A Bride for Rip Van Winkle (2016) Movie Script

"Where are you?"
"Can you wave?"
"Did you see?"
"What's nearby?"
There's a mailbox.
Are you Nanami?
Yes, I am.
I'm Tetsuya.
I'm sorry to keep you.
I actually got here early
so I wandered around...
...and actually got lost.
I totally panicked.
- Are you okay?
- Yes, I managed to get back.
I found a nice cafe over there.
- Should we try it out?
- Sure.
It's around the corner.
It must be hard finding a public teaching job.
I barely managed to get in.
I'm also a part-time teacher.
That's right.
I'm aiming for full-time, but it's not easy.
It's only getting harder
with people having fewer kids.
I found my boyfriend on
an internet dating site.
It was too easy, like I was shopping online.
He was an easy find for me.
So does that make me...
...an easy girlfriend for him?
Like buying something online...
...easy...with just one click.
I'm going to the store.
I'll go with you.
You're not even up yet.
You must be tired.
Please get some rest.
"Written and directed by iwai shunji"
No running in the halls!
- Morning!
- Good morning.
Stand up!
Take your seats.
Face front...
...and bow.
Sit down.
What is this?
Please use that from now on.
We can't hear you.
We're just joking!
No, it's no joke.
We will now start the lesson.
Open to page 27...
We still can't hear you!
You can use the microphone.
Use it.
She's really doing it.
We will now start the lesson.
Open your books to page 27.
Good afternoon.
Is that you, Nanami?
It's me, Marni.
You were an education major.
Oh, it's you!
Long time no see!
It is.
- You work here?
- Yeah.
I live right nearby.
What time do you get off?
Let's grab dinner.
I work until 5pm.
It's almost time.
Did you wait?
Not at all.
- Shall we?
- Okay.
How about we do hot pot at my place?
Hot pot?
I have some chicken waiting for me.
But it's too much for me.
And some tsukune too.
It's cute how you call them by names.
You think?
Then come on over.
I'll cook.
Over here.
You surprised me.
I would've guessed you to be a teacher.
I'm also a teacher.
But it's only part-time.
I see.
Did you wear glasses?
These are fake.
I don't want my students seeing me working.
But it was obvious.
Really? These didn't work?
Not one bit.
Is your school nearby?
My school isn't around here.
But I couldn't work anywhere nearby.
What about you?
What do you do?
A hostess.
A hostess club.
What does that mean?
I bet you make a lot of money there.
Are you interested?
I can't.
Why not? You're not confident?
Why not?
You're cute.
No, I'm not.
It's a lot of fun.
You just talk for work.
Jobs are all the same...
...and money is important.
I can't go that far for money.
My parents would kill me if they knew.
They think I'm still trying to find a job.
So they're still helping me out.
Thank you for coming in.
Not at all.
Are things at school going well?
Yes, I'm getting by.
We got a call from your school.
Is it true you use a microphone in class?
It's not like that.
It was just once.
I took a student's joke seriously.
I was lectured by the head teacher as well.
It was just once.
Teachers shouldn't be using microphones.
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
We weren't offered
another term from the client...
...so your term will be up
at the end of the month.
I'm fired?
Unfortunately in this case, yes.
If I may, a weak voice is
fatal for a school teacher.
I'm sorry.
When will I get my next assignment?
It's hard to say.
Other teachers are waiting too.
Good evening, Kanon.
Good evening.
Did you go outside today?
You stayed home?
I see.
Let's start on page 23
with some linear functions.
You have 20 minutes.
You can ask me questions anytime.
Ready. ..begin.
Excuse me?
If there are 'linear' functions...
...are there also 'non-linear' functions?
That's right.
Is that it?
And cubic functions.
What are these used for in the real world?
Well...I'm not sure.
You don't know?
I'm sorry.
I'll look it up for you.
Good afternoon.
Please watch your step.
Today we are blessed with some lovely weather.
We shall now hold the engagement ceremony.
We humbly request your favor.
Thank you.
Please accept this betrothal gift
from the Tsuruoka family.
Please accept this betrothal gift...
...courtesy of the Minagawa family.
Imagine my surprise
when I heard they met online.
I'm sure you were as concerned as I was.
But leave it to my daughter
to choose a school teacher.
You can meet anyone online, right?
Doctors! Millionaires!
You've got choices!
That's the perk of the internet!
Nanami was never adventurous.
When she took a liking to azuki bread,
that was all she ate.
Then I suppose she'll never
get tired of my boy either.
I'll say! She'll adore him forever.
You want to continue teaching after marriage?
Yes, I do.
Once you've taught, it's not easy to give up.
That's just how teachers are.
But housework is hard work.
Even more when you have kids.
I wasn't so difficult.
Are you kidding?
Do you know how much trouble you were?
In grade school, he took to teasing
the girl sitting next to him.
But oh, that was your first love.
Mom, stop it!
It's the truth.
Go on ahead.
Really? Alright then.
You're both going to the station.
And spend more time with that woman?
We just have to last until the wedding is over.
A couple for appearance's sake.
Even though we couldn't be further from it.
I'm sorry for all the trouble.
Don't mention it.
The two of us didn't work out...
...but I know you'll be fine.
How do you know that?
I don't.
But you know...
...I want you to be happy.
Especially you.
The same goes for your mother.
Because despite everything,
we're still your parents.
Come on, taxi!
Two people?
No one else?
We're not close with our relatives.
Why not?
No particular reason.
There's a ceremony for relatives.
The numbers can't be too lopsided.
We'll cut down on my side.
But seriously though, isn't there anyone else?
You can't tell me it's only two people.
It's embarrassing.
Can't you do something?
I also decided to quit teaching.
Your mother was against it...
...and I'm not sure I can
balance home and work.
You thought this through, right?
Why didn't you ask me?
I'm sorry.
Weddings are so depressing.
I need more relatives.
He says he's inviting 20 people.
Wedding attendees can be...
Are you serious?
You hire them.
I know an organizer who does this.
Are you interested?
Isn't it dangerous?
It's legit. I guarantee it.
Mr. Ramba Ral...
A guarantee...
What can I do with a guarantee?
- These are for you!
Let's take some pictures.
I'm next to her!
No, I want to...
Say cheese!
Instead of being fired,
I said it was my engagement.
Do you think this is a white lie?
Please be well!
Thank you.
Goodbye, everyone.
Excuse me...
Oh, hello.
I'm Nanami.
Please, sit down.
Excuse me! Could we get the menu?
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll be using this name today.
- Mr. Amuro?
- Yes.
Yukimasu Amuro of Amuro Ltd.
And truth be told, I'm also an actor.
- An actor?
- That's right.
Raizo lchikawa.
Wasn't there already an actor by this name?
I borrowed it.
And now, I'm the 2nd generation.
For an actor, your real name doesn't matter.
Until the job is finished,
the role is who you are.
So you can have an infinite number of names.
The same goes for you too, right?
No, I don't.
But what about "Clammbon"?
By that, I guess everyone has a lot of names.
That's right.
But today I'm not "Raizo lchikawa"...
...but "Yukimasu Amuro."
Pleased to meet you.
What sort of company is Amuro Ltd.?
A jack of all trades.
We do anything.
That is, anything I can.
- Let me first explain our services.
- Yes, please.
Please refer to our company as "Aznable".
The basic package of ceremony
attendance is $80/day.
Additional speeches are $50.
Entertainers for $50, and telegrams for $30.
If there's anything else,
we'll be able to provide it.
Please take a look.
It isn't cheap.
No, but since you're Ramba Ral's friend...
...I'll give you a discount.
Good evening, Kanon.
Good evening, I'm Kanon's mother.
I read your e-mail.
Congratulations on your engagement.
Thank you very much.
Pardon my asking, but do you have to quit?
I apologize.
I'm really...l have to say that...
My daughter only wants you as her teacher.
Could you continue her lessons?
There are much better teachers out there.
She doesn't want anyone else.
She hasn't been to school in 5 months.
For my daughter, you are
her one and only teacher.
Could you please try? Even once a week?
If you insist.
You will?
I'm so glad!
I'm so sorry to trouble you.
Hold on one moment.
Hey Kanon...
...she agreed.
Excuse me.
Congratulations, sir.
Thank you.
I'm Amuro of Aznable, the attendance service.
Pleasure to meet you.
Thank you very much.
Please, sit down.
As your daughter has already informed you...
...for today's ceremony, we have
several replacement attendees.
Won't people notice?
Don't worry, we are professionals.
We can't thank you enough.
Thank you for having us.
Thank you, everyone.
You know...
I'm suddenly getting nervous.
Do you know a "Clammbon"?
You don't know?
Looks like she's also getting married.
I found my boyfriend on
an internet dating site.
It was too easy, like I was shopping online.
If my fiance wrote this, it'd mean divorce.
I'd divorce her.
I really feel sorry for this groom.
This isn't you?
It's not.
I know we also met online...
...but let's try to be happy.
We will now exchange the rings.
From the groom to the bride.
From the bride to the groom.
Now the groom may raise the veil.
Now, will the groom...
...please kiss the bride!
Please give your applause to the newlyweds!
Please applaud when
the knife goes into the cake.
Are you ready with your cameras?
Now, the cutting of the cake!
Hold it right there!
Some villains have entered the hall.
Could they be friends of the groom?
Love-Love-Lovingly Lovely Beam!
What the hell is that? Stop joking around!
Love-Love Love Beam.
You're too kind, Tetsuya.
The newlyweds will now present
their words of appreciation.
Who are these little ones?
What is this?
Daddy, Mommy...it's me Tetsuya.
Our family has a farm
so dinner is always delicious.
On weekends, you'd hold
the stick out like this...
...in place of a bar.
That's howl learned to spin upward.
In middle school, I dedicated myself to sports.
Slam! High to right field!
I run home...
For me, school went by
without much of anything.
My grades were average too.
I had no clue what I was going to do in life.
One day...
...my parents said to me...
We won't send you to college like that.
These words changed me.
I studied hard and my grades improved.
I was accepted into college.
On both warm and cold days...
...my mom always woke up early
and made my lunch.
I never thanked you...
...but I should have.
Thank you.
And today, I work as a teacher...
...and then I met Nanami.
I'm also a teacher...
...and then I met Tetsuya.
In the long road ahead...
...no matter the troubles...
...we will overcome it, together.
We both still have much to learn.
Please kindly watch over us.
I'll take that.
Was this good?
- I'm off.
- Take care.
Have a good day!
Hi Nanami.
Good afternoon.
How do you like married life?
I'm not so sure.
You hadn't written your blog, so I was worried.
I changed my account.
Can you scan my ID?
One moment.
Is this it?
From the book, "Night on the
Galactic Railroad."
I'm a {an oi Keri Miyazawa.
I used to blog whatever I wanted...
...then my husband found it.
I understand your want for freedom.
I told him it wasn't me,
but he still suspects something.
He's acting rather distant.
The marriage blues?
That'd be a relief.
I found this on the floor.
It's a woman's earring, isn't it?
And so...um...
I understand.
Is your husband having an affair?
That is what I want...
But I thought to ask the price first.
It's usually around $300/day.
It depends on the time.
But it usually gets to
around $5,000 to $10,000.
That's a lot of money.
I'll give you a discount as Ramba Ral's friend.
How about $3,000 total? No more, no less.
That's still expensive.
You can pay me in installments.
A little bit at a time.
For Ramba Ral.
Do you like chocolates?
Yes, I do.
Would you like one?
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
What can I say...
Men and women don't change,
just because of marriage.
Don't get your hopes up.
So I should just sit there
while my husband has an affair?
That might be one way to say it.
Trifles of love are never ending.
You might be right.
My mother ran off with a younger man.
That's nothing new.
She's not just a mother, but a woman too.
Say if I wanted it, you'd be mine in an hour.
Aren't you confident.
It's not confidence.
If you fall for me, it wouldn't be my fault.
It'd be yours.
What do you mean?
You fall...only because you want to.
I have feelings for you?
Not at all!
You don't care a bit about me.
Here, have another chocolate.
Here you go.
This distance between us...
...you're the one who came to me.
Wanting to depend on someone...
...trying to fill some void...
You should be careful.
I'll let you know if I find anything.
Excuse me, could I have a word?
It's about your husband.
He's having an affair with my girl.
Did you know?
I didn't.
I'd like to talk to you.
Are you there?
Can I come inside?
How can I help you?
I already explained why I'm here.
Do we talk here?
I don't mind...
...but your neighbors might hear us.
Come in.
I'm sorry it's a mess.
Would you like some tea?
Or some coffee?
Please, don't trouble yourself.
Do you have any of his yearbooks?
From about 7 or 8 years ago...
His yearbooks from work?
Does he have them here?
I'll go look in his room.
Here she is.
This is her.
Yuka Tabata...your husband's former student.
So she is your girlfriend?
That's right.
She met your husband at a reunion last year.
Then they started texting...
...and it got serious from there.
Oh, golly...
How can you be so casual?
Should I call the school?
Hand out flyers to his students?
No, not that...
Some tea...
Are you alright?
Are you okay?
Are you feeling okay?
- I'm alright.
- Are you sure?
I'm fine.
I understand.
Really, I do.
I'll leave for today.
I'm home.
Hey, I'm home.
Welcome home.
What about dinner?
I told you I was eating out.
I just wanted to make sure.
Come in.
Over here.
Thank you for coming.
It's fine.
Some wine?
I broke up with her.
I'm talking about that bitch.
Just thinking about her with
someone else made me sick.
It was too much.
I see.
I bet you can't forgive your husband either.
I suppose so.
Do you want him dead?
I suppose.
Apparently not.
No, that's not it.
In any case, your husband
has to pay for his actions.
This goes for me, but also you too.
He has to pay the price.
Pa)' the price?
But how?
What do you want him to do?
I have no idea.
I gave it some thought.
For you to be mine for the night.
I'll forget this ever happened.
I'll leave this anger all to you.
Do with him whatever you want.
This is outrageous!
What then!
Are you going to pay me off?
I'm not!
Hand out flyers! Do whatever you want!
I don't care!
Oh yeah?
That'll be the end for your husband.
I don't care.
Do whatever you want!
Calm down and think about it.
If this solves things, it's good for you too.
You can't forgive your husband.
But still, you're scared of
losing this comfortable life.
Isn't that the truth?
Betraying your husband...
...that only makes things even.
Think of it as a fresh start.
I'll be nice.
Remember. . .we're both victims.
Can I use the restroom?
Go ahead.
Please help me.
The boyfriend of my husband's lover is here...
...and is trying to force me to sleep with him.
I've run into the restroom.
What should I do...
"Are you alright?"
"Where are you?"
A hotel in Gotanda.
Hotel Arion, room 201.
I'm heading over. Try and buy some time.
Take a shower.
I understand.
Non my Way!"
Can I take a shower?
Go right ahead.
Don't be like that.
Let's enjoy ourselves.
Go on, now.
What's this?
Did you lock the door?
Why don't we shower together?
Hey miss...
Are you listening?
Hey there.
- Is this good?
- Yeah.
Thank goodness!
I didn't know what else to do.
I can't improv anymore.
You did well.
- Can I leave?
- Sure.
You villain.
Hey, Ramba Ral...
What about the room?
I'll take care of it.
It's stuck.
It's alright.
He's gone.
I'll take you home.
I'll be outside.
Your father is becoming more like his father.
That's awful.
The things he does and says...
Grab some incense.
Wait your turn.
Now for you!
Everyone was really nice.
Good night.
Come on now.
Can we talk?
Of course.
Your relatives at the wedding...
...were they faked?
I thought so.
That's unbelievable.
I can't believe my ears.
I'm terribly sorry.
I thought it improper with so few relatives.
What do you mean by 'proper'?
Did we look like people
who cared about being 'proper'?
Having strangers as relatives
at your own wedding...
Do you even realize?
I'm sorry.
And about your parents...
...I hear they're divorced.
And your mother is living in Nagano?
I hear she ran off with some young coworker.
I don't know about that.
Why did you lie?
You, and your parents.
I apologize.
I didn't mean to.
And my parents too...
They didn't mean any harm.
I'm terribly sorry.
Then how do you explain this?
Can you?
What is this?
Can that please wait?
I haven't talked to Tetsuya yet.
What are you going to say?
You're cheating on him?
- I'm not.
-It's right there!
He's the one having an affair.
That man is the boyfriend of Tetsuya's lover.
One lie after the other.
Then what do you have to say about this?
Can I take a shower?
Lets enjoy ourselves.
Why don't we shower together?
Hey, miss...
What do you have to say?
Please let me talk to Tetsuya.
And if we could talk tomorrow...
What are you saying?
Explain yourself right now!
I've been drinking and...
What am I suppose to believe?
Right now, I can't help
but feel that you're tainted...
...and filthy.
I can't bare to look at you.
Crying won't help you.
You think this is a joke?
I'm sorry.
I'll call you a taxi
so go back to your parents!
Don't come near Tetsuya again!
I'll send you the divorce papers.
Get them back to me!
Do you understand?
Good evening.
Could you take her back to lwate?
Where do you live? In Hanamaki?
You say lwate but...
You can keep the change.
Is it too cold?
Should I raise the heat?
I'm okay.
Please take me to Setagaya.
Where in Setagaya?
Are you there?
It's me.
I just spoke with my mom.
I saw the video.
What now?
Get divorced?
I haven't done anything wrong.
After taking a shower at a love hotel?
It wasn't a love hotel.
It was a proper hotel.
What are you bragging about!
I haven't done anything wrong.
You're the one...
...who is having the affair.
That man is your lover's boyfriend.
You're saying it's my fault?
Don't be ridiculous!
Yuka Tabata, you know her don't you?
Your former student.
Yuka Tabata?
I've never heard of her.
- Don't lie to me.
- I'm not!
Yuka Tabata...
I don't know that name.
Hold on.
What are you doing?
I'm looking at your yearbooks.
Aren't you at your parent's?
I came back to Tokyo.
She was right here.
You're accusing me of having
an affair with this girl?
That's why you did it?
You're unbelievable.
Your relatives at the wedding,
they were all fake?
And your parents...
...they're divorced, right?
Above all that...
...how can you accuse me of having an affair?
What do you think I am?
Normally, I'd be the one making claims.
Either way this is it.
I'll be back tonight.
I don't want you there when I'm back.
I'm throwing away everything that's left.
Put the keys in the mailbox.
Do you understand?
Do you?
Okay, then.
Take care.
Can you hear me?
It's me, Amuro.
Can you talk?
I was hoping we could meet
regarding your inquiry.
When would work for you?
ls everything alright?
...where am I?
Where is this?
Nanami, what's wrong?
I don't know where I am.
Um...well...l see...
What should I do?
Please calm down.
Open up a map on your phone...
...and that will show you.
Where should I go from here?
I don't have anywhere to go.
Did something happen?
Did you have a fight with your husband?
I'll come and get you.
Can you just tell me where...
Um...right now...l...
...can you hear me?
Are you there?
Do you need any cleaning done?
I'm alright, thanks.
Please call us if you need anything.
Excuse me?
I'm looking for a job...
Now just like I told you, see these sheets?
This makes the bed bulky.
Align the two together.
- Got it?
- Yes.
Okay, then.
This comes next.
- Are you ok?
- I'm fine.
It's dusty, I know.
Align the centers.
Never stops, does it?
Do you know what 'when' means?
It means 'time.'
That's right.
But this time, it's used a little differently.
For example, "it was raining when I got up."
Did you catch a cold?
You seem tired.
You think so?
I'm alright.
I see you're still alive.
It's me.
- I'm sorry to worry you.
- Not at all.
Are you hungry?
Thank you so much.
I really feel for you.
Thank you.
By the way...
That man you met is a relationship destroyer.
A what?
They approach you with sexual intentions...
...all in order to split up the couple.
You were played for a fool.
They break up relationships...
I didn't know there was such a thing.
Everything is free game.
What about the yearbook picture?
That's all simple enough to make.
The question is who planted it?
Was it that man? Or your husband?
Or perhaps your mother-in-law?
My in-laws?
She's the one behind all this.
And now, onto the main topic.
Main topic?
Hold on a second.
What you asked me to investigate.
The report about your husband's infidelity.
Was he?
Don't be so hasty.
This is the truth.
What is this?
It's exactly how it looks.
Mother and son are having dinner.
His mother had been coming
to Tokyo twice a week...
...staying at hotels all around the city.
But what for?
Just to visit her son.
Didn't your husband eat out about twice a week?
A textbook Oedipal complex.
Are you glad it wasn't an affair?
She visited your home too,
when you weren't there.
I can't say for sure...
...but she could have planted the yearbook...
...and the earrings.
It might not be my place...
...but maybe this was for the better.
It'll be easier that way.
Why me...
Why did this family...
Damn it...
Damn them!
Damn it.
Damn it.
God damn it.
God damn it.
Those idiots.
Those idiots...
Those stupid idiots.
Stupid idiots...
- About the payment...
- Yes?
Could you please wait?
Of course. You're Ramba Ral's friend.
Thank you very much.
Let me know if I can help.
I Will.
Oh, right!
This hotel is $42/night, right?
So that's $1 ,260/month.
Isn't that expensive?
You can find a decent room
around here for $300.
Did you know?
- Is that true?
- Of course.
Is that right.
- Hotels are expensive.
- They are.
- I didn't realize it.
- Are you okay?
I feel downright crippled.
You don't have to worry.
I know people who are really like that.
So you're fine.
You're nothing like them.
Also on Sundays, when you aren't working...
I have a job this Sunday, if you're interested.
Thank you very much.
- I'm available!
- Great.
What is the job?
Excuse me.
Everyone, your attention please!
Listen up, please!
The papers I gave you
are your profiles for today.
Please memorize it.
Please look at the family tree.
The name in red is you.
Does everyone see that?
- Yes.
- Good.
Those who are relatives,
please talk with each other.
Family, siblings, friends...
It'll be a disaster if you look like strangers.
Thanks for your hard work.
Thank you.
I'll be playing Kenjiro Kikkawa.
My name is Kazuaki Gocho.
The symbols are 'cow' and 'stomach.'
That's quite a name!
And it's a great name.
But it'll get confusing so...
Yes, let's go by our roles.
Let's do that.
Now then, introduce yourself.
I'm Kenjiro Kikkawa. Nice to meet you.
Hello, I'm Katsuyo Kikkawa.
That's great.
I'm Kiyomi, the eldest daughter.
I'm Kasumi, her sister.
Hi there, Kasumi.
I'm Yusuke.
Today, you are a family.
Family, family. You're a family now!
Get to know each other, remember to talk.
You're family now.
Hey, sister.
Hey brother...
...father, mother...
...it's a pleasure to meet you.
Please welcome the newlyweds!
Please welcome them with your applause.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Did you go to the realtors?
Not yet.
Let's go together.
I have a friend in real estate.
- Does the same area work?
- Yes.
I didn't really live there by choice.
You just ended up there.
It was fate.
We'll talk later.
Have you done this before?
What do you think?
That's all I can say.
This is great.
The groom is polygamous.
What does that mean?
It means he already has another family.
Multiple marriages.
Isn't that illegal?
Of course it's illegal!
It's incredible.
Maybe he couldn't tell her the truth...
...so he had no choice but to get married.
Why are you laughing?
Those with cameras or phones...
...please come forward
for a great photo opportunity!
And now, the cutting of the cake!
Look at us.
That was so nerve wracking!
Added years to my age.
How can you keep laughing?
His nerves are letting out.
What do you say we all go out for a drink?
Let's go!
Go go!
Do you know a place?
I know a place nearby.
Why don't we try that?
It's strange, though.
It feels like we're a real family.
I know, it's very strange.
What about your real family?
Actually, I'm a bachelor.
I never married.
Me neither.
Are you serious?
What were you two doing until now?
What do you do for work, Kiyomi?
I'm actually a real actress.
But 10 years an actress with no hits.
What have you been in?
Boring jobs here and there.
What about you?
I'm just getting by working part-time jobs.
Aren't we all.
Here's your drink.
Finally, it arrives!
Time for a toast!
Who let her drink so much?
I was nervous!
My station is over there.
Me too.
You're kidding!
So this is goodbye?
Come home with me.
- It was great meeting you.
- Thank you.
It's like we're a real family.
- Goodbye, then.
- Let's meet again.
Be careful going home, okay?
See you!
I'm going this way, too.
Where do you live, Kiyomi?
We're off the clock,
so let's stop calling me that.
You're right.
I'm Mashiro Satonaka.
Ms. Satonaka.
- Call me Mashiro.
- Okay.
I'm Nanami Minagawa.
What should I call you, Ms. Nanami Minagawa?
You can call me either.
Then, I choose Minagawa.
Never mind! Nanami!
Do you use Twitter?
How about Line?
I use Planet.
One of the minor leagues.
Let's share contacts.
- So you're "Campanella"?
- Yes.
Do you want to grab another drink?
Count me in!
Off we go, then!
- You're in a good mood.
- You bet I am!
"Like a bad dream..."
"Time whispers by..."
"And now I am alone..."
"And still in my room is your..."
"Very own Charlie Parker..."
"Did you forget I'm here..."
Here you go.
Singing like a star!
It's your turn next.
Would you like to try?
Should I?
- What do you think?
- Please do.
"Last night's blizzard..."
"Has danced and danced..."
"Covering the garden whole..."
There are tons of people
out there in the world!
Especially here in Tokyo.
No one will notice if someone
disappeared from this crowd.
That's true.
Excuse me, you forgot these!
Thank you!
I'm glad I caught you.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
Look what I found!
"People take all they have lost..."
"Turning them into beautiful memories..."
"So take everything you've lost..."
"And so beautifully..."
Rip Van Winkle...
"Mashiro, where are you?"
"As if it were nothing at all..."
"Thank you for today."
"Goodnight, Rip Van Winkle."
Hi, there.
- Thank you for last time.
- My pleasure.
Is that your dinner?
It is.
Did you go to the realtors?
Not yet.
I'm free now if that works for you.
Then that works out great.
I have another job for you.
A job?
A job as a live-in maid.
- A maid?
- That's right.
You'll be living there so no need to pay rent.
And the pay is much better.
What do you say?
What am I suppose to do?
Normal household duties...
...like cleaning and doing the laundry.
Don't you want the money?
Why not take a look?
I can drive you there.
But I...
I can't just quit this job.
Another person quit last week...
...so work shifts are tight.
I see.
I'll talk to the hotel for you. Let's go.
After you.
Go ahead.
I'm back.
Welcome back!
Nanami! Forgive me! It's all my fault!
I'm begging you! Please forgive me!
Thank you all for looking after my wife.
- Wife?
- Yes, she's my wife.
I'd like to have her check out.
I'll send a replacement for her shift.
I'm terribly sorry for the trouble.
I'm so glad she's alright!
No, not at all...
How much will it be?
No we couldn't accept...
No, these things are important.
How much? I can't...
This much money...
Don't worry about the change.
Please accept my thanks.
Thank you very much.
You're too forceful.
I wanted to be quick about it.
And I had a feeling you might
just back out of this job.
It'll be okay.
Now let's wave, with a big smile.
Here we go.
These are huge mansions.
That's right.
Please wait here.
- I'm sorry.
-It's no problem.
- Is this it?
- Yes.
What is this place?
It used to be a restaurant.
But the new owner lives abroad,
so it's almost always empty.
So, in the end, no one uses it.
All you have to do is live here.
That's the job.
Isn't this too good a deal?
It's my job to find these good deals.
Let's go.
There should be another
maid living here as well.
Excuse me!
Is anyone home?
Let's go inside.
We're coming in!
Excuse me!
Pardon me.
Now this is something.
This is a little messy.
This goes miles beyond "a little".
How do you say...
I told you household duties...
...but you can't do this alone.
This other maid isn't doing her job at all.
Are these costumes?
Oh, but there's a bed.
You're right.
Check this out.
Oh no, no thank you.
This is quite some collection.
Do you like this sort of stuff?
- I don't think so.
-It's certainly something.
This mess is incredible.
Over here.
Check this out.
Look at the jellyfish.
Is feeding these animals part of the job too?
That'd be my guess.
There's lots to do.
You can say that again.
Let me know if you need anything.
Thank you.
Not to worry. Anything for Ramba Ral.
Goodbye then!
Thank you!
No problem!
Good morning.
Good morning!
It's morning!
It's already morning!
Wake up!
It's already 9 in the morning!
Get up! Get up!
It's 9 o'clock.
Good morning, sleepy head.
What are you doing here, Mashiro?
You say that...
...but I too, am a maid.
You work here too?
I've been here 3 months.
I see.
Amuro told me you were coming.
I'll show you around.
This house is huge.
- Did you look around?
- Just a little.
What about that room?
That room'?
- The jellyfish...
- That's right!
Scary stuff.
- Now this is the party room.
- Yes.
That's the kitchen over there.
Can you imagine the party they had here?
- And we're cleaning this up?
- That's right.
It's a hefty mess.
It's a maid's job to clean up the mess.
You're my savior!
- Come over here.
- Yes.
Over here is a secret spot.
And toodlie twink!
This is my private living quarters.
Go ahead and take a seat.
Thank you.
And this wonderful thing also acts as a bed.
Good night!
You're sleeping?
Of course I am.
I just finished drinking in Ginza.
In Ginza?
I can't keep my eyes open.
Hold on a second.
Mashiro, I...
There's a lot of things I want to ask you.
You know, like...
The jellyfish? I'll take a look.
Thank you.
No problem.
The other maid working here was Mashiro.
Were you surprised?
Of course I was surprised.
I bet you were.
She told me not to tell you.
I'm glad it's her, though.
Is that so?
On TV shows, senior maids are
always kind of frightening.
Mashiro is just as frightening.
No, she's not.
Are you sure you're alright?
I'm fine.
My name is Nameri.
I was contacted by Amuro...
For the jellyfish upstairs?
Please come in.
Thank you.
Pardon me.
Taking care of the water is first and foremost.
So please be careful about that.
This one here is a stingray.
- A stingray.
- Yes.
You can eat the fins, right?
Yes, that's right.
This here is a cone snail.
A cone snail...Is it edible?
No, it's not edible.
What is that one?
A scorpion.
- Scorpion?
- Yes.
It moved!
All of these animals are poisonous...
...so please don't touch them.
Good morning.
- You really cleaned the place!
- Still lots to do though.
This is wonderful, great job!
Aren't you the hard worker!
I'm so hung over.
I drank too much last night.
I'm starving!
What are you eating?
A sandwich for dinner.
Is that from the store?
Eat from the fridge, please!
Eat from the fridge!
Eat and then replenish the fridge!
Doesn't an empty fridge make you feel anxious?
Do you like ham?
- I do.
- Great.
This is a wild meal.
You could say that.
Do you like eggs?
The owner of this house...
Are they hiring us to look
after those pets upstairs?
I don't know.
You know actually, they might be
hiding in the attic...
...peeping in on us.
What's the matter?
Come on in.
I have to get some sleep.
Shibuya at 7 o'clock.
- For work?
- I have a shoot.
A shoot?
Right, you're an actress.
Should I wake you?
I'll be okay.
Did you set an alarm?
What time are you getting up?
5 o'clock!
That's in 3 hours.
Hello, there!
Good afternoon.
Hi there.
What can I do for you?
The owner contacted me
about a package arriving?
- A package?
- Yes.
There was a package that came for Mashiro.
- I'll take that.
- Thank you.
That's the one.
- Is it?
- Yes.
I put it in the fridge.
Did you say refrigerator?
That is...um...
You put the package straight into the fridge?
Yes, it looked like it should be refrigerated.
That is um...I'll fix it...
It looks okay.
Really? I'm sorry.
What is this?
Isn't it a new pet?
What is it this time?
I don't have a clue.
This here is...
An octopus.
It's so tiny!
An octopus?
Is this poisonous too?
Of course.
It's called a blue-ringed octopus.
- A blue-ringed octopus.
- Yes.
It has the same poison as a puffer fish.
You're safe if you don't eat puffer fish...
...but this critter bites.
So be sure not to touch it.
I understand.
I brought a little present for you, Nanami.
Oh, I'm fine, thanks.
There's nothing to worry about.
This one isn't poisonous.
It's called a "Betta"...
It's pretty.
They're easy to take care of.
Give me a ring if you need anything.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
And for the fish too.
Please take care of them.
Goodbye, then.
Have you gotten used to living here?
I'm still adjusting.
I understand.
But that looks suits you.
You're making me blush.
Really, it looks good.
The place is worth cleaning.
Would you like more tea?
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Hey, listen...
Do you like living with Mashiro?
It's a lot of fun.
Where are you now?
I'm at a friend's house.
Did you run away?
Not exactly.
Don't worry yourself.
Back to your work.
I'm back!
I'm home!
Welcome home.
Did I wake you?
You were sleeping and I woke you.
Am I an annoying woman?
Are you any FY?
You always come home late.
You're adorable.
Were you working?
Working hard.
I feel for you.
I know, I'm so worn out.
So tired.
Tough toughy 'Nb-
An octopus arrived today.
Some strange octopus.
An octopus?
It's poisonous and lethal so don't touch it.
That only makes you want to touch it.
You shouldn't.
Hey there you...
You're in my way.
It's so cold!
Ok, now, out of the way.
Isn't that enough?
I bet you're hungry.
I'm worn out.
Let's finish there.
Over there?
With our bikes?
Wait! Wait for me!
And I'm going home! Oh, I'm heading home!
Rolling, polling, rolling! Bye! Bye! Bye!
Come on, you can do it!
It's going out!
Write my name.
What's this?
Why are you sleeping here?
Is it your day off?
I'm sorry to bother you.
We've got more jellyfish now.
We don't have any more room.
Mashiro, you've got a call.
Someone called Tsuneyoshi
is trying to call you.
Mashiro? What are you doing?
Can you hear me?
Where are you? Hello?
Mashiro is sleeping.
Should I wake her up?
Who are you?
I live with her.
I see.
Wake her up right now.
The shoot has already started.
Please wake up Mashiro.
Do you have a cold?
Should I take your temperature?
What's happening? What's wrong?
Mashiro has a fever
and I don't think she can move.
What should I do?
I'm heading over right now.
Are you alright?
- Where is she?
- Over here.
I'm really sorry.
On the sofa over there.
There she is.
Are you alright?
She's got a fever.
Is there a hospital nearby?
I think so.
- Really?
- I'll take a look.
Never mind.
I'll take her to a place I know in Yokohama.
Now, how should we get her up?
Two women...
Come here a second.
Like this?
How should we do this?
Will that work?
Then this?
What do you think?
Can I try carrying you?
Can we try it?
You're so thin. Are you sure?
Go ahead.
Here I go! Watch out!
No problem.
Here we go!
Shit! Scary!
- This works.
- Yes.
Lets go with this.
- Do you have her?
- Yes.
And here we go! Are you okay?
- She's not too heavy?
- I'm okay.
What's wrong? Is she too heavy?
She's light.
So I'm the heavy one?
No, um...
I think she's too light.
Let's head to the hospital.
Where are we going?
The hospital.
No, I have to go to work.
I already told them you're not coming.
I'm not going to the hospital!
Drive me to the set!
I already cancelled!
Stop the car!
I'm getting off!
Let me out!
Where do you think you're going?
I have to go to work.
Stop it! It's dangerous!
I'll feel better if I work!
You won't!
Let me out!
Calm down!
I need to go to work!
Let me out!
I need to work.
Where are you going?
I need to go to work!
Fine, I get it.
You're going to set, okay?
I'm going...
Okay, let's go.
Stand up.
Good morning.
Are you alright?
I'm fine, I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it.
- We'll bring her to make-up.
- Thank you.
Has she been eating?
I think so.
I'm sure.
There's nothing unusual about her diet.
She's lost a lot of weight recently.
I wonder what's going on.
Maybe somethings wrong with her.
You haven't heard anything?
No, I haven't.
If she gets too thin,
she'll end up losing work.
Porn stars are better with curves.
...porn stars?
Maybe it's a fit over some guy...
I don't have a clue.
That feels better.
Thanks for your help.
It's fine.
Do you know what this place used to be?
I heard it used to be a restaurant.
But now it's a shooting studio.
A shooting studio?
And now Mashiro lives here.
We did on a shoot here, maybe 6 months ago.
She fell in love with this place...
...so she's renting this place out.
But rent isn't cheap.
She'll go bankrupt
if she keeps going like this.
So Mashiro lives here?
You know she does.
She's paying rent?
Yeah, and it's crazy expensive.
Talk to her will you?
Tell her to find a cheaper place.
But I know she won't listen.
I'll be off then.
Thanks for your help.
Don't tell Mashiro what I said.
See you later!
Thank you very much.
First comes rock...
Paper, Scissors...Shoot!
Who are the winners?
Hold on.
I've got a phone call.
Who is it?
What's going on?
I'm listening.
Is Mashiro a porn star?
Didn't she tell you?
She is an actress, in a way.
What about it?
- Um...
- Yes?
Is Mashiro the one who is hiring me?
I can't give out that sort of information.
Please, tell me.
I can't.
It'd be a breach of contract.
I see...
I'm sorry...
...to burden you.
Please don't hang up.
Please give me one second.
Give me a hand!
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
No, no wait.
I don't want you to mention
these things to Mashiro.
Neither what I'm about to tell you.
I want a friend...
...that was my client's request.
So that's my job?
If I told you this, it'd be quite unnerving.
That's why I brought it up as a maid job.
Why me?
Because I chose you, Nanami.
But Why?
Because I needed the money?
Because I thought you would be her friend.
Because...l trusted you would.
If you look beyond her profession...
...if you don't dwell on her past...
...everything will be fine.
So if you can stay with her...
I'll be right there.
I leave it to your imagination,
who this client is.
I have to go now, so I will talk to you later.
- Are you ok?
- Yes.
A doctor came to set today...
...and she was given an IV.
There you go now.
You did a good job today.
Great threesome!
- She did?
- Yes, she did.
She did really well.
You had a threesome?
That's great.
She did great.
I'm making her rest a while.
So look after her for me.
I Will.
Here's some medicine.
I'm leaving, Mashiro.
She's all yours.
Thank you very much.
Can you get UP?
What are you eating?
What is this medicine for?
You shouldn't be drinking.
Can't you sleep?
No matter how much I drink,
I don't feel anything.
You shouldn't.
No, no try listening.
Listen to it.
What am I listening to?
Don't you hear something?
Hear something?
You're right, I do.
It's a pretty sound.
It's like you're under the ocean.
You're right.
Now it's a low sound.
We're at the bottom of the ocean.
I'm going to quit this job.
So please...
...don't waste your money
on this house, or on me.
I want you to...
...take better care of yourself.
It's delicious.
I'm so sorry.
What are you apologizing for?
I could give anything for these tears.
I could even give my life.
Why don't we move away?
Instead of a mansion like this...
...a room for the two of us...
Together...just us.
Even if we're poor...
...together with you...
...the two of us.
That's not bad.
Let's do it.
It's right next to the station.
It takes maybe a minute...
1 ()0 meters away.
It's this room here.
Good afternoon.
The inside is much newer than
the outside suggests.
Do you have anything with a better view?
A room with a view?
I can show you some.
This one's big.
Is it?
I like it.
This is one of the biggest...
Opening the two rooms like this...
...it becomes around 50 square meters of space.
That sounds good for me.
How much is it?
The rent here is...
It's too expensive.
Let's live here.
Let's live right here.
Was the other apartment too small?
The other one was nice too...
Let's just live here.
Come on.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
Have a safe trip.
What is it?
It's full of dresses.
Do you have a reservation?
No, we don't.
Let's go.
- Are you just looking?
- Yes.
Please, come in.
- We're going in?
- Come on.
Excuse me.
Please don't buy anything.
Why not?
You're considering it?
This isn't funny.
But these are so cute.
How's this for lounge wear?
For lounge wear?
You heard me.
- I think it'd work perfectly.
-Isn't it too flashy?
Oh, this is casual.
Would you like to try?
- Can we?
- Of course.
And for you too.
Oh, I'm okay.
Please, try it on.
Let's do it!
You'd look great.
Hey Nanami!
You look great!
You too.
You look adorable.
It's not too tight?
I'm okay.
What about you?
I'm alright.
Remember, it's casual wear.
You look beautiful.
- Will you look at this?
- How pretty.
We also provide a photo shoot
if you're interested.
- A photo shoot?
- Yes.
Some people come here just to take photos.
Do you want to try?
They come and wear the dress...
...and take pictures by themselves.
- Lets do it.
- No, we should get home.
Let's get closer.
That's great!
Look over here now.
This is embarrassing.
I bet you work in this industry.
A model, perhaps?
I know I've seen you before.
Why don't you try putting your faces together?
Look far away.
These are great shots.
Look right here.
This is too embarrassing!
- Come on in.
- I'll open the door.
Come on in.
Thank you.
Look at each other.
- I got some great shots.
- Thank you.
I'll send them to you.
Be careful now.
Here's your seat belt.
Watch the door.
Careful now.
Thank you very much.
Be careful now.
Thank you.
The breeze...
...it feels great.
Should we really get married?
That might not be a bad idea.
Then let's get married.
Are you sure?
I am.
Have you been drinking?
Yes, I have!
You know...
...whenever I go shopping...
...the person at the counter...
...puts my groceries into bags.
For a nobody like me...
...their hands, they're working so hard.
And it's just for me.
Those hands are stuffing my food
and snacks into bags.
When I see that...
I feel my chest tightening.
It makes me want to cry.
What are you talking about?
Happiness has a limit for me.
A limit where I can't take any more.
This limit comes to me
much quicker than other people.
It comes even quicker than a tiny ant's.
Because you know...
...this world we live in...
...it's actually full of happiness.
Everyone is too kind.
The mailman brings up a heavy package...
...just because I ask him to.
Someone gave me an umbrella,
once on a rainy day.
But then...
All this happiness at once, I can't stand it.
It's much easier just to pay for it.
That has to be why money exists.
People's sincerity and kindness...
...if this all came out clear as day...
...everyone would just be so thankful.
They'd be crushed by happiness.
That's why you exchange it for money...
...and pretend not to see it.
...it's everywhere.
Everywhere in this world.
That's why I buy it, with money.
I buy it.
Because I can't stand it anymore.
Please don't look at me like that.
I'll break apart.
What if I asked you to die with me?
Would you?
Will you die with me?
I Will.
You really would?
You fool.
You fool...
Thank you.
No, thank you.
I love you.
Me too.
I love you.
Can I help you?
I'm Tsutsumi from the Arusu Funeral Home.
I was contacted by Rip Van Winkle.
Now what about the keys...
- It seems it's already open.
- I see.
Shall we go then?
Pardon me.
Will you look at that.
Which one is Rip Van Winkle?
Which one is Rip Van Winkle?
This one here.
She's cold.
- You shouldn't touch her.
- I'm sorry.
She had terminal cancer.
She didn't have long to live.
She was scared to die alone.
She wanted someone to die with.
It's hard to believe that
this other woman agreed.
I don't think she knew about it.
She didn't have a clue.
It was probably poison.
This is it.
- What is it?
-It's a shellfish.
I forget its name.
A cone snail.
To think that this can kill you...
When you do this...
How much do you make
for bringing a person like her?
Don't worry about it.
It's not a matter of money.
I just wondered how much you get out of this.
You ask how much...
It's $100,000.
- Huh?
Seriously, $100,000'?
Then surely this is a matter of money!
Not at all.
Good morning.
Are you feeling alright?
Is something wrong?
Do you feel alright?
Why do you ask?
Hello, my name is Tsutsumi.
I was contacted by Rip Van Winkle.
I'm an undertaker.
Mashiro sent us this.
"I'm going to die tonight.
Take care of the rest."
I was worried so I came by...
...and we found Mashiro dead.
We haven't confirmed her death yet.
Mashiro is right here.
Wait! Don't touch her!
Keep your hands off her!
Wait! Wait!
Come over here.
I think we should call the police.
Wait a second.
Stop! Don't touch her!
You can't touch her! You can't!
- I can go get them...
- Please go!
Mashiro! Wake up!
Please, calm down!
Could you take these?
We are...um...
Is that okay?
Excuse me?
We're almost like strangers.
So perhaps we shouldn't be here.
But in a way, we are like family...
They are her family.
Please follow me.
We have your seats at the front.
The family has arrived.
We will proceed with the ceremony.
Who are they?
Please say your farewell.
Come now, stop crying.
Get yourself together.
I know.
It's hard.
It really is.
It's tough for all of us.
Mashiro told me not to say anything...
...but I knew.
Knew what?
About her illness.
I did a lesbian shoot with her...
...and found a lump on her breast.
It was almost a year ago.
She never said anything to me.
She Said she'd kill me if I did.
She would.
Yeah, she would.
Treatment would have saved her.
But she said that she didn't want
to quit working.
She said that surgery would leave a scar.
She said only she could play
the role of Mashiro Satonaka.
That was why she couldn't quit.
What an idiot.
If you die, it's all over.
That's true but...
But I know what she means.
I also made choices when I chose this job.
If I weren't an actress,
I wouldn't have anything.
No point if you die...
I found her mother's whereabouts.
She's in Kawasaki.
That's right nearby.
That's right.
So her remains will go there?
They don't want them.
I was told to throw them into some river.
- A river...
- Yes.
What can I say to that?
Shall we make a visit to the Ganges River?
Excuse me!
Come on in.
Pardon me.
Come on up, Nanami.
Pardon me.
Where should I put your daughter?
I already told you that I don't want her.
Now, now, don't say that.
We'll take her back if you want.
Please come and see her.
What are you drinking?
Don't mind us.
Let's put her there.
- We'll get things started.
- Without permission?
Excuse me while I borrow these.
What do you think you're doing?
I apologize for my forwardness.
Does Shochu work for you?
No, I drove here.
I'll call a driver for you so grab a glass.
Bide the spirits away.
Oh no, what have we here...
That's enough, thank you.
That's good.
Thank you.
You're quite the drinker.
Can we talk a little before you drink too much?
First of all...
...this is the money that Mashiro left behind.
We've taken off a 15% fee.
Here is the ink.
Here is the amount in cash.
Please make sure it's all there.
And sign here.
What about her burial?
- A grave...
- Yes.
Would you like us to take care of it?
She's not my daughter anymore...
-...so yes, please.
- Alright then.
Then we'll take the fee
out of this amount here.
One moment, please.
This is the total minus the burial fee.
Please sign here.
We'll take the fee from here.
This is the total.
It's all there.
This isn't the face she was born with.
She had these flat, dot-like eyes.
I can't tell who she is anymore.
You're quite the drinker!
You can hold your liquor.
Don't be silly.
I'll fall asleep soon enough.
So just leave me and go.
Drink up.
A taste, then.
Thank you.
Are you the same...
The same as her?
A porn star?
No, I'm not.
It's not something a normal
person can do anyways.
Do you know how much trouble that girl caused?
Getting naked in front of all those people...
...making money...
...and living a glamorous life at that!
Not sending a bit of money back here either.
She'd been missing...
...for all of 10 years.
A friend came and showed me a magazine.
Mashiro is a porn star now, he said to me.
I asked a friend to find her...
...and I hit her.
I hit her so much, enough to break her bones.
Hitting her face, one after the other.
I hit her so that she could never
be in those videos again.
We didn't talk at all, did we?
Neither her nor me.
I just hit her...
...and came right back.
I hadn't seen her since.
What are you doing?
This isn't the bathroom.
...being naked in front of people...
...it's just embarrassing.
Thank you!
Amuro! You should drink too!
Can I please have another?
Let's drink to her!
Let's drink!
Damn delicious!
This is too embarrassing!
You should strip too!
Come on!
Take it off!
Let's drink with your daughter!
It's your daughter.
You're in a new room again.
You're right. I moved here.
I'm living by myself now.
I want to visit Tokyo.
Why is that?
Because I've never been there.
Do you want to stay here when you come?
I'll show you around.
What's it like in Tokyo?
What is it like...
I wonder that myself.
Sorry that I'm late.
Gifts for your new room.
Where did you get all these?
The unwanted items from all over.
This is too much for my room.
Oh no, just take what you need from here.
- How silly of me.
- Of course.
But I feel bad.
Don't worry about it.
They're not mine to begin with...
...and they're being thrown out.
This is all trash.
That's one way to say it,
but they're also called furniture.
- The rest is thrown away?
- Yes.
What a waste.
True, but there's nowhere else to put them.
Take your pick.
I can't choose.
I feel sorry for them so it's even harder.
This is the last of it.
And this?
Right here.
And this, I'm sorry it's in cash.
It's your last pay as a maid.
No, I can't.
No, please accept this.
It's the money you earned.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
Please count it.
I Will.
This is nice.
And quite the view too.
It is.
It feels great.
Please get in touch if you ever need anything.
Thank you for everything.
No, thank you.
See you again.
Goodbye then.
Keep on coming.
Thank you so much!