A Calling of Courage (2014) Movie Script

DOCTOR: Hello Mrs.
Roberts, this is Dr. Williams,
I'm here at the (MUMBLING) medical center.
I just want to tell you
that your daughter's
been in a car accident.
And we've taken here into the emergency...
DOCTOR: This is Dr. Williams,
I'm here at (MUMBLING) medical center.
Just want to let you that your daughter's
been in a car accident.
We've taken her into emergency (MUMBLING).
into a coma that night.
A month had passed and we
ended up taking Zoey home.
The hospital and I did
not agree on her future.
They had a much different plan in mind.
The doctor said she'll
likely never be the same
and at some point in time we should
consider taking her off life support.
I told him that I had faith in God's plan.
He shook his head and walked away from me.
I took leave of absence from the military
and Zoey became a full time job for us.
I don't know why you
sleep in that chair,
it's not like she's going anywhere.
I never leave my post.
And no-one ever said that you did.
You hungry?
So good.
Oh man, Kurt, are you kidding.
She didn't even ring
the doorbell now, she...
I'll tell her to ring the doorbell.
JULIE: That's just
really great because then...
Hi guys.
How did she do last night with the fever?
It's still at 100.
I'll go in there.
Should make you feel better.
You ready to try again?
No, it's happening again.
I don't know why you
keep touching the blind
and opening it.
She doesn't like it.
We need to reintroduce
her to the world Julie.
She likes things just the way they are.
She likes the solid light on.
We'll keep the shades shut from now on.
I wish I knew what was going
on in that head of yours.
You always have to force things Kurt
like it's the army way.
Happy birthday Mom!
Um, let me start over.
Happy Birthday Mom.
I wish I could be there today with you
but I'm at a camp and it's pretty nice.
But I wish I could be there
and wish you happy birthday
in person but I'm gonna do this instead.
Hope you have a great
day and I hope that dad
made a cake for you, but
we'll see how that works out.
So, anyway, I hope you
have a wonderful day.
DOCTOR: If the brain
is deprived of oxygen
for more than four minutes,
an oxygen injury will occur
thus resulting in brain damage.
Thus resulting in brain damage.
Thus resulting in brain damage.
Lynette's leaving for the day.
Right, well she's had all
her medication for the night.
I'm not going to be able
to be here tomorrow.
So I'll go ahead and get a temp.
No, not necessary.
I'm sure we can handle it for one day.
Really, we've got this under control.
Okay, well you have my cell number.
If you have any problems give me a call.
I was able to get some sleep.
Why don't you get some rest.
You sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
Listen to God, Dad.
Are you listening?
Are you talking to me?
I am listening.
Is everything okay?
Lynette, the ventilator stopped working.
What do I do?
Right, you need to remain calm.
The breaker must have tripped again.
Go to the breaker box.
But the overhead light's still on.
It's on a separate breaker.
Breaker, breaker box.
Breaker, right.
How long has the vent been off?
Are you there?
Lynette, it's working!
How long was she without air?
Just over a minute.
We're fine.
You did good.
Oh thank god.
Medicine 101.
Looks like a lot to read.
Well it is, but I just want to make sure
that I know everything about her condition
because what happened
yesterday really scared me.
You know she's gonna pull through this.
You don't know that.
You need to read this.
I do read that and you know it.
Yeah, but, are you listening?
Of course I'm listening.
And what God's telling me
is to learn everything I can
so that I know what my
daughter's going through.
Your daughter.
Our daughter.
I just can't sit here every
day and feel sorry for us.
It's tearing me apart.
It's tearing us apart.
I'm no good to her sitting here
feeling sorry for us every day.
But you know, this is giving me clarity.
I haven't lost my faith.
Yes, sensitivity to light.
DOCTOR: It most
certainly could, but without
any further testing it's
certainly hard to tell.
So you're saying it sounds
like brain damage then.
BOB: It could very well be.
With that amount of oxygen
lost I highly doubt (MUMBLES).
Are you there?
Yeah I'm here,
I just thought maybe it
would be a good sign.
BOB: You know they did take
the patient home really quickly.
Why haven't you thought
about bringing her in here
so we could monitor the behavior.
Because the family
refuses to take her in
for any more tests.
Have you ever heard that
with a coma patient before.
BOB: I don't believe I have.
No, neither have I.
BOB: Well do what you can over there
and assess the situation.
Okay, Bob, cheers.
- Bye
- Bye.
What are you doing?
I'm just trying to understand
why she reacts to the light change.
Let me make this very clear to you.
That is my daughter.
She is not your experiment.
KURT: She's just trying to help.
I understand.
It won't happen again.
Can I speak to you both about something.
Maybe in the other room.
Right, I've been going over Zoey's folder
and patients that experience
sensitivity to light variation
have been known to be
linked with brain damage.
She does not have brain damage.
When are you people
going to understand that?
Look I don't want to upset you
but please hear me out okay?
The sensitivity to light change
is only found with patients
that are responsive.
That's a good sign right.
It could be.
That light situation in
there, just leave it alone.
Alright, all I'm saying
is that she's responding.
Then, let's look into that.
What's in the folder?
Zoey's file.
Can I see it?
Sure, you don't have copies of her file?
No, the hospital process
was being so difficult
so that's why Zoey's home here with us.
We never got anything like this.
No loss.
MICHELLE: Records.
This is Michelle.
Yes, this is Sergeant
Major Kurt Roberts.
I'm calling in regards to
my daughter Zoey Roberts
who was a patient there...
MICHELLE: This is Michelle.
Hi this is Sergeant Major Kurt Roberts.
I believe we were disconnected.
MICHELLE: I'm here.
Take down this number.
Okay, let me get a pen.
Go ahead.
You wanted to talk about
your daughter's file.
Yes I did.
Well I'm having trouble
understanding hospital reports.
What you want to know
about is oxygen loss.
When I spoke with the
paramedics that night.
He said that she was breathing on her own.
But I was told to put down
the excessive oxygen loss.
Doesn't make any sense.
When they tested her for brain damage,
she failed the test.
The doctor figured she
must have stopped breathing
prior to the paramedics
arriving on the scene.
So she failed the test?
Yes she did.
Are these her reports?
Do you mind?
No, go ahead.
These are her results.
So there's no way to
tell if this five minutes
is even accurate?
Happy birthday Mom.
Um, let me start over.
Happy birthday Mom.
I wish I could be there today with you
but I'm at camp and it's pretty nice
but I wish I could be there
and wish you happy birthday
in person but I'm gonna do this instead.
Hope you have a great
day and I hope that Dad
made a cake for you, well
we'll see how that works out.
So anyway, I hope you
have a wonderful day.
Zoey, do you remember when
your mom's hair caught on fire
from all those birthday
candles that wouldn't blow out?
I think it was all the hairspray
that made it so flammable.
Man, she was mad.
Can you imagine if I wouldn't
have put those things out.
Your mother and I, we love you very much.
It's Zoey calling.
Zoey's calling my phone.
That was strange.
Nothing but static.
It's completely off.
You don't think she was trying
to communicate with us, do you?
It's probably a phone
glitch or something.
Yeah it's gotta be a phone glitch.
I mean that doesn't even make sense right?
- Hey.
- Am I interrupting anything?
No you're fine.
How is Zoey today?
She's good.
That was quite a
scare you had yesterday.
Yeah it was.
Now you know what to do.
Mm hmm.
I talked with the staff
nurse at the hospital today.
And she showed me some interesting things
about Zoey's records.
You see right here, where it looks
like something was scribbled out.
Apparently they don't even know
if she sustained any oxygen loss.
Right, but they did do a Glasgow on her.
And exactly what is that?
Well it's a series of
tests to check a patient's
coherence to follow directions,
limb movement and speech
to see if a patient has brain damage.
And when do they take this test?
Usually, immediately after an accident.
And that determines whether
someone is brain damaged.
I know what you're thinking.
I'm thinking after an accident.
Someone's gotta be confused.
They usually are.
But they tried to do a second
test on her and failed.
She'd already slipped into a coma.
I just don't think she's
brain damaged at all.
I hope you're right.
Yes sir.
I'm gonna need additional time.
No sir, you don't understand.
My daughter's condition is improving
and they need me here.
30 days and then I return.
Thank you sir.
You have to go back.
They gave me 30 more days.
And then what?
I have to go back.
It's ridiculous.
You've been there almost 30 years.
You should be able to take
off as much time as you want.
You know how this works.
Kurt, I can't do this by myself.
You need to fix this.
We'll figure something out.
30 days is not gonna be enough.
There are people
there that depend on me.
You know what, I don't care about them
and 30 days is not enough.
You little bugger.
You just moved your arm didn't you.
Julie, Kurt, come quick!
Do you think you could do
that again for me please.
She moved.
What did she move?
Her arm and then her finger.
You can do it again.
Does this mean she's
coming out of the coma.
It's a very good possibility.
Honey, move your finger.
Why is she not doing it again?
You gotta talk to her
as if she can hear you.
Honey, it's your mother.
Can you move your fingers
so Mom can see it.
Zoey please move your
fingers so Mom can see it.
She moved.
It's a good thing.
It's a good thing.
Yes, it's a good thing.
Stop lying to me.
KURT: Hey.
Perhaps we should
discuss this out there.
Zoey, God is proud of you.
We're proud of you.
You did a good job.
Your father's right.
We're very proud of you Zoey.
I'm sorry, I overreacted in there.
You said she moved.
Did she move?
Yes, she moved.
Then it's a breakthrough isn't it?
It could be.
It doesn't necessarily mean
she'll come out of the coma.
It could just be reflexive.
- I think it's a good sign.
- You know what I think.
I think you overreacted in there.
What was that all about?
She said she was sorry.
She's trying to help.
I've been coming here
since Zoey came home.
I've never seen her move.
Today she moved.
If you think me unprofessional, I'll go.
I guess it just took me off guard.
I guess?
Listen, we know that she can hear us.
We know that she's responding to us.
We need to be strong for her.
Give me your hands.
God I know you're up there
lookin' out for us troops.
God I know you're looking out for us
and that wonderful girl in there.
Give her the strength and
guidance to find her way to us.
We'll do anything that
you ask of us to do.
Thank you so much for
not calling us troops.
convinced me that we needed
to know more about Zoey's
condition medically.
So we studied everything
we could get our hands on.
We knew every dosage and what
every medication was for.
It became an obsession for us.
An obsession to be informed.
Medicine wasn't the only thing we studied.
I now know what the only thing was
that really kept us going: Our faith.
I'll never forget what Zoey
had said to me in the dream:
Am I listening.
Am I listening?
Then out of the blue, a
stranger came to the door
with some crazy invention.
Hi I'm Raulston.
I'm here to...
try to communicate with a
subject in a comatose state.
Uh, are you gonna let me
in or should I just go?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Please come in.
Raulston you're here.
What did you say your name was?
Raulston's here.
Raulston, pleasure to meet you.
I see you brought your stuff.
Why don't you bring that in here
and let's see what you got.
Okay, why don't we start with explaining
what you have here and what
you're able to achieve.
First thing you need to know
is that this program is,
it's in it's infancy stage.
But what I can do is,
what happens is the brain it kind of, um.
It sends out this algorithm
that I can pick up from here
by electronic signal and when
you ask certain questions,
you can get certain answers from people
that are say, in a
different state of mind,
i.e. your daughter who's in a coma.
Right, what he's trying to
explain is that he's developed
a system to communicate with
someone who can't speak.
- How many words do you have?
- Four.
Four words: yes, no, stop, go.
Four words.
You'd be surprised
what kind of information
you can get with just four words
if you ask the right question.
Why don't we show them.
Right, sure.
May I, sir?
Now, what I'm gonna do, is
I'm gonna ask you a series
of questions: Yes, no,
stop, go type answers.
And what I want you to do
is, don't say 'em verbally,
just think answers.
You understand right?
Okay, first question.
Do you like ice-cream.
KURT: Yes.
No, no, don't talk.
Just think the answer.
KURT: Sorry it was a reflex.
But that's what this whole
thing is about, is reflexes.
When somebody asks you a
question like something like
do you like ice cream.
Your brain sends it down to here and says,
Hey I like ice-cream.
I don't like ice-cream.
I couldn't care less about ice-cream.
Decide against saying it out loud.
Alright, another question.
Can you fly.
Ask me a question, only
I know the answer to.
Only you would know the
answer to. Okay, um, okay.
KURT: Everything okay?
(MUTTERING) Technology,
you gotta love it.
Okay, question.
Do you have a brother?
I have a question we can ask.
Did you skip the fourth grade?
Did you skip the fourth grade?
Did you skip the fourth grade?
Ask if I skipped the fifth grade.
Fifth grade, fifth grade.
Did you skip the fifth grade.
I did skip the fifth grade.
That's impressive.
I have one question.
May I please ask it?
Go ahead.
Do you want to use my system?
So, you're thinking
of using this on Zoey?
Okay, your first question.
Do you understand what's going on here?
She says yes.
Do you understand that
mom and dad are with you?
She says yes.
We should ask her if she's comfortable?
Yes that's a good question.
She says no.
All this time.
She's been uncomfortable this whole time.
I can't believe this.
Honey, where does it hurt?
Ma'am you need to stick
to questions I can answer
with my four answers,
otherwise it can't work.
Where do we begin?
We need to narrow it down.
She's right.
LYNETTE: We should ask
her if her head hurts.
We need to know that.
I'm not ready for that.
We need to know.
Okay, her numbers are rising.
Come on.
KURT: We need to know.
I don't want to know the answer.
She says no.
Honey, where does it hurt?
Ma'am, I really, really need you to use
those questions that lead
to those four answers
otherwise we are wasting
our complete time here.
I understand the four words.
We need to be more
specific with our questions.
You guys the numbers are rising.
Hurry up.
Kurt, hurry and ask a question.
KURT: Is it your body that hurts?
Is it your stomach?
It's affecting her physically
and her numbers are rising.
She says yes.
Is it the medicine?
What's going on?
I'm losing connection.
JULIE: Hurry up, fix it.
LYNETTE: You need to stop.
Is it the liquid diet?
It's getting dangerously
high now guys, we need to stop.
JULIE: Turn it off, right now.
It has been the medicine all along.
LYNETTE: Raulston turn the machine off.
JULIE: Turn it off.
It's off.
It's okay, her numbers are coming down.
I'm so sorry.
We were just trying to help you.
Is she okay?
Yeah, she's fine now.
Look, why were her numbers being affected?
Was it emitting some kind of charge?
I don't know what you mean.
Well, were the wires emitting
some kind of electrical charge?
Yes, but it's very minor.
Less than a static.
Well it's obviously
something big Raulston.
We've never tested it
on a coma patient before.
So we didn't know what was gonna happen
nor could we predict
what was gonna happen.
Okay, we won't use it on her again.
Well, before we use it again.
We're gonna find out exactly
what the safety problems are.
What are the dangers with this thing?
Or in a hospital situation.
Can't use it in a hospital.
Why not?
I've tried and... got arrested.
And you were gonna tell me this when?
Am I in trouble?
No you're not in trouble.
When he used that on you.
Did you feel any sensations.
I felt some sensations,
but they were minor.
I mean, they were hardly anything.
They were obviously
something or her numbers
wouldn't change so dramatically Kurt.
Look, we need to
focus on the medications
that are hurting her.
I'm not mad at you.
I just don't know if
I can do this anymore.
Didn't you see what happened in there?
Yes, I saw what happened in there.
Can you imagine being
imprisoned in your own body.
People poking at you.
And you can't say no.
As horrible as that sounds,
I still feel this was
a breakthrough for us.
And if it is a breakthrough,
then why do I feel worse?
I don't know why God
has planned this for us.
But I trust he knows
exactly what he's doing.
Our daughter's alive and well
and what happened in there proves it.
Think about this,
if she is communicating
and I believe she is,
we need to help her find her way back.
And what if she can't find her way back
and it's as frustrating
for her as it is for us.
determined to find a way
to lower the electrical
charge the machine emitted.
So Raulston put me through
a crash course on physics
and explained how his machine worked.
He explained that we emit
pulses from the brain
and these pulses each
have their own signature,
similar to voice.
He would try one level up and then another
in hopes to reducing the charge.
We must have gone over it a dozen times.
There had to be some
way that could make it
not affect Zoey's vitals.
But every time we lowered the voltage,
the machine became useless.
There must be something we overlooked.
So I went through every book
Raulston brought with him
hoping to find something, some clue.
There had to be something.
I was determined to find the answer.
But in the end we failed.
It just wouldn't work without emitting
some tiny electrical charge.
Is that what our life's going to be?
A routine where I come in
here and sit with my daughter,
night after night, month after month.
I just knew she was in there.
Well aware of us.
I think it's one of the
evening medications.
Well it could be the anti-seizure.
Why is she on that?
To prevent the
seizures, but they usually
take them off it after a couple of weeks.
I've taken it off the list.
She should have been off it a while back.
Well let's hope it
makes her feel better.
Now she's off that heavy dose
she may become more responsive.
Could that be the reason
she's still in a coma?
I'm no doctor but yeah, it's possible.
It happens.
I mean, what does a
parent have to become
a medical expert to catch stuff like this?
It certainly would help.
How long you been sitting out here.
I remember her first day of school.
That place must have looked so big to her
through her little eyes.
She must have been so scared.
What kind of God takes you all that way
just to bring you to here.
A God that has a plan for us.
It's quite the plan God has.
You sure you want to do this?
Yes, I'm sure.
Okay what's your first question?
Does she feel better
without the medicine.
She said yes.
Does she know what happened to her?
She said no.
Does this machine bother her?
She said yes.
Can she get out of this coma on her own?
Can I help her?
Is there something I've overlooked...
I better turn this off.
Is there something I've overlooked?
Does she want me to turn this machine off?
Um, okay.
It's got to be a typo.
I mean, you know, four
words: yes, no, go, stop.
Right, I mean.
This word's not in it.
Call me crazy, call me
nuts, call me bat-crazy
but it's not in there right.
Okay, I asked and it said this.
Zoey, are you saying
that it's in God's hands?
Or are you saying to listen to God?
Do we need to listen to God?
Yeah I think it's safe
to say that I'm gonna go.
And I'm done with this.
There's just no freaking way that this,
what just happened, or whatever this is,
just happened.
'Cause I could've sworn it said God.
You saw it say "God", I saw it say "God".
Heck I'm pretty sure God saw it say God.
(MUMBLES) No, no, no, yes.
And now it says "Go."
Are you freaking listening to me?
It says "Go", not "God".
It was God.
Well it's all good.
Sorry I'm going crazy.
KURT VOICEOVER: That's when I realized
there's a higher force working here.
What was God trying to tell me?
Was he telling me to stop
all this experimenting
and let Zoey find her way on her own.
Was he telling me to continue fighting?
More time passed and I
was left with no option
but to retire from the service.
I guess we thought something
should have happened by now.
It began to take it's toll on us.
Julie began to sleep more and more
which left me to tend to taking
care of things on my own.
I wanted to know more about all
the medications Zoey was on.
I just felt something was wrong there.
I was hoping that taking her
off the seizure medication
would have helped her wake up.
It still just seemed like she
was on too much medication.
I really had no idea what I was doing.
Or if what I was doing
was making any difference.
I kept forging ahead.
Watching her lay there in that bed.
I don't think Julie would
have eaten if I didn't insist.
Today's our anniversary.
Got ya a card.
Let me go get you some more water.
Zoey has had her meds.
Thank you.
Looks like you have your hands full.
You could say that.
You know, in the service,
I've been through a lot.
But this, this is really testing me.
Has she spoken to you?
Very little.
She just stares off.
I think she's given up.
Zoey moved again today.
That's good.
Things are gonna get better.
I pray you're right.
Well I'm gonna go.
Are you gonna be okay?
I'm gonna be fine.
Thank you.
It's okay.
Mom and Dad are here.
Oh Zoey!
How can I help.
I think she wants to go somewhere.
Come on.
At least she's awake.
It's okay.
You're doing okay.
She's not okay.
She's not okay.
She seems different.
It's got something to
do with the medication.
Did you see that in there?
She can't speak. She
doesn't even know who we are
and she can barely walk.
It's not the medication.
It's not the medication, she's different.
You're gonna have to figure
out what to do with that life.
That life?
You know exactly what I mean?
took Zoey to the doctors.
Everything seemed great.
Zoey was awake.
It was a miracle.
It was difficult not to get angry at God.
It took everything I had to keep focused.
Where is she?
We're over here.
LYNETTE: It's a miracle.
Yes it is.
Can I go see her?
Hi Zoey.
It's lovely to see you out of that bed.
I'm so glad you're enjoying the day.
And this happened yesterday.
She just woke up.
Zoey I'm gonna talk to
Lynette inside for a second
so go ahead and enjoy the day.
I can't believe she's awake.
I can't believe it either.
I just thought...
She'd jump out of bed
and run around talking.
She's been in a coma for five months.
It doesn't work like that.
She's going to pretty much
have to relearn everything.
The doctors say that she's
showing signs of brain damage,
like they originally thought.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
She may improve though.
Not if we don't make some changes.
What are you talking about?
Lynette, do you mind?
Sure, no problem.
Whatever this drug is,
that helps her breathe.
It's also affecting her motor skills.
We took Zoey off the paralytic
and in days, she improved.
Then she woke up.
Look, I can see you've been doing
a lot of reading here but...
Hear me out.
She no longer needs the ventilator.
Why is she still on that medication?
Because it prevents her
passageway from closing.
Do you really want to take that risk?
Yes, I do.
You saw her out there.
She's not gonna improve, not
being so heavily medicated.
Kurt, you're not a doctor.
Now, I'm really impressed with everything
you know about this drug.
But I've got to be frank with you,
this could be really dangerous.
What if you're wrong?
I'm not and I'm willing
to take that chance.
What do you want me to do?
I want you to help me take her off
the medication she's on.
I can't do that.
Okay, I'll help.
But only with a doctor's consent.
First let me see if I can
get them to even listen.
KURT VOICEOVER: Two weeks had passed.
And we had heard nothing from the doctor.
Zoey, what's this?
I'm gonna go talk to your
mom for a minute okay.
I'll be right back.
Hey, you alright?
I'm so glad she came out of the coma.
But I don't know her anymore.
She just needs some time
to relearn everything.
And what if that's the best
that we get, then what?
Then we love her for who she is.
Oh, I know, God's plan.
How could I forget?
With this we can take
her off the medications.
Including the paralytics.
LYNETTE: That's what it says.
How did you do this?
It wasn't easy, but I convinced them.
Convinced them?
What are you talking about?
We're going to take Zoey
off of all her medications.
Really Kurt?
You didn't explain this to her?
No, I didn't.
And what are the repercussions of that.
She could choke to death.
It's the paralytics.
Look, I'll be here to make sure
the transition goes smoothly.
I hope we're doing the right thing.
We are doing the right thing.
Have you thought about the guilt
if something happens to her?
Aren't you gonna say anything?
I've thought about it.
I'm not finished.
Do you want to know
why I agreed to do this?
I know why you agreed to it.
Can I go through?
You said apple.
Yes... I did.
How... have you been, Mom?
I've been great Zoey.
Oh my God, I'm so happy.
I... said apple, Dad.
It's working.
Why doesn't she have her portable oxygen?
I'm okay.
Your lungs are still weak.
You have to breathe in deep.
It's gonna take you a while
to get you back in shape.
You have to go.
I'll help you.
No, I'm fine.
Give her some space.
Are you sure?
Give her some space.
I don't want her to fall or anything.
She's gonna be fine.
The door's locked.
She failed the Glasgow test
twice yet she's recovering.
Gonna have to keep your eye on her
even in the bathroom Mom.
That was my fault.
I told her not to go in there.
Don't do that again okay.
KURT: I won't.
He won't.
the next couple of weeks
we worked with her non-stop.
Her muscles were in pretty bad shape
but Zoey was determined to get
them back the way they were.
It was so great to see the
life in her eyes again.
The rest of the world must
have gone on without us.
But we continued, every day,
til she got stronger and stronger.
We were a family again.
Just take your time.
You ...retired.
Yes, I retired from the service.
I wanted to make sure that
I was home when you woke up.
But what about your men.
Don't they need you.
It was time for someone
else to take over.
How's your pie?
Really good.
So what happened to me that night?
Don't you remember I told you.
You were in a car accident.
But was it my fault.
It wasn't your fault.
You were hit by a drunk driver.
What was the person's name.
Do I know what his name was?
His name was David.
What was he like?
He was a horrible man.
He should be put away for a long time.
But instead he's living a normal life.
Well she has to know
what kind of man he is.
Can I meet him?
Zoey that's absurd.
You want to meet him?
I don't know if he'll
even meet with you.
Why would you want to
meet somebody like him.
Can I ask him?
I can call him and ask.
It's what I want.
There he is.
You sure you want to go through with this?
DAVID: Hi I'm David.
Have a seat.
You don't drive a car.
I don't drive anymore.
So... you're the man that
hit my car that night.
Yes I did.
I had a drinking
problem and I was drunk.
My mom... said you should... go to jail.
But... do you know why
I wanted to meet you?
No I don't.
I didn't want you to be
the monster in my nightmares.
Now, that I finally met
you, you won't be a monster.
I wanted to tell you how sorry
I am for what I did to you.
I forgive you.
I know this is hard so...
You can go.
I don't know if you believe this or not,
but I pray for you every day.
I believe you.
forget that day in the park.
It was like watching a miracle.
We later found out that
one of the medications
that assisted with breathing
was actually suppressing
her recovery of motor skills.
Her atrophy was finally
overcome and she ended up
graduating high school in
the top 10% of her class.
From then on, Zoey was completely normal
and moved on from that part of her life
like it never happened.
Well I just graduated from high school
and I'm on my way to
college in about two months.
And I actually made it.
Can you take a picture.
I want to go see my friends.
KURT VOICEOVER: Today Zoey's in college
living a normal life and
fulfilling her dreams.