A 2nd Hand Lover (2015) Movie Script

Wow! Amazing!
What a beautiful place.
I'm meeting my lover at such
a place for the first time.
I'm overjoyed.
Why hasn't he come yet?
Damn it! Come fast.
I want to see you.
He's coming..
Come fast. I'm waiting.
Kiss me before I see you.
What happened to you?
Anjali, what is this!
Do you think that this
is a scary house?
You watch horror films all night
and scream here.
No, sir. Actually..
- What!
My boyfriend kissed
me in my dream..
Stop it. Aren't you
ashamed to say such things?
Girls these days
lack common sense.
What nonsense! Sit down.
Never repeat it in my class.
Sit down.
That's enough. You're washing
it from the last 30 minutes.
What did you eat?
Gross, the stench isn't going
no matter how much I wash it.
Stench? What stench?
Can't you tell me properly?
I said someone kissed
me in my dreams, right?
You did. So?
He was so ugly.
He seemed like a drain monster.
His teeth were like rotten fish.
They were just disgusting.
He kissed you in your dreams
but you're acting like
he actually kissed you.
So you finally got a boyfriend.
He and my boyfriend?
How should your boyfriend be?
Should he be like him?
- Be like whom?
Him? Anjali's lover
should be handsome.
He should be tall and husky.
He should be handsome
with beautiful eyes.
I must be swept off my feet
the moment I see him.
I should feel I'm lucky
the moment I see him.
He shouldn't set eyes
on any other girl.
Hey, all that's okay.
But it's hard to find a guy
who'll meet your last condition.
Why not?
There will surely be a guy
who will meet my expectations
in this vast world.
And I will most certainly find him.
Who knows where he is..
'Dejected lover commits suicide.'
'This morning, a youth committed
suicide on the tracks.'
'The police are trying
to identify the body.'
'The sight of the body'
'is unbearable.'
Hello, Keshav.
- Tell me, sir.
Is Ajay there?
- No, sir.
It's been two days
since I met him.
Hey, Chandru,
did you see Ajay?
Why, sir?
Where is he?
- Is it urgent?
I didn't see him since morning.
And his phone was switched off.
I'm paralysed in fear.
Didn't Ajay inform you about it?
- About what?
"Hey, let's go."
"One, two.."
"One, two, three, four."
"No petrol in the bike."
"No balance in the phone."
"No money in the wallet."
"This is common."
"But why.."
"Why do girls ditch us?"
"There's no solution
for this problem."
"Hello, the heart is empty."
"But we still enjoy."
"Hello, the heart is empty."
"But we still enjoy."
"No petrol in the bike."
"No balance in the phone.'
"No money in the wallet."
"This is common."
"Hello, the heart is empty."
"But we still enjoy."
"To throw a party for friends"
"ask them for loans."
"The heart is empty.."
"The heart is empty.."
"Drink like a fish in the bar."
"Dash out when the
bill is given."
"This is how we live."
"Who is going to question us?"
"Somebody tell me now"
"how do I look,
hottie naughty baby?"
"Hello, the heart is empty."
"But we still enjoy."
"No petrol in the bike."
"No balance in the phone.'
"No money in the wallet."
"This is common."
"That's right."
"I chat all night"
"and sleep in the classroom."
"The heart is empty.."
"The heart is empty.."
"Our job is to try."
"If girls reject us,
it's their misfortune."
"We'll be 18 even
if we grow old."
"We'll perform somersaults."
"Somebody tell me now"
"how do I look,
hottie naughty baby?"
"Hello, the heart is empty."
"But we still enjoy."
"No petrol in the bike."
"No balance in the phone.'
"No money in the wallet."
"This is common."
"But why.."
"Why do girls ditch us?"
"There's no solution
for this problem."
"Hello, the heart is empty."
"But we still enjoy.."
"Hello, the heart is empty."
"But we still enjoy.."
You're dancing even
after the song ended.
That's what makes me special.
Can you do it?
You can't, can you?
Hey, Ajay..
You've switched off your phone
without even informing me.
Do you know how scared I was?
But I wasn't?
What's made you scared?
I switched the cell off because
I didn't want to be disturbed.
Have you packed the luggage? - Yes.
Where are you off to?
- To Bengaluru. - Why?
Dad, the rock band championship
will be held in Bengaluru.
How can you go so soon!
There's only 45 days left.
We must practice in Bengaluru
and complete the formalities.
We need to check out
where the finals will be held.
And we need to present our
demo reel to them. - Yes..
To hell with it.
I'm not going to send you alone
anywhere, no matter what.
Come on, sir.
He's not going alone.
We're all accompanying him.
- I'm going too.
Where will you stay?
What will you eat?
Dad, we'll book a hotel.
It's no big deal.
No, dear.. If you eat in
the hotel all the time
what will become of your health?
Dad, don't worry about a thing.
We've arranged everything.
Do you have to go, dear?
- Yes, Dad.
You must all stay in my friend
Rajesh's house.
Do we have a deal?
- Great. Superb. - Okay.
Damn him, does he have
no better business?
He's come again.
He's behind me all the time.
I feel like killing him.
What can I do?
I'm scared of him.
Come fast..
- Anju.
I take great troubles
every day to meet you.
But you don't
reciprocate my feelings.
Is this appropriate?
Anju, why do you stress out?
I'm there. Take it easy.
I'll handle him.
What's your problem?
As you know, I've been
stalking her for days.
But she's never talked to me.
My heart stings.
If she doesn't look at you,
what does it mean?
It means she doesn't like you,
Actually, she likes me.
But she's shy to accept it.
Has she ever said
that she likes you? - No.
Why is that?
- I don't know.
Then you should try
to learn it, isn't it?
How do I do it?
- Anjali is different.
How do I make her love me?
If you do nothing,
she'll fall in love with you.
How is that?
- It's just like that.
These girls are curious
about decent and aloof guys.
If you follow her like a dog
she won't like it.
To top that, she's not in a good
mood. - Is that so? - Yes.
Then tell me when she
has feelings for me.
I'll meet her then. - Okay.
I'll leave, Anju darling.
He's gone.
- God! Good riddance.
Are you happy now?
But why were you chatting with
him instead of scolding him?
If you reject him outright,
he might attack you with acid.
Or stab you to death.
Always evade when possible.
We must use tactics to get
out of slippery situations.
So does that mean he
won't bother me again?
For the time being, yes.
But I can't say anything
about the future.
We'll handle it then.
I'll leave. Bye. - Okay, bye.
Good riddance.
Oh, shit!
'Damn it. He saw me.'
Hey, hello.
I'm talking to you.
'Damn it!'
'I don't know what
he'll tell me.'
Hey, you've damaged the car and
are trying to give me the slip.
You're going even though
I'm calling out to you.
What's the big idea?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Are you deaf?
Hello, wasn't it you
who tossed this? - No.
So you kicked it?
- Yes.
The garage will demand
Rs. 10,000.
Who'll pay for it?
- Oh, no.
I'm talking to you and you're
standing like a statue.
Did you miss the huge car?
Are you blind?
Always evade when possible.
We must use tactics to get
out of slippery situations.
Yes, sir. Sorry. I can't see.
I'm blind.
I lost my vison by birth.
Are you really blind?
Why should I lie about it?
May God pluck both my eyes
if I'm lying.
Hey, I'm so sorry.
I shouted at you
without knowing.
You should have
brought someone along.
My regular auto didn't come.
It's okay, sir.
I'll leave.
Hello, excuse me.
Hang on. Please.
Drop her where she wants.
Take care. She's blind.
Please sit.
There's no need for an
auto, sir. I'll walk back.
No problem.
It's hard enough to navigate
the city with eyes.
So I can't imagine how difficult
it is for you. Take it.
Thank you very much.
- No problem.
I totally fooled a person.
This is the first for me.
It was really fun.
That's enough of staring.
Shut up. I feel like
gazing at her for eternity.
Her strand of hair
amazes me.
Her gaze pierces my heart.
Her eyebrows are
shaped like a bow.
Her smile can teach
the breeze to speak.
I feel like listening to her
forever when she talks.
I'm fortunate to be able to
set eyes on this Beauty Goddess.
She's my world.
Without her,
the whole world is barren.
Come here, Swati.
Come here, Swathi..
You're flipping out
after hearing the word, Swati.
Haven't you forgotten her
after all these years?
No, I won't forget her
till my dying breath.
For she's my breath.
Passcode, please.
- Passcode?
What's that?
It's a new thing we've created.
You can't get in without
the code word.
If I get in,
you'll all be finished.
Open the door.
- All right, come in.
Hey, are you playing games?
It was all just
for a bit of fun.
Why are you so late?
What were you doing till now?
You said you'd return soon.
But did you tour
whole of Bengaluru?
Damn it. Don't get me started
about Bengaluru traffic.
I see. - Everything's
a one way.
There are no free lefts or rights.
It's all a big mess.
That's why the elders said
you need a partner.
What? - I mean a guide.
What a huge mall.
Even the whole day isn't
sufficing for shopping
That's why they say Bengaluru
has transformed from
Garden city to Mall city.
Whom are you threatening?
You not only crashed into us
but are also making a fuss.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Hey, are you calling me blind?
I can see better than you.
How dare you call me blind?
Ma'am, forgive me.
I touched by mistake. Forget it.
Why should I forget it?
Hey, come fast.
Damn you! Stop there.
Hey, what's wrong? Hey, Ajay.
Why are you running, Anju?
Tell me what it is.
- I'll tell you.
Wait.. - Run. Run fast.
I'm not able to run anymore.
Why are you running like this?
Stop it.
Oh. no! My bag.
Why did you chase
her like that"?
Did you know them?
No, the coke can I kicked
damaged his mirror.
He said it will take
Rs. 10,000 to repair it.
She pretended to be
blind and cheated me.
And I gave her
Rs. 100 for the auto rickshaw.
What if he asks me to return
Rs. 100? How can I give it?
I already spent it.
She cheated me.
I won't spare her.
Don't spare her.
These Bengaluru girls
are over smart.
They know how to fool
others very well.
Is that it? I thought things
were more complicated.
if he comes before you again.
Tell him you don't know him.
And I'm not the one
you are looking for.
You've mistaken me
for someone else.
And tell him off.
All right, I'll do it.
Good girl. Come.
Hello, who is it?
That doesn't matter.
The reason I called you matters.
Why did you call me?
The place where you should
meet us is more important.
Hello who are you, mister?
And why should I come?
Your ID card, Voter ID, purse..
If you want these back,
you must come.
If you don't,
I'll complain to the police that
you cheated me of not Rs. 100 but a
lakh by pretending to be blind.
Police station?
Yes.. - Oh, God!
Passcode, please.
If you want the door to open,
you must say the passcode.
What is that?
I don't know anything about it.
The door will open only
if you act like a demoness.
What! A demoness?
I'm a demoness. I won't
spare you. I'll kill you.
With dance and more energy.
I'm a demoness. I won't
spare you. I'll kill you.
Who's this?
Is she mad?
Hello, excuse me.
Who is she?
She looks like a demoness!
I should be careful.
She's mad.
Sorry, sir.
I didn't do it intentionally.
Then did you do it
I don't like the ones who lie.
You really know how to
pretend like a blind person.
Sorry, sir.
You misused my innocence.
Please give back my
college ID and purse.
Else, I'll be in trouble. Please.
Give me Rs. 10,000 and
Rs. 100 that I gave you.
And then you can
take back your purse.
I bought ice cream
for my friends
with the money that you gave me.
Hey, you burnt my money
and coolly ate ice cream.
Tell me who your dad is.
I'll take my money from him.
Rs. 10,000.
Hey, do you know the
value of Rs. 10,000?
You fool. It's Rs. 10,000.
Rs. 10,000! Oh, no.
Do you know how hard it is to
earn Rs. 10,000?
Sir, please don't complain
to my dad..
We should punish her
for her mistakes.
Let's do it this way..
What? - Let's bury her.
What do we get out of it?
We need money.
So, let's use her..
I beg you.
Please don't do that to me.
I don't have any experience
in it. Please, sir..
Business is not
what you think it is.
It is selling vegetables.
Sir.. I won't lie and cheat
anyone ever in my life.
Please give back my ID and purse.
I will give. - Please, sir..
Before that,
you have to perform a task.
What is it?
Let her work. She'll understand.
It's done, sir. I've done
everything you wanted me to.
Please, it's time for me to go
home. Give my purse back to me.
Take it. But take out a pen
and paper first.
Write what I tell you.?
- What should I write?
Apology letter.
- Apology letter?
I've committed a mistake.
- What mistake did you do?
Hey, shut up.
You have..
What was it?
I've committed a mistake.
That's what I wanted to say..
I've committed a mistake.
You continue..
I won't repeat it.
I will not cheat anyone.
If I lie and cheat anyone
I'll come to your home
and do household chores.
What? Should I come to your home
and do household chores
if I lie and cheat anyone?
Hey, you shouldn't object.
You have to just write it.
Or else, I'll complaint
to the police.
Hey, I got it.
Beats guitar.
- Where is it located?
Jayanagar 7th block, 4th main,
3rd cross.
Yes. That's near to my college.
I dug my own grave.
I don't keep quiet! Oh, no.
Until I clear the debt
of Rs. 10,000
I'll come and do everything you
want me to.
Write that you will serve us.
Serve you?
Sir.. - Hey!
Why are you addressing him
as sir? Address him as boss..
Hey, will you write it or not?
- I'll write it, boss.
Take it.
Buy some chocolates for
yourself. Have fun. - ID?
You shouldn't ask for it until
I give it back to you.
If you ask for it again,
things will take a bad turn.
Get going.
What else do I have to do?
Excuse me. Hello..
"What is it.."
Why do I find her everywhere?
Is she a ghost? The legs are
in the right state.
Oh, God. I'm safe.
My body is aching.
'Where had she been to?'
'Did the guys in the opposite
flat take her on a date?'
'My legs are paining too.'
'I'm 100 percent sure that she
had gone with them.'
'She's saying that
her body aches.'
'Let me try once.'
Hello. - What? - Nothing.
Are you going to the ground floor?
"I didn't get sleep.."
'She's looking at me.'
'She wants it.'
You're looking very beautiful.
You've put on a good perfume.
Thank you.
She smiled at me..
It's set.
Darling, let's do one thing.
Both of us..
Oh, no. Where did she go?
This is the best place.
We can watch the movie
comfortably in an AC theatre.
Wow, super. Shall we watch
'Bhajrangi' movie? - Okay.
Shall we watch 'Bhajrangi' movie?
- Yes. - Okay.. - Let's go.
Hey, you have to pay
for the tickets.
Hello. - You should be in front
of me in 10 minutes.
"Did you invite trouble?"
Yes, boss.
"Did you invite trouble?"
- Hello.
"Have you had enough of it?
Is it too much to take?"
"You tried to outsmart them
but became a fool instead."
"You tried to trouble them
but got into trouble yourself."
Hello. Yes, boss.
Anju. - Yes. - Do you know the
RK complex in Basavanagudi?
I don't know.
- You must be aware of it.
You're roaming around lately.
- Am I?
No, I'm not. I had some work,
so I had been there.
Do you work in PVR,
Mantri mall and Orion mall?
Recently you were with a guy
in Mantri mall!
Are you in love?
No. That isn't the case.
Won't you introduce us
to your boyfriend?
Hey, stop it.
You call him as my lover?
My relative had
visited me recently.
I had accompanied him because he
might get confused. That's it.
You're just bluffing with me.
I can see it in your eyes.
Oh, no..
'She's a goner."
'She's done for.'
Kavya, you're a goner..
- What is it?
Hey, can't you be careful
while you're riding?
What were you thinking?
I'm so sorry, sir.
It was a mistake.
I'll pay for the repairs.
You don't have to do that.
It's just a scratch.
Give me Rs. 300.
That's it?
Who would be responsible if you
had sustained injuries?
Be careful while you ride.
Okay, sir. Thank you so much.
Sir, will you demand just Rs. 300
for the damage? - Yes.
If this glass is broken,
how much would it cost?
Rs. 1000.
If the glass of
Renault Duster is broken?
It would cost Rs. 2000.
That's it? - Why are you asking?
'Did he fool me?'
'Who has vandalised
my car's windshield?'
Am I your servant?
Are you my boss?
I'll haunt you like a ghost
even in next life.
What the..
What? Will you cut my call?
He's calling again.
I'll teach you a lesson.
You fool. Where are you?
Hey, you fool.
I'll come to your college
and hit you.
Wait for it.
I'm so sorry.
Damn you..
Hey, you..
Hey, wait up.
Where are you going?
Bye. - Where will you go? I have
your wallet. You will come back.
Why haven't you told me about
all this until now?
If I had told you.
It would've been embarrassed.
Are you being rewarded now?
You fool.
They used you
because you're a fool.
Okay. Come on. Let's lodge
a complaint against them.
No. Let's not do that.
They lied to me and so did I.
That's even stevens.
Then why should we make an issue
out of it?
So what do you want to do?
I don't know.
I've to get back my ID, purse
and apology letter at any cost.
Okay. Let's go and ask for it.
If I go, they might fight.
We've to plan something else.
Isn't it? - Yes.
This is the ground where
the finals would take place.
Ajay, there are 15 days left
before our dreams
to turn into reality.
Eight qualifying rounds.
The two teams who become
victorious in those rounds
will enter the finals.
Ajay, we will be one
of the finalists.
We have to be.
Because that's
our dream and aim.
People from far away towns
will come
to watch the show.
It's going to be
a great feeling to perform
in front of such a crowd.
I'm very excited, buddy.
I'm waiting for that moment.
The applause
screams and whistles. Wow.
Buddy, she wasn't picking
our calls since a week
and we didn't meet her.
She's coming now.
what do you think of yourself?
What do you think of yourself?
Are you a ghost to haunt me
even in my next life?
Will you write it
on the windshield?
And she's mocking me by sending
an MMS. - Is it?
Have you grown so bold?
Are you a gentleman?
Even you have cheated me.
You said that it costs Rs. 10,000
whereas it was just Rs. 1000.
This is the reason for
her anger. Tit for tat.
So what? Will you hit me?
Will you hit me?
Come on. Hit me..
I don't care.
Give back my ID and purse.
And tear up the apology letter.
- I won't give it back.
And I won't tear it up. So what?
According to the apology letter,
the time is not up.
How can we give it back? - Yes.
- Two and half months are left.
I don't care.
I need my ID and purse.
Hey, I've told you once.
Don't you get it?
Will you complain to the police?
Do it.. - Go ahead..
Hey, what's wrong?
Do you think you can exploit
a girl just because she's alone?
Sir, they are not
giving my ID back.
They have made me sign
a fake apology letter and are
not returning my items.
Hey, can't you give it back?
This is between us.
Don't interfere.
If you try to
threaten me..
I'll hit you.
Give back her items.
Hey, who the hell are
you to question us?
You bugger.
- Oh, no..
You bugger.
Hey! - Let's run.
Giri.. - Oh, God..
Anjali, you'll be all right.
Calm down.
Hey, Giri. Pick her up.
Make it fast.
- That end. Come on..
Don't worry, Anjali.
You'll be all right.
'I came to get you into trouble.
But you're saving my life!'
Calm down. You'll be all right.
I'll take care. Go, sit down.
'I troubled her a lot.
It's my mistake.'
'Even though I tortured her by
not returning her ID'
'but Anjali sacrificed herself
to save my life.'
'I'm the reason for her plight.'
I love you.
I love you.
I was looking for my
prince charming all these days.
I'm happy to know that it's you.
I love you..
"I'm a newbie in the love-school."
"Hold my hand
and show me around."
"When it's dark in the night"
"I want you to find my shadow."
"I want you to introduce
me around."
"I'll try to introduce you too."
"Because I don't know
who I am anymore."
"Because I don't know
who I am anymore."
"I want you to re-introduce me"
"to myself."
"to myself."
"I'm a newbie in the love-school."
"Hold my hand,
and show me around."
"When you're faraway"
"I always have so much
to discuss with you."
"But when you get closer
and smile at me"
"I'll be mesmerised."
"You enjoy teasing me."
"You enjoy teasing me, don't you?"
"You know that I know everything."
"So stop pretending."
"So stop pretending."
"I'm a newbie in the love-school."
"Hold my hand,
and show me around."
"I found my image in your eyes,
which is a black-white mirror."
"Thinking of you
makes me float on cloud nine."
"I've no idea
what I'll do without you."
"The need of the hour is"
"exchanging our hearts."
"exchanging our hearts."
"I'm a newbie in the love-school."
"Hold my hand,
and show me around."
"When it's dark in the night"
"I want you to find my shadow."
"I want you to introduce
me around."
"I'll try to introduce you."
"Because I don't know
who I am anymore."
"Because I don't know
who I am anymore."
"I want you to re-introduce me"
"to myself."
"to myself."
'What message should I be sending?'
You got a message from Nagavalli.
She must have recovered. - Anjali?
Anjali has sent a message.
What does it say?
Don't get excited.
The message isn't for you.
Read it out loud.
Today, I'm alive because of you.
I can't thank you enough.
You're a very good man.
I'm very sorry for the trouble.
I won't lie or cheat people.
She's a poor girl.
You see, she has sent you
a thank you message.
She's an innocent girl.
I'm grateful to you.
Thank you very much.
Sorry for the trouble.
Yours faithfully, Nagavalli.
Okay. Give it to me.
'Please don't be sorry.'
'Be cool. I'm going to surprise
you tomorrow.'
What it could be?
Is it Ajay's birthday?
No one's here.
Where could they have gone?
No one's around.
Happy birthday, Anjali.
Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday..
Happy birthday to dear Anjali.
Happy birthday to you.
Come on. - Happy birthday.
Cake is ready.
Where are the candles?
- I forgot to get them.
Are you ready for the cake cutting?
Yes. - Ready..
It's here.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Hey, Anjali.
Why are you crying?
Is anything wrong, Anjali?
- Is it cake-cutting?
I never celebrated my birthday
until today.
This is my first
birthday celebration.
I belong to a middle class family,
I'm not used to such things.
We can't choose our place of birth.
But a person with a big heart
is a rich person.
You are a free bird.
We have decided
to stop ragging you, hereafter.
Anjali, don't be so innocent.
Being sensitive
is dangerous to you.
Be bold and concentrate
on your studies.
Be prepared for the worse.
They will attack you
as long as you're vulnerable.
By the way,
if we had hurt you
I know you were hurt.
But we're really sorry for that.
We did all that teasing
and ragging for fun.
And today
I'm tearing up
this agreement finally.
Anjali, I want you
to visit us often.
Hey, what are you doing?
Anjali, I'll tell you what,
don't waste your time visiting us.
Where did I put it.
Many many happy returns of the day.
A small gift from me.
May God bless you.
Take care. Good bye.
Are we both done with each other?
Will I not be able
to meet you again?
I have to see you.
"Is this how one feels"
"after saying goodbye
to the lover."
"Like a death of a flower
before blossoming."
"Like disappearing of dark clouds
without a single drop of rain."
"Is it all over?"
"Before I could
share my feelings with him."
Why are you late?
Workload is more today.
Your dad doesn't give me
a helping hand.
Being a girl child you're suppose..
Anjali, are you walking out on me?
What are you looking at? Let's go.
He is being subtle
about his feelings for me.
He has gifted me something
which I liked.
That means he loves me.
I'm very lucky. I love you.
I love you.
I love you, Ajay.
I have to express
my feelings for him today.
More I delay, more I get nervous.
I'm glad you are all here
earlier than I expected.
How about practising from today?
- Oh, yes..
"Let's sing when we're happy."
"Let's become one with our song."
- How are you doing, my son.
Dad, stop worrying about me.
You've sent my friends
before I could arrive here.
I can take care of myself.
- I didn't mean to offend you.
You won't be bored
if they are around.
I don't live alone here.
Giri and Vishwa stay with me.
Dad, I know
how much you care for me.
I'm doing absolutely fine.
Don't worry about me.
By the way, Dad. I want you
to watch me compete.
I'll not miss it for anything.
I know it's your dream.
I'll be there to witness
you win the competition.
Okay, dad, bye.
- Bye-bye.
This is a residential place,
do you know that?
Yes, I do. Is anything wrong, sir?
How dare you ask me questions!
There's unbearable noise
echoing from your home.
I can feel that
your house is vibrating.
I want to know what's happening
in there.
We are practising.
- Yes.
What are you practising?
Sir, please don't pretend.
Don't you know about our practise?
I bet you know all about it.
A girl keeps visiting him. Is he
talking about doing it with her?
It is not a sport
for you to practise and rehearse.
It is a kind of sport.
I never jump into anything
without proper practise
and rehearsal.
It will hurt me in future
if I don't practice, Sir.
Lack of practise
will lead to getting out sooner
than later, right?
Yes, sir. That's why we keep
practising till we sweat.
Sir, I'm getting late
for the practise. Bye.
He's sharing his sexual life
with me without any shame.
There's something fishy out here.
I should somehow
get a piece of this pie.
What is it, sir?
Excuse me
if you don't mind,
can I play along with you guys?
I do like your spirit, but
there's an age limit for that.
It's very demanding.
You need to be energetic for that.
You are too old for that.
You won't be able to do it..
I'm a young and energetic person.
I'm still a bachelor.
I do yoga two times a day.
I've got a fit body.
Yoga and gym is of no use
for what we do.
You've to join a school
to learn the basics.
Which school teaches sex?
Please let me join you guys.
I'm ready to shell out
any kind of money.
I'm a good tipper too.
I'll tip Rs. 100.
Hey, what does he want?
Why is he messing with us?
He wants to join us.
Ours is hand to mouth existence.
There's no room for another
member. Ask him to leave.
Somehow accommodate me, please.
Sir, we can't.
- Please try to understand.
I'll go after you.
- No, sir..
Jerks! They're not ready to share.
I must join this group
by hook or crook.
Who was that person at the door?
He's a secretary of the apartment.
Ask him to join some school.
He interrupted our practise.
- Yes..
He has clearly crossed the line.
You stay back.
I'll handle him.
She's look dangerous.
I hope she doesn't kill him.
'Who is she?
I've never seen her before.'
Who are you?
- Who are you?
What do you care?
Tell me why you're here.
Ajay. - What's your name?
- Nagavalli.
I'm Anjali..
Hey, Ajay.
Anjali is here for you.
What is she doing here?
Hi, Boss.
Hey, didn't I tell you
to not come here again?
I came here to..
Look, didn't I ask you
to concentrate on your studies?
Don't come back here.
Leave. Leave now.
'Why was he rude to me?'
'Why did he tell me
not to come here again?'
'Who's that girl?'
'I have never seen her before
with him.'
'She's so close with Ajay.'
Anjali, what's bothering you?
Tell me what happened? Did Slum
Manja mess with you again?
No, he didn't.
Then why are you depressed?
Anjali, what's wrong?
Why are you crying?
Tell me what happened?
Well, Anjali, there are
two kinds of men.
First kind, one who proposes
soon after falling in love.
Second kind, they are very shy
about taking their love.
They wait expect women
to propose to them.
But they will be
sending out signals.
For example, Ajay.
- Really?
Are you saying that he's
in love with me? - Yes.
But he got angry and told me
to not visit him again.
He was mad at me.
Not just him, all boys who are
in love behave in this way.
Because they don't want their
friends to know about it.
Don't take it to heart.
Tell him that you love him.
You mean me? - Do you want
me to propose to him or what?
Don't be a frightened chicken.
Stop playing who blinks first game
with your proposal.
If you further delay this,
it will be postponed forever.
I want you to propose to him now.
'Whoa! Anjali's here. It's been
a long time we saw her.'
Hey! Didn't I tell you to not
get her with you ever again.
Are you dumb?
I'm here because Anjali wants
to talk to you.
There's nothing to talk or mediate.
I've returned her ID card,
torn the agreement.
I've paid for her help.
Don't come after me,
go attend the classes.
There's nothing to talk about.
I'm warning you to not come
looking for me again.
Stop wasting your time like this
and get back to your studies.
Don't take it to heart.
Ajay, I think you overreacted.
All that she wanted was
to talk to you.
Yes, he's right.
I think she's hurt.
I don't mind. I'm hoping she will
stop courting me at least now.
I don't buy your logic.
There was no need to hurt her.
I hurt her because I don't want
her to be disturbed like me.
I'm trying to help her.
She's not disturbed, but you are.
Uh-oh! Now I know why you're
acting weird.
Hypothetically, if she walks
up to you and says
I love you.
We mean, there's a possibility
of that happening.
There's no room for anyone other
than Swathi, in my life.
I won't forget Swathi
till my last breath.
Don't try to make me get over her.
I'm not a womaniser.
You are my friends, how can you
talk to me like this?
Ajay, let me explain.
Please get off the car if you
still want to discuss that topic.
'Smoking and consumption of alcohol
are injurious to health.'
Girls, when your proposal is
turned down, you have to booze.
Was he very rude with you?
- Yes.
Snub him.
Ajay, Vijay or Sanjay.
There are a lot of men out there.
You know, who's hard to find?
A good girl.
There are three men for a woman
according to a survey.
You know what?
All men are hypocrites.
All men want to win
without any trade-off.
Men are nothing
but egoistic idiots.
Men think women are condoms, that's
why they use and throw us.
Look at me.
If a man smiles at me,
I'll just follow him.
I'll make him pay
for all my expenses.
Eventually, I'll empty his pockets.
Well, don't waste your time
by falling in love.
Love is just a waste of time!
Just go with a man. Like the
saying, just go with the flow.
Pick-up and Drop.
Shopping, movies and other
expenses. Make men cough up.
I still think Ajay
is a gem of a person.
I think, she isn't high.
Make her drink up another peg.
Drink up..
- Enough.
You must booze when your proposal
is turned down.
I'm feeling nauseous.
- That's normal. Drink up.
Pop this pickle,
you'll be all right.
Well, guys puke when they drink
too many pegs.
And girls vomit when they cross
the line with guys.
Do the bottoms up! You, help her.
- Drink up.
Drink up. It will help you
get over your depression.
Ajay is a gem of a person.
He'll always be a gem.
He's the best man I know.
I don't care much for what
you are saying. I love Ajay.
But I'll teach her a lesson.
How dare she questions me.
- Who?
She hangs out with Ajay
all the time.
Ajay started ignoring me after
becoming friends with her.
She's corrupted Ajay's mind.
I am going to teach her a lesson.
Forget about her. Calm down.
Ajay is in love with her. That's
why he's not interested in you.
Get over Ajay.
No way, Ajay's gold.
He's going to love me back.
I'm going to teach that witch
an unforgettable lesson.
You're in deep love with Ajay.
You didn't bad-mouth him a bit.
Ajay, I love you.
I'm madly in love with you.
I'll take her for a task right now.
Just sit down.
Do you have any idea
what you've done!
What happened there?
She has pulled off a great job.
I'll show you her achievements.
Dear, what are you doing?
- Look at it!
What is this?
What the hell is this!
Who's that boy?
My worst nightmare
has come true.
I know you got nothing
to do with it.
In this time and age, if a man
encounters an innocent woman
he will mostly end-up
taking advantage of her.
But, she's in love..
Sorry, Sir. It's not love.
It is infatuation.
Just infatuation.
Love. Infatuation.
I just don't get it.
I want you to resolve this issue.
Sir, excuse us for a minute.
Follow me.
Come with me for a minute.
What do you know about me?
Do you know where I was born? Do
you know why I came to this town?
All that I know is that I love you.
I don't need to know anything else.
Hey! It's not love.
It is infatuation.
I love that girl!
Infatuation can never
turn into love.
Do you know anything about my past?
No, you don't.
I'm not what I present myself
in the public.
Behind this smiley face,
there's a depressed mind.
You're not aware of it.
Hey, you guys over there!
Care to sing with me?
"Are you ready?
Just shake your body."
"Guys over there and everybody."
"Every day, dad gets mad at me."
"Don't mind him.
Let him get mad."
"This is my way of life.
I just do what my mind says."
"This is my way of living.."
"Come on, come on,
hey, check this out."
"I love updating
my Facebook profile."
"I don't mind failing in my exams."
"We come to college
to socialise."
"Sing to be happy."
"Sing to be happy."
"Every day, dad gets mad at me"
"Don't mind him.
Let him get mad."
"Sing to be happy."
"Sing to be happy."
"Are you ready?
Just shake your body."
"Guys over there and everybody."
"This is my way of life.
I just do what my mind says."
"This is my way of living.."
"Come on, come on.
Hey, hey, everybody."
"Be happy."
"Sing to be happy."
"Sing to be happy."
I was chit-chatting with my friends
after the inter-college fest.
I saw Swathi for the first time.
It was love at first sight.
I wasn't quite myself from then on.
Giri. - Yes? - Why Swathi has
not shown up yet?
I think the bus has
taken a week-off.
I don't think she will show up.
- Hey! - No point in waiting.
I've a strong feeling that she
will show up.
She is here.
You're idiots! Thank God I didn't
listen to you.
Let's move.. - She doesn't give him
two hoots but he still follows her.
Are you happy?
Are you contented?
This has become your routine
since six months.
She completely ignores you,
but you keep smiling back at her.
I don't think it's going to work.
Stop following her.
For how long are you going
to wait for her?
Try until you succeed.
- Succeed first. - Stop doing that.
What's it?
She came back
to take a peek at you.
- Who else, Swathi.
Look, if you lie,
I'm going kill you.
Did Swathi come out
to take a look at me?
How many times should I say?
I swear in my mother's name,
she took a peek at you.
I swear in my grandma's name,
she did.
I saw her peeking at you.
Are you sure?
- I'm positive.
Yes.. Swathi peeked at me.
Your six-months effort
has paid off.
She isn't turning around.
You told me she peeked yesterday.
Why isn't she peeking today?
Dude, have some patience.
- She will turn around.
I want you to just focus on her.
What if you don't notice when
she turns around?
Then you start acting like
a parrot saying, I missed it..
When she's peeking at you
walk up to her and blurt out,
I love you!
I don't want you to worry
about the consequences.
If things doesn't go as planned,
we will be in deep shit.
Dude, be an optimist.
She will take a look at you.
I'm positive about it. - What do
you think? - I think so too.
I'm optimistic about it too.
Are you sure?
- One hundred percent.
She peeked! My foot! - Stop it.
- Do you take me for a fool.
Not me. He thinks you're a fool.
I think you lied to me
to make me feel good.
She didn't peek for six months.
Why will she now?
Do you think I'm a fool who
decorates flowers on ears? - No..
If you had decorated
your ears instead
there would have been
a flower show by now.
Much before six months' time.
The truth is
she peeked at you, smiled and left.
Is it true?
- I swear on him. It's true.
I swear in my mother's name,
I'm not lying.
I'm telling you the truth.
Yes.. Yes!
Dude, she dropped something.
Dude, it's for you.
Fetch it for me.
Take it. Open it.
It's a fort's sketch.
Mr. Moron
pan upwards, there she has
mentioned the time 10:10 a.m.
She wants me to meet her
at the fort.
What kind of a lover are you?
You're trying to get my attention
for the past six months.
You follow me all the time
like my shadow.
Do you like me so much?
You're not brave enough
to walk up to me and say hi.
How did you fall in love with me?
I had to smile at you
to put ideas in your head.
Otherwise, you'd have never
spoken to me.
Are you scared of me or something?
I'm sick and tired
of waiting for you.
You made quite an impression on me
in the inter-college fest.
It was love at first sight.
I was participating in a drawing
competition in the fest.
You stirred up feelings in me
the moment I set my eyes on you.
And then I was successful
winning your heart.
I thought of telling you
how I feel about you.
Before I could do that,
you started courting me.
When you sent your friend Aishwarya
to know about me
I knew she was your spy.
So I hesitated to cooperate.
I pretended as if I don't know
anything about you.
I've stored up my love for you
in my heart.
I was waiting for a day like this
to express my feelings for you.
I would like to know
how much you love me?
Are you crazy about me?
Can you die for me?
Can you jump from
a mountain peak for me?
Come on, talk to me.
I've been talking
since a long time now
but you're silent!
If I hadn't smiled at you
would you live your life like this?
Or would you have got over me
and looked for another girl?
If you had planned
to woo another girl
who's hotter, sexier,
more cute and slimmer than me.
And if I had seen you in another
college with another girl
I would've killed you right there.
"Why do we need a knife.."
"Do we need a snake.."
"Why do we need a knife.."
"Why do we need a knife.."
"Do we need a snake?"
"Your looks are enough to kill me."
"Your looks are enough to kill me."
"Why do we need a knife?"
"Do we need a snake?"
"Why do we need a knife?"
"Do we need a snake?"
"Your looks are enough to kill me."
"Your looks are enough to kill me."
"When I saw you, I was spellbound."
"You're my love.
I'm your follower."
"There's no alternative for you."
"There's no alternative for you."
"Should I get hit?
Should I go through pain?"
"Your smile is enough.."
"to make me go mad."
"Why do we need a knife?"
"Do we need a snake?"
"Your looks are enough to kill me."
"Your looks are enough to kill me."
"From where did you learn the art
of mesmerising me?"
"How did you make me fall for you?"
"You'll break all the records."
"You'll break all the records."
"If I die,
please come and save me."
"Your smile is enough.."
"to bring me back to life."
"Why do we need a knife?"
"Do we need a snake?"
"Why do we need a knife?"
"Do we need a snake?"
"Your looks are enough to kill me."
"Your looks are enough to kill me."
"Your looks are enough.."
"Your looks are enough.."
Since that day
we become very close to each other.
Everyone in Chitradurga
knew about our love story.
Hey, Swathi. Come on. Run..
- Wow.
Swathi was very fond of rain.
Every time it rained, she used
to enjoy it like a kid.
And in those days
we had come to Bengaluru to attend
a rock band championship show.
Buddy. - Come on, buddy.
- I'm coming..
What is it? We're starving.
- Take it. It's hot..
It's good.
It's tasty, isn't it? - We don't
get this tasty food in Davanagere.
Right? - Absolutely.
Ajay, why don't you take part
in this competition?
Stop it.
Ajay, stop it.
Why are you laughing?
Then? We had to laugh at the joke
that you cracked.
I'm not joking. I'm being serious.
You've ridiculed yourself
with the laughter and not me.
Swathi, cool down.
It's not easy as you say.
It's difficult.
It could be difficult,
but not impossible.
Swathi, I need to prepare a lot
for it.
They are professionals.
And would've practised for years
to perform in the competition.
So have you taken up
music as a hobby?
You aren't serious about yourself.
Then how would you
get confidence?
Hello. Will he win the competition
just by singing a song?
Whether he wins or not,
that's secondary.
But he won't be called a coward.
Ajay, I saw you as a rock star
in the college fest.
And not just as an ordinary singer.
You had 1000 spectators then
and 10,000 now. That's it.
Everyone is crazy about music.
You made the entire crowd
go crazy that day.
This would be a calk walk for you,
That was our native
and this is Bengaluru.
Whatever you said
doesn't hold good here. - Hello.
Art doesn't discriminate people
based on religion or caste.
Everyone in this world loves music.
If everyone complained like you do
we wouldn't have had great singers
like Elton John, Michael Jackson.
The talent would've
been lost forever.
Your energy, your talent is on par
with the teams
that are present here.
Why do you guys
not understand it?
Those who want to achieve big
should always think about their
goal and have passion for it.
Ajay, I wish to see you
on that stage, next year.
You should win the competition.
It's my dream to watch my lover
perform on that stage.
Her words revived
the passion in us.
We started our practise
from that day forward.
She was our judge.
She used to correct our mistakes.
She gifted me a watch that day
and said that it symbolised
her heart.
Every second of it represented
her heart beat
and every beat would be for me.
And she tied it saying that it
should always be with me.
Swathi, Giri, Vishwa and I were
living happily.
Giri, Vishwa would entertain
her with jokes.
Everything was going great.
But one fine day..
Hey, get lost. I've given you
a rupee. Now leave.
You beg shamelessly.
- Get lost.
Sir, please help me.
- Get lost.
Why are you troubling us
early in the morning?
We're worried about bus, but you
trouble us! - But the baby..
Sir, help me.
I wanted to see a beautiful girl,
but ended you seeing you!
Sir. - No, I won't. I'm telling
you. Understand us. Get lost.
Ma'am, please help us.
- What's wrong?
My baby is ill. I need to take
her to a hospital.
Take it.
- May God bless you, dear.
Hey, Swathi..
Ajay, please forgive me.
I ruined your life.
Swathi, please. Don't say that.
Ajay, I thought that
I'd grow old with you.
But I didn't know that an accident
was waiting to happen in my life.
Swathi, nothing
would happen to you.
If anything happens to you
I won't be alive.
Don't cry.
You should
never cry.
You should always be happy.
You should always be happy
the way you were till today.
I won't live for long, Ajay.
It's confirmed that I will die.
You shouldn't quit singing,
post my demise.
Because, I will always
be alive in your tunes.
You should become
a successful rock star.
That is my dream.
I want to see it happen.
Even if I am not alive
I will always be with you.
I will watch..
I will watch every move you make.
I will be talking to you.
I want to see you win, Ajay.
Will you win it?
Will you win the competition
for me?
I will, Swathi.
I will make your wish come true.
You should never miss me.
You should always be happy.
Because I will always be with you.
Swathi.. Doctor!
What's wrong, Swathi?
Doctor! Swathi..
I will..
Swathi. Wake up, Swathi.
Swathi, please get up.
Swathi, wake up.
Hey, Swathi.. Wake up!
'Don't cry.'
'You should never cry.'
'You should always be happy.'
'No, Swathi. I won't cry.'
'I shouldn't.'
'You will always be with me.'
'I won't cry, Swathi.'
'I won't cry. You will
always be with me.'
'You haven't gone anywhere.'
'I've never had the feeling that
she is no more.'
'She's always with me.'
'She talks to me.'
'She talks to me when I feel low.'
'She'll be with me
when I feel happy.'
'I don't care what the world
thinks about me.'
'Because she means
the world to me.'
So far, Swathi is everything to me.
I can never think of anyone
else other than her.
I'll always love Swathi.
But I don't have the feeling
that she isn't here with me.
She'll always be with me in music.
Whatever I achieve in my life,
she'll be the reason for it.
Yes, Ajay. You're right. Correct.
I can't fall in love with
someone else other than you.
I never wanted a second hand lover.
But after I came to know about
your love
now I feel that I should
not leave you.
Don't worry, Ajay.
I won't trouble you again.
My lover's achievement
is important to me.
I won't trouble you until
you accomplish your goal.
But that doesn't mean that I would
stop loving you.
As you're living your life with
Swathi's memories
I'll live my life
with your memories.
Swathi, you're the reason
for all this.
If you were alive today,
everybody would've been happy.
"Please give me a chance
to love you."
"I don't want to do
anything else in life."
"Please give me a chance
to love you."
"I don't want to do
anything else in life."
"You're everything to me."
"You're everything to me."
"Please believe me."
"My thoughts are filled with you.
Nothing else is important to me."
"You're my life."
"Every breath I take
reminds me of you."
"You're the only thing
that matters to me."
"Please believe me."
"Please give me a chance
to love you."
"I don't want to do
anything else in life."
'AJ team is performing for the
first time'
'in Indian rock band championship.'
'They're beating every team'
'and are progressing
to the finals.'
AJ team will win.
- I'll vote only for them.
AJ team will win for sure.
"Why do I feel this way?"
"I end up seeing you everywhere."
"Look at my state.
Have some mercy."
"Why are you troubling
me like this?"
"Please believe me."
"Please give me a chance
to love you."
"I don't want to do
anything else in life."
"Please give me a chance
to love you."
"I don't want to do
anything else in life."
"You're everything to me."
"You're everything to me."
"Please believe me."
- I've told you
that I don't want to get married.
Don't you understand it?
I'll hit you and then
you'll understand it.
How would you understand
what I'm going through?
We're already stressed.
Don't annoy me anymore.
Go and get ready.
Hey, did you watch Rock show
programme yesterday?
Ajay team gave a great performance.
They will win for sure.
There's no doubt in it.
100 percent. Hey, Anjali, shall
we attend the finals?
No. You guys carry on.
Just a minute..
Dad's already on the way.
He'll be there
before we reach the flat.
Oh, has he come so early?
- Come on, buddy.
Hey, it's Ajay. Let's get
an autograph from him.
Come. Make it fast. - Autograph.
- Just a minute. - Come on.
One after the other..
- Make it fast. - Excuse me.
Hi, Ajay. - Hi. - Wish you
all the very best. - Thank you.
Autograph, please. - Sure.
You will win this time. - We need
your support big time. - For sure.
It's good that you have
got your friend married.
Give my best wishes to her.
Oh. Happy married life.
Not me. Wish your friend, Anjali.
Do you know whom she married?
'Ajay, I thought that
I will marry the person'
'I would fall in love with.'
'But I think that I won't have
the privilege of marrying you.'
'And I can't live without you.'
'I love you. And I don't want
to marry anyone else.'
'You're my husband for life.'
- Go and bring her here.
Anjali. - What is this?
I don't want to get married
for the second time.
If you force me to get married
you'll find me dead.
The rest is up to them.
Get up, son.. They've treated us
really well.
Come on, let's leave.
- Sir, just a minute. - Wait.
The way you want to spend your
life with the memories of Swathi
similarly she wants to live
her life with your memories.
She isn't ready to listen
to anyone. I've tried.
She's nobody to you.
But you mean the world to her.
One thing is for sure, Ajay.
You're the only person
she's willing to live with.
You're the one for her, Ajay.
Ajay, life is a long journey.
And it's difficult to live alone.
Today we're alive and
tomorrow we're gone.
But everybody has a personal life.
I don't know whether Anjali
will come into your life or not.
But she thinks that you're
her soul mate.
You're the only one for her.
Ajay, even if you excel
and become a rock star
Swathi's soul still won't
rest in peace.
If you marry Anjali
and live with her
Swathi's soul will rest in peace.
Love is never selfish.
Love cares about
the happiness
of another person too.
Think about it.
Hi. Hello. Greetings.
Good evening.
What a crowd!
Indian rock star championship,
2015, is being held.
Who will win the competition
this year?
Who will be crowned
'rock star' this year?
We'll have to wait and watch.
But before that, I request the
presence of the organisers
Sridhar, Vimal and Omkar on stage.
Welcome all, sir.
Yes. It's time for the competition
to begin.
B boys are the first performers.
Please welcome them.
Hey, look here. - Sing properly
today. - She's hot.
Did you think that
it's made of gold?
Hi, sir. - Hi, sir. - Hello.
Ajay, why are you in this state?
What are you thinking?
You should've been alive today,
You're the reason for me
to come to this position.
I'll always be with you.
I want to see you perform
on the stage.
And I'll enjoy your performance
in the crowd.
You will win for sure, Ajay.
That's not the thing, Swathi.
Why are these people
not understanding me?
How can I accept another woman
in my life?
They're right.
Yes, Ajay.
Anjali loves you
the way you love me. That's true.
I can't experience your love.
And I can't even express
my love to you.
Our love is a dead end.
Ajay, if you don't have feelings
towards Anjali, don't worry.
But if she has influenced
your decision
then you have feelings for her.
Just because you couldn't marry
your loved one
you shouldn't desert the person
who loves you. It's wrong, Ajay.
No, Swathi. How can I forget you?
That's never going to happen.
Everything's going to be all right.
Don't worry. Best of luck.
Wow. What a performance!
There's a stiff competition.
And the last performance
is by AJ and team.
Please welcome them.
"When you are not
in my life anymore"
"why should I live?"
"How do I explain
what I'm going through?"
"I'm in tears."
"I've lost faith in life."
"When you are not
in my life anymore"
"why should I live?"
"My eyes look for you
when you're not around."
"When you're not around.."
"Every second of my life
is filled with agony."
"Is filled with agony.."
"The silence is killing me
and has made my life a hell."
"I've had enough of it."
"When you are not
in my life anymore"
"why should I live?"
"Do you listen to what my soul
wants to tell you?"
"Can you listen to it?"
"Will you fulfil my last wish?"
"Will you fulfil it?"
"Come in front of me once."
"How long should I wait?"
"I've had enough."
"When you are not
in my life anymore"
"why should I live?"
"How do I explain
what I'm going through?"
"I'm in tears."
"I've lost faith in life."
What a splendid performance!
Fantastic performance!
Rocking performance!
The grand finale was fantastic.
Finally, who will win
the Indian rock star
championship, 2015?
Any guesses?
Any expectations? - AJ..
- AJ..
the winner is..
- AJ..
Yes, it's AJ team..
Come on. Cheers..
'Ajay, every second in it
represents my heart beat.'
'Anjali loves you the way
you love me. That's true.'
'But if she has influenced
your decision'
'then you have feelings for her.'
'Just because you couldn't marry
your loved one'
'you shouldn't desert the person
who loves you. It's wrong, Ajay.'
'But if she has influenced
your decision'
'then you have feelings for her.'
'Just because you couldn't marry
your loved one'
'you shouldn't desert the person
who loves you. It's wrong, Ajay.'
'I think that Swathi has come back
to your life as Anjali.'
Hey, when you enter
your husband's house
instead of kicking the rice jar
you're kicking the coke tin
on the road. Is it right?
Well, are you okay with
a second hand lover?
I want a second hand lover.
"When you are not
in my life anymore"
"why should I live?"
"How do I explain
what I'm going through?"
"I'm in tears."
"I've lost faith in life."
"When you are not
in my life anymore"
"why should I live?"