A Black Veil for Lisa (1968) Movie Script

Inspector, they found Willy Zol.
Hello Bulon.
So they got Willy Zol as well?
It looks like a professional job.
Siegert tells me that, this
is someone you were after hmm?
Zol was almost our last hope
of a lead to Schouermann.
Schouermann again?
Schouermann's behind most things
in the drug world these days.
Including this you think?
Kaufman and Reinhardt if you remember
were killed in exactly the same way.
Just when we were looking for them.
Oh, the Commissioner is here.
Thank you.
Good evening sir.
Didn't you tell me
Willy Zol was the one man who might talk?
Yes, and I was right.
He phoned me at home tonight
and said he wanted to see me.
I was waiting for him when
the news came about this.
Waiting for him?
Why didn't you go out and grab him?
With all due respect sir,
I could hardly have
known this would happen.
With all due respect to you, Bulon,
you had every reason to expect justice.
Very well sir.
I wish you better luck next time.
Let's go.
Goodnight sir.
Now there's one lead sir.
A man from the beer house down the road
says Zol had a drink there tonight.
You wanna talk to him?
Just a moment.
Who's he phoning now?
Who do you think?
His wife, of course.
Oh hello darling.
So you've come home finally?
I rang you.
Why didn't you answer?
Oh, I suppose I was asleep.
With the phone ringing in your ear?
So I wasn't asleep.
Maybe I let it ring on
purpose, just to make you mad.
Or maybe I was out, with a lover.
Isn't that what you think?
Go on say it, I'm used to it by now.
Franz, are you still mad?
- Bulon, I want to ask
you a very frank question.
What is wrong with you?
What do you mean?
I mean what is wrong with you?
Is it personal?
Bulon, what the devil is eating you?
Are you listening?
I said are you listening to me.
Yes, I'm listening.
Look here Bulon,
the Schouermann case has
got to be solved, urgently.
And you are head of
the narcotics division.
It all depends on you,
if you are not well-
I'm perfectly well.
Alright, so I expect,
in fact I demand results, and quickly.
- Well it's easy to say
that, we're doing all we can.
It isn't enough.
This town has got turned
into a key center of the drug traffic.
At the Ministry,
they consider Schouermann
an international scandal
and in all this time, we don't even know
whether we're dealing
with a man or a thing.
One brain or an organization.
You're doing all you can, are you?
But Willy Zol phones you up
and says he wants to talk.
The only man who can really
tell us what we want to know
and you, just sit and wait.
If you had moved, dear old Bulon,
you'd have had Willy
Zol here this morning.
Your wife-
- My wife was cleared
by the investigation,
completely cleared.
Otherwise, I'd never had married her.
I know but-
But nothing.
Will you excuse me sir?
I have something important to attend to.
- We are viewing last nights
round up in Room A sir.
Want to see them?
The Rabbit.
I haven't seen him around for a long time.
Kruger, you start on him.
And don't be too polite, understand.
Where'd you get her?
- We picked her
up from the roulette tables
in Fritz's at three this morning.
I want to talk to her.
Morning Bulon.
Oh hello Mansfeld.
You wanted to see me'?
Yeah, yeah, I'd like a word with you.
Get everything on tape.
From the direction of the wound,
I would say the killer's a tall man.
Pretty strong, judged by the
bruise left by the knife hilt.
- And that's just about
all we've got to go on.
No fingerprints, nothing.
How about the knife?
- Mass produced, like the
raincoat and the gloves.
Cheap stuff anyone could
pick up in a chain store.
What about the beer house?
You followed up on that,
Siegert didn't you?
Yes sir.
- We searched the beer house
dry and got exactly nowhere.
The owner says Willy Zol
came in about half past 10
and had a couple of drinks.
He seemed a bit nervous,
but no one spoke to him,
no one came near him.
It was 11 o'clock when he left and.
Is something wrong?
Oh no, no nothing, no.
Sorry Mansfeld, where were we?
- It was 11 o'clock when Zol
left the beer house Inspector.
- Excuse me.
- What is it?
You wanted to see that girl?
Any luck with Strauss?
Nothing sir.
- Well, we seem to have
drawn blank all round.
It seems so for the moment.
- Bring the girl in will you?
- Let me know, sir.
If anything crops up.
I'll keep in touch.
Sit there.
What's your name?
Marrianne De Lomac.
How old are you?
And you take drugs?
- Then what were you
doing at Fritz's Roulette?
Nothing, you weren't gambling?
Who were you with?
Looking for customers eh?
No, I swear.
- So you weren't gambling,
you weren't getting fixed
and you weren't looking for customers.
But there you were, all alone,
three o'clock in the
morning, doing nothing.
Who sent you there?
Nobody, nobody sent me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Yes you do.
Somebody sent you to see
Fritz, to fetch something.
Now who was it?
You better tell me you know.
Tell me this.
What time did you arrive at Fritz's?
About, about half past two.
Yes sir.
What time was the murder?
Just after 11.
2:15 eh?
Yes that fits.
I've got the girl here now.
Says she arrived at Fritz's at 2:30.
Oh yes, I got it.
No, no no, no alibi at all.
No, she just refuses to talk.
Looks as if I have to charge her.
Come on in will you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
There's been a murder Marianne.
A murder?
And you know, when we ask people questions
and they don't answer, we get suspicious.
And you've no alibi for quarter past two.
- But I-
- Now unless you can tell me
where you were at quarter
past two, you're going to be-
I was at Ursula's.
Now who's Ursula?
Ursula Stein, a friend of mine.
Will she confirm that?
Of course.
Ursula Stein, huh?
Sonnet Strasse 23.
When did you leave there?
I don't know, about half past two.
Did you go straight to Fritz's?
Did Ursula ask you to?
Yes, no no no, she didn't.
Yes she did, why?
- Oh god, I don't wanna
get Ursula into trouble.
Does Ursula use the drugs herself?
So she wanted the stuff for someone else?
A man?
Her boyfriend?
Alright Marianne, alright.
Now then, what's Ursula's boyfriends name?
Kurt, Kurt Muller.
Why didn't he go to Fritz's himself?
He can't, they're after him.
Who's they?
Then why didn't Ursula go?
They know her, they don't know me.
- He must have needed
that stuff pretty badly
to send you to Fritz's at
three o'clock in the morning.
Where is he now?
He's hiding at Ursula's.
Why doesn't he come to us?
- He's too scared, you don't
know what they're like.
And anyway, maybe he's done something bad.
They used to make him see.
He's hooked on that stuff.
The cocaine?
So he couldn't say no.
Oh god, oh god, they'll kill me for this.
Don't worry.
For the time being we're
going to keep you here.
I'm under arrest?
No, no.
Not now you've explained things to us.
But you'll be safer here.
No, no.
Your wife is here.
- Hello.
- Hello.
May I come in.
Yes, yes come in.
Please come with me.
Well, aren't you happy to see me?
Of course I'm happy to see you.
Listen darling, I need some money.
I feel like buying something
wildly extravagant.
How much?
That'll do thank you.
I tried to call you, you were out.
Of course, I was on my way here.
Where are you going now?
To spend your money.
First of all I want to buy a walkie talkie
so you can keep track of me wherever I go.
Come in.
Oh good morning Mrs. Bulon.
- Hello.
- Kurt Muller, Ursula Stein.
Excuse me.
Something to work on at last.
Work, work, that's all you do.
Lisa, look I'm sorry, but I'm very busy.
Alright, I have things to do too.
- Lisa-
- Goodbye darling.
- Kurt Muller, here's somebody
who can tell us something.
He's hiding out for the
moment at Sonnet Strasse, 23,
with his girlfriend Ursula Stein.
Where is Muller?
Where has he gone?
I don't know.
We said where is he?
Out with it.
I don't know.
- You don't know
where your own boyfriend is?
I don't see him anymore.
- Alright you
bitch, you're coming with us.
Where's Muller?
How do you know they didn't take him too?
It was the only the girl.
The woman downstairs saw her
being dragged out to a car
by three thugs.
Muller must have gotten away.
I'd just like to know how it is,
that every time I start
looking for somebody
they get there first.
Damn it Siegert, nobody knew
about this but you and me.
It was probably a coincidence.
- There have been too many
damn coincidences lately.
Listen Siegert, we've got to
find Muller before they do.
Is that clear?
Yes sir.
Hey, you want the latest news?
Yeah, but not that sort.
Sorry, no change.
What do you wanna know Inspector?
Where to find a man called Muller?
Kurt Muller.
Take the money, I don't want it.
Anything else?
- There was one thing
I wanted to tell you.
Weird, pretty strange.
Tulips mean anything to you sir?
- Could be that it was
only a stupid, little joke.
But I don't let anything go.
Last week or so, I've
heard a lot about flowers.
Tulips yeah.
I don't know, but that's
the story on the street.
Well it's not much to go on,
but try and find out some
more and let me know, okay.
You know me Inspector, see you.
Hi Olaf.
Hi Max.
Not gonna count it?
No, I trust you.
Now let's shake hands and call it quits.
I'm buying myself
a very expensive plane
ticket in the morning.
- Hey wait, they've got
one more job to be done.
Oh no, not for me.
Three jobs is plenty as
far as I'm concerned.
- One more, one less,
what's the difference?
- How often do you think a
man can get away with murder?
I've been lucky.
I wanna stay lucky.
- You don't understand Max,
there isn't much choice.
What do you mean?
You wanna go away, not tomorrow.
Go the day after tomorrow.
Take my advice.
If you wanna be around
to catch that plane,
well then do what I tell you.
Want it?
Who is it?
His name is Kurt Muller.
- Darling,
I called the office
but you were not there.
I've gone to supper at Oust De Pavion
with a school friend of mine.
Love Lisa.
Good evening sir, may I help you?
Would you like a table?
No thank you.
Very well sir.
Do you happen to have seen a young lady
wearing a white coat?
Yes, yes beautiful.
She came in, looked
around, then she went out.
Got back into her car and drove away.
Her car?
Yes sir, a beautiful red Porsche.
Why don't you look out, bastard!
Did he call?
Muller will show up, don't worry.
He can't do without his snow.
- Hello boys.
- Alright Fritz.
Hello Muller.
What'd I tell you?
That Muller's a fool.
No, you can't come here,
we're being watched.
Who by?
By everyone.
Yes, I understand.
Okay, listen to me.
Go to New Valley Strasse number three.
At one o'clock, got that?
Great, contact Max.
Yes, one o'clock.
Not before or you won't
find anything, understand.
Walk in the entrance
and on the left you'll
find some letter boxes.
Look for the one with
the name Weiner on it.
It won't be locked.
Open it.
Hello darling, you gave me a fright.
Where have you been?
Why, didn't you find my note?
Yes, I found it.
And I went to the Oust
De Pavion restaurant.
You weren't there.
- I don't know what you're
trying to insinuate,
or why I have to justify
every step I take.
But all the same, I'm going to tell you
exactly why you didn't find
me at the Oust De Pavion.
I arrived ahead of
time, Maria hadn't come.
So I went to pick her up at her hotel,
and then we changed our minds
and had dinner sent up to her room.
Are you satisfied now Mr. Policeman?
And who did the Porsche belong to?
Who did the Porsche belong to?
Oh god, you're unbearable.
Can't you ever stop grilling people?
You haven't answered my question.
Who did the Porsche belong to?
I want the truth.
To lreni Von Klaus, how about that?
You know where lreni
Von Klaus is don't you?
She's the President of the
lnternode German Association
and she committed the
crime of giving me a life.
What's the matter?
Don't you believe me?
I wish I could.
You wish you could.
Listen to me, you may spend
your days bullying people,
beating them up, making little girls cry
but you can't do it at
home, you understand?
I'm not a criminal and I
refuse to be treated like one.
I've had enough.
So what are you gonna do?
Leave me?
What do you expect me to do?
Keep paying all my life for one mistake?
What mistake was that?
Making friends with Reinhardt?
I knew you'd drag that up again.
That was a big crime wasn't it?
- It was big mistake, and
it nearly sent you to jail.
I am in jail.
I can't go out,
you don't want me to see
anybody or do anything.
All you want me to do
is sit home and wait.
Well I'm too young to be
buried alive, and you know it.
You just can't believe
I'm faithful can you?
Well I'm going to teach
you a lesson Mr. Bulon.
Now I'm really going
to get myself a lover.
Don't you touch me.
- Tulips
mean anything to you sir?
Hello sir.
Who is it?
Siegert here.
They killed Muller.
Hello sir?
Do you hear me?
Yes I heard.
They've killed Muller.
- Max.
- Hi Greta.
Clever boy.
Today's Tuesday.
You don't say?
What does it mean?
It means, it means that I'm free.
I'm not singing tonight.
Thank god.
Max, don't be nasty.
You know what I mean.
That I can stay with you.
Who says I want to stay with you?
Don't you?
- Well, after all it's
not such a bad idea.
It's too crowded here.
Come on, let's have scotches.
- Alright.
- Good evening.
- Two scotches.
Right away.
Two scotches.
- Thank you.
That watch right?
Yes sir, always right to the second.
Then mine's fast.
6 marks sir.
What's happened?
Lose something?
Looks like this is up your street again.
Same technique, Herr Doctor.
- Wounds look exactly
like Zol's, identical.
And he had this, sir, in his hand.
What is it?
What do you think?
Bicarbonate of soda.
- Send this down to the
lab and get it checked.
Yes sir.
See you tomorrow Bulon.
- Little bicarbonate of
soda in a letterbox eh?
Well it's quite a neat little trick.
They took the girls so he
had to fetch it himself.
The idiot.
He must have phoned someone.
Maybe Fritz?
Don't you think it's time
we did something about Fritz, Inspector?
Herr Siegert, I want you to find out
if somebody called lreni
Von Klaus has a red Porsche?
Ireni Von Klaus?
Yes lreni Von Klaus.
I want to know if she has a red Porsche!
Who is it?
It's me Max.
Let me in.
What the devil?
At this hour, are you crazy?
I've lost, my lucky dollar.
You don't say.
Is that the end of world?
Yes, for me it is.
Well, I haven't got it.
I had it this evening, I know I did.
I was sitting here.
- Maybe you lost it
somewhere else, so what?
So I'm superstitious okay.
So what?
- That dollar brought
me luck, now it's gone.
I'm scared.
This last job was one too
many, I told you so, I knew it.
Nobody's luck holds out forever
and mine's gone now, I feel it.
If I don't find that lucky dollar tonight,
I'm getting out.
I'm getting out so fast you won't see me.
Are you finished?
Now listen boy, you're in it.
Will you cram it into your
head once and for all.
Schouermann couldn't care
less about your lucky dollar.
- To hell with Schouermann
and with you too.
Morning Inspector.
Good morning sir.
- Siegert, did you find
out about the Porsche?
- The Porsche?
- Yes the Porsche.
Oh yes, I'm sorry.
With all this business, I'll
go and check it right away.
- Heinz.
- Yes sir.
Send someone up from the lab will you?
Right away.
Come in.
Morning sir, I brought some coffee.
Do tulips mean anything to you?
- Tulips?
- Yes.
Yellow tulips, do they
mean anything to you?
I don't know sir, I really couldn't say.
You onto something?
Oh who knows.
How are you?
I'm fine.
Come in.
Sir ?
Check this for prints
and have it brought back
to me personally will you?
Yes sir.
- I want to see all the film
shot in the waiting room
over the past year.
All of them?
All of them.
He's gonna be here for hours.
What date's this?
- Around approximately,
March, just a year ago.
This is April coming up now.
Get me the files on those two.
Have you finished sir?
Yes thanks. for the moment.
Good morning Bulon.
Good morning sir.
You look worried,
as a matter of fact I
was coming to see you.
So we've had another killing huh?
Someone I was looking for, as usual.
- I never even knew Muller
existed until yesterday.
Then I started looking for him
and in a matter of hours he got stabbed.
Did you let the girl go?
No, she's still here.
That's what worries me.
How many people knew about this?
Very few.
Let's go into your office.
- Excuse me, I brought
those files you asked for.
Oh thank you.
Who are they?
Eric Schurre, he's just a lead.
It's his friend I'm after, Max Lindt.
Mind you, it's only a hunch no more.
This time, I'm gonna handle it myself.
Max Lindt, the one from Marseilles.
No police record.
No, he was caught in a round up
a few months ago by mistake,
or so he had us believe.
But I remember him because
of a funny trick he had
of playing with something in his hand
all the time, like this.
He was very nervous too.
- You haven't told me
why you're after him?
Well I told you sir, it's only a hunch.
For the moment I'd rather
not tell you any more.
Not even to me?
Not even to you sir.
If you don't mind.
- Alright, but don't keep
it to yourself too long.
Two or three days, no more.
That's a deal.
Is Max Lindt there please?
Max Lindt you say?
No, I haven't seen him for,
at least since last April.
I see, thank you.
Eric Schurre.
Care of Super Fun Fair.
You really can shoot can't you?
How much?
One mark.
Keep the change.
Do you know Eric Schurre?
No, Why?
Where is he?
What do you want?
- You've got quite a guilty
conscience haven't you?
I'm looking for Max Lindt.
Never heard of him.
- Don't start that or I'll
slap you straight into jail.
What for?
- Corrupting a juvenile,
that'll do for a start.
But I don't know anything.
You know Max Lindt,
and you know where he lives
and you better tell me or
I'll make you wish you had.
Don't touch me,
don't touch me or I'll
tell it to the newspapers.
Tell anyone you like.
Hello, Hotel Monopol.
And don't you call anybody understand?
- Good morning,
looking for something?
Yes, Max Lindt.
Max Lindt?
He's not here.
That way sir.
First floor, room five.
And don't tell him I'm coming.
Oh no sir.
Get dressed and come with me.
It's yours.
You left it under Muller's dead body.
Now give it back.
Now pick it up and give it to me,
and don't try that again.
A silver dollar with a bullet in it.
What happened?
It save your life?
Brought me luck a few times.
Well this time, it'll send you to jail.
For about 200 years.
What for?
Muller, Kaufman, Reinhardt, Zol.
Four very efficient murders.
- I thought you were Bulon,
the Narcotics Squad man.
What's murder got to do with you?
Depends on the murder and the murderer.
Take this for a start, hashish.
And the man who pays the murderer,
in this case Schouermann,
let's go.
- You know Bulon, I am not
one who likes to be caught.
- I love you
and I can't live without you.
I can't.
Who did the Porsche belong to?
lreni Von Klaus.
I want the truth.
I don't know.
- You've
never heard of Schouermann?
Never I swear.
- You
expect me to believe that?
I'm telling the truth.
- Why
didn't you answer the phone?
I suppose I was asleep.
Asleep, with the phone
ringing in your ear?
Don't you believe me?
I wish I could.
You wish you could.
Well listen to me, I'm not a criminal
and I refused to be treated like one.
I'm too young to be buried
alive and you know it.
Now I'm really going
to get myself a lover.
Where have you been?
The Oust De Pavion.
You weren't there.
We changed our minds.
Who were you with?
- A school
friend of mine, Maria.
Don't you believe me?
No, you're lying.
Who did the Porsche belong to?
lreni Von Klaus.
It's a lie, it's a lie.
A lie!
Hey, what's wrong?
What's the idea?
I want you to, uh, do something for me.
You've done this before.
Morning Inspector.
Good morning.
Bulon just arrived, bad mood.
Come in.
I've been trying to find you
about that information you asked me for.
Ireni Von Klaus does have a red Porsche.
You're sure?
Yes, I checked it myself.
Ireni Von Klaus lives
at Four Harren Strasse,
the Porsche was parked right outside.
I've got a call on the line for you sir.
Who is it?
He wouldn't say.
Alright, I'll take it.
Here sir.
I found out something.
But you might not like it much.
Well, what is it?
Well, you know the tulips huh?
Come on outwith it.
Come here and I'll you more.
Look, I've got something to attend to
but I'll see you later.
Yes, what's the matter?
I'm just pleased to see you that's all.
I love you, do you realize that?
Then why do you make my life hell?
Checking on me, spying on
me, cross questioning me.
All of the time.
Then why do you tell me lies?
I don't, you imagine it.
- I'm sorry about the
Porsche, really sorry.
I don't know why I was
so sure it was a lie.
You mean you checked?
I'm sorry.
I had to, I had to know.
Well now you know don't you.
I'm not such a liar after all.
Max Lindt?
Oh you Inspector.
But Mr. Lindt's already gone away.
Gone, are you sure?
- I couldn't say, he
didn't leave any address.
- Thank you.
- Not at all.
Hello Lisa.
Franz what is it?
- Now listen, do you
remember what I told you?
You won't go out will you?
Well all right, I promise.
And don't open the door to anyone.
All right I won't.
All right.
Good bye.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
I'd like to talk to you about insurance.
Oh really?
Yes, I'm an insurance man.
Don't I look like one?
No, or maybe yes, who knows?
Come in, we'll talk it over.
To tell you the truth
I always thought that
insurance men were rather dull,
and bald, and wore glasses.
Please sit down.
- Thank you.
Now, tell me all about it?
- As a potential customer I
find your behavior very rash.
You open your front door
to a complete stranger
and invite him in.
Even turn your back on him.
Did it never enter your mind
that I might be a thief?
Or maybe even a murderer.
- Good day Inspector,
can I help you sir?
- Yeah, where are
the boys from this stall?
Where are they?
Gone where?
They just cleared out.
Let's talk about something more serious.
Tell me who you really are.
I'm not an insurance man?
Oh no.
Well, then I guess I'm just a character
who saw you in the street
and who thought how nice
it would be to insure you.
You've got quite a nerve haven't you?
But we understand each other, don't we?
Would you like a drink?
Why not.
Franz again?
You all right darling?
Yes of course I'm all right, why?
No one's there?
No, nobody's come, nobody at all.
You understood?
All right, I understood you.
Yes, goodbye.
All right, let's talk about insurance.
You're looking for the Rabbit?
I guess you haven't heard the news.
He got run over by a car.
Run over?
But I talked to him only
a couple of hours again?
Is he in hospital?
No, he's dead.
Good morning.
What are you doing here?
Need you ask?
I want to talk you.
Is that your car?
Well get in and drive on
ahead, to the factory.
- Congratulations
on your wife, some woman.
You've seen her?
I met her, yesterday.
I don't waste time, you know.
What do you mean you met her?
She didn't go out yesterday.
I went to see her.
She let you in?
I'll say.
What does that mean?
Come on Inspector,
you surely know what
kind of wife you've got
if you want her dead.
Explain yourself.
Very well.
So here we have a young
lady all alone in the house
and maybe just a wee bit bored.
Who opens her front door
and finds herself faced
with a handsome, charming,
fairly amusing young fellow,
who's got quite a way with women.
What would you say she does?
Slam the door in his face?
Some women would do just that, I dare say.
But not your wife, believe me.
She invites me, gives me a drink.
Makes me sit down on a nice, soft couch
and when her husband calls
she says there's no one there.
Is that what she did?
Do you have to ask?
It was you who phoned, wasn't it?
You heard what she said.
And then?
Inspector, I'm a gentleman.
You wouldn't want me to tell you anymore.
I told you what to do, now do it.
Hello, can I give you a lift?
- No thank you, I never
take lifts from strange men.
- Good girl, I see you're being
more careful than yesterday.
Oh by the way, I've lost
my cigarette lighter,
maybe I left it at your place?
No, I don't think so.
We didn't smoke remember.
Where else could I have left it then?
Maybe underneath my couch?
Trying to be smart hmm?
- It's no good beating about
the bush with you is it?
That goes for me too.
Get in, we'll go for a little ride.
Where are you going to take me?
It's a surprise.
Doesn't it give you a thrill to be high?
High up like this,
looking down on the world.
For an insurance man, you're
not behaving too well.
- And how do you think
you're behaving madam?
Do you intend to keep it up?
Then I warn you,
my behaviors getting worse
and worse from now on.
- Do you mean to tell
me you have no morals?
None whatever, I'm a rat.
And I'm a cat.
What's your name?
I never asked.
Hans Schmidt.
Sounds like a false name.
It is.
- I can't call you Hans
anyway, it's rhymes with Franz.
Call me Max, that better?
Yes Max.
It's late, I must go.
I've got a husband, remember.
Who cares?
No really, I must go.
Don't go.
No really I must.
What are you doing?
Now don't be silly, let me get dressed.
Please, really I've got to go.
I like those red tulips too.
- Well you take your time,
all the time you want.
- All right, just give me two
dozen of the yellow tulips.
All right.
Yes Harry, I know.
- Tulips
mean anything to you sir?
How's Mrs. Bulon?
Thanks, fine.
That's nice.
From now on, keep away
from her, understand.
Because it won't be healthy
to keep on making love
to Mrs. Bulon, get me?
You know what?
It's none of your damn business.
Well now.
He still doesn't understand yet?
Now do you get the message?
Keep away from Mrs. Bulon.
Come on.
Now be a good boy huh?
You want to see me sir?
Oh Bulon, you lock yourself in now huh?
- Yes, well, when I
want a chance to think.
To think?
- Yes, I have to write
a long report tonight.
About the Schouermann case?
Well, what is it?
I need to think about it first.
I'll let you know in the morning.
Very well, tomorrow morning.
Bulon, without fail, hmm?
It's Max.
Tomorrow then, we'll
make it tomorrow okay?
Didn't you hear?
Hey, it's me.
Yes I heard.
But afterwards I want to see you,
you forgot to give me
back the lucky dollar.
Let's say 11 at the same place.
- You really want to marry
me, in spite of everything?
- I love
you and I believe you.
Those people have got
nothing to do with you.
What happened?
Who hit you?
Some ugly customers with no manners.
Selling insurance again?
- They tried
to sell some yarn to me.
Hell, it nearly did work
as a matter of fact.
They very nearly had me sold.
Oh I'm sorry sir.
Have you been here all night?
I uh, I had a lot to do.
Listen Siegert, I've got an
appointment this morning.
It's a personal matter.
If I'm not back by midday
I want you to give that
envelope to Ostermeyer,
with my regards.
But I don't understand sir.
You will.
See you later.
- Max, why do you like
to make love on the floor?
Don't you?
Give me some of that cigarette.
This is special.
I know.
You're crazy to bring me here again.
You're crazy to have come.
I like danger.
I must go now.
Max, don't go.
I must.
Today it's me that's got to hurry away.
I have to see someone.
It won't take me long though.
Wait for me?
Max, now don't be long.
Half an hour, not more.
I'll be right back.
Oh Max.
- Put up your
hands and don't move.
I always drop the knife by the body,
you ought to know that by now.
What knife?
And what body?
We had an agreement, didn't we?
Which you didn't keep.
If you were going to kill her,
you'd have done it two days ago, not now.
Not even you can do it now.
What do you mean?
I mean, I know my wife.
It took her two days
to get into your blood,
just like she got into mine.
I've been watching you Max,
and I know what I'm talking about.
You're under arrest.
- You can't do that,
you know what'll happen.
Yes I know,
and I'm perfectly happy
to pay what it costs.
That's something you wouldn't understand.
Get in.
We all have to pay in the end you know.
Everybody has to pay for what they do.
Speak for yourself!
You're done for.
You're done for anyway.
- I enclose a full report of
the Harry Schouermann case.
Which I think you will
find is all you need.
But before reading it,
kindly do the following.
Here I am.
Follow me.
Stop, you're surrounded.
Harry, Harry!
Lisa, what are you doing here?
I had to see you.
But Harry, I don't understand.
Stop acting my dear,
I know you too well.
And don't pretend you love me.
I don't know what you mean?
" No?
Max Lindt is a professional killer,
and what's more he
happened to work for me.
I'll tell you something
else you didn't know.
It was Bulon who sent Max to see you.
- Your husband was an
outstanding man Mrs. Bulon,
to the end.
Someone let a tear fall down
What makes the angels cry
It must be you Lisa
Lisa in the night
What makes you so untrue
He waits for you
Love became a promise
you never got to keep
Our love was nice, you turned to ice
And you don't even weep
If Lisa had a heart
she never let is show
And now we know Lisa
Oh Lisa, now we know
It must be you Lisa
Oh Lisa
Now we know
He waits for you Lisa
Oh Lisa
Now we know