A Chiara (2021) Movie Script

It's a beautiful dress.
Open the car.
It looks beautiful on her.
- Will you send us photos?
- Yes.
She's turning 18.
Here, we can't come
to the birthday party.
Thanks, very kind of you.
Mom, can I open this gift?
No, it's for Giulia.
I wanna know what it is.
On your birthday,
you can open all the gifts you want.
I'll ask dad to get me a gift.
Let's hit Giulia with a pillow.
Do it.
Dad, can you tell her off?
You sit around and do nothing.
Excuse me.
Ow, Dad! My glasses!
Be careful.
Dad, defend me.
You're giving me a headache.
Giorgia, stop it.
Stop it.
- Carmela, put her to bed.
- Let's do some coloring.
Let's go.
Come on...
Come do some coloring.
You're making me sweat.
You broke my glasses.
They keep falling off.
It's the tenth time we've fixed them.
You're not the one paying.
Ready for your driving test?
Ready for your speech?
You want the hair tie?
My hair tie!
She's screaming like crazy.
- I didn't mean to do it.
- We really hurt her.
Did I hurt you?
You hurt me.
She's fine.
Giorgia, stop it.
That's it, I'm out of here.
Chiara, don't leave me
with this lunatic!
Get outta here.
Outta here!
What are you doing here?
You know this is our spot.
C'mon, move.
Next time,
dye your hair yellower.
Look how she walks.
- Look her up on Instagram.
- What's her name?
Is that a nickname?
Shitty name!
Let me see.
How old is she?
Does she have a guy?
Look at her teeth!
Look at her boyfriend!
- Better looking than her.
- Yeah, right!
Is this her sister or her cousin?
Could be anyone. They all look alike.
That's a nice one.
That thing around her neck...
I hate her.
She's like...
- A prostitute.
- Yeah.
Try it.
Play a song.
- Is Giulia's party tonight?
- Yes.
Peppe responded to my story
with 'Happy birthday, Giulia.'
What should I say?
Tell him you only have eyes for him.
Come for the photo.
Come here.
I'll go for the photo.
Hurry up.
Can I be in the photo?
Look at me.
Yesterday I got Giulia's present.
It's beautiful!
- 'Evening.
- Hi, Pasquale.
Can we talk?
Chiara, we'll go get a drink.
You'll see, it's gorgeous.
Can I have a cigarette?
- Your father is right there.
- He's not looking.
- How are you?
- Good, you?
Good. I'll go in.
Keeping the platter to yourself?
If you wanna keep it...
But he's getting hungry.
It's good.
- Tell him.
- Do I have a shot?
She only has eyes for you.
Does she like me like this?
Or like that?
Or more relaxed?
You've never seen me like this.
You won't see it again.
Look at them back there.
They look like they're at a funeral.
He's supposed to make a toast.
Angelica, make a toast.
I'm thinking about it.
If you keep talking to me,
I won't be able to think.
I'll make a toast.
Jesus Christ, our Savior...
Is this toast coming?
Are you at a funeral?
Is it coming?
A funeral we do not have.
We have much happiness,
and in my head,
I'll toast the whole family instead.
Happy birthday, Giulia!
Let me think.
Make a toast.
Claudio, make a toast.
Come on.
I don't know how to give a toast.
- I can't.
- She's your daughter.
C'mon, Claudio!
Have Pasquale do it.
I wish you
a life full of love and peace
and I toast you, my dear niece.
Good, really good!
Only her dad has yet to toast her.
You do it.
Do it for your daughter.
And for all of us.
C'mon, Dad.
Do it.
Carmela, you're not saying anything.
No point speaking to him. He's stubborn.
When he's in a mood, he's like that.
If he says no, it's no.
Can't you make an effort?
I can't bring myself to say something.
Not now.
There is no need for words.
Go on. What does it cost you?
I just can't do it.
- You can.
- Ask your mom.
No, you do it.
I just can't help it.
You understand?
You know this.
So far, everything went well.
Don't force me.
It's a nice party,
only your toast is missing.
I know, but it's hard.
It's too hard.
I can't stand up and speak out.
Not now.
I don't need to say it out loud.
You know that.
Then, tell me.
Tell you what? That I'm proud of you?
That you are my life?
I can't make a toast,
I don't know how.
It's not my thing,
I'm not good at it.
But I have a present.
You're gonna love it.
I made you a beautiful video.
Make some noise!
Here we are, ready to begin
our dance competition.
A round of applause for our first juror.
Here comes Antonio!
Welcome, Antonio.
Thank you.
Good evening.
A big hand for our next juror, Enzo!
Welcome, Enzo.
And now, a lady.
Ladies and gentlemen, Nina!
Welcome, Nina.
Ladies and gentlemen, here comes...
You're gonna eliminate the couple
that can't dance.
Get in position, kids.
Stop! Very good. Jurors?
The girl in the back...
All together: "Out!"
First couple eliminated.
Get back in position.
Let's play the next song.
We only have two couples left.
Congratulations, girls!
So, we have
Giulia's couple
and Chiara's couple.
Who wins.
Who will win.
We don't know yet.
Let's start
with our first juror, Antonio.
Tell me who you think should win.
Let's see.
First point for Giulia.
Let's move on to Enzo.
Tell me who you think
should win.
Let's hear Nina.
First point for Chiara!
Now, ladies and gentlemen,
let's hear the last juror.
He will decide everything.
They hold on to each other,
hand in hand...
So, who will it be?
Or will it be a draw?
Ladies and gentlemen,
the winner is Giulia!
Will you dance with me?
She had to win.
It's her birthday.
Don't feel bad. It doesn't matter.
I don't, I just wanna dance with you.
You call this dancing?
It's old school,
but there's an alternative.
What is it?
Let's have a round of applause
for our birthday girl.
And now, my friends,
one of the best moments of the night.
I need your help.
Let's form a nice circle.
Our birthday girl
will stand in the center.
We have a beautiful surprise for you.
Let's form a circle.
It's my time to go.
Give a big hand for her dad!
These shoes are killing me.
You smoke now? Congratulations.
Since when?
I bet you didn't know?
Not my fault.
You're a bad influence, my dear.
- Why her?
- You drink, smoke...
If you smoke, I'll kill you.
Do 12-year-olds smoke
in our family?
- They're still on milk.
- I'm 15.
Great education!
Look how she talks back!
I'll tell you something.
I'll give you one week
to tell your father.
He mustn't know.
You're still a little girl.
You smoked at my age.
But I'm a man.
- So?
- Nothing.
- Exactly.
- You shouldn't smoke.
You have a week.
I won't spoil the party.
You don't understand that my dad...
What do they want?
Who's that for?
What's the problem?
What's happening?
We dodged that one.
You think they'll tell him?
They pissed me off. So annoying.
Chiara, come on.
Don't move, understood?
I was at home.
- Did you receive any threats?
- No.
I didn't see anything.
Go to your own bed, Giorgia.
Are you gonna tell us what happened?
I know you got scared.
Everything is under control.
Don't worry.
I just spoke to the police.
What about dad?
He's out there,
taking care of everything.
You know your dad.
Don't worry.
Well, go to bed.
I have something to tell you.
Do people know?
About the car.
What are you talking about?
They torched our car.
Which one?
My dad's.
Are you sure no-one knows?
I haven't heard anyone talk about it.
- Let's go.
- Hi, Chiara.
How was the gym?
Do you know the real story of that gym?
Tell me.
What's going on?
What do you mean?
Are we in trouble?
You're not in trouble.
Who is in trouble?
Do you swear?
I swear.
You keep my things.
Last night's raid was unsuccessful.
The police were looking for
the fugitive Claudio Guerrasio
who had evaded a warrant
issued by a judge in Reggio Calabria.
The DA had accused him
of criminal association
with the purpose of drug trafficking.
In addition,
Guerrasio is accused of operating
on behalf of the 'Ndrangheta
in order to strengthen
its transnational economic power.
Why aren't you in school?
Where's dad?
At work.
At work?
Fuck you!
What did you just say?
Repeat it!
What's wrong with you?
Can you explain?
- What's wrong?
- Nobody tells me anything.
- Tell you what?
- Who dad is.
Enough of your questions.
- You're too young to understand.
- Too young?
And these things on the net?
Did your friends see it?
I don't know.
Is it true?
Is it?
Dad is a fugitive?
You can't understand, Chiara.
You just can't.
Why not?
Your father has problems,
but it's not what you think.
What's going to happen?
I don't know, but you must be strong.
We must all be brave.
About everything.
Giorgia, keep quiet.
Is your wallet in there?
No, but maybe my bag.
Oh, my God!
When is dad coming back?
When he's done working.
Did something happen?
What happened?
What's wrong?
I did it!
Let's go.
- So I'll die.
- Yeah, right.
You can't drive.
And Giorgia?
Mom said I can take her
when I've had my license for 2 months.
- So I'll die first.
- Right.
You're crazy.
I found a bunker under the house.
Are you listening?
Did you hear what I said?
What are you doing?
Don't talk in the car.
Let's go to the waterfront.
Did you know about the bunker?
You're not that stupid.
I want to know what you know.
I know
certain things shouldn't be said.
Especially at the moment.
For the good of our family,
and to protect our dad.
I want to know what you know.
- I'm telling you.
- You're not.
Tell me what you know.
You never answer the question.
Don't be selfish.
I'm not selfish.
- You're not?
- No.
You're behaving like a baby.
You're the baby.
Otherwise you would talk to me.
After all that happened,
I'm not allowed to know what you know?
I'll figure it all out,
even without your help.
So just tell me right now.
You saw things you didn't want to see.
But don't say it like that.
I want to know what you know.
Stop talking nonsense.
Tell me everything, or get outta here.
I'll leave if I want to.
Take your car and go.
Don't test me, Chiara.
Are you kidding?
You're suffering because of all this
and I am too.
- Fuck off.
- Again?
Stop it or I'll smack you.
Fuck off.
You think you understand, but you don't.
And you don't want to admit the truth.
Or you would've told me.
Enough. Stop talking.
You too know
our dad's in the mafia.
See what I mean when I say
you talk without thinking?
I do think.
- You talk too much.
- I don't hold back.
- That's a good thing?
- Very good.
A good thing...
- Baby.
- Bye.
Why are you here?
You just got up?
I got up at 5,
more or less.
More or less?
I can't remember the exact time.
Then I went back to sleep.
Your mom isn't here.
I know.
What do you want?
I want to talk to my dad.
I'll have another coffee.
And for you, milk and cookies?
I'll take a coffee cream.
I don't have any.
It's under there,
in the glass bottle.
No school today?
I'm on vacation.
Where's my dad?
Where's my dad?
You done?
I won't tell your mom
you were here.
But if someone sees you,
make up an excuse. Understood?
Get outta here. Don't be an idiot.
Hey Antonio. How are you?
Ayiva, everything OK?
- How are you?
- Good.
- Tired?
- Not today.
Working till 5?
See you later.
Where's my cousin?
Where did he go?
Not even hello?
Hello. Where did he go?
Call him.
I'm out of credit.
I have something to tell him.
Can you please tell me?
I can't.
Come on, you know.
If I got it right,
he went towards the Ciambra.
Where is that?
You don't know?
I know it's around here,
I don't know where.
Where the gypsies are. Over there.
Coming with me?
I don't go there.
Why not?
Because I don't.
He left.
- Who?
- Your cousin.
Do you know me?
Of course.
You're the daughter of "U Picciu".
Look at them.
I went to the Ciambra.
If they're thieves,
why do they live like that?
Where's all the money?
Why did you go?
Long story.
Long story or not,
I'm freezing. Let's go.
Giusi, turn around!
- Turn around!
- Why?
Quick, it's my cousin.
Didn't you see us, stupid bitch?
We didn't do it on purpose.
I don't care. Be careful.
It's not us. It's the wind.
The wind?
What are you laughing at?
I'm sorry. We didn't do it on purpose.
I'm really sorry.
Chamomile or tea?
- Chiara, chamomile or tea?
- Tea.
Chamomile makes me sleep.
Giorgia, drink your milk.
It's late, come on.
Why not?
I want my dad.
Sit down.
Silence, please.
- Just one thing.
- Did something happen?
Chiara must come with me.
Have a good day.
Hello, Chiara.
- Hello.
- Hi, ma'am.
I'm Celeste Tripodi, a social worker
from the tribunal of Reggio Calabria.
What's going on?
- We'd better sit down.
- Let's go.
I understand
this is a difficult moment, Chiara.
With your father being a fugitive.
No kid should experience this.
And I'm sorry.
Having said that,
your behavior in the last weeks
has clearly shown
that you are unable to confront
the problems this situation entails.
Above all, your family
is unable to help you
in these difficult and stressful times.
Your recent assault
on a girl from the Roma community
has shown that...
Excuse me, what assault?
Look, ma'am.
Your daughter is a danger
for the community, the school, the kids.
Do you know that since
your husband disappeared,
your daughter has missed 40% of classes?
It means she went every other day.
How do you explain this behavior?
It proves she's unable to cope
with this situation.
We'll take her
to a community for minors.
The judge will decide.
Are you doing this
for my daughter's own good
or to send my husband a message?
I'm only following the rules for
the protection of minors in Calabria.
Now. We've come to take her now.
- Now?
- Yes.
It's in everybody's best interest
not to make a scene.
If you accompany her,
it won't be necessary to escort her out.
I'm really sorry, Chiara.
We have to follow the rules.
It's right to follow them.
Otherwise where would we end up?
Now adults, some are incarcerated
or dead because of local feuds.
Others reached leadership positions
in their families.
Minors have witnessed kidnappings,
helped fugitives escape,
were involved in drug trafficking
and extortion.
Some were used as hitmen
in assassinations.
We've seen minors die.
Terrible events, mostly unknown
as they didn't receive enough attention.
Working in juvenile court,
I have to judge those
from mafia families.
The 'Ndrangheta
is a hereditary system,
maintaining its power through families.
It's an endemic,
underestimated phenomenon.
The only one way to break the cycle
is to separate the children
from their mafia families
before they grow up
and absorb the culture
of crime and violence.
The program we created
gives them a choice.
It allows them to live a moral life
and to become good citizens.
To reach this objective,
you must leave Gioia Tauro.
You will be placed
in an adoptive family
until you are 18.
You won't have any contact
with your natural family
that isn't supervised by this court.
You'll live in Urbino
with Graziella Ciaroni.
She's a pediatrician with 2 kids.
They have a beautiful house
in the countryside,
very close to your future school.
But most importantly,
you'll be close to the sea.
And we're sure
this will make you feel at home.
Staying home
would make me feel at home.
You're not aware of it yet,
you don't understand it,
but believe me,
you are a very lucky girl.
Have you heard of Giuseppina Pesce
and Maria Concetta Cacciola?
They're girls like you.
Maria Concetta Cacciola
dared to choose her own husband.
Do you know what happened to her?
She and her boyfriend had arranged
to elope,
run away together
and live a happy life.
Instead the boy received
a phone call from her father
saying that he had found Maria Concetta
in a basement,
with a bottle of hydrochloric acid.
The strange thing was,
during the autopsy,
they found acid
only in her stomach.
Not a trace in the mouth or throat.
Do you understand?
We are giving you
an incredible opportunity.
The possibility to be free,
to live in a different world,
filled with values.
You'll be able to embrace
the true values of life.
You'll save yourself
and won't end up like those girls.
Leave your case here.
Come sit over here.
You want a coffee?
It's straight ahead.
Hi, love.
What about Urbino?
Did you escape?
When she wasn't looking, I ran.
Sit down.
How are you?
Everything OK?
How long will you stay here?
I don't know. It depends.
On what?
On everything.
You like living like this?
There's no alternative.
What's done is done.
There's no turning back.
Is this what you wanted to know?
You came for this?
Do you kill people?
I don't kill anybody.
I don't kill anybody.
Do you understand?
You think your father kills people?
Do you know Giuseppina Pesce
and Maria Concetta Cacciola?
What's this got to do with me?
They're from Rosarno.
Nothing to do with us.
Think what happened to them
is right?
This doesn't concern you.
I'm responsible for what I do,
not for what others do.
They think we're all the same,
but we're not.
Do you sell drugs?
I don't sell drugs.
Who told you this?
I think you sell drugs.
You're 15, this shouldn't concern you.
So you're saying you do?
The less you know, the better.
I think you're a liar.
You should go to Urbino.
From now on,
I decide what I do.
Your father decides that.
Not anymore.
It's not what you think.
So what is it?
Call the guys.
We'll do the job tonight.
I don't think it's a good idea.
I know.
We're waiting our turn.
Always the same story.
That's what I said.
My daughter.
Stay here.
Keep your eyes open.
Careful at the bridge.
Good evening.
Everything OK?
They're waiting for you.
'Evening, Ciccio. Everything OK?
- Any more?
- No.
Put 5 in each.
What time is it?
They took my cell phone.
- Take this.
- Why?
What time is it?
We did all this in an hour.
Is this work so bad?
OK, that's everything.
You take this one.
Let's go.
I'll get the car.
Open it.
Go on.
225,000 euros.
Of profit.
We got 10 packs.
We took them to Musca's.
Turned them into 15.
Paid 30 and sell them 35.
Antonio takes 5 to Rome to sell.
We keep 10 here.
Why did the car blow up?
'Cause I work better than others.
And they want what I have.
Are you the boss?
Me, a boss?
A boss doesn't get his hands dirty.
And the police don't
mess with his children.
Bosses launder the money.
We do the work.
They call it mafia.
We call it survival.
That's what we are.
Antonio's here.
No, get in front.
There are cops around.
Are they looking for us?
Turn that off.
Claudio, don't move.
Did you know
Raphael was born in Urbino?
And that many
of the portraits he painted
are in Urbino's Ducal Palace?
And do you know
that one of his most famous portraits
is of the Duke of Urbino?
Ask me why it's famous.
Ask me why it's well-known.
Why is it famous?
Because he painted things naturally.
The Duke had a long, crooked nose.
At the time,
portraits were for rich people,
people with a certain prestige.
But he painted them
the way they were.
He didn't embellish.
Raphael was like that.
He painted what was in front of him.
Good evening.
Papers, please.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Thank you. Do you have the time?
- 1:50.
- Thanks. Have a good one.
I want to go home.
Forget it.
Take me home.
- How are you?
- Good.
What are you doing here?
I couldn't sleep.
Are you back?
I never left.
Let's sleep.
Can I?
Don't wait for an answer!
I know you need me.
- I can do my own hair.
- You can't say anything nice to me.
Chiara, Camilla...
- Hurry up.
- Yes, ma'am.
Come on!
How's this?
Not bad, but better on me.
What are you doing?
- You take selfies like an old woman.
- Bull!
We can't be the last ones there.
We're coming.
Here we are.
Everyone's waiting for us.
Happy birthday!
- Can I borrow her?
- Go ahead.
A picture with grandma.
Let's take a picture.
She's beautiful!
I promised you.
18 years old...
You're 18
when you're no longer afraid
to go for it
and make courageous choices.
You know it's risky,
but you do it anyway.
Like drinking coffee after 6 pm.
If people say you're older,
you reply: 'Can't you tell
I'm much younger?'
And if they say you're younger:
'I'm not a little girl.'
And if they say you're 18:
'How dare you tell the truth?'
You're 18 when all you want
is to get away from home,
go where no-one tells you
what to do.
But only at weekends.
And on Mondays:
'Mom, did you wash my jeans?'
You're 18 when half the time, people say
you're too young to understand.
And the other half,
you're too old not to.
Make up your minds!
You're 18 when they tell you
it's the best age,
even if you don't think so.
But don't worry, from now on,
they'll repeat it every year.
At 18, instead of blaming others,
you take responsibility.
Your whole life is ahead
and your past mistakes don't matter.
You're 18 when you manage
to hide your embarrassment
if someone close looks you
in the eye in a packed room,
and says: 'I'm proud of you
and I love you so much.'
Have fun.
Sorry, coach.