A Boy Called Christmas (2021) Movie Script

[joyful instrumental music playing]
[wind whooshing]
[gentle music playing]
[orchestral music playing]
[brakes squeal]
[gasps, shivers]
[bell clanging]
[man humming]
- Merry Christmas.
- [woman] I'm working on it.
[man] Yeah.
[continues humming]
- Absolutely not. She's awful.
- Uh, she's not awful.
- She's rude.
- She's a little tactless.
- And she's old.
- She's very, very old.
She's the only person who could come
at such short notice.
- I'm going to bed.
- Me too.
- No. She'll put you to bed.
- That's not happening.
We'll have nightmares.
- You're very quiet, Mop.
- I already have nightmares.
- [doorbell rings]
- [dog barking]
Look, guys, guys, I'm really sorry
that I have to go to the office,
but I'll be back as soon as I can.
Your mom really loved your aunt,
so let's try and...
- [doorbell ringing]
- [banging on door]
Oh, you look awful.
- Hello, Aunt Ruth. Good to see you too.
- [groans]
- Oh, I... I don't see a tree.
- [door closes]
- No decorations.
- No, we decided against it this year.
That's a mistake.
Oh, hello, children.
How are we all?
- They're doing great.
- [Aunt Ruth] Mmm.Let me look at you.
It's as I thought, still heartbroken.
- I'm not.
- Me either.
I am.
But I still love Mommy
with all the broken pieces.
They're doing great.
[dog whimpering]
- You're very old.
- Yes. I'm very aware of it.
I still don't get why
we all have to listen.
Because the universe
is made of stories, not atoms.
- That's not actually true.
- Well, it must be because I never lie.
So, you listen to the story.
After it, you sleep,
and then it will be Christmas.
But we don't want it to be Christmas.
Well, that decides the tale
I'm telling tonight.
So, are you all comfortable?
- You better be because I'm starting.
- [wind whooshing]
[gentle music playing]
[Aunt Ruth] Now you may find this
hard to believe,
but long ago, nobody knew about Christmas.
At this time,
in the middle of a forest in Finland,
there lived an ordinary boy called Nikolas
along with his father,
a humble woodcutter
who at the moment was quite preoccupied.
- [bird fluttering]
- [gasps]
Be the forest.
[twigs snapping]
- [softly] I don't know what that means.
- [growling]
- [man] It means don't move.
- [growling]
When I say run, you run.
- So stop being the forest.
- Yes, and run very fast.
I won't go without you.
- Then we both run!
- [growling]
- [growling]
- [man] Come on!
Run! Run!
[arrow whizzing]
[Aunt Ruth] One crisis narrowly averted,
Nikolas and his father returned
to their cabin in the woods.
Times were hard for father and son.
[inhales] They had barely enough
to make ends meet.
Wait, wait, wait. Sorry to interrupt.
What is it?
Where's his mommy?
Ah, well, she died. Two years before.
Yes, I'm afraid the bear
had something to do with that.
Bear ate his mom. Got it.
[Aunt Ruth] Well, Finland was
a very dangerous place in those days.
Still is.
But despite the hardships,
Nikolas held onto hope,
especially at bedtime.
- Will you tell me the story, Papa?
- [Papa sighs] Not again.
Why not?
It isn't my story to tell.
But Mama's not here anymore.
Okay then, I'll tell you about Elfhelm.
A long time ago,
in a place not unlike this one,
lived a young girl named Lumi.
[inhales deeply]
One day while gathering acorns
in the woods,
Lumi became hopelessly lost.
She tried to find her home,
but the more she searched,
the farther from home she went.
Over the river and under the moon,
over the pointy mountain,
all the way down past the, uh...
[Nikolas] Past the sleeping giants.
[Papa] Past the sleeping giants
and through the sky she walked.
[inhales deeply] To a place
where snow was soft as clouds.
[Nikolas] Then what happened?
[Papa] Our Lumi was near collapse,
and at last, she stumbled upon
a secret village calledElfhelm
where lived the elves,
the happiest people in the world
and the most magical place in the world.
There Lumi stayed until the snow cleared,
and she was finally able to return
to her home in the south,
her pockets full of chocolates.
You believe this story, don't you?
The ending is a stretch.
The chocolate would have melted.
But the rest?
The magic and the elves?
[Papa] I've never seen them.
But you believe in them.
Your mother did. And to her,
believing was as good as knowing.
[mouse squeaking]
What was that?
- [Papa] It sounded like a squeak.
- [Nikolas] I think it was more of a creak.
Definitely a squeak.
- By the way, that's an overreaction.
- Out of the way, Nikolas.
- Mouse! We have a mouse.
- [mouse squeaking]
- Papa, leave him alone!
- [Papa grunts]
[Nikolas] Papa.
[Papa] He'll steal our food.
- [Nikolas] What food?
- [Papa] Argh!
[Papa] No, don't! [grunts]
[objects clattering]
[Papa] There he is! We've got him.
Papa, please. Let him live.
Please, Papa.
[Papa grunts]
I've thought about this a lot,
and I've decided to call you...Miika.
And I'm going to teach you to talk.
[Papa scoffs]
Boy. Boy.
Mouse. Mouse.
My mama always told me
if you believe you can do something,
you're halfway there.
Trees. Trees.
- [chopping]
- [squeaks]
Okay, maybe not halfway, but it's a start.
[Papa] Ugh!
[Aunt Ruth]And then one day,
something happened
to light the long dark winter.
A summons from the King himself.
There were only two
of them on the invitation,
but Nikolas saw no harm
in bringing along a plus one.
We're going to see the King, Miika.
- He's too excited to talk.
- He shouldn't be.
- [bell tolling]
- [Nikolas] Why? You love the King.
[Papa] Of course I love the King.
He's a great man,
deserves all that he has.
The thing is, we deserve it too.
Everybody does.
- [Nikolas] We manage with what we have.
- [sighs] We have very little.
We have each other.
[Papa] And that's wonderful.
[indistinct chatter]
But I want more.
[announcer] His Majesty, the King!
[man 1 coughing]
- Hello, everyone. Thank you for coming.
- [coughing continues]
You okay? Would you like a glass of water?
I can ring a little bell
and someone will bring it.
No? Sure? All right.
[inhales deeply]
We all know times are hard.
I mean really, really, really hard.
I can't remember the last time I smiled.
Can you?
What is there to smile about?
We're all miserable.
We're all missing something,
and I think we know what that is.
- A health care system.
- [man 2] That would be a very good thing.
It's an idea, but not quite...
- A living wage!
- [people agreeing]
Again, worth discussing.
A fair system of governance?
Enough food to feed people?
Okay, maybe I should just tell you
what I think it is that we're missing.
- [thudding]
- [crowd quietens]
Hope. We all need hope.
A spark of magic to keep us all going.
I've gathered you here because you are
the hardiest men and women in the land.
- [man 1 coughs]
- Not you.
And I'm asking you
to go to the very edges of our kingdom.
Go beyond
and bring back something, anything,
to give us hope again.
- [man 3] A visionist.
- [gasps]
[King] The eyes of our great nation
will be on this quest.
[Nikolas whispering] Oh no.
Any who set out
will be well paid for their efforts.
- [squeaking]
- The path may be dangerous.
Some of you will die,
probably most of you.
But if you succeed,
your award will be far greater.
- Got you, Miika!
- [man 4] Say what?
[King] Seize him!
- Forgive him, sire.I beg of you.
- [people murmuring]
I'm so sorry, Your Majesty.
He lives in the clouds, this one.
- [weapons swishing]
- Lucky boy.
[coin clinks]
What'd he give you?
Two kind words, Papa,
that'll warm me through the long month.
[Papa] No, how much money?
I don't know.
This is half a crown.
Can feed a mouse for a week with this.
[Nikolas chuckles]
[Nikolas] Fork.
Pine cone.
Please say something,Miika. Anything.
[banging on door]
[wind whooshing]
Yes, it is me.
Pretty close thing with the bear
the other day. Thank you for that.
We need to talk.
Can the boy go to another room?
- We don't have another room.
- And I want to hear.
We can talk outside.
You're welcome to borrow my hat.
I'll survive.
What do you think that's all about, Miika?
- [sniffing]
- [door closes]
[indistinct conversation]
[Nikolas grunting]
Nikolas, the King's quest,
I'm going to do it.
You're going away?
Not for long. Two months.
Two months?
Maybe three.
But I'll be back before you know it.
- It'll be worth it.
- To bring some new hope to the world?
To claim the reward.
But isn't the reward
bringing us new hope and wonder?
The reward is the money,
and the money means food and warm clothes
so you can have a life.
The life
I stood at your mother's grave site
and promised you'd have.
Nikolas, please.
[breathes deeply]
[fire crackling]
[Nikolas] Where will you go?
Anders is assembling a group.
We'll be heading north,
far north, to findElfhelm.
- Elfhelm!
- [Papa] If it exists.
- I know it does. You have to take me.
- [Papa] No, it's too dangerous.
There'll be many nights sleeping out
in the cold.
That's fine. I love the cold.
Once you get north of Seipajarvi,
there's nothing but ice planes and lakes
and snow-covered fields.
Snow-covered fields are my favorite.
After that, the journey only gets harder,
which is why no one's made it
to the far north.
That's not why.
It's because no one knows the way.
The words in the story are totally vague,
and you can barely remember them anyway.
Please, Papa. I can help. I know I can.
I set off at first light.
I'll miss you, Christmas.
You never told me why Mama called me that.
She never told me either.
It's just a word.
It doesn't have to mean anything.
[woman] Dearest brother,
thank you for the generous offer
of allowing me to look after the child.
Who's gonna look after me?
[woman] Oh, the pure joy of spending time
with my nephew is all the payment I need.
[chuckles] Although, if you insist,
I'm sure we can come to an understanding.
Don't worry. I've written to my sister.
- [woman grunting]
- Signed, your doting sister.
Not Aunt Carlotta.
[knocking on door]
Would you deny your aunt the pleasure?
She's a lonely woman.
- I wonder why.
- Shh.
[door creaking]
[panting] Brother!
Oh... [panting]
How happy I was
to get your message. [chuckles]
I knew you would be.
And, oh, what a lovely long walk I had
to get here.
How clever of you to have built
this hut at the actual end of the world.
Nikolas, oh, it's delightful to see you.
[bag thuds on floor]
And you, Aunt Carlotta.
Oh, Auntie, please.
[chuckles] We're a happy family.
[squeaking, sniffing]
[dogs barking]
[Anders] Hurry up, man. Load up.
Say your goodbyes, woodcutter.
[men speaking indistinctly]
I'll make this worth it.
Nothing could be.
Woodcutter, it's time.
Okay. I'm ready.
Papa, wait.
- Your knife.
- [Papa] Ah.
You have this.
Mama made it for you.
She said I might need it one day.
Now I need you to be warm and safe.
- And blind?
- [both chuckle]
I love you.
- [Anders yells]
- [dogs barking]
[Anders yelling]
Finally. What a racket.
it's just the two of us.
[Aunt Ruth] Aunt Carlotta
had turned into exactly...
[girl] Stop again.
- Will he ever see his dad again?
- [Aunt Ruth]Yes.
You promise?
I never lie. Can I go on?
You better.
[inhales deeply]
Right. Aunt Carlotta had turned into
exactly what Nikolas had been dreading.
Out! Move it! Monster, go.
The first rule is you can't sleep in here.
I need my privacy.
- It's so cold out...
- Don't talk back to me.
- I'm not talking...
- Don't talk back!
- It's cold out.
- You're doing it now.
The second rule is...
no rats.
[Nikolas] But he's not a rat.
He's a mouse.
[Aunt Carlotta] He is
a disgusting miniature rat!
- [Nikolas] Leave him alone!
- Oh! Oh, you dirty little beast!
- Miika! No, Miika!
- [squeaking]
And no horrible,
rotten vegetables either! Ugh!
[Nikolas] My turnip doll!
My mama made that for me.
Look, he's got a face.
Oh, look, it's got a face. Ugh.
I've forgotten how much I hate children.
- [footsteps receding]
- [squeaking]
- [grunts angrily]
- [door slams]
[wind whooshing]
[water flowing]
[owl hooting]
[gentle music playing]
You see that, Miika?
It means you have to make a wish.
I wish that my father succeeds,
brings back something magic.
We all need it.
[owl hooting]
[Aunt Ruth] Time is slow
for those who wait.
And asNikolas waited, he grew thin.
[stomach rumbling]
Is that you making
that awful rumbling sound.
It's my tummy, Aunt Carlotta.
Oh, stop complaining.
I'm hungrier than you are.
- You're eating my breakfast.
- I'm not enjoying it.
Even snow has more taste.
Why can't you have nice things
in your house like marzipan or cake?
[breathes deeply]
Why can't I have a chocolate?
Because these things
don't just appear magically.
[bowl clatters]
Well, wouldn't life be nicer if they did?
[Aunt Ruth] Home is not a place.
It's a feeling.
And as the days stretched into weeks
and his father did not return,
Nikolas started to wonder
if he'd ever feel it again.
[Aunt Carlotta humming]
Oh, Nikolas.
There you are. [grunts]
I have... ooh, made you some soup.
- You have?
- Mm-hmm.
What's it made with?
[slurping, gulping]
[slurping] Mmm.
- Yes, that's it.
- [slurping] Mmm. Mmm.
Eat up. [grunts]
- [sizzling]
- [Aunt Carlotta] Ouch!
- I should never have come here.
- [Nikolas] You can always go home.
I've got Miika
and the turnip doll Mama made me.
So I'll be fine.
Funny you should mention that thing.
[suspenseful music playing]
- No! How could you do that?
- [laughs]
Oh, you're such a sentimental fool.
Just like your mother was.
Don't you dare speak about her like that!
She was kind and caring...
And foolish! Just like your father,
running through the woods chasing stories,
which will surely get him killed too.
Everyone knows
there is no such thing as elves.
That's not true.
And there is no such place as Elfhelm.
- [Aunt Carlotta screams]
- No!
[Aunt Carlotta] Get that thing
out of the house!
- No!
- [Aunt Carlotta] You little brat!
It's ruined.
Over the river,
under the moon,
up the pointy mountain,
past the sleeping giants...
Elfhelm. [exhales sharply]
[Aunt Ruth] And just like that,
Nikolas had a purpose.
A mission.
[gentle music playing]
[chuckles softly]
- [squeaking]
- [Nikolas sighs]
I'm going to find my father, Miika,
and give him the map.
But it's a long and dangerous journey
to the far north
with a high risk of death.
You don't have to come.
Sometimes I'm glad
you don't understand a word I say.
- Trees. Trees.
- [birds chirping]
[Aunt Ruth] And so the two friends
began their journey...
[Nikolas] Trees.
...away from misery
and towards the great unknown.
The far north.
[pleasant orchestral music playing]
[music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
[woman] Hey, boy.
[goose honking]
Good morning.
Where go you, mysterious boy
with a mouse on your shoulder?
I'm going to help my father.
He's part of an expedition
to the far north.
You're too small
to help anybody, little boy.
And the far north is a dangerous place.
- No, they've gone to find Elfhelm.
- [spits]
Never believe anything,
especially fairy tales
about magical towns
with tiny, happy people.
Fall off a bridge, boy. It'll hurt less.
[laughs hysterically]
[orchestral music playing]
[Aunt Ruth] With just the map
to guide him, Nikolas plowed on.
Cold and hungry.
[wind whistling]
The words of the old woman ringing
in his ears.
She's wrong, isn't she, Miika?
We'll find him. I know we will.
We just... [exhales]
We just have to get there.
This way.
[wind howling]
[flint striking]
- [Nikolas grunts]
- [flint striking]
[fire crackling]
Do you believe in magic, Miika?
Because I don't think I do anymore.
If there was a time where you could prove
that magic was true and real and amazing,
it would be this one.
[grunts, squeaks]
Mouse. Tree. Ball. Spoon. Huh.
Miika, you can talk.
Yeah, of course, I can talk.
And I can fly as well.
No, just kidding. No mice can fly.
- That'd be absurd.
- Why didn't you speak before?
I was waiting
until I could form a proper sentence,
which, with your one word at a time
teaching system, did take forever.
So, um, can we talk about
something very important?
- What's that?
- Cheese.
Does it exist?
I've never seen any.
That doesn't mean I don't believe in it.
Well, I'd rather taste it
than just believe in it.But, uh...
This is what you call a fire, is it?
[Miika] Trees.
We are walking...
We are walking among the snowy trees.
[Miika chuckles]
What's that? Oh, look, squirrel.
Dead, frozen squirrel.
Strange word, isn't it? Squirrel.
Hello, I'm a little squirrel.
[Miika sniffing]
What's the word
for, um, the really scary big thing
that has four legs
and sort of horns on its head?
- What's that... What's that word?
- I don't know. Reindeer?
- That's it. Yeah, a reindeer.
- Why'd you ask?
Oh, no reason except
one's charging straight at us!
- [hoofs thundering]
- [huffs]
- [Nikolas screams]
- [grunts]
- [Miika] Pick me up! Go, go, go!
- [grunting]
[Nikolas panting]
- [grunts]
- [panting, grunting]
Hold on, Miika.
[bellows ferociously]
[Nikolas yells]
[grunts, snorts]
- I think he's hurt.
- [Miika] So?
[snorts, groans]
Look, an arrow.
Ignore it. I'm pretty sure
it will just fall out on its own.
- Just leave it. It's not our problem.
- [Nikolas] I can't do that. [grunts]
- [Miika] Now it's our problem.
- [grunts]
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Calm down, boy. It's all right.
- [grunts, snorts]
[grunts, huffs]
[grunting, snorting]
- [huffs]
- [gasps]
Okay, I'm not gonna hurt you. Okay?
- Touch his face, yeah?
- Don't worry.
- [snorts]
- Shh.
- [reindeer grunts]
- Anders, the hunter.
[Nikolas grunts]
You ready? On three.
One, two... [grunts]
Don't worry. It's all right. It'sokay.
See? Nothing to worry about. [grunts]
Good boy. Have a nice day.
[Miika] Cheers, mate.
Well, that went
a lot better than expected.
Given I thought we were both gonna die.
[grunts gently, huffs]
[sweeping orchestral music playing]
[reindeer chuffing]
[hoofs treading]
[Nikolas] Shoo!
You don't want to come with us.
We have a long way still to go.
- You want me to climb on your back?
- [grunts]
- Sorry, what's happening?
- Is that a "yes" in reindeer?
- Let's go with no. How about that?
- I don't think we have a choice.
Why teach me to talk
if you're never gonna listen?
Don't. Definitely no...
Okay, we're climbing on.
[adventurous music playing]
[reindeer bellows]
[Nikolas] Look, Miika!
The very pointy mountain.
We're nearly there.
[wind whistling]
[Nikolas] I can't just call you reindeer.
I'll pick a name for you.
Oh, bad idea.
That's how I ended up with Miika.
When I was young, I used to go sledding
with my mom around Lake Blitzen.
How about that for a name?
[Miika] Which one?
Lake or Blitzen? Or... Or both?
Do you mean both?
That seems a bit much to me.
Onward, my faithful reindeer,
Lake Blitzen.
- Miika.
- [Miika] Huh?
[Nikolas] Look.
Sleeping giants.
- We're getting close.
- To what?
[Nikolas] Elfhelm.
My father.
[orchestral music playing]
[wind whooshing]
[Aunt Ruth] But on the other side
of the mountain,
they found only snow and more snow.
Elfhelm was nowhere in sight.
[Nikolas] I don't understand.
We must have made a wrong turn.
There's nothing here.
[Miika] Nothing here.
What do you mean nothing here?
Wasn't this the plan?
What are we gonna do, Nikolas? Wait.
Nikolas, what are we gonna do?
- Blitzen, over there!
- [Blitzen grunts]
[Aunt Ruth] And then
things took a turn for the worse.
- [Blitzen grunting]
- [Nikolas panting]
Is... Is that his knife?
[Aunt Ruth] Nikolas felt doubt
weighing him down.
[Aunt Ruth] The quest out of reach.
Nikolas, what's wrong?
I tried to find him, Miika,
but I couldn't.
[Aunt Ruth] The temperature plummeted.
I'm so tired.
[Aunt Ruth]
The air itself began to freeze.
[Miika] Nikolas.
[Aunt Ruth] Nikolas's heartbeat slowed,
each breath an effort.
[Miika] Nikolas.
[Aunt Ruth] He had done
everything he could.
But it wasn't enough.
What do you think? Should we leave
it there tonight? It's getting late.
I mean, I can come back next year.
I'm just kidding. I'll crack on.
[wind whooshing]
Nikolas was lying there in the snow,
frozen and forgotten.
Nikolas. Wake up, please.
Nikolas, hey.
[Aunt Ruth] When suddenly,
there was a noise.
- [bells tinkling]
- You hear that? Somebody's...
Somebody's coming closer.
Oh, they're here to help.
Nikolas, we're safe. We're...
[dramatic music playing]
No, we're doomed.
Look at his strange ears, Grandpapa.
Human ears can take a lot
of getting used to.
He's a human. Will he eat us?
Oh no, no. We're quite safe.
- But what about what happened...
- We must always help those in trouble.
Even if they are human.
- [crackling]
- [Nikolas gasps]
Where am I? Who are you?
I'm Little Noosh.
And I am Father Topo.
Noosh's great-great-grandfather,
if you can believe that.
Am I dead?
No, Grandpapa just worked
a little drimwick on you.
- What's a drimwick?
- Yeah, what's a drimwick?
A drimwick is a hope spell.
I hoped for you to be strong
and warm and always safe.
- Always safe? That's impossible.
- [gasps]
We... We never ever say that word.
Uh, an impossibility is only a possibility
that you don't understand yet.
But now we must get as far away
from you as possible.
And you must leave Elfhelm.
Elfhelm? The elf village?
But I'm not even there.
[giggles] You silly.
We're standing at the bottom
of the street of Seven Curves,
the longest street in Elfhelm.
I'm sorry. We're in the middle of nowhere.
There's just snow.
Is he blind?
He doesn't know how to see.
[Nikolas] Wait, I've risked everything
to find Elfhelm.
You have to let me see it. Just once.
To see something...
you must believe in it.
Really believe.
Go ahead.
Try your hardest,
and see if you can see what
it is you're searching for.
[wind whooshing]
[Father Topo] Go on.
[orchestral music playing]
[music intensifies]
[elves laughing]
[indistinct yelling]
[indistinct chatter]
[Miika] Wait a licking minute.
What is this?
- [Nikolas] Elfhelm.
- [Miika chuckles]
- [Miika] Look at it!
- It's incredible!
[Miika laughs]
Oh! I'm gonna be honest, kid.
I did not see this one working out for us.
Yes, and now you've seen our home,
please take your reindeer
and your mouse and... and go.
Whatever it is you're looking for,
you won't find it here.
I came to find my father. I traveled
a long way to give him this hat.
- [elf] Get out of the way! Move it.
- Quick. Shh!
We're already too late.
- In here.
- [guard] Get back to work!
- [clangs]
- Ooh.
Why are we hiding?
Not now.
- [Nikolas] Who's Little Kip?
- [Father Topo] What?
Who is Little Kip?
[little elf] Hey, you dippy!
We have to go.
[guard] Stop her!
- This way.
- [guard] Wipe that smile off your face!
Up there.
- [goat bleating]
- [Nikolas] I don't understand any of this.
I thoughtElfhelm was the happiest,
most magical place in the world.
- It was.
- And will be again.
That's what we in the Resistance believe.
- [whistles]
- The Resistance?
What do you mean, Resistance?
[Father Topo] Quick! In.
- [whistles]
- [elf whistles]
[door clangs close]
[Father Topo] Listen, human...
[soft thumping]
...when you go in there, just, um...
Well, you'll see.
Go where?
[thumping gets louder]
- [bell ringing in rhythm]
- Give me your hand.
[elf 1] Merry Christmas!
- [folk music playing]
- [laughter]
[elf 2] Give us another twirl!
[elf 1] Merry Christmas!
[elf 2] Merry Christmas!
[Father Topo] Well, there you have it.
[music continues]
- [elf 3] Merry!
- [goat bleating]
This is the Resistance.
To what? Sanity?
[elf 2] Merry, Merry, Christmas!
[elf 1] Merry Christmas!
Nikolas! Nikolas, what is this?
It's... It's cake city!
That's incredible.
Hey there, beautiful. [licks]
Wait there. I'll be right back.
[music continues]
No idea what
this Christmas thing is, but I love it.
Hey, Nikolas,
guess who just ate a chair. [yelps]
Oh, don't worry, sugar glass.
I'm fine and stuffed.
[Little Noosh] Help yourself.It's yummy.
- [Miika] I couldn't eat another thing.
- [elf 1] Merry Christmas!
- So good.
- Give me a bite.
- [Nikolas] Father Topo.
- Yeah. Hmm?
Did they just say Christmas?
Yes, this is a Christmas party.
What is Christmas?
That's the name my mother used to call me.
I beg your pardon.
Did you just say what is Christmas?
- Yes?
- Apologies for my friend.
He's a simpleton. A Christmas
is a city made of cakes, isn't it?
That's the saddest thing
I've ever heard in my entire life.
Christmas is the greatest day of all
because it is the kindest day of all.
And the brightest and the smiley-est.
A day when being openhearted
is the most important thing of all,
which is why
we won't let them take it from us.
[sputtering] Enough, Little Noosh.
It is time to talk of easier things.
Now we have told you our names,
but you have yet to tell us yours.
- Name's Miika. Okay.
- I'm Nikolas.
[laughs] Oh, that cheered me right up.
That sounds like Nekilas.
My word. Yes, it does.
Nekilas. Nekilas. [chuckles]
Nekilas. Bleh.
- Nekilas is bad because...
- [knocking on door]
It's a rather smelly sausage
only eaten by trolls.
- [door opens]
- Trolls exist too?
- [screaming] Raid!
- [elves gasp]
- Run! Run!
- [all screaming]
[elf] Run! Run!
Everybody, get down!
- You heard the elf. Get down.
- Don't you point that thing at me.
Sorry, Mum.
[dramatic music playing]
- What's going on?
- Shh! Shh!
- [loud thud]
- [gasps]
[door creaking]
- [clatters]
- [elves gasp]
- [clatters]
- [elves gasp]
[elves quavering]
[staff thuds]
So the rumors are true.
There are still elves that like to party.
- Mother Vodal...
- Quiet!
Have we learnt nothing?
Has the suffering of the past months
made us not a jot wiser?
Are the new rules to be completely igno...
[Miika sniffing]
Who or rather what is that?
- I'm...
- My name's Miika, Mum.
- Have you never seen a mouse before?
- I have. I wasn't addressing you.
My most humble apologies.
- I'm Nikolas.
- But it wasn't clear.
- I'm human.
- [elves gasp]
[elves murmuring]
I see that too. I just don't believe it.
Father Topo, unless I'm much mistaken,
which I never am,
you were at the last council meeting.
Yes. I was.
It was at that meeting that the new rules
for elves were introduced.
The most important
and least breakable being
that no humans
can ever, ever be brought here.
But I... I didn't bring him here.
[elves murmuring]
I found him.
- A whisker from death.
- Oh.
So I... I performed a... a small hope spell.
A drimwick.
[scoffs nervously]
On a human.
Little one.
- [whooshes]
- [angrily] You fool.
Who knows what power you've unleashed!
Please, it was the only way
I could save him.
Let us remember
the way things were before.
We are elves.
We... we use our powers for good.
What good is that
when we are under attack?
We must adapt.
We must send a clear message
that no outsiders
are allowed here anymore.
It was on this platform
that I was elected holder of the staff.
Ruler of Elfhelm.
But in fairness, Mother Vodal...
- Be quiet!
- [Father Topo yelps]
[elves scream]
Now, human, tell me why you came here.
- I came to look for my father.
- Your father?
Yes. He came to Elfhelm
to try and find something magical.
She doesn't need to know that.
Did he travel, by chance,
with a group of other men?
Yes. Have you seen him?
Did he actually make it to Elfhelm?
Oh, he was here all right.
He was one of them.
[chairs creaking]
- [staff thuds]
- [chairs crash]
- [elves gasp]
- [whooshing]
What did you do to him?
I trusted him.
We all did.
And why not?
A human had visited us once before...
too briefly.
And her stay brought us such joy.
For years we waited ready to welcome
any otherswho found their way toElfhelm
to show them good will,
which these men proved
was just another name for weakness.
What are youtalking about?
I'm speaking,
of course, of poor Little Kip.
Who's Little Kip?
Little Kip's parents are here.
You can ask them yourself.
Please tell me. What did these men do?
Speak! Answer him!
- They took our boy.
- They kidnapped Little Kip.
No! You must be wrong.
My father would never do such a thing.
And yet he did.
Which is why at the election,
I put myself forward
with the motto, "Elves for Elves."
No more silly parties
where we let our guards down.
No more wanton carelessness.
No more singing.
And an outright ban on spickle dancing!
[elves gasp]
No more kindness.
No more joy.
[staff thuds]
No more Christmas.
Guards! Take him to the tower!
[guard] Move it.
Give me that.
- Miika.
- Yeah.
- Get out of here while you still can.
- No, I'm not gonna leave you.
We don't know what's waiting
for us in that dark tower.
[Miika] I'm not gonna...
Wait, what could be up there?
It could be torture,
dismemberment, or even death.
[guard] What's that? Hey!
- Nikolas!
- [Nikolas] Miika!
[guard] He's smuggling a mouse!
Move it! You're on your own now.
[breathes deeply]
[wind whooshing]
- [guard] Get through that door.
- [Nikolas grunts]
[mechanical whirring]
[Nikolas] Where are you taking me?
[guard] Get in!
Please, if I could just find my father,
I'm sure he'd clear it all up.
- Please, I'm telling the truth!
- [female voice laughing]
- [fluttering]
- Please, I'm telling the truth. [laughs]
You don't know
the first thing about truth.
Nobody does.
My lonely heart is the proof.
Um, are you an elf?
No, gross. I'm a pixie.
Truth Pixie.
You must be lying. There's no such thing.
I can't lie. I'm a truth pixie.
That gets me into trouble.
That and making people's heads explode,
but I mean...
Wait, what?
Okay, so what I do is I slip ahewlip leaf
into someone's mouth,
and 12 seconds later,
they explode. [laughing]
Look, I need to find my father.
Could you help me?
I could, but I don't want to.
I told you I never lie,
and saving your father doesn't sound fun.
How about Little Kip?
What do you know about him?
He's got a funny name.
- Humans kidnapped him...
- No, it's all a big misunderstanding.
If I could find my father,
I'm sure he'd clear it all up.
Argh! What a boring idea.
Good thing we're locked up in here.
- Oh yes, hold this.
- What?
- Ouch!
- [laughing] I'm calling them crackers.
Not quite as potent as hewlip,
but plenty of trouble in the right hands.
- What was that for?
- Waking up the troll.
- What troll?
- The one right behind you.
[troll grunts]
- [Truth Pixie giggling]
- [sniffing]
- Huh?
- [Nikolas gasps]
[breathing heavily]
- [roaring]
- [grunts]
I would recommend
you squeeze the head until it pops,
suck out all the juicy bits
and then work your way down to the toes.
[screams] Are you insane?
I'm sorry. It just comes out.
- [growls]
- Ahh! Can you help me, please?
[Nikolas] I thought
you have to tell the truth. [grunts]
I do have one hewlip leaf left,
but I'm saving up something special.
[Nikolas] This is special.
I'm being eaten!
[troll grunting]
- Okay, fine.
- [troll grunting]
[Truth Pixie grunts]
[Nikolas grunts]
[Truth Pixie grunts]
- Grab it!
- [grunts]
- Shove it in his mouth!
- Aah!
- [laughs]
- [grunts]
Nine, eight, seven, six...
Hold my hand.
- [giggling]
- [whooshes]
[Truth Pixie] Three, two...
- [explosion]
- [Nikolas screams]
[both screaming]
We're flying!
More like not dropping.
Have you been exposed to magic recently?
I was drimwicked,
but I'm not sure what that means.
A drimwick is a boring type of elf magic.
It only works
if you're thinking of something good.
I was thinking about people and things
I love, my mother, my father, and Miika.
- Who's Miika?
- He's my mouse friend.
How fun! I've never
blown up a mouse before. [chuckles]
[screams] Now what's happening?
[Truth Pixie] I think
I spoiled the moment.
[Nikolas] I'm picturing beautiful things.
[Truth Pixie] I'm thinking
of a dead mouse.
[Nikolas] Now that's all
I can picture too!
[Truth Pixie grunting]
[guard 1] Where are they? Where are they?
- [guard 2] Come along quickly!
- [guard 3] Move!
- Hurry up.
- Out of the way.
[guard 1] Anyone seen them?
- Come on.
- Why?
- [guard 1] Where are they?
- Oh, yoo-hoo! Hi! We're up here!
- [Nikolas] What are you doing?
- On the roof. There they are.
[muffled yell]
- No! How about just not saying anything?
- I wish I could.
[Nikolas panting]
You know how many people want
to be friends
with someone who only speaks the truth?
- Not many?
- Not any, human boy.
Listen, I really can't keep
calling you human boy,
even though you're
a particularly perfect example of one.
Let's be honest, I'm not in a position
to be turning away friend material.
So, new friend, what should I call you?
My mom used to call me Christmas,
but everyone else calls me Nikolas.
In conclusion,
humans are dangerous animals
and can never be trusted.
[door opens]
So, what would we do
if we ever saw a human?
[girl screams]
That's absolutely right.
[all screaming]
Please, you have to help me escape.
Strictly speaking, you don't.
I am duty-bound to protect my students
from those who would do them harm,
like the humans who kidnapped Little Kip.
- [bell tolls]
- No, please.
If you help me escape,
I'll find Little Kip
and I'll bring him back to Elfhelm.
- [knocking on door]
- [guard] Open this door.
Please. I'm telling the truth.
[banging on door]
[guard] Open up! That's an order!
- Stand back!
- Why?
[grunts] Hurry!
[gasps, squeals]
[teacher] Go! Bring back Little Kip!
[adventurous music playing]
[Truth pixie chuckling]
[guard yelling]
That's it!
Any humans in here?
Um, can I be excused?
- What about you? You a human?
- No.
We're good here.
- [yells]
- [thuds on ground]
[guard] Look in all the houses!
[guards yelling indistinctly]
This way.
- [guard 1] This way.
- [guard 2 yelling]
- Nikolas!
- [grunts]
It's okay. I know this reindeer.
- [bellows]
- [Nikolas] Thanks, Noosh.
Hello, boy. I missed you too.
- [guard 3] There they are!
- Oh no.
- We got them!
- Time to move.
- Don't let them get away!
- Hurry up!
- [Nikolas] Grab hold!
- Come on, let's go!
- Go on, Blitzen.
- Move it, kid!
Good luck, smelly sausage!
[Miika] Nikolas! Up here!
- [Nikolas] Miika, I missed you.
- I missed you with all my heart.
- Miika, meet Truth Pixie.
- Sorry, who is this?
[Mother Vodal] No! Do not let him escape!
[guard yells]
- [panting]
- Bit big for a pixie.
- Excuse me?
- Guys, not now.
Who's this knob? Another new friend?
- [grunting]
- [yelps]
[guards yelling]
- [whooshes]
- [yells]
[guard] Stop him!
[Nikolas] Blitzen, this way.
- [Truth Pixie] No, he's got me!
- Duck!
- Got him!
- [Nikolas] Nearly there!
- Oh no.
- [guard 1] Got you now.
- [guard 2] Get down!
- [guard 3] Get down!
- [guard 4] We've cornered them all.
- [grunts]
[guard 5] Form a circle.
- [Truth Pixie] They're everywhere.
- That's it, lads.Tighten the noose!
- [guard] Get down. Now!
- [Blitzen grunts]
They have no idea
how exhausting being this powerful is.
[Mop] Stop!
Do they capture him?
- I'm sorry?
- Does he die?
- Stop now if that happens. Stop right now.
- We couldn't handle it.
You could, you know.
You can handle anything
because you've already handled everything.
Nikolas was surrounded.
Every direction they looked,
elves blocked their escape.
I can't get caught again.
Lucky for you,
I've got more tricks up my sleeve.
And by tricks, I mean improvised
homemade explosives.
- Wait, what?
- Well, grab them!
[explosive whistling, whooshing]
- Miika, cover your ears.
- Why?
- [guard] Get down!
- [Mother Vodal grunts]
- Blitzen, go!
- [guard] Watch out! They're right here!
- [Nikolas grunts]
- [exploding]
- Gates! Get the gates!
- [guard 1] Yes, Mother Vodal!
- [guard 2] Stop!
- [Nikolas] We're not gonna make it.
What are you doing?
- [Truth Pixie grunts]
- [clanging]
I'll hold the gate. You go.
- No, I can't go without you.
- We really can.
- [Mother Vodal] Go!
- [guard] Forward.
You should go.
This one's gonna be loud. [grunts]
- [Truth Pixie chuckles]
- [Mother Vodal] Get them!
- Go! Go! Find your father.
- [Blitzen grunts]
[Mother Vodal] No! No! It's going to blow!
[Blitzen bellows]
[Truth Pixie laughing]
[Mother Vodal screaming]
- [Nikolas] Come on, Blitzen.
- [Mother Vodal] Don't let him go!
Break it in, you fools!
What are you doing?
[orchestral music playing]
[Aunt Ruth] All day
the three friends searched
over mountains, and streams,
and lakes frozen solid.
[Blitzen snorting]
[Aunt Ruth] Somewhere
in the vast wilderness,
Nikolas hoped to find his father
and solve the mystery...
- [Nikolas] Whoa, Blitzen.
- [Aunt Ruth] ...of the lost elf child.
[Nikolas grunts]
[Blitzen bellows]
[wind whistling]
[birds cawing]
- Hey, Miika.
- Yeah.
- Look at this.
- Thread. Any idea where it leads?
- No, but it's got to lead to somewhere.
- [Blitzen grunts]
That's reassuring.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Miika sniffing]
Little Kip.
[exhales sharply]
[chain clinking]
- [bird fluttering, cawing]
- [snow whooshing]
I know you're scared. I am too.
I'm here to help.
[men laughing]
- [man 1] Easiest catch I've ever made.
- [man 2] I know.
- [man 3] Just like catching a rabbit?
- [men laugh]
- [Miika] Lots of birds here.
- [Nikolas] Shh.
- [man] He is swift.
- [Miika] Just saying.
[man 1] You've all
tasted a rabbit, I suspect.
Depends which promise you want to keep,
the one to your king
or the one to your son. [laughs]
[men laughing]
[man 2] It's not long now.
You better be quiet or...
- [bow squeaks]
- [Nikolas gasps]
Don't move a muscle.
Who are you?
Tell me or you're dead.
I'm just lost in the forest.
I'm not causing any trouble.
You're up to something. Tell me what,
or I'll put an arrow through you.
Hey, what's going on here?
I found this boy wandering around.
What are you doing here, boy? Who are you?
- [man 1] What are you doing here?
- [man 2] Who are you, boy?
- [gasps]
- You're Joel's son.
[Nikolas] My father. Where is he?
It's you?
- Papa. Papa.
- [sobbing]
[Joel] How are you here?
[Nikolas] I came to look for you. [sighs]
You didn't tell me
you were kidnapping an elf.
You said you were gonna find proof
of Elfhelm.
Yeah, what could be better proof
than a real-life elf, eh?
They must have made you do it, Papa.
Please tell me that's what happened.
- It's for our own good,Nikolas.
- No.
The king asked for hope.
What's hopeful about this?
We can take the elf back to Elfhelm.
Back to his home.
The elves will be happy.
They might even give you a reward.
All of you.
[men laugh]
Being good
is better than being rich, Papa.
Better than anything.
And if you've forgotten that...
you've forgotten Mama.
I'm getting you out of here, Kip.
- That's it! That's it! You gotta talk...
- [rattling cage]
- Joel, get out of the way.
- He's my son.
He's trying to help the elf escape.
- Then we'll tie him up too.
- Papa.
- So tight he can't run anywhere.
- Papa!
- Quiet!
- [dogs barking]
Okay, fine. Tie him up.
- Tie the reindeer up as well.
- Papa, what? Papa!
[sobbing] Papa! Papa, please!
[Blitzen bellowing]
- [Nikolas] Blitzen!
- [man 1] Steady!
- Easy!
- [Nikolas] Leave him alone!
- [man 2] Get hold.
- [man 3] Hold it. Hold it.
[huffing, grunting]
Hurt my friend,
and I'll bite your eyeball.
You did it. You got him to talk!
Yeah, he did. He's amazing.
Don't look at me like that, son.
I'm doing my best.
This is your best?
I'll be honest with you.
You can judge a person's character
if the first time you meet them,
- they try and kill you with...
- Be quiet, Miika.
An ax.
[owl hooting]
[snow whooshing]
[Miika snoring]
[soft thudding]
[Nikolas exhales sharply]
- [gasps]
- Shh, shh.
- [whispering] Stay calm. [grunts]
- What are you doing?
- You're following me.
- [Miika] No. No. Why would we do that?
Hey, Nikolas!
[chain clinking]
That was a terrible idea you had
coming here, running away, all of it.
But you're my son,
and I'm on your side no matter what.
Why are you smiling?
There's goodness in you after all.
[Joel] Come on, Little Kip.
- [grunts]
- Here's the plan.
I want you to take the reindeer
and get Kip back to Elfhelm.
Then keep going south and don't stop
until you've reached the cabin.
- [arrow whizzing]
- [gasps]
- [man 1] They're escaping.
- Go, go, go!
- [man 1] They're getting away!
- [men yelling]
- [man 2] Get up! Wake up, men!
- Nikolas.
- [man 3] Hurry! Joel!
- Go, son!
- Not without you.
- [man 4] Hurry up!
Everybody up! Up, up, up!
Come on! Go, go, go!
- They're escaping.
- [man 5] They've got the elf.
Joel! Nikolas!
I won't miss this time!
Faster, Blitzen. Faster!
- [man 1] Closer!
- [dogs barking]
[man 2] Joel, we had a deal!
[arrows whizzing]
[man 3] Don't let them get away!
[man 4] They're getting away!
- [man 2] Run! Joel!
- [dogs barking]
We've got to go faster!
[dogs barking]
- We're not going fast enough, Blitzen!
- [whooshing]
[Joel] Nikolas, up ahead!
[hoofs thundering]
[dramatic music playing]
[dogs barking]
- Come on, Blitzen! There's magic in you!
- [whooshing]
That's it, boy! You're doing it!
I'm weighing you down!
[Nikolas] We're nearly there!
Go on, Blitzen!
Please, fly, Blitzen! Fly!
- No, Papa!
- I love you, Nikolas.
- No, Papa!
- You have so much good to give.
It's better than anything.
[Nikolas] No, Papa!
Papa, no! Papa!
Papa, please!
Papa, no!Papa, no!
Papa! Papa!
- That's the worst story I've ever heard.
- Well, I haven't finished.
There's no way you can get to
happy ending from here.
I don't have to.
Happiness isn't compulsory,
and... and nothing ever ends.
Well, Merry Christmas, everyone.
[Mop] But, Aunt Ruth?
What is it, Moppet?
Poor Nikolas.
I know. The pain he felt was incredible.
[somber music playing]
[wind whooshing]
[Aunt Ruth] Grief is
the price we pay for love,
and worth it a million times over.
I'm so sorry.
[Aunt Ruth] But now, the time had come
for Nikolas to make things right
and bring Little Kip back home to Elfhelm.
- [motivational music playing]
- [Blitzen grunts]
[grunting, chuffing]
I know you must think my father
was a bad human,
but there's good too.
Humans are complicated.
[breathes deeply]
[Aunt Ruth] Nikolas found
Elfhelm's streets deserted.
- Not an elf in sight.
- [staff thudding]
- [loud thud]
- [elves gasp]
Mother Harkers,
for heinous crimes against elf kind,
you are herewith banished for life.
You can punish us,
but you can never take away the ground
on which we stand.
- [whooshing]
- [elves gasp]
- [staff thuds]
- This is our home.
[Mother Vodal] Enough!
Banished! You're all banished.
You can't do this.
[Mother Vodal] I just have.
We can't have you here threatening
our safety, disrupting our lives.
Have we already forgotten
the lessons of poor Little Kip?
[door opens]
- Why don't you ask him yourself?
- [elves gasp]
[elves murmuring]
[elves gasp]
I'm not going to make a big speech.
[elf coughing]
[smacks lips] Well, I guess that's it.
If Little Kip is alive...
well, then... hope is alive.
- [elf] Thank goodness.
- [all applauding]
[Mother Vodal] Wait.
Put him down. Bring him back.
Hip hip for Kip!
Adapt. Adapt. We must adapt.
- Wait! I command you!
- [cheering]
[victorious music playing]
[knocking on door]
[clears throat]
- What did he say?
- Nothing yet. He just knocked.
Still exciting though.
[bell dinging]
What is it?
Oh, my baby!
[all cheering, applauding]
I am sorry, Mum.
Yes, we'll talk about that
when your father comes home.
You found your father, didn't you?
[sighs] Listen.
[inhales] The only thing in life
that is simple and clear is the truth.
But it can be painful.
Does the pain ever go away?
You couldn't just lie once?
But you learn to live with it.
And you get stronger because of it.
And that's the truth. [chuckles]
[indistinct chatter]
[Father Topo] I don't fully understand
how you actually did it.
Take me through it from the...
You saved our child.
- Anyone could have done it.
- But only you did.
Don't be a hero. Take the win.
We are simple top makers.
He's being humble.
Their tops are top-notch.
To show our appreciation,
we'd like to offer you a selection
of our finest wares.
I only ever had one toy.
It was a turnip doll.
- My mama made it for me.
- It's a very sad story.
- He ate it.
- We've all done things we regret.
Only one toy.
Playing with it
made me feel happy and loved.
It's more than any one kid needs.
- Wait.
- What is it?
Could you make more? Lots, lots more.
- Of course...
- We'll need anything you have.
Shiny things,
stacking things, things that wind up.
- I'll need to borrow this curtain too.
- Could you be kidnapping another elf?
- No, bigger. Much, much bigger.
- We're opening a curtain shop?
- [Father Topo] Right. Come on.
- And we haven't much time!
- And I haven't much cheese.
- Why didn't you say so? I make my own.
Marry me.
[orchestral music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Miika] It's all right, everyone.
I'm powering the wheel. [grunting]
[tools clanking]
[elf] And the wheel is on the side.
- Thank you. It's perfect.
- [elf] Bring the wheels.
That's it, everyone. You're doing great.
Keep up the good work.
Amazing. Thank you.
Missed a spot. Try again.
I've... I've seen worse.
[inhales, blows]
- Thank you.
- I wish you could see this, Mama.
It's everything you hoped for.
It's a five-minute warning, everyone.
- Five minutes!
- Freshly painted.
Blue for peace,
red for joy,
green for wonder, and yellow because
it makes my eyes tickle.
Do you like it?
Is it a bit garish?
- I think it's perfect.
- Love it.
That reindeer's not going to drive itself.
All right, everyone, it's time.
We haven't got long.
[clicking, whirring]
[elf 1] Merry Christmas!
[elf 2] Merry Christmas!
- [Father Topo] Here, take this.
- No, I couldn't.
You're one of us now.
We can't have you representing Elfhelm
dressed all shoddily, can we?
- [Miika chuckles]
- They look up to you, you know.
We all do.
And not just because you're
so freakishly tall.
- Ha!
- [sniffles]
Go on.Elfhelm's your home now.
Get out there. Make us proud.
[grunts] This is it.
- Thanks for everything.
- [Father Topo] Fly safely.
We got it from here. See you soon.
[Father Topo] We're counting on it.
- Stop!
- [elves gasp]
- [gasps]
- [grunts]
- [grunts]
- [elves gasp]
[all gasp]
That human must not be allowed
to leave Elfhelm.
- [whooshes]
- [grunts]
So he bought us back the little elf child.
Hooray for that.
But what is one boy when held against
an entire community?
[Mother Vodal] We must not allow
what we have gained
to make us blind to what we may lose.
Our home.
Our culture.
[exhales sharply]
No, it can't be..
...where did you get that pendant?
Where did you get that?
My mother.
She wore it all her life.
I never thought I'd see it again.
Long ago...
a human girl wandered into our village...
tired and lost.
We took her in.
She was loving and kind and full of hope.
She became our friend...
my friend...
until the day the snows melted,
and she returned to her home in the South.
Her pockets full of chocolates.
That's where
all my chocolates went. [chuckles]
As I recall, Dimelza,
there was a time
you loved humans more than most.
- But she left without a word.
- [Nikolas] She never did forget.
My mother told me the story
of Elfhelm every night.
It was always with her.
[inhales sharply]
We called her Lumi.
[chuckling] Lumi.
The girl who came, but couldn't stay long.
I see her.
I can see her in you.
[Nikolas] My mother told me Elfhelm
was the most hopeful,
happiest place in the world.
And it should be that again,
especially on Christmas.
The day she named me after.
She called you...
She called you Christmas.
[Father Topo] We still have some time
before the big day.
We could make it the best one ever.
- [chuffing]
- Ready, old friend?
Born ready.
You meant the reindeer, didn't you?
[elves cheering]
[Nikolas] Faster, Blitzen, faster!
[Blitzen snorting]
[Truth Pixie] See you soon, friend!
Happy flying, Father Christmas!
[orchestral music playing]
[Miika laughing]
[Nikolas] There, Blitzen! Down there!
[wind howling]
[grunting softly]
[Nikolas grunts]
- [snorts]
- [Nikolas yells]
[Miika groans]
[Miika] I think I bent my tail.
Who are you?
What's in that bag?
Hope and magic and wonder.
Wait, the thing you've been searching for,
the discovery that can relight the spark.
Oh that.
I've pretty much given up on that.
You see enough horses with horns stuck
to their head, you get a little cynical.
Stop saying that.
I don't think
there's anyone's there anyway.
Just have a look, please.
[inhales deeply]
All right, fine. Show me.
[King] Hmm.
It's not very magical.
How does it work?
[orchestral music playing]
Oh. [laughs]
[Nikolas] We'll start there.
[music continues]
Do kings give leg ups?
[King] This one does.
[rumbling, thud]
[whispering] How did you get in?
- What now?
- Watch.
[King] Ho, ho, ho!
[Aunt Ruth] Nikolas showed the king
that it's not about the presents.
Although they are wonderful.
It's about what's behind them.
[whispering] Here's one.
[Aunt Ruth] We give what we have
to show that we care.
[Aunt Ruth] And then
we all share in the joy.
[goose honking]
[Aunt Ruth] And that joy
can grow into hope
one house at a time
and spread throughout the land.
I asked for something new.
You've brought me something
we'd forgotten we already had.
Thank you.
- Well, good luck with it all.
- [Miika] Cheers.
- Where do you think you're going?
- My work here is done. So...
Done? Done?
I've given you the idea.
I've shown you how it works.
- So now I must appoint someone to run it.
- Great.
Great. When can you start?
I hardly know you,but it seems to me
that if anyone deserves the infinite joy
of loving and being loved,
it's you, my young friend.
Besides, it's just just one day a year.
What shall we call it?
That's easy.
Nikolas and Miika the talking mouse day.
Any other ideas?
[hoofs thundering]
[orchestral music playing]
[Blitzen bellows]
You know who else could use
some magic to believe in?
- [Aunt Carlotta] Bandit!
- [King] Come on!
- [Aunt Carlotta] Bandit!
- [Nikolas grunts]
- Intruder!
- [King] Let's go!
[Aunt Carlotta gasps]
[Nikolas] Hey, Aunt Carlotta!
It's me, Nikolas.
I'm flying on a reindeer,
and my mouse talks now.
- And look, we brought our mate, the King.
- Hello!
- Hi.
- [Blitzen grunts]
I just came back
to tell you magic is real.
It is. It really is.
- [whispering] Pocket.
- Oh yeah, check your pocket.
[Aunt Carlotta] Oh.
[King laughs]
Thank you, Nikolas!
[Aunt Ruth] The sack
was nearly empty of toys,
but for Nikolas,
the adventure was just beginning.
And so it was that a king,
a mouse,
a reindeer,
and a boy called Christmas
disappeared back into the sky.
I don't get it.
Maybe next year.
- Come on. It's simple. Use the...
- Wait, wait, I can figure it out.
- I've got it.
- [chuckles]
[switch clicks]
[exhales] Can we have
another story again soon?
Mmm, well, anytime you need one.
- How about tomorrow?
- [laughs]
Hey, what are you guys doing up?
It's way past your bedtime.
I think next year we can let
Father Christmas do his thing.
- Okay. Well, how about...
- Dad.
[fire crackling]
[gentle music playing]
[Dad] I didn't...
- I didn't...
- It's always the way.
The darkest night will end.
The sun will rise,
and Christmas mornings will come again
when anything and everything can happen.
- [Dad] I...
- [Aunt Ruth chuckles]
Mommy would have loved this.
She's never gonna come back, is she?
No, but you are the best memory
of her now.
[inspirational music playing]
- [girl] Aunt Ruth.
- Yes?
Is that really how Christmas
properly began?
Oh, it must be, it must be.
You see, I never lie.
[door closes]
- [festive music playing]
- [rattling]
[sighs] Mm-hmm.
[click, crackling]
[whistling, bursting]
[festive music playing]
[music continues]
[slow instrumental music playing]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[gentle instrumental music playing]