A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019) Movie Script

It's a beautiful day
in this neighborhood
A beautiful day for a neighbor
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
It's a neighborly day
in this beauty wood
A neighborly day for a beauty
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
I have always wanted to have
a neighbor just like you
I've always wanted to live
in a neighborhood with you
So, let's make the most
of this beautiful day
Since we're together
we might as well say
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won't you be my neighbor?
Won't you please?
Won't you please?
Please won't you be my neighbor?
Hello neighbor.
So good to see you again today.
Did you see the...
What special thing
I brought in to show you?
It's called a picture board.
Because behind each one of these
little doors is a picture of people.
Lady Aberlin.
Let's see
who's behind this door.
It's King Friday the thirteenth,
with his crown and
mustache and beard.
Whos behind here?
It's Mister McFeely.
He always says "speedy delivery",
doesnt he?
I'd like you to meet
a new friend of mine.
His name is Lloyd Vogel.
Someone has hurt my friend Lloyd.
And not just on his face.
He is having a hard time
forgiving the person who hurt him.
Do you know
what that means, to forgive?
It's a decision we make
to release a person from the feelings
of anger we have at them.
It's strange, but sometimes
it's hardest of all
to forgive someone we love.
Let's go say hello
to my new friend Lloyd,
shall we?
I never felt magic crazy as this
I never saw moons
knew the meaning of the sea
I never held emotion
in the palm of my hand
Or felt sweet breezes
in the top of a tree
But now you're here
Brighten my northern sky
Here to present this year's
award for Feature Writing.
Please welcome
last year's winner Lloyd Vogel.
Thank you.
It's so wonderful to be among
so many of my fellow misfits tonight.
So, why do we write
for magazines for a living?
Honestly, because doing anything else
doesn't seem quite like living at all.
We get a front row seat to history.
We get to expose the truth
that others cannot see.
And sometimes, just sometimes,
we get to change a broken world
with our words.
Thank you. I needed this.
I ate a block of cheese for dinner.
So, what are we forgetting?
We definitely need more diapers.
More than this?
We're going to Jersey for one night.
We go through at least
twelve a day.
We do?
What are you feeding that kid?
Wouldn't it be easier
if we left him with a sitter?
You know I'm not ready to leave him
with a stranger, okay?
He's too little.
Hey, your sister called last night.
She wanted to make sure
you'd written your toast.
Oh, Im all set. Im just gonna use
my speech from her first wedding.
- Or maybe from her second.
- Oh, yeah! Just change the names.
And hey, she wanted
me to tell you something.
Your father is coming.
I guess she reached out to him a couple
of months ago, and he didn't respond,
but, then he called,
and now he's coming to the wedding.
Are you okay?
Yeah! I'm fine.
But I dont think we should go.
- Lloyd!
- What?
Seriously, why have a baby if you cant
use him to get out of social obligations?
This is what Lorraine was afraid of,
that you would back out.
Im kidding.
I'm not gonna miss her wedding.
I look forward to them every year.
I think it'll be nice for Gavin
to meet his grandfather.
Daddy's just being funny.
Daddy's being funny.
That's impossible.
Here. Take him. Here.
He looks terrified.
He should be.
He's marrying Lorraine.
Oh my God! You look beautiful.
Well, I'm ten pounds short
of my target weight, but whatever.
Lloyd. The brother.
I know, man. I guess I'm Todd,
you know, the husband.
And look at you, ya little peanut.
I dont think we're having any kids.
How did that happen?
I invited him and he came.
To walk you down the aisle? Really?
He offered. He missed the first two,
I thought "why the hell not?".
I can think of a few reasons why.
He's old, and if he's gonna try
to make an effort...
Oh, I guess it's time
we get this started.
So, in lieu of the typical
father of the bride speech, I thought I'd...
Well, I'd like to sing a little ditty.
This is for my Lorraine
and for you too...
And for Todd.
I know I stand in line until you think
you have the time to spend an evening with me
And if we go some place to dance, I know that
there's a chance you won't be leaving with me
Then afterwards we drop into
a quiet little place and have a drink or two
Admit it.
Now you wish we hadn't eloped.
He's drunk.
Oh, well. He can sing.
I love you
I love you
I love you
Here we are.
In the pearl of the Garden State.
Hello, Jerry.
Oh, come on!
You don't have to call me Jerry.
Or call me Jerry.
I don't care.
And hello to you!
Hi, I'm Andrea. Lloyd's wife.
Andrea! Of course!
What a unique pleasure.
Hello, little fella.
This is Gavin.
What a handsome man!
You look just like me.
Let's get a drink?
What's this stuff? A pop?
This stuff will kill you.
I'm just giving my toast,
and then we're leaving, so...
Doll, could you give us a moment?
She's not a doll.
She's a public interest attorney.
Where the money in that?
You know what?
We're gonna circulate.
You got a baby. And a wife.
You happy?
I'm happy.
Well, she seems nice enough, but
I mean, aren't you a little old
to have a baby?
I'm not that old.
You're smart.
Your mom and I hardly knew
each other when she got pregnant.
We were babies.
Don't talk about her!
Wait a minute.
You don't know the whole story.
Your mom really was not the saint...
Don't talk about my mom!
- Come on?
- Get off me!
What the hell?
You didn't hear him.
You were out of control.
He was out of control!
You just not gonna take
responsibility for any of this?
Of course, I am!
I offered to pay for Lorraine's dry cleaning.
Have you ever felt
the way Lloyd does?
So angry you want
to hurt someone?
Or at yourself?
I know I have.
When I was a boy
I was very chubby.
And the other kids would chase me
and call me names, like "Fat Freddy".
It made me very sad.
Sometimes, when I was by myself,
I would cry.
And other times,
it made me very angry.
There is always something
you can do with the mad that you feel.
Did you hear that?
Someone is at my door.
Let's go see who it is.
It's Mr. McFeely.
Speedy delivery.
Look. It's a magazine.
Thank you.
Magazines are always
so full of interesting information.
They sure are.
My friend Lloyd works for a magazine.
He's a very wonderful writer.
That reminds me.
I have a video I found, and I thought
you and your neighbor may like to see it.
What is it?
It's about how people
make a magazine.
It's called "How People Make a Magazine".
I know lots of people like magazines,
so I thought you might find this interesting.
I think we would, but do you have
time to show it to us now?
I'd be glad to see it again.
Let's look at it on Picture Picture.
We'll watch it on Picture Picture
and see how people
make a magazine.
Now, this is the ink they use
in the printing press that prints the magazines.
Yellow ink. It looks like mustard.
And these are large rolls of blank paper,
that are getting loaded into the machine.
I wonder how many magazines they can make
out of one of those large rolls.
They print the magazines in giant sheets.
One color at a time.
This machine assembles the magazine,
and glues it all together.
Oh, now, who's this?
These are the people who decide
what will be in the magazine.
They pick the pictures
and design the layout.
Oh, that's an important job.
And these are the people who write
the words that go into a magazine.
It's a lot of work
to make a magazine, isn't it?
It certainly is.
Pay no attention to my face. Softball injury.
Nothing to worry about. Good morning, Ellen.
How are you?
- This should be interesting.
- What should?
Sending you on an assignment
with your face all busted up.
- An assignment?
- Yep.
You're the perfect person for it.
You just had a baby.
Why are you giving me
an assignment?
We're doing an issue
on heroes, and we're
profiling a number of inspirational people.
We just need a small piece of copy to
accompany a pretty photo.
You hired me as an investigative journalist.
I don't do puff pieces.
Wait a second, didn't I hire you
to do whatever I tell you to do?
And right now that's doing a profile
on one of our nation's heroes.
Mister Rogers.
As in the hokey kid's show guy?
As in the beloved
children's television host, yes.
Look, I think
this could help you, Lloyd.
Just, start to change your image.
I don't need to change my image.
He was the only person on our list
willing to be interviewed by you, Lloyd.
I guess you're developing a reputation.
A reputation? People love talking to me.
Yeah, they do. Until they read
what you write about them.
So what? I'm supposed to go easy
on this guy because he
plays with puppets for a living?
400 words. Play nice.
Hello, this is Lloyd Vogel,
from Esquire Magazine.
I'm calling to schedule an interview
with Mister Rogers.
Sorry about your face.
You know, I got it good too.
Look, I messed this up.
I just want to talk to you.
We have a lot that needs to be said.
No. I'm not gonna be ambushed.
Come on, Lloyd.
Hi, honey.
- Hi. Hi guys.
- Hi, Lloyd.
Smells in here.
Bathroom trash.
Nine different types of diapers.
Hey, Lloyd.
I got it.
Who's this?
This is Fred Rogers.
Hi. That was quick.
Well, I figured if you want to talk to me,
I should want to talk to you.
Yeah, I just wanted to set a time
to sit with you and ask you a few questions.
I'm happy to schedule something,
except for one thing.
What's that?
You have me here right now.
Okay. Sure.
On our program, I try to look
through the camera into the eyes of a single child,
and speak to him,
or her, trying to be
fully present to their feelings
and their needs.
Do you know what the important thing
in the world is to me right now?
Talking on the telephone
to Lloyd Vogel.
You okay?
I got an assignment.
Where are you going this time?
Pittsburgh, tomorrow.
I'm profiling Mister Rogers.
I love him.
- You do?
- Yeah.
I don't know.
Wait, Ellen is giving you a profile?
She knows that's not what you do.
I think that's her point.
Can you say no?
Can you take some time
and be with us for a while?
You didn't take off any time
when Gavin was born.
Not really.
At least it's someone good.
We'll see.
Oh God, Lloyd.
Please don't ruin my childhood.
Hey, I'm looking for Fred Rogers.
Am I in the wrong place?
I know who you are. In here.
You'll get about twenty minutes
with him during the break.
I was told an hour.
You're not gonna
try to fight him, are you?
Oh, softball league.
Play at the plate.
Maybe you shouldn't have led
with your face.
Sorry, guy. Could be a minute.
Is this a Make-a-Wish thing?
How are we doing, Margy?
He's ruining my life.
How long?
Half-hour already, which puts us...
73 minutes behind. Yikes.
I gotta go in. Cover me.
You're on your own.
...color of sweater that I do, but I cant see
colors very well, isn't that funny?
Look at that.
I'm sorry.
Son, he's talking to you.
All right.
Don't do that, sweetheart.
That sword looks awfully sharp,
and heavy too.
- Not really.
- No?
Well, you must be very strong
in order to hold it like that.
And I bet you are very strong
on the inside, too.
Oh, I'd love that.
I'm terribly sorry, Fred.
We need to start.
Can I take your picture?
Everybody make sure you can see me.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for coming down
and visiting us in the neighborhood.
Folks, if you'll follow me.
How often does this happen?
Every day.
Okay here we go!
Everybody settle.
Quiet please.
Roll sound.
- Sound speeds.
- Mark it.
And, action.
Do you know what this is?
It's... Lloyd!
Hold please!
We can't fire him, can we?
Hello, Lloyd.
It's nice to meet you.
Are you all right?
Play at the plate.
It looks like it hurts.
Let's chat afterwards?
- We need to keep moving.
- We could have Evan take look at him?
No, I'm good.
I'm sorry, Fred,
we need to...
Okay, all right.
It's wonderful to meet you, I'm so glad
you're here, Lloyd, I'm looking forward to
talking with you. I truly am.
After this.
Everyone, this is Lloyd Vogel.
He is a wonderful writer.
Thank you, Fred.
Okay, resetting.
Step over here.
Roll sound.
Sound speeds.
And slate.
And action!
Do you know what this is?
It's a tent.
Let's set it up.
Little bit trickier than I thought.
I can't.
I can't do it.
It must take two grown-ups
to set up a tent.
And that's a cut. Let's go again.
No, let's...
Let's look at that.
Okay, roll playback, please.
You know, we could pre-set
a tent for you.
No, I think this is good.
I think we're okay.
Good, that's lunch everybody.
The tent. Why didn't you let them
set it up for you?
Children need to know that
even when adults make plan,
sometimes, they don't turn out
the way we'd hoped.
How long have you been married, Lloyd?
Eight years.
That's a wonderful accomplishment.
Does your spouse have a name?
I would like to meet
Andrea some day.
I'm sure.
You've lived in Pittsburgh
your whole life?
I grew up not too far from here
in a town called Latrobe,
but we've lived here for quite some time,
and we've raised our boys here.
Do you think living here makes it easier
or more difficult to be a celebrity?
Celebrity? Mercy.
You don't consider yourself famous?
Fame is a four letter word,
like tape, or zoom, or face.
What ultimately matters
is what we do with it.
And what are you doing with it?
We are trying to give children
positive ways
to deal with their feelings.
This piece will be for an issue
about heroes.
Do you consider yourself a hero?
I don't think of myself as a hero.
No, not at all.
What about "Mister Rogers"?
Is he a hero?
I don't understand the question.
There's you, Fred, and then there's
the character you play, Mister Rogers.
You said it was a play at the plate.
Is that what happened to you?
What did happened to you, Lloyd?
I got into a fight.
Oh my.
Who did you get into a fight with?
It's not important.
And who is Jerry?
My father.
Oh my.
I'd rather not talk about it.
What were you and your father
fighting about?
I'm here to interview you, Mr. Rogers.
Well, that is what we're doing,
isnt it?
We're ready for you
in studio B, Fred.
Okay, Margy.
I thought we had twenty minutes.
Can I take your picture?
I like to take pictures of people that I meet
so then I can show them
to Joanne later on.
Thank you so much.
I do hope you'll stick around. I really do.
That's it?
Daniel, are you set?
I'm set.
Thank you, Daniel.
Did she just talk to the puppet?
Daniel isn't just a puppet.
Daniel is Fred, and Fred is Daniel.
You mean...
Please stop talking.
Let me know
when you're ready, Lattie.
Okay. Thank you.
And Trolley. Action.
Hello, Lady Aberlin.
Hi, Daniel.
Are you making that funny smell?
Do you mean
that skunk kinda smell?
No, I'm trying to help
that smell go away.
By squirting another smell?
That's right. A sweet smelling smell.
Wanna smell?
That does smell good.
Where did the bad smell come from?
Mister Skunk.
He got scared, and he just sprayed
this smell all over me.
Oh no! Did he say he was sorry?
And that just makes me
so very mad!
And I don't know what to do.
Oh, Daniel.
What do you do with the mad
that you feel?
When you feel so mad
you could bite
When the whole wide world
seems oh so wrong
And nothing you do
seems very right
What do you do? Do you punch a bag?
Do you pound some clay
or some dough?
Do you round up friends for a
game of tag or see how fast you go?
I can stop when I want to.
Can stop when I wish
Can stop, stop, stop anytime
And what a good feeling
to feel like this
And know that the feeling
is really mine
Know that there's something deep inside
that helps us become what we can
For a girl can be someday be a woman
And a boy can be someday a man
Thank you, Lady Aberlin.
Thank you, Daniel.
- I feel better.
- I'm so glad.
I just don't know if he's for real.
That's not for you to say, Lloyd.
I think with a few more interviews...
No, no, no. I told you,
this isn't an expos, okay?
Just, please, put pen to paper.
A couple of funny anecdotes. Keep it simple.
I cant do that, Ellen.
He's a lot more complex than I thought.
He's a children's entertainer.
He's Mister freaking Rogers.
This isn't Mikhail Gorbachev
we're talking about.
I don't think you understand
what you're asking of me.
Im asking you to do your job,
Now, get out of here and come back to me
when you have your first draft.
This gives new meaning
to "boys in the hoooood".
We'll be back with Mister Rogers!
- Hey.
- Hi.
How'd it go?
He's just about the nicest person
I've ever met.
When you say it it doesnt sound
like a compliment.
There is an attitude out there, there are some
things going on, there's a lot of hopelessness.
What do we need to do?
There are no simple answers, of course,
but if we could, through television programs,
as well as every other imaginable program,
let people know that
each one of us is precious.
It all starts in the home.
We can never underrate how important that is.
I dont think that anybody can grow unless
he really is accepted exactly as he is.
If somebody is always saying to a child
"you're gonna grow up
and you're gonna be fine".
So much of that in this country already.
- Its your turn.
- Yup.
A child is appreciated for what
he "will be", not for what he "is".
He will be a great consumer someday.
So, the quicker we can get them
out of the nest, so they can go out and buy,
then the better.
What do you think is the biggest mistake
parents make in raising their children?
Not to remember their old childhood.
I think that the best thing
that we can do is to
think about what it was like for us,
and know what our children
are going through.
But you know what, it's so hard
once you get to be a parent, you always say
"I will never do this", when your mother's doing it
to you or your father's doing it to you.
You say "I will never do this to my child".
And then you get to our age,
and you forget what it was like
to be this size, you really do forget.
But those children can help
re-evoke what it was like.
That's why when you're a parent
you have a new chance to grow.
You do?
Did you ever, I can't imagine,
I know that you are the father of two boys,
but I can't imagine you ever having a problem
with your children. You ever have any?
Well, of course, I'm a human being,
just like everybody else...
I thought you would just talk to them
and say "Can you say good morning"?
And they would change.
But, you know, a lot of people
do those parodies...
Well I left my happy home
to see what I could find out
I left my folk and friends
with the aim to clear my mind out
Well I hit the rowdy road
and many kinds I met there
And many stories told me
on the way to get there
So on and on I go,
the seconds tick the time out
So much left to know,
and I'm on the road to find out
Oh my, I woke you.
Is this Andrea?
This is Fred Rogers.
- Oh hi!
- Who is it?
Uh, Lloyd's right here.
Andrea, while I have you, I just want to
thank you so much for sharing Lloyd with us.
It can't be easy him traveling
with Gavin at home.
Thank you for saying that.
I'm gonna give Lloyd to you now.
Mister Rogers knows my name!
This is Lloyd.
You left without
getting to say goodbye,
so I'm glad we get to continue to talk.
I'm going to New York City today to film,
and Joanne is coming with me.
We thought you might like
to come down and say hello.
How much time do you think
I'll have with him today?
You're here because
Fred wants you here.
He likes everybody,
but he loves people like you.
People like me?
I've read your work.
You don't really care
for humanity, do you?
I'm just doing my job.
I insisted he read you
before we agreed.
And did he?
Every article we could find.
Oh thank you.
That made me wanna get up
and do a little dance.
We have a surprise
for you, Mister Rogers.
We gonna play one of your songs,
called "You are Special".
How wonderful!
How do you play your instruments
without your bows?
Well, we can play pizzicato, which means
we're going to pluck the strings with our fingers.
Hello everybody.
Nice to see you.
I call this move
the handshake hand off.
That's quite a skill.
We stole Bill from the
governor's office fourteen years ago.
Have you got a chance
to know him yet?
Love Bill. Big fan.
He is very protective of Roge.
You call him Roge?
I don't call him Mister Rogers
at home, dear.
Joanne Rogers.
- Nice to meet you.
- You as well, dear.
How does it feel to be married
to a living saint?
I'm not fond of that term.
If you think of him as a saint,
then his way of being is unattainable.
He works at it all the time.
It's a practice.
He's not a perfect person.
He has a temper.
He chooses how he
responds to that anger.
That must take a lot of effort.
Well, he does things every day
that help ground him.
Reads scripture, swims laps.
Prays for people by name.
Writes letters, hundreds of them.
He's been doing that since I met him.
Thank you so much.
Thank you folks for coming out.
- My love.
- Bye, my love.
Well see you in just a few hours.
Lloyd, I thought you and I
would spend some time together.
Of course.
Do you always take the subway?
Joanne and I have an apartment.
It's just a few stops away.
It's the easiest way
to get around sometimes.
You've covered some heavy stuff,
especially for a show aimed at children.
I'm glad you had a chance
to view the program.
Death, divorce, war. It gets dark.
You know,
Maggie Stewart showed me
the most beautiful word in sign language.
Do you know what that means?
It means "friend".
Isn't that perfect?
Who's Maggie Stewart?
Hey Mister Rogers.
It's a beautiful day
in this neighborhood
A beautiful day for a neighbor
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
It's a neighborly day
in this beautywood
A neighborly day for a beauty
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
I have always wanted
to have a neighbor just like you
I've always wanted to live
in a neighborhood with you
So, let's make the most
of this beautiful day
Since we're together,
we might as well say
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won't you be my neighbor?
Won't you please?
Won't you please?
Please won't you be my neighbor?
That was wonderful.
It seems like all these people
line up to tell you their problems.
Isn't it wonderful? Such bravery.
It seems like that would be
an incredible burden on you.
I'm grateful for you
saying that, Lloyd.
I'm grateful for your compassion.
Is it a burden on you?
Okay. Let's assume
it's a burden on you.
There's no normal life
that is free from pain.
How do you deal with that?
There are many ways you can deal
with your feelings without
hurting yourself or anybody else.
Yeah, like what?
You can pound a lump of clay.
Or swim as fast as you can swim.
Or play the lowest keys on the piano
all at the same time.
Did you ever talk to anyone
about the burden you carry?
Would you like to meet
my special puppet friends
from The Neighborhood of Make Believe?
They look like they've seen
better days.
They've been with me
for quite a while.
You ever think about swapping them out,
getting new ones?
Didn't you have a special friend
when you were very young, Lloyd?
- A special friend?
- Special toy.
Or a stuffed animal
that you loved very much,
even as it got ratty and worn-out,
it made you just love it all the more?
I don't know, I'm sure I did.
Can you tell me
about your special friend?
I think I had a rabbit.
Did your rabbit have a name?
It was just rabbit.
It was Old Rabbit.
And who gave you Old Rabbit?
My mom.
She must love you very much.
That she did.
She died when I was young.
I'm sure that if she saw you today,
the person you have become,
she would be proud of you.
I want to get back to my questions.
You wanted to meet my special friends
from the Neighborhood of Make Believe.
No. I asked about the burden you carry.
I am King Friday the thirteenth.
Lloyd Vogel the journalist,
I presume?
And here's Daniel Striped Tiger.
Sometimes, Daniel is too shy to talk.
But that's okay, Daniel.
Have you met Daniel?
Not officially. No.
I'd like to meet Old Rabbit.
I don't wanna talk
about Old Rabbit, I gotta say.
Maybe Lloyd doesn't feel
like talking today, Daniel.
And that's okay.
Can you put
the puppet down, Fred?
You stopped making the show
in the mid-seventies for three years.
Why'd you quit?
At that point I felt the program
had covered all the major
facets of childhood.
And what brought you back?
Money? Boredom?
My sons had grown into teenagers.
And were struggling.
We all were.
I realized then that there were
still much more to talk about.
I can't imagine it was easy,
growing up with you as a father.
Until recently, my oldest
never told people about me.
He's very private,
and that's okay.
And my younger son,
he genuinely tested me.
But, eventually, we found our way.
And now I'm very proud of both of them.
But you are right, Lloyd.
It couldn't have been
easy on them.
Thank you.
Thank you for that perspective.
You're welcome.
Is that not the answer
you were hoping for?
Being a parent does not mean
being a perfect parent.
You might be experiencing
some of that now, with your son.
I've been thinking a lot
about you and your father.
Did you work out your disagreement?
This is ridiculous.
Lloyd, where are you going?
We're done. Thanks.
It's been a real pleasure.
Hey hey.
C'mon, sit down.
We cooked you some take-out.
They brought pizza.
Lloyd, this is Dorothy.
Can't you just say hello?
Where are your manners?
I'm sorry. I think we should go.
I had an idea, okay?
We'd eat some food,
we'd talk like people.
I messed things up
at the wedding.
Of course, you know,
you didnt help, but I get it.
Then, you let me sit out there in my car
on the street for two nights
like I'm homeless,
like I'm some kind of a bum.
- Jerry, you're not helping.
- He won't say a word!
You came here
to introduce me to her?
Hi, Dorothy.
Hi, Lloyd.
Okay, you did what you came here to do.
Now I want you to leave.
I may never come back here,
so, please listen to me.
Dorothy and I have been together
and in love for fifteen years.
He left as soon as Mom got sick,
did you know that?
Couldnt even wait
for her to die.
She really didnt want me there.
'Cause you were sleeping around
while she was dying.
I know. I know it!
It took me years
to get myself together.
Dorothy is why I'm standing here.
She helped me grow the hell up.
You know what they tell you
about people, when they are dying?
They tell you it's peaceful.
That they just slip away.
Mom screamed as she went,
did you know that?
She screamed until she passed out.
And then they came in and revived her,
and she went right back to it.
It was just me, Lorraine
and the nurses!
Sign the paperwork.
Pack up the house.
Put her in the ground.
- Jerry.
- Come on, Lloyd.
My jaw.
Oh, Jerry, Oh my God!
- I'll call 911.
- Lloyd, do something!
- Is he breathing?
- Yeah, he's breathing.
Lloyd, do something!
The cardiac MRI revealed
more extensive stenosis than we thought.
An operation at this time...
The risk of infection alone...
You know anything?
I hate hospitals.
You should go home
and get him to bed.
I don't wanna leave you here.
I'm not staying here.
Let's all go together.
No. I have to go to Pittsburgh.
Right now?
Yeah, I have to work.
With your dad like this?
I have a deadline.
Yeah, I'm sure Ellen would understand
if you tell her what's happening.
I don't want to.
I wanna go to Pittsburgh.
I wanna do my job.
This shouldn't be a surprise to you.
Don't talk to me like that.
You seem to think that
now that we have a kid
I shouldn't care about all the things
I have always cared about
just because you dont anymore.
Well, I still care about my work.
I have never asked you
to stop caring about your work.
I've gotta go.
Why? Everyone who is important is
in this hospital right now.
Can't you be on my side for once?
You used to be on my side.
I am telling you this
because I am on your side.
Now is not the time to go work.
I gotta go, if I'm gonna make
Pittsburgh by morning.
I'm gonna go sit with your family,
while you go.
Lloyd! There you are.
Hey, I need to talk to Fred.
Very funny, mister. Get over there.
We're ready to shoot.
Right this way. Come here.
Quiet please.
What? What am doing here?
You're in this episode, of course.
Just wait there.
- Roll sound.
- Sound speeds.
And slate.
And.... Action.
Oh, it's my good friend, Lloyd.
Lloyd Vogel.
- You remember Lloyd?
- Fred, I don't understand what's going on.
Can we stop?
Are you feeling unwell?
Stop asking me questions.
I ask you questions.
On today's program I thought
we would talk about hospitals.
Sometimes when somebody is sick,
- they have to go to a hospital.
- I hate hospitals.
A hospital is a place
where people go.
Would you like to pretend
we're at a hospital?
Hello, Old Rabbit.
Old Rabbit, I presume?
I'm not... I don't...
Where's Fred?
I've been waiting to meet you,
Old Rabbit.
I'm so happy you came for a visit.
Hello, Lady Aberlin.
Well hello. Hello, Old Rabbit.
Oh my God.
We were discussing hospitals.
Well, a hospital is where you go
when your body is hurt,
but what do you do
when your feelings are hurt?
Well, you talk about them.
It's good to talk. It's good to say
- the things we feel.
- Whats happening to me?
It's good to talk
We're much more real
without the lock
It's good to talk
Go ahead. Try saying "I like you".
I like you.
I'm sad
I'm sad.
I'm angry
When did you become angry?
Do you remember?
Did something happen?
Hey peanut.
Hi, Mom.
I know you think
you're doing this for me.
Holding onto this anger.
I don't need it.
What happened?
I don't know. He just collapsed.
Is he okay?
Oh good, you're awake.
My goodness, if I knew you were there,
I would've stopped all this noise.
No, no. That was beautiful.
You must be very hungry, Lloyd.
Let me get my jacket, and we'll go out.
I should go.
No, nonsense.
Look at this.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Are you a vegetarian?
I just can't imagine
eating anything with a mother.
Bill was right.
You love people like me.
What are people like you?
I've never met anyone
like you in my entire life.
Broken people.
I don't think you are broken.
I know you are a man of conviction.
A person, who knows the difference
between what is wrong, and what is right.
Try to remember
that your relationship with your father
also helped to shape those parts.
He helped you become what you are.
Would you do something
with me, Lloyd?
It's an exercise
I like to do sometimes.
We'll take a minute,
and think about all the people
who loved us into being.
I can't do that.
They will come to you.
Just one minute of silence.
Thank you for doing that with me.
I feel so much better.
So, the way I left...
Was messed up.
Yes. I should've called you.
You shouldn't have left.
The doctor came out to speak to you,
I didnt know what to tell her.
I really didn't know what
to tell your dad.
And on top of that,
I tried to get a cab home,
of course, I couldn't get one,
so had I took a train, at midnight.
People were looking at me
with Gavin like...
Someone was gonna
call Child Services.
I know you're trying to apologize,
but that doesn't mean it gets to be easy.
Okay, talk.
Can we sit?
Is he down?
I realize I need to deal
with my feelings.
When I'm scared,
which I was in the hospital,
and I...
I have been for a long time,
I get really angry.
And I know it's a way of saying
"I can't deal with this
get away from me".
But that's not what I want.
That's, actually, the opposite
of what I want.
You and Gavin...
You're what I want.
I'm sorry.
I have to go and see Jerry.
He's dying.
I know.
My dad is dying.
Celia Sherman. Colby Dickerson.
Justin Cook.
Rebecca Aniton.
Lloyd Vogel.
Andrea Vogel.
Gavin Vogel.
Jerry Vogel.
Thank you, God.
He still eats like a teenager.
Cold cuts, sugar cereal.
Stubborn goat.
At least you come by it honestly.
Did you know about
me and my sister?
Not until very recently.
What about my mom?
When he got sick last year,
the first episode, he...
He started to talk,
and tell me things I wish
he'd told me a long time ago.
We got bourbon, you know.
Someone should drink it.
No thanks.
Not even beer?
Do you have a beer? Yeah I...
I'll drink a beer
if it will make you happy.
No. I don't have a beer. And don't
do it because it'd make me happy.
Do it 'cause you wanna do it.
You don't have a beer
and I don't wanna beer.
So, don't drink anything. Dehydrate.
I definitely broke the Pack 'n Play.
It just snapped like a chicken bone.
How is he doing?
He seems fine.
I don't know.
They don't put a hospital bed
in your living room if you're fine.
Hey, thank you for coming.
You're gonna love the sofa bed.
- Yeah?
- No.
Okay. Come here.
I know. I know.
I know, you wish it was your mom
who was awake right now. I know.
But we're gonna let her sleep, okay?
I'm gonna get better at this.
And we're gonna have to
get used to each other.
I like you as you are
Exactly and precisely
I think you turned out nicely
I like you as you are
Without a doubt or question
Who's that?
Come on.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
It's four in the morning.
I don't sleep much these days.
You don't sleep either, do you?
I never did this with you.
Up in the middle of the night,
doing the mom thing.
It's not a mom thing.
You know what I mean.
You should rest.
No, stay.
Right over there.
Just grab two glasses.
I don't think that's the best idea.
How would you know? You don't drink.
Come on.
Now we're talking.
I am sorry for leaving
you and your sister.
It was selfish. And it was cruel.
Will you look at me?
I am so sorry, son.
It's not fair, you know?
I think I'm just now starting
to figure out how to live my life.
I've always loved you.
I love you too, Dad.
It's stupid.
It's like ten thousand words.
It's not really about
Mister Rogers.
I know.
I mean it is, but it's so you.
You never talk about this stuff.
It's good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Lloyd. I love it.
You do?
Yes. It's gonna be the cover.
Right off the bat,
about the wedding...
Whatever, It was the most
entertaining one yet.
I'm just glad you're here.
Don't go to Martha's Vineyard.
Why not?
It's my honeymoon. I deserve it.
Absolutely you do.
No, it's not a question of entitlement.
You're not gonna like it.
It's a buncha rich jerks,
and it's freezing.
You're gonna freeze to death
with a buncha rich jerks.
Who's here?
Ah, I'm in the right place.
- Come on in.
- Lloyd.
Holy crap.
Hi Fred.
Such a pleasure
to finally see you.
- Can I take this for you?
- Oh, thank you.
Hello, Mister Rogers.
Hi Gavin, hello, I hope you and I
can be friends someday.
Mr. Vogel.
May I call you Jerry?
Yes sir, you certainly may.
Lloyd, Joanne adored
your article, as did I.
Andrea, are you
feeling better about daycare?
A little. Maybe.
You're not the only one
who talks to Fred.
Mister Rogers, is it true
you are a sharp shooter?
Navy Seal!
No, I'm afraid not.
What, the hell, kind of an insane
question was that?
I heard it.
Andrea, where did you guys go
on your honeymoon?
We eloped in Maui, so we were kinda
already on our honeymoon.
- I would've gone.
- You weren't invited.
Lloyd is embarrassed by us.
- I'm kidding.
- I know.
Maybe, we should do
a family vacation.
What do you think about that, Dad?
Should we dip our toes in the ocean together?
That sounds so nice.
Crash your honeymoon?
Count me in, If I'm still here.
You know, death is something
many of us are uncomfortable
speaking about.
But to die is to be human.
And anything human is mentionable,
anything mentionable is manageable.
Anything mentionable is manageable.
You gotta send me a copy.
Joanne would love this
when she sees it.
Itd be so much cooler
if he was in this.
Thank you.
I should get going.
I'll walk you out.
Count on it.
Thank you.
Hey, what did you say to Jerry?
I asked him to pray for me.
I figure anyone who's going through what
he's going through must be awfully close to God.
- Lloyd.
- Bill.
Read the article.
Sometimes people get sad
And they really do feel bad
But the very same people
who are sad sometimes
Are the very same people
who are glad sometimes
It's funny but it's true
It's the same, isn't it for me and
Sometimes people are good
And they do just what they should
But the very same people
who are good sometimes
Are the very same people
who are bad sometimes
Maybe, I could slow down
for a few months.
What do you mean?
To stay at home with Gavin.
Let you go back to work,
without having to worry about daycare.
- I want to.
- Really? You?
Gavin and I already discussed that.
We both agree.
I'm so glad I had a chance to tell you
about my friend Lloyd, and his family.
I have a new picture of Lloyd
with his family,
would you like to see it?
There they are.
That's a nice picture.
It gives me a good feeling
to see them all together like that.
I hope you know that you made
today a very special day
by just your being you.
There's no one in the whole world like you,
and I like you just the way you are.
It's such a good feeling
to know you're alive
It's such a happy feeling
you're growing inside
And when you wake up
ready to say...
"I think I'll make
a snappy new day"
It's such a good feeling,
a very good feeling
The feeling you know
That I'll be back
when the day is new
And I'll have more ideas for you
And you'll have things
you'll want to talk about
I will too
See you next time.
And that's a cut!
Thank you.
- Great?
- Yeah.
- That's a wrap.
- Thank you.
We're on location tomorrow
at Mister Wagners shoe shop.
- Call time is 8 AM.
- Thank you all.
ADs have the call sheet.
- Goodnight.
- See you tomorrow.
- Goodnight boss.
- Goodnight.
See you tomorrow.