A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe (2022) Movie Script

Take your tastebuds on a trip
to Maplewood this Christmas...
Where something delicious
is in store.
This holiday season,
open up a box
of Grandma Cooper's
famous Christmas cookies.
Made right here
in Grandma's home town
with her classic secret recipe.
Every bite will make you ask...
What's in that cookie?
I'll never tell.
Bring home a box
of Cooper's today
and see your children's faces
And your grandchildren, too.
Mmm, that's a good cookie!
After all, it's not Christmas
without Coopers.
That's me.
Little Annie Cooper.
Now I know what you're thinking.
The world has changed a lot
since Grandma opened
Cooper's Cookies 40 years ago.
But this Christmas,
there's one thing you can
count on being the same.
That's because
Grandma's secret recipe
still tastes just how you
remember it.
Mmm, now that is a good cookie.
And cut!
Alright, thank you.
How was it?
It was great!
You were glowing.
But did it work?
Was it too, "Look at me,
I'm the new CEO."
Oh gosh, no!
It was the perfect blend
of nostalgia and modernism.
Like a Picasso.
Oversold it?
Yeah, just a little bit.
Um, okay.
Great job, everyone!
Doors open in 20 minutes!
We have cookies to sell.
Thank you.
What time do the caterers
get in?
5:00. Excellent.
We need to make sure
everything is perfect.
The entire board's
gonna be here tonight.
Um, is that today's paper?
Yes, but I don't think
you really want to...
Is it worse than last week?
Give it to me.
Oh boy.
"The End of Coopers
as we know it.
The new CEO has wasted
no time leaving her mark,
or should we say stain,
on Cooper's Cookies
and this town as a whole.
A New York outsider,
groomed in the corporate world
of Manhattan,
Annie Cooper has slashed funding
for many Maplewood institutions
and programs which,
under her grandmother,
were beloved by all."
You know what,
the media is so biased
these days.
Wait till they hear
that we cancelled
the Cooper Light Up.
Sorry, did you say cancelled?
Yeah, it's too expensive.
I ran it by the board.
Oh, that's...
that's good.
Speaking of the board,
I need to...
Hey, hey...
- Yo, yo...
- Miss C, Miss C...
We just had you know,
a quick Q about
the Christmas party tonight?
Yeah, a semi-formal?
Is that like,
hang loose on the bottom,
suit and tie up-top?
Yeah, right.
Or is it like go wild up top,
keep it business down low?
Yeah, under no circumstances
should you go loose
on the bottom
or go wild on top.
Just ah, keep it classy.
Head to toe.
Excuse me.
We need to go shopping.
Yes, Annie.
What can I do for you?
I did not get your feedback
after the last board meeting.
Did you need it?
You seemed quite confident
in your performance
as I recall.
Well, you do know the position
that Cooper's is facing,
and since I've been here,
I've identified many areas
where we can reduce expenses,
increase profits,
and ultimately take Cooper's
to the next level.
And how long have you been
here, Annie?
Five months.
Five months.
Not even half a year
since your grandmother's estate
gifted you
leadership of this company.
You have very large shoes
to fill, Miss Cooper.
And make no mistake,
if you so much as stumble,
I will not hesitate
to replace you.
I'll be in my office,
if you need me.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Hi. Look at that.
You got a good one this year.
Even bigger than last year.
How does your dad feel about it?
He feels like
he should ask Santa
for a new spine this Christmas.
You know feel free
to lend a hand?
I would, Sam, but I'm on lunch.
That's a really balanced meal
you got going on there.
It's funny,
that's what my cardiologist
If I knew grandma's
secret recipe,
I would save a fortune
on these things.
Yeah, now that I believe.
Speaking of,
you met the new boss?
Saw her from a distance
when I did a job
at the factory last week.
you guys wanna hear a rumor?
Apparently, she's on one of
those low-carbonated diets.
She won't even touch a cookie.
Ah, that's low carbohydrate,
and I'm pretty sure you started
that rumor.
Yeah, but it could be true.
We don't know.
Alright, I'll see you later.
Alright, come on, your turn.
You're funny, dad.
Wait, I wasn't jo...
I wasn't joking.
Oh man!
You okay?
Oh yes.
I... I'm fine.
Are you sure?
'Cause you looked kind of green.
Like mistletoe green.
I... I'm fine.
Um, I heard they were
giving away some free samples
over at Cooper's.
Um, I don't think so.
My dad's not a big fan
of Cooper's anymore.
Why is that?
He said the new boss is just
a Grinch wannabe.
I've heard worse.
And that she should go back
to her smelly cave
at the top of Mount Crumpit.
He's right over there
if you wanna go meet him.
Um, no.
No, I think that's...
That's okay.
But um, I hope you will give
Cooper's a chance,
even if your dad won't.
And I also hope you have
a very merry Christmas.
You too.
Homeward bound, Miss Annie?
No, Arthur,
I have one more stop
I need to make first.
And from a net profit
stand point,
with the cuts we've made,
the outlook of Cooper's
going into the New Year
is very positive.
So, that's this week's update.
You know, Rose loved
financial reports
as much as the next person.
But perhaps she'd like an update
on her granddaughter's
personal life.
Personal life, huh?
What personal life?
I only ever came to Maplewood
to visit grandma.
All my friends are in New York
and Cooper's is all I have here.
What am I?
The ghost of Christmas past?
Of course, I have you, Arthur.
I just hope grandma knows
her legacy is in good hands.
Working at Cooper's?
Living in Maplewood?
Your grandmother loved it.
Her life was full of joy.
And I know she wanted that
for you as well.
Joy, huh?
Will you tell me what could be
more joyful
than a successful quarter?
Are you coming
to our Christmas party tonight?
I don't think so, my dear.
Now Rose managed
to drag me out now and then,
but uh, I'm a homebody at heart.
She was so lucky to have
a friend like you.
Don't worry, Rose,
she'll find her way in the end.
Merry Christmas.
Oh yes, please.
Thank you.
I'm starving.
That is very fishy, ooh.
Richard, hi!
Hey Jillian, hi.
Here, have an hor d' oeuvre.
Enjoy, it's delicious.
Thank you.
Oh no, thank you.
Oh well, they look pleased.
If only all the shareholders
felt that way, right?
Do people seem bored to you?
Everyone is having a blast.
Okay, so just warn me
before Miriam gets here,
because I'm gonna need
a chance to hide.
Oh, she's not coming.
She wasn't feeling well
That's amazing!
I mean, not that
she's not feeling well,
obviously I hope that
she's gonna be okay.
But now I can actually relax.
Let's relax!
Hi, I would love a dry martini
with three olives, please.
I'll do the same.
Hey, Miss C...
Miss C, check it out!
Oh wow, that is classy.
Good job, guys.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Mmm, that is so good.
Oh yeah, um...
so excellent.
So, are you giving a speech
Oh no.
No, no, I'm not really a public
speaking kind of gal.
I was...
It's just grandma gives a speech
every year,
so I think people might be
expecting it.
Oh well, so much for being able
to relax.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
So ah...
Yeah, I'll have an eggnog
on the rocks.
Two candy canes please.
Is everyone having fun tonight?
- Yeah!
- Wooo!
Well, merry Christmas
and thank you all so much
for being here.
Now, I know if my grandma
were standing up here right now,
she would probably start out
with one of her classic jokes.
what do snowmen eat
for Christmas?
Frosted flakes.
That's right!
And by a show of hands,
how many people in this room
have fallen victim
to one of grandma's
practical jokes?
Oh yeah.
- Me for sure.
- I thought so.
You know one year,
grandma actually gift-wrapped
my entire dorm room
for Christmas.
Now I know I may seem
like a stranger to a lot of you
in this room, but the truth is,
we all share something
in common.
And that's that,
I miss my grandma, too.
And I'm not gonna stand up here
and pretend that I can replace
the woman we all loved,
or even remotely
fill her shoes, as they say.
But I made a promise to myself
and I made a promise
to my grandma,
that I would do everything
in my power
to make sure that Cooper
And I believe that
with your help,
Cooper's has
a very bright future indeed.
Because after all,
it's not Christmas
without Cooper's.
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Accounting got back to me...
They'll have the budget ready
for Friday.
Reschedule for Wednesday.
You have a 2:00 meeting
with Seattle.
Reschedule for Monday.
Oh, okay.
Are you gonna need a car
this weekend?
Still thinking about it.
Oh no.
Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Where is it?
Where is it?
What happened?
Someone stole
grandma's secret recipe.
Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh!
What are you doing?
Calling the police.
No, no, no, no, no.
No one can know the recipe
is missing.
This could be the end
of Cooper's.
What do we do?
Well, the factory uses
a digital copy
to make the cookies.
So, how do we access that?
Okay, let's go to IT.
Okay, where...
Oh, wait.
What is this?
I don't know.
Let's go.
Where's IT?
Just up the stairs.
- Go to your right.
- Okay.
Um, can I just um, have that...
That phone back?
She's dead, isn't she?
As a door nail.
I told you,
you pushed her too hard.
Well, how was I supposed
to know?
I'm surprised she lasted
as long as she did.
Oven this old
belongs in a museum.
Ooh, don't mind if I do?
She always held her temperature,
and she baked every batch
It'll be missed.
That's a real tragedy.
Did he kill her?
Guilty as charged.
Hey, it wasn't my fault!
Alright, and that is yours.
Seriously, Frank?
You're a repairman.
You didn't repair anything.
Time is money, my friend.
I know.
Cookies aren't free either.
Too salty anyway.
Yeah, just like you.
Merry Christmas.
It's our busiest time
of year, Sam.
We're not gonna keep up
with just one oven.
Yeah, well, we have to.
Because I can't afford
to buy a new one right now.
Singing the old carols
by candlelight
Roasting chestnuts
on the open fire
Every little thing with you
just feels right
So right
'Cause Santa always comes
at night
I've been waiting on these
Since last New Year's Eve
'Cause Santa always comes
at night
Santa always comes at night
Are you done?
So sorry.
Yes, ma'am.
What's your name?
Calvin Brar.
Well, Calvin Brar,
we need your help.
It's gone.
Somebody got through
my security.
It's all... it's all gone.
Oh man.
Oh man.
This is really bad, Annie.
So bad.
I've handled worse.
Stock market crashes,
hostile takeovers.
I'm gonna lose my job.
So, what's the plan?
I move back in with my parents
Cookie production is shut down
for the holidays.
I'm hot, are you...
Are you guys hot?
Which means we have
until Christmas
to catch whoever stole
our recipe and get it back.
Santa's not coming this year,
- Calvin!
- Calvin!
I think the thief may have
dropped this by accident.
"Bella's Bakery.
Buy six dozen cookies
and get a dozen free."
I love that place.
They have the best cookies
in the whole...
Second best cookies
in the whole world.
Well, whoever dropped this
must go there a lot.
Then that is where we start.
Start what?
Bella's Bakery.
There it is.
This is the place.
Might I recommend you try
the Sugar Plum Snaps?
They are delightful.
Not you too, Arthur.
Well, it's not a crime
to enjoy other cookies.
But it should be.
Just wanted
the double chocolate?
Can I help you with something?
No, thank you.
You sure about that?
Actually um,
have you noticed anyone
suspicious in here lately?
Someone acting a little odd
You know,
now that you mention it, yeah.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
And what did they look like?
Brown hair.
Hazel eyes.
And how tall?
About 5'9-ish.
5' 9", okay.
And... and what was she wearing?
A very uncomfortable-looking
business suit,
a purple sweater,
and gas station sunglasses.
Okay, first of all,
this is aubergine.
Second of all,
gas station, as if.
And third of all,
do you think this is some kind
of joke?
I'm not laughing.
If I've offended you somehow...
I just don't appreciate
my competition coming in here,
snooping around,
and bothering my customers.
Oh, I don't think of you
as competition.
Good to know.
Excuse me?
Hey, you're not supposed
to go back there!
Well, you obviously know
who I am.
Huh, make yourself at home.
Everybody knows who
Little Annie Cooper is.
Just Annie would be fine,
thank you.
And you are?
Excuse me,
Sam Hobbs.
Well, Sam Hobbs,
one of your regulars committed
a crime against my company
and I'm here to find out who.
A crime?
What crime?
Well, hello, it's you again.
I hate to break it to you,
but none of my regulars
are criminals.
And how can you be so sure?
Unless where were you last night
between 6:00 p.m. and midnight?
Ah, let me see,
none of your business.
He was with me.
You've got an alibi, dad.
So you're the one who's
not a big fan of Cooper's.
I believe that's what they call
a motive.
Really, Bella?
Except he really was with me.
I had a dance rehearsal.
Can someone verify that?
Okay, I think it's time
for you to leave.
Hmm, can't take the heat.
I will get out of your kitchen.
For someone who claims
to be innocent,
you sure are defensive.
And what exactly is this crime
that you're accusing me of?
I can't tell you.
Look, I'm... I'm sorry
for whatever it is
that happened at Cooper's,
but if a crime really
was committed
you should just call the cops.
You offered me a cookie, so...
Thank you.
Okay, Bella, come on.
I'd better go. Bye.
No, Jillian.
It was a complete disaster.
I accused the owner of theft,
I got kicked out of the bakery.
I think that at least qualifies
as a minor catastrophe.
Hang on,
let me call you right back.
Hey, is everything okay?
Oh yes, quite alright.
But I saw that you forgot
something in the back seat.
Thank you.
Hey, you worked for grandma
longer than anyone.
Did she ever tell you
her secret recipe?
No, Miss Annie.
And I did not think it my place
to ask.
Of course,
the ingredients are all listed
on the box.
But it would take
a highly skilled baker
to figure out
the right combination.
But I don't get it.
Why an orange?
I don't know.
But Santa put one
in my stocking every year.
Maybe he ran out of coal.
How dare you!
- Hi.
- Hi.
I came to apologize.
30 seconds, that's all I ask.
Oh, thank you.
It's so much warmer in here.
Okay, you have 30 seconds.
Well, I didn't literally mean
30 seconds.
Okay, okay.
I may have been a d...
Teeny tiny bit out of line.
Was that your apology?
And I really mean it.
What did you expect me to do?
You want me to fall down
on my knees?
Oh, look at that, time's up.
Well, what about you?
What about me?
Yesterday, I think you
were quite rude.
You accused me of a crime!
You were a likely suspect.
You're not a detective.
Someone stole
my grandma's secret recipe.
Wait, are you serious?
And we found this
at the crime scene.
So, we think whoever did it
must spend a lot of time here.
Okay, well, I'm telling you
that I didn't do it.
I know you didn't do it.
And I'm sorry I accused you
like that.
Well, thank you.
And I'm sorry that your
grandmother's recipe got stolen.
I wish I could help.
You actually can.
That... that is why I'm here.
And I thought you came
to apologize.
Yeah well, I came for that, too.
Look, everyone keeps telling me
how great your cookies are.
And they're right.
See, I've now tried one.
This cookie was good.
It's really, really good.
Hmm, well, thank you.
Almost as good as my grandma's.
There it is.
But I've never said that
about another cookie before.
Look, is this going somewhere?
I... I'm...
I'm asking you if you would
help me
figure out
my grandma's secret recipe
before anyone realizes
it's missing.
Is this a joke?
Do I look like I'm laughing?
Let me get this straight.
Yesterday you accused me
of a theft
and today you want me
to help save your company?
No thanks.
I will do whatever it takes.
I can pay you.
Well, we don't need your money.
Yes, you do.
Everyone needs money.
Well, I don't.
It's supposed to do that.
I'll buy you a new oven.
We'll do it.
No, we won't.
We definitely will.
We're not doing it, okay.
We don't need your money.
That's final, we're out.
I'm sorry.
Um, what were you saying?
One more on the roof.
Hmm, one more.
Morning, you two.
And the candy-cane mailbox.
Look at that.
Good morning.
I thought parents
weren't allowed to help
with the school competition?
What do you mean competition?
Bella, you said this was
for a bake sale.
Thanks, dad.
I think I've got a real shot
We're gonna talk when you...
We're gonna talk
when she gets home.
So, I heard you made a deal
with Annie Cooper yesterday?
Oh, that's who that was.
'Cause I kind of feel like
I sold my soul.
Oh, don't be so dramatic.
I knew her as a girl, you know.
She and her parents would spend
every Christmas in Maplewood.
And she was
the sweetest little thing.
Well, if there's any sweetness
left in there,
I haven't seen it.
Oh, give it some time.
I'm gonna need a bigger watch.
Okay, team,
so let's set up right over here.
This will be our base
of operations for now.
What's going on?
Oh, Jillian, this is Sam.
I didn't realize you'd be
moving in
and contaminating
my sterile workspace.
Well, I'm not gonna put
all my eggs in one basket.
And we still have
to catch this thief,
and working out of Cooper's,
it's gonna draw
too much attention.
Hey, Miss Cooper,
did you just want this
in the trash?
Why's he touching my sign?
Well, I'm helping you.
It's amateur marketing.
The best things in the world
don't have to tell you
they're the best.
They just speak for themselves.
Hey, could I grab
a peppermint latte?
Oh, I wouldn't.
Sam likes to be alone.
Oh, I got this.
Okay, team,
what do we have so far?
List of suspects?
This case isn't gonna solve
Ah, well, we had a clue
but it turned out
to be dead end.
And we don't really know
where to go from here.
Then it's a good thing
you came to me.
We didn't, actually.
Motive and means,
the two most important things
any good detective looks for
when solving a case.
The Mistletoe Mysteries!
I used to love these.
Have you read the case
of the Caroling Cadavers?
I'm almost done.
Well, I don't know about motive,
but they definitely had means.
I mean whoever did this,
knew exactly how to get in
erase the security footage,
and access my system
all without triggering an alarm.
But how is that possible?
I thought you were in charge.
You do know we're
on a tight deadline, right?
You're ruining my happy place.
Christmas is only 10 days away.
12, actually.
Bella announces it
every morning.
Hey, what's your problem?
I already apologized
for yesterday.
So, do you wanna tell me
what's going on?
You know, the Cooper's Light Up
is the single most important
Christmas event in Maplewood.
You know who sponsors
the school?
The hospital?
And my daughter's dance program?
Your grandmother,
she invested in this city
and the people in it.
Then you come along
and everything changes.
You seem to know a lot
about the company.
Yeah, I know enough.
Then you should know
we have about two years
before Cooper shuts down.
Shuts down?
Unless someone like me
does something about it.
Cooper's has run at a loss
for the past three years.
We can't compete
with the major brands.
They have bigger budgets,
better marketing.
They're not afraid to play
dirty and I should know,
I worked for a few of them.
Look, I loved that
my grandma wanted
to give back to Maplewood,
but if we're gonna survive,
we have to adapt.
What are you doing?
This place has the best spices.
I'm gonna need a lot of them
if we're gonna figure out
your grandmother's
secret recipe.
Thank you.
How did you get
into baking cookies anyway?
You strike me as more
of a rye bread kind of guy.
Excuse me?
I'm a sourdough man.
Dry and crusty.
That makes sense.
What kind of bread are you?
You know, that doesn't count.
Why does banana not count?
Because banana
is actually a cake.
Well then,
I'm eating too much cake.
You didn't answer my question.
I wanna know the secret
behind your
world famous cookies.
It's complicated.
You make complicated cookies?
No, life is complicated.
Three years ago,
Bella and I lost her mum.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
That particular Christmas
I wanted Bella to smile again.
So, I told her we could bake
any kind of cookie
that she wanted.
in the whole entire world.
You know what she said?
I want a sugar plum cookie.
What is a sugar plum cookie?
I had no idea, but I made it up.
I don't know I guess,
I guess that's my secret.
I don't make cookies for me.
I make cookies for Bella.
And I guess now
I'm baking cookies for you.
- Munchier...
- Munchy.
All these batches
are slightly different,
but I think I have the right
ratio of base ingredients.
The water, sugar, flour,
and eggs.
Now, it's just a matter
of nailing down
the flavor agents.
So, what do you think?
They are all really good.
But none of them
are quite right.
Well, it's okay.
Which do you think is closest?
- That one.
- That one.
Hm, I thought it was that one.
I think I need to try them
all again.
Where've you guys been?
So, we went back
to check the digital log
on the alarm.
The thief used an employee code
that should have been disabled.
Which employee?
There's only one explanation
for how someone got their hands
on that code.
It had to be an inside job.
Best Christmas ever!
Mm, mm-mm.
He stayed late
at the Christmas party.
Besides, he's a very sweet man.
What about Parker?
Parker, Parker, no way.
He volunteers on his days off
and he teaches Bible studies
at the church on Sundays.
Phil and Ned?
Robot Ned,
do humans taste as good
as their cookies?
Robot Phil,
only one way to find out.
- Must eat humans.
- Must eat humans.
- No, definitely not them.
- Nah, it's not them.
No, probably not the elves.
Jillian, you know all
of the employees.
Can you think of anyone
who would do this?
No, I'm sorry,
I just can't imagine anyone
who works here
wanting to hurt Cooper's.
What about someone who used
to work here?
A fired employee,
still holds a grudge?
Oh, I don't think there are
many of those.
Then, that should be easy
to narrow it down.
Go to HR
and pull the last five years
of employee records.
I'm on it.
I'm just gonna go see
if she needs any backup.
- Oh!
- Oh.
You sure are stealthy
for a woman of your...
I believe you were going
to say age.
Uh, no.
I was actually... I was...
I was not...
Don't worry, Miss Cooper.
I'm not sensitive
about such things.
Age is a gift of wisdom
and experience.
And do you know what
my gift is telling me right now?
You are hiding something.
I'm not sure what,
but secrets always come out
in the end.
This is the best...
Christmas ever.
Okay, yeah.
Not... not now, guys.
- Oh.
- Oh.
Can we go again, one more time?
Okay, fine.
Last time though.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on.
Let me get this off.
And 5, 6, 7, 8...
And point the toe,
point the toe.
Point the toe.
How nice.
Remember nice
and natural relaxed arms.
And my favorite, arabesque.
And port de bras.
Oh, come on, really!
How long have you been
standing there for?
Oh, long enough.
Dad's helping me with my solo
for this year's dance recital.
I saw.
He's surprisingly graceful.
Find any suspects?
No, but we're chasing down
a new lead.
Ex-employees with a grudge
against the company.
Revenge, a classic motive.
Here you go.
See you soon.
Okay, we have a problem.
The head of the board
is starting to get suspicious,
which means we have a lot
less time than we thought.
I need you to work late tonight.
Ooh, yeah, no can't do.
What do you mean?
Do you not know how this works?
You give me a cookie,
I give you an oven.
Listen Santa,
this little elf has plans
What could possibly be
more important than this?
Our Christmas party!
All of our friends
get dressed up and come over.
Don't you have
any big holidays plans, huh?
Uh, no.
Oh, what?
Oh, no.
Oh, guys.
I know what you're thinking,
"She's all alone on Christmas".
But seriously, it's fine.
I'm fine.
Don't I look fine?
Would you like to come
to our house
for a Christmas party tonight?
Thank you.
But I... I actually,
I do have some work
that I need to do.
So, tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Yeah, there's another pie
in the back of the fridge,
I'll grab it right now.
Excuse me, guys.
Merry Christmas.
Ah, come on, come in.
This is for you.
Oh, thank you.
You uh, you came.
I was craving a little company.
I hope that's okay.
Of course.
Let me get your jacket.
Wow, you look um...
I look very out of place.
I thought Bella said
everyone got dressed up.
Yeah, uh we do.
It's Nutcracker themed.
Okay then.
Well um, goodbye.
Whoa, whoa.
No, no, no.
I got the perfect solution.
See that.
Huh, you fit right in.
Thank you.
You came!
Come on, I'll show you around.
The pie.
I'm on it.
Coming right up.
Who made this masterpiece
right here?
Dad calls him Ralph,
Rudolph's less famous
older brother.
Oh, poor little Ralph.
Well, he didn't need to be
hiding way down there.
Is this your mom?
She's absolutely beautiful.
Everyone says I look
just like her.
Well, they're right.
Is that you tucked in there
all snug?
That was
my first Cooper's Light Up.
Mom took me every year,
it was her favorite thing
to do at Christmas.
Oh, who invited Scrooge McDuck
over there?
I did.
Remind me again, Frank,
who invited you?
There is something on your...
What the...
Funny guy.
Thank you.
Guess you shouldn't have
invited the big bad executive
to your Christmas party, huh.
Don't worry,
I had them check their torches
and pitchforks at the door.
They just don't know you yet.
And you do?
But I'm willing to try.
Wanna get some air?
- Okay.
- Come on.
A musician?
Uh, it doesn't strike me
as your type.
Which is what?
I was thinking you know,
a nice little knit tie,
maybe some pomade.
Talking about the future
of the crypto market.
I dated a few of those, too.
I bet.
So, what happened
with the music man?
Well, long story short.
My career took off
and his did not.
And his ego couldn't handle it.
So you just left?
Well, I couldn't be with someone
who wanted me to act small
just so he could feel big.
That's Arthur.
He's on his way.
he gives you a ride everywhere?
No, not everywhere.
Sometimes I take an Uber
or a taxi.
I don't know really know how
to drive.
Oh, and here I was thinking
you're just all fancy.
I am.
I'm very fancy.
Um, when I was 18,
my parents both died
in a car accident.
So, I didn't really feel like
getting behind the wheel
after that.
It was a long time ago.
What about you?
Do you have
any romantic prospects?
Mmm, nope.
I don't do that sort of thing.
What sort of thing?
You don't date?
I uh... not in a...
Not in a very long time.
Well, my grandma used to say,
"A life baked with love,
tastes ever so sweet."
Well, I hate to break it
to your grandma.
I think this loaf has gotten
pretty stale.
I don't know.
I mean sourdough,
while it is dry
and crusty on the outside...
The inside...
it just, you don't know.
You don't know.
There's Arthur.
So, um, tomorrow?
Tomorrow, cookies.
We're gonna figure out
that recipe.
Thank you.
And thank you for this.
You're very welcome.
Have a good night.
I trust you had a nice evening,
Miss Annie?
A very nice evening indeed.
No, no, you listen to me.
I can't afford any more excuses.
I told Gino I'd bring you in,
but after what happened
at Cooper's,
I'm starting to reconsider.
I gotta go.
Everything okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Just uh, trouble at work.
Hey uh, great party by the way,
But if you compare the reports
from last year,
we have turned a corner
for the better.
Those reports don't reflect
a decline in public perception.
You mean local perception,
not national.
Look, Annie was right.
We can no longer prioritize
the citizens of Maplewood
over our bottom line.
What are you talking about?
City council would never go
with it.
After all, it's not Christmas
without Cooper's.
No, no.
That's enough!
We've been over this
and it's not getting us
Annie, do you have
any other items to address?
Yes, I'm listening.
Was there anything else
you wish to discuss
or may we adjourn?
I would like to propose
that we reinstate
the Cooper Christmas Tree
Light Up.
But you were the one
who requested that we cancel.
But that was before...
"Marketing aimed
at a few thousand locals
is an irresponsible waste
of finances."
Sound familiar?
I said that.
Very good memory.
But what if we think of a way
to make it responsible.
But how do you plan
on doing that?
What if we look at it
as a marketing opportunity
rather than an expense.
The brand will be
on full display.
Smiling kids, happy parents,
holiday joy at every bite.
It's not Christmas
without Cooper's, right?
So, let's capture
what that means
and share it with the world.
We're listening.
Here you go.
Enjoy it.
Okay, we need to get
to work right away
if we're gonna have everything
ready in a week.
I'll talk to accounting today.
We need to make sure
the town knows
that it's back on.
And I'm all over it.
About time,
you were supposed to be here
an hour ago.
Yes, I'm sorry,
our meeting ran late.
Um, hey, is Sam here?
No, hon, he stepped out.
But he's asked me
to pull four batches of cookies
out of the oven
when the timer goes off.
Did you happen to take a look
at that list of employees
we left you?
No, I didn't.
Something important came up.
Something important...
She knows that Christmas
in in 10 days, right?
10 days before this whole thing
blows up in our faces.
- I will get on it right away.
- Oh, no need.
I think
we already found our guy.
Greg Helmer, 35 years old.
An executive assistant
at Cooper's,
Greg was in the perfect position
to discover grandma's code.
And then, three months ago,
he was unexpectedly terminated.
For what you might ask?
- Theft of...
- Theft of property,
says it right here.
You put that in file. That...
- That's right.
- That's great.
Okay, this looks promising,
but how are we gonna
track him down?
He was tagged in that photo
two days ago.
He works
at the Christmas Market.
Now, can we get the cops
No. No one can know
about the theft
until we have the recipe back.
We'll handle this ourselves.
Like the Mistletoe Mysteries.
If I have to hear
about that book one more time.
What on earth
are you people talking about?
Sugar Plum, this is Nut Cracker.
I have eyes on the Mouse King.
Repeat, I have eyes
on the Mouse King.
Copy that, Nut Cracker.
Target acquired.
Waiting for instruction. Over.
- What are you doing?
- It's Bella's idea.
Oh, she's 11, Calvin!
I mean look at the walkies.
These are mine.
Disengage, Sugar Plum.
The adults will handle this.
Kids never get to have any fun.
So, what do we do now?
Do we just go up there,
ask him questions,
- see what he says?
- No, no.
He'll recognize both of you
right away.
But most people don't know
that Cooper's
even has an IT guy.
- What are you gonna say to him?
- Don't worry. I have a plan.
Greg, Merry Christmas.
Two bags of roasted nuts please.
Are you sure
Nutcracker can handle this?
Maybe I should back him up.
Negative, Sugar Plum,
stay where you are.
That'll be five bucks.
- Can I level with you, Greg?
- How do you know my name?
I'm not really here
for any roasted nuts.
All I want is an order
of the cold hard truth.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
He doesn't know
what he's talking about.
We know you stole it, Greg.
Who are you?
Uh, are... are you a cop?
The Mouse King
can smell the cheese.
I repeat, the Mouse King
can smell the cheese.
Hey, nobody said anything
about cops, okay, Greg?
Bella, we have got to get you
out of here.
Oh, geez!
Okay, let's just calm down
just a minute.
No! No! No!
- Calvin! Calvin! Calvin!
- Oh! Thief! Thief!
- Someone stop the thief!
- Calvin, are you okay?
- Somebody stop him!
- Somebody stop him!
That way! He went that way!
- Somebody stop him!
- Alright, see you later.
Oh! You did it!
They caught him.
They caught him.
That wasn't part of the script.
Nice work, you got him!
It... it was just
some office supplies!
I'll return them, I promise!
I don't care about the pen
or the stapler,
- I want the recipe.
- What recipe?
Don't mess with me, Greg.
- Annie.
- What?
You said the person
who stole the recipe
- was a regular?
- Yes.
Yeah, I've never served this guy
a cookie in my life.
I am so sorry!
Really salty.
I know,
and they're very hot, too.
Very hot!
Can you see any shells?
Calvin, are you okay?
He just got some salt
in his eyes.
- It stings real bad.
- He'll be okay.
I'm guessing this
didn't go according to plan?
No, it did not.
Just as long as Bella
wasn't involved.
That was so cool!
Do you think those cookies
are ready?
Alright, here we go.
get 'em over here please.
- Okay.
- Okay, do you want a taster?
Now, one, two, three or four.
Yes. Yes.
Thank you.
Now, you take these, too.
Thank you.
- Yeah?
- Hmm.
Oh, that's so hot.
Pa... pastry you get a good bite.
That's the 1,000 nibble.
Did you get the...
Mm, no, I didn't actually.
Oh. Well.
Okay, so,
which one's the closest?
- One.
- Three.
- Five.
- Two.
There's only four.
F... forget it.
Alright, get out of here.
I'm just gonna take this s'more.
Appreciate it.
Back to the drawing board again.
Bella saw you throwing out
those perfectly good cookies.
You know, that's the thing.
They're not perfectly
good though, are they?
- Go easy on yourself.
- I can't go easy on myself.
The longer it takes me
to figure out this recipe,
the more innocent people
you're gonna accuse.
I'm sorry.
I'm just frustrated, you know?
I'm not used to baking
like this.
It's all so mathematical.
There's no instinct or...
Or emotion involved.
I know I'm missing something.
It's probably right in front
of my face.
I just don't know what it is.
You know,
I think I have an idea.
Did you ever bake
with your grandmother
- when you were a kid?
- Yeah, all the time. Why?
Okay, I assumed
you meant a good idea,
not a ridiculous idea.
Now, I know
this maybe a long shot,
but there's about
a thousand different ways
that I can combine
those ingredients.
I just need somebody
to help guide me.
And that someone is you.
But I haven't baked anything
in a really long time.
Oh. Well, it's a good thing
that you have a great teacher.
So, the detective things
clearly isn't working out
for you now, is it?
Come on,
what do you got to lose?
Okay, where do we start?
I've been here before
Holly hangin' on the door
The trees dressed up
in lights
- Wow!
- Back when we were kids
The season
always felt like this
The lights
were shinin' bright
I wanna capture the feelin'
- This shouldn't take long.
- Okay.
The warmth of holiday music
And coziness by the fire
with you
I just wanna feel the magic
One more time
Just like we had
at Christmas time
Oh, yaee, yaee, yaee!
I want the sparkle
in the eye
Of a kid on Christmas night
All I want to see is
Little presents he's to find
- Oh, those look good!
- The magic one more time
The magic of Christmas time
I just wanna feel the magic,
I just wanna feel the magic
one more time
I wanna capture the feeling
The warmth of holiday music
And coziness by the fire
with you
- Tada!
- Bravo, bravo!
Oh, thank you.
You're so good, darling.
I just wanna feel the magic
one more time
- Mm.
- Well?
It's so good.
It's still not quite right.
Okay, well,
we have plenty of time.
Christmas is in four days, Sam.
I know.
Well, we better get started
on another batch, huh?
Don't worry.
We'll figure this out.
I promise.
You know, the tree light up
is tomorrow.
Oh, I know, the whole town
is buzzing about it.
I was thinking it could be fun
if the three of us
went together.
You, me, and Bella.
Um, yeah, yeah.
You know, that's something
that um,
Bella and I used to do
with her mom.
- I'm so sorry. I should've...
- No, no, no, no. No, no.
I just... I don't know.
I think maybe it just might be
a little confusing for Bella.
- For Bella?
- Yeah.
Well, I'm... I'm sure I'll...
I'll see you both there.
Yeah! Yeah, yeah,
Um, it's really fun.
I mean they got this huge tree.
They got um, kids
running around everywhere.
It's... it's very Christmassy.
They got carolers.
There is uh,
all kinds of stuff...
I mean that looks like
the closest clue we've gotten.
Yeah, that's what you think.
In the last like hour.
Someone's waiting for you
in the kitchen.
I'm glad you're here.
When you asked
about the light up, I, uh...
I should've handled that
I guess I was just um...
I was just scared, you know?
When you lose somebody
that you thought
you'd spend the rest
of your life with,
you just hold on every...
Every memory
that you shared together.
Uh, I know
that I hurt your feelings,
and I'm sorry.
That was beautiful, buddy.
Of course, I forgive you.
What are you doing here?
Oh, yeah, Annie uh,
she called me yesterday.
Wanted me to install it.
- To install what?
- Your new oven.
New oven.
And she even got you
the extended warrantee.
- Well, enjoy the oven, buddy.
- Thanks.
Uh, Merry Christmas, Frank.
- Wasn't it wonderful?
- Yeah, yeah.
What's the matter?
I just really need to figure out
this recipe, Marge.
I just don't think
that we're looking
- at the right motive here.
- Right.
Uh, maybe whoever stole it
just really enjoys
eating cookies.
- That's everyone.
- Yeah, it's everyone.
Okay, let's... let's start again.
Where you goin'?
Yo, Frank!
Frank, what are you...
What are you doing?
I only took one.
Okay, I took three,
but that's it, I swear.
Ah, guilty conscience, huh?
Alright, I need you
to be honest with me.
What happened at Cooper's
three weeks ago?
I heard you on the phone
at my party.
You said there was a...
A slip up at Cooper's.
You mentioned somebody
named Gino.
Yeah, look, Gino's my brother,
He wanted me to hire his son,
which I did,
and it was a terrible mistake.
The kid doesn't even
know righty tighty.
Almost caused a gas leak
at the factory.
Look, man, you... you're
not gonna tell anyone, right?
Cooper's is my biggest contract.
I can't lose them.
No, no, look, your secret
is safe with me, okay?
I just... I just wanted
to make sure
- that you're alright. Huh?
- Thanks, Sam.
I feel like
we really connected today.
- Ah, give me a hug!
- Oh, geez! Okay. Wow!
Merry Christmas.
- Wow.
- Well, well, well!
Look, who is accusing
innocent people now.
I deserve that.
You know... you know about...
About last night um...
You know... you know... you know
when you lose somebody
you... you're tryin'
to hold on to, but then...
The... that the holding on
was too tight
that you say stuff
that you have to... the...
The hurting of the... and um...
Yeah, I said this
to Frank earlier,
it came out much better.
- You said it to Frank?
- Mmhmm.
Yeah, but in all fairness
I did think it was you.
It wasn't.
It's okay.
You don't have to say it again.
It means a lot
that you would chase down
a possible suspect for me.
I... I hope it's okay.
It's eggnog flavored.
- Eggnog's my favorite.
- Mine, too.
- Hey!
- Hey!
So, Calvin and I
were just thinking...
Well, I can't take any credit.
I mean Jillian
mentioned it to me
and I was like,
That's so true.
She's incredibly smart
and good at her job.
- If you haven't noticed...
- Oh, Calvin.
We were thinking that uh,
it's been two weeks
since the recipe was stolen
and we haven't heard a peep
about it.
That was kind of the plan.
No, she means from the thief.
I mean no ransom note,
no blackmail, nothing.
Wouldn't they wanna benefit
from it somehow?
I mean maybe they just
wanna hurt Cooper's.
Uh, Maplewood
didn't exactly celebrate
when you first showed up.
Maybe this isn't about Cooper's.
Maybe it's about hurting you.
So cute, you guys!
Don't forget to tag us
using the hash tag
Cooper's Christmas.
Can I see it?
Oh, that looks great!
Good job!
- Hey.
- Hey.
Congratulations, we did it!
Okay, so, in a few words,
what does Cooper's mean to you?
Oh, elves, come this way.
Okay, let's make sure that
we all have our cameras ready
to capture those magic
Christmas moments.
Oh, I can't believe
how great this turned out!
So great.
And we're gonna
have enough content
to fill our marketing campaigns
for the entire year.
Oh, yeah.
I just hope
I'm still in charge by then.
- Annie.
- You're right. You are right.
You're not gonna talk
about theft,
not gonna talk
about secret enemies.
Tonight is a night
for celebrating.
- Hmm
- Where are Phil and Ned?
Oh, um, they should be
on stage any minute.
On stage?
Oh, wow!
Hi there.
Annie, guess what?
I did my whole solo at rehearsal
and didn't make
a single mistake.
No way! It's amazing!
You're gonna blow the roof
off that place.
I'll make sure
my dad saves you a seat.
Hey, Bella, you wanna check out
the lights over there?
Let's go.
She invited me a few days ago,
but I um, I can just tell her
that I... I can't...
No, no, no, no. Don't do that.
I want you to go.
The more friendly faces,
the better, right?
Well, you two have fun tonight.
Um, I'm gonna go check
on Santa Claus.
Hey, um, when was the last time
that you had a Cooper s'more?
I remember the first time
grandma made one of these
for me, it blew my mind.
Now, the secret is
a perfectly-toasted marshmallow.
It takes patience,
but it's totally worth it.
Okay, you're one of those.
Efficiency, productivity,
profit, Sam.
By the time
you make one of those,
- I will have eaten two.
- Yeah.
It's just good business.
Let's see if it's as good
as you remember.
- Mm.
- Huh?
I wish I had spent
more time with her
when I had the chance.
Yeah. Well, no matter what,
you never feel
like you have enough time.
After my parent's accident,
grandma asked if I wanted
to move to Maplewood.
I could leave New York,
I could start over.
But I was 18 and you know,
I had a whole life there.
Maplewood, this was just a place
that we used to come
on vacation.
I gave just about anything
just to hear her tell
one more of her corny jokes.
They are the best.
How much did Santa pay
for his sleigh?
How much?
Well, nothing.
It was on the house.
Thank you for that.
- Hi.
- Hey.
How do you do it all?
Ballet, soccer practice,
school projects.
I just show up, every day,
as much as possible.
It's not easy.
I definitely
don't always get it right.
You're a really great dad, Sam.
Thank you.
But you're terrible at s'mores.
Hmm? Oh!
Here, you wanna try one of mine?
I'm gonna have to.
Mm. Thank you.
Ah, ah, ah
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh, I thought
you could use something warm.
Uh, two candy canes,
extra whipped cream.
That's exactly how I order it.
I know. I... I watch you.
I mean I... I... I...
I pay attention.
I just...
Okay, what I really mean is I...
I like... I... I like... I...
Sam, Annie.
- Hey!
- Hey.
I didn't know Miriam and Marge
were friends.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Miriam comes in every weekend.
She gets a dozen cookies.
- She comes in every weekend?
- Uh-huh.
Well, I mean she hasn't been
in a couple of weeks,
now that you mention it.
Oh, she's not coming.
She wasn't feeling well
Whoever it was knew exactly
how to get in undetected,
erase the security footage...
If you so much as stumble,
I will not hesitate
to replace you.
- AnnieHello? You okay?
- I'm so sorry.
I forgot
I need to check on something.
- I'll be right back.
- Uh, okay.
- I need your help.
- But I don't wanna...
I know who stole the recipe.
Don't go anywhere.
Miss. Cooper, what... what...
What if somebody comes?
Everybody's watching
the tree lighting,
- we'll be fine.
- Are you sure it was her?
Do you know who takes over
as interim CEO if I get fired?
The head of the board.
Let's be quick.
I'm really not cut out
for this mystery stuff, okay?
Too late.
Oh, come on!
Hey, look, I... I...
I don't have a credit card or...
- Or a hair pin or...
- I have the keys!
Of course you do.
Of course she does.
Just be cool.
Okay, it is too dark in here.
- I'm using my flashlight now.
- No!
That is how the guys
from Watergate got caught.
Well, that comparison
is not reassuring.
Start with the desk.
We're not ransacking the place,
we're looking
for grandma's recipe!
I'm not expert in burglary,
- Just please be kind.
- Okay. I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Now, who is ready
to light this tree?
- Where's Annie?
- And Calvin.
Dad, they're gonna miss it.
No, they'll be back.
They'll be back.
- Uh, maybe you were wrong.
- No! It fits.
She wanted me gone.
She had the motive,
she had the means.
Okay, Maplewood,
you know what to do.
Ten second countdown on my mark.
Oh, this is so exciting.
Ten, nine, eight, seven...
Miriam stole grandma's recipe
and we are going to prove it.
Is that so?
And what makes you so sure
I'm guilty of this crime
you tried to cover up?
You weren't
at the Christmas party
- the night it was stolen.
- Oh, I was ill.
You can call my doctor
if you like.
You're a regular
at Bella's Bakery.
Well, I don't see
how that's relevant,
but yes, their cookies
are excellent.
They're so good. Sorry.
And you never wanted me
to run Cooper's
in the first place.
That, I'm afraid, is true.
I told Rose I didn't think
you were the right fit.
I was afraid
you would change this company
beyond recognition.
But she believed
you were the perfect person
for the job.
And for a moment there,
so did I.
But I was wrong.
I am placing you
on administrative leave,
effective immediately.
The board will decide
what happens next.
Miss Cooper, I'm... I'm so sorry.
Okay, got one.
- Yeah? What'd you pick?
- Jingle All the Way.
Oh, nice.
A Schwarzenegger classic.
Oh, who's that?
Hey, uh, we looked for you
after the light up.
Come in.
I don't know
what's wrong with me.
All I've done since I got here
was just make one mistake
after another.
Yeah, pretty much.
I'm just kidding. Come on.
Your heart was
in the right place.
You just tried
to save the company.
The board has to see that.
The board will meet tomorrow,
and they will fire me, Sam,
and that is that.
- What are you doing?
- Oh, we're baking cookies.
Sam, we've tried
every variation.
- It's not...
- No, no, this is for fun.
Come on, whatever you want.
It's late!
Trust me, this is gonna
put a smile on your face.
I promise. Yeah?
- Are we making cookies?
- We are!
Friends and strangers gather
around like family
In love with every color
on the Christmas tree
Let your heart surrender
No more enemies
For one we're all together
in peace and harmony
I wish it'd last forever
not just for one day
Oh, Christmas,
will you come light the way
And my personal favorite
is The Holiday Heist.
I don't wanna spoil
the ending for you,
just in case.
Oh, I should have
read those books.
Maybe I would have been
a better detective.
Wait, you never read
the Mistletoe Mysteries?
I have not.
Hold on.
Ooh, you be careful.
You're gonna have to read
the whole series now.
- What is this?
- Banana bread.
You remembered
what kind of bread I am?
Mm, technically you're a cake,
Which is fitting, 'cause uh,
you have a lot of layers.
And if you like that,
wait till you
try my zucchini loaf.
Now, that is pretty darn good.
There's this recipe
for beetroot brownies
that I've been meaning t...
- Sam, I...
- Uh, I just...
Found it!
You can borrow the first one
and see if you like...
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Well, it's just...
It's late, that's all.
Yes, it... it is getting late.
So I should um,
I should probably go,
but you guys have a great...
Great night.
Hey! I'm sorry.
No, I'm... I'm sorry.
I, as usual, completely misread
all the clues.
No. No, you didn't, okay?
It's not that I don't...
I just... I don't have time
in my life for this, okay?
Bella is my whole world
and I have to put her first,
I understand.
- Annie...
- I just...
I wanted to hold your hand
more than I've wanted anything
in a really long time.
How pathetic is that?
Annie, wait, wait. Annie!
So, in just a few words,
what does Cooper's mean to you?
Oh, good question. Comfort.
Delicious snack. Oh, yeah.
Want a bite, Santa?
It is a passion.
I don't know. Romance?
No. Uh, sorry, um...
- Romance, I said.
- Yeah, I know.
A lot of gifts.
Remembering Christmas
with my mom.
Sharing lots of lovely food.
Oh, that's a tough one.
Cooper's means so much
to so many people.
How do you pick just one?
- Sam.
- Yeah.
Do you wanna get hot chocolate?
Uh, Yes. Uh, excuse me.
Oh, sorry!
Merry Christmas.
Miss Cooper,
we're ready for you now.
And as a result of her
has placed the entire company
at risk.
I think it's clear
to everyone here
what must be done.
I say we vote
and be done with it.
Annie, is there anything
you'd like to say
before we vote?
I didn't understand
what Cooper's really was...
what it meant to people.
Or if I did,
I didn't care as long
as I was protecting
grandma's legacy
or what I thought
was her legacy.
The business, the money?
She didn't care
about any of that, not really.
She wanted to bring joy
and happiness to people.
To make people laugh, and smile.
She never baked cookies
for herself.
She baked them for all of us.
And I wish
I had realized this sooner.
I know it's just a slogan,
but it's true.
It really isn't Christmas
without Coopers.
Very well. Let's vote.
Miriam. Just the person
I wanted to see.
I was hoping I might have a word
with the board.
Certainly. Uh, come on up.
Dad, let's go.
I have to get ready.
Yeah, I'm comin', I'm comin'.
Grab your jacket.
Where are my keys?
Make sure you and Marge
save Annie a seat.
You know what, kid, uh,
I don't know if she's gonna be
able to make it tonight.
She said she'd come.
She promised.
- I know. I'm sorry.
- I thought she liked me.
What're you talkin' about?
Of course, she likes you.
You're the coolest kid in town.
I thought she liked you, too.
Come over here.
You know,
you're the most important thing
in the whole world to me, right?
I told your mom
I'd take care of you,
and I'd love you, and...
And make you laugh
at least once a day.
That's exactly
what I'm gonna do.
Even if it means
I need to learn ballet.
You love it.
Mm, don't tell anybody.
Let's go.
Come on, Bell,
we're gonna be late.
Come on.
I promised her
I'd look after you, too.
And she always said
that Christmas was about love
and joy for everyone.
She did say that, didn't she?
So, then she meant it
for you too, right?
- Come on, let's go.
- Okay.
It's Christmas Eve tomorrow.
But you probably know that,
'cause I'm sure
you now know everything.
I'm sorry I let you down,
Well, now, I think
I preferred
the financial reports
to that kind of talk.
I was supposed to come here
and save Cooper's,
and instead, left it in ashes.
I just hope the cops can do
what I couldn't
and just find
whoever stole grandma's recipe.
I highly doubt they will.
I didn't leave any clues.
What are you talking about?
Well, at least none
that I didn't want found.
Will we see you
at the Christmas party tonight?
Oh, I don't think so, my dear.
It was a shame not to cash in
on my punch card,
but a necessary sacrifice,
I think.
Might I recommend
you try the sugar plum snaps?
They are delightful.
Why would you steal
grandma's recipe?
- Because she asked me to.
- She what?
Let me explain.
Do you know
how proud your grandmother
was of you, hmm?
I mean she told me
about every promotion,
she showed me every article
that mentioned your work.
She had every faith
that you could lead Cooper's
into the future.
So long as the heart
of the company wasn't lost
along the way.
So, she asked you
to steal her recipe?
Rose did have
a mischievous side.
And she thought that Sam Hobbs,
being a very talented man,
and a bit of a snob
when it comes to Maplewood,
might be able to show you
how much Cooper's means
to this town.
Of course, the ingredients
are all listed on the box,
but it would take
a highly-skilled baker
to figure out
the right combination.
I cannot believe
she actually thought
that would work.
Well, I admit
that she did underestimate
how much you'd focus
on catching the thief...
Over figuring out the recipe.
And I spoke with the board
and I explained
the whole situation.
- Did they listen to you?
- I should hope so.
I am one of the largest
shareholders after all.
Rose was quite generous,
you know?
But I do very much enjoy
driving my car.
You do know that you two
are absolutely crazy, right?
Yeah. Um, Miriam said
exactly the same thing.
- Arthur.
- Miriam.
- Here it is.
- Thank you.
I think I'll need some time
before I forgive Rose
for this one.
It's her last big joke.
Look, I know
I cannot run Cooper's
like I ran other companies.
I... I see that now,
but we do need to evolve.
It's true.
But we need to evolve in a way
that my grandma
would have wanted.
And I'm gonna need your help.
I didn't always appreciate
your grandmother's sense
of humor.
But I always trusted her.
I just wish
I'd trusted her about you.
I look forward
to working with you, Annie.
I hate to interrupt...
But I believe
there's a dance recital
at the school this evening,
Miss Annie,
and it would be a shame
to miss it.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
And Merry Christmas, Rose.
- Can I take you somewhere?
- That would be lovely.
It's time. You're on next.
Good job.
Bella, you're on.
No, no.
Bella. You got this.
No, I don't.
Yes, you do!
It's just like we practiced.
There's too many people.
I can't do it.
It's okay. It's okay.
What are you doing?
Something that absolutely
terrifies me.
And if I can do it, so can you.
You got it from here?
Okay, fantastic.
You did awesome!
Ooh, you kidding me?
Oh, my goodness.
You did so great!
That was amazing.
I'm so proud of you.
Did you see, dad? She came!
I... I did see that. Yeah.
- She went out the back.
- Oh, yeah.
I'm okay, dad. Go!
Okay. Those are for you.
I'm so proud of you.
Sam, I promised Bella
that I would be here,
and I couldn't let her down.
But you weren't supposed
to see me,
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry? Sorry for what?
For being there for my daughter
when she needed you the most?
You know, I am an idiot.
I... I should have
just said yes
when you invited us
to the light up.
- Sam.
- You know, the... the... the
The truth is...
Is I've just been scared
to let somebody in again.
I've been... I've been scared
for a long time.
And then you come along,
you come crashing into my life.
- Crashing?
- Yes, crashing.
- You accused me of a crime.
- I uh, yes, I did do that.
Yeah, you bribed me
to make cookies.
I paid you to make cookies.
Involved my daughter
in a sting operation.
That one was actually Calvin.
Yeah, and generally,
you created mayhem and chaos.
Okay! When you'll list it all
at once.
Yeah, you know, by all rights,
I should stay away from you.
I should stay very,
very far away from you.
But instead, I just
have one question for you.
Annie Cooper,
can I please hold your hand?
wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you
a merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Go ahead, open it.
Oh, I wonder what this is.
I think it's a scooter.
Oh, it's a book!
Oh, my goodness!
The Case
of the Runaway Reindeer.
I've been waiting for this one.
Somebody's very happy.
- Thank you, Annie!
- You are so welcome. Oh.
Oh, here you go.
I think you're probably sick
of cookies by now, but...
I never get tired
of grandma's recipe.
Oh, these ones aren't grandma's.
These are the ones
we made with Bella.
But I think these might taste
even better, right?
I still don't know
what the missing ingredient
is though.
- Oh!
- My favorite.
I do.