A Christmas Eve Miracle (2015) Movie Script

["We Wish You a Merry
Christmas" plays]
[narrator] Well, hello there.
I'm glad you decided
to visit our quiet little town,
and to listen to my story
about a typical American
family, my family.
It's a story about what happens
when one of their wishes
comes true during
the Christmas break.
Yep, that's me.
This is Dustin,
the man of the house.
Ever need a good scratching
behind the ear, he's your guy.
He's also a very good
accountant and a good man.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Here, Ann, the oldest kid,
is a workaholic,
but, boy, she's thoughtful,
well-balanced, great.
Check the Internet.
- [boy] James...
[dog] That's Stuart.
He's adorable, bright,
all-around life-loving good
Good parenting, see.
I mean you are still a kid,
If I were you, I'd just pull it
together and not be so serious,
but be kind of calm and your own
self when you go up to her.
There's one person we haven't
The hardest working person I
know... Sharron.
Not... not her.
We're about
to meet her in a second.
So what can I tell you about
Well, she's works at
a successful advertising agency
and she's a great mom.
Although she questions
And, uh... right now
she's starting to question her
...giving the campaign to Alec.
It's not that I gave the
campaign to him,
it's not really that,
[dog] That's her. Cute, huh?
- I'm considering
giving it to Alec.
Because you've got seven
campaigns and he's got three.
Yeah, but Ralph,
I can handle it.
I'm the most assertive person
for the job.
I'm the most imaginative.
I work hard.
- I'm... I'm dedicated,
you know that.
- We know that.
We know that you're tremendous,
you're great, you're dedicated.
It's not a question of that.
Is it a question of that?
- Oh, no, no, no.
- It's none of those things.
But you're a wife.
You're a mother.
You're doing this and you've got
seven campaigns and he's got
Are you saying that because
I have two kids and a husband,
that that's a problem
that's standing in the way?
If something happens
and you don't come through
and you don't get it done in
time, you know what that is?
I lose them as a client.
I can't have that.
You have to understand.
I do, however, I can balance it
out and I can handle it. I
I'm nervous, that's not good.
And I'm feeling nervous.
- Am I feeling nervous?
- A little bit nervous.
And I don't wanna be nervous.
You get that?
Nervous is not good.
So do what you were doing.
You've got a big campaign
you're working on.
Togetherness campaign.
Of course,
I'm already started on it.
It's going to be amazing,
I can show you what I have so
Stick with the other campaign
and make sure you get that one
done within the time period.
We need it done.
Work together, ladies.
She's very good, also.
- She's very good.
- All right, good night, ladies.
Come with me.
But I'm not going
to let you down, Ralph.
There's no question of that.
I need you to look into the
Rocco's Bakery on the mezzanine
because I need to use one of
their ovens for Ann's bake sale
in January,
and I also need to know
if I can get WiFi on Saturday
at the hotel we're staying at.
I need to know
if they have a hot spot there.
Could you
check into that for me?
- On Saturday?
- Yeah.
Isn't Ann's debate
competition at the same time?
That's right.
- I'll make it work.
- You always do.
One way or another. You are the
perfect mom, the perfect boss.
Perfect executive?
Just hope that Ralph thinks
I'm the perfect executive
when he stands back from the
company and opens up the
president position.
No, you, you have to put out
a fire out first.
You promised you'd present
in the morning. The "Aloe"
Oh, I can't do that.
You've got to reschedule
two weeks from today.
I've got to go,
traffic is going to be brutal.
OK, people, we going into
the home stretch here.
- I need an adjective...
and a noun.
- Furry.
- And a noun?
- Blanket.
Alright, are you ready for your
Mad-Libs Christmas wish list?
- Yeah.
- On a "ridiculous"
Christmas Eve,
jolly and "electric" Saint Nick
"swam" down a chimney
and "interrupted" "100,000"
"flimsy" presents for "icky"
Ann, and "purple" Stuart.
When they opened
their "grumpy" gifts,
they saw that Stuart got the
latest "tiny" PlayStation,
and Ann received a new,
"naughty" iPhone,
while their dad
was presented with a "gross"
and "furry" "blanket."
Thanks kids.
- I wanna do one.
- Mom's home!
Hi, guys, sorry I'm late.
Relax, exhale.
We will take care of everything.
Hi, sweetie.
No, No, No I want to help.
We can prep together and you
can tell me about your day.
You still haven't seen
my talent show video.
Oh, I haven't?
Or my video essay for school...
You're about a month behind
sweet heart.
You didn't tell me about that.
You've been so busy,
I didn't want to bother you.
Well... why don't
I watch while we prep.
Yeah, let's do that.
I'm so lucky your father's been
filming all these special
- It's kinda like
a DVR for real life.
- Watch mine first.
- I did a play for Dad today.
- You did?
What did you do today?
- Honey, you're so adorable.
- Look at that.
- It's amazing.
- Aww, Stuart.
How did you get that outfit?
Wait, wait, wait... watch that
move, it's like the moon walk.
- Oh, it's very Bob Fosse.
- I bought it myself.
- I love it.
- Who did your makeup?
- Yeah, honey...
- I did?
- You did?
- By yourself?
- Oh, honey,
I'm so proud of you.
- I helped.
- I don't believe you.
- A little bit.
- Dad only helped a little bit.
- Jack helped, too.
- Stuart!
- Oh!
You've got to admit
that's kind of impressive.
He caught it in his mouth.
That's pretty impressive.
- Hey, hey, hey,
no phone at the table.
- Oh, come on.
Yeah, no phones at the table.
Thanks for the backup,
look am I the only one
who's excited
that we are going
to Farthering Pines for
Why haven't we
gone back till now?
Well, honey,
we've been really busy.
We have not had time
to fit it into our schedule.
- Can I go inner-tubing?
- Do bears eat ten-year-olds?
- [Stuart] Yes...
- None for me, thanks.
No more snow in my pants.
- [all laughing]
- Oh, la-di-da.
OK, I want us to pack tonight
and I want us up at 7:00 and out
the door at 8:00.
- Dad, that's too early.
- Sleep in the car.
I just want us on the road.
We need to get on the road...
- [video game noises]
- [door opens]
Hey, you need help
with homework?
No, I already
finished everything.
You still having trouble
focusing on your History class?
Yeah, I am, Mom.
You know what I use to do when I
had trouble focusing on History
when I was your age?
I used to bring all the
characters to life in my mind
and I actually
tried to make friends with them.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean, it worked for me,
maybe it'll work for you.
I think I'll try that.
I think so.
Let's get ready for bed.
Did you brush your teeth yet?
- Let's make it happen, captain.
- OK.
[pop music plays]
- [knocking]
- Yeah?
Hey, kiddo.
How's your essay coming?
Going fine, I'm taking a break.
Hey, let me help you with that.
I am so proud of how much
you are putting into your
but I also don't want you
missing out on the other things
in life.
I've noticed you are really
cooped up in the house
especially on the weekends.
Any cute boys
I should know about?
I don't know...
You don't know?
But Dad keeps telling me
I can't date until college.
What? He's such a prude.
You know what I think?
I think you just
have to be yourself.
And I think the right boy
is going to come along.
And maybe tomorrow
I'll tell you a little story
about how your dad
swept me off my feet.
Thanks, Mom.
In college.
[dog] So, Sharron's on edge.
Everyone's trying to help.
I wish I could.
But I'm just a dog.
Honey, that feels so good.
You're shoulders
feel like bricks.
Does that have anything to do
with the amount of pressure you
put on yourself?
I don't know. I just wish there
was more time in every day
where I could fit everything in.
So, honey, the tax season
is coming around the corner.
You think things will pick up
for you in the New Year?
I wish... Yeah, sure.
That's my time to shine,
but with the amount of hours
you've been putting in at work,
I've had to be at home
with the kids anyway,
and even though I get frustrated
with my career sometimes,
I really...
I really love
the time with them.
I would like to spend
more time with them, too.
Am I a lousy mom?
The worst.
I'm kidding.
You're a wonderful mother,
but sometimes it's hard to be
and corporate warrior of
the century, at the same time.
I swear, sometimes I get
exhausted just watching you.
I'm doing this for us
so we can have financial
And when will we finally
have financial stability?
I mean, I think we're doing
pretty fine right now.
What about our dreams?
I think it's great that we're
going to Farthering Pines,
but what about
traveling the world together?
What about
walking the Spanish steps
and experiencing the pyramids
of Egypt and seeing
the Eiffel Tower?
And drinking champagne
until the sun comes up?
What about that?
Ann, what about the kids?
I just want to know
if we are going to get to do
these things together
while we're still young?
Do you even
have those dreams anymore?
Yes, I do.
But right now,
what am I supposed to do,
carry Stuart on my back
across the Spanish steps?
Or maybe you can drink champagne
till dawn with Ann by the Eiffel
[phone ringing]
Get... Get my phone.
Hello. Yeah, hey, Em. What...
How is that even possible?
OK, yeah, um...
Thanks for the call.
What's up?
The "Togetherness" campaign,
they've moved up the deadline
to Christmas Eve.
- Seriously?
- Seriously.
I mean, honey,
I can't drop out of this
campaign now.
Because If I do
Alec is gonna swoop in
and he's gonna
drag my name through mud.
We are not going to do
anything to interfere
with your promotion.
We'll just... push back
the vacation to Spring Break
or next Christmas...
Or never.
We're going. We're going to have
our family time together,
and I'm going to deliver
the best campaign of my life.
OK, killer.
That's right, I am a killer.
[dog] And so began the
miraculous trip
that would change Sharron and
the Holden family's lives...
Would you like me to drive,
[Dustin] Thanks, but you'll run
us off the road every time your
phone rings.
[Ann] OK, so Mom, this vacation
can you be without your phone?
- [Sharron laughs]
- [Ann] For real, though.
I don't wanna see
your iPad out all the time.
[Sharron] Uh-huh.
I think we are finally here!
Hey, tribe, come on in here.
- Ho-ho, Merry Christmas!
- Hi, We're the Holden clan.
We're just checking-in.
We've got more bags in the car.
- Believe me, sorry.
- The Holdens, well.
Uh, and you must be Dustin.
Ahh, I'm sorry,
are you the new manager?
We haven't
been here for years.
I'm the interim manager.
I'm here to bring some Christmas
cheer and fun and maybe grant a
wish or two.
- Well, that sounds
good to us, right.
- [Stuart] Right.
- Um... and you would be?
- Kris. My pleasure.
Kris... as in Kris Kringle.
Well, I don't mean to offend
you, but you certainly
look the part.
Well, I do share the love
of warm home baked
chocolate-chip cookies
with the man.
Santa has a lot of names:
St. Nick, Father Christmas,
Santa Claus, Kris Kringle.
You look like Santa to me.
Well, I'll bet if anything else
the local kids get a big
kick out of your persona.
[cell phone rings]
And what do they
call you, young man?
I'm Stuart.
- This is our dog, Jerry.
- Hello, Jerry.
[Jerry whimpers]
And I'm Ann And that's my mom,
Sharron, on the phone,
per usual.
Well, I'm very happy
you're here.
Hope you have a wonderful
Christmas and get everything
you ask for.
You know what,
I think that we have already.
We are going to have a wonderful
Christmas family vacation.
- Well...
- [Ann] Finally...
- Family is the greatest gift.
- Isn't it?
I want a new bike, too.
Unless you want a bike.
Where's my manners?
Holy night.
These are my friends that
volunteer from the foundation
for families in need.
- Hello.
- Hi, Merry Christmas.
This must be a very busy time
of year for you.
Yeah, it is.
But it's gonna be an amazing
year for families in need.
We got all these donations
from this company, Toys and Fun.
They are going to give us
toys for all these kids in need.
[Dustin] That's wonderful.
Before we leave, we want to make
a donation.
- Wow, thank you, very generous.
- Merry Christmas.
Our pleasure.
- Merry Christmas, guys.
- Merry Christmas.
Here you go. Now listen be sure
to come back to the lobby before
you leave.
The resort likes to leave a
little something for everyone
under the tree.
Well, isn't that wonderful.
You can count on us being here
right on Christmas Eve.
We will be there with bells on.
OK, come on kids, let's go.
Mr. Kringle...
For the record,
I think you're Santa.
Don't forget: red bicycle.
Got it.
- Do you want
to take top bunk? Cool.
- Yeah, I love the top.
- This place
is pretty awesome, right?
- Yeah.
- [chuckles]
- We're gonna have so much fun!
Yeah, we are.
Hey, honey, check it out.
Not bad.
- Honey, I like this room.
- Beautiful, right?
- Look at that view.
- I know.
Breathtaking, I love it.
- OK. Yeah.
- Hey, honey.
This is just one of your
Christmas presents but since
I made it myself...
- Did you wrap it yourself?
- Guilty.
- Looks like it.
- [chuckles]
Oh, I thought
I'd give it to you early.
Thank you.
Hope you like it.
- I absolutely love it.
- It took awhile.
It wasn't easy
to find pics of you
without your phone, iPad,
and computer attached,
but I managed.
Thank you.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
The Farthering Pines Olympics,
[Holly] Whoo-hoo!
Yes, of course
I'm kind of excited
about sharing a place
with the Jones'.
I know you're excited, Jack.
So, basically, this program
is all about presentation,
It's kind of like what Mommy
does when she's at work
and I'm doing
my commercial campaigns.
The really cool thing,
you can use it
with your friends:
for football, or you can play
with army men, or action
figures, stuff like that.
And when you get to my age,
you use it for business.
[hums "Deck the Halls"]
OK, guys, how many marshmallows
do you guys want in your hot
None, for me. Thanks.
Fill my cup up with
then put the cocoa in.
Because it's the holidays,
you get a pass.
- I want the same honey.
- Alright.
Thank you.
Well, what if I wanna be
a rock star?
Especially if you want to
be a rock star.
- You make learning fun.
- I do? Thank you.
- [phone ringing]
- I make learning fun.
You think so, huh?
- Hey, Em, what's up?
[Em] Got the file.
- Uh-huh.
OK, I'm going right to it.
Check your email.
Hold on a sec.
[Eva] I'm looking forward
to sharing a place with the
[Robert] That's right.
Get to spend some
good quality time together.
[Robert] OK, we're here, Jones
family. Whoo-hoo!
Hey, you ready?
Let's grab a trail guide
in the lobby and take a hike.
Yeah, just need my coat,
my WiFi hotspot and my work
Alright, you ready?
You sure, maybe you need
the launch codes for NORAD?
- Grab those cause
we might need them.
- OK, great.
Open the door, Stuart.
Jerry, let's go. Let's go. Mush.
All right,
that's one for your family.
How hard... hard is it
for you to count to three?
I'm surprised
I knew how to count that high.
That's a big number for you,
[Ann] Hey, wait up.
[talking indistinct]
- Hi, I'm Stuart.
- Hey, we've got people.
- [Jack] Huh?
- Oh, hello.
I see you've met the ambassador
of the Holden clan.
Wouldn't it be nice if grown-ups
could make friends that easily.
Well, actually, Jack and I
became friends the same way.
- Really?
- Cool.
Well, it's about as fast as
we became friends.
Well, after many,
many years of hating each other.
- Now that I remember.
- You remember that part.
I remember that part.
Anyway, I'm Jack.
This is my beautiful wife,
Holly, and my lovely daughter,
And I'm his best friend
in the whole wide world, Robert.
This is my gorgeous wife, Eva,
and our very handsome son,
- I'm Dustin, you've met Stuart,
- I'm Sharron, and this is Ann.
Hey, as long as you're here,
Holden family,
you care to participate
in a friendly game of Farthering
Pines Winter Olympics?
- What's that?
- It's a game
my grandpa made up.
Yeah, my dad used to bring us
down here when I was a kid
and we've been
playing ever since.
And losing ever since,
'cause we've been...
- [cheering]
- Ouch, that hurts.
Robert and Jack ran into each
other here last year,
after of not seeing each other
in years and renewed their
And our families
hit it off instantly.
In fact, Holly and I
now own a bakery together.
- Our kids are even dating.
- Oh, stop.
- Oh, are we?
- Yeah, they are.
And they lived
happily ever after.
Can we go sledding, please?
Come on, Stew.
[all cheering]
Stuart, are you...?
- Alright!
- Just hold on...
- That was awesome, Stuart!
- Look at him go.
He's so great.
How's the bakery business going?
You know, it's...
- It was Incredible at first...
- It just keeps getting better
OK, it's hit
a little bit of a downturn.
- Huh...
- Slight.
You know, we're still
getting good reviews,
we just... really haven't
had the foot traffic.
You know,
we just need that spark
to bring it back like it was
when we first opened.
It was incredible.
- We just need that one thing.
- What about a new hip recipe?
- [Eva] Like a signature one?
- Yeah.
- That's a great idea.
- Hey, that's a great idea,
[all cheering]
Can I do one more run, Dad?
No. Sorry, bud.
We've got to get out of here.
Help an old man out, would ya?
Go with your mom over there.
Sienna, can we talk?
Sienna, how many times
do I have to say I'm sorry.
You never even try
to come see me.
How can I?
We live so far apart.
There's planes
that leave every day.
Hey, Mom and Dad, wait up.
Do I sense trouble in paradise
with the heart-breaker up there.
We live so far apart
and she doesn't think
I make enough of an effort.
- Well, do you really like her?
- I really do.
- Want to know the secret?
- Sure.
Make the effort.
- Oh...
- You guys,
that was so much fun.
- Thank you for including us.
- Thank you.
- I hope it wasn't
too much for you.
- No.
Why don't you guys
come over to our house
for dinner. We'll cook.
- We'll play more games.
- Wait, Who's going to cook?
You're going to cook.
[all speaking indistinct]
How can we say no
to the lovely bakers?
- I love chocolate.
- You trying to say no.
- You can't say no to them.
- You can't say no.
- The Holden family.
- [cheering]
And welcome to Farthering Pines
fantastic game of charades.
Up top, up top!
Come on, big Jack.
Start it out for us.
OK, let's go.
- ...titles, books, movies...
- [Dustin] Songs.
And songs... says the new guy.
- Your rules.
- OK.
- It's a movie.
- Movie.
[Holly] Four words.
What is he doing?
He's, like, giving baseball
[talking over each other]
Twelve Years a Slave.
Yes, and that's how it's done,
Holden family.
Don't hit me, baby, ever again.
Alright, new guy.
OK, OK, I'm the newbie here.
Let me focus. Let's rein it in.
Alright, I'm going to go with
- [Sharron] Movie.
- OK.
Um, um...
Three words.
First word.
First syllable of the first
OK, um...
- [Sharron] Time.
- Hairy arm.
Chopping block.
Chopping broccoli.
[Stuart indistinct]
Lord of the flies.
[Tommy] Weekend
- [Sharron]
Weekend at Bernie's.
I never saw that film.
- All right.
- [Eva] Oh, honey, yes.
Hold on, hold on, let me begin
by saying that they like to
No, we are telepathic.
It's kind of crazy,
it's kind of nuts.
- [Eva] We do not cheat.
- Try not to get this.
- OK.
- [Jack] Sexy...
[Eva] Two words...
[all speaking indistinct]
- Ooh, it's all sorts of stuff.
- [Dustin] Mushroom cloud.
- It's
Apocalypse Now!
You are so talented.
I think we have worn out
our welcome a little bit, maybe.
- [all] No!
- Maybe a little bit.
Vacations involve
a certain amount of rest.
So I think we are
going to say good night now.
[Eva] I get it, I get it.
[all talking indistinct]
We come, we conquer, we leave.
Or something like that.
All right. Go!
I just want to say something.
You ever meet people
that you feel are going to be
friends for the rest of your
- No.
- Me neither.
[all talking indistinct]
[Dustin] You know,
that's why I'm leaving.
OK, wait, before you go.
First of all,
welcome to Farthering Pines.
It's a... miraculous place.
I've been coming here
since I was a child.
Um... I've never left here
without learning something very
and becoming a better person
for it. So, Stuart welcome.
But, does that mean that Jerry
will go home as a person?
- [whimpers]
- Jerry's not a person.
He's our dog.
It's very possible that
he could come home a person.
Good night, Holdens.
[all talking indistinct]
- Tomorrow, love, OK?
- Next time, I'll play...
Omelette bar, our place 8:00.
Sounds great.
What a pleasure.
You're a doll.
- Come back.
- Thank you.
So long, guys.
- Bye, guys.
- Nice to meet you all.
Braid it. Like this.
- Like Heidi.
- [chuckles]
And you'd sing together
and go...
Look at that.
One, two, three.
- I almost got it in my mouth.
- You did!
It was right here.
- Yeah, we're doing good...
- I'm so proud of you.
I love that you are teaching me
this. This is so much fun.
- Be safe on the mountain.
- [Dustin] Get ready to go, Ann.
- Love you.
- Love you.
- We will. Love you.
- Love you.
- Come on, Ann,
the slopes await.
- Alright.
We are going to have so much
more fun then they are, right?
We are going to build the
biggest snowman known to man.
OK. I'm so excited, but first
I have to set my alarm,
because I have
a conference call at 11:15
with my boss and clients.
I just didn't
want to forget that.
Ooh, look at you. You're going
to be so warm and snug.
- You ready?
- I'm ready, Mom.
We're gonna build
the biggest snow man in the
Yeah, it's gonna be the biggest!
OK, what are we gonna do first?
This is awesome, Mom!
Let's go find some...
I feel like this part is uneven.
Let's give him a little...
- Yeah, I love that!
- Look, Mom, he's waving.
That's awesome!
[both laughing]
Here we go, snow angels.
I can't do my legs
and hands at the same time.
It must be about 11:00 already.
Or at least close to it.
Hey... Where's my phone?
Hey, honey,
did you see Mommy drop her
phone out of her pocket?
- No.
- OK. It's gotta be here.
Let me just retrace my steps.
If I lost my phone
my life is going to be over.
Come on, honey, we gotta go.
We gotta get back to the cabin
because I'm late.
You OK?
My ankle.
Sweetie, does it hurt.
I'm so sorry baby.
You think you could be really
brave and power through the
- I know it hurts.
- I'll try.
We'll get back to the cabin,
and you can have as many
marshmallows as you want, OK?
- OK.
- Get on my back.
On a scale of one to ten,
how's the pain tolerance?
- [whimpers]
- You're such a brave boy.
We're almost there.
OK, we're home.
Honey, could you take Stuart,
Hey, what happened to you, pal?
I lost my phone,
I need my phone.
He sprained his ankle
on the way back.
- Mom, I found your phone.
- Oh, God. Thank, God.
I have such an important call
that I think I've missed.
- Can you please just put
some... ice?
- Yeah, yeah, of course.
Come on, champ,
let's get some ice on it.
[all talking over each other]
[speaks indistinct]
Da... I missed it!
[clears throat]
- [typing]
- Hi, Ralph.
Sharon, I'm not happy.
Where were you?
Um... I lost my phone, uh,
and I lost track of time.
I, uh, I was with my son.
We were all waiting for you
for the phone call.
Everybody showed up.
Take a look. Everybody came in.
Who didn't show up?
There's one person who didn't
show up. Who was that?
- [man] I believe that was her.
- That was Sharon.
I know.
I'm so sorry, Ralph.
I can call them,
and I can explain what happened.
You want to work with us.
We're a team.
We need you there with us.
My son had an accident, Ralph.
I'm sorry
to hear about the accident.
I hope there's nothing serious,
but with that said,
I have to run a business.
If you can't do it,
if you can't show up, tell me.
Alec can do it.
Peter can do it.
Murray can do it.
- We have people who can do it.
- I understand.
-I've gotta go.
- OK.
- Let's speak tomorrow,
- Thank you.
- Feeling any better, pal?
- Yeah.
- How you doing?
- Good.
I made you some hot cocoa
with lots of marshmallows.
I'm so sorry, baby.
- I'm a horrible mother.
- Oh, come on.
No, I am.
[sighs] I don't know
who I think I'm fooling.
Trying to act like
I have it so together.
I'm probably going to lose
my campaign and my promotion
- and...
I might even lose my job.
- Sweetie, no you're not.
You are too invaluable to them
and please don't beat yourself
up over this.
You just had a bad day.
He got hurt,
because I put my job before him.
I'm so sorry, baby.
- It's OK, Mom.
- No, it's not OK.
- It's not OK.
I gotta get some air.
- Hey... honey.
Don't follow me, Dustin.
I need to be alone.
It's OK. She's just
a little upset right now.
Don't worry.
All right?
- OK.
- OK? All right.
I can't believe
I hurt my baby boy.
My child.
God, what has happened to me?
It's too much,
it's too much all the time.
Not enough hours in the day.
I can't be super-mom and have
the kind of career that I want.
I'm exhausted... all the time.
I'm stretched so thin.
My kids need more from me
then I can give to them.
And you know what, honestly...
...they deserve better.
Maybe they would be
better off without me.
Maybe... we should have
waited to have children.
Until we had made
something of ourselves.
Maybe Dustin, he wouldn't have
lost his ambitions.
And we could have
traveled the world together.
Show me the way.
[Jerry] Sharon was about to get
her wish come true.
[plays tune]
- You OK?
- [mumbles]
Go back to sleep.
[owl hoots]
Good morning, honey.
You look nice.
Thanks, hon.
Why are you up so early?
Are you kidding me, babe?
The bell rang
on Wall Street an hour ago.
I need to see if Stuart Holdings
is looking as good as I am.
Stuart Holdings?
How is Stuart? Is he OK?
- What happened last night?
- Last night?
Uh, he went for a run, took a
shower, we went to town.
Did that whole horse drawn
sleigh thing up to that chateau
with the peak.
Cracked a couple
of bottles of Dom.
Hit a club and danced till
we shut that bad boy down.
- Wait a minute...
- You were tipsy,
but I didn't think you drank
enough to not remember.
We went out last night?
After what happened.
- What about the kids?
- The kids are...? Are you OK?
I don't know. I'm just
wondering what's going on.
I tell you what.
How about I order some coffee,
maybe a couple of mimosas,
and a big old breakfast.
Maybe a little something in your
tummy will jog your memory,
I think I'm dreaming.
That's what it is, I'm dreaming.
You guys?
Where are you?
Hey, guys...
Um, Dustin...
Stuart, Ann?
Yeah, let's do that again.
Hey! Give it back.
Get your own sled, grow up.
- You're so stupid!
- You're a spoiled brat.
Hey, give it back.
No, grow up, get your own sled.
You're so mean.
- [Ann] Get your own sled.
- [Stuart] I want that one.
Jack, Jack.
I love ya buddy,
but you're gonna have to control
your son over here.
Or we're going to be
cutting our whole trip short.
This is not my idea
of a fun vacation.
Oh, pick on
the little guy why don't ya.
Play the violin. Come on.
Your kid doesn't have
the common decency
to give me the time of day.
My daughter
has given you nothing
but the time of day, sir.
And I'm sorry,
how can I expect to stay
in business with somebody
who can't even
run her own family?
Eva, how can you say
that when your own daughter
won't even let a child play
on a sled for five minutes.
- He's been on it all morning.
- No, I haven't.
What's going on over here?
You guys were getting along
so well last night?
- Huh?
- [Eva] Who is that?
It's Robert right?
Stuart, Ann,
come back to the cabin.
Your dad's making breakfast.
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey!
Stewie, stay away from her, OK.
Come on inside,
I'll make you some hot cocoa.
Stuart! Ann!
Say goodbye to senorita looney
toons, and slowly back away.
- What's going on?
- She may have a gun.
- Come on.
- Stuart! Ann!
Don't make me come all the way
over there and get you,
I'm starving.
- [grunts]
- Excuse me, can I help you?
Yes, you can help me
get my kids.
Lady your trespassing right now.
Excuse me?
No, excuse me, excuse me.
If you don't get off this
property I will call security.
What kind of shenanigans
is going on around here?
You were really nice last night.
Now you are being
extremely disrespectful.
[Jack] Last night?
I've never seen you before.
I am coming from that cabin
right over there and now I'm
coming to your house.
Holly, get the boy come on.
Holly, Holly, she's crazy.
How many times do we have to go
around this whole game of you
picking up your iPad right
when you get home? Look at me!
You have to learn how to
interact with the family, OK?
And sometimes you actually
have to do chores.
Which is exactly what I'm going
to make you do right now.
- [knocking]
- I got it.
- Yes? Oh, no.
- Hi, what's going on here?
I don't know.
What's going on with you?
- I'm just here to get my kids.
- It's your turn
to do dishes, Ann.
Uh-uh, whatever, you do it,
golden boy.
Can I just ask you
a personal question?
No, I don't--
Are you renting the place over
there or just squatting?
Because I actually know
the owners
and I can have you arrested.
- Let me see my kids.
- That's an excellent idea.
iPad after you do dishes.
No, give it back,
quit ruining my life.
[both] Ann.
I don't know what
you are trying to prove here
with this kind of behavior.
Not her again.
Hey, you can't have any cookies
till I say you can.
is there something we can do
to let our friend get back
to the land of...
- I think you need a little...
- Would you like
to go get a burrito?
I hope...
playing lots of tricks on you.
- I mean, seriously.
- Go buy a burrito.
I said I wanted
a Station Four, not this.
What are you doing?
That was your Christmas present!
You go to your room.
No Christmas presents
for you, mister!
- Place that thing...
- Bye, bye.
Don't come back now, you hear.
And you wonder why
you make friends so easily.
[mumbling to self]
...ignore me, just ignore Mom.
Oh, yeah. Sure.
That's nice to do.
Acting like I'm some kind of
stranger, or something. Like
they didn't know me.
Well, I'm not crazy.
I don't think you're crazy,
but you are a little off
your rocker to be
wearing that outfit.
Would you like me to run
and get you a coat?
No, thank you.
That's very kind of you.
Listen you've seen
Dustin and I, right?
In the lobby
with our children the other day.
You and Dustin?
Yes, we have children,
those are our kids.
No, I believe what you said was
that perhaps this time in life
wasn't a good time
to have children.
That you wanted to have time
that you wanted to see
the great wonders of the world.
Sounded to me like you didn't
have time for children.
But we have kids. Our kids.
Those are my kids
right there in that cabin.
Well, maybe this would be
a good opportunity to see
how life would be without
children. Since they are
not your children now.
What do you mean
they are not my children now?
I'll tell you what.
If they were your children--
But they are my children.
If they were they'd be
better behaved then
they are now.
Well, they usually are
much better behaved. Thank you.
Why don't we get you back inside
and get you by the fire.
Oh, I get it.
You're in on these
shenanigans as well, aren't you?
Listen, I don't know what you
put in the hot cocoa around
but I'm getting my kids back.
Merry Christmas.
I hope you get your wish.
Yeah, whatever. Whoo...
They wanna play games,
well, I can play games, too.
[speaks indistinct]
OK, Sharron, apparently
you don't have any children.
It's just you
and Dustin and work.
Is that an Ider Optical
leather handbag?
You're welcome.
Honey, I don't know what's going
on, but we can't afford this.
OK, bye. Can't afford?
We don't use the a-word
around here, sweetheart.
- Oh, we don't?
- No, no.
Stuart Holdings has been on a
peak for the last six quarters.
Oh, look at that.
And our brewery's
elegant Ann Ale,
is a huge hit in the Southwest.
Wait a minute, backup,
you named a beer after Ann?
I always just liked that name
and since we launched
our digital division...
- Yeah?
- Uh...
Holden Publishing is doing
gangbusters and we can work
on the way,
- so, yes we're going.
- Where?
- Skiing.
- Oh.
Yeah, I guess.
Great, and, uh... I booked us
a trip to Paris in April.
- I know we have
been there before...
- Have we?
...but never in the Spring time.
I wouldn't want to miss out
on the Spring time.
- [Sharron] Wow.
- [Dustin] All right.
A helicopter
is the only way to get here.
[Sharron laughing]
[Dustin] Because we can do
whatever we want to do.
[both whooping]
- [Sharron] Oh, oh, the tree!
- [Dustin]
Are you back there, Sharron?
I'm back here...
- [Dustin]
Will you look at that?
- [Sharron] So beautiful.
- OK, come on, Sharron!
- [laughing]
I'm coming, honey!
Honey, this is so romantic.
The look on your face when that
chairlift stopped was priceless.
I know, she was so serious.
Oh, God.
- Oh, my God.
- No, no, no. Come on, come on.
- No, honey I need to unwind.
- Didn't you unwind
on the way home?
Yeah, but my idea of unwinding
is not listening to you booking
airline tickets
from here to Timbuktu.
Come on, we can rest
when we are six feet under.
Honey, I feel like
I'm six feet under.
Well, just a few more steps
because I've got
a surprise for you, lady.
Oh, really, more surprises?
- Yes, yes, this way no peeking.
- I like surprises.
- Don't peek, don't peek.
- OK, just give me a hint.
- Give me a hint.
- Over here. Whoa, whoa...
- OK.
- Now look. Look.
It's a...
Honey, it's a... vintage dress.
- That's like a $10,000 dress.
- Eleven, but who's counting.
Why don't you put it on
so I can tear it off?
- Can we afford it?
- [chuckles]
Don't worry about that.
You know, it's going to look
amazing on you.
While we are gorging ourselves
on sushi in a skyscraper
overlooking Tokyo this summer.
- I've always wanted one.
- Just...
Well, you've got one now.
It's beautiful.
- You like it?
- I love it.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
That was so great when you
tackled Tommy off his
- [laughing]
- That was pretty awesome.
- That was so awesome,
give me five.
- No, it was me!
And it was dangerous.
I don't know
what's gotten into you lately.
Well, he only took the blue one
because I wanted it.
- Hello, Carter family,
- Hey, Kris.
So you know, Stuart,
some of the most
respected leaders in history
have taken
a kind gentle approach.
You know, when you can find
that gentleman inside you,
then you, my friend,
will be bound for greatness.
- I like you.
- I do, too.
So, did I sense a little
tension up there?
Yes, I don't know what happened.
Our families were getting along
so great, now all of a sudden
it's like our kids
have issues with each other.
It's like we are
the Hatfields and McCoys.
Tis the season to mend
relationships and for wishes
to come true.
- You said it Kris.
- I hope so.
You know,
you might not believe this,
but I can
still remember young love.
Everything is great when me
and Tommy are together, but...
Yeah, the key is to make the
most of the time that you do
have together
and not to worry about
what's to come.
You know,
I've got a special project
I could really use some help on.
Could you get Tommy
and the rest of the kids
together and give me a hand?
Would you be
willing to help out?
Yeah, I know, but I don't
think he has the right look.
What? He looks like he has
a permanent scowl on his face.
He looks like
he's mad at the world.
Hey, babe,
if we don't blow out of here
in the next five minutes,
we're gonna lose our
Yeah, I understand,
but we are selling
a stereo system
that is supposed
to be connecting friends
and family, it's called
the Togetherness Campaign.
Right, and I can't afford
any more mishaps
with clients so...
- [barking]
- [talking indistinct outside]
Uh, yeah, I'm still here.
- [knocking]
- I'll get it.
It's probably our dinner.
But it could be our deranged
neighbor, waitress wacko.
I call her waitress wacko
because she serves up the
- Ha-ha, funny.
- My kids hate me.
- Oh.
- I come bearing gifts.
Well, hello.
The delivery boy was in a hurry
and I thought he was frazzled,
so I volunteered to bring
the food to some of my favorite
Oh, thank you.
Listen, I've ordered
more then enough food,
so please stay and eat with us.
I appreciate the offer,
but I just about polished off
a whole holiday ham by myself.
- Milky... with white truffle.
- Oh, um.
These are black truffles!
Ahh, honey, I told them
you wanted the white ones.
I can't eat that.
I... I will just call them
and tell them to bring
the ones you do want.
No, forget about it.
You don't care.
- Ohh... kids.
- Oh, my God.
- Ann... Ann can you hear me.
- Ann, take off those
Kris is trying
to get your attention,
and please you need to be
grateful for the food your
father got you.
'Cause it's Christmas time
and it would be really nice...
- Oh, really.
- Oh, really.
I'm doing a really special
project and I could use
another hand.
Tommy, all the other kids have
generously offered to help.
Would you mind giving me a hand?
As long as I don't
have to do anything,
and anything get away
from matchy, matchy,
Mom and Dad over here.
- [Kris] Oh, well...
- Wow.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
I need a little help.
I appreciate it.
Well, listen,
you folks have a great dinner.
Thank you very much.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you.
You and I need to talk.
- Everything alright, Mr. Jones?
- I'm sorry, it's...
It's Ann.
I'm having a hard time with her.
Sometimes she doesn't even feel
like she's my own kid.
I understand completely,
but you just hang in there
and show a lot of patience.
Things are going to be OK.
Hey, babe.
Here's a thought.
How about we head into
town tonight for some lobster.
I don't know honey,
I think I've gained
a few pounds since yesterday.
Yeah, I think you have.
Just kidding.
Um, I know,
why don't we go into town
to that really cute little place
and just get something simple.
Yeah, by cute you mean cheap?
I don't even think
they have table service there,
and you can forget about
getting a decent bottle of wine
and no way on a good champagne.
OK, well,
let's go with the lobster then.
You planning another trip?
Yeah, I'm thinking we just
hit Egypt on the way back
from Japan. Genius?
Honey, we are going
to run out of places to go
before the year is up.
Oh, no, no, no.
Did you know that
there are 28 nation states
and over 7,200 islands
in the Caribbean alone?
I'm not going to 7,200 islands.
- Here watch this.
- Hm?
- [giggles] Isn't that great?
- Great.
I think you need
some more champagne sweetie.
No, I just want
a warm cup of cocoa
with some marshmallows in it.
What's it like
in the North Pole?
What's it like in the North
Pole? Well, I'm not sure.
I really have no idea.
But I've heard it's pretty cold
in the North Pole.
What is Christmas, really?
[Kris] That is a good question.
Christmas... is a celebration
of love, forgiveness...
Time to embrace your family.
Time to acknowledge the love
and sharing that you have
with one another.
Time to really
look at your family
and say this is what's precious.
Yeah, and how do you
miss that, huh?
And why would you send anything
to print without my prior
Especially this little thing
we like to call a cover,
because the main character
has the king of all swear words
tattooed on his face.
It's supposed to be a book
for eight-year-olds.
God, this silence is eerie.
Hey, Ben, let me...
let me call you back.
Silence, are you being
sarcastic with me?
I miss being around kids.
That's good.
I mean... That's good.
I mean, when you were
around kids?
Like on a commercial shoot?
You know what?
You know what you can do
if you want to be surrounded
by a bunch of kids,
you could just come up with a
campaign for some kinda kids
Look, we have money.
We are in a good place.
I just think it's time
we start talking about a family.
- A family?
- Yeah.
Uh... you're serious?
I... I thought we kind of
dismissed that a long time ago.
I mean are you sure you want
kids? What about your career?
- My career?
- You know what, you know what?
Maybe we can do this.
Um... nannies,
we'll get an army of them.
So they can do
the heavy lifting and we can
still do what we want to do.
Except, no kids on vacations,
even with the nannies,
'cause they're still
going to be at you
and wanting all your time.
Never... mind.
[Kris humming]
Honey, I got you something.
This is something you are
going to be into, sweetie.
- Another gift.
- Another gift,
but I just saw them,
and they just seemed incomplete
without your gorgeous face.
- Oh, my God.
- [chuckles]
- Wh... Who's the designer?
- Just me and my elves.
- You and your elves.
- Been busy at the workshop.
- Wow.
- Now who is that movie star?
I don't know. Who is it?
- I love them.
- I love you.
[barking outside]
Come on, Jerry. Let's go!
Come on. Hurry up, Jerry.
Jerry, run, it's the crazy lady!
She's going to eat us!
Go, hurry, run!
You know, Stuart,
there's a lot of people
struggling in the world.
And you've been pretty blessed.
I hope you see that.
I know I got it good.
So why do you complain
so much about things
that some people
can only wish for?
Because he thinks
none of the girls
will like him if everything
he owns isn't name brand.
Shut up.
Well, you know, you should
be confident in who you are,
not what you have.
You're a pretty bright
and charming kid.
You don't need to brag.
And, Ann, you've got
such a generous spirit.
You're so withdrawn
and combative with your family.
Well, why should I make the
effort if my parents don't?
You won't. You know, if the
whole world felt like that
it'd be a pretty
dark and cold place.
You've got to open yourself up
a little bit more,
take a few more chances.
Bring out that warmth you want
so much in yourself.
You know
I'm pretty proud of you kids.
I mean, you really have
the true Christmas spirit.
- So...
who wants some more cocoa?
- Me, I do.
I'll take a cup. Thank you.
Put a lot of marshmallows
in my cocoa.
[Stuart speaks indistinct]
Children are
God's blessing to us all.
I think you and Dustin
would have been
such good parents.
I bet Stuart
wouldn't be nearly so spoiled
if you'd been his parent,
and you could have helped Ann
through her teenage years.
Family unit:
makes us all better people.
Better get this cocoa
to the kids.
OK, kids, hot chocolate time.
I like humans,
but dogs are fun, too.
I mean, you know, I'm a dog.
It was good to see
Tommy and Sienna getting along.
They're nice kids.
Watch out!
They were having fun.
Everyone was doing
what they liked.
And Sharron was enjoying
her successful husband
and great career.
Well, I finished.
I'm finally done with
the Togetherness Campaign.
I finished early.
The clients are happy.
They've approved, they think
"it's brilliant," was their
exact words.
[Jerry] Everything seemed to be
going along well.
But was it really enough?
Now all I have to do is...
film the commercial
when I get back.
I think it's psychological.
- I mean, honestly...
- [knocking]
...do you know
what my problem is?
[laughing] Oh, I do.
I do know what your problem is.
- He...
You're part of my problem.
- Oh, really.
That's just it.
I don't have a second to myself.
- Oh, no.
- Mr. Jones. Sharon Holden, hi.
I wanted to apologize for my
behavior the last couple of
Dustin and I have been having
a couple of problems, but...
- We have?
- Yeah, but we're OK now.
Um... we all have our off days.
We... we do.
We all have our off days.
I mean, you should see my wife
when she has her off days.
- She goes bonkers.
- I can only imagine.
So I thought
it would be a good idea
if I came in
and apologized to everybody,
you know,
before we all leave the resort.
- You're OK?
- I'm fine.
OK, then come on in.
Merry Christmas,
make yourselves at home.
Thanks for being so
- Hey, everybody.
Look who's here.
- Hey, that's fantastic.
You know I wish I could stick
around, but I just can't.
Work is crazy.
Oh, no, it's OK.
I gave her tranquilizers.
No, that's OK, I deserve that.
Let me get you some wine.
Don't mind my husband.
He is not himself right now.
No, that's OK.
I deserve that.
Um, I wanted to
apologize for my behavior
the last couple of days,
in the red polka dotted
- Why don't you just
come sit down.
- That would be lovely.
Hey, guys.
I want you to meet our neighbor.
This is Sharron.
I know you thought she was nuts.
But she's OK.
I'm Dustin her better half.
There's room for one more
players. You want to join?
- Yeah, come sit.
- Tommy says you eat
- Oh, really. That's not true.
- Why are you always staring?
Oh, I wanted to apologize
for that, but I was kind of
embarrassed. And I...
- Can I sit by you, is that OK?
- I don't mind.
OK, thank you.
[talking in background]
You know, you have
a really handsome smile.
I'm going to guess what you
want for Christmas.
- A red bike.
- How did you know?
I can't give away my secrets.
What does Tommy want?
I think he wants a sports car.
I like that.
What do you say, Dad?
I don't know, it's cheaper then
the plane you wanted, right?
- [all chuckle]
- [Ann] Hey, I want a car, too.
Then you get a car,
and you get a car, and...
- Do I get a car?
- [Tommy] We get all cars!
[Robert] You get a car!
[all talking over each other]
You know,
we're playing for real money.
- I'm kidding.
- [Stuart]
Oh, I'm making a profit.
Uh, do you want
something to eat.
- Yeah.
- Alright.
I'll get you
a car and some food.
- So... Jack is it?
- Yeah.
So what's your thing?
What are you into?
What do you do?
I'm a dabbler.
I'm a bit of an entrepreneur.
I mean,
Robert's got me setup now.
Really, a son of a baker.
We just sort of parlayed that
into a pretty good little
national franchise.
Franchise, sweet.
I'm an entrepreneur myself.
I have a little hedge fund.
Stuart Holdings,
maybe you've heard of it.
Yeah, oh, that's you?
We made a killing recently,
short selling the drachma.
Pretty much single-handedly
destroyed the Greek economy.
So that's a feather in our cap.
- Got to be proud of that.
- Yeah, thank you.
Decimated a country.
Pretty much crushing it
across the board.
- You're in advertising?
- I am, yes.
What was the campaign
that you were talking about?
- The one that's...
- The togetherness campaign.
Yes, it's a stereo system that
connects you to the WiFi,
to basically
anyone in the world.
Yeah, dance to the same
songs at the same time.
Exactly, you're connected to
your loved ones
through their music.
I like that.
Ann, have you thought about
what you want to do
with your future?
Yeah, being creative
for a living sounds good.
I think
I want to do what you do.
What about you Stuart?
Eh... schools OK, I guess,
but I wish it was
more fun learning.
[Sienna] Hey, I'm out of cash,
I need more ones.
You guys have any coffee?
Do you actually enjoy
the whole kid thing?
Oh, it's the greatest
and the worst thing in my life.
I'm constantly worried and...
you know, money for college.
- It just doesn't get
any easier.
- Yeah.
But it's the greatest
thing in my life.
Have you considered having kids?
Well, we talked about it
for about five minutes
then we laughed it off.
- I would now like to do
an impression.
- [laughing]
- Guess who I am.
- Another one.
Ann! Stuart!
I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
Well, you guys.
Thank you so much
for including us.
We've had the best time.
I've never laughed
so much in my life.
My face is still
hurting from laughing.
It's ridiculous.
I'm gonna get some more of this.
Well, we're really
glad you came over.
I'm so happy to just
spend the time.
I'm really glad you came over
because I would have been
devastated to think
you really were mental.
Oh, yeah, well I do have my
moments. I must say.
you are very lovely.
Well, you guys are really
lovely, too.
You're both bakers
and you have beautiful children.
Oh, well thank you.
Oh, about the bakery,
we really should be
franchising at this point,
but we got into
this little tiff.
All my fault,
I mean I do get really
jealous about her recipes.
No, Eva, I'm sorry,
and you shouldn't be
so hard on your food.
Best scones I've ever had.
They're nothing like hers
and you know what.
If I could just get my hands
on my great-grandmother
from Ireland,
she had this famous mystery pie.
Oh, my, no one knew
what the heck was in there.
But they came from all over.
I mean neighbors, neighbors,
they practically came from
I'm telling you,
she gave the recipe
to one person on her deathbed,
me, and I lost it.
Is that animal skin taken?
Uh, I think it's available.
Thank you.
We should have learned.
We never should have...
I mean, from last time
we drifted apart, right?.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Sorry...
Cheers, buddy.
At this point can we...
shake hands.
- Yeah!
- [laughing]
Garrett just asked me
to Winter Formal.
Oh, my God!
Mom, will you take me
dress shopping next week?
[both] I'd love too.
I think she's having
another off day.
I have to go.
Thanks, I'm just...
I'm sorry.
Kris Kringle?
Can you reverse this?
Something wrong, Mrs. Holden?
Can you reverse what's happened?
I want my family back.
Sometimes we don't realize
what we have is precious
till we have lost it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You OK?
- No, I'm sad.
Because I miss you.
- Me?
- Yeah.
I'm your mother, Stuart.
- Not the woman in there.
- No you're not.
My mom, is my mom.
- I know, but I'm your real mom.
- Stop it. You're not!
You like to play pantomime.
And you love to join in
soccer tournaments and you
always win.
And you love to brush
your teeth really hard
so that there lots of foam
coming out of your mouth.
Go away. Leave me alone.
Oh, touchdown!
What do I have to do to get
my family back?
I know now that...
I know now that we had...
...Ann and Stuart
at the perfect time.
I don't care.
I don't care about vacations.
I don't care about my success.
My world is empty
without my children.
Without my beautiful children...
...and the sweet caring loving
devoted father that Dustin was.
If I get them back...
If I get them back...
I will cherish them.
I will cherish
every moment with them,
and I won't let
anything stand in the way.
Not work, not anything.
Please, please show me the way.
- [Dustin] Sharron!
- [Ann] Mom!
There she is! Hey, kids!
Hey, everybody!
- [Ann and Stuart] Mom!
- [Dustin] I found her!
We missed you, so much!
- I love you so, much.
- [Stuart] I love you.
You're the best mom
a kid could have.
[Ann] I love you, Mom.
- I love you, Mom.
- I love you, too.
[Ann] Never leave us again. We
missed you, we thought we lost
you forever.
Don't ever do that again.
You know, searching through snow
during Christmas
- is kind of our thing.
- Something about this place.
It just brings people together,
and you all are coming
to our place for a great big
Christmas dinner.
Come on. Come on.
- Let's go.
- Where were you?
- Come on, Holden family.
- Seriously.
You got some 'splainin' to do.
[speaking indistinct]
[Jerry] So the families came
together for a great, big
Christmas dinner.
One more toast everybody.
Merry Christmas.
[Ann] Merry Christmas.
- To Stewie.
- To Stewie.
- Or to wonderful friends.
- And, Jack, to you, buddy.
[all giving cheers]
[all talking over each other]
[Jerry] Sharron was about to
get her wish come true.
[phone ringing]
- Excuse me,
I have to take a call.
- [Dustin] Sure.
I'll be right back.
- Hi, Ralph, how are you?
- It's Ralph.
I'm fine. Merry Christmas.
I may need to take
a couple of weeks off.
[Ralph] I completely understand
it. We don't wanna lose you.
Well, thank you
for being so understanding.
Well, you're an important part
of the organization.
Merry Christmas to you
and yours, Ralph.
Merry Christmas, we're looking
forward to seeing you.
- Goodbye.
[all cheering]
Well done!
Merry Christmas!
Sharron started
re-balancing her life...
...and Jack, Robert and Dustin
were about to go into
a new business together.
I... I wrote this book
when I was 12-years-old.
How did you get this?
Where did this come from?
I didn't give it to you.
- I... Where did you get this?
- I didn't find it.
- Who did?
- You know, Jack...
Maybe you should be writing
a children's book.
Maybe we should be getting
into the publishing game.
Dustin, you're an accountant,
can you help us with the books?
It's what I do, and it will
get me out of the house.
- OK, excellent.
- [all laughing]
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- I... How did you find this?
- Poof! I didn't find it.
[Jerry] Even Holly's bakery
was about to get
a new surge of energy
and more business
than they could handle.
- Oh, thank you Stuart.
- For the bakery.
- Oh, so cute.
- Very precocious.
Oh, Holly, you don't
Is that...?
This was my Great-grandmothers
recipe from Ireland.
The one I was telling you about.
No, that's her handwriting.
- I don't get...
- Oh, Eva.
- Here's one for us.
- Oh!
[Jerry] Stuart and Ann got the
best Mom and Dad they could
ever dream of.
Oh, it's photos of all of us.
Family hug, oh...
[Jerry] It looked like,
courtesy of Kris,
Sienna and Kyle would be
spending more time together.
Hey, guys, what would you say
if we brought
some milk and cookies to Kris.
[all agreeing]
- Kris, we're here.
- Kris!
- Kris?
- Kris? Where is he?
- Kris?
- Kris?
- Where...
- Huh...
Do you think we should just
drop the cookies off with a
- He didn't forget the red bike!
- [all cheering]
You know...
[Robert] You ride that thing
carefully, Stuart.
- What do you think?
- I don't know.
I thought he was going to be
here. He invited us.
- I think we should go find him.
- [man] Where's Kris?
[Holly] I agree.
- [Eva] Hello.
- Merry Christmas, everyone.
[all] Merry Christmas.
Hey, welcome back.
How many families holiday season
have you brightened this year?
Well, actually, the big company
that was giving us donations
fell through.
So now we are looking for
donations from other people.
[both] Huh.
- Evening everyone.
- How are you?
- Jack?
- Hey, Orson.
- Robert.
- [Jack]
What are you doing here?
Did Kris leave already?
We didn't even
get a chance to say goodbye.
- Kris who?
- Ahh, Kringle?
Kris Kringle, you know...
That does sound a little odd.
- [Eva] Ho-ho.
- Robert, you're so funny.
[Robert] What?
Ursula might look a little bit
like Kris if she grew a beard.
Who's Ursula?
Ursula is my sister,
the interim manager.
- Evening everyone.
- [Eva] Hello...
[Ursula] Hi!
Orson... did you come back
just to surprise me for
- No, I just got
an early flight.
- Oh, well, hi everyone.
Oh, look it here, we've got,
the Jones and the Carters
and the Holdens.
Together as usual.
You know that family
is the most important thing
and that children
are God's blessings to us.
Wait a minute,
I just had this conversation
with Kris the other day.
It's really strange.
So what brings you here,
- Have we met?
- Well, sure.
The time the Holdens signed up.
Hey, Mom, this one's for you.
[Eva] What is it? Read it.
"The donation for the
organization is out back."
- You guys got to come see this.
- [Robert] What?
- [Eva] Come on, honey.
- Let's go.
Yeah, let's go.
- Oh... my... God.
- [laughing]
- Would you look at that.
- And all those presents!
- [Eva] Honey!
- [Robert] Wow...
Look at all those presents!
Merry Christmas, sweetheart.
[Jack] Did I tell you
this place was magic?
- [Holly] My entire life.
- Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas!
Kris Kringle.
- I knew it was Santa.
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Carters.
- Did... Did you?
-[Jerry] And... that's my story
of how a Christmas Eve miracle
brought joy to thousands
of families,
when it brought our family
ever closer together.
As Kris Kringle once said:
"Family is the greatest gift."
Merry Christmas.