96 Souls (2016) Movie Script

Do you use Ketamine?
No, Pentobarbital.
The first injection
will induce sleep.
So any pain sunny-girl is
experiencing will stop.
The second injection will
slowly shut down her functions.
Then she can have a
blessed eternal rest.
Are you a professional or
a psychic pet whisperer?
There's not much that can be
done because of her age, Mel.
Her stomach's flipped.
The surgery would
be too stressful.
She just... she wouldn't survive.
Oh, Jack.
Goodbye, proud girl.
I appreciate you getting
sunny-girl and me.
I know this is
killing you inside.
Take the time.
Let it play out.
Do you want that box of
notebooks still in the hallway?
I'll get it when
I pick up the rest
of the stuff from the garage.
Which will be?
I've got a review tomorrow.
The Alfa needs a battery.
And I'm sleeping on a couch
in my mother's studio.
That's why I haven't collected
the rest of my things.
I see your follow-through
outside the lab hasn't changed.
I'll speak with you later.
Don't shove it aside, ok?
It'll come back and kick
you in the ass later.
Morning, Medina.
Cheers, ram.
She went last evening.
I thought she would
have a couple months.
I know.
It's so sad.
Is Dr. Sutree ok?
When you think of
smell detection,
it's the nose interacting
with the brain.
We are the only
research group seriously
looking into the molecular basis
of olfaction involving sight.
Does this liquid emit an odor?
How would you know?
Its molecules have to be
wafting through the air,
and our noses have
to be fairly close.
But if you could see
odors, think of how helpful
that would be.
You'd know something
about the contents
without the
unpleasant experience.
A major gas leak could be
detected from miles away.
I probably even know
which one of you
had coffee brewed from
robusta beans this morning.
This is quite a departure
from the original study, Jack.
I mean, insects
carry a large number
of debilitating diseases.
Stopping that spread
has always been
about using traditional methods
to identify what attracts them.
Don't underestimate light.
It's a food.
It nourishes our bodies
with vitamin d. It has mass.
It occupies space.
We now know it can be
slowed and stopped.
Yes, stopped.
It actually behaves differently
when it's being observed,
almost like it's imbued
with a consciousness.
Multiple wavelengths
of light mixed together
give us white light, a
mixture of frequencies,
all processed by our cortex.
But odors... the cortex must
process different chemical
structures and match them to a
stored database of known odors.
I think current methods to
understand this limit us.
They limit all olfactory-based
research, every single project
in the world.
If we can use light to
visualize specific pheromones,
we've taken it to
the next level.
Will your work also show
us why people near death
see a white light?
One concept our learned
colleagues in this room
are familiar with is that
the near-death experience
comes from the cortex
returning to full function
after the body's gone
through a trauma.
Sometimes our neuroscience
escapes those of us
from the pharmaceutical
Is a Bigfoot discovery
also imminent?
I thought we agreed to keep
the work involving your wife's
genetic code confidential.
At least I know where to find
my wife... at home, at night.
That's assuming you
left her inflated.
Thanks, Dr. Sutree.
We will immediately review
your latest findings.
We need to get to that
scheduled luncheon
with the rest of the committee.
You appear as if you've
come up empty-handed,
then you feign a new
discovery and bite
one of the hands that
feeds the institution?
He obviously slipped through
the evolutionary sieve.
That's what I'm
talking about, Jack.
I mean, no one is expecting
blind ass-kissing.
But these insults...
Ass-kissing isn't
the issue, Billy.
Everyone knows Redfield
got on the board
because he's in bed
with the pill companies.
And you can come up with
the millions necessary to run
this branch of biochemistry?
Kowtowing to a special interest
portends a myopic approach
and a lack of respect
from our colleagues
throughout the world.
At least create the appearance
of respectability, especially
when the work is questioned.
Ram is a neuroscience
graduate from Yale.
Medina is from the
Rockefeller university.
Physics and mathematical
biology are her specialties.
Do you seriously think
they'd be wasting their time
with crackpot research?
Where are you guys with this?
The evidence that Dr.
Sutree has uncovered
is very compelling.
Definitely exciting.
My colleagues were impressed
with the potential correlations
discovered here.
How close are you and your team?
Could there be
something concrete
by the end of the quarter?
It's difficult to say.
I'm going to see what I can do.
But no more detours.
Here are the latest ORNs.
Anything interesting?
It confirms you're on
the right track regarding
odor discrimination.
I'll take it from here.
How late you staying, boss?
Just want to finish prepping
these detector compounds.
Thanks, ram.
Are you and Mrs. Jack
still on for dinner?
Of course.
I'm having a send-off for
sunny-girl tomorrow afternoon.
You can join me if you'd like.
I'm there.
I'm very saddened
with your loss, Jack.
Sunny-girl was very special.
She would certainly have been
honored by the Nepal Hindus.
Don't worry, I'm not
going vicar on you.
There was something unique
between you and sunny-girl.
It was more than friendship.
I'd call that spiritual.
I'm sad.
But spiritual?
We are scientists.
We compare one thing
relative to another.
We connect to them in
a linear, rational way
that makes sense to our brains.
Could sunny-girl
speak words with you?
Could she tell
when you were sad?
She's gone now.
Where do you feel it more...
Here or deep inside here?
There is a special kind of
intelligence inside here too.
It's a spiritual intelligence...
A spiritual energy.
It was more than friendship.
It was spiritual.
I appreciate the
kind thoughts, ram.
I'm bringing a young lady friend
who caught my eye to dinner.
Let me know if you
think I have a chance.
Ram, something's happening.
He didn't even see me come in.
He's been at it
for over an hour.
My gosh.
He's been here all night.
All night?
Making breakfast for everyone?
I think we got
something here, ram.
I plugged in the
discrimination factors,
and they seem to have taken
things to the next level.
Are we talking
practical or theoretical?
I'm saying the cat's in the bag.
But it appears the
bag may be too small.
Hit the lights.
Hang on.
Don't rub, don't rub.
You ok?
Say something, Jack.
Just keep breathing.
Jack, doctor, say something.
Are you ok?
Here you go.
Here you go.
Here you go.
All right.
Come on, this way.
This way.
I'm going to shut
down the experiment.
All right.
I'm going to check your eyes.
Lean back, please.
How do you feel?
Like I was just shot
through the "2001" star gate.
Wow, my eyes felt like
they were on fire.
You were here all night, Jack.
Well, after you left, I plugged
in the ORN data you gave me.
It fell right into place
with the theoretical values
we set up.
When I saw that, I
didn't want to stop.
I needed to see if it
could actually work.
Did it?
I didn't get to test
all the wavelengths.
But so far, no.
Close but no cigar.
Thanks, both of you.
I know I can be a
taskmaster at times.
And I appreciate you going
with the change in direction.
We support your work, Jack.
The other things, well,
just have a bit more faith
in your staff.
You want some, Jack?
But try to keep sunny-girl's
ashes curry-free, will you?
Your eyes... is it the spices?
You know, they've never
affected me before.
Photophobia maybe?
I don't know.
Well, Jasmine is in bloom.
Maybe allergies.
Ram, roll down your window.
Jack, are you ok?
I feel a little dizzy.
Jack, are you ok?
You ok, Jack?
I saw it.
I saw it all.
What did you see?
The scent of the oranges.
The flowers' attractants.
The burnt hydrocarbons.
I could see it, ram.
It was all there.
What did you see?
Even your curry in your
container and on your breath.
I could see the aromas swirling,
naturally flowing in the air.
It was astonishing.
You saw this without
the apparatus?
Are you sure?
Yes, yes, yes, of course.
The gases I mixed in the
lab must be some residue.
Why can you see this now?
I don't know.
You ever have a song
change your life?
There's one from a while back.
You might not be
familiar with it, ram.
My dad used to play
it all the time.
A song describing stardust
and billion-year-old carbon.
Those words connected
who we are here
to the stars in the universe.
And I wanted to
be a part of that.
That's why I went into science.
Now I'm about to scatter
this very special collection
of billion-year-old
carbon into the sea.
Bye, girl.
Thanks, ram.
Let's get back to the lab.
The compounds must have gone
through some sort of change
when the gases distilled.
We can begin a full analysis.
Just prepare everything
in the morning
and wait till I get back.
Tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow morning.
I have to see my mom and... oh,
damn, that freaking deposition.
Billy, great.
Oh, it's nothing.
There's been a breakthrough.
We have proof.
Scents, smells
can be visualized.
They can be seen without
any special instruments.
We're about to give every
institution researching
Chemoreception a run
for its money, man.
Can you see them now?
It was only temporary.
But I could see them flowing
out like hundreds of fountains
and at different rates.
Graham's law of effusion
seen with the naked eye.
It was uncanny,
illuminating, a radical shift
in our understanding
of the visual senses.
Imagine an app on a smart device
that you move over a patient,
and then it points you
in the right direction.
Well, I'm glad I took action.
What do you mean?
The regents... they moved
to pull the funding.
I came here to tell you there's
a separate fund I can tap.
It's used for emergencies.
It will allow you to
continue for a while.
A while?
Through next month.
Christ, do me a favor.
Smear some testosterone
cream between your legs
and grow a pair.
Don't you realize
what we have here?
They're walking all over you!
It will have to
do for now, Jack.
And if what you're saying is
true, the funding will happen.
All we need is the proof.
Ram, let's keep
this quiet for now.
Even from Medina?
I'll lock up.
See you at dinner.
All right, there's got to
be a better way than this.
Oh, hey, ram.
Something came up.
Melanie can't make it.
Everything ok?
Well, we're working
some things out.
I've been staying
at my mom's house.
No, no, I meant your eyes.
You're rubbing them.
Is it the same
sensation as earlier?
Probably a latent effect.
Something came up with
my dinner date as well.
She brought a friend.
How long have you been with
the university, Dr. Sutree?
Over a decade.
And ram tells me that your lab
is involved with world health.
Yes, practically every
university research group
is trying to eradicate the
spread of malaria and dengue.
Studying the odors
our bodies give off
could be a way to help do that.
Mosquitoes seem to be
attracted to these odors.
Wouldn't improving
the infrastructure
so that cleanliness wasn't
an issue keep them away?
It's more complicated than that.
Our bodies also
give off natural pheromones,
regardless of our cleanliness.
Sounds like there is more
to attraction than just
wearing aftershave or perfume.
Oh, I daresay pheromone
detection would even
be able to tell when
a woman is ovulating.
Dr. Sutree, has your department
tapped into the data mining
modules that Brenda's
group has developed?
Not that I'm aware of.
John is an amazing programmer.
He's been assisting me on
the voice-pert project.
The goal is for workers
throughout the state health
care system to be able
to instantaneously search
any database via
voice recognition.
She's just impressed because I'm
really sensitive to
semicolons and parentheses.
So John, will you be
staying and ordering
food or just having a drink?
I haven't eaten.
I only ask because when I
invited Brenda to dinner,
I didn't know that an expert
in parentheses and semicolons
would be joining us.
Oh, I apologize, ram.
I just thought it would be good
for John to meet Dr. Sutree.
We'll take care of our part.
No problem, dude.
I can cover myself.
How about some oyster shooters?
We're doing studies on
parasites that cannot survive
without their host or hostess.
Did I miss
something, Dr. Sutree?
Oh, I was just
thinking, it's a bold man
who first ate an oyster.
Tell me about it.
Well, that was one of the
most interesting dinners
I've ever had.
Do you think I have a
chance with Brenda, Jack?
Ram, there's a
western expression
that associates
potential romance
with an ocean of sea life.
You may want to
swim yourself over
to a different
section of the sea.
This pair seems a bit small, ma.
I've always been a size 7.
I guarantee you not
one part of my body
has grown with that
food they give me.
Grown with?
I thought you were
a proud grammarian.
Being chair-bound for a
year could have something
to do with it, don't you think?
There we go.
If it feels too tight, I
don't want you wearing them,
no matter how good they look.
You sometimes have to
suffer for beauty, hon.
You're already beautiful, and
it wasn't from any suffering.
Your father wouldn't
have agreed with that.
I'll take them.
One, two, three.
Are you comfortable, Katie?
I'm ok.
Why did the doctor add
these three new medications?
Your mother was complaining
she wasn't able to get to sleep.
Ma, how do you feel?
I'm tired.
Ask the doctor not to be so
liberal with the medication.
Shoe shopping is exhausting,
even for a young person.
I got to go now, ma.
I'm heading downtown.
A new one?
I finished it in art
class a few days ago.
I love you.
Do you know him, Mr. Sutree?
I thought I did, but no.
Why are you taking his picture?
How does he look to you?
He wasn't doing
well last evening.
But he's stable now.
You ok?
I'm late for a meeting.
Sutree has arrived.
Thank you.
My apologies for the delay.
Just be seated, Dr.
Sutree, and we'll begin.
We appreciate you agreeing
to be an expert witness.
Could I have some water, please?
This is the videotaped
deposition of John Benjamin
Sutree taken by counsel for
the plaintiff in the matter
of "Karin Honeygrove versus
Bioren pharmaceuticals,"
held in the offices of Tromo,
Gatelitt, Roberts located
at 304 Broadway, los
Angeles, California.
If counsel would now please
state their appearances
starting with the party
noticing this deposition.
Marsha tweed,
representing the plaintiff.
Van Tromo, representing
Bioren pharmaceuticals.
Please state your
full legal name.
And John Benjamin Sutree.
And Mr. Sutree, what is
your present home address?
815 garden road... sorry.
1956 victory Lane, Los Angeles.
How long have you lived there?
Um, two months.
Please raise your right hand.
Do you solemnly swear that the
testimony you will give here
in this deposition proceeding
be the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth?
I do.
Are you here today
under subpoena, sir?
Yes, I am.
Let's start with your
medical background.
Are you a medical doctor?
No, I'm a doctor of science.
I have a PHD in biological
sciences from Stanford.
Any other degrees?
A bachelor's in
physics and a master's
in medical biochemistry from
the university of Chicago.
Doctor, what is your
current occupation?
I'm employed as the head
of olfactory research
at city university.
Did you attend the meeting
at Bioren pharmaceuticals
December 17, 2010?
I did attend the meeting,
but I'm not sure of the date.
Why did you attend the meeting?
Specifically to do a detailed
analysis of the ingredients
for a new aerosol spray that
permitted the user to inhale
rather than digest vitamins.
We were there to present
our take on the ingredients.
At this meeting at
Bioren, sir, was there
discussion as to any possible
ill effects from the vitamin
That meeting encompassed
a number of findings,
but none that I recall
discussed Noxae gradients.
Spell that please.
And does that mean?
It's the plural of noxious.
It refers to a
poisonous substance.
I object.
We're beginning to
get into what sounds
like protected materials.
I'm instructing
you not to answer,
as this information
violates a confidentiality
agreement with Bioren.
I further object under paragraph
9 of the case management order.
On the contrary, he must answer.
You are required to
answer the questions, sir.
Just a moment.
Maybe it's time we make a
phone call to judge Renfrew
to discuss the terms of
the case management order.
This entire line of
inquiry is in violation
of a confidentiality agreement
and may violate the case
management order.
Sir, I don't know of anything
in the previous order that
permits you to call
judge Renfrew when we're
conducting the deposition.
It's not fair to the witness.
He hasn't finished his answer.
Please complete your answer
about the Noxae ingredients.
I'd like to call an
end of this for today.
I told you, from
what we analyzed,
the ingredients were fine.
If you wish to draw
other conclusions,
get them from someone else.
But you can't just leave.
You're here under a subpoena.
Jack, please sit.
I'm assuming you
people have put in the time
to study the analysis, the
results we all gathered.
If you haven't,
you're all fools.
I could get the research and
read it off to you if you like.
Pretty exciting stuff.
Was that a yes or no?
It's a fuck you.
Get yo' ass outta here!
What you care?
Leave him be, stalagmite!
Yo, go somewhere else and do
some throw-ups or something.
I'll get Remey to
whoop your ass.
Busta lickin' punk!
You all right, mister.
Holy shit.
You come running out that
building swatting the fuzzy
or something like that.
You're kidding.
All I remember is I
was on my feet running.
Now I got this pain in my head.
Starts in your
feet then goes to your head.
Just 'cause you feel it
means your roots aren't dead.
La da Dee, la da da.
La da Dee, la da da.
Hey, don't worry.
Nothing's missing.
I made sure.
You in love?
My name's Jack.
Bazemint tape.
Bazemint tape?
Yeah, what about it?
No, no.
A musician, right?
Better believe it.
Well, I want to thank
you for watching over me.
I got to go back to work now.
How'd you know?
I was into music?
Easy... your name.
You going to be
able to keep it real?
I just lost myself
a little earlier.
Not normal for me.
Yeah, I know what that's like.
But you know what?
There is nothing stranger
than a normal person.
Thank you again, Bazemint.
You're very kind.
Just don't be normal.
Jack, what happened?
What are you doing?
Measuring quantities
from the experiment.
I thought I made it clear to
let things be until I returned.
Dr. bleu instructed me
to organize our work.
But look what I found.
Based on the quantities that we
started with and what was left,
60 milliliters were expended.
So it didn't take
much to have an effect.
How much is left?
2.82 liters.
That's 92 more applications.
The effect diminishes
with time, ram.
We need to make more.
Everything's documented,
so it shouldn't
be a problem to formulate.
What's bleu want
with the information?
He didn't say.
If your eyesight was any better,
you'd be able to
see through people.
What's that supposed to mean?
Your vision's fine, Jack.
Why so testy?
I'm sorry, Hugo.
Everything's hitting at once.
What's new in your department?
We have a few clinical trials
going on for Redfield's group.
One's on lowering
blood glucose levels
with prednisolone acetate,
eye drops for diabetics.
Is there no escaping the wake
of his pharmaceutical swill?
I don't follow.
He's smothering the firewall
between research and commerce.
Ah, it's the times we're in,
Jack, with funding and all.
He's got programs throughout
the county health system,
in the prison system, even
at the state hospital.
Limited liability risk.
Testing new drugs on the insane.
I didn't say that was going on.
Oh, you don't have to.
It's the Redfield way.
Thanks, Hugo.
Here, I can't seem to open this.
Come in.
Surprised I'm here, right?
In a church nave, yes.
In my home, not at all.
Well, I appreciate you getting
together on such short notice.
You know, back in my
teens, I experienced
one of the best
flavor sensations ever
to hit my tongue.
It started with a short crunch
followed by sweetness and then
a zap of slight burning.
You continued chewing.
And when the combination
moved further into the mouth,
oh, it was like a wave
of flavor breaking
on the back of my tongue.
And now, decades later, I plan
to recapture that experience.
French, Vietnamese, Italian?
Onion rings.
You know, where the onion
doesn't get lost in the ring
but still doesn't overpower it.
I think they're ready.
Now, you and I are
going to experience
a little bit of heaven
on this beautiful earth.
Your meals always
give faith a good name.
Stuart, something's happened.
I can't for the
life of me explain.
There was a lab accident
that affected my eyes.
Your eyesight ok?
I don't know how to tell
you with a straight face.
I'm seeing things.
While I'm awake,
in broad daylight.
You're serious?
I'm dead serious.
My dog just passed away.
But after the lab
accident, I saw her.
She was there, so vivid in the
room, so real it hurt my heart.
I was visiting my mother
in her nursing home.
When I left, I saw an
elderly man in another room.
Floating above him, I saw a
younger version of that man.
I was just at a
deposition today.
Sitting opposite me was an
executive I've never met.
Then a separate lurid
vision of him appears.
Maybe you have an explanation.
Or am I losing it?
Oh, I know you.
You're not crazy.
But to see something, you
have to believe in it, right?
I look over there, and I
see an onion, because I
believe it's an onion.
I don't believe in
magic or pious spirits.
Why the visions?
Maybe you need to
approach this phenomenon
in a different manner.
The onion, please.
Go ahead.
Now, forget that you know it's
a bulbous, yellowish, brown
vegetable, ok?
Try to meet it on its own terms.
It's a sphere, right?
Well, look closely.
Look at the bottom
and follow it up.
It's not really a sphere.
As a man of science
you might see
that it's actually a bloom of
linear vectors pushing upwards.
Now, peel off the outside layer.
Go ahead.
Notice how it's dry.
But how dry?
It's not of powdered dry or an
old crusty dry that crumbles.
No, it's a fresh type of dry.
In fact, compared to other
dry things in this world,
you could say its dryness
is actually exquisite.
Now, here.
Slice it open.
Go on.
Ah, look at that.
You've opened the
floodgates of being.
Life inside of death.
Now, how do we know it's alive?
Try to put the two
halves back together.
You can't.
The pieces of its being
were held under compression,
as are all living things.
Now, notice we can't
escape the aroma that
fills the air released
from its flowing juices.
Just seconds ago, there
was very little smell.
It was contained in
that exquisite dryness,
if you remember.
Shit, I'll never look at
an onion the same way again.
When you see one
of those visions,
forget any previous associations
that may come into your mind.
Focus your consciousness deeply.
Forget what you don't believe.
Look at what it means to you.
You're all fools.
I can get the research and read
it off to you, if you like.
Pretty exciting stuff.
Would you like me to do that?
Because if you
want me to, I will.
Was that a yes or no?
It's a fuck you.
Jury profiling begins tomorrow.
Jury selection is
around the corner.
And you, our expert
witness, leave
a deposition that could lead
to us losing the entire case.
Listen, I'm exhausted.
The pressure to produce results
has become almost unbearable.
But I just can't stress
enough the importance
of what we've stumbled
onto, especially
now, because it's
taken a new twist.
What are you
talking about, Jack?
The vision enhancements
have deviated away
from odor signatures.
What is it?
What are you talking about?
Personality traits.
Scientific results are
governed by perception.
You know this better than
anyone here, Clayton.
A drug is developed
to relieve chest pain.
It fails.
But someone looked at
that failure differently.
It turns out it inhibits
an enzyme allowing blood
to flow to the penis.
It becomes the most
successful drug in history.
Well, what we discovered
in the lab, the ability
to see the aromas a
substance gives off,
has shifted to
the ability to see
what an individual emanates.
You know how we describe someone
like, he beams confidence,
or, she has a glow about her?
There's now a way that
can actually be seen.
It can be physically observed
and described in detail.
This is a university
biomedical research department.
We have 24 faculty Emeriti
who conduct ongoing research
into cancer, infectious
diseases, physics,
often in collaboration with
the heads of laboratories
and hospitals around the world.
They all stay in high esteem,
because they back up their work
with confirmed experiment.
You yourself... you
yourself... loudly
proclaim that magical
thinking can't solve problems.
But you continue to
make outrageous claims.
The perception is that
the university's money
and resources are being wasted.
I think this has
gotten out of hand.
You're right.
What I've experienced
has to be formalized.
I just wish you could
see it for yourself.
Redfield, what's the most
important part of a court
It's happening within
days... jury selection.
Clayton, what do you want
done with this project?
Give me some additional time.
That is no longer an option.
Your dependability has
come into question.
Can you give the baronial
attitude a rest and listen?
Just one day.
If I can't show you
something convincing
by the end of tomorrow,
I'll do whatever you want.
End the research.
Give it to someone
else to continue.
Come on, Clayton.
24 hours.
Do you see this button here?
When you push it, it will
be similar to the burst
of air you get when an
optometrist tests for glaucoma.
Clever Medina.
Now there won't be any waste.
Thanks to Dr. Machado.
Do I have enough for
three or four applications?
Ram added the solution to
this small capsule here.
Be sure everything is recorded.
Got it.
This enhancement in your
vision you described...
Why the sudden change?
Did something happen at home?
It's strange, ram.
I was working.
I dozed off.
I woke up.
Then I saw sunny-girl.
Perhaps there is an
additional factor
we are not considering...
The mix of our emotions
and consciousness.
We work in the representational
world defined by formulas.
Yes, emotions can be an
obstacle to rational thought.
But we also know
extreme emotional grief
affects every part of the body.
Stress can alter
the body chemistry.
You're getting at what happens
with something like serotonin.
Serious bereavement can
cause serotonin levels
in the brain to drop.
Hallucinations are associated
with neurotransmitter
Not a hallucination.
The brain is more than
electrical and chemical
reactions operating
in a chunk of meat.
Consciousness is also in there.
And this combination helped
to alter your perception
from enhanced
observations... fragrances...
To informed visions.
Objective, persistent,
and timeless... those
are the principles any
phenomenon needs to be held to.
If your theory holds
up with those in mind,
I'm willing to pass through
any doors of perception
you're attempting to open.
Yes, Jack.
But we must also remember the
lesson that you taught us.
Honor the elders,
embrace the new,
and applaud the impracticable.
Let's keep thinking about it.
I've got to go.
I'm Dr. Jack Sutree.
I work with Dr. Redfield in
the university biosciences
Trixie Tao.
A pleasure.
Is Dr. Redfield attending today?
I'm here to observe
the jury profiling.
Why is that?
I'm going to note any
characteristics that
may not be obvious to others.
Hopefully it will provide
some help for your process.
I assure you we don't need
any assistance in what we do.
Oh, I understand.
It's sort of research for a
new approach Dr. Redfield wants
to explore.
Do you have a way
different from ours
to predict whether or not
a prospective juror may
be dangerous to a case?
Because we already cover
life experiences, predisposed
attitudes, and believes.
We go below the surface.
Let's just say our
approach focuses
on what's behind the person.
Is there an area where
I'll be out of the way?
Through that door.
There's a small room
with a one-way glass.
You'll have all the
privacy you need.
Thanks Ms. Tao.
These are the
evaluation guidelines
that our social scientists have
developed for each candidate.
I'll make notes for each one.
Knock yourself out.
So as I was saying...
What do you feel is
important about having laws?
Everyone knows laws
were established
for people's own good.
It's dangerous when
laws are not obeyed.
Is there ever a time when
the law should not be obeyed?
If people don't obey the law,
we would have total chaos.
Someone implies something
about you that is not true.
How does that affect you?
It doesn't.
It doesn't affect me at all.
We can't help it if someone
gets the wrong idea about us.
Can we help it if someone
says something about us
that isn't true?
Which us president
do you admire most?
Why, our current president.
Oh, really?
Have you ever worked as a
janitor, been a business owner,
or worked in a hospital?
In college, I worked
part time as a janitor.
Well, that's refreshing.
Do you play the lottery?
That's one vice
that I don't have.
You sure about that?
Do you feel drugs
should be legalized?
They already are.
What do you expect
when, as you're
approaching a parking
spot, another car
races by and takes it?
The driver is in
the wrong to do that.
And it makes me angry.
Thank you.
Candidate 14, please.
What was the name of
the last book you read?
"Four past midnight."
Thank you.
Call 911.
What happened?
You passed out and were
rushed to the hospital.
What happened to us?
Your walking shoes.
For a moment, I thought
we were back in Paris.
Rest, Jack.
You're still out there.
Could you close
that cabinet drawer?
Now you're back.
I'm serious, Mel.
What happened to us?
Answers would be nice.
I'm just busy doing other
things now, just like you.
Hi, I'm Jim Erlandson.
Mrs. Sutree?
Sutree, I understand
you were at a jury
selection procedure.
Why were you there?
I'm an expert witness in a case.
Was there any stress
or trauma that occurred
during the process?
None, no.
What about at work?
Would you say the stress
level there is above normal?
Where you going
with this, doctor?
I'm a boring research
scientist at cu.
You appear to be a
normally healthy individual.
But your cortisol...
18, no more than 23
micrograms per deciliter is ok.
You came in here at over 50.
What is it now?
It's ok.
You're normal.
It's just if it had stayed
that high, it would have
started attacking your brain.
Eventually you would have
gone into cardiac shock.
Look, does your work expose
you to drugs or stimulants?
Cut the crap.
We don't abuse our privileges.
You need to review your
last few days for anything
unusual, anything
you reacted to,
anything that caused
emotional distress.
Because if what happened
today happens again,
your wife is going to
visit you on a slab.
He came in
like Dr. Jekyll.
But wouldn't you know?
He's Mr. Hyde.
Could you hand me my phone?
What happened today?
I've stumbled onto
something, Mel.
I don't understand it all yet.
But it seems to be something
that will make some noise
and change things.
You are lying in a hospital
bed with your vital signs
on display.
Haven't things changed enough?
He said I'm fine.
What's on the other side?
I'm not chasing
the cat this time.
Your work is removed
from real life.
And I know what happened to us.
Your work removed you
from our marriage.
Dr. Sutree?
Hold on, ram.
Why do you do it?
I guess for the same reasons
you and I walk together
along the left bank.
It's exciting.
And it makes me happy.
Sorry, ram.
Sutree showed up during
jury profiling yesterday.
How would I know?
He became sick and
was hospitalized.
What happened?
Where is he?
Oh, he's discharged.
We should think
about shifting gears.
He has good predocs
working with him.
We should put them
to better use.
There's a decline effect, ram.
How do you mean?
I lost the ability to
see into people yesterday.
Even after repeated
the effect never came back.
And I've run out of time.
Any idea what
might have changed?
The effect first
happened within an hour,
when we were driving.
It came back later that
evening at the restaurant.
And then when I went home,
I experienced it again.
No, it went away at that point.
I could no longer see aromas.
The condition progressed
to the visions.
I still think it's related to
one subjective consciousness.
Emotion was part of it.
The first vision was sunny-girl.
But the man at the
nursing home, the lawyer,
the deposition, the
jury pool... none of them
meant anything to me.
No, no, Jack.
The trigger.
I'm talking about
a triggering agent.
It sets things in motion.
You were so distressed when we
scattered sunny-girl's ashes.
Ram, sunny-girl.
Billion-year-old carbon.
The song?
Hey, you tell your students
that using your formula app
is cheating.
It's my app.
Sweet app.
The most important
element in life.
The thing that ties
everything together.
It was added when her
ashes flew into my eyes.
After a few hours, it
altered the effect.
Activated carbon.
A purifying agent.
I'll wager my life it's
the triggering agent.
Billion-year-old carbon!
It's super... get it
all on the plastic.
Go ahead.
Ok, here we go.
Are you ok?
It feels robust.
Too many variables are at work.
We need a subject to
properly document this,
or it remains a theorem
without any proof.
The psychology department
has the biggest research pool.
Do you want me to get
someone from there?
I have someone in mind.
I'll be back.
Listen, mister.
I don't turn tricks, if that's
why you wanted to meet me.
No, no, nothing like that.
I'm from cu.
Speak English.
The university down the road.
You a teacher?
More of a scientist.
I study ways to improve life.
Look around here.
You got your work cut
out for you, playa.
Those supposed to mean you cool?
What, these?
You may be a
professor, but you in
need of some serious
Do you remember when you
helped me the other day?
Yeah, when you was running
like a mad scientist?
Very good, yes.
Well, you struck me as a
possible subject for our study.
You want to study Bazemint?
What for?
I'll be honest.
I don't know.
But when we first
met, I saw potential.
And I think there's
value in pursuing that.
Are you sure you're
not trying to mingle me?
Mingle you?
Yeah, because I don't do that.
Look, I'm not planning
any tricks here.
I assure you my intentions
are strictly scientific.
And the cheese?
I can get you a couple
hundred dollars for your time.
What you looking
for, professor Jack?
That, Bazemint,
is precisely what I
hope you can help me find out.
This gonna be on YouTube?
Scientific experiment or
cat video... I wonder which
will get more hits.
Y'all got al-Gore-rhythms?
Yes, we use them.
That shit really
gone change the world?
They already have, for sure.
What's your name again?
You named after a goat?
My full name is ramble.
You named after a
goat taking a stroll?
My father's name
is Penku Tambel.
He's a big Creedence fan.
So he named me after
his favorite song,
"ramble tamble," except mine
is spelled with an e-l, not
an l-e.
Jeez Louise.
Sorry I asked.
We're all set, Jack.
You ready?
What I'm supposed to do?
Just relax.
You all right?
I don't know what
it is about you.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
How does it look, ram?
There is a lot here, Jack.
The good news... your
heart rate stayed normal.
You were never at risk.
Are you all right?
Was that ok?
Why did you hold my shoulder?
You looked like you needed help.
Did I screw up already?
No, you were fine.
We've had a good start.
I need to study what we
did here before we do more.
Can I call upon
you in another day
or so to do another session?
But I need something else.
Well, my funds are limited.
Don't trip off that.
I don't want more cheese.
I want you to find
someone for me.
Find someone?
That's not what we do.
But you full of
science swag here.
I mean, look around.
You got some serious,
ginormous science swag.
We wouldn't be the best
people to help locate someone.
I don't even know
where to begin.
You a scientist?
You a scientist,
in a big-ass school.
And you got
al-Gore-rhythms, right?
Algorithms, correct.
You got computers.
You got a way to do it.
No one else has ever cared
to help me with this.
There are missing persons
organizations that can help.
Don't you think I
seen them already?
They couldn't do nothing.
It's different if
you give it a try.
Look, you says you
want to improve life.
Start with me.
Start with this life.
I can't promise we'll
succeed, but I tell you what.
We'll give it a shot.
Who do you want to find?
Well, it's hard to
talk about, because it
ain't no one's business.
It's your mother.
How did you know i... I want
to know where's my mama?
Is she still in the area?
Did she move away?
It's been so long.
And she was always sick.
But I think she's around here.
Can you help me find her?
We'll try.
Thank you.
Professor Jack, when
you were staring at me,
what did you see?
I still need more time
to understand things.
But I can tell you this.
Don't ever deny yourself and
your ability to do things,
You know your
friend from dinner?
She's working with the
county health administration.
Ask if she can check
if Bazemint's mom ever
turned up in the system.
What is her name?
Nina Orleans.
And what name did
your mother give you?
Redfield, it's Trixie Tao.
We had enhanced
background checks done
on all the prospective jurors.
It's unbelievable.
What's unbelievable?
I'd understand
if he was correct about
two, maybe three, people.
That's the norm.
But he was spot on with
every single person.
We've never seen that before.
Details, Ms. Tao.
Who is he?
colleague, Dr. sutree.
He flagged several of
the potential jurors
as not trustworthy
before he became ill.
They all had passed the
initial standard screening
that was done.
But when we went back and fed
the info into our new security
tap, six of the individuals
had enough in their backgrounds
to make them ineligible.
I just sent the results to you.
By the way, how is he?
I need to contact him.
Do you know what this means
for any challenge that
ends up in front of a jury?
Yeah, don't worry.
I'll set something up.
Here's what we came up with.
There is a Nina
Orleans in the system.
Committed to Teargarden
15 years ago.
An addict.
Apparently the addiction
took her over the edge.
She had a daughter.
And the daughter was taken
away and placed in foster care.
That's who we're looking for!
Is she still there?
Oh, there's an issue
with Teargarden.
They've never kept good records.
They've since cleaned house.
About five years ago,
the times ran an expose.
Unfortunately, there's a
gap in the information.
Is there another
place we can look?
Well, I would suggest
going right there.
There's piles of
handwritten case records
that have never been entered.
I wouldn't know where
to begin to look.
Oh, I can help you with that.
Brenda, I wanted to let you know
how wonderful it
is that you have
been of such great assistance.
I'll call Blythe Bowlby,
and I'll set everything up.
John can accompany you.
He is familiar with
the data interface,
and he'll know
who to speak with.
And thank you very
much for the gift, ram.
You're very welcome.
It says it all, doesn't it?
Predocs work so many
hours in the day
that we're always pooped.
So what kind of
music you into, man?
I really don't know how
that is of importance.
It can be.
Depending on?
Well, when I slam
through coding,
listening to grizzly bear helps.
But that's an exception.
I don't like lame-stream.
Or when I'm clubbing, MC
boy, "transmission of love."
I like something more intense.
These groups don't play
at the clubs near campus.
Not here.
At hung Lo's, on the Westside.
Never heard of it.
You should check
it out some time.
If you're into guys.
What would make you say
something like that to me?
Hung Lo's, it's
a gay club I like.
I'm so happy.
I thought you were talking
about that Chinese restaurant,
hung Lao's.
No, hung lo.
It's a place to get
down and let loose.
Get loose.
Would you like to hear a
song I'm thinking in my head?
She's not your girlfriend.
She's not your girlfriend.
It's ok, man.
Gentlemen, please come this way.
That's mine.
That's mine.
It's mine.
Thank you.
No problem.
Thank you.
You see that row
of records here?
Our people went through them in
preparation for digitization.
We did not find any records of
what happened to Nina Orleans.
What was most
likely her outcome?
Most likely, she
wasn't discharged.
That rarely has happened.
She probably passed on.
She was pretty bad off.
Someone in her condition
doesn't have a long life.
I'm sorry I couldn't have more
definitive news or happier news
for that matter.
It's ok.
Thank you for your
generous time.
Anything to help Brenda's group.
Her modernization of the
state's health services system
is most appreciated.
Some people were here for
years, and no one even
knew who they were.
You lose your mind.
They lose your identity.
This suck... oh, sorry, dude.
It's ok.
It's ok.
She might be with
the lost souls.
What's that, my friend?
She might be with
the lost souls.
Well put.
Downstairs, in
the library of ash.
It used to be, when someone
died here at Teargarden,
sometimes there was
no one to claim them.
They were cremated.
And their remains
were stored here.
Those are the lost souls.
In the cans.
They call it the library of ash.
This is extraordinarily
generous, Clayton.
I don't understand.
How is this possible?
There's a sword
of Damocles hanging
over the entire
pharmaceutical industry.
It's being kept quiet.
But the therapeutic
power of drugs
has been steadily waning
for several years now.
We're losing the battle
to help the mind, William.
There's a worldwide scramble
for the next psychoactive.
Yes, but how does this
tie into Jack's research.
He may have stumbled onto a
gateway to a major advancement.
Please, sit, Dr. sutree.
You and I are
alike in some ways.
We both started with a childhood
fascination with the sciences.
It came from observing
the things in life
that are full of whimsy.
It's very seductive,
especially to a young mind.
And you and I, unlike
the average Joe,
we took things a step further.
We observed the whimsical, but
we backed it up with facts.
That's what science is.
So here's where we are.
I've secured all the
funding you'll ever
need to continue your research.
You'll have the time and
the supplies required.
What's he mean, Billy?
It's right here, Jack.
It's the largest
amount ever granted
in the history of
this department.
But because of the,
let's say, mercurial
behavior that's been reported,
there are conditions.
Does it matter?
You practically have carte
Blanche to finally understand
what you discovered.
But where does this lead?
What's the end result, Redfield?
Everything will be
under your direction.
You will receive full credit.
Who owns the polio vaccine?
The polio vaccine...
Who owns the patent?
No one.
It wasn't for filling
the coffers of some giant
It was given to the world.
And it made the
world a better place.
You know, for such a brilliant
man, you can be very naive.
That's occurred because
it was determined
that the national foundation
for infantile paralysis
could not obtain a patent.
The real irony is that
Jonas Salk's discovery
would have benefited man even
more if it had been patented.
Why does every discovery have
to be motivated by a cash grab?
Jonathan swift said it best.
Money is useful.
Love of it, hazardous.
There's nothing new here, Jack.
You know this is
the way it works.
Your hero, swift... you know
he had Meniere's disease.
Untreatable in his day.
Now we have meclizine
and Diazepam
to help people cope with it.
There's no denying drugs
have benefited mankind.
But I've been in the trenches
of your broad marketplace,
the nursing homes where your
miracle drugs are administered.
You know what?
It's not working out too well.
We have zombies lying
in hospital beds.
Basic cable their caregiver.
Those poor people.
Desires that have been neutered.
The system has become a
legitimized Pablo Escobar,
and you unflinchingly supply
them, because it's big money.
You've replaced cups of
hot tea and warm kisses
with millions of plastic
pill organizers demanding
to be filled.
What really caused
the great social shift
that we have witnessed?
It's time the windfalls were
more human and less financial.
Don't avoid the question.
Who put all the
people in the homes?
The families.
Brothers, sisters, aunts,
uncles, and the children.
They are the reason
for the avalanche
that has uncontrollably spilled
into countless rest homes.
But you will never
in a million years
find an individual
snowflake ever
taking responsibility for
their part in that avalanche.
You have a mother in a
nursing home, don't you?
Can't go crying to your
mommy about this letdown.
You, Dr. sutree, are one
sorry, sanctimonious snowflake.
Jack, don't!
Don't, Jack!
You, sir, have just assaulted
a university board member.
Your boy.
Hi, Mel.
My car just stranded me about
a half mile from our place.
I know we agreed to
our separate spaces,
but I got to stop by and get
something out of the garage.
I promise I'll leave
as soon as I'm done.
[Music - Marie Baraton
and Pierre Andre Athane,
["a Paris les Jours sans"]
I'm done, Mel.
I've lost everything.
Maybe the job.
The discovery.
My colleagues.
I remember when I
visited Notre dame.
We had the sight of the
cathedral on our right.
And on the left, we
crossed a bridge.
And we ended up on
the ILE Saint-Louis.
And further down
on the left, you
took me to the best
crepe shop I have ever
been to, filled with locals.
Neither one of us knew anything
about where to eat in Paris.
But you had a sense, Jack.
You had a natural
instinct about things.
I don't know, you followed
the sense in the air
and tracked the
movements of the locals.
You observed the looks on
the faces of the people
exiting the bistros.
And you processed all
of that to discover
exactly the right
places for us to go to.
Who wouldn't fall in
love with a scientist who
could muster his
abilities to provide
his woman with a decent meal?
Who wouldn't fall in love?
Still there.
My other charger's in the Alfa.
Your Alfa Naufrago.
You finally ready to get
rid of that hunk of metal?
I always like things
that look good.
Any relapses from the other day?
It's under control.
You saw the dresser.
You're not crawling the walls.
There's hope for mankind yet.
If we're lucky.
Forget the rumors.
We are not ceasing
operation of this lab.
The department feels that,
even with Dr. Sutree's absence,
the importance of the work
demands that we continue.
The last thing any of us want
is for the research community
to perceive that we
have dropped the ball.
Ram, call me when you hear this.
I'll be visiting my mother.
What's that on the
board over there?
We formalized
what Dr, sutree was
doing at the time
of the lab accident.
This formula is for a gaseous
substance that he created.
Once it distilled, it
cooled into a liquid.
Was the liquid used to coat
special lenses or something
like that?
Dr. sutree applied the
liquid directly into his eyes.
Where's this liquid now?
It's gone.
It used to be in the cabinet.
Any idea who might
have taken it?
We know it wasn't Dr. sutree,
because the door is open.
I don't follow.
He can't stand anything
left open... doors, drawers,
or anything out of its place.
This is a backup
pair of the goggle
we developed as a delivery
mechanism for the liquid.
They're used to apply small
dosage directly onto the eyes.
How long before it takes effect?
Within an hour.
Here's what I want
the both of you to do.
Immediately create a
new batch of liquid.
Follow the formula and
procedures exactly.
I take it you have all
the necessary supplies.
Actually, it's ready to go.
Then we'll have
something by day's end.
If you need help or anything
else, just ring me up.
Sabahu al-Khayer.
Alaikum wa salam.
Mr. Tambel.
Could I have a word
with you, please?
I understand you and Dr.
Sutree had a close working
I guess so.
He's been very supportive.
You're near the completion
of your doctorate.
I want you to know
there is no reason
to be concerned with
any interruptions that
might impede your goal.
You have the full support
of this department.
That is very much appreciated.
So the department can depend
on a 100% commitment from you.
Good day, Mr. Tambel.
Keep up the good work.
What did he want?
Directions to Nambla.
Mr. sutree?
Where is she?
We left so many messages.
I'm so sorry.
She was extremely
nauseated and experiencing
a great deal of pain the
day before yesterday.
Her feet and ankles
were swollen.
Dr. Walters here rushed
her to the hospital.
It was her chronic infection.
It finally shut down her
kidneys, and that was it.
If it means anything, your
mother was so proud of you.
She told me she was blessed
to have a son who worked hard,
who was honest, who looked
for ways to help people.
What is this?
It's time to do something
about the 50-ton elephant
in the room.
Sutree has suffered
a major breakdown.
This is bellicose,
even for you, Clayton.
I've never heard of this
happening to a faculty member.
We live in bellicose
times, William.
Whenever something is amiss,
you need to take action fast.
Yes, but this sets a
serious procedure in motion.
A psychiatric ward?
Dr. Doodnaugh agrees.
This is a serious matter.
Azro, don't you think this
is an overly aggressive move?
Based on the video that
Clayton shared with us
and the depositions
of the witnesses,
this is indeed a serious matter.
This man appears to be a
danger to himself and to people
around him.
Depositions are
already in place?
There's too much
potential on the table
to hesitate one second.
Where does this leave Jack?
He'll have some of the
best care available.
The most important
thing is this procedure
protects the university's
interests in the authorship
of the research.
You're freaking me out.
You're here in my chapel?
It was my mom's favorite place.
My friend, I'm so sorry.
Dear, departed one.
Requiescat in pace.
Please, come this way.
You shouldn't be
standing here alone.
It's ok.
I'm good.
Plus, I asked my research
assistant to meet me here.
So I should stay inside.
Listen, something's happened.
Maybe a breakthrough in this
thing I'm struggling with.
Ram, good.
Your mechanic said this
replacement part should work.
Do you know reverend Halloway?
I do now.
Follow my thinking, Stuart.
Consider your reflection
in the mirror or the sight
of a rainbow in the sky.
Neither is really there.
But the image is projected
on the back of your retina.
You can take a picture
of them with a camera.
But the things I'm seeing
cannot be photographed.
They only exist
here, in my head.
Why in your head?
Remember the onion
you talked about?
What defines why we see it?
Light waves.
Waves from all
sorts of directions.
Where they interfere
defines that onion.
You show me it's cosmic
and intimate, all at once.
A beautiful, mysterious
thing full of query.
Light waves are a form
of visible energy.
Somehow, through
the lab accident,
I've become sensitive to other
forms of invisible energy.
You're saying you can see
the very energy of life?
Jack, may I?
When you saw sunny-girl,
what did you see?
She was happy.
Very happy, the
way she always was.
That's her essence, Jack.
You were seeing her
essence... the energy
of the essence of what she was.
Reverend Halloway, Jack has
this very special connection
with one subject we met.
He had one test
session with her.
A homeless musician, Bazemint.
When we first met, I had
an unusually strong vision
with her unlike all the others.
During the session, she
touched my shoulder.
That's when I saw even
more than her essence,
if that's what we're calling it.
I started seeing things
that affect her essence.
Our senses are the
gateway to our mind.
Perhaps now, the
gateway to the soul.
Is a final theory
of consciousness
at hand, a way to translate and
study the metadata of the soul?
The girl you were
studying... when will you
work with her again?
It's not possible now.
Dr. Redfield has
taken over the lab.
With everything that's happened,
it's imperative that you come
up with solid substantiation,
indisputable proof,
of what you have.
Or you're going to be gorged
by a pack of hungry wolves.
How bad is it at the lab?
I can't get in without
Medina or Redfield.
No, I have to get in somehow.
I need to retrieve the flask.
But it's missing
from the cabinet.
Oh, I didn't leave
it in the cabinet.
Dr. sutree, huzzah!
Go pick up Bazemint.
I'm going to drop the
starter in my car.
Stuart, can you
get us into a lab?
Ram can let you know the
specifics on the monitoring
I'll make some calls.
Let me know when you're ready.
Like... like this?
Now we wait.
Did you want to go through any
of the analysis on the drives?
We have them.
Were there any handwritten
materials generated?
Those are filed back here.
You find her?
Problem, Jack.
I gave Bazemint the
news about her mother.
What do you mean?
She's a bit upset.
I think you need to come here
and speak with her in person.
All right.
Shoot me your location.
On my way.
Bazemint, I'm really sorry
about the news of your mom.
But you agree, it's better that
you know what happened, right?
It's not the news.
It's the respect.
My mama never got no respect,
not even when she died.
I don't understand.
You weren't there.
How would you know
she was disrespected?
Not then.
That woman's ashes are sitting
on a punk-ass shelf in a closet
in a goddamn closet.
That's no way to leave a person.
My mama needs to be respected.
She needs to be buried.
Ram, will they allow that?
It's going to be
difficult, Jack.
None of the canisters are IDEd.
They're all grouped by date.
It's a lack of records.
Bazemint, what if I
petition the institute
to bury all the canisters?
Would that be ok with you?
She needs her own space.
She needs her own respect.
She weren't perfect.
I know that.
But my mama should
have her final respect.
It's tough, Jack.
There are hundreds of cans.
No, there's a way.
Bazemint, I promise
you, I will find which
canister has your mom's ashes.
How can you do that?
I'm asking you to
trust me on this.
How you gonna do that?
Don't forget.
We got al-Gore-rhythms.
Just me, Clay.
You're still here?
Yeah, I was coming to bring
you the signed hospitalization
But wouldn't you know?
It's in the other bag.
I double-checked the formula
and the methodologies.
We followed everything exactly.
Well, nothing happened.
It appears this phenomenon
is specific going to sutree.
I fear he holds some
missing information.
I see.
Ms. Hamid, tell me what
business does Mr. Tambel have
at the Teargarden institute.
So many visions
to psychoanalyze.
The politician screaming
the bleedin' lies.
You burn down the highway,
leaving no place to run.
Hey, shake, babe.
Shake off your demon
and watch that angel go.
This is going to take a while.
We'll find her.
Ready, Jack.
Come out.
All of you, please.
What's up with Mr. clean?
This is Dr. Redfield, Bazemint.
Do you both realize that
you are assisting a man who
is in serious trouble?
Careful, Redfield.
I assault board of
regents members.
Why did he lock the door?
There's no way out!
Redfield, please.
You need supervision.
Get the guard to open this door.
Redfield, please,
you need supervision.
We need to do further testing.
Clayton, please.
Clayton, listen to me.
Do not use the goggles.
There are side effects.
Think, Clayton.
Do not use the goggles.
We need to do more testing.
There are side effects.
Clayton, please.
You gotta listen to me.
Stay back.
Ma... mama?
Oh, you're my mama.
I know it.
Get one of the doctors, now.
Get his buttons.
Stay with us, Clayton.
Are you... are you ok?
What can I do for you?
Oh, my child.
Would you look at that?
It is.
Are you real?
You better believe I'm real.
Bee never moves without
being led by someone.
Oh, mama.
Oh, my child.
Oh, my little child.
What is that woman's name?
She's patient 108.
But everyone here calls her bee.
Bee minor.
She's only ever played
one song on that piano.
Professor Jack.
That's my mama, that's my mama.
I knows it.
Are you sure?
I knows it in my bones.
That's how sure I am.
This patient's records
were lost years ago.
Anything that you have that
can help us with her identity
will be helpful.
I'm from cu.
Bazemint is working with
us on an important study.
We can help confirm
this woman's identity.
Just let us know what you need.
Coming through.
What happened to him?
Too many drugs.
Stand here, please.
Ok, thank you.
Stand there.
The test program seems
to have caught on.
We can handle maybe
30 more candidates.
Has Jack had any progress
on expanding the formula?
Not yet.
We haven't found a
substitute for what
he calls the sunny-girl factor.
Stay with it.
May I?
Bazemint says you a mover.
Talking about freeafying
the mind and shit.
You're always
looking for something.
Everyone is.
But there's one thing you
really want... the truth.
Man, who don't want the truth?
It sure would make
things a lot easier
rather than all the bullshit.
The thing is you
already know the truth.
You just never had the
opportunity to express it.
Damn straight.
It's time you try
another way to speak.
Who's going to listen
to someone like me?
Give this to the person
at the table out there.
You, me.
We get our grounding from
wherever we can find it.
Good luck.
This is the address of
the Williams art center.
Tomorrow, they will be
expecting you at 10:00 am.
You'll begin your new class.
Just show up.
Everything else... supplies,
lunch... has been taken care of.
What class?
Canvas painting.
The connection you
have with each person.
Pretty intense.
I saw a vet earlier today.
He was a hostage in Iraq.
He asked his captor
when he would be free.
The captor, the
person in control,
said, when you are
free, I will be free.
The captor and the captive.
The rich and the poor.
The educated and the ignorant.
Every minute, day,
and night, we're
putting something out there.
Naked truth.
Intense passion.
It's all that undying
energy Einstein described
moving, clashing, merging.
That's why we can
never escape the effect
we have on each other.
Give it a fly beat that
will dance down the street.
There you go.
There you go.
It's starting, Jack.
Let's go.
She wakes up early
every morning just to do her
hair now, because
she cares, y'all.
Her hair wouldn't be
right without her makeup.
She's never out of makeup.
She's just like you and me.
But she's homeless.
She's homeless.
And she stands there
singing for money.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
In my sleep, I see her
begging, reaching, please.
Although the problem's
not mine, I ask god, why?
God, oh, why?
She's just like you and me.
But she's homeless.
She's homeless.
And she stands there
singing for money.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da,
la-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.
La-da-Dee, la-Dee-da.