A Bridesmaid in Love (2022) Movie Script

Cappuccino, mmm...
Cappuccino, mmm...
Cappuccino, mmm...
Are you okay over there?
Yes, I'm just reminding myself of my grounded intentions.
And that I really need a coffee.
Good class!
Did I tell you that I ran into Maxine Davenport?
You did? How is she?
-Getting married. -Oh?
-Very stressed. -Oh.
Yeah. I gave her your number,
just in case she needs help with the wedding planning.
Thank you!
I'd love to make her day special any way that I can.
Speaking of which, I read this interesting article
in Wedding Bliss Magazine.
Of course, not as good as your articles.
It was with this girl in last month's issue
who wanted to manifest her perfect guy.
She bought her dream wedding dress and it worked!
She met the man the very next day!
I think you and Ben should try it.
It might get him on track to proposing.
Oh, I don't know--
Yes, Cate!
You're the most generous, loving,
kind person I've ever met.
You deserve to be happy.
Plus, a sweetheart cut with capped sleeves
would look absolutely darling on you.
Try it on.
Okay yes, I promise if I see one, I will try it on.
Good. Great.
That's all I'm asking.
Did you end up getting a gift for Ben for your anniversary?
Framed photo of us.
I'm sure he'll love it.
It's not my best. Okay, I've got to run.
-I'll see you later. -He'll love it!
I know him, he's a simple guy.
-Hi! -Hi Megan, how you doing?
Good, good. I have your order in the back.
Just finished wrapping it!
-One sec. -Thank you, take your time!
Is this gift for your boyfriend?
It's our anniversary. One year.
Aww, that's sweet.
-Hey, Meg? -What's up?
When a bride tries on a dress, does she just know?
In your professional opinion?
Some do.
And when it happens, it's just magic.
You wanna try something on?
That looks gorgeous on you!
[front door opens]
Absolute showstopper.
I thought that was you.
[fabric tearing]
-Do you need help? -No, I got it.
Sorry I didn't dress for the occasion.
You look... I mean that dress.
What, this old thing?
I mean hi, welcome back!
Yeah thanks, it's good to be back.
You're just back in town for Maxine's wedding, right?
Yeah, in town for the sister's wedding.
He's one lucky guy.
Oh no, I'm not getting married.
Well, not right now.
I'm not getting married right now.
I do have a boyfriend, just not one that I'm engaged to.
Not that I don't want to be engaged.
I do, I just don't know if it's the right time.
Because it's our anniversary, one year.
So I just want to be sure that I'm ready.
So no, I'm not getting married right now.
So you're just trying on a wedding dress for fun?
Uh, yes.
It would appear that that is what I'm doing.
What do you think?
I think any guy would be incredibly lucky
to see you walk down the aisle in that dress.
In the future, of course.
Of course.
[text message alert]
Oh, I'm sorry, I actually have to run.
I'm meeting Evan at the gallery.
Oh yeah of course, go ahead.
It's nice to see you.
Yeah, you too.
So sorry about the dress.
[phone ringing]
-Yes? -Hi there.
This is Abigail Winthrop from Wedding Bliss Magazine.
Oh hi, it's so nice to hear from you.
I'm calling because I recently read your piece
on the history of the garter toss.
Very insightful.
Oh well, I knew it was a catch when I wrote it.
Get it, catch?
Like a garter catch.
Listen, what's this I hear about you
being a professional bridesmaid?
Oh, that is something I do for charity on the side.
Do tell.
Well, as you know, the wedding process
can be extremely stressful.
So what I do is take over the personal details of the wedding,
like what a Maid of Honor would do,
but on an elevated scale just to ensure
that the bride has the wedding of her dreams.
That is very interesting.
I would love for you to write a piece on your experiences.
You would?
Yes, and even possibly profile your charity.
That would be amazing!
I'm seeing it as your own column.
Get you out of the freelance world
and into a more steady position here at Wedding Bliss,
if you're interested?
I would love that!
Great, I'll have my assistant be in touch soon
to discuss further, ta-ta!
Okay, bye!
Oh Grandpa, I've got it.
Hold on, let me help you!
-I had it. -I know you did.
I'm just young and limber, so I should do the lifting.
What's that smile about?
Oh, just the editor in chief of one of the biggest
wedding magazines in the country likes my work
and potentially wants to give me my own column!
What? That's amazing!
It's not my novel, but...
Getting paid to write and helping brides at the same time.
What could be better than that?
Hey, did your new flavors come in?
They sure did, right over here.
They are raspberry, white chocolate and hazelnut.
Can I try the hazelnut, please?
Yeah, one hazelnut latte coming right up.
Do you remember how much Grandma liked
half a pump of hazelnut in her coffee?
Just the right amount.
Not too much!
[phone ringing]
Oh hi, Maxine!
It's so good to hear from you!
Yes, she did.
I ran into your brother today, too.
Yes, I would be honored to.
Tomorrow afternoon works! Okay.
Great, I will see you then.
She just asked me to help with her wedding.
That's great!
It sounds like things are going really well for you.
Yeah, I guess they are.
What is it?
Grandpa, you and grandma were married
for over fifty years, right?
53 to be exact.
What was your secret?
Romance is great, but you can't have true love,
long lasting love, without the foundation of friendship.
The one is the person who makes you feel your truest self.
But who inspires to grow for the better.
A blend of comfort and passion, if you will.
Is that the way you feel with Ben?
I... I haven't really thought about it.
Do you need anything else from me before I head out?
No, you've done more than enough.
I love you, kiddo.
I love you too, Grandpa.
[radio playing in background]
There he is!
Mr. Big Man from the Big Apple!
-How's it going? -Good.
Wow, look at this place! Where's all the art?
Well, that's what I'm working on.
I just picked up this piece from the gallery in the city.
Who's the artist?
The artist?
I don't know, I just thought it was cool.
You bought a piece from another gallery
to hang in yours without knowing who the artist is?
We open the week after next.
I gotta get some art in here!
You're still gonna be in town, yeah?
Unfortunately, no.
I'm up for a big promotion,
so I've got to head back to the city.
I'm leaving after the wedding.
Oh, man!
While you're here, can I get your honest opinion
of the place?
What's the story you're trying to go for here?
The story of art?
No see, that's the problem.
You need to be more specific.
When it comes to creating a gallery, you need to find
artists and pieces that tell a cohesive story.
Well, what do you see for this space?
What would you do if you were me?
I'd start local.
Try to capture the feeling of Belle Isle,
the sights, the sounds, the texture.
Capture that feeling, that will make this place stand out.
That's actually a pretty good idea.
I would love your help, while you're in town.
I mean you can obviously see I'm at a loss.
Sure, I'd love to help.
Maybe start with some local artists?
They are what brings the life into a gallery.
That way the space can grow organically.
Hey, that sounds good to me.
You've always had the best eye out of everybody I know.
I don't know about that.
How's everything with Nikki?
Nikki and I broke up.
What happened?
We just realized we wanted different things out of life.
And on the dating front?
I'm taking a break.
The right girl comes around, I'll know.
I'm proud of you man, for doing what's best for you.
But now I want to get back to feeling like myself,
and doing things I enjoy with people I love.
You don't feel that way in New York?
I used to, but recently I've really missed this place.
-Oh my gosh. -Right?
And he saw you in the dress?
Wait, did you like it?
How did it feel?
Oh, it was beautiful.
I actually ended up buying it.
You did?
Because I ripped it, so I had to.
Oh, well that's okay.
I mean I'm a little disappointed you tried on the dress
without me and that Matt Davenport, of all people,
got to see it before I did.
You know he had a major crush on you growing up.
Oh my gosh, he did not.
He was one of my best friends.
Okay, so is he back now?
He's just back in town for the wedding.
Uh-huh. How do you feel about that?
Fine. What is there to feel?
-I'm just-- -What?
What? Nothing.
Good morning!
Maxine, those turned out beautifully!
Thanks, mom.
Do you want to explore another color
that would be complimentary to what you already have?
Maybe some olive, or maybe some pearl--
I love the lavender.
I think it really works.
I'm telling you honey, we missed an opportunity naming
that girl Lavender.
-Dad! -Lavender Davenport.
I think it has a nice ring to it.
-Oh my goodness. -Hey look at this.
The whole Davenport family is back together.
-Coffee's in the pot. -Thanks.
Someone slept in.
I was up way too late last night
researching to find local artists.
I'm helping Evan fill his new gallery.
-How exciting! -Look at you.
-Find anything good? -Actually yeah.
I'm headed to the Farmers Market
to check out some new artists.
I found this one girl who creates
these really cool abstract pieces, they're super unique
and I think it'll really help elevate his gallery.
It is so good to see you doing something
that you're passionate about.
Passion is important.
I always thought you'd go into that line of work.
What line of work?
Something to do with art.
But finance is great
and you've really made a name for yourself.
However, it is never too late to change your life
and you can do anything you set your mind to.
Besides, we'd all rather have you back home.
-New York's too far away. -Agreed.
If I ever do quit my day job,
you all will be the first to know.
What're you working on?
Sorting things out for the wedding.
Thank you so much for coming home early.
I want to get things organized before Cate comes over.
Cate? Catherine James, Cate?
Your high school crush, Cate.
That's the one.
No, we were just great friends.
No crush. Did not have a crush on Cate.
Maybe I had a little crush on her,
but that was a decade ago.
Plus, she has a boyfriend.
How do you know that?
I might've run into her yesterday
while she was wearing a wedding dress.
Wait, what?
Nothing, never mind. Dad, what's for breakfast?
Tommy D Special.
Why do you call yourself that?
What? It's a cool nickname.
It's really not.
Alright, who's hungry?
-Me. -I am.
Ben, hi! - Hi.
Have you seen my blue binder?
Your what?
Binder. Blue, big, super important.
Oh, yes I have!
Thank goodness.
Sorry, it was in my car.
I didn't realize that you needed it.
I'm just so glad it was here, today is a really big day.
-Yeah, it is. -Yeah, it is.
I'm presenting my reports on our most recent
cat grooming treatments.
Hopefully this gives me the boost I need
to become head vet and finally get my own office.
Oh, yeah...
But I gotta go, I'll see you later.
Wait, don't you want to grab a coffee or something?
I can't, but maybe dinner tonight?
I'm thinking our usual.
Oh yeah, sure.
Okay, I'll see you later!
Happy... anniversary.
Where'd you find them?
I went to the farmer's market this morning and saw a stand.
There's a lot of talent here, you just gotta look for it.
Why are you wasting your talents on a career in finance?
If you know of anyone hiring, let me know.
Are you kidding me?
People would pay big bucks to have you find them
the next big thing, I know I would.
I'm just happy to help you out, man.
Fist of all, congratulations on your engagement.
This is such an exciting time.
Exciting and overwhelming.
We weren't supposed to get married
for another three months, but Josh got this incredible offer
from his dream design firm in London.
Which of course he has to take!
Of course!
And we want to start this new chapter in a new country
as a married couple, so we decided to move everything up
so we can still get married here.
All my bridesmaids live out of town,
so I really need some help.
Oh, and I'm absolutely willing to double your rate.
Oh no, that is not necessary.
This is what I live for.
All I ask is that you make a donation
to a charity I support, The Young Artist's Voice.
That is more than enough.
Consider it done!
So, who is your planner?
Uh... my mom.
What are those?
Everything for the wedding
that's supposed to happen in three months.
Do you have your venue locked down?
Yes, the venue!
They said they can squeeze us in early, so we're good there.
That is perfect. Where is it?
Up north - in wine country.
At this stunning French chateau-style estate.
I love that place.
So what are these?
My family photos.
Josh and I as kids.
My grandmother on her wedding, my mom and dad at theirs,
I'd love to--
Display them at the wedding?
Yes, I just haven't found the right way to yet.
Okay, I'll give it some thought.
Maxine, darling.
I don't think the fabric for the tablecloths
should be a lace-cotton blend.
I think they should be pure silk!
Catherine, hi!
Hi, Mrs. Davenport.
Oh darling, please call me Vanessa.
Look at you!
It is so nice to have you back in our house again.
It is nice to be back.
So how are things going in here?
Getting our new professional bridesmaid up to speed.
Well, I am so glad you're here.
Moving the date up has gotten things into a bit of a twist.
I'm afraid I might be being a bit overzealous
at the moment.
The event has gotten a bit big.
Big, but manageable.
-Sort of manageable. -Sort of manageable.
I'm happy to help make it manageable manageable.
Okay, where would you like to start?
I am just about to confirm the menu for the tasting.
And I know it's in here somewhere.
I know the caterers are Dawson's Catering.
That I'm sure of.
I'll just find that piece of paper.
Oh, here it is.
The entree choices are grilled halibut or peppercorn filet.
Sorry, wait.
Are there appetizers or sides?
Oh no, I think I forgot to follow up--
When is your tasting?
Three days from now.
Okay, I'll call the Dawson and see if they can
add a few things to your tasting.
I've worked with them multiple times and I love their menu.
So, I'm thinking the fig and brie
with cardamom soaked pear tartlets
and then the house-cured salmon
comes with creme fresh and caviar to start.
And then for the sides,
their pomme puree and haricot verts with toasted almonds
would pair really really nicely with the halibut and filet.
-That sounds delicious! -Amazing!
Okay, perfect.
I'll give them a call this afternoon
and I will sort it all out.
Thank you, Cate!
I almost forgot.
Matt is home and I've enlisted him to help.
So he's your right hand man.
Oh no, that's not necessary.
Yeah, it'll be great!
You'll have so much fun together.
Thank you so much!
-Thank you! -Bye.
You still smell like roses.
Well, that's my signature scent since the 8th grade.
I was just--
I wasn't paying attention, so...
So, I hear we're teaming up for the wedding.
Oh no, don't worry about it.
I've got it covered, I do it all the time.
You go.
Thank you.
I left my wallet in my car...
You go this time.
All clear.
Thank you, sir.
-See you later. -Bye!
So Randy was talking about how revolutionary
my cat grooming treatments are
and he said it's going to change the face of being a vet.
Sorry to interrupt, it's just...
I got you something.
You did? Why?
To celebrate.
Oh, that was sweet.
Wait, what are we celebrating?
Our anniversary?
Our - wait, what now?
Happy one year anniversary.
Wow, time is just flying by, isn't it?
You know what they say--
Time just flies by when you're working all the time.
So you don't have anything planned?
You're not gonna--
I was just planning on having dinner.
Oh right, yeah me too...
Hey did I ever tell you that I wrote a novel?
You wrote a novel?
Yeah, I mean no, I started one.
I started writing a novel once too, back in college.
I think everyone started a writing novel
at least once in their life.
It's a nice like, creative outlet.
[text message alert]
Do you consider me your best friend?
Tyler's my best friend, Lexi is yours.
Do you want to be friends?
Yeah I mean ideally, yes of course.
I didn't realize you felt that way.
Yeah, I do.
Well, I'm cool with that.
-With what? -With us just being friends.
At least for the time being.
Work is crazy.
Oh, wow!
Yeah no, you know what? You're right.
Maybe I should take some time to figure out things.
Maybe we should just...
we'll just take a break.
But hey, call me anytime.
I'm always here for you.
I'm thinking...
creme brle, that sounds nice.
I think this break is a good thing.
Why is that?
Because you were on auto pilot for a long time.
This will give you a chance to explore what you really want.
Yeah, you're right.
Marriage is a big deal.
I thought I wanted to marry Ben.
But I should be really sure.
Really sure is really good.
Yeah, it is.
Speaking of sure, how's Maxine Davenport?
Really good actually, her bridal shower's this afternoon.
Nice, that'll be a fun distraction
to get your mind off things.
Yeah, you're right.
[door knocking]
Come in!
Good morning, beautiful bride-to-be!
Happy bridal shower day!
I'm so glad you're here, the caterers are--
Late. I just texted them.
They will be here be here any--
[doorbell ringing]
I just need you to look at this when you have a sec.
It's the rough outline for the bachelorette party.
Oh my gosh Cate, this is perfect!
Can all of this come before the wedding?
Everything is on standby, so you just say the word
and I will book it!
Knock knock, caterers are here.
Oh yeah, I know.
I've got it.
We'll pick this up later.
Okay and if anyone has any questions,
please do not hesitate to come find me, okay?
Great, thank you!
Don't worry!
You should visit more.
Or maybe just move home?
-Mom! -What?
You know we all love having you here.
I know, but my life is in New York.
I know, I know.
I'm just really enjoying having you home.
It feels good, doesn't it?
I mean, a little, I guess.
So how are things in the city?
You haven't told me much about anything other than work.
It's fine.
That doesn't sound too happy.
I'm happy enough.
You know, your father and I are very proud of you.
What you've accomplished is incredible.
But there's more to life than just money and work.
I know.
Honey, if there's something else that you enjoy,
something that makes you happy,
will you promise me you'll at least explore it?
I promise.
Okay, good.
What happened?
It's just a little spill.
We need to find you something else to wear.
Okay, come on.
-But it's just a-- -No, no, no...
Pick anything you like.
-Really? -Yes, I insist. Go!
-No... -Go.
[pop music]
That's it. That's the one!
You look perfect.
And you can keep it.
No, Maxine--
Yes, stop, you can keep it.
You look great!
So, how are you feeling? This is so exciting!
Yes, it is...
What is it?
Nothing, I'm just a little stressed out...
Moving up the date by three months
has made this wedding feel like a giant beast
that is now out of control.
This day should be about me and Josh and our love.
Not which magazine is covering the story,
or which French designer is doing my bridesmaid dresses.
Wait, your bridesmaid dresses are coming in from France?
Yes, ma'am.
Mom put in a favor with a designer over there.
They should be here in the next few days.
That's so cool!
I mean, but if that's not what you want--
It's just that I want it to be a little more intimate,
but I don't want to disappoint her.
She's been having so much fun planning everything.
I don't want to let her down.
Hey, I don't think you would let her down
if you told her you wanted something different.
I don't know.
But that doesn't matter now,
because you look amazing and we have a shower to prepare for!
[music plays]
Need any help?
Oh yeah, sure!
I'm just adding a few more, so here.
Your parents have done a great job with this place.
They need something to invest their time and energy into
once their kids moved out.
Your mother always did have quite the green thumb.
That none of her children inherited.
Do you remember Mr. Barton's science class,
when we had to grow the tomato plant?
But you killed yours in the first week?
Yeah and I tried to just buy another one to replace it--
But he'd tagged the roots so that when you turned it in,
he knew to check.
My mom was so disappointed that I killed it!
I remember her face when you told her.
So, how did you get into all of this?
You work enough weddings, you pick up a few tricks.
Come over here, I'll give you a lesson.
First, I generally like to start with the greenery,
just for some filler.
And then, the statement flowers.
In this case, pink roses.
And then, you put in the accent flower,
which compliments the statement flower.
So peonies and lavender,
and it gives it, you know, a touch of color!
There you have it!
It's the perfect arrangement.
You are very good at this.
It's just tricks of the trade.
So how did the anniversary go? Did he pop the question?
No, he did not.
I'm sure he's just waiting for the right time to surprise you.
Yeah, we actually decided to take a break.
What, why?
I think our lives are going in different directions.
Does he make you laugh?
Does he make you laugh?
Yeah, of course.
Yes, he...
What we had, it was safe and stable.
I don't know if he made me laugh, per se.
But come on, does that really matter?
I just never saw you ending up with someone
where your highest compliment of them
was that they were stable.
I mean, stable's not a bad thing.
So much lavender...
Maxine's always loved her lavender, hasn't she?
She has.
As you always loved your roses.
Pink roses, if I remember correctly?
Yeah, you do remember correctly.
Cate, the guests are starting to arrive.
Great, thank you!
Do you mind just dealing with the last arrangement?
Thank you!
These are so cute!
Yeah, my grandma made them as a surprise to Maxine.
That is so sweet of her!
She handwrote each one.
They seem really good together.
Yeah, he's a good kid.
So is this your thing now?
The whole professional bridesmaid thing.
Oh no.
I'm also a contributing writer for Wedding Bliss Magazine.
Wow, that's really cool.
How does this all play into that?
Well, I was a bridesmaid six times in one year.
I don't know...
I liked helping people create magical moments
that were full of love.
So I put some feelers out there to see if anyone
would be interested in a professional bridesmaid
and it turns out they were!
So, here we are.
But you don't get paid?
No, I do it for charity.
Instead of paying me, the bride makes a donation
to an after school arts program for kids.
We actually just raised enough money to add a writing program.
Wow, that is really cool!
Yeah, thank you.
You always did go for exactly what you wanted...
How do you mean?
I remember a little middle schooler who was outraged
that she couldn't play on the boys football team,
so she got the principal to let her try out and she made it.
Man, did she take those boys to the cleaners
on that field, or what!
Yeah, I was pretty great out there, wasn't I?
What ever happened to that novel you were working on?
You didn't give up on it, did you?
The one about the two friends who were, they were in the--
Industrial revolution.
-Right! -Yeah...
The book actually followed them over the course of a decade.
-Well, it did. -Right.
That first part was beautiful, so what happened to it?
Well, I...
I was actually almost finished with it,
but then I just I couldn't write the way I used to.
It was like someone turned the lights off
and I just couldn't find the switch to turn them back on.
Yeah, I understand that feeling.
Well, I always loved your work.
If there's anything I can ever do to help
find that light switch, let me know.
It was too good!
Just magic...
No seriously, thank you for everything today.
Of course. It was beautiful.
Did Matt talk to you about the sign?
The what?
I kind of want a welcome sign for the wedding.
Like one of those wooden rustic ones?
I can make the base, but my craft talents stop there.
Can you come by the gallery tomorrow and pick it up?
Yeah, of course!
I'll see you both tomorrow.
-Bye. -Bye.
Come on, dinner's ready.
Hey, kiddo.
Hey, Grandpa.
Just giving it a shine.
Didn't expect you to be in today.
I thought you'd be busy with the wedding planning.
Well, I'm never too busy to come help you.
And to be honest, I could really use a coffee.
One coffee with cream coming right up.
But things are going well though?
Despite your lack of caffeine,
you've got quite the pep in your step this morning.
Oh yeah, things are going great.
The bridal shower yesterday went better than expected.
And it's been nice hanging out with Matt after all these years.
I can see that.
Grandpa, I don't mean like that!
I just meant it's nice to have the help.
Looks like I'm out of cream, I'll go get some in the back.
Look at that thing, it's great.
-Cate. -What are you doing here?
I'm in the area for a hamster rehabilitation conference
that's down the street.
Oh yeah, sure.
They've developed these little slings for them.
It's almost like a tourniquet.
It's fun watching the hamsters actually move
with these little things, they're really cute.
It's like they can smile again.
Oh Ben, I haven't seen you for awhile.
Hi Pete, yeah I've been real busy.
It's the height of kitten season right now
and the office is just swamped.
We've had kittens galore and then all of a sudden,
the puppies join them and then the ferrets
and then it became this whole--
Cate, your appointment, you can't be late.
You'd better get going.
Yes, my appointment.
Thank you for reminding me.
I can't believe I almost forgot.
I can't be late for the...
Bye Ben.
Oh my gosh, I'll help you.
There you go.
Wow, it looks great in here!
Oh thanks, yeah...
It's coming along nicely.
I love this one.
The Essence of Love.
It's one of my favorites, too.
Hey, does this look straight to you?
A little to your left.
Your other left.
-It's perfect. -Yeah.
I'm just here to pick up the stuff for Maxine's sign.
Oh right, it's over here.
One sec.
Hey, it's really nice of you to help out Evan with the gallery.
Yeah, I'm actually really enjoying it.
There's so much talent in the area.
I just found this one artist who creates these
amazing pieces out of recycled material.
That sounds cool!
So have you done this before?
You've connected artists with galleries?
Yeah actually, I've done it a couple of times.
There's something really special about when it clicks.
Like when you connect the right artist
to the right gallery or right project.
How did you get started in all this?
I was at this ritzy party in New York at a gallery
and I met this one young artist
who was having trouble finding her voice.
So I gave her some pointers
and connected her to a friend of mine.
One thing lead to another.
Actually the city just commissioned her
for a big mural!
Wow, that's impressive...
Hey, this looks perfect.
It's not too small?
I can add to the base.
No, it is perfect.
What is this?
It's just stencil and paint for the sign.
I got a bunch of colors just in case.
You don't have to do that.
I was already there, it's no big deal.
You know, it seems like you're really enjoying yourself here.
I was doing the grind for so long,
I think I forgot what it's like to take a step back
and do something I actually enjoy.
You don't enjoy your career in finance?
Enjoy would be a strong word for it, yeah.
There was a clear path.
Go to college, go to grad school,
get a great job, get promoted, meet someone, get married,
go on vacations, retire, the end.
Wow, that sounds very linear.
Yeah, it is.
Which was fine in the beginning.
I just don't think that's what I want anymore.
Okay, you know what?
I have a deal for you.
I will finish my novel if you--
Get off of the hamster wheel of the corporate ladder
and do something that makes me happy?
I was going to say consider a career change,
but yes sure, that also works.
So do we have a deal?
To do something we both love?
Sounds like a good deal to me.
You're on.
[text message alert]
Is that your novel I saw in your bag?
Catherine James, are you writing again?
I'm just re-visiting some old work.
What prompted that?
I just made a deal with a friend.
A friend named Matt, perhaps?
And would this friend named Matt
have anything to do with the change in your mood?
What change in my mood?
I don't know, you're lighter, happier.
So it's been good hanging out with Matt after all these years?
Yeah, he's good.
It's just you know, he's Matt.
Catherine James, do you have feelings for him?
What? No, of course not!
Oh my gosh, yes you do! I can tell.
You never light up like this
when you talk about anybody else.
Plus you're writing again.
That is not a coincidence.
What? Tell me I'm wrong.
Can we just focus on the yoga?
No, this is a major breakthrough!
Plus I totally think that you should--
-You shh! -Shh!
[phone dialling]
Thank goodness, I need your help!
Yeah of course, how is the tasting going?
We're a tad late for that.
Oh why?
You remember those bridesmaid dresses
that are coming in from France?
They've been delayed and they're not going to make it
in time for the wedding.
Oh no!
So, I called Le Boutique on Main
and they'll squeeze you in for a fitting this afternoon.
Are you able to go down and try some dresses for me?
I'd be there, but--
You're already late for the tasting.
That's not a problem at all,
I'm actually right by the boutique.
Perfect. I will send Matt down.
He has the mood-boards
and he knows what styles I'm looking for.
Okay, that's great.
I'll try on some dresses and we'll get this all sorted out.
Thank you! [horn honks]
Sounds like you should get going.
Okay, thank you!
Yes, I'm coming!
You are a good brother.
I don't know about that,
I don't really know what I'm doing.
One of her bridesmaids is on the way to try the dresses.
Hey Me, Matt.
I'll be careful this time, I promise.
Shall we do this?

Are you ready?
This one is...
-Oh, it's a lot. -A lot, a lot.
I don't think I'm a fan.
No, me neither.
Okay, next!
This one is really something.
It has ruffles and bows.
You look like a princess.
Why thank you, good sir.
I would like to have my portrait painted in the drawing room.
This one's pretty.
It's green.
It kinda actually looks like a Christmas present.
A very pretty Christmas present, but...
Okay, I think we can do better.
Hey, I'm sorry we lost touch for whatever reason.
Forgot how much I enjoy being around you.
So how's the break going?
Well, I feel...
Very hopeful for the future.
Wow, this one is...
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
I think Maxine is gonna love this one.
It looks just like the one in her reference photos.
Yeah, it does.
I think she'll be thrilled.
Hey, you never mentioned a date for the wedding.
That's because there isn't one anymore.
I was dating the typical New York City girl.
You know the type--
Perfect hair, perfect bag, perfect shoes.
That's the one.
Perfect in literally every way, but not perfect for me.
She wanted the fancy, flashy New York City lifestyle
and I wanted something with a more real connection.
More of... this.
So you're saying you didn't feel very you
when you were with her?
No, not at all.
And I won't get into another relationship
where I don't feel like myself.
That should be the next deal we make with each other.
What's that?
That neither of us will enter into a relationship
where we can't be ourselves, truly ourselves.
Because clearly it's not working for either one of us.
No, no it's not.
To you being the most you.
And you being the most you.
And then she called me all the time.
Oh no!
[text message alert]
Hey, it looks like the halter top is the winner.
Good pick! We have good taste.
I knew we always made a great team.
Can I get you anything to drink?
Coffee? Tea?
Elderflower infused water?
Oh wow, so fancy.
I'll just have a coffee, thanks.
You know, before you got here,
Evan had like two pieces of art in here.
Both of which he purchased from another gallery
to put in his.
But thankfully, he has you.
At least for now.
Almond milk, two sugars?
Yeah, thank you.
I always feel like you don't really know someone
until you know their coffee order.
Mine is--
One sugar, splash of creamer, preferably vanilla.
Hey, do you remember when this place was--
Mark's Arcade?
-Yeah! -I miss that place.
Yeah, me too.
Come on, I've got something to show you.
-No way! -You wanna play?
I remember on more than one occasion
absolutely destroying you at foosball.
That happened one time and I think I let you win.
No, there was that time at Lexi's birthday party.
That's the time I'm talking about!
No, and then the other time after homecoming?
When you and Todd Jenkins bet I couldn't beat everyone there?
-And I did. -Yeah, I forgot about that one.
Oh yeah, and then the other time--
Okay, you are the defending champion
and by far better at foosball than I am.
I didn't realize that a decade later
I needed the validation of hearing you say that.
Alright, you ready?
Let's do this!

You know, I always hoped you'd move to New York
to pursue writing.
You did?
And we'd casually bump into each other in Manhattan.
Someplace trendy, but not too trendy--
Of course not too trendy.
No, because that would be too perfect.
And I'd tell you I loved the city
and had a super successful career.
And I'd tell you that my book just sold a million copies.
Because naturally it would.
And we'd grab a drink and catch up
and take over New York together.
That was your daydream?
Sometimes it varied.
Sometimes we ran into each other at a jazz lounge in Soho.
I can't say it sounds entirely dissimilar to mine.
Well, well, what's going on here?
Evan, hey!
Look at this throwback.
Cate and Matt, just like old times.
What were you two up to?
Nothing. Just hanging out.
I was just kidding.
Cate was here picking up some things
for Maxine's wedding.
Oh right, the backdrop stand.
Which is in the back.
Yeah, so I'll go get it from the--
The back.
Right, I'll go get it from the back.
I'll see myself out.
Later guys.
You have feelings for her, don't you?
What? No!
She's just...
it's just the way I feel when I'm with her.
Should we get these new paintings hung?
Oh Cate, this looks perfect!
Just like I imagined it!
Just wait until we get the flowers on,
because then it will be perfect!
Do you think it's a little simple?
Oh no, I was also going to ask to string lights
to brighten it up.
Okay, I'd love that!
That will look so nice with the mason jars
lining the ceremony pathway.
I love the lavender.
I know you do.
I think the rustic vibe is coming together nicely.
I think it is, too.
I just want our wedding to have a personal touch.
I want it to feel like us.
Well don't worry, because we are totally on track
to make that happen.
[phone ringing]
Hey Matt, is that you?
Yeah. What's up?
Can you come out here and help Cate?
I have to head to a nail appointment
and I don't want to leave her high and dry.
Yeah of course!
Thank you!
When you both get married, I owe you all the help
with your wedding.
I don't... not when you both get married,
but when you two get married at some point to someone.
I didn't mean to each other.
But maybe to each other?
Who knows?
Okay, love you, bye.
She is totally ridiculous.
Absolutely ridiculous.
Okay, so I'll tell you what I have in mind.
So if you finish wrapping this...
Hey kiddo!
I've got all of Maxine's coffee station stuff right here.
Thank you so much!
What is a dessert station at a wedding
without a coffee station to go with it?
Look at you, you're in a good mood.
I haven't seen that smile for a while.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Hey, do you remember my novel?
I do.
It's one of the best things I've ever read.
Gramps, you're just being biased.
Actually, I started writing it again.
That's great. What prompted that?
I started feeling more like myself and it just feels good.
It makes me happy to see you so happy.
[phone ringing]
Excuse me, I should take this.
Abigail, hi.
Catherine, how are you?
I'm wonderful, and you?
All is well here, darling.
Listen, I got that piece you sent over this morning.
"How to Choose the Best Seasonal Flowers for Your Wedding Venue."
I love it!
It was very sentimental.
Not like your usual writing.
Oh, thank you.
It won't work for your new column, of course.
Are you taking over the Davenport wedding?
Oh yes, well I'm helping out with it.
Vanessa is a dear friend of mine and we're actually
doing a feature on the wedding for next month's issue.
But I would love for you to write a piece
on the behind the scenes of the event.
To kick off your new column.
It will be called "Catie the Wedding Lady"
and I think this would be a perfect debut article.
Oh, right okay.
Listen, I can already see it in print.
"Catie the Wedding Lady
gives you all the wedding gossip!"
So snappy, so fun.
Sorry, but what about the DIY advice?
Because DIY's actually really help brides.
We think this direction is more of what the readers want.
Everyone already knows how to fold a napkin
at this point, anyway.
Listen dear, I've got to run,
but I'll send over the specs for your new logo soon.
Catie the Wedding Lady, so good right?
Okay, bye.
Things okay?
Oh, yeah.
Just lots to think about.
Okay, hi Matt Davenport's Happy Dance.
I do not have a happy dance.
Yes you do.
Okay, I guess I'm just feeling like
I got my old groove back.
I remember those "I'm in love with Catherine James"
puppy dog eyes.
I do not have puppy dog eyes.
We're just spending a lot of time together right now
because of Maxine's wedding.
And it's nice.
If you have feelings for her man,
you should talk to her about it.
I just don't think she sees me that way.
You know, I always thought I'd show up here,
grown up, successful, dashingly handsome.
And she'd realize that I wasn't the scrappy kid
from her memory.
I can tell you she's a lot happier with you around.
What do you mean?
You make her smile, like really smile.
You and Cate would be great together.
And hey, if she says "Matt, you're so handsome
and successful and you've really grown into your ears."
"Will you stay here and kiss me?"
You'd have a job already lined up.
I would?
Yeah here, as the gallery manager.
Are you serious?
Just think about it, okay?
Yeah, okay.
Thank you again for that backdrop, Cate.
It turned out perfectly.
Of course. Umm, Bonz--
And the bridesmaids' dresses!
Are they from a fancy French designer?
-No. -Do they look exactly the same?
I have a quick question, Bonz--
And the tasting, oh my gosh!
The food at this wedding is going to be so good.
The salmon cones--
I'm so sorry, Bonz...
What are you doing?
He's making my wedding dress.
Oh yeah.
Shouldn't it be white?
Oh no, this isn't the final dress.
This is the prototype from which I'll make the final dress.
You've seen the sketches, yeah?
Oh yeah, they just look more like a mood board than a sketch.
I'm sorry, are you a designer, or...?
Then I request that you don't question the design process.
I'm so sorry, I'm not questioning your design process.
I just want to be sure that the real dress,
not this thing prototype,
will be done in time for her wedding this weekend.
Of course it will, right Bonz?
I mean, he is a genius.
Oh, and my grandmother's sash!
She wore it on her wedding day, my mother wore it at hers.
Something borrowed, something blue and something old.
That will be the belt for the dress.
I'm gonna sew it on there with a layer of jewels.
But won't that damage it? That sash is over 75 years old--
Again... designer.
Not designer. So...
But it will be done in time for this weekend, right?
Just let him do his work, Cate.
I promise it will be fine!
We have a bit of a problem.
Okay, what is it?
The venue's been double booked.
What do you mean?
They had a technical glitch with their scheduling app
and they booked another wedding the same morning.
Apparently they booked it three years in advance,
which means they get priority.
We need to find a last minute place
to do the ceremony and the reception.
-What? -No, it's going to be fine.
We can just...
Right, we can just...
I mean, everything for the ceremony's already here,
so we could just re-jig the setup
and have the reception here as well.
But would that be something you're interested in?
Honestly, I've secretly wanted a backyard wedding
this whole time.
-You have? -Yes.
Honey, why didn't you say anything?
Because you were so excited when you found the venue
and the French designer.
I didn't want to disappoint you by telling you
I wanted to just get married in our backyard.
Honey, that wouldn't have disappointed me.
I was just trying to give you the best of the best.
All the things I never had.
I'm sorry, I had no idea you wanted something different.
No, it's okay Mom, I just don't need the big party.
I realize I wanted the ceremony to be something small.
Just for us.
Sweetheart, that sounds absolutely wonderful.
So we'll just have the wedding here then?
-Yeah. -Okay.
And Mom, you got your officiants license
a couple of years ago for Charlotte's wedding, right?
I did.
I was wondering if you would officiate our ceremony?
I know it's short notice, but--
-Honey, I would love that. -Really?
I would be honored.
You're all making me cry.
Need any help?
I think I make a great assistant.
Would you?
I am very detailed oriented.
I have great gift wrapping skills.
Plus, I'm a lot of fun to hang out with.
Well, I will have to think about it.
Because there's a lot of qualified applicants
for this position.
Did any of the other applicants bring you a smoothie?
You are hired, thank you.
This is the longest you've been in Belle Isle in--
Ten years.
Crazy, right?
Yeah, a lot has changed since then.
Some things are exactly the same.
Do you think you're gonna miss it when you go back?
More than I realize.
But I'm thinking about not going back.
Really? Why?
Evan offered me a job.
He did?
Yeah, I'm just gonna help him open the gallery
and then manage it.
Matt! That's amazing!
Are you going to take it?
I mean I'm thinking about it.
[phone ringing]
For what it's worth,
I'd love to have you back here full time.
[phone ringing]
I'm sorry, I should get this.
Cate, is everything okay?
Yeah, sorry. I've just been busy.
What's up?
Good, as long as you're okay.
Listen, I've been thinking and I'd love to see you.
I know Maxine's wedding is coming up,
but do you think you could meet me at the park tomorrow?
Yeah, sure.
Great, see you then.
Okay, bye.
Everything okay?
He was just calling to check in.
What's up?
What's wrong?
I don't believe you.
You've been to a lot of weddings,
being a professional bridesmaid.
And you've seen a lot of couples
on arguably the biggest day of their life.
The day they make a lifelong commitment to another person.
That is usually what happens at a wedding.
So how do they know that they're right for each other?
That they picked the right one?
As cheesy as it sounds...
I think they just know.
Know that deep down they share an incomparable connection.
They've found someone they can be their truest self with.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, it absolutely does.
Thanks so much for all the work you've done on the wedding.
It means a so much to Maxine.
You're a good friend.
I mean, I'm glad I have a friend like you.
Yeah, you're a good friend too, Matt.
There she is!
Just helping you with setup.
Hey kiddo, what's wrong?
I'm just meeting Ben today.
What are you going to say to him?
I don't know, but the idea of getting back together
with him just makes me feel...
Ben's a great guy, but it's okay
if he's not the guy for you.
[text message alert]
Everything good?
Yes, it's just my editor from Wedding Bliss.
She wants to change my work to a column
called, Catie the Wedding Lady.
Where I give the scoop on weddings and no more DIY advice.
I don't want to write meaningless articles anymore.
Listen to your heart.
It'll tell you what to do.
With the column and with Ben.
But what if I make the wrong decision?
If you listen to your heart, that's impossible.
Thanks, Grandpa.
-Ready? -Yeah, just over here.
Yeah, that's good.
Just take a look.
You were right about the local angle for the gallery.
Have you given it any thought?
The job offer?
-I have. -And?
And I'd like to accept the offer.
-You would? -I would!
If the offer's still on the table?
It's all yours.
Welcome to the team, gallery manager.
Would this decision have anything to do
with a certain professional bridesmaid named Cate?
You should tell her how you feel.
As your boss, I won't officially let you clock in
until you tell Catherine James you're in love with her.
[phone dialling]
"Hi it's Cate, leave a message."
Hey Cate, it's Matt.
There's something I need to tell you.
So when you get the chance, give me a call back.
Look at that over there, there's a hooded merganser.
It's nice.
A couple of sand hill cranes.
That's fun, isn't it?
I do love the smell of the oak leaves at this time.
Oh, it smells amazing.
Thank you.
You know, I just realized that I don't know
how you take your coffee.
Do you know how I take mine?
Black, right?
Almond milk two sugars.
Great, now I know.
We've been together a while now.
Before we took the break.
Right, but the break gave me some prospective.
I realized some big things about us.
You're a really special person, Cate.
Catherine James, will you marry me?
Is that a yes?
No Ben, I can't say yes.
I don't feel very me when I'm with you.
I don't think we're meant to be together.
So I'm sorry, but I can't marry you.
You seem different, though.
It's like someone turned on all the lights
and that light is just radiating now.
I know it's not because of me.
I do really care about you.
I care about you.
And whatever you're doing,
whatever this thing is that makes you happy.
Keep doing it.
I will, I promise.
You did teach me how to make the best basil pesto.
And you taught me how to lace Converses
and tie a double windsor.
Which was very nice, by the way.
Thank you.
[door slams]
Matt honey, what's wrong?
Whoa, this is not nothing.
Come talk to me.
It's just...
I thought she would really give me a shot.
If she got to know me, the adult me,
that things might happen between us.
And I thought they were, but she's engaged.
And she hasn't even told me!
I should have known.
Cate will never see me as more than just a friend.
And I just accepted a job at the gallery.
Honey, that's fantastic!
But of course that's how this would go.
I get my dream job, but my dream girl...
marries someone else.
I'm so sorry, Matt.
I just, I've gotta go.
Wait, what just happened?
Ben proposed.
Ben proposed?
Ben proposed.
And what did you say?
I said I think you're a fantastic guy,
you're just not the guy for me.
I honestly did not see that coming.
Yeah, neither did I.
So does this mean you're going to give the one-that-got-away
a second chance?
And yes that's Matt, don't even try to challenge me on that.
I don't know, maybe...
Yes! I mean, that's cool.
So what about the column?
I think I am going to pass on it.
And actually give the novel a real shot.
I am so here for this.
Yeah, me too.
But I mean after the wedding.
We have T-minus 24 hours to try and pull this thing off.
What would I do without you?
I honestly have no idea.
[phone ringing]
Hi, Ms. Winthrop.
Listen I am so sorry, but I don't think I am going
to be able to deliver what you need.
"Catie the Wedding Lady" sounds fun,
but I think I need to focus on other things for the time being.
I so appreciate the opportunity.
I do hope we can work together in the future.
Okay, thank you for understanding.
-Matt! -Hi.
Hey Matt--
Sorry, I'm running late.
Huh, what was that about?
[car starting]
I honestly have no idea.
But I can't worry about it now,
because we have to get back to the wedding.
Do you have any more?
We haven't even started unloading my car yet.
Oh great.
[shrill scream]
-Oh gosh! -Run!
I don't understand how this could've happened.
Me neither, Bonz is the best up and coming designer!
Where did you find him?
Instagram, I already told you that, Mom.
Okay Maxine, everything's going to be fine.
Take a deep breath.
Oh my, that is--
-Hideous! -And the sash?
-Oh no. -Disgusting!
This is not what it's supposed to look like!
Wait Lexi, you're a designer.
I can't design a whole dress in that amount of time.
I mean, I'm good. I'm not that good.
If I had a base or something to work with--
Wait, I have a good idea.
Give me one second.
I love it, she always has great ideas.
Hey, how'd it go?
Well, Cate's engaged.
Whoa congratulations, that was fast.
No, to Ben.
-What? -Yeah, I saw it happen.
Got down on the one knee with the ring and everything.
I'm so sorry, man.
I hope you were kidding about the job being contingent
on me telling Cate I'm in love with her,
because now that's never going to happen.
The rain is at the window
The wind is at the door
Hey, is everything okay?
You seem kind of off.
Yeah. All good.
I really want you to be happy, Cate.
Yeah, I want you to be happy too.
Are you sure everything's okay?
Because you know you can talk to me about anything, right?
You're a really good friend.
I hope that we can stay that way, friends.
Because I enjoy having you in my life.
Right, yeah.
Yeah of course, friends.
Okay, I actually don't know if it's going to fit.
And there is a giant rip in it.
I can fix that.
I can shorten the hem, take in the waistline,
reshape the neckline and zhoosh it up a bit for you.
It will take all night, but I am sure
I can get your dress done in time.
Are you sure?
Oh, I live for it.
Okay, let's do it.
Great! You two, get to the rehearsal dinner.
Lexi and I, mostly Lexi, is gonna make your dress perfect.
No pressure...
Thank you!
-I'm so sorry. -Oh boy!
Do you have coffee?
-Oh, I got you. -Okay.
I'm gonna get some more coffee.
You good?
Yes, come in.
Oh hi.
Wow, that's the dress?
Your dress.
Well, it's Maxine's now.
Or it's going to be.
It'll be perfect.
Yeah, that's the goal.
Hey, I just wanted to say congratulations.
Whoa, no boys allowed.
We need to focus.
No distractions.
Of course, I'll let you get back to work.
I just wanted to bring you guys some fuel,
because I know you missed dinner.
-Thanks. -Thank you!
That was very nice of him.
It was really nice.
Okay no, just because he brought us food
does not mean he has feelings for me.
And honestly, it's probably better that way.
Because I don't want to ruin our friendship
with unreciprocated feelings.
Right. Totally.
It doesn't matter anyway,
because we need to focus on the dress.
We have literally T-minus four hours to get this done.
Really, four hours? Oh my gosh.

Hold my hand until the courage sticks
Shine a light until the darkness lifts
Hold me up so I don't look weak
Soon I'll stand on my own two feet
Good morning, beautiful bride to be.
Are you ready to see where you're getting married?
Okay, you can look now.

Oh my gosh!
I love this picture of Grandma and Grandpa at their wedding.
And this one of you as a baby.
You were so cute.
I love that picture.
I know you wanted to incorporate them,
so I made you a family tree.
Get it?
Got it. I love it!
It's perfect.
I can't believe today has finally arrived.
My baby girl is all grown up.
-I love you so much, mom. -I love you too.
Are you ready to see your dress?
I can't wait show you. It's going to be great!
Moment of truth.
-Are you ready? -Yes!
-You look-- -Perfect.
You look perfect, sweetie.
I have one more surprise for you.
I was able to mend the holes in your grandmother's sash.
It's not perfect--
Yes it is, it is perfect!
Thank you.
I couldn't have done this without you.
You're like family and what you've done for Josh and I.
I can't even begin to thank you.
Cate, will you be my maid of honor?
Yes, I would be honored to.
Let's do this thing!

You look nice.
So do you.
From the moment I saw you, in that lavender sweater
I knew you were the one for me.
I'm the luckiest man in the world
to get to be your husband.
Well that was beautiful, wasn't it?
Okay, it is now time for The Declaration of Consent.
Do you, Maxine Davenport, take Joshua Hartley
to be your lawfully wedded husband?
I do.
And do you, Joshua Hartley, take Maxine Davenport
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
I do.
Then by the power vested in me,
I now pronounce you husband and wife!
You may kiss your bride!
[applause and cheers]
We did good.
We did really good.
-She looks amazing. -I know.
Now that everything is covered, I think I'm going to head out.
I think I'm gonna stay.
Well, I'll see you at home?
Hey there.
She off to see her new fianc?
They broke up. You knew that, right?
What? No, he proposed. I saw.
Yes, he proposed, but she said no.
No, but...
She said no, Matt.
Really, really.
She's single and ready to mingle, my friend.
Go get her, Romeo.
Matty, come dance with me.
-Umm... -Please?
-I forgot my purse. -No, forget your purse.
He thinks that you've said yes to Ben.
-What? -He thinks you said yes to Ben.
Go get him!
I have to go get a drink. Hold on, I'll be back.
-Hey! -Hey.
You and Ben... you said no.
Yeah, I said no.
Why did you say no?
Because I don't feel very me when I'm with him.
And we made a deal, remember?
Well, I'd like to make a new deal.
Okay, and what's that?
That you and I give this thing a real shot.
But... but you're leaving.
No, I'm not.
I just accepted a job running Evan's gallery.
I put my notice in at the firm earlier.
I'm staying here.
For good.
It's you.
That feeling I've been searching for
that I can't find anywhere else with anyone else,
I have found it with you.
I feel like the most me when I'm with you.
I've never met anyone like you.
You care so much about the people in your life
and everyone who knows you is better off because of it.
I'm in love you, Catherine James.
I always have been and I always will be.
And I'm so sorry it took me so long to tell you this,
but if it isn't too late--
It's not too late.
That feeling, I feel it too.
And we did make a deal, so...
[cheers and applause]

So, did I tell you that I'm writing again?
I almost finished my novel.
I guess you found that light switch.
I did.
I guess I just needed him to come back from New York.