A Bride for Christmas (2012) Movie Script

couch with some purple pillows and maybe
a clip right
it's perfect what happened
I have no idea I mean I really thought I
could do it this time
you know and then and then I saw him I
saw Mike at the altar and I just felt
what I care about him you know I mean I
really really care about him
I just don't know what is wrong with me
I mean I've broken not one not two but
three 3 engagements you came pretty
close to sealing the deal this time
how is he after you left you can't put
his fist in the pulpit Reverend Macy was
really nice about it should have never
said yes and of course plays probably
give he asked me to marry him from
50,000 basketball fans did you want me
to break his heart on a hundred
jumbotron is it any worse than breaking
his heart is some wedding
you're right that's right I'm awful
oh that's not what I meant No
you know what it's fine
I'm clearly not been for the whole
marriage thing so this is it
I'm done hurting people no more wedding
no more engagement parties I'm not don't
say that okay
yes Trent oh and might
Darrell really great guys but if you
weren't feeling it then maybe they just
want the one i don't want
really this and when do I know when I
get the one hands are going to be some
sort of fireworks booming or sirens
flashing is that how I'm gonna know I
think it just happens
well unless you're some sort of
call us they're straight believe it
pocket aces you still be me 57 why would
you even play that sometimes better to
run good play good I can't help it I got
to look at the irish me
all right easy and caring and you're not
that lucky all the time sure about that
you forget about that money that it took
me last week my full house I'm not
talking about cards
what are you talking about that women
p series he's kidding right
I'm the only one who can still go and
get lucky the rest get to go home to
your wives
except my head she hasn't signed the
divorce papers yet besides it's not
about to look we all know that you dated
lots of women but none of them have gone
anywhere and thankfully so we get caught
up in a whole marriage mess over what if
you meet the one
do you think that is the one girl who
well she keeps telling me i can look all
I'm saying is it doesn't matter to meet
the one or not she would never marry you
let me see that oh you're not marriage
what you're the guy that girl's day
before the American you know the fun guy
that's true I am fun you need a
commitment over and all everybody
girls can smell that a mile away well
maybe I just don't think that kind of
friendly as possible even facing you
could never get a girl to commit
that's ridiculous of course it could
really yeah
you want to bet you get a girl to say
yes to your marriage proposal by
christmas and i would give you my corner
lose and you have to take Charlie's
people sweet
that's crazy crazy good but you don't
think you can do it i mean you've never
run away from that before know it's
crazy because christmas is just four
weeks away
this is that before we Charlie she was
getting too pretty
hey man look at school if you don't
think you can win this one just say so
I'll do it favor but i have to choose
the girl
Oh done and done my friend you are on
all right ok but
sorry are you busy getting ready for a
someone dropped their wedding ring down
the drain like I am so sorry i know i
should never let it get this far
you and my family and everyone went
through so much trouble and your
Wow Stadium in front of 50,000 people i
mean across me know right
you did well
probably should have
keep it
no my canvas hang on the way out of his
reach out to much just keep it
you never know maybe a little time
pretty sure we're not meant to be well
you can't be that sure you almost made
it down the aisle like that you just
didn't stop at all
wasn't my my company just got a contract
with the city and that means when the
door security more contracts
eventually a health plan sir get down
next week
wow that's really great
happy for you for me 14 Jess or well i
got an offset abs fitting have this
little nut wrench belong together
we're going to say we sold the right
side so I do make you money
we will talk about that devin and fun
this week all right
see that nice you know they got these
things called windows in my office
I would have those in four weeks looking
forward to it act and you like finding a
girl you know yet about Veronica but the
vegan she suits for lunch we're going to
go for dinner date
fair enough well maybe you'll meet
someone tonight at the blue get it fully
that's a very nice edge you know what
ever listen there's always lots of girls
these are things ok so just bring your
ad but i always do tonight
see you tonight
he wouldn't take it back and yes you
have got to stop saying yes to discuss
just more ridiculous because guess what
you're gonna hurt them anyway
no me aight computation book but the
value is to marry him on a hundred-foot
jumbled truck
that's the risk is going to take it
public humiliation you're going to be
more sort of just say no no good
so you're going to bring back know what
yes next week
remind me again why we're here to give
you points why we're doing fine fine
glass seats and picking paint colors for
friends and family is not fine
well I want to run a successful interior
design company around San Francisco the
pool of possible clients is huge
the best way to win
english rules against me
do you know the others can't say that I
do it's actually a client at the trading
for my work for I could introduce you to
the first I should introduce myself in
that Harper
Jesse just did you well tell me with
I came here with my sister family girl
like that
well sorry sister i would love to show
you around i'm actually very familiar
with below those work that it was blue
sorry damaged goods she's just getting
over a broken engagement
awesome i'm going through divorce so we
can solve stories just sort of men
dating marriage helping
really ok well i don't want to mess with
damaged goods
unless of course your sister would like
to state yes yes
okay well i'm just going to one I think
that there's may be done
and that's how it's done do you think
you can manage on your own for a bit
yeah I'll be fine ok remember certain
so you like it
w told me to study this painting to see
creative enlightening to acquiring his
yeah i was just talking with the girls
good because i have found the one
what the deal was that I choose it can
go help a friend outside she is super
all right and recently single is this
some kind of joke ok
she's super cute
yeah what's wrong with her nothin
you know other than she turned me back
she turned you down
I like her already
all right
yeah yeah that's the one that's the one
yes sir
let's do this you're on buddy good luck
I don't need luck
never heals these things I'm sorry just
the walk from the car killed my calves
available green slippers
seriously though whoever said we look
better in heels way off
chicks that's hot and will somehow I
doubt kicks with this dress would be
very hot
you will be the envy of every woman in
this room if your kicks with a dress
immaterial Jesse Patterson
so just you you you in the market for a
new hard I came with my sister so I
taking are available here
me is very
say no more
yeah I don't get it either
your sister she collected where interior
designers really interesting
DJ designs Bridget video and Jesse
designs its obj2
hey you wanna grab a coffee
could I get a card for someone looking
to redecorate now I know that maybe we
could go over some idea now
no yes Oh Jesse would be thrilled to
give you a consultation great saturday -
10:30 and he's perfect
Vivian nicer that's right eating
it's a pleasure this is the whole bj
experience son
yeah only email address
sort of nice I'm yes
you should be more a surf
he's a potential client if it was
allowing he doesn't really want to
maybe today you're going to convince him
that he does need to redecorate so we
can get out of the red and i can get my
own place
no that's okay
no Jesse
Wow elevating the place huh yeah sleep
welcome so this is it
other than what i see in ikea catalogue
have no idea how to do this so you wanna
drink you want to
coffee tea water thank you you said you
weren't a fan of police work
oh you know I was up as a gift to
decline of mining apparently was pleased
with my credit rating the lease
huh and what is it that you do again
your stockbroker the personal asset
management financial advisor and you
work with Matt Harper was it
yeah yeah we're committed now so what
you guys have some sort of that going on
excuse me wow it didn't call asked me
is that what I was doing because
apparently didn't work unless you wanna
call it a date
so what do you think about what
about redecorating yeah well yeah this
is this is pretty much a place was moved
I brought the chair TV bed and property
my mom it's really
she sent from Florida that's very sweet
so you're from Florida
no my mom moved there about ten years
ago I grew up in Oakland came to San
Francisco for school four years at
Berkeley can be a cripple a student
loans in boss
yeah that box of it it's a hobby like
the exercise
well one thing you should know about me
is I design based on the individual
well and comfort of course so your place
is great
it's just not really that functional the
first thing we're going to do a
personalized does that mean
I need to get to know me better because
we can go for glass of wine outside
everything you need to know
color what do you prefer a blue tone
read a neutral
you know blues good
okay great so I'll just need you look at
these fabric swatches
I'm I'm so sorry i didn't know that you
were married
I'm not engaged it wasn't whatever it
never was i going back so i'll let you
pick this and if you just want to go
through the colors and fabrics and let
me know we can get a nice color scheme
going and then you can email me a
million from the hell yeah
cool yeah oh great
tonight's all-new hallmark channel
holiday original movement from here
just pull this last batch from the oven
Oh Jesse it's beautiful
look at this is gorgeous girls are so
are those shorts regular do I smell hey
Dad a bold you just might what Mike was
yeah I asked to come over like the
kitchen pipes you know how the water
pressures low sometimes
yeah like for the past 20 years it's
suddenly an issue
yes about you told us that you can dream
i'm giving it back next week well honey
maybe don't be so hasty
mike is a great catch I think Jesse
knows what she wants she doesn't mom
cold feet when we were getting married
in we hang actually I was ok
getting married is like diving into a
pool of frigid water
you know it's gonna be a shock but
you're just close your eyes and take
lunch huh
that's impossible never get this going
to say yes and since herself she's one
of marriage for good
nothing you you just can't believe it's
you knew you knew I had no chance with
hey it's not my fault each other before
you did your honor constants
it's not fair oh and told full house on
the river is fair you set me up
I mean you could just admit defeat I
mean I'm sure we can have you moved into
Charlie's cubicle by like the end of the
day pal
stop stop
forget it i'll make this out all right
good luck
anyone for me in jail
don't waste the time this will be
renting this place from here coming and
hey what are you doing here I thought
they'd come talk to you but all your
ideas please
I mean wow
all work at home office
yeah what is next so Jesse tells me all
about our great ideas for decorating
your condo
yeah it looks like it from everything
she emailed me feel like I haven't I
loved all of it just it's a little
no although the pictures and
possibilities think I need to see it
right well I actually together this
board for you if you want to take a look
and I was thinking you know like this
general vibe
yeah it's our free to tell they really
love something for a picture need to
physically touch it right and ok well
I'm going to the store later today so
you know what it's no problem i can pull
some of these pieces and then you know
you could do that
yeah how great is that the rest of the
afternoon off I can go with you great
I mean it's so time consuming and I have
all of those are orders to pick up it
oh I could help out perfect
like what you doing here
I just stopped by and I could buy it so
I'd love to I it was just that i'm about
to take my client here Aidan to go
furniture shopping
you ready to go yes
its mission yeah some other time then
yeah mmm
wonderful image
this is why I'm asking for your living
fabulous I myself love and actually
counting is being totally down relax
do whatever
did you see
have a seat you know how it feels
continue watching the movie
let me guess we're watching a romance
for film actually really
yeah I love that moment when i know i'm
about to be so scared but I still know
it's coming and then all of a sudden it
BAM i know the feeling exactly my
parents to leave me alone a lot when I
was younger and his wife / movie scared
to make this up
yeah old real 10-12 you were alone
who's that guy you're trying to dodge
the house that it matters to me
considering that I was only trying to
shake before he showed up
okay well i wasn't trying to shake
anyone enjoy it up his make he was
so I guess he wasn't the one well and
what you don't believe in soulmates
do you yes of course
not me what do you think
sweet great I'm coconut oil
then we'll sit down and review
ok we have all the major pieces
now we just need accidents like Hello
his lambs side table sets for the thing
that's hard to believe christmas is just
a few weeks away
what do you think of Christmas decor
from a design perspective
I think for the most part it's attacking
over the top but I don't know when it's
done right
I really Christmas time my favorite
thing about it though isn't the decor
it's actually the music really yeah
corny as it may sound I always had a
soft spot for Christmas carols is that
funny to you
hey Jesse no way
Wow what about meeting you here
Sarah yeah no listen I'm just on my way
out but I'm sandy was wondering if we're
still on for dinner in the new year Hugh
that's great because we should really do
it this time
I agree ok good so well forecast is
calling for a ninety-percent she has a
alright see you yeah great work with
oh that was Owen one of my fianc's
he's married now to this lovely woman
named Sandy another field set
I mean you had 30 in trenton like it
ok so if you're okay i'll go ahead and
confirm his water and then on the
seventh yeah this is so good
print I'm just carry on how to do
we got one already killed
oh no really I'm i have a couple more
things I have to do here and I like talk
that's the very best thing that you can
do format 35 been engaged three times
it'll be easy to get her to say yes
she's done it three times three times
too many I don't know it sounds to me
like you start packing people currently
along smoking my friend hold the relish
on one extra sauerkraut on the other two
when you guys have three four
it's gonna be a research to go through
it with these girls maybe they didn't
have anything in common
find out what she likes I never knew I
love cabbage rolls until I married
solana it's why we're perfect for each
other we both like scary movies
that's great you can on their the
that's romantic we re talking
I know a lot of relationships are built
on oracle that's a real connection side
table that goes over by the window
because careful over there
children wall art like pictures of
photos I just bullies piece you but
you're not a fan
what you don't think it'll work art
should be personal
no it should mean something to you Jimmy
family portraits
brothers sisters you're looking at only
child ok now what you gonna do when I
sock your sister
I just need my parents were close
we'd like to do some design
oh well I volunteered a dog shelter
really yeah Barkley dog shelter
it's really the only way I can sense my
marriage to have a dog system challenge
ease of dogs and tell by your building
know in order to come up
I love dogs here
what's this you asked me for any family
is it just me my dog Luke your dog there
thank you
wait I could swim laps for coming into
slavery in the policies are still coming
we'll look if you have to do anything I
don't go anywhere either can get to take
we can wait to become what you like you
like sushi thai i could go for a burger
really yeah ok listen she's is a great
spot down the street
stick around and we'll hang out the lips
this process to people
hey what's going on the corner
well i only play oh please yes you do I
heard you doing
ok thanks the moment i usually charge
for Christmas
at least until the divorce that's that
this was different
that's been high
we just spend Christmas with your mom
made up for the lawyers decided
so you and we're having dinner and
watching Lee together alone
yes but it wasn't like that we were
we were waiting for that delivery uh-huh
if he's a client and one that you
insisted we take on
besides even if i was interested which
I'm not
it would never work because I'm of his
parents awful divorce was younger and I
don't tell that he's got major
commitment issues
well I'm sure that that's a good thing
for you that he's not the marrying kind
I don't know I think I said said that
he's not the marrying kind
don't turn this around on me this turn
nothing what's going on girls
oh there's my lunch meeting
no perfect but with you know what I can
handle this
you two have fun
so you think the tree are you seeing
nothing anyone cookies
we're still friends are sitting there
watching scary movies the delivery guy
comes in scares the pants office
this girl she likes burgers guys not tie
not sushi burgers and fries many girls
together will dig into a 12-ounce fat
ball O and she likes dogs get this
she volunteers and dogs okay enough
enough from you know we're all in here
going to play the sander what yeah right
sounds like you two might be perfect for
each other people i want to say that all
it's gotta be believable right for me to
win the bed oh I don't believe I'm not
leaving already
I got an early squash game in the
morning i got a special on his family
coming for Christmas what would you
choose to mr. ground for the two ND
oh no I told them that I was going to be
for two hours
yeah she thinks something decisive all
right buddy
just remember you got three weeks left
to make it happen no problem see you man
why we are gonna get your all pretty
because you have a family to look at you
yes do I was wondering if you could show
a new volunteer what needs to get done
around here
Aidan did you know each other better
please you hear you inspired me
besides like a dog think you're right
this might be the next best thing
who's this guy good-looking guy
so we're gonna do
Wow you can start by cleaning mr.
enter lincoln share of a distinguished
name for such a little guy
it's all spiffed up getting justice up
for such a little guy you should do
Wow here let me take it off your hands
so when you want to take you guys for
you know I begged my parents for years
let me have a dog my sisters and she's
made it possible
figures I love with her you know how he
you are your parents let you have a dog
yeah I don't know but that after the
the others too much work so they decided
to bring it to the pound since then it's
been hard for me to get to touch
anything did you cool
Jesse it's like I'll be right back
Rhonda told me that could be here the
dog side
no you have company Aidan yeah he's
volunteering at the shelter
she's a client who knows volunteer
okay well I'm I wanted to talk to you
about sending another date a date
look I can understand if you don't want
to the whole ceremony thing again you
can skip that maybe just go to city hall
or something
listen the only thing I'm happy this
will make your mother and your dad
already gave us his blessing
we have to do now seal the deal we can
make a really good life together
stop stop I got
poor guy he's gonna be okay
my top and a fine one you don't like
Owen and then what straight win you know
they were the ones when they proposed to
get us the idea of spending the rest of
my life with that connect is not normal
I just want to get cold feet I don't
think so i think when you're truly in
love the idea of spending the rest of
your life with someone to make you the
happiest you've ever been
everything for game night
actually I'm not going to my dads
whoa where are you going
d home
well it's really crank fifth well so
ok beautiful
don't be home too early
I just won't let you know there's a
bunch of guys in hazmat suits and masks
at my condo and if i should pull out the
boxing gloves and start defending myself
what I forgot to tell you that I'm
having your 43 finish so you're gonna
love it it's just you can't walk in your
apartment for about six hours
well i guess i'm meeting up tonight
you wanna join me
I was actually had to my parents for
game night
get it yeah that sounds like fun
do you wanna come
before I go any further I just have to
tell you that i play cards my friends
once a week and a pretty good
that's funny because I reputation my
family for me pretty like you with
guards you
yeah that's funny because I have the
same reputation with my friends lucky
and they also say that I have a really
good poker face
huh there's anything you can beat me yes
yes I'm saying
ladies first
where's your sister she's on a date oh
and I see you brought one along as well
actually this is my client didn't oh
nice to meet you
bolt see ya know who's this
aight Jesse's client pleasure to meet
you sir
a dance floors are gonna be finished so
I thought for the you can be inside
mm-hmm that's my sugar cookies I've got
address them before they get cool when
we go to the glass-bottom method is
there any other way you some help
I would love that how do you know what I
really like to the recognition of the
oh wow these are amazing yeah
the first time I taste for sushi cookies
I doing here - Barry
I understand why jesse has a recipe she
can whip up a batch just as good as mine
here ball why don't you give me up the
chips full with an income from that well
just like a horse
this one bolts at the first sign of a
I'm sure that once Jessie finds the one
she'll settle down about you waiting are
you seeing anyone special
no no no I'm single oh do you like right
I love short right
oh I will be right back
she's amazing come with me
what's all this Oh mom of scrapbooking
and she's kind of obsessed with
documenting our lives
this one looks interesting oh that's
mom's engagement album
it's okay
most people have wedding albums and my
management album that's Owen
he was my first you don't say he was a
weatherman for channel 5 and he proposed
on live television during hot weather
forecast million people
this is lucky you there's trend number
he proposed on the marquee at the
he's a movie critic you know anything
for a good review what i have for you
know like Jumbotron
that's impressive that's it
you beautiful here
you know I have a great idea
sing some carols on the piano in to play
no not a lick yeah you do you're great
Oh perfect
no i don't i don't play so which heralds
you know I like yeah for so well and
that's my favorite
shall we
shall we
how about this one
the plane turns be got to wait
just kind of lovely spot
I had no idea you bring your station was
nothing I just and it doesn't matter ok
I've already told you please just stop
he's just not marrying anyone
Joey plan
Oh dad I don't think this is the right
hopefully that is if anyone else's game
well Jesse didn't buy me over for game
he's right I did he'll come up about 40
no i'm all in
my face like your chips
are you doing just raising the stakes
be serious you could get a better man
nice van now Plumbing Supplies
it's not my van is my 57 Chevy you win
or not
infiniti coupe
I call
I can't believe it
I knew it was just pulling our leg I'll
come back tomorrow for my Chevy
I'm gonna go call his mother
well that didn't go as planned
real lucky with cards
I'll talk to him no no
a bet is a bet yeah but if my mom had
invited him this would have happened .
it's it's nice to have a mom cares i
know i just want any pressure
next time I want to know for sure next
so you're saying you haven't store
marriage on for good
I didn't say that
that's real nice of you
all right that's off
oh so you struck out huh no no it's not
that it's just it's not cool
I think the girls been through enough
already three engagements yeah but isn't
she wanted broken off
it's not like she felt good about it
and besides I kind of get why those
other guys proposed to her
whoa women are you see that you actually
do want to marry this girl
what I'm saying is the bet is off okay
look I feel for the girl
I do ok but he bet is a bet my friend so
if you forfeit
be prepared to bring in the new year and
a 4 x 6 q cool ok all right ok i lost
all right so I went
you're sitting know if you could just
say that we close all this I'm gonna ask
her to marry me just so I can win a bet
what if you could say that I want is a
big man on campus
hey Charlie christmas is coming early
this year but you fired stew
look I'm not trying to be unreasonable
okay i don't think you understand this
dog is totally out of control
he's completely on train last night he
was up all night when he's just stressed
in a new environment he'll still do I
don't have time to wait for the second
it's too much work you know you're
breaking hearts
what the kids I'm sure they don't care
Jake stays up all night and stay here
sit just want to go don't don't talk to
me about my kids
okay well such as about your kids for
Jake you that he was getting out of his
that's not my problem is a problem with
often you know we got cameras here if
you want to read you know we have a dog
probably sorry I little love a little
patience no but thanks
the problem cheek want you too many ways
that guy he just comes in here like that
sure I'll tell Jesse that you can meet
her on saturday
thank you
that was just our first referral thanks
to your good friend Eden see children
giggling was the way to go
fireworks that it wasn't like a solution
it was like this
what are you talking about
he's the one nope
Eden is the 11
what are you like
one the one like the one that's great
no it isn't no it isn't finally meet the
man that I can see myself spending the
rest of my life with and he's not
marriage material
are you sure there I told you it's
caused damage girls
it's him yeah don't threats
maybe you're wrong
maybe like you you're the one for him to
look it can't be sure
not until you ask that's what you want
ask him
to marry me you couldn't just this is
you're always the one who's being asked
and look how that turned out
hey so what if this time we switch up
you do the asking
I cannot believe that you're serious
right now I cannot believe you're
standing here telling me to propose to
even why not
what if he says no what if he says yes
and doesn't mean it
no way no I've been that guy been down
that road
no I can't
yes you can
that's the best thing you can do so just
you and now she won't take your calls
and your casualty number for my friend
you think so
this kiss it was epic you know does that
mean I have no idea but I don't know
anybody who looked at this girl clearly
has some issues all right i mean look at
our track record
if you ask me the thing to do now is
just walk away
do you like it - I like it
I love it
how did you pull this off well I may
have borrowed your photo for a little
bit about the other day
no no no there's no need to explain i
totally understand I was kind of naive
to think that I was different from the
other guys and
you've been under so much pressure and I
want you to feel that from me
so just give me your invoice I'll take
care of it now we could be all squared
marry me
I know my track record has been summer
and I swore that I would never do it
again in this a new
he didn't make teria
you marry me
I really just means you so uncomfortable
and i know that feeling so don't say
anything at all on
in fact I've been trying to figure out
this whole thing so thank you for
clearing up for me and um his fuzzy
invoice goes yeah i'll email you and
feel free to send a check but honestly
no pressure at all you have no yes
I'm sorry what did you say I said yes
because I can't have any pressure with
you asked him yeah isn't it great
well it's a tad unconventional just to
be sure
I mean it's not that I'm not thrilled
but i just think that month
I have never been more sure of anything
in my life I promise you guys it
wouldn't put you through it this time
if I wasn't well I think you made a fine
choice bold
thanks dad by the way we may be cool on
the nickname makes me jumpy
ok so what do you think would you help
me plan my wedding
don't you want my help yes mom I want
everything to be perfect
I mean this is it well what are we
waiting for
we were wanting to plan
Justin area
you're joking right
no no not Wow
I am in our the power of any actually
get to ask you that's that's something
Charlie what are you sure about this but
I mean you did say yes right
as crazy as it sounds
yes yes I mean it was like you had found
the one
yeah yeah I guess so okay look it may
seem all dreaming now but wait until you
get cold
no I don't think it's gonna happen you
know why I think about marrying this
the happiest I've ever been
all right I got to say I gotta sit
I am impressed i mean it's one thing to
make a bet that you get her to say yes
but to get her to ask you that is
although it still doesn't change the
fact you forfeit the right i mean you
could call it i did I called the battle
all right
hat is off to you have the best part of
the plan
so you tell my kids i forgot
I'm gonna tell me soon as I get back my
you sure you wanna wear the same dress
isn't that like bad luck or something
relax give I'm taking it tomorrow to get
my ideas to make my perfect
this is the girl I can't like I was
actually just coming to see you and I
guess you're going to tell me the good
are you tired like I wanted to tell you
myself in fact I was just going to drop
off my dress and red on your dress
what it's like his car III into the pot
what are you talking about him and his
buddies we made a bet that you would say
yes this proposal
wow Mike
it's not funny okay if you're trying to
get me to break it off with not lying
Jesse I heard them
they were talking about what a man ate
and was for not just winning the bet but
getting you to ask him
believe it he's a player like you're
right from the start
tonight's all-new hallmark channel
holiday original movement from here
hey your mom's and try to get a hold of
so let us know if you want cornflower
blue robin's egg for the linens
I don't know what robin's egg is I
thought she was talking about food
although I must see the dress it's bad
so I was spending on the bride don't you
so tell me did you actually have to go
through with the wedding to win or just
going to say yes
aren't you talking about
you know about the bet
dressing it's not like that yeah
so you didn't have a bit
I did Michael off
just look at it and say yes another win
I said yes because i wanted to because i
love you
you know what you're right
you have one hell of a poker face
Jesse hey trench
hi Jessie this is my fiance patty oh I
didn't know that you were just got
the theater
I'll be sure to send you an invite yeah
I see you again just you two have a good
night okay
hey how's it going
I don't you know your mom have quite the
reputation before I better
yeah in fact I was not the first one
that proposed to her
three other guys have tried before I
mean she turned them all down drunk your
grandmother crazy
Susie refused to settle I thought I was
gonna end up just like those other guys
with a bruised ego on a broken heart but
it was ok with that
you know what because if she didn't feel
the way I felt when I didn't want to be
with someone who's just settling
I deserve more
there's a lot of people used to live
there's only one you can't live without
hey can you hear me
so I wanted to tell you that you were
right about eight in the engagements off
look Jessie I don't blame me for what
happened that mean we all got to test
the pipes before we can be sure which
way the waters flowing blood flow back
to me
things didn't work out with me and Aaden
but I can't marry you
you deserve someone that is gonna love
you as much as you do
hey Jesse
use it to you
hey you still doing
look forget about work it's two days
before Christmas besides the vegan was
asking about you
all right but don't keep her waiting
save a dance for you
the guys in the band this year yeah like
just jamming weekends whatever may be
played God certainly got a freestyle rap
records me
do you want to find a material oh yeah
he's just a second cubicle over
thank you
so anywho we are probably gonna be
looking for some backup dancers
you guys are into it you go
there you are Spanish - wait to hear
I'm just checking my instincts look I
saw the way you looked to jesse tonight
and believe me after three engagements
my radar is provided that you really
want to marry Jesse
yes yes of course they do well great
what's planning how
jesse is what i'm going to do with me
don't blame the damned
did you know
once I realized how much I cared for
called it off
what's the best way that you can show
Jessie that you meant it when you said
yes and the bat nothing at all
the merrier
hey to me Merry Christmas buddy
Santa's gonna bring you a good home
and Jake