9/11 (2017) Movie Script

(somber music plays)
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
to you
Happy birthday,
dear Chantelle
- Oh, so pretty.
- That's right.
Happy birthday to you...
Let's go up a bit.
- (Chantelle laughs)
- FATHER: Tickle Monster!
Ah, it's your birthday,
Dada love you so much,
so much.
You look so cute.
Happy birthday, love.
Oh, man. All right,
I gotta go, I gotta go.
It's so hard.
Let me get out of here.
Go, all right, bye-bye-bye.
Okay, bye.
Well, it's somebody's birthday!
- Mmmm!
- (Chantelle giggles)
(easy-listening ballad
in background)
today Mommy gets
her life back.
(dog grunts)
Yes, wish me luck. Mwah!
Don't miss me too much.
(door opens)
COOK: Yo, three's up!
WAITRESS: There you go.
- METZIE: Hey, Nicki.
- Hey!
Hey! So, did you open
the envelope?
Hmm, we decided that we're
gonna be surprised.
Well, you know,
in the old days,
you didn't have a choice,
you had to wait.
- It was a very long time ago, but...
- (giggles)
- What?
- I can't make it to the baby shower.
So I thought I would
bring this to you.
Well, thank you.
Karen, you got her coffee?
- KAREN: Sure do.
- NICKI: Thank you.
- Have a really good time.
- Thank you, I wish you could be there.
- Me too, me too.
- KAREN: There you go, miss.
Thank you, darling.
All right, kids, bye.
MAN: Jeffrey, I'm sure you're
aware, there's no smoking in here.
I used to have three floors
in this building.
You got an ashtray?
You see?
I can be reasonable.
MAN: Good.
Well, are we or are we not
going to execute
this divorce agreement today?
Can I... can I please just
have a moment with my wife?
So this is what you
brought us in here for,
eight o'clock this morning,
go through this again?
Come on, Lloyd.
We're talking
about 17 years.
What's one more day?
Give us a moment.
It's okay.
LLOYD: All right,
it's your call.
Mr. Cage, I highly
advise you to, please,
not blindside us with
something we can't fix later.
MAN: Come on,
you heard the man.
LLOYD: Give them the time.
- We'll be outside.
- Thank you.
- EVE: Really, Jeffrey?
- (door closes)
You're gonna do this
in the ninth hour?
It's the eleventh.
You're supposed to say the
eleventh hour, not the ninth.
Are you kidding me?
Is this some big joke
to you?
Come on, you used to
love my sense of humor.
Yeah, you used
to be funny.
Don't... don't make me do
the weekend dad thing,
please, Eve.
My God, Jeffrey, you hardly
spend time with J.J. as it is.
You were away for business
when he was born.
You were in Toronto
when he took his first steps,
in Hong Kong when he said
his first words,
in San Francisco
for his first day of school.
Shall I continue?
Rather you didn't.
All right, so then sign
the damn papers
and let's get on
with this.
Why do you think
I work all the time?
I do it for him,
I do it for us.
Jeffrey, there is
no more "us."
Then why are you still
wearing your ring?
Bad habit.
MAN (on radio):
Hey, Eddie, you there?
Copy. It's Stu. Pick up.
(falsetto) No, man,
this is Eddie's sister, Edwina.
How are you?
Sammy up on the 35th is having
trouble with his lock again.
Can you see what's going on?
He's having trouble
with the lock,
or did he forget
his damn keys again?
Man, don't bust my balls.
Bring your tools just in case.
Oh, and the toilet on 43rd
is having issues.
Come on, buddy,
are you kidding me?
I just unclogged
that yesterday.
Well, you're gonna have
to unclog it again. Copy?
Yeah, funny.
You know, I promise you, I'm gonna
take a picture of whatever I find,
I'm gonna send it to your ass.
Get back to me when your shit
don't stink, amigo.
Yeah, right, when my shit don't
stink, when my shit don't stink.
One cup of coffee.
One cup of coffee.
(speaking Spanish)
WOMAN (on TV):
Now we have a camera.
Katie back now,
thank you so much.
Good morning, everybody.
For the second time
in two weeks, the U.S. has lost
an unmanned supply plane
over Iraq.
Whoo! Well...
You know how sometimes you just
don't want to get out of bed?
- MAN: Yep.
- That was me today.
- Whoo! Sorry.
- MAN: You're late.
I know I'm late.
Everything okay?
- MAN: Yep.
- I don't have to think about anything?
- MAN: No.
- All right.
Good, good, good.
I see you.
What are your guys now?
Oh, I think my Mets
are 71 and 73.
We're almost playing
.500 baseball.
Hmm. My Yanks are
85 and 57.
When you gonna come over
to the pinstripes?
When you pay me
my hundred dollars, honey.
Ooh, okay, that'll be
- Uh-huh.
- Right after I hit the trifecta in the sixth.
METZIE: Okay, Scarlett.
Actually, you sounded
more like Annie.
Tomorrow, tomorrow,
I'll pay you tomorrow
- EDDIE: I've heard of her.
- METZIE: Mm-hmm.
(Metzie scoffs)
Ha ha ha! Look.
It's Captain Crapper.
Heh heh heh!
You're lucky I'm a little out of
shape, don't kick your ass, Charlie.
A little?
- Your body ain't seen a push-up in 20 years.
- Try 25, Frankie.
Oh, my mistake.
Hey, we still on
for Thursday?
You gotta ask?
Have I ever missed
poker night?
Poker? What about
pizza night?
I'm at pizza night, you know that.
Are you kidding me?
You know I'll show up
to that anytime.
- Frankie.
- Yeah.
You wanna hold this
for a second?
I gotta tie my shoe. Matter
of fact, I gotta go.
We hung out together on Sunday
night at a fashion show,
and she'll be joining us
this morning to tell us about
a personal style show that she
is hosting and producing.
It is called "Tracey Ullman's
Visible Panty Lines."
LAUER: Katie, we're also going to have
more of our week-long special series
on living longer, living better
after the age of 50.
This morning we'll focus
on the role your mood...
(elevator bell dings)
Excuse me.
- Sorry, sir.
- You're fine.
Oh, shit, this one's going up.
(door closes)
You really don't have to
walk me to my car.
I am perfectly capable
of getting there myself.
It's something
a good husband does.
Oh, and that's supposed to
be you all of a sudden?
(cell phone rings)
Uh... um...
okay, what time...
what time is your mom
coming through?
Uh, I'll be there
like 15 minutes,
something like 15 minutes after she
gets there, yeah, I'll be there.
Hello? Hello?
Hello, hello, hello?
- Damn.
- (elevator bell dings)
(phone beeping)
(door closes)
(elevator bell dings)
(door opens)
Not a cloud in the sky.
Have a good day, everyone.
WOMAN: Wait.
Is this one going down?
At some point.
I'll take
the next one.
What the fuck was that?
(muffled rumbling)
What the hell was that?
Oh, man.
Where are my elevators?
What the hell?
Jeffrey, what's going on?
I don't have a clue.
Maybe one of
the cables snapped.
No, no, no, I heard something.
Sounded like an explosion.
Let me try
the intercom.
Metzie? Hello?
Metzie, come on,
girlfriend, hello?
(distant rumbling, clanging)
- (indistinct conversation)
- MAN: Something's going on.
MAN: ...check the circuit
breakers right now.
WOMAN: Is there an outage?
MAN: It's crazy.
METZIE: Is anybody there?
Can anybody hear me?
What's going on?
- Metzie, you feel that?
- Yeah, what was it?
They say a small-engine plane
hit the building.
- Come on.
- The fire department's trying to figure it out.
Look, half my elevators
are not working.
Nothing on the console
is working at all.
- Try rebooting the communication link.
- METZIE: I did that.
- Well, try it again.
- Well, how many times should I do it?
- I'm telling you, look at the board!
- Again.
- They'll come up.
- Look at the board!
(hangs up phone)
METZIE: Where are you going?
I'm gonna go see
what's going on.
Son of a...
Metzie! Metzie,
come on, baby girl!
Who is Metzie?
the elevator dispatcher.
She's usually
"Johnny on the Spot"
when it comes to her elevators.
- All the circuits are busy.
- MICHAEL: I can't get no reception either.
Intercom is down. All the
cell towers are jammed.
Well, what do you think?
But why do so many people need
to make calls at the same time?
If it is a broken cable,
can we fall?
That only
happened once, in 1945.
The Empire State Building
got hit by a B-25 bomber
and the elevator fell
roughly 80 stories.
the lady survived.
Survived? Eighty-story fall?
That's bullshit.
Were you a witness?
In '45?
Sure, I look great for
my age, don't you think?
Um, (clears throat),
how did she make it?
Apparently she laid
on the floor, on her back,
and didn't break
a single bone.
It was a miracle.
Un milagro.
Well, perhaps.
I think of it more
as random.
Besides, all these
modern elevators have brakes
in case something
like that happens.
- How do we know this one...
- Because they all do.
He reads a lot.
EDDIE: How much?
Six newspapers a day,
even on Sundays.
The crosswords.
I gather you guys
know each other?
Well, I've got a piece
of paper at home
- that says we're married.
- Oh, really?
- She's got one in her purse...
- You're gonna do this...
See, this is exactly what
the shrink talks about...
- trying to say that we're not.
- when you're oversharing with strangers.
Don't have to do that.
That's so sad.
You two seem like
a good match.
- We are.
- EVE: We're not.
So, uh, Eddie...
You look like someone who knows
his way around this building.
- EDDIE: Yeah, a bit.
- How long you been working here?
I've been working here 20 years.
I'm a custodial engineer.
- Hmm. A janitor?
- Excuse me.
My official title: custodial
engineer, okay, buddy?
Okay, okay, so how much
do you actually know
about the elevators
in this building?
I know they go up and I know
they go down, that's about it.
All right, anybody want to give me
a hand, try to pry the doors open?
I'll help you out,
but I don't know why.
Yeah, it feels like
it's stuck on something.
EDDIE: It's probably one of the
ones that have a lock on it.
What? What?
What does that mean?
Some of the elevators, they have locks
that prevent the doors from opening.
A lock engages when the elevator's
disabled or in between landings.
Why do they want us
to be stuck in here?
EDDIE: It's an insurance issue.
Part of the training you get
when you work here.
We're not supposed to encourage
people to climb out of these things.
The protocol is,
you wait for help.
That's the insurance part.
That way nobody's gonna
fall down the shaft.
EVE: Wait, so... so...
so we can't unlock it,
we're stuck in here?
Yeah, I mean, I don't think
so, I mean, I don't know.
I don't see how we could open
this from the inside anyway.
I mean, that's
the whole idea, right?
TINA: Hey, everyone...
I'm freaking out.
I don't do well
in small places.
- JEFFREY: None of us do.
- Look at me, just breathe.
You've gotta breathe.
Look at me, calm down.
Calm down.
Whatever you do...
What do you say, Eddie,
should we give it a shot?
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Wait, wait, wait.
You just said, the reason why
this thing is locked, so...
can we just, like,
wait for the people
to come and get us
out of here?
I mean, I know it's terrible, but we've
only been in here for like a few minutes.
Let me see if
I've got this straight.
The dude that rides a bicycle
all over Manhattan
is the dude that's
now making safety an issue?
Whatever, dude. I'm the dude with
a reason for what I'm saying.
Guys, could we please
not do the "dude" thing?
Listen, we've
gotta stay calm, okay?
Someone will come. I think...
I'm sorry, what is your name?
- Michael, hi, I'm Eve.
- MICHAEL: Hello.
This is Jeffrey.
You are...?
- Tina.
- Okay.
You know
I'm Eddie.
Yes. We just have to keep
calm, you guys.
Look, guys, I think we're just
gonna have to wait this out.
That's what we'll have to do.
Because of insurance?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Thank you.
- Exac...
- Thanks.
Okay, okay.
So, what floor are we on,
Uh, let's see.
I got on the 35th floor,
went up a little bit.
I wanna say we're somewhere
between the 38th, 37th floor.
That's it.
(Tina sighs)
Anybody want one?
Helps you relax.
No, I'm good.
As Matt just mentioned,
we have a breaking news story
to tell you about.
Apparently a plane
has just crashed
into the World Trade Center
here in New York City.
Nora, come here.
I need you to take all of this,
take it right into there.
MAN: We need a supervisor here.
Is there a supervisor?
METZIE: Guys, we've got
32 elevators off the grid.
All the upper floors are gone.
No security cameras anywhere.
I did manage to find two folks
in shaft 6 on floors 8 and 13.
All right, we've got an inferno on
the North Tower on 90 and above.
Can any of my guys
take the elevators?
You cannot take the elevators.
They are down. Nothing is working.
- Ninety floors of stairs?
- METZIE: Ninety floors.
- There's gotta be a better way.
- I'm sorry, guys, I don't have it for you.
- You just gotta do what you can do.
- Alright, we'll make do.
Tell the captain we're going
90, we're taking the stairs.
Go, fellas!
We're taking the stairs!
WOMAN (on TV): ...behind me,
and it is unbelievable.
When the fire first...
(muffled rumbling, clanging)
- (lights sparking)
- (Tina screams)
- MICHAEL: Fuck!
- EDDIE: What the fuck?
MICHAEL: Hey! You gotta tell us
what's going on in here, Eddie.
- EDDIE: I'm trying.
MICHAEL: What is going on
in here, man?
- Jeffrey, what's going on?
- JEFFREY: We're okay. We're okay.
EVE: Do you hear that?
That was very interesting.
I think I'll take you up
on taking one of those.
I don't think
I need to remind you
about the last few times
you took prescription meds.
- What happened?
- I'm allergic to them.
I break out in airbags, okay?
- EVE: Totally different situation.
- Okay.
Were you here
in '93?
My friend Paulie
got hurt pretty bad.
Man, I started riding in '93.
That was... just crazy.
JEFFREY: Intercom's dead.
Phone lines are down.
The noises,
the shockwave.
I thought about that.
- Really?
- EVE: What?
I didn't wanna say
anything about it.
TINA: Wait,
what happened in '93?
A group of Jihadists drove a van into
the basement of the North Tower,
about a thousand pounds
of explosives on board.
Yeah, six people died,
hundreds got hurt.
My friend Paulie
lost his leg.
The bad guys thought
if they detonated the bomb
that the North Tower would
topple into the South,
bringing them both down.
Look, I understand how
we're all feeling.
I understand the protocol.
But my gut
is telling me...
We have to get out of here.
We have to get out of here now.
Fuck this shit.
Wanna give me a hand, please?
Try that shit one more time.
Come on, one, two...
- Come on. Come on, come on!
- JEFFREY: Christ.
- EDDIE: Two, three!
- EVE: Pull!
- (Eddie and Jeffrey straining)
- EVE: Harder.
Oh, it's not working.
METZIE: Please, can...
anybody... hear me? Hello?
Metzie, it's Eddie!
- It's Eddie!
- Eddie! Where the hell are you?
Man, I am so happy to hear
your voice right now, listen.
Metzie, we're on the 38th,
37th floor somewhere,
in the North Tower.
What the fuck is going on
out there?!
Baby, you're not gonna
believe this.
Some fool hit the tower
with like a little
propeller plane or something.
Get the fuck out,
are you kidding me?
METZIE: No, I'm telling
you the truth.
Somebody hit the damn thing
with a little plane!
EDDIE: No shit.
Is there a lot of damage?
I don't know, baby,
I don't know.
It's some sort of...
I don't know.
It hit the 90th floor.
All the elevators seem
to be down.
I'm watching a live feed
outside the building,
and I can tell you,
it doesn't look good.
Listen, there's five of us
in here, including me.
We're all good right now.
Well, do you have any water?
You have stuff to drink?
- EDDIE: Uh...
- EVE: I got this.
Yeah, we got some water.
And a granola bar.
I'm just saying,
you know,
it might take a little while
to get to you.
- Excuse me, let me talk to her.
- EDDIE: Yeah, go.
Metzie? Yeah, hi,
this is Jeffrey Cage.
Oh, Jeff...
Jeffrey Cage, sir.
How are you?
Well, I'd be a lot better if we had a sense
of timing on when to expect some help.
I think the first order of business is
going to be getting the flames contained.
I think once they do that,
they can do everything else,
but they have to go up to
ninety-something to put the flames out,
so, sir, you're just gonna
have to sit tight.
- What?
- JEFFREY: So are you saying
that not one single elevator
is operational at this point?
No, sir, what I'm saying is not one
single elevator is operational yet.
That's what I'm saying. Yet.
TINA: I don't understand.
What does that mean?
EDDIE: Metzie, we're gonna
hang here tight, all right?
Just do me a favor, please,
just get somebody up here
as soon as you can, okay?
METZIE: I will, baby.
And, Eddie?
Don't forget
you owe me money, okay?
Yeah, okay.
All right.
So, guys, this is great.
Right? I mean,
we're getting out of here.
- She's sending help. It's great.
- JEFFREY: Yeah.
Yeah, but didn't she say they
need to contain the fires first?
Man, it's gonna take
the firefighters all day
to go up and down
the stairs, all day.
And we're talking about
what, a minute a floor?
We're looking at an hour
and a half, maybe two,
just for them to make it
to the flames.
EDDIE: You know,
I'm not worried about it.
We've got billionaire
Jeffrey Cage in the elevator.
They're gonna be sprinting up
the stairs just to get him out.
You mean get us out.
Well, I'm...
I'm just saying, you know,
membership in your club
has its privileges.
Whatever it takes,
- Yeah, man.
- JEFFREY: Right.
You know, I remember
seeing you around.
You probably don't remember
me, but I remember you.
The King of
Wall Street, man.
You were the shit,
Mr. Cage. Yeah, man.
- Thank you.
- Making money hand over first.
Come on.
Yeah, man,
pretty cool.
I'm sorry we had
to meet this way.
- JEFFREY: Me too.
- I'm just gonna chill out over here if you need anything.
Okay. Thank you.
How in the hell
does that happen?
How do you
accidentally crash a plane
into one of the largest
buildings in New York City?
Excuse me.
Can we just do this?
I need you to sign this.
I just do.
In here?
Right now?
Why not?
We're not going anywhere.
You can't run away.
What difference
does it make?
All these people know
our business, anyway.
You mean just like
all your friends do?
I mean, Christ,
even Nancy knew
you were filing
before I did.
TINA: A woman is gonna
talk to her friends first
before she makes
any big life decisions.
- Excuse me?
- Sorry.
Come on. The writing was
on the wall for years.
You just never slowed down
long enough to read it.
Okay, okay, all right, fine.
Okay, okay, so...
Tell me,
what's it say?
Okay, it says, I'm tired
of fighting with you.
I'm tired of feeling
lonely all the time.
I'm tired of looking into
our son's sad little face
full of disappointment because
his father is not there again,
and I have to explain
to him why not,
why isn't he sharing his life
with him, why isn't he here.
I can't do it.
I really can't do it.
You've got to do this
for us, please.
I-I promise you,
all of that is
going to change.
I've heard this before.
And I believed it
the first hundred times.
I'm sorry, I just...
I don't have any belief
left in me anymore.
You guys, you guys
are so lucky.
You get to fight
in one language.
At home, my wifey,
she comes at me in Spanish
and in English.
Let me tell you something,
don't ever get a Puerto Rican
girl mad at you.
Nah. She starts with
all that Spanglish stuff,
untranslatable, trust me, okay?
I'm not kidding on that.
What do you fight about?
Oh, what don't we fight about?
Kids, money, work.
My girlfriend
from the ninth grade.
I mean, don't get me wrong,
I'm not saying I don't love her.
I mean, shit, I've been with her
for, what, 23 years...
Yeah, 23 years.
I mean, that alone reserves her
a space in heaven.
You know, these are
my kids right here.
that's Christian.
MJ, my little princess
right there.
She's nine.
Ooh, what I wouldn't
do for them.
Mr. Cage,
you got any kids?
He's eight.
What about you, mister man?
You got any kids?
Boys? Girls?
Actually, today
is her birthday
and we had a party planned
out for her and everything,
but as you can see, I'm stuck in a
goddamn elevator with y'all, so...
What's her name?
Oh, that's
a beautiful name.
(sighs) Well... maybe
they'll get us out of here
and you'll still
make it in time.
Please, please,
please, just stop.
I get it. I don't mean to
disrespect you, no disrespect,
but it's okay.
I know something
about missing birthdays,
so I'm okay.
WOMAN: ...like confetti.
Um, the area is swarmed with
- emergency vehicles and sirens.
- COURIC: Have you...
WOMAN: Obviously, we're very sensitive
to this in this neighborhood.
COURIC: Ellie,
have you, of course,
because of the incident that
occurred in the early 1990s,
have you seen any evidence,
Ellie, yet
of people being taken out
of the building?
You say that emergency vehicles
are there, understandably so,
but of course a major concern
is human loss.
I mean, do you know if there were
many people in the building?
ELLIE: Oh, another one just hit!
Something else just hit!
(crashing, roaring)
What the fuck?!
(rumbling continues)
(Tina gasping)
Metzie! Metzie,
what the hell is that?
(Tina gasping)
There it is right there.
ELLIE: Again, I'm looking
from south to north,
and it went into
the one on the right.
Eddie, stand by.
LAUER: That appears to be
at least a 727.
ELLIE: It was at least a 727.
It was a jet.
I couldn't believe my eyes,
watching it right above me.
LAUER: And now you have
to move
from talk about
a possible accident
to talk about something deliberate
that has happened here.
We're going to immediately check
with air-traffic control in the area
to find out if they had contact
with either of these planes
before the accident.
But what we've just seen
is about the most shocking
videotape I've ever seen.
Listen, baby, I...
I need you...
to try to get the hell out
of that elevator.
What happened to the help
you said was coming?
I think their hands are full.
EDDIE: What do you mean
their hands are full?
Baby, I think we're
under attack.
- What?
- EDDIE: Under attack?
'93, guys.
METZIE: Listen, have you... have
you tried opening the doors?
I think... I think we got...
We got one of the new ones
with a lock.
Oh, what about the hatch?
There's a hatch on the roof. There's
an escape hatch on the roof.
Did you try that?
No hatch. I mean...
There is.
It's there, it's behind
the roof's paneling.
You just...
It's probably locked,
but if you get up there,
you might be able
to get it open.
All right, wait, wait, how...
How am I supposed to get, how?
Listen to me.
I'm telling you, you need
to get out of the elevator.
You understand me?
Get out of the elevator.
Metzie. Metzie, when you
say "under attack,"
what the hell does
that actually mean?
The explosion you felt
was from the South Tower,
was from another plane.
And not by accident, man.
On purpose.
Holy shit.
- Okay, okay, um...
- Holy shit.
Call Frankie
on his cell phone!
I've been calling him,
I've been calling him.
He was here for a few minutes
and then he went outside
to see what was going on,
and I ain't seen him since,
but I'm still calling him.
- JEFFREY: Who is Frankie?
- Okay, Frankie, Frankie, he's the elevator supervisor.
He knows his way
in and out of them.
He knows everything
about this shit!
Okay, okay, Metzie,
listen, listen!
We're gonna... we're gonna
try and figure this out.
Okay, we're gonna try
and figure this out.
Just please, please,
get in touch with Frankie.
All right, we're gonna try
and figure this out in here.
- Okay, I'll get back to you.
- EVE: Watch your eyes. Keep your eyes closed.
- EDDIE: There you go.
- EVE: Got it. Push it, push it.
- EDDIE: Okay, all right.
- EVE: (clapping) Yes!
EDDIE: Okay, all right.
Okay, right there.
- I think I could get to that, guys.
- EVE: Is that the...?
- Can I get a hand, please?
- MICHAEL: Yeah. Okay, okay, okay.
You should take that off, bro.
Take that off, come on.
- Here we go.
- EVE: Alright, we got you here. We got you here.
- EDDIE: Okay, please?
- I'll go in the front, I'll go in front.
- Okay, ready? Here we go.
- EVE: Yeah.
- EDDIE: One... Wait.
- MICHAEL: Got ya, got ya...
Move over a little bit.
Right, and one, two...
- EDDIE: Okay, come on!
- TINA: You nearly got it!
EDDIE: I think I can get this.
- (pounding roof)
- TINA: Will it open?
- Can you open it?
- Gimme the mallet!
- The what?
- EDDIE: The mallet, the hammer!
TINA: Okay, okay.
- EDDIE: Come on, come on!
- Hit it harder!
EDDIE: Come on, you bastard!
Open up, you son of a bitch!
Bitch! Okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
Eve, in my back pocket,
there's a knife.
Take it out.
- EVE: I got it.
- EDDIE: Come on, you got it?
EVE: I'm opening it for you.
Here, it's open.
Okay, okay, all right.
- JEFFREY: Anything, Eddie?
- EDDIE: Shit.
- JEFFREY: You feel anything?
- EDDIE: (straining) Open up!
- JEFFREY: Did you hit anything?
- EVE: Is it working?
- EDDIE: Shit.
- JEFFREY: Come on, Ed, what have you got?
- EDDIE: Damn it!
- JEFFREY: Anything?
EDDIE: Shit!
Damn it!
Okay, okay, let me down,
easy. Easy.
(Michael groans)
- You okay?
- MICHAEL: My knee, my knee.
Wait. Wait, wait, guys.
You hearing this?
(muffled rumbling, creaking)
EDDIE: Oh, man.
She's talking to us.
She's not happy.
- TINA: Who is?
- The building.
All right, maybe we should empty
everything onto the floor.
Dump our pockets,
purses, everything.
- Why?
- I don't know why.
Maybe one of us has
something we can use.
I've got water.
I've got...
Shit, I've got shit.
I've got shit.
MICHAEL: It's just
envelopes, nothing.
I got a bunch of losing
freakin' tickets.
- TINA: Nail file?
- How big?
TINA: Small.
I got some mints.
Oh, man.
What if we make some noise?
Well, all right then.
Let's make some noise.
- (all screaming)
- Can you hear us?!
- Help! Help!
- JEFFREY: Anyone!
(pounding, screaming)
(muffled screams,
cables rattling)
(screaming continues)
(screaming stops)
WOMAN: ...through the
buildings and then went into
the upper floors of
the World Trade Center tower.
LAUER: I want to just mention that
when the impact hit the first tower,
we hoped that people
who were in the second tower...
- EDDIE: Metzie!
- Yeah, go for Metzie.
You get hold of Frankie?
METZIE: No! Literally,
all the elevator mechanics
were evacuated once
the second tower got hit.
What about a channel?
You try a channel?
METZIE: You think I haven't tried that?
I've tried everything.
Listen, there is so much chaos
down here, it's not even funny.
People are jumping.
They're jumping off
the buildings?
Oh, my God.
- Oh my God.
- METZIE: I told the firemen where you were.
They know exactly
where you are
and so as soon
as they get to you,
they'll be able
to take care of it.
I mean, listen...
Every department from all over
the city is here
trying to figure this out.
I just need you
to hang in there.
Hang in there? What the fuck
do you mean "hang in there"?
That's all we're doing
is hanging in here.
Where is the help, lady?!
TINA: We need help, okay?
We need help!
- We have to get out of here now.
- Okay, guys, guys, please!
Please, let's stay focused.
Now, why is this...
this Frankie guy
and all the mechanics
so goddamn important?
Because they're the only ones
that work these things.
We need them to release
the locks.
Okay, okay.
So, we don't need them
to release the lock.
We need the information inside
their heads to release the lock.
Frankie, Frankie,
Frank, Frank...
Frankie's office!
Frankie's office!
He's got all the manuals
up there along the wall.
Wait, say that again?
EDDIE: Frankie's office, the
manuals to how these things work
are right there
behind his desk!
Oh, shit. You're in
a new elevator, hang tight.
They're in a new elevator,
retrofit, nobody knew.
Damn, I gave them
bad information. Shit!
MAN: What floor
are we on, Mike?
MIKE: Not sure,
I stopped counting at 72.
MAN: Keep goin', guys.
Just keep moving!
MICHAEL: I hope she finds
those manuals, man.
Think she's gonna find them?
EDDIE: Honestly, I don't know.
She's got to make it all the way
down to the basement floor
and then back up.
It might be a while
before she gets back to us.
I don't wanna die today.
EDDIE: Nobody's gonna die.
Nobody's gonna die, mija,
you hear me?
You're gonna get
through this.
We're all gonna
get through this.
- (cell phone rings)
- MICHAEL: What?
TINA: Which one is that?
Whose phone is that?
- EVE: Shit! My phone.
- JEFFREY: Come on, where is it?
EVE: It's my phone!
Yeah, yeah, I got it.
(ringing continues)
- Fuck! Where is it?
- JEFFREY: Eve, find it!
Ahh! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Hello!
- WOMAN: Eve, where are you?
Oh, Mom, hi!
Where the hell are you?
Are you in that building?
Y-Yeah... just listen.
We're... we're still
in the North Tower.
All right? And we're stuck.
How is J.J. doing?
He's fine.
Are you together?
Yes. We're technically
still married.
Mom always liked me.
- Can you... please... can you have her call my wife for me?
- Yes.
Me too, me too?
Mom, listen... listen to me.
I need you to concentrate.
Get a pen and a paper. You're
gonna write down some numbers.
Yes, of course,
of course. Of course.
Let me find some paper.
I'm... okay, hang on.
Hang on.
Okay, go.
You got it?
Yeah, hold on.
Um, 212...
I'm Michael.
My wife's name is Holly.
Okay, Michael.
Yeah, uh, Eddie.
And my number is 212-773-2755,
and my wife's name
is Gloria.
Okay, I've got it.
I'm okay.
EVE: No one?
MOTHER: Anything else?
Mom, can you put J.J.
on the phone, please?
Of course,
he's right here. J.J.
REPORTER: I'm on the North
Lawn at the White house...
Hi, hiya, sweetheart.
Hey, buddy.
Mom and Dad, are you guys
watching this?
Dad, your old building's
on fire.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, buddy, we're
watching it on television.
J.J.: Will the firemen
put the fire out?
Well... yeah,
of course they will.
That's... that's what
they do, kiddo.
Listen, baby, I need you
to do something for me.
You have to stay
inside, okay?
You and Nanna
need to stay home.
I don't want you
going anywhere, alright?
We were gonna go
to the park.
JEFFREY: J.J., your mother
said to stay put.
We'll find something to do.
We're not moving until we
see them right in front of us.
J.J.: Come home soon, okay?
I love you guys.
I love you more, buddy.
I love you so much.
Um, be good.
Can you put Nanna on the
phone for a second, please?
Here you go.
Mom, will you please
put on one of his shows?
I don't want him watching this
shit on TV, do you understand?
And, um...
Listen, you have to
make sure you give him
his medication,
he needs it.
Eve? Hello?
The thing...
It's okay.
It's okay.
She doesn't give him
his thing!
It's all right.
Oh, my God.
It's gonna be
okay, right?
- Yes.
- Okay. I'm sorry.
COURIC: ...President Bush
to arrive there, Bob?
BOB: Well, Katie,
he's coming back directly
and you figure it's
about a two-hour flight,
so, uh, you can do the math.
The reason I said that it was
so surreal was that, within
just about 20 minutes ago,
they were still
conducting tours.
You had hordes
of tourists and others
still in the White House
on tour,
lining up outside to get in.
There seemed to be
absolutely no unusual...
(alarm whirring)
Yes, thank you, God.
Thank you, thank you!
Today, we've had
a national tragedy.
Two airplanes have crashed
into the World Trade Center
in an apparent terrorist attack
on our country.
I have spoken
to the vice-president,
to the governor of New York,
to the director of the FBI,
and have ordered that the full
resources of the federal government
go to help the victims
and their families
and to conduct
a full-scale investigation...
to hunt down and to find
those folks
who committed this act.
Terrorism against our nation
will not stand.
And now if you'll join me
in a moment of silence.
May God bless the victims,
their families, and America.
Thank you very much.
Guys better get on it.
Call your families,
let 'em know you're all right.
Go on now, I got it. I got this.
I've just got to talk to them.
Go ahead, man.
went to my doctor this morning.
He said that he was gonna need
a, uh...
a urine sample and blood sample
and a stool sample.
And I said, "You know what?
Why don't you just
take my underwear?"
(chuckles softly)
Take my underwear? No?
(Michael sighs)
Jeffrey? Really?
You're gonna do that now?
(snaps lighter shut)
Mr. Cage, you have
jets and stuff?
No, I don't have jets and stuff.
What is with you and money?
I just never had money
like that, that's all.
Well, unless you're an airline,
it's a little excessive
to have more than one jet.
So you have a jet?
Who gets the jet?
- (Eve laughs)
- That, I get to keep.
Yeah, of course you do.
Can it make it
all the way to Hawaii?
It depends where you leave from.
If we left from here, we'd have
to stop in Los Angeles to refuel.
See, I always wanted
to go to Hawaii.
I promised my wife for our 10th
wedding anniversary, yeah.
Just that we never had
that kind of cash, so...
We go to Orchard Beach.
And what happened?
You lose it all?
I guess you could
say that.
How much?
That depends
who I'm lying to.
What are we talking,
tables, sports, ponies?
All of them.
A few tough beats,
you know.
Started looking around...
Next thing, I'm hiding from
my bookie at the racetrack.
And all I'm thinking is like,
"Yo, I'm gonna double
my daughter's college fund
with this one bet."
Walk into my house with a
big stack, be this hero.
Yeah. I mean that's...
what I'm always thinking
in my mind, you know,
a hero.
Just that it never
goes down like that.
But you're still
chasing it.
Shit, isn't that... isn't that
what we're all doing?
Chasing that big brass ring?
Not me.
Don't kid yourself,
That's what people in this whole
city are doing all the time, okay.
Oh, please.
You don't know me.
You don't know
anything about me.
I came here today
to tell him it was over.
EVE: Who? Your boyfriend?
If you want
to call him that.
He's far
from being a boy
and sure as shit
isn't my friend.
Is he good-looking
at least?
Let's say he's older.
A lot older.
The silver fox type?
TINA: He's definitely
not a ten.
But then neither
am I.
To me you're a...
you're a ten.
Oh, yeah.
Are you hitting on me?
Is this you fucking
hitting on me, Eddie?
Cause you've had
your eyes all over me
since you've got
into this elevator.
- EVE: Tina.
- Don't think I haven't noticed! What?!
Calm down. That's not
what's happening here.
And, sweetheart, do I have to remind
you you have had a couple of pills?
Sure, it's the pills,
it's not the pills.
It doesn't matter
what it is.
It's nice to go out to
dinners and buy nice clothes
and have a sweet
apartment in downtown.
But at the end,
you don't own any of it.
None of it.
It owns you.
He... owns you.
Shit... it's
gonna sound awful,
but he's up there,
and I'm here.
part of me just...
hopes the son
of a bitch dies.
What, are we going around
the room now, it's my turn?
No, I pass.
No, thank you.
I mean, I love my wife,
I love my baby girl.
You know,
I ain't havin' no affairs.
I don't have
no sugar mamas.
I don't have no
gay shit going on.
None of that.
You guys can relax.
You know, with me, what you
see is exactly what you get.
So... next.
How did you hurt
your knee?
I'm a messenger.
I'm a bike messenger
in New York City.
I mean, shit happens.
I'm not sitting in the back of
no black limousine like you.
Did you get hit?
Yeah, hit-and-run.
Pakistani motherfucker,
So, if it was
a hit-and-run,
then how did you know
where he was from?
I mean, I just know.
I mean, I... I know.
Did you even see
his face?
I didn't have to see
his face.
I'm on my bike, like, eight,
nine hours a day.
I see these guys all the time in
their cabs. Like what do you mean?
- (Eve groans) -The only ones worse
than the Pakis be the Filipinos.
- EVE: Oh, my God.
- Crazy behind the wheel. Asian.
With that Asian vibe.
Well, the Philippines are considered
to be part of Asia, so...
Anyway, like I said, I don't
wanna talk about my shit.
So you didn't have
any shit.
You say you were
Wait a minute,
I never said I was per...
I never said any
of those type of words.
Fuckin' never.
What I said was that
what you see is what you get.
That's what I said, Eduardo.
The name is Eddie, okay?
It's short for Edwin.
There's no fucking
Eduardo here.
- You could have fooled me.
- EDDIE: Oh, really?
Oh, so that's how
it's gonna be?
We're gonna do this
Black-Latino shit here?
I ain't doin' shit. You
doin' somethin' right now.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, fellas.
Fellas, come on.
- What? Tell him.
- Tell him!
Hey, hey, I am telling
both of you.
- Well, yessir, boss.
- (scoffs) Wow.
You're really gonna
go there, too.
Not everybody has, you know,
their own private plane,
so I should just hush,
Do you know why I have
my own jet, Michael?
Uh... let me think.
rich guy.
You know,
for your information,
this guy doesn't come
from money.
His dad worked
in a factory.
His mom died
when he was 12.
He went to
a public school,
and when he
barely graduated,
he went to work
alongside his father
and all of his brothers,
and that was it,
that was decided, that's as
far as this guy was gonna go.
But you know
what he did?
He refused
to accept that story,
because he imagined something
bigger for himself.
So, at 18 years old,
with $60 in his pocket,
he hopped on a bus
to New York City,
and that's where...
I met you.
Yes... that's where
he met me.
So, Michael...
you could be mad at everything
that you don't have
or envious of people who have
way more than they need,
but you have no idea
what people go through
to get
to where they are,
or how much money
they give to charity,
or how they fund kids so
they can all go to college.
That's who
this guy is.
All right?
That's who he is.
Then why are you
divorcing him?
(line ringing)
WOMAN: Hello.
- Hello?
- S, yes?
Is that...
Is this Eddie's wife, Gloria?
Yes. Who is this?
Yes, um...
(TV coverage in background)
You don't know me.
I'm calling you...
for your husband.
You probably
know what's going on.
At present he's in an elevator
and the elevator's stopped,
and they're stuck
with a group of people,
amongst them my daughter.
Everybody's safe and...
he wanted you to know that...
that he loves you very much.
JEFFREY: Can you grab
that water?
EVE: What are you doing?
You guys have all seen those
hotel safety videos, right?
I'm just gonna make
some handkerchiefs.
We can filter the smoke.
It's the most expensive
hankie I've ever had.
Nah, it's David August.
Made in America.
(coughing) Just like me.
- Eddie.
- EDDIE: Yeah?
JEFFREY: Whaddya say we...
try and pry
those doors open again?
We could try.
But we open it, there's gonna be
more smoke coming in.
Well, you got
any better suggestions?
- All right.
- Okay.
Then we'll pry
something in there.
- JEFFREY: Michael.
- MICHAEL: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Let's see if we can
get them open.
I'm gonna put
the bag in there.
Stick something... Your
helmet, your bag, something.
Eddie, go, go!
EDDIE: One... two...
BOTH: Three.
- JEFFREY: Okay.
- (straining)
- (straining, coughing)
- MICHAEL: Okay.
EDDIE: Oh, shit.
Fuck, it's like fuckin' 50
degrees warmer out here.
- JEFFREY: Can you see anything?
- EVE: Can we get out?
Between floors,
a landing, anything?
(banging wall)
- EDDIE: Gimme a screwdriver.
- TINA: A screwdriver.
MICHAEL: Oh, shit.
Where's the screwdriver?
- WOMEN: It's here, it's here!
- EDDIE: Fuckin' screwdriver.
Some water? Water?
- EDDIE: I'll be goddamned!
- MICHAEL: What's going on?
EDDIE: This is sheetrock.
- EDDIE: It's soft.
- MICHAEL: That's good.
EDDIE: These shafts
don't have cement.
It's drywall.
Maybe I could...
I could keep...
I could keep digging at it,
and maybe...
maybe we could get
all the way through.
Son of a bitch!
What's going on?
EDDIE: Fuck.
Oh, man.
I'm losing my breath, man.
- JEFFREY: No, no, no.
- EDDIE: I can't breathe.
My heart's racing.
You're fine, brother,
you're fine.
Are you a doctor now?
I don't think so.
I can't...
What's going on?
What's it feel like?
Are you constricted?
Is your arm okay?
Okay, wait, wait.
I feel...
Feel like I'm having
a heart attack.
I feel... my heart.
EVE: Does that run
in your family?
I can't breathe. I'm Puerto Rican.
I'm Puerto Rican, okay?
Fuckin' heart disease
is a birthright with us.
Eddie, look at me.
Take these.
What's that?
That's for a heart attack?
I'm having a heart attack.
I'm having a heart attack.
- No, you're not having a heart attack.
- I can feel.
Be quiet.
You have to be quiet.
Okay. Oh, God, please.
- Don't breathe too hard.
- Please, please.
Have you ever had
a heart attack?
EDDIE: Help me down.
Please help me down.
- Let me sit down.
- Okay, alright.
TINA: Relax.
It's gonna be okay.
Trust me,
I know the difference
between a panic attack
and a heart attack.
- EVE: You good?
- Okay? You can relax? You okay?
- EVE: Good?
- EDDIE: I wanna get outta here!
I know, I know.
(Eddie groans, sighs)
Oh, I'm so the wrong person
for this.
MAN: ...what steps
are taken next.
COURIC: David, I'm sorry
to interrupt you,
but we're looking at
live pictures of the Pentagon
where there
is billowing smoke...
Come on.
...just reported that he heard
an explosion,
and right now we're looking
at an aerial view
of the Pentagon.
Nick, can you talk to us?
NICK: Officially, nobody
knows exactly what happened.
I think the picture
is pretty clear.
METZIE: Hey, uh,
can you hear me, guys? Hello?
Metzie, this is
Hey, Jeffrey, um...
I don't want to make you
nervous or anything,
but I am not sure
what I'm looking at.
I got these blueprints
and it says that...
the solenoid...
is in, like, the locking thing?
And it's like a cylinder,
and it's probably about...
four inches long
and it's kind of...
You know, it's a locking thing.
Do you see it?
How many stable positions
does it have?
(irritated) I don't know how
many stable positions it has.
Give me some paper and a pen.
Okay, right.
All right, hold on, hold on.
Hold on. Okay, Metzie.
Tell me the diagram, please!
METZIE: The blocking system
is called the solenoid.
There's a blocking solenoid
and it looks like a cylinder.
And below it, just below it,
there's like
a little plunger thing,
and then the solenoid itself
is four inches long
with one-inch diameter
and it's at the top of the door
on the left side.
Okay, I got it.
Now, can you tell me how
it's mounted, please?
METZIE: It's...
at the top of the door
on the left side.
That's what it says
in the book.
Okay. Okay.
All right, got that.
WOMAN: ...sources are
confirming the report
that one of the planes
was a hijacked flight,
an American flight from Boston
to Los Angeles.
They are also now looking into
what's going on at the Pentagon.
They don't have any details
but they have now put
government buildings
around the city of Washington
on a heightened state
of alert.
I know what
we're looking for.
But it doesn't matter,
we can't see it.
Yeah, listen.
Uh, anybody got a mirror?
I have a mirror,
I have a mirror in my bag.
EDDIE: All right, come here.
And flashlight.
- JEFFREY: I got that.
- EDDIE: With the mirror.
All right, okay. All right.
- Where do you want me?
- EDDIE: Point it out here.
Out here.
Come on, come on.
All right, all right.
Can you point it up
a little bit?
- JEFFREY: Tell me where.
- EDDIE: A little bit to the right.
Okay, okay, just a tick
to the left.
JEFFREY: Right there?
EDDIE: Right there...
Okay, there.
- JEFFREY: You see it?
- EDDIE: Yes.
Can you reach it?
EDDIE: I'm gonna need a good
three, four more feet,
at least.
All right, okay, I know
what we gotta do.
We gotta figure out
how I'm gonna get up there.
All right.
MICHAEL: Just, just, just,
just... just hop on my knee.
- (coughing)
- MICHAEL: Hop on my knee.
EDDIE: You gotta...
help me up there,
brace me.
Ready? One, two, three, go!
Okay, okay. Can you hand me
the pliers? Pliers.
TINA: Hold it, hold it.
EDDIE: Okay.
JEFFREY: Listen, Eddie.
We make it out of here
and you wanna still
keep gambling,
you look me up.
I will put you in
a whole different casino
and you'll bring home a lot
more winners than losers.
That's a bet, Jeff.
That's a bet, okay?
Okay. Okay. All right, guys.
Eve, a little more
this way, please.
A little more.
- EVE: Yes!
- EDDIE: Right there.
EDDIE: Hold it!
Hold it, okay.
I can feel...
Shit, I can feel...
Okay, I've got something here.
Okay, guys, I need
about another inch.
I feel...
Oh, shit, I can feel...
- Okay.
- JEFFREY: Hold it.
EDDIE: I got it.
- EDDIE: Fuck!
- MICHAEL: Shit!
Shit! All right.
Give me, uh...
- MICHAEL: What do you need?
- Screwdriver!
- (shouting)
- EDDIE: Screwdriver.
- EDDIE: Screwdriver
- EVE: Hurry up!
- Okay.
- TINA: Okay? Oh, God.
- All right.
- JEFFREY: You still need the mirror?
- TINA: Where's the mirror?
- MICHAEL: I don't know.
I got it,
I know what I'm looking for.
EVE: Okay, good.
EDDIE: Hold on, guys.
EDDIE: Okay, okay, almost...
Guys, I need
another inch, please.
Open the door!
Open the door!
JEFFREY: Right there!
Metzie, we did it!
We got it!
What did you do?
We opened the door.
- We opened the door.
- Yes, okay.
METZIE: Hey, listen!
What can you see?
Okay, we're in
between floors.
All right, we can't get
to the floor above us
and we can't get
to the landing below us,
so we're gonna have to
dig our way out of here.
Dig your way...?
Hold on a minute.
EDDIE: The shaft walls,
they're soft.
- They ain't cement.
- METZIE: I know.
You're in the mechanical shaft.
EDDIE: We're gonna go
through the wall!
There you go.
There you go.
Can I get that mallet,
EVE: Cover your faces.
EDDIE: Oh, shit.
Okay, here we go, guys.
Here we go, here we go.
...and they said, quote,
that this was
"clearly terrorist related,
no question about it."
They said that they couldn't
give any details now,
not because they didn't
want to share it
but because they just
don't know yet,
they're in
the earliest stages.
COURIC: So do they know, Jamie,
for example, if a plane...
(somber music rises)
(music continues)
(muted TV coverage)
(grandmother sobbing)
It's okay, Grandma.
Dad doesn't work
in those buildings anymore.
Why are you upset?
Oh, some terrible people did
some terrible things today,
(TV coverage continues)
Yeah, but Mom and Dad
are okay, right?
Mom and Dad had
a serious meeting today.
Where was the meeting?
Well, you spoke to them.
Yeah. Dad said he and Mom
are coming home.
Did he say that?
Well then, that's exactly
what's gonna happen.
They're probably on
their way home now.
Everything is going
to be all right.
Everything's going
to be fine.
- Grandma.
- Nanna needs a hug.
Nanna needs a hug
right away.
MICHAEL: Stand back,
stand back, stand back.
did you ever
hear the one
about the billionaire
who hires a bike messenger?
You just did.
EDDIE: Straight in,
straight in!
TINA: Looks good. Come on.
- EDDIE: There you go.
- JEFFREY: Into the wall.
EDDIE: Gotta get
through there, man.
- TINA: What's in there?
- EDDIE: Here, let me get that.
- JEFFREY: There you go.
- TINA: Come on, you can do it.
- EDDIE: Yeah! What's that?
- TINA: See anything?
MICHAEL: Come here and take
a look at this.
Take a look.
EVE: What do you see?
What's there?
TINA: What's in there?
MICHAEL: What is it?
EDDIE: It's a janitor's closet.
EDDIE: Go, go, go, go, go!
That's a janitor's closet!
Wait, wait, I got it.
I got it.
Okay, okay.
Which one of you ladies
wanna go first?
Me... first?
- Come on.
- EVE: I'll go, I'll go.
- Here, Eve, Eve, Eve.
- What?
Your belt.
- Why?
- So you don't get stuck.
EDDIE: Hurry up, hurry! Go!
Ready? One, two, three!
Up you go!
Up you go!
EDDIE: There you go, Eve!
- You got it?
- (Jeffrey groaning)
- EDDIE: Come on, guys!
- JEFFREY: Come on, get in there!
JEFFREY: Come on, Eve!
(muffled screams)
EDDIE: She's gonna get
cut in half!
Get her in, get her in!
Everybody lay down!
Hold me.
Are you okay?
- EVE: You better hurry!
- Eve...
EVE: It's fine up here.
You have to hurry!
Eve, please listen to me!
This crate is going down.
I know, that's why
you have to hurry!
You have to come now!
I love you.
And I swear
I will never ignore you again.
That's my promise.
(structure rumbling,
Eve straining)
- Now go!
- Jeffrey!
- Run as fast as you fucking can!
- I will see you in the lobby.
I will see you in the lobby.
Promise me.
I hope.
I will see you
in the lobby, Jeffrey!
It'll be okay.
(structure rumbling)
(cable snaps)
EDDIE: Dios.
They say it's not
the fall that kills you.
What is it, then?
It's the sudden stop
at the end.
(metal scraping)
WOMAN: Please get out
of my way!
- (coughing)
- MAN: Go down, everybody down!
Wait, there's some people
stuck in the elevator.
I think they're down
in the lobby.
Ma'am, there's people downstairs
that can help them.
MAN #2: They'll help you down there.
They'll help you down there!
- (confused shouting)
- MAN: We're going up.
- MAN #1: All the way up!
- MAN #2: To the top, let's go!
banned all takeoffs
at all airports
across America.
This country in terms of air
travel has been immobilized...
(pounding, crashing)
(monitor beeping)
LAUER: Here we go
with that videotape.
Watch what happens
on the left-hand tower.
I don't know
if this is the correct tape.
There. Something there
is about to happen,
falling away right there.
(muted TV coverage continues)
Eddie, can you hear me?
Look, I don't know if you guys
were able to feel that.
One of the buildings
came down and I...
I gotta go.
I know that, um...
I don't even know what to say.
I just, I...
This is a hell of a way
to get out
of paying me my hundred bucks,
I gotta tell you that.
So please forgive me...
but I think I gotta go.
(approaching footsteps)
Ma'am, you've gotta get out
of this building now!
- METZIE: I know.
- Now!
Are we dead?
define "dead."
(Jeffrey groans)
(coughing, groaning)
- Tina, you okay?
- TINA: (faintly) Yeah.
I'm good, I'm good.
(Eddie groans)
I know...
I know you're probably slammed
right now, but, please...
I want to go home.
I got my kids! Please!
Hey, if God can't hear you,
I'll settle for a saint.
My wife knows where
we are.
(coughing, distant shouting)
- EVE: Help!
- MEDIC: You're going the wrong way!
EVE: Someone, I need help!
Are they okay? God.
Help! I need help!
Where is anybody?
Can you help me?
Is there any...
(gasps) Help!
We need somebody...
at the elevator in here,
some help!
- (indistinct shouting)
- MAN: It's not safe to breathe.
My husband's stuck
in the elevator.
- What floor?
- The lobby.
Are you okay carrying
her out by yourself?
Are you nuts? The South Tower's
down, this one's next.
I need your help.
Please, I need
your help.
There isn't much time.
EVE: Thank you.
- Go, I'll find them.
- No, no, no. I'm coming with you.
- Lady, this tower's coming down!
- I am coming with you!
- Let's go.
- Okay, please. Hurry!
- Alright, start pounding on all the doors until you see them.
- Jeffrey!
(alarm beeping)
Hello! Anybody in there?
MAN (muffled): Help me!
Help me! Please!
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
- I think I found them!
- MAN: Please!
Stand back! Stand back!
(gasp) Jeffrey!
MAN: Thank God for you,
thank God.
FIREMAN: Alright,
come on, come on.
It's the wrong elevator!
Go, go, go!
- JEFFREY: Oh, shit.
- (Eddie roars)
- JEFFREY: Do you hear us?!
- (all shouting)
(muffled shouting)
- (muffled shouting)
- JEFFREY: Eve! We're here!
Hey, they're here!
They're in here.
- All right, stand back!
- Yes, get them!
Oh, God!
Hear me now!
(banging echoes)
EDDIE: Right here.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
JEFFREY: There you are.
- MICHAEL: Come on.
- EDDIE: Come on!
FIREMAN: Come on, let's go!
- EDDIE: Help her.
- (Tina panting)
- FIREMAN: Come on, come on.
- EDDIE: Good. You got her?
- EDDIE: Come on, Michael.
- JEFFREY: Come on, Michael.
EDDIE: Come on, buddy.
Look out, look out, look out.
There you go.
- EDDIE: Let's go.
- MICHAEL: I'm all right.
EDDIE: It's all you,
Mr. Cage.
It's all you, Mr. Cage.
Sorry, Edwin.
It's all you.
EDDIE: Okay, go, go!
Come on, guys.
- EDDIE: Got me?
- FIREMAN: Yeah, I got you.
JEFFREY: All right,
now I'm out.
(crash, clang)
(debris rattling)
(Eve sobbing)
Eve, you have got to get out.
I am not leaving you, Jeffrey!
Sweetie, the building
is coming down.
You have got to go.
You have to try!
Jeffrey, please!
You can't do this to me.
You have to come!
- I'll always be with you.
- No!
Get him out!
You have to get him out!
JEFFREY: Michael!
Where's Michael?
I'm here for you, man.
Get them through.
Hey, God bless you, man.
You hear me?
God bless you.
- No, you're coming with me.
- EVE: No!
EVE: No! Jeffrey!
(foundation cracking)
I've gotten people out of worse.
What's your name?
I'm Jeffrey.
I'm gonna get you outta there.
You hang on, pal, okay?
Let's go.
You got this!
Come on!
(debris falling,
rumbling growing louder)