9/11: Minute by Minute (2021) Movie Script

Terrorist attacks can
shake the foundations
of our biggest buildings,
but they cannot touch the
foundation of America.
These acts shatter steel,
but they cannot dent the
steel of American resolve.
American 11
climbing just a little 350.
American 11 Boston.
Mike Lehman how do you hear?
Mike Lehman
heard you loud and clear.
American 11, Boston.
This is Boston, I
turn American 20 left
and I was gonna climb he
will not respond to me now.
Is that American
11 trying to call?
We have a complain.
Just stay quite and
it will be okay.
We're returning to the airport.
And who's trying
to call me here?
American 11 are
you trying to call?
Nobody move,
everything will be okay.
If you try to make any move,
you are gonna hurt
yourself and the airplane.
Lets stay quite.
Yeah, they're in
the back of the airplane.
They're not...
Oh, the hijackers
they're in the cockpit.
Oh, no.
Is he inbound to JFK?
We don't know.
You don't
know where he is at all?
He's being hijacked,
the pilot is having a hard
time talking so they...
I mean, we don't know.
We don't know where he's gone.
Well, today we've
had a national tragedy.
Two airplanes have crashed
into the World Trade Center
in an apparent terrorist
attack on our country.
Just get me somebody
who has the authority
to get military in the air now.
Plain seen Panther
4546 on the battle station.
I repeat battle station.
There is a
report of black smoke
in the last position I gave you.
From the airplane
or from the ground?
They're speculating
it's from the aircraft.
Tuesday, September 11th, 2001.
6:00 am, New York city.
The big apple wakes to a
beautiful calm sunny day.
Birds sing as citizens go
about their daily lives
unaware of the impending chaos.
Boston, first on scene,
the Algante brothers arrive
at Logan International
Airport by taxi
and proceed to terminal C.
Traveling from Portland
Maine, Mohamed Atta
and Abdulaziz Al-Omari arrive
at Logan International
Airport in Boston.
This is your final-
- Three more
hijackers arrived by rental car
and proceed to the terminal.
At terminal C, a different
part of the airport,
Hijacker pilot Marwan
Al-Shehhi checks in.
Atta receives a call
from Marwan Al-Shehhi
from a payphone
within Logan Airport.
Al-Shehhi confirms
the coordinated plans
of attack are set in motion.
Upon check-in and security,
some of the hijackers
including the ringleader Atta
was singled out by
the computer assisted
passenger pre-screening system.
At the time, the system
only selected candidates
for enhanced baggage scrutiny.
Those who had no checked
bags remained unimpeded.
Prior to the attacks 911,
airport policy
allowed utility knives
of up to four inches on board.
Despite setting off alarms
and the being searched
more thoroughly,
hijackers successfully
made it through security.
Armed with box
cutters and knives.
Gate C19, within the
next five minutes,
Al-Shehhi and his
terrorist cell boards
American airlines Flight 175.
Taking their seats in the
first and business class areas.
Gate B32, Atta boards
American airlines, Flight 11
headed for Los Angeles.
7:40 AM, all five men
of the Jihadi cell
are on board Flight 11
scheduled to depart
in the next five minutes.
Behind schedule, the
plane begins its journey,
pushing back from gate B32.
Flight 11, a Boeing 767,
holding 92 souls on board
takes off down the runway.
Meanwhile, at gate C19,
the fully fueled Flight 175
that's scheduled to depart
in one minute is delayed,
and doesn't receive clearance
to take off for 15 minutes.
Good morning, American 11,
with effect to 290
Flight 11.
11 turn 20 degrees right.
Pretty right American 11.
11 now climb a little 350.
Boston air
traffic control center
instructs the pilots to
climb to 35,000 feet,
but receives no reply.
American 11 Boston.
A second attempt
to contact the pilots fails.
Several attempts later, the
response remains silent.
This is Boston,
I turned American 20 left
and I was gonna climb, he
will not respond to me now.
Looks like he's turning right.
Yeah I turned them 20 right.
Oh, okay.
And he's
only going to, I think 29.
American 11 Boston.
Two hijackers
rise from row two,
each stabbing a Flight
attendant in the process.
Panic and confusion ensues
throughout the aircraft.
A painful mist permeates
as hijackers begin spraying
mace throughout the cabin.
To this day, there is
no definitive answer
to how the hijackers gained
access to the cockpits.
Whether through threat or force.
Terrorists gained
control of the aircraft.
Flight 175 carrying
65 souls on board,
lifts off from
the Boston runway.
Nearly 15 minutes behind the
scheduled departure time.
Via an air phone, one
Flight attendant, Betty Ong
notifies an American
Airlines Reservation Center
of the suspected hijacking.
The cockpit is not answering,
somebody is stabbed
in business class.
And I think there's mace,
that we can't breath.
I don't know, I think
we're getting hijacked.
We just left
Boston we're up in the air.
We're suppose to go to LA,
and the cockpit is not
answering their phone.
Okay but what
sit are you sitting in?
What's the number of your seats?
Okay, I'm in
my jump seat right now.
- Okay.
- That's 3R.
Okay you're
the Flight attendant?
I'm sorry, did you say
you're the Flight attendant?
- Hello?
- Yes Hello.
Yes, what is your name?
You're gonna have to speak up,
I can't hear you.
Sure, what is your name?
Okay, my name is Betty Ong.
I'm number three on Flight 11.
Okay, can
you describe the person
that you said, somebody is
stabbed on business plane?
I'm sitting in the back,
somebody is coming
back from business
if you can hold
on for one second,
they're coming back.
Our number one got stabbed
I trust her staff.
Nobody knows who's stabbed who,
and we can't even get up
to business class right now
'cause nobody can breathe
and we can't get the cockpit,
the door won't open, hello?
Yeah, I'm taking
it down all the information.
We're also of course
recording this.
At this point-
- This is in operations,
what Flight number
are we talked about?
Flight 12.
Flight 12, okay I'm giving-
- No we're on
Flight 11 right now.
This is Flight 11.
It's Flight
11, I'm sorry Betty.
Have you
guys called anyone else?
No, somebody's calling medical
and we can't get up...
airlines emergency line,
Please state your emergency.
Hey, this is Nitty
to American airlines calling.
I am monitoring a call
in which Flight 11,
the Flight attendant
is advising our reps
that the pilot,
everyone's been stabbed.
Flight 11?
Yap, they
can't get into the cockpit
is what I'm hearing.
Along with security okay Betty.
You're doing a great job,
just to stay calm, okay?
It seems like the passengers
coach might not be aware
of what's going on right now.
This same passengers
who were first class?
Hey Betty,
do you know any information
as far as the gentlemen
who are in the cockpit
with the pilot where
they from first class?
They were sitting in 2A and B.
They are in the cockpit
with the pilots.
Please ask them is
there a doctor on board?
Is there
a doctors on board Betty
that's you guys?
You don't have any
doctors on board okay.
The transponder signal
for Flight 11 is turned off.
Despite their limited
knowledge, Boston controllers
continue to track the planes
movements on primary radar.
going on on your end Ted?
We contacted air
traffic control.
They are gonna handle it so
they confirm the hijacking.
So they're moving all the traffic
out of this aircraft away.
He turned his transponder off.
So we don't have a
definitive altitude form.
We're just going by...
They seem to think that they
have on a primary radar.
They seem to think
that he is the Sunday.
Yeah, okay Lydia?
Yes, Dave I'm here.
Okay, I have a
dispatcher currently taking
the current fuel on board,
and we're gonna
run some profiles.
To see exactly
what it's endurance is.
to have been a mistake,
Atta the pilot and
leader of the attack
using American
airlines Flight 11
broadcasts a message
over the airwaves
believed to have only been
intended for the cabins.
Air traffic control listens in.
Is that
American 11 trying to call?
We have a complain,
Just stay quiet
and you'll be okay.
We're returning to the airport.
And who's
trying to call me here?
American 11 are
you trying to call?
Nobody move,
everything will be okay.
If you try to make any move,
you're gonna hurt
yourself and the airplane.
Just stay quiet.
Yeah, we got them on primary.
You guys heard
anything from American?
Okay we think there
might be somebody
in the cocktail right
now, taking it over.
Yeah, I think we he was
just broadcasting over here.
Yeah we're already doing it.
Word of the
news within Flight 11
spread from control
center to control center.
Unaware of the impending
gravity of the situation,
the North American
aerospace defense command,
the military body responsible
for their protection
of all American airspace
remains uninformed
of the developing crisis.
Flight 38.
Yeah, American 11.
Now we suspect there's
someone in the cockpit
that's taken over.
We have just put them in
direct Watertown Jamestown.
Last we knew he
was on present head
and cleared to play level 290.
No one is talking to him.
Eric has been called,
we broadcasted on guard.
We tried to your company.
And 290 is not verified.
Okay, thanks.
You're welcome,
yeah, we've taken
the American back because
he appears to have turned.
Yeah I need to inquire
this invoked in American 11,
and put him on your scope.
He is a Northern has been
since he talked to Boston high,
we assume he's of side level 290
Oh, we're not sure, we
think there's someone
in the cockpit with him.
We broadcasted over guard.
We've gone Eric, we
have gotten company.
Nobody is talking to him.
We don't know where he's going.
We don't know what
altitude he's at.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Flight 11
changes course drastically
making a 100 degree
turn southwards
tracing the Hudson river
towards the big Apple
Cleveland New York Boston
are you in situation with
American 11, American 11.
He is a 767 department
Boston going to lax.
We don't know where
the aircraft is going.
And is fully going to
lax was going westbound.
We lost this frequency,
then we lost this
transponder and now the
just went to Robert
when he headed to south.
Oh my goodness, I'll
advise the area.
8:30 AM,
neighboring air traffic
control centers are alerted
to the hijacked plane.
And he appears to
fact South of westbound.
And also there was
some mention of
some sort of a
threat being made.
He made?
A threat to the cockpit
or threatened and the cockpit,
then it wasn't front certain.
Exactly what was said. I guess
they're gonna try to pull the tapes
as quick as they can.
Okay, we just lost connection.
Lost the connection.
Something wrong
with the airplane?
Yeah, in other words
They're not in the cockpit.
Okay, they're in the
back of the plane.
They're in the
back of the airplane.
Yeah, they're in the
back of the airplane,
they're not...
Oh the hijackers
are in the cockpit.
Oh no.
Number 1, number 5.
Okay they're in the cockpit.
Hey Craig, Craig.
They're saying the hi,
they're in the cockpit.
Meanwhile, on Flight 175,
the pilots oblivious
to their own danger
reach cruising altitude
of 31,000 feet.
The final message transmits
from the cockpit of Flight 11.
Nobody move please, we're
going back to the airport.
Don't try to make
any stupid move.
Word of the hijacking
is sent to Otis air
national guard base
and was subsequently advised
to notify the Northeast
sector of NORAD.
2F 15 fighter pilots
begin suiting up
waiting for orders.
Pilots in Flight 175 confirmed
they can see the
hijacked aircraft,
10 miles to its South.
Okay, United 175,
do you have much
at 12 o'clock now
in five, 10 miles.
We are on New York
about this morning airplane
Okay, thank you.
30 seconds
later, at 29,000 feet,
Flight 11 takes
a severe nosedive
at a descent of 32,000
feet per minute.
Where's he landing?
Right now we
don't have any idea,
but he was in
Northwest of Albany
and now he's down by Sprata.
We believe he's in a descent,
that's why he's slowing down.
Boston controller contacts
the Northeast air defense sector
and requests military
Hi, Boston center team
knew we have a problem here.
We have a hijacked
aircraft headed
towards New York and we
need to go
We need someone to
scramble domestic scenes
or something up
there to help us out.
Is this real world exercise?
No, this is not an
exercise manifest.
Okay, hey, hold
on one second, okay.
What, what was that,
is that real world?
We're in the middle of a mess.
Oh yes, we're actually
trying to get the 15th.
Is he in down to JFK.
We don't know.
You don't know where he is at.
He's being hijacked,
the pilot is having
a hard time talking.
They, I mean, we don't know.
We don't know where he's gone.
So I'm just giving
you a heads up.
We're not talking to him.
No one talked to him
about the last 20 minutes.
I'll call you when he gets
of your boundary, okay?
22 minutes on from Betty's
initial call for help.
Fighter pilots proceed
to battle station
Plain seen Panther 4546
on the battle station.
I repeat battle station
New York controlled
center calls
for more information on
Flight 11 from other aircraft.
Flight 175 responds
raising the events
of the initial suspicious
radio transmissions
sent out by Flight 11.
Yeah, we figured we
wait to go everyone.
We heard a suspicious
on our departure on
Boston, with someone
said everyone stay I their sit.
Okay, I'll pass
it along over here.
Hey kinks on 93 lines.
Go ahead.
You know, 175
just came on my frequency
and he said that they heard
a suspicious a transmission
when they were leaving Boston.
Oh yeah.
Everybody stay in their seat.
That's what they heard is
this to suspicious trips.
The correspondence marks
the last moment
contact was ever made
with the cockpit of Flight 175.
0175 recycle your
transponder score code of 1470.
Unite 175, New York.
United 175 do read New York.
Over 2099, do you read New York?
Yeah 1499, go ahead.
Okay, just wanted to
make sure you read New York.
United 175 do you read New York?
Moments later, unbeknownst
to the air traffic controllers
who had just had
contact, chaos and sued.
Hijackers force
passengers and crew
to the rear of the aircraft.
While two enter the cockpit
and murder the pilots.
Hello, do you
see United 175 anywhere?
And do me a favor, you
see that target there,
The 3321 code at
33, five Kleiman.
Don't know who he is, but
you got the USDA five 83.
If he needed to send
it down, you can.
Nobody, we have a hijack.
We have some problems
over here right now.
Oh, you do?
Yes, that may be real traffic.
Nobody knows, I can't get
a hold of the United 175
at all right now, and I
don't know where he went to.
All right, okay,
I'll see if I have one.
All right, okay.
United 175 New York.
Everybody copy?
Say that again please.
Looks like we've lost the
primary target about 20 west.
Seen tracks
of the aircraft over.
Boston has lost the track,
I don't know hijacked.
Yeah New York confirms
we've lost the track as well.
And we were, yeah report an ELin the area that's Trent was in.
Kennedy tower
report, do you here me?
Kennedy tower
report that there was fire
at the World Trade Center.
And that's the last area
we lost the airplane.
World trade center and 60
everything you got at the
World Trade Center now.
We have
another stories on fire
it looks like the plane
was seen into the building.
Flight 11 makes
contact with the North face
of the North tower at upwards
of 460 miles per hour.
The plane terrorism
hole into the side
of the world trade center tower
between floors 93 and 99.
No souls on board survive.
The aircraft reaches the
core of the building.
Severing the three
staircases in the process
blocking every route to safety
for those at and above
the impact point.
The impossible stairwells
seal off the exit
for 1,344 people.
90,000 liters of
jet fuel ignites
enough to take the
jetliner to Los Angeles.
The Inferno coupled with
all the combustible material
from the offices
begins to spread.
The damaged elevator shafts
send the burning jet fuel
through the building,
as far down as the lobby.
Four seconds after impact,
the two fighter jets
intended to intercept the
already crashing jetliner
received the order to scramble
on aware, they are too late.
Within the next
hour and 40 minutes.
Between 100 and 200
people are driven
to jump from the
billowing towers.
Hi sir, okay what we're doing,
we're trying to locate this guy.
We can't find Viff where we do.
We're gonna hit up every track
within a 25 mile
radius the point
that we put on the scope.
29,000 heading 190,
we're just gonna do.
We're on the track
to find this guy.
They can't find him.
There's been threats
in the cockpit.
So we're doing the thing.
All right, we'll work with them.
Make sure we've
work with them now.
Flight 175 transponder,
which had been turned off
completely on Flight 11
changes code twice in a minute.
The erratic change is the
first piece of evidence
that something has gone
wrong on Flight 175.
It remains unnoticed.
News stations cut
into advertisements
to deliver the
shocking developments.
Images of the crash, begin
to beam around the world.
Team, just a few moments ago.
Something I believe
there'll be a plane crashed
into the South tower of
the world trade center.
I just saw flames inside.
You can see the smoke
coming out of the tower.
We have no idea what it was.
It was a tremendous boom.
Just a few moments ago.
You can hear around
me emergency vehicles.
The controller
realizes Flight 175
has deviated off its assigned
course changing altitude
pushing the jet liner
on a collision course
with other aircraft.
Attempts by the controller
at new York's FAA center
to contact the pilot
are unsuccessful.
United 175
do you read New York?
Wanna cross 10 miles
turning into your face-
- All the 2433, can
you climb a level 330.
The traffic looks like it's
descended back down to 31 now.
Now we can go up.
Climb the main chain
for a level 330 Delta, 2433.
Five minutes 33 of 2433.
Unaware that
Flight 11 has crashed
but still looking
for the aircraft.
Two airborne military F
fifteens close in on New York.
So you find it.
We're intercepting
The news is set
that you said something
you hit the world trade center
or something that reports.
No, keep on going with it.
Talking with ID,
and we got a phone call
that came down to us saying
that they had a possible
hijack out of Boston.
And I just flipped around
and we always want
to put the news.
And at 737 hit the
world trade center.
And I was just curious
at the same time
that was the aircraft.
Had been sent
with to New York city.
Still continued go,
this is what I got.
Possible news at 737 just
at the world trade center.
This is a real world.
There are indications
that it may have been
a Boeing 767 out of
Boston and airlines
United airlines office
learns of the hijacking
of Flight 175.
Phone calls to loved ones
and a call from a
Flight attendant
exposes the gravity
of the situation.
Both pilots are dead.
One Flight attendant is stabbed,
and the plane is under
the hijackers control.
There are tons of people
with their papers for things.
I can't see any
evidence of what it was
that caused the fire
Owen, we have a
satellite picture right now,
that is it.
to the impending danger,
A PA announcement
throughout the South tower
tells workers to
return to their desks.
- Get ready.
- Yes.
Yes ma'am, get ready
to read these words
the first way, get ready.
President Bush
arrives at an elementary school
in a visit to promote
his educational agenda
and prepares to read to
the class, "The Pet Goat".
Remember what you
said that there's an E
at the end of the
word, get ready.
- K.
- Yes K, get ready.
- N.
- Yes N, Get ready.
May, yes may, give
yourselves a pat on the back.
Okay, get ready to read
the words on this page
without making a mistake.
Everybody tell me what
this part of the word says.
Yes, robb, now tell me
what the whole word says,
get ready.
Yes, robber.
Everybody tell me what
this part of the word says?
Yes runn, now tell
me what the whole.
Flight 175
soars over New Jersey
at 28,000 feet.
For the next five minutes,
the plane is put
into a near nosedive,
descending more
than 24,000 feet.
Flight 175 makes
its final maneuver,
lining up towards
lower Manhattan.
Aviation authorities in
Virginia and New York descend
into disarray as the
gravity of the situation
falls into view.
Check with you now
but do you know if
anyone down there
has done any coordination
to scramble of Flight 175?
No, we have several situations
we've got going on here,
it exceeding big time
and we need to get the
military involved with us.
Why, what what's going on?
Just get me
somebody who has the authority
to get military in here now.
Alright, I'll go tell them.
Hey Joe, UC3321 code
your cell with the North
by about 15, 18, 20
miles, 15,000 descending.
I'm looking, hold on.
We're tracking
them, made a hard left turn,
it's descending pretty rapidly
and especially what
just happened in there.
I got somebody
somebody keeps cussing
but it looks like
he's going into
one of the small
airports down there.
Now hold on a
second, that's a big boy.
This guy is a big boy
cause he's leaving some big
kind of trail, I'm trying
to bring him up here.
There he is right
there, hold on.
I've just got
a 9500 names on him.
Do you know who he is?
We don't know who he is,
we just picking him up now.
Alright, heads up, man,
it looks like another one.
Orders to evacuate
both towers is initiated.
You look out
your window right now,
can you see that
about 4,000 feet,
about five East of
the airport right now?
Looks like he's...
Yeah, I see him.
He's descending
really quick too, yeah.
Well that's 500 feet, now.
That's another situation.
What kind of plane is
that, can you guys tell?
I don't know, I
read it out in a minute.
Less than a minute later,
Flight 175 transforms
into a ball of flame
as it makes contact with the
South face of the South tower.
Another one just
hit the building, wow.
Holy smokes.
Alright, I guess you
guys should be leaving.
Traveling at
roughly 590 miles per hour,
the plane crashes
between floors 77 and 85.
No souls on board
survived the impact.
An unknown number believed
to be in the hundreds,
decease inside the building.
Debris from the jetliner
including one of the engines,
fell as far as six blocks away.
Plane coming down, you see?
Holy shit!
Whoa, man! What
the hell is going on?
Oh shit!
Wow! Do you
see this aircraft?
I've got it all.
Yo, what the fuck?
That's terrorist shit, bruh.
This is terrorist.
You saw that plane
went in through?
Oh my God,
it's good to be up here.
hijacks a plane and...
you should all report
to your companies together.
If you're a New York
City firefighter,
drop what you're doing,
report to your company.
A major disaster's occurring
in New York City this morning.
I think an airplane
just flied into the city.
It did, the
world trade center hit...
Another one, we
just saw another one do it.
Another one?
Holy cow, that's
two and one just hit..
Yeah, one
just hit a moment ago.
No shit.
Viewers tuning in for updates
on the North tower, watch
in horror as live pictures
of the second crash are
broadcast around the globe.
What had once seemed
plausible as a freak accident,
suddenly became an
act of aggression.
Major news networks
begin to speculate
if America was in the
midst of a terror attack.
As you look at the
picture from our chopper now
arriving at the scene,
Jim Freely and Hob Oken said
it appeared to back sharply
and smash directly perhaps
purposefully into...
Oh my goodness,
Oh God.
There's another one.
Oh my goodness,
there's another one.
This seems to be on purpose.
Oh my
goodness, now it's obvious.
Yes, I am Jerry.
Let me
reconfirm with downstairs
because it was the accent
or if there's more than one,
but I'm going to reconfirm that,
then I'll get back to
you real quick, okay?
I appreciate it.
Seconds, after
the second plane crashes,
NORAD is made aware
of the hijacking.
There's another aircraft?
The second one
just hit the trade center.
Okay, yeah, we're
going to alert the military
real quick on this.
Tony, we're
going to stop everything.
We're going to shut this,
we're going to shut
down Boston down.
I suggest you stay in elsewhere.
You're gonna do what Jerry?
We're shutting
the airplanes down,
we're not letting
anyone go right now.
That's a good move.
We're waiting to
hear from security.
Tony, Jerry, it's
confirmed that we have planes.
Hey, get ready.
President Bush is interrupted
and makes the decision
to continue the class,
having learned of the
attack on America.
At the count of three,
everyone should be on
page 153, get ready.
Go on.
Try it again.
Get ready for the beginning
of that sentence, get ready.
Go on.
Good job, go on.
These are great readers.
Yes, they are.
Very impressive.
Thank you all so very much
for showing me your
reading skills.
I bet they practice
too, don't you?
Oh yes.
Thank you all.
You can step out
the way we came in.
The FAA begins to halt all
incoming and outgoing
aircraft in the vicinity
of New York Center airspace.
You're gonna do what?
We're shutting
the airplanes down,
we're not letting
anyone go right now.
That's a good move.
We're pretty rushed
up on everything,
there is a second
plane that just hit
the World Trade Center.
Stop all the purchases
out of the center please.
Sure, that's what we're doing.
Demand center response.
Listen, both of these
aircraft departed Boston,
both were centered fixed
and both heading to LA
and I'm looking out on the TSD
and I think that all the
parties out of Boston
should have heightened
cost of security,
is there any way
you can bring up
every center in the country
and we rang that message so
that they can tell the aircraft
that are out there
flying right now,
to increase the cockpit
security vigilance on this day?
I'll get the message out.
Thank you very much.
New York continues
its immediate lockdown,
closing down all bridges
and tunnels into Manhattan.
Attention at NORAD
focuses on two more
possible hijackings in progress.
American airlines Flight 77
and United airlines Flight 93.
American 77, Indy.
American 77, Indy.
American 77, American Indy.
American 77, American Indy
radio check how do you read?
Still haven't
gotten American 77.
Last, he was at 35
going to Falmouth,
so I don't know where he
is out there anywhere yet,
so I'm still trying
to get ahold of them.
We contact the company.
All civilian
aircraft in the United States
are banned from takeoff.
FAA orders a
national ground stop.
9:28 AM, Flight 93
makes a Mayday call.
The cries made by
Leroy Homer brought
the scope of the
attack into view.
More targets remained.
Florida, unaware of
the continuing threat,
the president makes his first
statement on the attacks.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is a difficult
moment for America.
I, unfortunately
will be going back
to Washington after my remarks.
Today, we've had a
national tragedy.
Two airplanes have crashed
into the World Trade Center
in an apparent terrorist
attack on our country.
I have spoken to
the vice president,
to the governor of New York
and to conduct a
full-scale investigation,
to hunt down and to find those
folks who committed this act.
Terrorism against our
nation will not stand.
And now if you join me
in a moment of silence.
May God bless the victims,
their families and America.
Thank you very much.
controllers in Cleveland
overhear recordings
relayed from Flight 93.
Calling Cleveland
center, you're unreadable.
Say again slowly.
He got United 93.
We hear funny noises,
we're trying to get him.
Did you hear some
interference on the intercom,
a couple of minutes
ago screaming?
Yes, I did 797
and we couldn't tell
what it was either.
United 93 Cleveland, if
you hear the sound read in.
American 1060, you
heard that also?
Roger, we heard
that also, thanks.
I just wanted to confirm it
wasn't some interference.
Shortly after the
first plane struck the tower,
signals emerged that an emergency
on Flight 77 was underway.
Flight 77 deviates off
its assigned course
and switches off
its transponder.
The plane goes dark.
Not even the primary radar
systems pick up the aircraft.
Dissimilar to the
other hijackings,
no reports of threats
or deaths are made.
Hijacked over an area
of poor radar coverage,
attempts to contact the
plane are unsuccessful.
Who are you
trying to get hold of?
American 77.
Well we were talking to them
and all of a sudden it's just...
We don't really
know where it's target is
and we can't get ahold of them.
You guys tried them
and no response?
No response.
Yeah, we had no radar contact
and no communications with them.
So if you guys could
try them again.
We're doing it.
Alright, thanks a lot.
We're doing it, thank you.
The limited
contact left some controllers
to believe the plane
had already crashed.
Unnoticed by controllers,
Flight 77 changes course,
flying undetected toward
the nation's capital.
What the fuck's going on?
Hallo, did you get
ahold of American 77 by chance?
No server, we
have an unconfirmed report
that a second airplane hit
the World Trade Center.
American 11 was a
Los Angeles Flight.
It was, all right.
I can't hear what you're saying.
You said American 11?
Yes, we were hijacked.
And I'm just having
an unconfirmed report,
a second airplane just flew
into the World Trade Center.
77, we were
talking to him according
to Indianapolis center
about 45 minutes ago.
And in Indy center,
I don't know how he got
back to the Trade Center.
I have no idea if that happened.
Okay, it may not have,
we have another call sign.
Of course, we don't know for
sure any of these call signs
right now but if we find
that it's your aircraft,
we'll certainly give you a call.
Okay, so
you have two airplanes
in the Trade Center?
And you don't know who either
one of them are for sure?
Yeah, that's true.
If I did, I
would share it with you.
Okay, thanks.
- Alright, bye Bill.
- Hello command center?
- Yes sir.
- This is John Thomas,
ops manager.
I think we need to let
everybody know this right away,
if they don't already.
American 77 was over which
is West of Charleston,
West Virginia, Flight
3350 to heavy Boeing 752
and disappeared off our
radar scope about 1256Z,
along with lost frequency.
We were treating it
as the loss started,
to do some procedures that
knotify search and rescue
and whatnot where when
American Airlines told us
they'd had some aircraft
or an aircraft hijacked,
we now believe that aircraft
may have been hijacked,
although no one has,
we have nothing to verify that.
But with the World Trade Center,
we could have another loose
aircraft out there somewhere.
Of course we wouldn't
necessarily be able to pick up
the primary there anyway.
- Okay.
- But again, remember
nothing has been confirmed
as far as which aircraft
has hit the World Trade Center
but the other one we
have is information
headed towards Washington.
Okay, let me tell you this,
we've also lost American 77.
American 77 there.
Excuse me.
Where was
he supposed to head, sir?
Okay, he was going to LA also.
From where, sir?
I think
he was from Boston also.
Now let me tell you
this story here,
in the Indianapolis center
was working this guy...
What guy?
American 77.
At Flight level 350.
However they lost
radar with him,
they lost contact with
him, they lost everything
and they don't have any idea
where he is or what happened.
Radar picks
up an unidentified target,
tracking it eastward
at immense speed.
Unaware of the intended target,
the secret service orders
the immediate evacuation
of the vice-president
from the White House.
Flight 77 makes
its final maneuver,
turning 330 degrees
in a spiral turn.
Descending at 530
miles per hour,
the plane hits several lampposts
before colliding
with the Pentagon.
The impact shoots a
fireball that rises 200 feet
above the building.
In addition to the
64 lives on board,
125 lives are lost
inside the building.
Rescue efforts for survivors
begins immediately.
Standing as a metaphor
for the disasters,
flames engulf the office
of military might.
Thank you, just
send a main team to the house.
Okay, we're
done Pentagon, sir.
Just go for 06, it
looks like that aircraft
crashed into the Pentagon, sir.
Go for 86,
go for 06, thank you.
News bulletins report
of a fire at the Pentagon in
the dark of its actual cause.
We must say now that
we are a nation under siege.
Right now, we are a
nation under siege.
There is a terrorist
attack as you can see
at the heart of the financial
capital of the world
and now one at the heart of
the military command center
of the United States of
America, the Pentagon.
Apparently there has
been an explosion.
We have no further details,
we don't know the extent of that
but we do have word that
there's been an explosion
at the Pentagon.
With three targets hit,
focus hones in on Flight 93,
the last known hijacked
plane airborne.
In the space of two minutes,
the White House,
Capitol building
and the entire United
States airspace is shut down
the first ever
unplanned suspension
of all Flights over
American airspace.
Operation yellow ribbon
aided by Canada commences.
The orders divert all
civilian aircraft away
from any potential target
as fast as possible,
grounding planes over the
border in Canadian territory.
In a further display
of agency failings,
the FAA headquarters
decides not to request
military assistance
for Flight 93.
National security agents
overhear a conversation
initiated by a known
associate of Osama bin Laden,
the number one suspect,
stating that one more
target was still to be hit.
That target unbeknownst
to them was the Capitol
or the White House.
Having heard the fate
of the other aircraft,
passengers on board
plan a counter attack.
In an act of immense bravery,
passengers on Flight
93 begin a revolt
and attempt enter the cockpit.
Meanwhile, as the struggle
on Flight 93 was underway,
57 minutes of burning
jet fuel had weakened
the steel framework of
the 1,362 foot tower.
Columns within the structure,
unable to hold the
weight buckle and bend,
sending 110 floors
into free fall.
The tower of submerges
into a thick haze,
sucking all saturation
from New York city life.
I saw the plane exactly
go into the building.
I was standing right
there on Church Street.
Pilots observed
Flight 93 wave at swings.
The hijackers attempt to
end the counterattack.
United 93?
- Yes.
- Was waving his wings
as he went past
the VFR aircraft,
they don't quite
know what that means.
Flying over
Somerset County Pennsylvania,
hijackers send the plane into
a 583 mile per hour nosedive,
taking the lives of
all 40 souls on board.
There is a
report of black smoke
in the last position I gave you.
From the
airplane from the ground?
They're speculating
it's from the aircraft.
Due to the
brave reactions of patriots,
the flight never reaches
its intended target.
It hit the ground,
that's what they're speculating,
that's speculation only.
Using speed
and trajectory projections,
the command center
predicts the aircraft
should be over Washington.
Unable to observe the plane,
officials conclude
the plane is down.
Region commander has
declared that we can shoot down
aircraft that do not respond
to our direction, copy that?
Copy that.
Also want to give
you heads up Washington.
Go ahead.
United 93, have you
got information on that yet?
Yeah, he's down.
He's down?
Why didn't he land?
He did not land.
So he is down?
Yes, somewhere
up Northeast of camp David.
Northeast of Camp David?
That's the last report,
they don't know exactly where.
Shocked onlookers
gaze at the inevitable.
On fire since first impact over
one hour and 40 minutes ago,
the North Tower begins
to crumble and collapse.
The tallest building in
the world at the time,
the North tower
stood at 1,368 feet.
The twin towers, an imposing
icon on the New York skyline
is reduced to rubble.
Get out of the street, go.
Over a third of
the 1000 emergency rescuers
that put their
lives on the line,
running into the
unknown perished.
The catastrophe claimed
the lives of 2,753 victims.
Many more lives will be
taken in the aftermath.
Long-term health complications
and cancer diagnosis
claimed the lives of
thousands of first responders.
Those in and around the
World Trade Center breathe in
the toxic fumes
and dust produced,
when 24,000 gallons
of jet fuel ignited
with hundreds of thousand
of gallons of heating oils
and diesel within the building.
Barksdale Air Force Base.
Make no mistake, the
United States will hunt down
and punish those responsible
for these cowardly acts.
Force protection
condition Delta is activated,
placing all worldwide US
military personnel on high alert.
Federal intelligence
experts begin to suspect
who the perpetrators of
the heinous attacks were.
All trails point to one man,
Osama bin Laden.
Rescue efforts continue
at ground zero.
Recovery teams rescue
20 people from the pile.
The final survivor won't
be pulled from the rubble
until midday, September 12th.
The white house.
The president
addresses the nation.
Good evening, today
our fellow citizens,
our way of life, our very
freedom came under attack
in a series of deliberate
and deadly terrorist acts.
The victims were in airplanes,
were in their offices,
businessmen and women,
military and federal workers,
moms and dads,
friends and neighbors.
Thousands of lives were
suddenly ended by evil,
despicable acts of terror.
These acts of mass murder
were intended to frighten
our nation into
chaos and retreat
but they have failed.
Our country is strong.
A great people has been moved
to defend a great nation.
Terrorist attacks can
shake the foundations
of our biggest buildings
but they cannot touch the
foundation of America.
These acts shatter steel
but they cannot dent the
steel of American resolve.
This is a day when all Americans
from every walk of life
unite in our resolve
for justice and peace.
America has stood down
many enemies before
and we will do so this time.
None of us will ever
forget this day,
yet we go forward
to defend freedom
and all that is good
and just in our world.
Thank you, good night
and God bless America.
Bush updates his journal,
"The Pearl Harbor of the 21st
century took place today."
"We think it's Osama bin Laden."