99 (2019) Movie Script

O destination where are you?
Where am I heading?
To set no roots for this spirit
I wonder, forget about this world
and get dissolve
O destination where are you?
Where am I heading?
This life has a journey
Hundreds of crossroads here
Why the knife called memories
stab so often?
I came to this fair
in search of myself
O destination where are you?
Where am I heading?
O destination where are you?
Where am I heading?
Sir good morning
Sir good morning
Come down
What is the time now?
9 to 6 you have to take pictures
in your digital cameras in 36 frames
No preview and should not
delete them, if it is not good
Because you need to know
what mistakes you make
During this period you should not
talk to each other
No chatting and no WhatsApp
Every frame you compose is to learn
and not to impress others
Got it?
Sure Sir
Okay Sir
What are you doing?
Not getting the focus point Sir
Got it?
Yes Sir
Do not shake too much
Okay Sir
Only photography has the power
to capture the running time
The image you captured today
You look at that
at any point in your life
You will remember todays moment
So, make it count and
live the moment
Yes Sir
Okay Sir
Who knows to drive?
Okay then, you got to drive
my car in the morning, get ready
Okay Sir
Thank you Sir
I will instruct you now and then
If speed exceeds eighty!
You know me right?
If you feel sleepy
stop the vehicle and have tea
Thank you
Sir, Teerthahalli
Road closed near Sakleshpur
due to a tree fall
So we are travelling in
Shimoga Teerthahalli route to Bangalore
Sir, Google map is on
Go straight
Sir, it is showing left
Listen to your mentor
not Google, go straight
Lower the glass
How is the aroma of my native place?
Sir, this is your native!
My native!
The place where
I was born and brought up
That is the old bus stand
This is the place where my mom
got down for first after her marriage
Dwaaraka hotel
We get good khaali dosa
and solid chatni here
SP bakery! We used to get
good cream bun for 1.25 rupees
My favourite
I still owe them
two cream buns money
There is a road next to it
My house is over there
Sir, should I drive to your house?
No need, I'll have to talk
to people, if I meet anybody
You know which house that is?
Malgudi Days house!
That is where it was shot
Tell me what is my place famous for?
Rashtrakavi Kuvempu!?
If you go further
and drive down
That is where his house is
What happened Sir?
Will you drive in full speed
and dash him
I mean, drive as though
you hit him and stop
Just see!
Good morning officer
Ramachandra N Theerthahalli
99 batch, C section
Oh! I thought so!
Who has guts to drive over me!?
How are you
Why are you behaving so formal?!
Talk to me in singular
You have not stopped
laughing step by step yet
It been so many years
seeing you
I was travelling, felt like
visiting the school, so stopped by
Can I go in officer?
Cant allow just like that
It is not that easy
First you need to take
Principals permission
Then you have to bring a letter
from parents with their signature
Why are you asking?
This is your school! Go!
Go see!
Ramachandra! Me!
When did you come?
Just now
I was lost in memories
Didnt notice
Pick a stone
See, I opened it properly
Thank you
By the way, there was a guy
who was behind you like a tail
His house was near Tulasi garden
You guys meet?
Everybody are busy with
their work
Everyone is busy and
I am busy too
You took schools picture?
Hello, hello Ram!
Hello, Teerthahalli school
watchman speaking
Hello watchman uncle!
Watchman uncle, it is me Murali
Oh Murali
How are you?
I am good, how are you?
I am doing good
We were talking about you only
And Ramu dialled your number
Oh! Is it? how are your kids?
Yes they are all fine
God will take care
we should just perform our duty
Wait, Murali wants to talk
What are you doing there?
Actually, I dont know
You really gave
a very good answer
Is school still the same or they have demolished
and constructed something else?
It is still the same
Same roof, same class room
same principal and same old officer
Even the gate is same
Hey, Rama make a video call
even I will see
What are you doing there?
Come here and see
Hey do it
Hey it is a different feeling
It's not fun seeing in a video call
Come here and see
Hey Murali, its been
12 to 15 years, isnt it?!
12 to 15 years?!
Hey, its been twenty years
Oh! Its been twenty years??
God knows how!
You guys are married
and having kids!
Are you aware of it or not?
You are all old now
Why are you reminding that now?
You have at least
travelled few places
I have not even crossed
Karnataka border
Hey, listen to me properly
I am coming from
Teerthahalli to Bangalore
Will meet as I reach
Promises you make are to be
written on the flowing water
How come you are in Theerthahalli?
Just like that
Send me the numbers of
all those who studied with us
Want to talk to them
Hello my dear brother
Its not that easy to collect
everyones number and talk
Like there is individual blood group
Everyone has
their own WhatsApp group
There is a WhatsApp group of our school
to dump jobless Good morning and Good night messages
Do you know
who is the admin for that?
I know it is created by you
You are the only one who has
understood Digital India properly
Yes indeed
Come, I will get you
admitted too
Come and join
Welcome back to school
Mr Ramachandra N Teerthahalli
May I come in please?
Come in you late comer
Hi friends
Hey dude!
Hi Ram
Welcome photographer
Oh! Lion is back
Hey, look who is here!
No matter what, hero is hero
and a comedian is a comedian!
Did anybody react when
I was added to the group?
Hey Ram, where were you
all these days?
You were not in Social media till now
How come you entered
the group all of a sudden?
Ive been to our school in the morning
I saw our class room
ground and everything
I felt like talking to you all
Dont know why
I am feeling like meeting you all
Hey Rama, even
I am feeling like seeing you
I thought of telling you
the same Ram
As Ram says, we should all
meet up sometime
Well, you want to see us right?
See now
Hey Ram share your current picture
want to see how you look
Hey handsome!
Hey, unable to recognise you!
Do we grow younger with time?
Thats why he wants to see us
Admin is typing now
Then, definitely
there will be some message
I am waiting
We are all 99 batch
Its been twenty years that we met
I feel if we arrange
a reunion party we all can meet
Super dude
I am ready
Our class leader is no ordinary!
Oh! Even I must say something
Hey, Murali how can this happen?
No chance at all!
Everybody are online
Text your locations
It is hard to come to Teerthahalli
and have teertha!
Four members are settled
in Teerthahalli
And others are settled in Bengaluru
Some of them are out of the country
Is Bengaluru fine?
Bangalore is fine!
Is will be convenient for everybody
Okay! When?
Plan properly, or else
they dont show up at the end
Fix it on some weekend! Please
Even on a holiday is fine
What is the date today?
January 7th
Exactly a month from here
That is, on March 7th
everyone should gather, okay?
Those who dont
will go to hell
Well said dude
I am in! Ram
we should thank you
Kudos to Ramachandra Teerthahalli
Not bad, everything
got arranged so fast!
Hey, someone tell my wife
or come and talk to her
She will not send me if I ask her
Hey, can we come along
with our kids?
It is hard to leave them at home
Please come as family
Group became useful today
Shamanth! Dubai?!
Hi Girish, how are you?
Say Hi after getting married
and having kids
You used to ignore me
in school days!
Hey, he is her husband!
Sir, you dont get tensed!
She is a very good girl
Good nature
She used to help a lot
She used to help us cheat in exam
Isnt it dude?!
I asked you to come near
Nammoora tindi
And take left in second cross
but you took right?
No no no, I cant tell you
the route that way
You come back to Nammoora tindi
Call me from there and
I'll guide you from there
Okay! Now cut the call
Hey hello
Hey who is that?
Hey you! Stick!
What is this?
Are we school kids?
Why are you getting upset?
Hey go and talk to them
Go and welcome others
Where is he?
How long to wait?
Will he at least
come by lunch time?
I have already called him thrice
He said he will hit me over phone
if I call him once again!
But still I took risk and
called him again
Dont know, what he is going
to do when he comes!
Is that Gulaab Jamoon?
No, crows egg!
Will you have it?
Hey guys leave me, stop it
One... two... three
Did anybody read the stupid poetry
posted by him in Facebook recently?
No dude
No man
Oh! Geetha!
Hey leave him!
It is such a worst poem
Geetha! Did you really want this!
Did you forget the kiss I gave?
Why did you come again?"
Such a worst poem he has written!
Hey leave me
I am old now. Leave me
Not that circle. First come to
Nammoora Tindi and call me
Call me from there
Now cut the call
No one can stop the time
From me to you
From you to me
No one can break us apart
Whom did you imagine
while kissing me?
Forget it, your Tavarige Baa Tangi
part two, look behind
See there
There is some burnt smell right?!
Oh this was burnt is it!
Thats what I thought!
My daughter in law
when are you making an entry?
It is like crocheting a sheet
before the baby is born
What if it is a boy?
No, it will be a girl baby
Because I have prayed to God
I will get your husbands head
shaved if it is a girl baby
Yes you will
Now have this
Come on Harsha
Come on Ram
Ram Ram!
Say cheese!
You travel a lot
even I like to travel
If you keep conceiving every year
how can you travel?
Let the one hungry have food
I have told the address
to four people
Three people are
on the way, wait
Then who is the fourth one?
Tell me who it is
I am asking you only!
Why is he acting like this!
Look at him
he is creating a scene
She is asking you
Who is that?
Jaanu is also coming
Dew drop is asking me to smile
Wind is asking me to rejoice today
Dew drop is asking me to smile
For us Jaanu means song!
But for Jaanu
singing was everything to her!
She either used to sing
or spoke something about songs
Tune, rhythmic cycle and meter
was all that she spoke
And we understood nothing
Before Janaki was born
Her parents decided to name
Balasubramanyam if it was a boy
And Janaki if it was a girl
Since she was named after S Janaki
She used to sing only her songs
Except for one
Victory to you Mother Karnataka
the daughter of Mother India!
While listening to songs
in tape-recorder
It used to feel like Janu singing
And remembered her face
And even she knew that
I liked Janu and Janus singing
to that extreme
Shes the reason for my
90 percent attendance
We studied together even before
we learnt to hold a pencil
Since then, I listened to
whatever she said
She used to ask me
if she needed anything
Nobody cared me if I scored low
and got scoldings from my family
But when Jaanu used to ask
"why what happened!"
I would forget everything
and be happy!
I would feel like calling
someone and hitting them
I dont know how to explain Jaanu
But whenever I visited a temple
all I prayed was
God, keep Jaanu with me
all the time
Abhishek Nayak
Present Sir
Present Sir
Amit Prabhu
Yes Sir
S Janaki
S Janaki
Absent Sir
Yes Sir
Hey it is you only
Sir, present
Sit down
Present Sir
Yes Sir
What happened?
Did teacher scold you?
Hello Mr. I am asking you
What happened?
Jaanu has not come to school
Dont know why?!
Abhishek Nayak
Present Sir
Present Sir
Amit Prabhu
Yes Sir
Present Sir
S Janaki
What happened to her?
Dont know Sir
Please sit down
Ramachandra N
Sir, present
Day dreamer is it?
Idiot! Sit down
Present Sir
Yes Sir
Absent Sir
Hey, call her
Hey Jaya
Call Shubha
Ram is calling you
Where is Jaanu?
I dont know
I will hit you
You think I will be
dreaming till then?
You will be together
Dont you know that much?
Even I will be with you right?
How will I know?
Cant you get to know?
Do I need to know to
print it in a newspaper?!
I enquired Jaanus house address
If you cross the temple and
go further, it is somewhere there
Lets check while going back home
Somewhere here
Shall we leave?
It is getting dark
Mom will scold me If I go late
She will come on Monday anyhow
Why are you late?
Had a special class
Go on
Bell rang
Go now
Get going
Hey Jaanu came!
Hey Jaanu
I saw Jaanu after four days
If she wasnt ill
and normal as usual
But I couldnt move
an inch that day
Something stopped me
Everyone enquired her except me
But deep down I wanted to hold her hand and
ask why she didnt come for many days
And wanted to tell her
how much I missed her
But I couldnt
You look so tired! You could have
taken rest for few more days
Shubha, take care of her
Okay Sir
Then, I didnt understand
what was that feel
But, that's my first love
I dint know
what was happening in me
I was happy deep inside
Kind of butterfly effect
I was twirling my peach moustache
After that, I couldnt talk
normally to Jaanu
Was feeling kind of shy
I used to hid myself
whenever she looked at me
But I couldnt resist myself from
sharing this with Shubha
Everything happened in eye signals
I thought nobody will notice
But, somehow
Giri came to know about it
If he comes to know
even Murali will know it
Dont deviate from studies
by thinking other things. Okay?
Do you have anything
to say to me?
Are you scared?
Okay then
shall I leave?
Did he tell you?
Did you express?
Jaanaki, come here
Ask her to sing Akashadeepa
He wants you to sing Akashadeepa
The emotion of desires and the loved one have come together
New trance has emerged
The emotion of desires and the loved one have come together
He asked so much, why didnt you
sing Akashadeepa for him?
Brother has taken your geometry box
he will return it only if you sing for him
I do not know whats special
about that song!
He is requesting you
why don't you sing?
Ms Janaki,on fans demand
Sing Akashadeepa song
from Paavanaganga movie
Mr. Murali, this is not
Ganesha festivals orchestra
To request the song in a chit
passed by third person
Got it?!
What did she say?
Will she sing?
Just wait and see
she will sing some other song
Oh noble man
I have no words to describe you
I have no words
Oh noble man
I have no words to describe you
I have no words
Hi happy birthday
Thank you
Take some chocolates
Did you visit a temple?
I visited in the morning
Where is your Gods gift brother?
He is behind you
don't look back
Jaanu your dress is too good
where did you buy this?
Priyanka Fashions
Dad bought me this
Now turn around
Take it
Why dude?
Hold him properly
or else he will hit me
Take one more
You are a hefty person
one isnt enough
Take one more
It is Mango bite, take it
You know what day it is for me?
Wont you wish me?
Happy Deepavali?
Or Happy new year?
Happy Birthday
Why are you sweating like this?
What did anybody do to you?
Hey, my brother is a sports man
So he will be practicing running
Isnt it?!
You have a heavy heartbeat!
You inspect it once
Bring water
You will lose respect if
you cant speak in front of a girl
Even Shubha didnt understand
how Jaanus touch made me go faint
Even Jaanu didnt understand
why someone liked her so much
But, I being 9th standard
Ramachandra Tirthahalli, had no doubts
Like a straight line drawn using a scale
My attention was always on Jaanu
You know what will be
Janakis name after marriage?
Janaki Ramachandra
Hey, Jaanu
Nothing, you go on
Somehow, like blowing wind and
flowing water my life went on
Ramachandra, there is
two months holiday
how will you spend days
without seeing me?
Hey Jaanu come fast
How long will you address
her informally?
Dont you know?
You can call her
sister-in-law right?
Isnt it dude?
I know! You need not
tell me that
Lets go
Hey you too come
Ya coming
Shall I leave?
Do not forget this!
Happy holidays
How do you know that
she is coming?
Who knows!
You know how many calls and
texts I made in last week?!
Not even a single reply
I thought she might not come
Then I saw a message in the morning
Saying I am coming
Then why didnt you tell me?
Hey, how will I know?
That she will be coming here
from Singapore for this?
I thought let me see
when she comes
Why is he behaving like
a high school kid?
Only uniform is missing
Hey come here
Hey, drinks
Look how he is acting!
Why he is doing that?
Hey, Jaanu is here!
Hi Jaanu long time!
Make way
Everything is ready, you go on
Hi how are you
We were all waiting for you
Share it with others, don't eat all alone
Oh chocolate! From Singapore!
Come we were waiting for you
Hi Jaan
Sorry, I came late
Great that you came
Thanks a lot for coming
How are you Shubha?
I am good, come
Ill take chocolates to my children
Hey share it with others
How many months?
Seven months
Second one
I didnt expect such a gathering
Did you arrange this?
Yes, is it good?
We were afraid everyone will
step back at last moment
We ordered food for everyone
Thank god everybody came
Hey Ram
Hey buffalo
Why are you playing
with balloon like a kid?
Join us
No, you go
Hey come dude
You go now
Jaanu has come, join us
No you go
Hey come
Hey get lost
I am old now
You are hitting me like
you did in school
Hey, come lets go
Go or else I will hit you
Get lost
What happened?
He hit me for calling him
Jaanu that is
Ram has come
He inuncted peacock feather
to my heart
He is a magician who made me
forget the world
He provokes my heart
now and then
First guy who caught my attention
First guy who entered my heart
First guy who gave me dreams
First guy who became a poetry
Present maam
Yes madam
Yes maam
Yes maam
Janaki Nagaraj
Present maam
K Ramesh
Yes miss
Yes maam
Present miss
Present maam
Everybody open your books
Maam you didnt call
Ramachandra N Tirthahalli
That name is not in the register
please ask in office room
Sit down
Ramachandra took his TC
He was like your brother
Even you dont know
where he went?
I really dont know, I came back
from Mantralaya yesterday
Why did he change the school?
You dont worry
we will enquire in his home
Hey you come
His father had some debt
So they sold their
grandfathers house
Without informing anybody
they left to Bangalore over night
Apart from this
nobody knows anything
He and his mom came to know
on the night they shifted
When Sun leaves the sky
for no reason
Look O lord of Earth!
You left this poor soul
in the middle of no where
Leaving agony behind
Before you go far away
Tell me the reason
Tell me the reason
Dont forget this
Paved roads, street lamps ask
"where are you?"
Sound of rain drops
Recalls your memories
Before you go far away
Tell me the reason
Be happy where you are
Let memories haunt you too
You left my heart with
the tears of remembrance
Before you go far away
Tell me the reason
Do you recognise me?
How are you Ram?
I am good
Cant believe it right?
That we would meet like this
Its been twenty years!
I couldnt recognise you
You had no moustache
when I saw you last time
What do you do Ram?
Travel Photographer
What happened?
We thought you will convince
and bring him
But you made us to lift him
Drink some water
She has come after so many years
And you did like this
No the thing is
I slipped
Did he say anything?
Or did he just
She has come here for this
all the way from Singapore
Did you at least ask her
how she is?!
Acting like a kid
She is married and has a daughter
Did you ask?
You all had dinner?
Forget about us, did you have?
I normally dont eat when I fly
Should not sit in
the same place after eating
How will food digest?
Go for a walk
Hello, did you come now
near Nammoora tindi?
Go back home and sleep dude
Hey what are you doing?
Look this is not good
Sister-in-law are you bribing me or
Should not sit in
the same place after eating
Go for a walk
Go on
You had?
Even you didnt have food right?
Hey, Murali, I think we joined the connection
that got cut in the school
I too feel the same
Nothing will go wrong right?
I am not thinking about it
If something happens between them
If her husband who is in
Singapore, comes to know
If he beats us both with boots
who organised all this
It will be our Sankranti
It will be our Ugadi
It will be our Deepavali
You be quiet
By responding to my heartily invitation
I thank everyone who are gathered here
for 99 batch reunion organised by us
I would like to say those who are absent
missed a great opportunity
Dear Jaanu who came from Singapore
to attend 99 reunion program
I request you to come on stage
and share your words
Jaanu please welcome on the stage
Nightingale of Malanad
Peahen of Singapore
Its been years listening to your song
Now you have to sing a song
I am so happy
Feels like I am half of my age
I came here thinking everything and
everybody would have changed
But nothing has changed
I want to go back to school again
wearing that blue and white uniform
Thank you
Jaanu must sing a song
I just ate ice cream
I dont know, you must sing
and we have to listen
Akashadeepa song
How can I ask her?
Ask her to sing
Everybody are here?
Jaanu look here
I have a headache
Let us have coffee on the way
Okay come lets go
For how many days
you are here in India?
Tomorrow early morning flight
Why so hurry?
Ticket was not confirmed
At last I got connecting flight
I have to go via Mumbai
You should have planned
to stay for four days
Even I am feeling the same now
Why dont you stay then?!
I have left my daughter home
She wont stay without me
Whats her name?
Give it to me
She is so cute!
Do not make evil eye fall
Was this taken at Singapore?
Look Jaanu, he is trying
your daughter in front of you
She resembles my
school age features, isnt she?
Everybody tells the same
That is why you have to
get married on time brother
Or else you just have to
see kids picture in mobile
What? He is not married yet?!
Was this necessary?
Who will marry someone
who keeps travelling?
Why are you not yet married Ram?
Hey no, father is looking for a girl
Ram bring the vehicle
We are getting late
Okay I will be waiting outside
You had coffee know
Give it to me
Head ache is gone right?
Come lets go we are getting late
Anything wrong?
I am asking here
and everyone dispersed!
You are all with him, right?
The thing is.. His father
The thing is nothing like that
Why is he not yet married?
Did I say anything wrong?
This is what nailing our own toe is
Are you mad?
What is this!
Take it
Go with her. Drop her first
and then you take drop
Did you understand?
Which way you are going?
You are supposed to drop
Jaanu first right?
Your house is nearby
So I will drop you first
This is too far Ram
You know well or I?
It is far from Vijayanagar
to reach Chandra layout
It is near by to go via
Goraguntepalya right?
Shall I Google it?
The route he takes
is not shown in Google
You were serious or
were you kidding?
Of course, I was serious
Drop her and go home quietly
You know me well Shubha
You have learnt to smile very nicel
Take care
I will call you once I deliver
I will kill you
You talk only when
Shubha is not around
Ram, why are you not married yet?
Will do it later.. why hurry?
I am asking seriously
why are you not married yet?
Probably, no one agreed
Please Ram, tell me
I need to know
why are you not married yet?
Will you tell me now?
Jana wait a minute
Janu, we reached the hotel
You want me to get down
Shubha told so
Don't you feel like talking to me?
Not like that
I'll come in the morning
to drop you airport
Take my number.. number
Listen to me Janu
How can I come close?
Let the time stop here and now
Whom shall I seek
to translate your silence?
To express, I fear of losing
If unexpressed, why should I live?
Shall I cross all the borders?
Shall I live the way I am?
Clouds of my heart are becoming heavy
It's about to rain anytime
Let me drench, by reaching you
To express, I fear of losing
If unexpressed, why should I live?
Ram, did you leave?
Tell me Jaanu, you need anything?
No, where are you?
Did you go far
Did you go far, Ram?
I'm still at the same place
where you left me
Can reach the moon
if arms stretched
But I've folded my hands
Though walking next you
Fear of losing you overtakes
Why this day is so silent?
To express, I fear of losing
is it wrong to wish to talk to you?
20 years
Where shall we go?
Shubha calling
Ram where are you?
I am in Rajaji Nagar
Did you drop her to the hotel?
I dropped her long back
Did she say something?
She was talking about dad
She said Shubha is too good
I said yes
Then we were talking in general
We reached the hotel
Is it? Okay you don't worry
You sleep off
I'll call you in the morning
Okay Shubha good night
Shubha.. wait
Hello, where are you?
I am at the hotel
When is the flight tomorrow morning?
Have to go via Mumbai right?
Yes. Here to Mumbai
Mumbai to Singapore
Okay, call me as you reach
or text me at least
Okay, bye
Jaanu, where shall we go?
Why are you asking me?
How do I know?
With some courage I took you in
Now I don't know where to go!
Shall we go to a saloon?
Saloon? Why?
Am I audible? Do one thing
come straight from
Shankar mutt signal
You will see a statue of Annavru
Bow down to that statue
Listen to me first.
Don't interfere. Got it?
Go down in 17th main
Take right there
There you will find
Karanataka flag
Take left and you can see two TThat is our place
give it there
Got it?
Dinner? I had at home
Some VIP is coming
So was waiting for him
I contemplating
what hair cut can be done
Okay I will call you later
Let it be a biit lengthy right?
He is the same since his childhood
His dad said used to say something
but he used to do the opposite
When he newly came to Bengaluru
He used to get upset by
seeing Shimoga buses
Did she ask you for all these?
He is my permanent customer
from petty shop to this saloon
Tell me how you want it to be?
I am asking you only
tell me how you want it to be
Like high school
High school?
Which batch?
Will do it
Shall I keep the beard?
Is everything fine?
Shall I plate you like
a high school girl?
No need
Be there near car
I will come back
Do you know who she is?
Hey, I know
You dont keep your mouth shut
Hey, go I know
What do you know?
I know everything
you go now
What do you know?
Hey go now
what do you know?
Hey go now
what do you know?
Hey leave now
Get lost bald head!
What the hell!?
Shall we go?
Take off your shirt
You are wearing
a T-shirt inside right?
Take it off
Hey no, the thing is
Ram, take it off
How is this?
Now you see, without
beard and moustache
Are you a virgin?
Hey, what are you asking Jaanu?
You have got spoilt
going to Singapore
Stop watching
English movies Jaanu
Come lets go
What if anybody sees?!
Will you tell me or not?
You think you can
convince me somehow?
What do you want to know?
Answer my question
Come, I will tell you in car
Come here
Tell me now
Okay, I will tell you
God promise?
Jaanu, do we promise for all these?
Dont I know about you?
Swear on me
Yes, I am a virgin
Bloody you!
See you asked me and
I told you, leave it
Because I am a devotee of Hanuman
and I have an ex voto
How can you?
See, I am telling you
drop the topic
I am feeling shy
I am feeling puppy shame
I told you
Drop it
Okay forget it
Didnt you love anybody
in these years?
No, I cant say that
I thought so
The truth will come out
Tell me
Girls like your kind of guys
How did they miss you?
My type?
My type, in the sense?
You are so handsome
Didnt anybody tell you this?
Enough of blushing
Now come to the story
There was a girl called Bharati
in our college
My junior
I didnt know that
during college days
Later one day
she suddenly called me
She said she wants to talk to me
I said yes
While talking she said
her parents looking for a match
Then I said, okay all the best
and congratulated her
She suddenly got angry
She got angry and after sometime
She said "I will talk to
my mother if you agree"
What did you say for that?
What will I say?
Thats what
what did you say?
Even if I said, I am not
earning and not settled
I dint feel like she would leave me
so I told her the truth
What did you say?
I told her about you
She was quiet for a while
Then she took a deep breathe
and cut the call
She gave me an invitation card
after few days
Please forget whatever happened
Please attend the marriage
Ill be expecting you
Did you attend?
No, I didnt
She is the one who liked me
I thought she might get upset
So I didnt go
Why did you go
without telling me that day?
And you didnt even
come to see me
I didnt understand anything
Without you studies seemed pointless
Passing PUC was a big thing
I passed out degree in fear of
parents will get me married
Whenever I met school friends
I used to expect them
tell me about you
I have mistaken many people
for you so many times
Moreover, sister had
a run away marriage
Within two months parents
started looking for alliance
For my sisters act
I couldnt speak with dad
Even if I would, what would I say?
I am in love with a guy
since high school days
And I dont know where he is
But even on my wedding day
I felt you would somehow come
But if I tell all that now
it feels weird
Even when I was
about to get knotted
My heart said
you are somewhere here
Even while getting knotted
Like they do in cinemas
I believed you will come
surprisingly and ask my hand
Nothing happened such
Wedding took place
And my heart broke after that
Whenever I feel low
All that comes to my mind is
that high school Ramachandra Theerthahalli
Sir, times up if you take out
the vehicle, I will close the gate
Sorry Ram
I was waiting to tell you
all these when we meet
With whom can I share all this?
Do not think I am telling this
to hurt you. Okay?
Nothing like that
I came near your college
to see you
Sent your name written on a paper
Are you not aware of all this?
When did you come?
Do not lie Ram
No Jaanu
I had really come
Really Ram?
Excuse me
Hey tell her dude
Second year BSc computer science Jaanu
Can you call S Janaki?
I need to talk to her
Is it love matter?
Nothing like that sister
They liked each other
since school days
There was a gap in between
Its a ladies college
Or else we would have came in
We have come all the way
from Bengaluru for this
You have come for this
all the way from Bengaluru?
Yes sister, we grew up
studying together
I pity you both
I will help you
I wont get into any
problem, right?
Not at all sister
We will just talk to her and leave
What is her name?
S Janaki
Give me your book
Write her fathers name
along with her name
Many girls will be in this college
with the same name
You go to class I will come
Okay then
What is your name?
Ramachandra N Teerrthahalli
Excuse me
Janaki Nagaraj
Yes it is me
There is a guy near the gate
waiting for you
Are you a messenger?
Is this why you come to college?
Tell me if you are not
interested in studies
I will talk to principal
and get you TC
Ill teach you a lesson
If you come again as a messenger
She saw you and
scolded me very badly
It would be nice
if you talk to her directly
Tell me
Can you do me one last favour?
Whats that?
Tell her that I wont disturb
her anymore
Wait, why do you over react?!
Will talk to her
when she comes out
No need
Anything might have happened
in four years
Come lets go
Listen to me
I forgot to ask your name
Thanks Geetha
What is the room number of
the person who came just now
216 Sir
Thank you
Do not come in
No I am here only
Jaanu are you okay?
I didnt see you that day
Do not cry
Jaanu please
Please Jaanu don't cry
Do not cry please
I did not see
I really did not see you
I promise
I did not see you
I swear Ram
I swear
Excuse me
Janaki Nagaraj?
Yes its me
A guy is waiting for you
near the gate
Are you a messenger?
You come to college for this?
Tell me if you are
not interested in studies
I will talk to principal
and get your TC
Ill teach you a lesson
If you come again as a messenger
Why did this happen Ram?
Even you because of me
How can I think
you dont like me?
No matter what, I should
have met you that day
I hurried
It is all my fault
If that girlm entioned your name that day
Everything would have changed
Everything would have changed
It is all my fate
But why we had to know
this truth now?
We could have believed that
that was the truth
But I wouldnt have come to know that you lived
in my memories and you came in search of me
One more pain added to my list
How come?!
What made you want to express after four years
which you didnt when we were together
Everyday I felt like expressing
But I was kind of hesitating
I am not as intelligent as Jaanu
I cant sing like Jaanu
So I never dared
Dont know what happened that day
I felt like I might die
if I dont express today
So I made my mind
Came to your college that day
By the way
I wanted to ask you
How did you know that
I studied in that college?
Is this a question?
I somehow got to know
That is what! How?
You were in Bengaluru right?
I assigned boys over there
I was getting updates
of your whereabouts
Whenever I wanted to see you
I used to ride to Mangalore
I would wait till
your classes gets over
I followed you after your classes
I used to hid myself
whenever you turned around
When you got angry on someone
I thought you got angry on me
I knew everything except that one
What do you know
Tell me
You scored 558 in SSLC
372 in PUC
You gave a treat to all your
friends on your birthday
There you sang
kelisade kallu kallinali
After that your dad got you admitted you to
the course which you were not interested
So you fasted for four days
I came to know about it
But that old man didnt understand
I wanted to say I came to know
but not your dad
2001 you had typhoid
2005 you had jaundice
It attacked you exactly
during your exam time
And one guy used to
follow you all the time
I mean that straight hair guy
Someone beat him very badly
then he got admitted in a hospital
A complaint was lodged
in a police station
That someone was me
And other than me
three guys loved you
And you wore a saree
for the first time on annual day
That Rama green saree
You were tensed that
it might fall off
On the other hand you were shy
that everybody was looking at you
That day
You know how you looked?!
Show it again
And next I saw you like that was
When you wore a saree
on your wedding
Blue colour silk saree
As you thought
I attended your wedding
I stood in a corner in that crowd
I couldnt be stay
till tying the knot
I ran away as far as possible
from that sound and wedding hall
Sorry sir I am late
No, you came at the right time
Can I serve you Sir?
No I will do it
Okay I will leave
I will come at three
and call you
You get ready and come down
I will drop you to Airport
I want to tell you something
Come here
Tell me from there
That is okay, I will be here
Come here and sit
It took twenty years
To see this face
That too for one night
We should thank God for this
But I will do that tomorrow
Dont say you sleep now
Ill come tomorrow
I want to be with you
Thats it
Got it?
When a flower
blossoms in the lawn
This soul remembers you
In the silence of this midnight
This heart remembers you
Is it possible to forget...
The fist love?
Memories are safe
in abode of the Heart
when a flower blossoms in the lawn
This soul remembers you
You always wander
in my heart forever
You are the word which is chanted
by this soul all the time
You are a mark which
cant be erased
You are the memory which
I cant remember to forget
You know me better than
I know myself
You know me better
You know me better
when a flower blossoms in the lawn
This soul remembers you
I am done!
My students are here
Can I have a table for three?
So what?
What if they see us together?
Are they coming this way?
No they are not seeing this side
But we are supposed exit
from there only right?
Oh God! What shall I do now?
I will be in wash room
Call me once they leave, please
Sir, wash room
This is kitchen
Where is wash room?
That side
Thank you
Give me that menu card
What shall we order?
I will have a cappuccino
Sir you?!
Hey hi
What are you doing here?
Sir I saw you when I was there
I could not recognise you
You look so young
This look suits you well
What are you doing at this time?
It is late night already!
Sir it is Suchis birthday today
We are here to celebrate
Oh! Happy birthday to you
Thank you Sir
Wont your parents say anything
if you are out late night
Sir the thing is
Sir, is she your wife?
Hi maam
We are all Ram Sirs students
Ya I know
He just told me
Actually we did not know
Sir is married
Nothing like that
Its a love marriage
so we did not tell anyone
Love marriage!?
Why? what happened?
We are unable to believe that
Sir is married
And moreover love marriage
is unbelievable
What makes you say that?
Then what maam
We are not allowed to see
Not allowed to talk
We are not allowed to laugh
Enough of talking
Leave now
You will cross the limit
Why are you stopping them?
You come and sit
No they are
See maam
Even when you are here
I will take care of that
You carry on
Ya where was I?
You are not allowed to laugh
Ya no laughing, no sleeveless
My father is far better than him
He is like that only
I will ask him to behave gently
to girls hereafter. Okay?
Maam, how did Sir fall in love?
Ours is school time love
We are in love since
high school days
School days?
Are you shy?
Maam when did you accept?
Same day, that very moment
As soon as he proposed
You could have made him wait for
one week for your beauty
But that day he was
my everything to me
Even now
Maam how did Sir propose to you?
Please tell us maam
We will just listen to this
and leave
As a birthday gift maam
School life was too good
We were happy
During that time
But in 10th Ram shifted to
Bengaluru unexpectedly
He didnt inform me in advance
All the laughter washed away ih tears
I couldnt forget him even after
joining college
It was very difficult for me
My heart always told me
That my Ram will come
to me one fine day
That he will come for me
Though nothing happens around us
Our conscience will hint that
some thing will happen
I experienced it on that day
Excuse me
Second year BSc computer science
S Janaki Nagaraj will be there
Can you call her please
I need to talk to her
Is it love matter?
Yes, it is love matter
I will help you
What is your name?
Geetha, do not be scared
I will take care
if there is any problem
Second year BSc computer science
S Janaki Nagaraj will be there
Go tell her that
Ramachandra Teerthahalli has come
Janaki Nagaraj!?
Ramachandra Teerthahalli is
waiting for you near the gate
I never dreamt of the rest
which happened later
My Ram came in search of me
I forgot this world within a second
As soon as I heard the name
Ramachandra Teerthahalli
My body started shivering
I could not walk
I ran
I saw him after four years
You are a sinner
I waited for so long!
I became alive again
by seeing you
All that school kid
get up had gone
That beard and moustache
He came and stood like a lion cub
For my sake
For this Jaanu
I had four questions memorised
to ask him
My life is fulfilled now
In your arms
My world is magical now
You are in front of me
like happiness of the whole world
You stood in front of me
You heard right?
Come now
Now leave
Okay, take care
Hey, come here
Cant you celebrate
at home at 10?
Do you have to come out
at 12 to celebrate?
Go home and text me
once you reach
Nice pair
Go now
Sir, good night
Good night, bye
Go, reach home safe
You come out in the night!
Jaanu, shall we leave?
Getting late
Ram, where next?
Jaanu shall I tell you something
if you dont mind?
Thank God!
Tell me
Hotel is quite far from here
Hey, tell me what it is
Hotel is quite far from here
Nothing, let us go to hotel
Oh gosh! tell me
Hotel is quite far from here
My flat is nearby
so shall we go there?
What do you think of me Ram?
No Sorry, I did not
mean the wrong way
It seemed like it will rain
And flat is nearby so I told you
Okay I will book the cab
lets go to hotel
No not here
The one who danced in front of
Vishwamitra to disturb his penance
What was her name?
There are two more along with her
whats their names?
Rambe, Urvashi
All three can be left with you
for a night in the same outfit
You will not do
something special
You will safely take care of them
I've trimmed moustache and beard so I look like that to you
Oh, otherwise?
I look the same otherwise
come now
This is
Ramachandra Teerthahallis house!
Very nice
It got wet here
Thats okay
Ram, where is bath room?
Go straight, take right
I will bring the towel
I brought clothes
I have kept it here
Shall I keep towel
and soap down here
There is a soap is here
I use that soap
You have no skin disease right?
Yuck, I dont have such
Will you please dry this out
This is towel
I will tell you something
you must listen
You should not be like this
You should get married
You should have a family
I want to see your kids
I want to pamper them
I want to see your wife
I should first know who it is
I want to tell her one thing
Nobody can be like him
I want to order her to
take good care of you
Shall I order food now?
We didnt have anything in hotel
I am starving
I am not hungry
I am hungry
How is it?
It tastes like moms cooking
Are you happy in life?
After a very long time
Mad! I didnt ask about today
I asked you generally
You sound like my mom!
I felt like asking so I asked
I felt hard in the beginning
I got struck in Singapore
I didnt know what to do
so cried in front of God everyday
But he is too good
He is good father to my daughter
He understands before
I say anything to him
There is nothing like lacking
If you ask me if I am happy
I can say I am in peace
Now you are feeling like
saying something
But you wont
Jaanu you sit, I will bring light
Theerthahalli smell!
How come you have kept
everything safely?
This is yours
How did this come to you?
I has legs so it came walking
Hey, I stole it
That is what, how?
You used to leave it behind
while going to PT classes
I observed it
And I took it
Hey no
It will break
I found this
No no
Hey give it to me
Show me
Is that a love letter?
Then why are you hiding?
Bloody you!
Is it a poem?!
About me?
Give it to me
You will laugh if you read it
I laugh at myself in fact
Who will write poem on me?
Only you mwill
You read it
Dear Jaanu
We were chirping birds in school
Some were kaav kaav
and some were cheev cheev
There was a Cuckoo
Whenever that bird sang
my heart fainted
My heart fainted
I long to see the face
of that Cuckoo
My heart was scared deep inside
Disease of that smile
cant be cured
Until you finish singing
That naughty shy is
playing swing in you plates
That naughty shy is
playing swing in you plates
O the one who coloured my emotions
Why do I need a mirror
when I have your eyes?
Why do I need a mirror
when I have your eyes?
Black between white snow
When those bright eyes move
I wrote this poem from
the bottom of my heart
From the bottom of my heart
With love Ramachandra
You have not slept yet?
Come up
I am used to sleep on mat
Will you come up or not?
Tell me your e-mail id
height and weight and everything
Let's search a girl for you
No need
Why no need?
I cant marry anybody else
after falling in love with S Janaki Nagaraj
Didnt I love Ramachandra
Teerthahalli and married to Nitin?
Anything is possible
tell me
Tell me
Is it jaanuiloveyou?
Time up?
Another fifteen minuets
That girl said something
in restaurant
Ya that girl was saying something
in ears, what was that?
She said Sir is a good man
Take good care of him
I know Sir is too good
She asked me to
take good care of you
So, I dont know what to do
Shall we leave?
Feels like I am alive
for the first time
Feels like death is next to me
Even the shadow
is sweating in night!
Corpse of dreams are in my eyes
So what If I dont get you
I am happy that I am in
the same world where you live
Good bye to you
Before asking
I ask you a small favour
Give me an idea to live without you
Ill remember this night
till the end
What is the name of this night?
Every breath is bearing the agony
in the womb of happiness
The burden in the heart
is like scratching the wound
In whom shall we seek justice?
Ill remember this night
till the end
Ill spend few more minutes
with you
You are already late
for the flight Jaanu
Please Ram!
You do not look at me like that
Where are you going?
I will be back in a minute
I have bought a ticket
in your flight
Ill be with you till you
board the flight
If you keep crying like this
Wipe your tears
When Sun leaves the sky
for no reason
Look O lord of Earth
You left this poor soul
in the middle of no where
Leaving agony behind
Before you go far away
Tell me the reason