A Beautiful Curse (2021) Movie Script

[low dramatic music]

[heart beating]
[sudden dramatic musical beat]
[low mysterious music]
police radio chatter]


[water lapping]
[music fades out]
[gentle thudding]
[low, eerie music]

[loud buzzer blares]
[PA announcer]
This is a public announcement.
All the ferry services
have been suspended.
If you are still on the island,
contact the authorities
at 555-2368.
If you are not able
to quench your thirst,
are feeling tired
or lightheaded,
do not stay by yourself.
Call immediately.
555-2368. We can help.
[loud buzzer]
[PA announcer speaking in
foreign language]
[music fades out]
[soft footsteps]
[low, eerie music resumes]

[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]

[camera shutter clicks]
[slow footsteps]
[camera shutter clicks]

Let's find us some shelter.
How about there?
Ah, what about there?
Yeah. Looks big.
What do you think?
Looks good, yeah?
[tap running]
Let's find you a home.
I'm going to call you Apple.
[soft, curious music]

Your name is Stella.

[engine hums]
[tense instrumental music]

[music fades out]
[bells ringing distantly]
[birds chirping]
[bells continue ringing]
[muzak playing distantly]

[shopping cart rattles]
[laughing nervously] Hi.
Yeah, it keeps you awake.
Uh, I'm, uh... I'm... I'm Samuel.
What do you want?
Uh, I just wanted
to introduce myself.
I thought maybe
we could talk about
- what's been happening here.
- What are you doing here?
No one invited you, and you...
You can't just walk in.
Stella, wait!
[Stella's voice echoes]
How do you know my name?
[birds singing]
[music plays on radio]
[announcer] There's still
no logical explanation
for what's happening
to the folks
on the island off
the west coast.
The government
fears the phenomenon
could spread
to the rest of the country.
Entering the area
is strictly forbidden
and could be
extremely dangerous.
- In a few moments...
- [radio shuts off]
[Samuel] It's time to get up.
[note plays loudly]
[somber instrumental music]


[music fades out]
[ominous music]

[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicking]

[camera shutter clicking]

What are you doing here?
No one invited you, and you...
You can't just walk in.

[Samuel] Uh, I just
wanted to introduce myself.
I'm, uh... I'm... I'm Samuel.

[Stella] What do you want?
[Samuel] I thought
maybe we could talk
about what's
been happening here.
[Stella] No one invited you,
and you...
You can't just walk in.
[Samuel] Stella, wait!
How do you know my name?
[cart rattling]
[light, curious music]
[Stella] Did anyone
see you walk in here?
[Samuel] I don't think so.
[Stella] You don't think so?
Who are you?
[Samuel] I'm a photographer.
I've been, um,
sent here to document
what's been happening here.
[Stella] You're here for money?
Sneaking around
and taking pictures.
[Samuel] If I could've
asked permission, I would've.
[water running]
[tap shuts off]
[camera shutter clicking]
[door latch clicks]
[somber music]

[Stella] I was
the last one to be hit.
[Samuel] Who was the first?
The piano teacher.
She used to call the numbers
at the village hall on Sundays
'cause Bingo is pretty popular
around here.
And, uh, right in the middle of
reading out a card, she just...
fell asleep.
[Samuel] What did people do?
That must've been, like, scary.
[Stella] Mm-hmm.
They called the doctor.
And there's
no indication whatsoever
that there's anything wrong
with her.
Well, apart from
the fact that she's asleep
and no one can
wake her up, of course.
[Samuel] Aye.
[Stella] That's when
it really got complicated.
Every time
someone who's asleep is moved
even a few meters
from where they fell asleep...
their pulse
goes up dramatically.
Like, really dramatically.
The authorities told us
that moving them could...
It could cause
their hearts to explode.
[Samuel] But...
that hasn't been reported.
Tick... tick... tick...
Boom! [laughs]
[birds singing]
[faint, tense music]
[Samuel] No one's come up
with a... a logical explanation?
[Stella] No one has any idea
how it started or how to end it.
It's... No sign of disease on
the sleeping people, no fever.
People don't lose weight.
They don't get bedsores.
They just... they just...
sleep peacefully.
[Samuel] That must have
been really s... scary for you,
seeing people
get hit one by one.
I wasn't scared.
It was just really odd.
Just this, like, calm,
weary feeling took over
more and more and I kept having
these crazy dreams,
and... I felt
just a bit dizzy,
but not in a bad way.
Like, you know that feeling
when you've smoked a joint and
your body feels all relaxed?
[Samuel] You smoke pot?
[Stella] Mm-hmm, don't you?
No, no, I barely even drink.
I mean, I might have a beer
if I'm stressed, but no.
Wow. Part-ay.
[dog barks]
Mainly I remember
getting really, really thirsty,
but no matter how much
I drank, I couldn't quench it.
And these really weird
dreamy hallucinations.
But mainly I remember
getting more and more thirsty.
[Samuel] Do you know... do you...
What do you think it is?
[long reverberating piano note]
You wanna know what I think?
[voice echoes]
Maybe everyone just watched
the same boring TV show
too many times.
[suspenseful music]

[music fades out]
[loud buzzer blaring]
[PA announcer]
This is a public announcement.
If you are still on the island,
contact the authorities
at 555-2368.
It is extremely dangerous
for you to stay here.
[PA announcement
is repeated in German]
[PA announcement
repeated in Italian]
[helicopter blades whirring]
[music plays on radio]
In a statement today,
the prime minister
promised more resources
to the authorities trying to
solve the mysterious phenomenon
on the island
off the west coast.
The government fears
the phenomenon could spread
to the rest of the country,
and authorities
are patrolling the area
from the ground and the air
to make sure
no one enters the island.
[dog barks]
[tense music]

[camera shutter clicks]

[dramatic chord]
[music fades out]
I have to leave.
And, uh, I'm sorry.
It's too risky for me to stay.
[gentle music]

[lid clicks]
[Stella] Are you
afraid of getting infected?
More of a hygiene thing.
I'm actually almost never ill
because I... I keep
my hands clean.
Well, you can get sick
from being afraid
of getting sick,
did you know that?
[water running]
[chair creaks]
[dramatic chord]
[low, mysterious music]

[Stella] What exactly
are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
Um, I'm here on
a photography assignment.
[Stella] Yeah, I know,
but why are you really here?
I c...
I, um...
I didn't just come here
to take pictures.
I, uh,
uh, also came here...
for... you.
Um, no, I, um...
I came at, um... last summer.
I was actually here
with some friends.
I, uh, saw you
in the supermarket.
Yeah, um, um, you were so, um...
What was I?
Um, photogenic?
As pretty as a picture?
[Samuel] Um, well, I don't know.
You were so, like, um...
Yeah, it's difficult to explain.
You had a sort of energy about
you, like, um, you know, cool.
I don't know. Like, I just
guess... I guess I wanted to,
uh, get to know you somehow.
I actually saw you later.
Uh, I went out for some food
with some friends.
Uh, the restaurant
was full of people,
and, uh, you actually sat
over there.
Yeah, right there. And I... I sat
here at this table.
And you were having...
You were having fun.
You were laughing and
joking and throwing things.
And I was... I actually wanted
to come over and talk to you.
You know, it could've been fun.
Why didn't you?
I actually... I planned to.
I thought I'd do it after
you finished your mains,
and then after your desserts,
and then after you fin...
You know, paid the bill,
and by that time it was, uh...
It was too late.
So, what stopped you?
[cart rattling]
[muzak playing]
[dramatic music]

[music fades out]
[bright cheerful
instrumental music]

[music fades out]
Good morning.
How are ya?
Self-service today?
Yeah? Okay.
Let me see. Ah.
But, you know,
if you had risked it
and come over,
what would you have said?
Um... well, I su...
I suppose I would have,
uh, introduced myself,
and, uh, been like, "Hey, um,
do you wanna grab
some coffee sometime?"
Oh, wow, coffee.
Oh, God.
[Stella] That sounds epic.
No, or, you know, have pizza
in a restaurant, I dunno.
What... Would you have said...
[plaintive music]

[stairs creaking]
[music fades out]
[latch clicks]
[door creaking]
[floorboards creaking]
[tape whirring]
Amazing Things: tape number one.
[light instrumental music]
who bite their fingernails.
The tapping sound
of a typewriter.
Wearing flip-flops
when you shouldn't.
A wine glass full of beer.
Getting into bed
with clean sheets
after you've just shaved
your legs.
Barbie dolls,
if their head is cut off.
Driving your car
on the beach in wintertime.
Unexpected phone calls.
Owning musical instruments
you don't even know how to play.
Eating two bags of wine gums
in a row after smoking a joint.
Old wooden religious symbols.
The periodic table of elements.
Wearing underwear
just out of the dryer.
Growing your very own herbs.
Old magazines.

Hey, where do you wanna go?
Um, I dunno.
Wake up, come on!
I thought
I was the one sleeping here.
- Do you have a car?
- I don't have a car.
- Oh.
- Let's find one.
- [Samuel] No. No, no, no.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Hey, you can't steal a car.
- Come on!
- Stella.
You can't steal a car!
Oh, look what we have here.
Samuel, what do you think?
Nah, looks a bit dull,
doesn't it?
Hey, what about this one?
Samuel? Come on over.
We just need something
with a bit more... power.
- [Samuel] Power?
- Style.
- [Samuel] Style?
- Bit classier?
Right. Style.
Ha-ha-ha! There we go.
That is the one for us.
What do you think?
I think we should take
this one, it looks good.
Let's take it.
Aw, it's locked.
That's a shame.
Oh, what a shame.
Let's go and walk, come on.
We need the keys,
we need the keys!
This way.
Absolutely not. Absolutely not!
- No, no.
- Come on!
- Stella. No, no.
- Samuel.
Don't be such a wimp, come on!
[laughs lightly]
[whispers] Stella...
[jaunty whistling music playing]
Wow, this place is,
uh... is pretty minimalist.
Come on.
[Samuel] Do you know him?
Not really, but I... I've
seen him in the supermarket.
Are we allowed to be here?
Coming from you?
Hey, dude, we're just
going to borrow your car,
but we're going to take
really good care of it.
Samuel, is he a jacket type,
a dresser type
or a kitchen counter type?
What do you mean?
Where does he put the keys?
Ah, I'm going to go find them.
[music continues playing
in background]
Have you found them?
[Samuel] Are those his?
[laughing] Yeah!
You wouldn't have thought, huh?
You can't just take his things.
[Stella] Who cares?
You know, maybe
he's actually a jacket type.
[chuckles] Bingo!
Do you know what, Samuel?
[Samuel] What?
Let's get killed.
[Samuel] I don't have a license.
[cheerful pop music]

[music cuts out]
[gulls cawing]
Not bad, huh?
No, it's nice.
The sun is so nice.
Do you know that feeling
when you have cold toes
and a warm face?
I always have cold toes.
[camera shutter clicks]
- Now you wanna take a photo?
- Yeah.
[camera shutter clicks]
[Samuel] Unbelievable.
Have I told you you've
got a really photogenic face?
- [Stella] Oh, photogenic?
- [Samuel] Yeah.
[Stella] Is that good or bad
or is that boring? [laughs]
Okay, you've taken enough.
Oh, yeah, I've...
Yeah, I've... I've...
- I've stopped.
- [Stella] Good.
It's nice out here.
[Samuel] It's so calm.
[Samuel chuckles] What?
Yeah, quiet.
That's a cool scarf.
You can wear it if you want.
[vehicle approaching]
[car door unlatching]
[tense music]


Let's move on, shall we?
[ominous chord]
[latch clicks]
[exhales breathlessly]
[birds chirping]
[melancholy string music]

[water pouring]
[birds singing]
[tape whirring]
[Stella's voice on tape]
Stuff that I dream of.
To feel less vulnerable.
To ride a flamingo.
A furry friend.
A constant smile to look at.
Getting a letter
from a stranger.
Less loneliness.
To be able to be invisible.
To find someone to really trust.
I, uh... I read this story...
This sort of ancient story
about how long,
long, long, long ago,
humans lived as one piece.
Two souls formed as one,
woven together.
Together, the soul
was incredibly powerful,
and they were challenging the
gods, and then Zeus comes down.
And he, um...
He cuts them in half,
and he separates them.
And so, they live separately,
and that's why
we talk about, um,
trying to find your other half.

[Stella] Do you think
there's one person for everyone?
[Samuel] I'd like to think so.
But how do you know
if you've found the right one?
I guess you just feel it.
I dunno.
Have you?
Found the right one?
[clicks tongue] Um...
Have you?
I thought I had once, but...
Now I'm just happy
being by myself.

[wind blowing]
[melancholy string music]

I just want you to wake up.
I just want to meet you.
I want you to wake up.
[loud buzzer blaring]
[PA announcer speaking foreign
[PA announcement
repeats in Japanese]
[PA announcer]
This is a public announcement.
If you are not able
to quench your thirst,
- are feeling tired...
- [Samuel humming]
or lightheaded,
do not stay by yourself.
Contact the authorities
at 555-2368.
It is extremely dangerous
for you to stay here.
[lighter flicks]
["Logic Coco" by Mansfield. TYA
(Scratch Massive Remix)]
[female vocalization]
[music fades out]
[Samuel] Hey.
Hey, buddy! Hey, hey, Apple!
Look what I got for you
in the supermarket.
[gasps] Yeah.
Dinner, hey?
Come on.
Okay. Hey!
Yeah, do you like your plant?
[timer dings]
[gasps] Lasagna!
After you, sir, thank you.
Beer in a wine glass. Yeah.
Hey, hello. Hey, you.
So, I went to
the, uh, supermarket today,
and I picked up
all of your ingredients...
You think you know me,
but you don't.
Okay. I feel like, um, I do.
In some ways.
[tape whirring]
[Stella] Tape number two:
Not So Amazing Things.
I don't feel I'm good enough.
I'm lonely,
even with other people.
The antique pictures I buy
from the flea market
because they help me feel
like I have a real family.
My parents told me
my grandfather died
before I was born.
They don't know
I know he's still alive.
You can't get to know
someone by going
through their stuff
and watching them sleep.
[Samuel] What do you... I don't
know what you want me to...
What do you want me to do?
I feel like I...
want to know everything
about you.
But that's what I feel,
and I don't know why,
and that's what... um,
that's what I've got to do.
I want to know
everything about you.
I don't think
that's such a good idea.
[Samuel] I think you can, uh,
learn a lot about somebody...
by not just listening
to what they tell you...
but by hearing
what's under the words.
I find it hard to surrender.
I don't feel beautiful.
[tape stops]
[eerie music]
You don't even know me.
I wish I never came here.
Well, what's stopping
you from leaving?
Fuck off. Fuck off!
What are you talking about?
I would be way too much for you.
Yeah, I think you would.
Okay, well, I guess that's it.
Yeah, I guess
this will never work.
Bye, then.

[music fades out]
[delicate piano music]
[water dribbling]

[blanket rustling]

I have a good feeling.
[music fades out]
[birds chirping]
[eerie electronic music]

[bag rustling]



[phone ringing distantly]
[ringing continues]


[ringing grows louder]
[ringing grows louder]

[phone ringing]
[phone ringing]
[receiver clattering]
- [Stella] Samuel?
- Hey.
[Stella] I've been thinking.
I don't think
I can change for you.
I've been... I've been thinking,
too. You shouldn't have to.
[Stella] I am who I am.
I like who you are.
But you've only imagined me.
I think this can work.
[Stella] How?
We don't even know each other.
I'll show you.
But what if you fall asleep?
The longer you stay here, the
more likely you are to be hit.

I can't tell you what to do.
You don't have to.
I just want you to know...
no one has ever made me feel
the way you make me feel.
You make me feel so happy.
You make me feel so free.
You do that.
You, um...
I'm just...
I'm just scared...
that... we will... never meet.
[Stella] It's time
to decide how this goes.
[receiver clicks,
music fades out]
[receiver clatters]
[leather creaking]
[whispers] Oh, fuck.
[eerie music]
[flowers rustling]
[Stella] Mainly I remember
being really, really thirsty.
But no matter how much
I drank, I couldn't quench it.

[sweeping emotional music]

[Samuel] I'm not leaving.

[music fades out]
[typewriter ribbon rasping]
[keys clacking]
[sweeping emotional
music continues]

[keys clacking]

[music fades out]
[birds chirping]
[wind blowing]
[inhaling deeply]
[tired moaning]
[heels scraping]
[breathing shakily]
[water dribbling]
[moaning groggily]
[inhales sharply]
[soft, curious music]

[raps wood]

Hey! Come on.
[music fades out]
Hey! Wake up!
[Stella scoffs]
[whispers] This isn't real.
Uh, did you put that
on my picture?
Okay. I'm just gonna
let you... stay there.
[mellow guitar music]

[whistling enters]

Hey, did you
eat all of my apples?
Oh, what?
Okay, now I have a fish?


[music fades out]
[sighs peacefully]
Hey, did you make this?
It's pretty good.
[dish clattering]
[papers rustling]
[pensive music]

Have you been
looking in my diary?
You... You listened to my tapes?
The fuck is wrong with you!
Why did you do that?
Fucking hell.
[melancholy music]

[music fades out]
[tape whirring]
[delicate piano music]
[Stella] Now it's my turn
to really get to know you.
[chuckles softly]
Have you ever been
caught masturbating?
[laughs nervously]
- Uh, what? Um, no...
- [Stella] Clock's ticking!
Okay, um, have I... Yes, I have.
- [Stella] By who?
- Um...
Uh, my mom.
- [Stella] Where?
- Where?
In my garage.
[Stella] If a family
member needed a kidney
and you were the only match,
would you give one up?
Would you give one up?
Depends on who.
- [Stella] Your father?
- Difficult.
- [Stella] Mother?
- Absolutely.
[Stella] Have you ever
killed an animal?
[Stella] Do you ever
rehearse a phone call
before making it?
Um, yeah. Um, well,
it depends on
who I'm talking to.
[Stella] Let's say me.
Then I would definitely
rehearse it.
Do you have many friends?

[Stella] Do you feel alone?

Not right now.
Have you ever been in love?

[music fades out]
[light moan]
[birds singing]
[bed creaking]
[water running]
[tap shuts]
[mysterious music]
[floorboards creaking]
I'm Samuel.

I'm Stella.
[mellow piano music]

["Logic Coco" by Mansfield. TYA
(Scratch Massive Remix)]
[female vocalization]

[music fades out]