A Brother's Honor (2019) Movie Script

JUDGE: Foreman, has the jury reached a
verdict? WOMAN: We have, your honor.
JUDGE: Will you hand the verdict
form to the court, please.
On the charge of
first degree murder
in the death of Sylvia Granger,
we the jury find
Sheppard Granger...
JUDGE: We the jury find
Sheppard Granger...
Call Caden Granger.
[cheering, applause]
You deliberately
egged that woman on.
She was practically
stripping for you.
Is that why you were off key?
[scoffs] Surely
you can understand why.
[cell phone buzzing]
Hey, Jace.
What's up?
I'm on my way.
The only thing I understand...
is what I thought
you understood.
We were lovers, Rena.
For a while.
Nothing more.
Were... lovers.
[cell phone buzzing]
What's up, Jace?
And I should care why?
He wouldn't care whether I was
there one way or the other.
All right.
You should go.
If you think what he did to you
all those years ago...
Denying you access to
your trust fund was wrong...
Then you should go.
Let him see that
in spite of what he did,
you've become a huge success.
it doesn't matter.
I think it does.
[monitor beeping]
It's Jace, Granddad.
I'm here.
WOMAN ON PA: Paging Dr. Ross.
Please report to
emergency immediately.
It's nice seeing you again,
I'm sorry to hear about
your dad's passing.
Thank you.
How's Shiloh?
She's fine.
Back here in Virginia
to help our mom.
He's resting comfortably now.
You handled that well.
Doesn't matter
one way or the other.
Yet, you asked.
Curiosity, Jace.
Nothin' more.
This was your plan to
get us all back in one spot?
It worked.
Now, why am I not surprised
to find you two goofing off?
- Dalton.
- Hell, yeah, it's me.
Holy shit.
I don't recall him
ever being that sick.
The man was as strong as an ox.
He had a heart attack, Dalton.
A massive one.
You spoke to Dad?
I spoke to the warden.
How is he?
You wouldn't have to ask that
if you actually took the time
to see him.
- And I was talking to Jace.
- And I was talking to you.
When's the last time
you saw Dad? Five years?
Look, I'm not like you.
I can't stand seeing the man
locked up like that,
talking to him through
a damn glass partition.
Sheppard Granger was a
respectable business man.
A law-abiding citizen.
He never had so much as
a goddamn speeding ticket.
So this has nothing to do with
you thinking Dad was guilty?
What? No. Why...
Why would you think that?
Because we, of all people,
have reason to believe
Dad had the motive.
Especially after
the arguments that we heard.
Your grandfather's awake.
He's asking for you.
I always wanted you to be
a better man.
You were Sylvia's baby.
You grew up entitled.
I know you're angry...
but I'm so proud of you...
for finding success on your own.
That's what I always wanted
for you.
I keep tabs on you boys.
Don't talk.
- Save your energy.
- No.
Please, listen.
Granger Aeronautics
is your legacy.
I need you to claim it.
I know you have
lives of your own.
But something is going on.
You three are
the only ones I trust.
Promise me you will
work together
to save our company.
Of course I will.
I... I promise.
I promise I'll do what I can.
One more thing.
Free your father.
Prove he's innocent.
Promise me.
Thank you.
Remember everything
I taught you,
and... and always watch
each other's backs.
[church bell tolling]
[no audible dialog]
Well, well, well, who'd have
thought young Shiloh Timmons
would have filled out
like that, huh?
That was your best friend.
You ain't even gonna say hello?
Yeah, that was ages ago.
Everybody defected when Dad
went to prison, Caden,
not just her.
Let's go home.
[indistinct chatter]
Hannah still makes
the best coffee.
[chuckles] Yeah.
See what you've been missing
all those years
you refused to come home?
Yeah. I see.
Yes. If my ride is the same,
I'll be there.
I have a couple concerts
in New York next week.
I didn't forget the promise,
but I committed.
You're not the only one.
Can't believe we made
that promise.
Shit. I haven't worked
that hard in years.
Being a boy toy has
its perks, evidently.
Were you not at the hospital,
because Granddad said
he was proud of me, so...
he knew something we don't.
Care to share?
I'm a billionaire.
You boys have a visitor.
Vidal Duncan is here.
That's the company attorney.
This conversation
isn't finished.
Any of y'all been over there
since the day we left?
I haven't.
Haven't wanted to.
Neither have I.
VIDAL: So, as you can see
from the way your grandfather
has set things up,
Freeman is to step down the moment
you arrive at the office tomorrow.
What's the hurry?
Granger Aeronautics has been
in the red for the past year.
The company's going under?
Unless you guys
do something about it.
Excuse me.
And how are we
supposed to do that?
Uh, I say we vote to
get rid of the company.
No, damn it, we gave our word
and we're gonna keep it.
By doing what?
What did working there for
a couple summers teach us?
Not jack shit.
What, you're afraid of
a little hard work?
Uh, I prefer to work smarter
and not harder.
Well, I, for one, will do
whatever it takes
to save something
that I care about.
Mm. And how did that pan out
for your marriage?
What does this have to do
with my marriage?
Okay, guys.
You've both said enough.
Jace is right, Dalton.
We all made a promise.
So are you in or not?
I'm in.
Never liked your wife anyway.
She never liked you.
VIDAL: We have a problem.
Freeman doesn't want to
step down.
He's called
a shareholders meeting
to ask them to vote
to keep him in charge,
citing your lack of experience.
Well, can he do that?
Don't we have majority share?
Your grandfather
sold some shares last year
to finance a bid
for another company.
The remaining shareholders
their shares rival yours.
I need the names and the numbers
of the stockholders now.
On it.
What's the game plan?
For cryin' out loud, Caden.
Even a boy toy like me
can figure that out.
He's gonna buy back the shares
that Granddad sold off.
- Right, Jace?
- Not quite.
I won't be buying back shares.
Then who will?
For cryin' out loud, Dalton.
Even a simple saxophone player
like myself
can figure that one out.
You are Mr. Billionaire.
Might I offer a suggestion?
Her company has helped to get
several firms out of the red
very quickly.
She might put
some minds at ease.
Shana Bradford.
Thanks, Vidal.
If we survive tomorrow,
I'll call.
You, uh, couldn't sleep
either, huh?
Well, I was just thinking over
what to have for Sunday dinner
with the three of you
home again.
I want it to be special.
You do too much for us.
It's my job.
He loved you.
You know?
You knew?
Yeah, he told me and I was glad.
Do Caden and Dalton?
No, I don't know.
Doesn't matter.
You're family.
Thank you for that.
Thank you.
You know, you boys are doing the
right thing for your granddaddy.
He... He loved that company.
He would not have asked
you three to take it over
if he didn't believe
that you could do it.
I hope you're right, Hannah.
I don't want to let him down.
You won't.
Running Granger's in your blood.
And then you can settle down,
and give me another generation
of Grangers to raise.
One thing at a time, Hannah.
One thing at a time.
[traffic noise]
We're the Grangers.
We're here for
the stockholders meeting.
Yes, Mr. Granger.
The meeting is about to start.
[indistinct chatter]
MAN: Jace, Caden, Dalton.
Very happy you could join us.
And I'm very sorry
about your loss.
This has been a very
difficult time for all of us.
But now...
Now is not the time for
a change in leadership.
I... I respect Richard wanting
a Granger to run the company,
I really do, but...
I have been the vice
president now for two years.
I am the most capable person
to take this company
where it needs to go to survive.
Let the Granger sons
work under me for a while.
Learn the ins and outs
of the company.
And then,
when the time is right,
I will happily step down
and let them run it.
But now...
Now is not that time.
This company was started by
my great grandfather
over 70 years ago.
It was run by my grandfather...
my father...
and in the absence of my father,
my grandfather again.
My grandfather
loved this company.
And on his deathbed, Richard
Granger asked my brothers and I
to take over the running of
Granger Aeronautics.
He knew it was in the best
interest of this company.
And he had faith in us.
I'm hoping that you do, too.
I'm asking for
your vote of confidence.
Titus Freeman?
Vidal Duncan?
WOMAN: Cal Arrington?
WOMAN: Lauren Bolson?
LAUREN: Freeman.
Caden Granger?
Dalton Granger?
Jace Granger.
WOMAN: And I have
one proxy vote for Freeman.
We are at a tie.
Deciding vote goes to
Shiloh Timmons,
proxy for Sandra Timmons.
Your girl saved the day, bro.
She's not my girl.
Okay. Well, her dad
was an asshole
who kept her away from us,
but he is gone now,
and she sure doesn't
look like a kid anymore.
- Drop it.
- Okay.
Freeman and I have reached
an understanding.
Understanding my ass.
I don't trust that dude.
Neither do I.
I'll keep an eye on him.
I'll take Granddad's office.
Dad's office will remain
the same way.
Granddad has kept it
all these years.
I want to see Dad.
I suggest we all go see him.
I'm gonna set up a meeting
with Shana Bradford.
According to Vidal,
if anyone can get us
out of the red, she can.
- Dad.
- Yeah?
Is something bothering you?
But there is something
I need to talk to you about.
Okay. What is it?
I'm thinking about remarrying.
Um... I wasn't aware that
you were seeing anyone.
Does Jules know?
No. No, I... I'm... I'm...
I'm not seeing anyone.
Mona and I, we...
run into each other
every so often
at the farmer's market.
We chat... over vegetables.
But we have not been out
on an official date.
And you're thinking about
She is...
the first woman that I've met
that I've had these kind of
thoughts about
since your mom passed.
Well, those are some vegetables.
What do you know about her?
She's, uh... kind.
She's a professor...
of political science at
the University of Virginia.
Retiring in a few years.
I... I do know that.
How long ago?
Why do I feel like
I'm being interrogated?
Because you're an ex-cop and
it comes with the territory.
- [scoffs]
- [cell phone buzzes]
I've gotta go.
[sighs] A potential client insisted
on an urgent lunch meeting today.
But I will be back
for leftovers and...
BOTH: to delve into
this Mona situation.
Have I told you lately
how proud I am of you?
Not lately.
Thanks, Dad.
Greta, get me everything
you have on the Grangers,
and Granger Aeronautics.
Jace Granger?
I'm Shana Bradford.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you for meeting me.
Vidal Duncan suggested
I contact you.
He said that you can help
with Granger Aeronautics.
I know I can help.
I've familiarized myself
with you, your brothers,
and your company
on the way over here.
- You did?
- Yes.
You're a lawyer.
In California.
Graduated top of your class
at UCLA.
Could have worked private,
but you chose to work for
the public sector.
Your brother Caden
is a musical genius
who has quite the following.
And your brother Dalton is
known in the European circuit
as quite the ladies man.
A billionaire who is
often referred to as.
Cocoa Puff.
[clears throat]
Granger Aeronautics
is the fourth largest employer
in the state
with government contracts
up for renewal.
The lesser known fact is that
the company is deep in the red
with competitors outbidding you
at every opportunity.
What I don't know,
and what you need to tell me,
is why are three men
who once swore
never to work for
Granger Aeronautics
suddenly doing so?
Why are you here?
My grandfather asked
the three of us
to take over
the running of his company.
We promised to do so,
and it is a promise
that I intend to keep.
For how long?
Excuse me?
How long?
After you turn
the company around,
will you and your brothers
abandon the company,
shareholders, the staff,
and go back to your old lives?
Just what do you expect
from me, Miss Bradford?
What do the employees of Granger
Aeronautics expect of you,
Mr. Granger?
They worked hard for
your grandfather.
They want someone who
plans to do right by them,
and not leave them in the cold.
They want a leader.
I can only speak for myself.
But I'm staying.
If you take the job,
I think it would be best if
you worked on the premises.
I'm surprised you would want
your employees to know
that the company was in
a dire enough situation
that I had to be called in.
They already know.
I'll handle your case.
I appreciate that.
For a moment there, I thought
you were turning me down.
You want to know what I think?
Granger Aeronautics
has always been your legacy.
But I think today you realized
that it's your destiny.
Now, I do have one request
before we get started.
That I order dessert.
I have a weakness for chocolate.
So, how'd it go with,
uh, Shana Bradford?
Is she gonna help us?
Does she look good?
None of your business,
Cocoa Puff.
- Cocoa Puff. [chuckles]
- Offensive.
But because I don't want you to blurt out
something off color when you meet her,
I'll warn you.
She's gorgeous.
She's beyond professional and already has
an incredible grasp of our situation.
By the time she moves into
her office here tomorrow,
she may know more about us
than we do.
She's moving in?
I bet you she doesn't know
where my tattoo is.
I wouldn't count on it.
[cell phone buzzes]
Okay, sis,
you've been blowing up
my phone all day.
What's going on?
Dad is thinking about
marrying a woman
he met at the farmer's market.
I didn't know
he was seeing anyone.
I'm sure it's just a phase.
I saw that sparkle in his eye
when he was
telling me about her.
I think it's more than a phase.
Then we'll stop it.
Whoa, it sounds like
you had a bad day.
Why do you say that?
Because you sound like you could
chew up a couple of people
and spit them out.
And I would begin with a number
of people I interviewed today.
They were lying
through their teeth
about not recognizing this guy.
He's hiding out here
someplace with his son,
I can feel it.
Then I'm sure you'll find them.
Listen, I'm in the middle
of research,
and I really hav...
Whoa. Wait. Research?
I thought you were
taking a break?
I was,
but I got a client who needs me.
Don't they all?
What makes this one so special
that you would give up
a month of fun in the sun?
I didn't say he was special.
He? Sounds interesting.
I never said anything
about a he.
I think you just
told on yourself.
Jace Granger is now the CEO
of Granger Aeronautics.
I met with him today
and agreed to help him
bring his company around.
So again I ask,
what's so special?
A number of things.
But most of all, his integrity.
It was a deathbed promise
he made to his grandfather
that he intends to keep.
You now how I am about
those sort of things.
Yes, I know.
Is he good looking?
Yes, he is good looking.
And? That's it?
Jonathan ruined you
for any other man.
He didn't ruin me.
Look, I'm focused on
my business.
And the last date you went on
was a stakeout
where you were trying to bust
a cheating husband.
And I was successful,
I might add.
Men are not to be trusted,
unless their name is
Ben Bradford.
I need a shower.
Don't expect back in Virginia
for another two weeks.
In the meantime,
keep an eye on Dad
and the veggie lady.
[keyboard clacking]
[cell phone buzzes]
Jace Granger.
Weren't you gonna tell me
your grandfather passed away?
No. You two weren't close, and he
didn't include you in the will,
if that's why you're calling.
I'm calling because I heard
you're back at the company.
It's what I always wanted
for you.
That's what you wanted
for yourself...
The money from the company
and in on my trust fund.
Jace, when we were married,
I had just as much money as you.
Yeah, and then you spent it all
and then went in on mine.
I like nice things.
No, you like expensive things,
then you choose not to work
to pay for them.
There was no reason
for me to work.
If I'd just given in
and stayed pregnant,
everything would have been fine.
You aborted our child
behind my back.
Eve, let's end this call
while we can still be civil.
And do me a favor.
Delete my number.
Do you need anything else,
Mr. Granger?
One thing. Uh,
gonna have someone
coming to work with us tomorrow.
Her name's Shana Bradford.
You'll make sure that she has
everything she needs?
- Of course.
- Thank you, Melissa.
- Thank you. Goodnight.
- Enjoy your evening.
Good morning.
Thought I'd be the first here.
I half expected you
to sleep here.
I almost did.
It was a long night.
Uh, my team was just
finishing up.
Kent, Bruce,
this is Jace Granger.
Kent has already pulled
extensive bios
on all of your top executives,
and Bruce is my computer expert.
I'll be using my own server
in case your grandfather
wasn't just being paranoid
about not trusting
his colleagues.
Good idea.
Welcome aboard.
Your assistant Melissa
was very helpful this morning.
Has she been here a long time
with the company?
No, she replaced my
granddad's assistant
after she retired
a few months ago.
She seems like a nice lady.
- Who?
- Your assistant, Melissa.
Oh, yeah, she appears
rather efficient.
Can we talk privately
about something?
Of course.
What is it?
Your libido and my hormones.
Excuse me?
Don't look so shocked.
Those two things seem to be working
overtime with us right now,
and they have no place
in the office.
And since I have a strict policy
not to get personally involved
with any of my clients,
they have no place anywhere.
I promise to try to keep
my libido in check.
Thank you.
Now, I'd like to meet
your brothers.
Did you even get a chance
to read the report
before going to McQueen's?
Shana Bradford,
these are my brothers,
- Caden and Dalton.
- Dalton Granger.
And I wish I'd met you first.
It wouldn't have mattered
if you had.
Nice. Burn.
Mr. Granger,
everyone is ready for you.
All right.
Granger Aeronautics has lost
a number of major clients
over the past 12 months.
I intend to find out why.
For that, I've brought on
Shana Bradford.
Her firm has
a stellar reputation
for reinventing companies.
- Cal?
- Cal Arrington.
VP of products and design.
I agree that we need to
consider better marketing.
But Granger clients are firm.
Do you honestly feel
she is necessary?
I do.
JACE: The floor is yours.
Good morning.
Please turn to page three.
Both Dad and Granddad
would be proud of
how you handled
the old guard today.
You're a true leader.
I bet Cal's concerned because
he hasn't brought in
a new project
in over eight months.
And how would you know that?
You're not the only one
spending his time reading.
Well, Freeman's pissed.
I could hear the sound of
his teeth grinding.
I think he feels threatened
but I'm not sure as to why.
I mean, I know that
no one likes change,
but I feel like there's
a little something more to it.
I'm sure Miss Bradford
will make it her job
as to find out why.
Yes, I will.
Hey, you got a second?
All right, what's going on?
I can't... stand being in
Sutton Hills anymore.
I'm gonna look for
a place in town.
To be honest, you lasted a lot
longer than I thought you would.
Oh, I was worried that you thought
I wouldn't uphold my promise.
Now, look, I don't think that.
Losing Mom was
hard on all of us, Dalton,
but especially you.
I realize that.
You were the youngest,
and extremely close to Mom.
I worried about you when
you wouldn't go see Dad.
I thought you doubted
Dad's innocence.
I'd be lying if I said the
thought didn't cross my mind.
But, no,
Dad would never hurt Mom.
I know that.
And if I find a place
that I like,
I'm gonna buy it.
Sounds like a good plan.
Oh, and I...
I like your Shana Bradford.
My Shana Bradford?
See you at home.
I wasn't looking
where I was going.
I got a little hungry
and thought I'd grab something
from the vending machine.
I shouldn't have skipped lunch.
No, you shouldn't have.
I was on my way over there, too.
Titus Freeman resigned.
It's not surprising.
[coins clatter]
I'm sure you read that
a rival company
just outbid you twice.
Yes. Barnes Aeronautic.
Our biggest competitor.
I suspect your grandfather
was onto something.
Someone's passing trade secrets.
Do you really need that many
to tide you over?
These will hold me over
until dinner.
My dad made a pot of spaghetti,
and he's bringing it over
this evening.
You're close?
Yes. Very.
- Well...
- Well?
I'd better get back.
I'll see you later.
I'm trying.
So am I.
I guess you need to
try a little harder.
Damn it!
Damn it, drop.
That's not how you do it.
I thought you had
happy hour drinks with Dalton.
I was, but he found someone
and three's a crowd.
Figured I'd come back here,
put my business degree to use,
and get some reading in
when I heard you banging out
your sexual frustrations on
the ending machine.
You're imagining things.
Oh. So we're not
supposed to know
you have a thing for Shana?
Just know that type of
needs to be taken care of.
Hold the elevator, please.
You're eager to
get started this morning.
Just excited it's
almost the weekend.
You have big plans?
No, actually.
Do you?
My brothers and I
are going to visit our dad.
Oh... That's nice.
What are you doing?
What I should have done
last night.
I want you.
I know it's wasted longing
on my part
since you made it very clear
we can't get involved,
but there is something
that I have to do.
And I hope by doing so,
it'll get you out of my system.
I believe it will.
When I'm done...
you'll be okay.
And you'll be okay?
That can't happen again, Jace.
I want it, too.
But I know better.
Office romances are a bad idea.
Trust me on this.
Jace, what do you think
about a party
where everyone comes naked?
Yes, that sounds good.
What's so funny?
You are. You just agreed to
a naked party.
My mind was elsewhere.
Come have drinks with us
Working way too hard
to be productive anymore.
I can't go.
I've got a date,
so I'll be home late,
or not at all.
- We see Dad tomorrow.
- I remember.
- So, Jace.
- Yes.
Beer. Fries.
- Yes.
- Great.
And you should invite Shana
to come out with us.
The worse that she can do
is say no.
She's definitely gonna
say no to me.
Maybe she won't.
Caden and I are going to...
I heard the food is good
and the drinks are even better.
Nice way to kick off
the weekend.
You, uh, want to join us?
I'd love to.
- SHANA: Uh-huh.
- CADEN: Take a minute.
- SHANA: I'll try.
- [laughing]
- CADEN: You just don't do that.
- SHANA: I know.
Uh, uh, what are your plans
for this weekend?
I bet you have a date.
Yes, I do have a date.
I'm looking forward to it.
The first two weeks on a new job
are always the toughest
and busiest.
Granger Aeronautics
is no exception.
And what's going on with that?
It's going great.
I should have your
first report to you next week.
So... you feel good about
Granger making a turn around?
Yes, as long as the
recommended changes are made.
I don't see why that would be.
Right, Jace?
Right... Jace?
I don't agree to anything
so that depends on
what they are.
I don't expect you to jump at
my every recommendation, Jace,
but I'm hoping you keep
an open mind.
I don't put a Band-Aid
on a problem, I fix it.
I'm good.
[clears throat]
Speaking of good,
the dessert is a lemon cake
with ice cream.
Any one of you want to
share one with me?
JULES: You're in a bad mood.
- Rough week?
- Yes.
How's the CEO?
I don't want to talk about it.
What's going on with you?
Any new leads?
Yes. I caught the guy
this morning,
and little Marco,
I returned him to his mother.
Just some paperwork,
then I get to come home.
Congratulations, Jules,
that's great.
Dad's gonna be so proud.
Speaking of Dad,
when are you going to the
farmer's market with him?
I'll let you know how it goes.
So good to see you all.
And Dalton.
It's good to see you too, Dad.
I can't believe
some of these people...
came to the service.
And how much they've aged.
I guess...
Guess we've aged too, huh?
Who is this?
Think he said his name is
Ivan Greene.
I hear he's running for mayor.
What was he doing at
Granddad's funeral?
His dad worked for us.
I let him go just before
your mother died.
I'm surprised he even came.
I'm surprised
a lot of these people came.
Is that...
Is that little Shiloh?
I was trying to get
a picture of Hannah,
but she got in the way.
Uh-huh, looks to me like you had
the camera pointed right at her,
but I don't know
nothin' about nothin'.
- Yeah, you're wrong.
- Mm-hm.
- I'll take it out and...
- No, no, don't take it. Why?
I'm mean,
it's... it's nice of her
to attend the services.
Yeah, real nice.
So, how are things at
Granger Aeronautics?
What do you know about
Cal Arrington, Dad?
Not much.
He and Titus were hired
after I left, uh...
they moved up the ranks
quickly, and...
If you're asking if I think
Arrington can be trusted,
the answer is no.
The only people that can be
trusted right now...
are your brothers.
Is that a new shirt?
Jeans? You normally wear
khakis, right?
What's going on here?
What do you mean?
What are you doing here?
And before you say another word,
neither you nor your sister
can lie worth a damn.
I want to meet Mona.
Or check out and
report back to Jules?
[sighs] You do know
your daughters.
Okay. I'm gonna go see if
they have some ice cream.
You do that.
Hey, there she is.
Good afternoon, miss.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- I'm better now.
- Oh, good.
- How about you?
- I'm good.
- Um, do you like tangerines?
- MONA: I do.
Tangerines in North Carolina.
Who'd have thunk it?
- MONA: I love it. -BEN: Here. Tell
me what you think of this one.
SHANA: She seems really nice.
She's also blind.
As in can't see?
She was the victim of a drunk
driving accident years ago.
The kid driving died.
That's a lot to go through.
Her husband left her
for his secretary.
- Typical. -And now has two kids.
Mona's better off without him.
I know she's not Mom.
But if Dad has to
dote on someone new,
Mona's more deserving than most.
Maybe, but I'm still not
comfortable with it.
It's an adjustment.
What's that?
It's my lunch.
Hannah made it.
You got Hannah
making your lunch?
She offered.
Don't worry.
I'll be moving into
my own place soon,
you'll only have to
compete with Caden.
I know you're jealous
'cause I'm Hanna's favorite.
You know I don't have
any favorites.
Shana wants to meet us
privately tonight.
In her office.
She asked us not to tell anyone.
Thank you.
I know I'm still your favorite.
Thanks for meeting me.
He had performances
he couldn't reschedule.
My initial assessment
of the company.
There's a traitor
in the company.
JACE: Looks that way.
- You knew?
- I had a hunch.
Granger Aeronautics
was the number one company
to produce aircraft parts.
And recently, a young competitor
who couldn't possibly have
the experience
to so precisely outbid you,
had done so. Twice.
The first red flag.
I'll have my team
investigate further,
and we must alert the FBI.
The FBI?
Misappropriation of trade
secrets is a federal offense.
Do we know who's doing it?
No. And we could be looking at
more than one person.
The FBI team will be led by
Marcel Eaton.
He used to be a police officer
with my father in Boston.
So he'll keep us in the loop.
Your Dad is a cop?
Yes. Retired.
Well, now I know why Granddad
wanted us to take over the company,
at least until Dad gets back.
Granddad believed our father
would be set free.
Part of our promise
was to see to that.
There were other
recommendations in my report.
Yes. People need their jobs
now more than ever, Shana.
No company can afford
to bear the expense
of employees
not doing their jobs.
I'll meet with them
and I'll lay down the law.
Jace's law.
I'll hold them responsible
to their department.
Jace's law?
I am going to McQueen's.
I need a drink.
You two have a good night.
How long will it take?
What I mean is...
how much longer do you think
I'll be your client?
I thought we were past this.
Look me in the eyes and tell me
you felt nothing when we kissed?
We've been down
this road before
felt nothing.
Then I guarantee
you will this time.
Check for monsters
by the door
And it makes you feel
Stuck inside a wheel
It slowly hauls you in
Where you've never been
And I really feel
Stuck in the middle here
You can break my bones
with your sticks and stones
But it's all too clear
that the end is near
'Cause I really feel
Stuck in the middle here
I can't take no more,
I will leave this shore
To get back on track and
I won't come back no more
Stuck in the middle here
'Cause I really feel
Stuck in the middle here
I can't take no more,
I will leave this shore
To get back on track and
I won't come back no more
- Shana...
- Jace.
I think it's best
I refer you to another firm...
That's not best for me.
Then give me your word
that won't happen again.
I can't give you my word if
I don't intend on keeping it.
I've broken a rule.
I'm ending my contract with you.
- You can't do that?
- Why can't I?
Because I...
need you.
I'll give you my answer
on Monday.
I had a great time today.
I hope pizza was okay.
I... I figured
everybody loves pizza.
Pizza was great.
You were great.
Thank you.
Goodnight, Ben.
Uh, Mona.
Would you...
Would you like to...
go on a picnic with me?
You're asking me to go on
a picnic with you?
Just say yes.
Yes. I'd love to.
- Whew. Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
You okay, Jace?
Waiting on a decision.
Doesn't sound like you.
Especially if they make
the wrong one.
Come in.
Are you gonna let
this attraction
stop you from doing
the right thing with Granger?
Are you?
Can I ask you something?
If things were different...
If we had met under
normal circumstances...
Would you be fighting
this thing between us?
Then why are you doing so now?
Your... Your rules?
Considering everything,
I think you should make
an exception for us.
I think we should
become involved.
Are you out of your mind?
My professional role at Granger
would be jeopardized
and no longer effective.
We need to retain our
business relationship.
By day, in the office,
it's all business.
But after hours...
You want us to have
a secret affair?
No, it's not what I want,
but given your rules,
it's the only way
we can be together.
So I'll take it.
Why are you doing this to me?
Why are you doing this to me?
You think I was
looking for this?
Your mind isn't the only one
that should be
focused right now.
I've never wanted a woman
as deeply as I want you.
Your answer.
You coming?
I can't run away
I know I wanna stay
When I look into
your eyes
I see a man who
Makes me want it
I've been waiting
all this time
And here you are
Standing in front of me
Holding me tightly
I bet you
feel like magic
So I'm open wide
I can only imagine
What you feel like inside
So I'm offering my love
Because you
changed my mind
Not like my usual
This should be night
I choose you to be
The one I love
I'll let you in, baby
My body's ready
Give me your lovin'
I'ma let you in, baby
My body's ready
Give me your lovin'
I'ma let you in, baby
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Is there anything else
you need Mr. Granger?
Uh, not right now, but I might
think of something a little later.
Just let me know.
I, uh, aim to please.
And how long have you been
working here Miss Brandy?
Three years.
I started right out of college.
- Both my parents worked here.
- Hmm.
We're a Granger family.
- I bet.
- [chuckles]
Miss Booker, I believe
you're needed at your desk.
- Mr. Granger.
- Melissa.
- [purrs]
- [chuckles]
You needed something
from me, Jace?
I want you to head up security.
That department needs
a fresh set of eyes.
Consider it done.
Something else?
Yes. About Brandy?
We gotta draw a line
on certain things.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Have you drawn any lines, Jace?
'Cause I know she didn't
come home last night.
And you and Wonder Woman were
both a little late this morning.
Don't be a pain in the ass,
Well, then you stay
out of my business.
And I will stay out of yours.
- Yes. Deal.
- [clicks tongue]
[intercom beeping]
Yes, Melissa.
Actually, It's Brandy.
Melissa had to step out.
Your wife is on line two.
- I don't have a wife. - That's what I thought.
- But the lady says differently. -Thank you.
What do you want, Eve?
Just a loan.
I promise I'll pay you back.
Oh, you're getting a job?
Surely... you don't
expect me to work?
How much?
Ten thousand.
I'll give you five.
Give me? So I don't have
to pay it back?
- Can you? - Well, no but...
Then why pretend?
Why are you being so nice?
Because I am nice.
And you caught me
in a good mood.
But this will be the last time
you get a penny out of me,
no matter what kind
of mood I'm in.
- Good-bye, Eve.
- [beeps]
[knocking on door]
Hey, Bruce.
What's going on?
A bug?
It's imperative that I know
when it was activated.
I really need to know when.
When, Bruce?
You mean to tell me this pen was
broadcasting a video of your whole office?
Since when?
It was only activated
this morning.
Although I've had that pen
in my office since I moved in.
Bruce caught it as soon
as it turned on.
Well, that's lucky for us.
For all of us.
I, for one, am a bit insulted
that they didn't think
I was worth spying on.
They just assumed that
I didn't know an thing?
- You don't.
- Word?
Bruce caught someone trying
to hack into my system.
He blocked them before
they learned anything,
but it was someone
in the building.
The hack prompted him
to scan for bugs,
and he found that.
Melissa helped set up
your office, didn't she?
With a little help from Brandy.
So, basically,
everyone is a suspect.
Not everyone. You're not.
Hmm. Thank you.
[knocking on door]
I just came to tuck you in.
And then I'll leave.
- Yeah?
- [chuckles]
Come away with me this weekend.
My cabin.
In the mountains
near Shenandoah.
No bugs.
Just you and me.
That sounds nice.
Don't... tempt me.
Shana, go to sleep.
You really just came here
to tuck me in?
Now close your eyes.
[humming tune]
[humming continues]
Welcome home, sis.
- I missed you.
- I missed you, too.
I cannot believe it is
my first weekend back
and both you and Dad
are deserting me?
Don't waste your time trying
to make us feel guilty.
Now, you know if the shoe
was on the other foot...
I'd wear it proudly and not
give you a backwards glance.
- [chuckles]
- Speaking of shoes...
I'm going to be working
on a new case this weekend.
I'll be putting on my favorite
pair of stilettos,
wearing my shortest dress,
and going bar-hopping.
- Hmm. -Some lowlife is
turning one night stands
into movie night
on the internet.
Oh, well, I hope you catch him.
And please take care
of yourself.
Don't I always?
What is this?
It's your drink.
I ordered it for you.
You looked a little thirsty.
Thanks, but no thanks.
I order my own.
What if you loaded
that drink with ecstasy?
Do I look stupid to you?
You look highly intelligent.
In that case,
an intelligent woman would never
accept a drink from a stranger.
Then order your own drink.
Can you please get her whatever
she wants and put it on my tab?
What is your name?
You don't need to know my name.
And I definitely don't need
to know yours.
Now, why would you think that?
Because I'm looking for a man.
Ah, well, last time I checked,
I have all the necessary parts.
A particular man.
And you're not him.
Thanks. I needed that.
Hey. Hold on a second.
What if I wanted
to see you again?
Find me.
Lady, I don't know who you are,
but I'm damn sure
gonna find you.
Describe what you see.
I hear something.
Uh, well...
there's some folks playing ball
over at the lake,
and fluffy white clouds
in the sky...
and a beautiful woman
wearing a yellow sun dress
that matches her
golden-brown eyes perfectly.
And lips...
that I have been tempted to kiss
for a long time.
Ben, you shouldn't
say such things.
Shh. No.
I should. I will.
Because I plan to pursue you
until you are my life.
All day, every day.
You need a woman
- who will be there...
- Who is exactly...
like you.
I really wish I could
I could see you.
You will.
The doctor said it could happen.
And even if it doesn't,
I'll be right here.
[birds cawing]
- Peacocks.
- I'm excited.
I love it.
How long have you had it?
Well, just a couple years.
Since I got divorced.
I've only been here three times.
My family have one
about four miles away,
but nobody wanted
to come after my mom died.
- Hmm.
- So we sold it.
I'd always loved
the country, though.
It's gorgeous.
- Thank you for bringing me here.
- Hmm.
And now... dinner.
You cook, too?
So why did you leave?
You had family here,
the company,
That was years ago.
Things change when your father
is found guilty of murder,
and your mother...
The trial was brutal
on all of us.
Our friends,
or so-called friends,
they deserted us.
Caden's girlfriend
was all but banned
from acknowledging
his existence,
and Dalton was the youngest.
The baby.
He went off the rails.
He got a football scholarship.
Made a lot of money there.
And then he blew through it all.
My grandfather was so concerned,
how withheld his trust fund.
Yeah, they didn't speak
for years.
Not until he called us
all back here.
And you?
I'm the oldest.
I had to grow up.
Be the man.
I tried to be there
for my brothers.
Keep my promises to my granddad.
To my dad.
You and your promises.
Do you wanna know why
I accepted the job?
Because of you
and your promises.
It means everything to me
that you have the integrity
to keep that promise.
I try every day to keep mine.
Your mom?
She mad my sister and I a promise
to be good to our father.
To help him.
To succeed.
I think that's been the driving
force behind me all these years.
My mom was amazing.
Her death nearly
crippled my father.
As time went on,
he grew stronger.
And now...
he claims to be in love
with a woman he barely knows
that he met
at a farmer's market.
I'm just slightly concerned.
[both chuckle]
Have you ever been in love?
I thought I was.
treated me like a queen.
He made me think
I was the woman of his dreams.
We dated for nine months,
when I found out he was using me
to spy for his boss,
one of my client's
biggest competitors.
I am so sorry.
That would make anyone
terrified to trust again.
He almost broke me.
But Bruce and Ken saved me.
Now I know work is only
for business,
and affairs are only for sex.
You were married.
Marriage cured me...
of a lot of my illusions
about love.
Then I guess we finally
understand each other.
What this is and... isn't.
Doesn't mean it still
can't be fun, though.
I got this.
Why don't you go run
our bath water?
- Our bath water?
- Yes.
I'll be there shortly.
Shana, I'm glad you came.
Your bath awaits you, Jace.
Please tell me
I'm not dreaming
- Jace.
- Yes.
Your clothes.
It's been so long
This time coming
But I've always believed in
the thought of you
Get in the tub, Jace.
Could it be
what they sing of
And dance to,
those love songs
Am I really...
You're gonna join me, right?
First, I want you to enjoy this.
This is my song
I'm going to give you a bath
that you won't forget
for a long time.
Love is what it is
Actually, honestly
Love is true
Love is what it is
Actually, honestly
Love is you
Past twenties
Then thirties
Figured I'd just go ahead
And die alone
Close the door
To possibility
And you came right along
Could it be
what they sing of
And dance to,
those love songs
Am I...
Honestly, love is you
Love is you
You, love is you
Love is you
[birds twittering]
Why did you put Dalton
in charge of security?
He's acting like James Bond.
He wants to put trackers
on all our phones.
Dalton needed to feel useful.
And it couldn't hurt to have
somebody else watching our back.
What's this urgent meeting,
and where's everyone else at?
I don't know any more
than you do.
Hypothetically speaking.
If a friend wanted
to track down a woman
who he just met,
but he didn't even
know her name,
how would one go about
doing that?
- Private detective, obviously.
- Aha.
That's an unusual amount
of effort for you...
You mean, for his friend.
Right. That's so Dalton.
Always doing favors
for his friends.
Relax, okay. People change.
Jace, Caden, Dalton?
This is Marcel Eaton,
the FBI agent
I was telling you about.
Good morning.
Six a.m. this morning,
federal agents raided
the homes of Melissa Swanson,
Titus Freeman,
and Cal Errington.
Errington and Swanson
were taken in.
Freeman's whereabouts
are unknown.
Freeman and Errington, sure.
But Melissa?
She was Freeman's lover,
had been for more than a year.
She was spying for him.
Freeman was trying
to force a merger
by making Granger fail.
He's the mastermind
behind it all.
I need to have a meeting
with my executives immediately
before the media gets wind
of this and there's chaos.
I'm sure the FBI
will find Freeman.
- Mr. Granger.
- Brandy, Shelton.
Working late again, I see.
I thought I'd try my hand at,
I don't know,
putting together pieces
of this puzzle.
There seem to be links missing.
I'm sure you'll figure it out.
- You handled the media well.
- Thanks.
I was just sitting in my office
thinking about the weekend.
Any particular part?
All of it.
- And what?
- I want more.
Not here.
Come with me.
Caden, someone's here
to see you.
- Who is it?
- Shiloh Timmons.
Hello, Caden.
What do you want, Shiloh?
- We need to talk.
- I don't want to hear it.
- Doesn't matter...
- It does matter.
I can't let you hate me
any longer.
You don't have a choice.
I believed in you.
Trusted you.
And I loved you.
Damn it, Shiloh, I waited days
in that hotel room for you.
And then I saw those pictures
with you half naked
on some private beach with some
businessman your daddy was trying to woo.
- No, that wasn't...
- I don't want to hear it.
You mean nothing to me.
And I can't stand
the sight of you.
[footsteps departing]
- What are you doing down there?
- I can't find my panties.
You don't have them, do you?
No. Why would I have them?
Heaven forbid they get lost
somewhere in your father's office.
That's odd. This sofa
has a secret compartment.
They were stuck in my shirt.
What do we have here?
What is it?
It's a letter from Yolanda
Green dated 16 years ago.
She's writing to inform
my father that my mother
was having an affair
with her husband.
Do you know the Greens?
Michael Green worked
for my father for years.
- My father fired him.
- When was that?
About two months before
my mother was killed.
May I read the letter?
This woman is threatening
your mother.
Was this used as evidence
in your father's defense?
I don't think so.
It's the first
I'm hearing about it.
Michael and Yolanda Green, they
weren't at my grandfather's funeral,
but their son, Ivan, was.
The Ivan Green whose running
for mayor?
Yeah. To think that the
prosecution built an entire case
on the idea that my father was
having an affair on my mother,
killed her during
a heated argument,
because she wouldn't
give him a divorce.
Why didn't your father
say anything?
Clear his name and move
doubt from him to Yolanda?
All it would have taken
is reasonable doubt.
I'm not sure.
But first thing tomorrow,
I'm gonna ask my father.
Jace, what's wrong?
I was in your office
yesterday, Dad.
I found the secret compartment
in the sofa.
I saw the file.
Why didn't you tell the authorities that
it was Mom having the affair, not you?
It could have cleared you.
Or strengthened the
prosecutor's claim of a motive.
I'm not gonna risk it.
Look, she was the mother
of my sons,
and I'm not gonna drag
her name through the mud
when there's no guarantee
that it would clear me.
But you had that letter from
Yolanda Green threatening Mom.
Yes. But she and Michael Green
had ironclad alibis.
They were on a cruise
working on their marriage.
They coulda hired somebody.
We need to find out.
Enough is enough.
Whether you want to or not, we're
going to prove you're innocent.
No, damn it!
I am trying to protect you.
Now, I believe that your mom
was involved in something
other than the affair.
I don't know what,
but it got her killed.
Promise me that you'll let it go
and you won't tell
your brothers.
I can't make you
that promise, Dad.
I won't tell them now,
but they need to know soon.
And if you won't tell them,
then I will.
[disconnects, dial tone]
I'm sorry.
Mr. Granger hasn't arrived yet.
Oh, but here's Miss Bradford.
Maybe she can help you?
She works closely
with Mr. Jace Granger.
I just bet she does.
I'm Mrs. Eve Granger,
Jace's wife.
- Ex-wife.
- Jace, I had to come.
I could not let you deal
with this on your own.
Uh, what are we, chopped liver?
Last I looked,
he wasn't by himself.
The media has been reporting
on how those...
horrid people...
are trying to ruin your
business and betray you.
Betrayal's something you
know a lot about, isn't it?
Wow, Jace, I...
Why are you being
so unforgiving?
Oh, ho, hoo!
Somebody give this lady
an Oscar, please.
Evil Evie strikes again.
My ex-sister-in-law can be
quite the character sometimes.
No way you can stay
in Sutton Hills for a week.
But I need somewhere to stay.
I had to leave Los Angeles
for a while.
- To avoid who?
- Some goons.
Slashed my tires.
And then someone tried
to run me off the road.
Why didn't you call the police?
I didn't have enough proof.
What good would a week do here?
It would give Maurice time
to convince her
that there's nothing between us.
- Go to your parents.
- We're not on good terms.
We're not on good terms.
Eve, I'll put you up
in a hotel for one week.
And that's only because I can't
deal with any more chaos.
But this is it.
Thank you, baby.
- You gonna come visit me?
- No.
And I'm telling the hotel not to let
you charge anything to the room.
Security will see you out and will know
you're never to be let in here again.
- I like her.
- Who?
Dad's Mona. I met her when
I joined them for breakfast.
Why are you just eating a plain piece
of bread and drinking ginger ale?
I woke up this morning
not feeling so well.
Oh, tell me, did you find
the guy this weekend?
You should have seen
his expression
when I handcuffed
his naked ass to the bed.
Thought I was about
to get kinky.
Instead, the police showed up
and hauled him to jail.
Well, I'm glad you found him.
Seems like you had
a productive weekend.
How was your weekend
with Jace Granger?
I think I'm falling
in love with him, Jules.
In fact, I know I am.
I hope he's worthy.
I believe he is.
You know there could be another
reason why you're nauseous.
I'm on the pill.
Oh, no.
I came down with something
and took antibiotics.
- You don't really...
- We should see
if the hotel gift shop
carries pregnancy tests.
I do. Come on.
Yeah, he looked really good
behind that desk,
like I always wanted.
I was ready to give him
that baby he always wanted.
I would move into Sutton Hills,
make it my own,
fire that heifer Hannah,
of course.
She would never raise
any baby of mine.
And over lunch, I heard...
that Shana woman you were
suspicious of him sleeping with,
she's probably pregnant.
Of course, I'm not leaving.
It's probably gonna be a lot
harder to get rid of her now.
[phone buzzing]
JULES: Why haven't you called me?
I was gonna tell you about
this guy I met at the bar,
but we'll get to that later.
Did you take it yet?
I was right, wasn't I?
Yippee! I'm gonna be an auntie.
- Are you happy or...
- I want to be.
Jace and I haven't even
talked about us.
- It's been all business. -Well...
Jules, I assured him
I was on the pill.
But what if he doesn't
feel the same way?
What if he thinks
I'm trying to trap him?
What if he doesn't think that?
Then there's a chance.
You're gonna tell him, right?
Yes, of course.
He has a right to know.
- I needed that.
- So did I.
Brandy said you had a lunch
thing with your sister.
[clears throat]
Oh. Sorry, baby, I have
a meeting I gotta run out to.
What about dinner tonight?
My place.
I have something important
I need to talk to you about.
There's something important
I want to talk to you about too.
Oh, okay.
Is everything okay with Eve?
Your father?
Still figuring things out
with my dad.
And as for Eve,
she needed a place to stay,
so I put her up in a hotel.
Very generous of you.
I'm with you now.
You don't have to worry
about Eve, okay?
- See you at seven?
- Yeah. See you at seven.
Shelton. Anything you need?
Uh, no, I was...
I was just leaving.
Or... I was just leaving
something on Miss Booker's desk
and then leaving.
- Let's leave together.
- Yeah.
Well, I'm over that way. You
have a good night, Mr. Granger.
Good night, Shelton.
[car alarm chirps]
- [muffled grunt]
- [syringe clicks]
- [phone buzzes]
- Hello?
Oh, hi, Kent.
No, I haven't checked
my email in a while.
I've been distracted.
Of course.
Yeah, I'll check it right now.
No worries.
I'll call you right back.
Thanks, Kent.
Talk to you soon.
I can't believe
we came back here tonight
just to get some documents
for you to read.
What is happening to us?
You could have stayed
at McQueen's.
Uh... I didn't see anyone
that I was interested in.
Keep your voice down.
Jace may be busy.
What do you mean?
His car is still in the lot.
But he said he had
to be somewhere by seven.
- [phone buzzes]
- [whistles]
I'm trying to find Jace.
I can go check his office.
Ain't no lights on down there.
Where would he be
without his car?
Could he be with Eve?
- At her hotel? -[scoffs] Doubt it.
Can you check?
If he's not there,
then I'm worried.
Kent did some digging
on another employee,
and what he found
was disturbing.
He's covered his tracks well and
has no idea we're onto him,
but, look, I have a feeling
he'll do anything to make sure
he's not found out.
What employee are
you talking about?
Look on the bright side, Jace.
You found Titus Freeman.
He's been my guest here
for some time now.
- [muffled speech]
- What's that?
- What?
- What are you doing, Vidal?
You messed up my plan, Jace.
So this is a very rushed
Plan B...
A murder-suicide between
the two of you.
Agent Marcel is doing
a sweep of the building.
- What do you suggest we do?
- I wish I knew.
I'm still wrapping my head around
Vidal Duncan being an embezzler.
My suspicions had been
focused on Shelton Fields.
He was always acting strangely.
- Lurking around Brandy's desk? -That's
because they're having an affair.
- How do you know that? -That's
why she's not sleeping with me,
she's sleeping with him.
- [phone buzzes]
- Marcel?
You are so clueless
and so goddamn trusting.
Even with your wife.
Do you think Jace could still
be somewhere in the building?
MARCEL: Shana!
I found this near his car.
When you and eve came home
for Thanksgiving four years ago,
she approached me.
She wanted me to get you
to move back here to work
with the family business.
And I... I made her prove
just how badly
she wanted that...
by making her my lover.
Your wife, Jace,
she can be a real freak
in the bedroom.
I enjoyed it so much that we continued
the affair when you moved to L.A.
That is the look of
a man doing the math.
I'll save you the time.
The baby Eve aborted was mine.
- No!
- Yes.
She figured your marriage would
be over if you found out, so...
And Eve came over here
to break up you and Shana,
but she didn't do
a very good job.
But don't worry
if you're mad at Eve.
Because after I'm done
with the two of you,
she's next.
Marcel just got the lab work.
The syringe was used recently
to inject a powerful sedative.
- This can't be happening.
- Holy shit.
- What, Dalton?
- The tracker on his phone.
Looks like they're
already looking for you.
How do you know
they're looking for me?
Because your ex-wife
keeps calling me.
Because everyone
is calling her to see
if the two of you are holed up
in her hotel room reconciling.
If you didn't
want to get caught,
then why did you suggest
that we hire Shana?
Well, someone was going to dig
when your grandfather died.
I just...
I wanted to appear helpful.
But you and Shana
started carrying on.
Eve was no match
for a pregnant Shana.
You didn't know?
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm fairly sure it's yours,
but you won't get to
meet this one either.
[gun cocks]
- [gun shot]
- Ah!
MAN: FBI! Don't move!
Get down on the ground!
Do not move!
[indistinct shouting]
- Clear!
- Clear!
All clear!
How did you find me?
Thank James Bond over here.
He put a tracker in your phone.
Yeah, you should. I'm beginning
to enjoy this spy thing.
I am so glad to see you.
I've never been so
scared in my life.
Are you pregnant?
What makes you think that?
I'll explain later.
What I want to know is,
are you pregnant?
I just found out today.
I'm sorry.
I was on the pill,
but I was taking
antibiotics that...
I guess effected
the potency of it.
Don't apologize, baby.
I love children.
And I'm going to love it
just as much as I love you.
That's what I wanted
to tell you tonight.
I love you.
Jace, I love you, too.
No second thoughts
about staying?
Made a promise to save
Granger Aeronautics, and...
thank you for helping me
keep that promise.
My pleasure.
I've got another promise
to fulfill.
I've got a feeling
that learning more
about what happened to my
mother'll be a lot harder.
But I can do anything
with you by my side.
And your brothers.
Speaking of family,
when am I gonna meet yours?
You can meet Dad this weekend.
Jules just took
a case in Seattle,
so she'll be gone a while.
What does she do?
She's a private investigator.
Is she any good?
'Cause Dalton was looking
for another...
Never mind.
I don't want to know.
Yeah, Jules is the best.
Of course, I'm biased.
Speaking of biased,
I'm glad you're the woman that's
giving birth to a Granger.
Is there any way I can convince
you to become one, too?
Become a Granger?
It's never been more clear
to me what I want in my life.
This child...
and you.
Only you.
That's my wife.
So, will you marry me?
I will marry you.
I love you, Shana.
I love you, too, Jace.
Please tell me
I'm not dreaming
I know this is
too good to be true
It's been so long
This time coming
But I've always believed in
the thought of you
Could it be
what they sing of
And dance to,
those love songs
Am I
Really here?
Could I belong?
Is this my song?
Am I
Really here?
Love is what it is
Actually, honestly
Love is true
Love is what it is
Actually, honestly
Love is you
Past twenties
Then thirties
Figured I'd just go ahead
and die alone
I die alone
Close the door
To possibility
Then you came right along
Could it be
what they sing of
And dance to,
those love songs
Am I
Really here?
Could I belong?
Is this my song?
Am I
Really here?
Love is what it is
Actually, honestly
Love is you
Ooh, finally, finally, finally,
finally, finally, finally
Finally, I can
see you loving me
And me loving you
Totally free and
All my dreams came true
Love is what it is
Actually, honestly
Love is true
Love is what it is
Actually, honestly
Love is you
Love is you
You, loving you