96 (2018) Movie Script

Come. Come here all of you.
Good morning, sir.
- Hello, sir.
What's the time?
- 8:59.
From 9 to 6, click photos
in 36 frames in your digital camera.
Don't delete any photos.
If you make any mistake we'll work on it.
- Okay, sir.
No one will talk to anyone from 9 to 6.
No chatting, no messaging.
- Okay, sir.
You should like the frame you click.
Don't click it to impress anybody.
Okay, sir.
What's this?
- Got it, sir.
Sir.. sir..
Only photography can
make time come to standstill.
Prabha, whenever I see
my photo clicked by you..
..I'll always stay 37 years old in it.
So, make it count. Live them moment.
Sir, let's take a selfie.
- Sir, one with me too.
Let everybody look at
the camera and then click.
Can anyone drive?
- Sir, I know to drive. I can drive.
Are you sure?
- Yes.
Be ready tomorrow morning.
- Okay, sir.
I'll wake up from time
to time to check the speed limit.
Don't drive over 100 km/hour.
- Okay, sir.
Tell me when you start feeling
sleepy or you may knock down the car.
Got it?
Thanjavur, sir.
You were in deep sleep
so I didn't wake you up.
The Kollidam bridge is being repaired.
So, we've to take the
route through Thanjavur.
And.. the Google map is switched on.
Go straight.
But, the Google map
is telling us to take left.
Forget it and go straight.
- Okay, sir.
Roll down the window glass.
Feel the fresh air.
How does the air
of my native place feel?
Is this your native place?
Yes, this is the place where I grew up.
Look at the old bus stand.
When my father came back
here after getting married..
..he got down at this bus stop.
- Oh!
Look at the government hospital there.
I was born here.
You can see Oriental Towers there.
That's the first shopping
complex of the town.
There's Raju's bakery on the right.
Your stomach may be full
but the moment you see their cakes..
..your mouth just starts watering.
Look at the hospital ahead.
- Yes.
My house was next to the hospital.
Everything has changed
Shall I stop the car?
- No.
I'll have to stay back
if anyone familiar spots me here.
Do you know what it is?
It's a big temple.
- Yes.
Who made this temple?
- Raja Raja Cholan.
What happened, sir?
Drive the car at high speed
and go near him. - What?
Can you drive the car at high
speed and stop suddenly before him?
Here you go.
- Okay.
Let's go.
Faster. Faster.
Stop! Stop!
A little more.
A little more.
That's enough.
Good morning, officer.
K Ramchandran. 10 C.
Hey Chotu! Is it you?
We're meeting after so many years.
I was wondering who had the
courage to knock me down with his car.
Are you okay?
What's this?
Why are you being formal with me?
Address me the way
you used to address me.
Your smile hasn't changed a bit.
Get a cup of tea for me.
What brings you here?
- Actually..
I'm asking you something.
Where are you lost?
Uncle, may I go inside the school?
- No.. no.. You can't go inside.
The rules are very strict now.
You need to take the permission
of the school principal..
..you also need the
signatures of your parents.
What are you saying? Is this true?
Why are you behaving like an idiot?
It's your school. Go inside.
K Ramchandran. It's me.
When did you come?
- Just now.
Pick up the stone.
Old memories have been refreshed.
I've taken it out without breaking it.
Thank you.
Do you remember your bosom
friend who would always be with you..
..and wear a mark on his forehead?
The one who lived in Philomena Nagar.
Are you still in touch with him?
No. I don't get time
to catch up because of work.
Do you've the school's photograph?
Hello. This is watchman
of All Saints' School speaking.
Uncle, this is Murli. How are you?
Murli, how are you?
Do you still remember
your watchman uncle?
How can I forget you?
We were talking about you just now.
And Ram called you.
Hope your health is fine.
- Absolutely.
You tell me about yourself.
Whatever is written
in your destiny will happen.
Concentrate on your work.
- Yes.
Ram, Murli wants to talk to you.
Take it.
Hey! How did you reach there?
Even I don't know.
That's a weird answer.
How's the school now?
Is it the way it used to
be or have they made changes?
No, it's the same as it used to be.
The same building,
the same tables, the same chairs..
..the same watchman.
Listen.. make a video call.
Stop your nonsense.
Come and see it in person.
C'mon, make a video call.
We've lot of memories
associated with this place.
Come over and take a look.
It's been 10-15 years but the school..
- What did you say?
10-15 years? I'll slap you hard.
We passed out in '96.
It's 2016.
Do you need to be reminded of the dates?
I think your math has become weak.
Hey! It's been 20 long years.
- Yes.
O god! I can't believe it.
We've grown up now.
- Don't remind me.
You've travelled to
so many different places..
..but I never ventured
outside Tamil Nadu.
Well. There are lots to be explored.
I'm making a list of it.
When are you coming to Chennai?
Listen to me carefully.
I'm in Thanjavur.
I'll get back and call you.
Even if you write it down in
a paper I won't believe your promises.
Why did you suddenly go to Thanjavur?
I'll come back and share the details.
You've the phone numbers of our friends.
I want to talk to them.
Hey! Are you mad?
It'll take years if we try
to find out everybody's number.
Why are you worried?
It's very simple.
There's a school messaging group.
You'll get all the numbers there.
When will it help us?
Just ask me who the
admin of the group is.
Who else? It must be you.
You were always the leader in school.
You're irreplaceable in this matter.
Yes, you'll also be
a part of the group now.
I'll add you in the group.
Don't worry. Okay?
Thanks, buddy.
Welcome back to school Mr.
K Ramchandran.
May I come in, please?
No. You're always late.
Hi, friends!
You aren't active on
any social media platform.
How did you join this group?
I went to school this morning.
After seeing the
classrooms and playground..
..I just wanted to talk to everybody.
Hey! Now you're finally
missing all of us.
Okay. Have a look at me.
Hey Ram! Send your recent photograph.
Let's see how you look.
The name of the group is '96 batch.
It's been 20 years that
we passed out of school.
It'll be great fun if we've a re-union.
Everybody seems to be online right now.
Let's decide a place where we can meet.
What's today's date?
7th January.
Two months from now
we'll have a re-union.
We'll have a re-union
on 7th March in Chennai.
All of you must reach
there or you'll be in trouble.
Double Okay.
The ones who won't attend
it will repent later.
You're right.
I am in.
Ram, we should thank you for this.
Long live K Ramchandran,.
That's great.
You've fixed everything so quickly.
Somebody please talk to my wife.
She won't allow me
if I seek her permission.
Can we bring along our kids?
It'll be difficult to leave them alone.
Yes. Come along with your family.
This is the first good thing
you've done after this group was formed.
Hi, everyone.
How are all of you?
Sorry, I couldn't make it.
But, I'm missing all of you very badly.
Hi! What's up, dude?
How are you doing?
I know all of you must be jealous
to see me speaking in English.
He's Vinod.
- Hi!
- How are you?
I am good. How are you?
Idiot, I told you to take left from the
temple and then take the second right.
You went in the opposite direction.
I don't know.
Come back to the temple again.
I'll guide you from there.
Hold on.
Murli, how are you?
- Hello.
Why didn't he come till now?
I've ordered extra food too.
I've called him three times.
If I call him again, he'll get
inside the phone and thrash me badly.
That's what he said before
disconnecting my call.
Yet I called him back.
I don't know what
he's going to do with me.
Are these sweets?
No, bricks.
Would you like to have them?
Hey! I'll fall down.
I'll fall down.
Please put me down.
He wrote a poem for a girl
and posted it on social media.
Who was she?
Hey! What are you doing?
Will you kill me?
Stop it. Leave him.
Please leave me.
- Gita..
She's the key to your heart.
- Hey!
What are you doing? Leave me.
Hit him. Hit him hard.
Leave me.
"I can sacrifice my life for my friend."
"I can sacrifice all my joys for him."
Am I a girl?
Go and meet your dear sister
before she loses her temper.
Somebody is jealous.
But, you promised
to meet me the other day.
Niece, look your uncle is here
- Niece?
Won't you be the uncle of the child
if it's a boy? - No.
I want a girl.
I have even thought of a name.
Indrayani. Did you like the name?
Even she likes the name.
Okay. Have sweets now.
Hi Satish! How are you?
You've got married and have kids.
And now you're coming to speak with me.
Whenever I tried to speak with
you in school you would run away.
Sir, don't worry.
She's a very good girl.
She's very helpful.
She would help us cheat during exam.
Isn't it?
- Absolutely.
Can you see me?
What kind of photos are these?
There's no light on the face.
Useless. How can you claim
that you're a photographer?
Has everybody come?
Shall we go for lunch?
Four of them are yet to arrive.
Three are wandering here and there.
I'm not sure about the fourth one.
Who is the fourth one?
Why are you making gestures?
Tell me who it is.
- Forget it.
Can't you understand?
C'mon tell me.
What happened?
Why are you behaving weirdly?
"The fragrance of flowers
is like a beautiful melody."
"The desires in heart are like waves."
"Our desires are like
the variety of flowers."
"The chirping of birds,
the buzzing of bees welcome the sun."
Jaanu was my world
but music was her world.
She would either sing
or talk about music.
Rhythm, tempo and all.
We never understood them.
Wait, I'll join you.
Before Jaanu was born
her family had decided..
..to name her after a renowned singer.
If it was a boy it would
be SP Balsubramanium..
..and if it was a girl
it would be S. Janaki
Her family loved music.
Since the day she was named Janaki,
she only sang the songs of S. Janaki.
She never sang anybody else's song.
"The glory of India resounds
in all direction day and night."
"The glory resounds.."
Sometimes when I heard
songs on radio I would feel..
..that Jaanu's song was being played.
I was visualized her
face and heard her voice.
I was not only crazy after
her voice but I was also crazy for her.
She knew it.
There was only one reason why
I had 90% attendance and it was Jaanu.
We had been classmates
since childhood and..
..I always listened
to whatever she said.
If she needed any help she
would ask only me to help her.
When I would be depressed
about scoring less marks..
..only Jaanu would feel my pain.
She would come and ask me what happened.
That was enough for me.
Her concern for me
made me go wild with joy.
My heart would start beating fast.
It was enough to brag before friends.
I can't express what Jaanu meant to me.
Whenever I went to temple
I prayed for only one thing.
O god, please keep Jaanu
before my eyes all the time.
- Present, ma'am.
- Present, miss.
Janaki Devi.
Absent, miss.
Jay Ganesh.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
S Nityanand.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
Raj Murugan.
- Present, miss.
K Ramchandran.
- Present, miss.
- Yes, miss.
D Selvan.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
Today we're going to
see about cell biology.
Cell means what?
It can basically functionally biologically
be also knows as living organism.
What happened?
Why do you look depressed today?
What happened?
I'm asking you something.
Why don't you answer me?
Jaanu didn't come today.
I don't know why.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
Janaki Devi.
S. Janaki Devi.
What happened to her?
I don't know, miss.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
Ramchandran. K Ramchandran.
Present, miss.
Where are you lost?
Always day dreaming. Sit.
- Present, miss.
D Selvan.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
What did I do?
Call her.
Hey! Hey!
Today we're going to study
about respiratory system.
Call Subha.
The respiratory system is
a biological system consisting..
..of specific organs
and structures used for..
..gas exchange in animals and plants.
The anatomy and the physiology
that makes this happen..
..varies greatly depending
on the size of the organisms.
They're calling you.
- ..the environment in which it lives..
..and it's evolutionary history.
What is it?
Where is Jaanu?
I don't know.
Tell me or I'll hit you.
Do you think I'll
spare you if you hit me?
You're always with her.
How can you not know?
I don't know. How will I know?
I always come and go with you.
I don't even know her house.
Forget her and concentrate on studies.
He's too much.
He knows where Jaanu lives.
He said that she lives
near Kaveri supermarket.
There's a signboard with the
name 'Sukumar' outside her house.
It must be here.
Brother, we didn't find her house.
We're getting late.
Let's go home or mom will beat us.
She'll definitely
come to school on Monday.
What happened? Why are you late?
I had extra class.
What do you want? Go.
I told you that I don't want more.
Get in.
How dare you try to scare me?
Jaanu has come.
C'mon give me the bag.
I was seeing Jaanu after 4-5 days.
She looked sick.
If I was my old self I
would've rushed towards her..
..and ask her what happened.
How are you, Jaanu?
But, I couldn't move
from my place that day.
Something was stopping me.
Everybody was enquiring
about her health except me.
All of you go to your place.
I wanted to go near her,
hold her hands and ask..
..why she didn't come
to school for so many days.
I wanted to share my plight with her.
But, I couldn't ask her.
You've high fever.
Why did you come to school?
- I'm okay, miss.
You should've taken rest at home.
Subha, take care of her.
- Okay, ma'am.
All of you take out your class book.
I didn't know what
to tell her at that moment.
But, I realized that it was
the first love story of our class.
I couldn't understand
what was happening within me.
But, I was feeling restless out of joy.
My heart was dancing with joy.
I was on cloud nine.
I could never speak normally
with Jaanu after that.
I would feel shy.
When she would look at
me I would turn away my eyes.
I couldn't stop myself
from sharing it with Subha.
After that we started
conversing with our eyes.
I thought nobody would
find out but Satish found out.
Now that Satish knew it
Murali also came to know about it.
What happened?
Don't lose concentration
on your studies because of all this.
Study hard. Okay?
You want to say something to me?
Are you scared?
Shall I go now?
What happened? Did he say something?
What did you tell her?
Jaanu, come here.
Tell her to sing the
song on river Yamuna.
Jaanu, sing the song on river Yamuna.
He wants to hear it.
"I'm like a flower bud."
"I'm delicate and sweet."
"I'm a melodious song."
"I'm like a fairy."
I told you. She's purposely doing it.
He told you to sing
the song on river Yamuna.
Sister, he took my geometry
box because he wants you to..
..sing the song of his choice.
I don't know what's
so special about the song.
He told you to sing
the song several times.
What's the problem in singing the song?
Jaanu, it's a request from a friend.
Please sing the song about river Yamuna.
Mr. Informer, go and tell
my fan that even on All India Radio..
..the songs are aired as per the
fan's request and not otherwise. Got it?
..did you tell her?
This is going to be fun.
"If somebody finds out
the secret in the heart."
"If somebody recognizes the smile."
"If somebody finds out
the secret in the heart."
"If somebody recognizes the smile."
"You're the one in my heart."
"You're the one in my heart."
"Try to understand my feelings."
I resorted to many other different
tricks but she never sang that song.
She was very stubborn.
Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
Chocolates for you.
Did you go to the temple?
Yes, I went to the
temple in the morning.
Where's your brother?
Did you buy this dress
from Maharaja Store?
No. Pradhan Stores.
My dad chose it for me.
Turn around.
Take chocolates.
Take one more.
No. it's enough.
You're growing up fast.
One chocolate can't be enough.
Take more.
Don't leave him or he'll hit me.
Thank you?
- Only thanks?
Do you know what's special today?
Won't you wish me?
- Happy Diwali. Right?
Happy birthday.
Why are you sweating so much?
Did anybody scold you?
Leave me.
My brother is a sportsman and
so he's sweating. Isn't it, brother?
What happened?
Why is your heart beating so fast?
What happened?
Place your hands on his chest.
Brother, what happened? Hold him.
Go and get water quickly.
Subha didn't realize why I
fainted the moment Jaanu touched me.
Don't you feel shame?
You're an idiot.
Jaanu also didn't realize
what had she done that..
..this stupid fellow loved her crazily.
K Ramchandran of 10th class
wasn't worried about anything.
All my attention was directed
straight towards Jaanu.
Do you know what would've
been Jaanu's name if she married me?
Janaki Ramchandran.
- Shut up.
I was feeling very good.
Everything was going on well.
- Take this.
Come on. Get out.
- I didn't do anything, ma'am.
How dare you cheat?
- No, ma'am.
You want to cheat while I'm invigilating.
- Sorry, ma'am.
Get out.
Mr. Ramchandran we're going
to go on vacation from tomorrow.
How will you be able to live
without seeing me for two months?
Jaanu, hurry up.
Subha, you're still
calling her by her name?
You have the right to
address her as sister-in-law.
I'll decide it. Go and get the cycle.
Come soon.
I'll have to go now.
Don't forget me.
Happy holidays.
How can you be sure that she'll come?
I've been calling and messaging
her for the past one week.
But, she never replied.
I got irritated and stopped calling her.
What next?
I got a message from her this
morning saying that she's coming.
You should've at least told me.
It's not that I didn't want to tell you.
She's coming here
straight from Singapore.
So, I thought I would inform
you only after she comes here.
Look at him.
- Come on.
He's behaving the way he used to.
The only difference is
that he's not in his uniform.
Come on. I'll break your hands.
As if you're very decent.
Hey Jaanu has come.
Hey Jaanu has come.
Hey Jaanu!
- Hi Jaanu!
How are you?
- Hi Jaanu! How are you?
We're meeting after so many years.
- Take this.
Share it with everybody.
- Okay.
Say thank you.
- Thank you.
Subha is also here.
Let's go and meet her.
How are you?
Sorry for coming late.
But thankfully you've come here.
Come on, join us.
I'm here now. Hope you're happy.
- Thank you.
How are you?
- I'm fine.
Come, be seated.
- How are you?
I'm fine.
How many months of pregnancy?
- Seven.
- This is the second one.
I didn't expect so
many of them to turn out.
It's all because of your efforts. Right?
- Yes.
You're right. I also didn't expect this.
I thought everybody would give
their consent but wouldn't turn up.
Thankfully I ordered extra
food and we've everybody here.
He has been busy having
ice-creams since he came.
Ask him how many ice-creams he ate.
I thought you wouldn't come.
Are you a kid that you're
standing with a balloon?
Come on.
- You go.
Come on.
- Go.
Jaanu has come. Come on.
You go.
- I said you to go.
I've aged. We're not in school anymore.
Will you go or shall I hit you again?
Don't hit me.
- C'mon go.
I went to Singapore last
summer with my husband and son.
If I knew that you were there
then I would've surely met you.
Shall I show you my son's photo?
Where is he?
He started beating me
when I asked him to come.
You go and call him.
- You're too much.
What happened?
Ram has also come.
He's hiding there.
Hey Janaki!
- How are you?
Jaanu, listen to me.
Where are the rest?
You didn't even notice me.
- Sorry.
How was it?
- Very nice.
Good morning, miss.
- Good morning.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
Arun Kumar.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
Bal Murugan.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
Janaki Devi.
- Present, miss.
Jay Ganesh.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
Raj Mohan.
- Present, miss.
Rajesh Kannan.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
Ram Sundar.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
- Present, miss.
Uday Shankar.
- Present, miss.
Miss, you didn't call
the name of K. Ramchandran.
His name is not written in the register.
He may be in a different class.
Check in the recess.
He's not in our class.
I thought he was in your class.
K Ramchandran?
He has taken his transfer certificate.
Don't you know?
What kind of friends are you?
Why did he take Transfer Certificate?
You call him brother.
Don't you know why he took TC?
I don't know.
I came back from
Kumbakodam this morning.
He left without informing anyone.
This is confusing.
Don't worry. We'll go his
house in the evening and find out.
Children, what are you doing?
The house is locked.
- Who?
Krishnamurthy uncle.
Isn't there no one at home?
You want to know about Krishnamurthy?
They left this place long time ago.
His father was in debt.
He couldn't repay the loans
so he sold his house and paid the loans.
It was his grandfather's house.
He didn't want to
share this with anyone.
So, they packed their bags
and left for Chennai overnight.
People don't know
anything else about them.
He and his mom came to know about
his dad's plans on the night they left.
Did you recognize me? I'm Jaanu.
How are you, Ram?
- I'm good. How are you?
This seems like a dream that
we're meeting here like this again.
It's been 20 years.
No. Actually it's 22 years.
You're unrecognizable.
When we met the last time
you didn't have a moustache.
What are you doing now?
Travel.. Travel Photographer.
Nothing to worry about.
I'm fine.
- Shut up.
He was only five minutes with you.
What did you tell him that he fainted?
Be seated.
- Do you need something?
Be seated.
- Drink some water.
Are you okay?
- Yes.
You met her after so
many years and you fainted.
I slipped and fell.
Jaanu, did he talk to you
or was he just staring at you?
She has come here from Singapore.
Talk to her.
Stop being immature.
She is married and she has a daughter.
Did you ask about her family? Idiot!
Have you all had dinner?
- No. Did you eat anything?
No, I don't eat while flying.
- Okay.
Stupid fellow, go and touch the tree. Go.
- Why?
Okay. Okay.
From where? Dubai?
You won't be spared
if you come back soon.
I'll touch all the trees.
What's all this?
This is not right.
Dear sister-in-law,
was it a bribe or something else?
My dear sister-in-law, go and
touch that tree and then come back. Go.
Thank you.
Won't you eat?
- No. You eat first.
Everything else is okay.
- Yes.
Take my call.
It reminded me of the story.
What is it, sir?
What's this?
Will they talk or stay quiet?
Yes, sir. I'm also wondering the same.
I think they're back to the
time where they left. Back to school.
Absolutely, sir.
I also think the same.
I just pray that nothing goes wrong.
The opposite of what
we had thought is happening.
No, nothing bad will happen.
Don't worry.
You didn't eat anything.
Come on, finish this.
What's happening there?
I don't know.
I hope nothing goes wrong.
I'm not worried about that.
- Then?
If sparks start flying between them..
- Yes.
..and if her husband in
Singapore finds out about it..
..and if we're found guilty
then we'll be in great trouble.
Shut up! Don't speak nonsense.
Thanks to all of you for coming.
I would like to tell the
ones who couldn't make it..
..that you've missed
a very nice moment of life.
We don't know if we'll
get this opportunity again.
Friends, on behalf of
All Saints' School '96 batch..
..I would like to call on stage Jaanu,
the favourite of our class.
I would request Jaanu to
come and share about herself.
Our Jaanu.
Our tigress. Princess of Singapore.
The pride of Thanjavur.
We're great fans of your singing.
When you speak it sounds like poetry.
Jaanu, you can speak as much you want.
- Sit down.
I'm so happy.
I'm back to my childhood days.
I didn't find anything as expected.
But, things haven't changed.
I feel as if I'm going to school again
dressed in the blue and white uniform.
Jaanu, sing a song.
I just had an ice-cream.
C'mon sing.
We're not having a competition here.
Hey Murli.. Murli.. tell her
to sing the song about river Yamuna..
How can I tell her?
- Please..
Please tell her to sing
the song about river Yamuna.
"People may not say it but the fragrance
is still alive in the flowers."
"Two hearts in a relationship
are beating fast."
"People may not say it but
the songs of the birds are sweet."
"People may not say it
but the desires are still alive."
"Life flows slowly like
the rivers and waterfalls."
"Life keeps moving on
along the wheels of time."
"Our restless hearts
don't remain the same."
One. Two. Three.
Give me the tissue.
- Here it is.
That's good.
Okay. Ready.
I've seen it.
Look here.
Listen to me.
Did you meet watchman uncle?
- You live in Singapore. Right?
When will you come again?
- I'm not sure.
Did you ever go there?
- No.
Now that I know that she
lives there I can visit her.
He opened the door and came inside.
Auntie.. auntie.. I like your hair.
- I like yours too.
'Twinkle, twinkle little star.'
'How I wonder what you are?'
Do you know how much
I had to toil hard..
..to get the permission
to arrange a party here?
The bulbs used are very expensive.
They're from China.
They're available only in China.
And the caterers..
I've got a bad headache.
Let's have coffee on the way.
The car has arrived.
C'mon, let's go.
How many days will you stay here?
I won't stay. I'm leaving
by tomorrow morning's flight.
What was the hurry?
I wasn't getting tickets
at the last minute.
This is the only connecting
flight and that too from Trichi.
You should've stayed
back for at least 4-5 days.
I also feel the same now.
Then stay back.
My daughter is alone at home.
She can't stay without me.
Oh! What's your daughter's name?
Mira. Look at her photo.
Show me.
She's very sweet.
Show me.
- Take it.
These photos are of Singapore. Right?
I wish I could travel
the world before I die.
Take it.
Jaanu, he's staring at your
daughter right under your nose.
I looked like her when
I was in school. Right?
Everybody says so.
That's why I always tell you
that if you got married on time..
..you would've had kids by now.
He hasn't married yet?
- No.
Who will get his daughter
married to a man who always travels?
Why didn't you marry till now?
Well.. just..
That's because dad is
looking for a girl for me.
Ram, take out the car.
- Okay.
We'll soon join you.
Okay. Finish the coffee.
I'll wait for you in the car.
Have you finished drinking coffee?
- Yes.
Has it cured your headache?
- Yes.
C'mon, let's go. We're late.
Give it to me.
Let's go.
- You tell me.
What's wrong with him?
Listen.. I messed up everything. Right?
It's okay. Let's go.
Everybody left as soon
as I asked about his wedding.
You are always with him. Right?
His dad..
- What?
Satish, I'm asking you.
Why didn't he get married?
Listen, you're going with her?
Drop her first and then go home.
Please tell me.
- Don't think too much. Go.
Where are you going?
We were supposed to drop Jaanu first.
No. I'll drop you first.
But, this is going to be long.
Who told you? This is short cut.
Who said that this is short cut?
We'll have to travel a long distance.
What nonsense!
Shall I check in Google map and tell?
- No need to check.
This road may not
be mentioned on the map.
I'm serious.
Do you think I'm joking?
Why will I joke with you?
Okay. Bye.
Listen to me.
Drop her at hotel and go home.
Why are you having negative thoughts?
You know me very well?
We'll get to talk for some time.
Go now.
Why are you smiling so much?
- See you.
Take care.
I'll send the child's
photo as soon as he's born.
Of course. Keep in touch.
Okay. Bye. Take care.
- Bye.
- You won't change.
Will you speak with me
only when Subha is not around?
- Yes.
Why didn't you get married?
What's the hurry? I'll do it.
Ram, I'm not joking.
Tell me why you didn't marry.
What can I do? I didn't find a girl.
Ram, please tell me.
I want to know.
Even if you didn't marry
because of me please tell me.
Why didn't you get married?
Ram, will you tell me or not?
Jaanu, we've reached your hotel.
Ram, did you come only to drop me?
No. Subha told me..
Don't you think you
should speak with me?
No. That's not true.
I'll come tomorrow to
pick you for the airport.
Note down my number.
Jaanu, I didn't do it purposely..
What happened, Jaanu?
..have you left?
Yes. Do you need anything?
No.. where are you?
Have you gone away?
Have you gone far?
I'm standing where you left me.
Can't I talk to you?
- Sorry.
22 years.
Jaanu.. where do you want to go now?
Shh.. Subha.
Yes, Subha?
- Where are you?
On the way.
Have you dropped her at the hotel?
- Yes. I'm on the way.
Did she say anything?
No. We were talking about my parents.
We reached the hotel,
I dropped her and left.
Okay. Don't think too much about her.
Go to sleep.
I'll call in the morning.
- Okay.
Talk to her.
- Okay.
- Where are you?
I'm in my room in the hotel .
- Okay.
What's the time of your
flight tomorrow morning?
5:50 am.
Are you going to Trichi from here?
- Yes.
Trichi and then Singapore.
- Okay.
Call me after you reach home.
At least send a message.
- Okay. Okay.
Okay. Okay.
- Okay, bye.
Where do you want to go?
Take me anywhere.
I don't know of any place.
Do you know of any place?
Why are you asking me?
You're supposed to take me.
Take me anywhere.
Well, I just casually asked you.
Tell me where you want to go.
Let's go to a salon.
- Hmm..
After you reach market take right.
You'll find two roads before you.
One road goes towards the left.
Why are you interfering?
How will you follow my instructions?
Take second right from there.
You'll find a bank there.
Go straight and it's
the third house on the lane.
When you ring the bell
a fat woman will open the door.
She's the owner. Okay?
It's water.
Yes, it's red in colour.
You'll get water like
that in that locality.
If you want clean
water live in KK Nagar.
Di you shave elsewhere?
- No.
I'll speak with you later.
- I know him.
I'm busy right now.
Will you tell her that you just know me?
Tell her that you know me since
you didn't have beard or moustache.
His father would bring him here
for hair cut when he was young.
But he wanted to keep his hair long.
When he was new here and
always saw any bus from Thanjavur..
..he would sit here with a sullen face.
- Crazy fellow.
How should I cut his beard?
Like Rajni or Kamal
or Ajit or Vijay or Surya.
How do you want his beard to be?
Uncle, like a class 10th student.
Oh no! I'm finished.
Which year?
- '94.
Like the way he was in '94?
Do I really have to shave my beard?
- Hmm..
What are you doing here?
It'll take time.
Sit there and watch the fun.
- Okay.
Sit there.
Look here.
- Okay.
You've lost half your weight.
Open your eyes.
- Absolutely.
Come, I'll do your hair.
- No, I don't want one.
Okay. Then get lost.
I need to close my shop. - Okay.
Carry on. I'll soon join you.
Take this.
What were you saying before her?
I'm very smart. I understand everything.
What did you understand?
- I know it.
What do you know?
Shall we go now?
Remove your shirt.
I'm sure you're wearing
a t-shirt inside with sleeves.
C'mon remove it.
- No.
C'mon remove it.
Look at yourself now.
You had such long beard
and this boring shirt.
What is it? Hey!
What happened?
Jaanu, what's this?
- Yes.
Are you a virgin?
Are you a virgin?
What are you asking?
Who ask such questions?
- It's true. Isn't it?
You've changed after
going to Singapore. Let's go.
Doesn't matter.
Answer my question first.
We're already late. Let's go.
Will you tell me or not?
You'll tear my t-shirt. Leave me.
Answer me first.
Won't you answer any of my queries?
What do you want to know?
C'mon tell me.
- Hey!
You can ask me anything
you want inside the car.
Please, Jaanu.
Come on.
C'mon, stand here.
Now tell me.
Okay, I'll tell you.
For god's sake you'll speak the truth.
Why should I swear on god for this?
Liar! I know you very well.
I'm sure you must've cooked
up a story before reaching here.
- Swear on me. c'mon tell me.
Yes, I'm a virgin, Jaanu.
- O god!
You forced me so I spoke the truth.
Let's leave this topic here.
But why?
- I'm a devotee of Lord hanuman.
Get in the car.
But how?
What? How?
Is it hurting your ego?
Stupid! Do you know your age?
Let's stop discussing this topic.
I'm feeling shy.
Okay. Let's forget it.
Didn't you fall in love
with anyone in all these years?
That's not true.
I knew it.
Now you're speaking the truth.
Girls love guys like you.
How could you escape from them?
Guys like me?
- Yes.
What do you mean by guys like me?
I mean... you're different.
Why? Didn't anyone ever say this?
Stop smiling and tell me the story.
There was a girl named Charu in my life.
Full name?
- Okay.
She was my junior in college.
She was beautiful but I wasn't
aware of her feelings for me.
After finishing college she called me.
She wanted to tell me something.
She said that her parents
were looking for a groom for her.
I congratulated her
and she became furious.
She proposed me and asked
me if I would marry her.
What did you say?
What could I say?
It was very confusing.
- Okay.
But what did you tell her?
What could I tell her?
I told her that I didn't
have a job and money..
What next?
- She was stubborn.
I didn't have any option
but told her the truth.
Which truth?
About you.
She kept quiet for some time,
took in few deep breaths and left.
She sent her wedding
invitation after three months..
..and called me.
She told me to forget the
past and attend her wedding.
She said that she would
wait for me and I had to go.
Did you go?
Well, I knew that she loved me.
I didn't want her to feel awkward.
So, I didn't go.
Why did you leave without informing me?
I was looking for the answer as to
why you didn't come to meet me.
I couldn't ask anyone..
..and I couldn't forget you.
I was unable to
concentrate on my studies.
I somehow managed to pass class 12th.
I was scared that my
parents would get me married..
..so I completed graduation.
Whenever I met any school friend
I thought they would talk about you.
Whenever I saw any tall guy who
looked like you I mistook him for you.
I followed them several
times but uselessly.
My sister eloped and got married.
After a couple of months
my parents fixed my wedding also.
Dad would always be angry
because of sister's action.
So, I could never
share anything with him.
But, what would I've shared?
That I loved a boy when
I was in tenth standard..
..and I don't know
where he's at the moment.
Even on my wedding date
I felt as if you would come.
This might sound strange.
But when I dressed up as
a bride and sat for the wedding..
..I felt you were around me.
Just like it happens in films..
..I thought you would come
and stop the wedding.
I thought you would come and say,
Jaanu, come with me.
I'll take you with me.
But, nothing as such happened.
And I got married.
I was shattered after it.
Whenever I was sad after that,
the one person who brought..
..a smile on my face was K Ramchandran,
a boy from 10th standard.
What happened?
Sir, it's late.
I need to close the gate.
I can close the gate only
after you take out the car.
Sorry, Ram.
I wanted to share all this with you.
I planned to share everything
with you when we met.
I can't share it with anyone except you.
Don't think my intention
is to embarrass you. Okay?
No.. no..
I went to your college,
I sent you a message..
..I wanted to meet you.
Did you get my message?
When did you come?
Don't lie to me.
I went there, Jaanu.
Don't joke with me.
Did you really go there?
Excuse me.
- Tell her.
Will you please call Janaki Devi from..
..BSc. Computer science department?
I want to talk to her.
Is it a love affair?
- No, sister.
He's her school friend.
They haven't met for years.
It's a women's college
or we would've gone inside.
We've come from Chennai.
Just pass this message.
Have you come from so far for this?
- Yes, sister.
We are classmates.
I'm feeling very bad for both of you.
I'll help you.
Hope there won't be any problem.
- No.
Nothing will happen.
We just want to meet
her and talk to her. Please.
What's her name?
- S Janaki.
Just a minute.
Do you know her?
- No.
Pen please.
Write her dad's name also.
What if they pass the
message to wrong Janaki?
Okay, you can go now.
What's your name?
- K Ramchandran.
Hey! Where are you going?
Give me the notes after you complete it.
Janaki Devi.
Yes, it's me.
What was his name?
There's a boy waiting
outside to meet you.
Why? Are you his messenger?
Do you come to college to pass messages?
If you're not interested
in studies then you can tell me.
I'll tell the principal to give you TC.
Listen.. if you pass
such messages to me again..
..I'll break your hands.
She saw you from there
and started shouting at me.
I don't know why she did this.
It would've been better
if you spoke to her.
Will you do something for me? Please.
Tell her that I'll never bother her.
Let's go.
What's the hurry?
Let her come out.
- No need to wait for her.
Things have changed a
lot in the last three years.
I'll never disturb her again.
Did we travel such
a long distance to go away?
Sorry, I forgot to ask your name.
- Basanti.
Thank you, Basanti. Sit.
Sir, please get in through this door.
Which room?
- 318. Third floor.
- Don't come in.
I'm not coming inside.
I'll stand outside your bedroom.
- Jaanu, are you okay?
I didn't see you that day.
- I didn't see you.
Hey! No, Jaanu. Don't do this. No..
Hold on.
I swear I didn't see you that day.
I didn't see you.
Jaanu.. Jaanu.
- I didn't see you.
I didn't see you.
Give me the notes after
you complete it. Okay?
Janaki Devi?
- Yes, it's me.
What was his name?
There's a boy waiting
outside to meet you.
Why? Are you his messenger?
Do you come to college to pass messages?
If you give me such messages in future,
I'll break your hands.
We were not destined to be together.
Then why..
You are in this condition because of me.
How could I believe
that you would hate me?
I should've waited there for you.
Why did I go?
Everything would've been fine
if the girl remembered your name.
I'm so unfortunate.
We shouldn't have found out the truth.
I wish we always thought
it was the truth.
You always thought about me.
I've got some relief after
finding out that you came..
..to met me that day.
Why didn't you tell me
anything when we were together?
Why did you come to
meet me after three years?
Actually I wanted to meet you..
..but something or the
other always stopped me.
I would think that I'm not fair
like Jaanu, I couldn't sing like her.
These thoughts would trouble me.
That day I thought that I would
die if I didn't share it with you.
I don't know how I
got the strength that day.
I picked up the bike and
went to college to meet you.
Tell me something.
How did you find out
that I study in that college?
What kind of question is this?
I knew it.
But how?
You shifted to Chennai. Right?
There were few people who
would give me information about you.
I would've gone to
Thanjavur to meet you.
I would follow you from college to home.
Whenever you would
turn around I would hide.
I would feel very
happy whenever I saw you.
I didn't know that you were
angry with somebody else and not me.
Otherwise I knew everything about you.
What did you know about me?
C'mon tell me.
If any information turns
out to be wrong then..
You got 836 in class
ten exams and 990 in class 12.
You wore your birthday
dress on my birthday.
You stopped singing after I went away.
You wanted to study literature.
But, your dad forced you
to take up Bsc in computer science.
You didn't eat for
two days because of this.
Your dad didn't know
about it but I knew it. Sorry.
You suffered from typhoid
in 1998 and had jaundice in 2000.
Both the times you
fell ill during exams.
There was a boy with curly hair
who troubled you a lot..
..when you were in college.
He was thrashed very badly by somebody
and had to be admitted in a hospital.
A case was registered with the police.
Do you know who thrashed him?
I had thrashed him.
Do you know there were three
other guys besides me who loved you?
You had worn a sari for the
first time on college annual day.
It was dark blue colour.
You were scared that
your sari might open.
You were also feeling shy
because everybody was staring at you.
Do you know how you looked?
Do it again.
After that I saw you dressed
in a sari on your wedding day.
It was a purple sari.
You had felt my presence on your
wedding day and I was actually there.
I was standing in a corner in the crowd.
I couldn't stay back till
the rituals were performed.
I ran away from the
wedding hall and commotion.
Come in.
- Hello, sir.
Sorry, sir for being late.
- It's okay. Keep it here.
Should I serve it?
- No, I'll do it.
Okay, sir.
- Thanks.
Jaanu, I'll leave now.
Go to sleep after finishing the coffee.
I'll come to pick you up in the morning.
Be ready. Okay?
I want to talk to you. Sit here.
You can tell me what you want to.
I told you to sit here. Stupid!
I'm meeting this idiot after 22 years
That too for only one night.
I must thank god for this meeting.
I'll thank Him tomorrow.
Don't tell me to sleep tonight.
I want to spend time with
you and speak with you. That's it.
What happened?
O god! What will we do now?
What happened?
- My students.
It's okay. What's the problem?
- What's the problem?
If they see us together then..
Just check if they're looking at us.
They're not looking at us.
They're going out.
Isn't there any other exit?
- Oh yes!
I'll hide in the washroom.
Call me after they leave. Please.
Sir, this is kitchen.
- It's over there, sir.
Hi, sir!
- Hi!
This look suits you a lot.
I couldn't recognize you.
You're looking very young.
What are all of you
doing here at this hour?
Sir, it's Abhi's birthday.
- Oh!
Happy birthday.
- Thank you, sir.
Pay attention to your academics.
- Okay.
Don't your parents stop you
from roaming around at this hour?
You've come here at this hour.
Go home and rest.
Sir, she's your wife. Right?
I didn't say anything.
Hi, ma'am.
- Hi!
We're his students.
- I know.
He told me just now.
- Okay.
we didn't know that sir is married.
Sir never told us.
I didn't say anything.
Actually it's not so.
We had a love marriage
so he didn't tell anyone.
Love marriage?
- So what?
We can't believe that sir sis married
and you're talking about love marriage.
What? Why are you saying this?
He's very strict in his
class and always reprimands us.
We can't even laugh.
Hey! Enough of all this.
We'll talk later. C'mon go from here.
Why are you scolding them?
- We're getting late, Jaanu.
Come and sit here.
Look how he's behaving even before you.
I'll handle him. You tell me.
What was I saying?
- That he doesn't even let you smile.
Yes. he doesn't let me
smile and wear sleeveless dress.
My dad is better than him.
Doesn't matter. He's like this.
I'll tell him to be sweet with girls.
Okay? - Okay.
That's okay.
But, how did sir fall in love?
We were in love since our school days..
..since we were in tenth standard.
School days?
Ma'am, who proposed first?
Sir, you're feeling shy.
Ma'am, when did you say yes to him?
That very day.
That very moment. All of a sudden.
What's this, ma'am?
You're so beautiful.
You should've made him wait for a week.
He should've at least
run after you for a month.
He was everything for me at that time.
He still is.
Ma'am, please tell
us how sir proposed you.
We won't ask further questions,
we'll go.
Birthday wish. Please.
Our tenth standard year was very good.
I was very happy.
After that Ram suddenly
left for Chennai..
..without informing me..
..and my life was engulfed in sorrows.
I couldn't forget Ram
even after going to college.
I would miss him a lot.
But, my heart always told me
that Ram would definitely come one day.
He will come back for me.
Actually, sometimes there's
only darkness all around you..
..yet you expect
something nice to happen.
I felt the same that day.
Excuse me.
Can you please call
S. Janaki Devi from..
..second year Bsc
computer science stream?
Is it a matter of love?
- Yes.
I hope nothing will go wrong.
What's your name?
- Basanti.
Basanti, don't be scared.
Go and call S Janaki from second
year Bsc computer science stream..
..and tell her that K
Ramchandran has come to meet her.
- Yes. - Thanks.
S Janaki Devi?
- Yes.
A boy named K Ramchandran
is waiting outside for you.
Then what I was expecting
all these years finally happened.
My Ram had come to meet me.
My world changed in a second.
The moment I heard
the name K Ramchandran..
..I became motionless.
I was unable to move my legs.
But, I started running.
I was meeting him after three years.
His face had changed.
There was this brave young
man with beard and moustache..
..standing at the gate for Jaanu.
I had lots of questions that
I wanted to ask when I met him but..
Enough of stories.
You're getting late.
C'mon, go. Go.
Hey! Come here.
Why didn't you cut the cake at home?
Why did you have to come
here at midnight for cake cutting?
Go. Send me a message
after you reach home.
You're a beautiful couple.
- Will you go or shall I..
She speaks a lot.
- Go.
Do you need a separate invitation?
C'mon go.
Good night, ma'am.
Good night, sir.
- Good night.
C'mon go.
Where shall we go now?
If you don't misunderstand
me then I would like to ask something.
Oh yes! Ask me. What do you want to say?
Your hotel is far from here so..
- Okay.
No.. forget it. Let's go.
C'mon tell me.
Your hotel is far from
here and my house is nearby.
So, these are the thoughts
going on in your mind?
No.. Sorry.. sorry..
I didn't have any wrong intention.
That's why I was hesitant.
Okay. Let's go to the hotel.
I'll book a cab.
Sorry, Jaanu.
There was this woman who
tried to attract sage Vishwamitra.
What was her name?
Yes. There were two
other women with her.
What was their name?
Rambha and Urvasi.
Even if they're with
you I can trust you.
I know very well that even
then you won't do anything.
I shaved off my beard and
moustache so that you think that way.
What if you didn't shave?
I would've remained the same.
Okay, let's go now.
How will we go to your house?
Come this way.
- Yes.
Is there any girl in the neighbourhood?
- Yes.
Put your right feet inside first.
You are too much.
Is this K Ramchandran's house?
- Yes.
Oh no! It has become wet.
- It's okay.
You've a beautiful house.
- Thanks.
Where's the bathroom.
Go straight.
It's to the left of the bedroom.
I'll get a towel for you. Sorry.
Jaanu, I've kept the
soap and towel outside.
I don't need any.
- No.. it was mine.
Do you have psoriasis?
- No.. what are you saying?
Please dry it.
- Yes.
Ram, I want to say something
and you've to listen to me.
You can't live like this.
Get married. Have a family.
You'll have small kids.
I'll shower love and affection on them.
I want their eyes
and nose to be like you.
I'll be happy to see your family.
I want to see your wife.
I want to know who's
going to be your life partner.
I'll tell her that she won't
find a gem of a person like you.
I'll tell her to take care of you.
I'll tell her all these things.
I'll definitely do it.
Would you like to eat something?
Shall I order something?
You didn't eat anything at the hotel.
I'm not hungry.
But, I'm hungry.
Is it good?
It reminded me of
mom's home cooked meal.
Jaanu, are you happy?
Yes, after many years.
Crazy girl! I'm not talking
about the present moment.
Are you happy in life?
You're asking me just like my mother.
I just wanted to know so I asked you.
If you don't want to say then it's okay.
There were some problems
in the beginning.
I was alone in Singapore.
I would be confused.
I would cry before God every day.
He's a very nice human being.
A very nice father.
He understand my feelings
even if I don't express them.
There's no problem as such.
If you want to know
that I'm happy or not..
..then let me say that I've a good life.
I want to tell you something
right now but I won't tell you.
Jaanu, don't get up.
stay here or you'll get hurt.
Stay here, I'll be back soon.
"Radha will find Mohan
on the banks of river Yamuna."
"Radha left all her friends
behind and came to meet him."
"Radha will find Mohan
on the banks of river Yamuna."
"Radha left all her friends
behind and came to meet him."
"The sun has set, it's evening."
"But Krishna wasn't seen anywhere,
Radha became restless."
"The sun has set, it's evening."
"But Krishna wasn't seen anywhere,
Radha became restless."
"Radha, crazy in love."
What's all this?
- Memories.
Wow! That old smell.
You've kept all this even now.
It's yours.
- Mine?
How did you get it?
It accidentally came
to me and I kept it.
But how?
When you went for PT you
forgot your scarf in the class.
When I saw it I kept it with me.
Look at this. Be careful.
Don't touch it.
Hey! Nothing..
- Why are you snatching it away?
Is it a love letter?
- No.
What is it? A poem?
- No.
Is it for me?
- Yes.
Please give it to me.
- No, Jaanu.
You'll laugh after reading
it and I'll feel embarrassed.
Who else can write
a poem for me except you?
C'mon read it for me.
You're like waves in the ocean.
My heart can feel the
next approaching wave.
A smelly fish or a fragrant flower
basket doesn't need any publicity.
We don't need an attendance
register to mark your presence.
The thunder can blind us..
The thunder can blind us..
..but when I look at your eyes
then a thunder strikes my heart.
But when I look at your eyes
then a thunder strikes my heart.
You belong to the mother who
kept you in her womb for nine months.
You're also mine because
I kept you in my heart for years.
You didn't sleep?
Come up.
Up? No.. I always sleep on the floor.
I told you to come up.
Come on. Share your e-mail id,
height and weight with me.
I'll find a girl for you today.
- No need to find anyone.
Why not?
I can't marry anyone else
after being in love with S Janaki.
Why not?
I also loved K Ramchandran
but I married M Shravan.
Everything is possible.
C'mon, tell me.
Is it time to leave?
- 15 minutes left.
The girl told me something
at the restaurant.
Yes, I wanted to ask you.
She whispered something to you.
What was it?
'Sir is a very nice person,
take care of him.'
I know that her sir is a nice person
and she told me to take care of you.
I don't know how I'll do it.
It's time for you to leave.
What happened?
Please let me stay
back for some more time.
You're already late, Jaanu.
Please Ram.
Don't look at me this way.
Hold this.
- Where are you going?
Wait, I'll be back.
I had booked a ticket for myself
in the same flight you're leaving.
We'll be together
for some more time. Okay?
You're crying again?
C'mon wipe your tears.
Show me please.
ID .
All the passengers flying to Trichi
by flight FE 3720..
..are requested to proceed
to gate number 13 B.
Flight SR3258 flying to Mumbai
is delayed.
We apologize to all the passengers
for the inconvenience.