A Cat with a Dog (2018) Movie Script

Daddy's flying towards us.
What are you crying about?
I thought it was daddy.
What are you doing?
- Gutek who?
- It's Andrzej's friend here.
- I do his errands... you know.
- Ah, yes, I see. What is it?
Your brother's not well...
he might be dying.
Come quick, he's dying!
How long have we been together?
I don't remember.
That's you all over.
I've never met him.
- Your brother.
- Lucky you.
Getting us out of bed at this time!
What are you waiting for?
I don't remember the number.
110 I think.
It's open.
Come on! Hurry up!
- Janusz?
- Yes.
Andrzej's not well. Please come in.
- Can we open the window in here?
- No, the cat will get out!
- Where's Andrzej's wife?
- On tour in America.
- What's the emergency number?
- Three nines.
It looks like an ischemic stroke.
We'll know more in the afternoon.
Does your brother drink alcohol?
It's been known.
You're the younger one, right?
Mariola, come and take a photo of us.
Which films are yours and which are his?
How is he?
Well... The man he was
is gone now. I mean...
He'll need pyjamas,
a toothbrush, toothpaste.
We'll buy the rest on the way.
We must tell Iga.
I just don't know how.
I feel really sorry for her.
This is the left brain, for logical,
rational thinking, and intellect.
It's completely dead.
The right brain: emotions,
fantasies, creativity -
it's also damaged to a large extent.
The white spots are the brain
that your brother's left with.
It looks like a photo of the cosmos.
And this black thing, what is that?
That is dead tissue,
most likely, the right side is
completely paralysed.
Are there any chances
of improvement?
I don't want to give you false hope.
Your brother's going to sink into
fantasy, illusion, he'll have visions.
Finally the brain will give in to
its strongest part, the brain stem.
Then the patient will start
to resemble our ancestors.
Primitive instincts: rage, fear,
impulses to attack or flee.
You must brace yourselves,
show great patience.
This has nothing to do with character,
it's a disease.
The director creates
his own cosmos in a film.
He sets the order
and the rules that govern it.
South - north,
up - down.
If there's no order, no laws,
the dramaturgy will collapse.
Nothing's final,
there's no point of reference.
There's no good or bad.
And how do you do the flying?
What flying?
On the green screen.
But who's flying?
Doesn't matter. We're here
to learn the craft.
Do you know or not?
Green screen, blue or red screen...
Any shit screen and a rope.
You tie a guy's legs
and he's flying.
Sorry, I must finish now.
Next week, we'll talk about Bergman.
It's a Swedish car.
Do you want to go home or
straight to the hospital?
Have you got two tens?
Keep the change.
To the hospital.
Slower. Don't go so fast.
I can't go slower. It's a motorway.
So where are we going?
To Andrzej.
What the hell are you doing?
What are you doing to me?
Nurse, don't let him suffer,
I'm begging you.
Don't worry.
He doesn't feel anything now.
So what?
He is the love of my life.
My God, look at you!
Nurse, is there a kiosk here
with things for shaving?
There's one downstairs.
I'll give you the money,
could you bring some, please?
Give her the money,
I only have dollars.
Why shave him?
Don't interrupt and don't discuss.
Give her the money!
Keep the change.
Easy, easy, Andrzej.
I don't know how...
I broke the contract and
he didn't even wake up or kiss me.
But when I put my hand
on his forehead, he smiled.
God, what will happen to us now?
It's open.
Where are you?
Shall we go?
No, I'm not going.
I don't have the strength.
I'm barely alive.
Look at me, I don't want to live.
Andrzej needs you
very much.
He needs me very much
and I need him now
so much.
Right here and now.
But he's not with me.
How could he do this to me?
Don't stand there staring,
just go to the hospital
and bring him here,
now, this instant.
Can I help you?
I'd like to see my brother. May I?
Yes, you may.
But he's just raving, that's all.
Can you see me?
Can you understand what I'm saying?
If someone tells you
that suffering is noble,
buy a big whip and hit them
over the head a few times.
Just raving.
Please go outside sir,
dinner has arrived.
- But I'm talking to my brother.
- But it's feeding time!
Bring me something tasty.
What would you like?
- Good morning.
- Morning.
What would you like, sir?
What's the best thing you've got?
Everything is good here.
- Our oysters are very good.
- Six, please.
Ok, anything else?
- What's this here?
- Crab and octopus...
May I suggest oysters for starters,
then seafood soup
and finally escalopes
with dumplings.
You take one too.
Later, later.
Look, dumplings.
With mushrooms.
Oh fuck!
I see you're getting better.
We can rent a boat,
no licence needed.
For four.
We can just get in and sail away.
And what about the dogs?
We'll take them,
and the bikes and off we go.
We'll travel around, stopping at inns,
it'll be great.
- Fed up of the summer house?
- No, but we have to plan ahead.
Move our asses,
enjoy life while we can.
But the kids are coming.
We'll take them with us.
Hello brother, how's it going?
I don't want to worry you,
but your brother is not cooperating.
Andrzej, you hear what he's saying?
Maybe he's in pain.
- Is something hurting you?
- Here we go again, no cooperation.
Maybe you can talk to him,
'cause I don't have time.
Let's get out of here.
Where are you going?
Where do you want to go?
To the exit.
Getting the fuck out of here.
Where to?
To the Sobieski Hotel!
But first we should go home
for our tuxedos.
Step on it!
Step on it!
Thank you for bringing him back.
What is this?
A conspiracy?
You little bastard,
you sold me out!
You were and always will be
just a dirty louse!
No way!
Let go...
You want me to die here!
Murderer of his own brother!
- Don't worry, he doesn't think that.
- I'm not sure.
It's not him, it's the disease.
It's typical.
I've prepared the discharge
for Tuesday.
There's nothing more
we can do for him.
He doesn't want to cooperate,
to go for rehabilitation.
I think it'll be better
if you take him home.
Just make sure
he eats and drinks regularly
and lies in a warm place.
Otherwise he'll become a vegetable.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You know how he cursed me
in the hospital?
With so much hatred,
with fire in his eyes...
Let it go in one ear,
and out the other.
Easier said than done...
He's your brother.
Bonnie... Bonnie...
- Janusz, where are you?
- Here.
What's the matter?
Talk to me!
I can't.
Janusz? What's wrong?
I'm seeing what it's like
to be paralysed.
I'm trembling all over.
Listen Iga, we have to talk.
How do you imagine it will be?
They'll bring him and...?
We'll manage.
We've always managed,
and we will now too.
Will you change his diaper?
Wash him?
You have to give him medicine
three times a day.
You don't have faith in me?
And when you get drunk?
I swear on my late mother's grave
that I won't touch a drop.
And don't talk to me
like I'm some alcoholic.
There are things
you'll never understand,
you small, miserable realist.
We've been in love with each other
for forty years.
Love is most important.
I'll cure him with love.
- I don't know...
- You boor...
You miserable, simple man.
You don't know anything
about your brother.
It's true we've had
limited contact.
You simpleton, you.
You human frog.
- Morning. Where shall we go?
- There.
My poor dear...
It'll be fine now.
Now I'll take care of you.
Gently does it
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye. Have a nice day.
- This is for you.
- Thank you.
These are all the drugs
you need to buy now.
Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
I can't see without my glasses.
Home at last.
My dear...
We're off now. I'll come by tomorrow.
You don't have to.
And throw out the bags by the door.
But don't let the cat out.
Can you fucking stop singing?
Just don't get agitated... please.
Everything will be fine.
Good morning, Mr Janusz.
I hear your brother had his leg cut off?
What are you talking about?
Sir, Mrs Iga's cat's got out.
It's sitting in the tree.
Come, come... Come here...
Kitty, come...
Is it cut off or not?
Cut it out, man!
Control yourself. Behave politely.
Kitty, Kitty...
Come here...
Get the fuck down, or I'll...
Come on, kitty!
Hi. Close the door.
What's going on here?!
Why is he naked?
You have to change the sheet,
he's all wet, shivering.
We need hot water...
Speak clearly...
Where are the towels?
What, are you crazy?
Do you want to kill him?
You're heartless...
Can't you see how I'm suffering.
Why haven't you changed his diaper?
Don't lie... I have changed it!
You have?
Did you get the medicine
from the pharmacy? I can't see any.
Sure... there they are,
in the plastic bag.
Where's the medicine?!
Is this the medicine?!
Anyone can make a mistake.
- Don't yell at me!
- I'm screaming?!
I'm screaming?!
You haven't done any of what we agreed!
That's not true!
I've been making a new song
for Andrzej all night long.
And it's done.
I'll embrace you
with swan down...
- I'm gonna fucking kill her!
- Calm down. She's in shock, terrified.
Iga, please, I'll teach you how
to change the diaper, come on.
- Give me a break!
- Beata! Let's take him away!
- Thirsty lips...
- How do you want to do it?
- He's covered in piss and shit...
- Like that, understand!
- How do you imagine it?!
- Shit!
Hello, can I order an ambulance?
Yes, immediately!
What are you showing me?
An elephant.
In the ambulance?
There's an elephant there.
I know, I know.
But what am I to tell my parents
when I meet them up there?
That I didn't take care
of my brother?
And we've always lived
like cat and dog.
What's happened?
Mother wanted
to give me some bread...
The soldier didn't let her,
he took her away.
Don't be afraid, you're in my house,
nothing bad will happen.
Where did they take our mother?
I'll give you something
stronger to help you sleep.
I don't want to sleep... find our mother!
Where are you now?
In the camp, you fool...
Where should I be?
In Kazakhstan?
Are you slow or what?
Of course, in Kazakhstan.
A-ha, now I know...
It was you she gave my bread to!
Go to sleep.
Go to bed, I'll take care of him.
Here, eat.
Alright now?
Yes, mother.
Thank you, mother.
Don't leave me alone... I'm afraid.
I'm here.
I'm with you.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I'd like to order a nurse
to care for a sick person.
- Are you registered with us?
- No, I'm not.
Well, you have to register.
Please complete this form.
I understand we can
count on some help.
Of course, as soon as
one of our employees is free.
I mean, when theircurrent patient dies.
There's a long queue.
So how many must die?
Because it's urgent,
my brother's had a stroke,
he's bedridden.
It's best to take your brother
to a specialist facility
so he can get
professional care.
That's out of the question.
I won't take him anywhere.
As you wish.
But, for now, take my advice
and find some private care.
Right... Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Hello, boys, hello.
Hello, dogs.
Good morning, Mr. Andrzej.
It's nice that you've come to me.
Let me remove the quilt...
What are you doing?
Leave me alone!
This arm must be
by the body.
Let go.
I can't... Because I'll fall!
- You won't... let go.
- I won't let go!
Help me.
- Fuck me...
- And now put the leg up.
On the knee,
the other hand above the elbow.
Grasp it hard, one, two, three...
Excuse me!
To your health.
And to your brother's.
Look after yourself.
Your turn.
Arm by the side, behind the knee, yes...
Not that hand. This one. Yes.
One, two, three, pull.
- No... I'm begging you...
- What's that smell?
Well, what is it?
Do you have a diaper?
You'll need a bowl with warm water,
a towel and a cloth.
I won't have that!
I don't know this lady!
Don't you dare touch me there!
Sit. You'll be running
around soon enough.
Janusz! Did you send for
these nasty old hags?!
I can't take this!
I've never experienced
such humiliation in my life!
Janusz! For fuck's sake! Janusz!
It's a miracle he's alive.
I'm sorry to ask so directly,
how long has he got?
God knows!
Five days, five months...
Or maybe fifteen years.
I need a drink.
And now you'll have huge costs.
Because you'll need a special bed,
a wheelchair and other things...
What do you want?
Why are there dogs walking on the wall?
Come on, cut out the fucking bullshit.
Here, for the grip... the elbow...
And on three,
I'll turn you over.
One, two... three.
- Something's wrong.
- Once again.
Hi dad, how are you?
Hello son! What's up?
I'm looking for flights
from Berlin.
Why by plane?
We can go by train.
I won't spend 12 hours
on a train to Warsaw...
What's going on there?
- Hold on.
- Someone has arrived...
Hold on.
- What's going on here?
- The chair and bed have arrived.
I'll take care of it.
Hey, are you there?
Luxury class wheelchair.
It'll do.
I'd like to have one for myself.
I'll put it in my will for you.
So where are we going?
Where would you like to go?
A good restaurant.
Do you have a tuxedo?
I do. Two even.
And leather shoes?
Got them too.
But maybe another time.
Now I wanted to show you our house.
What's this grass?
This? From the steppe.
- From the steppe?
- Uh-huh.
What, are you collecting kitsch?
Kitsch, kitsch...
I like kitsch.
I love kitsch.
So this is the kitchen.
Just a regular kitchen.
Nothing interesting. Normal.
And now the most important part.
- Oh!
- Mum.
Our beloved mother.
And this is the study.
My kingdom.
Here are the books,
Take me to my room,
my butt is hurting.
Right away.
And what are these
buttons and controls?
Wait, here's the manual.
It's hurting even more,
lay me down.
Okay, let's lay him down.
I'll take him under
the arms and lift him...
and you take the trolley away,
in a flash.
I'll try to sit him down
and you grab his legs.
One, two, three!
Oh no, no... wait...
Andrzej, I'll have to ask you for help.
Put your right arm round my neck,
here, like that.
Be careful, the situation is critical.
Don't fucking breathe on me.
- The chair!
- The brake's blocked!
- Faster or I'll fall!
- You won't, I'm holding you.
The legs. Easy now.
We were a hair's breadth
from disaster.
Don't exaggerate.
Let's see how it works now.
Birches, pines...
Contoured light.
Leave the sugar.
- Give me the teaspoon.
- Here you are.
Do you remember anything from
when they took you to Siberia?
- You don't?
- How could I?
After all, I was born
much later, in Kazakhstan.
I can't forgive them.
- For eating Czylita.
- Czylita?
The dog. It was so cute.
The Kirghizjust killed it and cooked it.
But they were kind and hospitable,
they gave me food.
And when they deported you?
Do you remember anything?
Of course.
I do.
The lighted lamp.
The assault by some horrible yobs,
like animals they were.
In budenovkas... with bayonets.
And then?
- On the train?
- Yes.
Fear... I was afraid for my father,
that he wouldn't make it
back on the train.
Where did he get off?
To get hot water.
And something to eat.
And these trains would
leave without warning.
The train would just move off...
And those terrible, desperate cries
of people running after the train...
getting smaller and smaller,
and smaller...
and smaller...
Don't you remember anything?
I do remember things,
on the way back to Poland.
I remember...
a Russian soldier.
He gave me a sweet.
I even remember the
name: "Ice Mishka". Peppermint.
After all, I didn't know
the taste of sugar.
I didn't like that sweet at all,
but I was afraid to spit it out,
'cause the Russian
soldier was watching.
I need to ask you for a favour.
Call the fire brigade immediately.
They need to bring a ladder...
so I can leave the terrace.
Why would you need a ladder?
It's just one small step.
Itjust seems like that to you.
See, I'm standing on the ground.
- You're not.
- Really? So what's under my feet?
- The abyss.
- Cut the crap.
I am deadly serious -
don't move!
- Beata!
- What?
Stand here for a moment, near me.
I have no time.
Be careful...
We're coming onto the terrace.
Not really.
Let's go again. One, two... three.
But look here! Look!
Where are you looking?
Look here!
I don't want to see
what will happen to you.
But there's no abyss. Trust me.
You trust me!
Don't tell me
what I can or can't see.
Call the brigade... right now.
In a moment it'll get dark
and what then?
Put your arm around me.
I am...
No way, there's no chance.
If we move the tub away,
we could get round the other side.
I'll take him by the shoulders
and you take his feet.
What are you up to?
What's going on?!
I can't take this!
What kind of hell is this?
I can't tell you, but you'll
definitely be happy.
Yeah, right!
You're taking away the last
joy of life I have left.
You're taking away my peace.
Gentlemen! Gentlemen, hey!
Can't you work a little more quietly?
But we have to chip it all off.
Stand back.
Stand back.
I'll move the bed away
from the wall.
It will be a bit quieter.
A bit.
Like hell it will.
Get lost, you yobs!
I can't stand it,
call Iga, let her do something.
Call her.
Hello? Hello?
Why don't you visit us?
Are you crazy?
Don't you know I'm caring for
your sick brother and my cat?
I'm barely alive!
Really? Please get Andrzej
on the phone, then.
At your command?
I don't want to.
Iga says you're at her place.
Maybe you fucking are with her.
No, thank you... take it away.
Don't shove it closer to me.
But you must eat.
I said - no!
Andrzej, open your mouth.
I'll feed you.
Open your mouth.
Get away from me, you terrible witch.
Take it away, you moron...
Beata... Beata, don't be offended!
Come back here immediately...
For fuck's sake!
You shit, you...
Look how you talk to a woman, eh?!
You yob!
How do you treat us?!
Here comes another one!
What gives you the right to behave
like a caveman?!
I have the right!
I want to take a shit.
Go ahead, Andrzej,
you have a diaper.
You can't talk to him like that.
You can't offend him.
- It's the disease.
- Or his character.
He's been selfish all his life.
They won't bite him?
They're bitches.
I don't know. Let's try.
I brought him so Andrzej
won't feel lonely.
- Who's the lady who brought you?
- Renia, my sister.
Why didn't she come in?
She's shy,
but she'll come back for me.
Andrzej, my love...
Now everything will be fine.
You don't have a fever?
My poor love...
I'll never leave you... I love you.
I missed you... where were you?
With you... my thoughts
didn't leave you for a minute.
Do you know
who I brought to see you?
Our cat.
Thank you.
- Do you have something?
- Like what?
Just a small one for the road.
Because I've not been
drinking any alcohol at all...
I'm preparing a show.
Renia is helping me.
Now you'll see what kind of life I've had.
Maybe you'll understand me better...
Always looking after Andrzej.
Well, by the way,
you know, we bought
this specialist bed...
the wheelchair.
We're renovating the bathroom
and we're short of cash.
Maybe you could pitch in?
Of course, Janusz,
how much do you want?
Money is no object.
We'll go to the bank
and you take what you need.
- Ok.
- And as for the wine... Janusz...
I'm an adult and
sometimes I like to drink.
Renia's getting impatient.
So? You like it?
Are you guys going to bathe?
We're going to bathe you.
Get me out of here this instant.
It's hot!
Don't touch me there... it hurts!
- I have wounds there!
- No wounds there, Andrzej.
Here, I'll pick him up,
you wipe his back and
I'll wipe the rest, ok?
Come on.
I'm falling!
I can't, wait!
Hold him!
Help! I'm falling!
Where am I?
- Help me.
- What should I do?
Get the chair,
I'll try to sit him down.
Go there.
Damn it...
What happened?
I warned you.
You should've listened to me.
- What's wrong with you, Dad?
- Oh, it's nothing, my dear,
one of those things...
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hi uncle, do you recognise me?
Of course I recognise you...
Who are you?
Andrzej, this is my son, Jan,
and this is my beloved daughter, Vera.
- Oh.
- Hi.
So you have children?
You've got children?
By what right?!
Andrzej, see what beautiful
children Janusz has.
Why don't you have any?
Because I didn't want
to condemn anyone to dying.
The same old song.
Children are born and die.
You can't succumb to animal urges.
This is Mateusz, my son.
- He'll look after you now.
- Good morning.
So you already have a son, Iga?
Iga is at Niemcewicza St.,
I'm Beata.
Give me a break
with that "Beata".
Beata and Beata! Come up with
something new. A hideous name!
Aniela is my middle name.
Aniela, even worse!
Mateusz, take Andrzej's feet
and we'll put him in the wheelchair.
Andrzej's had enough.
- Should I pour?
- No.
Pour me some.
- A little.
- No.
My dear brother...
You know that you're not allowed.
Who said so?
Every doctor says so.
Bull... They know shit.
Right... shit. They operated on my
aunt's good eye and left the bad one.
That's the whole truth
about medicine.
Give me that.
You are my worst enemy.
You want to incapacitate me
and take away
my last pleasures.
Don't talk stupid, Andrzej.
My dear brother...
"You can't do this, do that"...
Actually, he's a bastard trying
to impose his will on others.
I can see you.
I'm flying high and
I see you from above.
Small people.
Mateusz, take me away from here.
Pour, Maniek.
Let's drink.
What a hideous pub.
Anything else you need?
Youth. And health.
Beata! Beata!
What is it?
Check if he has a fever.
Does something hurt you, Andrzej?
It's terrible.
Terrible pain, I can't stand it.
There's no pee.
It hasn't fallen out.
The catheter's blocked.
We have to call for an ambulance.
I can't stand it.
Don't panic.
Let's try to do it ourselves, ok?
Put the gloves on.
- Take a syringe...
- I know what to do!
Take the syringe.
- 10 millilitres.
- Stop telling me!
- Don't talk to me like that!
- Shut up!
- You shut up!
- Stop arguing.
Break it off.
- Like children...
- It's not that simple.
- I'm so sorry...
- It's clogged.
Wait, I'll wipe it.
Wipe your face.
- It's all because of me.
- Janusz.
I don't want that!
Must you do such hideous things...
- Here. I'll wipe it.
- I said I don't want that!
And again.
- We won't manage.
- We will.
We can do it!
Stop it!
It's not working!
Push it right in.
It's working, right?
Can't you see it's not?
Done! It's flowing!
Jesus Christ!
Andrzej, better?
Better, but it was close.
Aren't you disgusted?
Because I am. Terribly.
Relax, Andrzej, it's nothing.
Easy, easy.
Dad, watch out for yourself
or you'll tire yourself out.
This isn't how it's done.
There are places
where you put sick people.
Now I know what awaits me
in my old age.
Stupid you...
Don't worry.
We'll visit you.
Andrzej's movie is on.
Oh, that's cool.
It's not cool. Nothing's cool.
Where's Iga?
I have no idea.
I have the feeling
something bad's happened.
No way.
What could've happened?
I don't know but I feel it.
Okay, don't get upset.
I'll go to Warsaw and bring her.
I'll be very grateful.
- Who are you?
- I'm here to see Iga.
Janusz? Come in!
Janusz, this is my sister's
husband, Artur.
I apologise for no warning,
but Andrzej's worried about you.
- No problem, let's go.
- Great.
- But Iga, you can't...
- Why?
You're not prepared,
you've not taken your medicine.
Why can't I? I can.
I'm going to Andrzej.
But Renia says you can't go out...
Wait till she gets back.
Renia talks shit,
we're going, bye...
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Andrzej... my love...
Beata, let me feed him.
Go ahead.
There's no need.
If you say so.
Andrzej, you have to eat a little.
What are you pushing on me?
Give me a spoon.
There you go.
I haven't given up and
I won't give up to cruel biology.
A ladies' man.
Always so handsome.
And he made me play
fat and toothless women.
I yelled "I don't give a fuck
about your film", I cried...
And he said: "Now, that's good."
"Got it?", "Hold it, I'm panning it."
"Are you panning me?"
Back then... I was so happy.
Take me to my room.
Ok, Andrzej.
And you?
Don'tjust sit there.
You have to put Andrzej to bed.
Why didn't Iga come
home yesterday?
Where are you hiding my sister?
In the cellar, of course.
I am notjoking.
Please give her back to me, now!
This should be good.
So why should we?
Because she's under my care.
What care?
- I applied for her incapacitation.
- On what grounds?
Because I'm her sister
and she's not able to make
rational decisions.
How do you know that?
Based on expert opinion,
I am her legal guardian, here.
As far as I know, this is possible
only after a court order.
And I haven't heard of any hearings.
The case in court is quite advanced...
It's confirmed. And you have
nothing to say in this.
Please, return her to me!
She has to come home now!
You have to go home now!
Who says so?!
Your sister!
My childhood finished long ago.
Tell her to get fucked.
Iga, have you recently had a visit
to a psychiatrist or psychologist?
Are you kidding?
Never heard about it.
Wait, wait.
How does your sister look after you?
Well, she does the shopping,
gives me medicine.
I have to throw this out...
You think she may not remember
seeing a psychiatrist?
Maybe, or maybe
she doesn't want to remember.
Can I talk to my lawyer, please.
Look, I've just found out
that my sister-in-law's family
asked for her incapacitation.
Three months ago, they
moved into her flat, and...
What can we do now?
Okay. Thanks. Bye.
And I have my intimate little world.
Far, behind the sea of sorrows,
beyond the mountains of dreams.
What are you doing?
We're replacing the locks.
- By what right?
- Morning, it's good you're here.
Please pack all your belongings
and leave the flat now.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm looking after her.
Not anymore, madam.
You can go out
alone or with assistance.
So, please, just get
your stuff and leave.
Iga, what's going on?
- You don't know what you're talking about.
- Madam, I don't care! Please leave now!
Or what?
Or I'll beat the shit out of you.
Let's pack.
- This isn't the end.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Maniek?
- Yes?
- Have you changed them?
- Yes.
That was easy.
A bit too easy.
Why did they leave
without resistance?
I regret that too.
Hey, wait a moment!
Madam, that's Iga's car.
So what?
You must be kidding. I have
to move my things somehow.
If the car isn't back tomorrow,
I'll go to the police.
- How much do you want? 10,20,30?
- Just 10.
We'll wait here.
Where are you going?
With the VIP card, please go upstairs.
I want to see my current and deposit accounts.
Wait a minute... I can't find my ID.
It's not necessary,
madam, just the card.
Thank you very much.
What's written here?
I don't understand.
Twelve zlotys.
What do you mean?
On 16th you came here with your sister
and transferred the money to a new account.
Yes. And you assigned
your sister to the new one.
Where is this account?
Just a moment.
On 16th, you authorised your sister.
On 17th, your sister withdrew the money
and transferred it to another account.
After deducting interest,
it had 300,012 zlotys.
The 18th, your sister withdrew
150,000 zlotys in cash.
And today the same,
the other 150,000 in cash.
With the annotation
"for my sister's treatment".
So where is the money?
I have no idea.
Please ask your sister.
I'm so sorry.
I swear to God I haven't
assigned anybody to my account.
Don't swear.
It was your signature.
- You were probably drunk.
- No way!
There are no such things as miracles.
Maybe you did something?
Maybe you took dope?
- Well, I took some medicine.
- What medicine?
- For the flickering, the pressure.
- And specifically?
I don't know. After all,
Renia took care of it.
You can't leave him alone for a moment.
Andrzej, what are you doing?!
- Janusz!
- What?
- Come and help us!
- Let go.
- Let go!
- What is it?
- He's devilishly strong...
- Fuck it.
Andrzej, stop fooling around!
- Let go!
- Andrzej...
You're just assholes.
Watch out, his belly.
Leave me alone!
Let me go, I have to go!
Where do you want to go?
To save Iga!
But I'm here, Andrzej!
Andrzej! See?
Janusz, help me lift him,
he's all wet.
- Leave me alone.
- Easy.
When I'm alone, it's peace
and nirvana, and happiness,
and when you appear,
hell and pain are unleashed.
Why does He above
test me like this?
Maybe it's not you that he's testing.
Then who?
Maybe it's me?
Or maybe us?
I'll find out on the other side
what the sense of all this was.
And if there's no other side, then what?
Then it's even better.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
It's not how we agreed!
Beata, a bit more optimism.
It's bad, but it can't get any worse.
Come here for a moment.
Why did you tear up the diaper?
It wasn't me.
It was a bear.
What bear?
It was here, it tore it all up.
And what did you do?
I hit it on its muzzle.
And what did it do?
Ran away crying.
So it's not here anymore?
Give me a fag.
I think I deserve one
after something like that.
- Do you drink?
- Excuse me?
Do you drink?
Almost never. Very rarely...
A glass of wine.
Please don't get upset.
Can you say: bar, bomb, oak, bar?
Bar, bomb, oak, bar.
Very good.
And can you tell us what
banknotes we have in Poland?
Of course. 100,200,300,400,500,600.
Are you sure?
No, wait a minute.
No, of course 10,20,50,100 and 200.
You took me by surprise.
There are old people
with sclerosis, Alzheimer's,
and they die peacefully at home,
with their family.
Or they sit in the sewers
with the rats
and no-one is interested in
what's in their heads.
Only my head... only me,
why is fate fucking with me?
Don't worry.
I went to the bathroom at night
and a great light flooded over me.
I even thought someone was filming me.
I saw the light, I looked up at it
and I heard a voice that said:
"Don't be afraid".
I felt happiness, enormous peace.
Well, that's a comfort.
We need two sailor costumes, now.
- For a movie?
- Not a movie...
We'll just dress up as sailors
and bring Renia and her lapdog
to justice.
We'll beat the hell out of them,
for starters,
and then some cable, a gravel road...
Well... you know...
Only you can't walk.
It doesn't matter...
I can stagger a bit.
You'll support me.
- It's normal for sailors.
- Right.
What, Andrzej?
It will be fine.
I love you.
And I love you too.
Sensation, huge attraction!
They're making a review of our films,
aren't you happy?
It's nice that they remember.
We'll go, won't we?
No way.
I have to go alone?
Alone. Just say something smart.
Try your best.
And if they ask me why we
didn't make films together?
Itjust turned out that way.
And you could've chosen a different
profession. You didn't have to cut in.
Because of you, people didn't
know which movie was whose.
You know what,
when you were making movies,
I always helped you, you know.
The designs, the shooting, everything.
Every time.
And when I made my films,
you didn't help me at all!
It's possible.
I don't remember.
I don't.
You have a disgusting character.
You complicate everything.
- Better get some paper and write.
- Write what?
An idea for a movie.
Scene 1.
A harbour district.
Three sailors are leaving on a pass.
And what next?
They have a clear purpose.
A brawl.
That's right.
I like it.
Will they get a thrashing?
They will,
but they will win in the end.
can you picture it?
Can you?
I see everything very clearly.
Okay, but what's next?
I love you, brother.
Two little pups tried to cross a river
They didn't know how,
they made a little bridge.
But the bridge they built
I'm very sorry,
but the exit is over there.
Excuse me, can you say
a few words to the camera?
Could you come a little closer?
Can we?
In your last film, Mr. Andrzej...
Mr. Janusz...
Sorry, again...
What's happened?
nothing at all.
He proposed to me.
He wanted to go and get
some champagne, he struggled...
He almost fell off the bed.
Iga was getting to me,
the cat shat on the quilt.
And how are you?
- It was a stunning success.
- Uh-huh.
Go to him there.
How was the show?
A lot of people?
A full house.
And what did they say?
What people usually say.
I despise our father even today.
For not escaping from them.
The Ruskies.
Polesie has forests, swamps,
lakes... he could've hidden.
But he followed
them like a sheep.
And he was afraid all the time.
Escape? You think it was so easy.
Father, mother, you, aunts, grandmother,
grandfather. The whole bunch?
- How to escape?
- True.
It was a very large family.
Anyone else still alive?
And is father alive?
He is dead.
Are you sure?
And mother?
She's dead, too.
Only we are left.
if only I could get up.
Why don't you want to exercise?
I'm scared.
Raise your hand.
You know,
all his life father wanted
to go to the West.
To see Paris.
But it wasn't possible.
And when it was, he couldn't
walk anymore. Just like you.
And I so wanted to drink coffee
with him in a little French bistro.
Hold it.
Good morning, my dears.
Good morning.
Did you sleep well?
And you?
I didn'tjinx you.
Come here.
What's wrong?
The plane is falling.
I can't keep the controls!
Can you do it?
I'll try.
Hold on... I'm doing a barrel roll!
And again!
A spin!
Higher, higher!
Where are we flying to?
No idea.
We're flying!
Are you out of your minds?!
Higher, higher!