A Castle for Christmas (2021) Movie Script

["Superhero" by Groenland playing]
[singer vocalizing]
"Do you believe in love at first sight?"
"Me neither."
Those were the words that started
the whole Emma Gale success story.
And for 20 years and 12 novels,
it seemed like nothing could go wrong.
Until now.
[assistant] Hello, Ms. Brown.
Welcome to The Drew Barrymore Show.
Thank you.
Can't I just go home
and wait until this blows over?
This is not blowing over.
This is a Category 5.
Do you know how many people hate you
because of this book?
[chanting on TV] Bring back Winston!
A lot?
[TV turns off]
It's showtime.
- I thought you were my friend.
- Well, right now, I'm your agent.
So go out there
and charm everybody's pants off.
And try not to look so tall.
It's intimidating.
I suppose it's possible you might not
have read a Sophie Brown novel,
but trust me, you know somebody who has,
and, boy,
do I have some questions for her.
[man] Hm.
Join us in welcoming back my good friend
and best-selling author, Sophie Brown!
[audience cheering]
Thank you. Oh, thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Thank you for having me.
I'm surprised I made it in alive.
[chuckles] I barely did.
All of you viewers, if you wonder
what we're talking about,
I'd say that Sophie Brown
has a whole lot of unhappy fans out there.
Well, I think you might mean former fans.
Well, I guess we're all wondering
about the ending of your latest book.
I know that the character of Winston
charmed many of the readers.
Then why in the world would you kill him?
- The readers, they loved Winston.
- [audience clapping]
Maybe they just didn't know him
like I did.
We don't always get the happy ending.
You know, I normally don't do this,
but I have got to agree
with the fans out there.
He didn't deserve to fall down the stairs.
So you're on their side?
Well, you murdered a man
that I was in love with.
I mean, what gives you the right
to take him away?
Well, I'm... I'm the author.
I know,
but perhaps you're having a hard time
separating your real life
from the fiction in your books.
- What?
- [Drew] Well, you've had a rough year.
Your husband left you.
You had a very messy divorce.
Okay, but Winston
is a fictional character.
- Was he?
- Yes.
And you should be happy
that it was a quick death, yeah,
because I could have extended it
for ten pages.
I could have dragged him behind a car.
I could have poisoned him with mercury.
I could have chopped him
into little, teeny pieces
and fed him to the sharks!
[audience gasps]
- [TV show theme music playing]
- We'll be right back.
I became a writer
so I could write in my pajamas,
not so I could get yelled at by strangers.
I thought you became a writer
because of Grandpa.
You used to sit in the barbershop
and listen to his stories, right?
About the castle.
- About Scotland.
- Mm.
He had told me that he snuck in once.
He told that one a lot.
[both moaning]
Are you sure you're gonna be okay?
'Cause I can come back next weekend.
Absolutely not. You stay at school.
Don't worry about me. I got this.
[retreating footsteps]
- [elevator bell rings]
- [sighs]
[Sophie] I need to forget about
the Emma Gale fiasco for a while.
[emotional music playing]
[Sophie] I need to go away.
Dun Dunbar.
The castle.
I'll go to Scotland.
It's hidden away, and it's quiet,
and nobody knows me there.
Mom, this is great.
You're finally taking a vacation.
Not a vacation.
A working trip.
Just until the bad press dies down.
I can write the new Emma Gale,
bring Winston back,
and everything will be back to normal.
All right, well,
at least promise me you'll see the castle.
I promise.
[heartfelt music playing]
That's me.
Ah, you're American.
[in Scottish accent] Nobody told me that.
[in English] Uh-huh.
[in Scottish accent] Where are you from?
[in English] No. No.
This is all the luggage I have.
- [in Scottish accent] It's not a problem.
- Oh. Thank you.
["Tonight" by Katy J Pearson playing]
She stood still
Watching him through the spotlight
The song that was playing
It was all right
She said
"Do you wanna dance with me tonight?"
He said yes
But first I gotta tell you something
About me
And I hope that you don't mind
But my mind's not feeling all right
We're so, so vulnerable
In the eyes of our beholder
And I feel it's getting stronger
Sometimes we get away with it
Sometimes we get burned...
[vehicle approaching]
Sometimes we can just learn from it
Or we just get burned
It's all the same to everyone
It's up, and I'm not the only one...
[dog barking]
- Hamish, no! Hamish, stop!
- [Sophie gasps]
[both grunt]
[shuddered breathing]
Well, I'm glad you were... here.
He, uh... [chuckles]
...doesn't usually like strangers.
- [dog barks]
- Neither do you, ya dobber.
Thank you.
Enjoy your stay, then.
[Sophie] Hey.
Are you the welcoming committee?
Oh, hi. May I help you?
I'm checking in.
Very good. Follow me.
Isn't that Sophie Brown?
In our wee village? Dinna be daft.
- Welcome to the village inn.
- Thank you.
I have a reservation under Sophie Brown.
Sophie Brown, the author?
Not sure I should admit it, but, uh, yes.
I've read all your books. [chuckles]
I just finished the last one.
- May I ask you a question, then?
- Sure.
Why'd you leave it so long
to kill off Winston?
- What?
- I was hoping you'd do it in volume one.
I never liked that sod.
Too bloody perfect.
[chuckles] It's...
You know what?
I'm not so sure I did either.
- [laughs]
- [bell dings]
- Bugger.
- [Sophie] Bugger.
- [chuckles] I killed him off.
- Good for you, Sophie Brown. [laughs]
[Sophie] Sod. Got any other names for him?
Oh, it's lovely.
That's very kind.
I'm sure it's not what you're used to.
Actually... [chuckles]
...it is exactly what I was hoping for.
Is Dun Dunbar Castle nearby?
[woman] Aye, it's just over the hill.
Well, if you need anything else,
Ms. Brown, just ring.
Thank you. And it's Sophie.
Nice to meet you, Maisie.
You too.
[agent] Scotland? Really?
Why didn't you clear this with me first?
Because you would have
talked me out of it.
- How long have we known each other?
- Too long.
Since page one, book four.
And when have I ever steered you wrong?
- The title of book six.
- Oh, aside from that!
Don't worry. I'm here to write.
Good, and when can I expect to see pages?
Soon. It's practically writing itself.
- Goodbye.
- Bye. [blows kisses]
I remembered you older and taller
But you're younger and smaller
So who's gonna call her and say
That you're back again?
You're alone till you're not alone
And that's all you need to know
- Every time you decide to stay
- [exhales]
Then the world will make you go
And that's all you need to know
Right, now, the gift shop is right here.
- [man 1] No, thank you.
- [woman 1 sighs]
Uh, no, you've missed the... the gift shop.
No? Well, surely you don't wanna leave
without a souvenir.
[woman 2] No, thank you.
Kilts, tea towels, coasters?
All with the clan coat of arms, of course.
But of course.
Well, may your travels be swift.
Something on your mind?
Several things.
[guide] Aye, well, perhaps one of them
could be fixing the door to the library.
- It's hard to get the people in.
- Aye, it's even harder to get them out.
Hello there.
- So you work here too?
- Wherever they'll have me.
You just missed the tour,
but the next one's Thursday.
Oh, well, um, could I just
wander around a little on my own?
[laughs] I'm afraid that's not...
It's all right, Thomas.
I'll give her a tour.
- I wouldn't want to get you in trouble.
- Take my chances.
[Scottish music playing]
This way.
[man] There are more than 3,000 castles
in Scotland.
Some date back to the 14th century.
These grand old ladies
hold the proud history
of all those who lived,
worked, and fought here.
Look at that staircase.
Aye, it's one of five.
What's up there?
Upper floors.
[door opens]
This here is the music room
where the third duchess
wrote a book of poems.
- Have you read it?
- Aye, and I wouldn't recommend it.
- So you're here for the day, then?
- A little longer.
Aye. Tourists don't usually
stay in our village.
We're more of what you call
a drive-through.
[gasps] Oh.
Dun Dunbar was built
by the first Duke of Dunbar for his wife.
Been in the same family for 500 years.
- Who owns it now?
- Just some royal arse.
- [dog collar clinking]
- Hamish! Hamish.
- [Sophie] Oh my goodness. Oh!
- [Hamish whimpers]
- No! No!
- Okay. Hi.
Never seen him like this.
Have you meat in your pocket?
[sarcastically] Oh, yeah. [chuckles]
I always carry a steak on my person.
Out now. Go on. Get out. Go on!
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
[Scottish music continues]
So, this is the older part of the castle.
Dates back to 1500.
The Dunbars had meetings of the clan
and grand celebrations in here.
Come on. There's more.
This staircase was built clockwise.
Apparently, the best way to defend
by a right-handed swordsman.
Hm. Hm.
What's up at the top?
Twelve bedrooms and ten bathrooms.
Wow. [chuckles]
I guess the, uh, royal arse
needs a lot of thrones.
Never enough.
- Can we go up?
- Sorry, not part of the tour.
Can I steal you away from the tour
for a moment?
Can it wait?
There's a couple wanting
to talk about a wedding.
All right. How do they look?
- Like they can afford it.
- Stay put.
I won't be long.
of the circular...
a hallway.
[mischievous music playing]
At the top of the stairs,
there are three doors.
One, two, three.
[man] Hello?
- [door opens]
- Hello, miss?
[door hinges creaking]
- [door slams]
- [Sophie clears throat]
- What are you doing?
- I'm sorry.
I just needed to see something.
And what could you possibly need
to see up here?
Okay, the thing is, I have
a little family history in this place.
- Oh, do you now?
- Yes.
Don't tell me.
You did a DNA test,
and your ancestor's Mary Queen of Scots?
I said I was sorry.
Do you know why no one's allowed up here?
I'm guessing frostbite.
Because it's someone's home.
How would you like a parade of gawkers
traipsing through yours?
Tour's over.
[Sophie clears throat]
Uh, that'll be 20.
[scoffs] The sign says ten.
Private tour's more.
Ah, I dinna have change.
Well, consider it a tip
for your warmth and hospitality.
Well, here's a tip for you.
Stay out of places you don't belong.
Keep him away from people.
Right. Well, we try.
What was all that about?
Book the wedding.
[in Scottish accent]
"Mary Queen of Scots." [groans]
- [woman 1] I would love to see you dance.
- [woman 2] Well, those were the days.
- [woman 1] Go on, then. Give us a show.
- [woman 2 laughs]
- [Maisie] Oh, I'd like to see that.
- Hi.
- Enjoy the castle?
- I did, yes. It was magical.
I love your books.
- I rather love them too.
- We've read every one.
- I told them not to bother you.
- [Sophie] Are you kidding?
You may be the only readers left
who don't hate me.
So, knitting in a pub?
Do you knit?
Oh, no.
I mean, I've always wanted to learn, but...
Oh! Well, these might come in handy.
Then you can join our club.
Thank you. Um...
I'm Sophie.
I'm Rhona.
I'm a pastry chef, but for now, I make
biscuits in the bakery across the way.
Thank you. [chuckles]
Mmm. Mm-hmm. Oh.
These are... [chuckles]
And this is Angus.
His husband was one
of the original members, but he passed on.
Not long after, Angus showed up.
Hasn't stopped knitting since.
Here, would you like me
to show you how to knit?
[Sophie] Yes, please.
Well, come on, then.
- Not letting this go though.
- [Helen] No.
[Sophie] That is my daughter, Lexi.
She's away at college now.
- Oh, it's hard when they move away.
- It's harder when they move back in.
And your husband?
Uh, it's been a year since my divorce.
- Oh.
- It's been four since mine.
I've got a boyfriend in the bakery.
- He just doesn't know it yet!
- I'm still married.
Although, I'm not sure he knows it either.
- [Sophie laughs]
- Not true. You two are madly in love.
We are.
[Angus laughing]
It's nice to hear him laugh like that.
He hasn't spoken a word since Graham died.
[Rhona] I still can't believe
you chose our little village
to write the next Emma Gale!
Well, I was supposed to come here
a long time ago with my dad.
But he got sick, and we never made it.
I'm so sorry.
He lived at Dunbar Castle as a kid.
Well, outside the castle.
They weren't allowed inside.
- His family, they were the groundskeepers.
- You mean your family?
My family. The McGuintys.
Ah, you're one of us, then. [chuckles]
McGuinty. I... I don't think
I've heard that name around here.
Well, they moved to New York
when he was a boy.
I was at school with a McGuinty
back in the day.
A real talker, that one.
Always blethering and telling the tales.
- [Helen chuckles]
- Callum McGuinty?
That's him.
Of course, we called him something else.
[all laughing]
[Helen] Oh, you have his smile.
[sobs] Oh, I don't know why I'm crying.
Because these are your roots, dear.
I wish I'd come back sooner.
- Well, you're here now.
- [Helen] Mm-hmm.
And you got to see Dun Dunbar
while it's still a castle.
- What do you mean?
- It's... it's up for sale.
A lot of the old castles are for sale.
Aberdeenshire's cheaper
than a Range Rover.
And you'd be more comfortable
living in a Range Rover.
[all laughing]
- [Helen] Oh, Angus.
- [Sophie] Wow. Thank you.
[Helen] That's great.
[sentimental music playing]
[man] So someone wants a trophy castle?
I didn't get that feeling.
It's worse, then. They wanna tear it down
for condos and a golf course.
Here's the offer.
And it's rather large.
I'm doing the tours and the gift shop.
I've agreed to the weddings
and... and maybe even a funeral or two.
Maybe your own.
Look, we've been mates for a long time.
I've bent over backwards,
keeping you out of foreclosure.
I just need a little more time, Ian.
There is no more time
unless you sell off the farmlands.
No, I can't do that.
- Myles...
- No, it's out of the question!
Uh, Ms. Brown has arrived.
- Sophie Brown. Myles Dunbar.
- You're the royal arse?
- You're the buyer?
- He let me think he worked here.
[Myles] It is work being me.
And you can't just show up and decide
to buy a castle, like some hamburger.
- Well, you did say it was a drive-through.
- I'm not selling to her.
Mr. Dunbar.
Technically it's "Duke."
Uh, Myles is the 12th Duke of Dunbar.
Oh, well, forgive me, Your Highness.
Technically, it's "Your Grace."
- [exhales] Ah!
- [gunshot]
I can think
of a few other names I'd call you.
And you wouldn't be the first.
And FYI,
the title does not come with the land.
So if that's what you're after,
you can buy a ladyship online for 30.
The only title I'm interested in
is my next book,
which I'm going to write
at Dun Dunbar in the library.
I'm not giving up 500 years of history
on someone's whim.
- It is not a whim.
- Oh my. What is it, then?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
No, I don't.
Me neither.
But if I did, that would be
what I felt when I saw Dun Dunbar.
It felt like home.
Aye. My home.
My father's too.
On the grounds. A long time ago.
- His family worked for yours.
- Try again.
I thought that dukes
were supposed to be gentlemen.
Those are English dukes.
Well... [chuckles]
...this was clearly a mistake.
- Yes, it was.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Not you. Him.
[Myles groans]
You realize you just
handed over Dun Dunbar to the bank?
What can I get you?
What do you, uh, recommend
to obliterate the memory of the most
awful, arrogant person you've ever met?
- Got just the thing.
- Mm.
[door closes]
Thank you.
Whiskey. Large.
You'll keep Thomas on.
He's lived here his whole life.
I've had a change of heart.
Oh, so you actually have one.
If I agree to this, there are conditions.
Ninety-day escrow till Christmas.
Deposit's non-refundable.
- What else?
- You'll move in now.
- Now?
- Aye.
- Are you moving out?
- [chuckles] No.
[scoffs, chuckles]
I am not living with you.
Look, this has nothing
to do with you and me.
There is no you and me.
Exactly. If I'm gonna sell the old girl,
I need to know you can take care of her.
And you need to know how hard that is.
Dun Dunbar is a living, breathing thing.
She needs constant attention,
or she'll crumble
like an oatcake in the rain.
[Myles exhales]
Gift shop?
Two quid. I'll throw it into the deal.
She'll realize the mistake she made
and be gone in a week.
Meanwhile, her deposit
will get us through spring,
and I'll figure out something after that.
- And if she doesn't leave?
- Oh, she'll leave.
I'll make her life so miserable
she'll never want to see a castle again.
Aye. Well, you do have a knack
of driving people away.
You're still here.
Aye, but you pay me. Barely.
Besides, who else would put up with you?
- [laughter]
- To women buying castles.
To all of us.
- [all] Cheers!
- [laughing]
"Slainte" is what we say in Scotland.
Slainte. Okay, here goes. Oh.
- Mm.
- [Helen] Oh!
Wait, wait. I thought you said
you were buying a castle. [chuckles]
I did.
Mom, are you drunk?
Oh! Not anymore. I'm buying Dun Dunbar.
Oh, I... I can't explain it.
Um, except for the fact
that I think he would want me to.
I can almost picture his face when I walk
through that door with the key.
I haven't seen you smile like this
in a really long time.
[chuckles] I know.
It's like it was meant to be.
Although I have to live with him
till Christmas.
Him? Who's him?
[Scottish music playing]
[exhales] Thank you, Eamon.
- [Hamish barking]
- Oh, Hamish! [laughs]
Hi, big boy.
[Sophie laughs]
Shall I announce you?
- Really?
- Oh, aye.
[shouts] She's here!
- Hello.
- Hello.
Here. The key to my castle.
Now you get the real tour.
The 20 version wasn't real?
Before we get started,
you should know, here on the estate,
we have a community-owned wind farm
where we create 70% of our energy.
We also have sustainable forestry
and organic farming.
I'm an environmental engineer.
[clicks tongue] Four years at Oxford,
two years Cambridge.
Oxford and Cambridge.
Linen closet, water closet.
- Maybe I need a map.
- Gift shop, 5.
King James.
And this here is Flemish, 16th century.
And through here, my room.
I will have no reason to go in there.
We agree on that.
More rooms. No power, leaky roof.
This one's nice.
The fifth duke died in here,
in that very bed.
Horrible death.
[Myles] There's a reason
they set horror movies in castles.
It leaks after every rain,
and it rains 150 days a year.
Plumbing's intermittent,
60 fireplaces half work,
Wi-Fi is iffy,
cell signal's worse.
But there's running water?
- [Myles] Aye, it runs.
- [water dripping]
Oh, by the way,
we don't heat the upstairs.
Too costly.
This way.
So, you'll stay in this one.
[scoffs] Are you sure the duke
didn't die in this room,
and he's still in here somewhere?
- Why?
- [clears throat]
Is this room not up to your standards?
Is there a closet?
There's a chair.
It's down the hall.
Fireplace doesn't work though.
I'll take it.
Oh, by the way, I looked up your family.
There's no Brown in the records.
- That's my married name.
- Oh, you're married, then?
Aye, now that I can believe.
Leaving so soon?
[Sophie] Follow me.
Take a look at that.
[Myles] What is that?
My father.
"McGu" is your father's name?
He got caught before he could finish.
Didn't think there was anything here
I hadn't seen. When was this?
Sixty years ago. He was a kid.
He snuck in and made it upstairs.
He just wanted
someone to know he got inside.
But some heartless stuffed shirt
tossed him out and fired his father.
- Aye, that would've been my grandfather.
- Sorry.
Nothing I haven't said myself.
My old man wasn't much better.
McGuinty, it's a strong name.
You should stick with that.
[tense music playing]
[Hamish whimpers]
[chuckles] Hamish.
[Hamish groans]
What do you want?
[Hamish whimpers]
- Should we go get a cup of tea?
- [barks, groans]
I'll follow you.
[Scottish music playing]
- [clattering]
- [exclaims]
[scoffs, sighs]
We're lost, Hamish.
All I want is a cup of tea.
Is that too much to ask?
Oh. Uh, uh...
I thought that... that this was the kitchen.
As long as you're here,
do you mind pouring me another?
- You could've locked the door.
- Why? It's my house.
For now.
[exhales] Seriously?
Thanks a lot, Hamish.
[Sophie] Be happy
that it was a quick death.
I could have extended it for ten pages.
I could have dragged him behind a car.
I could have poisoned him with mercury.
I could have chopped him
into little, teeny pieces
and fed him to the sharks!
[door lock clicks]
[emotional music playing]
[birds chirping]
Where did you get that?
Page one. "Do you believe
in love at first sight? I didn't used to."
"I'm Emma Gale."
Now, where have I heard that before?
Oh, right. Your sales pitch.
- I meant it.
- Did you now?
"The first time I laid eyes on Winston,
he felt like home."
- Are you gonna read the whole thing to me?
- No, page one's good enough for me.
May I have some coffee?
Help yourself.
If you are trying to discourage me,
a cold room and a couple of bats
in the attic are not gonna do it.
- Oh, aye?
- Mm.
What will, then?
"'I will not be discouraged, ' said Emma.
'I will get what I came for.'"
Yeah, this is Pulitzer Prize stuff, this.
["Falling Through"
by Quiet Houses playing]
I always said I would go to the place
Where the crowds stop and listen
And the buildings have names
Where the streets are all right
But the buses are great
And the people I've met
Have been pretty much the same
I'm in LA, bye, where are you
It's been a while since we called ya
I miss you too
Well, you can't talk long
You got things to do
Well, you get back to your list...
[Sophie] Morning.
[song fades]
Well, you remember what happened
when it was purple, don't you?
That was a one-time thing.
[Maisie] Mm-hmm. [chuckles]
[Sophie] Hey. Hi.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
- What are you guys doing?
- Graffiti knitting.
Yarn bombing. It's a thing.
Perks up the neighborhood.
- How was your first night at the castle?
- Cold.
Well, he'll warm up.
The room.
Well, you're just in time
to stop this massacre.
Rhona wants to chop it off
and dye it green.
Ooh. I really hope
we're talking about hair.
[chuckles] I just need a change.
Maybe I can help.
I grew up over a barbershop
owned by the best scissor man in Queens,
and an expert colorist. Let's do it.
[Rhona] Whoo!
- [Rhona] So, I think a bit of color.
- [Sophie] Okay, all right.
- Helen?
- Hello.
Hi. Yeah, I'm gonna need your help.
- Okay.
- At the castle.
[Scottish music playing]
[Rhona] Whoo!
- [Helen] Does she know we're coming?
- [Maisie] I just texted her.
[Rhona] Great.
Oh, that is perfect.
Come on, then, slow coaches.
[Helen] That will be lovely
up there in that room.
[Maisie] Ah, yeah, we're right behind you,
Speedy Gonzales. I see you running off.
[Helen] Dinna hang back.
Knitters to the rescue.
[music continues]
- I've never been up the stairs before.
- Well, it's clear you haven't missed much.
This is perfect.
- Not as perfect as my hair.
- I have to admit, it does suit you.
Well, this is looking rather nice.
Is it?
Where's the Scotch dresser? And the lamps?
- I haven't the slightest.
- [Maisie] Hm.
Maybe your memory's fading.
No. I remember everything.
- Okay, what's with you two?
- [exhales] Nothing.
Oh, that's been going on forever.
Maybe we dated for a bit
before I married Sean.
Well, you're not married now, are you?
Thank you.
Oh, I don't know how to thank you.
Not necessary.
We knitters look after each other.
No one crosses the knitters. Right, Angus?
[all laughing]
You know, I've known Myles my whole life.
After you get past that upper crust,
he's got a good heart.
- [scoffs]
- It might be hard to see right now.
You couldn't find a better landlord.
That's for certain.
My family has been tenants
on the Dunbar land for generations.
Mine too.
The 11th duke squandered
what remained of the family money,
left Myles with an empty title,
a mountain of debt,
and the whole village counting on him.
The whole village?
It's the reason he's selling the castle.
So he can pay off
the debt on the farmlands.
That way, whatever happens,
we'll all have a place to live. Hm.
Hm. Except him.
[breathes deeply]
Come after finals.
We can have Christmas here.
[Lexi] Oh.
Mom, Dad didn't tell you.
Dad didn't tell me what?
He's marrying what's-her-name
on Christmas.
Well, good for them.
I... I told him I'd go,
but I really don't have to.
Honey, you have to go.
Is that him?
Oh. Myles?
[Myles] Mm?
This is my daughter, Lexi.
Oh, uh, nice to meet you.
You too.
I'll call you later.
Oh. [inhales]
Thank you.
[Myles] It's not for you.
The damp air degrades the books.
The knitters told me some things.
I think maybe my first impression of you
was wrong.
I doubt it. So, who's what's-her-name?
- So you were listening?
- I may have heard a word or two.
[exhales] The woman
for whom my husband left me.
Well, you're better off, then.
Obviously, he's an eejit.
That actually sounded like a compliment.
It's more of an insult to him.
Well, I'll take it.
If I'm being honest,
it wasn't all his fault.
I've spent most of the last decade
on my computer.
[exhales] I was married once.
A long time ago.
She left me
for someone with a bigger title.
A title climber.
Aye, pretty much.
I thought we were happy.
At least I was.
When she left me, I came back here
to put myself back together.
Dun Dunbar's been my life ever since.
Oh, what am I saying?
I sound like
a character from one of your books.
- So you're reading my books?
- Point is, people leave, we survive.
I guess I just never thought
I'd be alone at this stage of my life.
You're not alone.
You've got Hamish.
Come on, then.
- What?
- You're clearly not writing anything.
[upbeat music playing]
Oh, look at the hairy coos.
- Morning rush hour.
- [mooing]
- [car horn honks]
- [chuckles]
[cow mooing]
[sheep bleating]
[Myles] Sheep.
You might know them as expensive sweaters.
[Sophie] Really?
You mean like the one you're wearing?
[Sophie chuckles]
Over the mountains
And across the oceans
No matter how far you go
Through the cities
From coast to coast...
That one's for sale too.
- [Myles] Ocean view from every room.
- Central air conditioning.
And it comes with its own graveyard.
That's a selling point.
Exactly. You never have to leave.
[song ends]
[Myles] There's one more place
I'd like to show you.
[emotional music playing]
- [Myles] Mind your step.
- [both chuckle]
So, this is Dun Glen Holy Well.
Watch your head.
[Sophie] Mm.
What are all these?
[Myles] Locals leave them.
Legend dates back
to the first Duchess of Dunbar.
When war broke out,
she donned the garments of a warrior,
came to this very well, and laid
a necklace on the edge for courage.
What happened?
Well, she went off to fight.
Turned out she had the heart of a warrior.
She ended up saving the village
and falling in love
with a man who fought by her side.
A commoner.
That's beautiful.
Aye. If you like that sort of tale.
Did they end up together?
Wed on Christmas Eve at Dun Dunbar.
Invited the whole village.
And every Christmas Eve after that,
for a century or two anyway.
Christmas Eve at Dun Dunbar
for the village.
We should do that.
Whoever owns it.
Aye, we'll see.
Okay... [exhales]
...that's the end of the tour.
How about we end it at the pub?
[Myles] You know,
I dinna really hang out there
all that much.
[Sophie] Mm. We'll see.
[Scottish music playing]
[indistinct chattering]
[Helen exclaiming]
- Hi.
- Hey.
[Thomas] There he is.
- [Helen] Everybody's here.
- [Maisie] Oh!
[all cheering]
- Mm.
- No.
- Oh, come on.
- No, no, no, I don't wanna.
- What's the matter with you, man?
- No, I cannot sing.
Course you can sing.
Anyone can sing. Here we go. Come on.
By yon bonnie banks
And by yon bonnie braes
Where the sun shines bright
On Loch Lomond
Where me and my true love
Will never meet again
On the bonnie, bonnie banks
Of Loch Lomond
You'll take the high road
And I'll take the low road
And I'll be in Scotland afore ye
Where me and my true love
Will never meet again
On the bonnie, bonnie banks
Of Loch Lomond...
[all cheering]
Go on, then.
[music continues]
Come on!
[man] Go on!
[all cheering]
- [song ends]
- [cheering]
- Oh, this was unexpected.
- Aye.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
[Myles] I mean,
it's... it's not like
this was a date or anything, right?
- Of course not.
- No.
[both chuckle]
Why not?
[Sophie exhales]
- Good night.
- Good night.
And this wasn't a date.
Duly noted.
["Did the Day Go Just Like You Wanted?"
Come on, Hamish.
Come on.
Wee traitor.
Let the boy reach out
For the infinite
When he's lost
[door closes]
In confusion and doubt
You know what to do
And you know it's gonna be rough
But you never run from your gravity
He's a long head bottle of doubt
But he's yours...
[Thomas] Well, it's been a month now,
and she's still here.
Thirty-two days, actually.
It appears you're warming up to her.
Just keeping my enemies closer.
Ah. [chuckles]
- Hey, Thomas.
- Aye?
Come here.
- What?
- Tell me something.
- Am I starting to look like them?
- No comment.
- No, that's worse.
- No?
No. Look, you've spent your whole life
trying not to be them.
So don't be.
You've been alone a long time
in this castle.
- I'm not alone. I've got you.
- Aye.
And here the two of us are,
standing around looking at old paintings
of people we hated.
[Scottish music playing]
[Sophie] "The wind was speaking to her."
[Sophie] Come on, wind.
[Sophie] "The well was speaking to her."
[Sophie] What the heck
was the well saying?
[Sophie] "The well whispered a story
to her longing heart."
- Mm-mm.
- [phone ringing]
- Hello.
- Tell me you've at least started.
I have started.
[agent] What is the plan here?
I don't have an exact plan.
- Just come home.
- I can't.
You can't just run off to Scotland
and hide out in a castle.
Why not?
I'm not going to tell you that
your life depends on writing this book.
- Oh, gee, thanks.
- But your career does.
And I know you, Sophie.
You have worked your whole life for this.
What are you without it?
- [door opens]
- I don't know.
[Thomas] Very good, everyone. Follow me.
I'll call you later.
And this is where the third duchess
would retire... Ay, oh.
Sorry. [chuckles]
Don't mind me.
Oh my God, that's Sophie Brown!
[Thomas] Everybody,
if we could, um, just move on.
I've read all your books.
Could I have a selfie?
- Oh.
- Of course. [chuckles]
[camera shutter clicks]
Right. All right, then.
No, let's continue on. That's very good.
You know what, Thomas?
I have an idea. Why don't I give the tour?
[all] Yes! Please!
Well, why not indeed?
[man] Thank you.
William Wallace,
the very mason who built Edinburgh Castle,
put these in himself,
and they are filled with legends.
[Sophie] So, in 1745,
the sixth Duke of Dunbar
barricaded the old castle walls
and stood against the British army
for three weeks.
[whispers] It was 1746. Fifth duke.
Castle held for four weeks.
[clears throat] And over there,
it looks like a duke.
- [murmuring]
- [Sophie] Walks like a duke.
[gasps] It is a duke!
[tourists laugh]
It's been an absolute pleasure.
[Thomas] Oh, I'm glad to hear it.
Glad to hear it.
Don't be strangers.
Well, it looks like
we're gonna have to reorder.
Maybe stock some of your books.
- Oh, I wouldn't go that far.
- Hey, well done.
Thank you, Thomas.
[Sophie] Hello.
Well, she's good for business.
You know, it wouldna be the worst thing
to let someone in again.
Let her in?
I'm trying to get rid of her,
you divvy, or have you forgotten?
[Thomas exhales]
What's all this?
They're here to collect Sophie.
- Hello.
- [Myles] Maisie.
You look different.
Quite lovely.
Thank you.
It's all Sophie.
No, she did my hair.
[Helen] And mine.
- She did everyone's hair?
- [Helen] Uh-huh.
She's not doing mine.
- Oh! I'm sorry I'm late.
- [Maisie] Oh, no bother.
Come on. Get in. It's nice and toasty.
- Hi.
- Come on.
Hello, Angus.
- [chuckles]
- That's it.
[Helen] Let's get going.
- [Rhona] How are you getting on?
- [Sophie] All right. So...
[clears throat]
Whiskey, and leave the bottle.
[whiskey pouring]
So you're a regular now?
Very funny.
Maybe he wants to learn how to knit.
[girls chuckle]
[Helen] I tried to teach him
when he was wee.
[Sophie shushes]
[clears throat]
[Helen] No looking.
[Helen] Ooh.
[Maisie] Uh, mind my wall, fella.
We need to talk.
About what?
I'm trying to be
accommodating here, but, um,
this whole thing, it's not working for me.
What thing?
- You.
- Oh.
You're just...
You're too much. You're everywhere.
The redecorating,
the gift shop, the tours.
You stole my dog. The knitting!
I mean, what's next?
You're gonna run for mayor?
Is there an election?
This was not part of our deal.
- Our deal?
- Aye.
The one where you drive me out,
and I forfeit my overpriced deposit?
I may not have gone
to Oxford or Cambridge,
but I know how to read a contract.
No one in their right mind
would have signed that, but I did.
Because I am staying through escrow,
I will be here
on Christmas and New Year's.
- In fact, I may never leave.
- Mm.
Maybe this is my next chapter.
I don't know.
I don't know anything.
And it's scary.
Guess I settled that, didn't I?
[Helen] Just keep knitting.
[sentimental Scottish music playing]
[Hamish whimpers]
[exhales] Come on, Hamish. Good boy.
What are you doing?
- I don't like unfinished business.
- Oh, of course.
You're getting rid of my father's name.
- Thank you.
- It's not for you.
He worked here. He's part of the history.
- This your way of apologizing?
- It is not.
I accept.
I am not apologizing.
And I accept.
["Jingle Bells" instrumental playing]
[Sophie] "The well whispered a story
to the wind about a woman."
Bloody hell, that's terrible.
Warrior woman, speak to me!
It's a week before Christmas.
I need to at least write the first page.
Come on, warrior woman.
Come on. Speak to me.
Please say something.
- [knock at door]
- [Hamish growls]
Come in.
Just gonna sit there,
or you gonna help me move it in?
[Myles] I brought you a Scotch dresser.
[Myles grunts]
[both grunt]
You got this for me?
Aye. Found it in the attic.
- Oh.
- Just, uh,touched it up a bit.
Well, it's beautiful.
How's, uh, Emma Gale?
- Emma Gale and I have parted ways.
- Oh?
There's actually another story
that I would like to tell.
Oh, aye? What kind of story?
It's about a woman,
a well, and a sword.
So she's doing the killing?
- She's saving a village.
- From what?
You're gonna have to read it.
Send me a copy
when you're back in New York.
Give me a forwarding address.
Thank you.
I love it, Myles.
I'm glad.
There is something we need to talk about.
A Christmas tree
for the ballroom.
[Scottish music playing]
- [horses snorting]
- [Myles chuckles]
So, what do you usually do at Christmas?
this is the first Christmas
I'll be without Lexi.
Well, why don't you invite her, then?
She's got a wedding.
Oh, right.
The eejit and what's-her-name.
Okay, so "eejit" is "idiot."
- "Diddy" is "idiot." What's "dobber"?
- Aye.
Spineless idiot.
Useless idiot.
Aye, that's more of a moron.
[chuckles] Got it.
What about this one?
Aye. That's a fine one.
What are you doing?
Every time we cut down a tree,
we plant two in its place.
[Sophie] That's lovely.
I always try to leave things
better than I found them.
["Deck the Halls" instrumental playing]
[both chuckle]
- Aye.
- Announcing the knitters of Dunbar.
[Helen] Oh!
It's a little early for a party, isn't it?
Well, there will not be any party
without their help.
Or my yule cakes.
I'm baking for Dun Dunbar!
[Maisie] It's stunning.
- Oh, Your Grace.
- Aye?
I can't tell you how much it means
to everyone in the village,
celebrating at the castle.
Well, I... I wish I could take the credit,
but it's all her.
Actually, it's us. [chuckles]
Not that there is an us.
No, no.
Uh, excuse me.
Here you go.
Don't worry about him.
He'll just get in the way.
[Thomas chuckles]
[Helen] This one's nice, isn't it?
I suppose it's about time
these things saw the light of day again.
I cannot believe this.
Hey. You remember this?
Your three-legged cow.
Three legs is better
than whatever this was.
- Hey, don't make fun of my sheep!
- [chuckles]
- I worked hard on that.
- I know. I remember!
This one cut right in the back
of his father's favorite chair.
Then we had to go hide it in the stables!
[all laughing]
Uh, knitters, shall we?
[Sophie clears throat]
Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way...
Ha, ha, ha.
Bells on bobtails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is to laugh and sing
A sleighing song tonight
Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells...
Hey, come on.
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh
I tell you... [laughing]
- Shush, you.
- Anyway, I was...
- Don't. 'Cause I was going to say...
- Mm-hmm.
- ...that I've got three... Oh. Sorry.
- [bell dings]
- Buongiorno. Yes.
- May I help you?
Yes. I would like a room
for the night, please.
Okay. All we've got left
is the Christmas Romance package.
[man] Oh.
- Champagne in the evening.
- Really?
- Breakfast in bed.
- Hm.
All the Netflix you can binge.
Thank you. We'll take that.
- Yes, we will.
- [Maisie] Very good.
- Can I take your name, please?
- Donatelli.
[Maisie] Excellent.
Maybe you're right about this party.
Did you just say I was right?
I said maybe.
[Myles breathes deeply]
I should probably tell you,
that bedroom you liked,
where the fifth duke died,
I made that up.
Just wanted you to have the worst room.
I know. The fifth duke
died in the Battle of Culloden.
The sixth was thrown from a horse,
and the 11th, your father,
died alone in a hotel room in London.
[loud clack]
Ugh! Not again.
Excuse me.
I suppose you know
how I'm going to die too?
I could come up with a few ideas.
- [grunts]
- Electrocution.
Not mercury poisoning?
Or being fed to sharks?
[chuckles] Well...
[Sophie sighs]
I'm sure those could be arranged too.
It's probably all those Christmas lights
you made us put up.
Oh, sure, blame Christmas.
I would never do that.
I'm blaming you.
I think you might be needing these.
Judging by your last foray
into the electrical problems,
it's going to be a long, dark night.
Thank you, Thomas.
[Sophie] I do feel good about this.
I feel comfortable with it.
I told you,
your fans don't want something else.
They want Emma Gale.
Harper's is talking
an additional four-book deal.
You'll do the morning shows,
tease the new Emma.
Emma Gale isn't real.
I am. Sophie Brown.
Maybe not even Sophie Brown.
Sophie McGuinty.
Sophie McGuinty.
- Who is that?
- I'll let you know when I figure it out.
Well, she better know how to write.
What's with all the candlelight?
Did you go back in time?
[loud clack]
He fixed it. [chuckles]
Oh my God.
You are never coming home, are you?
You are falling for this guy.
The... the earl!
You know, I can work with this.
You become a duchess,
and we can rebrand you.
No one is even gonna remember this fiasco.
This... This is genius.
Close the deal.
Well, tomorrow's Christmas Eve.
I'm aware.
And Christmas the following day.
That's generally how it works.
Can't you just admit
you have feelings for her, eh?
And even if I do,
what difference would it make?
She's here to ruin me.
- Ruin you?
- Aye.
This is the happiest
I have seen you in years.
- Oh, what do you know?
- Everything.
[indistinct chattering]
- [Sophie] Hello.
- Oh, hello.
[Sophie] I am sorry I am late.
But I need a group opinion on this dress.
I found it in bedroom nine.
Too much?
It's totally too much.
You have to wear it.
It's gorgeous.
[chuckles] I don't even know if it fits.
I can alter it.
[chuckles] Okay. Um, all right.
So now I have something
for all of you.
I... I don't think we should be wearing
Dun Dunbar dresses to the party.
Not Dun Dunbar. Saks Fifth Avenue.
["Jingle Bells" instrumental playing]
Thank you.
- [Sophie] And for you, sir.
- [Angus] Thanks.
[Helen] Beautiful! Thank you!
[chuckles] Rhona, that's gorgeous.
- [Helen] That's lovely. Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.
Matches your hair.[laughs]
[all exclaiming]
He'll take a second notion to me
when I wear this.
[Hamish whimpers]
What do you think? Is it me?
It is, isn't it?
Hamish! Hamish!
Hamish! Hamish!Hamish!
Hamish, here, give me that.
Don't. Give it to me.
- Give. Give it to me!
- [growling]
[door opens]
- [exhales]
- What are you doing?
- I'm sorry.
- [Hamish cries]
I found this. I thought...
maybe I could wear it tomorrow night.
Unless it belonged to your mother
or your grandmother.
You shouldn't be wearing that.
You're mad at me over a dress?
No. No.
I'm mad at myself.
[emotional music playing]
I'm mad at myself too.
No, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait.
We, uh,
we shouldn't be doing this.
We definitely should not be doing this.
Wing your flight o'er all the earth
Ye who sang creation's story
Now proclaim Messiah's birth
In Excelsis Deo...
Merry Christmas, Angus.
In Excelsis Deo
- Good morning.
- [Thomas] Yeah.
And Merry Christmas Eve.
[chuckles] Is there anything
I can do to help?
Absolutely nothing. This is my domain.
- [Thomas exhales]
- Oh.
Oh, how lovely.
- [Thomas chuckles]
- Thank you, Thomas.
Good morning.
Good morning.
What's all this?
What does it look like? Breakfast.
- How very thoughtful of you.
- Well, I am nothing if not that.
[Thomas inhales, clears throat]
Ladies first.
Thank you.
[liquid pouring]
[liquid pouring]
[clears throat]
Is there something else?
Uh, no, no, no.
That, uh, that about covers it.
[Thomas] Angus, come on.
Let's leave these two lovebirds alone.
You do realize the whole village
will know within the hour?
Know what?
That we're, um...
- What are we?
- Maybe we don't need a title.
Well, I am the Duke of Dunbar.
You never mentioned that.
Don't tell me you're one of those people
who likes snow on Christmas Eve?
[Sophie chuckles]
[Myles] Come on, then.
This Christmas
I'm gonna risk it all
This Christmas
I'm not afraid to fall
So I'm at your door with nothing more
Than words I've never said
In all this white, you'll see me like
You've never seen me yet
Wrapped in red
Blue is where I've been
Green can't buy me you
Silver does remind me
That mistletoe's for two
So I found a color
That only tells the truth
That paints a picture
Of how I feel for you...
[both laughing]
Oh! [chuckles]
- Um...
- [both laugh]
Well, what's left now?
- You look like you wanna say something.
- Not really.
Then I do.
- Do you have to?
- [chuckles]
Look, I was thinking... [exhales]
...what happens after Christmas?
- Because I was thinking...
- You've been doing a lot of thinking.
- What are you thinking?
- [laughs] I'm trying not to!
You could stay.
S... Stay?
- [chuckles]
- At Dun Dunbar.
What? You mean you... [chuckles]
...you'd let me stay
in the place I've lived my whole life
as a guest?
- No, as...
- As a what, then?
- As a tenant?
- No.
Maybe as your boyfriend, then?
Or Mr. Emma Gale? What's his name?
Um, Winston, wasn't it?
Aye. And we know what happened to him.
- What are you doing?
- What am I doing?
You show up here,
buy my castle,
take over the place,
take over my whole life,
and now you offer me
a room in my own house!
I should never have let you in
in the first place.
You don't get to walk away like that.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Do I need your permission, Your Highness?
I can't believe I was starting to think
we could be happy here.
- There's that "we" again.
- Yeah, "we." That's right.
Two people who have just spent
three months together.
I was doing just fine until you showed up!
- Were you?
- Aye!
Oh, well, looks like you win, then.
Because this place
is just gonna remind me of you.
The deal is off.
Enjoy your 12 empty bedrooms.
Leave the key on your way out.
Oh, you really are a royal ass.
You can't say I didn't warn you!
["We're The Lucky Ones"
by the Maras playing]
I can't wait for Christmas
- [Hamish cries]
We'll be happier than we have...
- [Hamish cries]
- I'm gonna miss you, Hamish. Oh.
- Yeah, gonna miss you.
- [Hamish cries]
We'll laugh and we'll dance
- And we'll cry
- [Hamish whimpers, growls]
We've come this far...
[blows raspberry]
Don't worry. I do it every day.
Oh, no.
Oh, Thomas.
[Thomas moans]
But if only for today...
[Hamish barking]
[Hamish whimpers]
[cries, barks]
I can't wait for Christmas
We'll be happier...
[Thomas] Are you really
just going to let her leave?
That was the plan.
Ugh. You and your
stubborn Dunbar pride, eh?
Castles are meant to have
walls around them. People aren't.
Without this castle, I have nothing.
And what good is this place
without anyone in it?
The mistletoe
The morning snow
We're the lucky ones
[men laughing]
My mama's arms
They feel so far...
My flight leaves tomorrow.
I'll need a ride to Edinburgh.
- Oh.
- Sophie, don't go.
You can come and visit me.
All of you. Anytime.
And don't worry about your land
because I'm paying off
all of your mortgages.
Oh, now...
I'll work everything out when I get back.
Oh, Sophie, you can't do that.
Consider it a gift from Emma Gale.
[voice breaking]
Your friendship... means the world to me.
I just made a mistake. That's all.
[Angus breathing deeply]
Loving someone is never a mistake.
Trust me on that.
[Helen] Angus!
Oh, oh, oh.
Um... [grunts]
I guess we'll be giving you
your Christmas present now, then.
[clicks tongue] Thank you.
[Maisie sniffles]
[Sophie gasps]
[Sophie] Oh!
Oh, I just... I love it.
I really love it. [sobs]
Thank you.
Package from Thomas for you.
The dress.
In case you change your mind.
[melancholy music playing]
It's okay.
[car engine starting]
[Helen] Cheerio!
[sobs, sniffles]
[car engine sputtering]
[Eamon] What's going on?
Let's have a wee look here.
- [woman] Happy Christmas.
- [man] Aye.
[Eamon] I'll just have a wee look. [sighs]
What's going on?
- She's dead.
- Deed?
Buggered. That'll be that, aye?
- [spluttering] What are you doing?
- We're going back.
To get another car?
To the pub. For a wee dram.
It's Christmas Eve.
["O Christmas Tree" instrumental playing]
He cannot be the only driver in town.
Edinburgh's two hours away,
longer in the snow,
and everyone's going to the party.
Your party.
- Everyone?
- Wasn't that the idea?
All right. I can borrow your car,
and I will have it driven back.
When was the last time you drove a stick
on the left-hand side of the road?
In a snowstorm?
It's not snowing anymore.
It is in Edinburgh.
My husband just called me from the road.
What about you, Angus?
Will you drive me to the airport?
Stay the night.
Someone will get you out in the morning.
All right.
But I'm not going to that party.
You're just gonna spend Christmas Eve
here alone?
I'm fine.
You're not fine.
I will be.
["She's The One"
by Robbie Williams playing]
I was her
She was me
We were one
We were free
And if there's somebody calling me on
She's the one
She's the one
[blows nose]
[clears throat]
[groans, sniffles, clears throat]
Hey, honey, Lexi.
It's Mom. I just wanted
to wish you a Merry Christmas.
You're probably at the wedding.
Hey, if she throws the bouquet,
don't catch it.
Okay. I love you.
[bagpipes playing]
- [Rhona] Helen!
- Merry Christmas.
[Helen's husband] Good evening to you.
It's beautiful. I know.
- In we go.
- Let's go in.
[indistinct chattering]
[Sophie] "But Winston wasn't dead."
"It was a coma
brought on by his fall down the stairs."
[Sophie] "To her shock,
it wasn't Winston whose body lay there."
"It was his twin brother, Myles."
- [thud]
- [gasps]
[Scottish music playing]
- [grunts]
- [horse neighs]
Oh! Sophie! Sophie, I'm sorry!
- You eejit.
- [horse snorts]
I'm an eejit.
[horse snorts]
- [Myles] All right, come on, then.
- [horse whinnying]
- [thud]
- [grunts]
[horse snorts]
I just didn't expect this.
Or you.
I... I've done things a certain way
for a long time,
and to have someone come in and just...
I guess it finally hit me
that I'm losing the place.
But I'd rather lose Dun Dunbar...
than lose you.
You want a castle?
It's yours.
You wanna go back to America?
I won't stop you.
But I can't promise I won't follow you.
Because I've fallen
hopelessly and pathetically
in love with you.
[chuckles] Pathetically? [sniffles]
Maybe just hopelessly.
[both laugh]
I love you, too, you dobber.
- [Myles] Hm.
- You're an eejit.
- I am, aren't I?
- [laughs]
- Hi!
- Lovely to see you. Have a great night.
- Tom. Cheers.
- Where is he?
[scoffs] I... I don't know.
- Nice.
- Ah!
- After you.
- [Rhona] Catch you in there.
- Easy on that champagne.
- [chuckles]
You're gonna have to do it for him.
No, I'm going to do something for myself.
would you do me the honor of a dance?
[guests cheering]
[Scottish music playing]
About time.
[music continues]
[guests cheering]
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I announce
the 12th Duke of Dunbar
and the Lady Sophie...
[all cheering]
[Scottish music playing]
[all cheering]
[Sophie laughs]
- [Thomas] She's here.
- Oh, good. Good.
[Myles] Ladies and gentlemen,
can I have your attention, please?
Until recently,
this place was as cold
as the winds off the Firth of Forth.
Colder than that!
[all laughing]
Thank you, Eamon.
I thought this castle was who I was.
Or maybe even all I was.
And then...
then, I met a lass
who knocked me flat on my royal arse...
[guests laugh]
...and she taught me that we should be
with the people we love on Christmas.
And I realize that you,
all of you here,
are the people I love.
You're my family.
And so from this Christmas on,
Dun Dunbar will throw a party
to end all parties for the village.
[all cheering]
[Myles] And now,
I am honored
to introduce
the granddaughter of Callum McGuinty,
who worked this land
and had stones enough
to carve his name in this very castle.
Lexi! [gasps]
Ooh! [chuckles]
What are you doing here?
Myles got me a plane ticket.
Oh. What about your father's wedding?
Nah, I'll just go to the next one.
- [laughs] Oh!
- [Eamon] Want a wee drinkie?
Thank you.
I'm learning.
Well, you did go to Oxford.
And Cambridge.
Oh, yes, of course.
And now, to the McGuintys.
- To the McGuintys.
- [all] The McGuintys!
[guests laugh, chatter]
Oh, Rhona, you've excelled yourself.
- She made all of it.
- Did she?
- She should have a shop.
- Yeah, of course.
I'll pass them round.
- Have you had one of these?
- Oh my lord!
- Rhona has gone mad. She is wonderful.
- Now that is a work of art.
- Mm-mmm.
- [drums beating]
- [guest whooping]
- [Scottish music playing]
Angus! Wow!
[indistinct chattering]
[man] Go, Angus!
Oh, oh!
[sentimental music playing]
[Hamish whimpering]
[Sophie] Well,
merry Christmas to you, Hamish.
[Hamish groans]
[Sophie] All right,
what do you think of this?
The Heart of a Warrior.
By Sophie McGuinty.
[Hamish whimpers]
[chuckles] You like that, huh? [typing]
"In this day and age...
not everyone...
believes in happy endings."
"But I just might."
- Merry Christmas, Mom.
- [inhales]
Merry Christmas, sweetheart.
Good morning and Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
[Myles] Sophie, my dear...
I've got a wee present for you.
[birds chirping]
What do you want?
What would you like for Christmas?
What do you need?
What are you wishing for?
[Hamish barking]
You might want presents under the tree
Someone to hug, sat on your knee
But all we need is love...
Oh, even from backstage.
Adam, don't forget to cue me.
Okay, perfect. Thank you.
Are we shooting them on all three cameras?
You've gotta love that!
- [man] Cut!
- What?
Congratulations, Sophie,
on your huge, new best seller,
Heart of a Warrior.
Oh wow.
- Thank you. It is so nice to be back.
- [audience clapping]
Everybody feels
that this is your best novel yet.
Oh! Oh, it's my best book yet.
Guess we do get a happy ending.
- That's what people want.
- Not that kind of a happy ending.
[both laughing]
Since you were last here, it seems like
your life has become a total fairy tale.
You bought a castle in Scotland,
moved to Ireland... Scot-land.
- It's a new province.
- It's near Disneyland.
- It's a little to the side. Yeah.
- [Drew] Exactly.
[audience clapping]
Is it fair to say
that you're going to become a duchess?
Uh... Wait, do we get married,
or do you just... What?
- Wait, and also...
- He didn't even propose!
How are they navigating it?
[microphone rattles]
[whispering indistinctly]
- I know.
- Five days a week. Know what I mean?
- I do.
- [man speaks indistinctly]
I really do.
- Welcome back, Sophie...
- [audience clapping]
...and a huge congratulations
on your juggernaut best seller.
I also don't wanna say
the word "juggernaut."
No, no, it was funny that she came out
with that, with her head and her brain.
"Juggernaut" is a very harsh,
male, masculine,
not sexy, pretty, feminine, soft word.
[woman] It surprised me.
...best seller, Heart of a Warrior.
- [audience clapping]
- [Sophie] Thank you.
["Angels from the Realms of Glory"
Angels from the realms of glory
Wing your flight o'er all the earth
Ye who sang creation's story
Now proclaim Messiah's birth
In Excelsis Deo
In Excelsis Deo
Shepherds, in the field abiding
Watching o'er your flocks by night
God with us is now residing
Yonder shines the infant light
In Excelsis Deo
In Excelsis Deo
Sages, leave your contemplations
Brighter visions beam afar
Seek the great Desire of nations
Ye have seen His natal star
In Excelsis Deo
In Excelsis Deo
Saints, before the altar bending
Watching long in hope and fear
Suddenly the Lord, descending
In His temple shall appear
In Excelsis Deo
In Excelsis Deo
[Scottish music playing]
[music fades]