A Chance for Christmas (2021) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
[Christina] And now for another Chance family hack number 67.
And once the bacon is crisp on both sides...
they're ready to come out.
-Oh, hey! -Smells great, hon.
Oh, here.
Okay. Here's a little snack while the bird's still cooking.
Thanks, mom. You're the best!
See? Even the kids love them.
As always, you can find the recipes
to all the dishes in my Thanksgiving series on my blog
Christina A. Chance For Cooking.
Link is in the bio. I'm Christina A. Chance.
-And we are... -The Chances!
And that is what I'm talking about!
Darling family, loving husband, authentic charm and style,
and that's what makes Christina A. Chance
the perfect brand ambassador for Love Handles.
Aw, thank you, Nicole.
This is an incredible opportunity to help people.
When I started sharing little life hacks,
it was all about saving time and making the grueling task
of parenting a little easier.
You know, if I can get even ten more minutes
to be with my kids, that is everything to me.
And Love Handles makes that possible.
I know that they care about giving me more time
with the people I care about,
and that is why I love Love Handles.
-Just wow. -[applause]
All right, here's the deal.
We're gonna give you control of our Christmas Eve Live Cast.
Complete takeover of all our social media accounts.
-Wow. -[chuckles] Right?
And if you get two million engagements,
you become the new face of Love Handles.
Do you think that's possible?
-Two million? -Mm-hmm.
-On Christmas Eve? -Mm-hmm.
Uh, that's a...
I'm sorry, Nicole, I actually...
I-I thought I was here to sign the contract.
You get two million, we'll sign the contract.
Ah, yeah, of course, my family's gonna love this.
Great! To Christina Chance!
Uh, I'm sorry, just a quick question, uh,
isn't it a little late to be pushing
Love Handles products on Christmas Eve?
It's not about selling, it's about the lifestyle.
But December 26th is the biggest return day of the year.
So we want people cashing in those unwanted gifts
to buy Love Handles. Good time to remind them.
A toast to Christina A. Chance and Love Handles.
-[applause] -[cheering]
[Christina] Whew. I've a lotta work to do.
Oh, you're gonna be great.
Just be yourself. You are perfect.
Devon is still your point man on this, so let him know
what you need. Not that you're gonna need any help.
Oh, I totally forgot! Is he here?
Oh, his flight's delayed, he's visiting
one of our new ambassadors. I know he's sorry he missed you.
Well, that's too bad. I was really hoping to meet him.
-[elevator bell dings] -Oh!
Great job.
Oh, and thank you for this incredible opportunity.
-You got this! -[Christina] Okay.
-Speak of the devil. -Did I miss her?
You wanna run down to the lobby and catch your little crush?
It's not like that. She's married. I'm just a fan.
Devon, you're her account manager,
it's your job to get her to the finish line.
Two million. Remember, it's not just her.
Okay. You don't have to worry about Christina.
You saw the family. You can't fake that.
She's legit!
If there was anyone
I'd want to spend about a 100 days with
Layin' in the yard staring up at the stars
Wonderin' where all the planes went
It would be you
Oh, Hugo! Please clean up your toys!
Kaylee, I need you to clean the kitchen set.
Everyone has to pitch in, we only have a few days
to get our house ready.
It would be you always you
And when the lights go out
We'll just keep on dancing in the dark
As if the world has got to end
You might as well just end up in my arms
[Christina] Because then we could see the sidelines
and it would be just fine.
[Steve] So if I feel like I can't do any of that stuff,
it's just not gonna look as good.
And I want it to kind of be my creative.
Please, listen! Please!
We are almost done. Okay?
So then Steve turns on the lights...
-Yeah. Twinkle lights. -No.
No, I have the whole thing already mapped out for you.
-Here. -Okay. Thanks, babe.
Steve, don't call me babe when we're not filming.
I'm just getting into character.
Christina, he's just on loan.
Please be nice to your future stepfather.
Mom, we graduated the same year.
So he is not, and will never be my stepfather.
As I was saying, then our
special guest,
Santa, arrives and...
Why do we have to do this our entire Christmas?
It's not the entire Christmas, Kaylee. It's just Christmas Eve.
And the rehearsals all week.
Yes, dad. Oh, and thank you for paying attention.
I appreciate all of you, okay?
We just film tomorrow and then you can have the rest of the
break to do whatever you want. Is that okay with you, Kaylee?
As long as I don't have to wear that stupid dress.
But you look great in it.
Look, okay, I promise you,
all of our lives will be better if I get this job.
Come on, guys, it is just one day!
[instrumental music]
Yeah I'm loving it planning everyday with you baby
You baby
And I just wanna be there
Forever be there with you baby you baby
[sighs] Okay.
And night baby
And I
Wakey, wakey.
Eggs and bakey.
-Kaylee, what are you wearing? -Clothes.
That is not the outfit we agreed on.
Please go upstairs and change.
[sighs] Whatever. Today sucks.
-Really? -But I put it back together.
[knocking on door]
-[sighs] -Good morning.
Good morning, grandpa!
Uh, thank you for watching Hugo.
-Um, tools are in the closet. -Again?
Okay, I love you, but the first live segment is in ten minutes.
So I have to prep! Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo!
[Rick] Where'd you put the screwdrivers, you varmint?
The Love Handles mixer has an auto cookie setting
to make mixing dough even easier.
Remember, when you're busy, let Love Handles handle it.
For my first shape I've chosen a festive Santa hat.
-How about you, Kaylee? -A circle.
Oh, I thought you were gonna use the snowman.
That's right, Kaylee, by using concentric circles,
you can make your own snowman.
It's a little more advanced, but unique and homemade.
All right, everybody, we will be live casting
all Christmas Eve, and I cannot wait for you to see
the hottest new Love Handles products
to make this special day even easier.
See you in ten!
Ah! You almost got me.
[scoffs] Just trying to keep myself interested.
Yeah, circle. That was a, that was a good one.
What will I do next?
[Nicole] What do you mean you're driving to her house?
I thought I'd surprise her. I mean, it's Christina Chance.
Am I right? I mean, you met her.
What's she like? No, no, no. Don't tell me.
[Devon] I bet she's exactly like her videos.
-Devon! -The house, the family!
The cooking. Oh!
-You're late. -And it was worth the wait.
Hey, babe. Right. No babe.
Ladder's at the side of the house if you wanna get started.
Ladder duty, got it, babe. Christina.
-Today's gonna be great. -Yes!
Who's that?
[Wanda] I don't know, but I want one.
[instrumental music]
Oh. Oh, it must be the Santa from the service.
What? Did he swap his a.m.s and p.m.s?
Pretty cute for a Santa.
Uh, well, we're gonna have to pad you.
Uh, what? Uh, uh, sorry I'm late.
Late? You're, you're really early. It's not even dark yet.
-Oh. Uh, I got-- -Oh, no, no, no.
You guys always have the worst suits. Come on.
Yeah. I, uh, I have a better one for you.
-I'll show you. -Oh, hi.
Hello yourself.
Now it won't burn. Good job.
-Who's that, mom? -[Christina] Oh!
He's our special guest helping out today.
-Wanda. -Rick.
-Uh, uh, caution tape? -Our special guest.
You look like a Rockette.
Keep your heart rate down. This isn't for you.
I'm dating younger men now.
Men who are into adventures
like skydiving and underwater hockey.
-Sounds exhausting. -What?
Oh, Hugo, um, can you take
your grandfather to go find the camera?
-Let's go, grandpa! -Good.
-[Rick] Good idea. -Oh, just family, right?
Ah, I guess...
Okay, I think it's just actually over here somewhere.
Yeah, it's just over here, um... Think, uh...
Oh, and don't worry, we're not using this set today.
Ah, yes, hello again. Oops, oops. Oh.
Yeah, take a look. It's nice, huh? Real wool.
From the Thanksgiving parade. I actually, I added the trim.
-Come on. -It's nice, I guess.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, you can go ahead and-and turn that on.
Okay. Wait. Who do you think I am?
Um, the, the Santa from the service.
-I'm Devon. -Devon who?
Devon from Love Handles.
[Steve] Whew. I need me some H2O.
Mm, I got some H2O for you.
-No! -No!
[Christina and Devon gasping]
What? What? What is that? What is happening right now?
Um, guys, can you just give us a minute?
-I'll give you two. -[Devon gasps]
Do you wanna, uh, sit down?
-What is going on? -Um...
Do you remember Steve's introduction when he, uh,
he walked through the, the live cast, in a towel?
-Yeah, the numbers blew up. -Right.
Yeah, that was the first time I got a million views.
Um, so, uh, t-that was an accident.
He w-was, is dating my mom,
which is, which is weird enough, and everyone just assumed
he was my husband, and I just, I didn't, uh, correct them.
So Steve is not your husband?
-No. -I am so screwed.
What else is a lie? Are those even your kids?
Good question.
-Kaylee! -Sorry.
This affects all of us, you know?
Go, now.
Do you realize the position you have put me in?
Oh, the position you're in?
Oh, I am so sorry this is so hard for you.
Nobody wants the real me, they want Christina Chance,
the personality, not, not Christina Chance,
a mom barely holding it together.
I am doing my best here!
This, this? I, I don't know what this is!
-I can't believe it! -What are you gonna do?
I-I don't know, I-I should call Nicole.
What do I even say? How do I even explain this?
You, you said you were here to help me, so come on, help me.
Oh, right? What?
You're on in three minutes. Places, everyone!
-But there's, there's no one-- -Ah! Let's do this!
Okay, yeah, well, that's it. No, this way... Other way.
Steve is attaching the Love Handles
happy handles Christmas lights,
the happiest lights on your block.
They're easy to hang and they come with their own hooks.
That's right, babe, and until now the only spot
you'd find a twinkle this nice was in your eyes.
And they're as easy as one, two, three.
It's so easy...
Right, uh, so easy that, that I...
You can do it! 'Cause Steve, my husband, he can do it.
He can do it while I do other things for Christmas
because of Love Handles.
Up next, my parents, Rick, and fan-favorite Wanda,
help set up the perfect Christmas tree.
See you in ten.
And we're out!
Dude. You have got to calm down!
I'm an accomplice. I'm in on it now. Ooh!
[Hugo] Does he need a paper bag?
[Devon groaning]
This tree is just so-so.
And I want tre-tre.
Tre-tre, is that like a new thing, is that like
you have to be 28 to understand that or something?
-Twenty-nine. -Okay, okay, hey, hey.
My boss is here so, um, I told you, no family ornaments.
We have to use the kit.
Christmas trees should represent the families that decorate them.
Oh. Well, then we should set ours on fire!
Um, okay, uh, you'll shoot this one.
The Love Handles tree kit makes decorating a cinch.
With a reusable tree and clearly-marked ornament tabs
on every branch, you can have a fully-decorated tree
in no time.
Oh! Look at this one!
-Remember this? -Yes, I do, mom.
That is Steve and I in our high school production of Oklahoma.
So you can augment the tree with cherished family memories.
You were so cute. Especially Steve with those chaps.
-[inhales] Mm... -Seriously?
Oh, and here's the one that we got at Holiday World!
See, the Love Handles Tree Kit gives you more time
to reminisce with family.
Okay, and then the next one goes right here...
But if it goes here, there'll be room for my little rocket.
You're so right, sweetie, you can build anything you want
with the Love Handles gingerbread mix.
But we're making a classic gingerbread house. Right?
-Right. -'Cause...
Gingerbread houses are better with Love Handles.
-And we're out! -Let's go make rockets now!
Oh! That sounds so fun.
Uh, tomorrow, baby. I promise, okay?
[Christina] All right, everyone, in...
-Three, two, one! -Two, one!
-[Christina gasps] -[all cheering]
[all] Merry Christmas!
Ho! Ho, ho, ho, ho!
-Oh, who could that be? -Santa!
-Here you are, Hugo. -You know my name?
-Kaylee. -Dude!
Well, I hope you've all enjoyed today as much as I have.
Leave a comment of your favorite
family Christmas traditions below.
And don't forget to like and subscribe.
-I'm Christina Chance. -And I'm Santa.
And this has been Christina A. Chance For Christmas,
A Live Cast Takeover Extravaganza,
brought to you by the amazing people at Love Handles.
-Merry Christmas to all... -And to all a good night.
-And we're out! -Did it!
[indistinct chatter]
Let me tell you, that was just fantastic!
You were so good! Very impressed!
[sighs] You guys, that was amazing!
Except for Wanda almost blew it
with her drooling over Steve's ornament.
Oh, what's the point of dating someone half my age
when I can't tell the world?
-Just getting an early start. -Very method.
Steve rock-climbs with the mayor's daughter's boyfriend.
Naturally, we have an invite to the Christmas Ball.
-So we have to go. -Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
You're leaving? Now? But what about the--
-Good work today, babe. -Steve, don't call me babe.
-Right. -[sighs]
Oh, they're leaving?
Yeah, it's, it's okay.
-Hm. -Do you want me to stay?
Oh! No, it's fine. Thanks, dad.
Nice meeting you.
Oh, I got you this. Actually, Love Handles got you this.
It's been sitting in my car all day.
Oh. Thank you.
[tap water running]
Uh, w-w-what are you doing?
My gift to you.
Oh, so that's what arose such a clatter.
-[Santa chuckling] -Okay. Let me find my wallet.
-So, busy night? -[chuckles] Oh, yes.
Another 600 million presents to go.
-[Santa chuckling] -Huh.
-What is that? -Your Takeover numbers.
From today? Of course, you have access to that.
How, how did I do?
Four-hundred-and-fifty- thousand engagements.
For which one?
I don't understand, I...
No, I worked so hard, I mean,
everything went according to plan.
You threw me off.
-Me? -Showing up the way you did.
I mean, no one told me I was gonna have a babysitter.
I mean, who shows up unannounced,
on Christmas Eve, on the biggest day of my career?
-Oh, don't hold back now. -This is your fault!
My fault? I'm gonna lose my job because of this.
I vouched for you because I thought I knew who you were.
Oh, no one is who they say.
Hello, it's the Internet. Are you new?
I disagree. I think you can tell when people are being genuine.
-Oh? Okay, well, you couldn't. -And look how that turned out!
-Ah! -Uh!
I wish we could just do the day over again and get what we need.
[Devon] Yeah. Me, too.
Careful. Christmas wishes have a way of coming true.
All right, everybody out!
Merry Christmas!
[chuckles] Goodnight.
[cell phone vibrating]
Hi, Nicole.
[instrumental music]
Yeah I'm loving it planning everyday with you baby
With you baby
And I just wanna be there
Forever be there with you baby you baby
And I wanna be with you every day and night baby
And I...
Dad, what are you, what are you doing here?
It's my call time.
[groans] Mom! Why didn't you wake us up?
Oh, well, Merry Christmas, guys. I just...
I don't know, I thought you'd wanna sleep in.
Yeah, I did.
-Okay, what's going on? -Well, I just...
I thought we'd have a nice, relaxing Christmas day.
-It's Christmas Eve. -It's Christmas Day.
-Are you okay? -[scoffs] Yeah, I'm fine.
-Are you okay? -Mom, look.
[Kaylee] Look at the date on grandpa's phone.
Why are you being so weird?
I... I must have dreamt it.
Oh, no. Oh, we have to get ready.
Uh, dad, can you go get Hugo? Kaylee, get dressed! Go, go, go!
Okay. Okay, I know, I know, I know! We're behind.
[Hugo] You thought it was Christmas Day!
I know! Mommy's fault. Having some serious deja vu.
French food does that to me, too.
Sorry I'm so late. Crazy morning. Ooh.
-You have no idea. -Oh, yeah.
-Who is this guy? -Oh, I'm Devon.
-From Love Handles. -From Love Handles.
That's right. Uh, I am a big fan.
Can you believe I thought it was Christmas morning?
Well, I thought the same thing. It's... Have we met?
Have we? I'm sorry, I am a little out of it.
I had this crazy dream that we did this already.
[scoffs] And then I got fired...
Oh, yeah, and that Steve wasn't your husband.
You remember that?
Tell me everything you remember from your dream.
I came over here, you thought I was Santa.
We didn't get two million engagements,
and you yelled at me.
Yeah. I remember that, too.
I don't think it was a dream.
-What-what do you mean? -I mean, it happened.
But then, today everyone else thinks it's Christmas Eve again.
You know, like...
for the first time.
[chuckles] That makes no sense.
But that makes so much sense.
My phone, breakfast,
they, they thought I was crazy.
Yeah, me, too!
But we're... We're not crazy, though, right?
I mean... we both remember.
How does this even happen?
I'm just saying a Black Hole makes the most sense.
[Devon] Then why only us? I mean...
A localized Black Hole would affect everyone.
Okay, so you're still going with the time-is-an-illusion thing?
-Yeah. -No, don't you get it?
-We are ground-hoggin' it! -I'm just saying...
If there's a construct and there's a glitch...
Guys, I hate to interrupt crazy fest, but Santa's here.
Uh, what are you doing?
-Just getting an early start. -Oh, oh.
I'm sorry, I forgot to, uh, call and cancel you.
We are not doing this today.
Oh, okay. So I'll see you tomorrow again?
Wait. Devon!
You did this?
I warned you Christmas wishes can come true.
So you can get what you need from Christmas.
Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
This, this could be a good thing. A great thing, even.
Don't you see what this means? We get to do the day over again!
No, no, no, I don't understand.
Yesterday, ugh, today was, was a ton of work.
-I am exhausted! -But we get to nail it!
And we get to get to two million engagements
and I get to keep my job!
-You were fired? -Yeah.
And seeing as you only put out one video today,
I'm guessing, yup, fired today, too.
Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. Let me think about this.
So, so, okay, so I get a do-over.
-Until I get the two million. -Mm-hm.
-So? Okay. -So let's do it.
So, uh, so I'll have a little foresight.
-Yes! Oh! I can make this work. -Yeah. Yes!
Santa, thank...
Yeah I'm loving it planning
Everyday with you baby
With you baby
And I just wanna be there
Forever be there with you baby
You baby And I wanna...
[telephone ringing]
[Devon] Hello?
Thank you.
Wakey, wakey!
Eggs and bakey.
-Kaylee, change. -How did you...
-No Pop-Tarts? -Not without a toaster.
Move, young lady.
[knocking on door]
-Good morning? -Oh, um, hi.
W-what are you doing here? I've got this.
But I'm here. I can help.
-You know this guy? -Oh, yeah.
Dad, this is Devon from Love Handles.
Oh, fine. Just come in, both of you.
-Morning, grandpa! -Hey!
-Again? -What?
Hey, Kaylee, can I talk to you for a sec?
Is it okay if I give you a note?
What if, in real life, you practiced being more like
the cheerful, helpful Kaylee on the show?
That way, when you're on camera it's more authentic.
-Okay. -Great.
You know, your on-camera vibe is a big reason
people wanna be a part of this family.
I've chosen a different shape for each member of the family.
Everyone gets their own perfect cookie just for them.
What about dad?
Where is his cookie?
Oh, Steve? Uh, well, he gets these beautiful sleigh bells.
-They're his favorite. -Not Steve. My real dad, Greg!
Not everyone wants to be a part of this family.
And it's your fault!
What has gotten into you?
Ugh, dad hated these videos, and so do I,
and then you bring in this director guy, ugh,
and I don't wanna do them anymore!
We will be right back for more Love Handles Christmas hacks
with me Christina Chance.
What just happened?
I wanted to be helpful, so I gave her a note.
Um, what kind of note?
I just suggested maybe she'd be more like the Kaylee
from the videos we all love.
You know, so she's more genuine on camera.
Okay, Devon, you have to understand something.
Kaylee blames the divorce on my channel.
Her father never supported it, and he left.
-And, thus, Steve. -Right. Yeah.
Kaylee has come a long way, and she puts on a brave face
for these videos, and I love her for that.
-I'm sorry I didn't know. -Well...
You have to respect who she is.
And she is still, you know, figuring that out.
-Uh, note taken. -[cell phone vibrating]
[Nicole on phone] The camera is still on! You're still live!
You're all fired!
Oh, oh.
That was your one job! One!
Good job.
Again, I am so sorry.
I give people notes all the time.
Well, she's a moody pre-teen, so...
Yeah. I'm not used to that.
If you give me a chance, I know what plays.
And that's authenticity.
We need to get your family to match
their on-camera personas.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa.
Pump the brakes there, fella.
[scoffs] We can't manipulate my family that way.
That is not fair to them.
Okay, well, I'm just trying to figure out how I can help.
Well, we have time, so let's get you some real skills.
That would help me.
Um, first step,
you gotta learn how to bake.
Yeah I'm loving it planning everyday with you baby
With you baby
And I just wanna be there forever be there with you
[sighs] Making it work.
Let's bake.
[scatting] Bake, bake.
[scatting] Bake!
[instrumental music]
[Christina] Did you, uh, did you tell Nicole
we're not doing the show?
[Devon] Why bother?
Oh! I cannot believe I'm cooking with Christina A. Chance.
Really getting my hands in there!
Yeah, your, your hand is in the eggs.
-[Devon sighs] -[Christina laughs]
Sorry. I guess I'm just a little nervous.
Oh, why? Is it because you're such a big fan?
I really, really am.
You know, I, I remember the first time
I tried baking cookies for my kids.
I, uh, I read in the recipe that you had to separate the eggs,
so I put them all in different bowls. It was just...
-I was a huge mess. -Wanda didn't teach you?
Oh, absolutely not, the only time
that woman has worn an apron is for a pin-up.
-[laughing] Wow. -[chuckles] Yeah.
I'm, uh, I'm self-taught.
Um, cooking shows, videos, recipes.
Yeah, I actually, uh, I found this old Love Handles cookbook.
And, I know it sounds weird,
but, well, it changed my life.
It was just, it was all about saving time
so you could be with your family.
And I just, I really needed that.
Helped me through a tough time.
You know, I had no idea cooking could do all that.
It's all about measurements, at first, and then,
you know, you can get creative.
[scoffs] Creative, huh? That's not really me.
Oh, come on. Everyone is, in their own way.
Hm, not everyone.
All right, well, I disagree.
And I think that, you know, once you get that down,
you can add a little love.
-Love? -Yeah.
Okay, uh, for example, these sugar cookies we're making, um,
well, I know Kaylee, she likes a little pumpkin spice in hers.
Um, Hugo doesn't like the spice. But add some sprinkles?
Oh, he will eat them all.
[chuckles] And walnuts for dad. And mom, she gets red hots.
See, that's, that's why I do it, you just,
you create for the ones you love.
And what about you?
Um, strawberries.
But they don't really go in sugar cookies.
And Steve?
You know, I don't really know.
Yeah I'm loving it planning everyday with you baby
Ho! Ho, ho, ho! Yeah!
I can't wait for you to see the hottest new
Love Handles products to make this special day even easier.
-See you in ten. -Bye, everybody.
-And we're out! -Kaylee, oh, that was so good!
-Best one out of seven. -Uh...
-Uh, uh, oh, oh... -You guys are so weird.
Okay, you're late, again.
And it was worth the wait.
Hi. I'm Devon from Love Handles.
-Hello. -Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
-That's my girlfriend, pal. Yes? -Steve!
This is Devon from Love Handles.
-Oh, no! -Oh, no, no, no. It's okay.
He already knows. But, you know, I appreciate you, though.
Whoo! I thought I blew it.
Uh, Steve, um, Devon is gonna help you with the lights.
Sure, yeah, the more the merrier.
-Oh, and here's the new design. -Okay.
Yeah, sure. Four hands are better than two.
-Smart idiom. -Heh.
-What'd you call me? -Uh, n...
[Devon] Uh... [Christina] Mm...
-Okay, let's go, yeah. -Let's go.
[Christina] No time like the present.
So, looks like Christina brought in a ringer.
You should know, playing her fake husband and all.
But you're dating her mom. How does that even work?
[exhales] One day a time, man.
Yeah, sure. But Christina, is she...
You know, you two have never...
Dude, that's my future stepdaughter.
Uh, oh, okay.
Uh, but I've seen you two kiss.
Yeah. Acting.
-You've done a lot of acting? -Yeah. Actually, I have.
I was the lead in, like, every single one
of our high-school musicals.
Me and Christina were like the acting couple.
So there's no one else in the picture?
Not since Greg left. I'm the man of two households.
And this is me dressed as an elf.
[chuckles] That goes on the tree for sure.
[Rick] Don't care. Sleeping.
Okay, we have to use the kit,
but you can each have two family ornaments.
Remember this? When we went to Holiday World?
[laughs] We had so much fun!
-Didn't dad throw up? -On the Easter Bunny.
[Rick] He deserved it.
Oh, hey, dad, can you hand me the star?
[Wanda] So, dashing Devon, huh?
He's from Love Handles. He's practically my boss.
I don't think I trust him. He's too good-looking. Phew.
[Christina] Okay, well, he's here to help, so...
[chuckles] Oh, I bet he is.
Okay. I don't have time to even think about that.
[Wanda] You can't be single forever.
-Yes, she can. -Okay, how would that even work?
I've a fake Internet husband. No one wants to be a part of that.
And plus, you know, I've been down that road before with Greg,
and I just, I won't do it again.
Well, I just want you to have what Steve and I have.
-Gross. -Okay, you guys don't get it.
My kids and work take priority.
I don't have the luxury of a personal life.
[Christina] You can build anything you want
with the Love Handles gingerbread mix. Right, Hugo?
[Hugo whispering] But I wanted to build a castle.
[whispering] No. No, no, no. You said that...
You said you wanted a rocket.
[whispering] No, I want a real-life rocket.
A gingerbread rocket makes no sense.
Sometimes I feel like you don't listen to me.
And we'll be right back for more of Love Handles
gingerbread creations.
All right, everyone, in three...
[all] Two, one!
-[all cheering] -Merry Christmas!
-Merry Christmas! -Merry Christmas!
[Santa] Ah! I'm here!
[panting] I'm here!
-Ho, ho, ho! -Santa!
Oh! Uh, who could that be?
[chuckles] Oh. All right.
Here you are, little man. And, uh, uh, uh...
Uh, right. Um, uh...
Just... Uh, don't forget to like and subscribe.
-I'm Christina Chance. -Uh, and I'm Santa.
And this has been Christina A. Chance For Christmas,
A Live Cast Takeover Extravaganza.
Merry Christmas to all...
And... Merry Christmas!
And we're out!
[Christina] I said, come here, come on.
Right upstairs.
[indistinct chatter]
Okay. Who are you?
Um, Santa? From the service.
-Where's the other Santa? -Everyone else was booked.
So we have plans.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Christmas Ball.
-Love you. -Steve rock climb--
With the mayor's daughter's boyfriend.
-Yeah. Have a great time. -Great work today, babe.
-Don't call me babe! -Don't call her babe!
-Do you want me to stay? -Oh, no, dad. It's fine.
-[Christina] Thanks. -Okay.
Okay. Where are you hiding him?
-We should check the numbers! -The numbers.
[grunts] Okay. So, uh, not two million...
-But better than last time. -Oh, we are so close.
You know, if I could just unlock Hugo...
Yeah, what if we built that castle he suggested?
Maybe it just needs to be bigger.
Yeah, yeah, I-I'm learning! I can do more!
You are, yeah, yeah, if we can get you to a place
where you can do the gingerbread by yourself,
then I can focus on the cookie prep.
Yes, and there'll be more time for setup.
And we're gonna need a bigger tree.
Hey, um, do you guys still need me?
And, um, can I get a ride home?
Yeah I'm loving it planning everyday with you baby
With you baby
And I just wanna be there
Forever be there with you baby
You baby
And I wanna be with you every day and night baby
And I
You'll like the present from me
I'm gonna love you for life baby
For life
There's nowhere in the world that I'd rather be
Holidays with my best friend
Whoo! Making it work!
No one else Whoo-ooh
Babe all the holiday with you
I got all the lights they're shining right around the tree
It's as easy as one, two, three!
I got all the lights they're shining right around the tree
Got the mistletoe you kissed me gave me rosy cheeks
Holiday with you
Devon, you're fired.
Don't kill Steve today!
Start baby Start baby
That's why I gave you the keys
So you can unlock my heart baby
Why? Oh...
I only want you to stay yeah stay yeah
'Cause you're the reason I'm happy for the holidays
Yeah yeah yeah
Nowhere in the world that I would rather be...
[Christina] And three, two, one!
[all gasping]
-Oh. -That wasn't supposed to happen.
[Christina] Steve!
Babe no one else oo-ooh
[Devon sighs]
I hate Santa!
Right around the tree got the mistletoe you kissed me
Gave me rosy cheeks holidays with you
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, o-okay, stop.
In three, two, one!
[gasps] It's your own gingerbread castle!
-It's my own castle? -Yeah.
I can do whatever I want with it?
Dinosaur smash!
You baby
I got all the lights they're shining right around the tree
Got the mistletoe you kissed me gave me rosy cheeks
Holidays with you babe
Yeah I'm lovin' this...
Wakey, wakey!
Eggs and bakey!
All I can makey! Hah!
[indistinct chatter]
[gasps] Oh! Love the outfit, Kaylee.
I'm gonna go change.
[whispers] Reverse psychology. Nice.
-Oh. Oh, it's just you. -Good morning to you, too.
I got the... Wow!
You look really... Wow.
-Oh, thank you. Hi. -Hi.
-Who the hell is this guy? -Oh, I'm Devon.
From Love Handles. I'm a big fan of yours, Rick.
Come in, come in, come in.
[Christina] Hey, guys! [Devon] Ah.
Just keep unloading and don't forget that generator.
And then we'll show you the plans.
Oh, another set of hands is really gonna
send this over the edge.
Yeah. I'm feeling good about this one.
-Yeah, 32th time's the charm. -Yeah.
Things are gonna be different today. Like, a lot different.
I just need you all to roll with it, okay?
But we rehearsed it. Why are we changing it?
I just need you to trust me, dad. Okay?
-I know what I'm doing. -We'll do everything.
-What? Who is this guy? -Devon. From Love Handles.
That's right. I need you to just stay out of the way, okay?
Just for a bit until we get going. It'll be great.
-Super fun. -So what do I do?
Don't worry about it, bud, we'll figure something to do.
-Out of the way. -It'll be great, you'll see.
You're gonna love it!
I know, it's beautiful! Look at you.
-[mumbles] -Yup. Okay.
-Oh. No. -Did you put butter in?
[Christina] Oh, yeah, just enough, right?
[indistinct chatter]
Okay, everyone, the time is finally here.
It might have taken a little while, but, oh,
it was worth the wait.
Okay, Kaylee, get into position,
mouth open wide.
Get ready for the cookie launch.
In three, two, one!
[Christina] Oh, I am... I'm so sorry, Kaylee.
A-and that is how you make your own cookie-launcher cake.
Remember to like and subscribe.
Comment below with your most elaborate bake.
This has been Chances for Cooking saying,
let Love Handles handle it. See you again in ten.
-Cut! All right! -[gasps] That was great!
-That was so amazing! -Oh, that went so well!
And the cookie flew right in her face!
-I can't believe you! -What?
On Christmas Eve. And with this guy?
-What are you talking about? -Seriously? I see how it is.
You'd rather do all this with some cooperate stooge
than spend time with your own family!
-With me! -Kaylee!
You launched a cookie at my face!
Hey there.
Where's Mr. Jawline?
He is, uh, downstairs. Helping.
How nice for you.
Kaylee, I'm sorry.
Oh, yeah? For what?
I know you think my job pushed your dad away--
[scoffs] You're so off base.
I am?
I hate that it pushes you away.
I'm, I'm right here.
No, you're not. We don't do anything together.
What are you talking about? We just baked cookies.
You baked cookies, with Devon from Love Handles.
I just wanna hang out with you and talk.
But we don't do any of that anymore.
[sighs] I see.
You know, when your grandparents split,
I wanted my mom to tell me everything was gonna be okay.
And she didn't.
She was hurting and going through her own thing,
and we stopped hanging out.
We stopped talking.
Hey, I do not want that for us.
You and I, we won't be like that.
I think I was just, I was just trying to give you
your space to heal. And that was wrong.
You're right, we do need to hang out and talk more.
I just, I-I didn't know that you wanted that.
And now that I do,
honey, I promise you, things will be different.
-Really? -Yes! Of course.
I just...
I need to get through this day.
Yeah. Whatever.
[sighs] Just give me today, okay, baby?
-See you at the finale? -Fine.
Wow, that looks great!
Oh, you can just bring that inside the house. Thank you.
[Christina] My! Oh! Isn't it great?
-Thought I was doing the lights. -But now you don't have to.
You can just focus on your acting.
-What's wrong with my acting? -Uh, no.
-Not-nothing. -What's going on here?
Well, mom, had you been on time, you would've been here
for the family meeting.
You had a family meeting without me?
I am the family.
I thought I was doing the lights.
Okay, today is about rolling with it.
Mom, we have to do a costume change. Come with me.
And, uh, Steve, you're on in five! Yay!
I thought I was doing the lights!
Hey, babe.
Hey, babe.
A-are you ready?
I just need a second, Devon from Love Handles.
Hey, babe.
-Okay, I think I got it. -Great. Okay.
-[Devon] All right. -[Christina clears throat]
Okay, we're going live in three, two, one!
Steve is attaching the Happy Handles Christmas lights.
Oh, the happiest lights on your block.
Oh, and they come with their own hooks.
And it gives me more time to spend with you, babe.
Oh! Oh...
Uh, can you demonstrate, babe?
Uh, it's as easy as one, two, three.
Ah! It's so easy.
You make it look so easy.
Oh, I can't believe you did all this. Wow.
I didn't do it, they did it.
[Christina] All right, great, just back it up this way.
Yeah, you can just put it into the garage, that'd be great.
-Thank you. -Really appreciate it.
Thanks, guys. Hey.
-Oh. -Is this what you were thinking?
I drew up a little something.
Wait, you did this? This is amazing.
Using six Love Handles tree kits,
we've created this epic design.
It's definitely a tree Santa can't ignore. Right, mom?
-If you like that kind of thing. -He'd have to be blind.
[gasps] Blind with Christmas spirits!
Hey, buddy, I think you're really gonna like this one.
Let's go. Okay, watch your head, let's go.
Come on, run, run, run! There we go!
I know, right?
-But, mom... -Yeah, buddy?
We didn't build it together.
Oh, but I did it for you.
Do you wanna get your action figures to play with it?
See, you can build anything you want
with the Love Handle's gingerbread mix.
-Mom, come play with me! -Oh! Of course I will!
And we're out!
-Okay. Let's move on! I think-- -Yeah, that was--
Mom, I thought we were gonna play.
Oh! We'll have time to play later. Don't worry.
[Christina] This is so exciting, everyone!
All right, all you Chancers,
here's the moment you've all been waiting for.
-And three, two, one! -Two, one...
[Christina] Oh, Merry Christmas!
Oh, Steve, the lights are beautiful!
Oh! Look, look! It's beginning to snow!
Oh, wow! So cold!
-So cold. -Oh.
Okay, um, I hope you have all enjoyed today as much as I have.
Leave a comment of your favorite
family Christmas traditions below.
And don't forget to like and subscribe.
-[Santa] Ho! Ho! Ho! -[gasps] Who could that be?
Oh! Santa!
Kids, look! Look at the reindeer!
You are all as much my family as everyone here.
Merry Christmas to all...
And to all a good night!
-[Devon] And cut! -[gasps]
-[Christina] We did it! -Yes!
-We did it! -Ooh, I killed that!
[Christina] Oh, my gosh, that was amazing!
-Oh, my gosh! -It was perfect that time!
We couldn't have asked for anything better this time!
[Christina] Okay, let's...
-Let's break it down. -We should check the count.
[Christina] Happy Handles Christmas Lights,
Decorating the tree, 400,000.
Gingerbread with Hugo, 400,000.
Finale, 550,000!
-2.1 million! -[gasps] We did it!
Um, we should, uh, tell the family and c-celebrate.
-Yeah. -Okay. Great. Great, okay.
Mom! Mom, mom, mom! I-I know you have the Ball.
But we did it.
I got the ambassadorship. Let's celebrate!
-Steve? -Congratulations.
You know, I've never been disappointed in you.
Not your entire life...
until today.
I hope you got what you needed, mom.
Oh, no.
What's wrong?
We did it. We did it.
The day's gonna turn over, and they hate me.
They don't hate you.
They do. Tomorrow is gonna suck.
It might. But you get a tomorrow.
Yeah. Yeah. I do.
-We do. We finally do. -We do!
We get to do whatever we want.
-Well, I should probably go. -[gasps] Right.
I mean, you-you probably have, uh, stuff to do.
Oh, yeah, yeah, I gotta pack and get up early
and drive home, it's...
Oh, and then, you know, Christmas.
Oh, yeah. That. Hm.
Congratulations. Love Handles is lucky to have you.
Uh, Devon?
I mean, you don't have to go right now.
Are you sure?
I mean, it wouldn't be unprofessional?
Well, after 67 Christmas Eves together...
kinda think we deserve a drink.
[instrumental music]
Goodnight, Kaylee.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
[Christina chuckles]
[man on TV] I want you to go on and get it...
-You've really never seen this? -No.
-Oh! It used to be my favorite. Hm.
You know, I don't even know what your Christmas traditions are.
-Do you have any? -Oh.
My grandma used to bake for me.
She was big into fruit cakes.
Oh, oh, ooh, that-that sounds...
Disgusting? Yeah. Yeah, it was.
But that was Christmas.
You know, the tree, the stockings
and her rock-hard cake. She was a terrible baker.
-[laughs] Oh, no. -Yeah.
But that was our thing. Hm.
That's sweet.
Uh, what about your parents?
Well, my dad left when I was really young,
and my mom moved us in with my grandma.
And then, my mom...
she, um...
she, uh, passed away. It was sudden.
So then it was just us, my grandma and me.
-I'm so sorry. -It's, it's okay.
Families come in all sizes, right?
Yeah, they do.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
You know, when Greg left, I felt alone.
I still do.
But you got that family and the kids.
-And they're great. -Yeah, they are, aren't they?
The whole, uh, Christina A. Chance thing.
[exhales] I strive to be that woman for them.
I don't know, the real Christina,
she's pretty great.
Oh. I have something for you.
-Really? -Uh-huh.
Wha... What is it?
Okay, so, um, honestly, I forgot I even had it.
My neighbor brought it over, like, a week ago...
Well, I mean, for us it's been longer.
Oh, I didn't even know people still did that.
-Yeah, it's gotta be terrible. -Oh, it's gonna terrible.
We should eat it.
-Okay. -Okay.
-Mm! No. -Mm!
[chuckles] It's really bad.
No, it's not, it's not as bad as I remember.
Mm, mm...
Oh, mm! Mm, it's really good.
Make sure to thank your neighbor for us.
[instrumental music]
[knocking on door]
-Dad? -Is no one up yet?
I, uh...
I wanted to apologize about yesterday. I got carried away.
And I think Devon and I, we just kept one-upping each other and--
Who's Devon?
[Christina] Oh. Merry Christmas.
-Why didn't you get us up? -Well...
I thought you might wanna sleep in.
Yeah, I did!
-Are we not filming? -Not on Christmas Day.
In fact, I-I wanted to apologize about how I--
Mom, it's Christmas Eve.
[chuckles] No, that's not funny.
No, it's-it's not Christmas Eve.
We did it. I don't understand.
[Devon] Christina!
It didn't work.
-[exhales] -What if it's not two million?
-Oh! -What if it's more?
We could get back into it. We can make them bigger.
I... No, I can't do that to my family again.
-They don't remember! -But I do!
-Right. You're right. -[cell phone vibrating]
Hey, Nicole! Yeah, we're fired? Great.
Okay, Merry Christmas. Buh-bye!
Okay, uh, w-what exactly did Santa say?
-Uh, do you remember? -It was so long ago.
[grunts] That stupid jolly-old man.
-This is all his fault. -Oh, I know.
If I could just get my hands on him, oh, okay.
Santa's here.
-Where is he? -Who?
-Where is he? -You're crazy!
You tell me where that fat man is right now!
-[Christina grunting] -[Steve] Stop it. Stop.
-Hey, leave Santa alone. -She needs this!
[Wanda] What are you doing?
-I'm watching you, man! -Help!
Get inside! The neighbors are watching!
[Rick] Okay.
Yeah I'm loving it planning everyday with you baby
Wit you bab...
What are you doing here?
You wouldn't answer the front door.
Why aren't you dressed?
-It's over. -What do you mean?
We're just not doing the videos anymore.
Okay, we're stuck in this together. We'll figure this out.
We are a team!
Okay, this says a nuclear explosion
can reset time distortions.
Okay. You, you really wanna do that?
Okay. Seems iffy.
-Hm. -All right, well, then...
What are you doing?
I'm just writing a letter to Santa.
Just covering all the bases.
Do you have another piece?
What do you think Santa wants?
People to believe in him?
Okay. How do we do that?
Um... we go sing carols?
Um, give gifts to orphans?
Tell everybody what he did to us?
-No one will believe that. -Are you sure?
What would you say if I told you that Devon and I
have been cursed by Santa Claus to relive Christmas Eve
over and over and over again?
-Yeah, I guess you're right. -[Devon sighs]
We are getting nowhere.
Well, we got nothing but time.
Yeah I'm loving it planning everyday with you baby...
[knocking on door]
[door opens]
Are you okay?
Mom, why didn't you wake us up?
I just can't...
[Hugo] Are we gonna film today?
I don't, I don't think so.
[Hugo] Is she okay?
Come on, kids.
[instrumental music]
-Hey. -Hi.
[Devon chuckles]
Uh, come in.
I can't do this anymore.
I know what you mean.
This was stupid. I shouldn't have come.
I'm glad you did.
I missed you today.
Me, too.
The only person I can talk to.
Can I get you something? Order some food?
No, nothing helps.
Are you sure?
I've ordered the whole menu every night
and charged it to Love Handles.
[Christina] Is this it?
You wanna order more than this?
Mm, no, no, no. I just mean...
Is this all we're ever gonna have?
Just today, like,
over and over and over again?
Well, at least you get to spend it with your family.
And, obviously, they love you.
[chuckles] Mm. I'm not so sure.
Are you kidding?
I've spent so many days with you guys.
I mean, look at Kaylee. She hates these videos.
I mean, quirks and all, whether it works or not,
they just wanna spend time with you.
It's beautiful.
Yeah, but there's no future.
Never gonna get a midnight phone call from Kaylee
asking me to pick her up from an out-of-control party,
or talk to Hugo about his first love,
see them graduate or get married.
I-I'm never gonna babysit my own grandkids.
And you'll never have to go to Steve and Wanda's wedding.
You know, that is true.
You know, maybe if today is all we're ever gonna get,
then we should appreciate the time we have.
Spend it with people we love.
Yeah I'm loving it planning everyday with you baby
With you baby
And I just wanna there
Forever be there with you baby
You baby
And I wanna be with you every day and night babe
[knocking on door]
What are you doing here?
Good question. Also, who are you?
Oh, uh, dad, this is Devon. I just...
I thought you said to spend the day with the people we love.
I am.
Is that okay?
Yeah, of course.
Oh, uh, come on, come in. Come on.
-Did you grow these yourself? -Oh, yeah.
In the snowy backyard, you know?
-Okay, that's right, probably. -Do you want the last one?
No, you have it, it's your favorite.
Um, are we filming today or...
-Mm. No, baby. Let's not. -Fine.
But wait, um, you know, we could, we could do something.
You know, just the two of us.
Like what?
Uh, whatever you want.
Do you think we could, like, actually bake?
Cookies or whatever?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, we could do that.
No, no cameras or anything, you know, just us.
Uh, but what does the recipe say?
-It's smudged. -Okay, well, uh, don't worry.
'Cause it has to soften first anyway.
-Am I doing this right? -Yeah. You got it.
Sorry to interrupt. Just gonna grab some coffee.
-Hey, no boys allowed. -[Devon chuckles]
[Christina] Okay, so what you're gonna do is take the spatula
and go all the way around the outside and circle back.
Muscles, let me see those muscles.
[both chuckling]
[Christina] I guess you inherited some of my skills.
[Kaylee] I guess so.
[Christina chuckles]
Hey, Hugo. This is a no-boy zone.
-I'm sorry, who are you? -Oh, I'm Devon.
Oh, don't worry, Hugo. You'll love him.
Hey, you haven't gotten to this one, have you?
-Um, no. -All right.
[Christina] Look at that. Perfect, okay.
Then next we gotta whisk the eggs.
[Devon] So if we push this back, then we can fit two in there.
Yeah, we can put the two extra springs in there
and then the bread will jump up twice as fast.
Yeah. Cool. Let's try it.
[Hugo] I got that one. [Devon] You got a steady hand.
I honked, and no one greeted me at the driveway.
-And yet here you are. -Get started with the lights.
Oh, no. It's fine. We're not filming today.
Uh, do you mind if I do the lights anyways?
Uh, well, if you want to. But you don't have to.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what step-dads do.
Okay, yeah. Sure, go ahead.
-Oh, hey, uh, Steve? -Yeah?
Uh, what do you like in your sugar cookies?
-Pop Rocks. -Pop Rocks?
Yeah. I like a little adventure in my mouth.
Let me see about this tree.
Nicole, hey.
What's happening? Where's the first video?
Change of plans. Trust me. I got it all under control.
And here's me in an elf outfit.
[chuckles] That goes on the tree for sure.
Don't care. Sleeping.
[sighs] "I love you, daddy."
Aw, dad.
-Nope. -Hey! I like that one.
-[Christina chuckles] -Remember this?
[chuckles] Christina rescued a bird
and she demanded that we get this
so it would have a friend.
You know what? We should use them all.
What? Why?
Well, a-a Christmas tree should reflect
the family that decorates it.
So, come on, dad, you wanna help?
-[Rick] Sure do. -[Christina] Okay.
[Christina] Uh, where, where should we begin?
Hey! You know, you really don't have to do this.
I know, but I like doing it. It's like my gift to the family.
Well, thanks.
You know, it's really nice having you around.
-Is that-- -An adventure for your mouth.
-Can we take a selfie? -Yeah. Sure.
I just really wanna remember this moment.
[chuckles] Okay.
[Devon chuckles]
-You like my mom. -What? No.
It's, uh, a, um...
I mean, yeah, we're just friends.
-Mm-hmm. Sure. -Uh, no, I mean, she's great.
And I think she smells good,
which, which is so important for friends.
[scoffs] Don't hurt yourself.
She's been through a lot.
You don't have to worry about me.
I'm not going anywhere, okay? I choose to be here every day.
And then the turret for the archers is gonna go over there
and then the T-Rex stable is gonna go over there
so that they don't eat the griffins.
Aren't you gonna build one?
Can I just help you build yours?
-Yeah. -Uh, one question.
Where is the pirate ship gonna dock?
[Hugo] Pirates! Yeah! Next to the mechanical spider.
[all] Three, two, one.
-Merry Christmas. -Merry Christmas to you.
[Wanda] Steve... - Oh, it's so beautiful.
-[Steve] Really? Thank you. -Wow.
[instrumental music]
[Christina gasps, grunts]
No! No! Don't! I just hit... I just hit Steve so hard.
Hey. I got one more thing to show you.
-Okay. -All right.
[Devon] Oh. Oh, duck, duck. [Christina] Duck. Duck.
Duck! Go. Go.
Okay, all right. Here.
[laughter on video]
[Christina laughs] Oh, my God.
-What is this? -It's you.
-You and the family. -[Kaylee] Oh, no! Oh, my gosh!
[Christina on video] Oh, okay, so now that we're covered
in flour, tell me about this, um...
that guy you were with the other day.
-Mom. No! -Was it...
[Christina] Was it Levi or something?
Why would you film us like this?
'Cause you guys just looked so happy, I thought I would--
That we would post them?
Yes. No. I mean...
Look, you guys are just a perfect family the way you are.
I just thought the world should see the real you.
I said no filming today. I told them that we weren't filming.
-We weren't! -Thi...
This is what you've been after this whole time.
-Just watch the video. -These are personal moments!
-That's why I did it! -We can't just be a substitute.
Because you don't have a family!
Hey, Devon! Come play! Devon?
[indistinct chatter on video]
[Christina on video] You know what? We should use them all.
Christina, what's wrong?
[Christina] Christmas tree should reflect
the family that decorates it.
-So, uh, dad... -Mom?
[Christina] Wanna help? Okay. [Rick] I sure do.
[indistinct chatter on video]
[Rick] The angel...
You're the angel.
Oh, dad!
-[knocking on door] -[door opens]
[Rick] Hey there.
Not now, dad.
You and Devon have a fight?
[sighs] It's, uh, it's complicated.
I see.
Look, I don't know what happened,
but I do know that that young man likes you an awful lot.
For what it's worth...
I really like these videos.
[instrumental music]
[Wanda on video] I'm just so glad there was
no social media back then.
Do you remember, I'll go out there with you?
I know, it was just so great. You were so cute!
-Oh, mom! -Oh, I still love you so much.
Well, my friends get along with his friends pretty well.
-And him really well, too. -Yeah.
[Kaylee] So, I mean, that's good.
That's all I'm telling you, mom.
Okay, okay. Well, that...
-[Christina] That was not... -[Kaylee chuckles]
-Is that-- -An adventure for your mouth.
[Christina on video] Yeah. Sure.
Oh, well, you know, you always have to have an angel, right?
You are the angel.
Oh, dad...
[Devon on video] Well, then did you tell your teacher?
No, I don't wanna get him in trouble.
Yeah. I can understand that.
Well, maybe you can just talk to him and say,
"I don't like when you push me. It hurts my feelings."
[instrumental music]
Look, you all do so much for me
and I love you just as you are.
But I need your help, okay?
I just, I wanna make one more video.
[Christina] Hi, everybody, I posted some videos today
that are not my normal quality.
But I have a confession to make.
I haven't been honest with you
and I haven't been honest with Love Handles either.
I've been, uh, misrepresenting
my family, my life.
I mean, my living room isn't spotless, or my kitchen.
And my family, well, I mean, they're not perfect either.
And neither am I.
Oh, and Steve is not my husband.
Uh, but he is my friend.
And he's been a great sport about all of this.
Steve is my boyfriend.
Yes. Yes, he is. Thanks, mom.
Um, I am, uh...
I'm actually in love with another man.
And I really hope he's watching.
Devon, I was wrong.
I mean, after Greg, I just, I had to do everything myself,
and I, I thought I had to be perfect to be loved.
But you showed me that isn't true.
Please, come back.
Why am I unpacking?
-[telephone ringing] -[sighs] Hello.
There you are. I've been trying to get a hold of you.
Um, Nicole, sorry, I forgot--
[Nicole] I don't know what went on over there,
but this Christmas campaign is insane!
I know it's not what we planned, but it worked!
Five million engagements and counting!
W-wait, what are you talking about?
You mean, you haven't seen it yet?
Oh. You have got to go watch right away.
There is definitely something that you need to see.
Honey, you're making me ill.
Why hasn't he messaged or anything? I mean...
Do you think he didn't see it?
Um, not unless he's blind.
This video got, like, millions of views.
I only care about one.
[Christina on video] I'm actually in love with
another man.
And I really hope he's watching.
Devon, I was wrong.
After Greg, I-I just, I had to do everything myself.
This is so exciting.
I presume it's been going on for months?
Oh. Something like that.
Babe, are we still going to the Ball?
What? And miss this climax?
Right? I'll get the popcorn.
He's not coming.
[car honking]
[instrumental music]
-Oh. -I'm so sorry.
I-I just wanted you to see it the way I see it.
I do. I watched them. I see it.
I-I see what you must have seen. It's a beautiful gift.
No, you have nothing to apologize for.
[music continues]
Yeah I'm loving it planning everyday with you baby
With you baby
And I just wanna be there
Forever be there with you baby
You baby
And I wanna be with you every day and night baby...
And I...
I hope you don't mind. I got a little creative.
What are you doing here?
Merry Christmas.
-Yes. -Really? Oh...
What did you do to my kitchen?
Introducing Love Handles' brand new ambassador,
Christina A. Chance!
[all cheering]
-We did it! -Oh, thank you!
-Thank you. -You guys.
[instrumental music]
Sleigh bells ring
As Nat King Cole sings hm
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Just enough heat to beat the cold outside
Snow blows
Like a shook-up snow globe
The kids and the presents here all wrapped up
It's the one day it's okay to make a fuss
Fantastic between the mistletoe and the magic
It's as good as it gets but the fact is
You're better than Christmas Day
Ooh hm hm hm
-It's you. -How was your yesterday?
You know, it was perfect.
So I take it you got what you needed?
Yes. Yes, we did.
-[Hugo] It's snowing! -[indistinct chatter]
Get back in here! What do you think you're doing?
[Wanda laughs]
We should put a bell on that guy.
[all clamoring]
If there's anyone
I'd wanna spend about a 100 days with
Laying in the yard staring up at the stars
Wondering where all the planes went
It would be you always you
And when the lights go out
We'll just keep on dancing in the dark
As if the world has got to end
You might as well just end up in my arms
In my arms
Ooh ooh
And we'll leave on the news
Until the broadcast stops broadcasting
Just making drinks instead of plans
While the record player's blastin'
I sing it would be you and only you
We might not have forever
No time for taking chance it would be you
And always you
And when the lights go out
We'll just keep on dancing in the dark
As if the world has got to end
You might as well just end up in my arms
If the sky turns black if the mark is scratched
You should check your mom's house
Then you should come back
'Cause when it all goes down I want you by my side
We could stay up till
The last sunrise
We could stay up until the last sunrise
It would be you and always you
When the lights go out
We can keep on dancing in the dark
In the dark in the dark
It would be you till the end of the world
Till the end of the world yeah
'Cause if the world has got to end
You might as well just end up in my arms
[music continues]