A Baby at Any Cost (2022) Movie Script

Oops... sorry!
Oh, shoot. Monica.
How could you do this?
With my sister?
I... I've gotta go.
Get out of my house.
Monica, I'm sorry... I...
No. No, you're not.
It's... You have everything!
You're the smart one,
you're the beautiful one!
I just wanted...
My boyfriend?
Well, you can have him, Jen.
Monica, please don't go!
Monica, I'm sorry.
Push. Push.
Almost... Come on...
Come on.
Thank you.
Hi, Olivia.
Look at these cheeks.
I know. And her tiny...
Did you see her toes?
- Oh, her toes.
- I know.
Oh my gosh, I can't believe
how perfect she is, Brad.
Now that she's here,
it makes everything we
went through, truly worth it.
Lily, I don't even
know how to thank you.
We're so grateful.
I knew it the moment we met,
you'd be wonderful parents.
Just like the other family
I gave this gift to,
you're both so loving and kind.
You changed our lives forever.
We can't thank you enough.
Who's that?
I wanna bet I know.
It's my sister again.
She's been blowing up my phone.
Yeah, she's been texting me too.
You want me to get her?
Sure, yeah.
Is everything okay?
Yes. Six pounds,
seven ounces, 19 inches.
Olivia is healthy and perfect.
- Can I see her?
- Yes, come with me.
But, hey, Jen...
It's been an emotional day.
Let's keep it positive,
concentrate on the baby.
Of course!
I just think it should
have been me as the surrogate.
We're family.
I'm just so happy you are happy.
I've been stuck out there
waiting to meet you, Olivia!
Oh, look at her.
Let me hold her.
Why don't you answer my calls?
We've been a little busy.
Careful, careful, careful.
Look at her...
She's so perfect.
There's Jen.
Yeah, that's her.
Kind of want some time, but...
Bless her heart.
Welcome home!
thank you.
Ruby and I made it.
She wanted to be here today,
but I'll bring her by
later tonight.
Thank you.
Can I hold her?
Can I hold her?
Let's go inside first.
I didn't know you
were coming by.
I didn't...
Where else would I be, right?
Come on, Olivia.
Hi, baby.
I know how to handle
a baby, Monica.
I think she looks like me.
I'll make sure
the nursery's set.
Let's take a selfie.
It's Sam. I have to take it.
- Hey.
- -What time are you drooping off Ruby?
- What do you mean?
- -It's my night is what I mean.
Ruby said she wants to
meet her cousin tonight,
so, it doesn't matter
if it's your night.
She has homework.
She has the right to
see her cousin, Sam.
That's fine.
I'll just pick her myself...
No, you can't do that,
because she's my daughter, too!
He hung up on me?
That is so not okay.
- I'm calling him back.
- No, don't call him back.
You're too upset.
You can't let Sam
get to you like this.
You know, Ruby misses me,
and she wants to meet Olivia.
He's being so unreasonable
and by the book.
Oh, lawyers.
Hey. Thanks.
Oh, no, no. Not you.
You're amazing.
I wouldn't have the house
if it weren't for you.
It's just Sam, you know, he...
He calls me a bad mom,
because I'm not raising Ruby
the way he thinks
she should be raised.
You're a great mom.
I know!
His ego's just bruised,
because you left him.
And remember,
you're being true to yourself,
and you're not
letting him control you.
But he's still controlling me.
And now my child is slowly
being taken from me.
Babe, that's not gonna happen.
Not if I can help it.
You are so lucky you
have a nice daddy, Olivia.
I wish Ruby did.
Seriously, Mon, you have it all.
Beautiful home, an amazingly
supportive husband
with a successful business.
Your law practice is on fire,
and now you have Olivia.
Mom and Dad would
be so proud of you.
They always were, though.
And they were proud of you too.
Yeah, right.
They were!
And hey, we're gonna win
Ruby's custody case.
Thanks, Mon.
You're always on my side.
Oh. Open my present.
You did not have to do that.
I used to read that
to Ruby when she was little.
I know. And Olivia's gonna
love it just the same.
I'm all set
to jump in and nanny,
you just say the word.
I already switched all my
yoga classes to nights.
The nursery is all set.
Come on, Olivia,
let's go see your new room.
You have it all, Monica.
Jen is obsessed with Olivia.
Ah, she misses Ruby.
You know,
Sam's barely let her see her
the last three weeks.
I know.
At least she's been busy here.
Well, you've been a great sister
for putting up with her.
She was there for me
a lot after the accident.
She's the reason why
you got into the accident
in the first place, Mon.
That's all behind us.
And we were young.
Jen has a really big heart.
She's just...
out to sometimes.
She's determined to know every
detail of Olivia's schedule.
Oh, she can't wait for us
to get back to work.
You know, I'm gonna have to,
uh, make sure Jen stays focused
whenever she takes over.
You know her.
Unfortunately, uh,
I have to go back to work
earlier than we planned.
It's okay.
I have a doctor's appointment,
and Olivia can
just come with me.
Oh, and Jen will be here
to help me tomorrow afternoon.
Oh, why don't you
stop by the office
after your appointment?
Jen can meet you there.
Are you sure?
It's only been two weeks, right?
And I'm going to miss
our little Olivia
on my first day back to work.
It'd be nice to see her...
and you.
Hey, babe, what's wrong?
It's nothing. I'm sorry, hey.
It's just...
I mean,
I know I should be grateful
that we have Olivia,
and I am, but...
part of me is like heartbroken
for the things
I couldn't do for her.
Like what?
I couldn't carry her
inside of me.
I couldn't deliver her.
I can't even
breastfeed her, Brad. I...
Babe, Olivia doesn't care
about any of that.
She just wants you to love her.
You're gonna...
make the best mom ever.
You have more love to give
than anyone I've ever met.
And Olivia and I are
lucky to have you.
Thank you.
It's been a few weeks
since I've been in the office.
- I have cookies.
- Lily?
Lily, oh, you are so sweet.
Oatmeal raisin for you
and chocolate chip
for you know who.
You know me too well,
and we have missed you.
Yes. It's been two weeks.
You look amazing.
This is for Olivia.
Thank you.
My mom read it to me
when I was a baby,
and apparently I loved it.
Oh my gosh!
She's so much bigger.
How is the little princess?
Well, the little princess
was up all night,
but I made some coffee.
Do you want some?
I would love some,
but let me get it.
You're a sleep-deprived mom now.
Besides, I know where
everything is in this office.
It hasn't been that long
since I worked here.
You know, I was so happy
to hear from you, Brad.
And you said that you have
a surprise for me?
Oh, I do.
Check it out.
You are officially the star
of the new app we're developing.
Baby Steps. What do you think?
- Wow.
- Seeing Olivia grow
inside of you,
really inspired me,
and our focus groups
are absolutely loving it.
It's a bit overwhelming.
I mean, I...
I just, I...
I never could have imagined
an app about my pregnancy
would come from a temp job.
Well, we never imagined
a temp would volunteer
to be our surrogate, so...
When Brad told me what you
guys were going through,
I knew I could help.
The first time I did it,
it made me so happy,
why not do it again?
We are so blessed to
have met you, Lily.
Look at you two with her.
You know, if you make
an app about parenting,
you two should be the stars.
Actually, I'll get a picture.
We'd love a picture.
Thank you.
No problem. Happy to.
Oh, it's so cute.
Oh, hey, Lily,
if you're free tomorrow,
do you wanna go
on a picnic with Olivia and me?
I would love that.
So, meet at my house at 10?
That sounds perfect.
That does sound perfect.
Oh, great. Jen. You're here.
Hi, Jen.
I brought the bottle warmer.
I got your text
to bring it over.
Thank you. Um, could you,
uh, take a picture
of us with Lily, please?
Yeah, that would be...
That would be great.
Here's my phone.
Hey, Jen, did you
bring the formula?
Oh, no, I forgot.
It's okay.
And I should take Olivia home,
and Brad can actually
get some work done, so...
Hey, Jen.
- What?
- You'll take the photo.
Oh, sorry.
- Uh, thank you.
- Thank you so much. Um...
It was so great to see you guys,
and she's perfect.
See you tomorrow.
Hey, don't forget
to send me the picture.
I wanna frame it.
Oh, of course.
Uh, before you go,
can you, um, take one of us.
Is it already noon? I'm sorry.
I... I really have to go.
Um, but I'll see you guys.
- Bye, Lily.
- Bye, Lily.
I love her.
So do my investors.
Okay, well, let's pack up.
- We don't have any formula, so...
- Okay.
Am I ever getting
a photo of all of us together?
You know, as a family.
Actually, how about you come
with us to the park tomorrow.
For the picnic.
We can get a photo there.
Okay. Yeah.
Thanks for inviting me.
I'll see you at the car.
It's okay, Olivia.
Guys. It's her tummy again.
Hey, Jen, can you grab
that medicine, please?
Wow. It's beautiful.
I've never been here before.
We used to come here
when we were little.
Jen, do you have it?
I... I can't find it.
I asked you specifically
to bring it.
Give me a sec.
I know it's in here.
I know a technique
that might help.
Do you mind if I try?
- Of course.
- Yeah?
So, you just move your hand
clockwise like that
and it helps move
the gas and relieve the pain.
Wow. Is it working, Olivia?
How did you know that?
I read a lot of baby books
during both pregnancies,
just to make sure I was
doing everything right, so...
An overachieving surrogate.
Yeah. I'm not surprised.
I knew you would be.
She's happy now.
Say thank you, Lily.
Of course.
That's my girl. Yeah.
Thank you so much
for inviting me.
That was really fun.
- You kidding? Thank you so much for coming.
- Of course.
Ooh, Brad said they're
launching the app next week.
- Wow! That's soon.
- I know.
I still can't
get over that poster.
It's Ruby.
She misses me.
She says that Sam's being
way too strict.
- Is she alright?
- You okay?
Is she alright?
Are you okay?
The parking brake wasn't on.
You just need to flip this
paddle with your foot like this...
I know how to use it.
Really, you don't, Jen.
She could have been hit.
I thought that I did.
I mean, I know that I, I did.
Let's just go home.
- Here, I can help if you...
- I got it.
Oh, she could've been hit, Brad.
I can't believe it.
What did Jen say?
That she thought
she set the brake,
and then she was sure she did.
I'm wondering if it's a good
idea for her to be our nanny?
I don't think it is.
She forgot the formula.
She forgot
Olivia's stomach medicine.
Now this.
I love my sister.
I don't know what's going
on with her right now.
Maybe it's
the custody battle with Sam.
- We need to put Olivia first.
- Yeah.
I can take Olivia
to the office with me
until we get things figured out.
You know what?
We can have mommy and me time.
What can I do for you?
I was wondering if I could take
Ruby to lunch this Saturday?
I don't think
that's a good idea.
Why not?
Well, for starters, it's my day,
and I want her with me.
Plus, you're not a good
influence on her right now.
Why would you think that?
I'm her mother.
She told me
you let her
create a YouChat account.
But she was feeling
so left out, Sam.
Okay, well, you need to check
with me first.
I'll talk to her.
I already took it off her phone.
Why would you do
something like that, Sam?
You know, you don't even
know what she wants!
What she wants is not as
important as what she needs.
As a mother, you don't
seem to understand that.
You're not here
to be Ruby's best friend.
You're here
to be her role model,
to make sure she's safe
and focused,
but you can't seem to get that.
Even your sister knows
you can't.
What did my sister say?
You have problems, Jennifer,
but you're not
my problem anymore.
Okay, here we go. Thanks guys.
- And we'll talk later.
- Yes.
All right. Be safe.
Hey, you.
There's our star.
What are you doing here?
Oh, I had to sign a release
form for your baby app.
I'm also looking for temp jobs
if anything opens up.
Thought you wanted
something more permanent.
Um, but until I find it,
temping's gonna have to do.
Um, by the way, if you ever
want someone to watch Olivia,
so you guys can go
on a date night,
just let me know.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Actually, can you wait here
for a minute?
Hey, babe.
Hey, how's it going?
Between feeding her,
changing her and rocking her?
This briefing
is gonna take me forever.
Yeah, I'm leaving soon
and I can swing by
and take her home,
so you can get some work done.
- Thank you.
- Hey, listen...
I have an idea.
I'm intrigued.
I'm thinking Lily should be
our nanny.
Wait. Well, what about Jen?
What about Jen?
You know what? You're right,
but would Lily
even be up for it?
Well, she's here now.
She told me
that she's looking for a job.
She actually even
volunteered to babysit.
Think about it, Mon,
we could go out once in a while.
That'd be nice.
I'll see if she can follow me
to the office
when I pick up Olivia,
and we can talk about it.
Jen's coming over
in about an hour
to go over her paperwork. Um,
can you be here fast?
I'll be right over.
I love you.
Are you busy right now?
Uh, no. Why?
Knock knock.
- Aah!
- Go and see dad.
You're giving Mommy a hard time?
Hi. Hi, beautiful.
Hi, Lily. How are you?
Good. Good.
Okay. So, Lily,
um, we could really
use some help with Olivia,
and Brad mentioned
you were looking for work.
Would you be interested
in a nanny position?
Only if you're comfortable.
Yeah, I... I would love to.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Thank you.
For what?
Oh, nothing.
Actually, you're early.
Maybe we should get going.
Uh, yeah.
Um, let, let me help you.
- Oh, I'll call you tomorrow, Lily.
- -great.
That's great.
Okay, so we have
a lot to go over.
Sam's amended the custody.
What just happened?
With Lily?
I know something did.
What... We'll talk about it
'Cause we have a lot
to go over here.
Now, Mon.
We've decided to have
Lily help us with Olivia.
Instead of me,
because of the other day?
You have, uh, your yoga studio,
and Ruby.
This is just...
It's gonna be better this way.
For who?
No, you're... You're...
You're right.
Let's um, let's deal
with Ruby right now.
Uh, so Sam filed
a custody amendment.
Sorry, um, just so I know,
when is, um, Lily gonna start?
I really need you right now
to focus on this, okay?
Yeah, okay.
Okay, so...
Sam's filing for full custody.
He agreed to 50/50.
Originally, he did.
I don't know
what happened, but...
he's changed his mind.
He always changes his mind
and he always gets his way.
You and Sam have it all
and I'm left with nothing.
No, I see what you're doing.
I see what's going on.
You are both punishing me.
He's taking my baby
and you have hired someone
else to take care of my niece.
Sam told me you don't
think I'm a good mom.
I never said that.
Then why would you do
this to me?
Why would...
Would you hire a... a stranger
over your own sister?
I have tried my entire life
to be like you, Monica,
to be good and responsible.
And now I'm being kicked out
of my own family?
You're still her aunt.
You can come visit
her anytime you want to.
And as for Ruby,
just because
he's filing for full custody,
that does not mean
he's gonna get it.
I see what you're doing.
You're still punishing me
for the accident.
Isn't ten years enough?
It has nothing to do with that.
You were taking her
away from me,
just like he is.
Oh, sorry.
I'm so sorry.
No, I... I'm. I'm sorry.
I... I forgot my purse.
Are you okay?
Oh yeah. It's nothing. Um...
Is Jen okay?
I'm so sorry. My sister's
going through a lot right now,
and um, sometimes
she has a short fuse.
She'll be okay.
She'll be fine.
I'm sure of it.
Yeah. Yeah, of course.
911 what's the nature
of your emergency?
It's probably
just some high school kids,
- like the police said.
- Uh-uh.
So, it was just my car window
that was smashed.
It was the only one.
Then who?
Some old client with a grudge?
Jen left the office
really upset today.
I've never seen her that mad.
You think Jen did this?
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm sorry about
what happened today.
I lost my temper.
How are you now?
Still upset.
You chose
some random girl over me.
It hurts.
Well, he's not random, Jen,
but I can understand
how you would feel that way with
everything going on with Ruby, so...
Hey, listen...
you were pretty upset
when you left today.
You didn't like...
do anything like crazy, did you?
What are you talking about?
Well, whenever I left work,
my car window was smashed, Jen.
I had to call the police,
file a report...
And you're thinking I did it?
Are you kidding me?
No, I just...
Monica, I can't even believe
you would consider it.
Give me some credit.
I, I just needed to be sure.
It's insulting.
You're right...
You're right.
Can we talk about this tomorrow?
No, I'm not gonna talk
about this again.
"You're playing fire. Stay
away from Monica and Brad."
Oh, good. Ruby was looking
everywhere for that.
I'd like to give
it to Ruby myself.
Well, she's busy.
So... thanks.
- Mom!
- Oh, yay!
Your mom's here.
Hi, sweetie. How are you?
I've missed you.
I missed you too.
Baby girl.
Now that you got your notebook,
I need you to go start
your homework, alright?
She just got here.
I know, Rubes,
but I need to talk to her,
and you still need
to do your homework.
Listen to your dad, honey.
It's okay.
I'll see you soon.
Oh, um...
can we do my nails today?
Of course, sweetie.
Go start your homework.
I'll be there soon.
Why are you doing this, Sam?
She clearly misses me.
You cannot file
for full custody.
Ruby's starting
to forget things.
She's distracted.
She's losing her temper.
She's starting to act
a lot like you.
She's nine, and misses her mom.
She seems very
preoccupied, Jennifer.
Her parents are getting
a divorce, Laura,
and her father
has a new girlfriend.
It's a lot.
Don't take your anger out on me.
I'm the one doing
everything for Ruby.
You should be thanking me.
- Thanking you?
- Okay.
Be reasonable, Jennifer.
You're just not suited to care
for Ruby like we are.
You're a bad influence.
I'm her mother.
Well, I'm kind of
like her mom too now.
- Jennifer, enough!
- You are not her mother!
What are you gonna do? Hit me.
We will definitely
get Ruby that way.
You'll never get her, and
you will never be her mother.
You need to leave, Jennifer.
Get off of my property.
I'll see you in court.
You're gonna have to pay
for that!
They were monsters.
You know, she was vicious.
Hey, think big picture
and control your impulses.
You know Sam's documenting
all this for the judge.
I don't even know
if I can anymore.
He's such a jerk.
Then do it for Ruby.
Oh, I have to show you
what I bought her?
Mother-daughter bracelets.
Aren't they cute?
- She's gonna love those.
- I think so too.
I saw Lily's car out front.
How's that going?
Uh, it's good.
It's just her first day,
but good.
You wanna...
You wanna make Olivia's bottle?
Oh, Jen,
I didn't know you were here.
Hi, Lily.
Could you pass me
a burp cloth, please?
Oh, sure.
- Sorry.
- Thank you.
Oh, the book I gave you.
That's actually the book
that Lily got Olivia.
Great minds think alike.
I guess so.
Hey, Jen, Olivia's bottle.
Uh, yeah, sure.
Uh, and I'm gonna go finish
the laundry.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Hey, Jen.
So sorry about the book.
Please don't be mad.
No, I'm fine.
I don't really care.
- You wanna feed her?
- Yeah.
There's your Aunt Jen. Yes!
- Sleepy baby.
- She's so precious.
Thank you.
Were you able to get
a birthday present for Brad?
Oh, yeah. Well, Lily saw him
looking at this watch online,
so, I got it.
Hey, what's this?
This doesn't look
like Olivia's brand.
It's amazing.
It's what I gave Ruby
when she was a baby.
It's rich in proteins
and vitamins. It's organic.
Jen, you can't do that.
Give her to me.
No. What did I do?
You can't... You can't switch
a baby's formula.
It'll upset her stomach.
But it'll be easier
on her stomach.
You didn't even ask me, Jen.
Look, I... I know what I'm doing.
See, this is why you
wouldn't work as her nanny.
Mon, look, I'm sorry.
I was just trying to help.
Well, I have Lily
for that, so...
It'd just be so much easier
if I took care of Olivia.
I promise I'll do everything
the way that you want.
Sorry, Jen, I...
This is what's best for now.
But I'm her aunt.
My love for her is different.
Blood is blood.
I don't want to talk
about this anymore.
- Okay.
- But I just wanna...
Shh! She's... She's sleeping.
You know, it's like you love
Lily more than you love me.
That's not true.
"To Olivia!
With all my love! Lily"
All right, laundry's done.
Um, I can organise
Olivia's toys if you want.
Uh, she's... she's sleeping.
Uh, was that in...
In the garbage?
I'm... I'm so sorry, Lily.
I have no idea how this happened
or how it got there.
Jen was the last one to have it.
Why would she do that?
It's complicated.
Please don't take it personally.
Jen got into an argument with
her ex and his girlfriend today,
and Laura said some
really hurtful things.
It seems like Jen's going
through a lot.
But I will talk to her.
Thank you for everything
you've done today.
I think I can take it from here.
Oh, okay.
- We'll see you tomorrow.
- Oh yeah, absolutely.
See you tomorrow.
Are you ready?
I'm the best soccer player
in the world.
You are, girl.
I remember that last week
you scored... two goals?
No, not two, but three.
Three goals?
Not three, but four.
Four goals?
Okay. Let's see. Let's
see what you got. Come on.
Whoa! That was
some fancy footwork, Ruby.
Thank you.
Okay, come on,
try me again. Here we go.
- Hey.
- Hey, what... What are you up to?
Uh, just running errands.
I'm sorry I left in such a huff.
No, it's okay.
Hey, um, I found that book
that Lily got Olivia
in the trash.
Hey, did you, um...
Jen, did you rip it up?
What? No.
Are you sure?
Yes. I'm sure.
I think I'd know.
It's just... your temper.
You know what,
Monica, I didn't do it,
and I really don't need
a lecture from you
on anger management right now.
I gotta go.
What is it, Ruby?
Is that your mom?
Go get your bag.
I don't want you to be late
for soccer practice.
Help me!
One, two three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine,
ten, eleven...
- Oh, looks great back here.
- Thank you.
- Sam.
- Ugh, don't answer it.
As your sister, I wouldn't,
but as your lawyer, I have to.
Hey, Sam.
I have had enough, Monica.
Your sister is out of control.
Uh, slow down.
What's going on?
Jennifer could have killed
Laura today.
That is what is going on.
I am filing a restraining order.
I'm gonna see to it
that she's never allowed
anywhere near our daughter.
Sam, can you just tell me
what actually happened?
Laura is in the hospital,
and she might need surgery,
Somebody pushed her down
a ravine when she was running.
She could have died, Monica.
Oh, Sam.
- I'm so sorry.
- We spoke
to the police.
We told them
we're certain it's Jen.
Wait. So Laura said it was
Jennifer threatened
Laura today, physically,
and later on, Laura saw her
driving by our house,
and she had
no reason to be there.
She is going to pay
for what she's done.
What? What did he say?
That you tried to hurt Laura.
What? It's crazy.
Jen, what exactly
happened today?
I told you,
we had some words, that's it.
I know. I mean later,
like around three or four?
Nothing. I was at the studio.
Sam says you pushed Laura
down a ravine
while she was jogging.
He's lost his mind.
I would never do that.
Mon, I was nowhere near Laura.
This is just some plan to try
and get full custody of Ruby.
Why can't you see that?
All I know is Laura's
in the hospital.
Sam contacted the police
and they filed a restraining
order against you, Jen.
And I don't think
they're making it up.
Why don't you believe me?
Hey, Monica.
My guests are arriving.
We'll talk about this later.
- Hi, John, how are you?
- Hey.
- I'm good.
- It's good to see you.
- Come on in.
- Okay.
These are...
These are really nice, yeah?
- Thank you.
- Yeah, of course.
Happy birthday.
Thank you for the party, babe.
You really outdid yourself.
I'm gonna go check on Olivia.
Oh, uh, Brad, I had,
um, a little extra time.
Uh, so I reorganised
your closet,
and your pyjamas
are on the bottom shelf.
Wow. Really?
Well, thank you.
And I made you overnight oats
for tomorrow morning.
You are the best.
What would we do without you?
Hey, Lily,
can you give us a minute?
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
I'm very worried about you, Jen.
You sound like Mom.
It's gross.
I didn't do anything.
So there's nothing for you
to worry about.
All right, well,
let's go over it then.
Um, when you left here,
you went to the studio?
Then why is Laura saying
you were driving by her house?
Because she's crazy, okay?
And out to get me.
Jen, you called me
from her street.
I saw the neighbour's house
in the background.
I went to see Ruby for a minute.
Monica, you don't understand.
That woman lives with my child.
She takes her to dance class
and soccer practice.
She does her nails.
You know,
Laura even said she was
more like Ruby's mother
than I was.
I do know how hard
this is for you,
but I don't think you appreciate
how much trouble
you could be in, Jen.
So just...
Be honest with me.
I can not believe that you think
that I would hurt her or anyone.
Look, I know I've had my issues,
but just how messed up
do you think I am?
If you were in the park
when Laura got hurt,
I need to know.
You are making me out
to be a bad one.
Just like, you've always done.
I'm trying to help you.
I cannot believe you, Monica.
You are my sister.
You are the one person
in this entire world
that is supposed
to stand by me and believe me!
Jen. Jen!
Jen, you almost set
my entire backyard on fire.
Well, I'm sorry, okay?
You know what? Just don't
come back here anymore,
not until you've got
professional help,
because you are not yourself.
And I do not want you around
Olivia like this anymore.
I'm her aunt.
Don't you take her
away from me too.
Why are you punishing me?
I'm not punishing you.
Are you afraid of me?
I need space, Jen.
I'll still represent you,
but I think we
both need some time
to just breathe, separately.
Whatever's going on
with you, Jen,
I clearly...
I'm not capable of helping you
the way you need.
You're killing me, Monica.
You're killing me!
It's not for ever. Jen!
Get inside.
Brad, you have
a work dinner tonight, right?
No, it turned into just drinks.
- This is delicious, Lily.
- Good.
You're babysitting
tonight, right?
Yes. Um, is it okay
if I swing by my mom's house
with Olivia later today?
She's dying to meet her.
It's not far.
Of course. I didn't even know
your mom lived in the area.
You know, she's always
welcome here, too.
Would love to meet her sometime.
Thank you. It's very sweet.
What's wrong?
I've got a meeting
with Jen tonight
for the first time
since everything.
Sam's going for the jugular.
But you haven't spoken to her
at all?
And only about her case.
Luckily Sam
had to drop the charges.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
I mean, they don't
have enough evidence.
Laura didn't actually
see her face,
and the DA didn't think
it would hold up,
but like her custody issues,
it's a whole nother battle.
Oh, drinks won't take that long.
How about I meet you
at your office, for backup?
I got you, babe.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Bye, Lily.
Oh, bye, guys.
"Lily has a new post!"
Are you okay?
Sam and Laura aren't happy.
Laura's filed a restraining
order against you.
I didn't do it.
They don't have any evidence.
They're using the day
you lunged at Laura
to prove you are a threat.
What about Ruby's
dance classes and recitals?
Laura's her dance teacher.
Will I still be able
to go to them?
If the judge approves
the restraining order, then...
probably not.
This is absurd.
We will fight it.
They're still filing
for full custody, right?
Mon, I'm losing everything.
that means anything to me...
My daughter, my niece.
I can't lose Ruby and Olivia.
You won't.
And I'm not having Lily
calling herself Aunt Lily.
- What?
- I'm Olivia's aunt, not her.
Of course you are. I don't
know what you're talking about.
Yes, you do!
You know exactly
what I'm talking about,
and I can't take it anymore.
- Everyone is against me!
- Hey, Jen,
take a breath.
I'm not gonna let this happen.
Call 911!
She's beautiful, Lily...
and good.
Yeah, I know.
You make wonderful babies.
This reminds me of holding
you when you were little.
It's a very special feeling...
But I'm not sure if this is
what you should be doing
right now.
I mean, what about...
getting a job with a future,
or going back to school?
You know what?
We actually, we...
We really have to go.
I hardly got to see you.
Brad and Monica
are gonna be home soon.
I have to put Olivia to bed.
It's okay.
I know.
Yeah, baby girl.
It's bedtime.
Yeah. I know.
Will you text me when
you get to their house?
It's late.
It's good to see you again, Mom.
It's good to have you back.
Mon, I'm so sorry.
Jen, you need to go.
Monica, I...
I don't need
the added stress right now.
It was an accident.
Your lack of self control
has never been an accident.
It's a choice.
But the trauma
you brought my family,
has got to go.
Jen, you need to give us space.
But we're family.
You can't just throw out family
like the trash.
Just please go.
Okay, bye.
Just us, huh?
And we hope Daddy's okay.
All right. Let's get a bottle.
That sound good?
Ssh. Okay.
Baby girl
You light up my life
Don't wanna live
A day without you
In my darkest days
You make them bright
In the end I know
We'll make it through
Uh, she was just about
to take a nap,
but I'm sure you're dying
to hold her.
I am.
Thank you so much
for last night.
Of course.
How's Brad?
I was so worried.
Oh, I hate to ask this, but um,
I have to go into the office
for a meeting
here in a little bit.
Is there any way you could stay
a little bit longer?
Normally I'd reschedule,
but, um, it's a huge client,
and he's leaving
for Europe tomorrow.
You poor thing.
Now, this is all
too much for you.
Of course. I can take her.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Hey, Margaret.
Well, you don't sound too happy.
I'm all right.
How are the kids?
Oh, they're great.
Goes by so fast, you know.
I mean, look at Ruby.
She's getting so big.
She is.
Excuse me.
Looking for a Jennifer Perry.
Can I help you, officer?
Are you Jennifer Perry?
Uh, yes.
You've been served
with a restraining order.
My lawyer said that
we are fighting this,
that it would be dismissed.
You have to ask her, ma'am.
So, our game plan is,
we're gonna prove
there was no due process.
I'm so sorry to bother you.
Your sister's here.
She seems really upset.
Just tell her I'm with a client.
Sorry, John.
So, in order to prove that,
we need to file this injunction.
She's really busy.
What do you mean she's busy?
I'm sorry, she is
with an important client.
And I'm not important?
I am her sister,
and I was just
served a restraining order.
Monica said that we'd fight it,
but until we do,
I cannot see my own daughter,
so, I need to talk to Monica.
Let me try again.
- I'll just go back there.
- No, no, no!
No. It'd be best
if I do it, okay?
So, the injunction
is gonna take two weeks?
- At most.
- Okay.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry. John,
can you gimme one second?
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
What's going on?
Jen's really upset.
She got a restraining order.
She said
you were gonna fight it.
We will fight it,
but you need to tell her
it's not until after
we go to court.
Sam is away for work.
How am I supposed to see Ruby
if she is with Laura
all the time?
I will talk to you
about this later.
You need to get your priorities straight.
I'm family.
Monica, do you want me
to call security?
You need to think about that?
It seems the hit
to the back of the head
caused a contusion.
We wanna keep you a bit longer.
How much longer?
A day or two,
depending on what we find.
I'm a... I'm a bit dizzy.
I... I could go home.
It's important that you rest.
I'm ordering a few tests,
just to make sure.
We want you whole and healthy
before we send you home.
Thank you, Dr. Shannon.
I cannot believe
Jen caused all this.
I mean, I want what's best
for her and Ruby.
I'm sorry, babe.
Why don't you take the night off
and go home
and take care of Olivia?
You would be okay?
She needs you more than I do.
Hi. How's Brad?
He has to stay another night,
but you have been
here way too much.
Are you kidding me?
I love it here.
And my place is so boring.
I'm... I can totally
stay longer if you need.
That's so nice. Thank you.
I would actually like
to get up early
and go back to the hospital.
- Is Olivia sleeping?
- Yes.
Okay, good.
I cannot talk to Jen right now.
I understand.
Thank you.
Hi, it's Monica.
Leave a message.
So, now you're not taking
my calls?
That's great, Monica.
As my lawyer,
you'd better call me back.
"Meet me at my house.
I need to talk to you."
Want me to come to you?
Hey, have you ever seen
someone sleep so beautifully?
Oh, I miss her so much.
Both of you get some sleep.
I love you so much.
I love you too.
Good night.
Good night.
It's okay, Olivia.
Shh. Ssh, baby.
What is your emergency?
Monica! Help! Help!
Somebody, help!
Call the police!
Officers, what's...
What's going on?
What's... what's...
What's going on?
Keep your hands
where I can see them,
and step away from her.
Do it now.
- You killed her?
- Stand back.
Did you hurt Olivia, too?
I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything.
I'm gonna be your mommy.
She's coming to.
And I'm gonna love your daddy
more than anyone ever has.
And we're gonna be
the best family.
In this house,
the three of us,
just like we were meant to be.
Oh, what?
I just want you to know
she's alive.
She is?
That's great.
Come with me.
We have some questions for you.
What hit me?
Guys, what hit me?
Let's... let's sit up slowly.
Take a few deep breaths.
There you go.
Where's my baby?
Where's my...?
Hey, she's okay.
She's okay. She's with me.
All right. I'm here for you.
Monica, we need
to take you to the hospital.
Are you okay with leaving
your daughter here?
Will you take care of Olivia?
Of course.
So you didn't see
your attacker at all?
They came up behind me.
It happened so fast.
- Here, I brought you this.
- Thanks.
Jennifer, I'd like
to ask you some questions.
I told you everything
at the house.
My sister texted me.
And when I got there...
Jen, I didn't text you,
just tell the truth.
I am telling the truth.
You have to believe me.
Monica, you wrote,
"Please come over now.
We have to talk." Look.
I did not write that.
Well, I didn't write it myself.
I wouldn't even
know how to do that.
Mon, please, please
check your phone.
You're right.
But, Jen, I don't remember
writing this.
Head trauma can
cause some confusion.
No, I remember everything.
I was making tea.
I put the kettle on
and I sensed someone behind me.
When did I send that text?
Uh, 7:15.
I was in the shower then.
And Lily was the only one
who had access to my phone.
When I interviewed Lily,
she said she was running
an errand for you.
I didn't ask her to go anywhere.
I'm so sorry. I'm confused.
Maybe Lily's the one
who hurt you.
She wouldn't do that.
Would she?
Baby girl,
You lighten up my life
Couldn't live
A day without you
All my darkest days
You make them bright
In the end I know
We'll make it through
We need to find my baby.
If you know Lily's address,
I'll send Jones
over there right now.
It's 19 Demarest Drive
and I want
an Amber Alert out now!
Jones, I need a 10-90, a 10-90.
Lily Mahoney?
No response, heading back.
- Did you find Lily?
- No one was there.
Jones looked through the windows
and the house was empty.
Did you go inside?
Yeah, we need
a warrant for that.
Well, get one!
Have the judge issue
an emergency warrant.
They could be in danger.
- Did you drive?
- Yeah.
Let's go.
That is not a good idea.
Hey, I'm a lawyer and a mother,
and I'm gonna find my baby.
- Where are we going?
- To Lily's house?
The cops won't go in.
We will.
I'm in.
- The Amber Alert.
- It took them long enough.
Mon, there's a gate.
Come on.
Mon, I don't think
anyone's in there.
We have to get in to find out.
Lily and Olivia
could get hurt in there.
Jen, I gotta get in.
Try this.
Hurry before the neighbours
call the police.
- Careful.
- Let's go.
Mon, look at this.
- What?
- It's about Lily and her mom.
"Grandmother steals
adopted baby back."
Look at the date.
That's the year
Lily had her first baby.
Lily always said
it was such a gift
to give her baby
up for adoption.
This says she was devastated.
Her mom tried to
steal the baby back.
And her mom went to jail for it.
Does it say her mom's name?
Susan Loures.
Susan's a criminal.
She could have kidnapped
Lily and Olivia.
Google her name
and find an address,
because I know
she lives close by.
Maybe Lily took Olivia there.
I'll take a look.
Someone's here.
Why do we?
Where do you think you're going?
Don't make a move.
I'm a lawyer. This is the home
of my employee.
I'm calling the police.
Just put the bat down. I can...
- I can explain.
- No explaining.
You broke in. I caught you.
What's the nature of your emergency?
I found two women breaking
into my neighbour's house.
Tell them there's an Amber
Alert out for my baby.
Olivia Hunt.
Did someone say Olivia Hunt?
Sir, do you have Olivia Hunt?
What are you doing, Lily?
Just where is it, Mom?
I know that you hide
the money somewhere.
You're not taking my money.
I'm going to pay you back.
You just tell me where it is.
I need to go.
I need to go now.
Go where?
And what about Olivia?
She's coming with me.
You are not going to take
that baby.
No, you don't get to tell me.
Ever since you took my baby
away from me,
it's all I can think about.
Every time I see
a mother with her daughter,
I wonder where my baby is,
and how some other woman
gets to raise her
instead of me.
You have no idea
what that's done to me.
But Olivia...
She's given me
my happiness back...
My purpose...
And you don't get
to take it from me.
It was the right
decision at the time.
You were so young, you were
practically a baby yourself.
And I covered for you.
I took the blame
for what you did, Lily.
We're close.
23 Deem Road.
What's our plan
when we get there?
To find Olivia. At any cost.
I went to prison for you when
you tried to steal that baby.
It was my baby.
And when you got caught...
I told them I did it,
cause that's what a mother
does for her daughter.
She protects her daughter,
but I will not protect you
So, you're just gonna leave
threatening notes on my door?
I had to keep an eye on you
because I know
what you've been doing.
You should have just called me
and told me you were home.
You stopped calling.
All those years,
you didn't even visit.
because you ruined my life.
You ruined my life.
I was empty.
I was destroyed.
I met Monica and Brad
and they offered me
something special.
And I thought if... if I...
If I helped them,
it would fill
the emptiness in me.
But Olivia did, instead.
And that's how I knew
Monica had to die.
I set it up perfectly.
Set the sister up
to take the blame.
Jen, with all her...
Her bad temper and her...
Her custody issues,
and then... then Brad,
Brad would... would turn to me.
And then I have
the family I've always wanted.
Everything was going to plan.
Every detail was lining up,
so that it looked like Jen,
and that no one
would ever suspect me.
But I messed up.
And there's no going back now.
Were you able
to get through to the police?
Calls keep dropping.
And now of the map's frozen.
We're close.
I... I just don't know
exactly how close.
Thank you
for getting us this far.
And for coming with me.
You've always looked out for me,
and Mon,
we're going to find Olivia.
Her car's in the driveway.
Lily's car.
It's there.
- You ready?
- I think we should find some cell service
and call the police.
I can't sit here knowing
Olivia's inside there.
I think I can talk Lily
out of doing anything crazy.
Monica, she tried to kill you.
She's dangerous.
You'll get the police,
I'm getting my baby.
I'm not leaving you, Monica.
Lily, you have to give
this baby back to her mother.
I am her mother.
Stop mothering me.
I don't need you.
I never did.
Now, I have everything I need.
I have Olivia.
You're not your right mind.
You need help.
You can't stop me.
Not this time.
Thanks, Mom.
You've been a real help.
The diaper bag.
Where are you going?
No, Lily, no stop.
No. Lily. No stop, Lily!
Okay, front door.
Just tell me what's going on.
She's my baby.
I made her, not you.
Give Olivia to me,
and everything will be okay.
All I wanted,
was to be a mother,
and I was about
to have my family
when... when my mom
made me give up my baby.
I cannot imagine how much pain
that must have been, Lily,
but this is different.
You see that, right?
My boyfriend said that we
could have another one,
and when I was finally ready,
he left me.
That's in the past, Lily.
Right now, you need
to let me take Olivia home.
I don't wanna do this,
any of it,
but I can't give up my baby.
Lily, you have to let us out!
I won't.
Lily, stop.
I won't let you get in the way.
Lily! No!
Wait, Lily, wait, wait!
You're doing to me
what your mom did to you.
You're taking my baby,
and destroying my family.
I carried her inside me
for nine months.
I made her.
You have no idea what it's like
to carry a baby inside you.
You have no idea how hard
it is to give her away again.
I don't, you're right.
And I never will,
but I would never do this
to another woman.
You're so good, Monica.
I'm so sorry.
Then why are you
hurting my family?
Because when Olivia was
inside me, I saw the truth.
What's the truth, Lily?
She can only have one mother.
Oh, Jen!
No, Mom,
you're not ruining this again.
Oh, my... Honey!
Now you need to come quickly.
My daughter's crazy.
Put the phone down, Mom.
And give me my baby!
I put Olivia in the car.
The keys are inside.
She's safe.
I can't leave you.
Drive as fast as you can.
Monica, get away from Olivia.
Don't, don't touch her.
Monica! Monica!
Open the door, Monica!
Monica, open the door.
Hey, sweetie. It's okay.
It's okay. Mommy's here. Okay.
That's my baby.
I just want my baby.
Mommy's here.
Mommy's here.
You did it.
We did it.
How can you ever forgive me?
Mon, please.
We're sisters.
Nothing's gonna change that.
I love you, no matter what.
See you at the hospital?
Just please keep an eye
on my niece.
Don't let her outta your sight.
She's only gonna be with me,
Brad, or you from here on.
Or Ruby,
when she gets a little older.
Of course. It's our family.
Pat-a-cake baker's man
Bake me a cake
As fast as you can
Roll it and then pat it
And mark it with "B"
Put it in the oven
For baby and me.
How'd I do?
Awesome. You did so good, Mom.
You know, I'm so happy
that we're spending
this time together again.
You have Aunt Monica to thank.
She is a great lawyer
and the best mother.
Mom, down undersell yourself.
I love that bracelet, Ruby.
Thank you.
My mom has a matching one.
And they're perfect.
Just like you.
Ooh, what do you say?
Thank you.
So, um, we have
some parenting news.
We do.
Really? What?
We're gonna have another baby.
That's amazing.
Are you ready to
be a big sister?
Big sister, Olivia?
And we've decided
who we want to be
our new surrogate.
That's great.
Just gimme your name.
I will hire a private detective
and do a deep background check,
and then I'll call the FBI
and make sure
she is absolutely legit.
- Yeah.
- Well, you won't have to do that,
because we already
know who we want.
We were hoping
you would do it, Jen.
If you're up for it.
Of course I'm up for it! Yes!
Thank you.
Brad, Monica...
We couldn't ask
for a better surrogate
or a better sister.
That's right.
There's nothing like family.
- Okay.
- Yay!