A Call to Spy (2019) Movie Script

I already told you,
I don't know anything.
Please don't.
Your name?
I already told you, Brigitte.
Your real name.
I swear on my mother's life.
In other news, Nazi forces now occupy,
Poland, Austria, Denmark, Norway,
Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg,
Yugoslavia, Greece, and Northern France.
Hitler is now poised to
cross the English Channel.
I told the gentleman's parents
it was a car crash, no survivors.
They were only there six weeks.
The Germans are locating our signals
faster than anticipated,
and there was a slip up.
One of the agents was
carrying British cigarettes.
We're all such bloody amateurs.
Ms. Atkins they're waiting for you.
Mornings always get away from me.
This is a rudimentary operation,
there's hardly any intelligence to go on.
She arrives.
We need to talk replacements.
I want you in charge of recruiting some ladies.
What happened? I thought everyone was opposed.
Well, we went to Churchill,
he growled a bit,
but he agreed women will be more inconspicuous.
Then he said, "Good luck to you."
Would you train the women like the men?
We can't afford to scare them off.
They're civilians, not soldiers.
I have no idea of what they're getting into.
Let's prepare them. Don't you think?
Ms. Atkins, make sure they're pretty.
For you or for the Germans?
Churchill has asked us to
create a secret army of spies.
I find the ladies ref section, France.
I can be ready for training next week.
Excuse me. Hello, I'm Vera
Atkins. May I speak with you?
United States embassy,
how may I help you?
Virginia, this just arrived.
Dear Ms. Hall. Thank you
again for your interest in becoming a diplomat.
Due to your condition,
it will not be possible for you to qualify.
Friends having a party tonight.
I can't.
You look like you could use a proper drink.
With the Blitz over I was hoping.
But things are still a bloody mess
and now with the refugees.
We certainly don't need anymore Jews here.
Well, Jews aren't really
safe here either, are they?
More gin anyone?
Actually, I'm a whiskey man.
The British would never let the Germans
waltz in like that.
I can assure you, the French are
solid as a waltz. I was there,
I drove an ambulance in
Paris before the surrender.
It's worse than the press reported.
I plan to go back.
You can't.
Watch me.
We must get those bastards.
I don't believe we've met.
Vera Atkins.
Virginia Hall.
Dear President Roosevelt,
I'm writing to inform you of disturbing
discriminatory regulations
in the US Foreign Service.
I am more than qualified to be a diplomat.
You should understand
that disability doesn't mean.
No umbrella?
Tea or scotch?
Scotch would be lovely.
Please sit.
I'll get the chair wet.
Don't worry. I've been thinking about you.
I got a little carried
away at the party, the gin.
Here you are an intelligent woman who,
I imagine, could live quite
comfortably in America.
What brings you here, Ms. Hall?
Ever since I can remember,
I've wanted to be a diplomat.
I've been working here for
years; Italy, Turkey, France.
I fell in love with the people, languages,
and I'm certainly not going to turn
my back on Europe now.
If only more Americans felt that way.
Why aren't you married?
Why aren't you?
I have a missing friend?
I'm so sorry.
A terrible verdict for anyone,
don't you think, missing?
Do you have a fellow?
I had an accident, gangrene set in.
He didn't think it was terribly romantic.
Depends on who you ask, I suppose.
Let's be straight with each other, shall we?
You and I both know that
America will never hire you to be a diplomat,
so I'd like to invite you to
try out for a club you can join.
A club for women like you
who have lived in France,
know the language, and are
passionate about stopping Hitler.
Who are you?
Rumor has it you are
the best wireless operator
in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force.
Thank you. I believe
it's because I play the harp and the piano,
and signaling is like music.
There is a rhythm to it.
Indeed. Noor, why did you join?
We all have to play our part.
What is your part, Noor?
You were born in Russia to
an American mother and an
Indian father who was Muslim.
A descendant of last Mughal
Emperor, I understand.
Yes. My father was
a founder of the Sufi order in the West.
and that is?
Sufism is an Islamic spiritual path
towards God by the means of peace and truth.
As are you, correct?
A lover of peace and truth.
Of course.
So why is this war your fight?
Because I am a British citizen
and I grew up in France as my home.
I cannot just stand by and let
the Nazis do what they're doing.
Is that all, Noor?
Well, actually, I also wish
that an Indian would win
high military distinction in this war,
because if a few of us could do
something brave in the allied service,
it might bridge the gap
between the Indians and the British.
Now I understand.
Noor, I called you here
today because I would like to invite you to
try out for a club unlike any other.
Welcome to my Scottish country home.
Not the type of place the Nazis would
expect to be a spy training center, is it?
Don't get too comfy,
many of you won't last a week.
Now, what is the SOE?
Affectionately, we call it our new
ministry of ungentlemanly warfare.
Here, we will train you in
sabotage and subversion.
Those who excel will go to France as spies.
The rules, you've been given code names.
Do not disclose your real name to anyone here.
Acquire information,
build resistance, and set France ablaze.
Not at all indepliable
As I said, ungentlemanly warfare.
Get used to lady spies.
Noor, come over here.
What do you think,
do you think you can do that exercise over there?
Yes, ma'am.
Good. Let's show these boys how this war is won.
Yes, ma'am
Go ahead.
Two moves. Come on.
What's the matter with you. That's it.
Remember we only have 120 seconds
then we've got to get out of there.
What are these bits
going? Yes. The aerial terminal.
That's not the aerial terminal.
That's the aerial matching.
I was using the aerial terminal down there.
Maybe its that one here.
The mains battery. No, you're right.
There'll be many people
from across Europe aiding
in the resistance in France,
amazing people from Poland,
other parts of Germany,
Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia.
Slice, slice, stealth from behind.
Move their head back, slice.
Learn to be quick,
confident, and when necessary, ruthless.
Yours will be a lonely courage,
but make no mistake.
Intelligence you gather, the sabotage you set,
the locals you recruit to
resist will change the course of this war.
I can't even lift my radio.
And frankly, I cannot lie.
I make a miserable spy.
I wonder what my father would think if
he knew my path led me here.
A pacifist and they are teaching us to kill?
They are training us to survive.
Here is Cuthbert, he's lighter?
That's heavy too. You named him.
Figured he was going to be with
me for the rest of my life.
He may as well have a proper name.
Saint Cuthbert was a soldier and a healer,
a performer of miracles.
My father, he witnessed a lot of miracles.
Your father would be proud.
She's a princess for God's sake.
Very pretty, don't you agree?
She's a pacifist Vera.
She writes fairy tales for children.
Have you read her training reviews?
Childlike, a daydreamer.
She's good at her job.
That's what matters.
She won't last six weeks.
These women aren't easy to find.
Now, would you suspect this girl's a spy?
I'll think it over. The wireless job is the
most risky. Who's next?
Virginia is American.
But has lived in France.
Athletic, captain of her
basketball team at Radcliffe,
head of the drama league at Barnard,
studied in Paris and Vienna as well,
comes from a wealthy family with a passion for
traveling and hunting, just like her father.
Interesting. What's she doing here?
Building a resume with consular
because she wants to be a diplomat.
I didn't realize the Foreign Service
hired female officers.
There are a few, but
she just received a rejection letter.
Her training reports are improving.
Although Virginia lacks appreciation
for her own limitations,
she is resourceful, a leader.
America isn't in this war.
We could set her up as a journalist.
There's a contact at the New York Post.
Her press reports can tell us what's
going on without setting off alarms.
Genius. Always knew your talents
are wasted as my secretary.
Good Lord Vera.
She has a wooden leg.
Jesus Christ.
It's only from below the knee and
besides it's the perfect cover.
No one will suspect
a pretty American reporter with
a limp of being guilty of anything.
Progress Virginia to the next level of
training. God help us.
That was impressive.
Come on.
Maurice Buckmaster,
head of F section.
Apologies for the surprise.
This is the only way to assess
our agent's ability to withstand torture.
The Gestapo won't go easy on
you just because you're a woman.
I don't plan to go easy because they're men.
Miss Atkins has suggested putting you into
unoccupied territory as
our first female field agent.
I know your training isn't quite complete,
but we need people on
the ground so I'm inclined to give it a try.
If you do decide to join us,
we assess the odds of you coming
home at no more than 50 percent.
Take a moment, consider our offer.
Welcome to the Baker Street Irregulars Virginia.
Operational name, Bridgette.
Now a warm bath and a hot toddy.
We don't expect you to partake in
all of the usual fieldwork.
I can.
Your mission is to create a hub in
Central France to support agents with money,
safe houses, whatever they need.
F section needs organization.
One moment. American. Good.
This will help you stay alert.
They'll also help with the pain.
Use in moderation, you
take too many you'll pass out.
Virginia, we're desperate for
information about life in France.
Our spies are dying without it.
When you get to Lyon don't be fooled.
Even in the unoccupied
zone, people are desperate.
Common folks are becoming collaborators.
Militia police are dominated by the Nazis.
A Frenchman named
Dr.Chevain will be expecting you.
Passcode Passcode response
Your response Exactly.
He's part of local resistance.
He speaks English well.
Stay detached from all agents.
Feelings confuse decisions.
Agent Alfonse is already on
the ground as his wireless mark.
More will follow as you build your network.
Keep this with you at all times.
What is this?
Cyanide. A more dignified end than
the Gestapo will give you.
Dr. Chevain.
Follow me.
Bridgette. I'm a doctor I don't presume to
know how these things are done,
but we have a situation.
What is it?
My friend is hiding one of yours in a basement.
He got caught on the webbing of
the spy ship on his landing this time.
Leg is shut out.
Jesus. Can you fix him?
It's too serious.
You'll take me to him tonight.
Of course. After my last patient.
Thank you.
He tapped on my door in the middle of the night.
He dragged himself here.
Bless his soul.
It is not safe for him to stay much longer.
Thank you.
Be careful on the stairs
How is he feeling?
You've something to say?
I think we need to get you to a hospital.
Yeah, and say what? I fell out of a tree?
You need medical attention.
Here. If gangrene sets in-
-I'm not going to a hospital.
We both know it's out there.
The risk of getting help here far
outweigh the possibility of gangrene.
Just get a message to the Wireless.
London has to find me a way out.
I don't know where Wireless is.
What do you mean you don't know where he is?
I just got here. It could
be days before my courier
makes contact and I can pass
along a message to Wireless.
Jesus. What do you think we should do?
Get you out. That's what.
...cruel violence is spreading
throughout the German occupied Europe.
The crime of Hitler, the crimes cannot
be tolerated by our beloved country.
One moment!
Merci. One moment please.
Your letterbox address?
Yes. Dr. Chevain's, that message drops.
We have an injured agent the next
taxi center we can't just drop the parachute.
It has to land.
02:00 PM, restaurant Aubergine.
Meet Alfonse.
Bring newspaper.
Gin, please.
May I borrow your newspaper?
I left mine on the bus.
No alcohol is allowed today,
madam. You ordered a gin.
I apologize.
I've just arrived.
I don't know the rules yet.
Your papers.
I'm a reporter for the New York Post.
What day did you say you arrive, madam?
Effective as of Monday there is a new law.
Alcohol is forbidden on Sundays.
Now you know.
All right. Alfonse.
Let's go. Come on.
There are informants everywhere.
We just want to keep our families safe.
I understand. Sitting on
the sidelines seems safe.
You doing nothing is what
the Germans are counting on.
What can we do?
Your friend told us
that you might be willing to help.
Thank you very, very much.
Jean will meet you tonight
to print two thousand copies.
Ill take care of it.
Distribute these amongst the workers.
When I arrived, I
didn't expect to see so much despair.
Farmers must deliver
punishing quotas of their produce to the Germans.
People are hungry. I got
my ration card and found that
I'm allowed only 10 ounces of bread a
day and two ounces of cheese per week.
No rations of spaghetti, rice, or chocolate.
The French laws keep changing.
No alcohol is allowed on Sundays anymore,
and the latest, women
are forbidden from buying cigarettes.
The most concerning news,
Jews are now required to
register with the government.
We've got an injured agent.
The next flying plane needs to land.
Brilliant. I'll let them know.
Brilliant. I'll let them know.
Brilliant. I'll let them know.
Buck, wake up.
Bloody hell. He's one
of our most valuable assets.
Tell Virginia to provide landing coordinates.
Right. Buck, go home.
I'll stay. Go and see Anna and the children.
No. No holidays,
no weekends, no time off.
Can't afford to let anything slip. Come on.
I mean, for landing strip's too short.
It's just shy of 400 yards.
It can be done. Technically.
It's pretty stupid to try.
If we don't try, he dies here.
I know.
All right,
the plane can't be on the
ground longer than 10 minutes.
We'll do it in five.
Landing coordinates, Virginia found us a field.
Thank God.
Mark was late and
he left out the first part to his core site.
Code mutilations happen everyday miss Atkins,
I don't see why you feel the need to
babysit the signal and that's Leo's job.
It could be a warning.
What if Mark is being controlled by the Germans?
Yes, and it could be another signal interference.
Look, a valuable asset is dying.
We need to get him back and fixed.
You have the moon tonight, we can't wait
another month of sending a bloody plane.
If we are already sending a plane,
we need more wireless operators in action.
We don't have many to choose from.
Send Noor. She transposes
messages in record time.
We haven't given her the final level
of fuel trading yet.
She'll be fine.
She needs more.
Are you kidding. I've finally put
aside my reservations on that.
Still Buck, I think that we still.
Goddamnit. I didn't ask what you thought.
The plane leaves tonight and Noor is on it.
Prepare her miss Atkins.
Why do you keep her in the room?
She's smart as a whip,
and her attention to detail is incomparable,
nothing is too much trouble for her
They're all rumors.
I thought her name is fake.
That she's a Romanian jew.
Plus her accent is off.
Miss Atkins grew up abroad.
She was put through the calls just like you.
We found no traces of anything suspect.
She was very helpful to British Intel before
the war and she came highly recommended.
All I'm saying is not everyone
around her trusts her the way you do.
You know I've been telling you that I've
been training to go abroad?
I have to go tonight.
Why? Where are they sending you?
You know we're not allowed to talk about it.
But mom, we knew this was
going to happen, didn't we?
Please don't go, your family needs you here.
I need your understanding.
I have to do something.
You remember the Sufi saying?
Don't you know yet,
it's your light that lights the world.
Yes, that's why I must go.
You do think of everything, don't you?
Message us as soon as you arrive and make
sure you change locations often.
So that they don't locate your signals.
Yes, ma'am.
This is your wireless.
If you have any doubts,
tell me now, there are ways
to help the war effort here.
No, ma'am, I'm resolved.
I can fight, my resistance
is not motivated by hate.
That's a beautiful pin,
it's a lap wing, isn't it?
Yes. Here.
No, I couldn't.
No, you must. Our first female wireless.
Congratulations, Madeline.
Good luck to you.
Hello mama?
Hello darling.
Yeah. Missing soldiers turn up all the time.
We've been here through long holiday.
This feels dangerous
We are here now, seen it through.
I got this.
Come on.
Go. Run.
This is Madeline.
Quickly let's move.
You okay?
Just a night or two. I'll find
another safehouse for us soon.
Are you warm enough here?
Welcome Madeline.
May we speak?
Im not interested.
New York Post. May we speak?
I need a safe house for our agents
and the police will never look here.
We cannot accommodate additional guests.
I can barely feed our nuns as it is.
What if I could find extra food coupons?
Then we could find homes.
Bridgette reports the morale here is low.
Nazi spies everywhere.
Recruiting. Send more funds.
We identified an illegal
radio signal from your home.
I dont have a radio.
Please, come in.
-I know he is here -May I
offer you something to eat?
I need to talk to you about something.
I'm headed to lunch. You need to eat. I insist.
As of late my new patients
have become a lot more interesting.
I have no place for Madeline tonight.
Do you have any more friends
who might be sympathetic?
An attic? A basement?
I have a basement.
I'm doing a favor for you,
I expect something in return.
You need to see someone about your limp.
It's not a limp. It's a wooden leg.
Oh, I thought maybe you,
you hurt it on your way
into France, in parachute landing.
How did it
happen? Do you mind?
I guess the question is
do you mind? We're eating.
I'm a physician, strong stomach.
My family summer home is on a farm.
I love to hunt. I went
out with some friends to hunt birds.
I'd even brought my father's favorite shotgun,
barrel pointing down as I was taught to do.
There was a wobbly fence.
Gangrene was setting
in and a decision had to be made.
I was unconscious, so the doctor made it for me.
That's devastating.
First, I thought maybe I'd
get my leg back somehow,
but we all know miracles don't happen.
You may talk and I may listen
and miracles might happen.
There's always a little room for dessert.
I have contacts too.
A little gift. A bit of soap.
That bad?
An exposition about
the Jews being evil.
Dont believe this propaganda madam.
The Germans are the enemy... not the Jews.
I've never seen so much hatred.
The Germans control what
the French read and hear.
False information is everywhere.
The latest, an anti-Semitic exhibition.
There are lines down the block to see it.
I didn't think I'd get caught so quickly.
You'll be safe here.
What do you think?
It's perfect.
These here are where the antennas are setup.
It's easiest to get a signal.
Don't message where you sleep anymore.
If you run out of time, sign-off
without your security check.
London will figure it out.
Im a new patient.
For Dr. Chevain?
No Dr. Benoit.
Father Robert Alesch.
Your sermons are legendary.
We cant stand by with our arms folded.
Im looking for Brigitte?
Do you have a message for her?
I need to see her.
Im sorry, Father, but...
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Perhaps you can return another time?
I cant promise, but Ive
heard Brigitte might be in town.
There is a double agent in Bordeaux.
All my contacts have been arrested.
Who knows if any of them have talked.
I need protection, a disguise
and money to rebuild a network.
Ive heard about Brigitte.
If you see her, please...
Ill pass along the message.
Its urgent.
I understand.
I don't trust him.
He's a resistance, right?
Did you hear his accent?
He grew up near the border,
his accent is common.
He's a priest, famous for his anti-Nazi sermons.
I've never heard of him.
He needs our immediate help.
I will ask Madeline to check with London.
If they vouch for him then
No. That will take too long.
In the meantime, he may be caught and murdered.
Raul, I'm the one
responsible for the safety of
every man and woman who walks in that door.
It's my call to make.
I see. If you'll excuse me,
I have work to do.
This one is positive too.
Thank God for Father Alesche.
A local vicar working with
resistance who provided us with a safe house.
Right. Good.
I heard we are going to war with
Hungary, Finland and Romania.
Everyone, one moment.
Someone at the top said, no.
All I've been told is,
"You're not getting your citizenship papers."
Because I'm Jewish?
My intelligence work will be
suspect as a citizen of the enemy.
If anyone else here found out.
If they do, I will
remind them that your
intelligence efforts have always
been unofficial and not to worry
that technically your rank
is only that of a secretary.
Who is dispensable without British papers.
Indispensable to me.
Upstairs can be difficult.
They're comfortable with things as they
are and your secret is safe with me.
Now we are the masters of our fate,
that the task which has been set before
us is not above our strength;
That its pangs and toils are
not beyond our endurance.
He wasn't done.
It's bloody rubbish.
My citizenship papers, they said, no.
Mama, every time there's a knock on our door,
I fear that they are coming
to deport me, every time.
I thought that we could remake our lives here.
I thought it would be safe.
On Sunday, December 7th, 1941,
a state of war has
existed between the United States
and the Japanese Empire.
We'll overcome this premeditated invasion.
The American people in
their righteous might will win
through to absolute victory.
Virginia's cover is blown.
American reporters won't
be allowed in France now.
We'll get her a French disguise.
She needs to come back and cool off.
She doesn't want to cool off.
Her leadership skills have exceeded expectations,
we need her in the field.
But her accent.
Will be possible.
She was head of the drama league.
There needs to be a change in hair.
And a new code name, of course.
It means strength.
Excuse me, sir. Sorry. Which wireless
are we going to transfer to Paris?
We have lost communication.
Still nothing from Stevenson? Send Noor.
Mark's been in the field
longer and Paris is tougher than Vichy.
Women can move about more
freely in occupied territory.
We have to get this right. Noor goes North.
What else did London say?
Father Alesche's credentials checkout.
Yeah. London said to send him 300,000 francs.
You'll have to find him. I left him on his own.
On your next get ask
London to send more wireless.
The passing of information is taking too long.
Of course.
You know what, I think we
should practice a bit more.
Has to have a bit more at the end.
It looks beautiful, doesnt it?
It's the role of your lifetime.
We should get you moving. I wish you didn't
have to go to Paris. Will you be okay?
We'll be here only for a short time, but what we
do while we're here changes
the course of the future.
Boarding Train for Paris!
Search everything. Everybody off the train!
Everybody off, bring your luggage!
We found her!
Everybody back on the train!
I wont be long.
Arrived. Philomen requests
more wireless to support
growing resistance in Lyon.
Off to meet circuit members at safe house.
8, rue des Archers
Safer than a hotel.
I like the new look.
The 10th of February, 1942.
We continue to organize
drop zones and distribute cash
and weapons to our agents as they
pass through our hub here in Lyon.
Agents Joseph and Cole were parachuted in safely.
Okay, boys. The German torpedo boats are
hiding in the main canal.
Good good luck in Marseilles.
When using a gun, double-tap,
torso head.
It's good to see you, Father Alesche.
Are there more agent I
should assist as I rebuild?
Use it for your network.
Be careful out there..
10:00 PM
This will be helpful.
That should be enough for explosives
Virginia's report identifies a number of
new Nazi supply lines across France.
Impressive work.
My contacts suspect
an ammunition shipment is passing
through on its way to Paris.
In the center, right?
I'm organizing a group
to destroy the freight line.
The full petroleum targets
are now set as planned.
Switching safe houses, and we'll meet
the head of the Northern
circuit when I get there.
Weve finally caught you.
You must go!
Its too dangerous here!
Urgent, Northern circuit infiltrated.
Gestapo, on my own,
send reinforcements.
Get this to Buck Master immediately.
It's Rena right?
Could you do me a little favor,
just between us ladies?
I need to get a message to Madeline and I
don't have time to wait for the men.
Tell Madeline that I'm
working on a way to get her home.
Tell her to stay low and to keep moving.
I will get her home.
Got it? Good. I don't advise making any mistakes.
I have a really good memory.
What, a woman with a wooden
leg? She will slow us down.
Im telling you she cannot do it.
Its not going to work.
This is Philomen, head
of the hectare circuit,
and SOE agents Paul and George,
local mechanic, he'll be
assisting us with explosives.
Thank you.
But we will not have much time.
The ammunition shipment,
it passes with 30 minutes after dark.
Perhaps we could get more hands.
I can join.
No. Women shouldn't be in the field.
Yes, they shouldn't, Paul.
Certainly not you. There's
a lot of running involved.
We were all trained in explosives.
Who the hell are you to give orders?
My orders come from London.
Well, we're on the same side, right?
Paul, stopping this ammunition shipment
will save thousands of lives.
My previous job at
a French motor companies
certainly didn't prepare me for this.
There could be many explanations, Vera.
Noor's been late before.
This new curfew's mucking up everyone's scheds.
Your latest recruits have
been doing impressive work,
and Virginia has been spectacular.
You are right about her. Good find.
Let's hope they pull it off tonight.
If we could derail an ammunition shipment that
would certainly be good news.
Its the police!
I said stop!
Well, they now have our wireless.
No, the most pressing concern right now is
George. He hasn't been trained.
God knows what
he might divulge under challenging circumstances.
George is the mechanic.
Can he pick the lock?
With what?
A wrench.
Yes, because they do hand
out wrenches in prisons.
What if we could hide the wrench in a package.
The Geneva Convention allows for
humanitarian groups to deliver
care packages to prisoners.
They check care packages.
Including games.
If it's an innocent game, what's there to check?
This is bloody insane.
I could ask Isabella to do it.
She's a resistance member who looks charitable.
I don't know. We need more time to think.
We don't have time, Paul.
Yeah, why not.
Oh Gosh.
What do you have there?
Good. Lets play.
Its for the prisoner, sir.
They can have it when
were done. Put it down here.
They're not coming.
We're not going anywhere.
Lets pack it up for tonight. But
Ill be back tomorrow for a rematch.
Bring her to the prisoners.
To pass the time tonight.
Thats nice of you.
Lights out!
Thank God!
Lets go.
What is going on here?
Is there a problem, sir?
What are you all doing past curfew hour?
We dont want to cause trouble.
Get on your knees, all of you. Now!
Sir, theres a misunderstanding.
Your accent... its not from around here.
Philomen, get them out of here. Go now.
Let's go.
Alfonse? Alfonse?
You see, He listened to my prayers.
We will take good care of them.
Remember, they know who you are now.
Stay here until I organize
a way to get you back to London.
But you won't have a wireless.
We'll manage.
In other news, to keep their war machine going,
the Nazis are tightening their grip on
the so-called unoccupied part of France.
French citizens are now being drafted
and taken to work as forced labor in Germany.
I thought it was you!
Oh my God! How are you?
What are you doing here?
Its complicated.
You look like you could really use a cup of tea.
Yes, that would be lovely.
Im so happy to see you.
You cant even imagine.
Ive been sleeping in alleys
for days. I have nowhere to go.
Can you help me?
I have a family, Noor. If anyone finds out...
Giselle, thousands of Jews are disappearing.
Now innocent French children
are being marked with yellow stars.
Arent you afraid?
Please... for France?
A few days.
Thats all I can offer you.
Not now.
Will not return. My transmission's needed.
Excited to help rebuild the circuit.
The bird has brought me luck.
Next message we'll send
coordinates for parachute replacements.
Bloody hell.
Roosevelts decision, committing
U.S. troops to aid the British
in the seizure of French North Africa has
culminated in a major defeat to the Axis.
Having lost control of the Mediterranean,
Hitlers forces are gathering on the frontiers of
Southern France to occupy the rest of France.
Klaus Barbie has arrived!
Id do anything to get my hands
on that limping bitchs throat.
Distribute these fliers. All over France.
Tone it down on those sermons.
This is new for me. I wanted
to be convincing, Herr Barbie...
Do not disparage the Fhrers name!
...so no one suspects anything. My apologies.
Your bonus.
I paid for both of your whores in Paris, as well.
Find me this woman.
Philomine. Philomine!
What's wrong?
They know you are the
leader of hundreds of spies.
It's only a matter of time before
somebody recognizes you and speaks.
The Germans will stop at
nothing until they find you.
You need to take the train South to
Perpignon. You need to go now.
I'm not giving up. We're not giving up.
Good luck.
This is the punishment for anyone...
who is caught aiding spies
and betraying the Fhrer.
Where is she?
You are asking me questions
and I do not know the answers.
Why would she have told me anything?
I am a doctor.
I am healing people, thats it.
Where is she?
I dont know.
This is what we do with spies.
Perpignon, si vous plait.
Bon courage
What have you done?
I did this for you.
For you to eat.
Move it you dirty whore! Keep moving.
I found your notebook. We have all your codes.
I'm going to ask one more time, who is she?
Loyalty. Its overrated.
Someone in your circuit tipped us off to
your friend.
Start transmitting as Madeline.
Madeline sent the coordinates for
the replacement is to be parachuted,
but there's a problem.
Her code is perfect.
There's not a single mistake.
Well she's good.
Yes, but there's always a mistake or two.
This one's perfect.
What are you saying, Leo?
I'm saying the style on this one is different.
Her security check is correct?
You're speculating.
It doesn't feel right.
We're acting on feelings now,
are we? What's your opinion?
We have a wireless who won't survive alone
I don't know Buck it's not clear.
Parachute those replacements
to her proposed coordinates.
We begin here in Perpignon.
Go inland to avoid the patrols.
It's 35 miles across the mountain.
From there, you'll need to
hover on a train to Barcelona,
where you can get a train to Portugal
and then a ship to London.
Get some rest, you'll need it.
Hello my madam.
No complaining out of you.
Shes heading South... Pyrenees.
Shes tried to escape twice.
We cant get anything out of her.
Put her on the next van.
Leo was right.
They must have Noor's code.
We parachuted those agents straight into
the hands of the Gestapo.
The pilot made it back.
I didn't want to give up on that.
I don't want to give up on any of them.
God, what have I done?
It's too goddamn late to ask that now,
and they deserve more
than the two of us sitting here,
second guessing ourselves,
safely tucked away behind a desk.
But what do we have to show for any of this?
We will soon have hundreds
of agents in the field.
Yes, we've made mistakes, yes,
things should be done that have
not yet been accomplished,
but we are getting better at this every day.
We must keep trying, we must.
Have we heard from Virginia?
Goddamn it.
Well done.
You did it!
Please, be seated.
Thank you.
A double.
To Cuthbert.
To Cuthbert.
Who deserves a medal, I think.
Virginia, I wish we had better news.
From what we know the convent was not raided.
Everyone else had or was.
Madeline, how is she?
Her circuit was also a compromised.
What happened to her?
She's missing.
Send me back.
You're one of our best, I wish we could.
You can.
The Gestapo are pulling in everything they can.
It would be criminal to send someone
as remarkable as you right now.
They're looking for you,
Virginia, they know who you are.
My neck is my own. You know if
I'm willing to get a crick
in it because there's a war.
It is the necks of everyone in your network.
Perhaps that wouldn't be the case if F Section
did a better job of protecting their agents.
We are doing our best and we are
all too aware that our
best is costing people their lives.
That's because there are
too many field agents who need to
be supported by one wireless.
When one wireless goes down,
everyone's compromised, you need to train more.
That is the problem.
We will consider that.
Vera, we suspect, Alesche,
is the one who betrayed Virginia's team and
upstairs has concerns that
it was you who checked him out?
You know, he checked out on paper.
He did, yes.
No one suspected he was a double agent.
Not me or you.
I know but nonetheless they have.
Lets not pretend that
this has anything to do with
my looking into Alesche, who checked out.
D-day planning is around the corner and I
am done being the unofficial,
untrusted part of our team
just because I was born a Jew.
You want me? I want my papers and proper rank.
Next move is yours.
Well, those tactics were very
effective, French move on.
Of course. Vera Atkins,
this is William Donovan,
Chief of OSS, America's SOE.
Your reputation precedes you, Wild Bill.
As does yours.
All good things, I'm sure.
We've spent years working on
sabotage and subversion techniques.
We know the best way to cut off Nazi access.
We want to place small sabotage teams of
three agents all over, one wireless each.
Surprise sabotaged vanish.
Germans won't know what hit them.
We have experienced agents in
the training facilities to implement the plan,
but we need money.
We've had no choice but to learn
the hard way how to do this,
trial and a lot of error.
But I think it's fair to say we're experts now.
We propose a joint operation,
OSS and F Section agents working together,
the Americans and the British side-by-side.
Your field name should have been persistent,
convincing your country
to train you as a wireless.
Virginia, her real name is Noor.
It's beautiful.
I have to deliver a letter to her mother.
I thought you might like to join me.
Of course.
When they told me she was missing,
I knew what it meant.
I hadn't heard from her for so long.
Your daughter is a hero.
I brought Virginia with
me because she was in the field with Noor.
I'm so inspired by her strength.
She once said to me,
"Don't you know yet,
it's your light, that lights the world?"
All I know is that,
no one protected my daughter from harm.
This war has left no one unscathed.
Look at them, our glorious amateurs.
Virginia's experience has
been of great value to America.
I'm told you are the one I
should thank for finding her.
I'm sure if I hadn't found her,
she would have found us, Mr. Donovan.
Just like she found you.
We're sending her back,
ahead of the Jedburgh teams to organize.
Now, with her wireless capability,
her skills are even more valuable.
You did great work with her.
Thank you.
I look pretty unremarkable, wouldn't you say?
Indeed. Shall we?
Good luck to you.
And to you, my friend