A Body to Kill For (2023) Movie Script

(uplifting music)
Oh, whoa, oh, whoa
Oh, whoa, oh, whoa
Oh, whoa, oh, whoa
Oh, whoa
You deserve better than me
So I'm leaving
Just to set you free
Bye, bye
I am long gone far away from you
Far away from you
Just so I won't be
Toxic to you
Forget all the things
I done for you
You only
Focus on all the things I do wrong
But I'm not perfect
- [Lawyer] Ms. White,
Do you see the man who beat you, tied you up, raped you,
and sent you running naked down the street for your life
in this courtroom today?
And if so, would you please point him out?
(Miss White sobbing)
- Do you need a minute?
- [Lawyer] I know this is very difficult,
so I'll ask you again.
Do you see the man who beat you,
tied you up, viciously raped you
and when you broke free,
sent you running naked for your life
in this courtroom today?
And would you please point him out?
- You mother fucking bitch.
(all yelling)
- Order, order. (gavel banging)
Order in this courtroom. Miss Morgan control your client.
Another outburst from the defendant or the gallery,
I will clear this courtroom, is that understood?
Thank you.
- Let the record reflect that
the witness has identified Larry Lewis.
(peaceful music)
Only niggas I tried to impress already dead and gone
The man that put fear in my heart, nigga, was never born
Forever torn from the good and evil
Good intentions with the package in the Buick Regal
Here go the plan, feed the fam
Fuck what it do to people
It never stop
'Cause once it's finished then we do the sequel
I'll let you hit the L and be the realest shit you smoke
Whoever recite these bars be the realest shit you spoke
I been chilling playing Lou
The men talking plenty, spit and so and so and so
My men already know
Maybe I'm a sicko, maybe I'm a schizo
So I'm leaving with a chick though
And yours on my dick too
Three by the parent I could cover any order
21 and over, I can fuck on any daughter
I kill him with the shoulder
Kill him with the shoulder
I kill him with the green
My youngin kill him with the shoulder
10 bands 10 hours sitting on the sofa.
- Boss. Who's car is this?
- Who you think car it is? - Who's it?
- China. - China?
- Yeah. - Oh my goodness.
You got her a car? Oh my goodness.
She is gonna be so happy. - She gonna like that.
Oh my goodness, and her birthday is coming up soon.
Oh this is beautiful. - Yeah.
- Well you know what this mean, right?
I need a new one too.
- I knew you was gonna say some shit like that.
I knew you gonna say- - Oh my goodness.
She is gonna be so excited.
- Hey girl. Oh my goodness.
You will not believe this
boss just bought China a Porsche for her birthday,
and it is so nice girl, it is white, it got black interior.
Girl, she is going to love this car.
Yes girl, you know I love my husband.
He always making stuff happen for our kids, okay.
All right, I'll talk to you later then.
Okay. All right.
(peaceful music) (singer humming)
(music intensifies)
- Leave them chicks alone, man.
You on a different level right now.
I'm trying to ask these tramp ass chicks-
- They is not tramp ass chicks.
- Listen, listen to what I'm saying.
Don't bring them around us.
You got too much- - Mom, hey.
- Hey daughter. - Hey baby, how are you?
- Nothing going on. - Good.
How was your day?
- It was good. - Good.
- What's up, what's up?
- Y'all look good right here, what's going on?
- Just talking.
- Whose car is that outside?
'cause my mom just got a car and my brother did too.
So what's going up here?
Go ahead. - It ain't, it ain't my car.
- So who's is it? - It's your car baby girl.
- You lying. My birthday not till a couple months.
- Listen here, you getting ready to turn 18.
Oh you too much.
You gotta learn it already. It's time.
I had a little extra money so come on. It's you, all you.
- Oh my God. - Look at that smile.
- Yay. - Okay.
- It's all mine, I got what I wanted. Yeah!
- Alright now come on, take us for a ride-
- All right. - We out.
- I thought you were messing with me.
(phone ringing)
- You know what time it is, yeah.
- This is my ride. - Get right up in here.
- Oh thank you.
- This is so nice. My dad got me a Porsche.
They not messing with me.
- You like this baby girl? - Yes Dad.
This is the best gift ever.
- Let's see where your driving skills at, daughter.
- You know I got whip game. Y'all know who my dad is.
Take me when I come through.
- Yeah, they ain't ready. - They ain't ready dad.
- They ain't gonna get you again.
- [Dad] Out in this car, all right?
Get me a Porsche. (all laughing)
(peaceful music) (singer humming)
(music intensifies)
(intense electronic music continues)
- That's fine, look at this.
- Hey Philly bitch, yeah.
- Yo, goddamn.
Man, how you doing, beautiful.
What's your name? - My name China.
What's your name? - Sheik.
Nice to meet you. Miss China.
- Nice to meet you too. - How old are you?
- I'm 19. How old are you?
- 22, but you know just being safe.
Never can be sure these days. - I feel you.
- You from around here?
- You from around here?
- Of course. - Yeah.
- Definitely gonna recognize this pretty face.
- Well you will now.
- We'll see what you getting into tonight?
- Going out with my girlfriend.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah.
- Oh, I'm not gonna take up too much of your time yet.
How about you put your number in my phone.
You talk about me seeing you again.
- Okay.
What's up with you friend?
- It's best friend. - Period.
- Best friend. - You better call me.
- Now I definitely will. - All right.
- Y'all ladies have a good night, all right?
- You too. - You too.
- See you later.
- Girl he was fine,
but why you just lie about your age though?
- 'Cause I'm not about to tell him I'm 17.
He's not gonna talk to me, he was gonna jump in that car.
You see that? - He sure was.
Well you better tell him you a virgin,
'cause the way he was looking at you.
He gonna want some of all of that.
- Girl I got this. - I know you do.
- Girl I got this. - I agree.
(peaceful music)
Can you tell me now what is the issue
Tell me, tell me
You don't see the way I'm rocking with you
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I want you to bring the thing around
I want you to bring the thing around
I want you to bring the thing around
'Cause I want you to put it down on me
Can you tell me now what is the issue
Tell me, tell me
You don't see the way I'm rocking with you
Tell me, tell me
We ain't gonna catch this vibe
I'm just your type
See the way I look in your eyes I'm what you like
'Cause I ain't got no plans tonight
Oh no
If you're ready enough got a real bitch down to ride
Oh yeah, yeah
You'll know that I got that work
Boy you out, you can catch this flirt
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
So why we ain't making no moves
Can you tell me now what is the issue
Tell me, tell me
You don't see the way I'm rocking with you
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I want you to bring the thing around
I want you to bring the thing around
I want you to bring the thing around
'Cause I want you to put it down on me
- We got talk.
I know you ain't been happy. I ain't been happy.
I come home every day we arguing.
You know what I'm saying?
To be honest with you, I don't even wanna come home.
I'm out on the streets but I don't even wanna come home.
I think it's time.
- Time for what?
- Come here, gimme your hand.
Let me tell you something.
I've been loving you for a lot of years.
I fell in love with you the first time I met you.
That don't change. I still love you.
I'm gonna always be here for you.
You going to always have whatever you need.
But this can't continue.
I love putting a smile on your face.
I love seeing you happy.
But if I can't make you happy, I'm miserable.
- Well who said you're not making me happy?
- I see you, I see you, I look at you.
I look at how you look at me and you used to look at me like
you didn't want me to leave the room.
Now I don't think you give a fuck if I'm in the house.
- And I gave I gave you all of me.
We've been married for 20 years.
- What are we supposed to tell our daughter?
We gonna tell her the truth
and we going tell her that I'm still her father.
I still got her.
Don't nothing change.
You still gonna' live the life you've been living.
Don't nothing change.
- Why boss? Why?
(footsteps fading)
(electronic music)
- It's fucking going down. - Oh.
- You see this shit right here?
- Do I see this right here?
This smell like a good move baby.
This smell like a real fucking good move.
- Sheik, see what I got.
- Oh my god.
- See what I got.
- This is fucking crazy bro.
Like how- - We done, man.
- This was a nice little surprise.
A real silly uncut for that ass.
- It's that A1 right here.
A1 going flood the streets with free set.
If my kids hungry snatch the dishes out your kitchen man.
- Man, I don't know man.
- Shit was easy man, we gotta keep robbing these niggas,
you hear me?
- You know that shit ain't gonna do nothing but get easier
and easier every fucking time.
- These niggas are sweet man.
I'm trying to tell you.
We gotta hit them West Philly niggas, man.
You feel me. - All day.
For sure.
- Go ahead. Count this shit up man.
Not right now, nigga, I'm about to go get high.
I've been dreaming about this high.
(somber music)
- Why are you not answer the phone?
- No, because I just need it to charge before I go.
- So why you ain't going? - I was busy making this.
- Ooh. Period. - Colors?
- Coco kiss, let's see how it's going on.
- What is it giving?
- Oh it's giving flashlight, glossy.
Yeah, babe.
- So what took you so long to get here.
- Girl, I can't text if I could.
Yeah, I'm here.
I got something to tell you.
- What you got? Tell me.
- I think I'm ready. - What?
- I think I'm ready.
- You think you're ready? What you ready for?
- Sheik. - You ready to fuck?
- Milkshake. (laughs) - You so nasty though.
- Mm.
- Listen I feel you but only say it if you really ready.
He like way older than you 'cause you lied about your age.
- I know, but I like him.
I'm gonna take it a little slow, but I want him.
- I feel like do what you feel, you know, just be careful.
- Yeah, always.
You already know like but I'm getting that.
- Look, my mom made something to eat,
and we can talk about dick later, let's go.
- Okay perfect.
I like that because I just was getting to that.
(upbeat electronic music)
Break you all
I'm gonna break you off
Can't be lazy baby
Show me how you bust it for a boss
Like the way you tall but can you take it at all
Make me want to take this protection off
Hit that pussy raw
Now we making love
But that come with a cost
You going end up in your feelings
Overlooking all my flaws
Hands free, top me with the honey you're the halls
Imma practice my graffiti
Tag my name all on your walls
Now look at you walk on up addicted to the sauce
Got you popping up with all shit
That you done copped me from the mall
You know how to play a part
She said I stole her heart
We finished when the sun was up
We started in the dark
I got everything
- Go ahead and have a seat, get a little comfortable.
I'll be right back. - Okay.
I thought you said you quit.
- No this ain't for me.
You said you was a little stressed out, right?
- Yeah, but I don't smoke.
- This will help with that.
- Nah.
- This should help you relax a little bit.
You'll be all right.
Take your time man.
Slowly inhale. Just hold it for a second and let it out.
I said take your time.
You said she was a little stressed out.
What was the problem?
- My mom and my dad is breaking up.
They're stressing me out.
- You know everybody go through a little shit sometimes.
They'll be all right though,
they've together for a while, right?
- Mhm, so stressful, but you look good.
- Oh yeah, I wonder if you taste good.
Why don't you come here for a second?
- Wait.
(China moaning) (electronic music)
Break you all
I'm gonna break you off
Can't be lazy baby
Show me how you bust it for a boss
Like the way you tall but can you take it at all
Make me want to take this protection off
Hit that pussy raw
Now we making love
But that come with a cost
You going end up in your feelings
Overlooking all my flaws
Hands free, top me with the honey you're the halls
Imma practice my graffiti (China moaning)
Tag my name all on your walls
Now look at you walk on up addicted to the sauce
Got you popping up with all shit
That you done copped me from the mall
You know how to play a part
She said I stole her heart
We finished when the sun was up
We started in the dark
I got everything
(peaceful music)
- Whoa, whoa cowboy.
Hey man, hey man.
Listen, y'all know who the fuck I am.
You know who the fuck I am. - This nigga.
- Alright. Alright. - Turn the fuck around.
Turn around step over here.
- Can't wipe the fuck off brother.
- If I show you my face- - I'm telling you homie.
You don't wanna do this shit.
- Count to a hundred. - Don't wanna do this.
- You went to school, right? - Nigga.
- Count to 100, start counting.
Start counting. - Nigga, you got to do better.
- Start counting. - Come on nigga, let's go.
- [Boss] Yeah, okay.
See you niggas, see you motherfuckers, these motherfuckers.
Only niggas I tried to impress already dead and gone
The man that put fear in my heart, nigga, was never born
Forever torn from the good and evil
Good intentions with the package in the Buick Regal
Here go the plan, feed the fam
Fuck what it do to people
It never stop
'Cause once it's finished then we do the sequel
- Hi honey, how was your day? - It was good, how was yours?
- It was good, I've been reading this book, it's so good.
It is so good. What you do today?
- Just came from a job.
I'm tired. I gotta study.
- Oh what you gotta study?
- Math. - Math.
Need any help with math or you got it? Think you got it.
Okay. Alright.
- I'm tired. - I know.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
We gonna need to talk. - Talk about what?
- Some shit that went down today,
that wasn't never supposed to happen,
a nigga just put a fucking gun in my face,
took a hundred thousand and two bricks from me.
- What?
- Don't nobody know how the fuck I move, but this nigga did.
These two niggas jumped outta nowhere.
You know what I'm saying?
So listen, I don't know what's fucking going on
but one of y'all is talking,
only you two know what I do, only you two know what-
- Dad I would never tell nobody about you to hurt you
or rob you, are you crazy?
- No I'm not fucking crazy. - You got be.
- This shit just happened, listen, sit your ass down
when I'm talking to you.
Lemme tell you one thing.
If I find out you two motherfuckers
been involved in this shit,
y'all will be treated like y'all
the motherfucking worst enemy I ever had.
- First of all, first of all Boss.
shut the fuck up, first of all.
- Listen. - No you listen.
No you listen.
Just because we didn't work out
doesn't mean I would get somebody to hurt you.
(all yelling)
- Imma find out who the fuck did this.
- We would never do that.
(all yelling)
- Wish they had never been born, just make sure you-
- Boss get out, get out my fucking house.
Get out, get out. - Fuck outta here.
- I can't believe you.
- He won't keep talking to me like that.
- I can't believe him. I've never seen him that mad.
He's gonna really hurt somebody.
- Yeah he is but he is mad more so than anything.
You know your dad is not the type to look vulnerable
and soft out here in these streets.
And you know what his motto is?
Soft niggas always end up dead for slipping.
And I know your dad and I know who I married
and trust me he is not going to let this slide.
- But I can't believe he think... This is crazy.
(door creaking)
- Hi. - Hey you.
- How you doing?
Let me see you girl.
- Oh, okay. - Damn.
- You could've stopped me by the bed.
- That don't sound like a bad idea anyway.
- You gonna learn.
I guess you're right, I'm gonna put some more clothes on,
I'll be right back.
(peaceful music)
- Shit.
- You ready, babe? - I don't feel so good.
My stomach and my head, just started hurting.
I'm gonna go get some rest, and imma call you later, okay?
- Sure, you okay? - Yes.
- Okay, cool. - Yeah.
- All right, give me a call when you get home, all right?
- Okay.
(door creaking)
- The fuck did I just miss?
Man, what the fuck just happened here?
Yo, get the fuck outta here.
How this is some shit right here.
Yo boy meet me at the gym real quick.
(dramatic music)
- Man, how the fuck you forget the bag, bro?
- You saying that shit to me like I did it on purpose.
Like you think I would've did that shit twice, nigga?
When like what the fuck.
- You think she told her Dad?
- No, you think boss will still letting me sit here
talking to you right now if he knew something.
- Nigga, do you know who that is?
That's China, bro, that's boss's daughter.
She ain't no chicken head
and she got her head on her shoulder straight man.
So she don't like no slick shit man.
You think she gonna choose you over her dad, my nigga.
- Yo it's not even she,
it's not even choosing me over her dad, yo.
Like you understand you ever had
a chick in love with you, nigga,
like she in love like that's it.
- I had chicks in love with me
and I've had chick break up with me too bro,
that shit happens man, all I'm saying, listen bro,
all I'm saying is she gonna have to take a dirt nap.
- And here you go, she, she a little girl you wanna off her?
Like she in her feelings. That's it.
I promise you it's nothing for you to worry about bro.
Like that's it.
- Yo, man, yo man, you shoulda let me kill the father
when I had the drop on him
and now she running around,
she could potentially fuck up everything we got going on.
She knows what we do. - I'm like goddamn.
What the fuck do you want me to say, yo.
- I trust my gut bro.
That's what God has had this far, my nigga,
and you shoulda let me use it when I had it.
I'm outta here man. I hope you right.
I love you bro.
- What's going on with you China?
You been acting real weird lately?
- Girl, I got something to tell you,
and you better tell nobody girl, nobody.
- Girl, what's up? What?
- I think Sheik and his fucking friend rob my dad.
- What? Are you serious, like...
- Well I seen his fucking bag and I know I'm not crazy
and I'm just feeling like, am I crazy?
Did this nigga rob my daddy?
Get close to me to rob my fucking dad.
I was really that stupid.
- What the fuck is you going do now like.
- I don't know, but you can't tell nobody
because I don't know what I'm gonna do now.
So I need time to figure it out and then...
- It's crazy 'cause I tried to tell you
that nigga was a fraud.
Something just wasn't right with him, like.
- Child that's not even it.
- What? What else did this fucking bastard do to you?
- My period didn't come on girl.
- Let see what, one thing about me,
we gonna find out right now.
- Hey yo, my best friend.
- This ain't nothing to play with. Let's go girl.
- What, girl, my friend for life.
- Right through here. - Oh my God.
I'm not I better not be. (door creaking)
(soft knocking) - Hurry up.
(toilet flushing)
- [China] Girl, hold on.
It gotta marinate.
- Girl, let me see.
- Girl. - China. Oh my God.
It say positive.
What the fuck? - I'm so stressed.
- Why you didn't make this nigga wear a condom?
- I've been cursed, I don't know what the fuck I'll do.
- You know what, don't worry about it.
We gonna figure this shit out,
we gonna handle it together.
- Pregnant. - I know.
- What the fuck am I gonna do?
- You knew what you was doing. You did it.
But we gonna handle it, we going to handle it.
- Okay.
I love you. I'm going home.
- I love you too. - Okay.
Be careful. I'll call you when I get home.
- All right, don't worry about it.
- All right.
- Hello Boss? Yeah, I need you to meet me right now.
I'm at seventh and July at the Laundromat.
(car beeping)
(electronic music)
(electronic music continues)
- Keda, what's up? What was the emergency?
- Hey boss, I think I know who robbed you.
- What the fuck? Who.
- Some nigga named Sheik. - You motherfucker.
- I overheard him and his man, Tony,
talking about robbing a major player weeks ago.
- Did China know about this shit.
- She don't know nothing.
I pieced this shit together on my own.
- Oh you figured all this out.
The fuck, you got these niggas address?
- Yep. Here you go. - Okay.
Okay. Yo, thank you for this.
I appreciate this Keda.
I don't want you to tell anybody about this shit, nobody.
- I won't. - I got it from here.
Thanks man.
Ain't this some shit. Okay, okay.
Don't tell China nothing. Don't tell nobody.
- I won't. - Nothing.
- I won't. - All right.
Keep this shit to yourself. I got it from here.
- Okay. - Yo. Hold on.
Hold on for a second. Hold on for a second.
I appreciate you man, buy yourself something nice.
- Thank you, boss.
- See you. All right.
Remember nothing to nobody. - Okay. I won't tell nobody.
- All right.
These motherfuckers, all right.
Bring me back this bullshit.
Yo. Sammy, get the gear ready man.
I need you to put in some work.
Yeah, nigga. I'm on my way. (electronic music)
(electronic music continues)
- China White. - Yes.
- Come on in. - I'll be waiting for you.
I love you.
Hey girl.
- I know, I just feel like I killed the problem myself.
I feel so guilty. - Trust me.
I know how you feel. It wasn't easy for me either.
But you have a lot on your plate
and he's not the one for you.
- I know, but it was still my baby so I feel so guilty
and I gotta deal with this right now, like I'm in pain.
- He was only using you to get to your dad. Like fuck him.
He didn't really care about you. You will be fine.
Come on.
It's better to hurt now, and save a lifetime of hurt
fucking with his sneaky ass.
I mean Sheik-ass.
- You is a mess. (dramatic music)
(woman sucking) (people moaning)
- Suck it. - Oh, yeah.
- Where you find this one at, bro?
- This good fucking pussy? - Works for me bro.
- Yeah, everything. - Fucking shit.
(all moaning softly)
- Yeah. - You really fucking.
- Fuck this pussy. - Goddamn.
- The fuck? - Get down, get down.
- Fuck you man. - Get out of here.
- Stay low, stay low. - Get the fuck out of here.
(all yelling)
- You know what the fuck- - Get the fuck out my face.
- You know who it is. - Fuck outta here.
(all yelling)
- I told you stop the shit, I told you stop this shit.
Shut up, I should kill you, kill you right here.
Fuckers. (gun firing)
Get the fuck out of here.
(heart beating slowly)
(crowd chattering)
- Layup. - Get it in.
- You see that bitch ass nigga, bro?
- Where you at?
- Right over there in fucking crowd bro.
- Oh yeah. (team chattering)
- Let's go Cousin!
Yes, you're the best.
Yeah let's go. - Hustle, hustle.
Let's go. (crowd cheering)
- B, I got it, B, B, I got it.
B, I got it, B, B, I got it.
(crowd chattering)
- I'm China. - Nice to meet you.
- So you from here? - Yeah, Philly all day.
- Okay, my little homie is on the team.
- My cousin plays for the team number eight, Mark.
- Oh that's my little homie, Mark.
I bought him the new shoes he got on.
- Oh you the one that bought him that stuff?
- Yeah. - Yes sir.
(crowd cheering)
All right. (crowd chattering)
(crowd cheering)
Let's go Cuz! - Go, Mark.
- Yeah, cousin. - Go, Mark.
(engine rumbling)
- Yeah babe.
Yeah, go have some fun. - Oh thanks babe.
I'm gonna pick you up in two hours.
- Okay.
(crowd chattering)
(door clanking)
(electronic music) (traffic rumbling)
- Yo bro. - Slim what up.
- What's up baby? - Ain't nothing.
Just out here getting my hook man, you know man.
- That's what's up.
- On the grind all the time. You know what it is.
What you got got for me? - Got two burners.
Here's one of them. - Okay.
- I got a brick right here. - Nice, nice.
- 24 for the brick and a rack for the two burners.
- Okay. - 28 total.
- All right. Gotcha.
And so we got you covered bro. Don't worry about it.
I got this block on lock.
We're gonna keep this shit going for a minute man.
I like what we got going on. It's a good relationship.
You know what I'm saying?
- That's what I'm talking about.
- I ain't trying to fuck that up.
- Boom, the dough.
- What up? - Boom, what up, nigga.
Good luck out here, appreciate your business.
- Yeah. - We good.
- So look man, I got you.
I'm gonna hit you up when I'm done.
- Nah, I text my line,
make sure it's on Telegram too.
- Facts. All right, I'm out baby.
- Be safe. - Always.
- Nah bro, like come on bro, I ain't know.
- Joe means four, bro.
- You on some other shit down, speaking of that bro.
- The money?
(traffic roaring)
(car alarm wailing)
- Different car every time I see you, babe.
Yes, that's good, thank you though.
- You're welcome.
I'm glad you had fun too shopping.
- Yep. - That's good.
- What's up mama?
- Nothing much, what's going on with you?
- Nothing, just chilling.
- Well it's been a long time since I seen you
but I've been meaning to ask you, you know,
have you been thinking about getting back with Rel
and starting over?
- Nah man, like I can't stand him.
Like I can't. I, I, I never wanna mess with him.
You feel me, fuck him and his bitch,
me and my new dude, like I'm cool.
As long as they run their money into me every week.
I'm good. You feel me?
Like my new situation is all it like my,
he handled his business,
he be eating and beating it and treating it right.
He dig me like I can't, for real.
Definitely for facts, I mean.
- Okay well you know- - I don't have no complaints.
I don't have no complaints
bro could keep that little gold digging chick.
She's no good.
You feel what I'm saying? He going none on his own.
- Well let's go get these top poles.
I just wanted to clear that air real quick.
- That's on him.
He going have to find out for himself.
Thanks, babe.
I can't believe you're bringing me to your house.
- You deserve it, boo. - Thanks, babe.
- You know what it is.
Come on.
Have a seat, babe.
Be right back, I'm gonna bring this paper upstairs.
- Okay. - Get comfortable.
- Okay.
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music continues)
(music fades)
- Some wine. - You set the moment for us.
- Yes.
- That's what I'm talking about.
Thank you. - You're welcome.
- You wanna toast? (glasses clinking)
- It's good.
- You ready for me? - Go ahead babe, I'm here.
- I'm ready for you right now.
I'm ready for you man. - I'm ready for you too
but I can't. - Sure you can.
- Maybe I could.
- It's all right? - All right.
- I got something better for you.
- Yeah, what you got?
- Don't talk, I'm gonna do it.
- Okay. - We're good.
(belt clinking)
- That is right. (China slurping)
- Feels good? - Yeah, it feels good.
(traffic roaring)
- He doesn't see us, you feel me?
(traffic roaring)
- Listen bro why the fuck we keep watching this nigga.
- That's the bag bro.
- Listen bro, stop cutting me off, nigga.
- That's the bag.
- Everything he got we need, nigga.
- That's the bag.
- So why the fuck we just don't go bang him,
and take everything he got yo.
- First of all,
it's fucking broad day million niggas around watching.
- I don't give no fuck about that shit.
- Yo. Let me do this. - Come on, bro.
- You have a time to do your thing man. Trust me.
- You keep, you keep calling me out
knowing how I'm coming bro.
I'm putting shit down. - We gonna eat.
What's up bro?
- What's up bro. - What's up.
- The fuck wrong with this nigga, he be wiling dog.
- He lacking, the nigga lacking now.
Don't even know we over here bro.
Trust me. This ain't the time to get him.
He gonna get got. - I ain't talking no more.
(traffic roaring)
- I'm telling you, there's a time and place for everything.
You think I like to see this nigga
on the block eating like that
he a out of towner, man.
(traffic roaring)
We gonna slide on that nigga, man. Just chill.
Just chill man. I promise you.
I promise you. We off this fucking block my nigga.
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
Yeah. Yeah.
Hey man, let me hit you back man.
I'm taking care of some cash right now. Yeah.
All right. Later. (traffic roaring)
- Yo. I'm so fucking tired of this nigga
and his fucking bitch,
like yo, this bitch is so fucking nutty.
Like she not even all that like I don't even know
why he's seeing this bitch.
Like this bitch is fucking nutty ass bitch.
Like I'm tired of him and his nut ass.
Like this shit is so fucking irking.
Like I don't even know where he's seen this bitch like man,
if it wasn't for my fucking daughter, y'all,
on everything like I will fucking get him y'all,
I will fucking yo.
- I just still worried about this nigga.
- I'm tired of this nigga,
tired of him in his nut dirty ass bitch.
They just under my skin. I'm ready to dip both of 'em.
- Smoke test? - Out of this shit.
Like fucking tired of this shit.
- Stop smoking all that fucking weed man.
That shit giving me a headache.
- You need to smoke. You need to calm down.
- No. - Hell yeah.
You do this, like I do.
- Here we go.
(traffic roaring)
Fuck that bitch, man, I fucking can't stand that bitch, man.
She done fucking got his fucking ass got.
Fucking gold digging ass fucking bitch.
Man, I can't fucking stand that fucking hoe.
- Well listen, she doing her thing.
She got the keys. She driving.
She obviously, he gotta be in love.
- I ain't trying to hear that shit man.
Fuck love. That ain't no fucking love man.
Man that shit is lust.
- Do you see what she's driving?
- Man fuck what she driving.
That bitch just got a nice body.
That's only what niggas are out here for and shit.
Man, that fucking bitch ain't got shit.
That bitch probably fucking dumb as shit, man.
Fucking stupid ass fucking bitch, man.
If those niggas ain't have my fucking money
by the end of the week, you feel me,
my daughter man.
Man we good. Other than that fuck that nut ass bitch.
That bitch ain't shit.
I'm fucking tired of this bitch.
Imma end up fucking this bitch up one of these days.
- Don't do it. - I just call.
I'm gonna fuck this bitch up one of these days.
I promise you.
I promise I'm gonna end up fucking this bitch up.
She keep fucking looking at me all fucking crazy.
Fucking nut ass bitch.
Let's get this money so we can go this fucking hair done.
Nutty ass bitch.
(traffic roaring)
(people chattering)
- What's up, y'all.
- What's up lil mama? - I'm chilling.
- Yeah. - Yeah I know.
- Ain't seen you in awhile.
- What's good? - So long.
- I know, right? What y'all been up to?
- You know, chilling, you know how I rock.
Same old, same old. - Y'all better be careful.
- Always am. - Yeah.
- Stay out the way.
- Yeah. - Definitely.
- It's wild out here. - It is.
- Stay low. - Stay low, yeah.
Y'all be careful, all right?
- What's been going on babe, what you got?
- Working. - Yeah.
- Yeah. - Yeah.
- Everyone good though? - Yeah, they good.
- That's what I like to hear. - Dad trying to keep them
out the way, you know how they is, running wild.
- Yeah, can't rob my man. - Yep.
- I'll holler at you. - I'll see you later.
- All right be careful y'all.
- Nice seeing you. - Nice seeing you too.
What's up, babe? - What's up babe.
Who the fuck were those two guys?
- Well they my brother friends. You knew them?
- Nah, I ain't never seen them before.
- Oh yeah, don't worry about them.
How was your day? - It's all right.
Been out here getting into it.
- A good day of work.
- Later on I gotta drop some paper off to my baby mama.
- Yeah, well I'm gonna change my clothes for that.
You know we don't like each other.
- Don't worry about Rain. - But she don't like me.
- Well don't worry about her.
She just mad that we together at night
more than her nutty ass.
- All right,
- You know we out of here. - Get outta here.
- Yo man. - Yeah?
- Look, see that car over there?
- Yeah.
- That's the answer right there, my nigga.
- The fuck are you talking about?
- We gonna get paid off, I got some shit right here.
It's a tracking device my nigga.
- Oh yeah? - Hell yeah.
- Word. I listen man.
Who you already know. I've been to waiting to get some bro.
- Listen man, it's our next job.
No more running and out the store. This is big, yeah.
- No more fucking with the poppies.
- No more fucking with the poppies.
- All right son, I'm in.
- Keep your eyes open for me, my nigga,
I'm gonna run over there.
Gonna slide this shit up on that car bro.
Keep your eyes open man make sure nobody come up on me.
Be right back. - Got you, bro.
(engines roaring)
(engine roaring)
(upbeat music playing indistinctly)
- Oh I know this bitch not in the car.
I know he ain't bring this bitch to my motherfucking house.
He got this bitch in the fucking car. Oh my God.
I know he don't got this bitch in the car yo.
I'm about to fucking snap.
Why you bring that bitch to my motherfucking house.
What the fuck is your problem?
Yo why is that bitch here, why did you bring her
to my fucking house? - Get back in the car.
- Dirty ass fucking bitch.
Yo, why the fuck did you bring this bitch
to my motherfucking house?
Fucking bitch, fucking bitch at my house.
(woman whining indistinctly)
- China, stop. China, stop.
- This bitch, fuck this bitch.
Fuck that bitch, fuck this bitch.
Fucking bitch, fucking bitch. - China, get in the car.
Bitch, get back in the fucking house.
- Bitch in front of my shit bitch, fucking bitch.
- Man you see that?
- Man, Ms. Lorraine got beat up.
- Right?
- Why you ain't stay in the car like I told you to?
- Man, fuck that, bitch.
You know we don't like each other.
You shouldn't have brung me up here.
She lucky you was here 'cause I would've killed that bitch.
Period. - Hey girl?
You ain't gonna believe this.
- What?
- Well I just had to beat up bro, baby mom.
- Oh my god. I wish I was there.
I would've helped you beat her the fuck up.
- You disrespecting me. You don't know me.
You don't know nothing about me.
- Yes he hitting these bitches. What bro say.
- He was mad but he was cool
'cause he know she was disrespecting me like
was disrespect me.
I feel like he wanted to do it anyway so I did it for him.
- Yes. Oh my god.
That bitch is annoying.
Speaking of Rob the other day,
you had them read abouts on girl,
he broke those,
bitch who them to get him?
- No I ain't fuck him.
I gave him a little.
- Bitch I knew you did something.
You got him spending money on you every damn day.
- Don't be jealous.
- Girl. I ain't jealous.
I do want some shoes though.
- I'm gonna get you some.
- Yeah, don't forget. - Period.
- Period. - Bless.
Alright. But I'm about to get in the shower.
I'm gonna call you back in probably like 30 minutes.
- All right and if that bitch act
like she still got a problem, you know where I'm at.
- We right there, you already know.
- All right. - All right.
- Yo. Man I can't believe this shit.
Yo. Look at my fucking eye.
I'm gonna fucking kill this nigga. Y'all can't believe this.
This shit is fucking crazy.
This fucking bitch fucked my eye up.
Oh my God. Can't believe this y'all.
I'm gonna get these motherfuckers, I swear y'all.
I swear I'm gonna get these motherfuckers y'all.
This is fucking bullshit.
Wait til I tell my baby this bullshit.
This feels like a lot of bullshit.
Y'all what the fuck, like.
- Girl, you off. - What's up, man.
Shut your shit, don't be talking that shit.
I don't like rocking with those.
- Oh shoot, what the fuck happened to you?
- Yo, man. - We just left, like...
- Man, why the fuck- - I was just here.
- Pulled up on me, y'all, they fucking pulled up on me.
- Who rolled on you? - They just fucking did.
- You ain't call me. - Bro.
- Yeah. - I'm like a dial away.
You ain't call me, bro?
- No man, he was fucking hold me.
- I can't even find my boots.
- Well how many times did she hit you?
- What the fuck you mean?
- Man, like 20 times.
- Man, what the fuck you mean,
them motherfuckers rolled on me.
What the fuck y'all mean?
The fuck y'all mean, the motherfuckers rolled on me.
They came over here.
- You want me to get you a steak?
- My fucking face y'all.
- I don't wanna look at that shit.
That shit fucked up.
- You need more than a steak.
- Fucked up, yo. I'm gonna fuck them niggas up, yo.
- You didn't call me though, 'cause I would've been here.
I would've helped you and everything.
- shut the fuck up, talking about all this shit, bitch.
- Hey come on. Its okay.
- Its some bullshit man.
- You fell for that nigga, man.
(all yelling)
- I can't find my boot.
- Man, we'll get them back.
Step away, step away. - Come here.
- Fucking crazy, yo.
They're lucky I can't find my boot.
- I'll never trust him again,
can one of y'all gimme some Tylenol?
- How many did she hit you though?
- Imma get you a perc, Tylenol ain't going work.
- I need a new fucking eye.
- Yo, what's up? Help me count this money.
- I don't feel like that.
- You always on your phone.
- Well I like this. You like it?
- No I don't like that you shopping.
You don't wanna help count this money
but you shopping right.
- I don't feel like it, I'm always helping you.
- All right don't ask me for nothing man.
- I always help you.
- Well help me right now.
Come on.
- Alright.
- Don't move, are you fucking crazy?
You fucking crazy? - Where the money at?
- Yeah you big pussy. - Reach for it again, nigga.
- Chill. - Show nigga the business.
- It's on the table, money on the tables,
money is on the table. - Give me the money nigga.
Don't think we fucking playing.
- Don't shoot us man. Don't shoot bro.
Don't shoot us. - The money, nigga.
- Don't shoot us. Don't shoot us man.
- Yo, where the fuck is the bag?
Look at this shit, nigga, look at this shit.
I'm gonna kill your bitch, look at me.
Your bitch, nigga, look at this shit.
That's what the fuck I'll do.
Get the fuck out there. - Don't shoot me.
- Kill this bitch, nigga. - Get all this shit, bro.
Get all this shit.
I want all this shit. Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up.
- China, you okay? - Shut up, pussy.
No she ain't okay, she just been robbed.
Nigga, the fuck outta here. Let's go.
Let's go. Should kill your bitch ass.
You alright China, get up, you okay?
You alright? - Are you okay?
- No, I ain't fucking okay.
They just robbed me for a million dollars, man.
- I know bro. What the fuck?
- The fuck, you was on your phone texting. You set me up me.
- The fuck do you mean did I set you up-
- Why the fuck were you on the phone
right before they took all my money?
- Are you fucking crazy.
- The fuck's on this phone.
- Fine don't fucking call me or nothing.
- Fuck you, who were you on the phone texting.
Who did you text? - Fuck.
I'm being serious.
- Fuck, man.
- The fuck is wrong with you?
Nigga you think I'm gonna-
- Who the fuck were you texting?
How the fuck they knew we was here?
- I ain't text them!
- All my fucking money.
- I ain't the fuck text them,
I told you what the fuck I was doing.
- Yeah, okay. - Yeah.
- If I find out you had something to do with this,
I'm gonna kill you. - Yeah.
And my dad gonna kill you.
- Yeah, okay.
This fucking shit man.
Can't fucking believe this shit.
Oh i got you, motherfucker.
- We just did that shit. You believe this shit, nigga?
- We just did that shit.
- Let's see what we got bro. - Yes sir.
- Let's see what the fuck we got.
(both cheering)
Yeah. Yeah.
This what I'm talking about? - Yes sir.
- Talking big shit.
I fucking told you bro, we're jacked.
Bro we should've goddamn-
- We rich.
- We should've killed that nigga
and fucked that little pretty ass bitch he got.
- You right, you right.
- You shoulda been got busy with it bro.
- I shoulda let you do that.
Fuck man we too much bread to count by hand.
I'm call my bitch my man. She got a money counter.
She gonna bring that shit down. You know what I'm saying?
Count that shit by hand. I think she up in the crib.
What time is it my nigga?
- Goddamn.
Fuck, fuck man. - What's the problem bro?
- Fucking left my watch man.
- So what man? I can buy you 20 watches.
- Nigga, at the robbery, nigga, I left at the robbery
when I tried to get the duffle bag, man.
- What?
- Bro I'm telling you bro.
- Nigga, you fucking serious? - Bro I'm dead ass.
- No, no, no listen you might have
just got us fucking killed man.
You know how Rel fucking play. - Listen bro.
Everything with be cool bro.
He was fucking with that bitch.
- He'll know that's your watch.
- Listen he was fucking with that little-
- he knows its your watch, nigga.
He bought you that fucking watch, my nigga.
He know that's your watch.
He know that's your shit.
- Alright, so look what we gotta do what we gotta do.
- Damn.
We gotta fucking kill him.
- I see no more reason.
Because guess what, are you defending him?
He gonna get us. - Yo, fuck that.
I'm taking mine. - What you talking about, man.
- Didn't you like to loose shit?
- Keep this shit in the bag, nigga.
The fuck wrong with you?
- Why the fuck did you wear a $20,000 watch
to a robbery anyway, nigga?
Fuck outta there. Goddamn.
- Yo, I fucking told y'all
she was going to fucking set that nigga up.
Yo. Y'all know that fucking Vogue.
I fucking vibe.
I told y'all his bitch was gonna have
something to do with it.
He didn't fucking listen, yo.
- Niggas never learn.
- Of course he not gonna fucking learn.
I told his fucking ass, get, yo,
that's what the fuck he get, yo
that shit is what the fuck he get.
- Yo, he lucky I ain't get his ass.
- What? (both laughing)
- Nigga, he lucky 'cause what?
- He lucky 'cause I ain't get his ass.
- Boy, what you mean?
- How the fuck that, you can't even set up a fucking job.
How the you gonna set up a nigga like Rel.
Set up a fucking job first.
- I'll come down on his ass. - I'm fucking crying.
I need a drink and something, roll up some weed.
That's what you could set up.
Set up that fucking blunt because your ass ain't setting up.
- You'll be back when he blacks your eye, fucking shit.
- You wasn't even there.
- I thought about having your back though.
- Well I guess the thought is the fucking thought.
He got me fucked up, bro.
I gotta get outta here. Lemme go get you something to drink.
- Dad. I know you heard what happened to Rel?
- Yeah. Everybody knows what happened to Rel,
girl the streets is talking.
Hey these streets don't love nobody.
Not even pretty girls like you baby girl.
- It's weird he thought I was involved though.
That's really crazy. - Hey listen, listen, listen.
Slow down on all that. Rel going to come to his senses.
He going to find out who these players were
and he gonna handle his business.
You just stay low, stay out the way and stay safe.
Everything is going to work itself out.
But that's what I need you to do.
- I got you dad, but I don't want him no more.
Like I can't trust them. It's Over.
- Baby girl I'm gonna leave that alone.
That's your decision.
You rock with it. I rock with you, all right.
But I tell you what, remember what I said stay low.
- And out the way, I got you.
- All right, that's what I'm talking about.
- Yeah dad. - That part.
- Shut up. - Y'all good, okay?
I gonna see y'all soon, all right?
- Hey bro, bro, bro, bro we not doing this shit again man.
- Be safe man. Ooh you being frisky.
You had enough. Had enough.
- Hey bro, bring your man soon man.
- He was just in a minute ago.
- All these bitches and shit, man.
What the fuck? - All this money bro.
We getting bro. - You ain't making no.
- We gotta fuck these hoes.
- Bro. - Bro.
- Shit.
- But these bitches don't care about you, nigga.
- Listen man. - Get the fuck-
- All of my shit like this, my nigga.
- Get in the car.
(gun firing)
(dramatic music)
- What's up babe? - How you doing?
- Doing better now. - I bet you are.
So tell me how'd I do?
- You ain't doing good. You did great, you did great.
- Oh thank you daddy.
Oh I did real good that. - For sure.
- This is nice thank you. I mean you know it's real easy.
Take these niggas out. They only want two things.
That's pussy and money. Get 'em killed every fucking time.
- Got that right. - Got that right.
- So, but I kind of can't remember
the last time you been in my throat.
You need to lean that seat back.
- That's what I'm talking about.
- I'm just gonna get straight to it.
Why you got all this shit on?
How am I supposed to get to it like that.
- It's all right. - I'll make it work though.
Oh yeah.
- What are you doing here?
- Damn babe, it's like that?
I just came down here to talk to you.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry for coming at you like that.
You know this lifestyle be having me crazy.
It's hard to trust anyone.
- I'm not accepting your apology. You hurt me.
- Please. - No, it's over,
and I don't want you to say shit else to me.
You can't buy me.
What's wrong with you?
- I ain't never gonna give up.
Don't care how long it takes.
(upbeat electronic music) (singer vocalizing)
I gave you a shot, you fucked it up
Get out my face
Took a chance, thought you would show me love
Get out my face
Fuck around, that's the round
Fuck around, that's the round
You barely like yourself
Like yourself, straight like that
You gonna hurt yourself, hurt yourself
Nigga I move like someone else
Someone else
Nigga I must be better than you
Better than you
That's the reason why I choose when I love you
That's the reason why I choose to fuck with you
Love, love, love
Took three shots and fucked it up
Fuck, fuck, fuck
Took three shots and fucked it up
Fuck, fuck, fuck
That's the reason why I choose when I love you
That's the reason why I choose to fuck with you
Fuck, fuck, fuck
Took three shots and fucked it up
Fuck, fuck, fuck
Took three shots and fucked it up
Fuck, fuck, fuck
I'm never gonna give you another shot
- Yo China. What's up?
Yeah, I'm available tomorrow.
Yeah, I can come through to clean your car.
You know I got you. I'll check all the fluids and stuff,
see if it's time for you to get your oil changed too.
All right. I'll see you tomorrow.
Bye. (upbeat music)
You're looking very, very fine
Show me you a rockstar
Yeah you got that shine
You're heavy on my mind
You're looking very, very fine
Show me you a rockstar
Yeah you got that shine
You're heavy on my mind
You're looking very, very fine
Show me you a rockstar
Yeah you got that shine
You're heavy on my mind
You're looking very, very fine
Show me you a rockstar
Yeah you got that shine
You're heavy on my mind
- Hey mom. - What's up girl?
- How you doing today? - Good.
You got my car looking good. - Thank you.
- Yes. - I'm trying it out tonight.
- Girl so I was tryna work on your tires
and getting that cleaned up and I found this
and it looked like some type of tracking device, I dunno.
- Oh my fucking god.
Where was this at, in the back.
- It was over there underneath your tire.
So it like somebody could just slapped it under.
- Oh my god, so somebody been following me?
- Listen. I think so. - Yes.
- Girl?
- I don't know it probably them niggas
that fucking did what they did to him.
- Y'all listen. I took it off.
I'm almost done with your car.
I do mean it though, watch your back,
watch your surroundings, I got you.
- Thank you so much. Thank you so much.
- No problem.
- I'm so happy you found this.
- I got you, girl. - Period.
- I'm gonna finish it all for you, alright?
- Alright. Thank you. - You're welcome.
- What the fuck. I'm not telling him shit, fuck that.
Hello? - What up China?
- How are you. - Chilling, chilling.
How you, what you getting into today.
- About to leave my house.
See you a couple? - Yes.
All right, well what up real quick,
I'm about to pull up on you.
- All right. I'm right here in the parking lot.
- All right bet I'm gonna see you in a second?
- Okay, okay.
(engine roaring)
- What you doing here?
I thought you thought you was gonna be busy today.
- Well I was but I made time the one to ask you
if you would go to the mass with me on Friday.
- Well I don't know too much about the religion.
- Well it's like you don't have to think too much about it.
No pressure. You not taking a job, right?
- Okay I'm gonna be a little nervous about it.
- Interesting and true.
The sisters are in a different area than the brothers.
The sister's gonna take you to the back,
and you gonna listen to what the folk saying?
What Eman is saying?
All right. And it's no pressure.
Remember, you got that? - I got it.
- Say no more.
See you on Friday.
- Okay, you too. - You too.
(person laughs)
(balls clacking)
- Show them who's boss, yeah.
- You're enjoying yourself. - That's all right.
See how that open up? Come on, man.
- I'm finna play. - Let the money talk.
- Come on China. - China been going.
(balls clacking)
- What's going on, that's going where?
- A little something.
Not standing, oh something behind you.
Taking in all that.
- What you looking there for?
- You running this game Pops?
- You know I am man. - Man.
- He better win. - I'm trying to check it out.
Baby, you having a good time.
- Yes I am.
You having a good time?
- I'm having a good time. - Yeah.
- I'm trying to be great though.
- What you trying to do?
- Oh shit. - Oh.
- What you on a knee for? (crowd chattering)
Why are you on a knee?
- My vows.
You know what time it is.
We been doing this shit forever.
- You lying. - So let's make it forever.
- Wow. - Isn't that great?
- Oh my god. (crowd chattering)
- We having a baby now. - Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Oh sorry. - It is what it is.
- Congratulations man.
Come here, come here, come here.
(crowd chattering)
- You wanna see? (crowd chattering)
I'm gonna be up all night. (yells)
Look at it. (all laughing)
Seriously though, when are we doing this?
Is that like, already planned?
Now? All right I got shit to do, I got shit to do.
I had to ask your dad for permission and everything.
- You mean he done gave me up?
- I asked your dad for permission.
- So you asked him before this.
I think I'm gonna have to take the ring off
before you say that.
- Oh you acting crazy now.
You acting crazy.
Pops let me. - Will you kissed my hand
so I already knew.
- All right, okay, thank you so much, all right?
Was that too much?
Yeah, was that too soft?
What's going on, thank you so much.
- We'll be back. - Hey.
- Good luck y'all, talk to you later.
- Y'all nasty.
(traffic roaring)
- What's up, yo.
You ain't come to my doctor's appointment today?
Like what the fuck is going on?
- Bless. You know who I am.
I'm out here getting this money.
You acting crazy. What's your problem?
- Okay, well I have something to show you.
We're having a girl in about 24 weeks.
Nigga, don't worry, your wife's not gonna find out.
I told you before that I'm not no homewrecker,
just make sure my daughter's fine,
she's taken care of and I promise you
you won't have no problems outta me.
- Is that the case? - Absolutely.
- Five grand, for you. - Five bands?
What the fuck am I supposed to do with five van.
- Electricity, gas, water, the rent.
What else do you need?
I'll give you some more next time.
- Okay so when you gonna come back over?
- I don't know Lex. I'm gonna let you know though.
- All right. I love you.
Stupid ass nigga.
(door closing)
- Right. Nah and that's the whole thing man.
Once we get done with all this work,
finally get to relax man, finally get this back.
You gonna be alright with all this money man?
It's about time man.
- This dumb fuck doesn't even realize
that his reign is coming to an end soon.
- Real soon.
- Him and his entire crew going down.
- What you on that one?
What about his wife?
You think you think she's involved?
- From the wiretap she coming up clean
but there's no way she messing with this guy
and she don't know he's selling drugs.
- Exactly.
- Then on top of that. I hear she's pregnant.
- She and a few of other chicks.
- Man. - Same game.
- He's good with that, but we gonna lock him up.
Listen, I'm ready when you ready man.
Well let's get him then.
- We got him. - All right.
- Yeah. (traffic roaring)
- All right man, we got it all, yo. Real shit.
- Niggas ain't been together in a minute.
- Real shit.
- Nigga, that's 'cause you don't ever come around no more.
- That's 'cause you niggas like to party too much.
That's what I like to get into.
- Okay, okay I hear you talking. I'm talking crazy.
You miss my wedding. - Congratulations.
- Damn, straight like that huh?
- Straight like that. - I got a kid on the way.
- Congrats.
- Damn, straight like that again, huh?
- This nigga's crazy,
He don't act like he don't even like us no more. For real.
Oh bro. That's alright though.
You'll be around man. You'll be around for sure.
- He'll be around.
- So John, what's up with you and Keda bro?
- What you mean's up with me and Keda.
- Like I be seeing y'all.
- You mean y'all be little sneaking off and shit.
- Go ask Keda.
- Heard she extra kinky.
- Where you hear that from?
- Around?
- Mm. - Oh, she around like that.
- Is she? You the one with her?
You gotta tell us. - I just heard something.
I'm gonna go run some business.
- You leaving already bro? You just got here.
- Don't matter. This nigga acting crazy.
- Something man. We going check him out.
- This crazy nigga. - He acting crazy as shit.
For real, for real.
Matter fact,
we ain't gonna finish counting this for real,
take them, go ahead, I mean, get a move on all that shit,
'cause I'm gonna go figure some shit out man.
You good though? - Yeah, I'm straight.
- Be easy man. - All right.
- What up baby? - Hello.
How are you baby? - How was dinner?
- It was good. You know I'm full.
- Good to know. Good to know how you been?
- I'm feeling fine.
I'm just trying to get through the rest of the semester
before our daughter arrives, that's there, yes sir.
Yo, is there a fucking problem or something?
Like why don't you ever wanna talk about our child?
Like I don't understand what I did to you
to deserve this fucking negative treatment.
Yo, I play my part.
I don't interfere with shit you got going on at home.
So like I don't fucking like I don't get it.
Oh yeah. And you left me for that bitch China.
Why yo, like, was it her body or something?
- Like shut the fuck up. All right.
For real.
I mean, you know I'm married now.
I mean, you know this whole situation's fucking crazy.
I tried to get you to have this abortion three times,
three different times and you really just going to act
like this shit don't even matter, my life don't even matter.
- Whatever, that girl- - I'm not leaving my wife Lex.
I don't understand why you don't get that shit?
- Yo, take me the fuck home bro. Take me home.
- Say no more, man.
(engine roaring) (upbeat music)
(baby crying)
- Hi Ms. Morgan.
Congratulations. Here's your beautiful baby girl.
- I think I'm gonna name you Joy because father or not,
you'll always be my joy.
- Hi Ms. Morgan. You seem a little down.
What's wrong?
- Well, I mean I'm here alone.
I just had a baby and I'm alone.
- I mean this should be like a happy moment for you.
Like you just had a precious little baby girl.
We can find you like some resources and counseling things.
Do you think that will help you?
- I'm honestly not even sure yet.
But I'll keep that like the back of my mind.
- Yeah, don't worry about it.
We can find you car seats, strollers,
any type of help you may need at home.
- Okay. - Okay?
- All right. Thank you.
- You're welcome. And congratulations.
- Thank you. - All right.
(door closing)
(door opening)
- Freeze get up. Don't move.
- Oh my God. - Don't move.
- Why the fuck are y'all in our house?
- Put your hands where I can see them.
- Yeah, we told you we'd get you, sir.
Put both your fucking hands up.
- Let's go. - Oh my God.
- You smiling huh? You smirking?
- Let's go. - Don't hurt my husband.
- Miss White, I need to see your hands.
- Hands behind your fucking back.
- We'll be watching, we got you.
- I'm gonna go get you out. - Miss White, your hands.
- We got you, man. - This is fucked up.
- Give your fucking hands man.
Y'all ain't got shit. - Let's go.
- Remember you going up in steps the other day.
- Let him put on some clothes.
- Miss White.
- Don't need no clothes. - Coming down.
- Yes he do. - He going out just like this.
- Let's go. - Let's get him out of here.
- Miss White. - Hands!
- Ma'am. - Ma'am, get up.
(quiet kissing)
- Police, police. - Get on the ground!
- Put your hands up. - Don't move, don't more.
- Hands up, put your hands up.
- Let him go, let him go.
- Put your hands up.
- Don't move, don't move.
- Ma'am, ma'am. - What's wrong with you?
- Don't move. - Are we under arrest?
- Don't you move.
- For drug distribution and money laundering.
- What? - That's laundry.
- Get out this bed slowly. - That's right.
- Slowly. - Slowly.
- Get out slowly. - Slowly.
- Slowly.
- You just woke me the fuck up with guns in my face, man.
Back the fuck up. - Stay put.
- Don't you don't move. - I'm sitting up.
- You stay right in the bed. You stay right the bed.
- My fucking face man. - Oh my god.
- What the fuck is wrong with you?
- Nice and slowly, nice and slowly.
- Hands up.
- Save it, you can save it.
- Sit still ma'am.
- Sit right there, sit right there.
- What the fuck this is some bullshit.
We cool, don't need to be shaking and shit.
- Ma'am I advise you to keep your comments to yourself.
- No I'm gonna keep saying shit.
- Anything you say can and will be-
Put your hands. - Hands up.
- Anything you say can and will be used you against you
in the court of law.
- I'm calling his lawyers.
- I'm cool.
Wherever you need to get him outta here.
- After we leave you can do that.
- Don't worry about it. I got you.
I'm calling your lawyer. Fuck them.
- Hey, make sure she don't move.
- I got it.
- Make sure she don't fucking move.
You doing a lot of- - Sit right there.
Right there.
- Don't want me to get these cameras off.
But it's too late. We caught your ass, come here.
- Get 'em out here. - Let's go.
- What the fuck y'all want with me? Get the fuck out.
- You gonna sit right there. You all right?
You gonna sit right there.
You got him? - We're clear.
- Clear.
- Ms. White, Ms. White, Ms. White.
- Hmm?
- You fainted. We need to take you to the hospital.
- I'm okay. - You not you're pregnant.
You fainted. We need to take you to the hospital.
Let me help you up slowly. - Where is my husband?
- Ms. White. Don't worry about that.
Let's get you to the hospital and get you,
you and the baby checked out.
You okay? - Yes. Where's my husband?
(suspenseful music)
(singer vocalizing) (suspenseful music continues)
(phone ringing)
- Hey. - Babe. What's up?
I miss you. What's going on?
- I miss you too. Yo.
This shit crazy. I got a half a million dollar bail.
- What? - Like what the fuck?
Yeah, like you talk to this nigga, Mark?
- What the fuck is they charging you with
to give you that type of bail.
- All types of shit, yo.
I can't even talk on this phone like that though.
You talking to Mark?
- No, I'm trying to handle this shit.
Every time I get him on the phone he's acting weird.
Like what's up? - Oh my god.
This nigga acting like a bitch.
I dunno. What's up with this nigga?
This nigga acting crazy. Yo.
- What you need me to do?
- Huh? - What do you need me to do?
- Nothing. Just stay calm.
Just, just stay calm.
I'm gonna figure this shit out yo.
I'm gonna, I'm gonna get outta here.
Don't worry about this shit.
- I mean, I'm gonna try, but what the fuck?
Like I'm just out here on my own
and niggas acting different. - I know. And I miss you.
Yo I wish I was there like just holding you and shit,
squeezing on that fat ass.
I miss you. I can't wait to get back off there.
- I miss you too, but like you talking about half a mil?
- Yeah. This shit crazy.
Yo. We gonna figure this shit out though.
Just chill. Just hold this shit down for me.
Imma figure this out. I got us, I got us.
I promise. - Right.
- All right.
I love you. - I love you too.
- Bye.
- I talked to my lawyer earlier.
- And what'd he say?
- My bail was five hundred fucking thousand dollars.
- The fuck? - Like seriously, seriously.
- Where are we gonna get their money from?
- They think we made of it. - What?
- They fucking crazy China
like I don't understand where they expect me
to get this money.
After the Fed's raid the crib, the lawyers took the rest.
- So we don't have nothing, we fucking broke.
- China, calm down. - Nothing.
We don't have nothing.
- I mean, I don't wanna put you through this for real,
but I need you to make a move for me.
- What's up?
- It's a box under the bed, China.
I told you to never look in there, but it's a key.
Just one, there's some contacts in a black book next to 'em.
This shit is easy, China.
I promise you, You make these calls,
this shit is gonna fly
and you gonna make 10% of 500,000 quick.
You going to be here to get me out.
- Alright, got you.
- You mean that? - Yeah.
I got you. - Alright.
We going see it.
- Hey bestie, what you doing? You okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay. - How the visit?
How the visit go?
How'd your visit go?
- It was okay. They said that it is looking bad.
Weed charges, cocaine, everything.
- I understand.
Like I, John called me the other day
and he going through it real bad like,
and then Mark not answering the phone,
but he finally called me today.
He talking about he was in the Atlantic City with some girl.
- A hoe. - Right.
He said he on the run,
and he need to make some money before he leave 10.
- Now, he the only one I locked up.
- Yeah. He say he want meet up with you
down the way.
- I'm gonna hit him up or tell him to hit me up.
If you get in touch with him before me.
- All right. I will.
And tomorrow I'm gonna see John. You got any advice for me?
- Tell him to keep his head up
and we gotta get this fucking money
to get our niggas out, period.
Like I my baby, I gotta, I gotta get you sock.
I gotta get my man out, I gotta get on my guy.
- For real because they got them
on a whole bunch of cocaine, weed, pills,
bad checks, guns, everything.
Like both of they bail's half a million dollars like.
This shit is crazy. - Like really crazy.
- I ain't even know what they say to him.
Like I can't believe this shit true.
It's just like that Jay-Z joint.
It was all good just a week ago, like.
- That shit was really all good just a week ago.
What really be going on?
- I don't know babe.
- I just pray for us and we gonna pray for them
and get them the fuck outta there
'cause I need my man home.
- We gonna hustle some money up.
Don't worry about it Like you know I got you back.
- Period.
- I'm gonna call you later.
- All careful. Love you.
- You too lady. Bye.
- Honey. How's my grandson doing?
- He good. I'm ready to go in.
- I know girl he's going be here no time.
- He big. - I know.
What's the doctor say?
How much he gonna weigh?
- I dunno, I don't be feeling like
hearing none of that type of stuff.
I didn't even wanna know what I was having.
- Yeah. Well how's Q doing?
- He okay, had to get a lawyer?
- A lawyer? It's that bad?
- Yeah when it comes to my house it's that bad.
I don't think the sense of it, like...
- You didn't tell your Dad yet did you?
- Dad what? - Speaking of the devil.
- Mhm, yes, the devil, right.
The devil right. That's what we doing, right?
- The devil. Oh my god.
Y'all too. - What's up?
What's up? What's up, what's up?
Hey listen, you know you ain't gonna talk to them folks.
- What folks?
- You ain't gonna tell them a motherfucking thing?
- Yeah. - Them feds.
- I'm not Dad. - Motherfucking feds.
- What? - Come on man. Slow down.
Slow down. This is a conversation here.
We right here, you don't tell 'em shit.
- I'm not.
- You understand what I'm saying?
How's Q doing? How's his bail?
- I gotta see a lawyer so we going see about that.
- Alright, well we here, we here.
We got him if he needs, you know what I mean?
- I know.
- Get with him if you can. - Get for it.
- Yo. Has anybody heard from this nigga, Mark?
- This motherfucker disappeared.
I know the Feds looking for him.
I know it is. I but I'm trying to think like who?
- Don't worry about all that.
Here's this how this thing go, right.
Stand by your man. They gonna come at you.
They ain't got shit on you.
They going, they going to poke and pry at you.
They ain't got shit on you. You understand what I'm saying?
- All I'm worried about is our daughter.
Our daughter only. That's all I'm worried about.
- Hey Tamika. - Because
if something happened to my child,
if something happened to my child.
I'm telling you boss. - Nothing happen to me.
- Hey Tamika. Slow the fuck down.
Slow the fuck down. Hey listen, listen, listen.
- You gonna make my water break.
- Yeah. This ain't no joke.
- It ain't. - It's real shit.
All right. So here's the deal.
You know what I mean?
Don't tell 'em shit. You ain't got shit to say.
Stick by your man.
You know what I'm saying?
- I ain't never gonna do that.
- You don't talk shit. You don't say shit.
You don't even no kind of
dry motherfucking snitching at all.
That's not what you do. - Nope.
- All right that's how this shit works. Do good and bad.
It doesn't matter. You stand by as long as he good to you.
That's this game is about, that's how it works.
You good, all right.
(phone ringing)
Mhm. - Mm.
(upbeat electronic music)
- Woo, baby's killing me.
Ugh, one, two, three, four, five, six like,
oh, here's my baby right here.
Hey baby. - China what's up baby?
How you doing? - Everything is going good.
- Cool, cool, cool that's good to hear.
So how's that bake sale coming along?
- That bake sale is going very good.
Yeah, I gotta get a couple more.
That's gonna be you be out of there, okay?
- Yeah yeah. That's what I'm talking about.
- I miss you so much. I love you.
- I'm gonna be holding that baby with you when it come out.
All right. Don't you worry about that.
I'm gonna be here for you.
- Okay? Love you.
- Come on man, what's up?
What's up? You cool? - Chill.
- Get in the car.
You good, you look a little tense.
- Oh man, fast ran down off through crib.
Ain't had my money in there.
No, I'm straight dude.
We just need, I need nothing else to take out west, so.
- You sure you good? - I'm straight.
How are you? - I'm good.
- All right, I'm moving on. - Be careful, all right?
- Go ahead and take care of that baby too.
- For sure, always.
Wind comes roaring, wind is confusing
Wind go to work and sun goes down
Doing things to make a living
Don't fooled by the rocks that I got
I'm still, I'm still China from the block
I was hustling for some money, now I got a lot
These bitches talk but they know where I came from
Don't fooled by the rocks that I got
I'm still, I'm still China from the block
I was hustling for some money, now I got a lot
These bitches talk but they know where I came from
Big bills walking out the Juul
I got big chills, I'm still from the blocks
Slip a bitch like its NyQuil
Don't get fool by the rocks and these big deals
The nigga talking shit I'm gonna smack them
Like I'm big Will, big thrills
Moon walking on these bitches, Michael Jackson
They asked me how I do it
I said I'll just make it happen
Don't test me lil Mama
I get active I need all my money from the
- You okay in there.
- I think I'm having contractions. My water broke.
- Damn fucking contractions.
- Yes I did, oh my God. Come on.
Shut up. Come on.
- See, I knew it, we shouldn't have been having that
I mean you know them pregnant years
is something special though.
- Come on, help me. Come on.
- You feeling all rough and shit.
Come on. We out.
- Get the bag ready. Come on.
- Hold on I'm calling him.
I can. - Oh my God. Come on.
Hurry up. Water just broke.
- Hello? Yeah, China water just broke.
Nah, I don't know what the hell to do.
Like what the fuck?
Bring your asses over here man.
- Come on. - We out.
- Hurry up.
What the fuck, get it up. Please get it up please.
- See, this is why we need your mama and Tamika over here.
- We need the big bag. Not that bag.
That's the makeup bag babe.
The baby got you scared. It's okay.
I'm scared too. Oh my god.
- How fast is that? Can you count 'em or some shit?
Like I know they taught you that in them classes.
- Fuck them classes.
- Where the big bag at? - Come on. Let's go.
(peaceful music)
Don't you play with my mind
My, my, my
I'm a
Don't you play, don't you play
With my mind
Hi son. I love you.
So handsome. Welcome to this world.
Yes. Mommy's here.
What you okay?
Yes, I hear you.
Aw. Can you see your Mommy.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
(upbeat electronic music)
Only niggas I tried to impress already dead and gone
The man that put fear in my heart, nigga, was never born
Forever torn from the good and evil
Good intentions with the package in the Buick Regal
Here go the plan, feed the fam
Fuck what it do to people
It never stop
'Cause once it's finished then we do the sequel
- Hello?
Yeah. Come on, talk to me.
What's up?
Yeah. That's a long time ass though.
Yeah, no like I understand exactly what you saying
but that's a long time to be away from my family, man.
That's man I don't wanna get explicit with you.
you know what I mean, you my guy.
So you telling me I got no choice in this matter.
All right then man we gonna see, I'm gonna call you back.
I got that I don't give a fuck in me
It's stuck in me
That ruggedness is stuck with me
Fuck with me, got them, fuck with me
Gotta talk to the lawyer. - What did the lawyer say?
- He want me to take a plea deal.
- A plea deal for what?
- A plea deal for eight years.
- Fuck no.
- I mean it is either that or a Ricoh charge.
I'm gonna go down for everybody charges,
gonna be going forever, ever.
- Are you fucking serious? Eight years?
- I mean I don't see any choice.
- So is nothing else.
No, you lying. - I wish I was.
- Oh well we gotta get another lawyer then.
That's what the fuck that means.
You laughing. I ain't the fuck laughing.
- Well China you already know
we don't got other lawyer money.
- Better get it 'cause it is not giving eight years.
It's not.
- You and Chase gonna be cool for eight years.
- How we gonna be cool if you saying we ain't got no money?
- Don't worry about it.
I'm a man of means I always take care of you, don't I?
- Yeah, but you not doing eight years.
I'm not trying to hear that.
Yeah. Better be going on a run.
(crowd chattering)
- Mr. Jones, Mr. Jackson,
I just wanna be certain that you both understand
the arrangement of your plea deal.
- Yes your honor.
- Gentlemen, I can only hope that this time allows you both
to think about the damage that you've caused to society
and perhaps whilst away you use the time wisely
so that upon your release,
both of you will return as better men, case closed.
- Excuse me, I saw you in the court room.
What were you there for?
- I'm not here for you. I'm here to speak to China.
- About? - About me and Q's baby.
That's what. - China.
- You hear this shit?
She talking about this her and Q baby.
Like you. - Q baby?
How this Q baby.
- I know this is a bad time,
but my name is Alexis and I'm Q's baby mom.
- You're who? - This is our baby Joy.
- That's your baby? - No, that's not.
That's not Q's.
- No, that baby don't look like my grandson at all.
- At all. - Don't look nothing like him.
- Hold on. Hold on.
Let me let just lemme just get this-
- You be sure- - How old is she?
- She's two now. - Two?
So you was pregnant at the same time as me?
- Yeah we was actually dating
before y'all got married actually.
- Never heard about you. That's crazy.
- Never said about us? - Never, never, nothing, no.
- I just felt like that you should know.
- Thank you so much, thank you so much.
Thank you for telling me. (crowd chattering)
- I asked for drugs, China gave them to me.
(keys clacking)
- Who the fuck is Alexis?
Ain't no huh?
Who the fuck is Alexis? She said y'all got a baby.
Y'all baby the same age as ours.
So what's going on? - China, listen to me.
Clearly, she's just trying to break us up.
- What, why would she try to break up our home
if she don't even fucking know me?
She didn't, she said she didn't. I'm confused.
- All right, listen.
I'm gonna keep it a thousand with you. All right.
Me and Lex met a while back. All right.
She was in college so I was helping her out,
know what I mean?
When she got pregnant, I ain't want her to keep the baby,
know what I mean?
But she wanted to keep it and I didn't know how to tell you,
I mean how the fuck do you tell your wife
some shit like that?
- No, you're fucking lying, you're done. Period.
- Come on China like I need you to actually
just hear me out on this.
- Don't call my fucking phone number.
I'm not doing nothing else for you.
- No China wait.
- Bye bitch. - No.
- Rot there. - Fuck, man.
(upbeat music)
- You gonna be a good boy for aunt Keda?
Yeah. You gonna miss me? - Yeah.
- What's happening, friend.
- Hey nephew. - You look good.
Damn you is, ah, okay!
You gonna be cool? - Yep.
- All right let me know if you need anything.
I love you. - Will do, love you too.
- Y'all have fun. - Say bye Mommy.
- Bye mommy. - Be good. Okay.
(suspenseful music)
(soft knocking)
(knocking continues) - Hold on.
- China White? - Yes.
What the fuck is y'all fucking serious,
y'all cannot lock me up.
I have a son.
- You have the right to remain silent.
- Y'all not about to do this.
- Anything you say can and will be used against you
in a court of law. - Oh my god.
- You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be provided to you.
Do you understand these rights as I have read them.
- Y'all can't lock me up for what?
I have a son.
You should have thought about your son
before you sold multiple ounces.
- What?
This fucking breaks.
Hey yo. This is fucking crazy.
Like what about my fucking my son.
Save your lies Miss White. We got it all on tape.
- I have a lawyer and I will be out by tomorrow, so, okay.
Not getting it, going to jail.
My fucking son Rick needs, is this a set up.
- [Speaker] White. You got a visit.
- Show me your hands.
Turn around. Back out.
Turn to your right. Walk to the front.
- Hey baby. - Hi dad.
- Hi honey. - Hi son, hi mom.
- How are you holding up in here?
- I'm okay I just want to get home to y'all.
Chase is getting so big. I feel so bad, I left him.
Oh my god. - It's going be all right.
Just keep your head up.
- I miss y'all so much. I can't wait to get outta here.
I can't believe they took me from my son.
He's getting so big. I feel so bad.
- It's all right baby. Just keep your head up.
Keep your head up.
- He is getting big but two years is going fly by so fast.
Well he's gonna be well taken care of, we got him.
- You already knew that. - Yeah.
- Mommy. - I love y'all so much.
I appreciate y'all. I can't believe Mark was a snitch.
- And don't worry about Mark, I got that.
You just take care of what you need to take care of in here.
- Yeah, I got you Dad.
- Hey, how Officer Jones treating you?
- He treated me good.
- That motherfucker better as much money as I'm paying.
Hey, I wanna make sure your stay's
as comfortable as possible while you here.
You understand me? - Yes.
- All right. - I appreciate you.
- We love you. - I just wanna be with y'all.
- White, your visit is up.
(buzzer blaring)
(traffic roaring)
(horns honking) (gun firing)
(engine roaring)
- [Judge] Ms. White, I've reviewed your case
and I see you've accepted a plea deal, is that correct?
- Yes, your honor. - Thank you. Next case.
- Let me tell you something, motherfucker,
if I had more time,
I'd torture you three more days, let me tell you something.
- I should crack your-
- My daughter's in the motherfucking penitentiary
'cause of your punk ass snitch ass bitch.
- Let me crack him across his face
with this motherfucking stick, man.
You got one last something to say?
Nah? shut the fuck up man.
You know what? Listen here motherfucker.
You talk to God, you talk to God?
Nigga, get ready to meet him. (gun firing)
- Yo. What's up Q?
- Chilling, chilling man.
You know how this bullshit is bro.
China's still ain't picking up the fucking phone.
- Dang. - Right.
I don't know what's going on with my seed or nothing man.
It's all bullshit for real.
- I mean she ain't even tell you nothing about your son?
- Nothing bro. I don't even get to know what he ate today.
No bullshit man. You know what it means, we like that.
Know what I mean? Shit corny though.
You know how it is. I don't know where she live.
I don't know nothing anymore bro. I'm just kind of lost.
- Well, well what's up?
You know where she work at? - Little bit.
Like last time I talked to her
she was saying she worked at Largo.
It was a chill jump.
- Well how about this?
I mean, you know I get out in a few days.
Like I could go by, check on the young bull,
check on shorty, you know what I mean?
Report back to you, let you know what's going on.
- Nah Larry. No, I got this bro.
It's my woman. It's my kid.
I'm gonna take care of that though.
Don't you really worry about that, all right?
- No doubt.
(traffic roaring)
- Hey girl. - Hi good morning.
- How are we? - Good. And you?
- Good. - Yes.
Let's get ready for the day.
- Smells so good, did you buy this?
- Yes. - I like it.
Did you get anything?
- You should. I don't know what I want.
Can you help me? Can you check inventory for me please?
- Sure can. - Thank you.
(upbeat music)
Hi, can I help you?
- Oh China, hi, he's getting married, he's here for me.
- What's up cousin. - Hi cousin.
(upbeat electronic music)
- Damn cousin, what's up?
I didn't even know you was out.
- You know yeah. You know I got all had to get right.
I mean- - I hear you.
I see you, you looking good.
- You looking good yourself. - Thank you cousin.
Good to hear it, it's good to see you though too.
- Absolutely. You know what I mean?
- It's good.
- Definitely a goddess, but for real.
For I ain't gonna hold you cuz.
- What's up?
- I came to see your girl over there.
- Oh damn, thinking you came to see your cousin.
- I always wanted come and see you.
- That's what's up?
- China, I'm gonna go check on the store.
- Okay.
- I gotta take off my hat in the presence of a lady.
- The I know that's right. I'm China.
- Larry, it's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
- Hey, so my cousin tells me that you the manager here.
- Yeah I heard. - What you do?
- I do a little construction and all those things.
- Well that's good, you don't got no drama going on.?
A drug dealing problem, none of that?
- None of that, I'd like to get to know you a little bit.
- Nice to meet you. - Absolutely.
Maybe I can get your number and you know,
talk a little later, go out. - Yeah.
- Get some drinks. - That'd be nice.
- All right. - You gonna take my number?
- Absolutely. (traffic roaring)
- 267-886-1212.
- 1212. - Yes.
- I'm definitely gonna call you up.
- Big China. - Big China.
- Big world. - I see that.
- (laughs) I'll see you later.
(peaceful music)
- So the last time we was here,
you was telling me about your modeling career.
- Yes.
- And how you wanted to take it a little bit more seriously.
So how are things going with work?
- I have a gig next week.
So I'm hype about that, it is in New York,
so I'm trying to get some money.
- Congratulations. I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you. - But what about Larry?
Has he been supportive?
- Sometimes he's cool, sometimes he like,
okay baby, do your thing, but I gotta do what's best for me.
- Success can be tough on relationships,
but whose life is this? - Mine.
- And whose dream? - Mine.
- Then you can't let anyone get in the way of that,
listen to your gut, you know when something isn't right.
- That's right.
- So tell me more about this gig.
- So I got five looks. So I'm coming here to shut it down.
I'm just happy to be around the greatness.
- Yes. - And I'm gonna get turnt.
- So proud of you. - Thank you.
- So here's the thing, for next week,
I want you to come in as one of your looks.
Let's see what you have to give.
- Okay? I'm gonna give it what I have to gave.
- Okay. - Period.
Thank you so much. - You're welcome.
I'm so proud of you. - Thank you.
- Have a good day and I'll see you next week. Okay.
- Hello? Yes, this is she?
Yes, I'm available.
Yes. I have a portfolio.
Okay, I'll be there.
Thank you. Okay.
- Yeah. So who was that?
Man who the fuck is this calling you from New York?
- Why you always tripping?
- I said who was it?
- It was a photographer from Brooklyn.
They wanna do a photo shoot for a new magazine.
Listen Larry, you don't have nothing to worry about.
You the only man for me, okay.
- I hear all that shit you talking.
I'm telling you don't ever let me find out
that you cheated on me.
- Is you serious? (China stomping)
(peaceful music)
- Hello. - Problem is babe,
man, we had a good day, we need that-
- You need to do something with this.
You know I can't- - You can't reach that?
Yo I need to- - That's why I hired you.
(door rattling)
That's your reaction.
How much I'm getting today, man.
I know we made like a 700 dollars.
- No you get paid every two weeks-
- Every two weeks? - Its a real job.
- I'm trying to help you.
- What the fuck you just say to her?
- Who the fuck is this- - Oh my God.
- Man who the fuck is this- - Oh my god.
- Yo, who the fuck is that nigga?
Who is that nigga? - Oh my god.
He fucking works here, are you fucking crazy?
What's going on? - This nigga know you?
- What? - Yeah you run.
You pussy ass nigga. I need a raise man.
I ain't come here for this shit, man.
Getting hit out here, nah bro.
I ain't about this nigga.
- This nigga is starting so much shit.
He wiling the fuck out. - Come on, man,
fuck this shit man.
Fuck, man.
(peaceful music)
Don't you play with my mind
My, my, my
I'm a
Don't you play, don't you play with my mind
With sadness and pain comes heavy rains
And I have nothing
Nothing to give
- I'm putting my shoes on. - Okay I love you.
- I love you too. - I love you, mom.
- I love you too. - It's CD, no CD!
(child babbling)
- I know no, this motherfucker...
(child babbling)
Is this him?
- [Child] Go, go, green, it green.
- We're not going yet. - Is there a-
- It's a red light.
We're trying to make sure somebody not behind us.
Hey, was that from around here? They're shooting.
Oh no, I'm about to run this light.
These motherfuckers, man.
They walking like it's normal. - A blue light.
- I know this motherfucker ain't following me.
Son, sit back, okay? - Okay.
- Okay. Thank you.
(engine roaring)
This motherfucker, man. (child babbling)
- It's not morning time, mommy.
- Huh? - It's not morning time mommy.
- I know it's nighttime. - Nighttime.
It's nighttime. I gotta go to sleep, mommy.
- I know this motherfucker not following me, like.
- [Child] I'm in the seat, I'm all good.
- Hold on. Stay in the car, keep your seatbelt on.
- Here we go with this shit.
- You serious, you really following me?
- Yeah, you- - My fucking son in the car.
You're starting to scare me.
- Hey- - Like with this jealous shit.
Is you serious? - Come on man.
- Like you're really, really following me.
What are you doing?
You seriously following me? What's wrong with you?
My son is in the car. What the fuck?
- What do you mean, am I seriously following you?
- Yeah, I'm asking you.
Is you serious? What's going on your head?
- I'm your man, If I decide to follow you,
that's what I'm going to do.
I'm trying to make sure you okay.
- You are being jealous. What is going on with you?
- I'm being jealous. - Yes.
- Huh? - Yes you are.
You are. - Lemme tell you something.
Oh my god. Let go of me.
My son is in the car, yes.
Let go of me. Why are you touching me?
- Lemme tell you something. - Calm down.
Calm down Larry. - You the one for me.
- Okay, okay, calm down though. My son is in the car.
- Listen, you belong to me.
- Can you let go of my arm?
- To me-
- Can you please let go of my arm?
- You understand that?
So if I decide to follow you,
if I decide to check your phone, if I decide to stalk you,
Imma do all of that, you understand?
If I ever find out you cheating on me China, I swear.
- Oh my God I have to leave. You are, my son is in the car.
You not about to do this. You're not about to do this.
(engines roaring)
- You have a good night though, you feel me.
China, imma see you later.
(engines roaring)
- Girl, let me tell you how Larry chased me
with Chase in car.
I was furious, jumped out the car,
snapping like he talking about something,
he owned me and I'm his like, what's wrong?
- China, you gotta leave that nigga alone.
He's fucking crazy and insecure for no reason like.
- I know Keda, but it's just not that easy.
It is just not, you can't just,
it just don't happen like that, like.
- I understand that but I also understand
that you been through a lot of shit already,
so you gonna keep going through it,
like I understand you in love with him.
We all went through the same shit,
the emotional rollercoaster,
but at the end of the day, you got a son to protect.
You worry about the wrong thing.
Like this nigga is dangerous.
- Yeah, like.
- Like he really chased y'all though, like.
- Chased me.
- You need to protect yourself.
- I got all snapping like I'm wanted to fight.
- And how was Chase after that, he don't need to see that.
- And I asking like,
why would you do this in front of my son, is you crazy?
Like that's why affect me.
Like I don't really like want to be with him no more.
- You gotta be.
- I don't playing about my son.
You know I'm don't play about my son.
- Yeah you gotta. - It can't happen again.
But I, it just gotta be go out the right way
'cause he looks, he's giving me dangerous.
- Yeah, you gotta get away from him but-
- Yeah, I know. - You know.
- But we gotta figure it out, I gotta play smart.
- I'm here like Chase can stay with me a couple days,
whatever you gotta do
to make sure that nigga don't come back.
- For sure.
(somber music)
- Hello? I'll call you back.
- Now who the fuck is that?
- We gotta talk. - Talk about what?
About you not answer my calls when I call you?
About this nigga you creeping with?
- No, there's no nigga, but our relationship is over,
so I'm gonna let you keep the house
and I'm gonna come get the stuff later, okay?
We're done. - Done?
- Yes, done.
- Bitch.
The fuck is you talking about?
- Larry, why are you doing this?
Oh my god.
- You think imma let you go that easy?
- Why are you doing this?
Stop, my son! Why you doing this?
- Damn, who the fuck is this nigga right Rob?
Bro, all this time, huh? - My son!
(China whimpering) (punches thudding)
- I'll show you this. (China yelling)
Get over here. You think I was gonna let you go like that?
(China crying)
This what type of thing I'm on.
- Stop. (China screaming)
Oh my god, stop.
- Ain't going nowhere. (thrusts thudding)
(unsettling music)
- Why are you doing this? - This shit.
- Where's my son? - Shut the fuck up.
- Where's my son? - I said shut the fuck up.
- Let me go.
- Its time you learned a lesson about control.
(China breathing unsteadily)
- Oh my god. (China breathing hard)
(dramatic music)
Wait, wait. (gun clicking)
(China groaning)
- Bitch come on. - Yo, what the fuck?
Hey yo! (gun firing)
- Oh my baby.
Oh my poor baby, China, honey.
- Hey mom. Where Chase at? - Your daddy-
- Hey, hey, hey don't worry about Chase. I got Chase baby.
- Hi son. - Say hi to mommy.
- Missed you. - Hi mommy.
- Say hi. - You got a good mommy.
- Mommy, can you raise up the bed?
- Yeah. Let me see.
Good thinking, all right, hold on Mama.
Tell me when it's enough.
- Okay. - Okay?
- Yes. - Go see Mommy.
- How you getting so big?
I miss you. Give me hugs.
- Give mommy some love. Give mommy some love.
- My favorite boy. - How you feeling?
- I'm okay. I'm just trying to get home to my family.
I miss my son. - Right.
We want you home.
- Thank y'all so much for holding it down.
- We love you. - Can't wait til it's over.
- We love you baby. - Yeah, we love you.
- Don't worry about that, you just get well.
- Yes, my handsome boy.
- He loves his mommy. - He's growing up.
You not giving pop pop and mom mom a hard time is you?
- Just as about as hard a time as you gave us.
(all laughing)
- Ooh. - Take it easy honey.
Take it easy.
Yeah, I forgot, they,
y'all can't be making me laugh like that.
- I'd rather see you smiling.
- Yes, I'm happy it's over.
- Yeah, it's gonna be over.
- Yes. - Yeah baby.
- You wanna go back to pop pop?
- You wanna pop pop to come get you?
Come on, come on, come on.
Let mommy get some rest.
- Yes. Thank you. - All right honey.
- You coming tomorrow? - Yes. Every day.
Every day. - I love y'all.
- Love you. - Love you too.
- All right, baby, get some rest.
- Okay.
- Come on, say bye to mommy. - Bye mommy.
- Morning. - So happy to be home.
Yes. - Yo.
- Thanks for coming to get me yesterday.
- Glad to have you home.
Glad to have you home baby.
- Yeah, Dad
- Hey, I know you don't wanna get into this right now,
but you know what you gotta do, right?
- Yeah I don't know about that
or that playing with these cops.
Won't this men come back and they, we don't,
we don't do the cops. - All right. All right.
All right, slow down, check this out.
I know this is tough.
I don't want you around them cops either.
I don't want them providing and pressing
and poking at you right.
But either he gets life or I get life
'cause I'm gonna kill him.
That's, he's an animal.
What he did to you I can't let that go.
I can't let, he can't walk on the planet no more, that's it.
He's done.
So I know it's tough but you going to have to stand up.
- I got you dad. - I got you.
- Period now what we be doing,
'cause I need to get my mind off of this.
- All right? Let's go get something to eat.
- Let's go. (upbeat electronic music)
- Ms. Morgan, you and your client please stand.
Mr. Lewis, you were reckless beyond words
and never once gave thought to this young woman's life
or the damage that you did to her, her son,
and the innocent people
who could have been victims that night.
You were given a second chance
even after you'd taken another person's life
still yet you have not learned from your mistakes.
Today you will not get another chance.
Mr. Lewis, is there anything you'd like to say
before I pronounce your sentence?
- Yeah, fuck you, and- (crowd chattering)
- [Judge] Ms. Morgan, Mr. Lewis.
I will clear you outta here.
Mr. Lewis I now sentence you to life
without the possibility of parole.
I- (crowd chattering)
This is a person's life as well.
I can only hope and pray that you get the help that you need
because you will have a lifetime to get it.
Case close.
- What's up China? - What's up?
- I'm good. How you doing? - I'm good. Be careful.
(peaceful music) (storm crackling)
Mom, there's a car here. (singer vocalizing)
(gun firing) (electronic music)
Busting it on that D
Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy
Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy
Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy
Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy
Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy
Yeah I got that bag
I ain't trying to brag
But I want that ass and I want it fast
Tell tell me what's the task and that Cash App
And send that Uber hit it from the back
Yeah, I got that bag
I ain't trying to brag
But I want that ass and I want it fast
Tell me what's the task and that Cash App
Send that Uber hit it from the back
Yummy, yummy, yummy
Bitch they call me Yummy
All they want the finer, everything designer
Don't want no Benihana fly me off to China
All for an electra, hit the recliner
Better send that jam, fuck uber bland
Better hit the daily limit on Cash app
Better get me cash
Better get me cash
This song, yeah that mix blast