A Brush with Love (2019) Movie Script

And just have fun!
There are no rights
or wrongs in art.
There are no mistakes,
there's no end goal,
or perfect finished product.
What we're trying to do here
is just take what's in your
heart and put it on the canvas.
Miss Jamie?
Yes, Lizzie?
How do we know
what's in our hearts?
Oh, well, we don't always know.
But that's why we're here,
To figure it out.
Oh, sorry.
Excuse me, my fault.
My fault.
What do you think?
I think it's amazing.
We could build out
multiple rooms,
we could do reception, a gallery
so we could have art shows
and community events.
I mean, I think it's perfect.
And this is just
our second location.
Wait till you see
what I've planned
for our third and fourth.
You're so excited.
I am.
It's what I love to do.
I've spent my life
building businesses,
and we all know this past
year of retirement
has been hard on me.
Hard on all of us.
This is a dream come true.
Jamie needs help expanding
Canvas Creations,
and I need to be working again,
and you get me out of the house.
How do we make this a reality?
Let's talk terms.
Thank you.
Have I told you in the last five
minutes how much I love you?
No, not in the last
five minutes.
Should I come back later?
No, we'll stop.
It's not our fault,
spring is in the air.
Yeah, which would be
a great excuse,
except you guys were
like this last winter,
and summer, and fall.
I gotta go.
Ooh, you two are cute.
Here you go.
Well, maybe it's time
to start dating again?
I mean, it's been a year.
Oh, what?
Please, just
- change the subject.
- Change the subject?
All right, speaking of
subject change...
I just toured a space
that would be perfect
for the second Canvas Creations.
That's great, but.
Canvas Creations was supposed
to be the thing you did
on the side of painting,
and if you expand, you're not
gonna have time to paint,
or submit to showcases
and exhibitions.
Which brings me
to my exciting news.
I just learned that
with three weeks
till the Cherry Blossom
Arts Festival,
the festival lost its usual
venue of The Windsor Manor,
and is switching
to the Botanical Gardens.
Oh, that is very exciting.
Which means that as head
and sole employee
of the special events
permitting office,
I'm gonna be working directly
with the organizers
of the arts festival.
I could put in a good word
for you.
For your submission for
the emerging artist showcase.
That's very sweet.
And I do appreciate
your meddling.
But I didn't submit.
Why not?
Because I'm not painting, and I
haven't been in almost a year.
And even if I was painting,
every year I submit
to the festival
and get rejected.
I know it's hard, but
you have to keep trying.
You can't give up.
I don't want to.
But every year, I watch another
artist win the festival's prize,
a solo show in Paris.
My dream.
And I'm happy for them,
I... I mean, I really am.
It's just, it's starting
to feel like
it's never gonna happen for me.
And this is my dream.
I don't know how to make it
more than a dream.
I've got an idea.
I'm back!
Not that I'm complaining,
'cause this is literally
my favourite place on earth,
but what are we doing here?
We are getting you supplies.
Ooh, for what, exactly?
I think I already own almost
everything in the store.
You don't have poster board.
And why do I need poster board?
Ooh, for my sixth grade
science project?
Remember four years ago when
I went through that rough patch
and I hated my job working
for the event planner,
and had no luck dating?
I remember a lot of ice cream
sundae pity parties.
They were delicious.
And then, I heard about that job
at the special events
permitting office, my dream job,
and then I got it,
and then about a month later,
I met Tom.
And I'm happy for you, but
I'm just a little confused.
How's that relate
to poster board?
It wasn't luck,
it wasn't destiny.
I made it happen with...
- A vision board.
- A vision board?
I made that vision board, and
then all my dreams came true.
They came true because
you took action
and went after what you wanted.
Not because you collaged.
I took action because
my vision board
helped me realize what I wanted.
As an artist, I'm sure
you'll agree
that images are very powerful,
and when you have a clear vision
of what you want,
you'll find a clear path
to achieving it.
Besides, what have
you got to lose?
My artistic dignity.
We'll take everything.
We're not taking any of it.
Oh, this too.
No need to thank me.
I wasn't going to.
If you're walking me home to get
those collaging supplies
in my door...
Actually, there's another reason
I'm walking you home,
and I'm sorry I waited
until now to bring it up.
Oh, you finally
rented out your unit.
That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.
I know it's sudden, but it kinda
just happened overnight.
Hey, neighbour.
Please tell me your brother
is not my new...
I'm sorry.
I know Max drives you crazy.
He doesn't drive me crazy.
Okay yeah, he drives me crazy.
But you know how much trouble
I was having finding a sublet.
And he never stays anywhere
for long.
He'll be gone
before you know it.
So, I thought you were
in San Diego.
Oh, that was last spring.
I was in Tucson, and then Boise,
and then Ava mentioned
a temp job back here,
and I thought "why not?"
Max got a job as a
landscape architect.
You got a master's degree
in landscape architecture
to then work as a groundskeeper
at the botanical gardens?
Where Jamie might be displaying
her work next month
at the Cherry Blossom
Arts Festival.
If she vision boards.
Not only will I see you
at the gardens,
but I will see you at home, too.
Would you believe it?
Great big world, and we end up
living right next to each other.
I really can't believe it...
Who knows, maybe you'll even
like having him
as your neighbour.
And if achieving your dreams
isn't reason enough
to vision board,
you can always collage
a picture of Max moving away.
Well, that's reason enough
for me.
You need help with those?
You know what,
this is the last of it.
Um, and I'm sure Jamie
doesn't mind helping me out?
Thank you.
Ready? Let's go.
Oh yeah.
All right. Good luck,
you two.
Really, no matter how long
it's been since I've seen you,
you're still the same.
Flecks of paint in your hair
and everything.
Well, I am a painter...
That's what I love about you.
You know, the...
the paint.
Welcome home.
Thanks, neighbour.
Oh, if you ever want to come by
for a beer,
I microbrew my own.
Oh, that is a tempting offer
I'll keep in mind.
Yeah, and I'll do the same.
Hey, you forgot your...
Collaging supplies.
You are collaging.
Not yet, but more and more,
I'm thinking about it.
Hey, Dad.
Hi, honey.
The real estate agent
just sent over the lease.
We need to decide by the end
of the week.
Well, why wait?
I mean, the space is exactly
what we're looking for.
Let's sign.
You don't want to give it
a little bit more thought?
Are you having second thoughts?
I'm certain I wanna do this.
I love building this out
and getting to work with you,
but I wanna make sure
you're sure.
Well, I'm sure.
I'll look over the lease now.
Love you.
Love you. Bye.
Good morning!
You going for a run?
Me too.
Have a great run.
Jamie, call me crazy,
but I'm starting to think
that you're unhappy
that we're neighbours.
Did I do something
to bother you?
You mean besides a lifetime of
pranks and jokes at my expense?
Max, every time I'm around you,
I get hurt or humiliated.
Woah. That is not fair.
Okay, give me one example.
Third grade.
You nicknamed me
Jamie Smellyman.
We were kids.
Which stuck with me through
high school when you wrote me
love letters for an entire year
to prank me into thinking
I had a secret admirer.
That was...
A joke? Oh, I know, Max.
With you, everything's a joke.
On me.
Every time you're around me,
you're teasing or immature.
You're describing
15-year-old Max.
We're adults now,
so can we start over?
Running buddies?
Uh, sorry.
Let's, uh... Can we try
that again?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, um...
Oh, your... your painting.
Uh, you workin' on any showcases
or something?
No, um, I'm not showing
right now.
Uh, I mean...
Why not?
Because I'm not painting
right now.
I opened an art school a year
ago and I'm focusing on that.
Okay, well, uh, what about
your dating life.
What happened there?
You were dating someone,
and like...
Actually, I forgot something
at home.
I'll run back.
So, how's it been with Max?
Hmm, fine.
Oh no, that bad?
Ehh... Well, remember, you
can have anything you want
if you just...
Please don't say vision board.
But speaking of vision boards,
I brought mine.
I just don't want you to give up
on your dreams.
Okay, what if I'm not giving up
on my dreams,
what if my dreams are just...
And what if they're not?
Why don't you just vision board
to double check?
Because I don't collage.
Then paint.
I asked myself what
I really wanted.
That I made a board, and
I focused on it every day,
and it came true.
Guess who I'm about
to meet with?
The curator of the Cherry
Blossom Arts Festival.
I could put in a good word for
the emerging artist showcase.
Thank you.
I've mentioned
you're relentless, right?
Once or twice.
Well, Renee, it was so nice
to meet you.
And you, too.
It's so nice to put
a face to a name.
And thank you so much
for expediting the permits.
When we lost our venue, I didn't
know what we were gonna do.
Ah, my pleasure.
I know what the festival means
to this town,
and the botanical gardens is
going to be a gorgeous venue.
And so convenient.
The Herman Arts Foundation
is just down the street.
York and Seventh.
That's a block away from
my best friend's art school,
Canvas Creations?
Funny enough, the head of
the Herman Arts Foundation
was thinking about stopping in
and asking about
painting lessons.
Well, actually...
Does your friend not do
painting lessons?
Oh, no, no, no.
She does, but speaking
of my friend...
Oh, hi Michael.
I missed the meeting?
I'll fill you in.
The permitting is taken care of,
and everything is on schedule.
Oh, and that art school
down the street from us,
the one that you were looking at
for painting classes?
The teacher sounds great.
Guess who has a private showing
with the curator of
the art festival?
I'm hoping it's you?
Renee's coming here on Thursday
to review your work
for the emerging
artist showcase.
Which would be great, except I
have no work for her to review.
What about the landscapes?
I submitted all my best stuff
last year.
Wait, you're painting?
Not exactly...
Vision boarding?
Show me.
Jamie... It's beautiful.
Well, I thought about
what I wanted,
and this just came to me.
It's after I win the showcase,
my first solo show in Paris.
This is an exhibit of my art
in a colonnade
and this is the man I love
bringing me a rose
to congratulate me.
In this moment, I have
everything I've ever wanted.
And although this may
never happen,
I have to say thank you.
I'm painting again.
I'm happy for you.
Now finish it so it can happen,
because you are about
to make all your dreams
come true.
One final signature.
And congratulations.
Thank you.
Thank you!
Should we celebrate?
I, uh, saw a donut shop
down the street.
We could review our notes
for our meeting
with the contractors.
Do you mind if we do
it tomorrow?
I know, I know, we have
so much to do,
but I have class later, and
I wanna get some painting in.
Ava got me a showing
with the curator of the Cherry
Blossoms Art Festival.
That's wonderful, honey.
So, you're painting again.
Oh, hi.
Um, am I too late to join
the art class?
Do you take drop-ins?
Of course.
Come on in.
Um... they're all...
Extremely talented artists?
Yes, that too.
I didn't realize this is
a school for children.
Sorry about the mix-up.
Oh, don't be intimidated.
It was everyone's first day,
It's for kids.
It's for the young at heart.
Come on.
So, today, we're learning
about composition.
I'm Jamie, by the way.
Hi, I'm Michael.
And the light is coming from?
Very good.
How am I doing?
Well, we don't give grades here,
but you're doing great.
You really caught
the light here,
which is difficult.
It's a little too controlled,
a little too concerned
with the outcome.
You can see all that from this?
Art is very revealing.
Don't beat yourself up over it.
I actually struggle with it
in my work, too.
So, what do you do
to counteract it?
Well, when I remember to,
I try to let go of expectations
of perfection.
And just relax and... let myself
enjoy the creative process.
So, what do you suggest I do?
Take a new canvas,
and this time, don't make,
just... let yourself feel.
Go on.
I'll see you soon.
Bye, Miss Jamie.
Bye, Lizzie.
Remember, composition!
What did you think?
I think the jury's out
on my innate creativity,
but uh, the upside is, I've got
a lot of kindling, so...
No, look, this is progress.
Don't give up yet, it was
just your first lesson.
I could definitely use another.
Yeah, you might like the 13
to 15-year-old class better.
Or maybe a one-on-one.
Um, do you offer
private instruction?
I do.
Do you have availability
Thursday, 5:00 PM?
I do.
That would be perfect.
You have a date?
It's a lesson.
He's a student.
It's professional.
But he is really handsome.
And he has an accent.
Oh, maybe.
Have you decided what you're
going to show Renee tomorrow?
I wanted to paint something new,
but what are we doing here?
Max is redoing our garden.
Does that mean he's meeting
us here?
Don't tell me you're gonna
run away just to avoid him.
I wouldn't phrase it
like that, but...
Hey, guys.
Thank you.
You good?
Uh, Renee and I will be by
at 10:00 on Thursday.
Good luck painting.
Thank you, I need the good luck.
You headed home?
I can, um, walk you.
Uh, you know, actually,
I have to go to the Farmer's
Market, so...
That's perfect.
I have to head there
and pick up some basil,
I'm making pesto for dinner.
So, uh, did I hear Ava say
that you were painting again?
I'm working on a submission
for a showcase.
Oh, that's awesome.
I was actually getting
kinda sad,
thinking that you weren't
going to make art anymore.
I'm kind of a big fan.
I remember when you were a kid,
you'd be out in your yard for hours,
just painting with whatever
you could find.
Chalk, sticks, dirt.
Do you remember when you made
that massive mud mural?
That was awesome.
Yeah, well, too bad
you can't make a living
off of sidewalk art, right?
Yeah, Ava also told me
your school's going well.
My dad and I are actually
teaming up
to open some new locations.
Congrats, that's...
that's awesome.
Hold on.
If you're running two locations,
and working with kids,
where's that going to leave time
for painting?
I'll paint on the side.
Uh, Jamie, you are not
a paint on the side-er,
don't you think you should be
focusing on your art?
Oh, what, so now you're
an expert
on how I should live my life?
Well, hang on a second.
Let me get a pen,
I'll just take notes.
First note, commit to your art.
You're giving me advice
on how to commit?
I could commit.
To what?
Uh, to following my heart,
even though half the time
I have no clue
where that takes me.
Okay, according to Ava,
over the past six years,
it's taken you to over
a dozen cities,
jobs, and girlfriends.
Uh, okay, I am trying to figure
out what I want, okay?
Or maybe it's just you
like "the new," "the chase,"
and then when something
loses its novelty...
Like I said.
I'm figuring out what I want.
I'm not as lucky as you.
You've always known
what you want... to paint.
Well, as usual, Max, this has
been... uh, interesting.
Okay, wait.
Let me guess.
You forgot something at home,
and now you have to run
and get it.
Bye, Max.
See you at home.
Thank you.
What time is it?
Oh, time to wake up.
Renee is gonna be here
in less than an hour.
Have you decided what
you're gonna show...
Oh, Jamie, it's beautiful.
Renee is gonna love it.
Um... I'm not showing her that.
Then why were you up
all night painting it?
Because, I felt... inspired.
But I'm not showing Renee
a vision board.
We'll just, uh, display some
of my old landscapes
I haven't submitted before.
I'll go clean up.
So, Jamie.
When did you start painting?
When I was in high school.
Well, actually, I guess
I've always been painting,
in some form or another.
I mean, when I was a kid
I used to sit and make art
with anything I could find,
but I started seriously painting
when I was 15,
and then art school,
and got an MFA.
You are incredibly talented,
and there are so many successful
elements here.
But... I'm just not feeling
the emotion.
Some of your work feels
as if it's forced,
almost as if you're
playing it safe.
Do you have anything else that
maybe I could take a look at?
Not at this time.
Well then, I thank you
for sharing.
It has truly been a privilege...
Actually, she does.
No, I don't.
She does.
You do.
I don't.
She does.
It's beautiful.
It's from Jamie's new series
about... dreams.
Well then, I would
love to see it.
Right this way.
I love it.
It's heartfelt, and bold,
and it takes a chance.
Do you think you can get it to
me in time for the art festival?
So I'm in the showcase?
This is in the showcase?
Thank you.
Woah, you've been busy.
Uh, just some potential plans,
how we could use the space,
a list of contractors
and vendors,
and the start of
an operations manual
for hiring and best practices.
I've also emailed it to you.
You've done so much!
Eh, I'm excited,
and I've got the time,
and I know you got a lot
on your plate.
Well, it's just until I turn
in this painting,
and then I promise, you will
have my undivided attention.
Okay, honey.
I almost forgot the most
important part.
What's that?
Don't get enough of me at home.
How's work going?
A walk in the park.
It's only my fourth day
so we'll see.
Four days. Wow, that's
a commitment for you.
Can I take a look?
It's beautiful.
Well, it's easy to make
something beautiful
when all this is your subject.
You're modest, but you're right.
Cherry blossom season is
the best time of the year.
When I was homesick, this is
pretty much what I thought of.
Yeah, they're pretty perfect.
Their form, their colour,
their composition.
You know what's funny, I never
really thought of them like that.
Well, what do you think about?
How they make me feel?
And how is that?
Like perfection does exist,
although fleeting, like life.
It's all the more precious
for its uncertainty.
Ava told me that you got
accepted into that showcase.
Ah, with her help, yes.
And first prize is a solo show
in Paris, your dream.
Surprised you remember that.
Really? We've known each other
for 24 years,
you'd think you mentioned Paris
once or twice
or a thousand times.
Yeah, it's an artist's cliche.
A show in Paris.
Who cares if it's cliche.
You know for once I think
I can get behind
your cavalier attitude.
Did I just make you smile?
No, I smiled on my own.
Oh, okay.
Thank you. I should get going.
Thank you for the walk.
You're welcome.
Come back.
Oh, bring your students.
That's a good idea.
Yeah, I know. I'm full of them.
You ready?
I chose bottles because
painting glass is tricky,
especially in this light.
So it forces us to stop
and really look.
You know?
And then upon studying it,
you realize it's...
it's so much more than just
glass and a bottle.
Highlights, lowlights,
shade, tone?
How do you know that?
I love art.
I painted when I was young.
I actually had delusions of
being a professional artist.
Well, in the art world,
we call delusions "dreams."
Uh, so what happened?
I wanted a career path
with a bit more stability.
But also I found it too hard
to put my work out there,
to put myself out there
in that way.
Mm, I know what you mean.
Plus, I hate getting messy.
Ah, well, that may be hard
to avoid,
because art is... messy.
I have an idea.
Baby steps putting yourself
out there.
Canvas Creations is having
our spring show.
Maybe you could display
I'll give it some thought.
What about you?
What's your work like, you know,
what do you paint?
Whoo, not really sure
how to answer that.
Well, I took a year away
from painting,
and now I'm back with
something different,
it looks different,
it feels different.
So, will you show me this
magical painting of yours?
I'd love to...
When it's done.
That means I get to see
you again.
I'd like that.
So, how was your date?
It wasn't a date,
it was a lesson.
But, I think we might
see each other again.
Like, as a date, or a lesson?
I'm not sure, just as it seemed
like he was gonna ask me out,
he got a phone call
and had to leave.
Oh, and how's the Canvas
Creations expansion?
Honestly, I feel like I'm not
really pulling my weight,
with all the painting I'm doing
for the showcase.
And what happens if you win
the showcase?
Are you really gonna want
to stop working
on your solo show in Paris
to do marketing?
I don't know.
Think about it.
Well, aren't I full of
good ideas?
Don't make me remind you of
all the bad ideas
you've had over the years.
Let's see.
"Golf cart in a lake"
ring a bell?
That was a good one.
You know what, let's focus
on the present.
I got another good idea.
When you're done here, come
meet me at the rose garden,
I'll come give you a special
behind the scenes tour.
Oh, thank you, but I'm busy.
I can't hear you.
And I'll see you later.
So, uh, this is our
next project.
Yeah, we, uh, just finished
the design
and then we go into
the planting process.
Well, do you think you'll stick
around long enough
to see it finished?
I don't know.
But, I bet you're eager to have
a new neighbour, so...
Actually, I was kinda learning
to enjoy
having you as a neighbour.
Oh thanks, Jamie.
I wish it didn't need the
"actually," or "kind of",
or "learning to,"
but besides that,
yeah, I think that is the nicest
thing you've ever said to me.
You're welcome.
Oh, we're, uh, interviewing
for the landscape
architect position.
I'm confused.
You have a Master's in
landscape architecture.
I do.
So you're a landscape architect.
Yeah, I am.
So, why don't you apply
for the position?
No, no, no.
Way too much responsibility.
It's all managing,
and coordinating,
and bureaucracy, and
as the groundskeeper,
I just get to play
in the dirt all day.
Of course.
Of course.
And you know, who knows how long
I wanna be around.
There's no way I'm getting tied
down with these obligations
and responsibilities.
You mean "life?"
No, that's not life.
Life is passion and fun
and travelling, and...
Life should be an adventure.
Me personally, I don't want
to have any regrets.
But never committing to anything
has regrets of its own.
Now who's the expert
on someone else's life?
You're exasperating.
Yet, you are smiling.
Let's go.
Ava said that your vision board
was going well.
Oh, she did, did she?
What else did she say?
She mentioned something
about a shadowy dream man.
Oh, it was in passing, but...
This dream man, who is he?
I don't know.
What do you think he's like?
Well, he's perfect.
Sounds like me.
He's also too humble to know
he's perfect.
Also sounds like me.
He's... kind, and passionate,
charitable, intelligent,
well, he loves art, and of
course he's very handsome.
Of course.
But, how does he make you feel?
'Cause there's
tons of intelligent,
smart, articulate men out there,
me for example,
but what matters is
how he makes you feel.
I'll give it some thought.
Right now, I have to go.
I'm sorry I had to
run off yesterday,
and we didn't get to finish
our conversation
about seeing each other again.
For another lesson.
I was thinking more like a date.
Uh, tomorrow night?
I walked out without
giving this to you...
But, uh, I, uh,
saw it in a florist,
and it made me think of you.
It's breathtaking.
See you tomorrow night?
The vision board man is Michael.
It's like he just stepped out
of my painting.
This is weird.
I mean, there has to be a
logical explanation for it.
Sometimes in life, there
are no logical explanations.
Like with love.
Is that Michael?
No, it's Max.
Max who?
Max, your brother?
Excuse me, my brother
is texting you,
and you're smiling.
But you're not just like,
"smiling" you are smiling.
I'm not smiling like anything.
I'm definitely not smiling
like that.
Nobody is smiling like that.
Ava, you asked us to get along,
so we're getting along.
That's it.
Surprises, surprises.
You actually showed up.
I did.
But I can only stay
for a little.
I'm meeting my dad in an hour.
Setting up for the Cherry
Blossom Art Festival.
Hey, you still remember
how to drive this thing?
I think?
All right, yeah, you put
one foot in front of the other,
and you pedal.
Let's go.
Why don't you take that one
and we race?
How's that sound?
Is it weird that
we're doing this?
Why would it be weird?
'Cause, this is like
total dating activity,
and we are not dating.
Oh, no, not a date, just,
uh, two friends cycling.
Since you brought it up,
uh, what's going on
with your dating life?
I thought for sure
you were going to end up
marrying your ex,
whatever his name was.
Ha, I also thought I would
marry whatever his name was.
So, what happened?
Uh, he said he thought
we'd lost our spark.
And if he stayed with me,
he'd feel like he was making
the safe choice.
What did you think?
Well, I was heartbroken,
and I thought for sure
he was wrong.
I mean, relationships
are more than a spark,
they're history
and compatibility.
Sharing lives.
But now I'm starting to see
he was right,
we would've been settling.
The breakup was really hard.
It made me question everything.
I mean, I... I was so sure my
life would turn out this one way,
and then suddenly
I was 29, single,
my art wasn't panning out
the way I thought it would,
and I realized I couldn't
keep living a dream.
So you opened Canvas Creations?
It was sort of a plan B
that's become a plan A.
What about you?
You dating anyone?
Hmm, no.
Not yet.
Well, this has actually
been fun.
I just wish it didn't need
the "actually," again.
I should get going.
But there's something
we should do first.
Remember we always used
to do this after bike rides?
It brings back good memories.
It does.
I do remember the last time
I was at the bikes.
It was that spring
when you pulled
the secret admirer prank on me.
Your last letter said
"my secret admirer"
would meet me at the bike
rentals and reveal himself.
I was so excited, I told
all my friends,
and I waited for hours,
and he never came.
I'm sorry, Jamie.
I... I was...
Max, it's okay.
We were kids.
You know, the funny thing is,
I actually really liked
my secret admirer.
I felt like he liked me too,
despite how mad I was
at you for that,
I actually kept the letters,
and I know it's because,
I don't know,
they meant so much to me.
Where'd you get that material,
I wrote it.
No, really.
Come on.
Really, I wrote it.
Well, how'd you come up with it?
I thought of you.
Uh, thought of the look
on your face
when you would fall
for the joke.
Yeah, that one.
Bye, Max.
Hey, Renee.
It's Jamie.
I wanted to let you know I'll be
turning in my painting tomorrow.
Oh, come in, I'm just need
to grab my bag.
Wow, it's a lovely place.
Shall we?
I thought we'd check out
this music in the parks event.
You okay?
What's going on?
Oh, yeah.
Just a funny coincidence.
Oh, I didn't know they had
live music here.
It's a new monthly arts
and culture series.
Different sponsors bring
in musicians and artists.
I'm thinking of hosting
a painting exhibit
here this summer.
You're going to host it?
I might've buried
the lead a bit,
but I actually head up
an arts foundation.
The Herman Arts Foundation.
The Herman Arts Foundation?
That sponsors the Cherry Blossom
Art Festival?
Yes, yeah.
The painting I told you
I was finishing
is for the emerging
artist showcase.
Well, what a small world.
Is there something wrong?
Well, I guess I'm just
wondering if this...
is a conflict of interest?
Oh no, no.
It's... it's a happy
I don't judge the showcase,
I have no effect on the outcome.
I mean, I'll be at the judging
to represent the foundation,
but I have no sway on who wins.
I see.
So you'll be at the judging.
Of course.
What's wrong?
Nothing is wrong.
You are never going to believe
what happened.
What... what's wrong?
How was the date?
Better question is
"who" is the date.
Michael is actually
Michael Herman.
From the Herman Arts Foundation.
No way.
Yes, way.
When I told Renee about
Canvas Creations,
she mentioned the head of
the foundation was interested,
but I didn't realize
that that was Michael.
How funny.
No, not funny.
Who cares?
So you went on a date.
He's not a judge, right?
No, he... he's not a judge.
And I won't be a contestant.
Why not?
Because I can't display a
painting of a shadowy man
giving me the exact rose Michael
gave me standing in front
of the colonnade exactly like
the one he took me on a date
in front of the art exhibition
exactly like the one he plans
on hosting this summer.
Oh yeah, that's bad.
What am I gonna do?
My painting is due in five days,
and I have nothing.
No, you have something.
You have five days.
I know I said I would
deliver it today,
but I need a few more days.
Jamie, I need your painting
in four days.
Will you have it finished?
I have already
made waves accepting
your unfinished submission.
Otherwise, I will have to give
your spot to someone else.
I understand.
Thank you.
Hi, honey.
I thought we didn't start
construction till next week.
The contractor
had a cancellation,
so he could begin earlier.
Oh, that's right.
Dad texted me about that.
Hey, where's Dad?
Oh, he's been here with
the workers since 7:00 AM.
So, he just went to get
them lunch.
That is so sweet.
Ugh, I feel bad.
I mean, I should be the one
here at 7:00 AM,
I should be the one getting
them lunch.
It's okay, honey.
He knows that this is
a hectic time for you.
So, I have been waiting.
Tell me all about Michael.
He's great.
He's... smart, cultured,
very handsome.
I mean, he is literally my
vision board come to life.
I don't know, there's
something missing.
When I first met him,
I got like, fluttery.
And I didn't have
that last night.
I know, there's not always
an immediate connection,
so we're going out again.
He's going to take me
to an art show opening.
So, I think it just takes time.
You shouldn't have
to convince yourself.
Who is it?
Uh, it's me.
Come in.
I just made a bunch of cookies,
and I figured I'd better get
them out of my apartment
before I eat them all
and I thought of you.
Ah, well, that is very... sweet.
Is this your painting
for the showcase?
Can I see it?
Um... It's very... minimalist.
Okay, what happened?
I thought you were almost
done this.
Well, long story short, be
careful what you wish for.
My last painting went... awry,
and instead of taking it
as a sign
I should give up on art, I've
never wanted to paint more.
That's great.
No, but I have a blank canvas.
Well, what would you tell
one of your students?
I would tell them...
not to focus on making,
but on feeling.
I would tell them to have fun.
I would tell them be playful.
That was playful, no?
You didn't.
I did.
Oh, okay.
All right.
I dare you.
Oh, it's comin'.
Go for it.
It's comin'.
- It's coming!
- Go for it!
Ohh, oh...
Nice try.
I should get back to work.
But thank you for the cookies.
No problem.
I like this.
After you.
Thank you.
Thank you, thanks.
Oh, there's some curators I want
you to show your work too.
Oh, I don't think
I'm ready for that.
Of course you are.
I have no doubt you'll stun them
with your talent.
Well, that's very sweet,
but first I actually have to
have something to show them.
What about your
showcase submission?
I thought you were
almost finished.
There was a... hiccup?
That hiccup sounds stressful.
It is, it's a stressful time.
I had to start over on my
painting while also teaching,
and working with my dad to open
another Canvas Creations.
We're looking to franchise,
so it's...
That's incredible.
You think?
Of course.
It'll be a steady source of
income that gives you security.
Yeah, that's true.
But I mean, the expansion means
I won't have any time to paint.
Now, maybe, but it's
a short-term sacrifice
for a long-term gain.
And you can paint on the side,
Yeah, but I'm a painter,
not a paint on the side-er.
Yes, but...
Art as a living, it's an
uncertain future, as you know.
I'm not saying you should
give up on painting,
but I know how difficult
the art world is,
and it's good to have
a backup plan.
Should we see the work?
Well, thank you for bringing me.
Thank you for coming.
Michael, I think
you're wonderful,
and I've really enjoyed
our time together, but...
You're using the past tense.
I mean, we have so much
in common,
it seems like we'd be perfect,
and yet somehow,
I just don't think
we're the right match.
But I'd still love to teach you,
if that's something you want.
I'll... give it some thought.
You never stop.
Well, there is a special magic
to night gardening.
The flowering plants come out,
the Jasmine.
I'm glad I caught you.
I have something for you.
Come on.
Wait here one second.
For your inspiration.
And if, uh, that doesn't work,
my microbrew.
Thank you.
No problem.
It's very sweet.
Goodnight, Jamie.
Goodnight, Max.
Hey, Dad.
Hi, honey.
Just wondering if you're
on your way.
We were supposed to pick
out paint today...
I'm actually already
back at the studio.
Dad, I am so sorry.
My piece is due in three days,
and I was up all night
working on it, I...
I completely forgot
we were meeting.
That's... that's okay, we can
pick out paint some other day.
But Jamie...
Good luck with your piece.
Thank you.
I come bearing cake!
Ah, thank you so much
for picking it up.
Oh, you're welcome.
Hey, you have not texted me back
since your date with Michael,
are you hiding something?
Well, actually...
Hey, guys.
Oh, thank you for picking up
the extra cupcakes.
No problem.
So, what do you think?
Your daughter is so talented.
Miss Jamie!
I finished in time.
I knew you could do it.
I'm so proud of you!
Thank you so much.
Of course.
What do you think?
Well, I think it's safe to say
this is an occasion
where you can say even a kid
could've done this one.
Ha ha.
It's great.
They're lucky to have you
as a teacher.
Well, vice versa.
Excuse me.
Is that Michael?
Yeah, I didn't know
he was coming.
Well, I'm glad you decided
to show your work.
I decided it's good to put
myself out there.
Even if I don't get
the reception I hoped for.
Jamie, I won't try to pretend.
I like you.
I was hoping we'd have a future,
but I know that,
like with painting, what matters
is how it feels.
Who is that?
That's Jamie's dream man.
Wait, wait, who...
who is that?
His name is Michael, he runs
the arts festival.
Jamie's dating him.
I'm sorry, Max.
I didn't want you to get hurt.
Why would I get hurt?
Come on, you have a thing
for Jamie.
You always had a thing
for Jamie.
A thing?
Well, what is the right word for
15 years of unspoken feelings?
Max, maybe it's time
to speak those feelings.
Because we saw you
and Jamie before,
and it looks like
she feels it too.
Yeah, I gotta go.
Baby steps.
Hey, uh...
You hungry?
I made dinner.
I could eat.
Wow, your apartment is so...
I'll try not to be offended
by how surprised you sound.
I thought that you shouldn't
have to wait
till your show in Paris
to eat French Food.
Well, I have no idea how
I'll possibly win that show,
but thank you.
You know how to stir?
Ah, stirring is about the limit
of my culinary talents.
Well, at least you have that.
I didn't know you cooked.
Yeah, you know.
I dabble.
Tonight I made a Parisian dish
called Pommes Aligot.
It's just a fancy way of saying
"mashed potatoes
with fondue on it."
So, the French birth
Cezanne and Monet,
and now their greatest
masterpiece, cheesy potatoes.
What about their
true masterpiece?
Monet's water lilies?
No, French Fries.
Of course!
So, um, I saw you at the
art exhibit talking to...
Mm. Michael.
What's going on between you two?
Well, um, I was teaching
him to paint,
and we went on a date,
and then I ended things.
You know, I'm not sure, exactly.
But things are over
between you now?
Okay, um.
Glad to hear that.
I have something to tell you.
Remember that whole year
I pretended to be
your secret admirer?
I wasn't pretending.
It wasn't a joke.
Everything that I wrote
was true.
That's how I felt.
I was gonna tell you that day
at the bikes,
I was there, but when I saw
you, I just,
I... I chickened out.
And now I'm here, trying to find
the courage to tell you
that 15 years later,
I'm still an admirer.
But I don't want it to be
a secret anymore.
Jamie, I have feelings for you.
Well, um...
Thank you for telling me.
I... I mean I really don't know
what to say,
I... spending time
with you has been great,
but Max, I worry that next week,
you'll be interested
in someplace else,
something else, someone else.
I mean, I know you.
Don't... no.
You think you know me, but this?
This is who I am.
Someone who wants
to be with you,
someone who always has.
Can I think about it?
These cheesy potatoes are
not gonna eat themselves.
Bon Appetit?
So, uh, Sundance
or Golden Light?
Uh, well, they're both great.
You decide.
I've never known you to be
laissez-faire about paint.
Dad, they're both good options.
You don't like either?
I think I have some samples
in the back.
I finished my painting.
That's wonderful.
And as soon as I did, I felt
like I wanna start another one.
And that made me realize
I want to be painting,
and on my breaks from painting,
I don't want to be running
a big business,
I don't want to be hiring,
or marketing.
So, tell your dad.
But he's so excited.
I mean, I haven't seen him
this happy in years.
Plus, we have sunk so much
time and money into this place,
it just, it, I mean, it feels wrong
to consider pulling away, but...
it feels worse to keep going
knowing every minute I'd be here,
I would want to be painting.
I found the samples.
Oh, Jamie.
Please tell me you have
some good news.
I finished this morning.
Full disclosure, it's not the
painting you approved, but...
Renee, I think it is
so much better.
Here's a picture.
And you'll have this delivered
to me by tonight?
Yes, tonight.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Why are you avoiding me?
I'm not avoiding you.
Yes you are since your date
with Michael.
What happened?
Did you elope?
Uh, no.
The date was fine,
Michael likes me,
he expressed he'd hoped
we'd have a future.
Why do I feel like I should
hold the confetti?
Because I ended it?
What? Why?
Because I'm falling for Max.
Oh, Jamie.
You know I love Max,
but you know how Max is,
he can't commit to anything.
I know.
Michael seemed so perfect and
he was talking about a future?
Again, I know.
It makes no sense.
You painted that whole
vision board about Michael,
I mean that has
to mean something.
I think it means that in
painting what I thought I want,
I realized what I need.
I just don't want you or Max
to get hurt.
I don't either.
Oof, I have to go.
Uh, dinner tonight?
Oh, yeah.
Tom and I are going to
Patricio's for pizza with Max.
I guess we can double date now.
Okay, bye.
Oh, perfect. Yes.
Thank you.
Jamie just left.
Sad I missed her.
I bet you are.
I bet I am.
She told me something's been
going on between the two of you.
What did she say?
Look, Max, you know I love you,
and I think you're all these
amazing things,
but I don't want you to sweep Jamie off
her feet into some whirlwind romance,
and then two months from now,
just up and leave her.
I would never do that.
Are you sure?
Because you don't have
the best track record.
Yeah, I know, but...
You never thought
you could have her,
so you didn't have to take
your feelings seriously
to actually commit.
And Jamie deserves someone
who can commit,
and she was just dating
someone who wanted to,
and she broke it off with him
to be with you.
Just, don't hurt her.
Hey, neighbour.
Are you free?
I want to show you my painting
before I turn it in.
Actually, uh, I'm not.
I have something to do
with work.
Oh, work?
Okay, Max, what's going on?
Jamie, I... I think you
should be with Michael.
Are you... joking?
Look, we both know
that you deserve someone
who can give you everything.
Someone who can commit.
Okay, well I didn't ask you,
or anyone, to commit.
But it's really good to know
you still can't.
I mean Max, you pursued me.
You told me that you
had feelings for me,
you always have, and now
I have feelings for you,
and you're pulling away?
Why, because you're so scared
of anything even remotely
resembling commitment?
No, 'cause I want you
to be happy.
No, that is not why.
It's because this
is who you are.
You get so excited about
something or someone,
and then the second it stops
being fun and starts being real,
you just get scared.
And run away.
You talk a big game
about following your heart,
and living with no regret,
and the truth is,
that is either all talk,
or when it comes to us,
there is just no heart,
and no regret.
So I guess it's true then.
Every time I'm around you
I get hurt and humiliated.
"Hi Jamie. It's Renee.
"I needed your piece last night,
and so I have no option
"but to replace your painting.
"I'm sorry."
Honey, we've been trying
to call you.
Jamie, what's going on?
What's going on is I lost
my place in the showcase,
and I am not gonna win
the show in Paris,
and I have no idea what my future
as a professional artist looks like,
but even with all of that,
I still don't want to give up
on painting.
Dad, I'm sorry.
I know this entire expansion
was my idea,
and you're trying to help,
but I just want to paint,
and then teach when I can.
I know you do.
Glad you realized it, too.
Wait, you knew?
Well then, why didn't
you tell me?
You had to figure it out
on your own.
I'm just glad you did it now,
and not 20 years from now.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry, even doing
just this was fun,
it gave me a reason to get
out of bed in the morning.
You mean other than your wife?
And daughter.
I'll find something else to do.
You know, Dad, you
want me to be happy,
and I want you to be happy too.
Do you love this?
If I helped get it running,
and consulted as an artist
in residence,
could you continue without me
and run the business?
Is that something
you'd want to do?
Then yes.
I mean, it... it'll be
hard without you...
Oh, yeah.
But I'll be happy knowing
you're doing
exactly what you
should be doing.
But Jamie, how did you lose
your spot in the showcase?
Oh, I messed up my painting.
And you can't fix it?
But, maybe I could start over.
My mind's been stuck
in the in between
Been trying to find an answer
for the last three weeks.
I can't go back
I can't go back.
Always been a dreamer
on a crazy ride
But it feels like I've been
waiting at the end of the line
I can't go back
I can't go back.
Now I finally, finally,
finally finally know
Who I used to be
and where I want to go.
Now I finally, finally,
finally finally know.
I can't believe it
only gets better.
It only gets better.
You're here.
I thought you lost your spot.
I did, and I have no idea
if this will work,
but I will be back.
I had to give your spot
to someone else.
I know, and I completely
I have just poured
my heart into this,
and I was... I was just hoping
you could...
Oh, thank you.
Oh... I can't put this
in the showcase.
It wouldn't be fair.
I understand.
But we can still show this.
You can?
You'll see.
Leave it to me.
Where have you been?
I've called a hundred times.
I know, I'm sorry.
Long story short, right
after I told you about Max,
he in typical Max fashion,
lost interest and broke it off,
and he said he thought
I'd be better dating Michael.
Oh no.
Oh yes.
No, that's not what happened.
I gave Max a talking to, and
I might've been a little harsh,
and said that Michael
was what was best for you.
I'm sorry, I had
good intentions.
So... Max backed off because
he wanted what was best for me?
And he thought that was Michael?
Ava, look.
I know Max and I
do not make sense.
But when I'm with him,
I feel like I do when
I'm painting,
you know like, like
it's where I should be.
It's all I've ever wanted
for you.
Thank you.
But maybe next time just like,
a little less meddling.
Besides, you would make
the best sister in law.
Or aunt.
You're pregnant!
It's still early.
I'm so happy for you.
I have a million questions,
I want to hear everything.
But right now...
You have to go find Max.
Is he here?
Yeah, he's at the gardens,
Hi, gotta go.
Okay, bye.
All right everyone, if I could
have your attention please.
We are about to announce
our winner of the emerging
artist showcase.
If I could have my judges
step on stage with me, please.
I have to talk to you.
Uh, can it wait a minute?
I'm sorry, no.
It can't.
I'm so sorry, I'm just in
the middle of a job interview.
Not an interview.
You know the job's yours
if you want it.
The landscape
architect position?
You're staying?
Gimme a minute?
Someone wise, who apparently
knows how I should be
living my life more than I do,
told me that not committing
comes with regrets of its own.
And you were right, I
would regret giving up.
I would regret running
when I was scared,
I would regret not giving myself
a chance
to see who I could really be.
Most of all, I would regret
not doing everything I can
to be with you.
Hold that thought.
My painting's being displayed,
and I really want to show you.
After the art festival,
I want you to find me,
so I can talk
about a group show.
It's beautiful.
Now, aren't you glad you took
my advice and committed?
You know, you are
still exasperating.
You're still smiling.