A Certain Kind of Silence (2019) Movie Script

We were honestly expecting you
Maybe it's my fault.
You're here now,
that's what counts.
Looking after the house can be
difficult and demanding sometimes...
But I'm sure you'll handle it.
Sebastian here...
He is the most important for us.
We hope you'll make yourself feel
at home... Perhaps even better.
I am sure.
If you need anything else,
I'll get it for you.
Thank you.
There is a shower on the ground floor.
I almost forgot...
It's really nice of you
but I brought my own.
Your own ?
You can leave it here if you want to.
I'm sure I'll use it one day.
As for a shower,
you go through the living room,
downstairs and then to the left.
- OK.
- We're so happy to have you.
I'll be translating.
So, what about the boy ?
What about him ?
Tell us about your relationship
with him.
Good morning.
I am Michaela.
So, what is your name ?
So you need to know there are certain
rules which must be obeyed.
There is a list of conditions
we've agreed upon with the agency.
And signature goes right down there.
If you look after the household,
the household will look after you.
Don't stand up, Mikala...
What did they actually
call you at home ?
- Just take your time.
- Ma.
Mish... ? Misha ?
She must sign the contract first.
Now the first three weeks are
a trial as you know.
If you don't manage to create a
functional relationship with Sebastian
then I am afraid that we will have to
say goodbye to each other.
Would it be ok
if we just called you Mia ?
Do you like this name ?
Is Mia a nice name ?
Now say it in English.
Yes, I would like her to be called Mia.
No one calls me like that...
I like Mia.
I should bring a lawyer with me.
- Is there anything wrong ?
- No.
It will clean your organism.
Thank you.
So, yes. You can go back where
you came from anytime you want to.
This is your payment card,
this is a customer card
for a coffee shop...
And this is an access card
to our house.
I also got you a phone.
Thank you.
You might want to give me
your valuablea.
Passport, ID, stuff like that.
Just to keep it safe.
No. It's ok.
So what do you like to do at school ?
What ? What did you say ?
I am working now, mom.
No, I don't need anything.
Can we Skype in the evening, ok ?
Great. Bye.
How are you feeling ?
I never really understood
how you count the points.
In the beginning it's love,
then it's fifteen.
In the beginning it's love ?
What does that mean ?
It means zero.
Zero is love ?
And she said I have to wash it
with the blue sponge.
I don't get it.
I don't see the difference.
Washing the fucking mug
with the blue or green spoonge ?
Didn't I tell you
they would be like this ?
That they're some weirdos ?
See ? I was right again.
You know that, yeah.
But they're not weirdos.
She just said there some rules
and I have to follow them
because that's how they do it.
Got it ?
- Don't you miss me at all ?
- Yes, of course.
I miss you.
You have to come visit.
It's really nice here.
David ?
I was going to tidy up.
We're going out for a dinner tonight.
Actually it's more of a party...
We would like you to join us.
No, thank you, I can't right now.
I am just skyping...
With whom ?
With my boyfriend.
It's just that
all our family friends will be there...
They've been asking about you.
I'll go next time.
Do you know what all these people
have in common ?
They are rich ?
Thank you.
Thank you.
They're absolutely independent...
Do you want to be free one day ?
Yes. That's why I'm here.
I just don't want to disappoint you.
There's nothing to be scared of.
We're all on the same boat.
You just have to...
try to be the best...
I know very well what it's like.
Have you ever worked as an au-pair ?
Yes, really, in France.
When I was in your age.
If I could do it you can do it too...
Not like the last one.
And what happened to her ?
We had to fire her after two weeks.
She didn't get along with Sebastian.
Haven't you seen a boy
with grey jacket ?
No, I don't think so. Sorry.
Perhaps there.
Ok. Thanks.
I liked him.
Did everything seem normal ?
What was your relationship like ?
Tell us something
about your relationship with him.
We understood each other.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Just a bad dream.
It's gone now.
say you will never do
anything like this ever again.
I won't.
Use a full sentence when answering.
I will not do anything like this again.
Mia, will you do to Sebastian
what you did to him ever again ?
But I didn't do anything to him.
Fuck !
Hello ?
I don't know. The card don't work.
Doesn't work.
Excuse me ?
Yes, I did tidy up.
What does it have to do with this... ?
- Hi.
- Hello.
How can I help you ?
Do you have any menu ?
I see.
It's your first time here, right ?
Haven't we met before ?
Because I feel like
I know you from somewhere...
- I don't think so.
- Ok.
Anyway, we have nothing like menus
in here.
So you just tell me whatever you'd like
and I'll make it for you.
- Latt... maybe ?
- Yeah, maybe.
But... We have a speciality here.
It's a matcha tea. It's much better.
I love it
so I'm sure you'll love it too.
- Mia. Where are you from ?
- From Prague.
- From Prague ? Czech Republic.
- Yeah.
- She is absolutely lovely.
- Good.
Mia told me
she was quite surprised herself
by how fast she adapted
to this household.
She is really tidy now
and her English
is improving every day.
And is everything alright with
Sebastian ?
I hate to say it
but that's the problem.
Mia doesn't like Sebastian.
I don't like Sebastian ?
But I do like him.
Yes, she looks after him
but it's more like a manual work.
I don't know how to describe it.
It's as if she wasn't giving him
enough of herself.
He suddenly stopped doing well
in tennis.
I am afraid this situation has forced
us to decide to send Mia back home.
To send me back home ?
You see, it's always difficult for
children to establish a relationship
with a strange person. To someone
who suddenly appears in their home.
But he is...
He is so closed.
Before you start blaming the child
one needs to look at oneself
and admit where one could have done
better in a mutual communication.
- You know the protocol to follow ?
- Yes.
You will pay for her return ticket
and this young lady
must leave the country
in two weeks at latest.
But why ?
- I haven't done anything wrong.
- Mia.
A family is not a democracy.
But we might also take it as a warning
and give Mia one more chance, right ?
Do you want another chance, Mia ?
Love forty.
I can't go back home just yet.
I've just arrived here.
I haven't seen anything,
haven't been anywhere.
Why don't you sit in the front ?
With me ?
I'm not allowed to sit there.
Why not ?
Have you ever sat on this seat ?
Well, I bet you'll enjoy the ride.
This is called "a death seat".
Change of schedule.
Let's take a trip.
Don't be afraid.
Come on.
Try it.
It isn't a nice word.
We asked you to stick to three rules.
I know, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It's not that long ago
since you came in late, and now this.
But that was my time off.
You need to set a good example.
- But Sebastian liked it.
- Pleasure has nothing to do with it.
We have to stick to our rules
if we want to be happy and safe.
Sticking to Sebastian's timetable.
Color to color. Every food has...
Ok, alright.
Only a sufficient pain
can produce a desired result.
That's a rule, right ?
Only a sufficient pain
can produce a desired result.
I didn't do anything.
What the blonde girl ?
- She is cute.
- No.
So she is not your type ?
What do you mean with type ?
It means that you always like
a certain kind of people.
How they look, how they behave.
- So do you like anyone now ?
- No.
You don't want to jump anymore ?
I've jumped more than 20 times already.
What are you doing ?
You're not supposed to do that.
Which hand was it ?
I need your help.
What are you doing ?
- Don't beat him !
- We don't beat him.
We love him.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Don't be scared.
Do you love Sebastian, Mia ?
Prove it to him.
Maybe wait till the agency replies
and see what they have to say.
Or you could return to the house
and see what it's like.
I don't know.
Of course you could go back to Czech...
To your family.
But they don't know
what they have in you.
Seriously, tell me.
Have you ever wanted something,
but then didn't do it because of them ?
- Of course, many times.
- Yeah. See ?
You shouldn't be wasting your life.
Please go again.
Empty your pockets please.
- I need to make a call.
- Of course.
Take off your jacket, please.
Your blazer as well, please.
And your shoes as well.
You need to take off your sweater
as well.
- I have to call someone.
- Of course. After this procedure.
Please take your sweater off.
And your top as well.
- Please take off your top.
- No.
Your hands like that.
I've just been a little busy lately.
I'm sorry, mom.
In Egypt ?
And what about dad ?
I don't think that has anything
to do with it. You know him.
Why don't you ask him yourself ?
I mean, I can't, not like this.
What ?
Can we speak later ?
Tomorrow I guess ?
Hi. It's me.
Am I interrupting ?
It's just...
There's been a lot going on. I'm sorry.
I don't know, it broke somehow.
No. Nothing.
I just wanted to hear your voice.
Everything is fine.
What about you ?
How'd it go with the client ?
Sebastian misses you.
I guess we're a little old-fashioned
when it comes to upbringing.
I am sorry but
it doesn't make any sense.
- I think...
- You think ?
We're not doing this
out of frustration.
It's our duty as parents to raise
Sebastian in order to be obedient
so that he can be successful
when he grows up.
And not be a disgrace to us.
Tell me what's wrong about that.
- I am sorry.
- It wasn't your fault.
Are you coming back ?
Sebastian !
I need a break.
Not now.
But she deserves to have a break.
The other au-pairs, maids,
they all did the same thing.
The other girls did the same thing.
They did what they were asked.
Some for money, faith, love...
Did you beat that boy ?
- Did you beat the boy ?
- No.
I didn't beat him.
Mia, I need your help.
No need to be afraid,
I'm right here with you.
That's not enough, Mia.
It's for Sebastian's own good.
Thank you.
I am so proud of you.
Shall we do that ?
It's good for the mind,
it's good for the soul.
The method in breathing
and you can
increase your immunity system.
- No.
- I see you're hesitating.
Because it's too cold.
If you have the sauna,
you will be warm.
Yeah. Your body is gonna like it.
Nothing funny.
In order for everything to work,
it's just not possible without you.
We really want it to be you.
We want you to say yes.
Of course it would also mean signing
some of our property to you.
I really appreciate it, it's just...
The responsibility is so huge.
We don't want Sebastian to end up
in some institution.
Mia, we need you.
Just a bit, it's enough.
Ok, you have one, bring it in.
So then you cut it.
Then you take everything out.
The bad bits.
So this is it.
Now you.
What're you doing ?
Go away, Sebastian.
Get out !
Welcome everyone.
So good to see
so many friendly faces.
Our goal of course is still as simple
and as hard as ever
to bring together the best
and the brightest like all of you are
and to create a true community.
I am sure you all know that
only when there is enough of us,
we will be able to accomplish
something meaningful.
So I would like to introduce to you
a very special person
who might have started out
from humble beginnings
but has the potential and the desire
to reach for something higher.
For you.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
To Mia.
Mia, I have a meeting with a client.
The doctor will deal
with everything else.
- Ok.
- See you later.
So Mia.
- Any allergies ?
- No.
- Contraception ?
- No.
That's good.
Very good.
The tea is already infuse.
No, you say it wrong. It's infused.
- Infused.
- Very good.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, I almost forgot...
Wear it on your left ring finger
every time you go out by yourself.
It's not much,
but it might discourage some people.
Thank you.
Yes, we're really happy with this one.
I can recommend it to you.
- We are thinking about getting one.
- Really ?
- Which nationality is the best ?
- Oh, I don't know.
She is from Prague.
Mia !
Come in, please.
Could you make her better, please ?
Did they make you hurt other kids ?
Did you hurt other kids ?
Where is Sebastian ?
Do you know ?
We are missing hundreds of kids.
He is one of them.
Game match, Sebastian.
Maybe, I will talk to him.
Ok. Thank you.
Will we take a trip ?
Not today. We have different plans.
Fasten your seatbelt.
It's time.
I'll be right back.
Wake up.
Wake up.
How are you feeling, Mia ?
Why am I not in a hospital ?
Fortunately the wounds were not
too deep. There was nothing serious.
- I was stabbed.
- We would not see it that way.
In time the wounds will heal.
Mia, this is Daniel.
Daniel, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
- Where is Sebastian ?
- Sebastian was rotten.
He had to leave.
But don't worry.
We will install cameras in our house
for extra security.
Yes. The upbringing must be
under a bigger control.
I am afraid we failed in being
consistent when raising him.
"Children must be disciplined
immediately and in such way that
only a sufficient pain
can produce a desired result."
Mia, did you discipline Sebastian
every time he was rebelling ?
I guess I did.
And you did so without any delay ?
Sometimes maybe I forgot or skipped
See ?
I told you
she hadn't raised him properly.
We are all responsible
for what happened.
It's a fault of all of us,
including you.
I'm sorry.
You should go to bed now.
I've prescribed you some pills.
Take one three times a day.
Everything is alright.
Let's go have some breakfast.
Everything will be fine.
I just need to change my clothes.
Mia ?
Could you wake up Daniel, please ?
What is happening ?
Just wake him up.
The tea is already infused.
Everything they will be telling you
will be nothing but
manipulation and lies.
They're here too.
Don't panic, just stick to the plan.
Do you want some honey, Mia ?
It's forest honey.
I got it from a neighbor.
Don't be scared.
There is no way
they will find every one of us.
What are we going to do ?
What's gonna happen with Sebastian ?
I'm sorry.
- I mean Daniel.
- It's OK.
Don't worry, it's alright.
Do you want him to be called
Sebastian too ?
No. I don't want to.
They arrived already.
They will come here.
Take will take us away.
One by one.
But they will not replace us.
We just need to ask you
a few questions.
You can go home.
You can go home.
In September 2015, the German police
raided two communities
and took 40 children away
from their parents.
The communities belonged to
the Twelve Tribes cult.
The cult aims to raise
144,000 male virgins
who would prepare the way
for Christ's second coming.
The children's upbringing is based on
corporal punishment
for disobedience,
showing emotions, playing, etc.
Twelve Tribes run bio farms, youth
hostels, cafes and restaurants
in the USA, Canada, France,
the UK, Spain, Brazil,
Argentina and the Czech Republic.