A Broken Life (2008) Movie Script

Please, turn it off.
Melinda, come on, please.
- God damn.
- ( siren wailing )
Forget about it,
it happens.
- Not to me, it doesn't.
- lt's probably just the booze, Max.
You've been hitting it
pretty hard lately.
Forget about it, huh?
- What?
- l said forget about it.
Yeah, l guess.
( zips )
Oh, here.
- So, l'll see you next week?
- Yeah, l guess.
( men speaking Russian )
She takes too long.
M-- Melinda--
- l was--
- Yeah? What?
Fuck it.
Forget it, never mind.
Never mind, forget it.
Fuck it.
Go on, Max, it's--
l'll-- l'll see you next week, okay?
Okay. Okay, sorry.
You got a light?
Were you in the Gulf?
Gulf, Afghanistan,
My father served in Afghanistan.
He died in '88,
killed by a sniper
outside Mazar-i Sharif.
Sorry to hear that, son.
There's a war still going on.
( grunts )
What the fu--
All my life, l've been a donkey...
standing an equal distance
between two--
two bundles of hay.
Now the hay is disappearing.
And so are my choices.
Oh, man. l haven't slept in three,
maybe four days. l don't know.
But, finally now
my mind is clear.
Oh, yes.
Today is lndependence Day--
my lndependence Day.
Finally, l will choose--
somewhere, maybe here,
right here,
today-- tonight.
You know, there's just
nothing left to keep me here.
Nothing. l am so full.
And l'm so empty.
Today-- bang!
Ain't no more foolishness.
Then of course, a tombstone,
an epitaph, all that bullshit.
But l will not go quietly.
l will not go gently
into that dark night.
Not me, not like that.
l want to leave a mark
of my presence.
l want people to remember me.
l want her to tell her children
''Max Walker-- he existed.''
l existed. l existed.
Just a handful of mistakes
away from glory.
l hope you understand.
But if you don't, well then...
too bad for you.
Too bad for you.
( beeps )
( knocks )
Story of my life.
l've made a decision.
l'm finally in control
of something.
No more ''what ifs'' or ''if only's,''
you know?
The measure of a great man,
l think,
is in his ability to take control.
To tell the truth
and face the truth.
To put the record straight.
To be heard--
my ex-wife, my boss,
my foolish...
empty existence.
One final day to face my fears.
A defining moment.
( laughs )
My last cigarette.
l sure hope l enjoy it.
Who would imagine it being
the tug of a last cigarette, no?
My name is Max Walker
and l have arrived
at the final turning point
of my life.
Here l am to brighten your day.
- Hey, l have to make a phone call.
- ( dialing )
Never learned how to speed dial.
Yeah, l-- l need you today.
Hey better late than never.
- l thought you were never gonna come.
- What are you doing?
Why are you filming me?
- Take the camera. Here.
- No.
Come here.
Take the camera.
- You gonna tell me what's going on?
- Take the camera, please, okay?
Bud: Fine. All right.
What do you want me to do?
You want to be a big director, right?
Want to be a big shot?
This is your big chance, okay?
No. No no no.
l want you to film me.
- All right.
- Here we go.
Shoot me from low down, man,
come on.
Yeah, that's it, that's it.
Let me see.
What do you want me to do?
What is this, a day in the life?
Not quite, it's the--
the last day of a life.
The last-- it's the end of a life.
And this is the last--
you'll be film--
What the fuck are you talking about?
lt's the end of a life.
The last day in a life.
The end of my life.
And l want you to film it.
What the fuck you talking about?
Today, l'm the actor,
believe it or not.
l'm the star.
And l want you to film it.
l want you
to film the last day of my life.
Max, this isn't--
this isn't funny.
- This isn't clever, okay?
- Oh, come on.
- No no. lt's nuts.
- Bud.
What the fuck?
You know what?
- You're really losing it, know that?
- Oh, come on.
- l'm sorry.
- Oh, come on, please.
Bud, it's a joke.
Fuck it.
- Please.
- You can't do this to me.
Even as a joke,
it's not fair, Max.
l swear to God,
l'll get this thing done.
l'm gonna get this thing done,
you know?
With you or without you.
Come on,
it's not just talk this time.
Why do you think l want you
to film me, Bud?
lt's my gift to you.
You-- you'll be famous.
You'll be a somebody,
instead of a--
instead of a nobody, like me.
l mean, you have everything to gain
and nothing to lose.
l'm begging you as a friend.
Bud, please.
Give me the camera.
( sniffs )
- Thanks.
- Okay, Max.
- What should we do?
- Let's go.
So, there it is--
This will be my liberation.
- How long you gonna keep this up?
- Until l pull the trigger.
Come on, Jesus Christ.
Keep filming. Come on.
Come on.
- You really are crazy, aren't you?
- What do you think?
Let's take the stairs.
Come on.
Come on.
But very cinematic, okay?
You know, maybe you
could animate this part.
Um-- oh, l know. Hold on.
l-- l never had a nickname.
You know, like Curly, Fats
or, you know, Slim.
There were-- there were two kinds
of kids who didn't have nicknames.
There were the--
the ones on top
and then there were
the invisible ones like me.
You know? l guess l just
wasn't worth the trouble.
You know what l mean?
l remember,
there was this--
this boy--
aw, forget it.
No, tell me.
- What?
- The boy.
- Seems you want to talk about it.
- Okay. Okay.
Okay, there was this boy.
He was a lot like me.
He was--
he was harmless
and insignificant.
And, um--
All right, l remember this day.
They were picking on him
and for some insane reason
l joined in.
And l punched him...
again and again and again
until he fell down.
And it seemed like
he was looking up at me
and saying,
''Why are you doing this?
You're just like me.''
And then they made me
part of their group.
Suddenly l had a girlfriend,
welcome to the world.
Fuck it.
( crying )
- Bud: lt's okay, Max.
- Oh, shit. Fast forward.
Okay, eventually, l fell in love.
l fell in love with Carla...
and she got pregnant.
And then she, you know,
- What do you mean?
- What?
She disappeared?
One of those days--
forget it.
- Wait.
- Oh, stop.
She disappeared, okay?
l was-- l was-- l went crazy about it.
l panicked.
ln those days they took girls
like that away from where they were.
Then-- then she returned
and she told me she had a miscarriage,
but l know and l'm sure
she had an abortion.
And l was heartbroken.
- Okay? You satisfied?
- Bud: Okay.
- Okay.
- Leave me alone, God damn it.
Hey, you-- you're the one
who wanted to do this.
( sighs )
Then she didn't talk to me
for a long time.
This guy had a flair for words.
l was clever.
Very romantic, for me.
Very romantic for her, l guess,
to be involved with a struggling writer.
We got married.
lt's the only time
l ever remember being happy.
Even after all the bullshit
in the graphic novels...
l became a proofreader.
lmagine that.
A fuckin' foot servant of the literati.
Okay. The last 20 years
of my life have been
a blur of disappointment
and endless repetition
punctuated only by Carla
leaving me.
Now you'd think that would have
woken me up, but no.
l stayed asleep until now.
But today l am finally awake.
- Now what?
- Let's go.
Outside? Okay.
Here you go. Come on.
l want to show you something.
Turn it off.
Yeah, we're not
gonna need it out here.
- What are you doing?
- Extra batteries, you got 'em?
Okay, good.
- Hey, you want this?
- Huh?
l don't need your car, Max.
What? My car just isn't
hip enough for you, is it, Buddy?
No. A Mercedes SUV.
lt's all the bitch left me,
come on.
- l said l don't want it.
- Fine, fuck it. Okay.
Hey! Hey, man. Hey, boys.
( hip-hop music playing )
You see how the world is?
Violence is everywhere.
This is not a good-- Max--
Oh no, man. You're not gonna need that.
Not with me, man.
You see that car?
lt's for you.
What the fuck's going on, man?
lt's not important.
l just don't need it anymore, okay?
- ( cocks )
- Hey, listen, son!
l'm just trying to give you
a motherfucking car, man. Be cool.
- What?
- Tell him to turn that off.
- lt's off.
- No, hey!
- Turn off the fucking camera now!
- Shut the fuck up!
lf he doesn't, what are you gonna do?
You gonna kill him too?
Listen, son.
l'm just trying to give you a car.
My car.
lf you don't want it, fine.
Fuck yourself.
But l need to tell you something.
You're dealing with a man
who has absolutely
nothing left to lose.
You know what they say?
They say reactions
are the last thing to go.
Kinda makes you wonder,
doesn't it?
So here we are.
( whistling )
Huh? Huh?!
Here we are!
Mexican standoff.
What's it gonna be?
Look, be cool, man.
You can walk away
with a Merc.
my face might be
the last one you ever see.
What do you say?
Do yourself a favor.
Be cool.
Here you go.
Allow me.
Hang on, hang on, hang on.
Oh. Excuse me.
lf you wouldn't mind,
my wife's gloves.
Here, l want to burn these, okay?
Keep them for me.
( car starts )
Did you get that?
Did you shoot that shit?
- Did you--
- l was filming!
- l was filming the whole time!
- That was brilliant cinema.
- That was--
- My fucking liberation has begun.
My liberation has begun.
And this is the world l'm leaving!
You really gonna drink all those?
( grunts )
Every last one.
Think you should be relying on
Dutch courage on such an important day?
Dutch courage--
l'm impressed.
But a very unpleasant term,
Buddy. Huh?
Coined by the British
in the 17th century,
first used by the Royal Navy
in their disagreements
with the Dutch East
lndia Company.
An obscure fact--
and l'm full of 'em, man.
l suppose what you're really
asking me is if l'm brave enough
to finish out my plan.
And you know what?
lt's a very silly question.
l have never been brave enough
to do or finish anything
unaided, okay?
lt's just something
to steady my resolve.
Steady my resolve.
Nothing more.
You know, help me finish
something l started.
Finish something, man,
for the first time in my life.
Just think of me as a poet or--
l'm a rock star.
Say, um-- Coleridge
or Kurt Cobain
doing their best work
under the influence.
So your best work is gonna be...
blowing your own head off?
Eureka. You're beginning
to understand.
Let's not talk about this
anymore, okay?
Just messing around.
l think l may have had
a little too much of that,
whatever it's called--
dark courage.
- Dutch--
- Dutch courage.
Yeah, you have.
What are you doing?
Follow me.
l'm not going in there.
Oh, come on,
don't be such a baby.
This is the grit.
Come on, Bud, this is art.
This-- this is art.
Come on, boy.
Courage! Courage!
l've had enough, Max.
Enough of what?
What are you talking about?
l am not gonna film you
taking a piss.
Why not?
lt's cinema verite.
And who did that?
- Jean Cocteau.
- Okay, great.
Go take a piss.
This is what-- hey, Bud.
This is what you need
to get that scholarship to NYU.
Oh, so you taking a piss
is what l need?
Cocteau's what l need?
l can get a scholarship on my own, Max.
l don't need a fucking trick.
You need a ''Blair Witch.''
- Yeah, you do.
- No.
And you're not it.
Hey, look, it's not about talent.
Buddy, it's not about talent.
lt's about business.
And l just remembered,
you're a filmmaker
so you couldn't possibly be
a real artist anyway.
- Fuck you.
- What?
You're a fucking coward.
- Stop it.
- You were never
gonna go through with this.
Gonna kill yourself?
What a fucking joke.
You've wasted
enough of my day, Max.
Bud, Bud, Bud, look.
l'm sorry-- l'm sorry l said that stuff.
l'm sorry l said that stuff.
Come on, Bud.
- Yeah?
- l didn't mean it!
Come on, relax.
Just relax, Bud.
- l'm out of here.
- l was just kidding around.
Come on! Fuck!
Buddy, l'm sorry l said that stuff.
Why did l say that stuff?
( flushes )
( grunting )
( water running )
( gasps )
Come on! Come on!
lt's a shakedown.
lt's a shakedown, for sure.
- What?
- Shh.
- You said it was cool, man.
- Okay okay.
We're like rats in a trap here.
Frank, you gotta trust me.
- l'm not gonna get fuckin' arrested.
- Okay. Shh.
We gotta rush him.
We're gonna rush him.
On three, okay?
- One...
- Fuckin' towels.
( grunting )
Hey! Hey!
Max! Max!
Jesus Christ.
( mutters )
What-- what are you doing here?
- You came back, huh?
- You scared the hell out of me.
l want to go.
l just want to go.
- You believe that shit, man?
- No.
Can't take a piss
in this fucking town
without having your
fucking life threatened.
Fuck it, man. That's it.
l'm just gonna, you know, just
cut to the chase.
l'm gonna tell the story crystal clear
so even the dumbest fucker
on earth can understand it.
All right, so,
let's start with my childhood.
Or what l remember of it.
Martin Luther King,
Vietnam, Watergate,
that's what my childhood was.
Murder and men on the moon.
And then as a teenager
l was paralyzed.
l was addicted to television.
Listen to this.
l wanted to be a writer...
but l didn't want to write.
l wanted someone else
to write it--
write it down for me
and then give it to me,
polished and finished,
you know what l mean?
That's why l hooked up with Billy.
You know,
Jesus, l mean, he's the one
who did all that beautiful work.
He did all the beautiful drawings.
- My words were just filler.
- Oh no. ''Blood Sugar.''
That was my favorite one.
His work was never as good
after he dumped you.
- Dumped me?
- You know what l mean.
l'm sorry, man.
Wrong choice of--
Forget it, forget it.
You know what? You're right.
And he was right to dump me.
- l was holding him back.
- No way.
l learned to take comfort
in the routine.
l figured if you didn't rock the boat,
you could just sail forever.
But slowly, year after year,
my boat slowly sank
until l became
the stupid, fucking moron
you see before you right now.
And then, bit by bit,
l became unable
to make even the--
the smallest decision.
Paralysis by analysis.
( laughs )
Fuck me, man.
Paralysis by analysis.
Do you understand it now, Buddy?
You getting
an understanding of it?
- Actually, l only film, Max.
- Yeah?
Yeah, but l think you're wrong.
lt's 7:00 a.m.
and we're on the bus!
Boarding the bus!
And what do l see?
What do l see, Buddy?
- l don't know.
- l see people just as exhausted as me.
People just as exhausted as me.
But sometimes,
l get up and give my seat
to a nice older woman, okay?
And l can tell--
l can tell
that she's nice. lt's something,
somehow, l can tell.
lt's-- it's somehow in the eyes.
lt says ''nice''!
You know?
But if she's not nice--
fuck her! l hold my ground.
l mean, why should
l treat an older bitch
any different than l would
treat a younger bitch, right?
But, anon!
We have arrived--
the sprawling metropolis.
lt's the working world.
And what is there?
l proofread
FedExed scribblings
of the supposed geniuses.
Oh, man. Fuck.
The world is fucked up, man.
And this is the proof.
A good writer is by definition
a good wordsmith.
He's-- he's the equivalent
of a shipbuilder, right?
Talented, yes,
of course, but a thinker?
Fuck no!
Fuck no.
A thinker is like
a great captain, right?
But now
the wordsmith has somehow
become a motherfucking prophet.
lt's like calling a fucking--
the-- the savant,
the genius!
Fuck that!
And fuck 'em all!
But day after day,
week after week,
month after month,
l have to read this shit!
- ( sirens wailing )
- l have been conditioned
to accept it and keep
my motherfucking mouth shut.
Because that's the way
the world works.
That's the way
the system works.
''Homostis stememis''--
You know this word l'm thinking of?
Fuck it, l don't know. l forgot.
l have no idea
what you're talking about.
And then it's 1 2:00
and you run to the cafeteria.
But what for?
To chow down on garbage.
lt's food good enough
for moron zombies.
lt's good enough
for the beast.
Salt, sugar and fat.
Fuel to nourish the beast.
No matter how much you eat,
you can't fill the void,
but it's good shit, man.
lt's good shit
to nourish the beast.
But then, Buddy,
they start to disintegrate you.
You grow old.
Look at me.
l'm getting old, huh?
But then it's 4:30!
But can't leave work until 5:00.
But l struggle
through the next half-hour.
And then it's 5:00
and l leave the office.
l get on the same bus
and l meet the same people
with the same looks on their faces.
But now they stink, too.
And then you go home.
Hi. Then, oh, you collapse
in the chair.
l start to drink.
Eventually, you don't make love
to your wife anymore.
You feel wasted.
Your thoughts are just--
your thoughts are so disconnected.
Your mind is just full of hidden
thoughts, images, flashes.
You know?
Thoughts you can't follow
or swallow.
l-- l criticize
everyone else, you know?
l do.
But l'm the asshole.
l'm a fucking stupid asshole.
Right? l'm the insane bastard.
lf you want to keep sadness away,
what better remedy than death?
But l'm the stupid--
the stupid asshole.
l'm the fucking--
( grunts )
l'm a stupid, insane bastard.
l'm a goddamn fool!
Never understood nothing!
l never learned anything or nothing!
Nothing. Everything was--
was, um...
- Everything was wasted.
- Max! Max!
Can we-- can we stop this?
This is crazy.
What are you doing, Buddy?
Are you filming me?
Jesus, keep filming.
Are you an idiot?
- God damn it, you coward, l'm fine.
- Hey, you guys making a movie?
- What?
- You making a movie?
Yeah. Something like that.
Well, what kind of movie?
lt's a student film.
( laughs )
ls this your star?
Yeah, l guess so.
What's your name?
( chuckles )
Your name's fuck you?
Come on, look, fellas, look.
lf you gonna be setting up shop
on my turf,
the least you can do
is answer me.
l'm talking to you, soldier!
- Okay, let's go.
- You're kidding me, aren't ya?
You're kidding me, right?
- You're kidding me.
- Let's go, Max.
You look like a man
who's flirted with death.
Am l right?
l've cheated
death so many times,
God, l wonder if l'm ever gonna die.
But you,
oh yeah, you're
dancing with death, aren't you?
Look, why don't you
do us both a favor
and go on dancing or bother
or fuck with somebody else?
- ( laughing )
- Please? Thank you. Okay?
Would-- would you
like to be immortal?
- ( sighs )
- Huh?
l'll bet you
if there was a contract
that you could sign right now
to live forever,
you'd put your name on it right now,
wouldn't you?
But there isn't, is there?
you're a solider, aren't you?
You're a solider.
- Yeah, it's in your eyes.
- Really?
Yeah yeah, l can--
l can still see it
when the desert explodes,
the sand mixed with the blood,
mixed with the burning oil
and all of the soldiers
glow like embers.
And then they're gone.
And the last thing that they see
are the palm trees
burning like candles.
No one to turn to,
no one to help,
no one to save them.
Because the end, brother...
- it's the ultimate outcome.
- You mean the ultimate horror.
Your word choice is awful.
- The ultimate horror, right?
- ls it? ls it the ultimate horror?
ls it?
Or is it the ultimate truth?
A man who has a gun
will eventually use it.
You have a gun on you, don't you?
( laughs )
Don't you?
Mm-hmm, oh yeah, yeah.
l can-- l can smell it.
- He doesn't.
- Hmm?
- He has a gun on him, don't he?
- Yeah.
- He has a gun on him!
- Hey, shut the fuck up.
Put the fucking gun down, Max.
Oh, see? See that?
See how exciting that is?
- Huh?
- Fuck yourself.
How many rounds
you got in there?
- l got two. One for you and one for me.
- Don't--
lf you don't walk away right now,
l'm gonna fucking kill you
and your days
of cheating death will be over.
God damn it, get out of here.
( laughing )
Okay, soldier.
Just listen, soldier, listen.
Look, we're all just playing here.
- Oh, we're just playing?
- We're just playing.
Oh, is that what this is?
You and l are casualties of the war.
The war will never end.
We're ghosts.
All of us.
Go ahead, put it right there.
Put it right there.
- Bud: Let's go.
- Go on, get away.
Put it right there.
- Go ahead, put that gun right there.
- Sir, can you please--
That's all right, forget it.
Game over.
- Yeah.
- You win.
Fuck off.
Go fuck yourself.
- lt's game over.
- You win.
You win.
Fuck yourself.
A man with a gun will eventually use it.
( laughing )
Go fuck yourself, you bastard.
A man with a gun
will eventually use it.
l said go fuck yourself!
( laughing )
That was the last
bus ride of my life.
And l can't say
l'm gonna miss it.
Anyway, you ever noticed the people
that are waiting at a bus stop?
They have a look of--
pardon me, pardon me,
you rude people.
l was talking.
You notice that people at a bus stop?
They have a look of quiet desperation.
lt is the definition
of quiet desperation, l'd say.
And then sometimes
a black limousine will roll by,
you can see them thinking,
''That could've been me.
Only-- if only.''
Pretty good, huh?
So what do you think?
This-- what do you think?
This could be a way. Huh?
You read about it every day.
People throw themselves on the tracks.
Huh, Bud?
And if you don't die from the shock,
the train slices you into 10 pieces.
So what do you say?
Should l jump, Bud?
- Huh?
- No.
- No?
- No, Max.
What's wrong with it?
Not original enough, huh?
You're right. There's a thousand
great ways to die.
- What?
- There are no great ways to die.
- Oh, please, leave me alone.
- ( train horn blaring )
l'm a free man.
l'll die the-- l'll die
the way l want to, okay?
Hey, Bud, if anyone's
supposed to die today,
it's gonna be me.
Okay? Come on.
Okay? Come on.
This is scary.
Buddy, let's go, huh?
You all right?
- lt's hot in here.
- ( train clacking )
l hate subways.
Look at them.
Look at them.
All the same faces--
blank and desperate,
just like mine was until today.
Hey, what do you think
they care about, huh?
- What do they care about?
- l don't know.
Shit, man.
Life insurance, car insurance.
And rape insurance.
Why not? Looks like this chick
could use some, huh?
Now dig this.
Women can get--
can claim damages
from being raped.
How about that?
''l was raped
by three homies, baby.''
''Don't worry, honey.
You'll get your dough.''
A real money-maker--
rape insurance, l think.
''Don't worry, you're beautiful.
You're gonna get paid.''
( laughing )
Then again,
if you're fat or ugly
or both,
you'll get an even better deal.
America, right?
Pay less, get more.
to mankind.
Welcome to the human race.
- Bud, don't you agree?
- You're full of shit.
That's one thing l'm not.
l'm not full of shit, Bud, at all.
My thinking is crystalline,
pristine clear.
People disgust me.
They're disgusting.
l'm leaving the world
with a joyful heart, an open mind
and a joyful mind.
l'm gonna get the fuck
out of here, okay?
So, shall we? Come on,
we have an appointment with death.
- Let's go.
- ( doors open )
Last subway ride.
Today is freedom day.
My freedom day.
l'll end all this shit
and here l am impeded in my works
by a fucking cripple.
- Deaf too! Hey!
- Shut up.
- Hey!
- What?
Why you gotta be so aggressive?
- Come on.
- What did they do to you?
You know what? l think it's more
of what they haven't done.
What, am l supposed to love them?
All of them?
Do you think they love me?
Have they been nice to me?
No, they haven't been.
Never have been and never will be.
Man is not nice!
People are not nice!
- Okay?
- ( loud crash )
Come on.
( car alarm blaring )
Oh, God.
Hey hey hey.
Stay there.
lt's okay.
- Oh, shit.
- All right. lt's okay.
lt's gonna be fine.
- ( sirens blaring )
- l know.
l know everything's
gonna be okay.
- Woman: Thank you.
- Okay?
Thank you.
( crying )
Okay. l'm sorry.
Bud! Bud, we gotta go!
- Okay.
- We've got to go. Let's go, come on!
Let's go!
A new man is born!
- Oh! That was something, huh?
- That was amazing.
That was something.
l feel alive. Finally.
l finally feel alive.
At last.
And you know,
when you're alive,
nice becomes possible.
- You can be nice.
- Huh?
You can be nice,
l've seen it.
- On occasion.
- Oh, please.
l'm always-- always
been a bit of a bastard.
Although, l do feel reborn.
But you know what, Buddy?
l don't think you understand
- what l'm trying to get at really.
- What do you mean?
That was one of the bravest
things l have ever seen, Max.
You are a great guy.
Yeah, but am l a nice guy?
See, l just did what l had to do.
Anyone would have
done the same.
- Right?
- No.
But nice-- no, hang on--
nice is something totally different.
You know what?
l'm gonna prove it to you right now.
Right now,
l'm gonna show you.
Excuse me, sir.
Right here, those.
Here you go.
Keep the change.
Okay. Take them.
They're for you.
Just for you.
l thank you for recording
this digital odyssey.
Only for you.
Love me. Marry me.
No, thank you.
You're afraid l won't be
nice to you, huh?
You're afraid l won't be nice to you.
Fuck you.
Excuse me, young lady, please.
These are for you,
only for you.
Take them, please.
You-- you don't want it?
Well, it's not like they're
gonna explode in your face.
l'm just trying to be nice to you!
l was just trying to be nice to her!
- Buddy! Where are you?
- Bud: Yeah?
You see how it is?
Even kindness is scary.
l'll be a son of a bitch.
l just want to be nice, just--
Excuse me. Ma'am.
Take this lovely bouquet
that l bought just for you.
And let me-- let me,
please let me do this. Please.
- Take them from me.
- ( laughs ) Thank you.
Well, what do you know?
Hey, maybe you're right.
- Huh?
- There! See? l am nice, you're right.
l'm nice! l'm a nice guy.
l'm super nice.
l'm Max the nice!
Although, to be fair,
with an older woman,
it's entirely different.
She doesn't automatically
assume you want to fuck her.
lt's like a light
at the end of a dark hallway.
Older women
believe that the gesture
just might in fact be genuine.
Bud, you ever been
with an older woman?
- Bud, l'm talking to you!
- No.
No, well, unless
( laughs )
You know what, Buddy,
Mr. Buddy?
l'm gonna make a prediction.
l'm gonna predict something.
l predict that today
you will grow up and be a man.
And you will leave
childish things behind you. Okay?
- That's my prediction.
- Well,
the only thing l'm gonna
leave behind is you, Max.
Unless you've changed
your mind about today?
Hey, Bud...
l was gonna say--
listen to me.
l was gonna tell you
you were a nice kid.
But you're not.
You're a sweet man.
You're my--
you're my only true friend.
You're my only friend.
- Hey.
- What?
Why don't we take a break?
l'm getting kind of tired.
Okay, sure sure sure.
So, how we doing?
- What do you mean?
- Do you like what we got so far?
- ( laughs ) Like it?
- Yeah.
Can't say l like it.
But it's something.
lt's definitely something.
l'll take something.
Something's better than nothing.
( voice cracking )
Look at this city.
Look at these buildings.
So much beauty, huh?
Concern your life with--
with beauty.
Focus on beauty and--
and you'll be happy.
You'll be a happy man.
You want to be happy?
- Who doesn't?
- Okay.
Then you gotta be true--
you gotta be true to your heart then.
But it's--
it's a very hard thing to do.
lt's a very hard thing to do, man.
Bud. lt's hard.
There's so much fucking noise.
- l know.
- Paralyzing noise.
- Soul-destroying noise.
- l know.
There's so much noise.
Just focus on the beauty,
okay, kid?
- l will.
- Okay.
Let's go.
l think women can
kind of tell things about a man.
For instance, myself, if you
look in my eyes, what do you see?
- Loser.
- ( pop music playing )
Defeated, and they know.
You know?
lt's like they have a sixth sense.
To be perfectly honest,
last couple of years,
l've been reduced
to paying for it.
l thought that would be simpler.
And as usual...
l was wrong.
The waitress.
She's pretty hot, huh?
She's all right.
You want me
to set you up with her?
- Leave her alone.
- What'd you say?
- Leave her alone.
- Fuck you, leaver her alone.
Are you fucking kidding me, Max?
Hey, look, dude. You got me
confused with somebody else.
Probably yourself.
l am me.
- Okay?
- Really?
- Yeah yeah.
- How will you do it?
Watch. Hey, look.
l've still got some skills, baby.
l got some moves left.
Watch this.
- No, you're not.
- Oh, yes l am.
- Watch and learn.
- Max!
- All right.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- How are you?
- Good.
- My name is...
- ( laughing )
Um, l think that means no.
Does that mean no?
That means no.
Fuck it. Let's go.
- That went well.
- l know.
- Brad Pitt. Not even funny, huh?
- Thanks, l learned a lot.
( siren wailing )
Hey, being hit by
a speeding ambulance.
Now that's an idea.
Of course, some idiot like me
might end up saving me.
( laughs )
Maybe that is a better idea
than blowing my brains out.
What do you think? Oh!
l remember years ago
hearing a story about this guy.
Hang on. Somewhere in New Jersey,
New Hampshire, new something--
anyway, he had a heart attack, right?
And it was snowing,
freezing rain.
Right? And the ambulance
that was coming to save him,
it skidded on the ice
and ran him over and killed him.
( laughing )
That'd be a good one, right?
Hard to set up though, huh?
- Yeah.
- ( church bell tolling )
A monument to God.
Quite something, huh?
Hey, you know what?
l'd like a monument too.
Something for people
to remember me by.
And maybe you'll
build me one, Buddy.
Huh? l am the way,
the faith, the life.
How grand.
How fucking pompous, huh?
You know what?
We never talk about faith.
We haven't. l still don't know
if you believe in God or not.
Do you?
Don't be shy.
Today is not the day for shy.
- So what is it?
- Yes, l do.
- l do believe in God.
- Good!
lt's good to believe in something.
Even if it's fucking bullshit!
( chuckles )
Little, sad men.
l bet they're sad men.
Or at least they will be.
lmagine devoting your entire life
to a God that could be purely imaginary,
illusory, not there.
What a fucking waste.
l feel sorry for them.
l feel sorry for all believers.
Bunch of mentally
crippled children.
Our Father who art in Heaven,
hallowed be some dough.
l need some more money.
- Shut up.
- l need some dough, God!
- Shut up.
- What?
Just shut up!
Don't put the fucking camera down!
Don't put that camera down!
This is my day, remember?
And if l want to mock your
imaginary God, you cut me some slack.
l figure l deserve it.
And by the way, Buddy,
where is your God
- when you really need him?
- Okay, you know, Max,
this whole broken-hearted
nihilist angle...
- Yeah?
- lt's getting old.
Hang on.
Say that again.
- Fuck off!
- What?
- Say it again!
- Fuck off!
The way l see it,
God's like success.
You're shitting me.
God's like success?
Listen to me for once!
- What?
- lt's all around us.
Just 'cause you
can't have it or see it...
does not mean it does not exist.
So much venom
for someone so young.
lt's a shame you weren't
around for the Crusades.
You could have butchered young children
and chopped their heads off.
And l hope you still believe
in this God when you're my age.
And if you don't want
to do this anymore, fine!
Forget it.
( church bell tolling )
Time to set a few things straight.
Where are we going?
l'm going to visit my boss.
Okay? Cocktails before dinner,
just him and me.
This really necessary?
Well, the way l figure it,
more than any other
person l've known,
this bastard ruined my life.
Why didn't you just quit, Max?
Let him win? Never.
Besides, Bud,
l needed that job, you know?
Could never get away from him.
Even had dreams about him.
Eight hours a day became 24.
Even on Sundays,
his face haunted me.
Then on Monday l would go to work
absolutely fucking exhausted.
wait to be humiliated.
Sometimes brutal,
sometimes clever and subtle,
but not a day has passed
in the last 10 years
when he didn't--
he didn't put me down.
Not just to my face,
but in front of everyone
in the office.
But today, it'll be different.
lt'll all be different.
- Hey, did you get that?
- Yeah.
l got it all.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, okay.
Okay, um, just wait outside,
okay, kid?
Why? Why?
Please, Bud, come on.
Just wait outside.
this is between
him and me, all right?
- Max.
- Huh?
lt's gonna be okay, Buddy.
lt'll be okay. l'll be right back.
( doorbell buzzing )
Come on, let's go.
- What are you doing?
- Get down! l said sit down!
- Take it easy! Jesus Christ, man.
- Sit down! Sit down!
Put that-- put that away!
Don't point that at me!
- Just sit down!
- l'm sitting! Fuck!
- Are you fucking crazy?
- Maybe l am.
- You got a fucking gun!
- Uh-huh.
Just-- just do me a favor,
put that away.
l'll forget you ever were here,
all right? Put it away.
Fuck, l haven't see you all week.
You suddenly come into my house.
- l thought you quit.
- What?
Oh, l bet you did.
You're not getting rid of me
that easy, okay?
No, l came here to get
some straight answers from you,
you dirty bastard.
From-- from-- what-- what--
what are you gonna do?
Are you gonna shoot me?
- Max.
- Huh?
lf you need a raise, you know,
the gun thing is not the way to go.
A raise? See, that's where
you and l are different.
- What?
- See,
- l want to know why.
- Why what?
l want to know from you,
l want to know why.
Why what?
Why have you been
so unkind to me?
Why l was never given
a promotion and passed over?
- Why?
- Other people are better qualified.
- Oh, bullshit.
- lt's the truth.
- Bullshit.
- Sorry, it's the truth.
l can't believe
with a gun in your face
- you're lying to me.
- l'm not lying.
Now you're gonna
tell me the truth.
- Look in my eyes.
- Yeah, l can see you're serious.
- l get the point.
- You've got it?
You have a firm grasp
of the obvious.
Look, if l-- if l tell you the truth,
it's not going to be
as easy to handle as a lie.
Just drop your bullshit
and give it to me, okay?
You're a really smart guy, okay?
Smartest guy in the whole office.
You get in your own way, okay?
You want to know why?
Want to know the truth why you didn't
get ahead in the company?
You're shitting me.
Because you didn't like me?
From the moment l met you.
l look at your face, it pisses me off.
The gun doesn't help, either.
- l need a drink, man.
- Sure. No, wait.
- You didn't like me?
- lt's a chemistry thing.
lt's not your fault.
You look like you need a drink too.
- Just getting a--
- ( ice cubes clanking )
- Not me.
- You can use it.
No. You got any blow?
No, l don't have blow.
l have a little, okay?
Just-- just-- if you want--
- A cokehead. A cokehead.
- No, l'm not.
- On top of everything else, a cokehead.
- On weekends.
( laughing )
Max, maybe you're a nice guy
deep deep deep down inside
- where no one can see. Okay?
- Not even there, really.
You know what,
l didn't give a fuck about you
until you pointed that gun at me.
That's the only true thing
you've said all day.
My back hurts.
( laughs )
- l don't trust you.
- All right. You shouldn't.
l mean, would you,
if you were in my shoes?
l got a boss too. Okay, Max?
l got a boss too.
l got people who don't like me
- more than they don't like you.
- Yeah, you're an asshole.
- Then why didn't you quit?
- l needed the money.
That's why l didn't fire you!
lf you don't know
what to make of yourself,
don't fucking blame me, all right?
lt's not my fucking fault
your life is a disaster.
Point the gun at your own
fucking head, not at me.
You're so fucking smug.
l mean, look at you.
- What?
- Look at this-- this place.
l mean, you built it
on the backs of people like me.
What are you,
a fucking communist now?
Get down on your knees
and say sorry to me.
- What?
- ( whimpering ) l-- l don't want to.
- Come on, say you're sorry.
- What for? l didn't do anything.
- Say you're sorry.
- ( glass shattering )
( gunshot )
- Jesus. What happened?
- There was an accident.
- Come on, we gotta go.
- Did you shoot him?
- We gotta go. We have to go.
- Max!
No no no.
Come on!
( car horn blaring )
( dispatch radio chattering )
- So, how's your night so far?
- You talking-- what? What?
Are you gonna tell me
what happened?
- Nothing happened.
- Nothing happened?
Nothing happened.
( groans )
Tell me.
- Huh?
- Tell me.
lt was an accident.
- We have to call an ambulance.
- No.
- Sir, we have to pull over.
- Shut up! No.
- We have to fucking pull over.
- An ambulance isn't necessary.
You understand?
An ambulance isn't necessary.
lt's nothing, sir.
He's dead?
( panting )
( whimpering )
You should go home.
l'm sorry l--
l'm sorry l got you mixed up
in all this-- this bullshit.
Kid, just go home, okay?
Go home.
Have you changed your mind?
Aw, come on.
What difference does it make, Bud?
l'm-- l'm dead either way.
Go home. Come on.
- Max.
- Huh?
l'm not going anywhere.
Oh, come on, Bud.
l don't have-- whatever.
l mean-- what?
What are we doing here?
What do you mean?
Oh. Oh, hey, you want
to meet my ex?
l'm gonna go see Carla.
Remember Carla? l told--
- Hey, you know, um--
- She's right over there.
There's no point.
What's the point of this?
l'm not interested
in meeting her.
We should go.
We should go.
- You gonna shoot her too?
- What?
You gonna shoot her too?
The only person
who l intended to shoot today
was myself, okay?
Come on. lt'll be fun.
She's really mean.
Max: Rarely have you met
a person as mean as her.
( Max chuckles )
- Okay. See you tomorrow.
- l won't be in till 10:00.
( laughs )
lt's me again.
Back again to brighten your day.
Shaken up a little bit there, Carla?
- What the hell you want, Max?
- What?
- This isn't a family reunion.
- You like my jump?
Yeah, l did.
Nice to see you too.
How's the gallery doing?
- How's your job?
- l quit.
- Good for you.
- My usual.
Another brilliant achievement.
l got a dinner engagement.
Carla, you've never even
cared how l felt, have you?
You don't understand me.
You don't understand what l'm
going through. You just never have.
Good thing we got
divorced then, isn't it?
- What?
- Besides, isn't it obvious
l don't give a damn?
So you two
finally hooked up, huh?
What the fuck you talking about?
He-- he-- he's a young filmmaker.
He's shooting my last day on earth.
l'm gonna shoot myself. He's my friend.
What the fuck's going on here?
Do you know her?
Do you know each other?
- Carla: We've met.
- You met? When?
So it's suicide this time, is it, Max?
Oh, yeah, suicide.
Right right.
- Yeah, suicide.
- Well, l hope you go through with it.
Excuse me?
- You're pathetic.
- What? l'm pathetic?
What? What? You want me
to congratulate you?
What do you want from me, Max?
l've wanted a lot of things from you.
A lot of things l never got.
But now l just want
to set things straight and that's it.
Just answer two questions.
- Okay.
- Okay?
But l guarantee
you won't like the answers.
l don't-- whatever.
First question--
- why did you leave me?
- Oh, God.
l told you the first time.
l wasn't happy.
lsn't that enough?
No, it's not enough. l was unhappy too.
God damn it, it's obvious.
- l want to know the why--
- No, l don't think you do.
Well, that's for me to decide.
Tell me.
lf you tell me why,
then l'll-- whatever.
- l'll make--
- Fine, Max!
- Fine!
- Don't yell at me.
But there's no nice way to put this.
You have never been nice.
So, don't even--- what--
Okay okay okay okay!
The heart of the problem is
you're already dead.
- You have been for years.
- Oh, fuck you. Fuck you.
You complain constantly, yet you never
have the guts to change anything.
- You are so goddamn mean. l loved you.
- You know what, even more than that?
- What? What?
- More important than that.
You basically have no purpose!
How the fuck could you write a novel
when you have nothing useful to say?
( laughs )
There's no point to this.
l gotta go.
One more! You promised
you'd answer both of them.
l have one more question.
Please. Please.
One more.
Now the second one.
Why did you have an abortion?
l always wanted to have kids
and you knew that.
l didn't have an abortion.
What? You--
- You didn't?
- l went away and had a baby boy
and gave him up for adoption.
You didn't have an abortion?
You're shitting me.
l wasn't ready.
Besides, it was a child
born of foolishness, not love.
Why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't you--
how could you not tell me?
He? He?
You said he?
A baby boy?
( voice cracking )
So, l have a son?
You didn't tell--
Yes, you have a son.
Do you have any idea where he is?
Do you know where he might be?
- Do you have-- do you know where he is?
- ( crying )
l'd like to maybe meet him,
but-- don't cry.
l-- l'm sorry.
l'd like to maybe meet him
and to know him.
He's filming you right now.
- Him?
- ( sniffs )
He didn't tell you.
That's crazy.
Him, no.
You ask me who your father is
and you don't tell him the truth?
- Here he is, Max.
- What?
Let me introduce you
to your son.
- You two are unbelievable.
- l'm sorry.
Two of a kind,
father and son for sure.
Max, l'm sorry.
l did what l thought was right.
lt's in the past and that's
where l want to keep it.
l hope you both
understand that. Good night.
Carla, l always loved you.
Good luck with the suicide.
Let me know how it works out.
Hey, look who's here.
What the fuck do you want?
Who are you?
Who are you?
l'm just someone who wanted
to wish you a happy Father's Day.
- ( Max grunting )
- ( veteran laughing )
Go on, Max!
l told you, Max. The man who
has a gun will eventually use it.
Who the fuck are you?
- ( laughing )
- Bud: Let's go.
l think you know who l am, Max.
Forget about that crazy bastard.
l mean, they're all over the city.
l want you to know
that l never meant to hurt you.
There was just never a good time.
l'm really sorry.
- l know.
- ( lounge music playing )
You're gonna think
this is crazy, but...
l started to follow you.
Getting familiar
with your daily habits.
l looked you up on the net,
found out that you had written
a couple graphic novels
in the '90s.
So l looked those up,
tracked those down.
lt was a reason to start
a conversation with you.
Oh, yeah.
l'm sorry that you
had to find the truth that way.
- ( crying ) But the truth is--
- Shh.
l didn't have the courage.
- l was scared.
- Of course.
l'm sorry.
- Don't-- don't--
- You must hate me.
No more crying, okay?
Just do me a favor.
You're my son.
Wow, huh?
You just forget it.
You forget about all of it.
Fuck it. Okay?
lt's a time for celebration.
- Yeah.
- l just met my son.
You gonna let me in
on where we're going?
l'd rather not, okay?
Okay, look, time to expose
the secret underbelly
of your dear old dad's life.
- Okay?
- You're addicted to Chinese?
Wow. Yeah, in a sense.
( laughs )
There's no way
to put this politely,
but we are going to a place that is
commonly referred to in certain circles
as a house of ill-repute,
a bordello,
- a brothel, a whorehouse...
- Oh, no.
- ...a knocking shop.
- Okay, l am not filming that.
- But why?
- Oh, no.
What? Shocked to find out
that father is a man?
Look, l'm just going there to talk to
one of the girls and that's all, okay?
- Okay.
- And if you'd like,
l could treat you.
- l think l'll give it a miss.
- Okay.
Save me some dough.
Thanks for the offer.
Turn that off.
lt's okay. He's filming me, not you.
Don't worry about it.
l don't care.
Turn that off.
You don't care?
Turn it off.
Oh my God. Melinda?
l had no idea.
When did this happen?
Oh, come on, talk to me. lt's not like
we don't know each other, please.
You know what? You didn't come down
here to speak to a cripple, did you?
That's-- you-- you're wrong.
l came here only to see you.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Look, today's a special day for me.
l-- l-- l-- l made a pledge
to stop lying to myself
and to stop lying to other people.
l always thought that
we could-- we would--
if we weren't,
we could become friends.
Let me-- let me
take you away from here.
- l'm waiting for somebody.
- We'll get a drink.
- What?
- No.
l'm waiting for my husband Mikhail.
Your husband?
You're kidding me.
l didn't know you were married.
Does he know you're out here?
- Yeah.
- Max: How does he stand it?
How does he take it?
You know, why don't you just
go upstairs and get some pussy?
That is, if you can get it up.
Max: l see.
l see how it is now, huh?
You know what?
Fuck you.
- Bitch.
- Max.
Wait. Buddy, wait here.
- l'll be right back.
- What?
Open the door.
He's telling the truth, you know.
He came here to say
goodbye to you.
Where's he going?
( chuckles )
How do l put this?
l'm not filming
a day in the life.
lt's the last day in the life.
l don't understand.
He's done.
He's had enough.
He plans to kill himself tonight.
You've got to be
fucking kidding me.
l don't know how to stop him.
But, listen,
l know Max.
He may not be a great man,
but he's got--
l-- there's some good in him anyway.
l've seen it.
So if you're his friend,
you have to stop him, okay?
l'm not his friend.
l'm his son.
l've given everything that l can.
if l just can ride it out...
l figure if l can keep him talking
and keep him drinking...
then he won't be able
to pull the trigger.
That's all l can think of.
lt's okay.
- ( buckle rattling )
- Come on, no.
Shh. So, um--
How can you do this?
How can you do this really?
How do you do it?
l'm sorry, l don't understand.
Really? Okay.
Why don't you sit down for a while?
l just want to talk, okay?
l just want to talk for a while.
Whatever pleases you.
Listen, would you cut the--
stop fucking with me.
Just cut the bullshit,
all right, home girl?
All right? l'm just
not in the mood, all right?
l'm begging you.
lt's your hour.
Spend it however you want.
l know.
l've done it before.
l know the rules.
Aw, fuck it.
l'm sorry.
What for?
Truthfully, l don't know.
But-- look,
good luck with your life.
Hey, honey...
where do you think Melin--
where is Melinda's husband?
- Do you know?
- ( laughs )
For just a brief moment,
a fleeting moment,
there was a spark
of romance between us.
l'm just bullshitting you.
You're a charmer.
Which room is he in, huh?
- Which room is he in?
- Room 1 2.
- Thank you.
- Two doors down.
l know where it is.
Oh, wow.
Um, excuse me.
l don't want to interrupt, but--
- What the fuck?
- ls that your wife
in the wheelchair outside?
Your wife.
- ls that-- in the wheelchair outside?
- Fucker!
( grunting, yelling )
You talk to me about my wife?!
( grunting, groaning )
( shouting in Russian )
( screaming )
- Ow!
- Jesus Christ.
lt's me. Jesus,
what happened to your face?
- ( moaning )
- Here.
- Stop.
- Don't worry.
Here, sit down.
- Sit down here.
- ( clattering )
- What happened?
- l met your husband.
He's a real nice guy.
Okay, it's time to go.
We're going, come on.
Bud. Bud.
- Let's have that drink.
- Max: Oh, that's okay.
That's okay.
You're right about me.
You're right about everything.
lt was all my fault.
l guess l just couldn't
understand how someone could--
someone could leave someone
like you out here in this--
this goddamn shitstorm.
- lt's okay.
- That's all.
Let's go.
Yeah, we're-- let's go
to her place for a drink.
Yeah. Okay?
Moving on, Buddy.
Are you really going
through with it tonight?
You're gonna walk me to my apartment,
have a drink and then
go home and pull the trigger?
ls that right?
Aw, fuck you.
Yeah, don't--
don't mock me, please.
All right, whatever.
Yes, that's what l'm going to do.
- Sorry.
- That's okay. l'm up here on the left.
Max, come on.
Come on, let's have
that drink, okay?
What about your husband?
- Huh?
- Well, since you interrupted him,
l'm-- l'm sure he'll
be busy for hours.
Melinda, l don't
want to upset you,
but, l mean...
for God's sake,
what happened here?
There was an accident.
l fell down some stairs.
Well, that's funny.
Funny you should say that.
l-- l fell down some
stairs tonight myself.
What difference does it make?
l'm still in this chair.
ls he the reason? Huh?
- Did he do it?
- Are you asking me
- did he throw me down the stairs?
- Yes, l am.
The answer is yes, but...
l did it to myself.
l was out of my mind. l was high.
Furious with him for nothing
and we were fighting like animals
and l-- l don't think
either of us really
knew what was happening.
And then l--
and then, the next thing l...
knew l was--
l was in intensive care.
And that's it. That's it.
l'm sorry.
Come on, you know what,
we all make choices.
And l'm-- l'm no more
of a victim than you are.
- Do you want some ice for that?
- No no no no.
l'm fine, really.
Whoa, three in a row.
( sighs )
- You're bleeding.
- Oh, no no no no.
Honey, don't worry.
lt's not mine.
ls-- is it Mikhail's?
Oh, how l wish it was.
But no.
Um, Bud and l, uh--
we had an accident
earlier this evening.
l don't understand, Max.
Um, as this was--
this is my last day
here on earth,
l decided to set
some things straight.
So l went to see my boss, right?
And, um, well, l just
wanted him to say he's sorry,
- but he wouldn't.
- Okay.
So he came at me
and we struggled
and l threatened him with this.
- ( Melinda gasps )
- And it went off.
that's what happened.
- Did you, um--
- Hmm?
- Did you kill him?
- Yes.
Hmm? Right?
Did l? Yeah, yes.
Look, l didn't want it to happen,
but he's gone, okay?
So what does it matter?
And l'll be gone too very soon
- before they catch up to me.
- What kind of man are you?
- What?
- What kind of man are you?
l'm the kind of man
who wishes he was dead!
Why would l lie to you now?
Accident or not, there's no sense
in you taking your own life.
And what about your son?
- What about him?
- He needs you.
- No he doesn't.
- Yes, he does.
No he doesn't.
He needs--
- he needs a father.
- Melinda: Bud. Bud.
- What do you say?
- Max: Bud?
- ( crying )
- Oh, Bud, come on.
Buddy, Buddy, Buddy,
come on.
- No.
- Buddy, it's okay, come on.
Come on, it's okay. lt's okay.
Hey, look, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Hey hey hey.
For you--
for my son,
l can change my mind.
- l can change my mind.
- You mean it?
Yes, l mean it.
Buddy, Buddy, listen--
look at me, l mean it.
Okay? Turn the camera off, okay?
Would you?
- Turn the camera off.
- Promise me.
l promise.
Turn the camera off, okay, Buddy?
l promise. l promise.
l promise.
All right?
l know l took you
on quite a ride today.
- And l'm so--
- You could say that.
Buddy, Buddy--
Bud, l'm sorry.
l'm sorry for everything.
- For everything.
- lt's okay.
Why don't you just go home?
Just go home.
( crying )
Why don't you just go home?
l'm sorry.
Just go home, okay?
Here's the keys and l'll just--
l have to talk to her
and l'll be right behind you.
l'll be along in a while, okay?
Look, why don't l--
give me the gun.
- Nope.
- You don't need it.
You gotta trust me.
You need to trust me.
All right?
You gotta trust me.
- Why don't you let me take the gun?
- Bud, trust me.
lt would make me feel better.
Trust me, Buddy,
on this one, okay?
Why don't you just go home?
l'll, you know--
l'll be right-- just meet me
at my place later.
Everything's gonna be all right.
l promise.
- l promise.
- See you at home.
- Max: Okay.
- lt was nice to meet you, Bud.
lt was nice to meet you too.
( door opening )
He's-- he's a nice boy, huh?
( crying )
Why don't you sit down?
Thanks, but l think l should go.
l'm going to--
( sighs )
l'm going to
finish what l set out to do.
You can't do that to your son.
You promised him.
Think about it.
Look at me, Melinda.
l'm a wounded dog.
l am.
lt'd be better for everybody
if l just put an end to it.
And besides, how long before the police
are knocking my door down?
lf l don't die tonight,
l'll die in prison six months from now.
Either way, it's over.
So at least this way--
- No.
- l have some control over how it ends.
No. Can't you see you're blessed
to have that boy in your life?
l can see how much he loves you
just by looking at him.
- ( crying )
- Come on.
- l can't take it anymore.
- Yes, you can.
- l'm a coward.
- No, you're not.
- l can't take anymore.
- Come on.
l'm slowly day to day
turning into a cripple.
l don't know what to do.
l don't know where to go.
l'm sorry.
- l didn't mean to--
- l know. l know.
Oh, shit, l'm sorry.
Come on, Max.
Can l ask you something?
Why-- why do you
stay with him?
Melinda, look at me.
l want to know--
look at me.
You know what he is.
And how could--
why do you stay with him?
Where else am l gonna go?
l'm sorry, it's--
l can't help you either.
Do you know this chair
is breaking my fucking heart?
lt's okay.
l just want to tell you that--
that-- that's all.
- l'm sorry.
- lt's all right.
- Hey, hey.
- l'm okay.
- Hey.
- l'm okay.
lt's okay.
Son of a bitch.
- Fuck!
- No no no!
- Max: No! No! No!
- Bud: Shit!
- ( tires screeching )
- ( grunting )
- You son of a bitch!
- ( Max choking )
( Bud panting )
- Max: Motherfucker!
- Get him out of here!
Take his tie off,
put it on him, hurry up!
Do it! Do it now!
Ow! Fucking tie.
Get his gun.
Put it in his hand.
Max. Max. Max!
- You shot him.
- Hit me.
- What?
- lf you care about me
at all, you will punch me
as hard as you can right now.
- Max: What?
- Again! Do it again! Harder!
( crying )
How many times
could l let him beat me?
He's got a record a mile long
and your boss
is just another customer.
Look, Mikhail's a dealer.
He's a thug.
He's a killer.
No one will ask any questions.
What's going on?
lt's self-defense,
nothing more.
What were we doing?
- ( sirens wailing )
- Shit!
- We gotta go.
- What?
- Bud: Dad, we gotta--
- Melinda: Go. Max!
l've given you back your life.
Don't you fucking dare waste it.
We gotta go! Come on!
Let's go!