A Bramble House Christmas (2017) Movie Script

No, I realize it's hard
to place a new healthcare aide
around the holidays,
but anything you have...
[doorbell rings]
Really, anything at all.
I appreciate it.
[knocking on door]
Thank you so much.
Scout, homework.
After this chapter.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Willa Fairchild?
- Yes?
- Registered mail.
- Oh. Thank you.
Buddy, I'm serious.
Everyday Sam's
best friend's dog
was kidnapped,
and it's not the first one
in the neighborhood.
What in the world?
What's a Notice to Bene...?
Beneficiaries and Claimants.
What does that mean?
Mr. Conrad left me
something in his will.
After he died?
What did he leave?
MAN: A hundred thousand dollars?
WOMAN: Mm-hm.
Who is this person?
Her name is Willa Fairchild.
She was Dad's nurse
during his last few months.
And he left her
a hundred grand, and left us...
Uh, "something much more
valuable than money."
"Dear Willa,
"I can't thank you enough
for everything you did for me.
"You and Scout are very lucky
to have each other.
"You made the right decision
to put your family first.
"You gave your son
a second chance.
Now it's your turn."
This has to be
a mistake.
Leaving us when we were kids
wasn't enough, huh?
Never calling,
never reaching out,
and now this?
Look, I get it, okay?
He didn't call
when he was sick.
He didn't reach out.
He didn't want us to know.
Or maybe she kept him
from reaching out.
The nurse!
He drew up
a brand-new will,
days before he died,
and he left the entire estate
to her?
Come on, you hear
about these caregivers taking
advantage of their patients
all the time.
Finn, I...
What other explanation
could there be?
That we were never in the will,
and we were never going to be.
Look, Finn,
there's something else
you need to know.
It appears that our father
arranged for this nurse
to have
an all-expense paid vacation
to a bed and breakfast
called Bramble House in Oregon,
two weeks over Christmas.
No. No.
[starts car]
"Don't wait till it's too late
"like I did
"to figure out
what you want in life.
"Be Scout's example.
Promise me."
What does that mean?
It means
that he's an incredibly
thoughtful man.
What if...
what if I'm not
all the way better yet?
Okay, so the doctors said
you can do anything you want
now, right?
So we will just take it
at your speed.
maybe Mr. Conrad is right.
We both got a second chance,
and we shouldn't waste it.
Maybe this could be
the Christmas we deserve
after everything
we've been through
the last two years.
What do you say?
FINN: Yeah, so,
I, uh, I talked to the lawyer,
and she said that if we want
to contest the will,
that we need to prove
that the nurse used
"undue influence or deception"
to get the money,
and we need to do it
before the end of the year,
December 31st.
How would we do that?
Well, I'm having her draw up
an injunction
to stop the will
from getting paid out,
and I'm going
to go confront this nurse
and tell her to back off,
or we will take her to court,
and we will win.
Do you really want to do that?
He's still our father.
I mean,
don't we have to find out
if this woman
was taking advantage of him?
I can't rest
unless I look her in the eye
and find out the truth.
It's Christmas time
There's a thousand lights
and they're shining brightly
SCOUT: Everyday Sam found out
who kidnapped
the neighborhood dogs,
but now,
the kidnapper has him!
How exciting!
Hey, buddy,
I don't think
that you have looked up
since we left the airport.
Why don't you check out
your window?
Look at the sky!
Look how clear the air is!
How much longer till Bramble?
Merry Christmas
And here's to all of us
a Happy New Year
It's pretty different
than the city, huh?
And everyone
a Happy New Year
Scout, isn't this beautiful?
Oh, look at
all of those lights.
Oh, the lights...
Oh! Um, can we help you
with that?
I'm fine, thank you.
We have four hands.
Oh, are you Willa and Scout?
I'm Mable, Mable Bramble,
your host.
Welcome. Please,
come in, come in.
Oh, this is just
the worst time of year...
to be on the injured list.
How did you do it?
Horseback riding.
It's just not Christmas
until the tree is trimmed.
I think it looks beautiful,
and you know,
we can help.
You can just put us
to work.
My mom loves to decorate.
Absolutely not.
You're my guests.
All right,
let's find this register,
and then
I'll give you the tour.
My family's lived here
for 130 years.
It'll be you,
our town Santa,
and then
just one other guest.
Those pictures...
they're of my relatives,
who founded Bramble
after Oregon was settled.
Did they all live
in this house?
They sure did!
All right, let's continue.
We have games for
those extra snowy days.
We have skates
in lots of sizes
for the rink that's
just down the road.
In the afternoons,
I leave treats.
Hot chocolate,
Welcome to Bramble House.
This is magic!
I read that there's a hike
that starts right out
in back of Bramble House.
What do you think?
Hey, buddy...
I love how much you read,
but we came somewhere
entirely new.
So let's get outside
and have some adventures, okay?
What do you think
if we go get some marshmallows
and roast them
in the outdoor fire pit?
It's so good.
Hey, Mom?
Will Santa know we're here?
Yes. I wrote him
a letter.
You know,
I'm fine with just his presents
this year.
You don't have to
get me extra.
Why do you say that?
Well, you don't have
a job right now, so...
You don't need to worry
about that, okay?
Everything is going
to be fine.
[laptop clicks shut]
It's beginning to look
a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go
Take a look
at the five-and-10
It's glistenin'
once again
With candy canes
and silver lanes that glow
It's beginning to look
a lot like Christmas
Toys in every store
But the prettiest
sight to see
Is the holly
that will be
On your own front door
And the thing
that'll make 'em ring
Is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart
[door creaks open]
Oh, hey.
Sorry I'm so late.
I couldn't find
a gas station,
and then I lost
my GPS signal
out on those back roads.
Uh, this is Bramble House,
And you're Mable?
No, I'm Willa.
Um, I'm just a guest.
I'm Willa Fairchild.
Mable, I think,
already went to bed,
but I can figure out
how to check you in.
You're Willa Fairchild...
She probably
left you a...
key, right here...
she probably wouldn't want me
just handing it
to a stranger.
Let me make sure
that she has your name
in the book.
what is your name?
Uh, it's Finn.
You're right here.
Then you are
who you say you are.
I'll show you up.
Actually, I need to...
I need to ask you a question.
Okay, I'm not sure
I'm going to be able
to answer it.
No, I think you can.
I think...
Miss Fairchild...
I woke up, and
I couldn't find you.
WILLA: I'm so sorry.
You were in a strange place
all by yourself.
I'm sorry.
Can I take you
back to bed?
This is Finn.
He's a new guest
at Bramble House.
Can you say hi?
Okay, let's go.
Grab your stuff.
I'll show you your room.
I didn't want to turn on
the light and wake you up.
But Mom?
Was that guy from last night...
was his full name
Finn Knightly?
He's the illustrator
of Everyday Sam!
He's staying here?
Can we ask him
about his next book?
Maybe he'll be
at breakfast.
Come on!
SCOUT: Mom! Look!
[Willa laughs]
Well, hi there.
Mable said the town Santa
was staying here. Hi.
Hi. I'm Willa,
and this is my son, Scout.
Well, hiya, Scout.
Nice to meet you.
You know,
my real name is Ken.
Did you know
that Santa had helpers
all over the world
collecting Christmas wishes
from kids?
Well, my favorite thing
in the whole world to do
is hear those wishes.
You got yours yet?
My Christmas wish
already came true.
[Ken gasps]
SCOUT: But...
maybe there's a few toys
I could add in?
Sure thing,
and I'll get them
to the big guy,
but here's my question.
Does anyone else smell bacon?
Your favorite!
Let's go get some.
Mable, let me help
you with that.
No, no, no, no,
I'm fine.
Thank you for asking.
Well, this is amazing.
Everything looks delicious.
Can I get anybody
coffee? Tea?
We roasted some
last night, and...
Did you put the garland
on the steps too?
WILLA: I couldn't sleep.
Fixing things up
relaxes me.
I do the decorations,
and the dessert.
What you did
was very thoughtful.
Don't do it again.
WILLA: Yes, ma'am.
She's tough.
Not too tough.
We grew up together.
I've been living in Portland
for the last 20 years,
but I always come back
to Bramble to be Santa.
She's just mad
that she hurt herself
ice skating.
Ice skating?
She told me horseback riding.
Oh, she's always been
a slippery one.
[Willa laughs]
Hi! Good morning.
I'm Ken.
Hey. Finn. Morning.
Good morning!
My son has discovered
that you are
the illustrator
of one of his favorite books.
He's a huge Everyday Sam fan.
Is that so?
I read the first 10 books twice,
and I'm on the 11th.
Are you here
working on the next one?
I am, um...
actually, the one that
comes out next Christmas.
I'm doing some sketching
later today in the park, um...
if you'd like
to check it out?
Oh, thank you,
but no.
We're, um,
planning a...
Mellow day.
You guys don't want to miss
the Christmas Stroll.
The Christmas Stroll?
Mr. Conrad said
it was awesome.
KEN: Yes,
and it starts today.
And I can always use help
with a stand-in for Sam
when I'm drawing.
You'd actually be doing me
a huge favor.
I get to be Sam?
Well, I guess
we'll be joining you.
This place'll be great
for your book, right?
It's beautiful.
What should I do?
why don't you go stand
with those carolers
over there?
Pretend you're singing.
Is it all right?
As long as you stay
where I can... see you.
Don we now
our gay apparel
Fa la la, la la la
la la la...
[Willa laughs]
I'm sorry,
I don't mean to disturb you.
No, no, not at all.
Please, have a seat.
I'm just roughing it out.
Yeah, yeah,
come on, chat.
You have a great job...
getting to go
to beautiful places
and always having
a way to record them.
Yeah, it is.
What about you?
What do you do?
It's nothing as glamorous
as that.
I've been working
as a health aide.
FINN: A nurse?
WILLA: Not quite.
I did all the coursework,
but, um, just...
What, you didn't
want to finish?
it's complicated.
I'm sorry,
I don't know your situation,
so it must be...
You must meet
some pretty
interesting characters
along the way, huh?
Any that stick out?
I'm sorry,
I can't really talk
about my patients.
Oh, yeah, no.
Of course.
I was just thinking
that, you know...
they must really
depend on you
and open up.
Is it kind of like that?
Mr. Knightly, I...
I'm Finn, please,
and yeah, I know...
I'm being nosy,
but it's just kind of
part of my job description,
kind of to hear people's stories
so I can portray them
in my work,
and you do something
I don't know anything about,
It is sort of like that.
everyone has a story,
when people are laid up
or they're hurting,
and you get them
one on one,
they do tend to open up.
What kind of stuff
do they say?
[she laughs]
I know. Okay.
I heard it.
Well, I just think
that you seem like
the kind of person
that, uh, a lot of people
would like to talk to.
There's a chocolate shop
over there,
and Mr. Conrad says
they have the best
hot chocolate here.
They do?
Well, then
let's go get some!
Um... it was
really nice
talking with you.
And you.
Mr. Knightly's
not coming?
Oh, no.
Call me Finn, please.
Well, I would love
a hot chocolate,
if it's okay with...
Yeah, please!
Come with us.
Just let me...
Be right there.
Angels we have heard
on high
Sweetly singing
o'er the plains
So who's Mr. Conrad?
He's one of my mom's patients.
He was really nice.
There were a few days
when my childcare fell through,
and he was
very understanding.
We played cards,
and he taught me
how to bet in poker.
We also watched skating on TV.
He loved speed skating.
He loved skating.
He did, huh?
He wanted to teach me.
He taught his son
when he was my age.
And he's the one
that recommended this place?
He spent
his first five Christmases here,
and he had very fond memories.
He's the one
who gave us this trip.
It was a surprise
for me too.
Scout has always wanted
to learn how to skate.
I could teach him.
Oh, I'm sorry,
that wasn't what I was saying.
I just... um...
No, no, both of you.
Yeah, I mean,
I think I saw a rink
by Bramble House,
and I'm pretty sure
Mable loans out skates.
Could we?
Well, if Mr...
if Finn has the time, then...
Yes, I'd be
happy to. Yeah.
Hey. I'm Sage.
I'm the owner.
Nice to meet you.
You do amazing work.
This is delicious.
Oh, thank you.
We just love it
when families come into town.
Oh, we're not...
He belongs to me.
FINN: Yeah,
I'm just tagging along
for the sugar rush, so...
Well, hey,
while you're here,
you have got to try a sample
of our famous
chocolate truffles.
They are to die for.
Can I?
Come with me.
You know,
Scout has really loved
your Everyday Sam books.
A hero in everyday life...
that's a great gift
to some kids.
Wow. Thank you.
it's nothing
like the hard work you do.
Your patients
must be very grateful.
Do all of them
give you gifts like this?
Like this?
No. No, never.
Why do you think
Mr. Conrad did?
because we connected.
We shared things
about our life.
We were close.
I don't know,
maybe I should have
turned it down.
Why did you take it?
Honestly, because...
it's been a very difficult
couple of years,
and because
I promised him
I would take
every chance I was given.
What did the family think?
You know,
they never reached out.
I really wish they had.
I could tell them
quite a lot, but, um...
I'm not sure they cared.
you don't really know them.
Do you?
No. You're right.
I don't.
I'm sorry, I--
I really shouldn't have opened
that door,
and that's on me.
No, no.
I get it.
I've been...
No. Sorry.
I, uh...
Yeah, I should go
finish up some work.
I will see you back
at Bramble House.
did I say something
to offend you?
No, no, no, no.
It's all good.
I just-- I should finish up
these drawings,
and, uh...
I will see you later.
[sister, on phone]
So you didn't tell her
about the injunction?
You didn't confront her?
Well, her son
stumbled out of bed last night
when I was about to,
and he's been with her
ever since.
So she's a mom?
A single mom,
by the looks of it.
You know
her kid has met Dad too?
I mean,
they watched skating together,
played cards...
it was so hard
for me to hear.
So when are you going
to tell her
about the injunction?
We're less
than two weeks out.
If we confront her
with the papers too soon,
she's going to shut down,
and then we won't get
the answers we need.
We need a confession.
I will talk to the owner
and see if I can get
an extra day or two,
and then...
start down this road.
don't worry, I got this.
Could I buy a small box
of those chocolate truffles?
Oh. Of course.
I want to get a gift
as a thank you
for the owner
of Bramble House.
Oh, you two are staying
at Bramble House?
That's my aunt's place.
Mable is your aunt?
Well, I was thinking
of getting her some ornaments.
Oh. Oh, she won't like that
at all.
She's a little controlling.
Oh, I'll say.
She likes everything
just the way she likes it.
She still mad she
hurt herself sledding?
Sledding now?
You know,
I think I like your aunt
more and more every day.
You know, my daughter and I
were headed out
to do some errands.
She's about your son's age.
Do you want some company?
That'd be nice.
Oh, hey, Finn.
Uh, did I hear
that you're a children's
book illustrator?
Yeah, that's right.
Because every Christmas Eve,
I do a reading
for the kids in town
The Night Before Christmas,
and we try
to get a special guest for them.
Interested in that?
Oh, thanks,
but I'm not going to be here
through Christmas Eve.
Home for the holidays.
Right. Of course.
Well, maybe another time.
What about Bramble House?
Has it always been a B&B?
Actually, it was
a family home
for generations.
Mable was living there
till the recession hit.
They almost put it up
for sale.
She single-handedly saved it
by turning it into a B&B.
Honestly, I don't know how
she does it all alone.
Mom, look,
it's Finn's book!
Can I go in
and show Savannah?
Of course!
[bell rings]
...And a Happy New Year
There they are!
He likes that Finn.
And you?
You guys seem pretty friendly.
Oh, sorry.
Just kick me.
I blurt things out.
Look! That's my friend.
Yeah, and he's here
writing a new book.
You're the opposite.
Um, I used to be.
Yeah, I'm trying not to
Just, you know,
don't want to miss the world.
These are so beautiful.
You know what?
I think we're going to try
a little homemade magic.
Hey, Scout?
Come here.
Let's go.
Look at all those presents.
I bet Mable is going to try
to get all of them in
herself, too.
We should help.
Good idea.
[door closes, footsteps enter]
What are you doing?
We saw these
sitting in your trunk,
and thought
we would help out
by bringing them in.
I just dropped off a batch
and then was going
to head back out.
Oh, okay.
I'm so sorry.
I should have asked first.
Um, that was my mistake.
But since they're all inside
Right there under the tree.
If you ever need
anything else,
or want anything else,
just feel free to ask us...
never mind.
thank you.
You're welcome.
Can we make
gingerbread houses now?
[loud whisper]
Uh, as long as Mable doesn't see.
SCOUT: Hey, Finn!
Want to make gingerbread houses
with us?
WILLA: Oh, no, that's okay.
We don't want
to disturb you.
Actually, I would love to,
but I've got
to warn you,
I'm a gingerbread house
Are you really?
Mm-hm. Yep.
Oh, well,
we will see about that,
because I think
you may have met your match.
Is that so?
Well, game on, good sir.
Mom, isn't this one great?
You guys are amazing.
You see,
this is what happens
when you put two
gingerbread experts
Yeah, it is.
Mine, on the other hand,
is, um...
having some trouble.
- Can I give you a hand?
- This is not staying.
- I think I see the problem.
- Yes, please.
- Okay.
- Oh, it just keeps sliding.
A little extra icing
up on top there...
There we go,
and then...
That's what I did.
No, I know,
but you want to hold it up
at the top,
and hold it until it dries.
Okay. Thank you.
Yeah. Um...
Sorry I left so abruptly
I'm the one
who invited you into town,
and it was...
No, it's...
It was nice.
I'm glad we came.
and so you two are staying
through Christmas?
New Year's,
and then
it's back to reality.
What's reality?
Scout goes back to school,
and hopefully
I have a new job by then
because money has been tight.
I thought
you just finished a job.
Well, we've...
had some extra expenses
this year.
What kind?
I know...
I'm sorry.
I tell you what...
why don't you ask me
and I will answer.
What's the new plot
of the Everyday Sam book?
Except that.
Ah, I am sworn to secrecy,
but I'll tell you what,
the town carriage ride
starts in an hour,
and I actually need
to draw Sam
near horses,
'cause he rides a horse
in the next book,
so I was wondering
if you would want
another modeling gig?
Are you...?
Mom, we're going on a
carriage ride right now!
If it's all right.
I guess we're going
on a carriage ride.
Finish this up.
O Christmas tree
O Christmas tree
Your leaves
are so unchanging
We're next.
I can't wait.
This is going
to be so much fun.
Can I go say hi?
Yes, just stay
with Savannah
and stay right where
I can see you, okay?
Don't worry, Mom.
I got this.
He's a great kid.
WILLA: He's really over the moon
that you've taken
an interest.
Well, I like him.
Have you ever seen
anything like this town?
[carriage assistant]
Next up!
FINN: You're up, bud!
WILLA: Hey, Scout.
Look around you,
and then close your eyes.
Okay, put everything
you just saw
into your brain
like a picture.
That way, you can keep it,
even after we've gone.
Okay, now, open 'em.
It belongs to you now.
WILLA: It's been so long
since I've seen Scout
having such a wonderful time,
and now you're drawing
a custom portrait of him
with Santa.
[as Santa]
KEN: Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas!
WILLA: Scout would
lose his mind
if some version of that
ended up in
Everyday Sam.
Can I tell you my wish?
No, because then
it won't come true.
That's only birthdays.
I wished...
La la la la la...
Can I tell you, then?
Yeah, sure, why not.
I want to stay in Bramble.
Okay, well, now
I want to know.
Too late.
Now tell me yours.
Oh, well, I haven't made
a Christmas wish
for quite some time.
Well, you are going to have
to get started on that soon.
That's what Christmas is for,
to remind us
that wishes can come true.
SCOUT: So skating tomorrow?
And maybe make a snowman,
You want to do
all of that in one day?
I want to do everything now.
The doctors said
go at my speed.
Maybe my speed is changing.
It's really cool
that Finn Knightly wants
to teach me how to skate.
He's really, really nice,
isn't he?
He really, really is.
Okay, get some sleep.
How am I supposed
to sleep now?
I'm going to be
right across the hall,
in the library, okay?
Hey, buddy...
are you sure
you don't want to tell me
what your Christmas wish was?
I want stay here longer...
for as long as we can.
It is pretty great, right?
It's the best place
I ever came to.
I love you, Scout.
Good night.
Good night.
You look cozy.
Sorry. I didn't mean
to startle you.
I was just going to...
do you mind?
Of course.
Job market.
Slim pickings.
Do you ever think
about going back
and finishing your degree?
Yeah, I just don't think
that'd be right for me.
Right, yeah...
I guess managing
school and work
would be pretty hard, huh?
And I guess...
Scout's dad
isn't in the picture?
Well, we divorced
a few years ago,
and now he's a...
birthday and Christmas card
kind of dad.
You said that you and
your dad weren't close.
Was he in your life?
he was until I was 10,
and then...
he disappeared
two days after Christmas
one year.
The end.
And you never saw him again?
That's so sad.
Is that kind of what happened
with Scout's dad?
it was more gradual.
I'm just still trying
to figure out
how to help Scout through it.
If you don't mind...
what helped you?
Oh, um, my mom, my sister...
yeah, um...
a decent stepdad,
and, uh...
and my art, yeah.
You do what you love.
You don't love your job?
I love the people I've met.
Really, it was Mr. Conrad
who affected me the most,
because he showed me
that it's okay
to want a rewarding
life for myself.
He said that?
He said so many things.
I think the thing
that stuck with me the most
is that I'm Scout's example
of how to live,
and he encouraged me
to do a better job of it
than he did with
his own children.
Oh, look at that.
It's snowing.
It's beautiful.
Let's go grab our coats.
Can I ask...
why do you keep asking
about Mr. Conrad
and my work?
Am I?
I just feel like you want
to hear something bad
about it, or about me.
Oh, no, no.
I think
I'm just all out of sorts
with what's going on
in my own life.
I really...
wanted to say some things
to my dad,
and I just really wish...
yeah, it's...
and now it's too late.
I could listen to
what you wanted to say.
That can be very healing,
and I'm here.
Wow, that's...
No wonder people
open up to you,
tell you their secrets...
I mean, being there for people,
that's what you love.
I don't know
if it's that simple.
What if it is?
It's yours to choose.
What's holding you back?
Um, Scout might wake up
and wonder where I am,
and you need to work.
I'm sorry
if I said the wrong thing.
You didn't.
You didn't.
You said incredibly nice things.
Look, if you meant it
about teaching Scout
how to skate,
and me...
I'd like that.
I would be happy to.
Tomorrow morning?
And you.
Night, Finn.
Good night.
Good night.
[loud clatter]
MABLE: Where the heck is that pan?
Excuse me?
I'm not here to help
or anything, don't worry.
Um, you said
there were ice skates,
so if you could just tell me
where they are...
Of course
you can't just tell me.
MABLE: Okay,
if you tell me your sizes,
then I can find them for you.
I can take it from here.
There she is.
So, Mable,
we're still on for that catch-up
over coffee?
I'm sor...
I can't.
I have the dishes,
I have recycling,
and I have a handyman
coming at 11:00.
Actually, Scout
can handle the recycling,
and we will be done skating
by 11:00,
so I can wait
for the handyman.
Look, I know you like
to do everything yourself,
but you have to admit
that when I have helped,
it's been useful,
so why not let me do it?
I'm fine, really. I--
Ms. Bramble,
I have had
half a dozen patients
who won't admit
they need time to recover.
They sound just like you.
Now, I think
that you should go
and have coffee
with the man
who has been coming here
for 22 years,
and I'm paid
through the end of the week,
so you can't throw me out
for saying all of that.
Fine? That's it?
Okay, then.
Well, go get ready.
No more ordering around.
Go before
she changes her mind.
Willa, thank you.
What are Christmas wishes for?
Hey! Found 'em.
Like night time
during the day.
Okay, here we go.
Shoulders back,
and then relax.
Just sit in it.
Now, bend those knees.
Yeah, loosen it up.
What are you
laughing at?
You're up next, gorilla.
Just teach one beginner
at a time.
Ah ah,
we're all in this together.
So, make the pizza for me.
Then we're going to go
pizza, pizza, glide.
French fries, all right?
There you go. Good.
You got it.
Oh! Scout! Are you okay?
That was amazing.
Kid's a natural.
Lesson one of ice skating,
falling down.
Lesson number two,
getting back up.
There you go, buddy.
All right, give me
that pizza, pizza, french fries.
Push, push, glide.
Okay, okay.
Now the fun part.
You got this.
Hold on tight.
Huh? So now just push.
Mm-hm. Got it.
There you go.
- I got... Whoa!
- Whoa!
[both laughing]
Come on, you got this.
FINN: Nice.
Oh, there we go!
Nice and gentle.
This is fun!
I know!
Look at you.
Olympics, here you come.
There's your new job.
Whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa!
[both laugh]
Olympics, there I go.
Yeah, you okay?
You've got a little, uh...
Sorry, my hands are cold.
SCOUT: Look at me!
I'm flying!
WILLA: You're amazing!
Go, go, go!
Oh, do you know
what time it is?
I promised Mable I would
be back at the house by 11:00
for the handyman.
Honey, we've got to go, okay?
Please, Mom, can I stay?
Look, I'll stay with him.
No, I'd like to.
Yeah, we'll skate around
for a bit,
and then I'll take him
through town.
You take some time
for yourself.
A mom's vacation,
you don't get.
- Go.
- Okay.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Great.
- Okay!
There you go.
Look at this.
Look at your mom!
That's pretty good, huh?
[doorbell rings]
Thank you.
Where's Aunt Mable?
She's in town.
What are you doing here?
She forgot
about the cookie bake?
Well, it's our annual tradition
to make cookies
for the book reading
on Christmas Eve.
It's also our tradition
to eat several dozen
while we make them,
but no Mable?
That's on me.
I sent her off
to have her annual
coffee with Ken.
Santa Ken, huh?
Okay, wait...
you see it too?
He's had a crush on my aunt
for 20 years.
She has no idea?
I don't think Ken's
ever worked the nerve up
to tell her.
Or maybe your aunt's too scary.
Savannah's coming over later.
Where's Scout?
With Finn.
In fact,
they are probably
at your chocolate shop
right now.
With Finn, huh?
How do you draw
those things in the books?
How do I draw
those things in books?
I learned a few secrets
a long time ago
from a very special teacher.
all it is,
is modified shapes, okay?
So if I'm doing a face,
we start off
with, like, a nice...
just rough in an oval
like that.
Two little ovals
for the eyes,
and then an open triangle
for the nose,
and then a little line
for the mouth, and then...
you kind of just go all crazy
for the hair, like that,
and then...
here it is!
Give it a title.
Every piece of art
has a title or a caption,
so, what do you think
it should be called?
"Scout Loves Chocolate?"
Scout Loves Chocolate!
Truth in art!
Sounds perfect.
There you go. All done.
There you go.
For me?
You bet.
Can you do another one?
What would
you like to see?
How about...
me skating?
You skating?
Sounds good.
Why did you want to
learn about skating?
Was it because of
talking to Mr. Conrad?
Well, I've always
wanted to learn,
but he told me
a lot about it,
and he was really smart,
and he told me funny stories.
What kind of stories?
About places he went,
people he met...
and funny things his kids did
when they were my age.
Yeah, like what?
What kind of things?
He showed me
some ornaments they made...
but I think
Christmas made him sad.
Oh yeah?
Why do you think that is?
Do you know?
even though they were grown up,
I think he wanted to have
another Christmas with them.
[clears throat]
Okay, I think...
one very last piece.
We've got to get in there.
WILLA: I've just been
so focused on Scout
these last few years,
I barely even remember
what it's like
to have a conversation
with a man,
let alone date one.
Then it's time.
Why are we even talking
about this?
Nothing's happened.
Except you're
thinking about it.
I had a patient who gave me
an extraordinary gift.
He challenged me
to live the life I dream of.
The problem is,
I don't remember
what my dreams are,
and I don't want
to just get by...
but what do you do
when you've been given
a second chance at life,
and you don't know
what to do with it?
Well, what if you just took
one step,
and then another,
and then another?
All you have to do
is ask yourself,
What's step one?
FINN: "Scout..."
SCOUT: Scout Loves Skating!
Scout Loves Skating!
Okay, the "Scout Loves"
series, we'll call it.
You are my new
Maybe I could
put these together,
like a present
for my mom.
Your drawings and my captions.
I could also write
a story around them.
we don't have to.
I could do something else.
No, no...
I'm sure she
would love it,
and maybe someday,
you'll even write
your own book.
Write a book?
Why not? You've
read so many.
I bet you'd make
a great writer.
Is that what you want
to be when you grow up?
I.. I didn't... um...
I was really sick
the last two years.
They thought I might die.
Scout, is...
So everyone stopped asking
what I wanted to be
when I grew up.
I had this operation
on my heart last May.
It was a new kind of operation
that they didn't
have before,
so I was real lucky.
Yeah, that's, um...
Wow, I had...
That's amazing.
My mom says
we both got a second chance,
maybe I could be a writer.
[phone vibrates]
All right, one sec.
Maybe that's your...
What is it?
Oh, your mom says
that she and Sage
are making a lot of cookies.
Really? Let's go!
Let's go! I agree.
You know,
we have a lot in common.
We both like skating
and Everyday Sam,
and our fathers weren't here
for Christmas.
Thanks, Finn!
Just in time!
Want to help decorate?
Here, let me get these off.
Welcome back!
Willa, can I talk to you
for a sec?
Of course.
Be right back.
Let's decorate!
Is everything okay?
Scout wasn't a
problem, was he?
No, no, no.
He's amazing.
He's, uh...
he's an incredible kid.
So is there
anything wrong?
He almost died?
What did he tell you?
He told me
he had a heart operation,
and that for two years...
For two years,
we weren't sure
he was going to make it...
but now,
he's just a regular kid.
what you've been dealing with
for the last two years.
And his dad...?
Well, he doesn't
really pitch in,
so as the medical
bills mounted,
Scout and I have had
to live week-to-week.
And so this holiday is...
This holiday...
this is a dream,
given what we've been through.
And your...
Mr. Conrad...
he knew that.
And it's more than that.
He left us enough money
to pay
all of Scout's medical bills...
a hundred thousand dollars.
For the operation.
And I don't know
how I can ever repay that,
except to make sure
that Scout has the best life
he possibly can,
and to take this chance
to find
what I'm meant to be doing too.
That's, uh...
That's an incredible gift.
I just wish
I could tell his children
what he's done...
you know, how much he changed
at the end of his life.
When he was younger,
he worked hard,
but he felt he was a constant
source of disappointment
to his family
and, for some reason,
thought they would be better off
without him,
that if he left,
his wife could find
someone else to love her
and raise his kids
the way he thought
they deserved.
But then, in the end, he...?
Well, at the end of his life,
he felt it was the biggest
mistake he'd ever made,
but it was too late
to change it.
Leaving his children
was the biggest regret
of his life.
Mr. Conrad...
his family...
they are so lucky
that you were there for him.
Anybody would be lucky
to have you in their life,
and it's no wonder.
It's no wonder
he wanted you to thrive,
to have a second chance.
I need to tell you something,
and I should have told you
when we first met.
MABLE: What is happening
in my house?
What is happening?
Can... Maybe we should...
Yeah, okay...
I know this looks bad.
You're cooking
in my kitchen?
Sage, you're
my own niece!
How could you?
Oh, to heck
with all that, Mable.
Did you have an accident?
Did you hurt your foot?
Right, so can you do
all of this by yourself?
KEN: Then either
you have to let people help you,
or nothing's
going to get done.
Your choice.
Are you really that stubborn
that you'd rather not have
a full Christmas around here?
KEN: These people care for you.
If you're incapable
of seeing that, I...
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
I'm going for a drive.
Oh, you're angry.
No, I'm not.
I just don't understand people
who can't see
what's right in front of them.
So I was being a tyrant...
and I'm sorry.
It's just this place
should be so much
Christmas-ier by now,
and I just didn't know
how to accomplish that
on my own, so...
if you amazing people
would like to help me with that,
I would welcome that.
What can we do?
Oh, thank you.
[sigh of relief, a chuckle]
Have yourself
a merry little Christmas
Let your heart
be light
From now on
Our troubles
will be out of sight
Have yourself...
Should we show Mable now?
Mmm, I think she said
she went shopping.
Let's show it to her
when it's perfect, huh?
Make the yuletide gay
How about over...
Our troubles
will be far away
Here we are
as in olden days
Happy golden days
of yore
SAGE: Oh, it's beautiful.
I brought you something.
WILLA: You did?
Oh, my goodness!
What is this?
Early Christmas present.
You remembered!
Oh, it's incredible!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Look at what you did.
No, this is what we did,
and hats off to your aunt
for letting us.
Hats off to you.
She's been different
since you came,
and someone else
has changed too.
SAGE: He's wonderful with Scout.
You two seem pretty cozy.
You still thinking
about all that?
My head knows it's crazy,
but I'm trying to do
what I promised.
You know,
follow my heart,
embrace my life,
take a chance.
There you go.
I went a little crazy
and bought all sorts of treats
for all of you.
[they laugh]
Just look at that.
Now it looks
like Christmas.
Thank you.
MOLLY: So the $100,000
was to pay for medical bills?
She's a health care aide
with a kid
and a mountain of bills,
just struggling to get by.
Dad gave her a way out.
Or she's lying to you.
It was the son
that told me.
Wait, sorry.
So now you're bonding
with her son?
Mol, just listen...
Look, I don't know
what's going on there,
but it sounds to me
like she's got you turned around
like she did Dad.
It's not what you think.
Dad opened up to her.
He told her
that he regretted so much
what he'd done to us,
and in his own mind,
he thought at the time
that he was helping Mom
so she could get married
so that
there would be someone there
for her, for us.
Or she's on to you,
and she knows exactly
what to say
to push your buttons.
She's not like that,
all right?
And this was never
about the money,
money which we don't need,
by the way.
Now, it's time
to let all of this go.
I'm not showing her
the injunction.
I'm not going to pursue it,
and neither should you.
So, what, that's it?
You just come back to Seattle
for Christmas
and forget about it?
I'm going to stay here
for Christmas.
I'll see you at New Year's
in Seattle.
We'll, uh...
raise a glass for Dad
and think of the good times
we did have with him.
All right?
You have a good Christmas.
I'll call you.
Finn, you...
Okay, you can stop.
You've done enough.
Tomorrow's Christmas Eve.
I want it all to be perfect
for you.
You know, you act
like you like doing this.
I do.
Is that completely crazy?
come on.
Come have some of this.
No, I really shouldn't.
Three different kinds
of chocolate.
Okay, if you insist.
Oh, Willa!
It's a sickness.
I know.
Thank you.
I don't know
how you do this.
Oh, it's just
an old family recipe.
I mean running this place
even before
you broke your ankle.
How do you do it alone?
Can I tell you a secret?
I didn't break my ankle
horseback riding.
That's just
what I've been saying.
I did it
walking down the stairs,
holding laundry,
while on the phone
with a prospective guest.
So you know it's too much.
I just didn't know
what to do about it, or...
how to ask for help.
Ken was right.
Okay, can I be
completely inappropriate?
Ken likes you.
Oh, I know.
I've known since high school.
Well, do you like him back?
I do.
Then what's the problem?
What if he uproots his life,
and then
it doesn't work out?
I'd rather just bury myself
in so much work
that I couldn't possibly
be open to a relationship,
and that way,
it won't happen,
and no one gets hurt.
Or bury yourself
in caring for your child.
Scout's been very sick
the last two years.
He's better now,
but I think I've
used it as an excuse...
To not join the world.
And the truth is,
I'm starting to feel
that there is a bigger picture
for me,
and I just don't know
how to get at it.
You know,
maybe you're just looking
at this
the wrong way.
You're not a nurse.
You're a caretaker.
I mean, just look
what you've done around here.
It's not a job to you.
It's who you are.
you're a caretaker.
You want to have a cup of tea?
...This will be the one
I cross
Let go of
some of that control...
Find the perfect harmony
To bring it all to life
Hey, buddy?
Let me talk to you
for a minute.
What do you think
if maybe I didn't look
for another health-care job?
What kind of job
would you get?
Maybe something
completely different.
Maybe something
not in Minneapolis.
Do you think
you would miss the city
if that happened?
Could we move here?
Is that what you want?
If I could live
at a place like this,
I wouldn't miss Minneapolis
at all.
Oh, hey, Ken?
You know you told me
about the book reading
on Christmas Eve?
Well, it looks like
I'll be available now,
so if there's still
an opening?
We'd love to have you.
Great, yeah.
[knocks on door]
I'll be downstairs in a bit.
Oh, actually,
I'm here for Scout.
What do you
need Scout for?
Um, would you mind
if we didn't tell you?
Where will you be?
We'll be in the craft room,
but we'd really appreciate it
if you didn't come in.
So many Christmas secrets!
Okay, go ahead.
How long will you have him?
Don't worry about it.
I've got this.
You take some time...
for you.
Do something
that will make you happy.
All right,
so you wanted
to put all these drawings
together for your mom,
So I did a few
more, but, um...
you know what
they need?
You wouldn't happen
to know any good writers,
would you?
"Scout Loves His Mom."
Sure does.
I was thinking
about doing a back page
that says Merry Christmas.
What do you think?
FINN: I think...
BOTH: Mm-hm.
[they all chuckle]
I'm never going
to get to the Olympics
if I don't practice!
Tighten your skates.
We might as well
learn how to skate
if this is going
to be our rink.
Your rink?
Mom's taking a job
here at Bramble House!
No, I never said that.
Well, what about
all those questions?
Moving out
of Minneapolis?
Taking a new job?
Come on, Mom.
Is he right?
Well, what if this
is where I'm supposed to be?
What if this is who
I'm supposed to be?
And what if...
anything is possible?
[she laughs]
Come on!
Hurry up!
FINN: There we go.
You're doing so great!
And now we're going to...
Okay, go.
Bend those knees!
Keep them bent!
If I do stay,
I think you'll
have to come back
and give me
more lessons,
'cause otherwise,
I'll never keep
up with that kid.
Well, then, I guess
I'll just have to stay.
I'll keep up with him.
Here we go.
I'm going for ya,
I'm going for ya!
Best week ever!
I thought
that was for me.
Not yet!
You didn't get
to that point yet?
Feel those ankles yet?
You did great.
I'm so proud of you.
FINN: What are you doing here?
Me? You're the one
who's off on some sort
of family adventure
with the woman
who stole from our father.
She didn't steal from us,
I told you...
I got here
just in the nick of time,
didn't I.
What? Okay...
Would you stop?
What are you going to do?
I'm going to do what
you couldn't do...
confront her.
Okay, please...
Just... stop.
I have feelings for this person.
No, okay?
I know,
but please, really...
I think...
that I could...
Okay, what if you're wrong, huh?
Well, then, why don't we
just tell her the truth,
and see what she says?
What, that I came here
to find out
if she stole from us?
That I've been lying to her?
She trusts me now.
She's opened up to me.
I've opened up to her,
Except for the fact, Finn,
that you've been lying
about who you are
this whole time.
we have a week,
and then we will never be able
to contest this again.
If you let this go,
you will regret it.
Okay, fine,
but just let me do it
in my own way, on my own time,
all right?
And then
we will both get our answers.
What are we buying?
Well, we made
so many new friends this week,
I didn't even think
to pack gifts,
so something for Mable and Sage
and Savannah and Finn.
And Ken.
What? We're going to get
something for Santa?
I bet no one else
thinks of that.
I think you're right.
So, which one
should we work on first?
Okay, then let's do Mable's.
And then Ken's and Sage's.
Hey there!
I didn't, uh,
see you back at Bramble House.
Well, I figured
you would be busy
with your sister.
Oh. Yeah, she's just resting
back in her room.
I thought
you were going to Seattle
to see her for Christmas.
Well, I was,
and there's just
a little change in plans.
Because you wanted
to stay here with us longer?
[Willa laughs]
There's a display
I wanted to go look at
in the store.
Can I see it?
WILLA: Uh, sure.
WILLA: Hey, is everything okay?
FINN: Oh, yeah.
I just, um...
I just have really enjoyed
our time together, Willa...
Yeah, me...
me too.
And I don't want it to end...
I mean,
if you felt the same way too.
I... I do.
And I don't really know
what that would look like,
or how that would work...
But you would want to,
if we could?
You know,
I can work from anywhere.
Not that I'm...
um... uh...
Later, can we meet up
in the library?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
There's a poster
with Ken on it
in the store window!
Mm-mmm, uh, shh.
WILLA: What are you two...
SCOUT: We should get back
and get ready.
Ready for what?
I don't know.
Oh, all right.
I won't ask any questions.
FINN: Yep. Move along.
Come in.
I started the ball rolling.
What does that mean?
Oh, you didn't say anything.
I'm going to tell her.
after this thing tonight, okay?
let me get through this
before she hates me
and never wants
to speak to me again.
Why don't you
come with me?
Meet Willa, talk to her.
Talk to Scout.
I think you'll see
what I see.
You threw the papers out?
You'd better tell her...
because if you don't,
I will.
[as Santa]
KEN: Did you know
that this book,
The Night Before Christmas,
was a gift
from the writer to his daughter?
After we read the poem,
we'll celebrate the holiday
with homemade Christmas cookies!
[children cheer]
And there's one more
extra-special treat.
We have with us tonight
the illustrator
from the Everyday Sam books,
Mr. Finn Knightly!
Hey, guys.
Shall we get started?
'Twas the night
before Christmas,
when all through the house,
not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse...
FINN: So I think
what Everyday Sam shows us
is that any kid can be a hero
in their own life,
and right here in Bramble,
I, um...
I met a hero of my own,
and his name
is Scout Fairchild.
Scout, can you
stand up, please?
Come on up,
come on up.
Scout here
has a very special gift
that he would like
to share with us tonight,
it is his very first book.
I had a great time in Bramble
this week
because my mom
brought me here,
so Merry Christmas, Mom.
You're the best.
What is this?
Best Christmas ever.
Thank you.
[as Santa]
KEN: Here you go.
MABLE: Don't forget your milk.
There you go,
There you are.
We make a good team.
We do.
Maybe I could, uh,
help you clean up.
Maybe I'd be okay with that.
Maybe I should have said that
a long time ago.
Well, better late than never.
SCOUT: And afterwards,
all these kids came up to me
to see Finn's drawings.
Can you believe it?
I saw that!
It was an
incredible gift,
and now it is time
to go straight to bed.
It's Christmas Eve.
Can I open one present?
No, because you
had a big night,
and because Santa
still has to come.
Real Santa?
Real Santa.
Excuse me.
Go ahead.
Go get your teeth brushed.
- Okay.
- Okay.
We didn't get
to officially meet earlier,
and your brother has been
so kind to me and my son.
I'm Willa Fairchild.
I know who you are.
My full name
is Molly Conrad,
and Finn's full name
is Gregory Finnegan Conrad, Jr.
Knightly's just
his professional name.
We're both
Greg Conrad's children.
So you're Molly,
and Finn is Greg Jr.?
why wouldn't
he tell me that?
Because he wanted
to find out the truth
about what you did
to our father.
What I did to him?
Conning him...
into leaving you $100,000.
You think I conned him?
Finn thinks I conned him?
He had a lawyer
draw up an injunction
to file against you.
Finn wouldn't...
FINN: Molly, stop!
Did you do this?
No, Molly...
You thought
I stole from you
so you came here to...
to... to what?
To get close to me,
and then...
I told Molly
that you didn't do
anything wrong.
I understand that now.
So it's true.
You came here to expose me
as a...
as a fraud, as a fake?
Okay, it started like that,
but after...
It "started" like that?
What about Scout?
You would do this
to a nine-year-old?
Of course not.
Look, let me explain.
You know what?
I am sorry
to disappoint you both,
but I'm not interested
in your money.
You can keep it.
If you want to know
what I did,
I listened to him.
Everything that he did,
from staying away
after he left your mother
to keeping the ornaments
that you made for him,
he did because he loved you,
and maybe he made
a mistake,
but he loved you both
so much...
and that's the truth.
Excuse me.
Goodbye, Finn.
So, congratulations.
You got what you wanted.
Finn, I...
[door opens]
[door closes]
There she is.
No, me first.
I just want to be clear.
I really do want you
to come and work with me here.
I admit that I...
I just can't do this
by myself,
and you're exactly the...
Oh no!
I take it all back
if it's going to make you cry.
No, that's not
what's making me cry.
Well, then,
what is?
It's how badly I want
to say yes to your offer...
and how sad I am to tell you
that Scout and I are leaving,
right now, tonight.
I'm so sorry.
What happened?
Christmas snow falls...
[starts car]
Oh, hi there.
What can I do for you?
My father lived here
for a short while.
Your father...?
Greg Conrad?
We used to play together!
He spent
Christmases here.
In fact, don't...
don't go away.
One minute.
Here he is.
Greg Conrad.
That is just unbelievable.
Whatever happened to him?
Any chance he's going
to be coming here
to meet with you and Finn?
He passed away...
a few weeks ago.
Oh, I am so sorry.
Thank you.
You just never picture
your parent
being a kid at Christmas.
Is that why you came here?
I came...
I think Finn and I came
I'm sorry.
Can I borrow this, please?
Thank you.
Is there anything else
I can do?
I need to find Willa.
[knocking on door]
FINN: I can't believe that's Dad.
He looks so happy.
MOLLY: Yeah.
That's why he wanted
Willa to come here.
He wanted to give
her and her son
a Christmas memory
like he had.
And that's why he saved
those ornaments,
'cause that was his last
Christmas with us too.
I was just so mad
at everything
I thought I had lost,
but Willa and Scout,
they brought Dad
back to me.
After you left,
I just...
I got so angry...
but it is not their fault.
No, it's no one's fault.
Finn, Willa and Scout
left for the airport.
SCOUT: I don't understand.
Why did we have to leave?
I told you already, Scout.
It just...
it didn't work out
at Bramble House.
But it's Christmas!
We didn't even get
to say goodbye.
I'm sorry, baby.
I'm really sorry.
Mom, please stop!
I want to see the tree
one last time.
Just for a few minutes.
MOLLY: So, what's your plan?
I'm going to stop her plane.
That's my plan.
Wait, wait!
Hold on!
Pull over!
Pull over, please!
Just stop.
Just stop!
FINN: That's them by the tree!
WILLA: We'll always
have beautiful memories
of this place,
and that's
what Mr. Conrad wanted for us.
FINN: Hey!
Mom! Finn!
Please just hear me out.
I'm begging you.
Look, Willa, I made
a terrible mistake,
so please,
don't blame him
for what I did.
Will you hear him out?
Hi! My name's Molly.
I'm Finn's older sister.
Would you show me
the Christmas tree?
Go ahead.
I did everything wrong.
I should have
told you the truth
from the beginning,
but you have to believe me.
The only lie I really told you
was why I came to Bramble.
Everything else, this...
was real.
I trusted you.
I know.
I hadn't done that
with anyone.
I was just so blinded
by what had happened,
and I couldn't see through it,
but you opened my eyes, and...
if nothing comes from this,
I will always be grateful to you
for that.
but Willa...
Let me make it up to you, hmm?
Let me make this
the best Christmas for you ever,
for you and Scout...
and the best New Year's,
and the best...
Valentine's Day,
and the best Arbor Day...
Ice Cream Day,
if that's a thing?
'Cause I just...
any day
that you will let me
make special for you...
Stay in Bramble.
It's where you belong.
You told me that my dad
gave you a second chance.
All I'm asking
is that you give me one too.
Yes, I will stay.
Oh, I could...
Hi there.
WILLA: Hey, buddy, um...
What do you think about staying
at Bramble...
the three of us?
FINN: Oh, Scout...
Thanks, Mols,
for making my Christmas wish
come true.
[they laugh]
It's true.
Well, that's what Christmas
is all about...
to remind you
that wishes can come true.
- That's right.
- Let's go see the tree.
Okay, buddy.
[tapping mug with spoon]
Christmas magic is a tradition
here at Bramble House,
but this year happens
to be even more special.
FINN: I bet you say
that every year.
Yes, I do,
but this time, I mean it,
because I...
I found love...
and a new business partner!
And new friends.
so here's to an
unforgettable Christmas,
and a joyous New Year.
Merry Christmas,
Hear, hear.
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
- Can we open presents now?
- Yes, yes!
It's Christmas time
There's a thousand lights
And they're shining
Merry Christmas
And here's to all of us
Merry Christmas
And that's from all of us
To everyone
a Happy New Year