockets are empty.
for the kind of treatment I gave you,
Forget drinking alcohol.
You can't even stand it's smell.
Are you lying just to get money?
Hey! I won't lie and
cheat for money like you.
-Get me alcohol, I'll drink!
-Oh is it?
-Get a bottle of liquor.
-Yes. Get it.
-Here it is...
-Give it here...
You can go.
This stupid cap.
Stop it.
-How could you drink it straight?
-Now just this...
If you don't give me the
money, I will drink your blood...
-Guards, take him outside. Take him.
-I will drink your blood like juice...
-Take him away.
My dear students, Let's start the class.
Stop the class.
You keep assuring stuff like last
batch, crash course, best student.
But the reality is he came back and is
demanding that you pay back his money.
We are not at all confident
that you will help us quit alcohol.
-Yes we lost it!
-It's ok...
Oh, you need trust?
Guards, get them all to the dark
room. I will show them trust.
Shut the doors.
[bashing sound]
Hey! Give us all the details
of your swindling activities.
If you don't remove that board
that says 'New Life' outside...
you will have no life at all.
Tell Mr. Ritesh.
Everything is clear from
our side for the match making
Mrs. Sookshma, this is the
perfect match for Ms. Suvasana.
If this alliance goes through,
I will be the happiest person.
-Please don't say anything.
Father, the thing is...
-I don't want to listen to anything.
-Please listen...
Parents give their children freedom
not for falling in love and breaking up.
It's so that you can make
something of themselves and make us proud.
Did you not take Mr. Devadas
to the rehabilitation centre?
Did you or didn't you?
I am not just a father.
I am a police officer as well.
You agree with your father
and you agree with your lover as well.
Don't you have integrity?
At a traffic signal, if both
sides display green signal,
there will be a loss of
life due to accidents.
Fathers should feel that
daughters are their responsibility.
Not a burden.
But the fear that you might turn
into a burden for me has started in me.
And so, I decided to
get rid of that burden.
This alliance is finalised.
What's this torture bro?
For the past one week,
he's make us roam the outskirts.
And this area,
people use it to defecate in the mornings.
And amidst all this stench,
how is he able to meditate?
Hey... shut it!
I am feeling thirsty. Get me
a water bottle from the car.
Here, there seems to be
some water here. Take it.
Brother, I put some water
here but I can't seem to find it.
Brother was thirsty so he drank it.
With what should I clean myself now?
You jackass!
You got me the water that he
was gonna use to clean his rear?
-Oh no! no!
-You dumbo!
Devadas from Parvathi Nagar!
I remember him now. Start the vehicle!
Excuse me, brother...
-The rehabilitation centre here...
-That was past...
Ever since the alcoholic Devadas joined
the place, they've changed their set up.
That Devadas lives in this Parvati Nagar.
Devadas from Parvati Nagar!
-Hey Avadham...
He says it's Devadas from Parvati Nagar.
Do you think it's the same
Devadas who hit us as well?
Big bro,
there are many colonies in Hyderabad.
There must be lots of people with the
same name. Why are you getting worried?
Why would I get worried?
Where is Devadas's house?
Devadas? You mean that tall
guy who looks like movie star?
Perfect. Where does he stay?
That is the house.
I love you, my king.
Bojja, go and sit in the car.
-Why, brother? Drag him out.
-If you kill him in a fit of rage...
-Heard that?
how would I be able to
find out why he hit me?
So, get in the car and enjoy
the music. Go... Go on.
-Go, go. Go man! Come on move!
-Okay brother.
Buddy, somehow I get the
feeling that it's the same person.
Bro, if it's the same person, our
brother will be kicked out at once. Look.
Oh god!
It's the same guy!
Hey! Why are you hitting me? Why?
Tell me why and then hit me, bro.
Why're you hitting me?
Hey Bojja!
He is calling you. Anyway, I don't know.
Bojja... save me. Bojja...
John bro is a very nice guy.
-He made us sit inside.
-Yes, brother.
Move it!
-Su... Suvasana...
-Don't speak.
I believed you and your love, Deva.
And you proved me that you don't love me.
When you love a person,
it's not just about living for each other.
It's about sacrificing
things for your partner.
You can't even do such a
tiny thing as quitting alcohol.
I can understand how
much love you have for me.
-That's not it, Suvasana... listen to me.
-How many more lies will you tell?
The first day, when you
lied about your mother's back pain,
If I had left you right then.
I would not have had to face this day.
It was my mistake to have
reasoned that lie off as love for me.
That is when you took me for granted.
You lied to me about working in the wine
shop. Everything you told me was a lie.
Enough! It was my mistake
to have tried to change you.
I am so in love with you that
I don't mind dying with you.
But, you don't have even a single
thought of spending your life with me.
I hate you.
I hate you!
Why do you look like a
punctured tire that has been patched up?
The wounds of the second meeting with
the guy who bashed me in the first meet.
He hit you again?
Oh Jehovah!
Did you ask him the why he hit you?
I did ask him, father.
And because of that he beat me to pulp.
Oh lord!
As soon as sees me,
he gets angry and starts to thrash me up.
That must mean I must have
done something very horrendous.
I want to know what it is. Please, father.
In this entire world,
something as small as an ant bite
and even the birth of a
human has a reason behind it.
-Do one thing.
-What is it, father?
-The image of the man who hit you...
-What image?
Jesus... Image... I meant photograph.
Photograph?! Got it, father. Got it.
Put his photograph in
front of you. Concentrate
and singularly focus on
that photo and meditate on it.
It will come to you
suddenly why he hit you.
Wow. Thank you, father!
-Thank you, father.
Thank you, father. I love you.
-Bojja...-Tell me bro.
I need the photographs of
that Devadas immediately.
[glass breaks]
Come on, bro!
Welcome to my palace.
-Come with me.
-It's superb, sir!
This is heaven of my home.
-Sit down.
-Thank you sir.
Tell me about you brother.
My name is Devadasu
sir. I work in a wine shop.
You look like an educated
white-collared employee.
Why are you working in a wine shop?
-What is your qualification?
-MBA in Finance with a gold medal.
MBA in Finance with a gold
medal? I am impressed. I am impressed.
And an authorized drinker too.
Authorized drinker?
What does that mean?
I have to have 90ml of
Alcohol three times a day, sir.
If not...
Even if I miss the dosage
even once, I will die.
What a kick-ass disease!
Isn't this the reason why
you can never get drunk?
Hey! I like this place.
I love drinking from here, brother.
-Can I ask you something, sir?
You lead such a rich life.
What about your life partner?
An astrologer told me that I would
get a wife who looks like the moon.
I looked at the sky for that
moon. Instead, I found many stars.
I touched all the stars that I could
see. But, I didn't find the moon yet.
I am a bachelor but not a virgin.
[phone rings]
I'm planning to tell father about us.
You come home in the morning.
Okay, sure.
Bro, wasn't that your moon who called you?
Can I see the picture of your loved one?
Sure, sir.
Oh! Truly...
She is a beauty like the moon.
Yes, sir
So beautiful...
Bro, we will enter into a new agreement.
You will have to leave your girlfriend.
I will love her and marry her.
-Bojja... Bojja.
Do you remember why he hit you?
When he showed me his girl's picture,
I asked him to leave his lover for me
-That was the reason why he hit me.
That is exactly why he hit me.
Even I would hit someone for that wish.
Hey, Amudam!
You are crossing your limits.
Bojja, I want the profile
of Devadas's girlfriend.
Bro, I'm a follower of
doctor's Facebook account.
-Yes, brother.
-One minute
Wow! Super!
She is so beautiful!
I love her, Bojja!
Oh his antics!
-Hello Dr. Ritesh. Welcome.
-Hi uncle, how are you?
What is this, uncle?
Kshunakar Rao Nature's abode?
[breaks in laughter]
What's a 'Nature's abode'? How silly!
He looks a bit abnormal!
Anyways uncle... Kshunnakar Rao, Sukshma,
Suvasana, Aveshita...
What kind of names are these?
How funny!
Aveshita! Thank you.
Uncle, there seems to be a huge age
gap between both your daughters?
[Ritesh chuckles]
If you had that fire that you
named your daughter with,
there wouldn't be huge age difference.
Well, I was simply asking.
Uncle, before going to further discussion,
I just want to ask one thing.
Suvasana, do you have any love affairs?
[door bell ringing]
Who is this guy? How got in suddenly!
Uncle, who is he?
-He is our family friend.
Hi bro. I am Ritesh.
Orthopedic surgeon. MS from the U.S
My name is Devadas.
From Parvati Nagar.
-Please take a seat.
Well, where are we?
were you in love with anyone before?
I wasn't in love with anyone.
Don't you have any common sense?
-Yeah what?
This doesn't concern you.
Go about your business.
Suvasana. Get up, please.
[music mutes voice]
C1, C2, C3, C4 are ok
Just turn... turn please.
L1, L2, L3, L4 are ok as well.
Just bend... bend please.
-Bend... Ah!
-Mr. Devadas...
-Mr. Devadas...
Mr. Devadas, please wait.
-Leave him.
-Oh no!
-Mr. Devadas.
Devadas is not just from Parvati Nagar.
He is Suvasana's lover as well.
-Oh no!
-Mr. Devadas...
-Mr. Devadas...
Just stay put. I will
deal with you in a minute.
Once I lock you up in the prison,
-then you will...
My love for Suvasana is not the
kind that goes away after death.
It is the kind that never
goes away even after I am killed.
She cried for milk, at birth.
Now again she is crying for you.
For an alcoholic!
That is the reason for anguish!
Suvasana is mine.
If you look for other alliances...
or even try to get her
married to someone else,
I will do the same thing again.
Shut up and get out of the house!
Get out of my house
and get out of my life.
I'm resigning the job.
Nothing sir. I'm just quiting.
"She is leaving. She is leaving."
-"She is leaving me and going away"
-Can you call your sister?
-"She is leaving. She is leaving."
-Shut the gates.
"She is leaving me and going away"
"She is leaving. She is leaving."
"My dream is leaving my eyes."
"The rhythm of my
heart is leaving me"
"The deity is leaving the temple."
"My smile is leaving my lips."
"My shadow is leaving me."
"My desires are leaving my life"
"She is leaving. She is leaving."
"She is leaving me and going away."
"Won't the waves listen to the stories?"
"Won't the cloud listen to the skies?"
"Won't the foliage listen to the rain?"
"Won't the flute listen to
the dictates of the wind?"
"I am anxious to tell you."
"You are stubborn in your
refusal to hear me out"
"Her love is her life"
"And I fear she might lose
her and life and mine as well"
"She is leaving, she is leaving"
"She is leaving me and going away."
Drink, son.
Drink up!
Will you or won't you?
Will you or won't you?
Will you or won't you?
-Just wait a minute. Wait.
-Will you or won't you?
Son, please drink. Please.
This is a nice house.
You guys carry on brother.
That little girl will be there inside.
Little girl? Little girl?
What is this little girl phobia?
You go brother. The
little girl will be there.
-Shut and come.
-I won't come.
'Hi, uncle.'
-My name is John...
-John Wick.
Your vehicle number is 0459.
I am the one who
booked you at least 10 times
in the drink and drive case
and got your license cancelled.
-That's great. That's great.
So sorry. I don't remember
anything when I am drunk.
Tell me what brings you here.
I am in love with your daughter Suvasana.
I want to get your
permission for the marriage.
So, I came here with my friends to
ask you for her hand in marriage.
I can guess what kind
of a useless fellow you are
by the kind of people you hang out with.
I won't give an alcoholic like you,
even a glass of water from my house.
How will I give you my
daughter in marriage?
Get out. Go!
Uncle, cool. Please.
Hey, traffic!
You forgot to watch your words...
I am warning you. Give your
daughter in marriage to my brother.
-If not...
You know about me right!
I will just be back.
I'll stab you.
Brother, calm down. Leave it to me.
You there! Don't you know who he is?
Bojja Nampally.
He is a beloved friend,
a weapon against the enemies,
and he is his very own
government in Hyderabad.
If you don't comply...
Stop it, Amudam!
What is this Bojja?
Uncle's is a soft-core family.
[screams in pain]
Who beat him! Oh!
Oh my!
Hey Bojja!
Oh no!
What the hell is this?
They're bashing us like hell.
Oh no!
Bojja, they are no soft-core family.
-Yes Bro...
-They are very hard-core.
No, uncle. Thank you. No.
I'll run now!
You bloody pigs.
Hey! If you know how to
use a stick, I know karate.
I am fully trained! Come.
Don't you think we can take you on?
Come on!
Didn't you go to the school?
I didn't know!
I beg you, please spare me.
Oh god! She seems very dangerous.
Oh god! Save me from the little one!
I wondered what they were on
about when they feared a little girl.
she is little but she keeps flying
around and kicking the crap out of people.
oh my god! Brother...
it is difficult to tolerate your
thrashing compared to that little girl's.
Close it please, close
it. I am begging you.
What's the hell are these beatings?
All the family got into the fight! Oh no!
I want Suvasana, Bojja...
But how!
It's been many days
since we see you smiling.
The house looks dull.
Please forget that girl.
I am begging you.
[door bell rings]
[door bell rings]
Are you Devadasu?
-Get in the vehicle.
-Just get in the vehicle.
What happened son?
Sir... Sir...
This is my son.
-What happened?
-Come to the police station to find out.
What happened, son?
I will go to the
police station and find out.
-Son... son...
-You wait here.
I just got him into the vehicle.
What charge do you want?
Just keep him locked in the
police station for two hours.
You will figure it out yourself later.
Why did you bring me here?
Go and sit there.
Greetings sir.
Thank you.
Sir, greetings.
Why did you bring my son here?
Why did you bring my son here?
Do you think you are my superior, eh?
And, am I obliged to tell you
everything just because you asked me?
Go and sit there!
-What happened son?
[phone rings]
Go and bring fast.
-What's that?
-Sir.. sir...
-What's that?
-Hey, give it to me.
Sir, sir... it's time for my son to drink.
Do you know in which
place are you talking this?
Sir, my son is an authorized drinker.
He has a doctor's certificate.
It doesn't matter what you think.
He has to drink.
It's time for his
medicine. He has to have it now.
How dare you do this in the police station
and in front of the police officers?
You son of a...
Take the idiot away!
Sir... sir... sir...
Please don't beat him.
He will die sir.
Sir... sir...
Sir, please don't beat him sir...
just because he was
denied drinking for a while,
he thrashed all the police
personnel in the police station.
I am going to book an FIR for him.
No. No.
I now have a lot more
clarity on his stamina.
I will pay you and
your station handsomely.
Just let him go. Let him go.
"I did not think so"
"I never ever thought that"
"Half of myself would set
me on fire and burn me"
"I did not think so"
"I never ever thought that"
"Half of myself would set
me on fire and burn me"
"I did not think so"
"I never ever thought that"
"the sadness in my heart
feels alien to my eyes."
"This anxiousness is
alien to my heart."
"I am faced with the question
that transcends the topic of love"
"This is so weight
that my heart can't hold"
"My emotions fail to turn into words."
"Something seems to be choking me up"
"I did not think so"
"I never ever thought that"
"Half of myself would
set me on fire and burn me"
"Did I ask you for gold and treasure?"
"Did I ask you to get me
awards and accomplishments?"
"Did I wish for many things from you?"
"Did I wish for lot of smiles?"
"Did I ask you to take
on many responsibilities?"
"Or burden you with my troubles?"
"Just so that the two
of us can become one"
"I simply asked you to
let go of one thing."
Big sister, you love Mr. Devadas so much.
Why do you keep avoiding him?
It's because I love him a lot.
For my love...
I am of the hope that
he will quit drinking.
Buddy, I asked the SI numerous times,
as to why he beat you up.
No matter how much I asked
him, he refused to say anything.
Buddy, I smell something fishy.
I think your father-in-law
might be responsible for this.
Greetings, greetings...
With the sole mission of
protecting the environment,
the Nagarjuna group of schools
is introducing the new
'Environment Awards'
To present this award,
the prominent industrialist
Mr. John Wick has been
invited as the chief guest.
Let's look at a short
AV about John Wick.
John wick...
He is not just a man,
he is an inspiration...
Through John Wick group of industies,
Lakhs of people are getting
employment direclty and indirectluy.
If there is any environmental disaster,
the first person to step in to help is...
John Wick.
That is why,
he spends 50% of his earnings,
for social sevice through
his John Wick foundation.
Mr. John Wick, please come to the dais.
If you raise a dog,
it safeguards only your house.
But if you raise a plant,
it safeguards the entire environment.
This is the philosophy of
Mr. Kshunakar Rao's family.
That is the reason
why this family deserves
the prestigious Nagarjuna Group
of School's Environment Award.
Please welcome Mr. Kshunakar
Rao and his family
onto the dais.
We invite Mr. John Wick
to address the audience.
-Hello, everyone.
[camera capture]
I am donating ten crores...
...to the CM relief fund for
the victims of Kerala flood.
I wish for Mr. Kshunakar Rao to help
me donate that money to the relief fund.
-Me! Why me?
If someone as dignified and a
good Samaritan like you helps
I feel that it elevates the cause further.
You will understand this
award function plan tomorrow.
-It's Mr. John Wick!
Please. Come on.
-Mrs. Sukshma, get some coffee.
-I'll just do that.
-Please come...
-Oh, no, no!
No formalities please.
I just came here to
apologise for my misbehaviour.
Not at all Mr. John wick.
Come in, please. Sit down.
Come in, come on.
Uncle, I will come to the point, directly.
Miss. Suvasana, please sit down.
Please sit.
Come sit.
If I ever wanted to get married,
there is no dearth of women.
when I saw Suvasana,
I liked her instantly.
You keep forgetting the many
good things I do during the day
and only remember that
I drink during the nights.
I will quit alcohol, uncle.
I will quit alcohol for Suvasana.
Even with no one's
support, I achieved a lot.
If I get Suvasana as my life companion...
imagine the great number of
things I can accomplish...
and the many people I can
help with her by my side.
Please... accept my love.
What else is there to think?
You and John Wick share the
same goal of helping people.
There is some truth in
his love for your daughter.
He seems to be very
sincere in his ardent plea.
I don't think we can find a better
match than him for our daughter.
Ok, Mr. John Wick.
We will find out an auspicious
day and confirm the wedding.
-Thank you, uncle! Thank you so much!
-Mr. John Wick, what is this?
-It's okay Mr. John Wick...
-Thank you!
I have Devadas in my heart.
I am in love with him.
You are in love with Devadas?
Mr. John Wick, sit down.
Sit down.
Ms. Suvasana, please sit down.
The plan is worked out.
The girl I want to get married to
should have only me in her heart.
your daughter's is in love with Devadas.
So, I am of the opinion that
you should give her a chance.
Both Devadas and I drink.
Mine is a habit but his is an addiction.
To make your daughter
happy, I will quit drinking.
Ask Devadas to do that for at
least a day. I mean just a day.
If he cannot do that,
Suvasana should get married to me.
Ms. Suvasana,
are you okay with this proposition?
Suvasana is mine.
If you look for further matches or try to
get her married to someone else either,
I will do the same thing again!
I am okay with this proposal.
-Thank you, uncle. Thank you.
-Ms. Aveshita...
Ask Mr. Devadasu to come here immediately.
Alright father.
Oh God! Davadas is coming...
Big bro, it's stuffy here.
-Let's go and sit under the tree.
-Wait man!
Bro, that's right. I am
sweating too. I will go too.
-Hey, Bojja. Bojja!
-Move! See you later, bro!
Hey, Bojja!
-You! Why are you here?
-Oh goodness! He is here.
-Why are you here?
-Mr. Devadas...
Mr. John Wick has a proposition to make.
And all of us like it.
The thing is... if you can
stay off alcohol for just one day,
I am ready to give my
daughter in marriage to you.
Are you okay with this?
Mr. Devadas...
Both of us will meet up in a place,
that is completely filled with alcohol.
We have to stay in control without
opening a single bottle of liquor,
without paying any attention
to what's going on around us
and stay sober for 24 hours.
If you can do that, Suvasana is yours.
If not, she is mine.
-Are you ready Mr. Devadas?
-What do you mean ready?
-Who the hell are you?
-Mr. Devadas!
Who the hell are you to give
me these kinds of propositions?
If you stay another minute in front of
me, I don't know what I would do to you.
-Get lost!
-Mr. Devadas Please!
-Ok, uncle. No problem. No problem
-Bye uncle. I shall take my leave.
-Bye aunty.
-Get lost!
Listen, uncle...
If you can understand my love
for your daughter marry her to me.
But, don't bring losers and put conditions
and try to make it a competition.
I heard and saw many great love stories.
I saw people leaving their parents, wealth
and even lives for the sake of their love.
But, he is not even able to sacrifice
his addiction for the sake of love.
Is he really in love with you?
Give it a thought, Ms. Suvasana.
I am here to try and understand your love.
How do you want me to understand you?
How do you want me to understand you?
You came to my house, sat in
front of my parents and drank liquor.
Do you know how hurt would he be?
Even after this behaviour of yours...
I shamelessly confessed my
love for you in front of all.
What did you do?
You made me a fool.
You made me a fool in front of all!
Can't you stop drinking for a day for me?
Will you die if you don't drink for a day?
Yes, I will die.
Then die!
Even my death is not worthy of you.
I will accept that challenge for you.
"In a life time of hundred years,"
"In a life time of hundred years,"
"30 years are spent sleeping."
"20 years are spent in studies.
20 years are spent in the office."
"10 years are spent in the traffic.
10 years are spent in shopping."
"9 years are spent in bars,
bathrooms and cell phones."
"At last we are left with... only a year."
"What? Only a year?"
"Only a year. That is all."
"In a life time of hundred
years, 30 years are spent sleeping."
"20 years are spent in studies.
20 years are spent in the office."
"10 years are spent in the traffic.
10 years are spent in shopping."
"9 years are spent in bars,
bathrooms and cell phones."
"At last we are left with... only a year."
"What? Only a year?"
"That is all you get, you..."
"Use it."
"Use it. Use that time"
"Use it. Use that age"
"If you get an
opportunity, don't miss out on it."
"Use it. Use that time."
"Use it. Use that age."
"Use it."
"If there is only one
throw, make a century out of it."
"If there is even a small
gap, squeeze through it."
"If you get a paper
boat, sail the Pacific Ocean"
"If you only have candle
light, challenge the sun light."
"Life is very short
but the goals are big."
"Life is very short
but the goals are huge."
"What you seek is in front of you."
"What is it?"
"Time... It's the time dude!"
"Use it. Use that time."
"Use it. Use that age."
Yes! He has fainted!
-Bro, he has fainted
-He fell at last!
"If the lovers are in sync,
just half an hour is enough."
"If we let go of past and future,
even quarter of an hour is enough."
"When you and I are one,
even a minute is enough."
"And we both feel the
same, even a second is enough."
"Life is short,
and the love we feel is huge."
"Life is short,
and the love we feel is huge."
"The time spent in love is really great."
"Use it."
"Use it. Use that time."
"Use it. Use that age."
"If you get an
opportunity, don't miss out on it."
"Use it. Use it dude. Use it."
-We'll kill him if anyone speaks.
Sit down!
Oh no! Why did the family rise now?
He is a drunkard.
He is in some tiff or the other.
They will take care of it
themselves. Let it be. Sit down.
Sit down.
Hey you!
-Sir... Sir... Please don't hit him!
How dare you hit my friend?
How dare all of you single
my son out and attack him?
If you are men enough,
let him drink and then let's see.
-Sir... Sir... Please... Don't hit him.
-Son, take it.
-Sir... sir... sir...
-I'll kill you.
Dear Suvasana...
My son won't die because someone hits him.
He will die if he doesn't drink.
I am begging you. He loves you very much.
No... no... no...
He is ready to sacrifice himself
for you. Please understand dear.
Sir... sir... sir...
If children drink and come home,
there are parents who thrash them up.
We are the kind of parents who thrashed
him up if he didn't drink alcohol.
Sir, he has to drink
alcohol three times a day.
If he misses a single dose...
he will die.
Won't you try to understand my problem?
Suvasana, listen to me once. Please.
That's not it... Suvasana, listen...
Will you die if you don't drink for a day?
Yes, I will.
He has Fetal alcohol syndrome disorder.
She is the one who is responsible...
Don't know which star we wished
upon, she wanted a son like Devadas.
He really is going to die
like Devadas for the sake of love.
-what is she doing?
-Don't know...
What's this now?
[groans and coughs]
[Suvasana groans]
Dear lord. Damn it!
[Devadas groans]
What a kiss, madam!
Give me a kiss as well.
Just a kiss, madam.
Just a kiss...
-Look at him...
-Sheshu... Sheshu...
-Please madam.
Don't you know why I brought
you with me? What are you doing?
Give me a kiss, madam.
Sheshu, she is going to
be my wife. My fiance.
-No need brother.
My son is up now.
Do you want a kiss?
-Come then.
Why did he stab him?
I told you he is a bloody psycho.
I came here to settle your
account, but you settled my account.
-Yes. It's true.
-I'll settle your account too.
[knife swishes]
-I am getting out of here.
-Me too.
Now, I'm just left with you.
[knife swishes]
[knife swishes]
[glass bottle breaks]
[glass bottles breaks]
[Aveshita whistles]
-Give me 180ml bottle please.
-Please. Three 90 ml for me!
-Three 90 ml for me!
-Who keeps pushing me?
-Three 90 ml for me!
Sir, you? At the wine shop? Buying liquor?
My son-in-law demanded I buy him
a drink before his first night.
[glass bottles clinks]
-Your son-in-law is your perfect match!
-Thank you.
[kaaps singing]
Hey! What is that?
This is a new tradition.
They say husband and
wife share everything.
Now this is 90ml.