A Aa (2016) Movie Script

My every birthday, Mom
hopes for something.
Music, dancing,
acting, singing ..
This is my birthday itself
I took a decision.
They commit suicide.
The Creator After Death
I thought we'd meet.
But instead...
Until the wedding,
until the shopping,
Are you going to commit suicide?
What did you do?
Great! I have a counter.
Can I bill a bill?
Pay off money?
Pay by card.
How much does she search for you?
If you're listening to me,
Saniya Mirza, Sinah Nehal
Became like someone.
What's the discount?
10%, and 20%?
From a childhood to a hostel
If I put it all up.
Bill writing in your name?
Write to your name?
I'm coming, wait.
it is good.
More than the hospital charge
My phones are wasting money.
You were not downstairs?
You are a real athlete.
It was time to open my eyes
What happened?
Because to my puppy
Got it?
Oh ..
Dark with the face
What's happening, son?
Think of eating ice cream for a puppy.
I'll bring it.
Hello... how?
Good morning, doctor.
Good Morning...
Do not worry, Doctor?
No problem.
But one thing.
She took the knife with her cut
We have to go to war
Doctor Talks funny
That's right, is not it?
Jubrey Hill's in jail.
Ninety ..
Draw this when you get to see Shaker.
Draw that one at dinner.
The golden items
are in the locker.
Say No.
In front of them
Do not be afraid.
Shade, hot.
Mummy ..
to me..
to you..
Telling you...
Like your father
Not stuttering.
Chennai should go.
Shaker has a lot of money.
Good hacker.
A good generation.
He is very much like Hyderabad this time
It's so hard to find
When the meeting is over,
you need to be inside.
You and your father,
if you disrupt this...
What makes you so much?
Not just a punch, they're taking
care of their little ones.
Let's go.
Ninety ..
Tell me a piece?
Bye Latha Auntie!
Thank you!
- Good Morning sir!
- Sit down.
- Coffee? Tea?
Now go.
We'll talk again.
Sir, it's my job
Meet Shaker
Do not you like it?
Gopal ..
not. It's not that important.
Sir called.
- Chick. you idiot.
- Sir
Ma'am, are you ready to go?
The suitcase is not
downstairs, sir.
Great knowledge.
- New cell phone?
- Yes, sir, madam.
- An iPhone?
He's too much, God
If it's a photo, it's nice.
Daddy ..
To me, madame is like a god.
So who am I?
Ayayayiy. Durga's tiger on the back
Are We Not Sacrifice?
- No problem. Sacrifices can be held.
- The tiger is just like you, sir.
- Ma'am.
Who are you going to stick with, Dad?
Nobody is looking for me.
You're not worth it.
- Hello.
- Who is it?
Shaker's grandfather Bennerie?
It's not working
Say things
- What?
Shakker's grandfather Bennerie?
This is Bennerjee.
Benerville Sir, you are Ramalingam's daughter
- What Ramalangama?
Meaning, Mahalakshmi's daughter
- Oh, ah.
- Hmm...
- You can be glad when you say his name.
But she went to Chennai.
He told me about this
Going to a holiday
You know that you're coming from America
What's he goin 'with Chennai?
Who are you?
- I am Rama...
If you are a lottery guy
Who gave you what?
My God gave me the gift.
Now do not want to die.
You moved away from your mother
These 10 days from Hyderabad
I can leave
If I find out I went to Mahalaxmi
I hear his nonsense name
It's terrible
Mother's name is
worrying, they are...
Creshevari, my uncle
Krishna sculptor.
Never seen.
I've never seen it.
- Because of your mother.
Is this side?
There's a small village named Kbalpur.
Nobody knows.
A man called Kaleeswary is always called
Do you hear that?
Talk later?
Are you smoking cigarettes?
It's better for your mother's food
How is our aunt eating?
Not until now.
Then let's try.
You are a real player.
How can I cover my mom?
I argue only in court.
Here your mother will win.
If you come to compete here
I win.
Your mother is in trouble.
That's why I'm silent.
Just go talk
No need to create problems.
Can not talk.
Come on, come on.
Do not drink.
You like that, are not you going to Shababuri?
I'll wait here for a while.
Am I alone alone?
- Take Mangama away.
- How?
How do you say,
That his own sick person
Call came.
- Babu!
- Mangam!
- My grandmother.
- Go meet.
But do not shout.
But me.
Gopal told his mom
Tell me everything about me.
Like James Bond.
It also has an answer.
- Daddy...
- Daddy, you can not tell me.
Your mother is not outside
Work can not work.
These 10 days you get
coffee, biscuits, meals.
If I try to get out, I want
to break my legs, Ma'am
There's no need, sir
One of them
You're with your mother
It's battling it
Win enough to win.
What's the noise?
- I do not drink when I'm in it.
- Do not worry.
- Always.
- I'll talk.
- Want something else to say?
- I love you.
- You got slaughter?
- That was from 1st class
It was to be booked.
- It's okay, Daddy...
Is there a little water?
He's afraid he'll know
That's why I'm in jeopardy
The dog is cautious, is not it?
- I was late for work.
That's why it's running. What are you
Sleep was gone.
That's why it's running. What are you
- What about me?
- What?
It's ok if it's the same train.
It's coming to this chest.
- Hello
- So you ask?
Did you forget me?
I forgot to tell you this
Cassave's son was sent
From Hyderabad
He does not have a problem
The shirt shirt and Jimmy were dressed
Do not take it risk
Your mother will be angry
I'm in fear
- It's Ramalingam.
I know my name.
Did you leave the train?
Did he come?
I'm waiting on the floor.
What is the problem?
- Okay, give her the phone.
- For the first time alone.
- I'm staying uncle.
Only from the hospital.
If she can be happy...
Tell your mother too
If you hurry, talk
All right, uncle. Bye.
Thank you.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I cook.
The garden tests them
It's getting messy
Hey ..
Oskarru supply
If you do not talk,
look good
I'm working on the pay.
I do not know the name.
The second time misses the failure
A girl suicides...
Sports news is good.
Racing history changes!
Runner of 20 years
In danger on the track...
I need to save the beard
The porter needs to be saved
Was Prison committed?
Oh yes
What a terrible thing?
Without getting drunk.
Whatever money is required.
I do not need anything else
It was his father
This must have been
Watching a good time
On the way,
With a belt
It was then that I was learning to kill
Or do not learn
What happened?
My cell phone to the fearsome area
Before loud talking, lure.
- what?
- The phone.
He's still dying over the phone
Serendipity Ramalingam.
Anand Temple.
- What?
- 150 Sir.
Did you hear?
Serendipity Ramalingam.
Anand Temple.
That means, ah... uh...
There are only one font in front.
I'll be at it for years.
Muti film by Rajini Kant
It was like this in one of these?
No, it's Tanga.
- This?
- Jake.
What's the difference?
If the horse's eyes are covered,
it's tugged. The Arabs are Jake.
Does that mean the eyes of a man?
It does not understand Mangamma.
Walking on legs
Why should I have eyes? That's why.
Who is this?
She's like Hindi actress.
Beat it.
It's big, you do not
We too will work.
What happened?
Ramalingam came from Hyderabad.
Grandpa's daughter.
Amgumu's daughter.
And more, Kalpakuri's Jaka Janartan.
I do not know his mother's name.
They were too little,
too little too much.
Oh. Blood is coming.
What did you hit?
Then what's happened?
Living with Suffering...
That's what.
It's like going to life
Tire is going.
Why are you down here?
- He's helping you.
- So why is the bag hanging out?
When I arrive in the village without a bag
To cling to your hands?
I understand everything.
That's right there.
I'll have time too.
Let's look it up.
Look at the clock
Time is not coming.
I need to find time.
Hey, take the car.
You do not have enough?
Who is it?
The son of Palawenkad.
That's not the case.
I thought that the workers were like that.
Is it ok if you get this bag?
When it's declared a village
He was dead?
Do you want to see the village?
Close your eyes.
Can you look at the eyes?
For the first time, he asked that one.
What's that noise?
Canal water.
Close your ears.
What is that smell?
It's time for nuts
Fragrant fruit fragrance.
And then, to close the nose?
What are you looking for?
We can go to heaven right now
The first day that came to the village was beautiful.
The favorite way.
How Hard to Suicide?
Not too hard.
Even one shampoo bottle.
My mother has.
She thinks she's going to get
drunk and I'll die on shampoo.
I'll take a chair
It's a bit farther away.
Or take it up a bit longer.
Sit down and sit down
I'm waiting.
Everything's fine, is not it?
Take a bath like this
There's no place in the world.
how are your?
This is a good bath.
Who is this?
Uncle's daughter in Hyderabad.
It's good.
Lying back behind
It's better.
you idiot.
It's normal.
The truth is getting beaten.
Will you help me?
It's hard to make up.
It's enough for 2 minutes.
Is that also the uncle's father-in-law?
why is that?
Very good.
Quickly understand things.
Lucky, she did not come to Ape.
Or else not the senator,
to bring the corpse.
What's wrong?
Do you have cheeks?
Mangamma is in jail.
What happened?
The door is stuck.
Can not open.
So why did not you hit it?
I need to change clothes.
No problem
You'll change your clothes.
I'll take care of the clothes.
So why did not you hit it?
If you weren the door...
It's hard to get back.
I'm gonna change this way.
you idiot.
Hit this one too?
Exactly that way.
elder brother.
Hiadrabad is speaking.
Krabpuri is coming.
Is everything all right?
Is there anything you want?
An outfit for a cold, a black
feather, a sweet thing?
Cow milk.
Cow milk or ripe milk?
They're too expensive Babu.
How often do you spend more time?
Anything for the guests.
Want a TV.
There is a TV.
I want to see it all night.
See it also.
After that?
See also.
I'm not looking fatally.
These days for 10 days for TV?
Do not worry about me.
Get him for it.
Tell about that.
ACC here is good.
After hearing such a scary thing
I want to get a good breath.
Or get bored
It's about to die.
What happened?
Just now
What did you say?
Feeling cold?
Can not you see it?
It's been night out
How can we sleep?
Horizontal. Manga.
How to get the AC?
It's a rope
Take a leek.
I'll show you how.
Catch. Here's the catch
Sit down.
This is AC
This is the average amount.
Let's get out.
I'm getting used to both.
is it?
Let's go.
Good for a good TV, sir.
Is it too small? Good one?
Both of them are together
That's what I want.
You're kidding?
Do not say that, Master.
Take it today.
That's 50000.
It's 90000.
If you close the ears
I can find out about color.
With his eyes closed
You can hear about the sound.
If you're breathing stop
It can be translated.
Just keep everything shut
I'm tired of seeing a bottle.
Lick the lid.
Anand Temple.
There is no Ananda
Not at home.
Only looks.
New TV?
Hey! I also have one TV
Do you have two?
Any more need Nara's shop
Did you TV?
And really.
Who is this girl?
Uncle's daughter.
Who is this guy?
Must be someone in the village.
My brother's coming in.
You can not go two from the same road.
Just that way.
Can I Be a Paid Worker?
The girl is golden
It's like a watch.
But only the color.
Why are you so proud of me?
Not to praise you.
Something to be confused.
I have bait. Balamuk.
What did you say?
This is Pallavekad's brother.
We're always bothered.
Did a hired worker say it?
Now it's like a hire worker.
Hello, brother.
No, I do not.
Are not you alive?
Feel it sleepy.
Please be sorry.
How hard do you bother me?
I've read it all the time
Germphone record.
The rate has been deteriorating.
She could not shut her mouth.
If I want to lift my hand, I will die.
What would you do?
A child is born
Do not bring a name.
Things that grow up big
It is the name given to it.
Then, son, daughter
That's what I'm talking about.
I will go.
Pallew Venture Chardonnay...
I'm getting lost.
You must cry. Until then.
After Chennai's gone
It's getting sick.
What do you think, son?
In one day 90000 is over.
It was my mistake to bring her in.
Forget what's gone.
What I meant was a TV.
Then leave a table.
Then get a Channel to get a cable.
Next to that, next to this,
- Wait, Mom.
- Son.
Uncle wants to receive the Nobel
Prize for a girl like this.
Do not you eat food?
Do not you eat food?
Do not you eat food?
I'm not hungry.
Why is not hungry?
Why is not hungry?
A new TV was brought
It's full of pleasure.
So it's not hungry.
Within one day
I spend a lot of money...
Why are you screaming so much?
Because this is.
Come on.
Sit down, boy.
I did not eat well on the ground.
Are you angry?
A little bit.
Put the dish, Mom.
Eat, son.
I'll look after it later
About your son.
When I do not eat, I will not eat
My cousin...
He's taking the dishes too
He laughs at you and eats.
How do you know?
Take a smile from you
It's very hard.
Everybody is happy
I'm a big deal.
When was my mother?
He only tortured me?
I can not learn. No need.
But music, dancing, acting
He brought up famous people and taught.
The piano came to teach.
I'm sorry for the teacher.
I tried to dance.
They're moving around
What to do?
I think this is a performance...
I'm not right.
There's a drain.
You have a 100-rupee paper.
It falls inside.
It was your only place.
What to do now?
Get it out of your mother
100 Rs.
I'm going to die with Ding.
And then Mom
The company handed the chair.
ANASOL Anasuya Solutions
How can I solve my problems
and solve my problem?
I'm everything in the cabin
Wait until you sit down.
What is this?
Is the heart problem?
The operation requires 10,000?
What's wrong?
I will pay.
Right now, right?
A little mistake.
Because of ignorance.
10000 is not fine.
0.000 added to 0.000.
Is that a scam?
100,000 to that fool?
Because of you, this ANUSOL
It's getting worse.
With this company
He does not have any connection.
Did you know?
Do not mess it up great.
No music, no dancing,
nor learning.
When I get to the office,
that's not the case.
Then what can you do?
A husband is good
A wife can be.
Good housekeeping.
At least happier
I can stay
What did you say?
An ugly face
It's not.
You will not be afraid to see the face.
To your little things
It's not great to argue
You. You and everything
It's responsible
I'll see the day I die.
I love you so much.
Mother. food.
Get rid of it.
If you're late to eat
My uncle gets angry. Eat.
Alone without the sound
The food for me, the food for the table,
These two days with them
I had a great meal.
- Great at home, right?
- Hmm.
But these men are
No good.
Whenever it changes
I do not know.
It's better not to show more strain.
I want to stay tight like Mom.
is it?
How's Mahalaxmi's daughter?
I'll show you tomorrow.
When you finish exercising
Tomorrow's over.
Whatever you do
I want to do it today
Talk to the teacher
Why is the disciple coming?
She is asleep. That's why I'm here.
What is it, sub?
Does the TV work?
Mice are coming.
Not what?
So what?
- They're eating?
- You'll have some medicine.
Are you joking?
He can come back.
Spit and drop.
We can go through windows without sound
Who are you?
I'm Pratap Rao.
A dangerous thief.
You have not seen before.
I am a hero of cinema?
I am a thief.
I'm the lightest
Work begins.
Hey. It's my tension ball.
Ah. Sale.
It's okay to steal at night.
What are you doing, sir?
Physical fitness, meditation, yoga.
What for a thief?
To get in
How to run
It's needed.
It was discovered today.
Is not your family photo?
But what's wrong with her?
I'm a guest. Came. Going back.
I'm in Hyderabad.
In which direction?
Jubilee Hills.
Jubilee Hills?
It's our Balawi Air.
How could you steal there?
Do not say that. They are
Just Rs. 5 million a month.
Five lakhs?
Asked about Rs. 50 lakhs?
The capital of Andhra Pradesh is a month
I'm looking for billions.
Look at me and do not worry about them.
Five lakhs?
What are you?
Tell me the most important things?
Look at the two of them.
It was very difficult to steal, sir.
I fell down and died.
How did you get up?
Why should they work for them?
Give 100 to not be the loser.
Is there a transfer?
Wait two minutes
I'll change.
No need. Going.
I do not hear so much noise.
Do not you know
What's this?
Come see a bridesmaid.
No bridegroom is coming in.
Have you seen a photo?
Or even today?
Madu .. Ah ..
Get this out of the kitchen.
Come on Auntie.
It's a news that a bridegroom is coming.
Now I'm sitting right there.
- Wait.
- Who is this?
I said Hyderabad
It's come from.
Is Mahalaxmi's daughter?
If we can bring coffee.
I'll take it myself.
What are you talking about?
Are you talking?
what is your name?
Friends, Ramalingam.
I hear a good deal.
Do you?
Baby girl.
Your baby?
You own this yourself.
I do not work.
What's wrong with that?
You get adult.
Good luck
Why Do I Have to Be Like?
Auntie your heart is good.
Everything is good by your hand.
- Why can not you get it?
- The throat wounds?
not. I married at the age of 14.
After some time the man died.
Did not you get married again?
I do not know that.
Why are you saying these things?
I do not know.
Well, right?
Why to makeup?
What are you doing?
Will you play in a movie?
Remove it.
What? Go
best wishes.
These clothes, Makabe will be gone quickly.
But you are alive
To be happy.
Things in the movies
I'm not right to look at a bridesmaid.
How exactly are you?
I want to show you the same way.
You have some pretty good things.
How easy it is to take your life.
- Is it?
- Is it?
Sit down.
Can you sing him
Borat dancing, or, Odyssey,
poet, man, talker,
Is not that something like that?
Put him in class after marriage.
The names
It's too high.
What can your son do?
I expected this problem.
I've been playing for 10 years.
A teacher of harp.
Look at that.
Like a whistle.
Where are you going?
No better to let this marriage happen.
We arrived for ten days.
Intervening in this...
I was like the rain.
It's the first two
months of the rain.
It can be muddled up.
Bawa (brother)
One thing...
The suitcase
Can not open.
The suitcase
Here it is.
There is a zip.
I thought I was locked.
I could not imagine.
I can think of something wrong.
There's a lot of manicure.
Relatives, this is the side.
Bawa (brother)
One thing...
Talk to you.
Was it supposed to be drunk?
What's this road?
The suitcase,
What's the matter?
Can not shut up.
If you can look one more time...
The groom
It's on the corner.
But Signal is coming
This way.
Bawa (brother)
Raava (Come on).
One thing...
to you
Thank you,
I forgot.
Thank you.
The groom.
It's on the corner.
But it's moving,
This way.
Let's go inside.
what is your name?
One thing...
Give me a maximum of 5 minutes.
It's here.
Two minutes.
One thing...
Uh, no morning. At 9 o'clock.
I'll get it back.
What brings him?
Why do you have a question?
We're going to a dead home.
Do not talk.
Who's dead?
The one that came in that day.
Baby girl.
Baby girl?
Laughing name...
Why not sit down for a while?
Do not Cry.
He left us and left.
Oh ..
We are God, we are.
Once before dying
It was impossible to look
Just open your eyes once and see Mum.
What happened, sister?
Your home is coming,
I talked night and day.
I talked in the morning and talked.
I did not wake up. Then you know
We're left.
No one smiles and talks.
He smiled and laughed...
How loving are the people in the village?
Baby Uncle.
Our baby uncle.
He's going to lose us...
Stop laughing
It's going to die.
Take care.
Baby Uncle.
What happened to you?
Leaving us. Oh...
Baby Uncle.
The daughter of Pallavenkid.
Since childhood
Though it's made with graves,
Like Pallavenger Chat Nagalla
Everything was given.
When a white elk wants
An elephant was colorful.
Stand by
I'm not bothered.
You can not say where the Taj Mahal is
After the ethics,
The teacher started knocking out school.
A year ago,
We got him on the spot.
The son of Palawenkad
Followed me.
After hitting them
Valli's mother came to his rescue
I'm scared.
You like me.
Later, after saying,
Did you like NADU?
Palwenkad has come and gone
What is it like reading letters?
This is your loan.
This is your income.
You're home
This is the dining business.
You improve on these things,
It's a big fortune.
This is good luck.
Not coffee,
My only daughter.
Like mom, just like mom
The pictures are even more beautiful.
Before I get in touch
My will is to look at Bhanu.
Then Bhanu gets married
You like this?
Then be sure.
Let's go to Nagalla.
Why are you going?
He's coming today.
The way Nag Nagli watched
I did not grab hold of that.
He is our uncle's daughter.
Take a break
It's coming.
A holiday?
Is not she?
He said?
What's important is coming to the village
Are not we here?
How's it, son?
Be nice to see Auntie.
This is to go.
What about Walli?
Have you seen the aerial?
The answer is in the shirt
Got it?
The job is OK?
That's right, Mom.
Valli, come on, come on.
The guys who came in were an aunt
I'm with you every day.
What's this road?
Is the guy you're getting married ..
Is she there?
It's possible to commit suicide.
I'll send you food.
How did you eat that day?
Give a plate.
Bawa I will fall.
I regret what I did.
That's why I...
Do what the heart says.
It's going to suffer right now.
Because of that
Because of my mother
Your father said
A good wife
You do not have to do anything
There are family workers.
I do not want to do a job either.
Everything will get
I'll see you in a week.
Within a month, a marriage takes place.
And then there's nothing you can say
There's nothing to worry about
For your birthday
My birthday present.
Happy Birthday.
The cause of suicide is the reason
That's not the face
That's what I was doing.
Hello, I'm talking Pallawevencad
Is Mahalakshmi there?
Why should you say something?
Are you alive?
Mangamaya asked me for an application
Let's make sure of you
How happy?
I spoke,
Your daughter was sent to Annand
Made a big mistake.
Take him away.
Papa's a mistake
What to do?
Talk about his daughter
How important is it?
Even Ravana was my father
Listen to me
About Ravana
Pawan looked like a conversation.
That's also funny.
Then will I tell you?
She needs to be sent, right?
I want to go.
Listen to me.
That's such a little girl
Staying in a house like that
Not good enough?
Between them
That there is something
If you find out Mahalaxmi...
I understand. I understand.
It's just not enough,
it's your responsibility.
So she goes somewhere.
Daughter is not at home.
It's in a remote village.
How do you know?
Belluve calls for the phone.
Pallavanwakad's brother.
Or the mallow or the mallow
Sir slowed down, I
listened to my phone.
Quickly book a flight
I'm coming.
Good, madam
I can not come to the airport.
Sir, we can know.
You come to taxi.
Let's get it.
Not heard.
You're done.
- Take it uncle
Know all the great.
He's coming from Chennai.
5 hours maximum
If you do not get it
I'm finished.
Do not worry, Uncle
Before the aunt comes
I'll take it
And there's nothing to say.
Where's the jeep?
How did you get the key?
He told me that he had left you.
Sir your personal
I do not want it...
Let's go
Just came.
Hi, Ma'am.
My daughter came. Hurry Up.
Come on, ma'am
What did Bellanger say?
You'll look at yourself by Madam
Why great
Did not you just give me a call?
Always coming?
Look, madam
Look, daughter
Or what else?
How's it coming?
I remember
That night he was at the balcony.
What's the difference between today and today?
This is my voyage to me
Never forget.
I'm very happy.
To commit a fool to a fool
Better than that.
Because Noodi helped me
Even happier.
I think about Nanu
What is it?
Will it be, love?
not. I do not want to find it
I like this incredulity.
This time, I'm at home
Sleeping lightly.
I came from here.
This guy who's playing
You have to teach a good lesson
Shaker's men
Suddenly, it's getting shorter.
Shaker is not here
So, I get a tuition.
Who talked to us about these connections?
Not interested
That's right
It can be.
- Do not disturb me.
- Excuse me, Daddy
I'll take care of his grandfather's import
He does not need his grandfather
He's coming
Uh, let me speak.
So much so
You're great Daddy
Great mama, what's this man?
It's your mummy.
Now he's talking.
They said they were coming to lunch tomorrow.
Great madam.
It's gone so far
What happened?
Nothing great.
What good news is that?
Happily happy.
We can not go outside the
conscience of Shaker's men.
He chooses my dress.
I changed my flowers quickly.
Mangamma too can do it
Eat the dinner.
Do not cheat this daddy, Daddy
Did you get angry with the puppy?
Yes, Benni sir
Have lunch ready?
From where?
Is daughter down?
We're not coming
What happened?
I wanted to come early.
You were not interested.
Calling Shakra today
Come on.
We'll call you today
We do not care.
Not coming
Put that chicken in.
There is a lot of things
At night we can eat
I told you now
Do not you understand?
They do not come
Do not worry, great
You did not make a mistake
Tell me now?
Put that chicken in?
I also found a guy named Bhanu.
Better be good
Talk to me
Coming tomorrow
How do you know?
Nade said
Are you mad?
Before you say it
What's so exciting?
Nothing's done, Daddy
Her name was like that
Your eyes are visible.
Please go to Daddy.
My eyes are when Nadu's name is called
Was There Such a Great Enlightenment?
Tea and coffee, do not do anything
Now, I want to go
What phone?
Not even understanding
If there is a reason to say,
Your and Wallya married
Is it too big to do, right?
After Bhanu's marriage,
Did you say a few times?
The man who came here?
His character is not good
If you find a character
It's about to go home
All right, then I'll go
Tell me exactly one day
When do I talk about this?
You can not take care of the valli
Should I give it back to the dentist?
Swing is back there
A perfect illustration?
Drank of a muffin
It snaps and produces a crop.
But if you want to make 10 acres of Moba,
Is not that so, right?
I want to take care, a lot of employees,
Spend money, Amo ..
How much more do you need?
That means...
That he was wrong about him
Do not think. That's what I said.
In that way, my daughter
Worth as gold.
It's the power of money.
Money is really powerful.
While your aunt's daughter is here
Did you think about him?
The last thing you have
It's all right.
But what about that?
Close your eyes and take God's picture
Is it true that I was standing up?
He came up to your son,
If Walla voted to be
willing to marry him,
This will not come to Warden
And the other housework, bring the water
It's possible to help things like this.
My son does not get married, I do not care for a girl,
I'm not going to be a good old man, many more questions?
I did not come up with an answer.
Mom lost consciousness
I do not even think about that now. I do not know.
You take them
I'll get the money
No matter what
This is not an emergency
Wechack gentlemen...
Let's take care of my family
Take this
You will.
Then what?
Do this:
You finish those tasks,
Get it over there.
Are not you in this house?
Take care of your home
I'll take care of my home
Why am I crazy?
Ninety in your shoe
What is the cost?
I heard madam. It's perfectly compatible
I will choose
Show it without reading.
Mina the madam
Get the surprising thing
You are so lucky, sir
Get a guy like a madman.
What's great?
Why this?
Talk about Benni sir
He went to the office
Somebody to say no to the name
When we're not interested in the phone,
Mother's mother's coming
When asked straight ahead, why not?
I asked what my mother said
Poor little Bennerjee
You took me to train cricket grounds,
political meetings, and golf courses
What is this?
If I lose attention
To use
Psychiatrists said
What is that
If I feel pressure, tighten it
The family doctor said
Two people were injured in one direction
I do not know how
I usually panicked mother.
My misfortune
Finally at the hospital
It was all that mattered
My cousin
What happened, Nundu?
Hi S'he
How is Bhanu now?
It's a bit better now
Sorry, Auntie
I did not know
Your son is so bad
No phone call
Tell you enough
It's not that big, baby
They're here
How are you mom
More than just waiting
It's good to read in the papers
He's not standing
Go get sick.
A little matter
I do not know the shame,
the sense of honor
No time to smile
What to do?
It does not work
Just go to the temple and offer a sacrifice.
There's a coffee here
Take Bhanu
I'm not going to speak
What's next?
Do not worry, I'll take care
What happened?
-where is?
You might have to take a cellphone
Now go
Is she with him for a lifetime?
I will not be free for a minute
Hurry Up
This time, a dinosaur
Have you seen?
Tell me what?
Memories of Kalaburh
It will be forgotten by Vali
That's his ability
But memories of the Nawod
It's permanently deposited
Bring this one
It's sad about Bhanu
It's here
I'll take him to our house
Who are you taking Mom?
Your future wife is
There's a vase
Ask her
I know
Why me?
He's getting married
Hey, do not read it
Here I am
No one asks me what I'm saying
The same thing is asked for the same thing
What's the matter with my family?
All right
Take her away
Please stop
Bhanu. Get a dress
But one condition
Okay, right? Okay?
Daddy's there
No problem
Why did you bring it to me?
If Mom saw her, she would die
I took it because I felt like it
what's wrong?
You do not understand
Bhanu, let's go
That's what I said before
Who was this kid?
His friend
The daughter of Cheshawari
When I take Shakir to the hospital
I met there
Aah sick
They take them to the hospital
Dad tried to drive
Your mother will be angry
Are you so bad, Mummy?
I'm angry with you, Daddy
I'm Mom's daughter
Like Daddy said
Will you send the reset?
Take it inside
Imagine your home
How do you know them?
They recognized me
That's why your father is
Are you shut up?
They think like they think
Not good people
When I arrived, the door closed
Their mother
I'm starting a business
He asked for some money
Banu's father
He gave me his policy to get me the money
Within two years, this is the deed
Your brother's bringing it in your hand
Later, I also came in without money
Suddenly I asked for money
After the money is taken,
You'll want to go forward
Take this one
Money is
Take it away again
Understand what I'm saying
Why should I say these things?
take care. that is all
What your mother told you about my uncle...
Your mother went to talk to them
Watch out for help
He forgot them now
As I know,
Your mother asked for money
I want to start a business, brother
If the deed is in the bank,
I can find what I want
You help me, brother
This dream is my dream.
Why is this cousin so hasty?
For this shit
Why put your deed for?
I am willing to do this.
Without me, without me
They can be dressed
I do not know what happened later
The news that your uncle was lost
Aunt was angry
He did not get the money at all times
Your mother was insulted
That's how it started
It's good to forget
Who is this?
Are you the one to marry?
If she's given Shaker's bribe
Both will come a good time
If I can get a strap,
Both our families will join
How to do this
I do not know
But that's it
That's all I want to do
My coat
It's gone with that monkey
I stopped your marriage
This time you are my marriage
Can you break it?
One thing
Where did you take the coat?
It was because of the cold
Take it away
Let's go
-Come on
-where is?
Come on
I did not see you either
Come on
Where is Bhanu?
Here you see
How happy I am to see you
Who are you?
- I can not come
Come on
Hey, what's this?
What? Hanging on?
My brother-in-law is shocked,
That's why I took it
For your own sake
Latha Auntie
Mother's friend
It's angry
Tell me...
You look like he's scared, right?
There are no two talks
It's not uncle
Then he's not angry
So far this time
He was very interested
Anasuy. Whoever happens
These things are done with great interest
What did you say?
For example
Needing to be in college
I'm in the cinema
When you need to be with Shaker
Stay with him
When uncle is with
Stay with him
As much enthusiasm as possible
What fun is there?
I do not know
Latha, let's go
This anger.
This mournfulness
Waiting for this
My name is Pratap Rao
You're in Kagabur, right?
How do you know?
I've met once
I do not remember
I saw the picture
You were asleep
Are you in Hyderabad?
I am new here.
Bhagavishh calls
Siva night work
It's here for a lot
Your elder brother is a very good guy
Tell me
Go, sir
Give it a hand?
- The baggage
- Your misfortune
My purse
Is not it embarrassing?
Tell the sergeant to stop
What are you doing?
What are you going to do?
What is this?
Pallava Narayana
Palawk Wankad's brother
Nagolli will know this
To die
-It's hard to fix up hearts
- How are you?
Know about broken hearts?
Who said I did not have a girlfriend?
I was.
For my brother's family
It's decided to stay alone
Teacher, selling in a good market
The best thing. The others will be removed
Does not that mean I'm good?
Selling a stall, sir.
I have a look
What do you think about me?
My kidneys are my revolver
If you see a fever, the girls lose
It's about the past
You can not find someone
- Put a bar.
- It's not
My blood is angry
I'll show you work for an hour.
Give me 2 hours.
Show me what to do.
- Show you a girlfriend.
-is it?
What's he laughing at?
Why Bloom?
You are on a flower
Have you studied
- That's what you're told
Bawa, what's going on?
It's one
Two dogs
It's a dangerous game
Do not waste it
What's this?
Why do you know this girl?
Yes, she is my wife
Did the teacher lie?
I'm scared of seeing him
I'm there
What's the money here?
Having a pretty girl here
Something a change can happen.
is it
Take care now
As you have received
You do not need anything
I've got something, Dianco
Your sister? Who?
My nursery
Are there any other shops in this
country, everyone who knows this?
When poverty is attacked by a dozen minors
What are you doing?
That's true too
Let's go straight to the house
I'll take care of this.
OK, bye
Latha Auntie was loving with him
We got Pallava Naran
But even if we see our pope
Why did not you talk?
Rey Shaker
I do not know you came
What happened to Bhanu?
What was he afraid?
He's watching you
Go away
Sins! Innocent.
You were supposed to visit
But I got the groin
I found out
- I like him all the time
Your wishes
That's not the same thing
Did they like it?
They'll be right back
Meet us
That means ninety
She does not care
Waiting for your word
I would like 100%
Marriage decisions
Sweetheart, sweetheart
Bring something
One sweet thing
It's not funny to eat this time?
It's been a lot of good news
Ma'am is over now
You want to let Shaker let him go
But the daughter is with Anand
What you're thinking, she'll do
It does not make any sense
Now Bennerjee Sir calls call
Shaker is great at all times
Tomorrow about tomorrow
After a week has passed
I told you to come with the flask
Do not worry
Put it on
What are you doing?
Do not put sugar on top
It will be great
You look like a terrorist
brother in law
Are you angry with the lass?
How is coffee?
I've got a plunge in the afternoon
Have sugars?
I'll hand it over later
First of all, I am with you
What did you say?
You're even worse
Give it one
What an important thing I said
What about me?
Why I did not say the secrets
Do not you have it?
I am
Why should I?
I do not know anything
Someday is right
Have an answer?
-I am?
- You are
Show Icyap?
Do you like Nagalweli?
H and
Do you have a girlfriend
Haha and
What do you think of me?
Hygiene and Hygiene...
Your mother and we are
Why Am I Afraid?
Uncle has helped
When my mother takes money
She's gone
Because he did not get the right time at the right time
He lost.
Daddy said what he knew
Things that happened two years later
Mother knows
Before two more years ago
ANASOL, Anasol Private Limited
There was a bungalow at your house
Our land has been placed in the auction
Krishnamurti, you are before Monday
If not paid
Notice that the land is being auctioned
Just two months later
Bill (like a fixed deposit) is released
Then I can not do anything
Two months later you come
Brother to release the deed
It's not just the acres
100 to 200 can be bought.
Not much needed.
Go inside in
Just wait a little fixed
You did not want anything
What for? Suddenly?
An auction on Mondays, Monday morning
The drums are played
My name is
Somebody will take it Laxmi
My pride will be destroyed
Everybody in the village will talk about this
The name is Nicholas
Only imagined
Looks like a suitcase
I thought I could do anything in the eyes of those who see
There's nothing in it
It's been a long time to remember
Is it a movie?
Just forget it
The words that replaced money.
My dad could not bear it
So, it's okay
I was
It's my dad
How to endure?
Then my father was down
No one was in the village
Help me, my dad.
I lost my dad.
I did it.
Son, it's easier for you
I had to put it
Bhanu would have cried if I wound up
Do you mind if you cry?
For the sake of the others
To accept defeat,
Is not it a mistake?
Have you talked to him?
Brought the money.
Get your money tomorrow morning
I have a little punch
Just stick a little bit
I'll take care of my mother
You sleep
Did you bring the money?
Nooddy's your mother yesterday evening
Kep is exactly right
For the sake of the others
If you accept the defeat
It's a mistake.
What I did in the game,
I made in real life
For Mahalaxmi
I threw you on the street
I do it
How to Be Happy?
It is wrong.
If you want to be happy
You must win
Before drumming, drumming,
I'm leaving.
At the auction, in the village of Kavaburi
Unable to pay
Lands will be auctioned.
After the calculation is over
The auction will begin
varayi! Dvarayi! Three-way.
Krishnamurthi's 100 acre land near me
Will be auctioned.
It will be someone else
Your mother said what happened then
Your dad told me what he knew
I remembered the details
Anyway, whether it's true
or not, I have to admit,
Papa left me.
Before the rain opened,
After the rain, to rub the umbrella,
Do you know why?
Anand Temple.
If I say so much about my misfortune,
when I think of the bouncing,
For my mother, Shaker
The party that was set up,
Nudu's hardware was handed over.
What are you doing?
Just say it.
Be patient.
I'll tell you when it's over.
That is, it's not
about him, Bhanu.
do not be afraid
I'll take care
She likes it too,
when does she go?
- After all that's eaten
- What's the matter now?
What is this sweetheart
You talk to your daughters?
When we can not imagine
How can you tell?
Get over there
You cook?
Supervise work.
Name changed
It's the same thing, right?
What are you doing about it?
Do not work? Come on.
You are
Come on
Where are you...
Did you talk to me?
Leave me?
Love can not give you love
Not at this level of life
Right now, there's a Benz car,
No bike
Like stopped
This light, these decorations,
These clothes,
As you can see, you are not
the acquaintance I know.
Mahalakshmi's daughter.
Nurse at Krakw.
What is this?
Water to Blow Up?
Come on. Waiting for you
The food is great.
Thank you uncle
I'll give the food to the marriage
.He could?
To hear or something?
Nandu. Biryani is gone.
A lot of people to eat
I'm waiting
Every 10 minutes
I do not want to remind you
I will not forget
Then from fried rice
To mend
You said you wanted
Now I say I'll handle it.
I'm talking about biriyani
Mutiyam! Something
Say a good song
This time is right
A good choice.
I do not know how to sing
Did I tell you to look like Subramaniam?
Just say.
Then let's say
Poor Shyamala.
My love affair.
Start typing
Musical experience
Get out of the eyes
Feeling sorry
It has to be lost
Start to say
Where are you from?
Sit in my house
and fuck with me,
My daughter is married to her
Going back?
What is it, Mummy?
You think you want to get Shaker?
There is no mistake, Mummy
You said you did not want to
Did you ask?
Now about this
Shaker what are you saying?
I realized madam
I want to get this girl back to her place
That's enough
Manga take her to the room
Take her away
Hello. Benner sir
I speak Mahalaxmi
Come on
Pandit said at 10 am tomorrow
There's a good time
What's the matter?
They even talked about getting married
Get ready
Bhanu Shakur
If your mother knew
He's going to kill me
I'll ask for you
You want to get involved tomorrow
He loves Binnu long ago
Who is it?
The part of the party was with
the ease, dressed in roses.
That girl
Getting engaged tomorrow
Forget about it
Bana turns on Shaikh
If Bhanu binds him
You've been sent by lazy
I made a mistake
To pick up your baggage bag,
Your heart
Found there
He takes care of Banu's marriage
You shut up
Have fun with your mother
That means right this time
Are you committing suicide?
Come on uncle.
My mother...
Take me to Kublpuri
Then you get to Mom
First you go home.
Let's go
Nagalali, do not mind
With so much eyes
It's okay, though
His brother does not matter
Why are you avoiding me?
What's in my mind?
Do not you know?
I do not know
If our mother breaks the door for you,
Is your mother back to you?
Now, go home
I did not mean to tell you home
A prison house
Brother, our guy cries
Know why
What are you crying for?
Do not you know what it means?
I want what I want...
Do something
-Does you have a Drivin?
Take the vehicle
Uncle. I am.
Ninety arrived?
That means
Are not you with him?
No uncle
We're ready for the appointment tomorrow
Your aunt
If she does not come
What do I say?
Do not worry, Uncle
Auntie does not say anything
I'll get her
That's not it
Tomorrow's appointment
Before the appointment tomorrow
I'll get it
Do not get me dumped again
I do not know
Hey! Say sergeant
'll leave
He took the duplicate to where he was
Break back
Let's go home
- I can not
Do not act like a kid
Let's go
I can not talk to my mom
I hate her
For your father
She's trembling
Coming for him?
She does not want me either.
I know
I do not
Ninety coming?
Or to get it?
Let's see how
Anand sir
Somehow, get out the inferior
He's trying to kill us
She's very gigantic
You can not wait so crying
I feel that affliction
I hurt you
Really sorry
Do not we have to get out?
What are you saying?
I want to die
If you want to die alone
But I'll ask for one
Do you want to die now?
Have we got all this?
That's also in this
car, sitting inside,
In love, at the bottom of the heart, kindly,
I'll ask without doing that
Let us get out
Are you coming?
Dad's coming
There is nothing we can fear
My brother is coming
Hey, get 'em finished
If you killed him, all of you
An acre of land is being dumped
Stay fine
Are you crazy, are you?
We're going to die in the car
You wanted to?
You're an idiot
I'm trembling with my two legs
What's happened?
Did not you come in?
Did not you tell him your brother?
Tell me what?
To call out the sun to victory
That's what's going on
What are you sleeping here?
Take the bowl
I will go uncle
He thinks he is
He's still here
Tell us in the evening yesterday that we were sent home
You're coming
Make my home light
More house will not destroy the light uncle
Take it
You stay
I'll take the barrel
Come on Bhanu
Take her away
Come on, Bhanu
What is this?
Why go?
You are ecstatic and married
I want to go
When does she come?
Uncle interrupts?
Uncle is new to him.
When I was little, Mother said,
For their own happiness
Another person's happiness
Not to snatch
But I think...
Uncle calls against aunty
Then what Father did wrong
Today I'm getting on
Aunt was angry because of a land
If you think about my uncle, I will lose it
I want to find my happiness
No one else
Thanks Bhanu
Bunn a minute
For another half an hour
I have to finish decorations
Right, ma'am
One more time
I spent a day on you
Keep your life alive
Is not there a fear?
The rest of the days
About 9000 miles
You can not say anything in your heart
You can not give everything you ask
They do not need to
TV and AC.
There is a TV
And the AC is also
Am I right?
When I'm angry,
I do not know
Even if I've suffered
so much, I can even die
It's like that on that day
Do not give up!
What did he say to him?
What's in the mum?
When you need the money
She's upset
Leave him
He's mine
My only one
Why are you all right?
Do not say?
Two more hours are to be recruited
Big guys are coming
My fame will be lost
Do you have that aunty?
Is not it our father?
Is it from this one?
I said the deed is?
You're looking for money
From my father's money
Or these businesses are nothing
If it were not, you could
be there, I could be there.
Nathu What's going on?
He should feel it too
How long she felt
And how great we suffered him
The aunty you came in and talked
I remember. My dad
It was only his own
Because of your love
The deeds were given to you
He loved you so much
This has helped your business
You left her hair like a hair.
We'll drop something
It's twice as fast
We can take another
A flower leaves and flowers
A stone is dropped from a stone
You dropped my father
She will not come back
I went for ever
I like your palace
But I take the queen
Drop your ears
Throw as much as possible
You're very bored
What happened, Daddy?
How much say?
Stuck in so many things
How can I be happy?
I'm scared
I do not love my brother?
I made a mistake
That's the money I took
Do not give up
Callisa would speak to me
My sister
Do not have a muscle to talk to me?
I'm not his sister?
I can not wait to cry
Tell them to go and tell them?
For your brother
Will they make money?
You sent your soul-lifter
Will you say no?
Not at all
You're a real athlete, david
Love you
What are you wearing Mummy?
Did you get married from me?
Are you wearing?
Why do not you like what?
Music, dancing?
When did you say?
And other things you like
You did not tell anyone
You're both me
I'm sorry about that
But you've gone
I can not leave home
Because the only boy
My love is for you
Never felt?
Auntie's house...
I'm telling you,
Your dad was gone
Aunt took money
Instead, they get a lease instead
If the tear,
That day I'll take her in
Was it a mistake to come home ninety days?
Are you listening?
She's a very good person
You will always be happy with you
I thought that pigeons were not anymore
I'm wrong.
My mother was angry with my mother
And he's scared of it
Nadu's father's problems are over
My expectation is complete
This is what happened to me
Bring butter
There is my daughter!
Boy is better than a boy
I eat
So do not
And then I'll get married later
Nadu will marry me
Then I will live
That's why.
Not on enemies
Sangha and daughter in hand
This house is
I will not do this myself
If you built a building for a good road
I'd find some
Passion... take a bottle
Let's just be good. Not sleeping.
If you went to the temple
We can fix the mind
No, I do not understand
you idiot...
Go to get married?
Want to see honeymoon?
Not to rent a car for one of the cars
Not good enough to come to the village
What did you say?
Not even one car
A line is going
These cars are going to see Buffalo
Who is her brother
Ananad Vihari
Not all
One of them
Where's Anand's house?
Go ahead in the future
It's easy to find
Talk about marriage
Why are these cars?
He brought gold and some diamonds
because he could not come.
That means, there's one
Other security
Or take the money
Do you know how difficult it is?
Family money
Married to marry
The sister is also like a family
- It made sense?
- What is it, dad?
Love to practice lovingly,
you practice fighting,
I trained others
They bring a photo of their family
I have to go home and offer sacrifices.
Trust this.
What are we doing now?
This is you.