A Banquet (2021) Movie Script

-[film clicking]
-[light music]
[thunder rumbling]
-[wind howling]
[man coughing and heaving]
-[water trickles]
-[coughing continues]
[man grunting]
You got it?
[tense eerie music]
-It's okay, it's okay.
-[man sobs]
Everything's okay.
[sobbing continues]
Come here, gorgeous,
let's lay you down.
[light tense music]
[man coughing]
[blender whirring]
[man coughing and retching]
Jason, Jason, shit, no!
God, God, what have you done?
Shit! Fuck!
[solemn eerie music]
[no audible dialog]
[breathing heavily]
[music intensifying]
-[Isabelle] Aaah.
-[dentist] A little bit wider.
-[Isabelle] Aaah.
-Okay, good.
-Let me just clean these a bit.
-[tool whirring]
[dentist] That's it.
And done.
[woman talking indistinctly]
[dentist] All right, Isabelle,
you're all done for today.
All good. Good?
[tense eerie music]
[indistinct chatter]
Everyone can see
from the science corridor
and everything.
Why would you say that?
No, it was so hot.
I just think it's important
for you to know.
Oh, that's very helpful.
Thank you.
I'm so embarrassed.
[Sophia] Right, where are
we gonna put these letters?
Um, I actually think
they could be nice
just, like, in the middle
just so it's...
I don't know, I think--
I think that's a lot.
Like, it's just a lot going on
if it's in the middle.
Do you know what I mean?
Oh, my God, Max just put
our campaign in his story.
But isn't that
kind of the point, though,
just to get attention
and raise money?
I don't know,
I think if you just--
if you move them
to the bottom.
-Like, move all of them...
-[Sophia] Yes, like that?
-[Maya] Yeah, it's not
so on the nose, like it's just--
-[Sophia] Mm.
-What do you think, yeah?
-Yeah, yeah, that works
as well.
-[Maya] Mm.
-[Anna] What are you guys
wearing tomorrow?
-[Sophia] I'm wearing
this really nice jean jacket.
-[Anna] Is it big?
[Sophia] Yeah,
it's really nice and fun.
-It's really nice.
-[Maya] I'm gonna wear...
[Anna] Guys,
you don't understand how bad
these butt patches were.
-I'm not joking...
-[overlapping chatter]
I'm gonna wear
my green skirt and then
maybe your gray jumper?
-[Holly] Isabelle, can you
move your shoes?
-In a minute!
-[Anna] I feel like
not enough people saw enough.
-[Sophia laughs] Oh, yeah?
-[Anna] I'm gonna
wear your gray jumper.
-[Maya] That's cool.
That goes well together.
That's really nice.
-[keys clink]
-[chatter continues]
-Hey, how'd it go?
-Oh, God!
It's just another
flagrant guilt trip
about her poor
thumb-sucking gums.
I mean, the only brace
that she would even
begin to consider
is some invisible thing.
I mean, it's just gonna
burn through our savings.
Oh, dear.
[Holly laughs]
-[bell ringing]
-[man] I got one more
thing for you.
Take one of these.
-Okay, see you next week.
-Thank you.
Betsey Hughes?
-Hi, Betsey.
Are you any closer
to narrowing down your options?
Um, well, I'm...
I'm just still thinking.
Your highest grades
are across the sciences.
You were leaning that way
before, weren't you?
Yeah, I just--
I'm not really sure science
is my thing anymore.
I see that you've taken
some time out from school,
and that may mean
that it will take you
a little bit longer
to come to a decision.
Have you considered a gap year?
Travel, maybe?
I, uh-- I don't think my mom
would like that very much.
Well, you've got
a couple more weeks
for the extended deadline.
But you need to allow time
for the forms and statement.
Why don't you sign up
for another appointment
next week?
And in the meantime,
have a think about
what really interests you.
Maybe start a list.
[pensive music]
-[Betsey laughing]
-Hey. Sorry.
Well, you look nice.
-I like your lips.
Trying something new.
-[phone buzzing]
Yeah, yeah, I'll be right out.
Yeah, okay.
Hey, Dom's waiting for me.
See you later.
Mom, I'm going now.
Trying to say goodbye.
You okay?
I'm fine, just hiding
from the washing up.
You staying
at Dominic's tonight?
Maybe. I don't know.
I'm not sure yet.
Okay, text me when you know.
-Have fun.
Love you!
I love you back.
[birds chirping]
-[dance music]
[Dominic] Are you all right?
You, uh, wanna try something?
[Betsey laughing]
-Yeah, all right.
Oh! [groans]
[boys laughing]
Fuck, what was that?
-[Dominic] Stop laughing,
stop laughing.
It's just powdered alcohol.
It's just powdered alcohol.
-Are you okay?
-You're an asshole.
I'm sorry.
It was a joke.
You know, they got me too.
-Hey, hey, I'm sorry.
-Uh-uh, it's fine, it's fine.
-I'm going out for a smoke.
-[Dominic] I'm sorry, baby.
It was just a bit of fun.
Listen, I'm a victim and all.
Let's get Adam and that.
-[Harry] No, let's get Grace.
[Louis] Grace?
[lighter clicks]
[tense eerie music]
[light dance music]
Dom, can I get a drink?
Um, help yourself.
[crickets chirping]
[tense eerie music]
[eerie voices whispering]
[music slowly intensifying]
[guests cheering]
Let me try yours, mate.
You're the one
that's not been drinking.
[Will] Just one sip, bruh.
Come on.
Something light.
[Dominic] Come on, drink,
drink, drink, drink.
[Will] What's Betsey doing?
-[man] She's blazed.
-[woman] Wait.
How much alcohol
did you put in that condom?
[laughs] Oh, my God.
-Dom. Dom! [laughing]
[Holly] Oh, love,
what happened?
[Betsey] Can we please
just go home?
-[Holly humming]
-Hey, Mom.
-[gasping] Hey!
You feeling better?
I don't know.
My-- my skin's all tingly.
Yeah, yeah,
like numb or something.
-How much did you drink?
-It's not that.
Hey, baba.
Don't worry, it's probably
just a little allergic reaction
maybe from, you know,
sulfates or a little bug.
Probably just hung over.
I'm gonna take Izzy
to the rink later.
I don't know-- do you want
a lift or do you wanna come?
She'd really like that.
[eerie music]
[eerie voices whispering]
-[glass shattering]
-[Holly] Shit!
[classical music]
[coach] So we're going
around in a circle this morning.
And we're gonna go round, yes,
and then try balancing
on that one leg.
So we're trying to balance
on our left leg, all right?
Weight over this side.
Okay, keep it up there,
keep your head up.
Yeah, nice little stretch,
just feel it at the back.
Okay, all right.
So now we go into the back, go.
-[Isabelle] What, like that?
-[instructor] Yeah, good.
-I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
Hold it, that's it.
[indistinct chatter]
-[coach] All right,
go and do it again.
-Oh, hello.
-Hi, Sarah.
[woman] It's fine.
I could have it worse,
of course.
I don't mean to moan.
What about you?
How are things?
You know, keeping busy.
Where's Betsey applying to uni?
-She doesn't know yet.
Well, it's been a difficult year
for her, poor thing.
For all of you.
It's not just that, though,
you know?
I don't know.
[chuckling] I mean,
it doesn't matter.
-No, it's nothing, really.
-I-- it's silly.
-No, go on. What?
I just wonder what...
the point of it all is,
you know?
I know.
You really have
to wonder what's a degree
even worth these days.
And the pressure these girls
are getting from all sides.
You know, with the testing
and all the extracurricular
I said
to Caroline the other day,
"You need to be careful.
You really need
to buckle down
and do some work,
because if you don't,
you'll get left behind.
And trust me..."
[solemn tense music]
[no audible dialog]
[Holly] It started
about a week ago.
[Betsey] It started
seven days ago.
Sorry, it started
exactly a week ago.
And it comes in waves.
That's right, isn't it?
Yeah, it...
it's all over my body sometimes.
Like, my skin just shuts off.
-Shuts off?
I don't know, it's weird.
Is it happening right now?
[keyboard clacking]
Any other symptoms?
Fatigue, muscle ache,
memory issues?
-I haven't really been eating.
I just get nauseous around food
since it started.
Would you mind popping on
to the bed for me, please?
Just leave your coat.
If you could lie down for me.
If you can pull your shirt up
for me so I can just examine
your tummy a second.
That's good, just that.
Feel any pain?
Good, you can sit up for me.
[keyboard clacking]
So, um, how's down below?
Passing urine, bowel movement,
menstrual cycles?
That's, um-- it's all fine.
Are you sexually active?
-That's not the problem.
-[doctor] Using protection?
We've discussed being safe.
Some stress at home?
-Stress at school?
-[Betsey] No.
It's probably
just some viral thing
passing through her system.
But we'll do the bloodwork
just to make sure, okay?
[lightly tense music]
-[Isabelle] How was it?
-[Betsey] It was a bit weird,
but fine.
Why? What did he do?
-[Betsey] Checked my blood.
What, you had to get a needle?
Yeah, just did that one,
like, in here.
-[chuckling] I know.
Now it's just more wait,
see now.
Sounds like nothing.
Trust in the doctors, Holly.
They know more than you do.
-Don't do that.
-Do what?
I know what you're doing
and I'm asking you to stop.
Should I come visit?
-No, I'm fine.
-You sure?
I can make the time.
[Isabelle] Yech,
you know what I mean?
-[Holly] No.
-I'll send some money, then.
Get help with the cleaning.
I told you, I don't need that.
I'm fine.
-I'm just trying to be helpful.
-Thank you for offering.
-Get a massage.
You're so tense.
-Okay, I have to go now.
-Well, keep me
in the loop, darling.
-Bye, Mommy.
-Granny says hi,
sends hugs and kisses.
-Hi, Granny.
-[Holly] You want some bread?
-Mm-mm, no.
[Holly] Hey, babe.
Do you wanna try
just a tiny little bit?
I'm not hungry.
I thought maybe
if we just start you off
with a few simple things...
[Isabelle] Mom,
can you pass the...
[Holly] Mm, yeah.
[clock ticking]
Thank you.
I don't really know
what to do with you, Bets.
You feel like you need
to do something with me?
I mean do for you.
You know, don't play
with my words, okay?
Five little, tiny, weeny peas.
They're not gonna hurt you.
I said I'm not hungry.
Sweety, you can't
just live on tea.
It's not healthy.
[Isabelle] Mom, I--
she's just been to doctor's.
Maybe she doesn't
have to eat yet.
Like, she doesn't feel well.
Thank you, Izzy.
That's so helpful.
Betsey, please.
[eerie music]
[Holly] There.
Good, right?
Here, have some more.
[tense music]
-[dishes clatter]
Izz, call an ambulance!
Are you calling?
[Isabelle] Um, ambulance!
Betsey, come on, breathe!
I'm so sorry!
-[Isabelle] Um, uh...
1050 Mulligan Street.
-No, she's calming down now.
I'm so sorry.
Um, uh, she's just lying
with my mom.
[machine humming]
-[woman over PA] Dr. Foster,
please come to surgery.
Dr. Foster,
please come to surgery.
I'd recommend
any of the names on this list
just to explore
some possibilities.
[pensive music]
[Holly sighing]
[plastic rustling]
[sighs] Hey, Bets.
We'll figure this out, okay?
-We will, trust me.
What if there isn't anything
to figure out, though?
You're not crazy.
There's something going on,
and we will find out what it is.
What if this is just me now?
-What do you mean?
-[Betsey] Well, I don't know.
I-- I think...
Some people are
just destined for stuff, right?
Like, some people
are just special like that?
This is not your destiny.
Bets, you can be
whatever you want.
You can be anything.
That's it.
I'm gonna go and put these
in your bathroom, okay?
[clock ticking]
[eerie breathing]
[eerie voice whispering]
[lightly tense music]
[whispering continues]
[music intensifies]
[eerie voices whispering]
-[groceries clatter]
[lightly tense music]
-[Holly humming]
[phone buzzing]
-[Holly sighs]
-[buzzing stops]
-[knocking at door]
-I'll get it!
[Holly] No, I'll go.
-Dominic, hey.
-Hi, Mrs. Hughes.
[Holly] Look at you!
Your hair!
-I know, it's grown, hasn't it?
-I'm so glad you came.
-Yeah, me too, me too.
-You look lovely.
-Oh. [laughing]
-Oh, she's-- she's in her room.
-Thank you, thank you.
[snaps fingers]
-Yep. Sorry. [chuckles]
[tense music]
-[knocking on door]
-[eerie breathing]
-[door opens]
-[Dominic] Bets?
[music intensifying]
So, are you dying or something?
Close the door.
[water running]
-[Betsey laughing]
-[Dominic] Stop, stop it.
-[Betsey] No, you stop.
-[laughing and chattering]
Stop pointing and laughing.
I'm telling you.
-[Betsey] You're lying.
-[Dominic] No, no, obviously.
[laughter and chatter
[tense music]
Oh, hi, Mom.
So nice to hear you laugh.
-Mom, Mom, I need to--
-Of course, yeah, sorry.
[tense music]
[door closes]
Can I tell you something?
[eerie music]
[door slams]
Are you leaving already?
-[Holly] You're not hungry?
-No, thank you.
-Really nice seeing you.
-[door opens]
[door closes]
What are you doing?
Just thought I'd give
Isabelle some things.
Dominic didn't stay long.
Did you have a fight?
I didn't.
He might have.
Hey, come here.
It will get better.
Just wait and see.
You're my special girl, Bets.
[Isabelle] Hey.
Everything okay?
Yeah, um...
Betsey's gonna give you
some of her clothes.
Supper's in an hour.
[Betsey] Here.
I mean,
I've basically been leading,
like, my whole secondary school
education up until this.
It's not even fair 'cause
kids who are year 11 now
-got to do it last year.
Apparently, just 'cause
one boy took it too far,
they're not even gonna
let us do it this year.
-[Holly] Okay, what?
-[Isabelle] I said, apparently,
just 'cause one boy
took it too far,
they're not even gonna
let us do it this year.
-Who told you that?
-Everyone knows, everybody.
-Can you stop
waving your spoon around?
-Mom, it's important!
It's tradition.
Betsey got to do it.
Right, Bets?
[lightly tense music]
Can we just have a nice supper?
-I'm not hungry.
-[Holly] Not funny.
I'm not trying to be funny.
[Holly] Is this because
I stopped your allowance
this week?
It's 12 pounds.
Yeah, I'm sure I'll manage.
Maybe she's just not hungry.
Do you know there are
families in the world
that have nothing?
They have nothing.
They have to eat cats!
Cats? [chuckling]
It's not funny, Isabelle.
[Holly] Get up.
-[Betsey] What?
-Don't "what" me, get up.
-Get up!
-[Holly] Eat your food, please.
-[Betsey] You're hurting me!
[Holly] I have tried
really hard with you.
-I have listened.
-Mom, stop!
-Stay there!
For you, it's one thing,
it's your body.
I-- I don't like it,
but it is your body.
But you do not--
you do not infect this family
with your ideas.
-I'm not.
-You are!
Do you think it's funny?
You're laughing at me.
Is this like some little game?
It's not a fucking game, Betsey!
It's a sickness.
You're sick!
I'm not sick.
Okay, people do not
just stop eating.
Do you know
what it's called, hmm?
It's anorexia.
Do you know who gets it?
Entitled, middle-class
white girls.
-I'm not anorexic!
-You wait!
Get on.
Get on.
Will you fucking
get on the scale!?
[pen clicks]
We are weighing you twice a day.
"Betsey's weight."
What's the, um...
It's the 17th.
Thank you.
Once in the morning,
once at night.
Twice a day.
[pensive piano music]
[bell ringing]
-[Isabelle] Hey, Granny.
-[June] Hello.
-Hello, darling.
-[Holly] Hi, Mom.
I'll put this in the kitchen.
-Is she in her room?
-[Holly] Yeah.
-Here, take a look at this.
-Yeah, she's...
[energetic classical music]
Oh, hi, Granny June.
Hello, you.
What time do you call this?
Were you planning
on sleeping through lunch?
How's your boyfriend?
[June] You mean John,
do you, darling?
Truth is, he bores me.
Mom didn't say you were coming.
Well, I heard you hadn't
been feeling very well,
so I thought I'd visit,
check on you.
-That's nice.
-I thought so.
Do you remember the summer
you stayed with Granddad and me?
Yes, you do.
It was the first time
you and your sister
stayed overnight with us,
Granddad rented Harry Potter,
thought you'd love it.
-Oh, uh, yeah, maybe.
-Your mother was livid.
You had to sleep in their bed
for weeks after that.
Do you know she threatened never
to leave you with me again?
As if she was doing me a favor,
dropping you terrors off
at my house.
You remember the morning
after Potter-gate, don't you?
I had work to do
and I told you to go and find
something to do outside.
-No, I-- I don't remember.
-I do.
Later, I made lunch
and I came out to find you.
That's when I heard you
talking to someone.
I watched you, Betsey,
for a good, long time.
And you had no idea.
That night, you tried
to get into my bed.
You came through, woke us both,
and said you could hear
something under your own bed.
You were terribly upset,
tears and everything.
Granddad bought it,
hook, line, and sinker,
but I took you back
to your room,
to your own bed,
and made you stay there
until you fell asleep.
I don't remember that either.
Then you won't remember
rehearsing the whole thing
that morning.
I watched you practice
the routine in the garden.
Word for word.
You had it down to the tears.
It was all a little act
to get what you already knew
you wanted.
I rather admired you.
"What a shrewd
little performer she is,"
I thought.
We've all got problems, darling.
Don't be the show.
Now, get up
and come down for lunch.
So, girls, what we'd like
to do this week
is a diary share,
if you wouldn't mind.
Julia, would you like
to go first?
Um, so, on Wednesday, I went
around the grounds and...
The days will be
quite structured
in the early weeks,
but you'll find, with time,
you'll gain freedom
to make more choices.
Please, Betsey,
feel free to look around.
[Holly] Are there
any restrictions on visits?
[man] Not outside
of the designated therapy hours.
-When are those?
-It varies.
Can we take her out
for special occasions, holidays?
Not without prior consent
from the therapist, no.
[birds chirping]
[woman] I've asked you
really politely.
I would have it on Saturday
when I normally have it.
I'll have it now.
[nurse] There's something
obviously bothering you.
Fuck you!
[nurse] Come on, now,
count to 10.
But you don't understand!
It's important...
-Let's go back inside.
-[nurse] It's the rules.
I'm sorry, I can't.
[woman] I don't care
about the rules!
-[nurse] It's the way it is.
Just keep calm.
-Betsey, come.
-[woman] Stop following me!
Damn it!
They were right in here.
I put them in the shitting bag
so I wouldn't lose them.
Maybe you left them
in the office.
I didn't leave them
in the office.
-Maybe you...
-[objects clatter]
[Holly sighs]
Can we go somewhere
before we go home?
[birds chirping]
This is where it all started.
[tense music]
I was at the party,
but I was in my head, you know?
[eerie shrieking]
I was trying to think about
what really interests me,
the-- the future
and where I fit into it.
I tried to imagine
me leaving home,
and Izzy growing up,
and you getting old, but I...
realized I just couldn't
see it.
Thinking about all that stuff
just felt fake.
I came outside for some air
and that's when I felt it.
-[eerie voices whispering]
-I felt something calling me.
And it brought me here
and it showed me.
[whispering continues]
I can feel what's coming for us.
And it's just darkness,
Mom, for everyone.
It's okay, it's okay.
Don't be scared.
I've been chosen.
[music slowly intensifying]
-Oh, my love.
I didn't see it before,
but I see now.
-You're unwell.
-I'm not unwell.
It's a blessing.
Well, we'll go back
to the doctor, mm?
And we're gonna tell him
all of this, okay, mm?
There's nothing wrong with me.
We will find you a specialist
that understands.
You know, a psychiatric one,
because what you're doing
is very dangerous!
-I'm not losing weight, Mom.
-I know that, but I'm scared,
This isn't something
you have a choice in, Mom.
Neither of us do.
Let's go, come on.
Mom, if you don't support me,
I'll have to leave.
I will have you sectioned
before I let you leave.
-No, you won't.
-I will.
-But you won't.
-I fucking will, Betsey!
-If you did that,
I'd kill myself.
[Holly gasps]
Haven't you ever wondered
what the point of everything is?
You have to trust me, okay?
How can you know this?
It's like there was
a hollow in me before, and...
now it's been filled.
I feel it.
It's faith.
[music intensifying]
[somber music]
[Holly] It's been
especially challenging
this year,
so I'm looking for some help.
I appreciate your concern,
but I am asking
to withdraw the funds.
Sir, I'm at my last resort.
All of it.
I need to withdraw all of it.
So, how much is the fee?
Thank you.
Um, thank you very much
for your help.
Can we leave?
Oh, hey.
How was it,
being back on the ice?
Don't think I wanna
do it anymore.
[somber music]
[people chattering in distance]
[Holly] Oh, Granny's there.
-Hey, Granny.
[Isabelle] How long
have you been outside?
-[Isabelle chuckling]
I didn't know you were coming.
Lovely to see you two.
Izzy, can you go
and check on Betsey, please?
Do as your mother
bids you, Isabelle.
[Holly] Are you thirsty?
Yeah, sure.
I'm surprised
you didn't call ahead.
I've called many times.
You don't answer
the phone, Holly.
Are you hungry?
I could make some hummus.
I thought you couldn't
leave her alone now.
It's fine.
She's in a dormant phase.
I see, mm-hmm.
A dormant phase.
There are other rehab solutions
to consider.
Internationally renowned
Doesn't have to be in the UK.
You know money isn't an issue.
Mmm, I'm not sending her
away, Mom.
But she does need
professional care.
Her GP checks on her weekly.
And she has seen
every specialist under the sun.
Don't exaggerate.
Oh, for God's sake, Holly.
[tense music]
[door opens]
[Isabelle] Bets?
[June] Do you remember
that year we had in Osaka
when I was teaching?
You were six, I think.
You gonna tell me a story, Mom?
I was studying folklore.
I remember being very caught up
in comparative oral histories.
It was a big thing back then,
wonderful stories.
Living stories.
There's this particular one
that keeps coming back to me,
with Betsey being as she is.
The Futakuchi-Onna.
It's a ghost tale, really.
A very old one.
A poor farmer marries
a beautiful young woman.
The woman,
of course, represents
the ideal Japanese wife.
Courteous, obedient, quiet.
Perfect in every way
except for one thing.
She ever eats.
Not a single grain of rice
enters her mouth.
So this begins to gnaw
at the farmer.
The mystery of it
is hard for him to ignore.
But what's worse is that
his reserves are being depleted.
It's as if he were feeding two
instead of just himself.
So one day, this peasant farmer
plots to stay back
from his fields
to spy on his new bride.
He does this and discovers
the Futakuchi-Onna
dining on his reserves,
living on the back
of his precious bride's head.
A grotesque mouth
hidden among her braided hair.
[eerie music]
[Holly] Are you suggesting
Betsey's been possessed
by a demon?
[eerie music]
Quite the opposite, Holly.
I believe Betsey's
possessed this family.
You most of all.
[Isabelle] Mom!
[Holly] Izzy?
Okay Izzy, I'm coming!
-[Holly] I-- I'm coming!
[Holly] Hey!
Oh, move.
Go! Go, go, go.
[Holly yelps]
[Holly] Honey, I'm here.
[Isabelle] Sometimes it's like--
it's like she's completely gone.
-[Betsey] Voices.
-More like she taps out.
She'll say those things and...
she comes up
with really dark stuff.
Like what?
Like talk about end of times
or ideas of what she thinks
is coming.
She says she has to prepare.
She has to serve or whatever.
It's why she won't eat.
That's her part in it all.
She does this really scary thing
where she stops breathing
and the temperature drops
and she's-- she's like
an icicle.
[June] What does the doctor
say about that?
[Holly] Who are you talking to?
[Isabelle] Someone used to
come once a week,
but Betsey made them stop.
She said they, like,
get in the way of her work.
[Betsey screaming]
-This is utterly ridiculous.
-No, no, no, no.
No, no.
Just sit down.
[footsteps approach]
-Holly, what happened?
-It was sort of a-- a fit.
-Honey, does it hurt?
-Well, of course it hurts.
-Look at her.
-[Isabelle] It's fine.
Don't worry.
[Holly] It was an accident.
It was an accident.
I fell on the ice.
You're lucky
you didn't break your nose.
First top and lower incisors
are fine,
but without the brace,
her cross bite has advanced,
as predicted.
It's not causing her
any pain, though, is it?
[dentist] Any headaches?
-Neck aches?
Well, we just have to keep
an eye on the crowding.
When am I gonna see big sister?
She's overdue.
Yeah, I must get her in.
-Uh, Holly.
Is everything okay?
Yes, fine, fine.
I wonder,
would you like to review
your payment plan?
Your last two months
are outstanding
and with Betsey
missing appointments...
I am so sorry.
I had this issue
with online banking.
[chuckles] And I just--
I will sort it out
this afternoon.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Of course.
[door closes]
[June] How was it?
[Isabelle] Yeah, it was fine.
[tense music]
-[Betsey choking]
-[music intensifying]
God, stop! What've you done?
What are you doing?
Take your hands off.
No, no, no, darling.
Darling, breathe, please.
Izzy, help! Izzy!
God, please help me!
Don't! Stop! Darling.
No, no, no!
-Izzy, help me!
Mom what's she doing
to herself?
-You were supposed to watch her!
Betsey, just breathe, breathe.
[intense music]
I see the stars.
And what else?
The stars.
They pour
out of eyes and mouths,
and they burn it all.
What do they burn?
[Betsey] Everything.
It's inside all of us.
I can feel it.
I can feel it, I can feel it,
I can feel it, I can feel it.
[eerie voices whispering]
-I can feel the end.
-Go on.
And then what?
[eerie voices chattering]
Dark! [choking]
-[Holly] Darling.
-[Betsey coughing and retching]
-[retching continues]
-[Holly] Shh, shh, shh.
-[Holly] Shh, it's okay.
It's okay.
-Hi, Mom.
Where's all this coming from?
-Hi, Gran.
-[June] Why are you doing this?
Doing what?
Oh, Bets.
Tell us what's wrong.
Don't worry, Granny.
This'll all be over really soon.
When, Betsey?
There's still time.
Mom's still searching for it.
I want you all to know
this hope.
This feeling.
Dad says that he's sorry.
What-- what did you say?
-Betsey, how--
-There's no time.
Betsey, no,
what did you just say?
Betsey, Betsey, please, please.
Did you just say...
Holly, surely you can see
this is getting
seriously out of control.
I'm worried about both of you.
You're a mess.
Isabelle's a nervous wreck
and Betsey's all--
Betsey's what?
She's disturbed.
I mean, I can see
she's convinced herself
of this fiction, but you're...
What am I?
You're going along with it.
It's time we get you both help.
I don't want your kind of help.
What does that mean?
I don't want to send
my daughter away to get fixed.
To get pumped full of lithium
till all the lights go out.
With not one visit.
You were very ill.
I did what was recommended.
I did my very best.
Well, it wasn't good enough!
I want you to go.
I don't want you here.
[tense music]
[June] Please tell Isabelle
she's welcome
to come and stay with me
if she needs a break.
[footsteps leaving]
[door opens, closes]
[toothbrush scraping]
[brushing continues]
[Betsey coughing]
[Betsey wheezing]
[wheezing continues]
-[Betsey growling]
[Betsey growling]
Betsey, what is this?
[Holly gagging]
[music slowly intensifying]
[music intensifying]
[creature snarling]
-[fly buzzing]
[baby monitor beeps]
-[Jack] So, your sister.
-[Isabelle] Hmm?
Does she, like,
fucking walk around
with her eyes shut or some shit?
-Well, she's like
a sorcerer, isn't she?
A sorcerer is like
an old guy with a beard
off Game Of Thrones
or some shit, you dickhead.
Fuck off.
Dom dated her.
He said she thinks
she's some sort of...
fucking prophet or some shit.
Does Dom still text her?
[video game music]
Suck it like a straw.
No, you gotta do it again
if you wanna get high.
-[boy] Come on, one more set.
Come on, come on!
-[boy #2] Yeah, yeah.
-[boys cheering]
-[boy] Yes! Finally, finally.
-[boy #2] Took your time,
[muffled pop music]
[phone buzzes]
My shoes.
[phone buzzes]
-Is it your girlfriend?
It's Dom.
[muffled dance music]
[boys chattering in distance]
The fuck are you doing?
Are you stupid, Caleb?
Get up.
Are you all right?
You sure?
I'm gonna-- I'm gonna
take you home, okay?
[door closes]
[clanking in distance]
[muffled chatter]
Are you gonna--
-[Dominic] It's all right,
it's all right.
Just let it out.
There we go.
[Dominic] You okay?
Oh, Mrs. Hughes,
I am so sorry.
I had no idea Caleb had alcohol.
I know that's not
a good enough excuse, but...
ah, he's just a cheeky shit.
What did she say to you?
What, Izzy?
No, no.
Right, you were here
and then you left.
We haven't seen you.
What did she say to you?
Dominic, sit down.
You know, she just-- she just
told me that she wasn't eating.
That she didn't want to.
And then she just said
she wasn't coming back
to school.
And then she told me
what happens in the end,
Mrs. Hughes, about the stars,
and how we need to reset.
She told me the reason
she's been chosen
is because you're the first star
and she has to prepare you.
Do you pray, Dominic?
Yes, Mrs. Hughes.
Does it work?
I don't think
that's the point, Mrs. Hughes.
[lightly tense music]
[package rustling]
[door closes]
[eerie tense music]
Oh, God, please, wake up.
Wake up. Wake up!
We need your help!
Wake up!
Just, please, just--
Betsey, please!
Please, please!
You need to wake up, please!
Please, please, just eat it.
[Holly] Izzy, stop!
Mom, I'm scared.
I am so scared
of what's gonna happen next.
[Holly] Izzy, no, you stop that!
-Please, just eat it.
-Please! Oh, please.
Shush, now.
It's okay.
Get off me. Get--
Get off.
This is so fucked up!
[birds chirping]
[Holly] Hey.
Hey, babba.
It's just for the weekend.
-[Isabelle] Yeah.
I love you so much.
She's your special girl, right?
What? No, no.
[Isabelle] Yeah, thing is, um,
I mean, if she's right,
like, you know, this,
me, you, Dad, Gran,
you know, it's-- it's nothing.
I mean, everything
is just meaningless
if it goes away.
-No, you mustn't think that.
-She's lying, then.
I don't know.
But either way, she showed me.
What, what?
What did she show you?
Showed me what it's like
to be nothing.
Gran, I'm gonna play outside.
[Holly] Darling?
Don't worry, she'll be fine.
I wanted to apologize.
They're your daughters
and I know how much
you love them.
You're a very good mother.
[tense music]
[rain pattering]
I was just pregnant
when we decided to buy
this house, and we walked
in here
and he said,
"This is Betsey's room."
And if he were here now,
then he would know what to do.
He was so bloody confident.
[thunder rumbling]
It was so good
because it meant
I didn't have to be.
I could just be me.
I didn't have to pretend
to hold it all together.
I don't want to pretend
to be that person anymore.
I just want it all to be over.
I don't want to be in control.
I just...
I just want to let go
of everything.
[tense music]
[rain continues]
[thunder rumbling]
[lighter clicks]
-[eerie voices whispering]
-[whispering indistinctly]
[whispering indistinctly]
[tense eerie music]
[Betsey] It's in a week.
A-- a new world for all of us.
A new way of life,
a fresh start.
But the heat will consume
and the stars will burn it all
so that our work can
finally start again.
It's okay, it's okay.
You don't have to be scared.
You don't have to
be afraid, because I've seen
what happens afterwards.
It's so beautiful.
So beautiful.
I'm gonna need you, Mom.
Okay, I'll need you.
I've seen now
what it's gonna be.
I'm gonna need you
to help me, okay?
That's your purpose.
That's what I've seen for you.
That's why you're my mom.
Your love is key
to all of this, okay?
Do you understand?
And I know that you've suffered.
And I know
that Isabelle has too,
and I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I can't wait for you to see
what comes after this
because then you can
finally know that
it's all worth it.
Okay? Then you can
finally believe me.
But I need you to promise,
Mom, okay?
I need you to promise
because I'm gonna say things.
And I'm gonna be
really, really tempted
to give up,
but you can't let me, okay?
You have to be strong.
-I will try.
-No. You have--
You have-- you have to promise.
-You have to promise.
-I promise.
Really, really promise?
I do, I do, I promise you.
Why are you doing this to me?
Why, Mom, are you
doing this to me?
-Stop it!
-Oh, it hurts, it hurts,
it hurts, it hurts!
-No, you are strong, baby.
I lied, I lied, I lied, I lied!
-No, love, be strong!
-Mommy, please! Yes!
No, I need an ambulance!
I need a fucking ambulance!
[calm music]
-[Holly shouting]
-Mom, I need help, I need help,
I need help!
-Please? God, Jesus.
-[Betsey shouting]
-[Betsey] I need help!
-Jesus Christ.
Stop it! Stop it!
[calm music]
No, I'm not strong enough.
I am not-- no, I can't do it.
-They said-- you said
it would come to this.
-I lied.
Mom, it hurts,
it hurts it hurts!
-Please let me go!
-Baby, I can't!
Please help me!
-Baby, you can do it.
-Get me a fucking ambulance!
-[Holly shouts]
Fuck you!
-[Betsey screaming]
-Stay with me!
[screaming continues]
[birds chirping]
[tense music]
[Holly breathing shakily]
[Betsey] Mom.
Hey, it's okay.
You can if you want.
It's okay.
[Betsey] It's okay.
I know you love me.
No, I believe you.
I'm sorry, Mom.
[kisses] Don't be sorry.
Don't be sorry, don't be sorry.
No, I'm sorry that I hurt you.
You didn't hurt me.
You made me strong.
I liked being special.
You've always been special.
You're amazing.
You did this, you know?
Your love made all of this
[solemn airy music]
[crying] Betsy?
[Holly sobbing]
[solemn somber music]
[thunder rumbling]
-[light whooshing]
-[choral music]
[ambient rock music]
Bring your friends
Down to the river
We can be there forever
It's a beautiful place
And everyone you know
Is there
With no cares
Singing to the moon
One last morning
I feel alive
I feel alive
So build your nest
And burn the rest
Won't it be nice
Every day and night?
'Cause I will face
The truth
And I am here with you
And I will step into
The water as it runs
Like it does
On and on
Now forever
I feel alive
I feel alive
I feel alive
I feel alive
I feel alive
I feel alive